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OCTOBER 6, 2016 Vol. LII No. 4

Basketball player Devon Rowland. See article on Page 4


Today is depression screening day DINA DELEON STAFF WRITER

Ronnie Lozano interviews Dr. Jennifer Jovel at Si Se Puede event at Newark campus last Thursday.


Ohlone alumni share experiences RONNIE LOZANO STAFF WRITER

Six former Latino Ohlone students told how their education had helped them succeed in life during the Si Se Puede event at the Newark campus Thursday. The panel emphasized building a network of friends and advised students to create relationships with other students who share common goals. The event was part of Hispanic Heritage Month held by the Ohlone Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee. The panel members shared their stories to encourage students to find a way to succeed. The panel members noted, despite their eventual success,

they initially had trouble finding guidance in transition to community college. “I knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to do it,” said Edgar

Former student Angelica Espinoza recommended attendees to “pick a field in which you can make a difference.” Espinoza has been training

a part of a club can create a vessel of resources.” The advice Ramirez gave continued to support one of the main ideas of the panel, which was creating a familylike environment for Latino/Latina students. Other topics of discussion included personal hardships alumni faced during their journey and advice on how current students should manage their money. The panel shared relatable stories for students to learn from and apply to their academic careers, which was one of the goals of the meeting. Dr. Jennifer Jovel, who helped coordinate the event said the main goal was to “show Hispanic students they can achieve a higher education even through struggle.”

“Being a part of a club can create a vessel of resources” -- Elizabeth Ramirez Pacheco, a first-generation college student. Pacheco urgeed students to use all resources available to them. He also suggested they find a counselor to help with issues they may have both on and off campus. The alumni also spoke about choosing the right career path.

to become a teacher at Newark Memorial High School and said the English courses she took at Ohlone inspired her to work toward a career in education. The former students also spoke about the importance of representation. The founder of what is now the MECHA Club, Elizabeth Ramirez said “being

Today is National Depression Screening Day on the Fremont and Newark campuses. Students can sign up for a confidential depression assessment, which should take about 20 minutes. National Depression Screening Day is held at Ohlone every October to educate students, faculty and staff members on ways to eliminate emotional and physical symptoms of depression, anxiety, mood disorders and post traumatic stress disorders. National Depression Screening Day (NDSD) was designed to call attention to the symptoms of depression to diagnose and treat mental health disorders. According to PR newswire, “More than 350 million peopleworldwide suffer from depression.” SMH (Screening for Mental Health) reports “The World Health organization predicts that depression will become the second-leading contributor to the global burden of disease by 2020, behind heart disease.” Student Health Center personnel will provide education, support and referral resources for those who take the brief screening assessment. The program was initiated in 1990 by SMH and the local version of NDSD is sponsored and created by Ohlone Student Health Center. The event is located in Fremont Campus, Building 7, third floor, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m, and 4 p.m-6 p.m. It will also be held in the Newark Campus Main Lobby 10 a.m-1p.m.

Big dance festival set this weekend IVAN VARGAS STAFF WRITER

Hip-hop dancers from all over the world will descend on the Smith Center Saturday to compete for cash prizes in the All The Way Live USA 2016 Urban Dance Festival. Ten dance crews will compete in five separate rounds, for prizes ranging from $2,000 to $100. The 400-seat Jackson Theater is expected to fill for this competition, which is held every two years. Hosting the event will be Sergio Suarez, Ohlone dance teacher and member of the Beatz N Pieces and the Fresh Dynamix Dance Company. Suarez, who has taught 10 years at Ohlone, recently received an Alameda County Arts Leadership Award for his work with at-risk youth. Special guest at the festival will be the Versa Style Dance Company of Los Angeles. Other guests will include Ken Swift, Kumanti, Boogie Frantick, Nubian Nene, Lady C, Breeze Lee, Jayrawk, Lily Frias, Shyguy, Jaypee and others. Admission to the festival on the Fremont campus, which begins at 6 p.m., is $25 for adults and $10 for 12 and under. For more information, email


Sergio Suarez, Ohlone dance teacher, received the Alameda County Leadership Award.



