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Hello people, First of all, welcome to all the new faces and welcome back to everyone else! September is mostly about going back to school, uni or work, which can be a bit of drag after summer - especially after the amazingly warm one we had

this year! But September’s not all bad though as it also means all our favourite TV shows are back so make sure to check out our latest news from the small screen. You can also find out about the latest in books and music and our selection of what’s being released this month.

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Have an amazing Freshers and we’ll see you in October! Marion

“The only difference between the saint and the sinner is that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.” Oscar Wilde

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Oh My Daze - Sept ‘13

Each month, two UEL students will have a fashion face-off. Why? Well, mostly because it’s a bit of fun and banter ...

Davka A.

Recent UEL Graduate - Business Management

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Casper W.

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UEL loses £1.3 million on overseas campus in Cyprus that closes within its first year. by Adrian Patsalos The University of East London (UEL) made an investment less than a year ago but this was not a risky move. Indeed, UEL was not the first University to attempt to provide the Greek-Cypriots the opportunity to study, and study for a degree from a British university. It was preceeded by the University of Wales, the University of Central Lancashire and the University of the West of England, making UEL the 4th institution to open up a campus in Cyprus. However, whilst the other three universities remain on the island, UEL withdrew before the completion of its first academic year. UEL opened its Cyprus campus in October 2012, saying that the “stunning new campus offers quality facilities and a contemporary learning facility”. But after recruiting just 17 students, a UEL spokesman said in a statement that the institution is now “ceasing its international operations in Cyprus”.

The same spokesman though would not disclose how much money the university will lose. So here I face a dilemma. Was this a bad investment, or was there a lack of good management to actually make this investment work? Is it mere coincidence that the Vice Chancellor and two pro-Vice Chancellors - one of whom was also the director of finance - resigned just a month after the campus in Nicosia, Cyprus closed down? The options for Higher Education in Cyprus are very limited and young Cypriots who finish school are forced to depart the island in order to carry on studying. Most GreekCypriots go to their mother land, Greece, but the UK is also a top destination for many. As a student in Cyprus, I was totally unaware of any advertising or any kind of promotion to inform and persuade students to enrol at UEL.

So here I wonder. Instead of the Greek-Cypriots going to a UK university, a UK university came to them. Knowing that Cypriots are a conservative people, parents would prefer to enrol their children at a UK university here in Cyprus, rather than sending their children 2000 miles away. How come then that out of the 4 institutions which launched campuses in Cyprus, the only one which did not do well was UEL? The people who were in charge of

the UEL Campus in Cyprus haven’t provided any explanation as to why they were unable to make this investment work. How come UEL failed where three UK Universities succeeded? The money wasted comes from us, the students of UEL. It is about time the people responsible explain to us what happened and if possible, pay for the mistakes they made, even if all they did was to take on responsibilities that they were not able to fulfil.

Oh My Daze - Sept ‘13

ÂŁ1.3 million is the equivalent to


individual students tuition fees




Each month, on top of having “The Women’s Column”, this page will be yours to share your opinion about anything you fancy, let it be local, national or international issues, uni related or not.

An opinion piece reflecting on my experience of Social Action As a recipient of a Social Action Award in 2013 I was requested to write an opinion reflecting on my experience of social enterprise and the highs and lows of, the ‘Universitation’ process. I have an English background but have spent the bulk of my life in Spain, where I was schooled and assisted my parents in their English Language Teaching School. I arrived in London in 2009, having left Spain just before the extent of the financial crisis facing the country was yet to become fully apparent. This was a significant step for me as it was the first time I left home for an extended period, leaving behind my family and support networks and all that was familiar to me. I started out in London working in a bar in the West End which gave me a valuable base for settling into living and working in London. This coming September I will be starting my third year in International Tourism Management and I can honestly say that I have embraced every opportunity that has presented itself which has allowed me to garner a wide set of. I have volunteered and worked with various university departments and Centres, such as the Petchey Centre for Entrepreneurship, the Royal Docks Business School, the Noon Centre and the Centre for Innova-

tion Management and Enterprise. This has demanded many hours of my hours, when I was not engaged in my academic work’, while others used their leisure for social pursuits. It required me to attend, University on weekends, work late into the evenings, attend client meetings, do presentations to different audiences and take on tasks that placed extensive demands on my knowledge and skills. These have all played a role in enhancing my knowledge base, developed my skills in a number of areas, opened access to professional networks and created further opportunities. However, this did not preclude me from engaging in social activities -the people who know me can verify that I am not averse to a party- but I have learnt an essential life lesson which is: work hard, play hard! The quality of the party is so much better when goals and targets have been achieved and your have secured choices for the future. As we say in Spain, my crops are giving their fruit. Currently I am engaged in a number of projects that have a solid base, from the 4EDC (Environmental Education and Employability Eco-Lodge Centre) in “Cortijo Rio Chico” developed as part of the Global Scholars module at the Royal Docks Business School. This Eco-lodge will promote environ-

mental/cultural heritage awareness locally and promote eco tourism internationally helping green the local economy on a small scale. While offering students and visitors an opportunity to develop environmentally sustainable enterprise development training and options for developing employability skills. In November a colleague and I will be presenting a conference paper Tourism & Management Studies International Conference to be held in the Algarve (Portugal). This will allow us to present the model to the wider tourism community, expand the project network and develop the next phase of the model. In addition to this, I have been working with the Centre for Innovation Management and Enterprise on the Make It Global research project, supporting the assessment and evaluation of the Make It Global Interventions targeting female SMEs in the United Kingdom. After 10 weeks, this project has developed my research skills after undertaking a full literature review and developing research paper plans, designing a BETA survey and linking to research project outputs, and launch the baseline surveys through local, national and international networks. The project will generate a number of conference papers and journal articles. I was also responsible for

all translation activities associated with the project.

launch of the business school’s new space in Canary Warf.

I am director of ©onsensio, a Student Peer2Peer Enterprise Development model through this model I have been able to, combine business development and strategic management expertise with my theoretical classroom knowledge. Most notably as part of ©onsensio, I have developed the Entropia Education employability model which mobilises virtual worlds for employment and enterprise development. This model has created an education and training structure for expanded skills development and has demonstrated how basic sustainable livelihoods can be achieved in virtual worlds. ©onsensio is a non profit organization aimed to create an effective peer to peer student support structure which creates professional opportunities for our members and to meet the needs of local, national and international stakeholder network while creating sustainable projects, programs and business. For the last 6 months I have been actively involved with the Noon Centre for Equality and Diversity acting as an Elite Representative, which requires me to attend events and support other activities of the School and the Centre such as the launch of their new office, the launch of CIME centre and also the

All these projects may sound boring to you, or maybe not, but one thing is for sure that I have developed a wide range of skills I could not have developed in a classroom environment. I personally think that University is not only what you get out of your normal modules; where you really learn from is working alongside real professionals that can guide you in the right way and gather the necessary expertise needed to succeed in life. I don’t think I am special or cleverer that anybody else, but again by working hard you play hard! I am so pleased I won the Social Action Award, that reflects the effort I have put into my ‘Universitation’ process over these last two years, I suppose this means I am on the right track. As they say opportunity is often disguised as hard work. By Timothy Isle Timothy Isle is a student at the University of East London and Project Manager at the Centre for Innovation Management and Enterprise (UEL).

