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Top 5 New Year' s Resolutions I Won' t do in 2017, and 5 things I' ll do instead... Written by:

L is a K e l l y

Encouragement for Creative Business Women

accounts that cause any jealousy in me. -

With the start of this New Year comes an opportunity for deep reflection and goal setting for both our personal lives and businesses. It's a chance to figure out what is working and what isn't and to "draw lines in the sand" about what you will and won't do in 2017. As a brand filmmaker working exclusively with creative women, I come across a lot of brilliant, talented women who struggle with the same confidence defeating, soul sucking habits. These habits keep these amazing women stuck and overwhelmed. They can cause you to question your purpose, alienate you from your community of peers, ruin your drive, and steal your passion. Friends, let's fight these habits together by declaring: 1. I will not spend hours looking at other people's social media feeds until I feel like a failure. Instead, I will unfollow, delete or ignore online 8 [oh my: that's haute.]

In st ead of com par in g m yself t o ot h er s, I w ill r em in d m yself of m y au t h en t ic br an d st or y f ocu sin g on w h o I am an d w h at I do best . Wh en I m ess u p an d lose f ocu s, I w ill cr eat e som et h in g ju st f or m e, sh r u ggin g of f t h e n eed f or ot h er s appr oval.

2. I will not participate in or encourage others in gossiping about my creative peers. I won't focus negatively on the journey of others, even those I may feel wronged by. -

In st ead, I w ill t ak e t h e h igh r oad in all sit u at ion s, of f er in g gr ace an d secon d ch an ces. I w ill speak w ell of ot h er s bot h pu blicly an d pr ivat ely an d if I can n ot , I w ill excu se m yself f r om t h e con ver sat ion .

3. I will not spend the first minutes or hours of my day checking Facebook or Instagram or any other social media site. I will not engage with the voices of the online world before I even get out of bed.

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[oh my that's haute] Anniversary Issue: Winter 2017  

[oh my that's haute] Anniversary Issue: Winter 2017