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Five Green Technologies That Can Make a Difference “Green� has become the buzz word today and more and more people are beginning to adopt green technologies. Green technologies is an expansive term and can refer to anything ranging from various eco friendly techniques used to generate energy to non-toxic green products that aid in environmental protection. Some of the green technologies that can make a difference are energy form waste, bioremediation, marine energy, off shore wind farms, and green building construction. 1) Energy from waste Waste generated from various sources like urban and industrial sectors has become a huge problem all over the world. With the local landfill capacities overfilled, this causes a devastating impact on the eco system worldwide. Recycling waste to generate energy will be a great solution to this problem. 2) Bioremediation Next on the list of green technologies is bioremediation. It is the process that destroys contaminants through natural biological activity. Various cleaning products that are used to clean oil and grease from floors, equipment and parking lots use this technology. Oil Gone Easy S-200 is one of the several green products that make use of the bioremediation technology. 3) Marine Energy Wave energy is one of the most cleanest and sustainable sources of renewable energy available. In this form, the energy from waves and tides are captured and converted to generate energy.

4) Off Shore W ind Energy The energy of moving air over the surface of the ocean is harnessed and converted to energy by means of wind turbines. As offshore winds blow at higher speeds, the turbines produce more electricity.

5) Green Building Green building construction is another green technology that helps in environmental protection. Green buildings not only have a positive impact on the environment, they are also safer and healthier to live.

Green building construction techniques include factors such as proper ventilation, utilization of recycled materials to reduce the cost of building, water conservation, and proper disposal of garbage.

Five Green Technologies That Can Make a Difference  

This post explains a few green technologies such as generation of energy from waste, bioremediation, marine energy, off shore wind farms, an...