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This week’s Cover Story: We talk with Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Oil and Gas, about the importance of “a well managed supply chain”

This weeks issue featuring: Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions Triyards The Energy Institute Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV Jan De Nul Group Cygnus Instruments and many more...



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News COVER STORY: Breitling Oil and Gas Health and Safety Cygnus Instruments Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions Triyards The Energy Institute Heinen Hopman Engineering BV Jan De Nul Group

This week’s Cover Story: We talk with Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Oil and Gas, about the importance of “a well managed supply chain”

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Residents in Lincolnshire are holding a protest walk against a company’s plans to drill for oil in a field close to their homes. Egdon Resources Ltd wants planning permission for an exploratory well at land at Biscathorpe, near Louth. The firm said it was “always open and transparent” with planned operations and stated that “no fracking would take place” in the area. Lincolnshire County Council is due to consider the application next month. ‘Democratic processes’ Local environmental campaigner Biff Vernon said 70 people had objected to the plans and Sunday’s three-mile walk from Donington-on-Bain to Biscathorpe was to raise awareness. He said concerns had been raised about the potential pollution of the nearby river, traffic noise and the spoiling of a local beauty spot. “I have been aware for a long time that they [Egdon Resources] have had an interest in this area,” he said. Activists protested outside an exploratory drilling site in West Sussex in August for 13 days “But many people only became aware in August when the plans were submitted and published and people are now beginning to realise what is going on. “All we can do now is go through the democratic process to prevent it happening at the planning stage rather than further down the line when it is too late.” The plans for the site involve sinking a 2,000m (6,500ft) borehole to test for commercially viable reserves of hydrocarbons. An Egdon spokesperson said the company had given a legal undertaking as part of its agreement with the landowner that no shalegas, shale-oil or gas storage activities would be undertaken. Egdon said the site would be returned to its original condition if drilling was unsuccessful and any further drilling would be subject to a new planning application.

A British man detained in Russia after a Greenpeace protest has told his family he fears a long jail term. Video journalist Kieron Bryan, 29, from London, was on board the Arctic Sunrise at an offshore oil drilling rig when 30 people were arrested last month. In a letter to his family, he assured them he was well apart from the “horrible uncertainty and anxiety”. Mr Bryan, originally from Devon and one of six Britons arrested, was denied bail earlier this week. A court in Murmansk ruled that Mr Bryan and activist Philip Ball, from Oxfordshire, should remain in pre-trial detention until 24 November. ‘Lack of communication’ Mr Bryan wrote: “The food is basic or grim but I’ll not starve. The guards can’t communicate but are polite and harmless, likewise my cell mate can barely string two words of English together but he is fine with me. “Lack of communication has been really tough - I just hope my lawyer can get messages to you. I will ask him to send you the prison address - packages are allowed. “Things to keep me occupied are always welcome - I’m running out of books since we’ve swapped between the group already. Hopefully Greenpeace and the embassy can help there too. “I’m not allowed to see the others I came with, we are being kept separately and the only chance to talk comes during the exercise period - it involves shouting over two-metre-high walls and hoping someone can speak English nearby.” Piracy claim Mr Bryan said those arrested were “pieces in a game we didn’t want to participate in”. He added: “I’m trying to prepare myself for a lengthy sentence. Everyone says it’s very unlikely but all of this feels unlikely. I’ll get through this, we all will.” The other detained Britons are logistics co-ordinator Frank Hewetson, from London; activist Anthony Perrett, from Newport, south Wales; communications officer Alexandra Harris, originally from Devon; and 2nd engineer Iain Rogers, from Exeter. Greenpeace has called for the release of Mr Bryan on the basis he was a journalist working alongside activists. All those arrested have been accused of piracy, which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years.

Fracking ban upheld by French court France’s constitutional council has rejected an attempt to overturn a ban on fracking, the controversial method of extracting gas from rock. US-based firm Schuepbach Energy challenged a ban imposed in 2011 based on potential risks to the environment. President Francois Hollande has opposed the technology, as have the Greens, a partner in the governing coalition. France, which relies heavily on nuclear power, has some of the largest shale gas deposits in Europe. Following the 2011 ban, Schuepbach, which had two exploration licences cancelled in southern France, appealed on four counts.

President Hollande promised to uphold the ban introduced by his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy

Following the 2011 ban, Schuepbach, which had two exploration licences cancelled in southern France, appealed on four counts. “The constitutional council threw out these four complaints and ruled that the disputed components of the 13 July 2011 law comply with the constitution,” the council said in a statement. The Constitutional Council, made up of judges and former French presidents, has the power to annul laws if they are deemed to be unconstitutional. France’s Energy Minister Philippe Martin said the ruling meant the law banning fracking, in which pressurised water, chemicals and sand are pumped underground to release gas trapped in shale formations, was now safe from other legal challenges. “It’s a legal victory, but also an environmental and political one,” Mr Martin said at a news briefing. The US Energy Information Administration estimates shale gas reserves worth five trillion cubic meters could lie in French soil, mainly in the Paris basin and the Rhone valley. French oil giant Total is still awaiting a ruling after it separately appealed at the end of 2011 against the government’s decision to ban its own exploration permit by the south-eastern town of Montelimar.

The wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship could be loaded aboard a colossal salvage vessel after a deal was struck with a Dutch company.

The Dockwise Vanguard, capable of picking up oil rigs, has been recruited as an option to move the ship. The vessel can sink under the Concordia then rise up to lift it clear of the water before sailing it to be scrapped. Some 32 people died after the Concordia ran aground with more than 4,000 passengers and crew in January 2012. Salvage teams moved the ship to an upright position last month, enabling divers to find the remains of one of two people who were still unaccounted for. ‘Safe and swift’ Costa Crociere, Concordia’s owner, said the Vanguard had been retained as one possible option for removing the wreck from its current location off Giglio island in 2014. It said the $30m (£19m) contract to use the salvage vessel would offer a “safe and swift” method to transport the cruise ship to its as yet undetermined final destination. The company said the operation is the biggest salvage ever attempted on a ship of the Concordia’s size. The 275m-long (902ft) Vanguard has no bow and a flat stern, allowing it to contain the longer cruise ship. The Vanguard, described by its Dutch owner Royal Boskalis as the world’s largest semi-submersible ship, uses vast ballast tanks to lower and raise itself around its cargo. The company said modifications would need to be made before it is capable of carrying Concordia.

China overtakes US as the biggest importer of oil

China has knocked the US from its top spot as the world’s biggest net importer of oil, US government data shows. The country’s fast-growing economy, as well as the rise in car sales, has led to its new status, according to September’s data. Oil consumption in China had outstripped production by 6.3 million barrels a day, said the Energy Information Administration (EIA). In the US, the figure was 6.1 million. Ongoing trend China’s own oil supply has been outstripped by its economic boom, and its oil fields have been damaged by flooding during the past few months. The country had had to import to make up the shortfall, said the EIA. It predicts the trend will continue into 2014. The US uses 18.6 million barrels of oil per day compared with China’s 10.9 million, despite having a population a third the size of China’s. But the US is increasingly able to support itself after the growth of its domestic hydraulic fracturing, or fracking - a new technique of drilling for gas and oil from shale rock. It has attracted controversy from environmental campaigners concerned about the large quantities of water used and the potential danger of carcinogenic chemicals. The campaigners say the chemicals could escape and contaminate groundwater. Jason Gammel, head of European oil and gas research at Macquarie, said he expected the trend to last for the next five years. He said he expected America to produce 20-22 million barrels of oil per day by 2022. Mr Gammel said: “The US has moved very quickly to utilise fracking and horizontal drilling activities.” But he said such an approach would be difficult for China to mimic, as the US was already well prepared to take advantage of the new techniques, for example with its large oil field services.

