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Your letters I don’t think the “Women’s Column” should be called “Women’s Column”. It was well written but kind of patronizing. I also think the articl should be for anyone, no matter what gender. Gender’s Not Binary Err... isn’t calling it “Women’s Column” implying that the rest of the paper isn’t applicable to women?

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve been enjoying the first couple of weeks (back) at Uni. It’s been a heck of a month at OMD. Many of you got in touch so, from all of us here, a big thank you for getting involved. This could not happen without you. Last month, we were telling you about the failure of the UEL Nicosia campus. This month, we had a chat with Cypriot students who experienced first hand so check it out on page 11.

We also have more of what you really think from page 6. And as it’s October, we couldn’t pass up a Halloween Special (p.12) Finally, you can find all the latest in film, music and books starting p.14. Have a wicked October,

Marion L.

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Chick Who Likes News

Cheers for your feedback folks. We’ll pass it on to your Women’s Officer, Julie K. I’m really upset to read about the UEL Nicosia campus losing the University so much money. I am from Cyprus but didn’t even know UEL had a building there. I have to work full time in order to pay for my fees, I don’t like hearing how they are being used. The more I think about it the more mad I get.

Cyprus Student

We actually sat down with a couple of the Cypriot students who attended UEL Nicosia and wrote an article about their experience. Check it out on page 11. So I was super excited to see your newspaper when I arrived at Fresher’s Week, thinking it’d list everything happening on campus. And there was the back page with all the info. But then people kept mentioning events they’d been to that I’d never even heard of. Film screenings? Talks in the SU? Student Eats?! The club was great, but come on, tell us what else is happening on campus!! Activity Junkie.

Message received and understood. Check out the back page. Any other events missing? Let us know!

Quote of the month “And it was the afternoon of Halloween. And all the houses shut against a cool wind. And the town was full of cold sunlight. But suddenly, the day was gone. Night came out from under each tree and spread.” Ray Bradbury


Oh My Daze - Oct 13


Each month, two UEL students will have a fashion face-off. Why? Well, mostly because it’s a bit of fun and banter ...

Name: Nicoletta Bonanno Course: Combined Honours Graphic Design and Photography Hat: Benie from PRIMARK Jacket: VINTAGE Shirt: VINTAGE Trousers: Skinny BERSHKA Shoes: OFFICE Bracelet: TOPMAN

Name: Christos Xenophontos Course: BA(Hons) Architecture, Year 1 Shirt: TOPMAN Trousers: Skinny H&M Shoes: NIKE Watch: CASIO Bracelent: TOPMAN Photographer: Maria Paraskevopoulou

BA(Hons) Photography Year 1


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Club Aqua, wasted opportunity? Club Aqua is a new (old) venue for UEL Docklands campus. It was first opened as Aqua East as a Student’s Union bar, alongside the Underground Bar but the SU back then messed up big time - an entirely different discussion. The Underground Bar switched to contractor management and Aqua East kept the name and became a social area with pool tables and more. Events (like club nights) took place at the bar when this change happened. The University department reopening and managing Club Aqua this year is Student Life (previously Student Services). With two venues open simultaneously, you could envisage two events running side-by-side, giving students double the options for their evening. Even if only one venue hosts an event, that provides for those nights that what you want to do is share a pint and some banter with mates… maybe just the banter, if you’re not that close. Club Aqua will only be open on Wednesday and Friday nights - this makes sense as the Underground Bar is open the rest of the week, until at least 12am. The current word from Student Life is that the Underground Bar should close early whenever they

have something planned and they have also made clear that Club Aqua will only be used for events they organise. This combination denies students and societies from running evening events on Wednesdays or Fridays - one venue will be closed, the other unavailable to student-led events. This makes it look like Student Life either don’t care much for student-led events, or that they are afraid of competition. Speaking of which, it shouldn’t matter - a guesstimate puts the number of resident students at Docklands at around 1,200 - Club Aqua only has room for 300 people. With varied and engaging events on offer, Student Life should be able to easily operate Club Aqua while Underground Bar is open - that’s not mentioning off-campus students. This year’s Fresher’s saw some big improvements over the past couple of years, and those in attendance seemed to enjoy the events held at Club Aqua. This article wasn’t intended as a discussion of Fresher’s Week, however these events are the only examples of Club Aqua at the time of writing. As a general note, it seems that the placement of the female toilets is far too inconvenient - most times I was there

and went to use the Gent’s, there was at least one female using those toilets. With the launch of the venue on Monday, we saw a system where one door was used as both entrance and exit plus anyone wanting a smoke had to go out then rejoin the queue when they were done. Owing to the venue’s measly 350 person capacity, normally an even more meagre 300, it became a situation of one-in-one-out fairly quickly, with some reporting having waited in the queue for up to 45 minutes and more - and the queue at this point was still a fair size. Tuesday saw all of those who turned up at the advertised time for the student-led comedy night turned away for an hour, as Venue Management saw that many people that turned up were not wristband holders (who had guaranteed access to all events) and as the event was confined to the ground floor, which has the same capacity as the number of wristbands which were available, it would have been unfair to let some in and then have to deny entry to wristband holders. Wednesday saw Club Aqua host the Sports Mashup party, by which some initial problems got a rethink - for ex-

Fresher’s in photos

ample a smoking area was added to the venue. Although it was arguably a huge oversight not to have this at opening, this improved the carnage at the single door to the venue, as less people had to try and leave whilst others entered, but this is a problem which has still to be addressed. Underground Bar closure fortunately didn’t happen for all events over the week, for example Thursday saw a lively turnout for the karaoke night at the Underground Bar, with some still opting for the Live Bands night at Club Aqua instead. A good example of two different events running side by side (albeit both musical) giving students a choice of what to do with their evening. Friday had ownership of the UV Party, the big event of the week where students were treated to a venue half-lit in UV lighting and illuminated through the huge glass wall to help make the most of their glowing getups. Other spectacles of Friday included the spinners, performing neon staff, fan tricks and poi (even giving students a try) and the fight which the police had to be called to. Not the only incident of the night, however they

did lead to the executive decision being made to let nobody else in (if you were wondering why it got quiet) and to an early closing at 1:30 am. UEL Students need and want things to do - as evidenced by the students willing to wait so long on Monday. There are teething problems which could be ironed out, but Club Aqua needs a rethink - with a big glass front, an upstairs that doesn’t seem to serve much purpose and a low capacity, the question that stands: is this really a good place for holding events/parties? The opening of a second evening venue, alongside the existing campus bar, offers so many opportunities for UEL students to attend events that they will love, giving the option of two things to do two nights a week (and opportunities to host these events) - but with the handling of the Fresher’s Week events, as well as insisting that everyone attend the events they plan and what could look like an attack on student-led events, this great opportunity might not be happening for a while. Joe Osborne

Oh My Daze - Oct 13


UEL English PEN: Our Fresher’s Fair

UEL English PEN was part of Fresher’s Fair from 16 - 20 September. This year, the University held the fair in SportsDock on our Docklands campus. As first timers at such an event, we were very impressed with this year’s organisation and surprised at the amount of societies and clubs UEL has. It was amazing to see all of the societies in such union, with their

own stall decorations and flyers. The Fresher’s Fair was open every day from 10am till 4pm during that week, which gave the students plenty of time to visit each society and get familiarised with their ideas and events. The variety of societies was outstanding – it spread from sports to literature and everything in between. The atmosphere was definitely a positive

one and not only did we learn a lot about first year students, but we also learned a lot about the new societies. The UEL English PEN Society is focused primarily on freedom of speech, and we are a subgroup of English PEN and PEN International. Many writers worldwide get imprisoned for writing or publishing certain types of work. Freedom of speech – in any shape or form – should be available to everyone. The UEL English PEN stall was full of various flyers regarding English PEN, but our speech bubble wall and the ‘lucky book dip’ were the real eye magnets. The idea of a speech bubble wall was inspired by Surrey University English PEN group, and focussed, simply, on what we think ‘freedom of speech’ means. We asked the students, and they wrote down their responses on speech bubbles and posed for pictures which we posted on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. We managed to receive a variety of responses, but the main theme was ‘saying what I want without being judged’. Our ‘lucky book dip’ was inspired by the message ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. These were very gener-

ously donated to the society by Pete Ayrton of Serpents Tail. We wrapped up all the books and wrote writer’s last name and a short summary of the book on the front. By doing so, we tried to spread the issue of people not reading books written by women or getting too focused on the cover and not on the actual book content. The response was amazing and many students have enjoyed reading our summaries and have given us a suggested donation of £2. As a brand new society, we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of students who stopped by the stall, asked questions and were interested in the subject. The ‘freedom of speech’ topic sparked up some insightful debates among the students walking past and we were satisfied with the amount of students who got informed about our society. We were also honoured to be part of the UELSU Fresher’s Free Film Festival, where we screened short films from PEN on the Friday night. A little birdie told us we were the most well attended society screening of the week, which is just amazing. Throughout the year, UEL English PEN will be holding regular letterwriting campaigns, alongside Open-

Mic Night for students to share their written work, music, performance and film. We hope to see you soon. UEL English PEN Society

Photographers: Bernardo Bacciardi Nicola Bullivant Ushi Klein UEL Corporate Marketing



Each month, this page will be yours to share your opinion about anything you fancy, let it be local, national or international issues, uni related or not.