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‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen’ Beware of The music video of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, performed by Piko Taro (Fictional character created by Kazuhito Kosaka) is going viral. This internet craze song can be found on all social media sites: such as Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter, etc. The performer is wearing different shades of yellow mismatched animal prints. He is also wearing an animal patterned scarf, a gold chain and white shoes. Piko Taro wears a thin mustache which makes his vibe comedic. On social networking sites, a lot of fans are saying that Piko Taro’s character is an inspiration of Kizaru (Borsalino) from anime One Piece. The lyrics of the song does not make sense, plus it is even a bit absurd. On the internet, people are finding meanings behind the song and figuring what the lyrics are actually indicating.

The lyrics go:

California Newspaper Publishers Association

I have a pen, I have a apple. Uh! Apple-Pen! I have a pen, I have pineapple. Uh! Pineapple-Pen! Apple-Pen, Pineapple-Pen

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There have been recent reports of snakes and other wild creatures being sighted at the Fremont Campus. If you should happen to see any of these creatures in an area, at either of the campuses, that could possibly pose a danger to people or the animal itself, back a safe distance away from it, and immediately notify Campus Police Services (CPS) by calling 510-6596111 or ext. 6111. A CPS officer will respond to the location and take the appropiSCREENSHOT OF OFFICIAL VIDEO ate measures to safely resolve the situation. Kazuhito Kosaka as Piko Taro. Please do not attempt to handle the animal/creature ferent styles and languages. Uh! Pen-Pineappleyourself! Those videos can also be Apple-Pen found on all social media Pen-Pineapplecites. Apple-Pen. “I haven’t really heard this With his nonsense lyrics, song but I’ve heard my kids Taro’s brainworm music has singing the other day,” (Anonybecome the next “Gangnam mous) “Oh My God. I know that Style.” Once you hear it, it won’t get out of one’s mind. With its song. Once you hear it, it won’t upbeat melody, the dance is very get out of your head,” (Anonymous). eye-catchy. On Twitter, Justin Bieber has This PPAP has become so popular that people from all shared this PPAP music video over the world are making as his ‘Favorite Video on the covers, and parodies with dif- Internet. ’

iHeart Media promotes Romeo

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snakes on campus



Tim Herbster has been named Senior Vice President of Programming for iHeart Media’s Northwest Region. He will also serve as the Program Director for Top 40 station KKRZ (Z100) and Rhythmic formatted station KXJM (JAM’N 107.5) in Portland. The group’s Pacific Northwest Region has a strong cross-platform presence and includes a number of iconic brands and franchises – both broadcast and digital – in five markets, including Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA; Fairbanks, AK; and Anchorage, AK.
 Herbster will work closely with program directors, on-air personalities and sales to oversee on-air, digital and music programming for the radio station brands and their local events in that region. Known by his fans as “Romeo,” he’s the host of the nationally syndicated shows “Most Requested Live with Romeo” and “The iHeartRadio Countdown.” Herbster

will continue to host both shows in conjunction with his new position. In 2012, he was named Vice President of Special Programming Projects for iHeartMedia, where he managed large-scale national projects, including advertiser integration programs, and developed on-air and digital music programming and content. “It’s a true honor to lead programming for our roster of heritage and developing brands in our Pacific Northwest markets,” Herbster told the radio industry trade publication Friday Morning Quarterback. “Working alongside Andrew Jeffries and Robert Dove, we will continue to expand upon the Pacific Northwest Region’s commitment to ratings and revenue excellence. Thanks to iHeart Media for the continued guidance and the opportunity of a lifetime!” Herbster previously served as Program Director and hosted afternoons at WIOQ (Q102) in Philadelphia, where he was named “CHR Program Director of the Year” and the station was named “CHR Station of the Year” in 2010, his first year as the station’s Program Director. His extensive background also includes serving as Vice President of Programming at

GOOM Radio, night on-air personality and Music Director at Z100 in New York City and on-air host and programming positions in Detroit, Salt Lake City, Nashville, Erie, PA, and St. Marys, PA.

SPEAKING OF MOST REQUESTED LIVE: The show just added their 160th affiliate by adding stations in Charleston, Ft. Meyers, Little Rock, New London, CT, and Rochester, MN. Do you think MRL will get an affiliate here in the Bay Area? Maybe someday.


