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oikos in short

oikos in short


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Welcome to oikos! We are glad to see you are interested in oikos St. Gallen! oikos offers you, besides very interesting networking and experience in organizing projects, the newest knowledge in the area of Sustainability and, of course, a lot of fun! In this Information brochure, you will find all the relevant facts about oikos. You can see how we are organized, what our objective is, which projects/initiatives we are pushing and how we are related to oikos International (our mother organization).

Why the name ‘oikos’? Economics as the science of household economy (Wirtschaftshaushalt) and Ecology as the science of ecosystems (Naturhaushalt) have their common etymological root in the Greek word OIKOS. The founding members took this name in order to, on one hand, show the common origin of Economy and the Environment as well as to give a hint on a possible solution for the actual tension between economy and ecology. With time, this field of interest became broader including topics of social sustainability (e.g. Social Entrepreneurship).

oikos St. Gallen oikos St. Gallen is a students initiative founded in 1987 and it deals with sustainable development in economy, society and Environment. In order to make people aware of the principle of Sustainability, we inform us actively about the actual challenges and discuss innovative and futureoriented solutions. Our aim is to sensitize the future decision makers about these issues in Economy and Society. Since 1988 oikos St. Gallen organizes the oikos Conference which, among others, constituted a founding stone for the Institut für Wirtschaft und Ökologie (IWÖ-HSG) as well as the Network for Sustainability and Management ÖBU ( which counts

oikos in short

with more than 400 associated companies to this date. Later, oikos St. Gallen members established the oikos Foundation in 1990 and oikos International in 1998. Currently, 35 oikos Local Chapters at universities in Europe, Asia, Africa and America walk the talk towards sustainable economics and management at their faculties and universities (July 2012).

Our activities in short. oikos St. Gallen is currently dedicated to the following projects: Main Projects •

oikos Conference: Intended to maintain contact with the ‘outside’ through figures from business, science, politics and public life. oikos Model WTO: A simulation of the WTO’s conference of ministers held in St. Gallen and Geneva for students of the whole world. oikos CNC (Carbon Neutral Campus): An initiative to raise awareness of climate change with the medium-term goal of achieving a CO2 neutral campus. oikos Consulting: Advices start-ups in the Sustainability area and aims to create a network between students and investors. oikos Fund: A program that deals with sustainable forms of financing.

Projects in collaboration with other Associations •

GoBeyond: Aims to show the HSG students (mainly IA oriented) the attractiveness of alternative carreers.

Other Projects •

oikos Sustainability Thesis Award: We award a prize of CHF3000 for the best master's thesis on Sustainability at the HSG.


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oikos meets Business: Students receive in the form of workshops with companies an insight of their sustainability activities. oikos Academia: Contributes to the process of making the HSG a pioneer in the field of sustainability and forming the students to become active protagonists of a social and ecological economy by proposing changes to the Curriculum of the university.

Social oikos & Pizza: Our regular themed networking events with Pizza and Beer!

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Organizational chart of Executive Board

Nikolai Räber (SUI) Vice President

Roberto Fresard (CHI) Marketing

Advisory Board

Dr. Arthur Braunschweig CEO E2 Management

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Dario Pirovino (SUI) President

Linus Grob (SUI) Community Mgmt.

Alok Alamban (IND) Finance

EB Support

Project members

Ronny Kaufmann Leiter Beziehungen Politik und Wirtschaft, Die Post; Studienleiter Public Affairs Management (HWZ)

Prof. Dr. Christoph Frei Titularprofessor für Politikwissenschaft; Programmleitung M.A. IA (HSG)

Dr. Joan Davis

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick Direktor des Instituts für Wirtschaft und Ökologie (HSG)

Prof. Dr. Claude Siegenthaler Associate Professor Hosei Universität Tokio

Nina Hug oikos PhD

Dr. Alois Flatz Managing Partner Zouk Ventures

Dr. Sabine Poralla HR AGCO Int. GmbH

Fabio Locher Business Support

Prof. Dr. Beschorner

Leiter Institut für W-Ethik (HSG)

