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On the cover: Bill Lowrie

takes in the progress being made at the new Koffolt Labs construction site. Lowrie and the rest of the Koffolt National Campaign Committee toured the site after their fall meeting. Lowrie’s generosity and commitment to Ohio State’s chemical engineering program was recognized in 2009 by The Ohio State University Board of Trusteees when it approved the naming of the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. The department will be housed in the new Koffolt Laboratories building scheduled for completion in 2014. --Photo by Geoff Hulse


Dear Alumni and Friends of the Department: On this mid-winter morning we have been greeted by the coldest day of the year, yet construction continues apace on our new building. The concrete framework for the research bar is almost complete with the scaffolding for the forms and rebar for the roof of the building being laid down as I write. I can also hear the clanging of the steelworkers as they complete the steel framework for the office tower section of the complex, an impressive six-story structure. The progress is amazing, but the reality is that it will be nearly two years before all the interior details are completed and we can move in. This also gives us two more years to complete our fund raising obligation of $17.5M. Thanks to all who have contributed so far to bring our total raised to over $15M. Hopefully others will step up to help us reach our goal. We continue to set records in the department in a variety of categories. With the addition of Assistant Professor Lisa Hall we are at an all-time high of 20 tenure-track faculty. Last year we had a record of 535 majors (sophomore-senior) and 127 B.S. graduates. At the graduate level we have 88 students in residence with 21 students receiving their Ph.D. degrees this past year. Our research expenditures were $7.3M with particular successes achieved by L. S. Fan and Winston Ho which are summarized elsewhere in this report. Other newsworthy events include an unprecedented sweep of Ohio State’s Innovator of the Year awards. L. S. Fan won the Innovator of the Year category, Jessica Winter won the Early Career Award and Qussai Marashdeh, who works with Dr. Fan, won Student Innovator of the Year Award. Umit Ozkan won the

Distinguished Researcher Award of the ACS Energy and Fuels Division and was honored at the Spring 2012 ACS meeting with a 7-session symposium featuring 42 invited talks. Two AIChE awards were made to Winston Ho and Bhavik Bakshi. Winston won the 2012 Lawrence B. Evans Award for Industrial Chemical Engineering Practice sponsored by the CACHE Corporation and Bhavik won the 2012 Research Excellence in Sustainable Engineering Award from the Sustainable Engineering Forum. College-level recognition included Umit Ozkan being named a College of Engineering Distinguished Professor, Andre Palmer winning the Harrison Award for Excellence in Engineering Education and Mike Paulaitis and Jim Lee winning Lumley Research Awards. Overall, things are going along with high intensity and great successes in all of our scholarly endeavors. And, our new building will help things enormously!


Best regards from all our faculty, staff and students.

Graduate Program 23 Ranking 23 Faculty Productivity 23 Research Expenditures 24 Graduate Degrees Granted 25-26 Graduate Program Seminars 27 Graduate Student Awards 27 Graduate Student Fellowships

Stuart L. Cooper Professor and Chair 614-247-8015

News 3-5 Koffolt Laboratories National Campaign Committee 6 Milt and Karen Hendricks ‘71 - Engineering a Rewarding Life 7-8 L.S. Fan, Jessica Winter, and Qussai Marashdeh Named 2012 Innovators of the Year 9 Winston Ho Develops Game-Changing CO2 Capture Membranes 10-11 David Wood Develops Process for Purifying Biopharmaceuticals Undergraduate Program 12 Cooperative Learning Experiences 13-16 2012 Placement Record for Undergraduates 17 Course Enrollment 18 Undergraduate Enrollment Graphs 19-20 Scholarship Information Charitable Giving Summary 21 2012 Alumni Donor Listing by Class Year 22 Gifts from Friends of the Department 22 Corporate and Foundation Donors

Faculty 28-41 Faculty Achievements Summary

Koffolt Labs Campaign Committee members Mike Winfield, Ron Harris, Bill Lowrie and Stuart Cooper on the new Koffolt Labs construction site. --Photo by Geoff Hulse.

Inside Back Cover: CBE Directory


Alumnus Story

Koffolt Laboratories National Campaign Committee The Koffolt Laboratories National Campaign Committee gathered October 5, 2012. Chairman Bill Lowrie opened the meeting and updated the group on the But for Ohio State campaign kickoff events. Department Chair Stuart Cooper gave a department overview. The department recently learned that it had ranked second nationally in the 2010 update of NSF’s database of total research funding. In 2010, the department was ranked 20th in Federal funding. Guest Faye Bodyke gave an update on the construction of the new Koffolt Labs. The project was budgeted for $89M in construction dollars and a $3.8M in bid overage has been reduced to $1.1M. In March 2013, the last piece of steel is expected to be placed to top out the building. Building enclosure will occur in the fall of 2013. Occupancy in the new building is expected to begin at the end of 2014, beginning with the basement and teaching areas. It will take up to eight months to complete all the moves for the research laboratories.

Mike Winfield (foreground) and other members of the Koffolt Labs National Campaign Committee (L-R) Larry Steele, Bill Hauschildt, Ron Harris, Gene Wheeler, Dennis Hurley, and Bill Lowrie listen as Director of Development Jason Haskins (not shown) updates the committee on progress made in raising funds for the new building. --Photo by Geoff Hulse.

New faculty member Lisa Hall gave an overview of her work in polymers and ionomers and their applications in car tires, golf ball covers, and photovoltaics. Director of Development Jason Haskins gave a campaign update: $15M of the $17.5M goal has been achieved. Bill Lowrie and Jason briefly discussed identifying class leaders for each class year - particularly those with upcoming reunions - as a strategy for mobilizing additional support. The meeting concluded by viewing the But for Ohio State campaign video featuring Bill Lowrie. Committee members then went on a tour of the construction site. -3-

L to R: Jack Zakin, Larry Steele, Matt Galosi, Mike Winfield, Bob Brodkey, Stuart Cooper, Umit Ozkan, Bill Lowrie, Lisa Hall, Brian Weider, Jeffrey Chalmers, Ron Harris, Dennis Hurley, Gene Wheeler, and Bill Hauschildt tour the site. --Photo by Geoff Hulse.

Construction of the new Koffolt Labs complex continues at an astounding pace. --Photos by Geoff Hulse.


Karen (‘71) and Milt Hendricks: Engineering a rewarding life

Koffolt Campaign Committee

In 1966, disillusioned pre-med student Karen (Lafferty) Hendricks had never even thought of chemical engineering. But when a friend suggested it as an option, she “marched right into Dr. Syverson’s office and said, ‘I’m going to become an engineer!’”

William G. Lowrie (B ChE ’66), Chair Sheldon, South Carolina Jeffrey D. Adams (B ChE ’87) San Mateo, CA Cynthia (Cindy) Gerstle Bishop (B ChE ’86) Coppell, TX James (Jim) F. Dietz (B ChE ’69, MS ’70) Northfield, IL

Karen Hendricks in 1971

Matthew J. Galosi (B ChE ’80) Katy, TX

The former high school valedictorian met her match in the rigorous ChemE program, but stayed motivated because she thought, ‘If I do this, there will be a payoff in the end.’

