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Halliburton “Solving challenges”

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IKM Mud Recovery without Riser (MRR)

Our focus is growth!

First well successfully drilled Maersk is the first company to use the new Mud Recovery technology from IKM. The well was a development well in the Gryphon Field on the British sector of the North Sea. The water depth at well location was 112 meters and it was drilled using the semi submersible drilling rig Sedco 704.

By utilizing the MRR System from IKM, Maersk Oil UK have saved money and increased safety. The system worked without down time and to everybody’s satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend this system for other operators. Campbell Syme Drilling Superintendent Maersk Oil North Sea UK Limited

The challenge was to drill a deviated 17 ½” section riserless in an area with known hole instability problems. The solution was the Mud Recovery without Riser (MRR) System from IKM. The MRR system gave Maersk the benefit of a closed mud system with full mud return without having to run the BOP and the marine riser for drilling, casing running and cementing. The MRR is a dual gradient top hole drilling system that utilises a subsea pump skid to return drilling fluid and drill cuttings during riserless drilling. The section was drilled to TD without any HSE incidents or MRR related non productive time.

Deployment of Subsea Pump Skid with Mud Return Line

Well Head Interface Module (WHIM) on HPWH housing

Running 13 3/8” casing

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Halliburton “Solving challenges�

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Halliburton “Solving challenges”

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Founded in 1919, Halliburton is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the oil and gas industry. It employs more than 75,000 people, representing 140 nationalities in approximately 80 countries. Today, Halliburton offers the world’s broadest array of products, services and integrated solutions for oil and gas exploration, development and production.


Halliburton’s history dates back almost a century and reveals a continuous focus on innovation and expansion that began with the company’s founder, Erle P. Halliburton. After borrowing a wagon, a team of mules and a pump, he built a wooden mixing box and started an oil well cementing business in Duncan, Oklahoma. In the 1930s, Halliburton established its first research laboratories where the company tested cement mixes, began offering acidizing services to break down the resistance of limestone formations and increase the production of oil and gas, and performed its first offshore cementing job using a barge-mounted cementing unit at a rig in the Creole Field in the Gulf of Mexico. This was the beginning of what was to become the world’s most extensive offshore service. Halliburton took the initial steps toward becoming a worldwide company in 1926, selling five cementing units to an English company in Burma and Erle P. Halliburton sent his brothers to open the business in Alberta, Canada. The company opened in Venezuela in 1940 and by 1946, the company had expanded into Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and the Middle East. It began performing services for the Arabian-American Oil Company, the forerunner of Saudi Aramco. In 1951, Halliburton made its first appearance in Europe as Halliburton Italiana SpA., a wholly owned subsidiary in Italy. In the next seven years, Halliburton launched Halliburton Company Germany GmbH, set up operations in Argentina and established a subsidiary in England. In 1984, Halliburton provided all of the well completion equipment for the first multiwell platform offshore China. Two years later, Halliburton became the first American company to perform an oilfield service job on the China mainland. The final decade of the 20th century brought more changes and growth to Halliburton. The company opened a branch office in Moscow in 1991. The company realigned its work into Eastern and Western Hemisphere operations in 2006, and in 2007, divided its service offerings into two divisions: Completion and Production, and Drilling and Evaluation. Halliburton comprises 13 product service lines (PSLs). The PSLs operate in two divisions: Drilling and Evaluation, and Completion and Production. The Consulting and Project Management PSL works across both divisions.


Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine


Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Drilling and Evaluation provides field and reservoir modelling, drilling, evaluation, and precise well-bore placement solutions that enable customers to model, measure, and optimize their well construction activities. This segment consists of Baroid, Drill Bits and Services, Landmark Software and Services, Sperry Drilling, Testing and Subsea, Wireline and Perforating, and Consulting and Project Management. Baroid provides drilling fluid systems, performance additives, solids control, and waste management services for oil and gas drilling, completion, and workover operations. Drill Bit and Services provides roller cone rock bits, fixed cutter bits, and related downhole tools used in drilling oil and gas wells. In addition, coring equipment and services are provided to acquire cores of the formation drilled for evaluation. Landmark Software and Services is a supplier of integrated exploration, drilling, and production software information systems, as well as consulting and data management services for the upstream oil and natural gas industry. Sperry Drilling provides drilling systems and services. These services include directional and horizontal drilling, measurement-while-drilling, logging-while-drilling, multilateral systems, underbalanced applications, and rig site information systems. Our drilling systems offer directional control while providing important measurements about the characteristics of the drill string and geological formations while drilling directional wells. Real-time operating capabilities enable the monitoring of well progress and aid decision-making processes. Testing and Subsea provide acquisition and analysis of dynamic reservoir information and reservoir optimization solutions to the oil and natural gas industry utilizing downhole test tools, data acquisition services using telemetry and electronic memory recording, fluid sampling, surface well testing, subsea safety systems, and reservoir engineering services. Wireline and Perforating include open-hole wireline services that provide information on formation evaluation, including resistivity, porosity, and density, rock mechanics, and fluid sampling. Also offered are cased-hole and slickline services, which provide cement bond evaluation, reservoir monitoring, pipe evaluation, pipe recovery, mechanical services, well intervention, perforating and borehole seismic services. Perforating services include tubingconveyed perforating services and products. Borehole seismic services include fracture analysis and mapping. Consulting and Project Management provides oilfield project management and integrated solutions to independent, integrated, and national oil companies. These offerings make use of all of our oilfield services, products, technologies, and project management capabilities to assist our customers in optimizing the value of their oil and natural gas assets.

Delivering exceptional FM services to the oil and gas industry Norland Managed Services is an experienced service provider for the oil and gas industry. As proud partners of Halliburton, we understand challenges faced in such complex environments and how we can maintain safety and quality through an integrated range of hard and soft services. Our services include; • Mechanical and electrical engineering • Fabric solutions • Cleaning • Poterage • Security • Pest control • Mailroom • Catering • Reception • Ground services To find out more please visit or call our marketing team on 0844 324 8700.

the Norland Managed Services Ltd City Bridge House 57 Southwark Street London SE1 1RU t: 020 7871 9100 f: 020 7871 9101 e: w: /NorlandMS


Local support offices throughout the UK and Ireland.

Exceptional Service, Exceptional People

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Completion and Production delivers cementing, stimulation, well intervention, pressure control, pipeline and process services, and completion services. This segment consists of Artificial Lift, Boots & Coots, Cementing, Completion Tools, Multi-Chem, and Production Enhancement. Artificial Lift offers three lifting methods-electrical submersible pumps (ESPs), progressive cavity pumps (PCPs), and surface rod pumps (SRPs) with the trade name MAXiSTROKE, including the associated surface packages for power, control and monitoring of the entire lift system. We also provide installation, maintenance, repair and testing services for each. The method selected is designed and operated to address individual customer production requirements and achieve a superior level of product performance and reliability, while adhering to the highest standards of health and safety and operating in a manner that is respectful to the environment. Strategically located to serve the worldwide oil and gas industry, we strive to develop long-term customer relationships that maximize production, enhance operating efficiency and meet return on investment goals. Boots & Coots includes well intervention services, pressure control, equipment rental tools and services, and pipeline and process services. Cementing Services involve bonding the well and well casing while isolating fluid zones and maximizing wellbore stability. Our cementing service line also provides casing equipment. Completion Tools include subsurface safety valves and flow control equipment, surface safety systems, packers and specialty completion equipment, expandable liner hanger systems, swellable technology, intelligent completion systems, sand control systems and screens, and well servicing tools, and reservoir performance services. Reservoir performance services include testing tools, real-time reservoir analysis, and data acquisition services. Multi-Chem, one of the leading providers of production chemicals to the oil and gas industry, develops customized solutions to address issues such as integrity management, flow assurance, enhanced oil and gas recovery, water management use and re-use, fracturing and pipeline treatments. Production Enhancement include stimulation services, pipeline process services, sand control services, and well intervention services. Stimulation services optimize oil and gas reservoir production through a variety of pressure pumping services, nitrogen services, and chemical processes, commonly known as hydraulic fracturing and acidizing. Sand control services include fluid and chemical systems and pumping services for the prevention of formation sand production. Well intervention services enable live well intervention and continuous pipe deployment capabilities through the use of hydraulic workover systems and coiled tubing tools and services.


Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Halliburton Introduces FracHeightsm Service In April, Pinnacle Technologies, a Halliburton service, announced its latest innovation in fracture diagnostics. FracHeightsm service is a hybrid tool that combines fiber optic wireline conveyed microseismic receivers with Pinnacle’s downhole tiltmeter sensors that directly measure the formation movement associated with fracture dilation. While microseismic monitoring has been the primary diagnostic tool for fracture mapping in unconventional reservoirs, determining fracture height can sometimes be a challenge when relying on these measurements alone. For example, in some multi-stage fractures where shallow microseisms clearly exist, identifying the cause — be it the actual fracture opening, natural fractures, a result of a critically stressed zone shearing, or some other mechanism — requires additional information. By incorporating microdeformation measurements made by downhole tiltmeters, FracHeightsm service provides definitive evidence of fracture dilation. The result is a service that leads to more accurate fracture mapping by providing insight on actual fracture deformation as a function of depth. In typical unconventional reservoirs where multi-stage horizontals are common, the data provided by FracHeightsm service offers significant advantages for understanding fracture behavior. The improved knowledge of the subsurface provided by FracHeightsm service allows for optimized asset development and increased completion and fracture efficiency. Halliburton Introduces Drilling Engineering Solutionssm Service Latterly in March, Halliburton announced the launch of its Drilling Engineering Solutionssm (DES) service. As drilling complexities increase, the need for comprehensive solutions continues to grow. DES answers this need by providing fully integrated, custom-engineered solutions to optimize well design and placement - from high volume wells to complex environments. DES combines expertise and experience across multiple Halliburton product service lines: Sperry Drilling, Baroid and Halliburton Drill Bits and Services, and is powered by Landmark Software. The DrillingXpertTM proprietary solution delivery platform allows DES teams to design an entire performance drilling system on a single platform. The DrillingXpert platform is built on Landmark’s DecisionSpace® Well Engineering software and the Engineer’s Data ModelTM (EDMTM) application, the industry’s most comprehensive well data management solution, to create the most complete wellengineering software tool kit in the industry. The plug-in architecture enables DES teams to provide standard and advanced engineering capabilities aligned with customer needs. In addition, utilizing the widely deployed DecisionSpace platform allows DES to exchange drilling technical information with customers readily and more efficiently. The core of the DES solution delivery is the Drilling Engineering Solution Centers (DESCs) staffed by individuals with extensive domain expertise working with a team of global experts. The DESCs provide engineering, monitoring and support in centers where customers can work with the Halliburton team to plan, monitor and optimize their projects. “With the industry facing increasing well complexity and pressure to maximize every dollar invested while mitigating risk and reducing uncertainty, the need for customization and collaboration is clear.” said Ahmed Kenawi, Sperry Drilling Vice President. “Built on a single platform, DES meets that need, combining industry-leading technology with extensive domain 12 expertise to provide our clients with integrated solutions to optimize drilling efficiency and maximize production.”

