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2017 Season A N N U A L



Jennifer Adams Kelsey Franklin Kristen Short Connie Allen

Jeff Orwig Terry Cole Tom Littlefield Stephenie Michaud Sandra Fickett Corrine Turner

President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Kathy Davis Norman Hutchins, Jr. Mallory Martin Julie Middleton Scott Parsons Jennifer Beaudoin

PO Box 131, Norway, ME 04268



OHMPAA, the Oxford Hills Music and Performing Arts Association, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the presentation of quality entertainment on a regular basis featuring the talents of local residents. On January 1, 2009, OHMPAA became a program of Norway Maine Opera House Corporation which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. BACKGROUND

OHMPAA began staging productions at the Paris Hill Academy building in 1990 and at the Norway Grange in 2002. We are grateful to the Paris Hill Community Club and the Norway Grange members for allowing us unrestricted access to the facilities, providing the luxury of flexible rehearsal schedules, storage space, and time to build and nurture many spectacular sets. The availability adds immeasurably to the quality of a production. ADVISORY BOARD

OHMPAA is governed by a 15-member Advisory Board who serve three-year terms. Board members have wide-ranging backgrounds and professions, but share a love of theater and the arts. Members are elected in March each year. GET INVOLVED

Would you like to join in the fun? There are many ways to become more involved in OHMPAA. Sponsor a show or advertise in our program Many local businesses support arts in the Oxford Hills by sponsoring shows or advertising in our programs. We are most thankful for their vital help. You can find more information about sponsoring and advertising on our website: www. Take the stage or work behind the scenes We are always looking for: actors; directors; readers; musicians; music directors; people to help with costumes, props

and publicity; set designers and builders; stage managers; stage hands; technical directors; and house managers. Direct a show Each year we ask potential directors to submit ideas for shows. Ask any board member for more information. Become a member Membership forms are available tonight, or you may speak with a board member if you have questions about membership or being a part of a future production.


A NOTE FROM THE PRESIDENT It takes a community to put on a show. As you read through this annual report, you will see how true that statement is. The Advisory Board selects the shows and directs the organization, but it is the countless hours of work by our producers, directors, casts, crews and volunteers that creates the magic on our stage. We have a home thanks to the good folks at Norway Grange #45, who allow us to “take over” their beautiful building for several months of the year. We have a “box office” thanks to Erica Jed and her staff at Books N Things over the last 12 years; we look forward to working with Adrienne Cote at The Tribune in the years to come. We have a spacious, dry and warm costume storage facility thanks to Michael Newsom and W.J. Wheeler’s Insurance. We are able to produce shows thanks to the generosity of local businesses and organizations who sponsor productions and advertise in our programs. We keep the doors open thanks to our loyal audience members, who keep on buying tickets! There must be something in the water in western Maine. We are blessed with colleagues at other theaters who gladly share not only their wisdom, but often their costumes and props! We are blessed with dedicated directors who spin tales both fantastic and truthful out of nothing more than sawdust and words. We are blessed with many talented actors who come out to audition for our shows. We are blessed with talented crew members who build and paint and light our sets. We are blessed with stage managers who keep the wheels turning during a performance. And we are blessed with committed producers who do all the background tasks to ensure success. I firmly believe that theater reflects our best selves, both in the stories on the stage and in the communities of sponsors, advertisers, producers, directors actors, crew and audience that come together for a given production. Thank you for being a part of it.

Jennifer F. Adams President, OHMPAA Advisory Board


We offered a new sponsorship option and were most grateful for the support of Rising Sun Café and Bakery for both main stage shows. THEATER WORKSHOPS

We formed a Workshop Working Group in 2016 that organized and produced two workshops in 2017: Auditions and Theater 101. NEW LOGO

After years of discussion and false starts, we debuted a new logo in April. We have rolled it out in various places throughout the year. GRANGE WORK DAY AND BUILDING IMPROVEMENTS

Many board members and some additional volunteers spent several hours at the Grange on March 25 with the goal of cleaning up the attic and other storage spaces. Everything in the attic is now organized; but we still need to build new storage racks and work on the other areas. In the fall, we installed battery lights and a handrail in the staircase from the kitchen to the stage. WHEELER’S WORK DAYS

We had several work sessions at Wheeler’s, to hang costumes and otherwise organize. We are building a third costume storage rack and continue to work on storage solutions for props, shoes, hats and accessories. WORKING GROUPS

We established a set of Working Groups: Grange, Wheeler’s, Workshop, Outreach, Mailing, and Artistic Direction. Each board member ranked their preferences with the goal of serving on two of the six groups. Given the challenges facing us at the Grange and Wheeler’s, however, we asked each member to choose one of those so we can focus our attention there first. Formation of the other groups is temporarily postponed. PRODUCER’S HANDBOOK AND PRODUCTION GUIDE

We have worked throughout the year to expand and update the work begun by the board over a decade ago. The handbook is intended to be a resource for anyone producing an OHMPAA show, and to be a roadmap for taking a production from auditions to strike.