David (Dave) Grove (B ChE ’70, MS ‘70) Stuart, FL Jack A. Hammond (B ChE ’61) Iron Gate, VA Ronald D. Harris (B ChE ’61, MS ’61) Columbus, OH

Left to right: Bill Lowrie, Dennis Hurley, Matt Galosi, Larry Steele, Mike Winfield, Brian Weider, Ron Harris, Bill Hauschildt, Gene Wheeler. --Photo by Geoff Hulse.

F. William (Bill) Hauschildt, Jr. (B ChE ’67, MS ’67) San Francisco, California

Alex W. Kawczak (B ChE ’82) Dublin, OH

Lawrence R. Steele (B ChE ’58, MS ’58, PhD ’62) Princeton, NJ

Karen Lafferty Hendricks (B ChE ’71) Maineville, OH

Thomas J. Koffolt Savannah, GA

Brian K. Weider (B ChE ’78) Houston, TX

Kathleen (Kathy) Applegate Hogenson (B ChE ’82) Houston, TX

Sumner (Sonny) Saeks (BS ChE ’82) Cincinnati, OH

Eugene (Gene) N. Wheeler (B ChE ’65, MS ’65) Livermore, CA

Smith G. Howland (B ChE ’69, MS ’69) Houston, TX

Christina Sistrunk (B ChE ’82) Harvey, LA

Michael D. Winfield (B ChE ’62) Long Grove, IL

Dennis W. Hurley (B ChE ’67) Midland, MI

Alex W. -5Kawczak (B ChE ’82)

Karen excelled and blossomed as a ChemE student. Having come from a small town (Shelby, OH), she feels indebted to Ohio State because “it opened up a world and set me on a really life-changing course.”

Two years ago, Karen and Milt made a gift to name the Unit Ops Student Lounge in the new Koffolt Labs complex. “Much of the success of ChemE alums is attributable to this department, and it deserves better facilities,” Karen said. “It’s becoming impossible to train engineers of the future in the old building, because it is obsolete. The new building will be a much better learning environment.” Although Milt and Karen feel it is important to support the new building, they recently realized that their passion is to help students like themselves. This is why they’ve reconfigured the scholarship they set up in 1999 to make it a “transformational” award to predominantly support one recipient. Scholarships enabled Milt to attend college at Lehigh University, and the motivation Karen felt as a scholarship recipient is also very important to her.

Madeline Shirk

Supporting the development of leadership skills is one of the goals of the Hendricks scholarship because “engineers with ‘people skills’ are the ones who can maximize their professional contributions and success,” Karen explains. To Milt and Karen, philanthropy is a matter of ‘giving back.’ “We got good educations and feel truly blessed with where we are in our lives. We don’t need more ‘stuff.’ We are trying to live out our values by how we spend our time and money,” Karen said. “We get a lot of enjoyment from traveling, and seeing the fruits of our philanthropic efforts. It feels good when we give according to our values and conscience – like we’re doing the right thing,” she added. Milt agreed. “Money is man’s personal energy in portable form. It can go places and serve lives in ways you may never know,” he said.

At her 1971 graduation, Karen was one of 13 students out of about 7,000 who were honored as “Outstanding Graduating Seniors.” She went on to enjoy a successful career with executive roles at Procter & Gamble (where she met husband Milt, a now-retired R&D manager) and the Dial Corporation. She retired as chairman, president, and CEO of the Baldwin Piano & Organ Company in 2001. Even after Karen began her career, her ties to Ohio State grew. In 1983, she was elected to serve on the OSU Alumni Board of Directors. “I really enjoyed that, and gained a network of like-minded alums,” she said. Governor Taft later asked her to serve on the Board of Trustees, and she received several awards for service to alma mater.

The Hendricks scholarship has similar meaning for current recipients. CBE senior Madeline Shirk (pictured at right) said, “It’s motivational because here are people who don’t really know who I am, yet they think it is worth investing in my education and demonstrating faith in my potential and future. The least I can do is to pay them back by working hard in school. It also gives me time to get involved in activities where I can build my leadership skills.”

Milt and Karen Hendricks enjoying a sunset in Cabo san Lucas.

Madeline Shirk would certainly agree. “One day, I hope to be able to help someone else in the same way, because I know it has affected me and given me opportunities. Investing in young engineers is simply an awesome thing to do,” she said, smiling. -6-


Innovator of the Year Awards, continued -

CBE’s 2012 “Innovators of the Year:” Faculty and student win all three Innovator Awards This year, CBE won all three awards. In the history of the award, no single college, let alone department, has done so before!

Winter’s Innovation Involving Quantum Dots

Qussai Marashdeh, Jessica Winter, and L.S. Fan receive the 2012 “Innovator of the Year” awards.

To support entrepreneurial activity among Ohio State researchers, OSU presents three annual university-wide awards recognizing research creativity and commercialization: Innovator of the Year, Early Career Innovator of the Year, and Student Innovator of the Year.

Two neural cells are illuminated with quantum dots to help identify receptors on the cell surface that bind to external tissue. -7-

Jessica Winter was named Early Career Innovator of the Year. Winter and research scientist Gang Ruan filed a patent for inventing quantumdot based diagnostic tools for clinical pathology, and started a company, Core Quantum Technologies, based on this invention. Quantum dots are fluorescent nanoparticles of semiconductor encapsulated

in tiny plastic nanocontainers called micelles. They glow like little traffic lights in different colors, depending upon which material is used. Micelles containing different combinations of red and green dots provide the additional benefit of a continuous glow vs. the on and off “twinkling” of single-color particles. The dots help biologists see the inner workings of a cell, allowing them to track chemical reactions and cellular-level biological processes under a microscope. The technology can be used by biomedical engineers studying the root cause of diseases like cancer, and for medical imaging. Visit http:// for info.

Quantum dots are very bright and can be tailored to fluoresce with different colors.

Red and green micelles are captured on a magnetic wire array for molecular detection applications. Micelles make the particles 5x brighter and more stable against oxidation.

A TEM image shows increasing numbers of nanoparticles being encapsulated in a micelle.

Fan’s Innovation: Clean Coal Carbon Capture Technology L.S. Fan was named 2012 Innovator of the Year, and Qussai Marashdeh, who works with Dr. Fan, received the Student Innovator of the Year Award. Fan’s transformational work in chemical looping - a one-step process to produce both electric power and high-purity CO2 converts carbon-based fuels such as coal, syngas and natural gas to electricity, liquid fuels and/or hydrogen with low to negative net carbon emissions. As one of the ultimate technologies in the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE)’s Carbon Emission Control Technology Roadmap, chemical looping utilizes the reduction-oxidation reactions of an oxygen carrier to segregate the air source from the fuel. This eliminates the need for energyintensive CO2 separation systems that require high capital and operating costs. In the fall of 2012, the project’s DOE-funded 25 kWth CoalDirect Chemical Looping (CDCL) pilot plant completed over 200 hours continuous operation, making it the longest continuous demonstration of chemical looping technology using solid-fuel feedstock anywhere in the world. This success signifies the commerical potential for the Ohio State-patented CDCL technology to be implemented at either new greenfield plants or for cost-effective repowering of existing coal-fired power plants. This process for producing electricity and liquid fuel from carbon-based fuels without adding to the greenhouse gas emissions that have been linked to rising global temperatures is thought to be the most advanced technology of its kind.

