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Technology to the rescue

Sand conveyor, Eagle Ford, Texas: Photo Tom Payne - AP - Statoil

3. Measurement while drilling: With the measurement while drilling (MWD) method, data about the condition of the well is collected during the drilling for oil. Information about the composition of the stone that the drill encounters on its way down, along with the pressure in the well, is analysed real-time by engineers. Also, a three-dimensional graph can be made of the well, so that the drill is guided directly to the reserve. This makes the drilling process more efficient and precise. During drilling, the process can be adjusted for maximum yield. No more ‘trial and error’ saves money. Hours of non-productive time can be eliminated and the risk of blow-outs is reduced.

to many losses in the loading and distribution process. What happens between the point of departure and arrival port is, in part, a black hole. We have not fully penetrated the physical properties of the gas under low temperature. The measuring volume is not very accurate, and this also applies to the sampling. The margin of error can be as much as ten per cent. If measured quantities and qualities do not match, this can result in huge unexpected costs. I anticipate that there will be a lot of savings achieved in the future. The technology is in the works and Hint is also working with partners to develop the right measurement and analysis technology for LNG. We’re not there yet, but we’ll get there.

4. LNG metering and sampling: LNG is extremely popular, especially in countries that have no energy resources. LNG transport by ship is relatively easy. This would be beneficial to producers were it not that this sport is still so new and there are few or no industry standards, which leads

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Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine  

Issue 82. Cover Story: Total

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine  

Issue 82. Cover Story: Total