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Message from the board Dear Reader What began more than 25 years ago as a small student initiative is now one of the largest student organizations at the University of St. Gallen. Today oikos St. Gallen has over 250 members who are passionate to make a change and are speaking up for a more sustainable and promising future in the management of business and economics. By offering conferences, workshops, speeches, action-learning experiences and more, the oikees try to educate, inspire and guide the future leaders to ensure a more sustainable leading style in the years to come. This ďŹ rst published annual report would like to demonstrate the efforts, actions and achievements of oikos St.Gallen in the year 2013 and at the same time provide an outlook on the challenges and tasks we wish to overcome and complete in the future. I would like to congratulate and thank our members and the entire oikos community all over the world, as well as all our supporters, for their passionate work, their friendship and the unstoppable belief in sustainability and oikos. From the oikos Board 2013, Fabienne Meienberger President Fall 2013


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Dear friends of oikos, A big shout out to all our members, alumni, advisers and partners! Thanks to all of them, oikos St. Gallen was able to foster the ideas of sustainability at the University of St.Gallen in an even bigger scale. In 2013, we inter alia have: • Crowded oikos & Pizza’s with a very high level of involvement, created a great space for new ideas and exchange as well as a great opportunity to convince new and interested students to join oikos St.Gallen. • Engaged 80 international students in debates on the functioning of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and sustainable trade during the oikos Model WTO. • “Taught” students the importance of sustainability in the economy, and a huge group of students had the option already during their studies to gain practical experience in consulting. • Increased awareness of the possibilities to engage with sustainabilityrelated topics in the master thesis. • Brought more awareness about the presence of sustainability in the actual university curriculum. • Hosted the oikos Conference 2013 carbon-neutrally.


JANUARY: Launched the initiative oikos Social Entrepreneurship to establish a network of social entrepreneurs. FEBRUARY: Opened an atelier to provide workspace for the growing number of project members. MARCH: oikos St. Gallen members attend the oikos international Spring Meeting in Maastricht. APRIL: Model WTO 2013 a 7 day’s event - 20 WTO experts - 80 international students MAY: First year anniversary of oikos consulting. JULY: Launched a platform for sustainable restaurants and stores in St. Gallen to strengthen the consciousness for sustainable products.

MILESTONES AUGUST: Established the first seminar at the University of St. Gallen that solely focuses on sustainable investment. SEPTEMBER: oikos St. Gallen was represented in the fresher’s week jury by the president. OCTOBER: oikos consulting co-organized a workshop at the WRF at Davos. NOVEMBER: oikos became a member of the newly founded Swiss federation of student organizations for sustainability – VSN FDD FSS. DECEMBER: Introduction of a vegetarian premium menu to the university canteen.




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Distribution of


semester events programs 350 students compensated their CO2 emissions by communiting to the university


22 public events with 1265


year of oikos St.Gallen

1200 beers & 800 pizza

slices offered to students

Partnerships with over


companies and NGO‘s


162 to 253





working hours done by 140 active oikees regular newsletters sent to around



CHF 100‘000 in Over

sponsoring received



lifestyle menus sold

Aroud 1000 paper cups saved per week on campus


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Making the University of St. Gallen a pioneer in the field of sustainability. The oikos Academia aims to provide curriculums that are sustainability related to the students at University of St. Gallen so that they will later enter the society as socially and ecologically aware individuals. Throughout the year of 2013, our initiative has done much brainstorming in order to come up with a realizable plan to bring our goal to reality. One of the landmarks of this calendar year would be our meeting during the spring semester with Prof. Dr. Dyllick. At the meeting many valuable insights were exchanged between our initiative and Prof. Dr. Dyllick on the actual position of HSG in relation to sustainability. He also provided us with some interesting ideas on what role oikos Academia can play as an initiative with regard to these issues. The main challenge that our initiative faces at the moment is the relative inflexibility of the university curriculum. Before coming up with inspiring courses we must first tackle the rigid curriculum system of HSG and acquire more influence to what we can learn and choose as students in this university. The next step our initiative must take is to carry out a detailed and thorough investigation on the students’ demand on sustainability related courses. The data collected from this investigation will then be used as core determinants of how we will shape our strategy for the future of oikos Academia. Project heads: Corinne Duriaux (spring), Fabian Fester (fall)



