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Thursday June 12th 2014

Global Petroleum Show Stampede Park, Calgary, Alberta


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Crane Simulator Builds Competence in Employees, Confidence in Clients

• SPE Heavy Oil Conference—Canada, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Palomino Rooms, BMO Centre • International Energy Capital Forum, 8:15 am to 3:30 pm Hyatt Regency Calgary, Imperial Ballroom

By Donna Gray As Kevin Westlund, master crane trainer for NCSG gets comfortable in the control seat of the NCSG Crane and Heavy Haul Corporation training simulator on the grounds of the Global Petroleum Show, he easily demonstrates how delicate and imposing each movement a crane make. “The whole purpose of this investment is to test a skill set of an employee before they get into a crane,” he says. “Even guys that have 30 years’ experience are asked to show us what they can do. Then we know what types of jobs to put them on or we send them back for more training.” NCSG Crane and Heavy Haul Corporation (NCSG) is the largest majority Canadian-owned and heavy haul company in Canada. Headquartered in Edmonton, the organization manages a busy fleet of mobile cranes, tractors, trailers, gantry and weighing systems. The simulator system, outfitted with a real crane seat, pedals and controls, helps trainers like Westlund to scrutinize how new hires and seasoned employees maneuver loads, plug in computer specifications, perfect their hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and catching the load itself. It also helps trainers and the employees identify bad habits that can cause misplacement or an accident, especially during inclement conditions. “We throw everything at them that Mother Nature offers, except for lightening,” he states. “One of the major issues that crane operators deal with is soft ground issues, so they need to know how to calculate movements based on these conditions. It takes a certain amount of finesse moving the controls carefully. That’s what we teach more than anything.” Overseeing Westlund’s demo for the GPS Official Show Daily, Steve Fryer, NCSG’s training manager chimes in that there has been a fundamental shift in how safety is executed, before, during and after the

• GPS Exhibition – Day 3, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Stampede Park • International Energy Marketplace, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Corral Concourse • GPS Presentation Theatres, 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, Stampede Park • OGM After Dark Party, 5:30 pm Stampede Park, Cowboys Dance Hall, Cowboys Casino (ticket purchase required)

Entrepreneurs Pitch New Ideas at Dragon’s Den Style Theatre By Shelly Brimble

work day. He says that potential and new hires appreciate the focus on training and safety and actually demand it—a vast difference to the industry a generation ago. Continues on page 8



Todays Highlights

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It was standing room only at a new attraction known as “The Doghouse” where entrepreneurs and start up companies lined up to pitch their business ideas to a panel of experts daily at Booth 9008, Hall H from 12 - 1 p.m. that was launched at this Global Petroleum Show (GPS). Event organizers, expect a record crowd tomorrow at The Doghouse since Calgary’s own icon and former Dragon’s Den panelist, W. Brett Wilson, will make a guest appearance as the master of ceremonies. “The vision of The Doghouse was to showcase companies that will provide the next generation of products and services for the oil and gas industry,” says Brad Gaulin, CEO BIXnets Inc., the founders of “It gives them an opportunity to validate their business,” he added. The Doghouse has been so successful as a new event that dmg:: Continues on page 7

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Fresh Ideas For Industry Collaboration to Push Technology Development By Shelly Brimble Having worked with technology focused companies trying to launch solutions in the oil and gas industry, I know first hand how difficult this process is. I was reminded of these barriers during question and answer sessions conducted throughout the SPE Heavy Oil Conference. For many, the task of creating a commercially viable technology that could be used in heavy oil operations is daunting, often exhausting their own private capital reserves from themselves, business associates as well as government grants. In order to gain access to financing, private equity or public markets, they need to prove their product is commercially viable. But it is a giant leap to become commercially viable since they need to try to gain access to test and prove their product in the field. Many have already exhaustively tested their solutions in a lab-based setting, but the field provides many challenges outside the controls of a lab setting.For producers, opening access to their operations to an unproven technology is not an option as it creates too much risk in an already high stakes industry. Unfortunately, this is where many great ideas fail. In order to get beyond this barrier, many inventors have to think outside their box and create a new reality for a commercially viable business model where partnerships and collaboration are necessary to gain access to pilot projects. The barriers are no different in other industries such as healthcare, but they can be smoothed out if there was greater access for field-testing pilot projects. For example, in Calgary there is a Ward of the 21st Century (W21C) at the Foothills Hospital that provides a working hospital environment for technology providers to beta test and evolve their solutions as well as access to the resources they need to evolve these solutions into commercially viable product. It is a win-win for both as healthcare gains access to the latest innovations and technology providers get help in incubating their product. The W21C is not-for-profit that is funded by various sources including philanthropists, government and industry. Collaboration to enhance oil sands and heavy oil technology solutions is not a new idea. Models of this kind already existed such as Alberta Oil Sands Technology and Research Authority (AOSTRA) which was a crown-owned corporation focused on promoting the development and use of new technology for oil sands and heavy crude oil production. But as the province moved away from crown owned corporations, this opportunity ended. A new one has risen through the Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) which is an alliance of oil sands producers focused on accelerating the pace of improvement in environmental performance in Canada’s oil sands through collaborative action and innovation. The scope of COSIA focuses on four Environmental Priority Areas (EPAs) – tailings, water, land and greenhouse gases. COSIA member companies have shared 560 distinct technologies and innovations that cost over $900 million to develop to date. Perhaps it’s time for new ideas and for the heavy oil industry to broaden their collaboration scope by creating an open platform access to active mining and SAGD operations where technology providers could have an opportunity to perform pilot project testing and evolve their solutions. Perhaps the risk would be worth the rewards that this unfettered access could create.

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Think you have a good technology solution for oil sands operations? Submit your idea to Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA)? It’s easy. Just go to and click on the eTap tab at the bottom. This will take you to an easy application and submission process.

Honeywell to Automate Oil Sands Project in Canada Project Will Include Process Control Software, Safety Systems, Alarm Management and Advanced Simulation Software Honeywell Process Solutions announced today that it was selected by Suncor Energy to provide automation systems for a new multi-billion dollar Fort Hills Oil Sands project in Alberta, Canada. Honeywell will supply technology to integrate the site’s control and safety systems, manage alarms, and provide advanced simulation software that enables critical operations planning and operator training. As the Main Automation Contractor (MAC), Honeywell will play a key role in helping the facility achieve its future productivity and operational efficiency goals. The facility is expected to be operational in late 2017. “Choosing an automation provider is a critical decision, one that you will live with for years to come,” said Frank Whitsura, vice president, Honeywell Process Solutions. “Honeywell has a proven track record of reducing risk on projects of this magnitude, delivering on-time and on-budget, and contributing to the ongoing safety, reliability and efficiency of the operation and lowering overall lifecycle costs.” The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers forecasts production from the Canadian oil sands to exceed five million barrels a day by 2030, up from 1.8 million barrels a day in 2012. “As energy demand continues to grow, the Canadian oil sands have become an important resource,” said Whitsura. “Honeywell has the expertise to fully integrate this project’s assets, from monitors and sensors in the field, to system controls, to planning and logistics. Suncor will also be able to use our innovative technology to run a wide range of simulations that will help maximize the efficiency of the operations.”

“When it comes to safety, you’d better have my back.”

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June 12th, 2014


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Continues from cover events have already confirmed that it will become part of the lineup for the annual GPS. Presenters for The Doghouse lineup were selected through an application process that was launched through a network of start up organizations in Alberta including: Accelerator YYC, StartUp Calgary, Alberta Deal Generators, VA Angles, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs, Student Energy, Mount Royal University and the Alberta Council of Technologies. From a list of applicants, the finalists were then selected to provide a three-minute pitch to the judge panel that included representatives from business and finance. Following their pitch, each presenter was also given a five-minute opportunity with the judges to receive feedback and ask questions.

The SPE Heavy Oil Conference – Canada Addresses the Business Aspects of Heavy Oil in the Region The SPE Heavy Oil Conference—Canada has been a tremendous success over the last two days as more than 1,100 attendees participated in the event, sharing their expertise and knowledge with peers and colleagues from the industry. The committee that oversees the SPE Heavy Oil Conference—Canada has added a paper/presentation competition this year, in memory of Neil Edmonds, a committee member who passed away. Session chairs will be evaluating manuscripts and presentations and the winners will be announced at an SPE Calgary Section luncheon in the fall of 2014.

The Doghouse is standing room only as presenter Guangmiao Luan, founder of Simuapp presents to the Dragon’s Den style panel with MC Henry Kutarna, president of Alberta Deal Generator. They are also given an opportunity to give a full 30-minute presentation at The Doghouse Theatre to potential investors or adopters of their products and services. Each Presenter was provided with professional invitations to hand out to their network and pass out to potential clients on site to ensure the crowd watching their full presentation was filled with their network of potential investors. Furthermore, each Doghouse presentation were filmed and will be posted through various social media including Google, Facebook, TV and You Tube. “This will provide companies an opportunity to continue to benefit from their participation with The Doghouse,” adds Gaulin. BIXnets just went live with which is a portal to share knowledge. It provides a space for professionals to become a mentor or find a mentor. It provides a unique collaborative network that will enable the transfer of knowledge between generations and help companies traverse the knowledge gap that is increasing as the Baby Boomer generation continues to move into retirement. also provides businesses a cloud platform to help capture employee know-how, and ensure it is shared, recognized and rewarded. The presenting companies for next year’s Doghouse lineup will be selected through an application process. Due to the initial success of The Doghouse, Gaulin expects they will be expanding the amount of presenting opportunities. “We will post details about how to get involved in next years start-up presentations through,” Gaulin added.

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The final day of the conference will commence with an interactive session about drilling and completion. The session is set for reviewing new advances on well drilling technologies, designing completions, cement practice, thermal application of flow control devices, and evaluation of such devices for heavy oil field and thermal application. Later on, the program will cover in-situ combustion and the challenges proposed by heavy oil and oil sands reservoirs. In addition, the program will cover topics such as the recent progress on SAGD optimization, wellbore hydraulic evaluation and tubing, intelligent well technology, and RSS drilling experience. The highlight of last day is session fifteen: “The Business of Heavy Oil.” This session covers the long term prospect in SAGD operation, development scenario of the oil sands projects in Alberta, CAPEX for CSS and SAGD methods, and the safety consideration of reserves recovery and risk of commercialization of carbonate fields. Another highlight of the day will be session nineteen, which is dedicated to footprint reductions. In this session, authors will be presenting plants reclamation, steam containment risk in SAGD, sensitivity of SAGD on rock geomechanics, CO2 storage feasibility, and extensive energy efficiency review in addition to the reduction on water consumption case study. The last couple of sessions will be dedicated to the combined hydrocarbon chain, from well completions, reservoir rock properties and its deliverables, and production optimization, to pipeline integrity and transportation, and downstream facility optimization. The event committee and everyone else involved would like to thank you all for attending this year’s conference. We’re already looking forward seeing you again at the 2015 SPE Heavy Oil Conference—Canada, which will be held 9–11 June 2015 at the BMO Centre, Calgary, Alberta.

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Continues from cover “The current industry attitude is all about getting the job done first, then worry about safety,” Fryer states. “But really, you can’t complete a job without people learning and practicing competence and safety every day. Focusing on the training and retention of the processes is what ensures that the job gets done in the end.” Patrick Carrigan, vice president of sales and marketing for NCSG, says the company has been trying to create a full-service experience for clients. Now, they have added a new dimension to the suite with a 53 x 17 foot simulation trailer, available to travel anywhere in North America. “It’s purely to increase training competence in our staff,” he says. “It shows our clients that we only bring the most qualified and competent people to each job.

Kevin Westlund, master crane trainer for NCSG, takes a spin on the company’s advanced simulator to train and retain crane operators. The simulator, which cost over $500,000, features Vortex software from CM Labs, and simulates two of the most common cranes in the industry—the crawler and the rough terrain. The program offers dozens of scenarios in seven different crane categories and environmental conditions. The tool is now a mandatory hiring and training mechanism for the organization, and clients have been privy to checking it out themselves in order to get a hands-on appreciation for the intricate nature of the business. “Our customers are very receptive to the simulator and they have enjoyed trying it out,” Carrigan says. “When it comes down to it, the crane operator rules the roost, so to speak, because the rest of the team is relying on their capability to get the project moving.”

DriveWise Virtually Helps Fleet Drivers Improve Skills to Reduce Collisions By Donna Gray As Canadian and US companies expand their activities in oil and gas, the reliance on the safe operation of vehicles and equipment comes to the forefront. With the apparent shortage of drivers in the industry and the focus on better driving skills, employers are looking for ways to inspire compliance. DriveWise, a Barrie, Ontario based company, believes it has a solution with their virtual reality simulator and interactive classroom training program, which integrates a six-star approach to cooperative driving. The TranSim VS5 features scenarios for trucking, fire apparatus, municipal works, waste management and transportation industries in order to improve driving behaviours and skill sets and to complement driver training in a risk-free environment. Lesley de Repentigny, president and CEO, who spent years in the aeronautics industry, says the human factor of driving is still critical to a company’s success in business as well as safety. “People are always bottom-line conscious, but the majority of those in charge are also focused on safety,” she says. “Clients want to standardize training for their staff so that they are prepared for so many different conditions in places like Alberta, where roads and weather can change quickly.” The simulator offers a 180° view, three channel plasma screen, a large driving environment that feels like a real vehicle. The visuals are crisp and realistic, as well as the force-loaded steering mechanism, which gives real-time feedback to improve muscle memory such as a tire blowout, skids and even wild animals jumping across the road. The software allows the employer to build scenarios by simply dragging and dropping modules into the program. Hundreds of prebuilt lesson plans reinforce learning, and the data of each driver can be collected and reviewed to evaluate behaviour on an ongoing basis. “The evaluation tool pulls out performance issues and breaks it down to details you may not catch on a road test,” she says. “We even have a camera on the simulator that films the driver so trainers as well as the driver can see when their eyes wander, or if they are using their mirror.” De Repentigny states that research reveals that driver testing in an actual vehicle or in a simulator results in the same outcomes, but the DriveWise system is actually cheaper and can provide more weather and situational scenarios for every employee any day of the week in any weather condition. “If you hire a driver in the summer, especially if they are from another country with warm weather, you will never know how they handle driving on icy conditions,” she says. First Canada, which specializes in bus and coach transport, recently invested in its own simulator for their employees to use. Ronald Evans, regional safety manager for First Canada, is excited for the program and equipment to arrive—and it will go straight to the Fort McMurray region. “We are committed to creating a better and safer working environment—it’s part of the vision of our company’s executive,” he says. “Our facility is camp based, and we have shift drivers who get behind the wheel and drive in to various conditions such as sleet, snow, rain, ice. They are also driving at night a lot. It really is extreme work.” Evans says DriveWise equipment will be outfitted in a 37-foot trailer that will move site to site. It will also provide space for a classroom environment for further training and testing. “We have over 1,000 employees up north, 700 of which are drivers,” he adds. “They’re waiting for this simulator and they are excited to improve their skills. We know it’s going to be a winner. Teaming with DriveWise was really a natural fit.”