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Halliburton Introduces RezConnectTM Well Testing System Also in March, Halliburton announced the release of the RezConnectTM Well Testing System, a complete well testing solution for wireless control of downhole drill stem test tools (DST), measurement and analysis of well-test data in real time. Previously, control of DST tools was done through annulus pressure manipulation. The RezConnect Well Testing System uses Halliburton’s proprietary DynaLink® Telemetry System, a fully wireless downhole sensor and actuator network using acoustic energy in the tubing string. The RezConnect Well Testing System integrates all the DST tools and allows surface verification of their operational status. Additionally, it provides acoustic control of DST tools, actuation of downhole fluid samplers and collects real-time well flow measurement and bottom hole pressure and temperature data for reservoir performance monitoring and analysis. “These capabilities enable immediate and accurate decisions to be made during well testing operations, ensuring operators can more efficiently achieve their intended well test objectives with less rig time compared to conventional testing methods,” said Abdalla Awara, vice president of Halliburton’s Testing and Subsea business line. Recently, the RezConnect Well Testing System was used on a deepwater well in Latin America, the industry’s first fully acoustic telemetry controlled and monitored real-time deepwater DST. During this operation, bi-directional acoustic commands were used across the subsea safety system to operate the downhole test tools and actuate the fluid samplers while providing realtime critical reservoir data and verification of downhole tool functions to surface. By acquiring real-time data acoustically, the duration of well test flow and pressure build-up periods were optimized and the need for acid stimulation confirmed. This allowed for improved well productivity and the ability to evaluate post- stimulation well performance. The enhanced flexibility 13 and control provided by the RezConnect Well Testing System resulted in rig time savings of five days.



Finding what you really need is only possible when you have the best marine offering on earth to choose from. Wärtsilä is the market leader in improving efficiency, proven gas solutions and ensuring environmental compliance while protecting profitability. Our global service network offers support when and where you need it. Read more at


Baker Hughes


Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Introduces SHADOW Series Frac Plug

Frac Plug Eliminates Post-Frac Intervention and Accelerates ROI Baker Hughes has announced the commercial release of its SHADOW™ series frac plug, a permanent, large-bore, flow-through frac plug designed to be left downhole after fracturing operations are complete. SHADOW plugs are a more efficient alternative to traditional composite plugs because they eliminate coiled tubing operations from the critical well path and enable reduced costs and lower HSE risks.

SHADOW plugs feature a large flow-through inside diameter (ID) and use IN-Tallic™ disintegrating frac balls, allowing production flow—with the plugs in place—as soon as fracturing operations are complete. The IN-Tallic™ frac balls, which are made with a controlled electrolytic metallic (CEM) nanostructured material, hold pressure during fracturing and disintegrate in the well when exposed to produced fluids, leaving a large ID to enable maximum production. The initial reservoir entry point is created using our 38 Alpha™ sleeve pressure-actuated valve, rather than a perforating gun run in on coiled tubing.


Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

The SHADOW plug was field tested on two of seven wells in the Horn River Basin while the other five wells were completed using conventional composite plugs. The wells with the SHADOW frac plugs produced at the same volume as the wells using the composite plugs. However, because the drillout phase was eliminated, the time on well was reduced by approximately two days for a cost savings of $150,000 per well.

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Because the plugs stay in the well, they can be set beyond the reach of coiled tubing-conveyed milling tools, allowing operators to fracture longer lateral sections and maximize reservoir access. The plugs are also ideal for developments in remote locations where it may be difficult to procure intervention equipment.



A NEW GIANT The new F480: the right choice wherever filter performance is a question of time, water volume, and cost. With volume flow up to 45,000 m³/h and diameters up to 2,000 mm, it treats fluids (e.g., salt water) for a great variety of processes. As a result, it protects facilities to an extensive degree from dirt and debris – and at the same time specifically minimizes operational and maintenance costs. In addition, the F480 requires extremely little space – to save time, money, and energy. It therefore represents a small wonder – and it’s no wonder that many and various industries have already learned to place great trust in it.

We’d be glad to give you more details on the F480 and its tremendous possibilities under

GEORG SCHÜNEMANN GMBH Buntentorsdeich 1 · 28201 Bremen · Germany Tel. +49 (0)421-5 59 09-0 · Fax +49 (0)421-5 59 09-40 ·

Sikorsky S-76D™ helicopter is

Entering Service




Sikorsky’s S-76D helicopter is your solution. It has all-weather capability, including optional de-ice for launch into known icing conditions, as well as a leading-edge cockpit that enhances situational awareness. A smooth ride and the quietist acoustic signature in its class make those in the air and on the ground happy. These features offer aircrews and operators something the competition cannot: complete confidence in mission performance. Building on more than 6 million flight hours of the proven S-76® helicopter series, the modern S-76D makes a legendary aircraft even better. Its balance of excellent performance, improved safety and unrivalled efficiency make it the standard for helicopters in its class. Sikorsky S-76D: It’s ready to go. Are you? |

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

When launch availability is critical to your mission, you need a machine that is ready to go when you are.

