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Issue 1 - Summer 2012

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The Conversational Monologue Yo!! So if you happen to have obtained one of these you must be at “theCool Collectives Networking Event”. Welldone, You defo made the right choice ! UK cultures and underground talent shoud be celebrated at any given opportunity as it’s a representation of what we are and we should be proud of it. theCool‘s aim is to be a consistent, creative, and concise source of information on all that is fashion, music and creativity in the UK. Focusing on the great deal of talent that the UK has to offer not only the nation but to the world. theCool looks to be a platform for up and coming, emerging, underground and established brands, to share the same playing field whilst informing YOU the readers of the latest events, releases and plans of all your favourite creatives. theCool Collectives Event aims to physically showcase these creatives and create a space for “Celebrating, Communicating and Connecting” with people who share the same visions and want to see more UK talent in the limelight. Hope you enjoyed today, and spread the word because the next one’s gonna be mad! ...and remember we, Celebrate, Communicate and Connect UK stand up!

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Sev*nfold WHYME London Mad Dogs & Englishmen 4Love&Money

SEV*NFOLD So What’s so special about the number 7? Seven is such a beautiful number. It means a lot but not too much. There are seven colours in the rainbow, and white light is split into a spectrum of seven colours, it’s seen as a divine number by holds so much meaning, it means a lot, literally, it’s all about abundance and life. Describe SEV*NFOLD’s dream girl? What does she do? How does she exist in the wild wild West? I think SEV*NFOLD’s dream girl would be someone like M.I.A. Confident in all her convictions, creative to the core, not afraid to just be. And that’s how she survives and exists, just being herself and doing what she wants to do to make her world a better place. What do you think about the female role in the streetwear scene? As in life, I think females are often eye candy and accessories in a very male driven environment. There are definitely some amazing pioneers within the scene like Carmella Ehke (Triple 5 Soul), Claudia Gold (Claw Money), Leah McSweeny (MTTBNYC), Lanie B (Hellz Bellz), but we are few and far between. But when ladies do their thing, they do it properly, none of this half baked stuff you see with some labels. Send a message to the young women of this generation, I’ll help you start it: “Dear 21st century girl dressed all natty in the dopest SEV*NFOLD gear,... What do you really want to do? Do it. Life is too short to sacrifice your dreams and desires for an easy ride or to appease others and their expectations. Go out and really live, don’t just consume, you’ve got so much to give so don’t be selfish. How are you gonna change your world? You don’t have to be an Eco-warrior, or nouveau Mother Theresa - but if you wanna do that, that’s kool! We each have an opportunity to leave a legacy in whatever form we choose, don’t waste it babes. You are the pinnacle of creation. So create.” theCoolCollectives

Does music play a special role in the SEV*NFOLD blueprint? Music gives so much life. It’s so inspiring. It helps create a vibe in the SEV*NFOLD studio so during the designing process there will be something playing that will create a vibe, help channel the attitude. It’s mad, I’ll be designing something and imagine how it will look in this music video, or if that music artist was wearing on stage performing that song. 80’s 90’s or 00’s? 90’s definitely. But 00’s come in at a close second. The fashion was a bit whack in 00’s but the music was dope. I was born at the very end of the 80’s so I don’t remember anything about it, apart from some of the 80’s cartoons that still came on TV in the early 90’s.


Three favorite artists right now? We’ve got our #WUWEDNESDAY hash tag on Twitter, I always look forward to Wu Wednesdays, so Wu Tang Clan is a definite. M.I.A. - she can do no wrong I swear, and we’re so big on female rappers, it’s hard to choose one but I’ve personally been bumping a lot of Brianna recently. She gets me pretty gassed.

“Follow all your convictions to their logical conclusion, that’s my motto and that’s what I’m tryna do!” Leather Platforms, Doc Martens or Creepers? Dr Martens always. Stomp, stomp, stomp. So British. If you could go back to a certain decade and dress a particular artist or group who would it be and why? Oh my gosh – that questions makes me really excited! It would be the 90’s and either TLC or Aaliyah. theCoolCollectives

What’s Summer saying for the SEV*NFOLD wardrobe? It’s frigging bright. Technicolour even. We’ve got our juicy selection of tee’s, and they just remind me of Skittles and Refreshers and all those sweets you used to OD on as a child. We’ve also got our nail wraps as well, which are proving really popular. Just waiting for the weather to stop being so schizophrenic so I can really stunt on these fools.