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New Forged Valve Designs Eliminates Creep and Stress in the Field By Donna Gray Crane ChemPharma & Energy has recently launched a range of gate, globe and check valves for use in power, oil and gas and chemical markets. Developed specifically for high-stress, high thermalcycling applications, the company has created a unique forging process and next-generation design that reduces the total cost of ownership, assuring consistent quality and longer valve life. Crane has a long history of producing products for the aerospace, electronics, hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical, chemical, power generation, automated merchandising, and transportation industries. With advancements in technology and leaner operating budgets, Rob Marocco, general manager of operations and sales for Canada, says the petroleum industry is demanding products that have a longer performance life to reduce non-productive time and operating costs. “These new valves give companies better cost solutions, especially when you can reduce shut down timing,” he says. “Creep, cracking and fatigue are huge issues in the industry right now, and this new process reduces the risk in some really hard and hot conditions.” Marocco says the new Pacific Forged line offers other payoffs including multi-stage ultrasonic testing that comes standard on all of Crane’s forgings and finished valves, a unique contoured shape and proprietary hardface overlay process makes the valves resistant to cracks and delamination. “Clients will also see a quicker lead time, as 90 per cent of our valve types can ship in less than 20 weeks,” Marocco

adds. “We are still producing our cast valves that are designed according to client specifications, but we found that companies need valves that handle a lifetime of thermal cycling such as hot, warm and cold starts.” Rich Ford, senior applications specialist for Crane, says the Pacific Forged valves are recommended for use in high pressure, high steam applications. “These products perform very well in equipment for SAGD, OTSG, ethylene, LNG projects all over the world. Crane has seen it all, since the company has been in operation since 1855, and just over 100 years in Canada,” Ford says. He adds that since thermo cycle changes are uncontrollable, which was the inspiration for the forged process, the company has produced three contoured types of valves: block, near-net contoured style, and fully contoured. “As the structure is changing, the industry is demanding more improved forged products. To mitigate this and get it right the first time, we do ultra-sonic testing is standard with each product, rather than competitors who charge additional costs.” Ford adds that the company`s engineering and fabrication group have designed all products to fit on existing equipment quickly and easily. “We made these products to help reduce capital expenditure costs and help control a company`s maintenance budget,” he says. “These Pacific forged valves are easily replaceable, fitting standard industry size specifications. We also anticipate they will have at least a 25-year life cycle average or more.”

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June 12th, 2014


Dover Artificial Lift Showcases New Name at Global Petroleum Show Change reflects company’s integrated focus on artificial lift services and technology Dover Artificial Lift, a leading group of artificial lift and surface production companies, is formally announcing its new name at the Global Petroleum Show and giving the industry the opportunity to learn about the company’s technology, which maximizes performance and optimizes well production. Previously known as Norris Production Solutions, the company recently changed its name to Dover Artificial Lift to highlight their focus on artificial lift and reinforce their relationship with parent company Dover Corporation. Dover Artificial Lift offers a comprehensive line of artificial lift equipment, accessories and services designed to drive the operational excellence of each of its clients. “We are very excited to showcase our new name at GPS,” said Paul Mahoney, President, Dover Artificial Lift. “The Global Petroleum Show is a key conference for us and Canada is an important region for our company and our industry. We are looking forward to sharing our story and celebrating the Dover brand with our colleagues.” Under the Dover Artificial Lift umbrella, each company provides industry-leading applications and components engineered to enhance the profitably of gas lift, plunger lift, rod lift, progressing cavity pump systems and surface production, as well as state-of-the-art software and products in the well automation, analysis and optimization space. While the company has a new name, it has a 125-year history of delivering artificial lift technologies and services that help operators drive efficiency and production.


“We are leading the pack when it comes to artificial lift technology and we’ve recently expanded our capabilities with a number of acquisitions and new products”

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“We are leading the pack when it comes to artificial lift technology and we’ve recently expanded our capabilities with a number of acquisitions and new products,” Mahoney said. “Not only does our new name highlight our expertise, but it also allows us to leverage the financial stability and global reach of our parent company, Dover Corporation.” At the show this year, Dover Artificial Lift will be hosting a unique event to celebrate the new brand at its booth, #1068, at 3 p.m., Tuesday, June 10. Attendees can also visit the company’s booth to check out several Harbison-Fischer downhole pumps, including the Two Stage Hollow Valve Rod Pump and the patented Variable Slippage® Pump. The booth also features Oil Lift’s progressing cavity (PC) pumps, drives, and rod-lock blowout preventers (BOP). Oil Lift PC pumps deliver effective production under less than ideal conditions, such as sand, heavy oil, depleted wells and dewatering gas wells. Oil Lift PC pumps are engineered to achieve lower start up and running torque, reduced operating temperatures and higher mechanical efficiency. Oil Lift drives feature the proprietary top-mounted Zero-Spill© stuffing box, which prevents costly and damaging environmental spills. At the show, Oil Lift will also display a new version of its Dual Ram Rod-Lock BOP©, which recently debuted at the 2014 Offshore Technology Conference. This 5,000 PSI rated polished rod BOP provides redundant pressure containment on shale oil or liquids-rich shale gas wells, reducing the risk of a blow out in high tubing pressure conditions. Dover Artificial Lift is excited to share its evolving story and will have key personnel available to talk about their industryleading technologies and offerings. Come meet the new Dover Artificial Lift at booth #1068. Booth #1068

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International Focus During GPS Energy Leader’s Breakfast

New 4160-volt Chromalox DirectConnect systems provide significant installation savings and lower the cost of ownership for multi-megawatt electric process heating systems Chromalox, a leader in advanced thermal technologies, today announced the availability of DirectConnect medium voltage electric heating systems (patents pending). These systems especially suit multimegawatt applications in such heavy industries as power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, and chemical. Chromalox supplies up to 7200-volt DirectConnect systems for virtually any process application, such as circulation systems, heat transfer packages, and steam boilers. According to Mark Wheeler, Chromalox Global Director of Systems & Service, systems employing Chromalox DirectConnect become cost effective for heating applications in the one megawatt range and above. “At these power levels, our studies indicate significant savings for medium voltage systems when accounting for installation as well as product cost,” says Wheeler. “With our DirectConnect medium voltage system, the step-down transformer cost can be reduced or even

eliminated. The decreased amperage requires fewer circuits, smaller wire sizes, and significantly less labor.” Mr. Wheeler adds that operating and maintenance costs also improve. Chromalox DirectConnect systems have less I2R energy loss, resulting in higher operating efficiencies,” says Wheeler. “In general, electric process heat systems—having no moving parts and a clean, robust design—enjoy low maintenance costs,” he says. “Additionally, all Chromalox DirectConnect systems incorporate replaceable medium voltage heating elements. Being able to quickly replace a single heating element can simplify maintenance and avoid costly process downtimes.” Aside from designing and building DirectConnect heating elements, Chromalox also manufactures all the associated power control panels that support the proprietary system. This in-house capability allows Chromalox to offer a full selection of controls that best meets customer needs. Power control selections such as contactor, full-SCR, or SCRtrim load provide an optimal balance between cost and performance.

News of our first Canadian lodge is spreading fast.

Photo credit: Justin Poulsen

It was a full house for Global Petroleum Show’s (GPS) Energy Leaders Breakfast hosted June 11, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom. Honourable Cal Dallas, Minister of International and Intergovernmental Relations – Government of Alberta provided opening remarks for delegates interested in connecting with international markets or investing in Alberta’s robust energy sector. Alberta has the lowest taxes in Canada – with a combined federal/provincial corporate tax rate of 25 per cent with no provincial retail sales tax, no capital tax, and no provincial payroll tax. “We are encouraging growth in the energy sector by investing in infrastructure to support development and by supporting research and development of new and innovative energy technologies. Dallas said. “As a result, Alberta has seen constant and increasing capital investment in all of our oil, gas and oil sands sectors.” In his keynote address, he recognized there was some confusion regarding new federal rules on foreign investment. “Like many countries, Canada has a process to review foreign acquisitions of Canadian businesses over a certain threshold value,” he said. Nevertheless, many opportunities in Alberta fall below the thresholds or do not require controlling interest. He added that he is working with the federal government to ensure the review process remains transparent and that it does not “unduly limit” the much needed investment in critical sectors of our economy.

Chromalox introduces DirectConnect as Part of its Extended Voltage Technology Platform

Dallas went on to point out host GPS provides an opportunity to make international business connections and provides an opportunity for participants to match with international partners and learn about export and investment opportunities in other districts. In order to help companies facilitate their goals internationally, his ministry has established a Small Medium Enterprise Export Council to provide recommendations on ways for our government to provide further help to exporters. “As you can see, Alberta is open for business—and our government is dedicated to attracting investment partners from around the world,” he added. Following his speech, delegates participated in a Panel Question & Answer with Honourable Tim McMillan, Minister Responsible for Energy & Resources – Government of Saskatchewan, Mr. S P Garg, Managing Director ONGC Videsh Limited, Sugiharto, President Commissioner Petramina (Indonesia). Many questions were being directed towards Sugiharto in regards to the possibility of connecting with this emerging market.


For years, Target Logistics has been one of the largest providers of workforce housing in North America. Now we’re bringing that experience to the Canadian Oil Sands with the acquisition and renovation of the Chard Open Camp, to be renamed Cheecham Lodge, south of Fort McMurray. In the months ahead, we will introduce the Economics of Comfort™ to the region and show how providing high-quality comforts and amenities can actually contribute to your bottom line by making your workforce more loyal and more productive. To read a case study on how the Economics of Comfort™ helped save one of our clients over $10 million in employee retention alone, visit or call 800-832-4242.

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June 12th, 2014


Drilling Through Tight Oil Challenges Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of SRC

Tight oil is being hailed by some as the key to the world’s energy needs. But tight oil certainly does not come without its challenges – challenges that the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) has and is facing head on. Horizontal drilling technologies have been heralded by many as the greatest advancements since the conception of the rotary drilling bit. What is less known is that this technology was pioneered in Saskatchewan with SRC playing a significant role in the research and development of the technology. Horizontal drilling increases the recoverable petroleum in a given formation, and even increases the production in fields previously thought of as marginal or mature. And while horizontal drilling is more economical for drilling, it also has a lesser impact on environmentally-sensitive areas. In fact, in some areas where drilling is not allowed for environmental reasons, it is possible to drill horizontal wells to the targeted deposit without harming the environment above. Horizontal drilling has contributed to reclaiming and preserving thousands of ecologically-sensitive acres, while more efficiently using natural resources. SRC’s Enhanced Oil Recovery team is applying its extensive expertise in enhanced waterflooding to the challenges posed by tight oil formations to recover the vast volumes of residual oil after primary production. Enhanced waterflooding is cost-effective and relatively simple to implement. New generations of surfactants offer the potential to overcome the reservoir’s extremely high capillary pressure that traps oil by either reducing oil/water interfacial tension or altering matrix wettability. SRC’s work in this area focuses on screening and evaluating new surfactants and in tailored mixtures of surfactants or surfactants plus gas. Its engineers and scientists augment experimental studies – conducted in a setup specifically designed for tight oil – with numerical simulations to understand and advance this promising approach to tight oil recovery. SRC is working with leading upstream producers in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin on ground-breaking single and multi-client projects that target demonstrable enhanced oil recovery (EOR) returns for key producers in formations such as the Bakken and Viking. The technology in development at SRC laboratories and in field tests promises to deliver benefits for the economy and the environment ranging from extending well life – with

SRC researchers study chemical injection processes for tight oil in specially designed coreflood apparatus.

positive impacts upon company bottom lines, jobs and the resulting royalties that underpin government services, such as health and education – to environmental benefits – by mitigating the constant need for fresh drilling and well abandonment that steep production decline curves, in fields like the Bakken, typically entail. Another focus area for SRC is working with industry to address the vast reserves of heavy oil remaining after completing primary recovery – generally referred to as cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS). Saskatchewan alone has over 30,000 wells, where over 90 per cent of the original oil in place remains untapped. SRC has over 20 years of experience in heavy oil EOR and is leading initiatives engaging industry and research to develop commercial solutions to tap this vital resource – for the benefit of Saskatchewan and its neighbours. Continuous research and improvement of oil recovery methods increases the economic potential of Saskatchewan’s – indeed Canada’s - oil industry and SRC consistently sets the bar high in keeping the research fresh, relevant and sustainable.

