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February 2013 • Vol.13, No. 5

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Snowmobile Challenge for 2013

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February 2013 Your OSSA needs your help in electing future Board Members and Officers. Learn what’s new in Ohio’s future concerning snowmobiling. See what the OSSA has been doing to promote and secure trails in our state. The Snowmobiler of the Year and Dealer of the Year will also be announced. Meet your current OSSA Officers, Board Members, and members of other clubs— there’s plenty of time to socialize after the meeting!

Saturday, April 6th, 2013 from 3-7 p.m. Quail Hollow Resort, 11080 Concord-Hambden Road • Painesville, OH 44077 Cost: $25 per person. Send payment and RSVP by March 4th, 2013 to OSSA, P.O. Box 1512, Concord, OH 44077 Please make checks payable to O.S.S.A (Include the names of who the payment is for and your club name)

Questions? Please call Anna Kothera at 440-834-1030


The Ohio State Snowmobiler – The Official Publication of the Ohio State Snowmobile Association

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February 2013

Features SAE Snowmobile Challenge for 2013................................................... 4 O.S.S.A. Special Offers for Members.................................................... 4 O.S.S.A. Safety Class........................................................................... 6 FX Nytros Rip at USXC Beach Bar 200................................................. 7 Snowmobile Hill Cross Race.............................................................8-9 Yellowstone Opened this Winter!........................................................ 12 Team Arctic Crushes USXC Cross-Country Opener............................. 15

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Cover: Airborne at the O.S.S.A. Hill Cross Race held at Clear Ford Ski Resort in Butler, Ohio

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Officers President Gary Hines 6407 Fassett Street Ashtabula, OH 44004 440-992-3434 440-344-3555 Cell Vice President Brian Kothera 17159 Mumford Rd. Burton, OH 44021 440-554-3231 Secretary/Treasurer Jennifer Hines 6407 Fassett Street Ashtabula, OH 44004 440-992-3434

Board Members

Tim Doerr 15692 Thompson Rd. Thompson, OH 44086 216-870-8891

Jon Kus 16301 Burrows Rd. Thompson, OH 44086 440-269-0097

Barb Weaver 369 Footville-Richmond Jefferson, OH 44047 440-576-0635

Bill Dresnek 277 E. Jefferson St. Jefferson, OH 44047 440-862-3466 Cell

Tim Rooth 6135 Winchell Rd. Hiram, OH 44234 330-569-3250

Barry Weaver 369 Footville-Richmond Jefferson, OH 44047 440-576-0635

Eric Chepes 19146 Nelson Rd. Garrettsville, OH 44231 216-387-0562

Chip Hofstetter 11148 Clay St. Huntsburg, OH 44046 440-477-0054

Autumn Snyder 116 West Jefferson Rd. Jefferson, OH 44047 440-812-1100

Travis Cotterman 11038 Clay St. Montville, OH 44064 440-773-7598

Anna Kothera 17159 Mumford Rd. Burton, OH 44021 216-410-8861

Mike Vystrcil 16281 Kinsman Rd. Middlefield, OH 44062 440-321-0074

Chip Chepes 14510 Bass Lake Rd. Newbury, OH 44065 440-567-1185 frontlinebuilders@windstream. net

The Ohio State Snowmobiler – The Official Publication of the Ohio State Snowmobile Association


February 2013

Calendar ents v E f O FEBRUARY

2 Geneva Winterfest 2 Thompson Ledge Runners – 7:00 7 Troy Snowmobile Association – 7:00 7-10 OSSA Ride-In, Grayling, MI 8 Flying Tigers – 6:30 Newbury Snowmobile Club – 8:00 Wakeman Sno-Ballers – 8:00 9 Delaware Co. – 4:30 Miami Valley Snow Chasers 9-18 Take a Friend Snowmobiling 10 Montville Highlanders – 7:30 13 Stateline Sno-Trackers – 7:00 Parkman Polar Bears – 6:00 16 Forest County Poker Run 16 Snowmobile Hill Cross Race 19 Pymatuning TrailBlazers 27 South County Ditch Bangers – 12:00


3 Grand River Trail Riders – 1:00 4 Troy Snowmobile Association – 7:00 5 Flying Tigers – 6:30 6 Thompson Ledge Runners – 7:00 10 Stateline Sno-Trackers – 7:00 Parkman Polar Bears – 6:00 11 Newbury Snowmobile Club – 8:00 Wakeman Sno-Ballers – 8:00 13 Delaware Co. – 4:30 Miami Valley Snow Chasers 14 Montville Highlanders – 7:30 16 Pymatuning TrailBlazers 22-24 AMSOIL Snocross Series 25 Wakeman Sno-Ballers – 8:00 31 South County Ditch Bangers – 12:00

SAE Snowmobile Challenge for 2013 The Snowmobile Challenge for 2013 will be held March 4-9, 2013 at the Keweenaw Research Center at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI. This year 21 teams have registered for the event – the most ever in the history of the event! The members of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris and Yamaha) are proud gold level sponsors of the event. Staff from all of the manufacturers will be involved in the event and many serve as judges and reviewers of the many activities. The SAE Challenge includes such activities as: 1. an endurance run from Houghton, MI to Copper Harbor 2. technical presentations regarding emissions and design presentations 3. a subjective handling event 4. an acceleration test 5. scientific testing for emissions levels and sound Further information on the Snowmobile Challenge can be found at