Making the university campus carbon neutral. Since its emergence in 2009, oikos CNC has dedicated itself to generate direct impact by optimizing university processes and leading HSG onto a path of sustainable development. Our ultimate goal is to make the entire university carbon neutral. Apart from this we also would like to raise awareness of sustainability issues amongst the HSG students. Many groundbreaking events have taken place in the calendar year of 2013. Some especially noteworthy accomplishments include the successful introduction of a life style menu and a climate friendly menu to our university Mensa and our successful attempt in bringing reduction to the usage of paper cups in the B-Mensa. Our 4th compensation campaign also successfully reduced CO2 emissions on campus. In the second half of 2013 our initiative faced 3 major problems, namely the late start of the planning for the compensation campaign (resulting in a lack of sponsors), the lack of attention our videos received and the partially hard criticism of the two mensa initiatives. As for the latter, it is generally difďŹ cult to make taking action look like a fun thing, it requires creativity and unusual approaches which can lead to resistance. Project heads: Roman Burst (spring), Linus Grob (fall)



Informing people since 1987. oikos Conference is an annual two-day forum that provides an interactive environment for students and business representatives to discuss current sustainability issues. Our aim is to provide a well-organized and inspiring conference and to broaden the students’ horizons in the field of an annually chosen topic. The organizing team of the 25th oikos Conference 2013 consisted of 5 students, each being responsible for a certain part of the organizing process. What we have achieved was a great and well-organized conference that brought around 60 students together, a number of experienced speakers in the field of web-based business, interesting companies and of course oikos St. Gallen. This year’s conference has received many positive feedbacks from the participants. The organization of the conference was also very much appraised. The main challenge that we faced was the timing and communication. Our biggest mistake was that the communication in the team as a whole started too late in the process of the preparation of the conference. Also the cooperation with the oikos Future Lab, which took place in the same week, was not well organized. Every year there will be a new team organizing the next conference. Project head: Valerie Rau



Making sustainable businesses more competitive. oikos consulting offers a broad spectrum of consulting services which are well tailored to various clients’ needs. It is a competent partner in solving commercial issues for sustainable start-ups and small enterprises. Meanwhile, the client-orientated consulting projects also support other promising and innovative ideas that add value to society and/or environment. As part of the student organization oikos St. Gallen, about 50 students from the University of St. Gallen with different majors participate in different projects throughout the semester. oikos consulting offers clients academic know-how and students with working experience, who work professionally and motivated on the projects. The great interest of students and clients enabled a very rapid growth of the oikos consulting initiative. Because of this phenomenon, our greatest challenge at hand is to be able to rapidly stabilize and well coordinate the projects this initiative offers. oikos consulting was founded 1.5 years ago and thus is itself still a start-up. There are still strategic issues where we have to decide on which way we want to go. In the longer-term, we want this initiative to successfully establish itself in the consulting market and provide high quality work for our customers and generate added value for them. We also want to continue to grow to give more students the opportunity to participate in oikos consulting. Project head: Gianina Caviezel



Informing people about sustainable shops, bars & restaurants. EcoMap is a platform which allows students, inhabitants or tourists from St. Gallen to find sustainable restaurants, groceries, fashion stores, healthcare and beauty shops, second-hand shops as well as stations for recycling. With our project we want to strengthen the consciousness for sustainable products, which fulfill social, ecological and environmental standards. In the year of 2013, our initiative has found more shops and restaurants that would fall under our criteria of being ecologically and socially sustainable. We also launched our website so that people who are interested in to eat and shop sustainably can find the corresponding shops and restaurants. The biggest challenge we faced this year was to come up with the appropriate criteria to assess what belongs to our category of being sustainable. In the end, with the help of a survey, we have managed to come up with the unanimous and relatively fair criteria that are currently at use. Our aim for the future is to expand the EcoMap by winning more sustainable businesses from St. Gallen for our project. In a next step we would like to expand the EcoMap even beyond the border of St. Gallen by placing stores and restaurants from other cities on our map. In order to achieve this goal we need to have a motivated team, which is willing to gather more interesting stores and restaurants from St. Gallen and beyond. EcoMap also needs to become more financially independent in order to be a long lasting and successful project. Project heads: Julia Weber (spring), Corinne Vogel (fall)



