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The world's best Web Design Tool. If you already have an online business, or you dream of starting an online business, XSitePro really is the one tool you must have. Instead of struggling with tools like Dreamweaver, that were designed for geeks, you can get your hands on a software package that was designed with YOU in mind. Not only does XSitePro 2 include an amazingly well thought out method for creating stunning web sites in record time, but it packs an amazing punch when it comes to features that are simply not available anywhere else – at any price.

Professional Sites... "1-2-3 Easy" XSitePro 2 will let you focus on building your online presence. Instead of spending frustrating days, weeks and months trying to build the kind of web site you want, you will be able to quickly create stunning web sites that work for you... each and every time. Use professionally-designed templates to get started Insert feature-rich content using in-built power tools Publish and manage your sites with two-click ease Join the XSitePro community for ongoing support

Absolutely amazing! ... Version 2 just takes website building and developing to a whole new level. Sheer brilliance! Alan Howells Stoke on Trent, UK

Blown away by the incredible features. Woody Longacre Tempe AZ, USA


Mission-Critical Feature-Set Whatever your online objectives, XSitePro has them covered. With its intuitive interface, well thought through application design, and an incredible feature-set (much of which you just can't get anywhere else but in XSitePro 2) there's never been a more compelling set of reasons to take the next step in your on-line endeavors. Some of the exciting new features of XSitePro 2 include:

Hundreds of great-looking templates Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed templates for immediate results.

Graphical Menus / Layout Options Give your site navigation that quality feel with our big selection of menuing and layout styles.

Scheduled Page Content Publish your page content on auto-pilot with our unique automatic page scheduler tool.

Audio / Video Wizards Add Web 2.0 content to your site and boost visitor responses with well-placed audio/video content.

Site Search Functionality Once the preserve of the major sites, now you too can have full search capabilities on your site.

Forms Wizard / List-Builder Capture your visitors' e-mail addresses and even add them to your existing mailing list.

RSS / XML Tools Bring RSS content into your pages, and syndicate your page content with these tools.

QuickPages Add standard page-types to your site, fast, using these quality page-template designs.

Mobile Site Wizard Make your content available to millions of mobile web users, in minutes!

1500 Pages of how-to, plus Support! With XSitePro you're not alone - we support you with manuals, ticket support and more.


Vibrant Templates to get you going... Ever wanted to have a great-looking site to advertise your business, product or service? Wondered how you'd ever find the time to design your own? Well, not only is it easy to design your own site from scratch, using XSitePro 2, but this powerful application now comes ready-stocked with a fantastic selection of professionally-designed templates, spanning a wide range of design themes, all ready to edit and publish, right out of the box...

200 templates to choose from... You'll never run out of creative ideas, or design starting-points, with the supplied set of over 200 templates. Simply add a site, select a template, edit, and publish... Simple!

“Very impresssive. In fact, brilliant. Your talented team seem to have thought of everything and how to make so many things so simple. It's clear you have taken on board users feedback. XSitePro was great before; now it's amazing.” Morenike Jameson, Toronto.

Perfect for all skill-levels... XSitePro has been designed from the ground-up to meet the exacting demands of it's users - beginner and pro. For beginner it's far easier to master than Dreamweaver, there's a great tutorial to help you get started, and the manuals that come with it are the best in the business. For power users it has a list of features that will help you create great sites quicker and easier than ever before and do some things that were simply not possible until now. Professional quality sales letter, Content-rich niche site, Affiliate product sales site, AdSense advertising site, Great looking corporate site... XSitePro 2 really does deliver all you could need, and more...

“I am blown away. This will take website development to an entirely new level. This makes ANYTHING else before it used for website building obsolete! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!” Barry Baldwin, South Carolina “ Fantastic! You had a great product before so I wasn't certain how much you'd be able to improve it. You more than improved it - you've created an absolute blockbuster." Joe McCaffrey, New York


“XSitePro is a web site creator's dream come true. I have been in the web business since 1996, used dozens of editors over the years, and have never been as excited about a new product until I recently found and purchased XSitePro. XSitePro delivers on its promises 1000 times over. I can't believe a product that does so much, has the best customer support, and all at such a low price compared to the other top end web development tools out there." Thomas Hutcherson "XSitepro is the best in its class, hands down! Thats a big claim and I can back it up by telling you that I also use Dreamweaver, I've used Frontpage and many others. There is nothing to compare with the sheer logic behind the site building process."