CDCL technology’s potential economic and environmental impact could be far-reaching, since it would help foster the economical use of coal reserves while controlling pollutants in a cost-effective manner. In addition to the DOE, Ohio State is partnering with the Ohio Department of Development, Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc., CONSOL Energy Inc., and Clear Skies Consulting LLC. Further, DOE’s National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, AL will serve as host site for building and operating a 25 kWth pressurized syngas chemical looping pilot unit this year. It will be used to further prove the operability and economic feasibility of OSU’s advanced chemical looping technologies. Fan’s inventions are not limited to CDCL. He also invented the first and only electrical capacitance volume tomography for threedimensional real time imaging of multiphase flows and reactor systems. He commercialized it with spinoff company Tech4Imaging. The technology has been used worldwide for academic research and industrial practice. News of the successful test-run of Fan’s CDCL technology appeared in the February 7, 2013 MIT Technology Review Daily Newsletter.

Liang-Shih Fan (above, right) points out details of the Ohio State sub-pilot demonstration unit and chemical looping process to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Assistant Secretary of Fossil Energy Charles McConnell (left) and other representatives from the DOE, Battelle, American Electric Power, and Babcock and Wilcox Power Generation Group at the Ohio State Clean Fuel Research Center in Columbus, Ohio (July 2012). -8-

Game-Changer: Winston Ho develops CO2 capture membranes

Divide and Conquer: Wood Labs develops method for splitting and reassembling a critical protein to control its activity in biopharmaceuticals production

Researchers W.S. Winston Ho (distinguished professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and materials science), Prabir Dutta (distinguished university professor in chemistry) and their students have taken another step forward in the global race for clean energy – a key element in national efforts to mitigate climate change – by developing a novel and more economical CO2 capture membrane.

Scientists in David Wood’s laboratories have recently developed a new method for rapidly purifying complex biopharmaceuticals with highly structured sugar molecules added to their surface, which give them important characteristics for various therapeutic applications. Examples of these proteins include the blockbuster drugs Remicade® for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Avastin® for metastatic cancers, Rituxan® for RA and NonHodgkin’s Lymphoma, and dozens of other lifesaving recombinant antibodies and glycoproteins.

The research was funded by the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy, which hopes to position the United States as a leader in global clean energy within ten years by deploying cost-effective carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies at coal-fired power plants. The Ohio State team received about $1M beginning October 1, 2011 for the total funding of $3M for the project through December 2014.

Many of these therapeutics are based on monoclonal antibodies and can be purified using Protein A affinity methods, but increasingly important non-antibody glycoproteins cannot. These proteins require individual methods to be developed, which can slow the discovery and development of new therapeutics, while increasing their eventual costs.

The researchers’ groundbreaking development – an economical hybrid membrane that combines the separation performance of inorganic membranes with the cost-effectiveness of polymer membranes -- has vast commercial potential for use at coal-fired power plants using CCUS technologies.

Winston Ho and Prabir Dutta stand with the equipment used to make their unique hybrid membranes. The technology could be used in a variety of separation applications. --Photo by Geoff Hulse.

CCUS technologies strive to increase CO2 capture efficiency by re-using some of the emissions generated in coal-burning to produce further energy. However, before the carbon dioxide generated at a power plant can be securely stored or put to use, it must first be separated from the flue gas stream. Unfortunately, the energy cost of current separation technologies has been too high to make rapid commercial deployment of CCUS technologies feasible. The breakthrough for Ho, Dutta and their team lies in their approach of combining polymer membranes (organic or plastic), which are mass produced and cost effective, with inorganic membranes (metal or ceramic), which exhibit much better performance but are expensive to produce. By using a flexible polymeric membrane support, they can fabricate the membrane in roll-to-roll processing, enabling them to produce hybrid inorganic/organic membranes in a low-cost manner.



The development of these new drugs has created an urgent need for a general and reliable purification method. The Wood Lab has worked over the past several years to develop a solution to this problem by using self-cleaving molecular hooks, called “affinity tags.” This method adds a small sequence of DNA to the DNA sequence of the target protein so that the target becomes “tagged” with a molecular hook when it is made. This hook allows the target protein to be very easily purified, using a simple and general method.

Once purified, the tag is induced to remove itself, producing an unmodified target protein for use in research or in the clinic. Although this method is very powerful and convenient, it has not been applied to therapeutic glycoproteins because the tags tend to cleave themselves too soon in the special mammalian cells where they are made – before the purification procedure can be completed. Professor Wood’s student, Changhua Shi, recently solved this problem by splitting the self-cleaving part of the tag into two pieces. Each half of the tag is inactive on its own, and therefore cannot self-cleave until the two pieces have been mixed together. This allows the purification to take place under highly controlled conditions, which greatly increases the efficiency and appeal of the method. This work was recently published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. ________________________________

Additional photos from Wood Labs appear on the following page. David Wood and student Changhua Shi discuss expression of test proteins in Chinese Hamster Ovary cell culture. --Photo by Geoff Hulse.


Undergraduate Program 2012 Cooperative Learning Experiences

Professor Wood and student Changhua Shi discuss a recent Western blot of the glycoproteins they are purifying with their self-cleaving tag method. Professor Wood and student Michael Coolbaugh discuss strategies for using self-cleaving affinity tags in conventional chromatographic separations equipment.

Student Miriam Shakalli-Tang sets up overnight cultures of a bacterial biosensors strain for detecting estrogenic endocrine disruptors.

Student Tzu-Chiang Han passages cells in a biosafety hood.

Students meet with advisors Brian Endres and Holly Prouty to evaluate different schedule arrangements before interviewing because many employers hire for specific “rotations.� For instance, students may work fulltime during the summer, attend full-time classes in autumn, and return to their employer for full-time work in the winter. The most popular term to work is the summer. Last year, CBE students completed 62 co-op rotations and 109 internship or part-time work experiences.

Research Scientist Richard Lease purifies DNA for an experiment.

Professor Wood and students (L-R): Changhua Shi, Jeevan Baretto, Samuel Stimple, Tzu-Chiang Han, Daniel Knight, Michael Coolbaugh, Elif Miskioglu, Miriam Shakalli-Tang.

Student Jeevan Baretto prepares protein samples for SDS-PAGE analysis.

The Engineering Cooperative Education & Internship Program (ECIP) helps undergraduate students obtain career-related employment of two types: cooperative education (co-op) positions and internships. A co-op experience provides an opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom in careerrelated positions by alternating quarters of full-time coursework with periods of paid, full-time employment. An internship involves one work period with an employer. A work period may last for one quarter or for two consecutive quarters. Summer internships are the most popular among students and employers.

