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No zeros, no problems


By: Jackson Schneider Educational reforms are no stranger to the Oregon place to help those struggling. School District as of late. The newest change has implement- “Grades should reflect student mastery of subject ed a no-zero policy when it comes to student assignments. matter and in my opinion, zeroes in a 100 point grading As opposed to previous years where a missing assignment scale can negatively skew a student's grade,” said Oregon would be recorded as a 0%, stuSchool Board President Courtdents will receive a 50%. ney Odorico. “In my opinion, According to the grades should not be used School Board, the most recent punitively but should reflect Oregon School Board policy what students know and underis aimed at increasing student stand.” But, if a student has a motivation as well as trying to legitimate reason of missing an avoid punishing the GPA’s of assignment, teachers will most struggling students. likely give students extra time This change is due to to complete what is missing. many reasons concerning stu “When it comes to subdent motivation. If a student mitting the homework, I try to who is already struggling rehave a very strict policy about ceives yet another “zero” on an when homework can be subassessment that has not been When a student receives an IE, his or her summative mitted, but it is very hard to turned in, there is a belief that be absolute about 0%.” said grade reverts to an IE until the work is completed. the student would be more likeEdgewood College Financial ly to give up than if it was recorded as a 50% until com- Accounting Professor Jacob Gill. “I have always tried to pleted. empathize with my students because situations will come Yet, some question whether or not the recent poli- up. The excuse has to be good and I won’t listen to them cies are preparing students for the world beyond the walls of more than once or twice.” Whether in high school or college, OHS. students with acceptable excuses are given slack in turning “There are zeroes in college,” said senior and Edge- in the assignment. Nonetheless, if a student just forgets to do wood College Youth Options student Jon Conduah. “I’m not an assignment, they will have to suffer the consequences in sure why we would do it differently in high school.” This is college. of course one of many differences between high school and With this being the first year of implementation, college grading including the formative/summative policy. school board members are very curious about how the new A major factor to assess with this policy is that policies will affect students after high school, and Oregon high-achieving students will most likely not be affected as School Board member Rae Vogeler promises to follow up much as struggling students. Not to say a successful student on former students’ test scores, graduation rates, grades in won’t ever miss assignments, but the policy seems to be in college, and workplace performance. • Meet the new teachers (page 2) • Foreign friends arrive (page 3)

What’s Inside: • New graduation require ments met with mixed reviews (page 4)

• Correct Opinion with Wesley Korpela (page 7) • Photo contest winners announced (pages 8-9)

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New faces appear at OHS By: Liz Auer and Cassidy Nikolai

There are many new faces this year at Oregon High school. Ten new teachers joined the OHS staff at the beginning

Esther Sanchez Sanchez came to the U.S. in 1999. After moving to the U.S., Sanchez volunteered at her daughters’ school for many years to become fluent in English.

What made you want to come here? The need of getting a job. I have a passion for being around teenagers and I’m very easy going with them, they are comfortable working with me and it’s a very easy location. I don't have to drive very far. Its very nice.

What made you come to Oregon? Luck, I was in Mexico and there was a website to educators that connects us and I found out that Oregon needed a position like me. I applied and they hired me.

What do you like so far about Oregon? It’s a very friendly community and it feels like home. I keep saying to my co workers that they are very welcoming. The students are very respect-


Travis Koch

Chemistry teacher Debra Elmer is a new chemistry teacher. She graduated from UW-Madison and used to work in a school in the same town as Six Flags. What was your first job? Teaching chemistry at Warren Township High School in Gurnee, IL. My first non-teaching job was working at a resort

ful. I love the principals and I love the fact that Mrs. Kramer speaks Spanish so I can speak Spanish to her all the time! What was your first impression of Oregon? It was very nice, people were very friendly. Everyone has been very nice and polite. The first impression was like a welcoming for me. Favorite movie or TV shows? band is a retired police officer, Favorite movie: “Ghost.” so anything that has to do with Shows: I love “NCIS” and investigation and guns, I love it. “NCIS: L.A.” My current hus-

What was your first job? McDonald's

Do you have any hobbies? I like to do outdoorsy type stuff.