FOR MEMBERS ONLY The Ohio State Snowmobile Association is once again offering two special programs for members only. It was a decision made by the board in a way of giving back to its members. The application process is easy. The first is the “Charity Match”. Snowmobilers and clubs are traditionally a very giving group. OSSA will match a donation that a club has made to a charity, up to $100.00. There is a limit of 5 matches or $500.00 to be given to select charities. OSSA will now accept a letter of request from a club, along with a receipt from the charity (or a cancelled check will also be accepted). OSSA will collect the requests and award the charities at the Spring Meeting. If more than 5 requests are received, a random drawing will select 5 winners. All requests must be postmarked by March 15, 2013. Please include contact information for your club in case there are questions. The second program that is continuing this year is the scholarship program. The $500.00 scholarship is open to any high school senior, who will be entering college in the fall, or any current college student. The applicant must be a current OSSA member or whose parents (or legal guardian) are current members. If the applicant is over the age of 21, he or she must have their own membership. Current member means that the annual membership fee has been paid by March 1, 2013. The application is available on-line thru the website : www. All applications must be postmarked by March 1, 2013. Last year’s applications were very impressive and contained lots of good thoughts. It was a tough decision for the judges.

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Contact: Ed Klim Phone: (517) 339-7788

HASLETT, MI, January 10, 2013 –

Barry & Barb Weaver

The OSSA board hopes that all clubs and members take advantage of these opportunities. Please mail all applications to: OSSA P.O.BOX 1512 CONCORD, OH 44077

369 Footville, Richmond Road Jefferson, Ohio 44047 Bus. 440.576.8852 Res. 440.576.0635

The Ohio State Snowmobiler – The Official Publication of the Ohio State Snowmobile Association


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Hello Ohio Snowmobilers. As of this writing, we have SNOW. We are in better shape than last year. I want to take this opportunity to thank past alternate board member, Robert Kirk. Robert has recently moved and is unable to attend meetings and events, so he has resigned from his position. Mike Vystrcil has been appointed to the OSSA Board as an alternate to fill the position. Mike brings with him a wealth of snowmobiling information and a great sense of enthusiasm. Mike and his family are members of the Parkman Polar Bears Snowmobile Club. A great quality that Mike is bringing to the board is a renewal effort to bring the youth into organized snowmobiling. We know as each year passes and we get older, we need the younger generation to step up and take the reins. Our sport needs the fresh thinking and ideas our younger members can bring to the table. The new year also brings another change in the ODNR parks. Mike Blakeman, who was the mastermind in getting the two bridges built at the Geneva State Park, has decided to retire. Mike was a great partner to the OSSA. He saw the need to bridge the state park with the Geneva Lodge and Conference Center and worked tirelessly in making sure that it was accomplished. The snowmobile trails in and around the park were a relatively new thing in the parks. Mike has been a great person to work with and we wish him the very best in his retirement. Be Safe.


Bria ther a Ko

With the holidays behind us and by the time you read this we will be smack dab in the middle of the so called snowmobile season. Trying to write these articles a month in advance is a bit tough not knowing how the weather is going to turn out, but as of right now it is looking pretty good. We got about 2-4 inches just before Christmas and another 8-10 just afterwards. The snow god is smiling on us for now let’s hope it holds out. Unfortunately though there already has been a fatality reported in Michigan the week before Christmas. What a terrible thing to have happen, someone going to fast on their brand new sled hit a tree and that’s all it took. I don’t want to get on my soap box but I will for a bit. I know we all love that rush ripping down that trail but we need to re-adjust our priorities here. We don’t want to end up being another statistic or worse yet having to eat from a straw while laying in a bed or wheel chair the rest of our life. We need to ride more defensively, we need to anticipate those icy corners, those riders coming the other way to fast and drifts into your lane on those tight corners. Michigan has started putting up fewer signs, you will not see the sharp corners signs or narrow bridge signs to name a few. They have decided that we have too much info and want us to slow down instead of racing up to the next bend which could be a lazy corner or it might be a sharp bend, you will have to attack this by riding a bit slower to see what the obstacle may be. There is also some liability in that if they didn’t mark the corner sharp enough and you blow through it then they could be held responsible too.

February 2013


Tim Doerr Hello Fellow Riders, Well I sure hope the snow comes back and it will. I hope by now you all had a chance to check your safety kits and get them re-stocked before the big snow returns. Make sure to be ready for when the snow starts falling, replace your Gatorade or orange juice, granola bars and energy bars. When you are out riding, please remember to never ride on ice or frozen water, ponds or rivers as you never know how thick the ice is. We had our last Safety Class of the season at Stateline Sno-Trackers club house on Sunday, January 13th. We had a great turnout with over 30 kids and adults. Thank you to Stateline for hosting the safety class and providing pizza and snacks for lunch. It is great to see how so many clubs in the state of Ohio want nothing more than to help their kids and the future of this sport by teaching them proper safety and etiquette to continue the sport we all enjoy so much. On another note, to you parents, please don’t assume that just because your son or daughter passed their safety course that they know everything when the truth is, you have 10+ years learning what you know. So please continue to teach them what you have learned over all your years of hard knocks in this crazy sport. Think Safety.

I sure hope that all of you reading this dial it back one or two notches and that you think twice before having that adult beverage before getting back on your sled. You all have loved ones at home that will want to see you again nor do you want to be the one that causes the accident in which you will have that to deal with too. There, it’s done, I am putting my soap box away now and I really do want to meet all of you out on the trail someday, so ride smart and ride safe, we don’t want you to become another statistic.

