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Oil Refineries and Pollution Oil refineries not only harm our environment but also our health. They are one of the largest sources of air pollution in the United States and the effect of oil refineries on air, water, and land is clearly visible. Oil refineries convert crude oil to everyday products like gasoline, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas and more. The refining process releases a number of chemicals such as benzene, chromium, and sulfuric acid into the atmosphere polluting it. Oil refineries are the biggest source of Volatile Organic Compounds that cause urban smog. Apart from this, they are also the single largest industrial source of benzene emissions. When it comes to toxic emissions from industrial sources, they are the fourth largest source. The effect of oil refineries is clearly visible on our land as well. Harmful waste from oil refineries, when dumped on the land, can prove to be very harmful. Discharge of chemical pollutants into waterways and oil pollution due to accidental oil spills contaminate the ground water as well open waterways. Oil refineries store huge quantities of hazardous chemicals that will release dangerous toxins if there is an accident or an attack. These emissions can cost the lives of those living near these refineries. In 2000, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had even issued a warning that these refineries and other industrial facilities, which number more than 120, can pose a threat to more than a million in case of terrorist attack or chemical accident. To protect the local environment and also to minimize potential environmental fines, major oil companies need to focus on refinery oil cleanup when there is an oil spill. One product that aids in the cleanup of spills, ranging from crude oils to refined oils, is Oil Gone Easy S-200. This bioremediation accelerator remediates hydrocarbon spills or leaks the natural way.

Oil Refineries and Pollution  

Oil refineries convert crude oil to useful products like gasoline and petroleum. They are a major source of air, water, and land pollution....

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