Koch graduated from UW-Oshkosh and has an undergraduate degree from UW-Milwaukee. He first started teaching at Paint Branch Elementary school in Maryland and now has joined the OHS staff working as a Special Education teacher.

What made you want to come to Oregon? Someone told me it was a good district to work for.

What is your favorite thing about teaching? Every day is different.

in Door County for the summer.

closer to family.

What college did you go to? UW-Madison (like both of my parents and my three sisters) My two children are current Badgers.

What do you like so far about Oregon? I love my science colleagues and my students are very nice.

Special Education teacher

Debra Elmer

of this year. In the next few issues, we will be introducing them; we look forward to helping everyone get to know these teachers a little better.

What made you want to come to Oregon? I had been living and teaching in the Fox River Valley for 20 years and wanted to return home to the Madison area to be

What do you like so far about Oregon? I like that there are three Kwik Trips to choose from.

What is a unique talent that you have? My daughter claims I have an extremely good sense of smell. Is that a talent?

Favorite sports? Basketball: I'm a big Milwaukee Bucks fan.


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Foreign friends arrive at OHS By: Sebastian Scheller and Tori Swenson

Austria. Azerbaijan. Denmark. Lebanon. Germany. South Africa. Eight foreign exchange students from all over the world will study at OHS and experience the American way of life this school year. Students will be featured throughout the next three issues of the Paw Print.

Scan this code with your mobile phone to discover where our new exchange students come from! (QR Codes is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.)

Bianca Helbach (center) From: Germany Grade: Sophomore

Photo by Tori Swenson.

Claudia Steiner (left) From: Austria Grade: Junior

Sabina Osmanli (right) From: Azerbaijan Grade: Senior

Q: Who are you staying with? A: Ana Walker

Q: Who are you staying with? A: Shannon Olson.

Q: What made you want to come here? A: I wanted to learn the culture, see how they live there, and learn more English.

Q: What made you want to come here? A: My brother was an exchange student in the U.S. and it was a dream from my childhood.

Q: How is school different in your country? A: In Austria, we always stay in one class and the teachers have to move from room to room. Here, it’s the other way round. Q: How do you like the food here? A: It’s not as good as in Austria. Q: What is your favorite class? A: Global Studies Q: Are you joining any sports teams here at OHS? A: I’d like to join Cross Country. In Austria, I love running and skiing.

Q: How is school different in your country? A: It’s very different. We have a different schedule every day. Our school is much smaller, and the teachers are more formal. We only have six hours every day instead of nine, and only 11 grades. Q: How do you like the food here? A: I like corn and fast food, like sandwiches and hamburgers. Q: What is your favorite class? A: Law and American society. Q: Are you joining any sports teams here at OHS? A: Tennis

Q: Who are you staying with? A: With the San Emeterio family. We speak Spanish at home or any time I speak to my host parents, but to my host siblings I speak in English. Q: What made you want to come here? A: People always say “I want to go to the USA, it’s so much better.” And so I could learn Spanish. It’s exactly what I wanted to do. Q: How do you like the food here? A: German food is better, everything here is unhealthy and I don’t like the bread. Q: What is your favorite class? A: Racquet sports because it is a lot of fun. Q: Are you joining any sports teams here at OHS? A: Cross country in America. In Germany every sport practices two to three days a week except professionals. It makes them easier to combine and they’re year round. Q: Do you plan on joining any clubs? A: I want to join the drama club because I love acting and will maybe get better at speaking freely.