Personal Info Jendella Hallam. Creative Director & Photographer. Contact Info : @SEVNFOLDLDN


wHY me? What’s the WHYME? journey really saying though? Talk us through the vision. Well we started whyme back in 2008 me and Simon wanted something for our selves theres not much for you todo living in woolwich growing up as a teenager so with our hearts fully into street art and graffiti we started designing T-shirts we had no clue into what street wear was at the time I was only 16. 2 years on in 2010 I had enrolled in art college with the help of a technician I really started to push whyme? as a brand rather than a local T-shirt label. Throughout 2010 & 2011 we started to release more regularly with more thought into our design and started to cater for a specific niche audience. Moving on Last month whyme picked up its first UK stockist, The dirty girl Boutique in Leeds they are currently stocking our city life collection which consists of tees, fleece, work man shirt, hoods beanies and snapbacks. Our SS12 collections drops May the 1st, our summer collection sees whyme? further its journey into cut and sew releasing a range of pocket T-shirts 5 panel hats and tye dye accessories. Our plan for 2012 is to push whyme? as much as possible and expand our collections into more stores.


Any thoughts on the state of UK street wear scene right now? Erm, I think its growing really well, its hard to compete with the bigger American labels with stockists always sourcing in brands from over seas but there is definitely a lot of talent coming out of the UK at the moment. Trapstar are definitely really flying the flag, I cant even count how many times I’ve seen images uploaded to the net of Rihanna sporting Trapstar like it was the only clothes she has! so thats a massive look. I think for UK labels to grow and be able to compete with the other American brands flooding the UK market products and collections really needs to be on point. Im seeing good things happen from brands such as Dark Circle, Ichiban, Play dot Apparel and also 4 love and money. A couple more years when brands like these are fully developed who knows how strong the UK market may look. Where do you feel you fit in? Whyme? is a brand really focusing on delivering clean, classic and easy to wear street apparel with our target audience growing in age we are now starting to really think about what street wear is and how we can keep that aesthetic in every collection. A lot of brands take inspiration from 80’s hip hop, and current trends within the street wear market. We are trying to differate slightly focusing on the skater aesthetic taking inspirations from films such as lords of dog town fully looking into the identity of skating as a sub culture and seeing how we can merge that with our london city up bringing. So as for fitting in I think we are starting to move away from the group of loud prints, slogans and mean less collections but starting to gather a growing reputation for expanding in design and products. What would you say to other new brands , and designers coming up right now? I would suggest to do some market research I started whyme? at a time were street wear wasn’t as popularised within the UK as to what it is now everyones trying to create the next big label so think about your objectives why your releasing what you are, and if you answer them questions and people understand the concept im sure you’ll find your feet. But preparation is Key I would say the first 2 years of Whyme? we was really just testing the waters, So allow your label time dont rush it.


Who has influenced your journey so far, are there any brands you’d like to S/O? If i didnt get involved with the Ugly Kids Club back in 08 i dont think it would of sparked what me and simon have now, so shouts out to the UKC lot i dont no what there all doing now but safe ! Favourite tune on replay this week? My favourite tune this week and i have on right now as im answering your question is The question - Mac Miller Ft Lil Wayne from macs lastest free mixtape Macadelic. And if its not that then its Jaeger Music from Piff Gang. What you got for us this Summer? This summer we will be dropping 2 collections our first one playing on current trends really heavily camo influenced the second you’ll have to wait and see ! Beenies, Snapbacks or Fitted? Definitely snapback but i do where beanies, dont do fitted caps ever since nu era ripped one of our designs ! But thats another story.


What creps you been wearing recently? Oooo the kick game is rather healthy after my trip down to crepe city in shoreditch a couple months back ive been living in a pair of Jordan retro 7s the black ones, there dark ! BMX, Skateboard, or Teman ? Team Skateboard !

