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Fall Fashion:

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We are a team of fashion forward Canadian contributors that have collaborated to bring you a digital lifestyle publication with a little something for everyone. We live local. We love local. We write local. Join the conversation, you know you want to! Opinions expressed herein are that of each contributor and we welcome your feedback. Sending love & light always, Brandelyn

THE Rust-Oleum UPCYCLE CHALLENGE Written by: Brandelyn Cameron As a design enthusiast, I look forward to the The Pantone Colour Institute's color trend forecasting every year. The Pantone Color Institute ?brings together the science and emotion of color in order to provide a unique and comprehensive set of solutions for every step in the process of choosing and realizing color.? 2016 introduced a very tranquil color palette while being the first year that two colors, Rose Quartz and Serenity, were selected as the color of the year. However, at the 2016 International Home + Housewares Show, color expert Lee Wiseman, who happens to be the Executive Director for the Pantone Color Institute, provided her design predictions as well as nine 2017 Pantone View Home + Interiors palettes. Several of these color predictions tickle my fancy, yet there is one that stole my heart and has been dominating my 2016 wardrobe; Florabundant. Which as the name implies is a rich combination of floral hues including Chrysanthemum, Baton Rouge, Pink Yarrow, varying shades of green . This year I was asked to participate in the Calgary Home + Design Show for DIY Runway: presented by Rust-Oleum Consumer Brands Canada in support of Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta The purpose of the endeavor is to bring Calgary?s best style off the streets and into your home! DIY Runway is

https:/ / eatingforexcellence your chance to bid on hand-crafted, repurposed pieces created by Calgary?s top style influencers and tastemakers. Ten local fashion bloggers, stylists, designers, and boutique owners were asked to draw inspiration from a favourite item in their own closet to repurpose a pre-loved home decor piece from ReStore Calgary using a curated box of goods from Rust-Oleum Consumer Brands CanadaÂŽ. Since I have always been a huge supporter of Habitat for Humanity, this was a no brainer for me since 100% of silent auction proceeds will benefit Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta to help provide local families with a safe, affordable place to live. How fantastic is that?! I have selected my piece from the ReStore Calgary and am patiently awaiting my Rustoleum products so that I can get started. The color theme surrounding my Restore DIY Runway project will be Florabundant - which is one of the nine Pantone Color Institute's 2017 palette predictions. Rustoleum has a fabulous 'Chalked Paint' collection that I just dying to

combine with their Luminous Pear metallic accent paint. With the inspiration taken from my closet, my project will be an upcycled rendition of floral elegance meeting casual comfort. I have selected a pre-loved mantle, that I will transform, so be sure to keep an eye on our progress and swing by the Calgary Home + Design Show September 22-25th, to bid on all of the fabulous projects! I will be posting video 'How-To' updates on my Haute Decor Interiors FB page for you to follow along with for inspiration.

bef or e

If you've never been to a ReStore, I highly recommend that you check them out. In addition to their pre-loved inventory, they have plenty of brand new, deeply discounted building materials. Alternately, if you are renovating, you can donate any reusable building materials from your reno such as old cabinetry, doors, faucets, light fixtures etc. It's a win win for me!

GET THE LOOK DesignerDIY's Upcycle Challenge Those that know me well know that I could never pass up a good roadside rescue as I am notorious for dragging home people's cast aways so that I can give them new life. Though the 'chalk paint' phenomenom has been around for quite some time, I had yet to try Rustoleum's 'Chalked' paint collection. So, when I was asked to participate in their upcycle challenge, it was a cosmic collision of awesomeness on many levels. So I decided that I would revitalize an old mantle that I found at the Calgary ReStore, supporting Habitat for Humanity. If you've never checked out the Rust-Oleum Home collection, you really should as there are just so many options.

To recreate this look, you will need : 1. Something fabulous to transform 2. Rust-Oleum Krud Kutter 3. Rust-Oleum's Chalked Paint in Charcoal 4. Rust-Oleum's Chalked Paint Matte Clear Top Coat 5. Rust-Oleum's Antiqued Copper spray paint 6. Rust-Oleum's Metallic Accent Paint in Luminous Pear 7. Rusted Marquis lighting 8. Mason Jars 9. Battery operated tea lights 10. Small wooden box


PARSLEY BEET SALAD Written by: Kim Ronzoni A popular dish at parties that has become my most requested recipe. A rustic, flavourful salad that combines the earthiness of beets, tartness of goat cheese and freshness of parsley and mint with a touch of balsamic sweetness. It can be enjoyed as a great vegetarian/gluten- free starter or main course, as it is a complete protein meal.