Booth Number: 1001, Hall A Concourse (Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology Theatre) Website: Email:

North America Drilling and Completion Activity is Robust, Driving Some Frac Price Increases Through 2016; Frac Capacity Additions of 1.1 Million HHP Expected for 2014 The North American market for hydraulic fracturing services will see strong growth through 2016 due to robust D&C activity, with moderate pricing increases expected in 2014, according to just-published analysis from PacWest Consulting Partners. PacWest’s PumpingIQ and WellIQ reports, which provide in-depth analysis and forecasts of North American drilling and completion activity and the hydraulic fracturing services market, indicate ongoing cost recovery-driven pricing increases in 2014. These are the first pricing increases the market has witnessed since late 2011. According to PacWest, demand for frac services in the US Land market is expected to increase by 10% in 2014, and by 11% in Canada. Efficiencies across the D&C value chain, continue to erode realized frac demand, although at a slower rate than in 2012/2013. “Multi well-pad drilling, smart scheduling, 24 hour operations and other practices have softened frac demand growth since 2012, and will continue to do so into 2014. In particular, the Permian basin should see greater efficiency impacts as more companies shift to horizontal well and multi well pads,” according to PacWest Partner and PumpingIQ lead author Chris Robart. Frac capacity utilization is expected to increase to 81% in 2014; however, PacWest sees potential market improvements being dampened by aggressive frac capacity additions. According to the company’s analysis, smaller Tier 2 & 3 pumpers were quick to react to the improving outlook for frac services and will account

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for nearly 2/3 of the 1.1 million HHP in net additions expected during 2014. Despite this, PacWest forecasts moderate pricing increases in 2014 due to recent success by frac services companies in achieving greater cost recovery. This was made necessary by weather and supply chain challenges in late 14Q1 that drove up supply costs for many frac consumables. PacWest forecasts costs for key materials will continue to rise through 2015, resulting in continued cost recovery/pricing increases. Looking north, PacWest expects the Canadian market for frac services to develop similarly to the US market, as increases in frac demand are poised to bring the Canadian market into balance. This will be driven by activity growth in Duvernay and Montney plays, which together PacWest forecasts will push frac demand to 1.84 million HHP in 2014 (+11%). Further development in other plays will also accelerate demand. Globally, PacWest forecasts frac capacity will increase by 16.2 MM HHP (+65%) between 2013 and 2018 (year-end capacity), with markets outside North America accounting for 55% of that growth. China continues to lead international additions, and surpassed Canada as the second largest frac market in the world during 2013. PacWest continues to cover emerging markets with the inclusion of Brazil and Colombia in their 2014 Q1 publication. Future PumpingIQ releases will include coverage of Argentina and Russia.

Over-Exuberance is a Fundamental Characteristic of Commodity Markets The North American gas market is on the cusp of a steep change: US, Canadian and Mexican consumption, plus LNG exports to the rest of the world, will rise by 20 billion cubic feet per day by 2020. For context, China consumed 15Bcfd in total in 2013. We at Bloomberg New Energy Finance do not doubt the ability of producers and servicers to meet this tremendous challenge. In fact, millions of acres of dry gas from Arkansas to Alberta are currently lying fallow, not being drilled due to low gas prices. These resources can be brought online with minimal exploration or delineation work. However, we see a dislocation that will lead to temporarily higher North American gas prices as the market searches for its new equilibrium. The current market situation is best described as “supply-push”: low prices caused by an abundance of supply are pushing investments into energy-intensive industries and export facilities. But we are quickly moving to a “demand-pull” situation: once online, these new gas consumers will need new supplies. The ramp-up in demand will begin in earnest in late 2015/2016 – in each year from 2016 to 2018, the “call” for increased production from the US and Canada will be more than 4Bcfd. Again for context, this is equivalent to total gas consumption in France. By this time, US power plant emissions regulations will have come into effect, causing substantial coal plant retirements and the need for increased gas generation. Several large new gas-intense chemicals facilities will also have been built, along with the first two trains at Sabine Pass, North America’s first LNG export terminal. Oil sands projects using steam-assisted gravity drainage to extract bitumen will add substantially to Canadian gas demand. Why do we think there will be a dislocation? Didn’t we see a massive switch out of dry gas plays into liquids-rich acreage in 2012? Why not just switch back? Because oil drilling won’t get any less profitable. On today’s type curves and drilling and completion costs, the breakeven price of WTI crude oil for attractive areas of the Eagle Ford is less than $60 per barrel. The Permian is far from homogenous, but large areas in the Spraberry Trend and Wolfcamp Shale are economical above $75/bbl, as is the vast majority of the Bakken. Therefore, we do not see a reversal of the Great Rig Migration of 2012, when rigs that had been drilling in the Haynesville and Woodford shales were relocated to Texas and North Dakota. Without these “spare rigs”, new rigs need to be built, and new drilling and completion crews will be needed to man them. So, despite the fact that we see the breakeven price needed to bring on all of this new dry gas production at or under $4.50, we are likely to see prices spike while the services market adjusts. Over-exuberance is a fundamental characteristic of commodity markets, and this time is no different. After the correction is over, prices should move back down to the long-term cost of supply, and producers can begin to put their (more modern) rig fleets to work on a more balanced portfolio of oil and gas assets.

Please visit us at booth 1816

GPS14 - Presentation Room Topics

GPS Presentation Theatres

(Theatre Location)

Theatre Supply Chain & Logistics Theatre Country Market Presentations Heavy Oil Theatre Canada’s Energy Opportunities Theatre Plant Shutdown/Oilfield Maintenance Theatre Specialty Oil Tools Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology Theatre

All presentations will be inside unless otherwise indicated:

Supply Chain & Logistics Theatre (Outside Area) Hear from leading energy companies about the care and movement of oil & gas production from refining process through getting this valuable resource to the consumer market.

Country Market Presentations Theatre (Boyce Theatre) Gain valuable insights from emerging and established energy markets about the process of conducting business transactions with foreign marketplaces.

Day 3 – Thursday, June 12

Canada’s Energy Opportunities Theatre (Boyce Theatre Foyer)

Opens 11:00 AM 11:00 AM 11:00 AM 11:00 AM 11:00 AM 11:00 AM 10:30 AM

Close 1:45 PM 4:00 PM 4:00 PM 4:00 PM 4:00 PM 4:00 PM 4:30 PM

Location Outdoor Area Boyce Theatre Hall F Boyce Theatre Foyer Hall G Hall G Hall A Concourse

Specialty Oil Tools Theatre (Hall G)

Gain vital information about sourcing new business in the Canadian energy marketplace from key companies driving the industry.

Specialty tools are integral to bringing oil and gas resources to market. Visit to learn more about the latest technological advancement at work in the field.

Heavy Oil Theatre (Hall F) The Heavy Oil Theatre features presentations on increasing profits from environmental monitoring, data integration, safety culture, automating oil sands paperwork and more.

Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology Theatre (Hall A Concourse) Learn more about cutting-edge EOR technology advancing the recovery of crude oil including steam-thermal, CO2 flood, waterflood injection and hydraulic fracturing. Presented and Sponsored by: Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC)

Plant Shutdown/Oilfield Maintenance Theatre (Hall G) Learn more about the effective planning and execution of plant shutdowns and the essential environmentally safe and revenue saving methods involved in oilfield maintenance.











We have been busy—aggressively on the move to meet the growing needs of energy customers around the world with the solutions and services they have come to expect. That includes the highest quality tubular connection and hydraulic power equipment, like our weTORQ85™ wrench and spinner tool. Onshore or offshore, rest assured that wherever you are, we are there.

V I S I T U S I N B O O T H # 1 676



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4/30/14 4:18 PM

June 12th, 2014






BARRIER Yesterday, 8,000 hours was unthinkable. Suddenly, anything less could be unacceptable.

New SENTRON LD 8000 Natural Gas Engine Oil (NGEO) is so advanced it provides up to 8,000 hours between drains. Satisfy your need for proof with our Money-Back Guarantee Trial. Visit for details.

Visit us at Booth #4201 Call 1-866-335-3369 or visit for more information. Petro-Canada is a Suncor Energy business TM

Trademark of Suncor Energy Inc. Used under licence.

DTI Guardian Shutdown System Diesel Tech Industries Ltd. (DTI); is a Canadian owned company who develop and manufacture remote shutdown calve for diesel engines. Since 2005, we have been involved in an intense R&D program designed to bring the most revolutionary positive airflow shut down system available to the industry today. DTI is a division of Diesel Tech Truck Repair Ltd., a diesel repair business that has been operational since 1999. DTI is owned and operated by Darren Rivet, a certified diesel engine specialist who has been in the industry for over thirty years. Working in the transportation and oilfield industry, DTI has been able to understand the wants and needs of their customers, as well as the limitations of existing products. DTI Safety, Security, Asset Retention and Management Systems have revolutionized the transportation industry by providing operators and managers with safety and control that they never thought possible. The DTI Guardian Shutdown System is essential due to the nature of how diesel engines operate, which is, by the combustion of controlled fuel fed into the engine to control its speed. In the presence of airborne hydrocarbons, such as those caused by a fuel spill, a running diesel engine will rapidly enter into a “runaway state” by ingesting hydrocarbons vapor. If not stopped immediately, the engine can become a dangerous source for the ignition of a fire or explosion and this can result in loss of lives, destruction of equipment and facilities, plus extensive environmental damage. With the DTI system installed, companies will protect their operators, equipment and themselves by avoiding unnecessary costs due to litigation, property loss and environmental liability. The DTI Guardian Shutdown System is unlike any other engine shutdown system in the market today. With traditional shutdown systems operators have no way of determining why their engine has stopped and once it has stopped, the valve is very difficult to be reset. The system is designed so that the valve will not close unless users want their engines to shutdown. Whether it is by dash control, present RPM shutdown or key fob. It also records the status of the valve at the time of a shutdown and the butterfly design prevents loading of unbuned fuel in the engine when activated. The valve is also equipped with “Intel-a-Valve Technology™” which allows users to perform regular testing for a failure-free performance, as well as being the only shutdown valve of its kind with wireless capabilities. The DTI Guardian Shutdown System monitors the engine’s RPM at all times, if it gets too high, the valve will shut off the air supply to the engine. This is the safest, most practical and most effective way of shutting down a diesel engine in a “runaway state” and unlike other systems, our design does not load the engine with fuel during a shutdown. The system allows you to restart your engine safely straight way and the “Intel-a-Valve Technology™” performs constant monitoring to ensure valves work the first time and every time.

Victaulic Introduces Series 727 Ball Valve for Upstream Oil Systems Victaulic, introduces the Series 727 Ball Valve, a high-pressure, enhanced port, NACE-compliant valve with grooved ends for upstream oil applications. The Series 727 provides excellent flow characteristics and enables quick and easy installation and maintenance. The internal design of the Series 727 Ball Valve has been streamlined to provide superior flow characteristics, offering improved throughput. Flow testing demonstrated up to one-third better flow than competitive standard port ball valves. Featuring grooved ends, the Series 727 Ball Valve is joined using Victaulic couplings, enabling quicker and easier installation and maintenance than flanged valves. The Series 727 weighs one-third less than equivalent flanged valves, further easing handling and installation. The two-piece valve features a floating ball for lower torque requirements, and is offered with manual handles with an integral tamper-resistant lock/seal. The Series 727 is designed for full open or shut-off service. Series 727 valves can accommodate pressures of up to 1,500 psi (10,350 kPa) and are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 6 inches (50 to 150 millimeters). Common oilfield applications include wellhead hookups, flow lines, production headers, produced water lines, heater-treaters, separators, tank battery and salt water disposal, among others. Booth 1600 Booth #5520

PosiFrac Straddle Packer System TAM International, an independent oilfield services company providing inflatable and swellable packers, will be showcasing its PosiFrac Straddle Packer System at booth 8201 The system can be used during swabbing, acidizing and sand fracturing applications, and has a proven track record for improving customer production rates, operating efficiency and HSE. This all encompassing tool has shown high performance results in a variety of projects, including testing zones in an exploratory well in Northern Iraq, delivering an acid stimulation treatment in an open hole horizontal well in the Mississippi Lime, and running over 101 hydraulic fracturing sets in one run downhole in the Bakken shale.

Booth 8201

June 12th, 2014


Leaders Share Insights During Panel Discussion at SPE Heavy Oil Conference By Shelly Brimble Delegates filled the Palomino Room to hear what industry leaders had to say during a panel discussion titled “Beyond Here and Now,” that was hosted as part of the SPE Heavy Oil Conference. The session focused on overcoming the challenges related to heavy oil recovery, environmental impacts of industry activity and increasingly challenging reservoir conditions. Discussions also centered on the barriers faced when launching technologies into heavy oil applications. The panelists agreed that one of the most concerning issues facing the heavy oil industry is the negative environmental image that has become associated with oil sands activities, despite the fact that this is a highly regulated and environmentally monitored sector. Panel moderator and president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) Dave Collyer, cited the fact that industry did not work on putting a positive environmental message into the public and that much work remains for all industry to turn that message around. “We as an industry needed to learn and to become aware that we are reviled by the rest of the world,” added Mike MacSween, EVP major projects, Suncor Energy. “Words don’t count for much, but actions do.” “All of the greenhouse gas noise – I’m worried about that,” says Panelist John Brannan, EVP & COO Cenovus Energy. We need to (Left to Right) Moderator, Dave Collyer, Panelist, John Brannan, Panelist, Mike MacSween, Panelist, Jonathan educate people. The industry needs to be more proactive and everyMatthews, Panelist, Dan Domeracki and Panelist, James Cleland taking questions from delegates during body needs to spread the word. Everybody needs to get out and “Beyond Here and Now” Panel session at SPE Heavy Oil Conference. spread the benefits of the oil and gas industry that is full of tremendous opportunity and a lot of pride.” But when developing technology solutions, panelists cautioned that the focus must still remain Panelist Jonathan Matthews, VP heavy oil technology center, Statoil Canada, added that the future business orientated. of heavy oil will require greater collaboration in all areas. “Collaboration provides many potentials for MacSween says technology solution providers need to adopt the Apple model. “Make sure it’s Alberta oil sands, for them to go out and seek others of similar operations.” worth our while as much as it’s worth your while. New technology is getting the right doors open and “We need to look at pooling for our human resources in such a way that everybody wins while finding how to provide an arena to gain exposure.” improving cost differentials,” he said. “It doesn’t take away our competitive drive or wanting to be the Matthews added, “We are in a business and businesses that don’t make money don’t stay in business.” best. We need to know how to stop collaborating when negotiating for pipeline capacity of diluents— Heavy oil operations are capital intense and as such can be impacted by many different economic that’s where we need to remain fiercely competitive.” variables including growing disparities in differentials. Brannan cited that collaboration will also be necessary to accelerate the pace of which the industry Despite the capital risk, panelists encouraged industry to move forward. Brannan noted that indusmoves technology forward. try has become used to ‘patient capital’ – in a time when it needs to have ‘impatient capital.’ “We need “We need to do more and leverage our own technologies and see how other are doing,” says James people to put capital at risk and we need industry to push forward on it,” he said. Cleland, global general manager, GE Heavy Oil Solutions. According to Cleland, GE recently opened “Risk taking, vigor and courage—we lost a bit of our sense of risk and it may take some time to an innovation center with 10 new engineers in Calgary to inspire technology collaboration. return,” concluded panelist, Dan Domeracki, VP government and industry relations, Schlumberger.