Beatrice Fässler PR & Communication

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oikos St.Gallen Model WTO

students for sustainable economics and management

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Mathias Mettler oikos 25 years jubilee

Nadja Land oikos 25 years jubilee

• • • • • • • • •

Roman Burst (PL) Johannes Angeli Helen Stratmann Markus Gantner Piotr Lukaszuk Sabrina Tröster Christina Gantner Michael Schöner Daniel Schmid

• • • • • • • • •

Adrian Maritz Jasmin Wachter Florian Schmidt Christoph Widmann Hadrian Gollarza Aurelia Studer Sandra Schürmann Daniel Dudler Liv Lichtenfeld

St.Gallen oikos & Pizza

students for sustainable economics and management

• Stefan Kaltenbach (PL) • Kolleg Essig

• • • • • •

Fredrik Bärtl (PL) Robin Kleiner (PL) Gabriel Züllig Amanda Amman Chintan Jadwani Aurelia Fäh

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• • • • •

Miriam Kaufmann (PL) Sascha Bianchi Marc Tilly Fabienne Meienberger Paula Debek

• • • • • • • • •

Beat Gratmann (PL) Livio Arpagaus Alisa Orlov Jishuo Ma Maximilian Kremer Simon Pfeiffer Simon Stauss Simon Kuster Johannes Moll

• • • • • • • • •

Gianina Caviezel (PL) Andreas Mazzone Andrea Forrer Kassandra Bucher Chris Shuster Miriam von Gunten Pascal Steck Livia Walker Nico Fry

Sarah Rauber

• • •

Michael Amstalden Simon Jäger Philippe Buser

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• Katharina Meyer • Kim Poldner • Simona Staub*

vacant 1 IT


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#$"1*'$#+230+#"#$%&'%()* *43'35&4#+%'1+5%'%6*5*'$

• Alex Krizan (PL) • Moritz Schärrer • Kotryna Drasutyte

• Tobias Immwinkelried (PL) • Beatrice Fässler • Maxi Gnad • Kevin Sprecher

• • • •

Fabian Ferster (PL) Martina Unternährer René Grünenfelder Nikolai Räber

• • • •

Noemi Heusler (PL) Fabio Locher Xiaoou Dong Maren KappSchwoerer • Florian Kunz • Tobias Uthe • Corinne Duriaux

In cooperation with ! 1: Marketing Club HSG ! 2: AIESEC St. Gallen italic = non oikos members

Date: June 2012; Members total: 198; Active Members: 70

oikos in short


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Project overview On the following pages every oikos project is described in more detail. For all of them we have provided the e-mail of the project leader so that you can contact her/him if you are interested in taking part of it. Don’t hesitate!

oikos Conference The oikos conference is an integral part of the oikos St. Gallen agenda. It takes place once a year for two days. Last year's conference theme: "Profits without hunger and thirst" attracted more than 100 students and was able to recruit renowned companies such as Unilever, the Boston Consulting Group and the Swiss Federal Post. This year, the oikos conference deals with the topic: "Commodity Trade – Focal point Switzerland". The objectives of the oikos conference are to raise the students’ awareness for the subject and to identify innovative and sustainable approaches to master the complex challenges of the specific industry. The oikos conference sees itself as a platform that is aimed at a dialogue between students, academics and companies. Oikos conferences are organized by a team of 5 students working on the topics content & speaker, marketing & logistics and finance & sponsors. Contact: Miriam Kaufmann,

oikos Model WTO (in English) The oikos Model WTO is an international event with 70 (2012) students simulating the regular World Trade Organization minister conferences.

