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Effects of Oil Spill on Sea Otters It is shameful that marine life is declining because of the detrimental effect of oil spills and wastes that enter water due to human activities. Oil spills are washed into the sea water in number of ways. Oil spill contaminants contain noxious substances including crude oil, refined petroleum by-products such as diesel oil and gasoline. These oil spill contaminants are non biodegradable and non eco-friendly, and damage marine life. Otters are mainly found in coastal areas and island water. When an oil spill or discharge takes place in the ocean, oil spill contaminants cover the body of otters. When the oil is coated on the fur of the otter, it impairs their ability to keep warm. This results in hypothermia and finally death of the animal. Sometimes, these otters may unknowingly consume the oil, which is present in the water. These oil spill contaminants pass to their liver and lungs causing irreparable damage to the internal organs. It is believed that during the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill that occurred on March 24, 1989 many otters died. Approximately about 1,000 oiled sea otter carcasses were found, but the number of otters that died due the oil spill is still not known. Since bodies of oiled otters usually sink to the bottom of the ocean, researchers believe that this number just indicates a small portion of the total number of otters that were killed in that oil spill. Eco-friendly oil spill cleanup methods should be used to clean oil discharges and protect endangered species. Oil Gone Easy S-200 is a natural product that can be used to clean oil spills. Oil Gone Easy S-200 is biodegradable and can be applied directly to the contaminated water. It actually decomposes oil contaminants into compounds, which are harmless and don’t affect marine life. It’s our duty to save these otters from destruction. Use green products like Oil Gone Easy S-200 to have a safe and pollution free environment.

Effects of Oil Spill on Sea Otters  

There has been huge decline in the marine life due to the oil spill contaminants from various sources. Oil covers the bodies of otters and c...

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