Governments and industry leaders meet in Houston at the World Shale Oil & Gas Summit During the week of November 4 – 8, 2013, Houston will host senior government representatives and industry decision makers from across the globe at the 4th annual World Shale Oil & Gas Summit and Exhibition. With more than 50 guest speakers from countries including China, South Africa, Australia, the UK, Brazil, India, Turkey as well as the United States, discussions will focus on the latest developments in shale oil and gas projects across the globe as well as how to drive a sustainable and profitable future for the industry. Senior government representatives speaking at the summit include Duarte Figueira, Head – Office of Unconventional Gas and Oil, Department of Energy and Climate Change, UK; Peng Qiming, Director General, Ministry of Land & Resources, China; Barry Goldstein, Executive Director, Energy Resources Division, Government of South Australia; Dr Bryan W. Shaw, Chairman, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Industry leaders speaking at the summit include Paul Goodfellow, Vice President, US Unconventionals, Shell; Frederik R. Janssens, Global Chief Developer Unconventional Gas, Global Gas & LNG, GDF Suez; Chad L. Stephens, Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Range Resources; Jeffrey Meisenhelder, Vice President, Unconventional Resources Group, Schlumberger. In 2013, the World Shale Oil & Gas Summit will feature two streams tailored to suit the needs of those working in the established shale oil and gas sector of North America and those working in emerging shale frontiers such as Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Discussions will focus on topics including gas monetization, environmental best practices, regulatory updates, investment opportunities both in North America and abroad. The World Shale Oil & Gas Summit & Exhibition, voted one of the top five energy events in 2012 by the Houston Chronicle, has established itself as the largest international event for senior-level government and industry representatives as well as technical professionals working in or interested in working in the global shale oil and gas industry. For more information and the latest program visit www.

New Chairman at Tekmar Leading offshore cable protection company, Tekmar Energy, has bolstered its senior management team with the appointment of a new chairman. High profile industry figure Ally MacDonald takes up the post. With 25 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry and a background in engineering, Mr MacDonald brings a wealth of knowledge to the role where he will help to further drive forward Tekmar’s business growth. He joins Tekmar after five years of executive management positions at Wellstream, which was acquired by GE Oil & Gas during 2011. Prior to that, Mr MacDonald spent 19 years with Technip and was Managing Director of their DUCO umbilicals business. An engineer by trade, he graduated with an honours degree in mechanical engineering. Mr MacDonald said: “It is an attractive challenge to be joining an ambitious company which, through its industry-leading technology and established track record, has significant opportunities to continue to expand and evolve. The company has enjoyed an exceptional growth story to date and I look forward to helping to build on this success and further develop the business.” Founded in 1985, Tekmar initially specialised in oil and gas before expanding into the offshore renewables industry when it developed bespoke cable protection systems for cables connecting wind turbines. The company recently announced that it has further enhanced its oil and gas industry offering, whilst maintaining its leading position in offshore renewables. Chief Executive James Richie said: “Attracting someone with Ally’s experience and status in the energy industry is a great coup for the team at Tekmar. His depth of knowledge and network of contacts, combined with his engineering background, will be pivotal to helping to accelerate business growth across both oil and gas and offshore wind. “Tekmar’s business strategy is underpinned by its clear vision to deliver high value solutions to the energy industry. We are committed to helping to drive down costs and minimise risk of subsea cabling in offshore wind as well as to become a marketleading supplier of specialist protection systems for the oil and gas subsea umbilicals risers and flowlines (SURF) sector.” Headquartered in Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, Tekmar provides bespoke solutions to the oil and gas and offshore wind industries.

For more information about Tekmar please visit –

Prestigious order for WhisperPower’s Grid Independer solar power systems

WhisperPower has been awarded a significant order by the Dutch exploration and production company NAM. The order, which is for three autonomous renewable energy systems, will be installed on an unmanned oil & gas rig to deliver power for the navigation lights, alarm and detection instruments and the remote communication system. WhisperPower’s Grid Independer is an autonomous hybrid power system consisting of power generation, storage and conversion parts. The main power source of the Grid Independer are the solar panels configured to 150V DC and for this project that means 80 individual panels each of 200 WP. The SUNTRACK MPP Tracker (Maximum Power Point Tracker), a special high efficiency solar voltage regulator with a total load capacity of 400 amps, is used to charge the 1200 Ah traction battery bank. The WhisperPower Centre’s (WPC) 10 kW sine wave inverter, which is connected to the battery bank, supplies 230V AC / 50 Hz and a built- in 12kW 1500 rpm generator is set to start automatically should there be insufficient solar radiation. Whilst the AC power supply is direct, the WPC’s supplies power to recharge the battery quickly. Once recharged, the generator automatically switches off. The main benefits are: substantial reduction of fuel consumption the system can run for many months without refueling of the main tank extended interval time for service oil change renewable power from the sun is the primary source the system is monitored remotely thus the platform can remain unmanned “Purchasing the Grid Independer is very cost effective for our client because they are no longer reliant on the additional expense of contracting surveillance vessels to monitor the rig. The fact that our system can be monitored remotely provides instant savings for the client. We experience a substantial demand from the market for similar systems!” Comments Roel ter Heide, owner and Managing Director of WhisperPower. WhisperPower manufactures all generators, including all their parts and accessories, in- house in their facility in Drachten. This is also where all composite systems are assembled for customers worldwide. The Grid Independer systems, which are delivered fully customised for each client, are available from 500 watts to 5 kilowatts continuous power (24 hours). For applications for use at sea, in the polar regions or tropical areas, an intensive engineering process is followed through to final production and prior to delivery. WhisperPower has an experienced and practical engineering team who are able to quickly find the specific and exact solution required and devise the concept system. About WhisperPower WhisperPower is an international leader in the development, production and maintenance of modern (hybrid) electrical power systems. Their systems are used worldwide in places that are (temporarily) without normal electrical power, such as commercial vessels, stationary locations at sea such as drilling rigs, remote locations without (constant) public grid on shore and in mobile markets. WhisperPower has an outstanding reputation in the field of recreational marine and mobile markets as a premium systems supplier. WhisperPower is a Dutch company with sales offices in the UK, Spain, Germany, North America and China, and a global sales and service network of professional sales & service partners. The company’s mission is to enhance the energy generating industry by offering cleaner, quieter and more efficient systems. Some 40 full-time employees work on the development, assembly and logistics of the products in their new premises, which are equipped with an advanced ‘energy reclaiming system’ for climate control. For more information about WhisperPower and the WhisperPower products: www. About NAM NAM, a joint venture between Shell and Esso, is an exploration and production company with authentic Dutch roots and has its headquarters in Assen in the Netherlands. Their core business is exploring for and producing oil and gas, both on land and offshore in the Netherlands. The company employs 1700 people.