2 bunches (approx. 8 cups) curly leaf parsley, finely chopped 1/2 (approx. 1/2 cup) medium red onion, finely chopped 1 sm. bunch fresh mint leaves, finely chopped 1 tbsp. + 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 500 g pkg. organic, cooked and ready to use beets, diced small 3 tbsp. dark balsamic vinegar 1 130 g pkg. plain goat cheese, crumbled 1/4 cup pine nuts or chopped walnuts Salt and pepper to taste Balsamic glaze (store bought, ready made)

DIRECTIONS (SERVES 6-8 PEOPLE) 1. Trim and remove as much stems from the parsley as possible. Cut into thirds and wash thoroughly and drain well (I like to use a salad spinner). 2. Drain beets from package and dice. Heat 1 tbsp. olive oil in a fry pan over med-high heat. Add beets and cook for 5 min., toss frequently. Add balsamic vinegar to beets, reduce heat to medium and cook an additional 15 min. Remove pan from stove, allow beets to cool. 3. Chop parsley and add to a large mixing bowl. Add onion, mint leaves, olive oil and salt/pepper. Toss gently. 4. Arrange parsley mixture on a large platter or bowl. Top with beets, goat cheese and nuts. Prior to serving, drizzle balsamic glaze lightly over the top in a zig zag pattern. Keeps well refrigerated for 2-3 days.



Go BEYOND BASIC!! Phot o Credit : Alain Wainwright

Written by: Chantal Sarkisian Fall is by far the most coveted styling season. The change in weather brings on an inevitable sense of new beginning, whether you are headed back to school or getting back to the grind. It?s an unofficial new year and the best excuse for a new (more stylish!) you. If you?re looking to refresh your closet and celebrate the coming of fall, you may want to grab yourself a PSL and keep reading. The 2016 trends this fall are nothing short of abundant. Think cornucopia of options, not gourds. Between colour, fabric, prints and

textures, this fall has it all. But I urge you one thing: don?t be a basic b@#$% this fall and think outside the box. So what is a BB? According to Wikipedia the formal definition of basic b@#$% , or simply basic, ?is a slang term in American popular culture used to pejoratively describe women who are perceived to predominantly like mainstream products, trends, or music while at the same time fearing and disliking diversity.? You?ll know what basic is when you see it! And sadly, they?re taking over our Instagram feeds. I am getting bored of

seeing the same fall styles represented, over and over again. I almost have it down to a formula: skinny burgundy jeans, nude flats, plaid shirt, oversized scarf, with a large handbag hanging from the forearm and photo taken from above. This is lame folks and it?s time to change it up! I don't even need to show you this classic BEYOND BORING tren, just go check your Instagram feed, I'll bet you'll find it! My best advice t o you - Avoid imit at ion and use t hese 8 t ips t o go beyond basic for fall t his year Although burgundy, camel and army green are classic comebacks, this year?s 2016 Pantone colours are making a cameo. Look out for pale blue and blush pink.

Testing levels with this short sweater dress and tall over the knee boots. A long vest and wide brim hat finish the look.

Don?t forget to add a little dimension to your outfits with cable knit sweaters, faux fur accents (like a killer vest) and luxe velvet garments. Yes, velvet is in! When it comes to fabric, turn you leather inside out and let suede take the spotlight this year. Get edgy with a suede motto jacket or over-the-knee (#otk) boots to add a little tough girl to your look. Learn the art of layering and abuse it. Sweaters, vests, blouses, pile them on and adjust according to the weather. A light jacket like a bomber or blazer will help you perfect your layering skills and take the cool out of the weather and into your look. Skirts and dresses take on a whole new meaning when paired with boots and booties. Mix and match short skirts and tall boots and find the balance that works for you.

Summer tones transition well into fall in this pale pink duster vest.