On Education How do we understand the realities around us, when we are neglected from truth and knowledge? How do we understand what’s happening around us? The most powerful tool is education which prepares us to be caretakers of the environment surrounding us. It equips us with essential knowledge which sharpens and expands our depth of vision, sight, smell,

thought and capability. We become more mindful of the activities occurring around us and their advantages and disadvantages. Knowledge allows us to explore the cure in every illness. It is our natural duty to protect our environment and the people around us. Notice how I said ‘our’ environment and not ‘the’. Because it is ours only when we realize it’s from the same creation we, meaning us

humans, are also from, and it was made for who? For, us. This is all realized through enlightenment which education causes in our lives. A thirst for more knowledge also grows and derives from our hearts. This is the beauty of education. To receive and give. Education filters all the misunderstanding and misinterpretations of life that we have inside our minds and practices.

Oh My Daze - Sept ‘13

Besides, what is the real education? What does it taste like? It is education of truth over falsehood. It is education about the good, and also the bad. Right over wrong. What you and I and this whole world is all about. The environment, the animals and all that evolves in it. In one basic word, nature… education on what is true. This is


the ultimate knowledge we are all seeking for, but are unaware of. And knowledge is the key to unclog our trapped minds. Like Bob Marley says, “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!” Think about it. By Nazneen Master

The Women’s Column Optimism Guide

By Julie Kalogeraki A little introduction to the new column, uniquely dedicated to Women; students or not, mothers, wives, girlfriends, friends, sisters, professionals or unemployed etc., with an article about optimism and about believing in ourselves. Life is already too demanding and fast for women globally, and this is why it is important to stick (first) to our psychological and (secondly) to our physical health in order to succeed. Therefore, this is going to be a column exposing social, culture, psychology, politics and style issues. It will be as multi-dimensional as 2013 women are! I hope to enjoy this journey to the fullest together! THINK POSSIBLE The new trend of positive thinking invests in the belief that everything is P O S S I B L E. “Think positive” has been a very usual phrase, and an attitude

towards life, adopted by a huge percentage of people, which is enclosed into this massively popular motto. Though, could this motto be nothing but a big deception? POSSIBLE Vs POSITIVE While each of us is struggling with his own troubled day routine, making an ideally positive thought isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It’s actually more possible, that this thought would make us feel even worse, and pitiful of ourselves. Therefore, all “everything’s going to be alright” mottos make our inner lie detector ringing insanely as the subconscious and the unconscious are aware of the (cruel?) reality. Maybe it’s high time we reinvented ourselves through the perspective of “possible thinking”. In other words, maybe now is the right time to orientate and “open” our minds towards all potential scenarios of life. The new trend of possible thinking doesn’t intend to “gild the pill”, or require to see things through pink fairy glasses. On the contrary, it consists a more practical, more realistic, more honest and rational approach, which is orientated towards the direct resolution of our personal issues and has therefore, greater and better potential to work. Possible thinking encourages everyone to recognize the solutions that appear in front of their

sight but have been ignoring so far. “Whenever we focus on something negative that has been happening, we get trapped into emotions and it’s very often to overlook even the simplest thing, like activating the process of identifying potential alternatives.” That is what the psychologist and author Dr. Tamar Chansky has said, being the one introducing the definition of think possible through some of her arti-

cles in New York Times paper. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE The most liberating dimension of possible thinking is based on the belief that everything is possible only if we use our mind. As Buddha raised it, “what you think, you become”, because the mind is the most powerful tool we possess and it can either liberate or discourage us with a fleeting thought. So, if we think

about something, we‘ve already made the first step to achieve it. The challenging part of this trend is to resign ourselves to the idea that nothing is impossible, to limit the tendency of mind to indicate reasons leading to failure. In contrast, this way of thinking needs a mind that seeks withoutfrustrations ways to fit the desired, even if the way to the goal requires endurance and virtuosity of a Parkour athlete. In other words, think possible aims to make us subject to questions like “how can I make my goal feasible?”, “why do I like my new relationship?” and not “why is my goal feasible?” and “why would this relationship work?”. ATTITUDE IS A LITTLE THING THAT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE Quoting Winston Churchill “attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”, we should consider as well, that all successful people are those who think and act based on the potential of each situation and not those who fear of their own weaknesses. Here, there are a few small tips that will help you move from theory to action; - Believe that everything is possible. - Do not stay empty handed. - Live for the moment. - Don’t get disappointed by failures, these are your lessons to success. - Deny the idea of impasses, everything is dissolvable. - Don’t be afraid of reorganizing yourself.


My Body, Not Yours My Body Not Yours’ what’s that about? Surely everyone knows an individual’s body is theirs and theirs alone? Right...? So why is it that some feel an entitlement to grab at people or violate their personal space? Unfortunately there have been instances at UEL where students have been harassed or even assaulted on campus, often without being officially reported, and now is the time to take a stand and ensure the campus is safe for all. We, as a union, consider the welfare of our studentsabsolutely paramount but understand we cannot control what happens outside of the remits of our campuses. This makes it even more important to maintain our campuses as safe and zero tolerance to all forms of harassment, particularly sexual harassment. NUS (National Union of Students) states: ‘The defining characteristics of sexual harassment are that it is unwanted, persistent and of a sexual nature. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include:: • Unwanted sexual comments (including comments about your body or private life) • Unwelcome sexual invitations, innuendoes and offensive gestures • Wolf whistling, catcalling or offensive sexual noises • Groping, pinching or smacking of your body, such as your bottom or breasts • Having your skirt or top lifted without agreeing • Someone exposing their sexual organs to you without consent.’ Harassment is not only unwanted in our community, it is illegal and covered in the Offences against the Person Act 1861. Unwanted touching is a different crime and is much more than just a ‘cheekyfeel’. It is assault and covered by legislation under Section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. Is sexual harassment a problem only at UEL or in London? Sadly not. Unfortunately, this is a global issue, so although we won’t be changing the world anytime soon we can make a difference to our community and pioneer change locally. There are projects already out there addressing the bigger picture,

such as Everyday Sexism and The UnSlut Project. NUS has even produced reports - Hidden Marks and That’s what she said - addressing the problems of sexual harassment, sexual violence and the implication of lad culture in universities across the country. As a zero tolerance union, hopefully we can minimise if not eradicate instances of these crimes happening to our students, on campus particularly.

proudly be awarded this accolade by the next academic year. Our UEL community can achieve this together. We can ensure each other’s safety on campus, looking out for one another as well as being empowered to speak up if we experience harassment first hand. We will know our voices will be heard, respected and never silenced.

