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9 Shizznigh Promotions presents 3.30–4.30pm Songwriters Are Key It has been a chart storming year for NI song-writing talent - what can we learn from it? What can we build on from this? What challenges face emerging songwriters?Panellists include Kirsty Booth (Outreach Manager, Music Publishers Association), Callum Stewart (Songwriter), Stuart Fleming (Writer and Publisher Relations, PRS), Amy Samson (Spirit B-Unique/Polar Patrol). 4.30pm–6.00pm Join us for complimentary food and drink sponsored by On Music. Talk to the panellists, organise follow-ups, find out more on a one to one basis.


12.30pm–1.30pm (lunch provided) PPL: Making money from music A special event for performers, musicians, managers and record labels. Confused about the difference between PPL and PRS for Music? Not sure if you should become a PPL member? Want to understand how PPL can support your music career? Join us to learn more. Lunch will be provided. E-mail


Sound of Belfast 2016 2017

Sound of Belfast 2017  
Sound of Belfast 2017