The flat sneaker lives on this fall, but switch your white canvas for black leather. You?ll thank me later. Choker, choker, choker. Yes, I know we all went through this phase, but if you want to dive back in, now is the time. You can choose from the classic thin leather strap or sleek black velvet stripe. I teamed up with Ottawa photographer, Alain Wainwright, who snapped a few pics of me in some fall transition outfits. These looks are meant to inspire you to create your own odd combinations while integrating some of these 8 key trends for fall.

Playing with fall tones and taking advantage of this season?s must have; the utility jacket.

Don't Get Distracted By The Lipstick Written by: Nicole Rosendfeldt When you are shopping for a re-sale home it is important to be educated on the meaning of a true renovation. Beware of the ?lipstick? to embellish an old product. It will look fabulous at first glance, however after an intense inspection, reality will set in when you move in. Don?t be fooled, be prepared! Very often these types of wow factor are invested in updating an older kitchen or dated bathroom. They will look good on the outside, however, be cautious of the hidden details. It is highly recommended to find out who re-stained or repainted the cabinets. Professionally restored cabinets will make a strong difference not only in the final outcome but also in the durability and quality. The sanding stage is crucial prior to applying a new finish so it can be efficient and avoid peeling or fainting issues as the product did not absorb in the surface treated. The primer will contribute to a higher quality finish especially if the original product is pine wood which has a lot of nuts. These imperfections will come back to hunt you sooner than later if the surface was not prepared adequately. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are inclined to be wet or surrounded by humidity therefore the selection of product utilised to refinish the surface is of a premium importance. The quality of workmanship should also be supervised such as the camouflage of old holes due to the selection of new hardware, hinges and door pulls. Ask relevant questions and inspect the finishes yourself. Was the interior of the

cabinets also refinished? Were the products utilised selected accordingly with the type of material it will be applied on? It is imperative to use appropriate finishes as the laminate cabinet box will not require the same paint or stain as the wood doors. Granite or quartz counter tops installed on dated cabinets might embellish the space temporarily, however will not be the best approach since as a future owner you might remove the entire kitchen shortly. Quite often, the actual stone size or colour will no longer complement your new lay out or design. Ensure you pay for items you will utilise long term and not remove in a short amount of time. Fixtures such as lighting, faucets and sinks can prove to be costly, take a moment to verify if these important features are aesthetically pleasing but also of reputable quality. Updated and renovated projects are two very distinct entities and should be treated accordingly. Updated kitchen may not provide the soft closing doors or pots and pans oversized drawers. Certain useful accessories like a recycling bin on wheels or spice rack may be required. Beware of fancy tempting decorations that will not stay with the property. Just ask yourself, is this cosmetic or quality workmanship? The product you receive should reflect the price you pay. Be smart, take your time and analyze!

The Dreaded D Word!


Salt and pepper to taste I try and find a nice bun (brioche or onion) but any old bun will do.

Cook the burger put it on the bun slap on the coleslaw mixture and there's dinner!! Chicken wit h sweet pot at oes and beans Grab some chicken breasts. Put a BBQ sauce or marinade that you like on them in an oven proof vessel (I am in love with just about any sauce by president choice) Turn oven on to 350f cover chicken with tin foil and throw in the oven for about 35-45 minutes.

Written By: Melanie Martin I know I can't speak for everyone but who in their right mind wants to do a lengthy tedious chore at the end of the day when all you want to do is put your feet up and relax?? I despise making dinner but the hungry family members that await a meal at the end of the day don't seem to care. There is good news though. I have found a few basic things that can make dinner time a little bit more tolerable. When I do a shop I try and buy my meat in bulk. That way I portion it up for each meal and just have to pull it out of the freezer the night before. I purchased a Spiralizer and it's an amazing tool to have for veggies. If you have a few minutes to do prep on Sunday you can get most of your chopping done in a fraction of the time. Bag it and you have go to veg for the rest of the week. How amazing is that?!? I am always looking for new recipes and ideas as I get bored of making the same things week after week. Sometimes I just have to experiment with what I have in the fridge and pantry because the thought of taking two kids under 5 to the grocery sounds like the worst thing ever (I would rather sleep in a cold mud puddle sometimes) Here are a few staples that get me through that dreaded time of day. Salmon burgers wit h dill coleslaw Salmon burgers - I buy mine at Costco, they are tasty and filler free . Coleslaw mix -