Beitling Oil and Gas

Chris Faulkner, CEO , talks to us about a well managed supply chain Breitling Oil and Gas is one of the largest independent oil and natural gas companies in the U.S. with proved reserves throughout most major basins in North America, with the balance in Canada. The company’s geographic focus areas include Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. The company was founded in Irving, Texas in 2004, on the fundamental principles of applying state-of-the-art petroleum and natural gas exploration and extraction technology to the development of onshore oil and natural gas projects. Its production operations supply liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas to the growing world energy markets and its founder and CEO is Chris Faulkner. In this article Chris talks about the importance of a well managed supply chain. “Looking at how we got to where we are today the upstream phase of our supply chain and logistics structure was characterised by a resource intensive process. Back then, data had to be manually acquired and we had to spend more money on research and development, so managing our supply chain effectively was critical. Today, we estimate that 18 per cent of our total operational costs are logistics and supply chain processes. Investing at this level is vital so that we can remain competitive�.

Beitling Breitling Oil Oil and and Gas GasContinued... continued...

He continues:”We use software provided by Accenture. Technology now drives supply chain management. Breitling is applying new technology to access new reserves in ageing fields, which is our core area of business. For example, managing our operations from start to finish requires everyone at all stages of the process to access data from one central source. Having the technology to do this helps us in the tracking of materials, staff and machinery. It assists us in the managing of our costs. We can even look at the price of our machinery rentals, expiration dates, the cost to buy and so minimise our one off costs. And of course it saves us a lot of time”. “Our vendor profile varies from major corporations such as Schlumberger and Baker Hughes, to small and regional businesses and there are drawbacks and positives to both. The big global players are easily able to link up to us and provide the essential data we need to manage our supply chain and logistics effectively. On the other hand we cannot expect the same level of personal contact as with a local supplier. Despite a lot of our smaller partners doing everything manually, which is hugely labour intensive and inefficient, the personal touch is a big positive. These guys have a wealth of experience and expertise. Most have been partners since Breitling began and we have done business together based on a handshake – and still do. We have built up strong relations with these companies and they are willing to go the extra mile for us”.

“There will always be a need to reduce costs as much as possible. Since 2003/4 we have seen costs increase by 45-50 per cent. We continue to face the prospect of increased regulations that could add $200K to the cost of each well we drill and that is a huge added burden on us. Breitling is striving to increase efficiency, reduce risk and reduce costs, so an effective supply chain is vital to the business�. Breitling’s success and continued growth is built around a core set of principles by which the company operates. These are to acquire oil and gas properties that give them a majority working interest and operational control or where they believe they can ultimately obtain it; to maximize the value of properties by increasing production and reserves while controlling cost; to maintain a highly competitive team of experienced and incentivized personnel and engineers; to remain focused in specific regions where they have a competitive advantage as a result of their ever expanding infrastructure, or where they believe they can ultimately obtain it; to acquire properties where they believe additional value can be created through secondary and tertiary recovery operations and a combination of other exploitation, development, exploration and marketing techniques. Chris Faulkner is an industry expert, a keynote speaker at many of the most important industry conferences and was recently honoured to receive for his company the award for 2011 Best Independent Oil and Gas Company, North America, from World Finance Magazine.



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Vympel GmbH is the exclusive western European marketing, distribution and service partner for the Vympel Company of Russia, makers of Cong-Prima and Hygrovision dew point analysers.

Cong Prima 2M

Hygrovision BL

Hygrovision BL-mini

The Cong Prima 2M is a compact and inexpensive condensation type dew point analyser. It automatically measures the dew point of water or hydrocarbons in natural gas and is able to detect additives. The CP2M is a simple monoblock construction yet it can determine a condensate film only 5 nm thick using state-of-the-art technology based on principles of optical interference of laser light. The Cong Prima 2M is available for order in two versions, equipped to operate as a water dew point analyser or as a hydrocarbon dew point analyser with the option of either an analogue (4-20 mA) or digital (RS 485 modbus) output. Robust construction of the measurement chamber is designed to meet the challenges of making precision dew point measurements in an aggressive gas environment.

The Hygrovision-BL dew point analyser is a high precision instrument for measuring the dew point of water and hydrocarbons that is both compact and portable. The analyser can be used for automatic online measurements as well as for dew point spot checking as a mobile device. It represents a state of the art alternative to a conventional, simple visual observation type dew point mirror. The analyser is equipped with an automatic condensation detection system in addition to the visual system, employing interferometric analysis, the cooled surface of the condensation mirror is photo-electrically scanned to register condensation. Dew point measurements made visually can be objectively checked and refined with the automatic system. This instrument is equipped with a complex lighting system for illuminating the surface of the condensation mirror which enables the analyser to distinguish between water and hydrocarbon condensation.

The Hygrovision-BL-mini dew point analyser is a compact, partially automated instrument for manually measuring the dew point of water, hydrocarbons, and additives in natural gas. It is designed for use in the natural gas industry, however, because of the functional principles it employs, it is equally well-suited for any other application wherever quick and precise dew point information is required.

VYMPEL GmbH | Theodor-Heuss-Ring 23 | 50668 Cologne, Germany phone: +49(0)221/771092-50 | fax: +49(0)221/771092-31 | e-mail:


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Produce International Srl is a procurement company supplying industrial materials, including electrical and mechanical products, We serve the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil&Gas and Power industries. A new brand with a history of quality and reliability, our company is growing rapidly, and we thank our customers and suppliers for their support. As a customer-driven company, we offer you our know-how in bulk procurement, we offer a global solution in the supply of materials and equipments, we analyze your needs, look for the most suitable products, purchase the material and organize its delivery according to your requirements, including all the technical documentation and required certificates. Produce International Srl offers a complete and professional service during all the phases of the project, starting aiding the Customer during the bidding phase, from design to field installation, up to the documents issue. Thanks to the full range of products represented by Produce and the access to international know-how of C.E. Concurrent Engineering, we can provide complete and comprehensive answers in accordance with the reference standards (Americans , British, Canadians or Europeans). Produce International Srl is your reference partner for the supply of solutions oriented to the full satisfaction of customer needs, with a unique combination of excellence in product management and logistic support.

It is our goal to provide the best and most cost effective products available anywhere in the world, we deliver what You want, - any size, any grade, any quantity - when You want it. Head Office: Via Dell’Artigianato,8 –20835 Muggio’(MB) ‐ Italy Registered Office: Via Bellini,7‐20032 Cormano (MI) ‐ Italy Tel +39039796272 Fax +39039794370 E-mail


Sensible Risk Management I’m sure you’ve all heard the stories about ‘elfandsafety’ stopping people doing worthwhile and enjoyable things, yet at the same time others are suffering harm and even death due to poor management and complacency. In some instances health and safety is used as a convenient and lazy excuse to justify unpopular decisions or cover up management failure. The fear of litigation of course does not help either. Often you will hear of events or activities being cancelled after many years of safely being run without incident. The excuse given is ‘Health and Safety won’t allow it’. Usually however, the risks are poorly understood, which can lead to the dreaded fear of being sued and insurance companies being unwilling to underwrite an event. If you believe some of the stories you hear, health and safety is all about stopping any activity that might possibly lead to harm, think again. Risk management should be about practical steps to protect people from real harm and suffering - not bureaucratic back covering. Instead sensible risk management should aim to seek a balance between the unachievable aim of absolute safety and the kind of poor management of risk that damages lives and the economy. To help businesses adopt a better approach to risk management, the Health and Safety Executive have written a common sense set of principles which should form part of any business management systems. (see www.hse.


