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Artist Chu Yu Xie Chu Yu Xie, maybe you do not know this name,but you definitely saw his paintings before. Popularity of his artwork is far greater known than himself, he was known as artist whose artworks are copied by others and who is surrounded by beauties, most of his oil paintings are copied by others many times day after day. The painting "Tao" was completed in 1997, this is one of the most successful artworks of Chu Yu Xie, but this painting in the world, no less than 10 million times to be copied record, the first price of it is 800,000 pounds at auction of London; For his recent oil paintings, he uses the latest materials of contemporary Western tasteless diluted oil, propylene shaping cream and crack oil, and mix Chinese traditional ink painted methods, the water and oil formation clash accidentally, vivid and hazy effect wonderfully mixed together, I believe that this technique will be the dedication of a new world of art.

Artist Chu Yu Xie  

About Artist Chu Yu Xie

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