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OH MY - It's A Girl! Our Fitness Beauty Shares Her Story Written by Madelaine Garcia So...I'm 37 years old and 17 weeks pregnant with my first child, and perhaps my only child, although I really don't know that yet. When I was a kid I just assumed I would be a mom, probably to three. I also assumed I'd be married and have kids in my 20s. Back then I also thought 30 and 40 were old. Oh my how things have changed. As life went on I realized that there was no way I was prepared to be a mother in my 20s, are you kidding? My 20s were are mostly about loving living on my own, total freedom, lots of fitness and being in my best shape possible. Not to mention working several jobs, taking courses, finding my career and possibly most importantly, building my wardrobe and going out with friends. When 30 came along I thought, maybe I don't want to have kids at all. I mean look at life, I was busy working a well paid corporate job climbing that ladder. I was travelling for work and having a blast in my personal

life, launching my own business and sleeping like a queen (when I wanted to). I felt really greedy with my time. Almost like there was no room for anything or anyone else. I did however meet and marry my husband. He felt the same as me, we wanted kids but not right away. As time passed and we got comfortable with our life as it was if we began to feel that maybe we didn't want kids. Things were good. So we got dogs instead. Five years and two dogs later we decided that if we were going to have a family we'd better start now. As we started talking about it we both got really scared. We started thinking about how much the change would impact our lives and how much of our time would now be devoted to another a little human rather than our hobbies. We also cherished our sleep, so we put it off a little more. Then one day when I was close to turning 36, I realized the time was right. I can't really say what the turning point was but there was just a feeling that came over me. I no longer cared about my "me time" or material things. The house somehow felt empty

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[oh my that's haute] Fall 2016  

[oh my that's haute] Fall 2016