Student Tzu-Chiang Han examines CHO cells during a protein expression experiment. --Photos by Geoff Hulse

The following is a list of companies who hired OSU undergraduates in our program and the students who were hired by those companies: Anomatic Corp: Jason Ezzell Ashland, Inc: Courtney Bareswilt Bayer Corp: Katherine Zorc Cargill: Lydia Griffith CDM Smith: Ashley Fortman Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS): Steven Cooper, Theo Hicks, Joseph Janko, Karen Kwong, Andrew Lust, Daniel Weckstein Cummin, Inc: Maya Hughes Dannon Co.: Ronald Lechner, Courtney Bareswilt Diamond Innovations: Michael Yingling, Daniel Lacey Dow Chemical: Michael Witwer, Loan Bui, Adam Kowalski, Janee McNeil, Kacie LaBrecque Dow Corning: Michele Brizgys, Timothy Kremer DuPont: John Logue, Wei Luo, Daniel Morris, J.Todd Starkey Eaton Corp: Whitney Sherrill Entrotech: Terhi Reponen, Tabitha Smith Everris: Nathan Fahrenkamp Exxon Mobil: Nicole Bayona, Nicholas Deerhake, Kendel Mesch

General Electric Corp: Robert Kirian, Philip Kotich, Molly Langhenry, Jason Lee, Vincent Miller, Bryan Summerlin General Mills: Kendel Mesch, Jacquelyn Pittman General Motors: Kyle McLaughlin Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co: Andrea Detwiler, William Luppino Hexpol: Derek Anderson, Alex Lapatinsky Honda: James Emmenecker Idaho National Laboratory: Binbin Wu Ingersoll Rand Co-Trane: Alexander Helsinger Kimberly-Clark Corp: Alexandra Claytor L-3 Communications Cincinnati Electronics: Kevin Asper Lubrizol Corp: Matthew Konderson Marathon Oil: Kara Bihn, Robert Dugan, Nathan Fahrenkamp, Lily Glick, Michael Hartman, Adam Kalivoda, Matthew Konderson, Joshua Martin, Ashley Sandlin, Colin Schumaker, Vadim Vishnepolsky, Robert Warburton, Daniel Weckstein Monsanto Co: Keith Stump Nestle USA: Megan Butts, Brian Richards, Aileen Seitz Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Alison Boyd Ohio Precious Metals: Chloe Higgins Ohio State University: Nahien Sharif, Mandy Sheridan OMNOVA Solutions Inc: Matthew Rowley Owens-Illinois (O-I): Chase Miller, Paul Robertson PCC Airfoils: James Emmenecker, Alexander James, Kevin McNulty, Eric Watkins Pfizer Inc: Mary Hesse PH Matter LLC: Jesaiah King Precision Castparts Corp-PCC: Caleb Smith Procter and Gamble: Scott Hochberg, Ashley Sandlin Rich Products Corp: Christopher Bailey RoviSys Co: Radhika Madhavan Scotts Co: Loan Bui, Adam Enloe, Joanna Gobeille, Chau Lam, William Murray, Mark Villarreal Shepherd Color Co: Maxwell Roy Sherwin Williams Co: Morgan Doty, Emily Helber, Aaron Strickland The Vavicor Group: Guk Hee Youn Therma-Tru Corp: Michael Smith, Frank Sweterlitsch Toyota: Morgan Doty, Jason Ezzell Unilever: Christopher Bailey University of Texas-San Antonio: Malika Chandradasa Valero: William Herold, Frank Sweterlitsch -12-

2012 Placement Record for Undergraduates Graduates of our program continue to have a strong placement record both within industry and within graduate and professional programs. The percentages provided here are based on senior exit surveys at the time of graduation. Sixty-four percent of our graduates will be going directly to industry with their BS degrees. About 15 percent of our students will be going on to graduate or professional school. Approximately 30 percent of our students have accepted positions in Ohio and will stay in the state to pursue their post graduation plans. Students will be working at various corporations such as Exxon Mobil, the Dow Chemical Company, Procter and Gamble, and DuPont. A number of our graduates received Latin Honors, With Distinction Honors or With Honors in Engineering. Latin honors are defined as follows: a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5-3.69 is Cum Laude; 3.70-3.89 is Magna Cum Laude; and 3.90-4.00 is Summa Cum Laude. A student who graduates “With Honors Research Distinction” is an honors student (greater than a 3.4 GPA) who has completed a senior honors research thesis. A student who graduates “With Research Distinction” is a student (GPA between 3.0-3.39) who has completed a senior research thesis. A student who graduates “With Honors in Engineering” has completed a three-prong program consisting of completing a required number of honors courses, participation in community service, leadership and outreach as well as participation in “investigational studies” which typically includes completing a research paper or thesis, or completing a minor. Fourteen students graduated with Honors in Engineering and nine students graduated With Distinction in various disciplines. Engineering Career Services (ECS) welcomes all employers to register to recruit Ohio State engineering students and graduates. There is no cost to register and no fees for ECS services. If you, or someone you know, is interested in hiring Ohio State students for co-op experiences, internships, or for full-time placement, please contact Amy Thaci, Director of Engineering Career Services at (614) 2926651. You can read more about the services offered through ECS by visiting their webpage: -13-

2012 B.S. Graduates - Employment Status and Location (State) Autumn 2011 (December 2011)

Winter 2012 (March 2012)

Yazeed Almotowa Abdulaziz Almousa Aqeel Alrajhi Brandon Clinger Anthony Garber Sean Hawkins Rebecca Heyse Bryan Hobocienski James Hynes Aleese Lewis Matt McKinney Matthew Murray Joshua Post Barric Reed Brian Saunders Henrick Sawczak Robert Wiest Brian Wohlfarth

Matthew Cerone Ryan Clark

Hired by SABIC, Saudi Arabia Hired by SABIC, Saudi Arabia Graduated Magna Cum Laude; Hired by SABIC, Saudi Arabia No information provided Hired by Capital One, VA Graduated Magna Cum Laude; No information provided Graduated Cum Laude; hired by Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corp-Bettis and KAPL Labs, SC Graduated Magna Cum Laude; Pursuing MS ChE (school unknown) Hired by Baker Hughes, WV Hired by Schlumberger, TX No information provided Hired by IBM Corp, NY Hired by Baker Hughes, TX Hired by IBM Corp, NY Hired by HB Fuller Co., MN No information provided Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by Epic, WI No information provided

Hired by Norcold Inc., OH Graduated Magna Cum Laude; With Honors and Honors Research Distinction; Pursuing PhD ChE, The Ohio State University Michael Hamilton No information provided Christopher Harvey No informatin provided Johnathan Johnson No information provided Katrina Kolkmeier Hired by Estee Lauder, PA Brooke Laing Graduated Magna Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; With Honors Research Distinction; Hired by Ford Motor Co, MI Mengchuan Li Graduated Magna Cum Laude; Pursuing MS in Higher Education, University of Pennsylvania Steven Lim Graduated Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; Hired by Procter & Gamble, OH Julia Mueller Graduated with Research Distinction in ChE; No information provided Art Neeley Hired by Williams, PA Justin Que Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by Matrix Technologies, Inc, OH Michael Smith Hired by Therma-Tru Corp, IN

Left: A student takes a momentary break from the rigors of Unit Ops.