My experience of social action My experience of social action started way back when I was 12. I enjoyed running for exercise so entered a sponsored fun run for charity. I didn’t really look into the charity much when I registered, but I enjoyed it and raised some money. After this, I entered two of them every year, each for a different charity. I started to read the information enclosed in the application pack about the charities and it was then I realised the importance of raising money for these causes. Ever since then I’ve dedicated my life to tackling important issues, both in the UK and abroad. Whilst at university I have found it very easy to get involved in social action. The long holidays and student loan allow for the opportunity to volunteer abroad. Last summer I spent two months in India participating in a women’s empowerment project. Being exposed to extreme poverty and a completely different culture deepened my understanding of the inequality that ex-

ists around the world. Upon my return, I felt fuelled to become more involved with challenging these inequalities at a local level. I joined vInspired ‘s leadership programme, Team v, and led three campaigns in Newham. The issues I raised awareness of were youth homelessness, mental health stigma and lack of community cohesion. Before I began Team v I was sceptical of how effective campaigning was. However, the campaigns my team ran with vInspired were interactive and we really engaged the community with these issues through social media and events. Volunteering is a great way to

boost your CV, again with the long holidays from university it is great to take up some voluntary work with a charity. I have helped out at a char-

ity called CREST in the North East who aim to promote racial equality through employment opportunities. As well as providing much needed support to a small organisation, I have also developed lots of skills that are needed to make changes in our society. For example, through working with beneficiaries, I have developed my interpersonal skills that will enable me to work with people in a more compassionate way of understanding their needs. Outside of all formal social action opportunities I have participated in, I try hard to make sure everyday I am making choices that contribute to a better future for the world’s people

and environment. Even on a student budget, I try and buy Fairtrade food, environmentally friendly cleaning products and ethically made clothing. Additionally, I wash my clothes on a low temperature, recycle and try and walk places where possible. If you are looking to be more involved in social action, there are plenty of opportunities around campus. You could get involved with the Green Impact team about minimising the university’s impact on the environment, raise money for a worthy charity or use the Students’ Union to find volunteering opportunities. There is something for everyone depending on what you are interesting in and the time you have to commit. If this isn’t for you, why not try just making that one little change every day… that coffee may keep you awake, but is it Fairtrade?

‘And that’s why I’ll respect a good girl Ask her permission Respect decisions And keep my distance You’re a good girl, I won’t feel cheated If you don’t need it I’ll take a seat and check for Straight Lines She has boundaries She isn’t easy I won’t be sleazy ‘Cos she’s a good girl, She doesn’t want it If we’re honest I will not force it’

of our events and communal spaces we must collectively make a stand. If you would like to back this and be part of the movement that doesn’t accept the misogynistic idea of blurred lines get in touch, we can make this happen. There are no blurred lines when it comes to consent. Either there is consent, or there isn’t. Simple. My body not yours. #ConsentIsSexy

Danielle Falcus

Are the Lines Blurred?

I’m sure everyone has heard, or heard of, blurred lines by now. Equally I’m sure most people are sick of it. Regardless of the personal view of the melody or the catchy lyrics of the song, it is clear the lyrics are not respectful towards women and dismisses the concept of consent. Thicke himself has commented ‘What a pleasure it is to degrade a woman. I’ve never gotten to do that before. I’ve always respected women.’ This isn’t an antiRobin Thicke article by any means, however it needs to be recognised even the artist has acknowledged the misogyny of his own song. Five unions have already banned the song from their events and maybe it’s time for UEL to do the same. Trigger lyrics within the song can evoke negative feelings for sufferers of harassment or sexual violence; or be uncomfortable to listen to by those who are fortunate to not have had these

experiences themselves. The song and video have been out since summer so banning the song from being played publically in our social spaces won’t make it go away; however it will stop those who don’t want to listen to its message having it thrust upon them. For anyone who thinks there has been a massive overreaction to the lyrics and that they don’t actually parallel words used by attackers, check out Project Unbreakable and see for yourself how the exact wording has been used by attackers. The repeated phrase ‘I know you want it’ for example is a classic way of victim blaming and stripping the other of power. Of course you know if you want it or not and that is not something that can be dictated to you by another. The removal of choice automatically steers the song into rape culture territory, further backed by the rest of the lyrics. Unfortunately this is not the only

song objectifying women, most popular music does the same, though not always so blatantly. The heights this song has achieved primes it to be in a position to be made an example of. Of course not all music holds such negative messages, the opposite view to blurred lines is expressed by Flight of The Concords who express positive messages about women within their folk parody songs. Although their songs are very tongue-in-cheek, lyrics like ‘a kiss is not a contract, but it’s very nice’ and ‘if you’re into it’ are a world away from ‘you’re a good girl, can’t let it get past me’. There has been a wave of parodies highlighting how ridiculous the lyrics are. An example, by Issie Fenlon, of alternative lyrics are:

Have an idea for some alternative lyrics? Send them my way and select entries will make it onto the walls of the Students’ Union Lounge and The Dome. It’s all well and good me writing about how blurred lines doesn’t have a place in our student community, but if we want to see change it has to be something or community of students want, not just me. If you want to back this proposal and get blurred lines out

Mariam Irshad Vice-President Health, Sport and Bioscience & The Cass School of Education and Communities UELSU

Oh My Daze - Oct 13


“You can marry only when you can make children”

The local Labour MP of Lewisham East, Heidi Alexander, quite regularly sends me very nice letters through the post stating what she’s up to in the community. Quite frequently I see her actually talking to and learning from the residence in her constituency. So when Labour MP Stephen

Timms joined us for Q&A session during Fresher’s, I was flabbergasted to see he had absolutely no clue what people of UEL who are also his constituency, actually care about. The questions at this Q&A session started quite lightly, with employment being the first topic brought up. Timms explained how the Labour party was going to create jobs within the private sector for young people and people on JSA. When some of the students and Students’ Union staff asked “Where are these jobs going to come from?” they felt like they didn’t really get a straight response. Who is funding the creation of these new jobs? Neither of these questions were fully answered. Timms ‘Boris-ed’ his way

out of it by excreting some interesting noises. We discussed more relevant issues like travel, where he was lost and it was quite clear his mind was searching through a back catalogue of prerehearsed excuses that Tory MPs are usually good at getting away with. Then came the question that most of the Students’ Union’s staff had been edging me to ask since the Q&A session started: “Why did you vote against the same sex marriage bill back in February 2013?” Expecting a clear answer from a politician is like me expecting to go on a date with Neil Patrick Harris - I’m never going to get it. The Labour MP responded that: A) he didn’t understand the bill, and B) was only thinking of the children. His main motivations for voting against the bill was because he believes that “The main reason that any couple get married is to create and raise children.” He didn’t believe that same sex couples could do that both physically and emotionally. Many of the Students’ Union staff and students were really supportive of

my viewpoint that same sex couples should be allowed to marry and didn’t hold back on further grilling Timms about his controversial ‘personal’ views. A few of the questions coming from UELSU included “There are many straight couples who marry who don’t want children, does that mean they’re not allowed to get married?”, “Would you prefer a child whose not planned and ends up neglected with straight parents or with a loving family of a same sex couple who actually want children?” Timms kept referring back to a religious law from 1662, which implied that straight couples only married to have children. In my reply I discussed the idea that definitions, laws and statutes should be allowed to evolve and change along with both social and economic ideals. He didn’t really seem to understand my position. If this man keeps referring back to a law passed in 1662 then I challenge him to abide fully by all the laws and rules set about within the bible and not today’s evolved form of religious

practice. I want to thank all of the Students’ Union staff and students present who supported me with challenging Timms on this subject and encourage everyone to talk to their local MPs about issues they feel passionately about.

wear is empowering. Please. Stop. For years we were told ‘women need to reclaim the word feminism!’ but then the media reclaimed the word feminism and transformed it. We need to reclaim it back from the media who reclaimed it back from… well I don’t know where from actually. But the fact of the matter is, and as airy fairy as it sounds feminism should be personalised, you should use it for yourself. It’s about finding out what it means to you, personally, and asking yourself what it can do for you. It might mean changing your mind set slightly to feel more confident in your ability to succeed. It might be about making better life choices for yourself, or it might mean making bigger life

changes, or in fact, you may find that feminism does nothing for you at all. Here’s another gem from Moran which I think enables you to think about feminism with a much clearer perspective. “I have a rule of thumb that allows me to judge, when times are pressing and one needs to make a snap judgment, whether or not some sexist bulls**t is afoot. Ask yourself these questions; are the men doing it? Are the men worrying about this as well? Is this taking up the men’s time? Are the men told not to do this, as it’s letting the side down? Are the men having to write bloody books about this exasperating, retarded, time-wasting, bulls**t? Is this making Jeremy Clarkson feel insecure? Almost always the answer is no. The boys are not being told they have to be a certain way, they are just getting on with stuff.” So, my advice is to just get on with stuff. Let feminist principles guide you through your decisions to ensure you’re making all the right choices and changes, for yourself. Don’t let new wave feminism mould you, control you or otherwise.

Loren Wright UELSU LGBT Officer

Rebecca’s column F is for Feminism F is for feminism. (And other dirty words that probably aren’t allowed to be published). There has been a massive amount of coverage in girl magazines recently on the subject of feminism. In fact, the topic has plummeted from the sky in the form of a grand piano; landing on all girls of this, and the next, generation. It’s left them swaying from side to side with little golden stars circling their heads and a dumb-founded look on their faces. The media has stolen feminism from the individual and has mass marketed it to the point of no return. Feminism has been made into a new fad, I think – sort of like scoobies, or the mighty cat fad (If you don’t know what scoobies are then you haven’t lived – google it). The media have taken control of the word and its meaning and have made it somewhat pretentious, all the rage. Let’s take, for example Cosmo – I haven’t really been indulging in Cosmo for the last year or so because I am enraged by the fact that they have been printing feminist features alongside ‘How to please your man – the things he won’t tell you!’, ‘What men really think in bed!’ and ‘your beach body starts here!’ – It takes an editor with a big pair of swinging balls to

publish such an ironic and contradictory collaboration of features. And the irony is so glaringly obvious. The media are slyly reinforcing gender roles whilst hiding under the term ‘feminism’, endorsing certain behaviours and ideals. Here’s a good quote from my favourite author Caitlin Moran who wrote ‘How To Be A Woman’ (which I would highly recommend. Not just to people who have a vagina, but everyone). “The purpose of feminism isn’t to make a particular type of woman. The idea that there are inherently wrong and inherently right “types” of women is what’s screwed feminism for so long — this belief that “we” wouldn’t accept slaggy birds, dim birds, birds that b*tch, birds that hire cleaners, birds that stay at home with their kids’’. The way that feminism has been

recently talked about is giving out a very confusing message to women and young girls. For example this whole crop tops and peek-a-boo buttcheek shorts combination can be justified by the ‘feminist’ notion that your body is your own and what little you