1/2 cupGreek yogurt Juice of 1 lemon 2 tbsp of Dill 1/4 cup parsley

Meanwhile. Peel and slice sweet potatoes (3 small ones feed 4) lay out just slightly overlapping one another in a homemade tinfoil bag (take a long piece of tin foil and fold almost in half to make a pouch. Drizzle with olive oil Thyme or rosemary and salt and pepper. Make the foil pouch so that all sides are tight put pouch on cooking sheet and put the potatoes in with the chicken. I just like to buy the prepared French beans and I throw them in a sautÊ pan with a little butter garlic and salt and pepper until they brighten up. I like my beans crunchy. The perfect salad dressing for just about anyt hing. This one I always just eye it depending on how much I need? general rule of thumb is 3 part oil to 1 part vinegar. I like my dressing with a little bit more bite so I use about 1 ½ parts vinegar. -

3 tbsp Olive oil 1 1/2 tbsp Red wine vinegar

About 1 tbsp Dijon mustard (I like the grainy stuff only because it looks prettier. You can always mix both as well) -

1 clove Garlic Salt Pepper

I use this for parsley salads (instead of lettuce I use parsley mixed with kale, peppers, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomato and feta) It's also great with just tomato, cucumber, basil I quickly cook and shock broccoli, mix that with cherry tomato and red onion and feta. Perfect for a pot luck or picnic as the longer it sits the better. Finally, always have a good delivery place on hand for those days that the mere sight of the kitchen turns your stomach.

Charlie Barnett Photography

THE "MONTH OF"COORDINATOR Written by: Cait O'Malley Now that wedding season is in full swing, I am constantly seeing posts in wedding related Facebook groups of brides asking for feedback on month-of wedding coordinators. Everyone wants to know whether it?s worth it to hire someone to take over in those last few weeks. I hear a lot of, ?well I already did all the work, why would I pay someone to come in now?? Yes, you, your family or your friends have already invested a lot of time in the first few stages of your wedding. You have taken care of sourcing your service providers, signed your contracts and checked many items off of those template to do lists that you found online. So why is a month-of coordinator going to get paid to come in now after you?ve done all that work and? what? Stand

around supervising? When you break it down, there are a lot of people involved in executing a wedding: the venue; the photographer; the videographer; the band; the DJ; the transportation; the florist; the officiant; the accommodations; the hair and make-up; the wedding favours; the wedding cake; the dĂŠcor; the rentals; the linens; and more! Each of these service providers comes with a lengthy contract that needs to be appropriately reviewed. Perhaps you are renting linens from a company rather than using the venue?s linens. Does their contract include setting them up or will they just drop them off? Your planner will know what to look for in a contract and what needs to be adjusted so that there aren?t any red flags and you don?t end up with unpleasant surprises on your big day. We

will also review your check list with you to make sure you didn?t overlook anything like your liquor license or possibly liability insurance. In addition to reviewing the contracts with a fine toothed comb, each service provider will need to know when and where to show up and what is expected of them. This means creating a very detailed timeline to share with everyone. Otherwise, your centrepieces may show up before your tables are even set out, and chances are they won?t stick around waiting for you to be ready for them. A wedding planner will help you create that detailed timeline and will send it out to all of your service providers while confirming final details with each of them to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You will also need to have an emergency contact list for each of your service providers as well as all crucial wedding party members. A wedding planner will create that for you and share it with all of your services providers, listing them as the primary contact. That way, when the person delivering your cake gets lost, you aren?t stuck on the phone giving directions while the photographer tries to get bridal party shots of you. We are also there to troubleshoot. Certified planners are well trained and prepared for any number of troubles that may arise. From the copies of timelines, emergency contact lists and day of check-lists that we have with us, to the emergency kit that never leaves our side, we are ready to tackle any little hiccup. When all is said and done, the reception has ended and your last guests have cleared out, your wedding planner is still there. We?re tearing down your DIY decorations that the venue will not let you leave overnight, we?re calling a cab for your uncle who wasn?t planning on drinking, we?re distributing final payment to all of your service providers and we?re collecting your cards and bouquets so that they don?t get left behind. We?ll pretty much take care of everything except for tucking you in after your long, beautiful day. Heck, we may even do that!