Graduate students Youngmi Seo, Kuldeep Mamtani, and Andrew Maxson explore campus. -14-

Spring 2012 (June 2012) Laura Acosta Graduated Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; No information provided Andrew Amaya Graduated Magna Cum Laude; Pursuing MS/PhD ChE at OSU Michael Antalis Graduated Cum Laude; No information provided Whitney Beard Hired by Archer Daniels Midland, OH Sefani Berihun Hired by Nestle USA William Bluem Hired by Accenture, OH Cameron Bodenschatz Graduated Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; With Honors Research Distinction in Mechanical Engineering; Pursuing MS/PhD at Clemson University Robert Comer Hired by Baker Hughes, TX Anthony Constantino Hired by Shell Oil Co, TX Peter Dobler Graduated with Honors in Engineering; Hired by FMC Corp. Elliott Dolan No information provided Michael Dumas No information provided Andrew Dunagan Graduated Magna Cum Laude; No information provided Shuwen Fan No information provided Bradley Fattlar No information provided Dustin Fawcett Hired by Cornerstone Controls Joshua Feeney No informatin provided Ilse Fernandez Herrera No information provided Robert Fidelibus Graduated Magna Cum Laude; With Honors Research Distinction; Hired by DOW Chemical, LA Steven Fisher No information provided Cheryl Grubbe No information provided Michael Hartman No information provided Michael Heinrichs Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by Battelle Memorial Institute, OH Erin Hiestand Hired by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co, OH Jacob Huggins Graduated Magna Cum Laude; No information provided Danielle Jensen Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by Shell Oil Co, LA Matthew Jones No information provided Kevin Kauffman Graduated Summa Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; With Honors Research Distinction; Pursuing MS/PhD at MIT Brian Kiel No information provided Charlie Kiley Hired by Shell Oil Co, TX Adam Kowalski Graduated with Honors in Engineering; Hired by DOW Chemical Joseph Linsenmeyer Graduated Summa Cum Laude; Hired by Shell Oil Co., LA Joshua Martin Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by Marathon Oil David Mazala Graduated Cum Laude; No information provided Brenna McNamee Hired by Pilot Chemical Co., OH Chase Miller Hired by Johns Manville, OH Brad Morris No information provided -15-

Elhadji Ndiaye Michael Nechay Peter Nguyen Tri Nguyen Addison Nilges Kunal Parikh Sean Pattison Abigail Prickett Justin Reed Derek Reichel Kent Reid Lisa Reisenauer Nicholas Sakian Chris Schneider Scott Shaheen Nahien Sharif Sweety Sharma Albert Shin Michael Shivers Dylan Silbiger Daniel Simons Hok Hei Tam Anthony Unger MattUstaszewski Joe Vanderburgh Jay Wang Cody Ward Daniel Wisniewski Evan Wozniak

No information provided Graduated Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; Pursuing PhD at University of California-Los Angeles No information provided No information provided No information provided Graduated Magna Cum Laude; With Honors Research Distinction; With Honors in Engineering; Pursuing MBA/PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University Graduated with Research Distinction; Hired by State Industrial Products, OH No information provided Graduated Magna Cum Laude; No information provided Graduated Summa Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; With Honors Research Distinction; Pursuing MS/PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Kentucky No information provided No information provided No information provided No information provided Graduated Magna Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; No information provided Graduated Magna Cum Laude; Hired by Epic, WI No information provided Hired by Trutec Industries, OH Hired by Cooper Tire and Rubber Co., OH Hired by General Electric Corp., NY No information provided Graduated Magna Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; With Honors Research Distinction; Pursuing PhD in ChemE at MIT Graduated Summa Cum Laude; Hired by Bridgestone Americas Inc., OH Hired by Pilot Chemical Co., OH Hired by Frito-Lay, TX No information provided Hired by Babcock and Wilcox, CO No information provided No information provided Right: Graduate student Liang Zeng and friend enjoy a CBE-hosted event.

Summer 2012 (August 2012)

Autumn 2012 (December 2012)

Andrea Calamari Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by Procter & Gamble, OH Kory Carmichael Hired by Johns Manville, OH Justin Carpp Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by Arkema, Inc., AL Christine Copa Graduated Cum Laude; No information provided David Deckelman Hired by Cornerstone Controls Ryan Fleming No information provided Nathanial Gardner No information provided Christopher Graham No information provided Melissa Grigger Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by General Mills, IL Wenqin He Graduated Cum Laude; With Honors Research Distinction in Mechanical Engineering; No information provided Sarah Heifner Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by Monsanto, LA William Holthaus No information provided Craig Hoying No information provided Zachary Johnson Hired by Ashland, Inc., IA Asher Kay Graduated Summa Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; No information provided David Lovano Graduated Magna Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; No information provided Brittany Niles Graduated with Honors in Engineering; Shell Oil Co., TX James Orr Graduated Cum Laude; With Honors Research Distinction; No information provided Ryan Politowicz Hired by Capital One, VA Theodore Rader Graduated Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; With Honors Research Distinction; No information provided Bharat Ramamurthy Hired by Schlumberger Steven Ross Graduated Magna Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; Hired by Shell Chemical, AL William Szumski Hired by Baker Hughes, OK Jessica Tufts Graduated Magna Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; Hired by Cargill, SC Matthew Weininger Hired by Dover Chemical, IN Brian Williams No information provided Rachel Williard No information provided Nicole Bayona Hired by General Mills, IL John Bieber Graduated Cum Laude; No information provided Eric Boruszewski No information provided

Lukas Brooks Graduated Magna Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; Hired by Mettler-Toledo, OH Paolo Brunello Graduated Magna Cum Laude; No information provided Nicholas Clare No information provided Edward Dcruz Hired by Accenture, Washington, DC Frank Dembia Deployment with U.S. Navy Michael Dressler ARC Document Solutions, OH Patrick Heasley No information provided Theo Hicks No information provided Olivia Kindschuh Graduated Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; Hired by Procter & Gamble, OH Nicholas Koenig Graduated Summa Cum Laude; With Honors in Engineering; No information provided Chau Lam No information provided Nahyun Lee No information provided Sudono Lie Graduated Cum Laude; No information provided Eric Mank No information provided Aaron Nimrick Hired by Procter & Gamble, OH Nicholas Ohanian Pursuing MS ChE, The Ohio State University Eric Perko No information provided Jacquelyn Pittman Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by General Mills, TN Chelsea Quinn No information provided Paul Robertson Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by SABIC, AL Monica Roser Hired by HB Fuller, MN Sydney Rush No information provided Tyler Russell Graduated Magna Cum Laude; Hired by Rockwell Automation, OH Mandy Sheridan Hired by Accenture, OH Matthew Small Hired by Cornerstone Controls, IN Leslie Vanderkolk Hired by Unilever, VA Efrain Vazquez Hired by Accenture, OH Ashley Ward No information provided Kristin Weisser Graduated Cum Laude; Hired by NAVAIR, MD Kevin Young Hired by Archer Daniels Midland, IL


42 71 31 42 26 91 15 13

Instructor Dr. David Wood Dr. Andre Palmer Dr. James Rathman Dr. Mike Paulaitis Dr. Isamu Kusaka Dr. L.S. Fan Dr. Kurt Koelling Dr. S.T. Yang 760 Dr. Carlo Scaccia 764 Dr. Jeffrey Chalmers 765 Dr. David Wood 771 Dr. Barbara Wyslouzil 777 Dr. L. James Lee 779 Dr. James Rathman 693 Various H783 Various