The company announced that it will once again celebrate the Holiday season with its annual Jingle Ball tour. Details about this annual concert will be announced on Oct 11 and will include a stop here in the Bay Area.

TURNING TO SPORTS: Onetime KNBR reporter Dan Dibley is returning to Entercom sports talker KGMZ(95.7 The Game), where he will join hosts Joe Fortenbaugh and Lorenzo Neal. He was a member of “The Rise Guys” morning show with Whitey Gleason and Mark Kreidler until the show moved to Sacramento in

2014. He replaces Chad Going, who exits.

HERE ARE THE TOP FIVE POP MUSIC SINGLES THIS WEEK: 1. “Closer” – The Chainsmokers f/Halsey 2. “Cold Water” – Major Lazer f/Justin Bieber 3. “Treat You Better” – Shawn Mendes 4. “ Heathens” – Twenty One Pilots 5. “Cheap Thrills” - Sia

FOR YOUR WEEKEND LISTENING PLEASURE: Pop stars Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan will be special guests on this week’s episode of “Most Requested Live with Romeo.” The show is aired every Saturday night from 4-9p.m. on 160 radio stations worldwide. More information about this show, including how to listen to and interact with the MRL crew is available at their website: Monitor Radio Columnist Henry Ochs has spent many years working in radio and can be reached at or on Twitter @DJHammerinhank



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Cultural difference: Respect for parents YUMYAT THWE STAFF WRITER

If all cultures are supposed to be the same, why is the world divided into different countries with different religions? There are 195 countries on this earth as of 2016. (Worldometers). And there are 7.4 billion people living with thousands of different religions and beliefs. So, it is not very surprising that there are culture differences. I came from a very different background and a very different culture. I was born and raised in Burma (Myanmar), a country in Southeast Asia. Most of the Asian families have similar traditional culture. However, parenting and cursing are one of the main culture differences that I find hard to cope with here in the United States. One day at my work, there were a mother and a daughter who came to buy power banks that are on sale. The lady asked me where she could find those power banks that she was looking for. She tried to show me the ad on her phone, but her phone died. So, she asked her daughter to use her own instead to find the ad. The girl was around 17 or 18

years old. She had been standing next to her mom all the time with a frown face. She looked very displeased. When her mother asked her to use her phone to search for the ad, she furrowed her brows more and then she cursed out loud, “F***! It’s so annoying. (Sign)”. All the associates were looking at each other and switched our focus to the lady. We all wondered what her response was going to be. The lady just ignored her daughter’s actions and behaviors. She was just talking to us, like nothing ever happened. So, I am assuming the mom usually tolerates that kind of behavior. That is why the girl is believing that it is okay, and it is not rude to behave like that in public. From my perspective, I was really amazed, and left speechless. I didn’t know how to comment on that situation. Honestly, it was my first time seeing a teenage girl cursing her mother. And it was in public where there were a lot of strangers around them. In my country, you won’t be able to find this kind of action. Asian parents are very strict at disciplining their children, and they educate their children to treat all elders politely with

respect. I’m not saying parents here don’t educate their children. They do. The difference between how they educate is in the U.S, all individuals are free to state what they think, no matter how young they are. There are also some parents who really care about their children’s speaking manners. They won’t say any curse words in their children’s presence. However, there are some uneducated parents who do everything in front of their children. I’ve seen people who curse when their pen dropped during the class. I’ve also seen people who curse when they are excited.

I mean, what is the ” point of cursing? -- Yumyat Thwe

I mean, what is the point of cursing? Why do they have to curse for every little thing that has happened. Was that neces-

‘Creepy Clowns’ are spreading YUMYAT THWE STAFF WRITER

Are creepy clowns welcoming this upcoming Halloween? And this isn’t even Halloween yet. Do you ever wonder what creepy clowns are? They are “Creepy Clowns”. You can think of ‘Pennywise’ from Stephen King’s IT, 1990 film.