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New graduation requirements receive mixed reviews By: Kyra Wooldridge New community service graduation requirements are met with freshman opposition. Incoming students of the class 2017 are now required to have one more credit of science and math, plus 40 hours of community service in order to receive their diploma for graduation. While OHS and the School District were excited to add new graduation requirements, not all students were feeling the same way. The reason for these new expectations was “to catch Oregon School District up to other schools in the area,” said Associate Principal Jason Wilhelm. “The requirements we had before were lower compared to other schools in our area,” said Wilhelm. “I think it's kind of a cool idea trying to get kids involved and doing things for our community” said freshman Gabrielle Laufman. “But it may overwhelm kids who don't like school or even want to go to school.” “None of us had to do it, why change it now?” asked senior Danielle Waldvogel. “Thank God I’m out of there. If I was a freshman I would be furious!” Yet, counselor Joan Karls

speaks to the benefits. “Advantages are many. Community service can teach many skills, as well as foster awareness, compassion, and empathy,” she said. “It connects students to community programs in the community, professionals, nonprofit organizations, the elderly and people you may never connect with otherwise.” Another advantage, Karls said, is that students may be able to work in an environment that directly relates to their career or educational goals. “It may also be a way a to reinforce personal assets such as being a responsible and dependable,” said Karls. Students may change their schedule as they please to get the extra credit of science and math. Students are able to divide up the community service hours any way they want through their years at OHS. Once they have completed their hours, students will have paperwork to fill out with the number of hours they completed and signatures from supervisors. “We will help [students] find volunteer opportunities that are meaningful, educational, and...that will excite, motivate and inspire,” said Karls.

The Skinny By: Miranda Mellen


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Former Stoughton Viking lurks among us By: Larissa Root

Yes it’s true! But don't worry, level. He enjoys working with people • Every day Tootsie Roll Industries produces 16 million Tootsie Pops. it’s not some Stoughton spy trying to and finds them “interesting.” In his learn all of Oregon High School’s se- job he is able to work with many di• Your nose can remember 50,000 crets. It’s Officer Jeremy Hatfield, the verse and unique people. new school resource officer. He wants to help people and different scents. Although Hatfield grew up be there for them even at their worst • The first toy advertised on televi- in the Stoughton area and times, and his least favorite sion was Mr. Potato Head. attended Stoughton High part of the job is issuing ciSchool, he has been worktations. • Canada beat Denmark 47-0 at the ing in Oregon for six and a When Officer Hatfield 1949 world hockey championships. half years. has time off, he enjoys hunt “I had always ing and riding motorcycles. • Hacky Sack was invented by a thought about being a poHe also loves spending time football player in the mid 1970’s lice officer but my mother with his family. He is marwho used it to stregthen tendons he did not want me to be one. ried and has two daughters, had torn in his knee. One day in college I decidages three and one. ed to go for it” said Officer He wants to create a • Ronald Wayne was a third coHatfield. This was a monupositive, safe learning envifounder of Apple, along with Steve Hatfield and his daughronment. Wozniak and Steve Jobs. In 1976, mental step towards being ter. Photo submitted by where he is now. “I am an open book,” Hatfield. he sold his 10% share of the compaOfficer Hatfield is said Hatfield. “So please ny for $800. Today, his 10% would very excited about getting to know come talk to me, I welcome all stube worth of 35 billion dollars. the Oregon students on a personal dents into my office.” • The first owner of the Marlboro Company died of lung cancer. • Four people played Darth Vader: David Prowse was his body, James Earl Jones did the voice, Sebastian Shaw was his face and a fourth person did the breathing. • Video Killed the Radio Star was the very first video ever played on MTV. • When Bugs Bunny first appeared in 1935, he was called Happy Rabbit. Facts courtesy of

Come to the fall radio play!

Friday, October 18 at 7 p.m. in the OHS PAC $5 / ticket There are two featured stories: The Undead, about a vampire who is bent on murdering his wife, and Death of a Doll, the story of a detective investigating the death of a girl who seems to be carrying a peculiar doll. This production is based on a 1940s radio show. Information compiled by Corey Wurtzbacher.