Personal Info Charlie Lacey- Lennox Brand Owner /Designer /Creative Director Contact Info : @ whymelondon




Do Englishmen really detest a Siesta? No we dont , however, opportunity for a siesta comes very rarely so we grin and bare it throughout the colder months but when summer comes we take any opportunity to get outside and revel in the warmer climate. Why Mad Dogs & Englishmen? The name derives from the old English saying ‘only mad dogs and englishmen go out in the noonday sun’ this saying really kept with me and i felt it added to the Britishness of the brand . Describe the dream MD&E man. He is an individual who takes pride in his appearance and one who dabbles with the past, he allows himself to experiment with an ease of professionalism and a deliverance of pure innovation. If you could, what Englishman would you dress, and why? I dont really know to be honest , I would enjoy dressing a great deal of individuals as i enjoy the factor of applying my own garments to ones look, so i cant really pin point a specific individual . How does fashion contribute to or assist the lifestyle behind the brand? Fashion , within men , is overlooked in my opinion for it seems that a number of publications , brands e.t.c dont actually understand that men do take pride in their appearance. I feel there is this stereotype that lingers over males that they should be masculine and not care about the way they look for it then demoralises their ancestral roots (hunter gatherer) So to me fashion is a vocal point in my brand as i want men to be able to become far more confident in their appearance, be experimental and different - you no longer need to confide in same old same old. Penny Loafers or Dr Martens? For me the Doc Marten is the one as it delivers a statement in your outfit - not one of social disapproval but one that shows your ability to apply a work mans boot to an outfit that is deemed smart for it works as its a versatile piece of footwear.


Trench Coat or Macintosh? Trench coat , for its historical content is enough for it to be accepted throughout fashion, and its part of my collection haha. What’s the ultimate theme tune to your collection? Well i have rather an eclectic taste in music but if i was to sum up the brand with one tune it would be Ocean Colour Scene Hundred mile high city. Apple Fritter or Gordon’s Gin? Gordons Gin all the way. Vespa or Aston Martin or Land Rover choose 1! Vespa .

Who and what are your main inspirations ? the main inspirations are the Guy Ritchie British cult films ‘SNATCH’ & ‘LOCK STOCK’ both films compliment the south east london look - a look which i hope to recreate within my brand and one that i feel will go on for decades. As this is your first collection what can we expect from you in the near future? Well my garments shall be on sale for A/W 2012 2013 ver soon then ill shall start planning my S/S collection which will include elements of the AW collection but it will display a number of new patterns and tailoring which can be worn throughout the siesta months haha . theCoolCollectives

“the main inspirations are the Guy Ritchie British cult films ‘SNATCH’ & ‘LOCK STOCK’ both films compliment the south east london look - a look which i hope to recreate within my brand and one that i feel will go on for decades.” Personal Info Matt Busbridge Brand Owner/ Creative Director / Stylist Contact Info : @buzza90


4 Love & money Firstly , from the bedroom to the Fabric? Talk me through that one ... Yeah that phrase always gets folk smiling. Basically it just sums up the design process of the brand. The ideas are created on my computer in my bedroom and are then realised and brought to life on the fabric when I screen print them myself in the studio. And it’s not robbed off the SB TV documentary neither! I’ve been using the phrase for a few years still. Now, “For Love & Money” is that the reason? Yeah that’s pretty much it in a nut shell. When you break it down, most things you do are for love or for money. There are some lucky people out there who get to do both at the same time. One day I’ll be one of them! Earlier this year I launched the first in a series of videos in which I explored the concept with other creative people. First up was the straight talkin’ DJ Snips. The guy is mad knowledgeable about hip hop. I learnt so much on the day of filming. >> How important are graphics and design in terms of Streetwear clothing? This is a bit of a mad one to me. On one hand I think it is massively important that your graphics and design is on point, as the market is saturated, so you need to stand out. But then on the other hand, some brands have made it big without taking much care in this department, they have got their brand identity right and sold people a lifestyle that they want to buy into. To me graphics and design will always be key, as I think it is easier to engage people in the long run with your brand if you stuff looks hot! Tell us about your print background My print background is a bit strange really! I only clocked onto just how long I’ve been working with printing real recently. From GCSE days through to Art College I was experimenting with different types of printing, like vinyl and pressure printing etc. After that I got real digital for my degree, but a couple years after uni I randomly started a screen printing weekend course that led to an M&A. A year in, the course was cut due to the uni budget, so I started to save up for my own equipment and get a plan together of what I wanted to do. Last January I started up again, launching in July.