Cut Your Diluent Use By



Save $4-$5 per Barrell Entrepreneurial Heavy Oil Producer needed:

Free field test at no cost. Save $4-$5 per barrel today! Petro Motion has invented and patented EZ Flow, an additive that accentuates regular diluent alters its intermolecular bonds that result in it super charging regular diluent and making it more effective. Producers can use up to 50% less diluent and meet pipeline specifications. EZ Flow is an all-natural hydrocarbon product obtained from oil & gas reservoirs and does not contain benzene, CS, sulfurs, polymers, DRA’s or phosphorus. Petro Motion has proven EZ Flow in the lab and in small field tests. We are looking for heavy oil producers who are interested in net savings of at least $4 - $5 per barrel of oil produced. A team of your staff and our staff will conduct a field test at your site. A parallel run of a line will compare your normal results on one line and your results on another line using EZ Flow. We want to show you the savings. Best of all we will pay all of the costs of

the test to show you first hand. Petro Motion invites serious enquiries. Call Robby Robson President (972) 757-5757- Direct Line.

See us at the Global Petroleum Show 16 Official Show Daily 2014

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Alberta, Canada – Building Partnerships Visit us at the Alberta Pavilion located in the Stampede Park, Hall B. Albertans take great pride in our strong and long-standing partnerships with jurisdictions across Canada and all around the globe. We are committed to exploring new ways to build partnerships as we pursue mutual opportunities. Alberta, Canada is a leader in environmental management and responsible energy development. With 170 billion barrels of oil, representing the third largest reserves in the world, Alberta has cutting-edge services, expertise, innovative technologies, clean energy solutions and the growth potential partners are looking for. Albertans are defined by our entrepreneurial spirit and have worked to build a diverse economy that has grown to be one of the strongest in Canada, attracting international investment and business from around the globe. With a skilled workforce, forward-thinking industries, a competitive business environment, the lowest overall taxes in Canada, efficient infrastructure and an abundance of natural resources, Alberta has a lot to offer. Learn more about Alberta’s business and investment opportunities. Come visit us at the Alberta Pavilion to speak to representatives from: • Alberta International and Intergovernmental Relations • Alberta Energy • Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education • Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour • Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation For more information about Alberta, Canada go to

Simple Green Offers Cleaning Power Plus Gentler Environmental Footprint in the Petroleum Industry BY DONNA GRAY In the world of environmental stewardship, Simple Green has been a champion from the very beginning. After witnessing an industrial accident involving caustic chemicals in the 1970s, Bruce Fabrizio and his late father created a line of cleaning products that catered to the consumer and industrial markets. Their approach involved safer chemical compounds that took the risk out of cleaning a home, as well as in the manufacturing, fabrication, construction and engineering sectors. “Simple Green products have been used throughout the extraction and production areas of the oil and gas industry, and we have found specific benefits to their chemistry and qualities,” says Bruce Fabrizio. “We have tested Crystal Simple Green to show that it is not only a beneficial cleaning agent, but can also act as a volatile vapor suppressant.” The products, including Extreme Simple Green—originally developed for the aircraft industry— have made their way to project sites for E&P, construction, manufacturing and affiliated industries. FaBrizio says with the pervasive reality of chemical use, especially in fracturing and production of oil and gas products, companies appreciate the reduced hazards and the increased safety aspects, the potential for reducing incidents of fire and explosion as well as preventing equipment and machinery corrosion and degradation. “The safety is due to our products’ vapor suppression combined with strong cleaning ability,” he adds. “Products like Crystal Simple Green have been used in the cleaning, maintenance and replacement of fuel storage tanks and we have particular heavy usage taking place in Australian mines.” Both Crystal and Extreme Simple Green are used globally on offshore platforms and onshore refining, handling the cleaning of heavy-duty cleaning of storage vessels, valve stems, manifolds and pipelines. Simple Green Hand Cleaner Gel, Lime Scale Remover and other formulations and equipment also have been found to be beneficial for use throughout the petroleum industry. The products are unique in offering the best combination of efficacy, economy, safety, and light environmental footprint to an industry that has the greatest challenges when it comes to keeping things clean. The flagship Simple Green All-Purpose product has gone mainstream into sites across the globe, and has been listed on the US EPA National Contingency Plan as a surface washing agent for oil spill cleanup since 1990.

“We also have experience in supplying information to various government agencies that certify the chemical products used in these industries. For most areas of the world we have representatives and distributors that assist us in submitting the proper documentation for compliant usage.” Because Simple Green is a cleaning product company, and not an equipment manufacturer, they have teamed up with equipment makers to provide customized branded equipment that facilitates the cleaning process. “We have worked with our equipment manufacturing partners on minor design modifications to address customer needs, but by and large they were already quite expert at designing and producing equipment to make the use of our products easier and more effective,” says Fabrizio. “We continually look at the equipment offerings within the US to determine if there are additional partnerships that would benefit our customers.” Visitors to the GPS are invited to visit the Simple Green booth for demonstrations on how the products can address specific industry cleaning needs as well as applicable testing and documentation to support credentials. Booth 4610

HEINZMANN Provides Everything for Engine and Turbine Management From a Single Source

Process Equip ment Ma nuf

Members of the Malaysian based KNM Group, and manufacturers of process equipment such as Pressure Vessels, Columns, Towers, Drums, Air Cooled HE, Air Steam Condensers, Process Gas Waste Heat Boilers, Shell & Tube HE, HP/HT Urea/Ammonia, HE Special Tubular Reactors, Spheres, Process Tanks, Mounded Bullets, Process and Piping Modules and Turnkey Storage facilities.

act u rer s

KNM Process Equipment caters to the demand for fabricated process equipment for the North American oil and gas, petrochemical and mineral processing industries. Its fabrication facility is located adjacent to the Highway 14 high load corridor (Tofield, AB), offering significant logistical advantages for oil sands projects. KNMs convenient location is ideal for loading out large diameter, long and heavy equipment and modules. FBM Hudson Italiana is a worldwide renown company for Engineering excellence in design/technology and manufacturing of process equipment thanks to its 70 years’ expertise having its headquarters located in Terno d’Isola Bergamo Italy and an associated manufacturing company in Jebel Ali Dubai UAE 500mt from sea port. To learn more, please visit us at Booth 8008 in Hall F.

KNM Process Equipment Inc. Box 420, 6204 - 46th Avenue, Tofield, Alberta T0B 4J0, Canada P +1 780 662 3181 F +1 780 662 3184

18 Official Show Daily 2014

Via Valtrighe, 5 - 24030 Terno d’Isola BG - ITALY phone: +39.035.4941.111 - fax: +39 035 4941.341

Today, HEINZMANN systems and components are used worldwide in thousands of applications on diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines, as well as on gas, water and steam turbines. With a full range of components, ranging from actuators to regulators and sensors through to communication accessories, HEINZMANN offers complete product ranges in all areas. “With our approach of providing “Everything from a single source”, we make it easier for users to network electronic components and integrate them into an existing control system,” explains Axel Dieckmann, CSO at HEINZMANN. HEINZMANN has been advancing digitalisation in engine management with innovative product developments, initially in the area of rotational speed regulation. These also include, among other things, actuators for all types of engine, as original equipment as well as for retrofitting. Together with the new StG EC 15 and StG EC 30 for 15 or 30 Nm, a complete portfolio is available which meets all requirements, from a 30 kW industrial engine through to a 15 MW large-scale engine. The actuators are distinguished by a fast and precise mode of operation, as well as by absolute reliability and durability. HEINZMANN also offers a comprehensive range for the management of industrial gas engines, with a selection that ranges from modular single components to integrated engine management systems. This includes a series of annular gap gas mixers, which has just been completed. Gas mixers are important components in mixture control systems which ensure that the desired ratio of gas to air is maintained. With diameters from 30 to 100 millimetres, the current selection covers a power range from 100 up to approx. 500 kW. The annular gaps are variable in wide ranges and permit precise adjustment of the air/combustion gas mixture ratio for different types of gas. The Venturi-based gas-mixing duct has favourable flow characteristics for the gas/air mixture and guarantees

minimal pressure losses for maximum efficiency. A highlight among the innovations to be presented by HEINZMANN at the Global Petroleum Show is the second generation of MEGASOL 425 gas injection valves. New and up-to-date generations of engine with improved power and increased efficiency while simultaneously reducing emissions require correspondingly enhanced gas valves. The new generation of MEGASOL 425 valves meets these requirements thanks to very low leakage and short switching times. Furthermore, it is characterised by low shot-to-shot variation as well as by precise metering of even the smallest of injection quantities. The MEGASOL 425 valves also provide a high opening pressure without time-consuming pressure equalisation. They are also distinguished by a simple and cost-effective service concept and a long service life.

booTh #3504

Our new Walking Rig Mat is specifically designed to handle the workload of walking rigs. These mats come standard with our proprietary crowing technology, full integrated beam cross members, top and side lifting lugs, full pipe end with skidded underside, boxed side and the extra-long life treated wood as standard features. Mats come in varying lengths and widths.

Proprietary Crowning Technology

Make it happen.

Dragon Synthetic ECOmats TM

Pipe Racks

Hot Oil Trucks

Patent Pending

Pumps & Accessories

Check us out on You Tube for videos! — Make 403-340-3600 it • 877-231-8198 213 Spruce St. • Red Deer, Alberta happen.

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ESAB’S Most Portable Welding & Cutting Machines Just Got More Portable ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces convenient carrying cases for two of its most portable welding and cutting machines, MiniArc® 161LTS power source for GTAW/Stick welding and PowerCut® 400 manual plasma cutting system. These lightweight, highly portable systems are now more portable than ever, making them ideal for transport on or offsite as the job demands. Weighing only 18 pounds, the MiniArc 161LTS is an extremely portable, 115 or 230 V, single-phase machine that provides outstanding results for GTAW (TIG) and Stick welding, and is able to use cellulosic 6010 electrodes with ease. The Automatic Primary Select function configures to the primary input supplied. When welding in DC mode, the machine ranges from 5 to 160 Amps. The MiniArc 161LTS is easy to operate. A fixed hot start function allows the operator to easily strike an arc without the electrode sticking to the plate. The machine’s fixed arc force permits deeper penetration into the plate without the electrode sticking. Another standard feature, the Lift Arc TIG, gives the welder the ability to lift the tungsten, eliminating the risk of depositing tungsten into the plate. ESAB’s MiniArc 161LTS comes fully assembled, ready to weld and packaged in a rugged, protective carrying case. The carrying case features locking clips with easy carrying handle and includes a quick-reference guide inside. ESAB now also offers the PowerCut 400 plasma cutting package, part of the PowerCut Series, a full range of manual plasma cutting products. Designed with ESAB Plasmarc™ technology, PowerCut machines are more powerful and durable than any other machine in their class. They also make plasma cutting easier and more economical, delivering reliability, high production, and

Ergonomic Design and Improved Display Reduces Operator Fatigue and Improves Effectiveness in Solving Process Issues

a wide variety of performance features. The PowerCut 400 has a manual cutting capacity of up to 3/8 inch, and severs up to ½ inch. Recommended piercing capacity is 3/16 inch. The unit features adjustable voltage and can easily adapt to 110V-230V by simply changing the adaptor plugs provided. Automatic air pressure sets the air pressure for the application without operator intervention. Blowback technology eliminates high-frequency startups that can disrupt CNC controls and nearby computer systems. The machine is also generator-friendly and compatible with engine-driven welders when power is not accessible in the field. The PowerCut 400 weighs in at 32 pounds and is easily carried to the job site or around the shop in its ready-to-go carrying case. This rugged yet lightweight carrying case is made of durable material. It includes a handy cutting guide inside, which provides information on cutting parameters as well as torch consumables replacement. The plasma cutting package ships fully assembled, ready to cut.

United Electric Controls Introduces the One Series Safety Transmitter The First SIL-Certified Transmitter Designed Solely for Safety System Application United Electric Controls has introduced the One Series Safety Transmitter — the first SIL 2-certified transmitter designed solely for safety system applications. Unlike costly, overcomplicated process transmitters that must be adapted for safety use, the One Series is engineered to protect, giving safety teams simple setup and fast, safer and affordable performance — from the start. The new One Series Safety Transmitter is available in versions that monitor temperature and pressure. “Its features include an unique and versatile design that provides fewer nuisance trips and greater safety and productivity, an internal high-speed safety relay for the fastest emergency shutdown, greater affordability than adapting a process transmitter for safety applications, and a higher safe failure fraction that simplifies SIL achievement,” said Wil Chin, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, United Electric Controls.

