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The Hilltop Outsiders Day 2010 by Maddy Smith

On Friday, November 19th 2010 you may have noticed something different about some of the 7th grade students and staff. On that day the 10th annual Outsider's Day was celebrated. Every year, 7th grade English classes read the book The Outsiders B: S.E. Hinton. This book takes place in the 1960s and is about the rivalry of two gangs, the Socials, (also know as the Socs), a group of snotty rich kids, and the Greasers, a group of poorer teens. As part of Outsider's Day students in Ms Zabel's English classes dressed

up as a character from the book. Socs dressed in madras and plaid, and Greasers dressed in denim, white T-Shirts, and leather jackets. Some 7th graders also dressed up as other important figures in the book like nurses, The Beatles, Hank Williams, and Elvis. Students were visited by police and firemen, and listened to music from the 1960s. Also, 7th graders acted out scenes from The Outsiders and ate food that the characters ate in the book. One thing's for sure, Outsider's Day 2010 was a big hit!!

How technology effects our generation by Percy Nyx When our parents were young, if they wanted to research something they used books and had to do extensive research. Today if we need to look something up we just “Google” it. When people had news to tell, it would take a few days to reach its destination. Today when we think about technology we think about ipads, ipods and laptops. A teacher of mine commented to our class about our generation and how some people take advantage of the technology we have today. For example, in a recent shooting, witnesses were just standing there video taping

the whole thing. No one called the police or the hospital. The same thing can happen with bullying on the internet. Today a lot of bullying happens on the internet. It’s called cyber-bullying when someone threatens another person repeatedly or posts hurtful comments. Those people who may see the comments and do nothing about them are bystanders. It’s unfortunate when technology is used to cause harm to others. Technology certainly has its good side. It helps us keep in touch with people, spread news and do our work. When technology is used properly, we

ASK FELIC IA Dear Felicia, I feel as though nobody really likes me, what should I do? Signed, Unsure of myself Dear Unsure, My advice to you is to try making friends, to see firsthand whether nobody likes you. But if that “To doesn't catch the reader’s work,attention, my next place an suggestion interesting sentence or would be to the talk quote from story to a parent to here.” see if they can be of assistance or help you set up some after school activities with some classmates. Sometimes getting involved with clubs in school is also a good way to connect with people that have the same hobbies as you do. As a last resort, talk with your guidance counselors about your dilemma. They

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Animal of the issue by Clayton Markham     A wedge shaped tail, bright blue  feet, and bright yellow eyes! What  could this animal be? Well if you're  curious get ready for a trip to the  Galapagos Islands.      The blue­footed booby is a bird  that strictly lives in marine habitat  and only comes on land to breed. It  is found near the tropical and  subtropical islands off the Americas  in the Pacific Ocean, most famously  the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.      Its size is an average 32 in. (81  cm.) and it weighs around 3.3 (1.5).  This interesting water bird is very  unique with long, pointed wings  and a wedge shaped tail. It has a  strong, thin neck and yellow eyes.  The nostrils on its beak are  permanently closed and all blue­ footed booby's feet are pale  turquoise to aquamarine. Imagine  that! Those are some fancy feet!      When breeding season hits a  male blue­footed booby will go to  great limits to attract a female. A  male will flaunt his eye­catching  feet and dance by spreading his  wings and stamping his feet. Who  says disco is dead! Unlike many 

Word of the issue(non-she-lant) nonchalant adj. Acting casual; indifferent; unexcited; cool; "chillaxed" -nonchalantly sentence: The teenager tried to act nonchalant around the


other animals, a blue­footed booby  never mates with another bird and  always reunites at breeding season  with the same bird.      Females can lay two to three eggs  and eggs are laid about five days  apart. The male and female blue­ footed boobies take turns sitting and  watching over the eggs. Finally  comes the happy day and the chick  is born! The parents pamper their  bundle of joy by feeding it  regurgitated food from their mouth.  Yuk! Blue­footed booby's nests are  simply just dips in the bare, black  lava on the ground. Cooled lava is  often found where they live.      All blue­footed boobies strictly eat  only fish, squid, and offal. They hunt  (fish) underwater to get their food. A  blue­footed booby may hunt single,  in a pair, or maybe a group. When  spotting food they dive like an  arrow. They look down, point, aim,  and WHOOSH! They're off! Blue­ footed boobies like to hunt in shallow  water but can reach depths of 85  ft.and hit the water at 60 mph. They  also eat their food under water. I bet  you can't do that!      I hope you learned a lot about the 