Women , Trainers, Love or Money, pick one! Women, they keep you warm at night! Air Max 1’s or Air Max 90’s ? 90’s Blazers or Air Force 1’s? Blazers, but I spied a couple of AF1’s recently that I could mess with. What music genre would you best say suits the 4Love&Money brand? A lot of people might assume that it’s hip hop, and whilst I am listening to more hip hop these days, it is and always will be Grime. I’ve been spinning grime since day one and the lyrics influence my design hugely. More evidence of this will come to light in future collections… Another reason why grime best suits my brand is because when it first came out grime was described as a stripped down, DIY style of music and I feel my designs and the way I do things echo this ethos.


Do you think any degree of commercialism is needed in the streetwear scene? Arguably commercialism is what has helped streetwear become such a global phenomenon. I think its helped in shining a light on smaller brands who are doing their thing and forced people to improve the product they put on the street. Everything has to be as criss as you can do it, or you’re not gonna stand out. The downside is that it has led to a lot of average to poor brands starting up, but whether they have the heart and staying power for the game is unknown.

“When you break it down, most things you do are for love or for money. There are some lucky people out there who get to do both at the same time... One day I’ll be one of them!”


In terms of the social networking mediums and technology, how important is it to you to be connected in all the right ways? Social media is the main way you build your brand now. You have to be on point and constantly looking for innovative ways to use it to engage the market. I reckon you have to be careful with how much you use it though. We live in an age where we are just bombarded with information 24/7. This means you’re actually absorbing less of what you read and see. You can’t just spam people’s newsfeed and timeline’s all day everyday with “buy my stuff”. You have to find ways to engage with people and get them to spread the message for you. Getting a good network of blogs that you can drop lookbooks and previews to is a big help. As much, as tumblr is becoming a bit played out these days, the way an image of your collection can spread in one day through the simple reblog is nuts! What are we patiently waiting for from 4love&Money this summer? This summer I’m dropping my biggest collection so far with 4 men’s tee’s, 2 women’s, 2 hoodies (you can’t rely on the English weather!) and 3 snaps. There also a couple other surprises in there too, but i’m not gonna reveal just what they are yet. I’ll be selling some of the new collection at Streetfest on May6th. With the full collection going live in June. So if you wanna get dipsed ahead of everyone, you best make it down! And whilst its not clothing related. There’s gonna be a big 1st year b’day bash. If you came to the launch party, then you know I come with the ill line ups! Anyone you wanna shout out? Yeah I wanna shout out Nate and all the Ruby Pseudo fam, they been supporting me since day dot, so I got mad love for them. I wanna shout all the UK brands doing their thing right now, we got a good movement going and everyone who’s bought any of my stuff and who will be doing so in the future! Stay with me, its gonna be an interesting year

Personal Info Dinesh Owner/Creative Director Contact Info : @ 4loveandmoney


it’sNate Kitty Cowell Rivah Kray

It’sNate? Is it really? School us, talk us through the acronym. It is, it didint start off as a came about naturally, if I rang someone up and they didint know who it was, i’d be like “itsNate,” and slurr the two words together. The acronym came as a name for the first mixtape, Never Ask Take Everything, which came from the idea of taking opportunities. I got a next tape that follows the same idea coming out, but I flipped it a little. So from Never Ask Take Everything to Suede Jones , has there been a transition ? If so what’s it been like? I wouldnt say there’s been a transition,Suede Jones is a mood, a good one a smooth one. It’s just chilled nice music. There’s a Suede Jones in all of us. Let the ladies know, who is Mr Suede Jones ?? If they want to know they should get the tape shouldnt they, and all will be revealed...