There has been reports about clown sightings in more than 30 states all across the United States. Were they all just coincidence? It all started in Aug. 29. According to International Business Times (IBT), “Residents at the Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville County, South Carolina, report that a

person wearing a clown costume had been spotted lurking around the apartment complex trying to convince children to come into the woods.” According to police reports, there were total seven clown sightings as of Oct. 3. Those seven sighting were not just sightings. The clowns actually Continued on Page 4

Fight back against hackers DINA DELEON STAFF WRITER

More often privacy seems to be a trending topic in the news. With social media being more popular than it has ever been it makes us wonder how safe the information we are posting online really is and how safe any of our information is in general. Hackers have become clever in finding ways to hack websites, apps, profiles and personal information. According to you should change your password periodically, ideally at least every six months. They explain the reasons for this are because passwords are often stolen without the knowledge of the victim and stolen passwords aren’t immediately used. In today’s society we all know how frustrating it can be to have to do such a thing, especially with the many passwords we already have with emails and websites and many other places

that require a password. Things like paying a bill online are not always trusted as much and it’s often then when we don’t have a choice since several websites require that you pay online and many have gone paperless. There are a few ways to prevent one from becoming a victim such as never carrying your Social Security card with you and storing it in a safe place. Only carry the things you need the most such as the credit or debit card you use often and of course your driver’s license. If you aren’t using any other credit or debit cards in your wallet or purse leave them at home. Also, limit the types of information you keep online to just the things you need. Selecting a one-time payment versus storing your information may be another helpful tool. Privacy has gotten harder to keep and many have been victims of hav-

sary? Will someone praise him/ her for that? Cursing has become a habit to those who are in touch with those words. Children are the best copiers you can find in the world. They will learn how to curse from their parents; it can be either one: dad or mom. It’s true that they can also learn from a friend at school. However, parents are the ones who are interacting with their children every day. They have responsibilities to make their child a better person. If his dad curses “F***” when his water bottle drops, the 10 year old child will learn and think that “Oh, so, that’s how I should react if my water bottle drops.” He might not say that right away, but in his mind, it has been carved. I’m not saying that Asians don’t have that kind. We do. We definitely do have those kinds. However, it is very rare to see one in public.

ing their identities and personal information stolen from them. Having someone hack into your own privacy can be discouraging especially when it’s your personal information that can ruin things such as your credit history. In my opinion it is best to limit the information you put online to a small percentage. As for changing your password every six months it’s not something that everyone is willing to do, we all have a short attention span; we are always running around in different directions and doing many things at once. Limiting the amount of personal things you carry with you and avoiding sharing too much information online can be helpful. After all, none of our information is guaranteed to be safe but doing small things such as these is a start to protecting our own privacy.

I grew up in my country, and I lived there until I was 16. And I haven’t seen anyone cursing their parents in public. I know that it is not right to judge anyone, but when you really think about it, our manners and behaviors decide who we are. No one can decide who we are, only our behaviors can. Our behaviors are inherited from our family backgrounds. If I have to say really frank, most of the children’s personalities are similar to their parents. Let’s say there is a boy and his parents are divorced. Plus, his parents are remarried to different partners and now have different families. That boy has a very high chance to get divorced and remarry when he gets older. He may not necessarily do that, but there is a very high chance. Because his first role models in his life had done them, so in his mind, divorcing and remarrying is very normal to him. So, overall, those are the only ones that I felt different when comparing the U.S and my country. I still find it hard to cope, and I’m sure that there are a lot of folks who may share these same thoughts with me.