Spring 2012 # Course 75 201 156 420/520 0 489 49 509 138 523 143 610 14 733 25 734 22 750 94 762 49 764 8 766 38 772 28 775 16 693 13 H783


Instructor Dr. Jack Zakin Dr. Martin Feinberg Dr. Isamu Kusaka Dr. James Rathman Dr. Michael Paulaitis Dr. Aravind Asthagiri Dr. James Rathman Dr. Jeff Chalmers Dr. James Rathman Dr. Stuart Cooper David Tomasko Dr. Bhavik Bakshi Dr. S.T. Yang Dr. Bhavik Bakshi Dr. Kurt Koelling Various Various

Course Title Chemical Processes & Calculations I Chemical Processes & Calculations II Professional Practice in Industry Thermodynamics I Thermodynamics II Transport Phenomena II Transport Phenomena III Engineering Economics & Strategy Process Design Principles of Biochemical Engineering Air Pollution Polymer Nano Engineering Experimental Design Undergraduate Research Undergrad. Honors Research (Thesis Track)

Course Title Chemical Processes & Calculations II Transport Phenomena I Professional Practice in Industry Thermodynamics II Unit Operations Kinetics Novel Separation Processes Molecular Informatics Profession of CBE Process Development Process Design Biotechnology/Bioprocess Engineering Principles of Sustainable Energy Rheology of Fluids Undergraduate Research Undergrad. Honors Research (Thesis Track)

Right: Graduate student Erin Landers and her husband share a laugh at a CBE-hosted event.

Undergraduate Enrollment

130 125 120 115 110 105 100 95 90 85 80 75 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

(number of students)


Pre-Majors Majors Total

800 700 Summer 2012 (first semester) # Course Instructor Course Title 115 3630/4630 Carlo Scaccia Unit Operations Lab 22 5755 Dr. Bob Johnson Chemical Process Safety 0 4193 Various Undergraduate Individual Studies 0 4998 Various Undergraduate Research 0 4998H Various Undergraduate Honors Research 0 4999 Various Undergraduate Thesis Research 0 4999H Various Undergraduate Honors Thesis Research Autumn 2012 # Course Instructor Course Title 120 2200 Dr. Umit Ozkan Process Fundamentals Dr. David Wood 14 2420 Dr. Andre Palmer Transport Phenomena I 0 3189 Dr. James Rathman Professional Practice in Industry 150 3508 Dr. Aravind Asthagiri Thermodynamics 123 3521 Dr. Isamu Kusaka Transport Phenomena II 122 4624 Dr. Lisa Hall Process Dynamics & Controls 112 4760 Dr. L.S. Fan Novel Separation Processes Dr. Carlo Scaccia 16 4764 Dr. Jeff Chalmers Process Design and Development 25 5740 Dr. Michael Paulatis Quantitative Cell Biology Dr. R. Soorykumar 3 5769 Dr. Stephen Lee Biomedical Nanotechnology 48 5771 Dr. Barbara Wyslouzil Air Pollution 27 5773 Dr. Stuart Cooper Introduction to High Polymer Engineering 85 5779 Dr. James Rathman Design & Analysis of Experiments 70 5790 Dr. James Rathman Modeling & Simulation 1 4193 Various Undergraduate Individual Studies 3 4998 Various Undergraduate Research

Number of B.S. Degrees Per Year

Shows Total Students, Number Granted to Women and Number Granted to Ethnic Minorities

600 500

Chem. E Total Women Ethnic Min



400 300












Data taken each January


Ethnic Min

















Ethnic Min Total Students

45 30 18 2010



ChBE 200 is the department's first major course. This table shows total enrollment in that course and the break down enrollment of women and ethnic minority students. Previous years include only students who passed the course with a C- or better.





Includes Majors & Premajors




Percentage of Women & Ethnic Minorities Versus Number of Total Students Over Time

Tracking CBE 200/2200 Enrollment


591 Total Students










Tracking CBE 200 Enrollment 220 210 200 190 180 170 160 150 140 130 120 110 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0



Female and Ethnic Minority Trends in Total Department Enrollment

200 0


21 2011


18 2012


20 2013

90% 85% 80% 75% 70% 65% 60% 55% 50% 45% 40% 35% 30%







20% 15% 10%










5% 0%

2010-2011 Academic Year


Ethnic Min

850 825 800 775 750 725 700 675 650 625 600 575 550 525 500 475 450 425 400 375 350 325 300 275 250 225 200 175 150 125 100 75 50 25 0

Total Number of CBE Students

Winter 2012 # Course 100 200 91 201 1 489 45 508 100 509 46 521 150 522

Undergraduate Enrollment Graphs

Percentage of Women or Ethnic Minority Students

Course Enrollment

Total Population


2012-2013 Undergraduate Scholarship Information A total of 135 students were awarded undergraduate scholarships in the Chemical & Biomolecular program. The vast majority of those students were current majors, although a small amount went to recruit high ability first year students as well. A total of $134,450 was awarded to students heading into the 2012-2013 school year. The average award was $995 this year compared to $866 the previous year.

Harold W. Almen Scholarship Jeremy Barlage Matthew Konderson Allison Basinger Kacie LaBrecque Worku Berihun Doug Montjoy Zamantha Brown Kevin Nowicki Jonathan Davis Timothy Oliver Timothy Hogan Parth Patel Joseph Janko Lucas Rodriguez Jerold Kim Michael Smith

Trends in data from financial aid show that the number and amount of both student and parent loans have been increasing. Both Ohio State tuition and University financial support have increased yearly. However, since the increase in scholarship support hasn’t been able to keep up with tuition increases, engineering students and their families have had to increase their debt levels to cover the additional costs. In the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Department, department scholarships from alumni and corporate donors help defray a small part of the burden of loans for many of our students.

Paul Bates Scholarship Jordan Boon Alexandra Claytor Theo Hicks

Department scholarships are determined mainly on merit, however, both merit and need are taken into account when a scholarship specifies consideration for need.

J.R. Boothe Scholarship Fund Ryan Gallagher

We sincerely thank those of our alumni who have established scholarship endowments, as well as our corporate donors who provide scholarships on an annual basis.


