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SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 Vol. LII No. 1

On the hunt for Pokémon. See story on Page 5.



Construction continues on the Academic Core project on Ohlone’s Fremont campus. The new buildings are expected to open in about three years.

Measure (G)et it done

DINA DE LEON Staff writer If you’ve been anticipating Ohlone’s new building to be completed before you transfer and graduate, well think again! The Academic Core Construction Site is expected to open in about three years. In 2019, the 300,000 square foot buildings will be completed and will feature four new floors consisting of art, music

and science classes, and a new library. Ohlone’s Academic Core Buildings will be a green building, like the Newark campus which has already been recognized as one of “The Greenest Colleges in the World”, as well as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED Design, Gold Certified Building. According to Ohlone’s website, a LEED certification means that the project has reduced nega-

tive environmental impacts, improves occupant health and well-being, and will save money on energy consumption once the building is in use. The Academic Core Project will feature outdoor seating and a bronze unity Fremont Bank Statue, according to Alex Lebedeff, Director of Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services. The new buildings Continued on Page 3

A photo of the soccer field construction taken in February.

College enrollment drops Fremont swimming pool re-opens ALEXA FELIX Staff writer

Ohlone’s enrollment has been dropping but it’s not unique in the Bay Area now, according to college President Gari Browning. “Ohlone, as with most of the Bay Area colleges, is experiencing an enrollment decline,” Browning said recently in her State of the College speech. Her big worry is that a lower enrollment

will affect state funding. Lower enrollment can mean small setbacks leaving some students unsatisfied – even leading them to become interested in other community colleges. Sam Campbell, fourthyear student, has shown interest in another institution because they supply each student with their own student email and offer more Continued on Page 2

New school year brings department changes SOPHIA NOORY Staff writer “New year, new.. everything?” The new year at Ohlone has begun, and with the new year comes changes.. changes everywhere. Among the most bewildering changes, is the creation of the Kinesiology, Athletics, and Broadcasting Depart-

ment. Formerly in the same department as dance and music, the Broadcasting and Journalism department is now combined with Kinesiology and Athletics department. While this change seems unusual, Chris Warden, Dean of Kinesiology, Athletics, and Broadcasting, said that the reorganization Continued on Page 2

YUMYAT THWE Staff writer The Grand Re-opening Ceremony of Ohlone’s Olympic Class Swimming Pool took place recently in Fremont Main Campus with College District President Dr. Gari Browning, and other officials in attendance. Chris Warden, the Dean of the Ohlone College Athletic Department said that the new pool is expected to be used for • Growing the Academic Side of the pool Learning to swim, Competitive swimming, or Stroke Refinements, • The Fitness - Aqua Aerobics, and • Life Guard Training water safety instructions and career tech. The length and the width of the pool is still the same, fifty meters by twenty-five meters, but the pool shell was re-contoured, and the floor was raised. This renovation has decreased the

water usage for the pool by twenty percent. The pool is outdoor with a built-in heating system. One new smart operation added to the pool is a “State-of-the Art-Filtration” system that purifies water more efficiently without dissipating much energy. This system also results in

twenty-five percent reduction of chemical usage in pool treatments. Sand filtration is used to remove and dispose unwanted residues, and to allow the clean water enter back into the pool.With this, Ohlone College will be able to save $ 250, 000 per Continued on Page 2


Ohlone’s swimming pool on the Fremont campus has re-opened after a renovation that is expected to decrease water usage.



Departments shuffle for new school year Continued from Page 1 was intentional and in order to find a comfortable fit for the department. “There’s an athletic piece always trying to get in the media, always looking to get more marketing and there’s always student projects for journalism, sports writing and sports television” stated Warden. While names and titles have shifted, students should not expect to see any major change in curriculum. “The

vision doesn’t change as far as what we are trying to do, which is help students” Warden said. Ohlone is also welcoming new staff members in the various divisions including Casey Fleming, a participant in the 2012 Olympic trials who has joined the water polo team, as the new head/assistant coach. Additionally, The Monitor welcomed a new adviser, Dan Ehrlich, whohasreal-lifeexperienceinjournalism,including working for CNN. Follow upcoming issues for an in depth profile on these new hires.