The principles of sensible risk management:

■ Ensuring that workers and the public are properly protected ■ Providing overall benefit to society by balancing benefits and risks, with a focus on reducing real risks – both those which arise more often and those with serious consequences ■ Enabling innovation and learning, not stifling them ■ Ensuring that those who create risks manage them responsibly and understand that failure to manage real risks responsibly is likely to lead to robust action ■ Enabling individuals to understand that as well as the right to protection, they also have to exercise responsibility Remember sensible risk management is not about: ■ Creating a totally risk free society ■ Generating useless paperwork mountains ■ Scaring people by exaggerating or publicising trivial risks ■ Stopping important recreational and learning activities for individuals where the risks are managed ■ Reducing protection of people from risks that cause real harm and suffering If you need assistance or advice with any health and safety problem then contact us on Email: Tel: 0790 2864 313


the sensible health and safety people


Cygnus Instruments are manufacturers of Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment for use in a wide range of

applications, particularly in the oil & gas and shipping industries. Our range of internationally renowned Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges uses a technique known as multiple echo. Pioneered by our company over nearly 30 years ago, this method, approved by all major classification societies, overcomes the problems associated with measuring metal thickness through coatings and on badly corroded metals. As minimal or no preparation of the surface is required, a considerable amount of both time and money are saved. Multiple echo also verifies each measurement taken before displaying the reading which means no erroneous readings are displayed. All Cygnus Thickness Gauges are simple to use, accurate, reliable and extremely portable. They all feature “Deep Coat Mode� enabling thickness measurements to be taken through coatings up to 20mm thick.

Internal Corrosion

Oil and gas pipelines suffer from internal corrosion leading to costly leaks and emergency repair work. When carrying out any repair work pipe wall thickness must be determined when planning the job. Complicating this process, pipelines often have protective coatings such as plastics or coal-tar. Removing these coatings is costly and impractical and renders the area prone to future accelerated corrosion. So, any thickness gauge needs to read the pipe wall thickness through such coatings‌ Cygnus - pioneered multiple echo technology is developed precisely to meet these Inspection, Repair and Maintenance (IRM) needs. The simple to use Cygnus multiple echo thickness gauges enables an operator to take accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements of remaining metal thickness without removing protective coatings. This saves time and money on labour and training whilst carrying out the inspection. It can even forego the need for specialist contractors normally associated with inspection and maintenance work. The Cygnus range provides thickness gauges to cover all predictive maintenance and corrosion monitoring needs of the oil industry, whether for rope access, offshore, ship survey or in hazardous environments.

Marine Inspections

Cygnus, with its roots in marine surveying, understands customers’ need for a simple, lightweight yet accurate and reliable thickness gauge for ship and marine surveys. The Cygnus 2 Hands Free Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is well renowned by ship surveyors. It has an end-mounted clear OLED display, with a small, light yet rugged IP65 & IP67 rated enclosure. The belt/harness clip and neck strap facilitate one handed operation, very useful for rope access inspections. The Cygnus 4 General Purpose having the same rated enclosure features a large, bright LCD display, an automatic white backlight and simple menu driven operation. It is highly versatile and can be used in almost all industrial applications.

Subsea Thickness Gauging

The Cygnus name is particularly strong in the subsea industry, both with divers and ROV operators. The Cygnus thickness gauges, with robust housing, are reliable in the harshest operating environments. The Cygnus DIVE is a new wrist-mounted gauge for divers (300 msw) and has a live A-Scan display. Made from a tough glassfilled resin, the Cygnus DIVE can withstand the knocks and bumps of the diving environment. A large bright colour TFT screen displays the thickness measurements in big numbers that really stand out. The Cygnus ROV Mountable Thickness Gauges are available rated to 2000m and 4000m depths for use on work-class and medium size ROVs for subsea surveys. The CygLink software supplied, displays the time, date and thickness readings on the surface which can all be stored and logged. Additionally the Topside Repeater option enables the thickness readings to be displayed remotely and also overlaid on to a video signal allowing the measurements to be superimposed on the ROV’s camera monitor screen.

Cygnus Instruments, based in the UK, is an ISO-9001 accredited company and has a strong global network of distributors offering prompt worldwide services. More information on the entire range of Cygnus products is available at Please contact Cygnus Instruments by e-mail: or by telephone: +44 (0) 1305 265533.

The Ejector Company

Ejectors Eductors ...for use on ships and platforms

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THE COMPACT GIANT, READY FOR THE RIG F480 is the most compact filter solution on the market for the offshore sector.Sea water and cooling water flowing in closed and open loops are securely protected against clogging, contamination, and damage. Mussels and snails have no chance to grow. Flow rates of up to 45,000 m³/h (200,000 gpm) are possible at continuous 24/7 operations with one single system. Filter fineness is available down to 100 µm. In addition to the space-saving footprint, water intake and outtake can be placed at the most convenient direction. This allows for an optimal installation with best “fit” to the on-site locations. Most compact design and robust construction Maximal flow rates of 45,000 m³/h (200,000 gpm) with ONE single system Filtration rate as low as 100 µm Materials of construction provide resistance against sea water corrosion Remote Control monitoring Highest operational reliability combined with minimizing OPEX

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With decades of experience acquired from Arctic operations, Air Greenland is your reliable and dynamic partner for exploration.

Our 12 robust and flexible AS-350 helicopters can handle almost any task. It is the ideal helicopter for sling operations with our experienced and competent long-line sling pilots.

You will benefit from the fact that we are part of the Greenlandic society. We have the advantage of a broad network. We know the local requirements and we have an infrastructure in the form of hangars and aircraft all over the country. We aim to provide a high level of service and this means that every single job is specifically tailored to suit the customer’s requirements. We simply are the sustainable choice. You just have to ask.

With our Dash 7s we provide a very flexible combi/cargo aircraft fleet that can meet all passenger and cargo requirements. With its unparalleled STOL capability, it matches the short runways all over Greenland and it is capable of landing on frozen lakes and other unmarked runways. The latest development for operating in the offshore business is our planned acquisition of two EC225 helicopters to be in operation from 2015.