Informing about sustainable business. We from” oikos meets business” are endeavored to bring innovative and sustainability-enhancing companies together with motivated students strived to make an impact. We want to enhance the dialog between companies and students in order to enable innovative solution finding. In order to achieve this we regularly organize workshops and lectures with top firms. In the calendar year of 2013, we were especially active during the spring semester. We organized a workshop with Die Schweizerische Post and had a thrilling lecture held by Dr. Michael Ben-Eli, the founder of The Sustainability Laboratory. During the fall semester we shifted our focus to re-positioning ourselves and therefore hosted a reduced amount of activities. With the university offering a large range of workshops and lectures besides the curriculum our biggest challenge this year was to stand out in this multitude of offers and rethink the positioning of oikos meets business in a big range of projects available within oikos and even more on campus. As a result of the repositioning mentioned above oikos meets business is now working on a cooperation with oikos&pizza in order to present the students of the university interesting guest speakers and workshops. Project head: Maxi Gnad (spring)



Bringing ambassadors, counselors, trade experts and future leaders together. In 2013 oikos Model WTO was looking to enlarge its network with professors and WTO experts. Further collaboration was newly established with the famous Evian Group and some 200 Professors form top universities were contacted around the world. oikos Model WTO offers a unique experience for students to get involved in trade negotiations and face the complex challenges of WTO ambassadors. In a realistic context provided by the World Trade Organization, students are led to define a new and creative framework for sustainable trade. Since 1997, a group of students up to 10 members led the organization of this worldwide famous event. Their tasks consist in fund-raising, simulation design, week operations, managing partnerships and contacting participants. The team members are dedicated to their task over 1 year. The event has gained its reputation over the years in the academic context as well as in the world of professional trade. For the organization of a Model WTO, creativity and continuity are the biggest challenges. With a growing reputation, today oikos Model WTO owns a network of partners to continue improving the level of the negotiations. The first key factor would be to find long-term financial partnerships to allow the event to grow. The second key factor is continuity in the managing team, which could be developed engaging a PhD Fellow Trade partially in charge of the project coordination. In 2014, the edition will already improve the training level of the chairs, dedicating a one-year university course on the topic. Project heads: Frederic Bärtl & Robin Kleiner



Informing oikees and students in a familiar environment. The main purpose of oikos&Pizza is to gather members, newcomers or interested students together in an informal but high-quality environment and have them engage in the social activities with regard to issues of sustainability. The team consisted of changing entities and numbers, but worked well, especially in the strategic development of the concept. With the events our initiative creates, we tried to bring campus issues together and share our ideas of different topics present around the University of St.Gallen. We have achieved a constant ow of interested participants, regular events and positive feedback. The fundamental framework for further development of oikos&Pizza is laid and the 2014 team will try to use this framework to elaborate and reďŹ ne the concept. Our goal of the next calendar year is to bring all of the potential out of the format by combining the existing evening sessions with supplementary sessions at businesses or research centers to achieve more in-depth understanding and training from practical partners. Therefore our biggest next step is to ďŹ nd a major sponsor to accommodate logistics and organizational basics for the events in the oikos headquarter and at practical partner sites. We also need capable team members for coordination and events at the oikos St.Gallen headquarter and for workshops with partners. Next steps will be to create a rigid and capable team equipped with needed resources to build a stable and lasting project concept. Project heads: Thomas Spycher (spring), Pascal Moser (fall)



Generating socially responsible ideas. Our initiative’s vision is to be the platform that empowers and supports students to develop and launch their own Social Enterprise to bring along a positive change in society. oikos Entrepreneurship consists of students from the Master in International Affairs and Governance program, the MBA program as well as the Master in Law and Bachelor in International Affairs. Within this diverse team, the motivation was always high. This initiative’s main purpose and achievement is to raise interest and passion for Social Entrepreneurship amongst everybody. With the founding of this initiative, one of our challenges was to define a clear vision and the according strategy to fulfill it. In addition, the responsibilities of each team member were not clearly defined. Therefore our outlook for the next calendar year 2014 will be first to solve the current not yet clarified issues within our organization and among the team numbers while also to continue raising awareness to the value of Social Entrepreneurship to oikos members and the HSG campus. Financial sponsoring is also necessary. A team of 4 members will also be formed to take over the role of PR, which includes marketing and promotion of our project. Project heads: Severin von Hünerbein (spring), Rahel Mayer (fall)