‘there’s no harm really’ or anything of the sort, think again. Just because you think someone will be ok or even receptive to advances doesn’t mean they’ll think so too. Think twice: assess verbal and non-verbal communication; be aware individuals have different boundaries and perceptions of personal space and some people don’t want more than a little bit of casual flirting or to go beyond a certain point, which is

both the under representation of women and the portrayal of women in media. Do these contribute to sexism wider in society? Do you think sexism is even an issue today? Come along and let us know what you think. Challenge your perceptions and maybe learn something along the way. It’s sure to be a great event and will be advertised nearer the time at:, on the University of East London Students’ Union Facebook and Twitter pages alongside publicity material around campus. If you are interested in knowing more, getting involved in this campaign or even seeing how the “My Body Not Yours” campaign unfolds send me an email at: or connect with me on Facebook at: Where can I go if I experience or see harassment? On campus: - Security: (Docklands) 0208 223 5599 (Stratford) 0208 223 4199 - Silent Witness Scheme (on campus): 0208 223 5799 - Health and Wellbeing Team: 0208 223 7611 Off campus: - Police: 999

So, what is Zero Tolerance? It is a stance in which any form of sexual harassment is not tolerated by the union or at any events. NUS have put forward a checklist of criteria that unions must meet in order to classify themselves as an official Zero Tolerance Students’ Union. By everyone, staff and students alike, adhering both to codes of conduct as well as general respect for their peers and colleagues, the University of East London’s Students’ Union will be able to proudly call ourselves an accredited Zero Tolerance Union. Hopefully we will be able to meet and surpass each criterion by the end of the year; but if not there will certainly be enough progress towards achieving accreditation status for the Union to

Although the Union is championing this movement, we have been assured full support from the university, who strongly echo this sentiment.The university currently run the Silent Witness Scheme, which can be used to anonymously report any instances of harassment or untoward behaviour from a student on campus. Also there is a policy in place, the Personal Dignity Policy, which has been put together by the university to outline students’ rights as well as a code of conduct everyone must abide by. Collaboratively we can eradicate sexual violence, which is never, under any circumstance, acceptable. Next time you think, whether as a potential perpetrator or bystander: ‘they love it’/ ‘it’s just a bit of fun’/

fine, that’s their right. We need to live, work and study on campuses where people can know others understand no means no; not maybe or perhaps later. Make sure there is actually consent, rather than a wish for consent to be there. The distinction makes all the difference. What now? The campaign will be my main focus as a sabbatical officer for the year ahead and I welcome any contribution and involvement from students. There will be events throughout the year so as many students as possible can be reached out to. The first is a film screening of the documentary “Miss Representation” with breakout sessions to discuss and debate ideas in a safe space. The documentary challenges

For more information or to get involved feel free to send me an email at:

Mariam Irshad Vice-President Health, Sport and Bioscience & The Cass School of Education and Communities UELSU

Tell us what you think! Do you feel strongly about an issue and want to share your view on the subject? Do you want to spark up a debate? Or maybe you simply want to give your opinion on something? Well, the opinion page is there precisely for that. Let it be local, national or international issues, university related or not, or just a

reflection on something you came across or expeienced, let us know! You can also comment or share your view on any of this month’s pieces. Just email either: Marion at or Daniel at

YOUR SU Meet a Society

Oh My Daze - Sept ‘13

Each month, we will introduce a new society, giving them the opportunity to tell you, in their own words, what they do. This month, as it’s Freshers, we decided to introduce two societies instead: The Cool Nerds and The UEL English Pen Group.

The Cool Nerds The Cool Nerds Society is a Gold society that combines the two most important aspect of University: Academic Excellence and Fun! Our main objective is to provide academic help for and by students while also setting up events for us to have some fun. All work and no play... Na-ha You can become a Cool Nerd regardless of what programme you are on. We have tutors for some courses and we are still in the process of recruiting more of them, so if you feel like you’re up for it, let us know! We started last year in May with approximately 50 members and ever since then, we have been growing significantly in number and also as a society. We have set up several events including movie nights and a Christmas party. We understand that one society cannot do it alone and that two heads are better than one which is why we try as much as possible to collaborate with other societies; for example, our


The UEL English Pen Group

Christmas party in December was planned with the RAG society (a fundraising society). We currently have about 200+ members and we were nominated for the best new society at the last UELSU award ceremony. We plan to keep growing and introducing more and more students to what it means to be a cool nerd. Are you intrigued or just want to know more about what we do and our activities? You can follow us online: /dacoolnerds @UELcoolnerdsoc or for a more personal approach, you can email our society president, Dami at

The University of East London’s English PEN Group is a student-led subgroup of English PEN. Founded in 1921, and now one of the oldest human rights groups still in existence, English PEN has attracted some of the greatest writers across the 20th and 21st centuries in their campaign for free expression. They work within prisons, on translation programmes, alongside refugees and soldiers and with young people, too. PEN International has 145 centres globally and campaigns to defend writers and readers all around the world whose human right to freedom of expression is at risk. Founded in May 2013 by four Creative & Professional Writing students, the UEL PEN subgroup are looking for committee members from all academic backgrounds and years - all you need is an interest in freedom of expression and human rights, and a willingness to get involved and be passionate.

been donated to us (so far, we have around 300!) - Championing the work that English PEN does with prisoners and refugees, and within their translation programme, which enables obscure works from all over the world to become available to as wide a platform of readers and thinkers as possible. Lastly, over the summer we successfully reached our £250 target for the crowdfunded readathon we took part in, which is funding our launch event. This will be in October 2013, for date and venue follow our blog updates, plus for news and more. We read 60 books between the four of us in 8 weeks – from June till August. That was, on average, two books a week each. Please find out more here on our Crowdfunder page; http://www. If this all sounds like your sorta thing, hit us up. We’d love to have you on board.