Honeywell Brings the Future of Plant Control Rooms to Life With Newly Released Experion Orion Console

The One Series Safety Transmitter provides 4-20 mA NAMUR standard output with exclusive “I Am Working™” diagnostics. A unique, high-speed safety relay output is incorporated for local alarm or emergency shutdown. Discrete outputs deliver diagnostics and relay status voting logic input to the safety PLC to determine appropriate action. The transmitter is certified for use in SIL 2 safety instrumented systems, and is capable of SIL 3, per IEC 61508. It has configurable self-diagnostics and achieves a safe failure fraction of 98.8%. Instrument response time is The transmitter features a dual seal certified secondary pressure barrier for hydrocarbon service — and decreases labor time and costs by eliminating externally connected secondary seals. It is certified by cUL to ANSI/ISA 12.27.01 and complies with CEC rule 18-072 and NEC 501.17 requirements. For more information, visit the United Electric Controls website at

Honeywell Process Solutions announced availability of the Experion® Orion Console, an advanced display technology that brings the plant control room of the future to life by meeting the changing needs of the increasingly mobile plant operator. It was unveiled at the 2014 Honeywell Users Group Symposium in San Antonio, Texas. The console – which builds on Honeywell’s flagship Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) control platform – features an improved ergonomic design and better displays to simplify control system management, reduce operator fatigue and improve situational awareness. The Experion Orion Console’s design was based on operator input gleaned from numerous visits to plant control rooms around the world and across industries, in both newer and older plants. The design and capabilities are the result of behavior observations, as well as insights collected in multiple phases at plants, including process startups and during periods of abnormal operations. “The state of plant control today is like putting operators on a sleepless, 12-hour flight in economy-class seating and then asking them to make a critical decision that impacts their company’s production and employee safety,” said Jason Urso, chief technology officer, Honeywell Process Solutions. “Operators need more than just process data to make a decision like that; they need an environment that helps keep them alert, allows them to move about more freely, and presents information more intuitively. The Experion Orion Console was designed with all of those factors in mind.” The console’s features include a large flexible, ultra-high definition display that provides clear status assessments of process operations in a single glance for better and more-informed management. This flexibility also enables operators to customize displays for context-specific process issues, and incorporates advanced alarm management and pan and zoom capabilities. Limits and targets are directly integrated into overview displays, allowing operation of the process closer to the optimum and allowing operators an increased scope of responsibility across the industrial facility. Touch panel displays provide the primary operating interface that better enables operators to quickly and accurately respond to changing conditions and prevent situations that could lead to plant incidents and emergencies. Aside from the actual information, however, the console has a mobile tablet that also reduces operator fatigue by allowing personnel to move about the control room more freely than before. When paired with wireless-enabled mobile technologies, the system also allows operators to view the same displays on hand-held devices in other areas of the plant. “Plants must be designed and built according to a company’s specific production needs, but the control rooms themselves should be built around the operators’ needs,” Urso said. “If you meet the operators’ needs, they can manage the plant more effectively and at optimum levels, which ultimately impacts plant safety, reliability and efficiency more than anything else.” For further information, please visit

June 12th, 2014


Tell us your challenges. We’ll discuss solutions. And get a complimentary set of earbuds just for stopping by. PLUS, enter to win a set of Bose QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones when you visit and leave us a question or comment!*

Visit us at booth #7208 *Comments and questions will be monitored. No inappropriate comments will be entered into drawing. Entry can be made prior to GPS or at our booth at the show. Drawing will be held at the end of show. You need not be present to win.

Workforce Housing That Comes With its Own ROI Delivering successful workforce housing takes more than just four walls and three square meals a day. It takes creativity, flexibility and accountability. And that’s exactly what you get with Target Logistics, one of the largest providers of turnkey temporary workforce housing in North America. What makes Target Logistics different from other temporary workforce housing companies is that everything we do is for the purpose of increasing workforce productivity. From the pillow-top mattresses we use in our exclusive Hibernator Sleep System™ to our state-of-the-art fitness and recreation centers, each comfort and amenity is designed to make workers healthier, more productive and safer on the job. The result is fewer sick days, less attrition and fewer accidents. We call it the Economics of Comfort™. And it’s been proven to be an investment that has paid off well for many of our oil and gas clients.

“Target Logistics currently operates 15 temporary workforce lodges totaling over 5,300 beds. The recent purchase and renovation of the Chard Open Camp in Fort McMurray, Alberta, marks the first of what we hope to be many lodges in Canada.” In fact, one of our clients saw its employee retention rate increase by 66% after moving its workforce into one of our lodges in the Bakken region of North Dakota. In addition, its safety record improved by 50% and employee productivity went up 20%. All told, the quality of our lodging, food and amenities resulted in a savings of over $10 million annually for 1,000 workers. The idea that providing a comfortable, dynamic and safe living environment during the “other 12 hours” that a worker spends away from home is a new way of thinking about temporary workforce housing and one that is a win-win for both the employee and the employer. Target Logistics currently operates 15 temporary workforce lodges totaling over 5,300 beds. The recent purchase and renovation of the Chard Open Camp in Fort McMurray, Alberta, marks the first of what we hope to be many lodges in Canada. In addition to a new name (The Cheecham Lodge), the facility is undergoing more than $10 million CAD in improvements, including a new kitchen and dining room, new recreation facility, and an insulated central corridor that allows workers to access all areas of the lodge without ever having to brave the elements.

Booth 4440 FACILITY TO-DO LIST Improve Burner, Flare, and Incinerator Reliability Reduce NOx Emissions Lower Fuel Consumption Optimize Operational Efficiency Eliminate Combustion Failures Identify 24/7 Parts and Service Team

Choose One Resource That Does It All

This attention to the quality of life for workers, and the subsequent ROI for their employers, is the foundation of our approach to workforce housing and one that has differentiated us in the past and will continue to do so as we grow in Canada. Whether it’s building a pool at our Pecos Lodge in the heat of Texas or a golf driving range at our Dunn County Lodge in North Dakota, Target Logistics does whatever it takes to deliver a guest experience unlike any other in the marketplace. Wherever that marketplace happens to be.

Experience the Power of Zeeco.

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5/28/14 4:41 PM

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From navigating the harshest environments to non-stop production schedules, TE Connectivity understands what is important to the energy industry and has engineered network solutions to match these demands. With unrivaled quality and reliability, you can count on TE to deliver a high-bandwidth network that has been tested to the industries rigorous standards, all from a single supplier. Visit TE at Booth #8000 to learn about our global fiber leadership for high-bandwidth networks. Find out more at

Chromalox Announces Explosion-Proof Certification and Design Patent for Tank Flanged Immersion Heaters Chromalox, a leading manufacturer of electric heat and control products, today announced significant advances for its large and small tank flanged immersion heaters. The CSA Group (CSA) has certified the use of Chromalox small tank flanged heaters (STFX) as explosion proof in hazardous areas, the same certification as for its large tank flanged heaters. This means that both types are approved as explosion proof under applicable standards such as those of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), ATEX, CSA, NSF International, and other North American and global organizations. In addition, the innovative design of its large tank heaters (LTFX) has earned a U.S. patent. Patent protection assures Chromalox customers that the product offers a unique, effective, space-saving design for hazardous locations that can’t be matched by other companies. “The Chromalox LTFX heaters for large tanks have long set the standard for providing a costeffective, replaceable element design for use in hazardous areas,” said Mark Wheeler, global product director for Packaged Systems & Service. “Now we’ve extended explosion-proof certification to our immersion heaters for small tanks. This broadens their application to many industrial processes and plants where flammable fumes may be present.” He adds that typical applications range from viscous fluids such as asphalt or Bunker C oil to freeflowing oils such as hydraulic fluids or lube oil. In addition, they can be used for water, water/glycol, alcohols, acidic mixtures, specialty chemicals, alternative fuels and numerous similar liquids. A chief advantage of these Chromalox immersion tank heaters is that customers never need to drain the tank for heater element service. Chromalox’s unique designs allow for element removal with a completely filled tank. This allows production times to be maximized. In addition, heating elements are made to bend during removal and installation. Users are able to optimize production space, while maintaining easy serviceability. Powered by electricity, the heaters have no open flames and no pollution, while requiring no additional piping connections. They operate quietly, providing precise temperature control. All styles come

equipped with a standard Type J thermocouple for over-temperature protection. For automated operation, they may be paired with a compatible Chromalox control panel, mounted remotely or directly on the heater. Power ratings range from 1 to 25 kW for the STFX styles and 4 to 240 kW for the LTFX styles. Multiple designs, lengths, and watt densities meet the requirements of most industrial immersion heating applications for large and small tanks. Standard ANSI 150# flanges range in size from 3- to 14-inch and provide a straightforward mating connection. Custom immersion lengths and flange sizes are available. Aside from third-party CSA certification in the U.S. and Canada, these units are available with ASME design and certification. For more information, visit Booth # 7332

Debuting BlueSky’s RotaPipe at the 2014 Global Petroleum Show BlueSky will be debuting the RotaPipe, a 360º rotation only pipe joint, and featuring a collection of specialty pipe fittings at this year’s Global Petroleum Show. The RotaPipe’s design is the culmination of more than 10 years of operational success from the RotaBall. It offers our customers the next generation of high performance rotation only joints featuring the lowest operating torques in the industry. After an extensive R&D effort that aimed to minimize joint torques, we are happy to announce that our engineers have reduced the rotational torques to as low as 40% of the RotaBall. The RotaPipe will be available in NPS 1” to 8” and up to ASME 1500# class. Booth #2128.We look forward to seeing you on June 10-12, 2014.

Airborne Laser Survey 21st century pipeline inspection

At Global Petroleum Show, please visit us in Hall F, Booth # 8367.

equipped with


June 12th, 2014


Visit us at booth 1490 at the show!

Let’s go for 500 hours between oil drains.

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How do we do it? Delo® products utilize our specialized ISOSYN® Technology, which combines premium base oils, high performance additives and Chevron formulating expertise to provide superb diesel parts protection that rivals synthetic performance. All at an outstanding value. Delo products with ISOSYN Technology help provide extended service protection, maximize engine durability and minimize operating costs. Learn how Delo’s family of products can help you go further, visit *Several major heavy-duty equipment OEMs support maximum engine oil drain intervals of up to 500 hours. Delo 400 has been utilized by heavy-duty equipment customers to achieve 500 hour oil drains in large Caterpillar 3516 and 3600 series engines along with Cummins off-road industrial engines such as KTA and QSK. Always follow OEM maintenance recommendations and utilize used oil analysis testing for any extended oil drain programs.

Chevron Products are available from the following locations: CHEVRON CANADA LTD 1200-1050 Pender St. West. Vancouver BC V6E 3T4 Toll Free: 1 (800) 822-5823

CATALYS LUBRICANTS 7483 Progress Way Delta BC V4K 1E7 Toll Free: 1 (855) 946-4226

NORTHERN METALIC SALES (GP) 9708-108 St. Grande Prairie AB T8V 4E2 Tel: (780) 539-9555

HUSKY ENERGY CORPORATION 707-8th Ave. S.W. Calgary AB T2P 1H5 Tel: (403) 298-6709

UFA 4838 Richard Rd. S.W. Suite 700 Calgary AB T3E 6L1 Tel: (403) 570-4306

CHRIS PAGE & ASSOCIATES 14435-124 Ave. Edmonton AB T5L 3B2 Tel: (780) 451-4373

RED-L DISTRIBUTORS LTD 9727-47 Ave. Edmonton AB T6E 5M7 Tel: (780) 437-2630

OAKPOINT OIL DISTRIBUTORS 33-A Oakpoint Hwy. Winnipeg MB R2R 0T8 Tel: (204) 694-9100

THE UNITED SUPPLY GROUP OF COMPANIES 2031 Riverside Dr. Timmins ON P4R 0A3 Tel: (705) 360-4355

TRANSIT LUBRICANTS LTD 5 Hill St. Kitchener ON N2G 3X4 Tel: (519) 579-5330

R. P. OIL LTD 1111 Burns St. East Unit 3 Whitby ON L1N 6A6 Tel: (905) 666-2313

CREVIER LUBRIFIANTS 2320 Métropole Longueuil QC J4G 1E6 Tel: (450) 679-8866 NORTH ATLANTIC REFINING LTD 29 Pippy Place St. John’s NL A1B 3X2 Tel: (709) 570-5624

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BigSteelBox Structures Launches Next Generation of Wellsite Accommodation for Oil & Gas Industry Skids combine with strength of steel for quick transport BigSteelBox Structures, a provider of modular workforce accommodation to remote and harsh environments, announced it has launched Canada’s next generation of wellsite accommodation for the oil and gas industry. Constructed with its own skids, the steel turn-key engineer’s suite is built for quick transport. “Our steel-and-skid container provides the oil industry the rigour required for consistent movement and the sustainability of a steel container – all with an executive touch,” says president Devon Siebenga. “Our product is built to be moved, incredibly durable, and made to truly feel like a home away from home.” BigSteelBox Structures’ manufacturing facility in B.C. just completed a 10’ x 40’ suite for a wellsite supervisor. Designed for the engineer or geologist, the high-end modular living space provides the comforts of home while working away, and includes an office, kitchen and bedroom. “Working in the field doesn’t mean your staff has to ‘rough it,’” says Siebenga. “Trailers that were once notorious among oilfield workers for being uncomfortable and generally unpleasant no longer meet the mark for companies that are serious about employee retention. A BigSteelBox Structure is safe, comfortable and constructed to the highest quality standards. All of our structures meet or exceed the guidelines established by the Government of Alberta for re-locatable industrial accommodations of which we are certified.” The interior-designed modular unit provides a condo feel, complete with air conditioning, stainless appliances, computer workstations, flat screen TV and floor to ceiling windows, but with a price-point consistent with industry trends. Units can be constructed starting at $120,000.  BigSteelBox Structures has completed over 600 projects using modified shipping containers, with customers including Rio Tinto, Cenovus Energy, Kiewit Energy Canada Corp and Teck Resources Limited. Composed of corten corrugated steel, BigSteelBoxes are built to withstand the abuse of ocean travel and constant movement. The structures can be shipped by boat, truck or train and are virtually indestructible. Unlike traditional wood-frame construction, a BigSteelBox Structure provides a sustainable solution and can be refurbished and re-purposed, even after many years in the field. The history of BigSteelBox Structures began in 1999 with the establishment of BigSteelBox, Canada’s fastest growing moving and mobile storage company. BigSteelBox Structures is headquartered in Kelowna, B.C. in the Okanagan Valley. BigSteelBox Structures is an innovative builder of steel mobile structures. As a part of the sophisticated team of planners and builders at Mission Group Enterprises, BigSteelBox Structures has the specialized expertise needed to deliver on large-scale projects anywhere in Canada and beyond. BigSteelBox Structures builds on more than a decade of experience modifying ocean-shipping containers to meet the office and accommodation needs of Canada’s mining, forestry and oil and gas industries. BigSteelBox Structures provides a smarter modular building solution that can withstand the elements. Booth # 5461

SmoothTalker’s Cellular Signal Booster Kits Get You a Cellular Connection in the Toughest Areas May 1, 2014 was the deadline for all cellular signal booster manufacturers to comply with new FCC rules and SmoothTalker is ready. When SmoothTalker, released the first FCC approved cellular signal booster in 2001, consumers had no options to boost their cellular signal and stay connected in the toughest areas. Since that time SmoothTalker has been providing the marketplace and carriers with the best performing cellular signal booster solutions that have always protected the networks. The new FCC approved SmoothTalker STEALTH TECH® cellular signal boosters provide reliable voice connection and increased data speeds for all carriers. Tom Vagenas, SmoothTalker CEO states, “Due to our advanced technology, SmoothTalker’s boosters are able to provide maximum power to the consumer and still totally protect the cellular networks.” Some of the NEW SmoothTalker “Grab and Go” kits can be installed in minutes and be moved from vehicle to vehicle. The below mobile cellular signal booster kits come with options for power sources, antennas and cradles. • Mobile CX1, a 23 dB coupling-connect cellular signal booster connects with SmoothTalker custom cradles for current models of iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry as well as the best Universal cradle in the industry. •

Mobile X1, this 50dB mobile solution captures the signal outside the vehicle and wirelessly boosts the signal throughout a vehicle. A user can be away from the inside patch antenna affixed next to the console of the vehicle. Most kits can be installed in minutes and be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

Stealth M2M, a 15dB direct-connect cellular modem booster, ideal for enhancing M2M cellular modem communications by increasing data speeds (up to 2x) and providing a reliable connection.