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e l i b o m w o Sn ety Class Saf

January 13th, 2013 Stateline Sno-Trackers Club House

Matthew Kotnik

Some thoughts about snowmobiling from our attendees‌

Caleb Willis was our helmet winner!

Richie Piccard won a membership to Stateline & a trail map


The Ohio State Snowmobiler – The Official Publication of the Ohio State Snowmobile Association

FX Nytros rip at USXC Beach Bar 200 By: Wade West

January 8, 2012 — Four-stroke FX Nytro RTX snowmobiles raced to a strong pair of podium finishes at the USXC Beach Bar 200 at Detroit Lakes, Minn. on Saturday, Jan. 5. Here, Fuel Med RX Yamaha’s Ben Lindbom took a close second and Jake Muller finished third in the afternoon Semi-Pro Improved final, while Re Wadena and Muller added respective 7th- and 12th-place finishes in Pro Open. Longtime Yamaha racer Ross Erdman was poised to do even better, leading the Pro Open event until a minor electrical issue took him out of the running. With 15-degree temperatures, calm winds and blue skies, the weather conditions proved ideal for snowmobile racing on ice. And the USXC lake course took full advantage of it, as the 10-mile layout featured dozens of groomed turns and straightaways up to a half-mile long – plenty of room for the Yamaha four-strokes to stretch their legs. Even veteran racer Erdman was impressed with the FX Nytro’s power. “It absolutely rips,” he said. “I can get five sled lengths on everybody out of corners, but it doesn’t hit so hard and rip your arms off like a twostroke. Instead it’s smooth and easy to ride. But the most impressive thing was seeing 110 mph on my speedometer on the back straightaway!” Morning Pro Open heat races saw Erdman, Lindbom, Muller and Wadena all qualifying for their afternoon finals. The 40-mile Pro Open event then started three riders per row, with Erdman jumping into the lead immediately

over rival Brian Dick and Yamaha teammate Wadena. With a time-trial format rather than heads-up racing determining the winner, racers needed to charge hard right from the start – and by taking the early lead in his flight Erdman was well poised to compete for the win. But after he and Lindbom were both sidelined by minor electrical glitches, it was Wadena and Muller who swept in to claim the their 7th- and 12th-place finishes for Yamaha. The afternoon Semi Pro Improved finale put the four top qualifiers – including Yamaha’s Lindbom and Muller – in the first flight. Rival John Arneson jumped off the line with the early lead, closely followed by Lindbom and Muller on their FX Nytros. Lindbom quickly took the advantage though, holding onto the lead until the final lap when Arneson slipped past. Lindbom hounded his rival for the remainder of the 20-mile race, and while the duo pulled steadily away from the pack, Ben had to settle for a close second, with Muller following up in third. “I’m happy with the team as they didn’t get down, worked hard and pulled together for some good results with two podium finishes,” said Yamaha’s Eric Josephsen. “That said, we also have some work to do and we’ll be ready for the next race in Willmar, Minn. on January 12.” The Fuel MedRX/Factory Yamaha Snowmobile Racing Team would like to thank our Racing Partners for their valued support and commitment to our program! Fuel MedRx – FXR – Dynojet; Fly Racing, Woody’s, Camoplast, SpeedCell, YamaLube, & Yamaha Generators.

Snowmobile & ATV

AUCTIONS Sa Feb. 2 , Mturday ar. 2 &

Apr. 6

White St



orts Bronso Auctions, Inc. n, Michig an

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You only pay $25.00 per item to sell. No other fees or selling commissions.

10% Buyer’s premium added to all purchases.

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Snowmob Photos by Glenda Hake

Well for the second year in a row, OSSA and Clear Ford Ski Resort in Butler, Ohio joined forces to have a snowmobile Hill Cross Race at their resort. This year they moved us over to another hill that actually worked out to be longer than last year’s track and definitely had more turns and jumps to give spectators a lot more action to keep their eyes on. By the end of the day, there was a fair amount of pieces and parts. This year we had 76 snowmobiles and most of them ran 2 or 3 classes so it made for a lot of races throughout the day. The classes we run are broke down by age as well as snowmobile CC size. We have classes for 12-14 year olds, 15-17 year olds, 18 and over and a senior class, 55 years and over. For the 12-14 and 15-17, the classes they can race are 400cc and under, 401-500cc and 501600cc. We don’t allow the kids to race any class larger than the 601cc. For the 18 and over, they can race any of the classes the younger kids race plus they can run a 601-700cc, 701-800cc and a 801cc and larger mod class. We have an excellent tech crew with Mike & Glenda Hake. So the next Hill Cross Race is set for February 16th. Registration runs between 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. with the first race starting at approximately 11:00 a.m. So if racing is something you have wanted to try but never did, come on down and give it a try. We have a lot of first time racers as well as some very experienced racers. All classes cost $25.00 per class so it is not real expensive for a day of fun. Keep an eye on the OSSA website or Clear Ford Ski Resort website for additional information. Thank you to all the racers, spectators and all the O.S.S.A. volunteers who helped to make this a great event! — Tim Doerr


The Ohio State Snowmobiler – The Official Publication of the Ohio State Snowmobile Association

obile Hill Cross Race


Vintage Class 12-14 501-600cc 15-17 501-600cc 18+ 501-600cc 18+ 601-700cc 18+ 701-800cc 18+ 801 Mod Class

Sled Name John Deere Seth Matcy Ski-Doo Jake Doerr Yamaha Kevin Hofstetter Arctic Cat Kiel Miller Arctic Cat Bill Hanko Arctic Cat David Sinello Yamaha Grant Care

The Ohio State Snowmobiler – The Official Publication of the Ohio State Snowmobile Association


Club News. r e v i R d n a r s G r e d i R l i a r T

OSSA The next OSSA meeting will be held on January 8th at Best Friends Restaurant in Geneva. The OSSA spring meeting will be held April 6th. The event will be held at Quail Hollow in Concord

January Meeting

TRAIL NEWS The Geneva trail is now open and signs are up. The Rock Creek bridge is out, so snowmobilers beware when riding. Barry thanked Bob, Gary, and Tom for grooming trail.