Making the subject of sustainability more interesting for the students. The oikos Sustainability Thesis Award rewards the best master thesis in the field of sustainability. The prize of 3000 CHF was donated by The Usitawi Network. The award is handed out at the official master graduation ceremony in spring. The project aims to gradually increase the awareness of master students for deeper research in the field of sustainability and the ample possibilities and questions in various disciplines. In the calendar year of 2013, our initiative organized the award ceremony in April and held a workshop in November with 15 participants to go over the organization, promotion, conduct and follow-ups for the next award in 2014. Our initiative aims to continuously improve the concept and effectiveness of the award to provide greater leverage effects, greater impact and to hold annual evaluation in cooperation with The UsitawiNetwork. In 2014, oikos Sustainability Thesis Award would like to have more contacts with companies and networks to offer more opportunities to the participants and to promote and expand the number of workshops and related events. We would also like to grow as an initiative and find more interested members who would like to join this initiative. Finding more sponsors is also in the objectives of 2014. Project heads: Alex Krizan (spring), Peter Worth (fall)



Informing about opportunities.





The vision of Sustainable Investments is to create a mindset for sustainable investment at the University of St. Gallen. By doing so, our initiative can reach out not only to students who are potential buyers of sustainable investment products, but also future bankers and executives. The implementation of our vision is split into two steps: First, we want to create knowledge by establishing a course about sustainable investment at the University of St. Gallen. Second, we want to offer students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in an investment process, which is held under real conditions and considers the criteria of sustainability. During the spring semester 2013 an initial outline was drafted for a university course on sustainable investment. After discussion with several industry experts, we were happy to convince Amandine Favier, former Deutsche Bank trader and now project manager for sustainable finance at WWF Switzerland, to teach the course. Together we developed the detailed syllabus and the course became accepted by the university in November 2013. It will first be taught in the fall semester 2014. During the fall semester 2013 we created a concept for a sustainable studentmanaged investment fund. This concept will now be refined in cooperation with the Zürcher Kantonalbank. This has never been done in Switzerland before and therefore the challenge and main focus of our initiative for 2014 is to implement the student-managed investment fund. Project head: Carl Simon Stauss



Informing about brands that take a different approach to their textiles and materials. Un-Dress is a newly created initiative that hosted its first fashion show in Pfalzkeller in the spring semester at University of St.Gallen. Like all the other initiatives under oikos St.Gallen, Un-dress was created with the aim to bring about awareness of sustainability to the society with a focus on fashion. The second edition of the eco-fashion event was organized by 17 students both from oikos and the marketing club of University of St.Gallen. The goal of the event is to ensure awareness for the students and the general public to the great opportunities and already existing efforts in sustainability in the fashion world. The daylong event consisted of four workshops, a presentation, an exhibition of the 25 attending brands and a fashion show. All of the above was followed by a store-in-store at Globus St. Gallen where one could shop the previously displayed clothes and accessories for three weeks. At the fashion show most clothes and accessories displayed were created by young and regional designers, who are moving along the path of sustainability. The entire event was well visited and highly appraised. The merge of fashion with sustainability was a great success. The fashion show with its 300 to 400 spectators created a great atmosphere, showed the importance of the subject and gave sight to the great interest. The outlook for 2014’s Un-Dress fashion show will be to attract more designers and spectators to really promote the idea that sustainability is “fashionable”. Cooperation with




Looking for Team Spirit & Partners Sustainability will still be a hot topic in business in the year 2014. Even though the awareness has been raised, there is still a lot of ignorance about the implementation and the impact generated of sustainable business. oikos St. Gallen is ready to challenge the future leader as well as the faculties of our university. After one year of restructuration and stabilization, we are prepared to revive and master the future. One important task to succeed is to focus on our strength, which is to be one big and engaged student community. We need to foster the team spirit of all oikees and to involve the currently passive members. The second biggest job is to align our portfolio to the future. We need to improve the existing initiatives to be more attractive and find new ideas to reach more people effectively. The last point is to find new partners to sustain our work also on the financial side. To realise that not yet all and every business is a sustainable one is not a setback for us, but rather a motivation to work even harder and an incentive to further enlarge our community. We are confident for the future of oikos St.Gallen as well as for the future business age, as we have the knowledge of our strength and reliance. “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill


CNC: Monitor & collaborate The next challenges will be to monitor the impact we have created, especially that from the Mensa projects, as well as promoting our videos and establishing a more solid financial plan. In order to reach the next level of its development for CNC, there ought to be closer collaboration with the people responsible for the development of the university’s sustainability strategy, i.e. Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick’s team.

