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Let bacteria clean your driveway stains To clean oil stains off your driveway has always been a tedious process. When it involves toxic products containing noxious chemicals, the process becomes all the more messy and hazardous. To put an end to all such woes, Oil Gone Easy has come up with a unique solution, Home & Driveway S-200. The Journal Sentinel recently carried a feature by Karen Herzog on this product. The article explains how the oil stain removal process takes place through bioremediation, which uses bacteria to break down the oil. Oil Gone Easy S-200 uses special nutrients that attract microorganisms to the spill and then break down the oil into byproducts such as water to clean oil stains. All that is needed is to pour the solution on the stain and leave it for as long as possible to clean oil stains. The manufacturer recommends users to leave the solution on the stains for about a week in normal cases and for two weeks in case of heavy stains to effectively clean oil stains. The news feature also states that the product works well on different surfaces, including driveways, concrete, garages, and even soil. There is no need of scrubbing and the clean up in not messy, like in the case of degreasers. After the oil stain removal, the solution degrades quickly and completely and there is neither any trace nor any odour of the solution. It is also a safe product and causes no harm to kids and pets. Another fact that is in favour of Oil Gone Easy S-200 is that it’s waterproof. So it works even if it’s raining. The product was extensively used to clean up the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. It is a completely viable product to clean oil stains and it is available by the quart for homeowners for $21.95 at

Let bacteria clean your driveway stains