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Hardfacing issues? Stabilisers, ball valves, polished rods, drill bits, steering pads and more run the risk of abrasive wear. Protect and refurbish with tungsten carbide metal matrix solutions. From traditional powder welding to the latest laser cladding technique, our powder range with technical support partnership covers your every need. • Powder is our business • R&D the foundation • Cost-effective solutions the focus



























Makes Waves With Offshore Engineering Innovation and Growing Fabrication Order Book

Vanessa Ward talks with Mr. Wong Bheet Huan, CEO of TRIYARDS TRIYARDS is set for growth after confirming its position as a leader in the competitive Southeast Asian offshore engineering and fabrication market with a series of high profile contract awards. In July, TRIYARDS announced it had been awarded a major contract worth more than US$75 million to fabricate and deliver a specialised offshore unit for a client based in Asia Pacific. TRIYARDS is the recently rebranded fabricating division of Ezra Holdings Limited, a leading global offshore contractor and provider of integrated offshore solutions to the oil and gas (O&G) industry. Current projects include two specialised offshore units and the Lewek Constellation, an ice-class, deepwater multi-lay vessel with heavylift capability. When completed, it will be among the most advanced construction and pipelay vessels globally in its class. Lionel Lee, Managing Director of Ezra Holdings Limited, said: “This year is pivotal for TRIYARDS as we carve out a niche as a preferred engineering, ship construction and fabrication solutions provider to the offshore oil and gas, and marine industries worldwide. “Our focus on constructing technologically advanced, highspecification, customised offshore support vessels that are larger and more sophisticated in terms of propulsion capacity, bollard pull and navigational equipment will serve us well. “TRIYARDS’ growing order book shows that clients recognise our high quality, cost-effective and innovative solutions and that they can deliver on time and within budget.” Mr Lee added: “Our strength is in the knowledge, skill and experience of our people. Our excellent project management, world-class engineering capabilities and state-of-the-art facilities in the USA and Vietnam mean that we are perfectly positioned to increase our share in the Southeast Asian market.”

A Decade of Success

TRIYARDS began operations more than a decade ago and has two yards in Vietnam, TRIYARDS SSY at Ho Chi Minh City and TRIYARDS Sofel at Vung Tau, each measuring ten hectares. A 650,000 square feet fabrication facility, TRIYARDS Houston, is based in the USA. It has in-house engineering capabilities and fabricates specialised offshore equipment including cranes, A-frames and winches. The company’s core services are: • Vessel design and building services, including engineering, construction and/or conversion • Fabrication and assembly of jack-ups, offshore platforms, jacket and steel structures, and topsides; • Vessel and rig repair and overhaul services and installation; • Design and/or fabrication of offshore equipment, including specialised heavy lift cranes, winches, A-frames, catenary anchor leg mooring buoys and deck machinery; and • Sourcing specialised product, such as customised safety equipment packages, helidecks and fire fighting units.

Proven track record in delivering

Over the past ten years, TRIYARDS continuously upgraded its facilities and equipment, invested heavily in quality and management systems while developing a strong and diverse workforce. TRIYARDS continue to build upon their proven track record by delivering competitively priced projects and services to the highest standard in quality, safety and reliability. TRIYARDS facilities in Vietnam have achieved ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. In pursuance with TRIYARDS’ development plan, Vietnam has become the 5th largest shipbuilder in the world over the last 10 years. With a long coastline along all of the major shipping routes from Asia to Singapore and beyond and strong support from the Vietnamese government, Vietnam has proven to be a natural player in the shipbuilding, conversion and repair sectors. The company’s leading position in specialised offshore units is supported by a foundation of solid expertise and customisation capabilities in constructing technologically advanced vessels while effectively managing construction and delivery schedules. TRIYARDS has established a significant track record, delivering six specialised offshore jack up units in the past four years. Two more newly designed units are being built for use in deeper waters for delivery by 2014. Mr Wong Bheet Huan, CEO of TRIYARDS said: “Our strategic focus has been on the construction and fabrication of self-elevating, self-propelled accommodation and construction units. We are in a strong position, as the demand for these products will keep growing globally as offshore construction work due to more intensive Exploration and Productivity.” The company’s ability to construct technologically advanced vessels for both construction and offshore support is also demonstrated with Lewek Constellation, an ice-class, deepwater multi-lay vessel with 3,000 MT heavy lift capability that is among the most advanced construction and pipelay vessels globally in its class. The company has close links with reputable international ship designers to come up with vessel prototypes and has established partnerships with reputable universities to carry out model testing. Clients can benefit from TRIYARDS’ in-house capability to design and fabricate cranes, winches, A-frames and other lifting equipment installed on offshore vessels.

Constructing and innovating to the highest standards

Mr Wong said “We believe that our shipyard facilities and our design and engineering teams provide us the capability to construct technologically advanced vessels for both construction and offshore support.” The demand for self-elevating, self-propelled accommodation and construction units will continue to grow globally, as offshore construction activity increases and offshore infrastructure continues to age. They believe they have a leading market position in South East Asia for the construction of selfelevating, self-propelled units and have established a significant track record, having delivered six self-elevating units over the past four years, with an additional two newly-designed self-elevating units being built for use in deeper waters to be delivered by 2014. TRIYARDS’ self-elevating units provide operational support for offshore platforms, such as accommodation for maintenance, repairs, upgrading or removal of offshore platforms and well intervention activities. TRIYARDS also focuses on the construction of technologically advanced, high-specification customised offshore support vessels, such as AHTS and PSVs that are larger and more sophisticated in terms of their engine capacity, bollard pull and navigational equipment. TRIYARDS collaborate with reputable international ship designers to come up with vessel prototypes and have worked with reputable universities to carry out model testing for our vessels. The Group’s ability to design and fabricate offshore equipment such as offshore cranes, winches and A-frames and other offshore equipment installed on offshore vessels, will help TRIYARDS offer cost-effective solutions and timely delivery for their projects. In addition, TRIYARDS builds Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs), designed specifically to transport supplies and equipment to offshore oil rigs and production platforms. They do not have anchor handling winches but generally have large open decks to accommodate more supplies and equipment. Some PSVs have been converted or purpose-built for specific roles, such as seismic survey, flexible pipe laying or repair operations. They may need helidecks to enable passenger transport to and from the vessel, especially in remote locations. Another range in TRIYARDS’ portfolio is Subsea Construction Vessels (SCVs). These are floating bases for carrying out a range of offshore construction work necessary for offshore oil and gas production. TRIYARDS can build advanced SCVs for the oil and gas industry, including pipe layers and ice-class offshore vessels designed to move through ice-covered waters and able to withstand harsh offshore environments. Currently the company is in the process of building an ultra-deepwater pipelay vessel - the Lewek Constellation - which offers efficiency gains with its superior manoeuvrability and high transit speed. It will be capable of operating in water depths exceeding 3,000 m. Its key features include DP3 capability; and a versatile multi-lay pipelay system which can support both rigid and non-rigid pipelines; a 3000 MT heavy-lift crane with Active Heave Compensation (AHC) capabilities; and Comfort class V3 and Clean Design, rated NAUT-OSV (A).

Looking to the future

TRIYARDS’ strategic objective is to establish themselves a leading builder of self-elevating units and platforms, offshore support and construction vessels and offshore equipment fabrication yards in Vietnam and the whole of Southeast Asia. TRIYARDS’ plan to achieve their objective by expanding the Group’s product range of self-elevating, self-propelled accommodation and construction units, offshore support and construction vessels. They are also looking to expand into new product categories and developing their own equipment product line and branding, and constantly strive to upgrade their fabrication capabilities. TRIYARDS is even intending to diversify product lines such that it does not become overly reliant on the offshore oil and gas industry. Beyond that, Mr Wong believes that the two top challenges of running an efficient, profitable industrial construction business today are keeping ahead with technology to ensure that products better meet the needs of the industry, and building an optimal organization with the right talent. “With our emphasis on being Dynamic, Distinctive and Dedicated, TRIYARDS is at the forefront of innovation that responds to industry needs. Our Lewek Constellation will be the crowning glory of TRIYARDS. It will be one of the most technologically-advanced construction vessels in the world when ready, and will add to TRIYARDS’ track record for delivering quality products. Recruiting and retaining talent is a global challenge. In order to ensure that TRIYARDS remains a competitive employer, we have structured systems of grooming all who come through our doors. One of the most essential roles I have is to ensure that our people are trained and prepared for a rewarding career with us. This will always be one of management’s priorities. It is only with the right talent that any industrial construction business can thrive.” Looking long-term, Triyards’ investment in people, facilities and systems management at its established bases in Vietnam and the US has developed an excellent platform for growth. Looking to the future, the company is setting its sights on expanding worldwide to enhance its capacity to grow its order book even further.