Robert W. Adams Memorial Scholarship Kevin Asper Kathryn Maltry Nicholas Blum Jacquelyn Pittman Mary (Mollie) Hesse Bryan Summerlin Daniel Lacey

Keith Johnson Janee McNeil Rayvion Sanford

The George S. Bonn Scholarship Zezhen Cheng Hongyang Pi Wenqin He Goutham Putta Lianwan Huang Pengpeng Qi Chenxi Li Sai Pranav Uppati Luhe Lu Binbin Wu Xinpei Mao Wenlan Yang Hui Peng Xiao Xiao Yu

The James F. and Patricia C. Dietz Engineering Scholarships Fund Zachary Adams Eric Piening Jesaiah King Hannah Zierden Lily Glick

Dorothy J. & Herbert L. Fenburr Scholarship Derek Anderson Ronald Lechner Lukas Brooks John Logue Paolo Brunello Kevin McNulty Megan Butts Sean Merrill David Chen Kyle Nimon Alex Elchert Garrett Price Nathan Fahrenkamp Paul Robertson Joanna Gobeille Monica Roser Kyle Hatton Sydney Rush Emily Helber Mandy Sheridan Scott Hochberg Jason Su Jesaiah King Leslie Vanderkolk Nicholas Koenig Laura Van Vliet Karl Kroll Efrain Vazquez Karen Kwong David H. George Chemical Engineering Scholarship Erica Brackman Paul Lacher Wiiliam Drees Peter Lyon Mitchell Jokerst Kalee McElmurry Kathryn Molitoris Jane Whitten

William R. & Doris M. Harris Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Mehak Chawla Erin McLean Mitchell Guenther Brian Mog Clinton Holloway Michael Risbeck Geoffrey Kleimeyer Stacey Sherman Jason Lee Vadim Vishnepolsky Mitchell Louis Milton & Karen Hendricks Scholarship Kara Bihn Killian Llewellyn Madeline Shirk Smith E. Howland Scholarship Wei Luo Kendel Mesch The Samuel S. and Grace Hook Johnston Memorial Chemical Engineering Scholarship Fund Nicholas Collinger Jacquelynn Herron

Allan I. Gordon Undergraduate Scholarship for Study in Biochemical Engineering William Luppino Tyler Russell

Webster B. Kay Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Chloe Higgins Stephen Gould

Todd David Harris Memorial Scholarship Lauren DiNardo Katherine Gradert Rob Russell

Lubrizol Foundation Scholarship Cornelius Cilliers Kristi Olesik The Tom and Gail Reardon Chemical Engineering Scholarship Fund Alexander James Katie Jones Nicholas Wood

The Howard R. Steele Memorial Scholarship in Chemical Engineering Joshua Fouasnon Gregory Jameson Aldrich Syverson Scholarship Kevin Asper Lauren Dellon Scott Hochberg Timothy Kremer H. Richard Unkel Chemical Engineering Class of 1941 William Cohen Joseph Gauthier Paul Hudson Bradley Jordan Marisa McCaffrey Lisa Steffan Jonathan Strutz Nathan Volchko Harry B. Warner Scholarship Brittany Niles William H. Whirl Scholarship Jessica Tufts The Michael D. Winfield Scholarship Gina Pietro Fred H. Winterkamp Memorial Scholarship Zachary Coates Rachel Student Williard preparing in the midst the water-diluted of the “Unit Ops acetic experience. acid charge ” for the activated carbon fixed bed adsorption in the Unit Ops Lab. Rachel graduated in the summer ofexperiment 2012.


2012 Alumni Donors Grad Yr Name of Alumna/Alumnus 1940 Charles H. Boardman III 1941 David Thomas 1943 Dalton F. Drake, Carlyle E. Shoemaker, James C. Wynd 1944 Wallace L. Bostwick, Edward W. Powell 1946 Kenneth A. Brandstetter, Haskell McGriff (deceased) 1947 William K. Fell, Herbert G. Krane, John B. Martin, Bryce H. McMullen, Donald F. Stauffer 1948 Richard A. Arnold (deceased), John A. Burgbacher, Lee B. Fosdick, Earl W. Goodman, Robert E. Kraus, Henry B. Lange, Manuel Ramos, George R. Secrist, Robert M. Tarr 1949 Paul E. Bates, Gordon G. Cross, Bruce E. Hill, J. Howard Kerstetter Jr., Glen D. Schaaf 1950 Walter E. Donham, Verne Rinehart, Richard L. Scott, Ralph E. Sieber 1951 Norman G. Bartrug, Charles L. Dornbusch, Paul W. Izant, John R. Parkinson, Norbert F. Reinert, David A. Strang 1952 James F. Froning, Donald E. Haupt, Richard F. Hazelton, C. Richard Heil, Charles Schmitz, David G. Stephan 1953 Robert A. Bates, Roger L. Briggs, Donald E. Findlay, Wilfred C. Ling, James L. Wilson 1955 John R. Blunden, Wendell B. Hammond Jr. 1956 Robert A. Cody, William D. Coe, Herbert H. Fanning 1957 Walter R. Andrews Jr., A. Leo Carter, Walter A. Flack, Jon D. Helms, Sung H. Hong 1958 Edward H. Bollinger, Charles N. Carpenter, John J. Connelly, James R. Facer, Barry C. Hartley, Werner S. Lichtenstein, Thomas R. Loy, Frank J. Nagy, Valdis E. Petritis, Richard M. Smith, Harold A. Sorgenti, James W. Stark, Lawrence R. Steele 1959 Charles H. Brown, James R. Godwin, Ronald M. Kovach, James H. Laughlin, Darryl J. Von Lehmden 1960 Virgil L. Anderson, Carl E. Brooks Jr., Guy A. Crossley, Joseph O. Estill, Edgar W. Fasig Jr., Orville W. Gruebmeyer Jr., Gordon R. Howard, Russell L. Wilt 1961 Paul R. Bigley, James W. Bowers, Richard B. Cooper, Dale C. Edwards, Clyde W. Folk, Fonald L. Follmer, Ronald D. Harris, David E. Hazlebeck, Donald I. King, Soon Ng -21-

1962 David E. Bidstrup, James Charles Opatrny, C. David Osbun, Michael J. Sorocak, Michael D. Winfield 1963 Nelson W. Barnhill, Gary L. Beeler, John P. Henry Jr., Robert P. Kasper, Fred Shaffstall, Kay L. Snider 1964 Michael B. Cutlip, Michael F. Dague Sr., William R. Ferris, James B. Sapp 1965 Oliver L. Davies, Frederick H. Flor Jr., Douglas W. Hissong, Arthur H. Morth, Frederick J. Rerko, Michael C. Royer, William A. Smith, Gary L. Street, Eugene N. Wheeler 1966 James G. Arnold, James V. Braun, Thomas E. Fitz Sr., William G. Lowrie, Glenn L. McKee, John W. Mitchell 1967 John W. Bradshaw, C. Douglas Dunlap, Keith A. Dunnigan, F. William Hauschildt Jr., Dennis W. Hurley, Graham F. Painter Jr., Anthony Santavicca, Richard D. Stolk, John M. Yacher 1968 Lawrence H. Green, Geoffrey A. Lindsay, Faramarz F. Nazem, Ronald R. Remick, John M. Salladay 1969 James F. Dietz, Smith E. Howland, Geoffrey A. Prentice, M. Anandha Rao, Steven E. Russell, John Toussant 1970 Bradford F. Dunn, David R. Grove, David O. Kutscher, John D. Rensel, James N. Stambolis, Richard B. Strait, Rosa Uy, Harry H. Yieh 1971 Juliet D. Balmer, Dale A. Draudt, Karen L. Hendricks, Jeffrey L. Kosch, William E. Pritchard, Harrison L. Stebbins, Armen Tergevorkian, Stephen Zakanycz 1972 Charles B. Ernst, James P. Russell, Yoon S. Song 1973 John C. Bost, David A. Dargan 1974 Christopher R. Beharry, Steven M. Brown, Rod Creager, Mark E. Forry, John E. Myers, George L. Ott, Michael A. Patterson 1975 John T. Erikson 1976 Debra G. Billman, James M. Delabar 1977 Robert L. Collins, Douglas J. Hallenburg 1978 James H. Etherton, Janet L. Inkrott, Mike Moore, Rad V. Scott III, Neil P. Stuber, Elizabeth A. Stuber, Brian K. Weider, Thomas E. Winkler 1979 Darice A. Davis, Karen T. Murphy, Gary S. Phillips, Ronald C. Reynolds, Inger J. Schultz, Ronald D. Vlcek, Tad K. Williams 1980 Frederick T. Clark, Bruce R. DeBruin, Matthew J. Galosi, Mark A. George, Joseph Petrarca Jr., Gary R. Prok, Timothy L. Strickler, Daniel R. Schwaegerle, David G.