"XSitePro is just phenomenal! It's like driving a Jaguar for the first time after driving a Ford all your life -- powerful, fast, all kinds of wonderful and surprising features. I've used Front Page for years, and it's fine, but XSitePro is like from a different planet -- so good it's almost unbelieveable." Duane Shinn

XSitePro is truly a dream come true for anyone interested in publishing professional websites for affiliate programs, product sales, distribution of information, and tons of other uses. I'm sure I have barely scratched the surface of possibilities the program is capable of ... Thanks once again for such a great piece of software!" Ronnie Bussey

Pete Lauder I just purchased XSitePro couple weeks ago. I found the tutorial very easy to follow. Better than Dreamweaver. It's written in laymens terms, not too many jargons. All the tools you need to put a site together is there and simple to use. You don't need to be a professional to start using it. I'm excited and looking forward to your new updated version which enables you to import Traffic Equalizer pages. Pervaiz R. Karim

"I've been pretty heavily into internet marketing for the past eighteen months or so, and during that time I've used a number of website-creation programs - SiteBuildIt! and SEO Website Builder to name but two. But with hand on heart I can honestly say that XSitePro is just about the best piece of software I've EVER encountered online (or offline for that matter)." Peter Carnes

"What a great program. I only wish it had been around a few years ago. It would have saved me a fortune in web designer fees. I just could not believe it was so easy to build and post a web site online. " Dave Bromley

"I'm a beginner in the internet marketing business and I must say that XSitePro has jump started me tremendously. I can't believe the things I am able to do, and neither can my family."

XSite Pro is the best website builder I have is quick, easy and simple to use! Julie Powers

"XSitePro is an awesome piece of software and Paul is pricing it way too low at $197! I highly recommend XSitePro. Content is still king regardless of the continuous changes and updates of search engines' algorithms. With XSitePro, you can free up more of your time to focus on supplying REAL customer focused content rich sites for your visitors. Adam Lok

"XSitePro is just an unbelievable piece of software! I am used to hype but I can tell you everything claimed for it is 100% true. I actually love designing my web pages now." Ben O'Rourke

Arif Shakir

My first reaction is un-dirty-word-believable. Very impressive functionality, and the quality of the tutorials and the manual are exceptional in terms of structure, clarity of concept and of the actual writing. XSitePro is a work of genius. Thanks!

If your looking for a software program that will help you to create great looking web sites that's easy to use, I highly recommend that you take a look at XSitePro! I already have and use FrontPage DreamWeaver and Macromedia Flash ... With XSitePro you could have your site on the web in a matter of hours. I really like this program. David Simon

Steve Jackson XSite Pro has made building and managing web sites much easier. There are just so many great time saving features such as being able to insert Google Ads, affiliate links, php snippets testimonial boxes etc. with just a couple of clicks. I love it! Liz Beresford


Image Library: Easily browse, select and insert images into your site pages using this quality image tool.

Feature-Packed... Create unlimited websites Cascading Keywords Hundreds of professionally designed website templates

Clipart Library: Choose from a royalty-free selection of thousands of clipart images. Audio Wizard: Embed audio into your pages, complete with playback-controls. Video Wizard: Liven up your web-site with Web 2.0 video content, using the video wizard. Forms Wizard: Add quality name-grab forms to your pages in seconds using the new Forms Wizard. Integrate these forms with the popular mailing-list applications; AWeber, GetResponse included.

Global Site Design Control

RSS Feed Wizard: Add RSS content into your pages to help keep them fresh.

Full Page Navigation / Interlinking

Widgets Wizard: Huge range of scripts in XSitePro 2 for enhanced page functionality.

High quality graphical navigation menus Advanced Page Settings - full control over page settings

Automatic Page Breaks: Break up longer web pages, and add to your pagecount in the process.

WYSIWYG Designer - Word-Processor simple page designer.

Auto-insert sub-page lists on your site.

Right-Click Features Menu: Links to powerful content tools.