53 6013 (4/13)

Tyco International is the world leader in electronic security and fire protection to more than 7 million customers worldwide through its global ADT, fire protection services and safety products businesses. Its commercial customers are both small and large, spanning retail, banking, logistics, maritime, mining, petrochemical, government and many other industries. They include 80% of the world’s top 100 retailers, 300 international airports, 80% of commercial vessels at sea and some of the world’s largest mining and petrochemical operations. Tyco International’s portfolio of products and services are used to safeguard firefighters, prevent fires, deter thieves and protect people and property. All of these services are backed by over 80,000 dedicated and responsive local service team members in over 500 offices around the world. Although the total portfolio of offerings is split into three divisional streams, the business works very much as one whole, offering the best in quality products and services. From its Centre of Excellence in Manchester, England, Tyco designers and system engineers provide support to many sister companies around the world. By focussing on quality systems and people, Tyco provides a service that is of the highest standard and ensures that its customer base receives high quality systems that, put simply, “do the job”. Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Tyco Marine Services are specialists in fire protection, safety systems and service throughout the world and have an unrivalled firefighting package that is underpinned by its own manufactured products, designed to meet the requirements of the marine industry in the 21st century. With a long history of providing bespoke fire safety solutions for both commercial and military applications, Tyco Marine Services are certainly best placed to offer a diverse range of Fire Detection, Suppression and Safety equipment. Tyco are constantly developing its range of fire detection systems, utilising the latest technology to provide a cost effective high performance solution. Detection solutions cover both conventional and addressable systems and the MX T2000 addressable controllers are industries’ preferred choice across the world. This system has been recently enhanced by the introduction of the 850 series of detectors. These detectors meet the latest marine regulations and have already been approved by the major class societies. Tyco is one of the only manufacturers that are able to offer a complete range of suppression solutions, from CO2, Novec, FM200, water mist, sprinkler and spray, to foam systems (including Hot Foam). Tyco Marine Services are strategically placed at locations around the world to offer a full through life support for Tyco designed 20 systems.

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

All of their service engineers have the experience and depth of knowledge that guarantees the highest level of service in most locations around the globe and their access to products and additional services means that customers can be assured that all requirements can be met. Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions specialise in the design and maintenance of safety critical systems which monitor and control, ensuring a safe working environment in the demanding petrochemical industry. In an emergency Tyco’s automated safety systems operate by detecting and containing an incident, preventing escalation and leading you to safety. Whilst being part of an International Company, Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions provides a local presence in your area, catering for the specific day to day needs and demands of clients. Within its individual business units, it has considerable resources. It is staffed by qualified, experienced engineers and designers who use the most up to date computer aided technology, applying it to systems throughout the Oil & Gas & Petrochemical industries on a number of diverse applications. The role of the Oil & Gas division is to provide a full scope of solutions to the industry and provide clients with a tailored point of entry into an extensive engineering product and service base. 21

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Solutions range from supplying multi-million pound turnkey projects to component spares. Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions is ISO & OHSAS accredited with regard to health & safety, quality & environmental approvals. Its areas of expertise include, consulting consulting services, feasibility and pre-engineering studies, project management, detailed design, manufacture and installation, full turnkey contractual responsibility, commissioning, training, on-going 24hr Service and Maintenance Support and inspection and testing. Tyco have been completing deluge design, installation and testing within the North Sea for the past 30 years and have been working with the HSE post KP3 report, standardising the industry approach to deluge. In recent years it has been instrumental in implementing the dry testing for deluge systems. This has borne significant cost savings for clients and more importantly the primary method of fire fighting has been fit for purpose. Tyco has personnel completing offshore deluge testing who have in excess of 20 years practical offshore experience, this is backed up by onshore support with a similar experience profile. The foundation of the scopes executed is to meet client needs and to ensure systems adhere to British and 22 International Standards for fire protection.