Demographics change, enrollment declines Continued from Page 1 classes. “I started looking into taking classes at other campuses because my classes kept getting canceled and I could really use a school email for student discounts,” Campbell admits. As for Campbell and many other students, the horror of having necessary classes cancelled, such as communication sections, is just another consequence of the low enrollment rate. The racial demographics of Ohlone are also changing. Hispanic enrollment is up 3%, while the enrollment of White students has declined

by 3%. Asian students are still the largest ethnic group on campus, comprising 36.4% of the student body, but now Hispanic students make up 23.9% and White students number 17.1%. Last year both Hispanic and White students each constituted 20% of student enrollment. “This is a part of a trend that has been going on for the past several years,” Michael Bowman, Executive Dean of Research and Planning, shares, also noting that 10.1% of students are Filipino and 3.6% are African American. Seven and a half percent of students identify themselves as multi-racial.



Ohlone’s men’s and women’s water polo team practices after the grand re-opening of the college’s swimming pool on the Fremont campus in August.

Swimming pool re-opens Continued from Page 1 year. Diving boards were removed, but cages for Water Polo Teams were replaced, and a ramping system was added for more accessibility. Now, the pool is also equipped with Accessible Lifts for Handicap Access. The pool is available for rentals, and is open seven days a week, from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. It is also equipped with six bank lights which are designed for late evening practices. The pool is not only a home to Ohlone Athletic Groups, but also a home base for Mission San Jose Swimming Club.


MONITOR STAFF: Editor-in-Chief: Vanessa Luis News editor: Mira Chandra Sports editor: Ronnie Lozano Photo editor: Ivan Vargas Design: Marcella Casebolt Gabe Gallo Erik Hernandez Louis Shaw Staff Writers:

Tomi Boyd Dina DeLeon Alexa Felix Eric Gunnarson Julian Moncaleano Sophia Noory Henry Ochs Yumyat Thwe

Amalgamation Proclamation MIRA CHANDRA News editor The new student success program on the block, a.k.a Umoja-Swahili for “Unity”-, is a personal development course introduced by Ohlone College which caters to students of African American decent and others who are interested in learning about African American history and literature. Umoja, like the Puente Program before it, aims to create a positive learning community for its members by not only empowering them to achieve academic success, but by teaching them leadership skills, providing field trips to campus tours, and helping students utilize

Ohlone resources. The program educates students on African American culture through participation in events and activities. They also assist students in scholarship hunting and applications. According to Camerin Bennett, a currently enrolled student in the Umoja program, “Umoja is a great program that helps create opportunities for you to reach your full potential, and learn more about African American culture.” The Umoja student orientation date has already passed, but there is still a chance for interested students! To find out more information abiut the program and how to enroll, contact Debbie Trigg by email at dtrigg@ohlone. edu or at (510) 659-7376.



ASOC Wants You! VANESSA LUIS Editor-in-Chief Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) is looking for their next group of senators for this 2016-2017 academic year. The ASOC is the governing student body on campus which represents the interests of the campus and student community. The deadline to submit ASOC Senator applications is Monday, September 12th at the Student Activities Window in Building 7 on the Fremont campus. The application contains a general information page, an essay prompt, and a petition form requiring 50 signatures. The packet also includes a list of

requirements, duties, and expectations to review before submitting your application to become an ASOC senator. Additionally, Students must attend one of the two remaining ASOC Senator information meetings-Friday, September 9th, 11 a.m-12 p.m or Monday, September 12th 11 a.m-12 p.m-- in Fremont Building 7, Room 7101. If you are interested in joining the ASOC team and are ready for the commitment to “Lead, Inspire, Serve, Connect, & Succeed”, download your application packet online today at http:// asoc/joinasoc.html.

From dirt to turf: construction continues

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These photos of the Athletic Field and pool construction were taken over the summer.

Continued from Page 1 will also include a drop off area, which will change how people travel on campus as well as making Ohlone a more DSPS Disabled student friendly campus; the Ohlone Pony will remain open to students for use. The portables that are in place during construction will be removed from both campuses after the project is finalized. Since the parking structure project ended almost a year ago, Lebedoff says there are no plans to create additional parking in the future. Other parts of the

Measure G agenda are close to the finish line! The new swimming pool was opened this summer and is already being used by the swim team. Soon, the campus sports fields, including a new soccer, softball and baseball field, will be opened for upcoming seasons! Minor adjustments were made to the Child Develop Center and the Smith Center and a few other construction plans are expected to happen in the coming year! So, be on the lookout, stay safe, and aware of your surroundings this academic year at the Fremont campus!