The oikos Model WTO does not only imitate the negotiations of the current WTO working programs but also aims at anticipating future negotiations. While keeping the political reality in mind, constructive, innovative and possibly unconventional solutions and compromises for current economic, ecologic and social challenges should be worked out. Contact: Frederic Bärtl,

oikos CNC The initiative oikos Carbon Neutral Campus (CNC) aims to sensitize on the topic of climate change at the University of St. Gallen and tries to make the campus itself more ecologically sustainable. The team works on a the basis of a carbon footprint that analyses the various sources of emissions and was presented to the university in 2010. Besides a climate strategy in cooperation with the university management, CNC is also developing its own projects. Inter alia, we are offering students to compensate their commuting emissions in the context of a climate week. In spring semester 2012, the mensa offered a climate friendly lunch (organic, regional, seasonal) due to a CNC initiative. For the next semesters, oikos Carbon Neutral Campus wants to further extend its presence on the campus to sensitize students and move the university towards a better ecological footprint. Contact: Roman Burst,

oikos welcomes selected international students to a week of stimulating negotiations on the most pressing issues the world trading system is facing today. The five day program in St. Gallen and Geneva enables our participants from all over the world to develop a deeper understanding of both gains and problems of global trade.

oikos in short


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oikos meets Business

The main objective of the initiative Go Beyond is to show our students alternative career options. By alternative careers, we mean those, which do not belong to banking, consulting or management. These careers are mostly related to the public sector inside profit-and-sustainability-oriented companies and NGOs.

oikos meets Business was founded for the reason that many students demanded to deal with sustainable and practical oriented challenges in business. Twice per semester, oikos meets Business organizes a workshop for selected students to have a practical insight into the sustainable activities of companies. By doing that, oikos meets Business desires to spread the thought of sustainability at the University of St.Gallen. The target group is students of every level who are interested in sustainability. The content and the form of the workshops are variably arranged in agreement with the respective coordination partner. To round off the event, everybody is invited to an aperitif.

All these professions have the dealing with social issues and the solution of societal problems as the fundamental part of their businesses. The Go Beyond initiative combines various Associations of the HSG who are interested in these topics, namely: SHSG Studentenschaft, AIESEC, CIVIC, The Hub Zurich and oikos St. Gallen. Contact: Noemi Heusler,

oikos Sustainability Thesis Award The oikos Sustainability Thesis Award is the prize for the best Master thesis written at the HSG in the area of sustainability. The prize has been awarded in March 2012 for the fifth time. The prize money of 3,000 CHF has been sponsered by the UsitawiNetwork Zurich which cooperates with oikos St. Gallen since 2008. The aim of the project is first, to encourage students to deal with the topic of sustainability, and second, to raise the awareness of professors and lecturers for this topic. Furthermore, the project aims at increasing the visibility of oikos St. Gallen at the HSG. High-quality Master theses from all fields (Business Administration, Economics, International Affairs, Legal Studies) are eligible for participation in the competition. An interdisciplinary jury choses the master thesis which will be awarded. The oikos Sustainability Thesis Award is the first and only academic prize at the HSG that has been initiated by a student organization. Contact: Alex Krizan

oikos in short

Contact: Tobias Imwinkelried,

oikos Fund The oikos fund – project aims to build up a bridge between sustainability and finance investment. It is offering students from the Universtity of St. Gallen the unique chance to participate in an investment process, held under real conditions and considering the criteria of sustainability. Besides the capital market business, the funds´ administration offers students the possibility to work on areas such as Strategy & Management, Law & Compliance within financial market companies, Accounting & Controlling and Marketing & Sales. At the moment, oikos fund is in a development phase. Various optional ways of realization have been considered and are thought through right now. Meanwhile a business structure and the fundamental investment process have been developed as well. During this elaboration phase, the basic know-how shall be acquired by working together with project-partners out of the financial sector. Until the end of 2012 fall semester, the build-up of infrastructure as well as the accreditation of the “oikos-fund” are going to be finished therewith the simulation during the 2013 spring semester can be started. The first financial investment is planned for 2013 autumn semester.