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Come to the fall musical! Friday, November 8 at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, November 9 at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, November 10 at 2:00 p.m. in the OHS PAC $6/students, $10/adults

“‘The Drowsy Chaperone’ is a show that celebrates the uniqueness of the Broadway Musical,” said musical advisor Michael Ducett. “A lonely, theatre buff narrates the show and plays his favorite record, ‘The Drowsy Chaperone.’ Instantly the apartment becomes the set for the classic 1920's romp about a wedding. The narrator tells the back story to the characters and interacts with the audience as he plays the record. It's a very comedic show that spoofs the classic American musical.”

Looking for a good book? Top five books checked out in the Top five books checked out in the Oregon Public Library: OHS LMC: “Catching Fire” - Suzanne Collins “The Blind Side” - Michael Lewis “The Hunger Games” - Suzanne Collins “Walking With Caveman” John Lynch “The Arctic Incident” - Eoin Colfer Photo by Samantha Abel.

“City Of Bones Series” - Cassandra Clare “Hunger Games” - Suzanne Collins “Divergent” - Veronica Roth “Thirteen Reasons Why” - Jay Asher “Fault In Our Stars - John Green Information compiled by Samantha Abel.


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The Correct Opinion with Wesley Korpela

Autumn leaves bring...maple trees? I don’t know. By: Wesley Korpela

It’s October again, my lil’ snowmen, and with it comes another jaw dropping testimony by an exCEO of Beanie Babies. Recently, the man who created Beanie Babies was tried for tax evasion and was reported by the Chicago Tribune as saying, “I knew those moneys were missing.” However, in all honesty, my favorite part of fall is running around and jumping in piles of leaves, but I would never write an article centered around those two topics. I would write an article on something very loosely related around the season of autumn. If you were not aware, October is 3D Ultrasound Awareness Month, National Squirrel Awareness Month, National Popcorn Poppin’ Month (not to be confused with National Popcorn Month or National Popcorn Popping Month), and many other “Awareness Months.” What has always bothered me about Awarness Months is the fact that there are so many of them! Who decides what gets the title of “Awareness Month” and what doesn’t? Why don’t some Awareness Months get as much hype as others? So I did some good ol’ investigative journalism to find out. I called my senators and representatives but got no answers; something about a big rowing competition called “The Government Row-down.” After being completely deterred by my officials’ voicemails, I decided perhaps anyone can make up any Awareness Month about anything and maybe it would stick. Resultantly, I began to walk around on State Street and taped over “Lost Dog” posters with my own posters advertising “National Robin Williams Awareness Month” for November, “National All Dogs Go to Heaven Awareness Month” for Decem-

ber, “National All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 Awareness Month” for January, “National All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Animated Series Awareness Month” for February, “National Cankles Awareness Month” for March, “National People Named Naomi Awareness Month” for April, “National Family Feud Awareness Month” for May, “National Awareness Month Awareness Month” for June, and I left out July, August, and September for kicks. These caught on very quickly. I have received numerous calls late at night as I left my cellphone number on all the Awareness Month posters with an image of myself. A lot of these phone calls have been from really peculiar people, which leads me to believe it’s Robin Williams reenacting the scene from Mrs. Doubtfire where he’s calling for the nanny job as a lot of different voices so it makes him look better in the end. I know it’s a little outrageous to believe that, but I have to reassure myself somehow. When either my phone had stopped ringing or I had set it down because Robin Williams was telling me, “Sir, this is the 9-1-1 operator. This is the eigth time you have called us and have not responded,” I realized the true fault of the Awareness Months and it wasn’t the lack of All Dogs Go to Heaven themed months. I realized the unfairness of the Awareness Months. The concept of the Awareness Month can cause awareness and unawareness by the overshadowing of a the topic for that month. Should our society not dumb down a certain topic to one big month but just work harder to be more aware citizens in general without the need for Awareness Months? Anyways, I gotta go answer my door. I just heard Robin Williams shouting, “If you don’t answer your door, me and the squad are going to have to break it down.” He’s hilarious.