VANESSA LUIS Editor-in-chief

The 151st Annual Highland Gathering and Games at the Alameda County fairgrounds was an exhilarating and colorful culture shock. Surrounded by bagpipes and clans in kilts, armour, and weapons, I followed Sam Campbell, their immediate family, and the Campbell clan in their decades long tradition of participating in the Highland games. Sam, a business administration and Communication double major at Ohlone, explained that this is their 20th year participating in the games--meaning the person in front of me, clad in their own armor and weapons was once attending the games in diapers and bibs. “I’ve only missed one year” Campbell says, “and it was only because I was sick”. The Campbell Clan’s dedication to the games was visually prominent in the amount of Clan members present--easily among the largest group attend-


A bagpiper leads a procession though the Alameda fairgrounds during the 151st Annual Highland Gathering and Games.

ing the games this year. While Campbell says last year’s 150th anniversary was the largest in attendance they’ve seen at the games, this year there were hundreds of people who arrived from all over the world to celebrate their vibrant heritage. Sam and I roamed the games, all while drinking expensive beer and discussing the different pieces of culture in front of us.

Highland Celtic Dancers graced the stages during the entire event, beautifully moving in rhythm with the music. A Celtic Battle band, Albannach, stole my heart as I watched people dance passionately. The Queen of the Highland Games welcomed guests and marched through the grounds with her royal entourage surrounding her. Coating the grounds, vendors

Amalgamation Proclamation: Umoja MIRA CHANDRA News Writer The new student success program on the block, a.k.a Umoja-Swahili for “Unity”-, is a personal development course introduced by Ohlone College which caters to students of African American decent and others who are interested in learning about African American history and literature. Umoja, like the Puente Program before it, aims to create a positive learning community for its members by not only empowering them to achieve academic success,

but by teaching them leadership skills, providing field trips to campus tours, and helping students utilize Ohlone resources. The program educates students on African American culture through participation in events and activities. They also assist students in scholarship hunting and applications. According to Camerin Bennett, a currently enrolled student in the Umoja program, “Umoja is a great program that helps create opportunities for you to reach your full potential, and learn more about African American culture.” TheUmojastudentorienta-

The Corner Comic


tion date has already passed, but there is still a chance for interested students! To find out more information abiut the program and how to enroll, contact Debbie Trigg by email at or at (510) 659-7376.

International Club welcomes students TOMI BOYD Staff Writer Ohlone College International Club is hosting their annual Welcoming Party to celebrate the enrollment of 150 new international students for the Fall 2016 semester. The party will be held in the Fremont campus cafeteria, in building 5, from 11AM-1PM this Friday (September 9th). The International Club works to ease the acclimation of international students into Ohlone and the bay area through networking and by providing academic assistance opportunities such at the English Learning Institute. Students, staff members, and the community are all encouraged to join. For more information, contact Mandy Yip staff advisor to the Ohlone International Club,

sold weapons, armor, and celtic trinkets. Whisky tastings occurred all day, leaving participants happily inebriated and on their way to watch the various challenges of strength. The heavy athletic games are one of the main attractions for this event. These include the caber toss, the putting of the stone, weight for distance, and weight for height--just to name a few. All the events show

case the competitor’s brute strength and allow them to show case the skills they’ve been honing all year. The Games, music, food, and drinks were spectacular, I recommend everyone to part take in the Scottish highland festivities. To say the least, Sam Campbell, the Campbell Clan, and myself hope to see you next year at the 152nd annual Highland Games!

Write For Initiative: The Nerd Column

SF Invaded by Comic Con ERIC GUNNARSON Staff writer

San Francisco comic con... The latest hive of geeks and nerd pedantry. Puns aside, this convention was actually pretty good. Upon entering the San Francisco Marriott Marquis, I found that there was already a plethora of people at roughly 9 am on a Saturday morning. While the percentage of cosplayers present was meager early on, by the end of the day about a sixth of the attendees present were costumed. The panel material covered subjects from “Race in Comics” to an interactive “Dungeons and Dragons™” game. The costume contest was packed with impressive cosplay as well. One cosplayer in particular immerged from a Magikarp cloak, evolving the costume into the infamous Pokémon Gyarados. We were even humbled by the grand leader of the intergalactic empire from a galaxy far, far away. Ian McDiarmid, the actor behind Emperor Palpatine, was in attendance.

