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Oiada International ( is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. Since 1997 we have been dedicated to providing educational programs and services that complement a school's core curriculum. In 2009, through a donation from our premier sponsor, Polycom, we opened two 21st century telepresence centers named the Akoma Ntoso Cultural Center (ANCC), one in the US and the other in Ghana, Africa. The primary goal of the ANCC is to increase student test scores, decrease drop-out rates and reduce the achievement gap of schools. Our telepresence centers bring the classroom to life for the students while at the same time serving to strengthen their language arts, writing, public speaking, presentation, research, foreign language and critical thinking skills. We are an invaluable resource to teachers who are interested in accelerated learning methods, promoting global and experiential learning. We empower students to take charge of their educational experiences, and assist in their preparation for college and the work force.

The Open Door Package Oiada developed  The  Open  Door  Package  to  engage  your  students  in  quality  distance  learning   programs  related  to  your  school  improvement  initiatives:  STEM,  problem  solving,  critical  thinking   skills,  literacy  and  more!     This  package  will  meet  your  curricular  needs  in  Science,  Math,  Social  Studies  and/or  Language  Arts  and   brings  subject  matter  experts  into  the  classroom.  The  Open  Door  Package  consists  of  three  Customized   Curriculum  Programs,  as  outlined  below.     Ambassador  Program  -­‐  develops  educational/cultural  awareness  and  relationships  and  puts   students’  knowledge  to  work  by  giving  them  the  opportunity  to  interact  with  their  international   peers.  This  program  will  be  the  first  step  in  students  becoming  lifelong  21st  century  global   citizens.     Collaboration  Program  -­‐  provides  you  with  a  network  and  global  directory  that  enables   educators  access  to  video  conferencing  technology  to  enhance  their  curriculum,  connect  with   colleagues,  and  expand  the  reach  of  their  classroom  with  “LIVE,”  interactive  learning   experiences.     Virtual  Field  Trips  -­‐  In  today’s  cyberage,  videoconferencing  can  extend  the  educational  value  of   field  trips  to  levels  previously  unimaginable.  Virtual  field  trips  can  take  a  student  to  locations   that  are  too  far  away  and/or  too  expensive  to  visit.  Virtual  field  trips  can  take  a  student  back  in   time,  into  outer  space,  or  into  the  microscopic  world.

Ambassador Program The Ambassador Program offers US students and others an opportunity to team with a sister school in Cape Coast, Ghana and take learning beyond the four walls of the school building. Students in the U.S. and Ghana are afforded the opportunity to represent their country, their schools and themselves as ambassadors. The Ambassador Program enables students to connect on a very real “LIVE� face to face level and to discover for themselves their commonality. For many of these students, this marks their first contact with the world outside of their country. This program literally opens up new worlds to them and what they often find is that despite the cultural and economic differences that may exist, at heart they share many of the same interests and passions. This distance learning exchange program has inspired students and teachers on both continents to see new and unique ways of learning and sharing. The program not only provides educational lessons on an international platform but develops cultural awareness, relationships and practical life experiences by putting knowledge to work in the service of one’s peers abroad. For high school students, their involvement as Student Ambassadors to an international country can provide them with a competitive edge on their college and scholarship applications. Students find that their experiences with a non-profit organization can help them answer many interview questions in regards to what extracurricular activities they participated in that helped their community and others. This experience can also provide them with the theme for their admissions and scholarship essays. Our Ambassador Program provides a unique opportunity for educational and cultural growth, which can help give them an edge in the classroom and a head start in life.

The Ambassador Program offers two semester-long projects for high school students: The Research Project Students on both sides of the ocean will meet regularly to compare research conducted on selected topics such as entrepreneurship, local government, social issues, etc. Throughout the program, students can discover interests and talents as well as build research and presentation skills which will bolster confidence in both themselves and their classmates. Students will be introduced to “green screen” technology for their presentations. For the finale, students will do a presentation with a twist…the students from the US will present on what they learn from their Ghanaian counterparts and vice versa. Thus the students become Ambassadors for each other’s country. The final presentation will be showcased at a “LIVE” event with invited guests including parents, teachers and government officials with the international students doing their presentation via videoconference. The Community Service Project In the second semester, students from both sides will combine their efforts and skills to partner on a project that will benefit a school or village in Ghana. To begin, the US and Ghanaian students will meet to discuss ways that they can benefit a Ghanaian school or village. Once the particular need is identified, students on both sides will then create a business plan and engage in fundraising activities, explore corporate sponsorships, etc. The students will meet regularly to provide progress reports and get feedback from one another. This project will teach and enhance students’ project management, goal setting, research, public speaking and presentation skills. It will also provide them with cross-cultural experiences that will be beneficial when they enter college and the workforce. Their success in completing this phase of the Ambassador Program will translate into an increase in self-confidence when the students realize they can become global leaders and make a positive difference in the world they live in. It will also create a greater positive outlook within themselves regarding their future in this 21st century global community.

