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Jacqueline Oh

I am interested in exploring ideas of isolation as formal and conceptual gesture in a variety of different mediums. In a literal sense, isolation means to be alone or apart from others, without relation to it is a state of being that is often enhanced in an urban environment. Other people on things, to separate. My thesis will investigate how ideas of isolation becomes visible in different environment , medium and formats. Along with three series of video first video is inspired by Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. Isolation Part 1 focuses about how urban environment causes isolation through labors and it visually communicates isolation as being contained in a space . Second video Isolation Part 2 is inspired by Andreas Gursky. Video collage of isolation in mass and crowds . Second video communicates to an audience through how public spaces are always filled with crowds but appearance of individuality that people doing own things depicts isolation. Third video Isolation Part 3 was inspired by Damien Hirst this video focuses on deconstruction . By showing the process of how different objects are take apart and changes from original forms represent isolation literally. My Thesis is a series of three videos that represent different forms of isolation along with urban condition as contained form, isolation in mass and crowds and isolation of an object . Each video is visually formed with different settings and elements to depict how isolation is captured in a various form in graphic design.

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