Breadcrumb Trail - allow visitors to keep track of where they are in your site structure at any time.

Spell Checker: In-built spelling tool Thesaurus: Comprehensive, 60,000-word Thesaurus tool.

Links Manager: Powerful tool for creating multi-level links pages – great additional content.

Color Picker: Advanced color-picker tool makes color selection a snap.

Popups: Create powerful pop-ups that will get through to your visitors.

Enhanced source-code editor: Multi-coloured layout for easy editing.

Robots: Control exactly where robots go when indexing your site.

Site-wide Notes Tool: Quickly call a Web site notes scratch-pad.

QuickPages: Create different types of page content for your site in minutes.

SEO Analysis of your pages: Automatically analyses your web-pages for you and suggests a whole range of improvements necessary to improve your search engine positioning.

Site Search Form: Add quality search functionality to your site. Google XML Sitemap Submission.

Page Analysis - Components: Breaks down page content for review

Siloing: Create search-engine-optimized interlinking structures in your site.

Page Analysis - Readability: Page text analysis statistics.

File/Resources Manager: Manage the resources in your site using this tool.

Page Analysis - Accessibility: Inaccessible content early-warning.

Advanced Folder options: Optional data subdirectories for different content.

Page Preview function - quick & easy previews in your browser.

Import Pages Wizard: Import page content in bulk, in record time.

Powerful publishing features: Publish your site with just two clicks. Publishing Progress Window: Notifies you on completion of site upload. Website Cleanup tools: Clear out old 'orphan' files from your web space. Full Sitemaps: Automatically created for your visitors’ ease-of-navigation. Site Import and Export Functionality: Export a single XSE file for easy importing at the other end.

Web Site Settings: Get instant access to the key site-specific settings. Redirect Pages: Create custom redirects in seconds – great tool for masking affiliate links with ‘friendly’ URLs. External Links Tool: Add links to external sites for inclusion within the navigation menus throughout your site. Mobile Site Wizard: Output your site automatically formatted for mobile phone / WAP browsers.

Multi-Page Creation Wizard: Create multiple web-pages in double-quick time.

XML Page Syndication: Quickly create syndicatable feeds from your page content.

Save Sites as Templates: Store your latest site creation as a template.

Social Networking Links: Quickly insert social networking links into your pages.

Apply New Template: Retrospectively apply templates to your older sites.

Reports: Project & Site Overviews, To-do lists & Site Publishng Reports

Backup and Restore: Keep your site data safe with the backup/restore feature.

Full 260-page Instruction manual: Everything you need to know to get started.

Find & Replace on all pages: Update content site-wide with this search/replace tool.

1000-Page Reference guide - explaining the powerful features in XSitePro.

Insert Tokens: Insert variables into your pages which will be updated at time of publishing.

Full Walkthrough Tutorial: A 140-page step-by-step guide.

Task-bar Scheduler: Automatically publish page content without lifting a finger! Affiliate link wizard: Store your affiliate links in XSitePro ready for inserting.

Dedicated technical support: 24/7 support from our friendly, professional staff. Exclusive user forum: Join the growing community of XSitePro users at our forum.

Paypal Integration: Sell products right off your web pages with PayPal. Google Adsense: Monetize your web-pages with Google Adsense. Amazon Product Advertising: Product Link, Self Optimizing Adverts AND Recommended Products Oxado Advertising integration


So, just to recap... Over 200 professionally-designed templates Great selection of graphical menus Scheduled content release Audio and Video insertion Full site search functionality Forms wizard/list-building tools RSS/XML content on your site QuickPages for rapid deployment Mobile Site wizard for added reach And much, much more besides...

Incredible Value Price For a limited period of time only, we're offering a not-to-be-had again discount on the regular price of XSitePro, take the price from $297 right down to $197 - that's right... $100 off!

$297.00 $197.00

What are You Waiting For? If you are ready to take the step forward in owning this incredible piece of software then simply click the link at the bottom of this page. If, however, you need to ask some more questions, please do! You can send them to us at the following page:

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System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista 1GB RAM or greater 1 ghz processor or faster 300 meg of free hard drive space Internet Explorer 6.0 or above Internet connection

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