COLLABORATION PROGRAM This program contains a directory that is open to all educators using our video conferencing equipment. It provides access to over 12,000 professionals from 42 countries and includes a specified number of lessons throughout the year that educators can integrate into their curriculum. Educators can search, identify, and request participation in special projects, classes, and workshops or they can provide a listing of the lessons they would like to share worldwide. Benefits include: •

Enhance Classroom Curriculum Collaborate with another class to discuss an issue that is conversational, learn about a different culture or community, participate in a student led discussion of a novel, offer test prep classes, and much more.

Improve Student Skills and Understanding Heighten students’ motivation; improve communication and presentation skills, and increase memory and retention by appealing to a variety of different learning styles.

Expand Cultural Awareness Participate in local, national and international collaborative projects and programs.

Network with Colleagues & Peers Interact with practicing professionals, host staff meetings and curriculum planning sessions.

Enhance Professional Development Provide or get access to training classes, programs and workshops without leaving your workplace.

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS A Virtual Field Trip (VFT) is a simulated, real-time field trip. In this case, with interactive video conferencing, students interact “LIVE” with a field trip host and another class. Our VFTs give students the opportunity to explore and see places, things, and people not normally seen in a typical classroom day. Students can explore places across the high seas, states across our country, and many nearby or far away people, places, and things. This is an excellent opportunity to see and experience the world without ever leaving the classroom. Each field trip has explicit learning objectives, a related glossary, landscape images, video clips, quizzes and so on. These days, more schools are using videoconferencing to lead virtual field trips to traditional venues, such as museums and zoos, as well as to more exotic realms, such as outer space or undersea. A recent report suggests that about 30 percent of U.S. schools have adopted videoconferencing—up 5 percent from the previous year. With our Virtual Field Trips, an entirely new world of experiences will be opened to all students regardless of the school’s field trip budget. Benefits: • • • •

The virtual field trip is cost effective to schools. It eliminates the costs of renting transportation, additional insurance coverage and the cost of chaperones. Utilizes 21st century learning tools for 21st century learners Since it is “LIVE,” students get to ask questions as they enjoy the tour Students get an opportunity to enjoy the company of their international peers on the tour to hear the feedback from another cultural view.

Here are a few examples: Alaska SeaLife Center Brad Tassell Burritt on the Mountain: A Living Museum Challenger Learning Center (Brownsburg, IN) Challenger Learning Center (Rochester, New York) Challenger Learning CenterCET (West Virginia) Cleveland Institute of Music Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Cleveland Museum of Art Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge Frazier History Museum Fresno Pacific University Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Hank Fincken: A National Theatre Company of One Hartley Outdoor Education Center History Live (formerly Minnesota Historical Society) Houston Audubon International Wolf Center

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Kings County Office of Education Manhattan School of Music Milwaukee Public Museum Minnesota Zoo Mote Marine Laboratory Oiada International Palm Beach Zoo Pro Football Hall of Fame Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Royal Botanical Gardens

The Open Door Package Summary Customized Curriculum Package Oiada experts work with your team to develop unique packages that meet your school’s improvement goals. Customized bundle of quality programs selected based on your school’s goals and curricular needs in: • • • •

Science Math Language Arts Social Studies

Also includes: ▪ Coaching on the integration of videoconferencing content ▪ Technical training on use of video equipment ▪ Telepresence etiquette training course ▪ Scheduling of video conference sessions ▪ Oiada will provide video conference equipment ▪ Use of Cultural Center for special events ▪ Ambassador program (5 sessions per month) ▪ Collaboration Program (Unlimited sessions per month) ▪ Virtual Field Trips (2 trips per month) ▪ Full year program (Jan-Dec)

The Open Door Package $15,000

Oiada International Open Door Program  

Oiada International Open Door Program

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