Rebecca Lamb


Julie’s column Sexy. Is it possible to scientifically define? Anthropological research states that since the cavemen era, human sexual characteristics have remained the same. We’ve all heard the stereotype that curves, long legs, a well shaped bottom and full fleshy lips is what makes a woman attractive. Turns out, there might be some science behind it. Or so says Allan Pease, author of “Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love” and many other best-selling human behavior focused books. The research looked at the following areas. Athletic body A strong, nicely worked out body indicates good health, as well as the ability of the woman to give birth and protect her babies. This was a very high priority in the cavemen era, when human were exposed to the wild. The fat which is stored in curves, helps with breastfeeding. Therefore, a woman’s curves leads a potential mate in to believing that she would never lose her breast milk after giving birth, The stimulus is then delivered to the male brain that “this woman can nourish my children properly”. This stimulus causes the penis to become erect. Sensual mouth Humans are the only mammals that have their lips at the outside of their face instead of inside their mouth. Some zoologists believe that women’s lips evolved this way, in order to reflect female genetalia. Lipstick was invented 6,000 years ago in ancient Egypt and it only came in one color; red. The same red of a woman’s aroused genitals. Big breasts When humans were walking on four legs, the round and fleshy buttocks used to be the feature that played the greatest role in attracting males. Female apes never obtained breasts, but since humans began standing on two feet, they also started to grow breasts. They began growing in order for the females to attract the males who approached them from the front according to some anthropologists, and not in order to help with the breastfeeding. Nipples are an adequate organ for this human function. The rest of the breast

is just adipose tissue and it was developed exclusively to remind a male of the buttocks. Long legs When girls mature and go through puberty, their legs become longer. Relatively long legs compared to the rest of the body used to be a sign for cavemen that the female was old enough to procreate. At 20 years, a woman’s body development is completed, which as a result makes them look 10% shorter than they used to look during their adolescence. In todays fashion, a short skirt and high heels are worn to give a woman similar proportions she had back when she was prepubescent. Round hips/small waist A woman in perfect health has a waistline equal to 70% of the size of her hips. Larger waists equal fat around the womb and the ovaries and there-

fore, lower fertility rate. Nature places fat away from the vital organs, so we don’t have fat around our heart, brain or testicles. Round buttocks Men, without realizing it, find the buttocks to be sexy because this is where women store the most amount of fat. This evokes a subconscious instinct telling a male that a woman is fertile. Magnetic gaze Worldwide, men are attracted to big eyes- especially bright colored ones. After lipstick, eye makeup was invented to give the eyes a wider and more baby-like look. According to surveys men are attracted more to women with ‘baby faces’. Dilated pupils are a sign of sexual arousal The mascara, the eye shadow and the eye liner aim to create an artificial feeling of youth and sexual arousal.

Long hair Long hair really used to have a specific use during cavemen times, this is why even nowadays some men pull the women’s hair instinctively. Men gaze more on blonde women and this is natural. Blonde hair equals to higher rates of estrogen and thus higher fertility. All the above, are what our society stereotypically considers sexy. And probably no woman has them all, but it’s for sure that they all have at least one of these characteristics that make them attractive. So, remember that yes, everyone has a part of themselves that is attractive no matter what. And secondly, even if some of you feel like you are not attractive enough, there’s one thing you should know. The perfect you is hidden inside you. The more you take care of yourself the

more attractive and sexy you look. And yes, the only way to achieve the perfect you is the natural way. Don’t think about operations or crazy, unhealthy diets or even diet pillsthese are not the solution. Exercise, ear healthily, sleep well and most importantly, be happy! Overall, this article is to prove that sexy is not to be skinny, or fat, or aesthetically operated or being dressed in an extremely provocative way. “Sexy” means natural, because this is how sexy was born anyway, as a natural process! The only way of being irresistibly sexy ladies, is by being your real-self! And remember, we all have a beautiful part inside and out. Julie Kalogeraki UELSU Women’s Officer

Tell us what you think! Agree? Disagree? Think there are more important things to write about? We’re looking for your opinions! Email or


Oh My Daze - Oct 13


Volunteering Fair On Thursday 26 September, UEL hosted over 30 charities for its beginning of year Volunteering Fair. The fair was an opportunity for students to find out more about how they can make a difference in the local area, by going around stalls about inspirational opportunities and signing up to get involved. Students got to choose from organizations as varied as local schools and the Metropolitan police and opportunities that ranged from fundraising to tree planting. For students looking to gain skills and experience, the fair

UEL English PEN society launches in style

UEL English PEN celebrated their summer readathon and previewed some of their plans for the next year with a launch party in the SU Lounge on Tuesday 8 October. The event - which attracted over 40 students and staff, including a surprise visit by Vice-Chancellor John Joughin - featured a talk from Julia Ziemer, from English PEN, a poetry reading from lecturer and poet Tim Atkins (pictured right), a preview of the society’s Open Mic Nights, some short

films from English PEN, a book raffle and quite a bit of free wine. There was also over £60 raised for the charity. The society is only the fifth of its kind in the UK, making UEL students a leading force in campaigning for free speech and supporting writers internationally. Members undertook a readathon throughout the summer break, where they read over 60 books in 8 weeks, raising over £250 for English PEN. English PEN fights for the rights of

writers internationally, campaigning for free speech and supporting writers and journalists that have had their human rights breached. The society will run events, such as letter writing campaigns, throughout the year, as well as holding Open Mic Nights for UEL students to read out their work in a safe, supportive place. Sam Dodd

was a way of finding an organisation where they could develop themselves while also helping others. Over the course of the day, over 200 students signed up with at least one charity. Students who weren’t able to come to the fair can still get involved in volunteering through UEL’s new database at The site enables students to easily search and apply for local opportunities, and will be to go-to place for organizations looking to re-

cruit volunteers from UEL. For more information on volunteering, including upcoming events, see



Employability and Enterprise Start thinking about the road ahead

UEL interview simulator Please go to EET website and check student section (login required) -

UEL’s volunteering hub Are you a student looking to gain new skills, networks and experience? Be the first to find opportunites at a wide range of organisations as well as information about up and coming events and training. Sign up now!

Black History month: The Employability journey EET is organising a celebration lunch. Presentations to be delivered by profesionals from BAME community. Sign up now: For updates, check out Facebook and Twitter.

The Enterprise Team We can be found within the Petchey centre of the Knowledge Dock (Docklands)

Think. Act. Be. New to the Enterprise team ... come along to hear more Tuesday 22 October from 3 to 4pm.

Drop In If you have any questions about your business


Wednesday 16 October, 4pm-6pm Wednesday 30 October, 2pm-4pm


Running Services Earn while you learn! 13/09/2012 13:36

Mentoring: Get a professional incite and guidance. Volunteering: Get the experience their all looking for. UEL Skills Academy: Get paid for getting trained. Enterprise Business Advice: Be outside the box and start your own business.

Last year over 700 students found paid employment on campus, these roles include student support, research, customer service, administration and library support.

Spring Personnel We have a dedicated employment agency on campus to help you find temporary full time and part time jobs Call: 0208 223 6501 Email:

For more information: 0208 223 2424 @jobs4UELstudent

Job Search (full-time and part-time):

SUSTAINABILITY Green Impact is looking for students The Sustainability team is offering students a unique opportunity to gain experience in project management, behaviour change and communication (whilst also helping to save the world) as part of the Green Impact scheme. Green Impact is a whole university scheme where teams in every department and school work through a series of tasks and projects to create a more sustainable workplace and enhance environmental communication and education. We’ve secured 20 places for stu-

dents become Project Assistants as part of the scheme. These students will work with teams throughout the year, supporting them through their tasks and planning projects, events and schemes. They will also receive accredited training in behaviour change and environmental auditing, as well as other opportunities for training in project management, time management, team work and leadership. UEL Sustainability

Climate change man-made? In a landmark report, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) have found that scientists are 95% certain that the cause of climate change over the past 50 years is manmade. The report, their first in six years, also concluded that it is highly likely that the past 30 years have been the hottest since 700AD and that greenhouse gas and CO2 levels in the atmosphere have been unprecedented in the past 800,000 years. Topics covered included everything

from global change, temperatures and ice to geoengineering and carbon budgets. You can read the full report online or we recommend the Guardian’s digested read for the bite-sizedchunk version. UEL Sustainability

To get involved with Green Impact, contact If the IPCC report has got your riled up to do something, contact Will uelpeopleandplanet@ and join the new People & Planet society.


Oh My Daze - Oct 13


UEL Against Cuts campaign launch UEL Socialist Students tell us more We are starting this group after The Times Higher Education announced the closure of the UEL Cyprus (the country, not DLR station near Beckton) last year after it was announced that only 17 students had enrolled to study business. Not only was the development of this campus short sighted because of the lack of courses offered, but it was condemned by the Board of Governors and university auditors as being unworkable. Patrick McGhee the former Vice Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor’s Group (VCG) decided to go along with the plan anyway which ended up wasting at least £1.28 million. The total amount of money lost could be more but unfortunately we don’t know. The reason we don’t know is because the VGC and the Board of Governors are covering up the incompetence of the people that served last year on the VCG. Socialist Students believe that the VCG are largely to blame for this disastrous decision but

also call into question the actions taken by the Board of Governors in not making public letters exchanged by Professor McGhee and Mark Stephens of the Board of Governors. We believe that these letters explain the motive behind the decision to build the Cyprus campus. While these letters will contain personal details of Professor McGhee, we want these published with the personal details removed along with a report written by Sir David Melville which details an investigation as to why the campus in Cyprus was built despite multiple warnings. UEL Against Cuts feels that these documents should be made public with the relevant personal information removed as it is very clear that something is wrong. This is shown by the resignation of Professor McGhee along with Adrienne Clarke, director of UEL’s International Office and Selena Bolingbroke, Pro ViceChancellor for strategic planning and external development. Despite the res-