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Contact: Beat Gartmann,

oikos Consulting oikos consulting is a competent consultant for start-ups. Promising technical ideas are enriched by an economic approach and thus made attractive for investors. We are a reliable partner for social venture capitalists by supporting the search for possible projects and by assessing the feasibility of exciting ideas. Central to this is our network and the resulting matching process between start-up and investor, which is what distinguishes oikos consulting. By setting up courses, seminars and events at the University of St. Gallen, students are familiarised with the topic and brought together with industry partners. Students of the University of St. Gallen therefore create a platform with expertise and a network around the social venture capital industry and exchange existing and new knowledge with fellow students.

oikos Academia The initiative "oikos Academia" contributes to the process of making the HSG a pioneer in the field of sustainability and forming the students to become active protagonists of a social and ecological economy. In order to provide the students with the necessary competences, appropriate educational offerings shall be created. The mid-term goal of this project is a comprehensive analysis of the present educational offerings and the demand for correspondent lectures. Basing on the findings from these analyses we will develop a strategy to synchronize the offering with the requirements of a changing economy as well as the needs of our students. In the long run, this means that sustainability is integrated into core courses, but additionally new lectures are created which provide knowledge about specific fields of sustainability to interested students. Contact: Fabian Ferster,

The aim is to have drawn up the platform for oikos consulting in summer 2012, so that we are able to begin with the actual work and advice to our clients in fall 2012. By 2013, oikos consulting should be known by both students and investors and have built up a solid network. By the end of 2014 we want to be established in the consulting market and start planning large events. oikos consulting is a student organization combining practice knowledge and academic experience. The benefits of being part of oikos consulting are to gather practical experience in active consulting, the organization of events, the management of projects and the opportunity to build a network beyond oikos consulting. In addition, there is the possibility to be credited with campus credits for time-intensive work according to individual agreement. We welcome interested and committed people. If you like to receive further information or if you would like to be a part of oikos consulting, you should not hesitate to contact the project leader. Contact: Gianina Caviezel,

oikos in short


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Social oikos&Pizza Open for oikees and non-members as well, these meetings structured by topics perform several essential functions for oikos St. Gallen.

Why oikos? Amanda Ammann (Miss Switzerland 2007 and Model WTO member)

Not only do they serve meditating and debating on sustainability challenges together with the invited expert, but also do they foster the regular contact and exchange between our members and settle a certain routine. Furthermore, these evenings provide the opportunity to establish direct contact (also for the future) with the invited speakers, be it experts, advisors or alumni. oikos & Pizza, with its interesting presentations and subsequent discussions, serves as a regular and familiar space that continuously attracts potential members. Culinary highlight is free pizza for every participant! Contact: Stefan Kaltenbach,

oikos in short

“oikos offers the students a suitable frame to discuss the challenges in economics, society and the environment in order to find sustainable future-oriented solutions. It is not only the sound work within the projects, like the Model WTO, but also the rich network of international students and experts that makes oikos so worthy. Through oikos I could establish interesting contacts and collect valuable experience.“


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oikos International oikos is represented worldwide by more than 30 local chapters and counts with more than 1000 active members. These conditions help building a strong and successful network of young students and experienced Alumni of the Practice as well as the Academic worlds.

oikos International, our ‘umbrella’ organization, is managed by its Executive Board (formed by chosen members of every active chapter) as well as by PhD. Fellows and an international Advisory Council. Financially and Institutionally, oikos International is supported by the ‘oikos Foundation’.

The international networking is reinforced by 2 yearly meetings (oikos Spring Meeting and oikos Autmn Meeting) which are organized every time by different chapters.

If you would like to get to know more about oikos International, its local chapters or the oikos Foundation, please refer to:

Each local chapter is an independent Entity with its own statutes which comply with the oikos Consitution. F/G7L4E"+@. C+@8#./,+



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The oikos Organization


oikos in short


oikos in short  

English version of the 'oikos Kompakt'

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