SmoothTalker boosters extend cellular coverage and get you connected in places you were never able to communicate with a cellular device. SmoothTalker cellular signal booster solutions have always been meticulously designed to allow a unique harmony between the mobile station and base station which makes them invisible to the cellular networks and employ all the necessary safeguards which prevent any unwanted network interference and always provide the cellular user or device with maximum signal.

Rental Filtration and Separation Equipment For more than 60 years Pall Corporation has been solving complex contamination problems across the refining, petrochemical and oil and gas industries. We now offer this capability in high performance rental equipment. By applying our advanced filtration and separation technologies directly to the problem, we’re able to help operators reduce maintenance costs and minimise unscheduled shutdowns. Our High Flow Filtration platforms are proven to efficiently filter contaminants from a wide variety of process and product streams, which can cause a multitude of costly operational and fluid quality problems. Features • Simplex or Duplexed unit - can operate in one-on/one-standby or parallel modes • Fully valved and piped on skid (inlet/outlet, clean and dirty side vents and drains) • Spare ports for vessel flushing and PSV connections • Local differential pressure indication • Davited full-open closures • Integrated, valved fluid sampling panel for influent and effluent draw • Will comply with most refinery mechanical specifications • NACE compliant for sour service • Maximum hydraulic flow capacities up to of 2000m3/hr (9,000 USGPM) per vessel • Single-point lifting with sling; lifting eyes at four corners of skid • Four-sided fork pockets for portability

Pall Corporation Booth #4217

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June 12th, 2014


Creating Competitive Advantage through Integration Integrating assay knowledge management with process simulation Oil companies must continuously adapt to changing product demand, raw material prices and more importantly, raw material properties which determine how a refinery operates. Significant fluctuations in global, regional, economic and political environments necessitate an agile response to remain profitable. Agile responses to market conditions begin with thoroughly understanding the process. The best way to understand the process is through simulation. Although, simulation of the process is only as good as the feedstock information. Engineers have been manually entering crude assay data into their simulations for years. Crude oil property data forms the basis of crude oil descriptions in decision support for trading, planning, and scheduling. Comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate crude property data is essential for business processes since the property data can differ not only between oil fields, but also vary from cargo to cargo from a single oil field. Meaning that what you processed last year from the same field could be completely different and operating on old data can lead to inefficient and ineffective processing. Using the complete and most recent assay data in the simulation provides the most accurate results. However, engineers are typically overwhelmed with data on specific crudes. Often, not all the data available for the feedstock makes it into the simulation and the data that does get manually entered in is subject to data entry errors. Improper data input yield in bad results which can prove very costly to the refinery. Therefore, integrating crude assay knowledge management databases with simulations has a tremendous impact on the bottom line by providing the complete and most recent assay data to the whole organization. Using actual crude assay data provides more accurate simulations, enabling superior process design and process optimization. Integration allows oil companies to evaluate potential feedstocks using accurate models of their refining operations and automated market data feeds to judge the impact of each potential feedstock. This allows the business to adapt almost immediately, by selecting one feedstock over another or modifying the process to take advantage of alternative, more cost effective feedstocks. The risks, economic effects and refinery implications can be synchronized in real time and evaluated by traders, planners and schedulers. This integrated approach improves productivity by sharply reducing today’s communication issues and by improving timely decision making based on common and accurate data sources. Joseph McMullen SimSci Product Marketing, Schneider-Electric



tU Visi

20 th 4


RexPak™ Streamlines Engineering and Quotation Process with Standard Hydraulic Power Packs Bosch Rexroth uses engineering rulesbased programming and a wide range of components to create hydraulic power packs that bridge the gap between standard market and custom units. Bosch Rexroth is helping customers design and build hydraulic power packs with competitive pricing and lead times with RexPak. Rexroth’s new RexPak hydraulic power unit bridges the gap from standard market products to engineered-to-order, custom power units for a variety of industries from machine tool applications on the shop floor to marine and offshore work miles from land. RexPak combines specific customer input with an unmatched choice of options and accessories to create unique hydraulic power packs without the cost or delay of custom engineering. Rexroth takes customer-supplied data and combines it with rules-based software to design hydraulic power unit configurations with up to 200-gallon reservoirs, and providing power up to 75 HP and 65 GPM with operating pressures to 3200 PSI. Additional RexPak options include a wide range of fixed and variable displacement pumps, pressure and/or return line filters, motor starters, water and air coolers, heaters, temperature and level switches and drip trays. A comprehensive documentation package specific to thecustomer’s particular power pack is available including a bill of material, general hydraulic schematic, 2-D general assembly drawing, 3-D model and data sheets for all components. The streamlined process allows Rexroth to offer a range of power units–from stationary configurations to portable power pack–that are optimized to achieve the highest performance with the smallest footprint possible. Each power pack includes quality Rexroth components that have been pre-selected and tested by the application engineering specialists. And, since component are in stock or have short lead times, power packs can be delivered to customers within four to eight weeks. For more information, or to view a list of available features and accessories for RexPak units please visit Visit us at booth 7052 at the Global Petroleum Show, Calgary, AB.

Trusted protection. Arm your Electrical Submersible Pump applications with AFLAS® Fluoroelastomers, the right protection against harmful environments, temperatures and pressures. AFLAS is becoming the industry’s material standard for ESP applications because AFLAS is technically proven, reliable and trusted by customers all over the world. Visit our website or call us at 1-800-424-7833 for more information.

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Tackling Corruption Risk: Practical Solutions to Operational Challenges By Margaret Wilkinson, Head of Corruption and Risk Management, CKR Global The World Bank’s estimate that up to $1 trillion in business bribes are paid globally each year[1] is a wake up call for North American companies. In response to increased pressure from the public and multilateral institutions, Canada’s legislature has recently made important changes to the country’s anti-bribery laws.  Now, Canadian companies operating or trading overseas are subject to greater scrutiny and regulatory pressure than ever with much of this attention focusing on the energy sector. Risks of significant penalties and increased enforcement have become hot topics of discussion in boardrooms across the country as organizations struggle to fully understand the regulations and the real costs of bribery and corruption, as well as their responsibilities for compliance. An increase in the number of RCMP investigations indicates Canadian companies have a long way to go in understanding and mitigating their bribery and corruption risks. The RCMP is actively enforcing the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA), and claims to have more than 35 open investigations. Two specialized RCMP units focus exclusively on bribery and corruption with one of these task forces stationed in Calgary, the heart of Canadian oil and gas industry, with the other centered in Ottawa. The RCMP’s enforcement record and presence in Calgary suggest that the energy sector will remain a priority. In the last two years, Canadian authorities have secured two fines of approximately $10 million each and levied the first conviction of an individual under the CFPOA.    

The True and Hidden Costs of Bribery and Corruption In addition to legal and regulatory ramifications, investors and industry observers view corruption issues as an indicator of poor governance, weak corporate culture, and inadequate or ineffective controls. While multi-million dollar fines may grab headlines, they

are often dwarfed by other costs of a corruption investigation. Legal and accounting fees, the cost of compliance with a probation order, debarment from the World Bank and ancillary institutions, class action lawsuits, and delayed stock offerings can be much more costly than a fine.

inheriting liability for historical corruption issues. Issues that may not otherwise come to light can be unearthed with the increased intense scrutiny by civil society, self-reporting of other companies, and periodic industry sweeps by regulators.

Real World Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) Solutions

Canadian oil and gas companies face unique operational challenges and exposure to corruption risk. Following the announcement of a corruption investigation, it often takes several months or even years for a public company’s stock price to bounce back. Board members and executive officers are increasingly being held accountable for corruption issues within their businesses – not just for active involvement but for inaction as well. Canadian oil and gas companies face unique operational challenges and exposure to corruption risk. Use of local agents and partners, negotiating with foreign governments and state-owned entities, and high value export and customs processes are but a few key risk areas confronting organizations with overseas interests. Securing high-value concessions and navigating indigenization policies pose additional risks to international oil and gas companies, which often do business in countries where corruption is systemic. In an industry where growth through acquisitions is commonplace, companies risk

To mitigate bribery and corruption risks, anti-corruption developments must be continuously monitored to identify key risk areas. As with other risk areas, prudent preventative measures can protect companies and their directors from costly and extremely damaging consequences of corruption. Having adequate anti-corruption procedures reduce risk and liability, which often extends to a company’s directors and executives. Once in place, an ABC program needs to be effectively communicated throughout the organization, tested, and adapted as a business evolves. Canadian energy companies must consider these steps as they manage their corruption risk: 1. Do your due diligence: Fully understand your business affiliates and subsidiaries – this applies to acquisition targets, agents, and partners. The depth of your due diligence should depend upon the risk profile of that entity or individual. 2. Be aware of government contact points: Any touch point with government officials entails higher corruption risk, including customs agents, officials responsible for permitting and awarding licences, and employees of state-owned enterprises. 3. Formalize policies: A code of ethics and specific anti-corruption policies are essential to any business. These must be communicated clearly and throughout the organization, and are an important element of an ethical corporate culture.

CELEBRATING 5 YEARS OF PIONEERING TECHNOLOGY! Our proven Class 0 certified (ISO 8573-1) oil-free screw blower technology helps you save over 30% on energy.

June 12th, 2014


Connecting People and Technology

Hazardous Environment Power Management

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Atlas Copco Solutions, Serving the Oil and Gas Industry Within the Oil and Gas industry, few other market segments rely on processes that are as demanding and complex as Refinery & Petrochemical. Continuous reliability and safe operation of equipment are key requirements in these processes. We understand our business – and we know yours! When we work with our customers, we have one goal in mind: sustainable productivity. Based on our company’s early roots in drilling technology, we have built our expertise and expanded our portfolio over decades of research & development and customer interaction. We have grown to become a premier, reliable end-to-end partner for the Oil and Gas industry.

Atlas Copco - Low Pressure Atlas Copco Low Pressure – centrifugal and screw blowers Series are designed for both air and gas applications from 0.14 bar (2 psi) to 4bar (60 psi) with flow requirements up to 40,000 cfm making them ideal for low pressure processes such as combustion air, sulphur recovery, sour gas recycling, aeration, conveying, etc.

Atlas Copco - Medium Pressure Atlas Copco’s Medium Pressure Compressor are one of the most recognized and respected in the industry. Designed to suit all applications operating from 4 bar (60 psi) to a maximum of 20 bar (290 psi) with flow requirements up to 10,000 cfm, these will meet all your needs for applications such as Instrument Air, Utility air, Process Air, etc.

Western Manufacturing Ltd. Presents The Whale Tank™ This innovative new mobile tank concept provides exceptional value, volume, and options within the same trucking dimensions as 2-400 BBL tanks on a scissor neck trailer! Western will be showcasing this new mobile tank concept every day of the show in Outdoor Booth #3349.

Key Features The Whale Tank by Western moves easily in AB and BC under annual blanket fleet permitting (one pilot car required in BC), holding 230 m3 of fluid – equivalent to 1,447 BBLS. Its 2 million BTU burner has a built in CSA certified burner system, and heats water to 20 Degrees in approx. 12 hours (and thermostatically maintains temp.). The tank is fully DOT certified and inspected, and insulated with high tech metal clad and polyurethane panels (R12 insulation value).

Atlas Copco - High Pressure In the realm of oil and gas processing, our high pressure gas compressors are designed to ensure highest reliability. Incorporating the latest technology, our aerodynamic designs maximize machine performance without sacrificing dependability. Designed for processes ranging from 20 bar (290 psi) to 345 bar (5000 psi) with flow levels up to 4,500 cfm, these can serve multiples processes such as sulphur removal, process heating, our-water oxidation, gasoline sweetening, ethylene olefin, purification, propane dehydrogenation, hydrogen recovery and many others. Our complete portfolio – employed by customers around the globe – is a testament to our pedigree and competence as a global leader in this segment.

The Whale is Patent Pending, fully engineered and certified for fluid with a 1.2 specific gravity, and has a sloped bottom that terminates into dual sumps for 100% clean out. The tank can be fully sealed for sour service. The Whale requires no climbing to operate, does not need winch trucks to move, has a faster set up time than typical tank farms, and can aid in an earlier return on investment. This tank is also available in a skidded version!

New Hammer Union Pressure Transducer Rugged design withstands extreme use while providing accurate and reliable data Viatran, known for rugged designs that withstand harsh environmental conditions and mechanical impact, announced today the availability of their new Model 511 Hammer Union Pressure Transducer. This patented design has

addressed the needs of the user by expanding the electrical connection access by 77% to allow for easier installations, as well as providing a method to calibrate the unit through the connector pins. All this while maintaining the ability to repair the device multiple times, a very popular capability for businesses servicing the oil and gas industry. Other features which serve to save time and money include improved accuracy and temperature options, NACE compliant materials and the revolutionary patented housing design that eliminates fluid ingress and provides a more durable unit for longer life and higher reliability ratings. Older models can be upgraded to the new 511 standard, which enables customers to strategically consolidate all units to one convenient configuration with enhanced capabilities. This simplifies data collection and streamlines the installation process. Potential applications include: Acidizing, Choke manifolds, Extraction, Fracturing and cementing, Mud pumps, New well development, Nitrogen injection, Service and cement trucks, Standpipe, Stimulation, Well head measurement. For more information on Viatran or to find out more about the new 511 Hammer Union Pressure Transducer, please visit, send us an e-mail at, or reach us by calling 1-800-688-0030.