As a business, Tyco are market leaders in the provision of fire protection solutions onshore and offshore. Offshore, the scope of supply we execute is to ensure life or asset protection which is an integral part of the platform safety case and safe operating philosophy. Tyco have been completing design, installation and servicing of active fire protection systems in excess of 15 years. The use of rope access technicians for deluge testing provides a significant cost and productivity saving for the client as any blockages can be resolved at the time of testing. Tyco have been executing maintenance and servicing of this equipment for the past 20 years and have a bespoke workshop in Aberdeen that services all extinguishers, trolley units and breathing apparatus (BA) sets. Tyco technicians both on and offshore have extensive experience maintaining loose safety equipment, deluge valves and hydrants. Tyco carries formal accreditation to Health & Safety, Quality Management and Environmental Management systems as well as DNV accreditation for survey and maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment, systems and self-contained breathing apparatus on ships, high speed and light craft and mobile offshore units. All aspects are handles from Tyco’s premises in Altens, Aberdeen where they have a workshop with a team of 10 technicians dedicated to this scope of work. Tyco’s onshore workshop service is supplemented by 32 site technicians who have the ability and the competency to undertake all maintenance on loose safety equipment offshore or at onshore sites. They have 25 years experience servicing and installing deluge valves and combined with our close relationship with 2 sub-contract vendors this offers a ‘best in class’ solution to testing of the valves and associated equipment. Fire extinguishers and trolley units are the back bone of Tyco’s service business and to this end, Tyco have a bespoke workshop facility that has been designed to facilitate, test, paint, Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

re-fill, re-certify and re-deliver both wheeled and portable extinguishers. All the work carried out at the Aberdeen, Altens site is compliant to BS5430 & BS EN1968-2002 and Tyco has obtained UKAS accreditation for its cylinder inspection, testing and service. Anything that cannot be serviced at on site and has a requirement to be refurbished by the original manufacturer can be managed by Tyco on behalf of the customer, resulting in significant cost savings to the customer. As part of a Total Care Maintenance program, Tyco offers a state of the art Chemical De-scaling service executed from its Aberdeen, Altens site. The program comprises: de-scaling offshore & onshore wet and dry firewater systems; pickling vessels and pipework; cleaning production tubing and equipment and the decontamination of pipework, valves and equipment. The cleaning process is controlled and monitored frequently to maximise efficiency of the chemical treatment and to minimise circulation time. The CEFAS registered chemicals used in these processes are biodegradable and water-soluble and will reach maximum efficiency and dissolving capacity at temperatures between 30ºC and 95ºC depending on the chemical required and the application. As the chemical solutions will not have any detrimental effects on the 23 pipework or vessel integrity, circulation will be perfectly safe.

Safety procedures, technical provisions and continuous monitoring of the processes are completed by trained Tyco operators ensuring safe operation. The chemicals and the de-scaling methods are patented in 30 countries and registered for usage in a number of regions including the North Sea. Tyco has a dedicated detection & control business stream with design and engineering support together with a sales office, customer support and fire & gas laboratory in Aberdeen and Manchester. With over 30 years experience in supplying fire & gas services to the oil & gas sector they hold formal safety, quality and environmental accreditations supported by well refined competency and training schemes. Tyco’s detection & control design engineers and project management teams share a common goal, to be the best, to make a difference and to exceed the customers’ expectations and surpass industry standards. These teams of engineers complete a yearly ‘Healthcare’ inspection of fire & gas systems. This visit would establish any faults or requirements on the fire & gas panels, involve carrying out the necessary maintenance and reporting back to operator and project management teams. This level of service has radically reduced the number of faults and spurious alarms. With its manufacturing capability and key strategic partnerships, Tyco is now at the leading edge of this technology and can provide TMR SIL3 systems for fire & gas with RTP technology. This, together with a committed staff, ensures that they have the technology, personnel resource and infrastructure to focus on meeting the customer’s needs. Tyco are a source of supply and technical support for a wide range of fixed and portable detectors and offer a range of fixed and portable gas detectors for flammable, toxic and oxygen gases to suit all applications. They can also supply a wide range of intrinsically safe smoke, heat and flame detection systems in Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