UEL Cheerleading

UEL Cheer wants to invite everyone along to the Cheer Social that is taking place at the Underground Bar at Docklands on 16 October! The event is to help raise money for the new competition kit. It is our first cheer social back so we plan on making it big! The event is American themed so that means lots of drinking games, beer pong, cheap booze and good music by Sweet Talk music! It is £2.50 entry, the party starts at 9pm and finishes at 2am. Bring friends along, people from outside uni are welcome to come you

just need to tell us their name to put on the list, just get in contact with Also we just want to say a big thank you to everyone who came to training on Wednesday! Had such a great session with lots of new stunts! You all will be seeing the team a lot more this year around campus for all our socials and at the other team’s games cheering them on! We hope you can all make it to the social it will be a night to remember!

ignation of these people, UEL Against Cuts feels this does not go far enough. We call on Professor John Joughin the current Vice Chancellor of UEL and Dusty Amroliwala the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor to resign because they are clearly unable to successfully lead a university. Their inability to lead does not just extend to Cyprus disaster. Under the management of the VCG last year, industrial relations between Unite and UCU the lecturers union fell apart due to the VCG bullying union members such as Tony Britton and the refusal to act in a civil manor with the UCU over their grievance of high workload, low pay and individually negotiated contracts. Socialist Students believes that the university should not be run by these blatant profiteers but by academics who are devoted to the enhancement of young people and are dedicated to treating staff in a respectable, civil and caring manor. There are many other examples that we won’t go

into just yet. We call for all students and staff to unite with us to form a movement which takes the fight straight through to the Vice Chancellors Group and Board of Governors to show them that we do not accept their coverup of their incompetence. The management are

of concern for students and staff and because they have been forced change the attendance policy several times due to the work of the Scrap the Unfair Attendance Policy campaign. UEL Socialist Students

UEL Socialist Students call for the Board of Governors to release the following: - The Melville Report - Letters held by Mark Stephens Chair of the Board of Governors which the resignation of Patrick McGhee and possibly information as to why the campus in Cyprus was built without personal information sensitive to Professor McGhee.

weak due to their incompetence, lack

The Cypriot students speak OMD met with two of the students who last year attended the nowclosed UEL campus in Nicosia, Cyprus which cost the University £1.3 million. They wished to share their experiences there with us. We had the meeting with the two RDBS students in the Student Union building and the interview started with the students telling us about the campus in Nicosia. The first point they made was about the promotion of the University. Students said that were informed from Facebook (!) and the new campus was unknown to many people. They were not aware of any form of radio or TV advertising and they never saw any billboards advertising the new campus. As the students told OMD, they wished to study at UEL Nicosia as the fees were €6000 with three years to achieve your BA/BSc, when other Universities in Cyprus are providing more expensive bachelors with four years of daily attendance and fees up to £10,000! Students also raised the issues that there were no office hours with teaching staff and they did not feel like University students due to the poor premises. On a positive note, the very small class size allowed for a very good academic experience for the students. In spite of the low numbers of students register in UEL Nicosia, the first semester was good and the students were happy with the lectures

and the seminars. Students characterised the teaching staff as “perfect”. However, the problems emerged in the middle of the second semester. Just after Christmas vacations students were informed that their campus would be closing. They were never told the real reason behind this decision. The senior management of Nicosia campus used lots of different reasons. Notwithstanding, the campus was prepared to close, and the students told OMD that they did not have communication with the School Management. Students with the support of their family prepared an official letter to give to the Principal detailing their list of demands. Their demands were approved by the University. To

continue to have these advantages for second year however, they must pass all of their modules. They are not happy about this point, because so far they are not happy with the current teaching experience at UEL as it is completely different from the professional level of teaching they received in Cyprus. They received no introduction to the modules taught last year on the London campus and feel unsupported and behind the other students. The Cypriot students did express their gratitude towards UEL for being given the opportunity to study in London. They like the gym, they like the city, and are learning to like the weather.



Illustrations by Amy Mallabar

Hair-raising Halloween hymns This is Halloween Danny Elfman

Not really hair-raising, but definitely really cool. The Marilyn Manson cover is kind of scary, but the original is miles better which is why it makes the list.

The Black Dog Runs at Night

Angelo Badalamenti Song from the Twin Peaksfilm. If you haven’t seen Twin Peaks you have to check it out. In 1990 they gave David Lynch a TV series and he created one of his typical bizarro masterpieces. This song is from the 1994 film that was a prequel to the series and it’s pretty chilling.

Revolution 9 The Beatles

If you play it backwards in the beginning there’s a little girl saying ‘Satan, look at me please’ at the beginning. This is the soundtrack of a bad acid trip.

Where the Wild Roses Grow

Nick Cave ft. Kylie Minogue Hauntingly beautiful duet where Nick Cave takes the role of a murderer and Kylie is his victim, singing from the grave.

Frighteningly freaky films



Rob Zombie is a boss.

Fun song about conformity.

It’s Halloween

instruments and made them practice for hours and hours every day. Judge for yourself if their practice ever paid off. While recording their only album, Philosophy of the World, the band would randomly stop playing, claiming that one of them had made a mistake and that they had to start over. The sound engineers could only wonder how the girls could tell when a mistake had been made.

Rob Zombie

Dead Kennedys

The Shaggs

If you have never heard of the Shaggs, then you can count yourself lucky. The seeds of the group were planted when Austin Wiggin Jr. received a palm-reading in his youth and was told that his daughters would become a pop group. In order to fulfil this prophecy, when he finally grew up and had daughters, he forced them to quit school, bought them

Halloween H20

Director: Steve Miner


Evil Dead II

This is the classic prototype slasher film that spawned the entire genre and for our money it is still the best. The theme song, the actors, the villain, the pacing, everything about this movie is perfect.

You don’t have to see Evil Dead I before watching this film. Sam Raimi was given a bigger budget after the success of the first film in the series and he really pulled out all the stops. This is his best movie to date and is notable for its brilliant combination of gore and humour. Watch this if you want to see loads of undead demon monsters meet grisly ends by the hands (and chainsaw) of Ash who is possibly the most badass hero in horror movie history.

Director: John Carpenter

Free screening at Main Lecture Theatre Docklands Library at 6pm on Friday 25 Oct.

Director: Sam Raimi

An enjoyable romp set 20 years after the first Halloween film. Memorable for LL Cool J’s immortal line-‘TRICK OR TREAT MUTHAF***ER!’

The Audition

Director: Takashi Miike 1999 Masterpiece from Japanese director Takashii Miike about a man who holds auditions to find himself a new wife and winds up choosing a screwed up and crazy one. Horror review site Bloody Disgusting has this to say about the film. “Considered by many to be Takashi Miike’s masterpiece, this cringe-inducing, seriously disturbed film boasts one of the most unbearable scenes of torture in movie history... It’s revolting in the best possible way; the prolific Miike goes for the jugular here, and he cuts deep.” Yikes.

House of 1000 Corpses Director: Rob Zombie

Like we said in the music thread, Rob Zombie is a boss, and aside from his music career, he is also a talented director. One of the greatest schlocky gore fests ever made.


Director: Francis Ford Coppola This movie is incredible! Keanu Reaves has the worst English accent of all time. Gary Oldman redefines the old Bela Lugosi Dracula stereotype and completely makes the character his own. Winona Ryder plays Mina Harker and Anthony Hopkins is Van Helsing. The forboding gothic atmosphere in this film is exactly what all proper Halloween nights should feel like. Watch it now if you haven’t already.

Cabin in the Woods Director: Drew Goddard

One of the most creative scary movies you will ever see. We can’t say anything about this movie because it will spoil it. All that can be said is, it isn’t the kind of movie you think it is.

Halloween fun This is a still unsolved puzzle from 3rd Year Fine Art and Illustration student, Miltos Satikidis. He has been incredibly cryptic with the answer and he’s not going to tell anyone until it gets solved. Confused? So are we. Nonetheless, Miltos has generously offered up three hints.

1. The colours matter 2. The good side of the coin 3. There is more help spread throughout the drawing Good luck! Think you’ve got it? Let us know!



Our reviews Rich Dad Poor Dad What the rich teach their kids about money - that the poor and middle class don’t by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Written by Robert T. Kiyosaki with the help of Sharon L. Lechter in 1997 the phenomenon that is Rich Dad Poor Dad has gone on to sell well over 26 million copies worldwide in various different languages.

A book based on personal finance, Rich Dad Poor Dad gives us an insight into Robert Kiyosaki’s upbringing and the lessons he learned from his biological father, the “poor” dad, and also his childhood friend Mike’s “rich” dad. Like many students who don’t study a finance related subject or intend to work in the world of finance, I had never heard of the book before. That was until I came across a YouTube video of a big idol of mine, Will Smith, where he suggested the book on air to his eldest son, Trey, during the recent Smith family interview with Oprah. After reading the first five pages I was glued and knew this book would

be read all in one day (and so it was). Kiyosaki’s way of explaining how the “rich” make their money all seemed to make so much sense. Through contrasting the way his poor dad and rich dad both handled their finances and the way they lived their lives, it really makes you, as the reader, stop for a minute and start rearranging your priorities, financial priorities and your current general work ethic. By adding diagrams showing how to create a consistent cash flow, Kiyosaki then goes into more detail about separating your assets from liabilities. He also provides you with the skills to make a profitable cash flow come to reality, giving readers basic principles

when it comes to investments. Now “investments” is a key theme in Rich Dad Poor Dad. The book explains how stocks, bonds, mutual funds and real estate all work and the ways from which they can benefit you and your bank account in the short and long run. At times the book can make you want to spend your student loan all on some start-up companies stock and hope it becomes the next Microsoft; however, apart from the glamorous examples of investments, Kiyosaki gives honest accounts of his own bad investments and heavily reminds you to do your homework before splashing out the cash. It’s all about learning the ins and outs of the stock market and

how bonds and real estate all work before putting your money into it. I’m sure there’s an hour of space you can find in your day to learn these valuable tools in the life. With a 24/7 open library on campus there’s never a shortage of books so it’s simply down to you. To conclude Kiyosaki’s writing was very motivational and intriguing. A book I would definitely encourage you to read if possible. The best time to learn is now.

