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Ultimate WP Blogging Review by tandk | on September 30, 2013 0 Tweet

Ultimate WP Blogging – a Video Review See the video here:

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I am not affiliated with or selling any other product, course or system. This is an unbiased review of Ultimate WP Blogging by Bilal Ahmad. I am here to just give you a review and my opinion. I will highlight the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you want to invest your time, money and effort on this product and whether or not it will help you make money. Please be aware: You do not need to spend your money to make money on the internet. I make very good money online without spending money. If you are interested in making money, without spending your money, see the information provided at the end of the review.

My Review Criteria for Ultimate WP Blogging I am reviewing Ultimate WP Blogging based on whether or not I feel that a beginner will be able to make at least some money once inside the program or at least there is enough valuable content to warrant purchasing the product. There are not a lot of programs that truly deliver on their promises in the Internet Marketing field. In my experience over 90% of these programs simply do not deliver, do not make good on their promises, are a bad fit or are out right scams. It is not my intention here to call anything a scam but I will not shy away from stating if a converted by

product is a bad value..

What is Ultimate WP Blogging? Ultimate WP Blogging is a blogging course which includes Beginners Guide, 30 Days Action Plan, Mind Map, Video Series and Membership Program. Ultimate WP Blogging was developed by Bilal Ahmad. Ultimate WP Blogging is being released on October 1st 2013. The developer claims that the “Ultimate WP Blogging System is a complete A to Z blogging system for newbies and beginners including a step-by-step and the most up-to-date blogging course along with a 30 Days Action Plan (PDF) which will take a complete newbie from Zero to Professional Level. The course starts with the basics (registering a domain name, webhosting DNS etc) and then teaches the advance strategies, proven monetization methods and updated search engine optimization techniques (Penguin, Panda etc).” Cost for the Front end is $47. The 1st Upsell for Ultimate WP Blogging System is a Membership Program that will provide DoneFor-You Services (Blog Installation & Setup, Logo Designing and Technical Support), etc. Cost on the Membership Program is $37/month. The 2nd Upsell is a Video Series where customer will be provided with 23+ Blogging Video Tutorials. Cost on this is $67, or $47 if you get it on the downsell. So the entire program will cost $558 /yr. or $538 of you take advantage of the downsell.

How Do You Make Money With Ultimate WP Blogging? There are 2 ways to make money with Ultimate WP Blogging…. 1. Purchase to program and follow the instruction hoping to duplicate his results. 2. Purchase the program and then sell it for commissions as an affiliate marketer.

Let’s discuss selling it as an affiliate marketer. A week prior to the release of the product, interest at by affiliate markerters is low to moderate. This is Important to know because it tells you that there may not be a lot of competition selling the product. However, several top affiliate marketers have signed on to sell this product. So, there will be some competition however light it will be professional competition. The developer is promising to 75% commissions on the front end offer and 50% recurring commissions on both upsells. Therefore, due to the light interest by affiliate markerters and high commissions this may be worthwhile to sell as an affiliate. He is also offering several thousand dollars as affiliate prizes so interest may increase as we get closer to the launce date. Okay, what about buying it because you think you can learn from it and make money blogging? Well, if the course delivers on everything that it promises it may be worthwhile. $558.00 is a lot of money to spend to find out though. You can make very good money blogging I know this for fact because I do. But going from a beginner to professional in 30 days as the course promises is highly unlikely as there is a lot to learn you want to make money blogging. There appears to be a good deal of valuable content within this system though. This information is actually very good for beginners. It provides a lot of Done-For-You Services such as installation and setup, logo design, plugins, themes and other tools. He takes you from the very basics to domain name selection, step by step instructions for customization, wordpress training, and traffic generation strategies. Bilal does deliver a lot of content with this course.

My Conclusion of Ultimate WP Blogging. I like the content in this course. The developer is certainly trying to deliver value here. No one can dispute that. Making money in the Internet Marketing industry by blogging is a long-term strategy and this may be a place to start. However, $558.00 is a lot of money to spend to learn this lesson. There are easier ways to make money on the Internet and you can even do it for free. You do not need to spend your hard earned money on this program or any other like it. You can get started making money on the Internet without spending a dime and I can show you how. If you have any questions you can contact me at 218-565-3374.

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You do not have to spend money on this or any other product to make money online I would say, in good conscience, after having bought so many of these products myself and wasting thousands of dollars … why invest money in Work From Home Today, or any other product like it, when you don’t have to? There are better ways to make money from home and you can even do it for FREE right here: $1000 my 1st 14 Days and I WAS JUST GETTING STARTED. See Video Proof HERE – If you’re struggling to make money on line, please be aware that you do NOT have to spend money to get help or learn how to make money on the internet: I am using a completely FREE system that is working out fantastic for me. This is a completely free marketing system. You get a the following and we will show you how to use it: FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE


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A Look at Ultimate WP Blogging  

I am not affiliated with or selling any other product, system or course. This is an neutral analysis of Ultimate WP Blogging by Bilal Ahmad....