As awesome as that was, the cons of the con are yet to be addressed; pardon the pun. The venue was obviously not built for conventions of this nature. Many of the panels where cramped into conference rooms meant for business meetings, not a sword swinging, magic casting, dungeon crawling experiences. The art and dealer hall was the biggest space in the building, and it still felt far too cramped. The celebrity guests were promising at first, but several of the headliners pulled out at the last second, causing massive nerd rage on the Facebook page. Last, but not least, I think the biggest detractor over all was the price. $50 for Saturday or $90 for the weekend, it was sitting at the high end of conventions, even for the bay area. This convention was too limited in scope to price as such, but I can forgive the organizers, as this was the first time there has been a comic convention in San Francisco in a while, and they definitely have room to grow.


Pokémon in the Park




Above and below: Pokémon players take part in a Pokémon Crawl at Central Park in Fremont on Aug. 8.

ERIC GUNNARSON Staff writer Early in the morning of Aug. 8, Pokémon professor Steven Porep and actual professor Deborah Lemon set up their lab on a path in Fremont Central Park. Porep is the founder of Renegade Gaming, the Ohlone gaming and Esports club. Professor Lemon is the club’s adviser, and a fellow game enthusiast. Their mission was simple, help people catch as many Pokémon as possible in Pokémon Go. The Poké-Professors transformed their tent into a Pokémon information center, complete with lab coats and a charging station for phones whose batteries had been reduced to zero. This kind of event, often called a “Pokémon crawl”, has exploded in popularity since Pokémon go, an augmented reality mobile game

based on the franchise of the same name, was released. This particular crawl featured a scavenger hunt involving taking pictures with your Pokémon at landmarks around the park. Prizes were also given out for various feats at the event. Porep, a co-founder of the event organizer Bay Area Esports, predicted a modest turnout. He was pleasantly surprised with around 350 Trainers of all ages stopping by the booth. In fact, the Facebook page for the event landed around 10,000 page views. Bay Area Esports and Renegade Gaming hope to continue providing events for trainers of all types. Look for your next chance to wander through the tall grass searching for Pokémon will be announced on Renegades Facebook page, https://www.facebook. com/groups/OhloneLoL/.

Newark police organize Pokémon Crawl event IVAN VARGAS Photo editor As a community outreach event, the Newark Police Department organized a Pokémon Crawl called “Pokémon with the Police,” for people in Newark and the Surrounding areas on July 24th, 2016. Approximately 100 Pokémon players from all ages congregated outside the department building from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m to catch ‘em all. Community members were able to enjoy the comfort of a safe environment while playing and interacting with police officers, K-9’s and police patrols. Lieutenant Chomnan Loth, the person in charge of the event, gave us insight as to why Newark PD planned this event, “There’s two reasons why we did this: One is because the game is

so popular, and people are playing but sometimes they don’t pay attention, so, there’s reports of people getting hurt, getting hit by cars, falling off the cliff, sometimes getting into accidents. So, we wanted to provide people a safe place to come here and actually play, and they don’t have to worry about all that stuff. And the second reason is to come and interact with us as a Police Department in a positive platform. Not us pulling people over or being victims of price, it’s just being here, neighboring, being friends…. Anything to make the police and the community get close.” The initiative of the Newark Police Department was successful in procuring the positive attention of the community and the media. Community members


Community members enjoy a Pokemon Crawl organized by the Newark Police Department.

were happily interacting with officers and taking selfies with their favorites Pokémon. Recently, many people have felt untrusting of the police due to events of

excess force and murder of citizens of color. These events have not only resulted in the death of people of color, but also that of police officers. We can only hope that initiatives and events

like this one help to unite minority communities and police officers, build trust between citizens and the justice system, and finally stop the violence tearing at the heart of our nation.



MONITOR MAY 12, 2016

Native Americans make stand on N.D. pipeline SAM CAMPBELL Opinions Editor Currently there is a project under way in North Dakota to build a pipeline that will run just outside of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and Indigenous people from all over the country are not happy about it. In a statement released by the True North Organizing Network, “Pipeline construction will disturb sacred ceremonial sites, and there is fear it will pollute local drinking and ground water. The Direct threat of the Dakota Access Pipeline polluting sacred water, and refusal to comply with Federal treaties has called Tribes of the Lower Klamath Basin to respond”. And respond they have. More than 150 tribes have gathered to protest the construction of the North Dakota pipeline.