Throughout the year, we’ll be holding these kinds of events, plus more; - Empty Chair evenings, where someone sits in a chair and reads out the banned work of a foreign writer, in order to release their words into the world. - Letter Writing Workshops and Meet-Ups, where we all write to writers who have been incarcerated, imprisoned, or put under house arrest for their work, expressing our support for them and appreciation of their work, in order to boost morale. - Petitioning Parliament for changes to laws in the UK and abroad with regards to free speech, libel laws and human rights. - Work alongside the UK’s other student PEN groups, to increase exposure of issues and the work we’re doing, as well as creating a UK-wide support network for our societies. - Booksales and raffles, in which we raise money for PEN using books that have

/UelPenSociety @uelPEN uelenglishpen@gmail We’ll also have a stall on the Fresher’s fair, from Monday 16th to Friday 20th September – so drop by to say hi! And for more information and tickets to our event, please visit our blog. Supported and endorsed by:

Get sussed with sustainability at UEL by Freyja Gillard

Students have so many opportunities to get involved with sustainability at UEL and each come with their own rewards. We offer accredited Waste Management training, accredited Environmental Auditing experience, the opportunity to

get involved with your school, the opportunity to learn how to garden or save on energy, to creatively plan events and run schemes that allow you to develop your professional skills (such as project management, team work and time man-

agement) whilst also creating a more sustainable university. If you want to get involved in Sustainability are UEL and really Do The Green Thing, contact

Did you know that... - UEL has a 1st in the People & Planet Green League? - None of our waste goes to landfill, but is either recycled or converted to energy? - We are a Fairtrade university? - Across our campuses we have solar panels, bees, a wind turbine, green roofs and allotments? - Over 200 staff and students got involved in Sustainability Schemes

at UEL last year? - UEL is home to one of the UK rarest beetles? - Students moving out of Residential Halls donated over £13,000 worth of clothes, electrical equipment and bedding to the British Heart Foundation, as part of Green Move Out 2013? - There are stacks of schemes to get involved in, such as Student Eats, Student Switch Off, On Yer Bike, Sustainability Skills and Green Impact?


STUDENT LIFE Looking back on my Freshers What former Freshers wish they had - and hadn’t done - during that crazy week... I wish I had gone to all the events, even though I didn’t know anyone. There’s no reason to be shy. Everyone is in the same boat.

I wish I had broken up with my girlfriend from back home before I came to Uni. I know this sounds horrible but I spent more time talking to her on the phone than meeting new people and it all got really stressful. In the end we broke up anyway so it just felt like wasted time.

I wish I hadn’t spent so much time in the first weeks either at home or with friends from outside Uni.

I wish I hadn’t tried to cook everything in the kettle. Turns out you can’t boil an egg that way!

I wish I had joined more societies to try them out. Most of them are free so if you end up not liking it, you just stop going. Plus, you’d be surprised at what you thought you wouldn’t like and end up loving!

I wish I had known that things always go missing or get broken, especially in the kitchen, so don’t bring anything that you really value.

I wish I hadn’t spent so much money. I spent a stupid amount on booze during Freshers and had to leave off 99p noodles for quite a few weeks after that. Not fun! I wish someone had warned me about Freshers’ Flu. You’ll probably laugh but it’s a real thing and it sucks! Just make sure you have a couple of paracetamols at the ready.

I wish I hadn’t spent that much money to get into those rubbish Leicester Square clubs. Not worth it. I wish I hadn’t lent so many of my DVDs to my so-called new friends. I never got them back.You meet too many people to keep track of in those first few weeks and some of them you’ll never see again.

Meet your Sabbs by Damilola Arulogun

Mariam Irshad VP HSB and CASS

Can you briefly introduce yourself? My name is Mariam Irshard and I am the Vice-President for HSB and CASS. I just finished studying forensic science and I am actually the only sabbatical officer that is a Londoner, so I’m adding a bit of variety to the mix. I have been programme rep ever since my first year, I have been vice president of my society since my first year, I have been involved in the university in different aspects and now, I can culminate all my experience and put them to good use. I volunteered at the Olympic and Paralympic games. At the Olympics, I was a ball girl so if you watched the beach volley ball game, you’ll see me handing out the balls and for the Paralympics, I worked at the athletes’ village, I was the one handing out the accreditations and making sure people didn’t go anywhere they were not supposed to go. Summarize the reasons you wanted

I wish I had brought more facepaint and fancy dress stuff as they’re very popular on pub crawls for example. Honestly, anything that’s lying around - and you’re not too attached to - bring!

I wish I hadn’t bought every possible item of kitchenware available. We ended up with about four toasters and kettles in my flat, that was just ridiculous. And who on Earth needs a omelette maker? Use a pan!

I wish I had taken first year more seriously. Sure the grades you get don’t count towards your overall degree but it doesn’t mean that what you learn isn’t important. It’s the basis for everything else.

Introducing to you, your sabbatical officers. They are the people to hold accountable for everything going wrong in your university life. Just kidding! Yes, there is a serious aspect to being an elected officer of the Student’s Union but don’ forget that they are human too and can let their hair down once in while just as much as you can. This interview is to show you that they have a fun side too and they got a little bit of freak in them as well.

to run for your position in one sentence. As a programme rep I saw a lot of injustices yet had a limited amount of control over what happened; so I chose to run for a position where I have the ability to help students better, give them a voice and make sure that voice is heard. If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you? I would bring a clean pair of under wear, photo frame of family and friends and two pieces of flint so that I can make fire. If you had a time machine, would you go to the past or the future? I wouldn’t want to go to the future so that I don’t change something by initiating the butterfly effect. I would travel to the past, to the 1920s because I’m quite old fashioned and traditional.

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? I would like to be invisible because sometimes I just feel like I want to get away. What are you most thankful for? My friends and family and my cat called “smudge” Any hidden talents? I can put my fists in my mouth. It’s not a very dignified talent but I can do it. If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be? My aunt that passed away before I was one, before I got to really know her, Ghandi, Florence nightingale, Jefferson bass; they are leads in forensic anthropology, they built a body farm at an American university where they basically just monitor rate of decomposition of bodies and I would love

to know more about their work and finally, I would invite Jared Leto. Skittles or M&Ms? Skittles because I am newly lactose intolerant and who doesn’t want to taste the rainbow. Any advice for someone who would want to run for your current position? I would say think about why you are doing it, make sure you want to bring about change while keeping other people’s opinions in mind. It’s a really intense position, so if you’re not going to enjoy it, you probably shouldn’t go for it What is your Favourite Quote? “It’s always darkest before dawn.”

Can you briefly introduce yourself? My name is Daniel de Sosa and I am the new Vice president of ADI and Combined. I actually graduated this year. I studied Illustrations and Graphic Design. I’m from Los Angeles and came to London to study. I really like this city and I also think this school can be improved.

Daniel De Sosa VP ADI & Combined

Edna Chirwa VP RDBS & ACE

Friday Obodo President Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Michail Koufolakalis VP LSS & Psychology

Summarize the reasons you wanted to run for your position in one sentence. UEL students were not getting value for their money and I wanted to help change that.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you? I’d want a boat and two paddles. If you had a time machine, would you go to the past or the future? The past because it’s is way cooler than now. I’d really want to go back to the time of the druids who were the native leaders of Britain before the Romans wiped them out. If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? The ability to not need sleep to have great focus.

What are you most thankful for? Good health and the fact that I am alive and I have a pretty good situation here. Any hidden talents? I do YouTube DJ sets for my housemates, some remixes of lord of the ring songs. If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be? Buddha, Woody Allen, Shane McGowan, David Bowie and Neil Gaiman. Skittles or M&Ms? Hmm, I think skittles are nasty and M&Ms give you lots of variety, plain,

Can you briefly introduce yourself? My name is Edna Chirwa, I’m studying business management and I will be graduating in September. An international student from Zambia, I came in my second year and I ended up running for the position of women’s officer. I then became a part time officer and also was the vice chair for the Students’ Council during that period. It was quite easy for me to adjust even though I came in at second year and knew no one. I volunteered last year for the Olympic and Paralympic Games as one of the performers for the opening and closing performance. Currently I am the Vice-President RDBS and ACE.