addressable or conventional configurations depending on the application. If you have a short term need for multi-gas, area gas or personal monitoring gas detectors, you have the option to hire rather than buy. As an accredited distributor for Crowcon, a fleet of monitors and spare parts are available from stock held in Aberdeen. With an in-house design team, Tyco can tailor fixed detection requirements to a client’s specification. Offshore engineers are supported by a dedicated onshore support team providing constant support and communication. Tyco have been providing Environmental Engineering Solutions for over 20 years and hold 30 key maintenance/engineering support contracts covering over 50 offshore and onshore petrochemical facilities. Tyco also holds high profile contracts with BP Sullom Voe and Exxon Mobil Sage Terminal, Peterhead as well as a global contract in the Caspian region; sensitive to Environmental and Health and Safety impacts. Tyco has an extensive team HVAC and Refrigeration engineers and technicians. This enables a quick response to be provided where there is a requirement for troubleshooting or maintenance at short notice. This team is committed to operating a 24/7 service and in the event of a breakdown would 24 aim to mobilise appropriately qualified staff within 12 hours, less where practical.

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Tyco’s capability is further enhanced by all members of its onshore project management team. Each one is based in Bridge of Don, Aberdeen and acts as the main focal point providing constant support and advice to appointed offshore teams and clients alike. During the execution of work, the appointed focal points remain in constant contact with both the offshore teams and appointed client representatives. Work is monitored daily and trip reports illustrating daily work breakdown schedules are completed. Following de-mobilisation, the focal point will review the reports, test sheets etc and discuss action required, if it is deemed necessary. Certification packs will be issued on completion of work and the focal point will be made available for any consequential meetings. They will also become focal points within Tyco for any further engineering, materials supply and general enquires. As part of its portfolio of services to the firefighting sector, Tyco provides specialist training in confined space entry covering both theory and practice from its training modules located in Great Yarmouth, England, although this training can also be undertaken onsite. Some of the Fire & Safety Products that Tyco can provide include: fire fighting foam, fire protection clothing and equipment, chemical suits, GRP 25 cabinets, breathing apparatus, smoke hoods and harnesses.

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

Tyco have been providing Interface design services since 1994 and in that time have completed over 100 such activities with a 100% safety record. Tyco have also carried out over 50 interface design activities to a number of other operators in the North Sea. Tyco are also innovative solution providers, utilising over 20 years experience and technical ability to supply control systems and chemical injection packages to the petrochemical industry worldwide. They provide solutions suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous areas with SIL ratings and DNV 2.7.1 approvals. Tyco have been supplying control system technology to the oil & gas industry since the early days of North Sea production. This includes pneumatic, hydraulic and electronically automated control and safety shutdown systems for both manned and unmanned offshore installations. Manufacturing takes place at their site in Norwich, by ATEX approved engineers who are fully qualified in manufacturing equipment which meets worldwide standards including European Standards for pressure equipment, NORSOK, North American, Canadian and Australian standards. With more than 20 years industry experience and an extensive product range, Tyco is able to offer complete compliant solutions for wired communications that provide both operational and life safety 28 systems for