What’s really important to note here isn’t just that the tribes have come together, but how the government and media are actually responding to it. It’s no secret that the only reason the United States of America exists is because the settlers came to a land already occupied and literally annihilated anyone living on there, because they decided to move in. Then, in attempts to make peace, the government made treaty after treaty, proceeding to break almost every single one of those treaties. Over two centuries later we as a society can look back on that and know those were horrible atrocities--we sit in our classrooms baffled at how people allowed that to happen, thinking, “if I were there I would have been different”. Well, you’re there

there now. It’s happening again, and to be honest, it never ended. While the North Dakota pipeline does not cross into the actual reservation, it will cross through water resources and land that their reservation relies on. Any oil leak will pollute the water that their reservation needs to survive. Builders for the pipeline project have responded to the peaceful protests by having private security with attack dogs face off with protesters, resulting in multiple injuries on both sides and around 30 people being pepper sprayed. While the government is sitting on their hands pretending this is just another day in the oil business, more and more land is being destroyed. Yet, for some reason no one seems to care. It’s as though

It’s as though clean water just isn’t something America feels people deserve, but that’s not new, just ask Flint, Michigan. As for how the media is talking about it, they aren’t. Other than the story done by MSNBC Commentator Lawrence O’Donnell back in August, most of mainstream media has remained silent. While these news sources have people up in arms over Kaepernick “disrespecting our country” they stay silent while that same government he is criticizing continues to suppress another group whose graves this nation was built upon. On September 3rd, over the three day holiday weekend, crews bulldozed over sacred burial sites, desecrating ancient graves and destroying sacred stones placed for the dead. In an interview with

dead. In an interview with Democracy Now, Jan Hasselman, staff attorney with Earthjustice stated “...on Friday afternoon, we filed some very important evidence in the lawsuit about the discovery of some sacred and major culturally significant sites that were directly in the pipeline’s route... And we put all that in front of the court. And the next morning, it was gone.” How much more do we want to put these tribes through? The government and the media aren’t listening, so it’s up to us. So far, this is shaping up to be another Wounded Knee and we need to stand up as a nation to help those who need it. You can visit http:// to learn how you can help.

tion should be eliminated to begin with. On the flip side, if Donald Trump does come into power and removes the Department of Education, he removes the $28 billion it spends on pell grants which helps thousands of undergraduate students in need of financial assistance. Throughout Trump’s campaign thus far, it can be noted he has emphasized creating jobs for Americans, but hasn’t mentioned a real educational reform package to the public; but hey, if you’re ever interested in what Trump thinks higher education is, you can always look into Trump University, where according to educationvotes.nea. org/ under “College Affordability”, “Trump University was a way to build a ‘legacy as an educator’ […] He is being sued by the New York Attorney General for alleg-

edly defrauding thousands of students”. There you have it, a college affordability plan vs. a vague indication of higher education reform. Both Trump and Clinton are interested in helping students receive an education without breaking the bank; but one has actual proposals, while the other hasn’t specified any realistic way to go about it--except maybe take pell grants away, because those don’t help anyone anyways *shrug*. When voting for the next leader of our country, it’s imperative to stay informed. To find out more about the party’s candidates, including the eight not mentioned in this article, and their ideals on higher education reform, check out, and


In today’s competitive job market, a college education is crucial now more than ever; but how will both the democratic and republican presidential nominees reform two year colleges and four year universities to help us receive a higher education? Although both nominees are interested in making colleges and the academic process more affordable for students, it seems as if democratic presidential nominee Clinton has a legitimate plan, while Trump, the republican presidential nominee, doesn’t consider education reform to be a top priority on his executive agenda. According to John Wasik’s “Donald Trump’s college plan needs to go back to school” article from, “The Democratic/Clinton camp sees higher education as more of a public good”; with this in mind, she’s created an estimated $350 billion college assistance plan targeting students with financially low to middle income backgrounds. In a nutshell, Hillary’s plan hopes to “provide grants to states to make tuition debt free for four year public colleges”, as mentioned in Nik Decosta-Klipa’s “what college students should expect from Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders” article via Clinton aims to make community college tuition free and expects students to pay off loans and academic debts based on how much they’re earning af-