What would you say has been the biggest stepping-stone for you in terms of progress and exposure? I don’t know you know, supporting Mac Miller and Stalley was great, as was getting played on GIles Peterson. theCoolCollectives

It’sNAte In terms of Music and Fashion how would you say the combination works for it’sNate as a brand? I would say the music is good, so is the fashion, I’m into my streetwear and skate stuff , the Supremes, Hufs, Carhartt , 10Deep and all that stuff, I like to be casual with it. It doesnt take me long to get dressed at all. My staple stuff is a uniqlo shirt and a pair of jeans I’m not fussy. So lets do a quick throw back session, Avirex or Schott? I wanted both, never had both.. I’d take a woolly AVI though. Timberlands or Air Force 1’s? AF1’s Converse or Cortez’s? Cortez all day, But Chucks will never die. Would you say there is a lifestyle behind the music you produce? Course there has to be, or where does it stem from...I’d say it stems from my own, thats all I can reflect. What MC’s would you say have influenced your flow? Kano, Grafh , Wretch32 , T3 and Elzhi... I get little bits from everywhere you might hear a bit of Busta sometimes or Luda.. I like a lot of rappers for different reasons, but I like flipping tones and stuff.

Personal Info Nate. Artist/Rapper It’sNate Contact Info : @whosnate


KITTY COWELL Your latest mix tape is called ‘13’and comes with 13 free tracks, why 13 in general? I just like the number 13, i like the ‘lucky/unlucky’ thing and the fact that in tattoo culture we treat it as a lucky number/day and every friday 13th is treated as a special day in tattoo studios. I decided I had 13 songs I was really happy with and then realised a friday 13th was happening so I just ran with it! You also released it on Friday 13th April any chilling misfortunes come your way or was there a twist of fate with the 13 free tracks? It was the best day! We had a pre party in my drummers tattoo studio and everyone got 13 tattoos then we had a release party in a club and it was just awesome! All good vibes lucky 13 was the vibe! Out of the 13 tracks, which do you like the most? ‘I Wanna Be’ is a fave of mine and seems to be getting good feedback from people, it is also the only one I fully wrote/produced myself which is exciting. I also really like ‘That Girls Got Swag’ which features my friend Daniel Gouk singing- he’s awesome! How has your journey been so far as a female MC in the UK, and in such a male dominated industry? It’s a struggle just because people give you more hassle just for being female, but to me it makes no difference; I’m just doing something I enjoy male or female who cares. I just roll with it man, I do my own thing and enjoy myself. What do you think about the underground scene in the UK? It’s where I live, I love it, we’re creating our own little scenes all over the country and just exploding them with mad energy. The UK is mad hot right now; hardcore, rap, rock, metal, hip hop it’s all merging and evolving and it’s a lot of fun. Do you think it has any influence over popular culture? Yeah majorly, it takes it’s time to get there but the zitegiest is all over the underground scene picking off the urban movements in culture. It’s cool I don’t mind that kind of thing, I’m from a fashion background and I grew up going to little punk shows in little towns; it all filters through. How does fashion affect your performance and your image as an MC? A lot because I love fashion, sometimes I think I should push it harder but I just wear what I’ve got and what people give me. I love fashion, it’s an expression of who I am and who me and my mates are. We’ve all got a strong love for style; especially street wear. I think it shows to other people that I’m not just some girl tryna be cool and rap- I’m actually a kid that grew up wearing DM’s and Vans and Stussy snapbacks and I know these brands like I know eggs man and I eat eggs a lot. Performance wise I mean I run around like an idiot on stage so maybe I should try be more ‘fashionable’ but I just like to have fun! haaha! Name 3 of your all time fav MC’. Plan B, Mac Miller, Jay Z What would you say your top 3 fav music genres were? Hip Hop, Hardcore/Metal, Electro What advise would you give any upcoming female MCs/rapper in the UK ? Work hard, be true and be original and never let anyone say you can’t do it because you can do anything you want. What is your schedule saying performance wise, where can we find you next?! I’m playing a show in Newport tomorrow night (friday 20th April), then I’m playing London supporting Busdriver on Saturday 21st, next weekend 27th I’m playing in Norwich then I’m filming new stuff and practising for shows in the summer.