OLD BUSINESS: Barry reported that the club float took first place in the Jefferson Christmas Parade. NEW BUSINESS: The progressive dinner that was to be scheduled for January 12th has been canceled. The Ride-In will be held in Grayling, Michigan on February 7 to February 10. The price list and registration forms are available on the OSSA website: Rates will be the same as last year. The scavenger hunt has been eliminated from the games at the Ride-In. An FYI for all those who plan to snowmobile in Michigan - when you purchase your Michigan sticker, do not put it on your sled until you know for sure you will be riding there. You will be able to send the sticker back in and get your money returned for the purchase of the sticker if you do not use it. The Reverse Raffle will be held on April 27th at the Jefferson Expo Center and the charity that we are supporting is The Western Reserve Greenway Trail. Tickets are being distributed. Any tickets that are paid for before the March meeting will be put into a drawing. The winner of the drawing will have their money returned to them and will receive their ticket for free. Door prizes are needed for the reverse raffle. Any item that you can obtain would be greatly appreciated!! Friends of the Western Reserve membership dues are now due. A motion was made and passed to renew our dues. A motion was made to pay the annual membership dues to the Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce. The motion passed. Rod Butcher announced that John Dunn won the first rideable snow contest with the date of Dec 26th. Nomination for officers and board members was held. All current officers were re-nominated. Tom Stowe and Lou Cook were also nominated for board member positions. Nominations will be held again at the next meeting and voted on in March.


Geneva Winter Fest will be held on February 2nd from 12 to 4 at Geneva on the Lake Municipal Golf Course.

The AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series will be held at the Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel in Salamanca, NY on February 22nd to 24th. Tickets are on sale at The OSSA is offering a $500 scholarship. Applications and details are on the OSSA website. Deadline to submit is March 1st. The OSSA is also accepting applications for snowmobiler of the year and business of the year. Details can be found on the OSSA website. Deadline is March 1st. Snowline: 440-275-9680 Next meeting: Saturday, January 26th, at 1:00 p.m. at Debonne Vineyard. Submitted by,

Michelle Borris Club Secretary

forest county Snowmobile club We had some really great riding here in the Allegheny National Forest (ANF) in late December/early January. We’re now having the January thaw so hopefully it will be short-lived. The summer grooming that was done on sections of the trails the last few years has really paid off. Riders commented how the trails were smoother and the grooming held up better. Our two groomers logged a lot of hours out on the trails to try to keep up with the snow and sled traffic. Safety Courses: Last Fall our Club was involved in three separate safety courses that were coordinated and led by Nelda Martin. The first one was a joint class held in Marienville, sponsored by Marienville Trail Riders and our Club. The 2nd one was held at the Flying W



Ranch in Kellettville and the 3rd one took place in New Bethlehem, Pa. A total of 28 kids and 4 adults were certified. A special thanks to Nelda for putting these classes together. Club Website: We have a new website that was launched in late 2012. We’re still adding content but if you have a chance check it out: www. You can subscribe to get notified via e-mail of updates such as local trail conditions. Trail & Snow Conditions Phone Line: Again this season, we’ll have a voice message of the latest trail conditions based on input from the groomer operators and those in the area. 814-463-9329 Poker Run (Ca$h Prizes) & Food Drive (Sat. Feb 16, 2013) Our annual groomer benefit is not far off and it will go on snow or no snow. We’ll have the Poker Run sheet with nine local businesses where you can go around and get your sheet stamped. When you return to the Flying W during the day, for a $10 donation you draw your poker hand based on the number of stamps you have; 50% payout. Winners will be announced at the end of the day. You do not need to be present to win. You can start visiting the businesses a week prior to the day of the event. We have our Groomer Raffle tickets on sale. These offer three chances to win: $250 Cash, $50 certificate to Flying W Long Horn Restaurant/Saloon or $50 Wal-Mart gift card. They are only $2 each or three for $5. There will be a Chinese Auction again this year. Any items you can donate or solicit from one of your local businesses would be appreciated. The items do not have to be snowmobile related. Contact Nelda (724-664-4951). Something new this year will be a food drive. We ask that anyone attending please bring a non-perishable canned or boxed food item. Everything collected will be donated to the Tionesta Emergency Food Pantry. If you haven’t ridden in the ANF lately make plans to come out this season, as I think you’ll be surprised at the quality of the trails. Volunteers spent hundreds of hours during the past three summers working with the excavator contractor and Forestry, trails have been widened, drainage improved, and tons of stone spread. This has helped tremendously to improve the winter grooming. Thanks to the volunteers who sacrificed their summers and the great cooperation with the Forestry and PSSA. Funds to pay for the contractor on these projects was from unspent winter grooming budgets and RAC monies we received for Warren and Forest Counties from timber sales. Hope to see you out on the trail!