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Handy study tips By Alaina Kenny OHMS recently had its school spelling bee. Are you worried about your grades? Below are some study tips that a spelling bee participant used prior to the bee. 1. Organize your study time. Decide how many minutes total you want to study, then do the math and figure out how many minutes a day you should study. After that, plan on making a designated time every day to study. 2. When you study, spend extra time on whatever is giving you trouble. If you spend too much time on any one thing, though, it will mess up your planning, so be careful! 3. Don't just breeze through what you're studying. Really think about what you're reading. The only exception is when you have A LOT to study in only a little time and need to get to everything.

4. Pay attention in class. With the exception of the spelling bee and a couple of other things, everything that you have focused on in class will show up on a test. If you have been paying attention, you will know the answers for most questions without studying! However, nobody's perfect and nobody remembers everything. That's where studying comes in. 5. Have background knowledge. This may come as a disappointment if you don't have any, but it helps a lot. If you read a lot, you will see more words and your vocabulary and spelling will get better. Watching educational TV programs will help your understanding of a concept. If you're still worried that you don't have enough knowledge outside of the classroom, the time to start is now. It won't affect your grades right away, but if you keep it up, it truly will help. Focus on the first four steps for now. And then there’s a sixth one especially for people like you. The sixth step is not to HAVE background knowledge, but to GET background knowledge. Hopefully, these study tips will help most people. See if you're one of these people.

The great pledge debate by Maddy Smith Every morning since we started school we've said the Pledge of Allegiance. But recently, saying the pledge has become a very controversial issue. Fights have flared because of people refusing to stand or take their hats off while reciting the pledge, or flat-out refusing to say the pledge. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled the pledge unconstitutional under the First Amendment due to the phrase “under God”. The words “under God” were added by Congress in 1954 in direction of President Eisenhower. But, Congress later stated that the reciting of the pledge was not to describe the

United States, but to swear allegiance for the values of which the flag stands for. The court also said that “under God” is identical to “under Jesus”, “under Zeus”, “under Vishnu”, “under Buddha” etc. Sacramento atheist Michael Newdrow has been trying since 2000 to remove the pledge from classrooms, saying it's violating school children's rights. The case was voted in favor by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, but was later dismissed by the U.S Supreme Court. At the north Collins Central school district in Upstate New York, the pledge is said at different paces and rates, rather than the traditional way of having everyone say the Pledge of Allegiance at the same time. This has angered many citizens,

Playing games Fact of the Issue: In the 1960's computer s used punched cards (cards with holes in them) ***** Congratulations to our 2010 Spelling Bee Winner Alaina Kenny and our 2011 Geography Bee Winner Luke Sekowski Good luck at the next level!


With the cold weather upon us, we can often get stir crazy. That is to say we get tired of sitting around the house with nothing to do. The next time that happens to you, try breaking out some board games. Playing board games is a great way to spend time with family or friends. There are lots of games out there that are good for people of all ages. It makes it easy to play with younger sisters or brothers. Sometimes it might work better to play on teams. One classic is Yahtzee. It’s a fun dice game involving luck and some strategy. Have you ever played Farkle?

Comic Corner

It’s another dice game, but this one has more of an element of risk taking when it comes to scoring points. If you don’t have any board games, just get out a deck of cards. There are tons of card games you can play. Choose one you know or learn how to play something new. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself get bored this winter. Bored people are boring people!

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