Conference: New team – new topic – new impact The new organization team is ready. We are looking forward to the 26th oikos conference.


Consulting: Successful projects which generate value for our clients In a long-term view we want oikos consulting to successfully establish itself in the consulting market and provide high quality work for our customers which generate added value for them. We also want to continue growing in order to give more students the opportunity to also participate in oikos consulting.


EcoMap: Secure a sustainable future Our aim for the future is to expand the EcoMap by winning more sustainable businesses from St. Gallen for our project. In order to achieve this goal we need to have a motivated team that is willing to gather more interesting stores and restaurants from St. Gallen. EcoMap also needs to get ďŹ nancially independent in order to be a long lasting and successful project.

Model WTO: Financial partners to reach next level First key factor would be to ďŹ nd long-term or middle term ďŹ nancial partnerships to allow the event to grow. The second key factor is to build up continuity within the managing team, which could be developed engaging a PhD Fellow Trade partially in charge of the project coordination.

oikos&Pizza: Integrating community efforts! We’re trying to bring all of the potential out of the format in combining the existing evening sessions with supplementary sessions at businesses or research centers to get more indepth understanding and training from practical partners. It will stay important to collaborate and keep a tight network with potential and actual partners.

Thesis Award: Professionalize the award It is important to have an intensiďŹ cation of contacts to companies and networks to increase the offering of practical master thesis opportunities in the future and to foster the promotion of the Award and The Usitawi Network as sponsor in local and regional media. Furthermore, we would like to expand the number of workshops to one workshop per semester.


Sustainable Investment: When knowledge is put into practice Together with the ZĂźrcher Kantonalbank we created a concept for a sustainable studentmanaged investment fund, which should be implemented in 2014. We are eager to make our initial investment in fall, thereby making a huge step towards a mindset for sustainable investment at the University of St. Gallen.

Social Entrepreneurship: Social Impact Award It is crucial to continue raising awareness and make the project as well as Social Entrepreneurship in general, better known at the University. The next steps in 2014 will be to ďŹ nd many committed and motivated students to join the Social Impact Award, which we will organize at the University.

Un-Dress: 3th Eco-Fasion Event The third edition of the eco-fashion event will take place on the 30th of April. We are looking forward to welcoming all of you at this special event and to ďŹ nding new organization members for 2015.

As you could see, there is no outlook for oikos academia as well as for oikos meets business. Through restructuration and decreased interest from the students to participate or lead those projects they were stopped. However, new initiatives are already being lined up.