parkman polar bears

Partnered with the Troy Snowmobile Club, the Parkman Polar Bears joined forces once again making a significant team to address this project. What a great and productive way for the clubs to share their passion for snowmobiling. These dedicated enthusiasts built this bridge which spans the Grand River. This needed vessel provides access above a stream with silty rocky bottom that doesn’t normally freeze in winter and the water is deep. This bridge was in the planning for two years. It involved at a minimum, the landowners providing their approval and full support so that additional seasonal recreational uses could be enjoyed by all. Zeigler Earthworks Inc. from Burton, Ohio donated time, fuel and heavy equipment. Mr. Excavator, Inc. delivered the much needed poles last year. John Alshire, Head Trial Boss, also spent many hours and walk-throughs with the land owners to be sure we had it right. We also made the clubs’ money go a long way thanks to Denny Dietrich in getting us special pricing on decking from the mill he is currently working at. Some of the other club members including husband and wife team like the Marvin’s, went to work repairing the first bridge. They removed deteriorated boards and material that would no longer support the weight of a snowmobile. Thank you so much to both clubs and members assisted in this project to ready the trails for the 2012-2013 seasons. The end results are very happy land owners. Mr. Excavator, Inc. 8616 Euclid Chardon Road, Kirtland, OH 44094-9586, (440) 256-2008 Mr. Excavator provides top-quality construction services for Utility, Environmental, Communications, Dredging, and other construction project needs. Zeigler Earthworks 17629 Claridon Troy Rd., Burton, OH 44021, 440-834-8431 Zeigler Earthworks, Inc. is a private company categorized under TruckingDump and located in Burton, OH. Contractors & construction equipment landscaping services & supplies.

Time to ride

Terry Wood


February 2013

Club News (cont.)... Wakeman Sno-Ballers

The New Year started off with a BANG as Other club News: MX Z the winter fronts came through gifting us still planning have our annual poker The industry’sWe most are advanced engines join the lightestto platform for astonishing telepathic handling. You’re ready for whatever the roughest trails with a nice blanket of snow the beginning lightweight of at you.andrun this year as long as the weather permits. throw • Available Rotax 800R event PowerT.E.K., is 600 H.O. E-TEC, 1200 engines January. For many of us, it was the first time This open to 4-TEC everyone who would • REV-X platform with added legroom • Race-bred like and tunedtosuspensions since 2011 that we were able to ride and come. The last time we were able to we took full advantage of it. Unfortunately it hold this event, due to the weather, was in was short lived with Spring-like weather that 2011 and we had a phenomenal turn out of followed. However, now entering the 2nd half over 140 snowmobiles in attendance. With the of January with an extreme cold snap our help of local businesses and their donations hopes are high, and with any luck we’ll see for prizes and the club member’s hard work, some snow again soon! we have been able to make this ride a great success in the past and plan to do so again in With the new season upon us there are a lot of the near future. people getting out on their sleds and whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Other club events that will be coming up the sport, we would like to remind everyone to include the annual family poker run. This run keep in mind some basic riding fundamentals is child friendly as the stops are not made to be applied EVERY time you ride: at the local watering holes. Also the club’s annual skiOF tripBOTH in March is still being planned; 2 STROKE. 4 STROKE. THE BEST WORLDS 1. Stay alert of where you are riding. keep an eye on Facebook for updates. Be courteous & stay off property that is marked or known to be non-snowmobile **Please don’t forget to “like” our Facebook friendly. page as we continuously post up-to-date 2. Respect other people’s property and tread information and up-coming club events there. lightly. About the club: 3. ALWAYS ride safely! The Wakeman Sno-Ballers are a non-profit With that being said, the Wakeman Sno-Ballers organization and show great community have been informed of a tragic accident pride in everything we do while brining all that took place within the Stateline Snoof us, with the common interest of riding, Trackers area recently. Our hearts, thoughts together. We are not a seasonal-type club and prayers go out too the family and friends as we schedule events and get-together’s for their loss. year around. We are very family oriented and GSX The performance of a race like sled, loaded ride-enhancingan technology and refinement. would towithextend open invitation to The ultimate trail cruiser. News from the podium: anyone interested in attending our meetings • Class-leading fuel-efficient engine options: 1200 4-TEC four-stroke, 600 H.O. E-TEC two-stroke A few of our club members had taken part or with joining. We meet at 8pm every 2nd and • REV-X platform added legroom in the hill races at Clearfork Ski Resort •inPush-button4th electricTuesday start, mirrors, reverse gauge clusters Eagles Lodge at and theadvanced Wakeman MXthe Z stiff Butler, Ohio on January 5th. Even with on Route 20. Feel free to join us at any time. The to industry’s competition there, we still were able takemost advanced engines join the lightest platform for astonishing lightweight and telepathic handling. You’re ready for whatever the roughest trails a few podium spots. Congratulations Rolf We hope to see you on the trails! throwtoat you. Krupp for winning the 500 stock class and Bill • Available Rotax 800R PowerT.E.K., 600 H.O. E-TEC, 1200 4-TEC engines DEALER AREA Thank you, • REV-X platform with added legroom Hanko for winning the 700 stock class with a • Race-bred and tuned suspensions Adam Krenz 2nd in the 600 stock class. ©2008 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP) All rights reserved. ®, TM Trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products or its affiliates. *All other trademarks are the property of their respective owner. 1106027