an early-onset of Alzheimer. Alice is someone in control, respected and confident and those are the traits the disease is affecting the most. The novel is written in the third person with Alice’s point of view and it definitely makes a difference as to how her story is told. Through the memories and thoughts she is clinging on to, you get to see the effect of Alzheimer through a sufferer’s eye. Not only do we read about Alice’s struggles with the disease, we also get to read about how she is witnessing her family’s struggles with Alzheimer. We don’t fully know how her husband is actually feeling – we only have Alice’s view of how her husband is cop-

ing with now having to care for a new, dependent Alice. Same thing with her kids - Only through Alice’s eyes do we see how her children are coping with losing their mother to the disease. As I mentioned before, Alice has three children: Anna, Tom and Lydia. My favourite relationship in the book is the one shared between Alice and Lydia. At the beginning of the book, they have an unsteady relationship but because of Alice’s Alzheimer, Lydia becomes more involved in her mother’s life as her state worsens. When Alice starts forgetting names, she begins to refer to Lydia as “The Actress”. Ironically, Alice never wanted her daughter

to go into acting. The chapters are arranged by months which is a very good way of showing the reader how the disease is, slowly but surely, becoming more and more damaging. We become the witnesses to Alice’s downfall. As her Alzheimer progresses, the chapters change from months to seasons, reflecting the change in Alice’s perception of time. Alice’s thoughts also skip quickly to different paragraphs, the present and her memories mixed together in chapters, representing the changes in how her mind works and how she has no clear idea of the who, what and where of her life. What I find the most heart break-

ing about this book is that Alice has already lived her life and has worked hard to become the person she is, to become a professor and be respected. She has already built a marriage and raised her family. Alzheimer threatens and destroys all this for Alice, by taking away the memories of her life’s achievements but as long as Alice’s family continues to love her for the person she was and is, she is still Alice.

Reece Parkinson

Still Alice

by Lisa Genova

Still Alice is about Alice, a 50-yearsold expert psychology professor at Harvard, married with three children and who has just been diagnosed with

Kayliegh Daly

Coming soon The Goldfinch

by Donna Tartt (22 October) “Aged thirteen, Theo Decker, son of a devoted mother and a reckless, largely absent father, survives an accident that otherwise tears his life apart. Alone and rudderless in New York, he is taken in by the family of a wealthy friend. He is tormented by an unbearable longing for his mother, and down the years clings to the thing that most reminds him of her: a small, strangely captivating painting that ultimately draws him into the criminal underworld. As he grows up, Theo learns to glide between the drawing rooms of the rich and the dusty antiques store where he works. He is alienated and in love - and his talisman, the painting, places him at the centre of a narrowing, ever more dangerous circle. The Goldfinch is a haunted odyssey through present-day America and a drama of enthralling power. Combining unforgettably vivid characters and thrilling suspense, it is a beautiful, addictive triumph - a sweeping story of loss and obsession, of survival and self-invention, of the deepest mysteries of love, identity and fate.”

The Wit and Wisdom of Tyrion Lannister

by George R.R. Martin (7 November) “This book showcases the best and most humorous quotes from George R.R. Martin’s favourite character Tyrion Lannister, the worldly, jaded, funny, highly intelligent, cynical, womanizing star of the books. A perfect stocking-filler for every fan of the books, and of HBO’s award-winning television series. ‘I only need half my wits to be a match for you’ Short and to the point. That’s Tyrion. Here are the finest, funniest, rudest and wisest sayings of the miniature Machiavelli; the dwarf with a brain the size of a planet and a heart of (tarnished) gold ...’Sleep is good. Books are better’ Drawn from George R.R. Martin’s bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire books, the basis for the HBO original series Game of Thrones. Illustrations are by artist and caricaturist Jonty Clark.”

Oh My Daze - Oct 13


Literary listing Bill Bryson: Book Signing

Long Poem Gothic Bookclub: Magazine Launch Possession 23 October

24 October

Camarade Poetry Festival

Matt Haig: Humans

The bestselling American author, who is well known for his humorous travel books, signs copies of One Summer: America 1927.

LPM is l aunching their 10th issue. 6pm for 6.30pm start

Discussing A.S.Byatt’s Posession. There will be an introductory talk, then be a short reading and afterwards an opportunity to take part in a discussion on the set text with other guests. Discussions are informal, but hugely entertaining, and often extremely lively.

Performances of original collaborative works featuring 100 poets, including George Szirtes, Chris McCabe, Joe Dunthorne, Emma Bennett, Ahren Warner and Sean Bonney.

The author reads from his latest novel which tells the story of humans as through the eyes of an alien.

17 October

Waterstones, Islington 11 Islington Green, Canonbury, London, N1 2XH FREE entry

Barbara Spencer: Book Signing 19 October

Waterstones North End, East Croydon, Croydon, CR0 1UQ

Barbican Library, Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS FREE entry

Six Book Challenge: Prison Practitioner’s Celebration 21 October

Free Word Centre Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3GA

Strawberry Hill House 268 Waldegrave Road, Twickenham, TW1 4SX FREE entry

Chatter Books

Every Thur. 4pm to 5pm Shirley Library, Wickham Rd, Croydon CR0 8BH

26 October

Rich Mix 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA

30 October

Science Museum, London, SW7 2DD FREE entry

FREE entry

Words, Words, Words

Every Wed. 8pm to 11pm Off Broadway 63-65 Broadway Market, London, E8 4PH

Gay Writers Workshop and Paradise Press Book launch 25 October

Housmans Bookshop 5 Caledonian Road, Islington, London, N1 9DY

Student Showcase Alleyway Jack


by Natalie Binger

Feet slapped against the cobbled stone street as a boy ran, panting with a loaf of bread clutched to his chest. He was more terrified of dropping the bread than he was of the men chasing after him in order to retrieve it. The breads crust gave way to the pressure of the boy’s grip, and he could smell it clearer than anything else in that moment, over the smell of the fish on a nearby market stall, better than the pungent scent of ale permeating from the quite obviously drunken man that he darted past. Nothing mattered but that bread. Rounding a corner, the boy thought to stop, but resisted the urge – there were places to hide but all were much too obvious – and continued to run. His feet hurt and his throat was dry, so much so that even the delicious scent of the bread was not enough to make him salivate with want for sustenance. The men behind him were gaining fast. They were on horseback, which forced the lad to stick to tight alleyways where the mounts could not squeeze through. They sought to wait him out, retrieve him when he had grown too tired to run. There were fewer guards than there had been. Two had tapered off, and the boy could only guess that they meant to cut him off somewhere. The alleyways were rank with tepid water and sewage. It had not rained for days. It was hot, and he was tired, but he could not stop. Never stop. Don’t stop. Don’t. Stop. A dead end. The boy could only stare for a moment, before blue eyes darted

by Alina Kay around, and his breath hitched, panicked; How could this have happened? He knew these alleys like the back of his dirt-stained hands, even the grimy water gushing between his toes was familiar. If they caught him now, he would be arrested or worse. He could hear voices shouting after him – not his name – they didn’t know his name. Thief, rascal, filthy little- no. No time to listen, he thought to himself. He needed to think. He had a minute, maybe two at best if he was lucky, before they found him. Glancing down at the bread in his hands, he made the decision to tear a chunk of bread from the loaf with grimy hands and filthy fingers, ignoring the dirt under his fingernails that was as murky a brown as his hair, and scoff it down. The crust was rough against his throat as he practically choked it down and he had no time to savour the flavour. If he was going down, he thought, he was going to do it with a full stomach. Sinking his teeth into the loaf, the boy pressed his back into the wall behind him, feeling the rough brick pinching and scrapping against his paper-thin jacket, turning to eye the entrance to the alley he had entered. It was empty save for a few wooden crates that had seen better days. People did that; wasted things. They would have made a perfectly good shelter if ever the vagabonds had given them the time of day... The boy jerked into action, releasing the bread that would have fallen to the ground if he had not had it trapped between his teeth at the time. Turning,

he glanced up, and was quick to determine that he could make it to the roof, he he was lucky enough. He needed a boost, and that much at least the crates could provide. He groped at the wall for hand-holds, and found a few upon attempting to pull himself up the wall by his hands alone. He was forced to paused a take another bite from the loaf, chewing quickly and replacing it there. It had been tearing and he would have dropped it, he knew. The street urchin reached for the crates and pulled them to the far wall, and stacked them against it, one on top of the other. It wasn’t much of a boost, but it made the ledge easier to grasp. He had just begun to climb when he heard approaching footsteps, and blue eyes widened. Scrambling up the wall was more difficult than it should have been, given the bread in his mouth and no pockets to speak of. The brick hurt his fingers but he persisted, disappearing over the rooftops just in time. Now it was just a matter of getting down again.

I predict The clash of titans crashing my life, Digging a hole in the future of my soul. End of the world. Some worlds end every second, No need for resolutions Solving the mysteries of life. Conclusions. I overthink and I pay the price While others harvest rice And pay their dues. I mourn for loves lost and never found. I’d rather use my strength and willpower. For power is all, it is war and crisis. Criteria of life make definitions clearer, But clarity ain’t all we seek; Surrender to the Gods of Greek. Drinks, party, rape and overdue. We don’t even have a clue Of how life in the other countries is. Or is not. Re-built, re-written. Rules Forgotten. Children of the South.

Do you want to share your work? Or review a book you’ve loved, or hated? Get in touch!



So, it’s an exiting month for FilmSoc UEL and our online magazine, 20FOUR FRAMES (20FF). With everyone back and getting into the swing of it, we’re really excited to have so many new sigh ups and see so many returning faces. For one thing, we’ll be launching our Free Film Series during October (see page 20 for details). Free films every week and special Saturday screenings for those of you in halls (or who just happen to be at Docklands on Saturdays!) We’re working on getting a popcorn machine but for now, bring your own snacks. On Thursday 17 October, we’ll be starting our special series of films, in conjunction with Picturehouse Stratford East. We’re launching the series with a screening of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Come along and support us getting out there in the real world. From next month, we’ll be bringing our

Student Showcase to OMD so if you’re a filmmaker, writer, advertiser, animator or just someone who has a love of film and wants to show off your wares, let us know and you might get featured in a future issue! Check out for all our 20FF articles and to be kept up to date with our screenings and news. You can also sign up to receive our newsletter! As always, if you’d like to see your reviews here or online, would like to get involved in our screening or want to join our community of filmmakers, just get in touch. We’d love to have you.

brought to you by

FilmSoc UEL’s 20FF team

Our reviews You’re Next

Director: Adam Wingard

In the run up to its release, You’re Next rivalled any Hollywood blockbuster for advertising. TV coverage, online competitions, trailers, posters, billboards and preview screenings, seriously you can’t even get out of bed without hearing about it.