MEMBER LIST Aeberhard Jan, Agte Patrick, Ahrend Hauke, Alonso Ingrid, Angeli Johannes, Attlmayr David, Bader Cosima, Bäder Mike, Bartesaghi Laura, Bärtl Frederic, Battula Prasanna, Bauer Samuel, Baumann Marc, Bawer Sunny, Bergmann Svenja, Bianchi Luca, Binder Julia, Birkholz Christoph, Boch Johannes, Boss Gianluca, Braga Margherita, Brotbek Meret, Brown Sophie, Brülisauer Samuel, Bruhin Irene, Brühlmann Sandra, Buechi Felix, Burst Roman, Cahenzli Marcel, Caplazi Peter-Simon, Cau Johana, Caviezel Gianina, Cheng Lili, Cikanek Maximilian, Johann Cochard, Alexander, Costermani Annia, Cranz Philipp, Curtius Hans, Cuzin Olivier, Devasia Jeswin, Disch Manuela, Drasutyte Kotryna, Drittenbass Joël, Dudler Daniel, Duriaux Corinne, Durisch Carla, Egeli Martin, Egle Stefan, El Sangedy Shadi, Engelhardt Mathias, Eppenberger Norman, Fahrni Anne, Caroline, Fauqueux Philippe, Filkova Zuzana, Fischer Elias, Fischer Theo, Fischer Valentin, Fischer Nikolaj, Florian Sophie, Frehner Nadina, Frey Philipp, Frey Nico, Fritz Aurel, Gabriel Joanna, Galijasevic Zana, Gapp Bernhard, Giovannini Marc, Gnad Maxi, Gollarza Hadrien, Greco Boris, Grob Linus, Gütter Robert, Güttinger Michaela, Hamaya Kai-Alvin, Harstrick Isabel, Hartmann Michael, Hartmann Nicolas, Hartmann Manuel, Hauptmann Elena, Hergueta Celia, Herrmann Patrick, Hesseling Alexander, Hieronymi Andreas, Hiss David, Hoehn Lennart, Holenstein Damian, Honegger Angela, Hörwick Maximilian, Huber Christoph, Hubschmid Janine, Huemer Felix, Hunziker Julia, Hunziker Renzo, Hunziker Kurt, Hürzeler Ana, Imwinkelried Tobias, Jakupovic Mirella, Jaray Elisa, Kapp-Schwoerer Maren, Kaufmann Miriam, Kehlenbach Max, Keller Ursula, Keusen Simon, Khandelwal Nikita, Kirschner Marvin, Kleiner Joel, Knechtle Andreas, Kobelt Isabel, Kohler Kevin, Koller Jannick, Kowalewski Ann-Sophie, Kroppen Max, Kubli Silvan, Kuster Simon, Lampe Florence, Land Nadja, Lanfranchi Stefania, Läser Dominque, Lazzeri Maximilian, Leer Maxime, Lin Zhou, Locher Fabio, Lohse Alexander, Lorenz Janina, Loth Alexandra, Lukaszuk Piotr, Lüthi Fortunat, Luu Sang, Ma Jishou, Macharoensak Kunthika, Maibach Noemi, Maidowski Paul, Martin Judith, Matti Nina, Mehra Tobias, Meier Aline, Meier Daniel, Meili Stephanie, Melo Wagner, Meng Regula, Mengelkamp Janne, Menn Gian-Luca, Meyer Rahel, Meyer Andrea, Michel Denise, Miki David, Milova Boryana, Moosmann Maira, Moreiras Cristina, Moser Pascal, Moser Simon, Moser Ramon, Müller Natalie, Müller Björn, Nacht Gian-Marco, Neufeldt-Schoeller Laura, Nosratlu Larissa, Orlov Alisa, Özdemir Rafael Sarim, Pencz Adam, Pfeiffer Simon, Preiswerk Sascha, Preuss Jonny, Raetzo Nathalie, Rath Teresa Sophie, Rau Valérie, Rauber Sarah, Reinhardt Niklas, Reinhart Steven, Riva Sven, Rother Diarra, Ruchat Loïc, Rüegg Katja, Sager Reto, Sargsian Gor, Schädeli Sven, Schaefle Dominik, Schäfer Stephan, Schegg Raquel, Schibler Caroline, Schmaus Patric, Schmid Daniel, Schmid Rebecca, Schmid Nina, Schmied Sandra, Schönauer Marc, Schöner Michael, Schröcksnadel Helene, Schröder Laurens, Schuler Lukas, Schüller Florian, Schürch Diego, Schweighart Felix, Schweizer Caroline, Schweizer Manuela, Senft Andreas, Severoni Gianluca, Sewo Yves, Signorelli Valerio, Skordili Marianthi, Sottas Marion, Spillmann Simon, Spycher Thomas, Stadler Nicolas, Stalder Tobias, Staubli Salome, Stauss Carl Simon, Steck Pascal, Steinbeck Yanick, Stocker Sonya, Studer Aurélia, Tandler Jonas, Tasev Gary, Thouvenin Daniel, Traykova Bogomila, Tröster Sabrina, Tshomba Nina, Tzogiou Christina, Unternährer Martina, Vogel Manuel, Vogel Marius, Vogel Corinne, Vogler Maximilian, Vogt Daniel, von Arnim Philipp, von Hünerbein Severin, von Hünerbein Lukas, von Stieglitz Nadine, Vorherr Viola, Vuilliomet Fabrice, Walker Livia, Walther Marina, Walthert Lorenz, Wang Katja, Weber Julien, Weber Julia, Wenz Daniel, Wettstein Manuela, Wey Marvin, Wigger Roman, Wohlgensinger Simon, Worth Peter, Zeilfelder Vanessa, Zoller Viola, Zürcher Jan.



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oikos annual report 2013