Six cast members included two new to OHMPAA’s stage. »» Producers — Jenny Adams, Kelsey Franklin, Jeff Orwig »» Director — Mallory Martin »» Assistant director — Julie Middleton »» Total tickets sold — 408 THE DROWSY CHAPERONE

The cast of 24 included three making their OHMPAA debuts. »» Producers — Connie Allen, Kathy Davis, Stephenie Michaud »» Director — Andrew Scott Turner »» Music director — Jennifer Bennett »» Total tickets sold — 691 AUDITION WORKSHOP

Held in March at the Art Moves/Cottage Street Creative studio. About 18 people of all ages attended to learn audition tips and techniques from a panel of theater veterans. »» Producers — Barb Danforth, Kelsey Franklin, Mallory Martin, Christie Paul, Kristen Short »» Presenters — Sally Jones, Kristen Short, Jamie Lupien Swenson, Ethan Wright


Held in July at the Norway Grange. An introduction to theater traditions and terminology with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Grange and stagecraft games. »» Producers — Sandra Fickett, Kelsey Franklin, Mallory Martin, Julie Middleton, Kristen Short KIWANIS CABARET

For several years we have provided entertainment at the annual Kiwanis Club fundraiser. »» Producer — Norman Hutchins, Jr. »» Director — Kelsey Franklin »» Performers — Joshua Witham, Janelle Raven, JD Raines, Kelsey Franklin, Rebekkah Willey CAROLING AND OPEN MIC

Held in December in Norway. About 20 carolers serenaded local businesses on Main Street and 13 performers entertained at Norway Brewing Company that evening. Organized by Kelsey Franklin.


Barefoot The Drowsy in the Park Chaperone Income Sponsors $1,200.00 $ 2,575.00 Program Advertising 1,600.00 1,612.50 Ticket sales 3,367.00 7,727.00 Angels — 700.00 Other 1.90 254.92 Total income $6,368.90 $12,869.42 Expense

$5,243.78 $10,968.75

Net Profit/Loss $1,125.12 $ 1,900.67 OTHER PRODUCTIONS AND EVENTS

Production Income Expense Net Profit/Loss Audition Workshop $63.77 $351.94 ($288.17) Theater 101 Workshop $43.77 $43.77 $ 00.00 Kiwanis Cabaret $1,750.00 $917.70 $832.30 Caroling and Open Mic $80.00 $80.00 $ 00.00 GIFTS IN SUPPORT OF THE DROWSY CHAPERONE

Thank you to these Angels for their support! Kayla Batchelder Jennifer Bennett Tristan Bennett Christine Cole Elton Cole Megan Cotter Eleanor Kubeck Rick & Rebecca Michaud Paula Perham & Dana Morgan Claire Sessions Jenn & Steve St.Pierre Dr. Amy Webber


Patrons $1,630.00 Voting Members $  295.00 Supporting Members $   65.00 OTHER SUPPORT

Donations $  260.00 Total $2,250.00


Advertising and  Promotion $1,402.01 Insurance $  927.00 Equipment and  Furnishings $  425.98 Utilities $  761.07 Professional Services $  900.00 Office $  494.27 Royalties $  216.00 Miscellaneous $  236.28 Total $5,772.32 OHMPAA GIFTS TO OTHER ORGANIZATIONS

M’iMovie Grace Fellowship Church in memory of Richard Parsons (father of board member Scott Parsons) Drowsy Chaperone tickets to the Norway Library


ABC Rubbish Books N Things W. J. Wheeler Insurance


Mary Llewellyn DISCOUNTS


Portland Glass T&T Promotions


Brenda, Erika and Magne Melhus Scott Parsons Kristen Searles Anyah White

Rising Sun Café and Bakery — pastries Ari’s Pizza — soft drinks ABC Rubbish — Dumpster John Schrank Jean Waite


Russell Rowe — handrail and windows Tom Littlefield — tools



Hebron Academy Norway Brewing Company


School Administrative District 17 Norway Historical Society B&C Oil Art Moves West Coast Maine Magazine


Hannah Brown Joette Carlton Elton Cole Jack Gentempo Carol Jones Jackie MacDonald Kay Renee

Claire Sessions Josh Simpson Aaron Skofield Dona St. Cyr Fallon Turner Anyah White


We are deeply grateful for the support of our members. Thank you! SUPPORTING MEMBERS

Contribution of $5

Jeanie Brown Marian Cummings Barbara C. Dalgaard Sandra Dingman Judith Gideonse Shirley A. Grover Riley McGough Elizabeth T. Morrison Jay & Debra Partridge Dennis Twitchell VOTING MEMBERS

Contribution of $10; Voting Privileges

Jennifer Adams* Connie J. Allen* Dan Allen Jennifer Beaudoin* Susan Cairns Terry* & Curtis Cole Kathryn* & Michael Davis Sandra Fickett* Kelsey Franklin* Judith Gideonse Norman Hutchins* Sally Jones Ethel Lacourse Mike Lance Tom Littlefield* Mallory Martin* Richard McIntosh Leanne McKinney Julie Middleton* Stephenie Michaud* Jeff Orwig* Scott D. Parsons* Henry & Joy Plate Janelle Raven Cynthia Reedy Claire Sessions 