Introducing The Three TRIYARDS Facilities

Each of the TRIYARDS locations offers its own range of services to its clients. TRIYARDS Houston, LLC is a customised crane manufacturer that provides flexible sourcing for marine cranes. TRIYARDS Houston is a natural complement to TRIYARDS, offering the most flexible and economical specialty cranes, a valuable resource for independent operating companies or ship builders worldwide. TRIYARDS Houston builds cranes with lifting capacities from 10 tons to over 1,000 tons for use on offshore platforms, supply vessels, crane barges and construction vessels and not limited to the wide range of deck cranes for oceanographic, military and fishing vessels. The two yards in Vietnam are located within a major shipbuilding cluster, strategically located along the South China Sea and both have sheltered fabrication facilities to allow for all year round production in all weather conditions. Both facilities benefit from a cost effective skilled labour force, including naval architects and engineers, as well as higher production efficiency and local government support for the shipbuilding industry. Equipped with heavy-lift gantry cranes and deepwater berths, both yards have the capability to undertake large-scale projects to fabricate different components for fixed platforms, as well as vessel conversion and construction. TRIYARDS SOFEL was first established in 2009 and is located at Dong Xuyen industrial park in Vietnam. With a water frontage of approximately 450m long on the Dinh River, it has a workforce of more than 900 people. TRIYARDS SSY formerly known as Saigon Shipyard was established in 1996. Located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, TRIYARDS SSY utilises wold class skills and experience in the Offshore Construction Industry. Over the past decade SSY specialised in medium to heavy inudstrial projects, ranging from steel fabrication, electrical installation through to equipment manufacturing services. TRIYARDS SSY established a valued reputation in the Industrial Engineering Industry, and enjoys recurring business from many satisfied customers. The yard works to high international standards, backed by an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certified Quality Assurance System.

Marine LNG Fuel Solutions Sail Green

LNG On Board

Chart Ferox, a Chart Inc. group, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cryogenic equipment for the storage, transportation and distribution of liquefied gases with a focus on marine systems delivery.

L N G B u n ke r i n g S t a t i o n s • L N G S h i p Fu e l Sy s t e m s • L N G Tr a i l e r s • L N G I S O Co n t a i n e r s

The future of safety is in your hands We invite you to see us at the 25th SMM in Hamburg, Germany 4th – 7th September 2012 Hall B7, Booth number 606.1 •

BLH Safety Barricading is an innovative barricading system that saves lives. WorkSafe Australia statistics show between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2011 the most common cause of work related fatalities Chart Ferox SMM halfpg ad.indd 1 was being hit by a falling object, accounting for 21 deaths in Australia. This is your protection from above.

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Introducing BLH Stop Drop Barricading System

Speak to us today about keeping your workforce safe with BLH Safety Barricading

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 Cost and time effective  Purpose built, snap lock design  Lightweight with minimal wind loading  Non-corrosive and non-conductive  Permanent or temporary  Non-flammable and non-combustible  UV-stabilised, sun and weather resistant  Meets or exceeds relevant Australian Standards  No painting or surface prep required  No pinch points or sharp edges  Environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable  Third party tested and certified

Efficient, Safe and Sustainable Insulation Solutions for the oil and gas industry ISOVER Technical Insulation – part of the insulation activity of SAINT-GOBAIN – offers products and systems designed for thermal and acoustic insulation as well as fire protection. Continuous innovation together with an international network of technical know-how makes ISOVER technical insulation the preferred partner for supplying the oil and gas industry. • efficient insulation systems to reduce energy costs and CO2 emmisions • safe solutions for process security, process efficiency and corrosion control • sustainable, light-weight and space saving constructions for Subsea, Marine & Offshore, LNG/LPG transport and storage, power generation and process industry applications

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The solution for oil&gas filtration

Since 1960 Bea Technologies develops and manufactures in Italy a complete line of filters and housings for the treatment of liquid hydrocarbons and compressed gases. The continuous research and development of new materials are a target of Bea Technologies to offer products and systems more reliable and technologically advanced. Bea Technologies spa Via Newton 4 - 20016 Pero Milano (Italy) Phone + 39 02 339271 Fax +39 02 3390713 |

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Octaga Visual Solutions provides high quality interactive presentations and video animations for the industrial market. Many years experience in the oil and gas industry enable us to create custom-made presentations of complex products and solutions.

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Excite your audience with an interactive 3D presentation - a flexible multimedia solution well suited to present complex systems and products. Our interactive solutions lets the audience explore models in great detail, peel off layers and see the process insiside.

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Our background in classic filmmaking and years of close cooperation with industry engineers and designers ensure that our video productions combine high production values with technical accuracy.

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Professional Development for the Energy Sector- The Energy Institute “I don’t need to do professional development” The simple answer to this is that everyone needs to do professional development. Even if you have been doing your job for years then you can always benefit from trying or learning something new. Even if you are totally confident that you are 100% up to date with what is going on in the sector and you could not improve your own skill levels at all then you may want to consider learning something different. This will ensure that you continue to challenge yourself and make your job more interesting. The EI is committed to helping members carry out professional development through a variety of activities. The EI’s latest skills survey compiled views from a large number of respondents and addressed the skills shortage issues in the industry. It also offered recommendations for solving these issues and developing a sustainable recruitment strategy. The EI continuously carries out research into skills topics and the latest research will examine the high level skills shortage in the energy sector.

CPD opportunities The EI is committed to expanding the range of CPD opportunities provided for its members and the wider industry and closely monitors the outcomes of the skills research to develop new initiatives needed by the sector. The Skills Needs report discovered that almost four out of five respondents believed that technical skills were a key shortage area. In response to this the EI launched a new training strand based on technical publications - building on two EI strengths as a key training provider for the energy sector and the wealth of technical knowledge held by the organisation. The Energy Institute’s technical work programme has always provided the international industry with information and guidance on relevant technical issues. Independent research and investigations, technical responses to legislation and regulation, events and seminars are just some of the ways industry information is communicated to the sector. But while the EI publications have provided essential best practice guidance it was agreed that training courses based on the publications would increase understanding, ensure that delegates were brought up to date with revisions to the guidance and current practice and open up the learning to a wider number of people. Topics will focus on the most popular EI publications and will continue to ensure that energy staff are working to the highest safety and competency standards. Current course topics are Essentials of Aviation Filtration – based on EI 1550, Corrosion Management Essentials, Introduction to Carbon Capture and Storage, Filling Station Design and Engineering and Human Factors. The EI also runs training courses in energy management to help organisations reduce their energy use. The certificate in energy management essentials covers the fundamental tools energy managers require including regulations and standards, metering and monitoring energy and conducting an audit of a building. All EI training courses explicitly state the learning outcomes which students are expected to achieve through their participation. This makes it easiest for those undertaking professional development to plan their learning and reflect on what they have gained from the course.