Specifications Dimensions of the Whale Tank are as follows: 12’5” W x 53’ L x 16’8” H (with 12” of road clearance in the transport position). The tank is sandblasted to SSPC – SP6, primed with quality ENDURA primer and all insulation protrusions painted with Tier #1, and ENDURA EX2-C top coat. The tank features polished aluminum wheels with quality tires, and a roof and underside insulated with 1 ½” spray foam insulation. The Whale does not require rig matting in most cases, and utilizes truck air to raise and lower for field positioning. The tank boasts 2 x 12” connection ports c/w valves with a flow capacity of 25 m3 per minute per connection. Also, 4 x 4” cleanout nozzles c/w valves, 2 x 3” flange connections for installation of optional steam coil heating system, and 2 x 4” vent lines that terminate near the ground for easy hookup to scrubbers or flare, and for easy emissions testing. All nozzles and manifold terminations have built-in drip and spill containment.

Real-Time Date Collection The Whale tank is available with optional ‘Smart Tank’ capabilities offering access to ‘real time’ process data through a satellite connection to Western’s web based ‘Smart Tank’ portal. The Whale is capable of sending information such as temperature, fluid levels, calculated flow, system alarms and GPS location – all via an onboard receiver/transmitter system that is linked to the Western Smart Tank portal via satellite. A full range of real-time operational information along with a variety of reports can be viewed, downloaded or printed from the web portal at any time by the customer using any web connected tool ranging from a smart-phone to a desk-top computer.

Outdoor Booth # 3349 e:

June 12th, 2014


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DREAM BIG at www.Aramco.Jobs/GPS Visit us at Booth #1212

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AGC Chemicals Americas Displays Innovation in Polymeric Products for Downhole Oil Applications Electric submersible pumps (ESPs) have replaced gas lift and other artificial lift technologies as the tool of choice for cost-effective heavy oil production in steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and steam-flooding applications. ESPs are now the choice, in large part, thanks to super-tough coatings (bladders) that allow them to withstand bottomhole conditions. AFLAS® fluoroelastomers are the key to creating ESP bladders and other polymeric products that can withstand the temperature, pressure and corrosive elements inherent to oil recovery. AFLAS fluoroelastomers are copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene and propylene. This combination gives AFLAS fluoroelastomers unique properties over conventional FKM-type fluoroelastomers. In subsea wells these characteristics help oil producers by extending the down-the-hole life of ESPs. For example, imparting flexibility and high-temperature tolerance to bladder designs helps reduce the differential pressure between the well bore and the motor, allowing mechanical seals and the pothead area to last longer. ESP systems are just one application where AFLAS fluoroelastomers from AGC Chemicals Americas are improving oil & gas production and helping reduce downtime in critical situations. AFLAS products also impart outstanding chemical and heat resistance to many oilfield and downhole items such as packings, O-rings, seals, gaskets, sensor parts, and wire and cable coatings. Classified by ASTM D 1418-01 as FEPM, AFLAS fluoroelas-

tomers in compounds yield products that excel in the amine- and base-rich environments commonly found in oil and gas exploration, completion and production. The mechanical properties of AFLAS do not deteriorate even when used for prolonged exposure to 200°C (392°F). AFLAS 100 series products are well suited for applications in oil-drilling fields because their high molecular weights impart durability in extremely severe, high-temperature, high-pressure environments. This line delivers outstanding performance in compression set, high strength, and excellent H2S gas resistance, making it well suited to durable packers, bladders, gaskets and O-rings. The AFLAS 150 series is well suited to extruded parts such as wire insulation and cable jacketing, and for transfer-molded items like sensor parts. “AFLAS materials have been successfully used in a wide range of oil & gas applications delivering technical reliability, dependable performance and proven results for many years,” said Drew D’Agosta, AGC sales and marketing manager for AFLAS. “Our customers trust our products and are confident when selecting AFLAS for their applications. Our presence in the oil & gas

Doosan Portable Power Introduces L20: Powerful Illumination Doosan Portable Power is introducing the L20, a light tower and 20kW generator combined — providing the convenience and power of two machines in one package. The L20 light tower is perfect for illuminating jobsites in mining, oil and gas exploration applications, while the 20kW generator provides power for tools, heaters and more. The two-in-one packaging eliminates the need for another machine in the often tight quarters in mining, and oil and gas sites. The L20 stands at 7”10” tall, with a six-section, hydraulically-actuated vertical mast that extends to a full height of 25” 3” in less than 30 seconds. The units’ four, 1000-watt metal halide light fixtures can be adjusted horizontally, vertically, and separately of one another with an easy to use locking pin system that provides simple, fluid movement in each lamp. With its four outriggers deployed, the L20 is a model of durability, able to withstand winds up to 65 miles per hour. The L20 is powered by an Isuzu 4LE2 engine, with a single phase Leroy Somer alternator with AREP, for greater motor starting capability. Proving power doesn’t have to mean loud, the L20 provides reliable, quiet operation at just 70 dBA. Uptime is maximized on the L20 with the industry’s largest fuel tank for its class size – a 70-gallon tank that provides 57 hours of uninterrupted operation at full load. The model comes standard with a 110% containment system, and includes a removable panel for radiator fill, a hooded exhaust cover and central drains. Included within the enclosure is storage space for each lamp, helping provide protection during transport. Further protection for the model is offered by a black, textured paint, which covers the hydraulic cylinder, curly cord and platform, helping protect the system from the rigors of rugged jobsites. Transportation is made easy with a removable drawbar that allows for more space once the unit is on site.

industry has grown significantly as a result. It’s our mission to continue exceeding customer expectations with value-add, high-performance materials.” Booth #4204

Partner with us to achieve your goals.

By focusing on safety, quality and service, we deliver a superior client experience every time.

Booth #1090, BMO Centre - Hall A

Optional features on the L20 include control panel configurations, cold weather packages, and a six-lamp option. The L20 will be available for shipment in late summer; advanced orders are being accepted. Booth # 3508 Outdoors, GPS 2014

Electrical & Instrumentation Construction & Maintenance Control Systems Custom Steel Buildings Modular Solutions June 12th, 2014


The Roving Eye at GPS 2014

34 Official Show Daily 2014

The Owen Tools’ X-SPAN Casing Patch TM

By Bernie Jones, Owen Oil Tools, a Division of Core Laboratories Ltd.

X-SPAN shown isolating perforations

The Owen Oil Tools’ X-SPAN™ Casing Patch system provides a heavy-duty permanent seal over splits, corrosion and perforations in tubing or casing and they are ideal for water shut off and zonal isolation. The metal-to-metal X-SPAN™ seal is engineered for high temperature applications while yielding the highest burst and collapse pressure ratings in the industry. They can be deployed in horizontal, monobore, multilateral, slim hole, SAGD or geothermal well bores. These patches can be run on electric wire, tubing or coil tubing and are set with a pressure setting tool (electric, mechanical or hydraulic). Well interventions may be performed on flowing or static wells. Patches can be customized for most well applications including premium alloys, restrictions and geothermal wells. Since the systems are modular, various patch lengths can be obtained by adding tubular extensions or sections. We currently offer three types of X-SPAN™ systems: the standard X-SPAN™, the stackable STX-SPAN™ and the GTX-SPAN™. The advanced technology of the GTX-SPAN™ utilizes a specially engineered elastomer seal that is conveyed on an expandable element similar to our standard system.

“Minimal surface equipment requirements for our X-SPAN™ systems and minimal rig down time can often result in tremendous savings for our customers” Both the standard X-SPAN™ and the GTX-SPAN™ patches are one trip systems that can save valuable time and money, and up to 91m (300ft.) in length can be deployed in one run. The X-SPAN™ system consists of three basic components; a top element and swage, a tubular extension and a bottom element and swage. During the setting process, the pressure setting tool exerts a pushing force on the top swage and a pulling force on the bottom swage. Both swages are driven into the metal sealing elements, which then expand creating a metal-to-metal seal to the casing bore. At a predetermined force, a calibrated weak point shears and the setting process ceases. A collapsible set-

“The reliability and quality of our product has been proven many times worldwide with thousands of individual jobs being completed” ting collet located in the bottom swage, retracts and allows the setting tool and the setting equipment to be retrieved. Minimal surface equipment requirements for our X-SPAN™ systems and minimal rig down time can often result in tremendous savings for our customers. Although designed as a permanent patch the Owen X-SPAN system is easily removable. The reliability  and quality of our product has been proven many times worldwide with thousands of individual jobs being completed.

PATCH WORK IN THE FIELD In Alberta, a popular style multi-stage well with ball activated frac ports was jeopardized when a shallow frac port was opened prematurely. An X-SPAN casing patch was run on coil tubing to straddle and seal off the open frac port. The large ID allowed drop balls to pass so all deeper stages could be frac’d successfully. Treatment pressures reached 58Mpa (8500psi) and the patch held while multiple stages were frac’d through it. Also in Alberta on a multi-stage well, a cement stage tool in the heel of the well did not close properly and was leaking. An X-SPAN casing patch was run on tubing to straddle and seal off the stage tool. A total of 11 stages were frac’d through the X-SPAN patch system and a maximum of 30 tons of proppant per/stage was pumped at a maximum pressure of 53mpa (7700psi) and at a maximum rate of 10m3/min (2640 gallons/min). In total 1588.5m3 of fluid and 223.5 tons of sand were successfully pumped through the patch and everything worked perfectly.

X-SPAN Applications include;

Isolate Frac Ports or DV cement stage tools

Large Bore and High Pressure ratings make it ideal for Fracing Applications. Protection (Frac-Thru) casing frac applications.

The large bore assures easy passage of tools including drop balls, bridge plugs, large seal bore assemblies, logging tools, and perforating systems.

Straddle Corroded Tubing or Casing

Special Clearance Systems are available for wells with restrictions

Repair Leaking/Washed out Gas Lift Mandrels

Large Bore Suspension Tool for Hanging Velocity Strings, Sand Screens, Slotted Liners

Can incorporate sand screens or slotted liners into the body of the patch.

Can incorporate polished bore Receptacles that can be used as Big Bore Packers

Custom Patches with Premium Alloys are available

Available in sizes from 60.3mm up to 244.48mm

Please contact your local Owen representative or Ryan Brand at 403-571-1661 for more information or visit our web site

OWEN Oil Tools is a global leader delivering the Best Customer Solutions for well completions, work-over, remedial and abandonment operations. We also design and manufacture the most extensive line of perforating and perforating related products in the industry. The Owen Product Line includes the highest performance and latest technologies available in the world. Our new HERO-HR charge has 1.85m (72.90”) of penetration with a 10.16mm (0.40”) entry hole. Hostile environment applications are our specialty. Owen products consist of Engineered Perforating Systems, Bridge Plug and

Zonal Isolation, water, gas or sand shutoff. Primary or secondary seal over perforations.

Setting Tools Systems, Pipe Recovery Systems, Detona-

Repair Tubing/Casing Leaks


Repair split or parted casing

tors, X-SPAN Tubing/Casing Patch, and Applications

June 12th, 2014


The Use of Robotic Aircraft in the Oil and Gas Sector ING Robotic Aviation delivers airborne sensing solutions and much more. The company developed it’s skills through extensive operational surveillance work with the Canadian military. From these beginnings, ING Robotic Aviation is now providing commercial services including critical inspections, monitoring and mapping in North America and other regions. Their clients are getting the right information in the right hands in a timely manner, while also discovering whole new uses and capabilities for robotic aviation. With respect to the oil and gas sector, currently external inspection of the 825,000 km of pipeline in Canada is conducted by helicopter or vehicle and foot patrols. This inspection is costly, timeconsuming and labour intensive. In addition, creating a coherent data set out of these disparate sources of information makes for an additional challenge for planning and implementing a cost-effective maintenance strategy. This is where ING Robotic Aviation comes into play. Specifically for the oil and gas sector, this company is dedicated to supplying robotic aircraft systems that will be able to perform efficient surveillance and monitoring of the pipelines and infrastructures in these operations. ING Robotic Aviation is at the forefront of a disruptive technological and operational change, focused on reinventing aviation. Staying true to reinventing aviation and contributing to the oil and gas sector, ING Robotic Aviation is showcasing 2 robotic aircraft systems at the Global Petroleum Show: Responder and Serenity. Responder, ING Robotic Aviation’s newest robotic aircraft system, is a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) robotic aircraft, that has a range of 10 km and can carry a payload of up to 12 kg. “With Responder’s flexible, robust, and responsive qualities, it is the perfect roughneck ready tool for the oil and gas sector.” states ING Robotic Aviation’s CEO and founder, Ian Glenn. Responder offers capabilities of quick deployment and flexible landing for almost any environment, which makes it versatile for

Fuji GP World: The Bluetooth Integrated, Utility and Mapping Solution

the terrain that the oil and gas operations may be situated. It also has a light-weight gimbal camera mount that can carry a number of high end sensor payloads in order to best fit the end user’s needs. This robotic aircraft system has been designed for applications such as flarestack, refinery and offshore oil platform inspections making it ideal for environments that are currently using manpower or fuel-expensive helicopters. Another major task for the oil and gas sector is exploration involves the use of multiple sensors over a wide and usually remote area. Robotic aviation again has a role to play, involving Serenity as a replacement helicopter platform for imaging. Serenity, the company’s fixed wing platform, has an endurance of over eight hours with a long range capability of 100km. ING Robotic Aviation will be located at booth #5315 at the 2014 Global Petroleum Show and encourages attendees wanting more information, or wanting to see the products in person, to stop by and say hello.