Summarize the reasons you wanted to run for your position in one sentence. To bring back the Students’ Union to the students.

My name is Friday Obodo, the current President of the Students’ Union. I am from Ibaa in Rivers State, Nigeria and I am currently studying Forensic Science as an international student. How I came to UEL is a fascinating and encouraging story. I came to UEL through clearing because my first choice did not offer me admission to law. I had made an uncommon move from a core science course (Medicine & Surgery) to a core Art discipline (Law). I was a medical student in the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria before I gained a scholarship to study medicine in the UK. During my A level programme, it became clear that medicine was not a possible option for me since my WAEC results (GCSE equivalence) was not AAA or AAB. At that point I knew

Can you briefly introduce yourself? My name is Michail Koufalitakis and I am from Greece. During the last three years I studied International Politics. I have gained valuable experiences from my involvement as President of the Hellenic Society and as International EU Officer and Chairman of the Student Council during the 2012/2013 academic year. Currently, I am the UELSU Vice President for LSS and Psychology.

our University matters.

Summarise the reason you wanted to run for your position in one sentence. My decision to run for such a position arose from my interest and concern for

If you could have any super power, what would you choose? Omnilingualism to understand and speak all languages!

Skittles or M&Ms? M&Ms

Edna at

Friday at

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you? Water, my phone and a plane. If you had a time machine, would you go to the past or the future? Probably the future because I’d like to see what the future holds for me as I have this dream of becoming a member of parliament and I would just like to see how that worked out.

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? I think the ability to read minds. What are you most thankful for? I am thankful to God for making me who I am, for not making me a pretender, for getting me through my programme at UEL and I am also thankful to the “together we can “ group and to everyone who voted for me. Any hidden talents? Advisor/Counsellor

Oh My Daze - Sept ‘13

peanuts, almonds, ... You just can’t lose.


Any advice for someone who would want to run for your current position? Just work hard at it and also, it’s good to have a solid team behind you. I couldn’t have done it without the whole “together we can” team behind me. What is your Favourite Quote? “Some men just want to watch the world burn.” - Alfred, The Dark Knight.

The Queen, Obama, Nelson Mandela, David Cameron and the labour party leaders as well just so I can tell them off. Skittles or M&Ms? Definitely M and Ms. Any advice for someone who would want to run for your current position? For that person to have objectives that will benefit the students and not run just for their own personal gain.

If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be?

What is your Favourite Quote? “Believe in Yourself, Nothing is impossible”

that I had to take real steps to get some things right for myself and ensure I still make a good impact in the society, so, I chose to study Law. However, events overtook my aspiration and I ended up with Forensic science which I enjoy studying.

If you had a time machine, would you go to the past or the future? The future.

Skittles or M&Ms? Skittles.

Summarize the reasons you wanted to run for your position in one sentence. To make sure there is a better students’ experience at University.

What are you most thankful for? The support for my election as the Students’ Union President.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you? A University called UEL, courage and water.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you? A boat, a gun and Robin Crusoe’s book! If you had a time machine, would you go to the past or future? Possibly to the future, who doesn’t want to know what’s next?

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose? Knowledge.

Any hidden talents? Tolerance. If you could invite any five people to dinner, who would they be? In no particular order, Akamaka, Sameea Tahir, you Damilola, Faith and Jenny Thatcher,

Any advice for someone who would want to run for your current position? Understand the reason why you want to be President in the first place . What is your Favourite Quote? “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.” - Martin Luther King Jr

What are you most thankful for? For my beloved family which was always there for me.

tion? Be ready for action, get ready to challenge yourself.

Any hidden talents? Sssshhh! I write poems…

What is your favourite quote? “Since we cannot change reality, let us change the eyes which see reality.“ Nikos Kazantzakis

If you could invite any 5 people to dinner, who would they be? John Mearsheimer, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, Paul McCartney and George Cohen.

Any advice for someone who would want to run for your current posi-

If you need to contact the Sabbs team, you can either email: Mariam at

Daniel at

or Michail at



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The UEL Film Society and 20FOUR FRAMES. Welcome to UEL, it’s great to have you here! We love this university and think one of the great things about it is how easy it is to get involved and do something you love. We were formed of two groups that did just that!

Whilst this was happening, a friendly


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Oh My Daze - Sept ‘13


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Film” screenings, there was always something worth watching, The brand spanking new UEL Film Society was born this year to bring the two together. As a society, we run the online magazine, (and the film review section of this paper!), we also

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Watching films

If you’re interested in joining the society, being a film reviewer, attending screenings or getting involved with making films on campus, contact - UEL Film Society

From next month, this page will be filled with our best reviews and student showcase. But here’s a little taster... the wealthy and the poor. Due to overpopulation, the poor live on the surface, are stricken with disease and have no hope. The wealthy live on ‘Elysium’, a new Garden of Eden environment in outer space where only those top of the hierarchy get to live. Max (Matt Damon) is our standard blue-collar ex-crim just trying to get by, hoping maybe one day to get his chance to visit Elysium. Due to unexpected circumstances (think radiation poisoning and a jonesing to make the world a fairer place) Max finds himself revolting against the system and attempting to escape to Elysium for a cure.

Elysium (2013) Director: Neill Blomkamp Cast: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley and Alice Braga Genre: Sci-Fi, Action-Thriller This year has been a great one for movies. There have been so many

amazing films released, big blockbuster action flicks, serious Oscarcontenders, indie breakouts and a good few animations too. So trying to decide what to see has been difficult. How do you choose? This time, I was definitely reeled in by advertising, or more specifically a really good trailer and impressive director credentials. Elysium’s trailer looked so exciting and intriguing,

with an interesting narrative, pretty awesome special FX and director Neill Blomkamp (District 9) at the helm. I could tell it was something to look out for. It did not disappoint and, trust me, Elysium should be on your list of films to see this year. Set just over 100 years from now, Elysium takes us to an Earth where the inhabitants of the planet are divided between 2 separate groups,

Jodie Foster plays Secretary of Defence, Jessica Delacourt, the authoritarian leader who has set her eyes on being the next President and re-setting the entire system of Elysium. Other notable performances come from Sharlto Copley (previously seen in District 9 and The A-Team) and Alice Braga (Anna from I Am Legend). The film feels a lot like District 9, with its colour palette, hybrid genre, camera shots, narrative, setting and, yes, Sharlto Copley’s reappearance. But this is not a bad thing and its Blomhamp’s vision, with skilled camera shots and dramatic action sequences that makes Elysium particularly stands out from the crowd.