Bespoke courses for organisations More and more companies are choosing to put on bespoke training courses, tailored to their organisational needs. There are significant advantages in this if there are large numbers of people that would benefit from training on a topic as travel costs are minimised. It also means that the training can be customised to contain relevant case studies and examples. The EI is running a bespoke version of the Introduction to Carbon Capture and Storage course for Fluor Limited. Helen Kilbride, Process Engineering Manager, explains why Fluor feels the training course is important for their staff: “We believe that inviting external specialists to provide training complements Fluor’s own in-house training and development programmes. A different perspective can assist us to better position ourselves in emerging industry sectors.” The EI is also exploring the possibilities of providing suitable training courses online. A broad international membership means that the EI has reach across the globe and classroom based courses have recently been held in Frankfurt, Budapest, Dubai and Hong Kong. Online courses would provide greater access to training for our international members as well as allowing delegates from the UK and abroad to undertake learning at a time convenient to them and at their own pace.

Mentoring The EI has long offered a service that matches people working towards professional membership or chartership with a mentor to help guide them through the process. The EI is currently reviewing its resources for both mentors and mentees and advertising this benefit more widely to make sure that members know there is support available to them when they apply to upgrade their membership. Mentoring is a relationship between two people where one helps the other to improve their skills and knowledge and develop professionally. Mentoring needs commitment and enthusiasm from both parties and both mentor and mentee should be willing to share experiences and learn from each other. A mentor will listen, ask questions and discuss career plans. Mentoring is not about telling the mentee what to do – it is about helping them to explore their options. The requirements to become a mentor with the EI are holding professional membership grade with the EI, and having an interest in supporting and developing others. The EI will match mentors and mentees that work in similar areas of the industry and support both parties as the relationship progresses. The EI runs mentoring workshops that provide an overview of mentoring for the EI as well as membership workshops that cover upgrading membership to a higher level. Mentoring should benefit both the mentor and the mentee, the mentees receiving focused career development, advice and guidance, and increasing their confidence. Mentors will can use mentoring for their own CPD, increase their professional status and have the satisfaction of giving back to the sector and helping others. Both parties will increase their networks and improve their communication skills. Gopal Srinivasan CEng FEI is a mentor and interviewer for the Energy Institute. He is now retired after a varied career including work with a major chemical company, a design contractor and then over 25 years as an Energy Consultant with Atkins. Gopal has always encouraged colleagues he has worked with to become Chartered Engineers. Now he has taken on his first formal mentee with the EI, a candidate working towards Chartered Engineer status. Their mentoring discussions take place over the telephone and this will continue to be the case now that the candidate is on a project assignment in Saudi Arabia. He believes that the role of a mentor is to provide reassurance to candidates about the professional review process. He tells candidates that the interviewers are not there to catch you out, they want to check that you to meet the eligibility criteria. “Good candidates are able to show they have reached a position of responsibility. They are able to discuss their area of work in the context of the technical and financial needs of their organisation and the wider sector. I’d strongly advise candidates to present their submission in a way that makes it easy for the interviewers to see that all the required competences are covered. Use three or four different examples, don’t provide your entire CV.” If you would like to find out more information about either finding or becoming a mentor please visit

The Energy Institute The purpose of the Energy Institute (EI) is to develop and disseminate knowledge, skills and good practice towards a safer, more secure and sustainable energy system. Offering learning and networking opportunities to support career development, the EI provides a network to all those studying or working in energy, and a scientific and technical reservoir of knowledge for the industry.



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Nothing is cooler than VESTAMID速

VESTAMID速 NRG is ductile even at -50属C VESTAMID速 NRG 1001, a high-performance polymer, can already be found in a total of over 800 kilometers of pipeline. The polyamide 12 made by Evonik Industries has gone into the making of more than 400 unbonded flexible pipes to service the oil production industry. Oil companies have been using these pipes in their offshore projects for years.

Heinen & Hopman Engineering BV

Headquartered in Bunschoten, The Netherlands, Heinen & Hopman is a leading specialist in HVAC systems and has a global client base that it services through its offices and agents worldwide. Within the maritime sector Heinen & Hopman is renowned as an innovative and client-oriented business that provides innovative and bespoke solutions through working in close cooperation with their customers. Eric Stoffelsen is the sales manager for the offshore division which supplies the offshore industry. An employee of Heinen & Hopman since graduating, Eric says: ”It’s a good company to work for. Established in the mid 1960s it is still a family business and has a low staff turnover”. On the subject of Heinen & Hopmans’s offshore operations he continues: ”As Heinen & Hopman, we specialise in providing HVAC systems for the nautical industry, including yacht building and shipyards, the navy, commercial clients, the offshore industry and most recently, offshore windmills. In fact the wind energy industry is now our biggest growth market in the North Sea sector”. Indeed Heinen and Hopman’s success as an industry leader can be attributed in large part to its ability to be flexible in order to meet a client’s requirements, as Eric explains: “Since the global downturn pricing has been our biggest issue, especially as we are having to fight local competition worldwide. As a company we work extremely closely with our clients, getting right into the heart of their business so that we can be a part of their team and offer the best solution to their problem. Within Heinen and Hopman we have a flexible workforce and can easily match the right person to the right problem”.



An example of how this pays off for the company is in its development for a client of an explosion proof compressor, which they have modified to be used in Zone 1 applications. These semi hermetic compressors are mainly used in offshore applications and are the only ones on the market that can be used in Zone 1 applications. Another example is our especially developed Battery Powered Temporary Refuge Unit, which fully complies with the requirements of HSE (Health and Safety Executive) and ISO. This unit is not only sufficient for maintaining pressurisation in the TR area and keeping the accommodation at the  50 Pa. overpressure mark. It also serves as a battery powered HVAC unit. We have poured all our decades of experience in the ERP sector into creating a sealed accommodation that meets all the statutory regulations and much more beside. Newest to market are Heinen and Hopman’s Turbocor Compressors, the world’s first totally oil-free, extremely compact, energy efficient and lightweight compressors. With a focus on the environment and cost savings, the world is looking for HVAC technology that makes a difference in efficiency, sustainability and applicability. While being exceptionally sustainable and compact, they have a long service life due to the absence of mechanical wear surfaces offered by frictionless magnetic bearing technology. Heinen & Hopman is a regular attendee at the industry’s major trade shows, OTC Houston and ONS Norway or Offshore Europe Aberdeen. Eric says: “Visibility is important and the big trade shows are vital for networking. Word of mouth is the key to keeping your business alive and growing”. With the rich history behind the company and a positive outlook for the future, Heinen & Hopman can be assured of their continued place as a leader in the field.



