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Luciana Ohira & Sergio Bonilha

previous works

title: year:

fluxo contĂ­nuo (continuous fluxus) 2010

sound sculpture

additional information: this work was created as a result of some experiments ‘in vitro’ and ‘in vivo’; in this system, the sounds from the Paiva River (Portugal) are kept indefinitely moist, even far away from its origins.

title: year:

Paisagem UbĂ­qua (Ubiquous Scape) 2010

video installation

additional information: video composed by the superposition of two videos in a “metaanaglyphic� way, resulting in a simultaneous vision of two borders from the Atlantic Ocean; exhibited on Performas (Aveiro, Portugal).

title: year:

girass贸is 2009

object / intervention

additional information: little cupper coils electromagnetized by the solar energy turns around continously according to the luminosity, making a very discrete and smoothing sound at the fields of Nodar Village (Portugal).

title: year:

olvido 2008

object / sound sculpture

additional information: elementary phonograph with two recording/playing units; exhibited in ‘II Mostra do Programa de Exposições do Centro Cultural São Paulo’.

title: year:

evidenciador de espĂ­ritos aquosos 2009

object / intervention

additional information: refrigerator system designed to colect water from the air, exhibited in ‘Temporada de Projetos do Paço das Artes 2009’.

title: year:

Shanghai Street, 04640-100 2008

action / intervention

additional information: carriage of a portable stereoscopic videoplayer between homononimous locations (a video taken at the Shanghai St. in São Paulo City goes to Shanghai City in China); exhibited during the ‘Intrude 366 Art Festival’ in Zendai MoMA, Shanghai (China).

title: year:

fit贸fitas 2009

sound sculpture / intervention

additional information: pre-recorded sounds played during the sun light incidence; exhibited in ‘Temporada de Projetos do Paço das Artes 2009’

title: year:

horizonte discreto 2008

installation / intervention

additional information: elementary thermohygrograph that draws landscapes on the wall; exhibited at ‘Temporada de Projetos do Paço das Artes 2009’.

title: year:

passagens 2006

public intervention

additional information: small mirrors attached to the sidewalks and a l.a.s.e.r. projector creating a light circuit in front of the Museum of Ribeir達o Preto.

title: year:

nunca ouvi vocĂŞs assim 2006

sound installation

additional information: heartbeat finger sensors and wireless sound transmitters conected to sound amplifiers and a 08 track mixer

title: year:

alterama 2005


additional information: modified slot-car game with cyclic programming that changes the relation between tracks and triggers, so you never know which car you driving...

title: year:

campossĂ­vel 2004

public intervention additional information: the ball could be lended at the museum entrance near from the square.

S達o Paulo, May 16th, 2011

CURRICULUM Year and place of birth: 1983, São Paulo, Brazil (Luciana) / 1976, São Paulo, Brazil (Sergio) Studies (both): 2007, Undergraduated in Visual Arts at ‘Universidade de São Paulo’ 2010, Graduated (master degree) in Visual Poetics at ‘Universidade de São Paulo’ E-mail: caixamovel@yahoo.com.br

Solo 2010 2009 2008 2007

exhibitions: Notarium - Gabinete de Pequenas Diferenças, Performas - Aveiro (Portugal) Temporada de Projetos 2009, Paço das Artes - São Paulo (BR) luciana ohira e sergio bonilha, Centro Cultural São Paulo (BR) expansões contráteis, MAC - Curitiba (BR) ocupações mínimo/máximas do espaço, Galeria H. Massena - Vitória (BR) luciana ohira e sergio bonilha, MARP - Rib. Preto (BR)

Group exhibitions: 2011 Festival Conexões Sonoras, Museu da Imagem e do Som - São Paulo (BR) ART.ÉRIA, SESC - Ribeirão Preto (BR) 2010 III VideoSur, Museum of Fine Arts Boston – Boston (USA) Mostra SESC de Artes, SESC Consolação - São Paulo (BR) 2010 WFAE Conference - Koli (Finland) À Sombra do Futuro, Instituto Cervantes - São Paulo (BR) 20 anos do Programa de Exposições do CCSP - São Paulo (BR) 2009 III Bienal de Porto Santo - Ilha do Porto Santo (Portugal) NOGS Residência Artística, Associação Binaural - Nodar (Portugal) 21C New Silk Road: From Asia to the world, Korea Center - Beijing (China) 2008 Artist Book Internacional, Lendroit Gallery, Centre Pompidou (França) ASIMETRI4 - Arequipa (Peru) 366 Intrude: Art & Life, Zendai MoMA - Shanghai (China) 809 INIAF, 809 International Art Residencies - Yichang (China) Projeto Parede, MARP - R. Preto (BR) MARP 15 anos, MARP - R. Preto (BR) Sound Device as Sculpture, Root Division Gallery - S. Francisco (EUA) 2007 Mostra SESC de Artes - São Paulo (BR) Motomix 2007 - São Paulo (BR) 26º Arte Pará - Belém (BR) ASIM3TRIA - Arequipa (Perú) 13º Salão de Pequenos Formatos, UNAMA - Belém (BR) 2006 Motomix 2006 - São Paulo (BR) 31° SARP - R. Preto (BR) 7º Salão do Mar - Vitória (BR) 2005 12º Salão dos Novos de Joinville - Joinville (BR) Awardings: 2008 Prêmio 2007 Grande 2006 Prêmio 2005 Prêmio

Aquisitivo, Programa de Exposições do Centro Cultural São Paulo Prêmio Aquisitivo, 13º Salão de Pequenos Formatos Leonello Berti aquisitivo, 31° SARP Aquisitivo, 12º Salão dos Novos de Joinville