Fuji Pipe Locators Ltd was formed in 1982 and is the North American distributor for Fuji Tecom Pipeline Locating and Leak Detection Tools, which use the most advanced technology available to the industry. With over 30 years of oilfield experience, Fuji Pipe Locators has developed a body of expertise unsurpassed in the underground facilities damage prevention industry. Fuji Pipe Locators is proud to introduce a new innovation in the Buried Facility Locating industry and Pipeline Monitoring Technology, the Fuji GP World. The GP World combines the locating capabilities of the Fuji PL-960 series of locators, now with Bluetooth technology that allows the user to pair the equipment with a GPS device and a tablet computer that is running GIS software for a complete mapping solution with no post-processing. The GP World complete locating solution comes standard with the Geneq GPS unit and Carlson GIS 360 software. However this solution is flexible and can adapt to the users requirements. It is compatible with any external GPS unit, so the user can choose a solution that best fits his or her accuracy requirements. There are also several different software options allowing the user to pair to their GPS unit and Fuji GP World Receiver.

Mapping Software The Fuji GP World package includes a GPS-Centric mobile software application that allows the user to locate and document precise asset information, standardly Carlson GIS 360. The software is user





September 29 - October 3, 2014

The Hyatt Regency Hotel & TELUS Convention Centre Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The definitive conference for pipeline professionals. Don’t miss this five-day experience!

13 Technical Tracks with 300+ presentations, keynotes and tutorials. 300 Attend with over 1,500 industry professionals sessions and official functions. 1,500 atNetwork Join representatives from 45 countries the globe. 45 spanning @IPC_Calgary

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September 30 - October 2, 2014 TELUS Convention Centre Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Participate at the world’s leading marketplace for pipeline technology and services!

200 5,000 Source from a global marketplace converging from 30+ countries. 30

Visit 200 companies exhibiting today’s foremost technologies, products and services.

Connect with 5,000 registrants— technical leaders and business executives. @petroleumshow

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friendly and designed to collect very accurate GPS location points as well as a host of specific data unique to each locate. Each time a depth measurement is taken, a host of data will be recorded. The metadata stored includes: date, time, name of locator, locate tool ID, GPS ID, signal strength, frequency, depth, x and y coordinates, photos, current value and the distance recorded between points. This captured data will then be relayed to the database in real time and rendered on the mapping program of the user’s choice.

Quad Core Android Tablet For running the Mapping Software solution for the Fuji GP World, an Android- based tablet, with a quad core processor is required. A specific tablet manufacturer is not required, allowing the flexibility to the user to choose the best device to suit their requirements.

GPS Unit By pairing the Fuji GP World solution with the Geneq Bluestar GPS, each depth taken will register the point to sub-meter accuracy. With BlueStar’s real- time positioning and no post- processing, it is an ideal solution for mapping and data collection. To ensure flexibility the GP World is compatible with various inexpensive external GPS units.

Upgrade Existing Fuji PL- 960 series locators are able to be upgraded with the appropriate package to enable Bluetooth connectivity at Fuji Pipe Locators in-house service department. Please call with any questions and to speak with a sales representative for pricing. The Fuji GP World is an exclusive offering from Fuji Pipe Locators Ltd. in Calgary, Alberta. Booth #8215,,

Container West Manufacturing Ltd. Offers a Variety of Products to the Oil and Gas Industry ContainerWest Manufacturing specializes in designing and manufacturing custom steel enclosures and turnkey packages to industry. Shipping containers provide a flexible, highly secure and cost effective solution and are an economical and rugged building block for countless applications from additional warehousing and storage space to basic office units and complex industrial enclosures. We offer a variety of products that are well-suited for the oil and gas industry. One custom unit is our generator or genset enclosure. These enclosures typically range anywhere from 6’ to 40’, which is often dependent on the size of the generator itself. Standard genset enclosures features typically include steel checker plate flooring, fluid containment, louvers, a sound attenuated liner for noise reduction, cable entry hatches, muffler mounts, skids, and exterior paint. Another popular product is the control room. These units normally feature large windows, insulation, in-wall electrical, and fully finished interiors. As a custom builder, we also offer combination units where part of the building is a control room and part is used to house electrical components, fans, pumps, general storage, and more. Finally, our 40’ steel-and-skid storage container is perfect for the secondary containment and safe storage of hazardous materials. The standard wood floor of the container is removed and replaced with metal grating, and a steel containment tray is installed under the steel cross members. All of these products can be easily transported from site to site, as opposed to brick and mortar structures, which are static and require much more maintenance and care. They also have the ability to withstand the roughest of site conditions and treatments. ContainerWest Manufacturing has completed hundreds of dif-

ferent projects for a variety of customers including Suncor, BC Hydro, Rio Tinto Alcan, Spectra Energy, Husky, Finning, and Shell. We have the capability to meet just about any specification and are constantly proving to be the industry leader by providing quality, value, and innovative solutions to customers. Our engineering department and modifications team at our 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant can design and build custom enclosures or portable buildings to meet any specific requirements. Some other products include: offices, workshops, MCCs, pump houses, field labs, emergency and first aid shacks, wash rooms, storage units, insulated enclosures for wastewater or process equipment. Custom options include: heat and insulation, specialty coatings, skids, sound attenuation, vents and louvers, custom electrical, cabinetry, windows, doors and a variety of linings. Booth 4345

Timken® Sheave Pac® Schneider Electric Releases Process Bearing Increases Automation Modules That fit into Safety on Oil Rigs Tighter Spaces Sealed-for-life bearing improves uptime

The Timken Company introduced a bearing that helps increase safety and improve uptime on oil rigs. The Timken® Sheave Pac® is featured in Timken booth #4311 The Timken Sheave Pac bearing assembly is designed to eliminate the need to re-grease the traveling block or crown block on oil rigs. In the past, maintenance personnel performed the challenging task of re-lubricating the crown and traveling blocks situated hundreds of feet above the rig platform. The Timken Sheave Pac alleviates that job through its sealed-for-life sheave bearing assembly, helping to increase safety for rig workers and reduce expensive downtime.

“This solution to the unique needs of oil rig operators is another example of how we exceed our customers’ expectations” The pre-greased, pre-set and unitized Timken Sheave Pac can eliminate the need for re-greasing the bearing because Timken engineers designed the bearing assemblies to run an entire operating cycle between rebuild without the need for re-lubrication or additional maintenance. The Sheave Pac assembly easily interchanges with current industry-standard bearing assemblies and seals. “This solution to the unique needs of oil rig operators is another example of how we exceed our customers’ expectations,” said Evan Boere, Timken business development manager in Canada. This product has been operating successfully for the past two years under an exclusive customer agreement but is now available for sale to the marketplace. For more information, visit www.

Additionally, these applications improve the ability of plant Schneider Electric recently announced its new release in its I/O family of process automation systems. The Fox- personnel to streamline and contextualize the information they boro Compact 200 Series I/O fieldbus modules support more I/O need to make the right business decisions at the right time. The system also gives clients better visibility into historical, modules in less space, reducing footprint up to 50 per cent while real-time and predictive operating information to help drive prooffering cost control savings. The new modules will help with new implementations in con- duction efficiency. fined spaces, such as offshore platforms, and for adding capacity to existing installations without incurring the trouble and cost of facility expansion. Higher-density baseplates and optional cabinets add even more to footprint reduction, while lowering the weight ratio, energy consumption and inventory over traditional I/O offerings. “Cabinet space in the industrial world is always an issue. For example, our top industry experts have calculated that space on an offshore platform can be valued at tens of thousands of dollars per square foot or more, so anything we can return to operators is money in their pockets,” says Thad Frost, director of fieldbus product management at Schneider Electric. He adds that customers can preserve their existing equipment as well as reap additional cost savings and a higher return on investment. The systems are also compatible with multiple generations of Foxboro controllers, software and infrastructure, so mixing and matching on the same controller is possible. Schneider Electric has launched the Foxboro Compact 200 Series I/O The software is also fully configurable. fieldbus modules that take up less space and offer more savings.

June 12th, 2014


GLOBAL PETROLEUM SHOW The meeting place for the global oil and gas industry

Stampede Park Site Overview

June 10-12, 2014 | CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA Macleod Trail

Ride the CTrain free with your badge during show days!

Erlton LRT Station

Big Four Upper Level (4,000 series)

Outdoor Area (3,000 series)



Coke Stage

- Registration Area - Exhibits - Press Office

BMO Centre

BMO Centre

Halls D & E (7,000 series)

Halls A, B & C (1,000 series)

- Exhibits - Presentation Theatre

Hall F (8,000 series)

- Registration Area - Exhibits - Presentation Theatre NEW HALL! - Exhibits

Hall H (9,000 series) &

- VIP Lounge Presented by:

Palomino Rooms

Corral (2,000 series)

Boyce Theatre


- Registration Area - Exhibits - International Energy Marketplace - Presentation Theatre

12th Ave SE


- SPE Heavy Oil Conference – Canada

BMO Centre re

(3,000 series)

(3,000 series)


CTrain Ramp

Rotary House

- Registration Area - Exhibits

Outdoor Area


Victoria Park / Stampede LRT Station

Lower Level - (5,000 series)

Outdoor Area


CTrain/Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line

Cow wboyss To Cowboys o Casino

Hall G (6,000 series)

- Presentation Theatre

Agriculture Building

- Presentation Theatres



Olympic Way Ol

Agriculture Building


S Saddledome

Grandstand Seating for GPS Rodeo


(North to Hotels, Calgary TELUS Convention Centre & Hyatt Regency Calgary)

As of April 22, 2014. Subject to updates.

USEFUL NUMBERS EMERGENCY NUMBERS Fire................................................................................ 911 Ambulance ................................................................... 911 Police . .......................................................................... 911

Days Inn - Calgary South................................ 403 243 5531

HOSPITALS Foothills hospital ...........................................403 944 1315 Peter Lougheed Centre .................................. 403 943 4999 Rocky View General ....................................... 403 943 3449 Directory Assistance ....................................................... 411

Executive Royal Inn........................................ 403 291 2003

TRANSPORTATION Checker Yellow Cabs Ltd................................. 403 299 9999 Associated Cabs Ltd ...................................... 403 299 1199 Black Top Taxi Company Ltd............................ 403 220 0573 Mayfair Taxi Ltd.............................................. 403 255 6555 Associated Limousine..................................... 403 299 1123 Limojet Corporate Sedan................................ 403 280 6400 AAA Airport Sedan......................................... 403 280 6400 Advance Cab Co............................................ 403 777 1111 Airport Shuttle Express................................... 403 509 4799 Bus Service - Calgary Transit........................... 403 262 1000

Hotel Arts....................................................... 403 266 4611

HOTELS Best Western Airport Inn................................. 403 250 5015 Best Western Suites Calgary, Downtown ........ 403 228 6900 Blackfoot Inn.................................................. 403 252 2253 Calgary Marriott Hotel.................................... 403 231 4527 Carriage House Inn......................................... 403 253 1101 Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Ctr................ 403 248 8888

38 Official Show Daily 2014

Wingate Inn................................................... 403 514 0099

Delta Bow Valley............................................ 403 266 1980 Delta Calgary Airport . ................................... 403 291 2600 Delta Calgary South...................................... .403 278 5050 Fairmont Palliser Hotel.................................... 403 262 1234 Greenwood Inn & Suites................................. 403 250 8855 Holiday Inn Macleod Trail .............................. 403 287 2700 Holiday Inn, Calgary Airport............................ 403 230 1999 Howard Johnson Express Inn.......................... 403 258 1064 Hyatt Regency ............................................... 403 717 1234 International Suites Hotel .............................. 403 265 9600 Lakeview Signature Inn................................... 403 735 3336 Macleod Trail Travelodg.................................. 403 253 7070 Quality Hotel Calgary Airport.......................... 403 276 3391 Radisson Hotel, Airport . ................................ 403 291 4666 Sandman - Airport.......................................... 403 219 2480 Sandman West............................................... 403 237 8626 Sheraton Cavalier .......................................... 403 250 6373 Sheraton Eau Claire........................................ 403 266 7200 Sheraton Four Points, Calgary West................. 403 288 4441 Super 8 Motel Shawnessy............................... 403 254 8878 Travelodge Hotel Airport ................................ 403 291 1260 Travelodge University...................................... 403 289 6600 Westin Calgary Hotel . ................................... 403 266 1611

NORTH AMERICA AIRLINES Air Canada ...................................................888-247-2262 Alaska Airlines...............................................800-426-0333 American Airlines ..........................................800-433-7300 Continental Airlines........................................800-525-0280 Delta Airlines..................................................800-221-1212 Northwest Airlines..........................................800-225-2525 Southwest Airlines..........................................800-435-9792 United Airlines...............................................800-241-6522 US Airways.....................................................800-428-4322 Virgin America................................................877-359-8474 WestJet Airlines..............................................800-538-5696 OVERSEAS AIRLINES British Airways...............................................800-247-9297 Lufthansa.......................................................800-645-3880 Air New Zealand............................................800-262-1234 Cathay Pacific Airlines.................................1-800-233-2742 China Airlines.................................................800-227-5118 Japan Airlines.................................................800-525-3663 Singapore Airlines..........................................800-742-3333 LOST CREDIT CARDS Visa............................................................1-800-847-2911 American Express........................................1-800 668-2639 MasterCard . ..............................................1-800-622-7747 Diners Club ................................................1-800-363-3333

Tough application, ingenious solution


Visit us at

h 7052 GPS, boot E Halls D &

When it comes to Oil and Gas drilling operations and moving from site to site, time, reliability and efficiency are of the utmost importance. You also need robust systems with the highest tolerances you can depend on to operate around the clock and stand up to the toughest and most extreme environments. Rexroth’s powerful and reliable drive and control solutions deliver you power where and when you need it. Thanks to the small outer diameter and the light weight of Rexroth drives, you save valuable weight and space on the entire rig. Making the rig lighter, increases mobility for easier access to harsh locations and remote mountain sites. With a comprehensive portfolio of high quality products and solutions together with an extensive array of global and field proven installations, we will provide expertise to increase your drill production efficiency. Contact us today to find exactly the solution that achieves your specific application requirements.

Bosch Rexroth Canada

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AS YOUR UPSTREAM SURFACE EQUIPMENT NEEDS CHANGE, SO DO OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. At Weir Oil & Gas, our purpose is to create engineering solutions that help you deliver processes vital to society. Let us improve your performance by reducing the time it takes to set up, supply, repair and deliver. By increasing your efficiency, we save you money. We know your needs are constantly evolving, so we’re always expanding our products and services accordingly. You ask. We deliver. Come see how our solutions can benefit you.

Excellent Oil & Gas Solutions 1.800.342.7458

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