The Cafeteria on the Fremont campus was closed on Wednesday due to unknown water issues.

ter graduation. However, there is a catch to the plan-it won’t affect everyone. In the 2015 CBS Democratic Primary debate in Iowa, she stated “I disagree with free college for everybody. I don’t think taxpayers should be paying to send Donald Trump’s kids to college”. So how will Hillary Clinton’s plan create so called “debt free college”? She proposes student financial aid receive funding from billionaire’s and huge corporation’s tax breaks, decrease student loan rates by 20% through students “refinancing their debts to a low interest rate” - as mentioned in the ontheissues. org article, “Hillary Clinton on education,” have student’s work a minimum of 10 hours a week to pay towards their education, and expects the federal government to begin matching their state investments to

higher education. Clinton said in the 2015 ABC/WMUR Democratic primary debate in New Hampshire, “States have been disinvesting in higher education. States over a period of decades have put their money elsewhere; into prisons, into highways, into things other than higher education. So under my compact, the federal government will match money that the states begin to put back into the higher education system”. Moving onto Trump’s plan to create college affordability: there is none. Trump is interested in lowering loan interest rates and eliminating the U.S.’s Department of Education, but doesn’t actually propose how to do either, nor does he give a reasonable explanation on why the department of educa-


Warriors dump KNBR in broadcasting shake-up The Golden State Warriors have a new flagship radio station as ENTERCOM sports talker KGMZ(95.7 The Game) became the radio home of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors under a new multi-year deal that includes expanded pre and post game shows and also expanded content all year long. Tim Roye will return as the team’s play by play announcer and will appear on the station’s talk shows on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. EMPIRE BROADCASTING Country station 95.3 KRTY will join the network and air the games as well. The team had been on CUMULUS sports talker KNBR for the past 30 years. The Game wasn’t the only Entercom station making news as Urban AC station 102.9 KBLX has parted ways with morning show co-host and comedian Mark Curry!

iHeart Media San Francisco has flipped Classic Hits station KOSF(Big 103.7) to an all 80’s music format and re-branded itself as iHeart 80s@1037. Former MTV VJ Martha Quinn joins the station for morning show duties while one time KOHL DJ Christie James comes over for middays. Morris Knight segues from the now defunct 98.1 KISS FM for afternoons and Ron Michaels stays with the new station to do nights. Classic Rock station 98.5 KFOX welcomes new night jock Celeste Perry from iHeart Media KOSF. She replaces long time jock Laurie Roberts. Salem Broadcasting has purchased 860 KTRB and flipped the station from a Spanish sports format known as ESPN Deportes to an English language talk formatted 860 The Answer. The station will air the Salem Radio talk radio line-up including Mike Gallagher. MY KANSAS VISIT: I recently visited Great Bend, Kansas for my family’s reunion and monitored radio stations 100.7 Eagle Country and 99.5 Real Country. These radio stations specialize in classic and contemporary country music and also air high school sports events, particularly on weekends. I had an opportunity to record a Public Service Announcement about Autism for Rocking

M Radio Classic Hits station Old School 107-9. The PSA is aired several times a day on this station, which is available on the Tune in Radio app. I also listened to several Bay Area Radio stations on the internet, including Top 40 stations KYLD(Wild 94.9), 102.5 KDON, and Classic Rockers 104.1 The Hawk,

MONITOR SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 and 107.7 The Bone. FOR YOUR WEEKEND LISTENING PLEASURE: Pop music artists Katy Perry, Hailee Steinfeld, and Jacob Whitesides will be special guests this Saturday night on the Top 40 radio show, “Most Requested Live with Romeo.” More information about this show, including how to listen to


and interact with the show hosts and listeners is available on the show’s website at Monitor radio columnist Henry Ochs has spent many years working in radio and can be reached at or on Twitter @DJHammerinhank

Campus Comments SOFIA NOORE / Staff writer

IVAN VARGAS / Photographer

What is your opinion on Colin Kaepernick sitting down during the national anthem?