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December 15th Yellowstone opened to Snowmobiles again this Winter! Jack Welch Special Projects Consultant BlueRibbon Coalition 303-489-9477 Update on the 2012-2013 season. On December 15, 2012 the gates opened to another season of snowmobile access to Yellowstone. The Park Service has extended last year’s One-Year Rule for the 2012-2013 Winter Season. What does the extension of the “One-Year Rule” for 2012-2013 Winter Season mean? This means that 318 commercially guided Best Available Technology snowmobiles and 78 commercially guided snowcoaches will be allowed. The proposed extension will also continue to provide access for motorized travel from the East Entrance road over Sylvan Pass. The extended one-year rule allows the same level of activity as the 20112012 season. It means that our combined efforts during the two comment periods on the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement made a difference. The Park Service has now determined that many issues need to be further analyzed before a new long range Winter Use Plan can be put in place for the 2013-2014 season and beyond. This additional analysis will be conducted using the current Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) process which will include the winter season 2012-2013 in Yellowstone. In closing, I understand that the fight over Yellowstone has been a long, contentious and complicated battle. Please remember the fact that Yellowstone remains open to snowmobiles represents one of the most profound victories over the extreme environmental movement in our lifetime. Enjoy the victory and make your plans to come and enjoy Yellowstone this winter on a snowmobile! Note: As additional information on items covered in this summary are announced by the Park Service they will be posted at our dedicated website of www.saveyellowstonepark. com.



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ASSOCIATES ABC Lanes 340 W. 44th St. Ashtabula, OH 44004 440-993-7586 All Ohio Motorsports 23361 Aurora Rd. Cleveland, OH 44146 440-786-2230 American Powersports 3690 Speedway Dr. Findlay, OH 45840 419-422-9253 Andover Tire & Auto Repair P.O. Box 870 Andover, OH 44003 440-689-0003 AuSable Valley Ramada Inn & Conference Center 2650 S. I-75 B.L., P.O. Box 473 Grayling, MI 49738 989-348-7611 Bair’s Polaris 6956 Portage St. NW North Canton, OH 44720 330-499-4544 Barry’s Auto Repair 369 Footville-Richmond Rd. Jefferson, OH 44047 440-576-8852 Bay Mills Resort & Casino 11386 W. Lakeshore Dr. Brimley, MI 49715 906-248-3715 Bears Lair 10755 M72 S.E. Kalkaska, MI 49646 231-258-8809 Best Friends Restaurant 1741 State Route 534 South Geneva, OH 44041 440-466-0041 Bilicic’s Busy Mart Rt. 534 & I-90 Harpersfield, OH 44041 440-466-9111 Bronzwood Golf Course 9645 Kinsman Pymatuning Rd. Kinsman, OH 44428 330-876-5300 Building Technicians Corp. 4500 Clay St. Geneva, OH 44041 440-466-1651 Callender Insurance Agency Inc. 44 W. Main St. Geneva, OH 44041 440-466-1023 Christie’s Sales Inc. 3746 Mahoning Ave. Warren, OH 44483 330-847-0860 Colebrook Lounge 812 State Route 322 Orwell, OH 44076 440-422-3131 Concord Motorsports 8109 Crile Rd. Concord, OH 44077 440-354-4140


Crawford Insurance 55 South Forest St. Geneva, OH 44041 440-466-1144 Creekside Inn 1938 State Route 322 Orwell, OH 44076 440-437-5223 Diesel Automotive Mechanical Service 20080 W. Krick Rd., Unit B Walton Hills, OH 44146 440-232-1660 Grand River Manor 1153 Mechanicsville Rd. Geneva, OH 44041 440-466-9229 Great Lakes Auto Network 2824 N. Ridge E. Ashtabula, OH 44004 Gwinn Brothers Construction, Inc. 1453 Kinsman Rd. N. Bloomfield, OH 44450 440-685-4700 Hake Racing 31216 Tower Rd. Salem, OH 44460 330-222-2639 Johnny K’s Powersports 420 Youngstown-Warren Rd. Niles, OH 44446 330-544-9696 Kiene Recreation 4500 Rd. R/Putnam Rd. Pandora, OH 45877 419-384-3800 LBL Printing, Inc. Publisher, Ohio State Snowmobiler Magazine 365 W. Prospect St. Painesville, OH 44077 1-877-9 SNOMAG Lengal Financial 2000 Bethel Rd. Columbus, OH 43220 614-442-7733

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Loudermilk Tractor & Cycle Inc. 7606 Center Road, RT. 45 Ashtabula, OH 44004 440-969-1211 Mangia Mangia 11081 Kinsman Rd. Newbury, OH 44065 440-564-2227 Maple Ridge Golf Course 8921 Center Rd. Ashtabula, OH 44004 440-969-1368 North Ridge Yamaha 5929 N. Ridge West, Rt. 20 Geneva, OH 44041 440-466-2712 Paradise Bay 414 Geneva Pt. Roaming Shores, OH 44084 440-563-4313