In a blender add: -

KEYLIM E Smoothie

½ A FROZEN BANANA (PARTIALLY THAWED). Bananas are high in potassium. When you are drinking anything excessively what happens? You use the washroom frequently. This not only encourages dehydration but you also end up flushing some much needed vitamins right down the toilet. Potassium is great at helping rehydrate, which is why it is found in sports drinks etc.

8-0Z LIGHT COLOURED JUICE (Like white grape, pear, Kiwi or even apple). Fruit has lots of Vitamin C and when you drink alcohol you are also compromising your immune system. 1 TBSP VANILLA MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER. Some antioxidants will help support your liver. JUICE FROM ½ A LIME. Use an entire lime if it isn?t yielding a lot of juice.

Written by: Noelle Oberg Now that all the awesome Moms out there have survived the back to school shopping, I figure it's time to take a deep breath and add an extra twist to our smoothie! Now, I am in no way claiming drinking to be the healthy choice but after reading and reading and even some experimenting, I have found some ingredients we can add that may give you that extra support in your well deserved cocktail. I cannot promise this will work if you consume 10 of these, but hey it?s worth a shot!

½ AN AVACADO for thickness and healthy fat. 1 SCOOP PLANT BASED VANILLA PROTIEN POWER. Consuming protein while drinking helps you metabolize and break down the alcohol better. The Vanilla flavoring adds a delicious taste. -

If you love key lime pie then this smoothie is definately for you!

1 oz ALCHOHOL OF CHOICE. However I recommend Coconut Rum or a Spirit clear in color (vodka, white rum).

Start by freezing: UNSWEETENED COCONUT WATER ICE CUBES the night before or even morning of. I am sure by now everyone is aware that alcohol is dehydrating so it?s only natural that we add in some much needed electrolytes. Blend the ice cubes with the ingredients below.

Blend it all up and enjoy tas we head into fall, you deserve it! Not an alcohol in your smoothie fan? Have that red wine and mix this smoothie up in the morning instead. The ingredients will have the same benefits then as well.

OH MY - It's A Girl! Our Fitness Beauty Shares Her Story Written by Madelaine Garcia So...I'm 37 years old and 17 weeks pregnant with my first child, and perhaps my only child, although I really don't know that yet. When I was a kid I just assumed I would be a mom, probably to three. I also assumed I'd be married and have kids in my 20s. Back then I also thought 30 and 40 were old. Oh my how things have changed. As life went on I realized that there was no way I was prepared to be a mother in my 20s, are you kidding? My 20s were are mostly about loving living on my own, total freedom, lots of fitness and being in my best shape possible. Not to mention working several jobs, taking courses, finding my career and possibly most importantly, building my wardrobe and going out with friends. When 30 came along I thought, maybe I don't want to have kids at all. I mean look at life, I was busy working a well paid corporate job climbing that ladder. I was travelling for work and having a blast in my personal

life, launching my own business and sleeping like a queen (when I wanted to). I felt really greedy with my time. Almost like there was no room for anything or anyone else. I did however meet and marry my husband. He felt the same as me, we wanted kids but not right away. As time passed and we got comfortable with our life as it was if we began to feel that maybe we didn't want kids. Things were good. So we got dogs instead. Five years and two dogs later we decided that if we were going to have a family we'd better start now. As we started talking about it we both got really scared. We started thinking about how much the change would impact our lives and how much of our time would now be devoted to another a little human rather than our hobbies. We also cherished our sleep, so we put it off a little more. Then one day when I was close to turning 36, I realized the time was right. I can't really say what the turning point was but there was just a feeling that came over me. I no longer cared about my "me time" or material things. The house somehow felt empty

