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Brennan Duffy

Opening letter

1578 Chobee st Okeechobee, FL 34974 Cell: 863-532-9035 E-Mail:

Professional Summary

Hello, my name is Brennan Duffy, second years student of the OHS Journalism yearbook team.. I joined the challenging course to make my classes yearbook better than ever before. Pouring blood, sweat, and stress into this yearbook I believe me and my team have succeeded in that dream, with second highest yearbook preorder sales ever in OHS current history. While there were snags and snafus along the way me fellow classmates and I have succeeded in making a worthwhile piece of art that will most likely be top in design, sales, and overall quality for quite some time to come. You may be able to tell by my yearbook that I like to keep things simple and methodically disorganized. A clean cut, aesthetically pleasing portfolio is my aim for this.

• Highly enthusiastic customer service professional with seven years client interface experience. • Results-driven seven with proven ability to establish rapport with clients.

• • • • •

Strong organizational skills Active listening skills Seasoned in conflict resolution Customer service expert Adaptive team player

Work Experience BHR Moose Lodge Okeechobee, FL September 2009 to May 2014 Role: Server • • • •

Cross-trained and provided back-up for other customer service representatives when needed. Worked as a team member performing cashier duties, product assistance and cleaning. Expressed appreciation and invited customers to return to the store. Assisted customers with store and product complaints. Guaranteed positive customer experiences and resolve all Customer complaints.

Education and Training 2014 Okeechobee High Okeechobee, FL High School Diploma 2014 CTE Certificate of Recognition in Journalism.

Cary Pung


Skill Highlights


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Reflections 3



Self Analytical Evaluation

Since the first time I picked up an camera I fell in love with photography, getting my hands on any camera I can and searching for new and exciting things to photograph. Over this long period of time I have learned many things about photography, like that the story counts as much as the quality and that a well taken photograph is not necessarily a good photo. I became interested in journalism in ninth grade, when I first heard about journalism class and the photography opportunity in it. I suspect I have grown over the years, become more knowledgeable about overall design and the photography I love so much. From the stress of the endeavor of making a yearbook and the forced human contact I have become more resilient and made myself open to new opportunity. While the work was hard, yes, there was a method to the madness that seemed to click in with my mind, letting me focus on several thins at once and multitasking with ease, such as focusing a camera and arranging people for a group photo of a team or club concurrently.

My goals, this year and ever y year is to make anything I work on the best it can possibly be. With as much detail and thoughtfulness as possible for me to get any project as close as I can to perfection Is my goal in journalism as well as life in general. In this world nothing can be perfected. This notion is nothing more than a myth to be overcome and that ever ything in the world can be perfected with symbol symmetr y. My goal for the future is to continue to work in the field I love and perfect my art to much higher levels than those I currently possess.


Personal Perspective

For journalism I played to my strengths, A great deal of my duties were to write articles for the newspaper, finding and interviewing people, and going to sports games to photograph and record the event taking place. Volunteering to go to more games than anyone else on the team, generally taking someone with me to catch separate angles while I work others, this giving us a more dynamic and broader coverage of any and all action to come across us at the games.

Through allot of dedication and hard work through out my years in OHS Journalism and having aided in the creation of memories for myself and others around me. My contributions will be etched into history, engraved in two books for two classes, my own and those older than I. The time and effort put into such pieces of history speaks volumes about how memories may not be easy to hold onto after so may years, but pays off in the end for not just those who pick up the book, but for the people who make it as well. My tireless efforts to save the precious memories of youth into this one.

Asset to staff

I was the largest asset to the yearbook in the Senior section this year. My main duty, other than to take candid pictures of seniors in everyday life was to gather quotes, around one hundred or so, to give every page an insight on the mind of seniors and the excitement of graduation that surrounded the class of 2014. My secondary duties were to help others with the programs, mainly Photoshop and InDesign, write articles for the newspaper and help distributing them, and of coarse document senior activitys on camera, weatehr it in class or at an event.



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Testing Jitters By: Brennan Duffy

Standardized testing has been around since 1965 with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, making standardized test required for every state. The increase of standardized testing has sped up drastically over the past few years, with spending topping around one billion dollars per state to have all testes tests made, given, and scored. The rising standards and frequency of theses tests have students, as well as teachers, scrambling to cram in the information into their students, lowering the quality of education overall, to get the information in their heads for the tests, so students don’t spend enough time on any one lesson to retain the information for any amount of time past the tests they need. One student, Katelyn Wilson had to say “The amount of tests are ridiculous. We barely have time to take noted for one



lesson before moving onto another when exams get close, the stress is overwhelming sometimes.” With the FCAT, ACT, SAT,PERT, the new EOC, and the end of semester exams becoming state standardized it begs the question, how many exams must we have until we can prove we can pass? With the U.S. The thirty-third country in reading, math, and science scores could all theses Standardized tests just be a push to make American students seem smart to compete in the world? As the monetary expenses stress schools, the students themselves are put under severe stress to pass. The Sacramento Bee reported that “test-related jitters, especially among young students, are so common that the Stanford-9 exam comes with instructions on what to do with a test booklet in case a student vomits on it.” The tests are not only putting stress on high school students. FCAT starts in third grade, but some schools test sooner so first graders, even kinder gardeners get used to nine years of standardized testing. Mar. 2009 research from the Alliance for Childhood showed “time for play in most public kindergartens has dwindled to the vanishing point, replaced by lengthy lessons and standardized testing.” How many tests are enough? How much stress will be put on our students to achieve, to pass these seemingly pointless tests, before something, or someone, breaks?

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The Class Of 2014

Moving forward

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Class Of 2014 Seniors

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Secondary story

How will you further Humanity?

“I’m going to become a nurse and save lives of people around the world.” Jessica Tourmaline

“Nothing, I’m going to have a minimum wage dead end job for sixty years and die a divorced, lonely man.”

Sam Trebbles “I’m going to firebomb hospitals to get back at pharmaceutical companies, watch out Jessica.” Sarah Rebllos

Jason Smith

“I will invent a new way to power the world so everyone will have free, clean electricity.”

“I will become a teacher and influence further generations to do good and learn!”

Catie Scratches “I’m going to join the Army and protect America!” Jhon Jinglehimersmit


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