Pro Polaris 4873 S. County Rd. 25-A Tipp City, OH 45371 937-667-1250 Quinn’s Family Grill & Bar 2092 Clay St. Austinburg, OH 44010 440-275-5151 Richmond Trailer Sales/ JMS Customs 6710 N. Ridge West Geneva, OH 44041 440-466-1914 SAK Automotive 7998 Mayfield Rd. Chesterland, OH 44026 440-729-0999 Shelatz Appliance Repair 37 Wall St. Jefferson, OH 44047 440-576-2543 Sledheads of Frederic 6636 North Old 27 Frederic, MI 49733 989-DIG-SNOW Sonny Lanes Inc. P.O. Box 768, 696 St. Rt. 534 Geneva, OH 44041 440-466-4371 Stampede Saloon 3885 US Old 27 South Gaylord, MI 49735 989-705-7100 The Forest Lodge and Campground 44078 Rt. 66 Marienville, PA 16239 (on Trail #11) 814-927-8790 The Waters Inn 10565 Old 27 South Waters, MI 49797 989-732-5636 Trailite Sales, Inc. 5240 US 20A Delta, OH 43515 800-448-7922 Village Tobacco LLC 53 E. Main St. Orwell, OH 44076 440-437-2016

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Join the O.S.S.A! Member Benefits: • Host Annual Go Snowmobiling Event • Host V.I.P. RIde for Elected Officials and Media • We work closely with O.D.N.R. to establish public trails. • Legislative contact on State & National levels to protect our right to ride on public lands. • $100.00 Charity Club Match adjusted to budget yearly. • A sample of our Charity Donations: A. Pink Ribbon Riders B. Easter Seal Society C. Salvation Army D. Local Volunteer Fire Dept. • We compile all Snowmobile Charities from Ohio for International Charity Report • We attend many meetings to keep the Snowmobiler up to date: 1. RTP Appropriations Board 2. SRV Fund Board 3. Rails to Trails 4. Western Reserve Greenway Trail 5. The Ohio to Erie Trail 6. OH Dept. of Natural Resources • We are members of: 1. International Snowmobile Council 2. Mid-West Chapter of American Council of Snowmobile Assn. 3. Blue Ribbon Coalition 4. North Shore Trail 5.  Western Reserve Greenway Trail 6. Rails to Trails • An OSSA delegate attends the International Snowmobile Congress, Mid-West Chapter and various other conventions. • We have a Snowmobile Safety Program for all ages. • Annual SPRING Meeting - OPEN to all Snowmobilers in Ohio. Opportunity to vote for or become a board member. • O.S.S.A. Magazine (6 Issues), which anyone can write articles for, publisher approved. • We publish a book annually in the fall, to assist Snowmobilers in finding: A. Dealerships B. Service & Repair C. Trailers D. Lodging E. Travel - Destinations F. Parts & Equipment • Information Booklets on how to organize Snowmobile Clubs & other Snowmobile events. • Membership Dues Pay For • Touring & Trails Information • The opportunity to take part in Local, Regional, State & National events. • Plus! With your Membership, you will receive six monthly magazines of Ohio State Snowmobiler.


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Delaware Co. Snowmobile Club 222 Hyatts Rd Delaware, OH 43015 Dale Huffman 614-496-9463 2nd Wednesday of the Month; 7:00 PM (Oct-Mar) Location to be determined Call Dale to verify

2. Flying Tigers Snowmobile Club 7617 Arlington NW Massillon, OH 44646 Jim Stalder 330-854-5647 1st Tues. of the Month (Sep-Mar); 6:30 PM Papa Bears Restaurant, Belden Village 3.

Forest County Snowmobile Club P.O. Box 131 Endeavor, PA 16322 Paulette Wood 440-867-8682 Time and Locations Vary


Geauga West Snowmobile Club, Inc. 8274 Tulip Lane Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 Al Phan 440-543-7972 Inactive Club


Grand Lake Recreation Club 5542 Island View Dr. Celina, OH 45822 Tom Godshaw 419-268-2385 Every other month starting in Oct.; 2:00 PM South Shore Sportsman’s Club


Grand River Trail Riders P.O. Box 22 Austinburg, OH 44010 Barry Weaver 440-576-0635 Time and Locations Vary. Most at Quinn’s Family Restaurant; 5:00 PM First Sunday of the Month

7. Marienville Trail Riders P.O. Box 151 Marienville, PA 16239 814-927-8280 8.

Miami Valley Snow Chasers 3991 Lawrenceville Dr Springfield, OH 45504 Donald Acuff 937-964-9662 2nd Wednesday of the Month Time & Locations Vary

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Montville Highlanders Snowmobile Club P.O. Box 123 Montville, OH 44064 Chip Hofstetter 440-477-0054 2nd Thursday of Every Month; 7:30 PM Montville Community Center

10. Newbury Snowmobile Club 10310 Fairmount Rd Newbury, OH 44065 Wayne Mansfield 440-564-9828 2nd Tuesday of the Month; 8:00 PM Newbury Town Hall; Newbury, OH 11. Northcoast Snowmobilers 2719 Columbus Ave Sandusky, OH 44870 Matt Durek 419-239-7012 12. Parkman Polar Bears Inc. 16281 Kinsman Rd Middlefield, OH 44062 Kim Vystrcil 440-548-2157 2nd Sunday of the Month; 6:00 PM Parkman Community House 13. Pymatuning TrailBlazers Club P.O. Box 28 Jamestown, PA 16424 Jay Richards 440-344-6135 3rd Saturday of the Month Clubhouse off Burns Rd 14. South County Ditch Bangers P.O. Box 353 Orwell, OH 44076 Pete Easton Last Sunday of the Month; 12 Noon Bill Hodge’s Residence

Join A Club! White Star Auctions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Wiseco. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Yamaha . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Back Cover