This level of coverage usually means one of two things. Could this be a very good film that deserves to be seen by all, or is it option two, are the adverts and competitions just trying to draw the crowds in before the critics tell us how rubbish it really is?

As it happens, I really wanted it to be the former. As a horror fan, I’ve been excited that the genre has been getting back on its feet recently. After making an epic movie resurrection with Evil Dead, this film wass an opportunity to help cement the big horror comeback. But with the film taking two years to get a UK release, I can’t say I completely held my breath and, yep, in the end it missed the mark, more a dark thriller than horror, if anything. The story itself is pretty straightforward and the title more or less outlines what you’ll be watching. A family all re-unite for a weekend, in the middle of nowhere, to celebrate their parents’ anniversary when suddenly the family come under attack by killers in animal masks. One by one, the family are brutally slaughtered but does perhaps one of the victims have a secret that might just increase their chances of survival. So far, so could be any horror film ever made ever. Characters being

killed off one by one for no reason at all, with a steady progression of imaginative schlocky murders. Unfortunately, it seems like we’re running out of ideas on how people can die, especially here with the characters confined to one house for the entire film. The film does deliver on its promise of blood, the scene where one unfortunate character gets their head caved in with a meat tenderiser is sure to make you shudder. Another one stepping through a window straight down onto nails made my feet curl (despite them clearly taking inspiration from Home Alone here). Acting wise, there are no big stars in this film and it shows. The acting is okay but after 30 minutes it does start to grate. Credit is due to director Andrew Wingard for the suspense created. There are times you’ll be waiting for something to happen, finding yourself on the edge of your seat and then BOOM! Brown underwear.

The big reveal is used to set the film apart from its contemporaries, but actually it’s pretty darn predictable and follows the standard paintby-numbers horror trend. I also just can’t shake the feeling that I’ve seen it somewhere before. All in all, it’s not the worst film I’ve ever seen but it’s nowhere near a great picture. If you’re a blood hound and like to see a film just for violence and maybe a few jumps and bumps, you will have a good time. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it again. Once is enough and if you don’t even reach that, you’re not missing out on anything special.

sively, The Way Way Back (another comedic tale of a dysfunctional family – think ‘it’s funny because it’s true’), manages to hit even more emotional depth than its predecessor. 14 year old Duncan (Liam James) is at that time in life where he’s caught between childhood and adulthood, questioning who is he and how he relates to the world around him. That world predominantly being his family and when he is dragged along a ‘family’ holiday, he realises that he is beginning to outgrow them. With his mother’s overbearing boyfriend, a crush on an older girl and the trauma that comes with understanding adult problems, Duncan has a lot to deal with and finds escape and appreciation at Water Wizz Water Park.

Performance wise, this film is stellar. Steve Carell plays the domineering boyfriend so well that the audience are gritting their teeth and clenching their fists wanting to punch him right between his stupid condescending eyes. Sam Rockwell gives an utterly faultless performance (as usual) as Duncan’s summer saviour, Water Wizz Manager Owen. The performances from Toni Collette and Annette Benning enhance the already wonderful script and the junior end of the cast, Anna Sophia Robb and Liam James, manage to hold their own and even stand out amongst their adult colleagues. The script is wonderfully crafted, hilariously and often tragically insightful into human psychology and the

film is a triumph. Despite it exposing some of the worst things about not only being a teenager but also a person just trying to survive all the shit in the world, it has some of the most genuine, heartfelt and truly uplifting moments that has been seen in American film to date. It toes the beautiful line of showing us the hardships in life and reminding us why we put up with it. So pull up a rubber ring or dive in the deep end and enjoy one of the best films of the summer.

Dan Geeves

The Way Way Back

Directors: Nat Faxon, Jim Rash

Every now and again, a film comes out that ticks every box and reminds me why I love film. Little Miss Sun-

shine was one and the studio behind it, Fox Searchlight Pictures, have returned with another. Although impres-

Caitlin Lupton

Oh My Daze - Oct 13



Director: Ron Howard

From Academy Award-winning director, Ron Howard (Frost/Nixon and A Beautiful Mind), comes Rush - a dramatic retelling of the intense relationship between two 70s superstar F1 drivers; Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). Hunt, the notoriously fast-andloose superstar with a larger-than-life charisma is played impeccably by Hemsworth, with every overly charm-

ing smile delivered just as believably as the outbursts of passion and general brinkmanship that bleeds through F1. Even though the darker side of Hunt’s alcoholism and marital troubles aren’t fully explored, Hemsworth’s wide versatility is still shown consistently as the swashbuckling playboy who’s entire life philosophy is summed up by a badge he wears on his race jumpsuit that reads - “Sex - The Breakfast

Of Champions”. That calibre of bravado is easily abrasive, so it’s testament to Howard’s script and Hemsworth’s acting that a character that boorish on paper, remains good-hearted and empathetic just - from opening sexscene to closing private-plane party. In this tale of chalk and cheese, Niki Lauda is the opposite. Straight-talking, overly technical, calculated, but equally matched to Hunt in natural ability, Brühl’s portrayal of Lauda is controlled and understated, and pitched perfectly. Where Hunt thrives when surrounded by a bevvie of beauties and adoring fans, Lauda craves solitude, whether from his teammates or his own wife on his honeymoon, even earning him the nickname of “The Rat”. Interestingly, and to Brühl’s credit, the most uncom-

fortable, gritty scene of the film isn’t on the track, it’s in a hospital bed, as Lauda fights himself back to health after a horrific accident. Whilst the vital components of a petrolhead’s dream (the sheer, visceral noise of engines and thrilling camera work darting around the shells of 200mph four-wheeled death carts) are catered for just as successfully as any summer blockbuster, the powerful character drama of the script allows the prominent glamour and danger of F1 to be more rewarding than, say, Fast And Furious 6. Just as in the story, Hunt provides the flashy surface, the “fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants” thrills, and Lauda provides the controlled mechanical power, precision and drive. After the first 1/3 of the film, it becomes clear that this is far more than “Boys and Toys” and by the final stretch, in a scene that summarizes the film through a moving coda, the film tugs at heartstrings and left me misty-eyed. Boasting yet another masterclass in the minutiae of the two-person relationship from Peter Morgan (writer for Frost/Nixon and The Queen), Rush’s

script is just as thrilling and gripping as F1 can be. Rush has a race-like structure, one character overtaking the other, risking everything to get a nose out in front, and it makes for compelling viewing when done as effectively, both visually and emotionally, as this. If Ron Howard’s filmography proves anything, it’s that he knows how to make seemingly niche subjects widely accessible - he’s a populist director. Whether he’s dealing with mental disability in A Beautiful Mind or religious conspiracy theories in the dull Dan Brown double-bill, they’re mainstream films. Ron Howard has returned to form with a film that exceeds expectation, and just might have delivered the film that every F1 fan has been waiting for - an accessible, but not diluted portrayal of the thrills of F1.

Peter Johnson

Out on DVD

60 Seconds Review

The Place Beyond the Pines

In a rush? For a quick dose of movie review goodness, check out our 60 Seconds Review series.

Director: Derek Cianfrance

The Place Beyond the Pines, a three part-piece, spans across 17 years, following the relationships of two families: that of Handsome Luke, Avery Cross and their respective sons, Jason and Avery. The film begins with Handsome Luke (Ryan Gosling), a carnival motorcycle stunt driver, drifting from town to town. He discovers his ex, Romina (Eva Mendes), is raising his son, Jason. He quits his job and tries to win back Romina from her new partner and sets himself on a course that cannot end well. The first part of this film is by far the strongest. The motorcycle stunts executed by Rick iller are simply phenomenal. The camera work and scene build up in this film is amazing. The robbery scenes are something in particular to look out for – each shot in one beautiful single take. With all the extras being real bank tellers and nonactors, these scenes become some of

the most incredibly realistic and tense robbery sequences I’ve ever seen. The middle section follows Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper) a family man with a boy the same age as Luke’s son. Avery is struggling through a world of corruption in the police force lead by the genuinely scary Deluca (Ray Liotta). This chapter does drag in comparison to the strong opening, but the beautiful cinematography, seamless storytelling and powerful performances from all the cast more than make up for it. Finally, 16 years late, AJ (Emory Cohen) meets Jason (Dane Dehann). The two of them hit it off but once AJ’s father is made aware of Jason he forbids contact between them, but Jason discovers things about his past and family, leading him on a journey that will change him forever. Everything about it this film is well crafted making it a really engaging film to watch. The performances, especially from the two leading men are truly outstanding. It is heart-warming, exciting, tense; a beautiful piece of filmmaking. If you’re looking for a superb movie experience, give The Place Beyond the Pines a go. You won’t regret it.

James Salver

About Time

Director: Richard Curtis Richard Curtis returns to the big screen with the story of Tim, who finds out at the age of 21 that all the men in his family have the ability to time travel. And what else would you use that secret power for other than to get a girlfriend? About Time is your typical Richard Curtis romance. Foppish British men, kooky female side character, a gorgeous American, sentimental romance, heart-warming, heart-breaking all round good time. However, About Time is not your typical Richard Curtis romance. Because it’s not about romance. The central relationship is not Domhnall Gleeson’s Tim (with the most Hugh Grant-style voice since, well, Hugh

Grant) and Rachel (Is She Contractually Obliged to be in All Time Travelly Relationship Films?) McAdams’s Mary but, in fact, is that between Tim and his father, brilliant portrayed by Bill Nighy. Love takes centre stage alright, but romantic love takes a back seat here. There are plot holes, time paradoxes and awkward moments for sure, but there are laughs, a tear or two if you’re that way inclined and the chance to walk out of the cinema with a lovely warm glow and a smile on your face. See this film, you’ll be glad you did.