There are moments where the camera movements are reminiscent of a video game, which is perfect within the futuristic action genre. As a child orphan Max speaks to a nun about how beautiful Elysium looked in the sky and the sister gives him a locket containing a photo of what Earth looks like to those on Elysium, proving that although the surface of the planet is a dangerous environment, the view of Earth from space looks entirely more beautiful. The shots they create to illustrate this do it absolute justice, they are just awe-inspiring. The special FX are also a little breathtaking and really make it a film worth seeing. Overall, I would say – go see this film. And see it on the biggest screen possible. You really want to do justice to the action sequences, atmosphere and sound that really help make this movie a great one. But even if you’re in dorms, it’s totally worth renting the DVD when it’s released, grabbing some popcorn and having your friends around to your room to watch it. It really has something for everyone, proper action, an interesting storyline, a little bit of gore and a whole lot of excitement.

- Jenna Pollard



Our Reviews

Introducing the books we loved and others, well, not so much.

sweetening your attention with each turn of the story. “...there was cement in her soul. It had been there for a while, an early morning disease of fatigue, shapeless desires, brief imaginary glints of other lives she could be living, that over the months melded into a piercing homesickness.”

Choice, race and home – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has returned this year with the much-anticipated Americanah, her third novel (not including the collection of short stories, The Thing Around Your Neck) following the Booker-prize longlisted Purple Hibiscus and Orange prize winning Half of a Yellow Sun. Existing fans of Adichie’s work will not be disappointed – her way with language still manages to dance effortlessly around the narrative, and her consistently original and wholly apt observations ooze an accessible poetry between the pages like honey,

Subject-wise, Adichie hasn’t strayed too far from her previous forays into the idea of race, but instead appears to push and explore further and perhaps deeper. We are taken on a journey that is somewhat a love story, although the love in question is split, mirroring the novel’s orbiting themes. Ifemelu and Obinze were past lovers in Nigeria, however we join them years later, where Ifemelu is in the States, living with her American boyfriend, Blaine. Through these characters Adichie examines notions of race and culture, modernity and otherness, and how feelings of belonging and home are perhaps deeper rooted than nationality or length of time spent in a particular

place. For these reasons, Americanah is an ambitious novel, but Adichie has never been one to shy away from such topics, and her natural unfolding of Ifemelu and Obinze’s stories reads like a preview into something prevalent underneath society’s surface, as opposed to coming across as heavy-handed and preaching. As Observer journalist Elizabeth Day put it; “There are some novels that tell a great story and others that make you change the way you look at the world.” Adichie invites you to really see the world of her characters, looking between the nooks and cracks of the world that we know and experience, gently guiding us towards a deeper level of consciousness, encapsulated by the title itself, which is a reference to the often disdainful and suspicious reaction towards those who have returned to Nigeria from America. This idea of identity and belonging is furthered expanded by the notion of choice, or lack of. The choice to leave the land of one’s birth often results in a lack of choice once in a new destination.

“You are in a country that is not your own,” Uju tells Ifemelu. “You do what you have to do if you want to succeed.” The emphasis on the idea of hair, in particular black hair, is another choice explored, and is something mostly only touched upon in literature (Zadie Smith’s White Teeth, for example) as a legitimate metaphor and gateway to wider issues, but in Americanah, weaving this symbolism so prominently elevates its importance to both the writer, and as an issue that is an undeniable factor of importance when tackling issues of race, choice and integration. “Relaxing your hair is like being in prison. You’re caged in. Your hair rules you. You didn’t go running with Curt today because you don’t want to sweat out this straightness. You’re always battling to make your hair do what it wasn’t meant to do.” This idea is not novel – Adichie herself, when interviewed by Jon Snow seemed keen to continue a dialogue that she felt has been floating around on the cusp of racial discussions. When asked about whether she pre-

fers America or Nigeria, she begins by stating “I like America but it’s not mine.” Whilst it’s mostly unwise to attach too much of a connection between the beliefs of an author and the stories of their characters, in this case I think Adichie’s openness and willingness to engage in this particular dialogue is personal, or more rather, political. Americanah has been described as the opposite of the African-American experience, that is, where the heaviest idealogical influence stems from the African side. Instead of the born-Americanwhose-ancestors-were-black, Adichie is introducing us to a different, quite separate voice, and that is the voice of the first generation foreigner. Whilst the Africanisms may not be of interest to all, there is most certainly a universal idea of outsiderness and otherness that she communicates with skill, sensitivity and great, tenderness, cementing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie amongst today’s most exciting by Naida Redgrave

The latest releases

Police by Jo Nesbo (Sept 12) “The police urgently need Harry Hole. A killer is stalking Oslo’s streets. Police officers are being slain at the scenes of crimes they once investigated, but failed to solve. The murders are brutal, the media reaction hysterical. But this time, Harry can’t help anyone. For years, detective Harry Hole has been at the centre of every major criminal investigation in Oslo. His dedication to his job and his brilliant insights have saved the lives of countless people. But now, with those he loves most facing terrible danger, Harry can’t protect anyone. Least of all himself.”

Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy by Helen Fielding (Oct 10) “With her hotly anticipated third instalment, Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy, Fielding introduces us to a whole new enticing phase of Bridget’s life set in contemporary London, including the challenges of maintaining sex appeal as the years roll by and the nightmare of drunken texting, the skinny jean, the disastrous email cc, total lack of twitter followers, and TVs that need 90 buttons and three remotes to simply turn on. An uproariously funny novel of modern life, Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy is a triumphant return of our favourite Everywoman.”

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King (Sept 24) “On highways across America, a tribe of people called The True Knot travel in search of sustenance. They look harmless - mostly old, lots of polyester, and married to their RVs. But as Dan Torrance knows, and tween Abra Stone learns, The True Knot are quasi-immortal, living off the ‘steam’ that children with the ‘shining’ produce when they are slowly tortured to death. An epic war between good and evil, a gory, glorious story that will thrill the millions of hyper-devoted readers of The Shining and wildly satisfy anyone new to the territory of this icon in the King canon. “

Am I Missing Something ... Unplished Letters to The Daily Telegraph (Oct 3) “Every year, the collection of the best letters that didn’t quite make it into the Telegraph - because just too left-field, outrageous or hilarious for an august Letters page - offers an alternative review of the year. For this fifth volume the potential agenda is just as enticing as ever, with Telegraph readers variously waggish, whimsical or just plain steamed-up about Chris Huhne’s speeding points, a new Pope, the Royal baby and mansion taxes. Once again, it will be one of the humour bestsellers of the year.”