and ready for another soul. I can't say my hubby was quite as ready but he agreed that we weren't getting any younger and that he wanted to be a father eventually anyway. I think we both felt some of that pressure of time, that biological clock. Now or never, we decided to start trying. On my 36 birthday I remember thinking, this will be my last birthday as a single woman (single as in babyless). Funny though, 6 months later we still weren't pregnant and I was beginning to really the see time pass. Looking back this isn't very long at all but in the moment it felt like forever. My carefully crafted plan was not unfolding as I expected. I mean really, I decided I was ready, let's go already. There's some information missing in our sex education - pregnancy doesn't always happen as easily as your teachers might lead you to believe. It also doesn't always happen on your timeline...go figure, that tricky Mother Nature. As a planner and someone with superb time management skills, this came as a slight shocker. I mean, not a total shock , I know many women who have struggled trying to conceive and it's not someting to take lightly, however I really didn't think about this when creating my life plan back when I was 16 years old. I just figured that since my mom was fertile, I will be too. Duh - how naive Luckily by our 8th month of trying (4th month of doing so by actually tracking my cycle carefully) we got that exciting positive pregnancy test. So far everything has gone well and Baby Garcia is growing and doing as well as she should in there. My husband and I are both so grateful for this and although I won't really know until baby comes, I do think waiting was the best decision for us. We've had 6 years of marriage to sort out a lot of regular marriage stuff and we've had time to enjoy it together. We both feel ready for a new chapter and ok with giving up that cherished me time (and maybe the sleep) and are really just excited to meet this little girl . There is suddenly so much room for her in our life. Sometimes I think how nice it would be to be turning 40 and my kids be grown up but at the same time, how fun is it that I'll be turning 40 and have a toddler to keep me young and on my toes. Like all of life experiences, they are each different, they are each personal and they are each up to how you interpret them. This is our journey.

M IX it UP



Written by: Suzanne Quintal I?m all over the map when it comes to my ?style?. One minute I?m fixated on the rivets of an industrial rolling cart and the next I am fabricating a bohochic hippie reading tent. However, what I have found during my deign consults is that I am not alone. When my clients present me with their inspiration boards, undoubtably there are elements of traditional, modern, rustic, antique, and a whole lot more. A matching set of furniture used to be a sign of luxury and rarely were the sofa, loveseat, and matching armchair broken up. All the legs matched, the colours matched, and all of the patterns? you guessed it? matched. Many furniture stores still present their groupings this way. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and makes for an easier sale. Shoppers can wander mindlessly and just point to a set that they think will suit their room. BOOOOOOOOOOORING? .. In my world ?matchy match? is an F-bomb. You can mix the elements of different styles together without becoming a hot mess. It may make buying

decisions a little more difficult, but the end result will be creating a space that is uniquely you and not found in every second house on your block. I like to consider designing a space very similar to designing an outfit. A kickass OOTD consists of your basic pieces layered with elements of interest. Think a simple black skirt and top to start and then add an amazing bag, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and don?t forget the patterns. What started out a boring outfit devoid of personality has suddenly become a Pinterest droolworthy OOTD stalked by your friends. For example, you can keep a rustic sideboard fresh when you pair it with modern side chairs, a Karttell lamp, and some contemporary art. Your space is no different. It?s ok to mix different furniture styles together in one room together. The trick is to find something in common between all the pieces in order to unify the look and prevent your interior from looking chaotic. Follow these tips my fearless #designtribe and you will be able to create a

magnificent IOTD (interior of the day)!


Here are some basic t ips t o consider:

HEAVY METAL: When combining metallic finishes, try to keep the metals the same tone. You can mix gold, brass, rose gold, and copper together because the various patinas play well together.

COLOUR: Using a consistent colour helps your decor look great together and look more cohesive. For example, the bones of a dining room could be traditional with wainscotting and an antique table but surrounded by a white colour palette, modern metal chairs, a fibreglass chaise lounge and detailed baroque wall piece to create a style far from traditional. SOLIDARITY: Allow your furniture pieces to speak to each other through a common connection. If you have pieces of furniture from two various styles, marry them together through a common upholstery, colour, scale, or finish. The Arne Jacobsen chair works harmoniously with the tufted wing chair as they are the same colour and

KEEP IT BALANCED: Mix masculine with feminine to keep the room from being too heavy. Wood furnishings can be visually to pair them up with some more delicate pieces and colours. A simple white slipcovered sofa looks great with a more masculine classic tobacco coloured Barcelona chair. Add a glass table and abstract art keep the room from being too serious. The best thing about mixing furniture styles is you always have a chance to pare and edit. Be bold, have fun, and don?t be afraid to use what you have.

[oh my: that's haute] Join the conversation, you know you w ant to.

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