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine

onshore and offshore installations and other challenging environments. From its Nottingham branch, the Spector Lumenex brand underlines the versatility of Tyco and helps to capture the total solution approach which it can offer to clients planning new installations or expansion of existing facilities. The products and services offered include: Public Address/General Alarm (PAGA); Public Address/Voice Alarm (PAVA); Firephone 400; Mentor Intercom Solutions; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Solutions and field equipment. Where Spector Lumenex systems are installed, Tyco can carry out rigorous tests and inspections and provide a written evaluation of the entire communications system. Training is a crucial aspect of supporting a communication system, so Tyco engineers work with the customer to enable operators and maintenance crews to feel confident and competent in their day to day duties. Rhomax Metering was acquired by Tyco in 2004 but has been providing metering solutions to the oil & gas industry since 1986. Based in Aberdeen, Rhomax has a proven performance history in providing specialist metering support for a wide variety of projects on behalf of clients. Rhomax have the consultancy, auditing and project management expertise to fulfil all customer requirements on design, representation and installation. The knowledge of flow measurement systems has proven to reduce costs and uncertainties either at both the design and operational phases of projects. Leading in the field in fire-related life safety and asset integrity means practicing what you preach. Tyco is committed to producing its products and providing services to customers in a safe, responsible manner that respects the health and safety of its employees, the environment, customers, shareholders and the communities in which it operates. Tyco believes in promoting a work environment where protecting people and the environment is the way to conduct business. All Tyco employees, managers and supervisors as well as contractors are responsible for understanding, promoting and implementing a Zero Harm policy and the accompanying operating principles. The Zero Harm policy is comprised of every employee looking out for the health and safety of those around them; a work environment where working safely and protecting the environment is encouraged and rewarded; managers and other workers are held accountable, in a consistent and fair manner, for not working safely or for not protecting the environment; all harmful environmental impacts are eliminated; every meeting starts with an EHS message. Tyco’s HSE culture is not only driven by Senior Management but also by the employees. Awareness of the Integrated Management System and the policies are brought to the attention of new employees through induction. Policies are also positioned in prominent areas throughout the workplace and posted on the company’s internal intranet. Tyco take a proactive approach to hazard identification and identifying activities / operations / processes which can be eliminated, substituted or controlled by appropriate measures. Risk Assessments are conducted on activities which are conducted by competent trained personnel. The QEHS Team compile a monthly slide which is distributed throughout the organisation of the organisations performance, which includes incident statistics. In addition, the QEHS Team compiles a quarterly newsletter (QUENSH) which covers both negative and positive points with regards to QEHS.





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x Nikkiso Cryo Inc. (NCI) Global Headquarters now located at Las Vegas, USA x Production & Test Facilities at Las Vegas, USA and Tokyo, Japan x NCI is served by the Nikkiso and LEWA Worldwide network

Innovative Product Development based on over 25 years of LNG pump and Aerospace Rocket engine technology.

x Over 1700 units operating in 618 facilities worldwide onshore & offshore x Pumps for LNG/NGL/LN2/LEG up to 3000 m3/h of flow and up to 3000m of head x Up to 25 000 hours Manufacturers Warrantee

Neptune Energy Park Newcastle upon Tyne

The Neptune Energy Park development on the North Bank of the River Tyne is now open and ready for business having been established to attract blue chip companies to invest in the region as well as creating a facility where project mobilisation and demobilisations can be completed alongside a drydock facility, that can be utilised for large civil construction projects and as a subsea equipment marine test facility. The Neptune Energy Park operates in tandem to the services offered at the Offshore Technology Park both sites offer unique offshore and marine cargo handling terminal 365 days a year, with a world class reputation in service, cost effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility and over 30 years experience. Please contact us at any time regarding property development, project work or facility usage

Tel: Email: Web:

+44 (0) 191 262 9614

Offshore Technology Park Newcastle upon Tyne

A unique offshore and marine cargo handling terminal with a world class reputation in service, cost effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility. • Deep water terminal • Heavy / Abnormal / Regular lift specialists • Dockside cranage SWL 325T (at 24.25 metres radius) • Heavy load out access routes & quay capability • Rigging fabrication & seafastening services • Storage solutions • Warehousing • Freight forwarding services • Project specific support To see how you could benefit from our unique service’s please call us on:- + 44 (0) 191 262 9614 Tel: Email: Web:

+44 (0) 191 262 9614

Building The Future At Technip, we are building the future through today’s most ambitious energy infrastructure projects. We are also creating the conditions that will generate tomorrow’s game-changing innovations by developing our people. Entrepreneurial attitude, investment and anticipation are at the very heart of how we are taking it further.

Oil, Gas and Shipping Magazine  

Issue 65. Cover Story. Halliburton

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