Oh My Daze - Sept ‘13

The latest releases

Jessie J - Alive 23rd September

Arctic Monkeys - AM 9th September

Justin Timberlake - 20/20 Experience Pt2 30th September

Kings Of Leon - Mechanical Bull 23rd September

TV The latest news from the small screen. What’s coming back Fans of ‘Sherlock’, hold on to your seat, the wait is (nearly) over! The filming of Series 3 was wrapped earlier this month and it is now in post-production. Although the BBC hasn’t released any official air dateyet, the internet is full of “sources” announcing it as earlier as next month and as late as January. In the meantime, if you are suffering from Benedict Cumberbatch withdrawal syndrom, the DVD of “Star Trek Into Darkness” just came out.

Also back on your small screens is ITV’s period drama ‘Downton Abbey’. After the terrible accident at the end of the Christmas Special, which took the life of Matthew, everyone has been wondering how would Mary cope and manage as a single mother. All will be answered from September 22. Other shows coming back include ITV’s crime drama ‘Whitechapel’

What’s new Over in America, NBC will premiere ‘The Michael J Fox Show’ on Sept 26. Based on the Back to the Future’s actor’s life, the brand new series will follow Mike Henry who, after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, had to give up his career as a news anchor to focus on his health and on his family. Five years later though, Mike decides it is time he got back to work and find himself struggling between family and career. “What Michael J. FOX is doing to spread awareness on Parkinson’s - from fundraising to education to playing a TV character with the disease - is very commendable,” said Dr. Hassan, a Mayo Clinic movement disorders specialist. “Parkinson’s disease touches the lives of many people. Education is vital.” Hopefully, it’ll cross the pond very soon!

(Sept 4) and Channel 4’s IT Crowd (late Sept). Finally, for zombies fans, the Walking Dead has been given a UK air date and is set to return on our screens on October 18 - only 5 days after it airs in the US! A preview for the new season is now available online.

What’s on DVD

Season 6 of ‘Big Bang Theory’ is finally out! DVD £17 BluRay £20.50




Oh My Daze - Sept ‘13

Want your illustrations and/or comic published? Simply email either Marion at or Daniel at




UEL ARTIST SHOWCASE What is Stampede and what is it all about?

Stampede is a comic I made about the link between youth violence and social inequality and how it effects young people today. It focuses on two young people and the struggles they face to get by.

long term stories. When I was a kid I used to write alot, and I started this fictional story about these two girls who go around saving the world. I started writing that when I was about 10 and kept on with it for years and years. In the end I wrote 11 (very long but separate) stories all

Chantelle Awere is a talented graphic novelist who studied illustration at the University of East London. She is currently working on volume 3 of her comic series Stampede. Oh My Daze catches up with her for a few questions.

way that makes it better in my opinion. Film is great but if you dont have the right equipment and actors it wont come out well and you need more than one person to make it. With comic art you can work on it all by yourself and you have some control over your characters, plus you

How long have you been working on it for?

Since July 2012. Quite shocked that a year has gone by already!

What comics would you reccomend to someone who doesnt read comics?

Depends on what they like and who they are. But Love and Rockets by Jaime Hernandez is the first thing that came to mind, that or Dragonball or Rave Master. But it depends on the person, I would read comics that fit your interests, so if you are a fan of action I recommend DragonBall, or if you like slice of life-Love and Rockets.

Finally, why is your character Jessica so angry!

Anything in particular that inspired you to write this story?

Haha! There are too many reasons you will have to keep reading the comic to find out! The world she’s been brought up in is cruel. So her anger is just a expression of the pain she feels inside constantly.

Ah, so many things. There was this book I read just before I created the storyline of Stampede which was about social inequality and youth. I can’t remember the name of the book - I borrowed it from a library - but it really opened my eyes to a lot of things. It made me more aware of the struggles young people go through. It seems like the system works against a lot of people...which is quite upsetting to know. I didn’t even know anything about social inequality before I read the book which sort of upset me. So I decided to write Stampede to spread awareness about social inequality. I’d say social inequality and politics inspired me to write the story. Although there was other things too, the comic “Holyland” by Mori Kouji inspired me alot. I love street fighting comics and wanted to draw a story based on that first before the politics.

Stampede is amazing, I look forward to volume 3 Chantelle! Thanks!

by Daniel De Sosa Read Chantelle’s comic Stampede online at:

The thing that stands out to me the most about Stampede is how well the characters are written. Each character feels unique and real. Are they based off people you know in real life?

Hehe! They all are some more than others. Ryam and Ela for example are based on actual real people but I put a little bit of “me” inside all my characters also. Jessica gets her temper from me but I dont know anyone like her in real life. Its somewhat hard to explain but I’ve always been a very keen observer of all people I come across and see in real life. So my characters are all just based on what I’ve seen in others. I personally believe that Jake is the most realistic one out of all the characters I’ve drawn so far but he isnt based on a specific person. I’ve never really met a person like him in real life although his personality is similar to some people I have met in my life. So really they are all based on “People.” Just people if that makes sense, haha.

You seem extremely passionate about comics. What got you started on drawing them in the first place, and how have you kept up the focus to keep churning out pages for a long term story?

Long story short. Japanese animation got me into comics. I grew up watching Dragonball Z and Sailor moon. As soon as I found out that those animations are actually based on real comics drawn by actual comic artists. I had a massive change of heart and decided to start learning how to draw. I brought a load of manga and kept on copying them until I was confident enough to draw in my own style. I think my obsessive nature is what keeps me driven to write

Chantelle on Stampede:

based on those two girls. I just end up falling in love with the characters and their world to the point that I feel like I just don’t want to leave. That keeps me writing, I just want to keep exploring their world and the more I do this the bigger their world gets until it completely takes over me. This is why I struggle with writing and drawing more than one story at a time. Its a lot of fun so it keeps me focused, most times its like I’m drawing out what I’m seeing inside my head rather than anything else. Its an interesting process.

What advantages do you think comics have over other story telling mediums like film or writing?

Advantages....well I certainly feel that comics are a lot more easier to read and concentrate on. Its got the best of both, words and pictures! In a

dont need any expensive equipment to make it. You dont need a extensive vocabulary either!

What would you say if I told you that comics are only for nerds and losers with asbos? Firstly I would laugh, laugh a lot. Well I guess I would try debunk that myth but I’m not really keen on addressing narrow-mindedness. So would say, “That isn’t true.” Then leave it at that.

If you were the Mayor of London, what three things would you change? First, make transport cheaper. I dont care how this will be done it just has to be. Then, get more youth schemes up and finally, get more libraries built!!!!

Youth crime is on the rise in England as the gap between social classes increases, resulting in an increase in street “gangs.” To tackle this problem, the government made a plan to reform these unruly teenagers by giving them an incentive - provide them with their own housing and “pocket” money but only if they study a course of the government’s choice, stay out of trouble and attend classes as often as necessary. A quick fix to a very complicated problem. “Stampede: Jessica’s Story” is about a troubled, angry girl stuck under one of the government’s incentives and her empathetic classmate named Ryam who befriends her. But as Jessica slowly falls back into street gang culture, Ryam also finds himself falling in with her as he tries to help her stop. Deep into a downward spiral of fight clubs, hatred and gang rivalry. Will both of them get out of it alive or will it end tragically? Is there any hope for a hurt and struggling youth? Has some mature themes and swearing. Based 100% on real life, in my hometown in South London. It’s an urban street comic.