Photo Contest Winners

page 8

Winner: Anissa Barron Best photo featuring a staff member.

Winner: Kaela Ryan Best formal photo.

Winner: Tasha Martin Best Tourist Day photo.

Winner: Genna Thibodeau Best Toga Tuesday photo.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Winners: please stop by Ms. Riese’s room (603) to pick up your prizes.

Photo Contest Winners

page 9

Winner: Amanda Lehman Best ‘Murica Monday photo.

Winner: Geneva Seeger Best What Not to Wear Wednesday photo.

Winner: Molly Kleitsch Best school spirit photo.

Visit us online!

Winner: Jenna Slack Best Celebrity Impersonator photo.

October Horoscopes

page 10

By: Miranda Mellen

Aries- Tune into the power of compromise this month as it is what works wonders for you now. Recognizing your need for others in your life rather than resisting all support, is important in October. Protect yourself from disappointment, or learn from it if you want to take an emotional risk. You are super-charged when it comes to work projects and health. Taurus- Work is certainly in strong focus this month, but you'll also get the chance to have some fun. Getting organized on the home front is a big job, but ultimately satisfying. For one, you're expanding your horizons, and for another, you're making fresh connections with others. It's important to nurture a relationship with faith, fun, and spirit. Gemini- While there can certainly be some drama in your social life this month, October promises to be one of the more pleasurable months of the year. Self-discipline may be lacking, but you deserve to let your hair down and express yourself. This is a time when you are in high demand socially, and you're braver about gaining new experiences. Cancer- Issues surrounding family and career capture a lot of your attention this month. Certainly, you have been pulled in many different directions lately, and October is no exception. However, it's a time for reconnecting with family and domestic responsibilities, as well as with your own center. Leo- You are on the go this month, and adventure finds you. You are especially communicative in October, willing to discuss virtually everything under the sun. Watch, however, for unintentionally misleading someone on the 9-10. On the other hand, some of you could be dealing with your own romantic disillusionments or social letdowns at this time. Virgo- You have opportunities to be happily and profitably productive this month. Ideas you have been toying with for some time might be put into action now. You can be immersed in your own projects these days, but don't let lack of interest keep you from seeing important details. It's a busy time, certainly, but also a rewarding period in your life.

Libra- This month is a time for paying more attention to your own needs, wants, and desires. You'll have the most energy as well as the gumption until the 15th. This brings lively, fun, communicative, and sociable energy into your life. You are attracting others mainly with your wit and your willingness to reach out. Scorpio- Your soul sector is strong this month suggesting that you should focus on spiritual renewal, dealing with matters that need to be put behind you, and getting extra rest and time for reflection. While focusing on the past is appropriate, do so with an eye for making improvements. A journal can help if difficult buried matter surfaces, which is quite likely. Sagittarius- Friendships are in high focus this month, but not necessarily easy. In fact, some of you may be severing ties with a friend, while others may simply experience tensions. This not only boosts your personal magnetism, it might also bring a new and happy friendship into your life. The 16-18 is especially powerful for your love and social life. Capricorn- October is likely to be a busy month for you. Although challenges and stress could be part of the picture, strong career opportunities present themselves, and it's up to you to seize them. Distractions on the home front are likely, and there can be an unsettled feeling with family. Aquarius- A case of wanderlust takes hold of you this month. Day-to-day details simply don't appeal. Before you set your sights on bigger and better horizons, however, do make sure that the important matters are taken care of. There can be some sticky problems surrounding business or reputation to deal with, particularly after the 21. Pisces- Time spent getting in touch with your deepest needs and desires, and perhaps ridding yourself of bad habits, is time very well spent this month. Deeply personal matters capture your attention. On the 9-10, however, you might feel taken advantage of or in a difficult position. Financial affairs demand attention all month, and especially around the 18th. Horoscopes courtesy of

Paw Print October 2013  

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