VISIT US IN THE SCOTTISH PAVILLION STAND NO. 1975-7 The Professional Incident Investigation System

Courses Quick Investigation 1-Day Investigator 3-Day Senior Investigator Tutor Development Software Blackbox - for minor incidents Investigator 3 - for more complex incidents Catastrophic incident investigation software Investigation Services Experienced incident investigators Emergency response Investigation auditing

Insights into the investigation of the Deepwater Horizon incident Software demonstrations Tips on how to investigate using the TOP-SET process USA:+1 713 940 0646

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Jan De Nul Group’s Offshore Services For more than 60 years, Jan De Nul Group has executed international dredging and marine projects. Also specialised services for the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy industries are a key part of the provided services. Thanks to a resolute investment policy in its own equipment, the vessels of Jan De Nul Group are the world’s largest and most modern and diverse. All activities, including civil works and environmental services, can be carried out from design to execution, supported by the in-house design department.

Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

These works include, among others, shore approaches for offshore pipelines and cables, such as cofferdams, tunnels and shore pulling, rock installation for the stabilization and protection of pipelines, ballasting of offshore structures, excavating ‘Glory Holes’ in hard clays for wellhead protection at more than 150 m depth and umbilical installation. In 1991 Jan De Nul Group executed it’s very first offshore project for Statoil. The company was in charge of the dredging and backfilling of the trenches and shore approaches of the Zeepipe I. This pipeline runs from the Slepner field in Norway to Zeebrugge in Belgium, transporting natural gas to the receiving terminal. At the time of construction, it was the longest and largest offshore pipeline in the world. From then on Jan De Nul Group non-stop executed dozens of offshore projects related to the oil & gas industry.

Subsea Cable and umbilical installation

Since 2012 Jan De Nul Group extended their activities with the installation of subsea cables and umbilicals. Several vessels were provided with cable installation equipment. The multipurpose vessel ‘Willem de Vlamingh’ disposes of a 5,400 tonnes turntable for subsea cable installation. This dynamic positioned DP class 2 vessel is also equipped with a fall pipe for accurate rock installation at 200 m water depth which makes it possible to execute cable and rock installation simultaneously. The DP2 subsea rock installation vessel ‘Simon Stevin’ and her sister vessel ‘Joseph Plateau’ have large, unobstructed aft decks which are suitable for outfitting with cable and umbilical installation equipment. With a total carrying capacity of 32,500 tonnes of rock and cable/ umbilical materials, also this vessel allows for a unique combination of installation and stabilization/protection works.

Services for the Renewable Energy Industry

Using the Jan De Nul fleet together with the shared ownership of heavy lift vessels, offshore services have been provided to the renewable energy industry including the design and installation of wind farm jackets & gravity base foundations, the ballasting and scour protection for gravity base foundations for offshore windmills, and the installation of inter array and export cables. The projects are executed on an EPC basis. Jan De Nul Group executed the construction of the Karehamn offshore wind farm in the Swedish Baltic Sea. Jan De Nul Group was in charge of the design, construction, transport en installation of the 16 gravity based foundations for the 3 MW turbines. The concrete foundations were constructed on two pontoons in the port of Zeebrugge in a very short period of only 5 months. The pontoons with the finished foundations were towed to Sweden where Jan De Nul Group has prepared the seabed before the arrival of the foundations. Part of the subsea was excavated and replaced by an accurately levelled gravel bed in order to form a uniform layer to support the foundations. The heavy lift vessel ‘Rambiz’, capable of lifting up to 3,300 tonnes, had not the slightest trouble to place the foundations weighing up to 2,000 tonnes on the prepared seabed. To avoid the foundations from moving in case of extremely bad weather, the shaft and caissons were filled with heavy ballast material. To avoid erosion of the surrounding and underlying seabed, a scour protection consisting of rocks was placed all-round the foundations.

26 80





6,500 tonnes

Capacity Turntable

5,400 tonnes

Length o.a.

115.0 m

Inside outer basket diameter

27.4 m


23.0 m

Basket wall height (open structure) 6 m

Draught loaded

5.35 m

Max. speed at inner diameter

900 m/h

Dynamic positioning


Hydraulic driving motors

5 3

Total installed diesel power 8,975 kW Speed

13.0 kn

Loading arm movement degrees of freedom


35 + 24 (optional)

Loading tower tensioner

5 Te


Deck tensioner

10 Te

Built in

INSTALLATION OF SUBSEA CABLES & UMBILICALS Jan De Nul Group ranks at the top of the international marine construction industry. For the installation of large subsea cable systems, our shallow draft multi purpose vessel Willem de Vlamingh is equipped with a 5,400T capacity turntable. With trenchers installed on the aft deck and through accurate rock installation by means of her fall pipe system, she can provide burial and protection for the cable systems without the need for separate equipment mobilisation. Also our fall pipe vessel Simon Stevin, largest in the world in its kind, is equipped with cable installation equipment. With these vessels, Jan De Nul Group offers its clients one vessel solutions for their multifaceted scopes reducing costs for mobilisation and demobilisation. JAN DE NUL GROUP 34-36, Parc dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ActivitĂŠs Capellen I Luxembourg T +352 39 89 11 F +352 39 96 43 I

Fire doors for the marine and offshore industry. Since 1975 Podszuck速 has made fire door protection its speciality and is today one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

Type A30/A60

...only the best should be standard. Hinged and sliding doors with or without glass.

Podszuck GmbH Klausdorfer Weg 163, D-24148 Kiel, Germany Telefon +49 (0) 431/66111-0 Telefax +49 (0) 431/66111-28 Email:


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NOR Shipping (Oslo, 04th - 7th June) KORMARINE (Busan, 22nd - 25th October) OTD (Oslo, 23 - 24th October) rd

ADIPEC (Abu Dhabi, 10th - 13th November)

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Introducing the Seal for Life Industries – the strongest product line in the market combining hightech corrosion prevention, sealing and insulation solutions. Solutions with direct, easy, cost and time-saving applications to protect the integrity of critical infrastructure assets. Seal for Life unites us and runs through all we do – One family, One goal, One Mission – to engineer the best performance based infrastructure solutions on the planet. With a worldwide presence, we can extend the pipeline lifetime anywhere on our planet.

Seal for Life Industries Offices: Gasselterstraat 20, 9503 JB Stadskanaal, The Netherlands Tel. +31 (0)599-696170. Website: Manufacturing sites: Houston - USA, Tijuana - Mexico, Westerlo - Belgium, Baroda - India, Stadskanaal - Netherlands, Dammam - Saudi Arabia


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SGS HORIZON – RESERVOIR AND FIELD SOLUTIONS FOR THE UPSTREAM INDUSTRY SGS Horizon (SGSH) provides the oil and gas industry with comprehensive solutions to solve the many challenges you face during the life cycle of your field. SGSH offers short single discipline evaluations to integrated field reviews, detailed 2D/3D/4D reservoir modeling and petrophysical evaluation, and field development planning through to well engineering and completion design. With extensive experience across tight gas, heavy oil, gas-condensates, EOR, fractured reservoirs, gas and CO2 storage, carbon dioxide sequestration and underground gas storage – SGSH is your answer to solving the evaluation questions of your project from subsurface to surface infrastructure. SGS is globally recognised as the leader in providing services that optimise onshore and offshore oil and natural gas production. Contact us now by email or visit for more information on services from SGS Horizon. Solutions for Oil, Gas & Chemicals that go ON and ON and ON...



Oil, Gas and Shipping Weekly Issue 2  
Oil, Gas and Shipping Weekly Issue 2