Freyja Gillard

For October screenings, check out the back cover. Want to read more or even have a crack yourself? Just visit:



Our reviews The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 by Justin Timberlake

The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 follows the success of Justin Timberlake’s third studio album, The 20/20 Experience. The project was a phenomenal project that had the hits, “Suit and Tie”, “Mirror”, and “Tunnel Vision”. The album peaked at #1 in various countries including the UK, US, Australia and New Zealand and was the first record of 2013 to sell one million units. Moving on from The 20/20 Experience part one, Justin Timberlake announced that he will be releasing

the second part of the album. Fans of Justin were excited by the news, especially since his previous album was such a success. To try and add fuel to the fire of the new album, Justin released the single “Take Back The Night”. The song wasn’t the huge hit it was expected to be. The record peaked at #29 on the Billboard Hot 100 alongside #24 on the UK Official single charts. Personally, I like “Take Back The Night” however; the record isn’t as groundbreaking as Timberlakes previous work.

Days Are Gone

The Bones of What You Believe

by Haim

The three Haim sisters evoke memories of 80s soft rock. Listing their influences Stevie Nicks, Phil Collins, En Vogue, Shania Twain it reads like a group stuck in the past but what makes these songs good, is the lack of trend chasing. A retro astatic with sharp production makes the tunes shine bright, pity this wasn’t released for the summer season… Top track: Forever

by Chvrches

Hook loaded vocals over searing synthpop lines. A stunning danceable record that also has some fantastic songwriting. – Like La Roux, Crystal Castles or Metronomy? Check this out. Top track: Gun

After “Take Back The Night”, Justin went on to release the Timbaland produced “TKO”. This song really split fans opinions. This leads to the next question. Is The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 a stronger project than the first offering? Unfortunately folks, it’s not. Album openeer “Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)” is the typical Timbaland joint, with a funky tune and beat boxing. As per usual, the track lasts 5 minutes, which is excessively long. I was ready for the record to be finished by the 3.22 mark. Nevertheless, I took a liking to the song. It’s the perfect track to open the album even though it’s too long. Track 2 is “True Blood” which he debuted at the iHeart Radio Music Festival. While listening to “True Blood” I was wondering why Justin didn’t enlist Lady GaGa to feature on the record. As soon as I heard the track I thought to myself, “Lady GaGa would drop a killer verse on this record”. She would murder the record if she was featured on it. Because of this fact, I didn’t take a liking to “True Blood”. I wasn’t willing to sync this track onto my iPod. Following “True Blood”, Justin then drops the song “Cabaret” which features Drake. However, despite the high profile guest, the record isn’t anything special. Drake delivered and probably is the highlight of the record, but apart from that, it is not a stand out. I am beginning to draw a conclusion. The tracks within the first quarter of The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 sound the same and that’s the downfall of the

project. I really enjoyed listening to “Murder”. I can guarantee that Justin will release this record as a single simply because it features Jay Z and lately, they’ve become a power collaboration duo similar to Pharrell and T.I. However, “Murder” is not a must hear track on The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2. A must hear track on the album is “Drink You Away”. This is the kind of jam that I love to hear from Justin Timberlake. “Drink You Away” is different from previous tracks mentioned earlier on in this review and that’s simply way it stands out. The song automatically gave me life and I received hope for the project once again. After “Drink You Away” - the album gets very mellow and puts you into that snooze fest. You’ll probably finding yourself looking for games to play online or on your mobile cellular whilst listening to the last quarter of The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2, even though “You Got It On” is a pretty smooth record. Justin Timberlake ends the album on the record, “Not A Bad Thing” which reminds me of “Mirrors”. The record is sweet and speaks of falling in love. It is a sweet record to be played at a wedding, actually. Once again, “Not a Bad Thing” stands out from the other tracks on the album simply because it doesn’t sound like the typical Timbaland produced record. If you’re unsure of what tracks to listen to from The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2, I’ll advise you to listen to “Not a Bad Thing”. Overall, Justin Timberlakes latest

offering doesn’t outweigh the legacy and groundbreaking record that Justin crafted with the first instalment of The 20/20 Experience. His Timbaland produced tracks are bass heavy and too long. Justin needs to make sure on his future projects that he doesn’t overload his listeners with too much Timbaland produced cuts. I personally believe that his previous record was such a success worldwide is because it was diverse and appealed to a wider audience. The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 will only appeal to Justin’s younger crowd. It is like a cross between Justified and Future.Love.Sex.Sounds. Experience 2 of 2 is hit and miss. Justin can still release another single from the project; however, I am mostly looking forward to a new album from him. Hopefully, on Justin’s next album delivers another fresh and groundbreaking album similar to The 20/20 Experience first instalment.

Other People’s Problems


If You Wait

Moving away from the scallywag attitude of the bands early days, the lads have swapped hoods for suits. Lyrically, themes of love and commercialism crash together over an often-slower spaghetti northern sound; slower yet still full of the swagger we love them for.

The beautiful voice of Hannah Reid soars over a collection of ambient, chirpy and ethereal sounds. War paint, Florence and The Machine and Noah and the Whale Fans will all find time for this.

Top track: No.1 Party Anthem

Josh Gray

by Breton

This is my personal recommendation. Released in 2012 in the aftermath of the London riots this record was a breath of fresh air. They rely heavily on sampling and effected vocals, across hip-hop and dance tempos. Tumbling between the intensity of early foals and the sparse melancholy of burial this album really captured me. Top track: RDI & The Commission

by Arctic Monkeys

Let’s keep it moving Justin! Malachi Campbell-Hare

by London Grammar

Top track: When We Were Young

Oh My Daze - Oct 13


The latest releases

Pearl Jam - Lightning Bolt 14 October

Katie Perry - Prism 18 October

Arcade Fire - Reflektor 28 October

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 5 November

What’s on


OohLaLA! Le Festival


“Oxjam Music Festival takes place every October. It’s made up of hundreds of events happening all around the UK, all organised by amazing volunteers.

OohLaLA! is a festival dedicated to the best of French modern music. Happening in Los Angeles since 2009, in 2012 the festival expanded to San Francisco, Montreal and New York. In 2013 OohLaLA! further developed its concept in London, United Kingdom, with another threedays festival.

TBC London Location

OohLaLA! features the best of the French music acts, whether they are established ones in North America and/or United Kingdom, famous in France but attempting to break through or new indie detections.

Search Mulletover Halloween for more details.

All through October

The great thing about Oxjam is the diversity of the events on offer - from our multi-venue Takeover events, to sponsored busks on top of mountains - we’ve seen it all. Over the years we’ve gained several high profile celebrity supporters, including Jarvis Cocker, Fatboy Slim, Damon Albarn, Hot Chip and many more. But at its heart Oxjam is still a grassroots festival, with thousands of volunteers celebrating music in their local communities by organising their own gigs in support of Oxfam GB.”

21 - 23 October

2 November

Long revered as the best Halloween party in London, placed in a shocking one-off location (TBC) you can expect a naughty night of ridiculous and inspired fancy dress with impeccable selection from DJ’s Mosca and Mano le Tough.

Want to write for us? Fabric Live 11 October

Black Butter / ClekClekBoom / 2:31 Black butter has picked up on some of the finest vibrations this year, including Rudimental and Bristol post dubsteppers My Nu Leng. This month’s fabric live line up is a feast of talent. Basement Jaxx, French Fries, My Nu Leng, Woz and Cause and Effect are all worthy of your ears. Forward thinking dance music. Doors: 10pm - 6am - £14 on the door (with NUS)

Or are you a UEL student or local artist who would like to get reviewed? Just give us a shout! or



UEL Artist Showcase Iris “The Spider” Trika is a former UEL Fashion student who is currently working as a Maker in House of Harlot, the Londonbased latex fetish design company. OMD catches up with her for a few questions. Hi Iris. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and how you first got in to latex fashion design?

I have been into alternative scene since I was 16 years old. My parents approved my style and my decisions so I had space to experiment. I started making PVC clothes when I was 18 so I realised that was what I wanted to do.

Can you speak about what your job entails on a daily basis?

I make latex garments, I hand polish them so they look shiny and perfect. I take care of the shop and sometimes I go to the post office to ship the garments to clients.

What is your favorite piece of work you designed and why?

The designs I do are especially for myself when I go to TG parties. The best outfit was a black and white circus stripy corset. My favourite. It also has some glitter on. Now about my job-. What I love doing most, except polishing, is making catsuits. I like hard pieces of work so I can challenge myself. I enjoy proving my skills and finding my faults. Nobody is perfect until we learn from out mistakes!

What advice do you have for any fashion students who want to break in to the industry?

Do not let people affect your style. The fashion industry is cruel. You can’t compete with anyone if you do not know who you are, what you like and what you want to become. Close your mouth when you have to and

work hard even if you feel that people do not respect it. Eventually someone will and this person will be the one who will give you what you really want.

Who are your favorite artists and designers?

I do not really have a favourite. I can see pieces that I like from different people but I never have an absolute opinion about the “best”. However If I had to chose I would say McQueen cause the stuff he designed is weird, disturbing and stays in the mind.

What inspires you to create the designs that you do?

Circus, tango, love, sex, abnormality. From the worst to the best. Anything that scares, anything that’s hidden.

What is your favorite part of the design process? The construction! haha

What’s in the future for you?

I want to get involved in other creative fields. A real artist is never satisfied. There is always something new, something different waiting for you to find it out. If you see yourself just as a typical designer because you like to dress yourself up and go shopping then either change your job or accept that you haven’t done enough research inside you.

What are three things that every woman should have in her closet?

Shorts for under the skirts - we can be sexy without showing our underwear.

Iris’s work

Suspenders and a short but not flattering enormous dress to wear on top of sexy underwear.

What is the weirdest thing in your purse? Tesco vouchers?

What is your guilty pleasure? I like younger boys, hehe.