15. Stateline Sno Trackers P.O. Box 37 Conneaut, OH 44030 Scott Rood 2nd Sunday of the month; 6:00 PM (Sept-June) Club House on Root Rd 16. Thompson Ledge Runners P.O. Box 187 Thompson, OH 44086 Tim Doerr 440-298-1639 1st Wed. of the Month; 7:00 PM (Sept-Mar) Thompson Town Hall


17. Troy Snowmobile Association P.O. Box 233 • Burton, OH 44021 Brian Kothera 1st Monday of the Month; 7:00 PM, Mulligans Pub; 13768 Main Market Rd. (St. Rt. 422) Burton, OH 44021 18. Wakeman Sno-Ballers P.O. Box 6 • Wakeman, OH 44889 Rolf Krupp 419-706-2864 2nd & 4th Tues. of the Month; 8:00 PM 15 Wakeman Eagles 16 14 10 9 17 12

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Team Arctic Results from USXC Cross-Country #1 at Pine Lake (Gonvick, Minn.)

TEAM ARCTIC CRUSHES USXC CROSS-COUNTRY OPENER Pro Class Podium Sweep and 16 Class Victories Thief River Falls, Minn. (Dec. 18, 2012) – At the first cross-country race of the 20122013 USXC season, aboard the all-new Sno Pro 600 ProCross and Sno Pro 500 race machines, Team Arctic racers delivered an overwhelminglydominant performance that rewrote the record books. When it was over, Team Green captured 16 of 20 classes via 14 individual winners at the Gerald Dyrdahl Memorial Pine Lake 200. Leading the history-making assault was twotime cross-country Pro champion Ryan Simons of the Christian Bros. Racing (CBR) team, who won both the 100-mile Pro Stock and 100-mile Pro Open finals convincingly. Joining Simons on the podium of both finals were his Team Arctic/ CBR teammates Brian Dick and newcomer Zach Herfindahl. Including the Pro classes, there were 13 podium sweeps by Team Arctic, making this one of the most successful racing weekends in modern history.

“The improvements to the 2013 Sno Pro 600 in the ProCross chassis gave us an even greater handling and speed advantage on the fast lake course,” said Kloety. “Of the 14 individual class winners aboard Arctic Cat sleds, six of them were on the new Sno Pro 600.” The next race on the USXC cross-country circuit is Jan. 5, 2013, in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Pro 600 1. Ryan Simons 2. Zach Herfindahl 3. Brian Dick

Sport 600 Stock 1. Garrett Johnson 2. Erik Nymann 3. Brandon Brodehl

Pro Open 1. Ryan Simons 2. Brian Dick 3. Zach Herfindahl

Sport 600 Improved 1. Erik Nymann 2. Boris Mahlich 3. Marty Feil

Semi Pro 1. Jon Arneson 3. Tyler Johnsrud

Trail 3. Brian Perreault

Semi Pro Improved 2. Tyler Johnsrud

Vintage 1. Jesse Watland 2. James Mattison 3. Karl Valtinson

Expert 85 1. Bryce Buchanan 2. Lance Efteland 3. Nathan Lindom

Vintage 50-Plus 1. Gary Tintes 2. Terry Wagoner

Expert 85 Improved 1. Bryce Buchanan 2. Michael Isaak 3. Benjamin Langaas Women’s 1. Jolene Bute 3. Anne Pladson Masters 40-Plus 3. Jon Arneson Masters 50-Plus 2. Brian Perreault 3. Dan Fischer Sport 85 1. Kevin Tinjum 2. David Wandschneider 3. Marty Feil

Junior 10-13 1. Ean Voigt 2. Thomas Junglen 3. John Langaas Junior 14-17 1. Cole Lian 2. Hunter Houle 3. Nels Eide Jr. Girls 10-15 1. Sara Larson 2. Marissa Kallock 3. Mayce Brodehl Jr. Girls 16-17 1. Callie Slominski 2. Kelsey Pladson

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“We’ve enjoyed outstanding success in crosscountry over the years but this reset the high mark for winning,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “It shows what’s possible when you combine the outstanding efforts of our racers and crews with the speed and handling of our Sno Pro race sleds.” Joining Simons as a two-time class winner at Pine Lake was Bryce Buchanan, who returned to his familiar place atop the Expert 85 classes aboard his Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500. Nearly nailing the big double, Erik Nymann went 1-2 in the two Sport 600 finals, while Jon Arneson raced a record number of laps en route to his first in Semi Pro Stock, third in Masters 40-plus and fourth in Expert 85.

Classic IFS 18-50 1. Matt Schaumburg 2. Tom Kallock

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Purchase a new Yamaha sled by March 31, 2013 and get up to $2,000 customer cash and 2.99% financing for 60 months. With features like customizable Tuner skis, power curve smoothing EXUP exhaust technology and the industry’s only electric power steering, there’s never been a finer lineup of Yamaha sleds. And with this great offer, there’s never been a better time to buy. Hurry, sale ends March 31, 2013. Visit your local dealer or for more. * Valid on new Yamaha Snowmobile purchases made between 1/1/13 and 4/30/13 on your Yamaha installment loan account. Rate of 2.99%, 4.99%, 8.99% or 12.99% will be assigned based on credit approval criteria by GE Capital Retail Bank. Examples of monthly payments over a 60-month term at a 2.99% rate: $17.96 per $1000 financed; and at a 12.99% rate: $22.75 per $1000 financed. Program minimum amount financed is $5,000 and minimum 0%-10% down payment required. © 2013 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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