M O N I TO R OCTOBER 6, 2016

Rowland sees bright future for basketball team

The Ohlone Men’s basketball team is approaching the start of their 2016-17 season and second-year guard, Devon Rowland, sees the team moving in the right direction. Rowland has high praise for his team’s defense this off-season and credits their 4-0 tournament win at the San Francisco City Jamboree to their suffering defense. “We played as a team, everyone got to score and most importantly we played intense IVAN VARGAS/MONITOR team defense. We caused havoc Sheila Naderpour scores the final goal for Ohlone against Chabot. The Rengades on the opposing teams,” said won 7-1. Rowland. This is Rowland’s last year here at Ohlone and he has highlevel expectations. JULIAN MONCALEANO “I expect us to make a lot of “Coach told us we are clearly “My teammate gave me a great STAFF WRITER the better team even though we through ball and I was there to noise this year. If guys stay eliThe Lady Renegades soccer played lousy-- and that as long finish it-- one of them were re- gible, me included, we should team took on Foothill College as we competed coach said he ally unexpected since it slipped have a 20+ win season and state title banner. I don’t exthis Tuesday at Lake Elizabeth. didn’t care about the score,” said off her arms.” For a large margin of the first Katelyn Elliott. The Lady Renegades have pect nothing less, but in order half, the lady Renegades were Larsen followed her first won six consecutive matches for that to happen we have to trailing 1-0 and looked out of goal with a go ahead strike and are yet to lose their second simply keep working hard evsync to start the match. Coach that ricochet off the goalie game in almost a month. Larsen ery day in practice, the weight Larry Helsin preached the right into the net. This goal turned also said last night’s win was a things at the half to his team, out to be the deciding factor. I “total team effort”, this team leading to Tori Larsen tying the asked Larsen about her crucial has shown resilience and hopegame less than 10 minutes into goals down the stretch, “I was fully continue it throughout the the second half. extremely happy,” she said. season.

Winning streak for women’s soccer


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chased and lured the victims. The reports show that the clowns are mainly targeting women and children. According to CNN, clowns are luring women and children into the woods. At night, they appeared at solitary locations near woods. They just stood there and stared at people in the cars that passed by according to CNN. The creepy clowns also appear near bus stops and parks to chase people. They not only lure women and children, they chase them as well IBT reported

on Sept 21, “A 12-year-old in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, was chased by a clown through a park.” IBT reported “Threatening Facebook post from the account ‘Aint Clownin Around’ leave at least five schools in three separate states on high alert. The post sent to students in students in Westside High School in Houston reads, ‘We will be at all high schools this Friday to either kidnap students or kill teachers going to their cars ...’”. On the local News Channel Nebraska, Kate Bowling reported that “Strippy Klown” posted on Facebook saying

“I’ll be in Fremont (Nebraska) tonight looking for a girl and boy girls name Ingrid and the boys Austin ive heard they live in the Washington heights area. See u tonight (Wink Emoji, Smiling Emoji)” However, it is also reported that teenagers have started to take part in this creepy clown craze, and they dress up as clowns, and walk around the streets, especially at night. It has spread across the United States from the East Coast to Arizona, and Idaho. There are no reports about clowns sighting in Bay Area yet, but will they come?

big brother and he doesn’t shy away from it at all. “I simply just try to teach the guys how to work hard and get after every day. I try to lead by example by going hard in the weight room every day and on the court I try to do the little things all the time like talking on defense, rebounding, taking charges, taking the right shot when it’s available and not turning the ball over -- all the little things that go unnoticed but ultimately is the deciding factors of winning and losing.” Rowland is one of the few experienced players on the team and he lets these guys know that you have to play every game like it’s your last. Rowland suffered a knee injury in 2013 and had to take a few years off to rehabilitate. I sat through one practice this year and Rowland’s knee seems to be able to hold up support. Just because Rowland had an injury does not mean he will shy away from contact, expect to see him bouncing off bodies on his way to the basket this season. Through what Rowland has endured, he doesn’t take anything for granted. He shows up every day with JULIAN MONCALEANO/MONITOR the same attitude room and most importantly the and is ready to put in the necessary work. He says Ohlone has classroom.” It’s evident that winning is become a place where he can important to the team, but as be himself and not be afraid to student athletes, the classroom learn from any errors he may commit along the way. must come first. “I can be overly passionate Rowland thinks this current when it comes to basketball roster will grow and become successful due to the young and here at Ohlone as long as you’re working hard and not players on the team. “Incoming freshmen Bryce disrupting the team chemistry, Thompson and Michah Web- you’re allowed to be yourster-Butler have surprised us self, which makes the game a with their effective skill set. lot easier and a lot more fun. Since the summer, those guys Coach Fisher, coach Hash, and came in and competed at a coach Kline do an excellent job high level since day one, which at making guys feel comfortmade the summer a lot more able. It feels less like a team but fun. Ohlone has a bright future more of a family.” As the Renegades open up after this year, especially if they can build around those young their season this November, be on the lookout for players like guys.” The younger guys on the Rowland and the rest of the team look at Rowland as a young guys on the team.

Ohlone College Monitor, October 8, 2016  

The Monitor, Ohlone's student newspaper.