Oh My Daze - Sept ‘13


Swede Victory - Allsvenskan 13/14 Fans worry as Stockholm is dragged, kicking and screaming, into the world of modern Football. As the city’s three major clubs move to new stadiums concerns surrounding the supporter’s culture, which in the eyes of many is the heartbeat of Swedish football, arise.

championships saw football regain popularity among the general public, but it was the rivalry between the three Stockholm based clubs AIK, Djurgården and Hammarby that changed and, in the opinion of some, saved Swedish football.

their inspiration from England, The English 1st division has been on Swedish television since 1969 and it was after this that Swedish fans started singing at matches. In the 90’s when the Italian league also started its broadcast the visual aids of tifos

driving force in this development and their high number of traveling fans in the late 90’s and early 2000’s has helped spread the culture to the rest of the country. It is not only the fact that Stockholm has, by far, the largest population of the country that

The Swedish national team is well on its way to failing to qualify for a second consecutive major tournament and the national league is ranked 23rd on the UEFA, bested by countries like Cyprus and Romania. Still the Swedes love their football and the domestic league, Allsvenskan, has more attendants per year per capita than the Italian Serie A.

The turning point started with Sweden hosting the Euros in 1992 and was aided along two years later by the national team claiming the bronze at the ‘94 World Cup. The two

All three teams have now moved to new, modern arenas and even though the kiosks have more to offer and the toilets are cleaner many are negative to the new home of their clubs. AIK have played half a season at the new Friends Arena, which they share with the national team, and fans have raised many issues with the acoustics which make the chants come out muffled, and with the location being so far outside the city centre that many choose to stay at home when the opposing team is slightly less exciting. Hammarby and Djurgården who now share the Tele2 Arena do not share these problems, the acoustics are good and the Stadium is easy to get to. However it has taken away a sense of the fans identity, Hammarby’s fans having to walk by the ruins that is Söderstadion, their previous home ground, located only 2 minutes from the Tele 2 Arena, and Djurgården’s having to travel to the south side of the city instead of the east as they had done since 1936.

Why is it that fans will defy the harsh November winds year after year even though the quality of play is well below the top leagues in Europe, all of which can be followed extensively across the Swedish broadcasting networks? Many would say tradition, but that is not quite the case. In the early 1990’s the attendance records for Swedish football were at an all time low and were beaten by far, popularity wise, by Ice Hockey. it was in fact unusual for even the top teams to have more than two thousand in attendance at this time.

for the football.

What sets the Swedish league apart from many others is the atmosphere. According to acclaimed football columnist Erik Niva the chants when the big city teams in Sweden play are louder than in England and the tifos provide more visual awe than in Spain. The Swedish fans draw most of

started making their way onto the Swedish stands. Combining the best of these two worlds has created an atmosphere around Swedish football that has brought the crowds back to the grounds, the actual football often being the secondary attraction. The fans of the three major Stockholm based clubs have been the main

has brought this about, even though it has helped a lot. The local rivalry in Stockholm has been just as important a factor. The fans of these three clubs feel that it is equally as important to be louder than the other two or to have more visually creative tifos as it is to beating them on the pitch. This has spurred hundreds of memorable derbies, which are not remembered

Whether the financial benefits that the new stadiums bring will help the quality of play catch up to the quality of the atmosphere in Stockholm or slowly kill everything that makes it special remains to be seen. by Robbie Ericsson





FRESHERS EVENTS Club Aqua launches during Freshers Week for the main UEL evening events. Each event starts at 9pm and a range of different entertainment and talent will be on offer, as well as a killer dancefloor with a mix of new age and old skool music. These event represent the best of Freshers Week social life at UEL so they are not to be missed!

Monday 16th September URBAN ANTHEMS CLUBNIGHT Pop, Hip hop, Drum & Bass, R ‘n’ B, and all of the underground music that makes East London such a party animal’s place to be. This night is the official launch night for Club Aqua, and as a special treat we are making the night FREE ENTRY BEFORE 10pm! (For

one night only). Don’t miss the first event of a new era! Club Aqua (Docklands) 9pm till late Entry: FREE

Tuesday 17th September “LAUGHING STOCK” COMEDY SHOW On Tuesday of Freshers Week, Laughing Stock - UEL Comedy Society host a fantastic lineup featuring:

“these pioneers of tomfoolery make us laugh to the point of exhaustion” - The405

Improv sketch comedy group The RH Experience - ( followed by Excursions: A live hip hop jam with a difference

Seated show, arrive early to get the best seats!

“absurd and tear-inducingly funny” - Broadway Baby “youthful update of traditional improv” - ThreeWeeks

Entry: £3

Club Aqua (Docklands) 9pm-12pm

Wednesday 18th September SPORTS MASHUP PARTY The Sports Party happens on Wednesday night of Freshers Week, when the UEL Sports Clubs descend on Club Aqua in full force. With games, dancing, drinking, and pumping music, this is a clubnight fit to launch the Sports opportunities at UEL. Whether Football be your game, or Basketball, Rugby or Tai Kwon Do, you’re bound to meet some like-minded students at the very first

Sports Mashup. Fancy Dress: Wear your favourite sports kit. Club Aqua (Docklands) 9pm till late Entry: £3

Thursday 19th September LIVE BANDS NIGHT Thursday night of Freshers Week sees a Live Bands Night showcasing the best of UEL’s live talent. With rock, hip-hop, and samba there’s plenty of upbeat music to enjoy - remember to get there for 9.30pm to feel the full force of UEL’s Barking Bateria, our resident 25pc drum band that kicks up a collossal storm of sound...

Club Aqua (Docklands) 9pm - 12pm Entry: £3

Friday 20th September UV RAVE

This year, the main event of UEL Freshers Week sees Friday evening out hosting an unprecedented gathering of acclaimed artists and UEL students, performing under blacklight with UV body paints and glowing cyber gear abound... with surprise memorable live sets from some of East London’s finest musical talent! Also at the party... - FREE UV BODY PAINTS for the first 100 guests to arrive - UV BLACKLIGHTS -

- GLOW CIRCUS SPINNERS - ELECTRO-SHISHA - GLOW-IN-THE-DARK FREEBEES - FANCY DRESS: NEON RAVE Club Aqua (Docklands) 9pm till late Advance Tickets: £6 from the Freshers Fair (or £10 On The Door)

A lot more events are taking place during the day, every day of that week, such as Freshers Fair, Speakers’ Corner and our own Film Festival. And they’re all FREE so make sure to check out for all the details.

Oh My Daze - September 2013  

The Official University of East London's Students' Union newspaper.

Oh My Daze - September 2013  

The Official University of East London's Students' Union newspaper.