Steve Sessions Kristen Short* Foster & Mickie Shibles Aaron Skolfield Corrine* & Andrew Turner PATRONS

Contribution Greater Than $5

Jamie & Susan Alberi Marguerite Alberi Dan Allen Gene & Ellen Benner Gail Binette Mary Ann Briggs Jeanie Brown Mary Ann Brown Susan Denison Sandy & Leo Geddry Kathy Gerritts-Leyden Judith T. Gideonse Janice D. Guilford — In memory of my mother, Helen M. Decato, who loved the shows Randy & Linda Jack Sally Jones Chris P. Longley William & Marjorie Medd Shirley Miller Margaret Perham Denny & Ginny Raymond Mrs. Nancy T. Rideout Brian & Shelly Shibles Foster & Mickie Shibles Ann Siekman Mary F. Smith Sharon Wilson-Cox MEMBERS EMERITUS Dan Allen Shirli Allen-Heald

* OHMPAA Advisory Board Member

PARTICIPATING MEMBERS 2017 Auditioners, Performers and Production Staff

BAREFOOT IN THE PARK Mallory Martin* Jennifer Adams* Ethan McNerney Susan Alberi Julie Middleton* Susan Cairns Jeff Orwig* René Coston Halie Page Kelsey Franklin* Brandon Pullen Ian Griffith Janelle Raven Paul Johanson

Christian Ricci Claire Sessions Shelly Shibles Andrew Turner Corrine Turner* Micah Madore Anyah White

THE DROWSY CHAPERONE Ian Griffith Connie Allen* Norman Hutchins, Jr.* Holly Allen Paul Johanson Lucas Allen Carol Jones Jennifer Beaudoin* Tom Littlefield* Eric Bell Rick McAlister Jennifer Bennett Stephenie Michaud* Gaelan Boyle-Wright Halie Page Patricia Boyle-Wright Scott Parsons* Mary Ellen Cafiso Hillary Perry-Allen Susan Cairns Jon Potter Jancie Cazneau Rachel Potter Elton Cole Sarah Porter Thomas Coolidge Janelle Raven Kathy Davis* Robin Reis Colbie Donovan Sasha Richardson Judi Foster KIWANIS CABARET Kelsey Franklin* Norman Hutchins, Jr.*

Jonathan Raines Janelle Raven

CAROLING AND HOLIDAY OPEN MIC Scott Parsons* Cooper Beaudoin Jon Potter Gabby Beaudoin Rachael Potter Jen Beaudoin* Sarah Porter Kathy Gerrits-Leyden Janelle Raven Kelsey Franklin* Cynthia Reedy Norman Hutchins, Jr.* Kristen Searles Chyanna Millett-Cordwell

Kristen Searles Rebecca Seger Allison Short Chris Short Kristen Short* Lois Strauss Brandon Sukeforth Andrew Turner Corrine Turner* Fallon Turner Cathy Tuttle Ebony Wells Kitty Winship Alyssa Wyman

Rebekkah Willey Joshua Witham

Allie Short Kristen Short* Aaron Skolfield Jennifer St.Pierre Dennis Twitchell Rebekkah Willey Joshua Witham

* OHMPAA Advisory Board Member


Show Sponsors New Balance and Stephens Memorial Hospital Ticket Sponsor Rising Sun Café and Bakery THE DROWSY CHAPERONE

Show Sponsor Norway Savings Bank Orchestra Sponsors Suzanne K. and Rupert H. Grover Jr. Costume Sponsors Kathy Bennett & Carol A. Jones Ticket Sponsor Rising Sun Café and Bakery KIWANIS CABARET

Kiwanis Club

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Friends of Norway Library Maine Real Estate Network Maurice Restaurant Français Norway Opera House Corporation Norway Savings Bank Oxford Federal Credit Union Paris Cape Realty Paris Farmers Union Phin Enterprises Rainbow Federal Credit Union Rice Tree Services Ruthie’s Boutique Short Folks for Hope Folk Fair Smedberg’s Crystal Spring Farm Speedway, Inc. Herb & Lois Strauss

IN KIND SUPPORT ABC Rubbish • Books N Things • W. J. Wheeler Insurance Art Moves West Coast Magazine B&C Oil


Join us in 2018! JUNE 14–24 | NORWAY GRANGE

by Michael Frayne


Little Shop of Horrors by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken


This Is What Happened 4: Backstage Stories DECEMBER | NORWAY GRANGE

The Gift of the Magi and The Happy Prince |

OHMPAA Annual Report | 2017 Season  

A brief overview of OHMPAA's 2017 season, including a synopsis of productions, list of members, and financial information.

OHMPAA Annual Report | 2017 Season  

A brief overview of OHMPAA's 2017 season, including a synopsis of productions, list of members, and financial information.