“He’s just another person, it’s because of his fame that people are making a big deal.” Alexa Collins Major: Broadcasting

“He has a fair enough point, but it’s not necessarily the best way to show it.” Owen Edgar Major: Undeclared

“It’s his method of protesting and I’m totally okay with it. I’ve had family join the military and I’m okay with it”. Fernando Mendez Major: Aerospace Engineering

“I understand why people are upset, but he still has his 1st amendment right to do it.” Nicole Ochoa Major: Physical Therapy

“He’s doing whatever an American has the right to do. Not everyone takes off their hats during the national anthem, it’s not a law to have to stand up.” Alice Alfaro Major:Fine Arts





The new baseball field will be part of the Athletic Fields Complex, which is scheduled to open in early October. The project originally was scheduled to be completed in August.

Athletic Fields Complex delayed again

RONNIE LOZANO Staff writer Ohlone College athletes have been forced to practice patience during their wait for the new Soccer, Baseball, and Softball fields. The Athletic Fields Complex was supposed to be finished by August 2016, however, due to unforeseen delays, completion is expected in early October with the grand opening celebration following suit.

According to Christopher Warden, Dean of Kinesiology, Athletics, and Broadcasting, the fields and the field house, meant for equipment and maintenance, are set to open at the same time. The plan for a simultaneous finish of all fields has helped Ohlone stay economic with its $9.8 million investment to fund the project. Despite being able to work within their economy of scale, Ohlone cannot control

the weather. According to Dean Warden, the completion of the facilities was delayed several months by the threat of El Nino’s anomalous climate pattern this past winter and spring. According to Dean Warden, the weather projections most affected the installation of the turf, the “ground testing moisture had to perfect”. Ohlone and the contractor for the sports facilities, CW Driver, were thoroughly prepared

which helped prevent any further delays. Now that the fields are almost complete, passersby may be wondering how seating will work. The soccer field will include a traditional set-up with bleachers on the east side of the field opposing the benches on the west sideline, along with grass area tiered seating on the sides of the bleachers. The baseball and softball fields will share similar designs with one

another; there will be primetime seating behind the backstops on each field with aluminum bleachers surrounding the dugouts. Spectators will also be able to stand along the first and third baselines. The work has been done, disaster has been averted, and student athletes will soon be kicking up pellets on brand new turf fields. Patience is a virtue and in the case of Ohlone’s new sports complex the wait is almost over.

Volleyball splits double-header YUMYAT THWE Staff writer It was a win and a loss for Ohlone’s women’s volleyball team at the home team’s Renegade Classic Tournament. Ohlone fought against College of the Siskiyous Wednesday afternoon and beat the Eagles 3-0. But they weren’t so lucky in a second match that evening against Folsom Lake College Falcons, who beat the Renegades 3-1. The Falcons took a first set win , but Renegades made a come-

back in the 2nd set. While it looked like the Renegades were making a comeback, the Falcons ultimately won the third set 25-23. Hannah Finnigan, Cassanrda Hayashi, and Drew Pressler were the main Renegade scorers during the evening match. “We took good steps today, and how we played, even with the loss against the Falcons, I thought we played well. I thought that was probably the best we played all season,” said Jeremy Penaflor, Women’s Volleyball Team Head Coach.


The Ohlone volleyball team split beat the College of the Siskiyous but lost to Folsom Lake on Wednesday night in the Renegade Classic Tournament on the Fremont campus.

Kaepernick has a First Amendment right to sit JULIAN MONCALEANO Staff writer Colin Kaepernick has been making headlines all off-season for all the wrong reasons. If you have not kept up with the 49ers this off-season Kaepernick is on the verge of losing the starting quarterback job to journeyman, Blaine Gabbert.

Kaepernick has caused outrage in recent weeks due to the fact that he has not stood up for the National Anthem, including this last preseason game in San Diego where he chose to take a knee. We all remember when Kaepernick led the 49ers to Super Bowl 47, but that was probably the highest point in the 28 year old quarter-

back’s career. Some may say this is an attempt for Kaepernick to resurrect his career, while other NFL teams may see this as a red flag. When asked about his actions Kaepernick said, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color- to me this is bigger

than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way.” While many people are enraged because of his actions, others admire the way Kaepernick has used his professional platform as a way to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement. Kaepernick’s fellow athletes are having mixed re-

actions, some are choosing to call out his actions as disrespectful and unpatriotic, while others are kneeling during the anthem in support of his cause. Depending on how you look at it this could be just another way of this country limiting Kaepernick’s right to stand up, or in this case, sit down for what he believes in.

Ohlone College Monitor, September 8, 2016  

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