“It’s a struggle just because people give you more hassle just for being female, but to me it makes no difference; I’m just doing something I enjoy male or female who cares. I just roll with it man, I do my own thing and enjoy myself.”

Personal Info Kitty Cowell Rapper/Musician Hip Hop /Electro Contact Info : @Kitty Cowell


Blackfoot phoenix’s - DJ Rivah Kray How did you start DJing? I have an older cousin who DJ’s and when I was 14 he brought me into music, he thought me about all the classic old school hip hop. Is DJing a career or hobby? It’s a hobby for now but I would love to bring in and mix it in with my journalism when I’m older. Who are your music inspirations? I’’m an oldie, I don’t really listen to people of this time so old School Hip Hop wise; Erik B, Rakim, Tupac, he wasn’t just a rapper he was a poet, I have his poem book and it’s absolutely amazing. There’s also Lil’ Kim, Sade, Missy Elliot, Foxxy Brown, Da Bratt, Lauren Hill and Kanye. Oh yeah, Jay-Z and Kid Cudi too. Who are your top 5 female DJ’s? Oh gosh, can’t really think of that many female DJ’s, there is of course Spinderella, but other than that there’s also Jazzy Jeff, Questlove and Jam Master Jay. But Spinderella, she was the first female DJ who made it sexy, she managed to do what she did well without losing her femininity, she was so good that guys couldn’t doubt her talent. Is there alot of competition amongst other female DJs? There’s not so much competition for girls as it’s easier to get noticed but as a female you have to really prove yourselves as they can have certain presumptions about you. Do you think female DJs are as respected as male DJ’s? I think once you earn their respect, and once you’re good at what you do, you don’t loose it. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? DJing, but I’ll probably be in New York.... Love London, but could really see myself in New York. I just got an internship at the NY Times so I’m gonna be there for the summer. [didnt write down the rest as i thought it’d been recorded] What advice would you give to young girls out there who want to start Djing? Do it, if you’re passionate about it you’ll be fine, It’s all character building. What makes you passionate about music and DJing? Making people dance and get up. Knowing you’re in control, you can make people do anything you want just by playing music. How would you describe your style? My styles whatever I find that feels comfortable and alot of my mums old clothes lol. theCoolCollectives

What is your favourtie music to mix? My favourite is RnB cause it’s easy to mix Hip Hop is hard. Hip Hop songs are a big lie as they can suddenly change half way through and you really have to work out how and when to mix it in. Where else can we find you? I will be at the next “Work It” and “Family Jewels”. I’ve also got 2 mixtapes which are both available on my tumblr, one is Garage and Old School Hip Hop and the other is a Valentines one. want to DJ?

Personal Info Rivah Kray DJ Contact Info : @Blackfoots


x SYD Tha Kid x OddFuture

So for Vice magazine’s latest issue they held the release party at The Old Blue Last on Great Eastern Street. The hype on the night was another topic altogether as DJ, Producer, Musician & Singer “Syd Tha Kid” from “Odd Future” was headlining and boy did she smash it up! I can honestly say it was mosh pit galore! The “Odd Future” crew were in town and were pretty much, as per usual wonderfully untamed and took to stage to remorselessly show us how to really party hard! Seriosuly EPIC!!

If for some sickly strange reason you haven’t heard of either or any of the aforementioned, then I guess you check out the following as soon as ! www.

Till next time! Keep it mother-fudging Trill!! ;)




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1: Do what you love and love what you do, it’ll feel less like a job that way. 2: Strive to be the best you possible, because we are all originals. 3: Work hard and be nice to people, it pays off! 4: Dont rush things. Anything worth doing deserves time, love & attention. 5: Take a break every now and then, respect the brain, respect the body. 6: Dont be a smart-aleck, like just dont, humility’s always good, be ready to learn. 7: If YOU can see your dream, follow through forget the dead critics! 8: NETWORK DAMN IT!! MEET NEW PEOPLE! CHALLENGE YOURSELF ! 9: Dont be shy , you’re a genius! Trust your instincts. 10: Keep it simple, Keep it real, KEEP IT TRILL!


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