Thanks Iris!

Oh My Daze - Oct 13




UEL Hockey University of East London is known for having good quality sports teams who compete at the highest level and last year was no exception. The newly formed hockey team formed by former men’s captain and president Aaron Mifsud had ambitions to return UEL Hockey to its former glory. The team has previously won the club of the year, two time mixed cup winners and was league champions four times. UEL Hockey Men’s team had to start at the lowest division due to not being entered into the league the year before, but didn’t let that discourage them. They still put in outstanding performances week in week out in the league starting with their first competitive game together as a teamaway against St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London Hospital Men’s 2nd team. The game ended 4-2 after a solid performance from both teams. UEL’s strike partnership of Graham and Daniel provided the difference between the two teams with their clinical finishing. After winning their first game, UEL Hockey went into their cup game against University of Essex Men’s 1st team with confidence. On the back of their minds however, they knew it was going to be an uphill task against a team that was three divisions ahead of them had won their first two opening league games. The UEL team started well up until a penalty flick was conceded by one of the senior members of the team Arthur, so the current Men’s captain and 1st team keeper Chris Leek had to step up and be prepared mentally to save it but unfortunately the penalty flick was too powerful for the keeper to save. After the penalty flick the flood gates opened and before they knew UEL were 4-0 down but it could have been more but thanks to solid defending from the president Mike Crossley and the vice captain, Niall Doidge. Also it must be noted

that there was a superb goalkeeping display from Chris Leek and before the game was over, UEL’s top scorer John Lyness got UEL a consolation goal with a quality strike. The game finishing 4-1 but the score line didn’t reflect the performance the UEL Lads gave. Trying to bounce back from being dumped out of the cup to Essex, UEL Hockey went on a three game winning streak collecting 34 goals in the process and conceding 0 goals. The highlight of those results was a 15-0 thrashing over Kings College Medics Men’s 3rds, with the majority of the goals coming from John Lyness

and Joe Green who got three each. Graham Williams, Aaron Mifsud and Daniel Turner contributed with goals as well. After those three results, UEL Hockey was in a great position against league rivals Greenwich, needing only a draw to be promoted. The UEL Hockey camp still wanted nothing less than a win against their fierce rivals. UEL started well with some strong passing between the midfield, however they couldn’t convert the chances they were creating and before they knew it they went 1-0 down thanks to a well crafted counter attack which the UEL defence couldn’t deal with. Right

before half time UEL equalised with a well crafted move down the right. The second half then began with a dominant Greenwich performance and 15 minutes into the second half it was 2-1. Just as UEL thought all was but over, a slick midfield move confused the Greenwich defence and the confusion allowed UEL to convert their chance and steal the point with the game finishing 2-2. After the dramatic last game of the season, UEL Men’s 1st team won the division and are now promoted to division 5B. After the season was over, there was the matter of winning their varsity match against the university of Middlesex. Due to the date of the fixture Middlesex couldn’t field a men’s team, so both teams decided on a mixed game instead which was new for UEL Hockey due to not fielding a mixed team before this. That didn’t stop the Blues, with their newly formed mixed team delivering a resounding 9-0 win helping the University of East London win Varsity. UEL Hockey was recognized for their impressive season at the UEL Sports Awards where the team was nominated for club of the year and the former president and Men’s captain Aaron Mifsud won the coveted Service to Sport award for creating UEL Hockey from the ground up. He was also one of the key performers in the teams league winning season. This season is looking even brighter with the UEL Hockey club fielding a Women’s team this season with the Women’s captain Tamii Clements hungry for success after missing out on having a team last season. The Men’s team start off their league

campaign against Canterbury Christ Church 2nd team after a lengthy off season. The team will be raring to go, especially the new recruits the secured over fresher’s week. UEL Hockey is the team to watch this season and I’m sure the club will deliver the needed results and improve on last season’s cup run. Daniel Turner

Want to join? All abilities welcome Men’s, Women’s and Mixed teams Great social nights, tours & tournaments available Training: Thursdays 17:30 19:00 Contact: chris.kieswetter. or Contact number: 0791992721 Facebook: UEL Hockey Club

Oh My Daze - Oct 13


UEL Volleyball Club Currently the most successful sports club, contributing the highest percentage of BUCS points and highest ranking out of all UELSports, with no doubt is the Volleyball Club. In the past academic year the team, managed to win a gold medal in the BUCS Conference cup and unbeaten in the league! This year the club is working towards the number one spot in the country and to represent GBR at the European Universities Volleyball Championship. The recruitment for the current year has already begun! Already 9 professional players have signed up for the teams (5 for woman’s team & 4 for men’s team) so you got a big chance of winning some cups and leagues if you join the team ;). Having these Pro’s in the team doesn’t mean you won’t be getting playing time! There are two teams for each gender so players from all levels are more than welcome to show up at training sessions and most of all enjoy themselves. This year, there has already been a massive wave of support towards the Volleyball club. At a beginners session I attended on Thursday 26th there were 38 people present! It was fascinating to see such a large number of students interested but even more interesting to see the enthusiasm of the advanced players, as well as the newly hired coach Tomasz Morawski, who both welcomed the new players in the best possible way. As a beginner myself, I have to admit that it was a very pleasant session which encour-

games, training sessions and events! Adrian Patsalos UELSU European Officer

Want to join?

aged me to attend again and again. It was clear that the presence of all those students was highly appreciated by the club. Thursdays sessions are designed for a mixed group both men and women, while on Mondays each gender has their own focussed session set at different times. Last year there was only one women’s team however this year there has been an obvious increase in recruitment. Credit of course to the dedicated club committee, particularly Priscilla Hene (Treasurer), Chanel Chrysostomou (Social Representa-

tive) and Aristotle Papounidis (Participation Officer), who spend hours daily at the freshers fair encouraging people to sign up. The Volleyball club is the first club to make an attempt to create a link with Stratford Campus by having a try-out session over there, something students really enjoyed and admitted on the Facebook page of the club, shortly after the session. Stratford Campus is known as the “neglected” campus, since Docklands is UEL’s main campus and hosts the sports centre – SportsDock – where the training

sessions take part. Especially with sports its been an issue getting Stratford students involved, however the volleyball club discontinued that “bad habit” and made an effort to unite the students of UEL by bringing together the two campuses. It’s amazing what sports can do! UEL Volleyball Club invites all UEL students to get behind their team. Some quality games will be taking place this year so come along and enjoy! Feel free to join the Facebook page to get all updates about upcoming

Training: Men’s Team Mondays 20:00 22:00 Women’s Team Mondays 18:00 20:00 Beginners & Intermediates: Thursdays 18:00 20:00 Fridays 17:00 - 19:00 Contact:





October Listing 11 Friday

16 Wednesday

19 Saturday




Training 9.45am – 5.30pm ExCel Exhibition Centre Free hands-on training for newly licensed drivers.


Training 3pm – 5pm Society Induction & Development training. For any society wishing to attain Silver Award this year.

12 Saturday THE HANGOVER

Film Screening 3pm. Free WB.G.02, Docklands Join FilmSoc for our Hangover Cures series – fun, fan-favourite, crowd-pleaser screenings for a gentle Saturday afternoon. Free film screenings for all.


Exhibition and information sessions 12pm – 2pm Docklands (Mon), Stratford (Tue) & USS (Wed) Visit our mobile exhibitions and talk to our Going Global scholars about their experiences.


Public discussion 5.30pm WB.2.01, Docklands. Celebrate Black History Month with exceptional guest speakers, live music, performances, poetry and refreshments in this brilliant two-part event. Guest speakers: Professor Gus John (15 Oct) and Dr Amrtin Glynn (29 Oct).

Society event 9.00pm, £2.50 Underground Bar American-themed celebration with the UEL Cheerleading squad. Expect beer-pong, great music and good times.


Event All day UEL-wide Wear purple or go purple online and help create a world in which the LGBT youth are celebrated and accepted for who they are.

THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT Film Screening 6.30pm - £6.50 (£4.50 conc) Picturehouse Stratford East cinema Join FilmSoc at Picturehouse where we’ll be screening some of our favourite films. This month, we’ve chosen an Australian classic.


Event 8pm – 1am Underground Bar Docklands Come and sing along! Fun night out for everyone.


Graduation event 6.30pm Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green Celebrate the graduation of 15 emerging female entrepreneurs at the CEWE event. Hear from inspiring speakers and network with entrepreneurs and business support organisations.


Film Screening 3pm. Free EB.2.44, Docklands See Saturday 12.

Film Screening 3pm. Free WB.G.02, Docklands Join FilmSoc for our Halloween Special edition of our Hangover Cures series.

21 Monday – 25 Friday

28 Monday



24 Thursday

Public lecture 4pm – 6pm EB.G.18, Docklands Discussion of new perspectives developped in recent research into Israel/Palestine media, cultural and communications studies.


29 Tuesday

Vote for our 19 places on the Student Council. Nominations to be in by 10 Oct.

UELSU Society event 5.00pm – 7.00pm SU Lounge, Docklands Official twice-yearly gathering of society organisers based at UEL.


Film Screenings 6pm. Free Main Lecture Theatre, Docklands Library Join FilmSoc for our Halloween Special Movie Marathon. Enjoy the three original horror classics back-to-back!


Sports event 2.15pm. £12 Newham Sports Centre Come see the London Rockin’ Rollers take on Southern Discomfort in a men v women roller derby bout not to be missed.

CELEBRATING BLACK HISTORY MONTH Public discussion 5.30pm WB.2.01, Docklands See Mon 15.


Meeting 1.00pm CC.G.05, Stratford Get involved with the SU, feedback to your representatives and help shape your student experience.


Event All day Docklands Enjoy Halloween with UEL and UELSU. There’ll be Student Life’s Halloween celebrations, Vote For Your Halloween Film Screening with FilmSoc UEL and get all dressed up and bring on your best thriller dance moves for Halloween Karaoke at the Underground Bar.

Oh My Daze - October 2013  

The Official University of East London's Students' Union newspaper.

Oh My Daze - October 2013  

The Official University of East London's Students' Union newspaper.