Vutetakis 1981 Nancy C. Dawes, Ronald A. Gibson, Douglas V. Lenz, James A. Telljohann 1982 Dan Lambert, Sumner M. Saeks, Christina S. Sistrunk 1983 Michael B. Begland, Tracy F. Begland, Stephen R. Cammarn, Samuel D. Fink, Keith R. Nowak, Clark B.Wade, Robert E. Young 1984 David C. Arters, Teresa L. Datz-Siegel, Joseph L. Herzog, Randall L. Lonsbrough, Gregory M. Masica, Roger W. Nelson, Patrick A.Renner 1985 Douglas J. Ball, Roger G. Facer, Mark J. Hogan, Timothy A. Johnson, David J. Moonay 1986 Edward Bochenek, Rajeev L. Gorowara, Tharuvai S. Ramesh, David P. Vance 1987 Jeffrey D. Adams, Denise M. Burcham, D. Brian Noe, Timothy A. Rash, Donna M. Walter 1988 Amy S. Doty, Bhavesh V. Patel, Craig L. Shoemaker 1989 Stuart F. Doty, Amy R. Pressly, Jack Vinson 1990 Larry D. Doza, Craig M. Kehres, Frank J. Kizlik, James V. Lombardi, Timothy F. Matheis 1991 Greg E. Grotke, Kristan K. Latham, Rick Wright 1992 Pamela J. Archer, 1993 Ronald C. Kaminski Jr., Frank E. Seipel 1994 John D. Clay, Karen I. Kaminski 1996 Jack R. Reese II, Liping Zhang 1998 Aravind R. Asthagiri, Michael T. Timko 1999 Matthew F. Ehlerding, James W. Holder, Mohamadou Sarr 2000 Regis P. Geisler III 2001 Thomas J. Jaynes, Eric S. Jensen, Paul H. Matter, Scott A. McAlpine 2002 Jun Luo, Timothy M. Price 2003 Derrick A. Butler, Aaron P. Griset, Xiangmin Han 2004 Lori A. Engelhardt, Kurt Frey, Erica N. Jones, Adam M. Woeste 2005 Garrett E. Pavlovicz 2006 Adam C. Burley, Yi Zhang 2008 Ryan D. Griffin, Jeffrey R. Skinn, Andrew C. Williams 2009 Cathryn J. Marshall, Andrew W. Vail 2011 Daniel J. Griffin, Kevin M. Sutton, 2012 William L. Bluem, Cameron J. Bodenschatz, Christopher M. Schneider, Zhenchao Sun.


The students and faculty of CBE thank you for joining in supporting them.

Ohio State Alumni Friends of the Department 1940: Mazie G. Quigley; 1941: George P. Machalos; 1942: Betty F. Unkel; 1944: Audrey B. Bazler; 1947: Muriel E. Stauffer; 1948: W. I. Tarr; 1949: Marilyn E. George; 1950: Roland C. Fischer, Joann R. Parkinson, Harold L. Stelzer; 1952: Louise M. Stelzer; 1954: Matilda W. Fischer; 1955: Phillip J. McAteer; 1956: Jeanne B. Howard; 1958: Marlene H. Wilcox; 1959: John H. Williams; 1960: Sally C. Carpenter, Susan F. Edwards, Kay Stratton Hanson, Jane A. Harris, Mary Lou S. Hartley, Donna S. Steele; 1961: Sally H. Sorocak; 1963: Karen S. Beeler; 1964: Susan L. Royer; 1965: Nancy K. Morth; 1966: Sherry W. Lindsay, Carolyn E. Patch, Elizabeth C. Salladay; 1968: Karen V. Green, Beverly D. Hauschildt, Merlyn E. Prentice, Barbara D. Smith; 1969: Martha F. Bradshaw, Vicki Grove, Libby W. Toussant; 1970: Barbara A. Muller, David M. Muller, Patricia T. Stolk, Connie L. Strait; 1971: Molly L. Yieh; 1973: Paula C. Dunnigan; 1974: Karen B. Brown, Rod Creager; 1975: Linda Forry; 1976: David L. Billman, Kenneth E. Inkrott, Sandra K. Myers; 1978: Vicki O. Moore, Robin S. Scott; 1979: Susan H. Williams; 1980: Sharon R. Clark, Michelle S. Prok, C.S. Vlcek; 1981: Mark E. Dawes, Pamela R. Saeks, Kimberly J. Strickler, Chihae Yang; 1982: James K. McHugh, Sandra J. Telljohann; 1984: Jill C. Wade; 1985: Cheryl H. Ball, Eugenia M. Etherton, Roger G. Facer; 1988: Beth A. Dible, Christine C. Gorowara; 1989: Sharada Krishnamurthy; 1990: Melanie D. Stempwski; 1992: Julie A. Chalmers, Thomas J. Spahn; 1994: Ashley G. Haskins; 1995: Kerry A. Hogg; 1996: Kristy S. Clay; 1996: Jason R. Haskins; 1998: Brian D. Hogg; 2000: Anna G. Ehlerding; 2001: Jaclyn N. Hensen; 2003: Mamta B. Bakshi, Katherine C. Bower, Angie B. Byrne, Lisa A. Price; 2004: Jen M. Woeste; 2005: Nadai N. CasillasItuarte; 2006: Yi Zhang; 2007: James J. Kramer; 2008: Ryan D. Griffin, Adam E. Winter; 2009: Benjamin S. Scragg; 2012: Henry L. Robinson, Christopher M. Schneider.

Friends of the Department Lori A. Adams, Jo Ann Albery, Ruby T. Anderson, Eunice G. Andrews, Joyce A. Arnold, Ruth M. Bates (deceased), Bhavik R. Bakshi, Charles F. Balmer, Ida E. Barickman, Dinah N. Banhill, Patricia A. Bates, Carol J. Bidstrup, Lavada M. Bigley, Janet S. Boardman, Teresa Bochenek, Mary M. Bollinger, Dorra L. Bost, Betty J. Bostwick, Carolync C. Braun, Martha A. Briggs, Robert S. Brodkey, Rita E. Broestl, Lucy R. Brooks, Janis M. Brown, Michael W. Burcham, Marjorie P. Burgbacher, Tavane C. Cammarn, Susan P. Carter, Jeffrey J. Chalmers, Lois W. Cody, Edith B. Coe, Virginia A. Connelly, Suart L. Cooper, Marilyn Cooper, Mary A. Creager, Florence V. Cross, La Donna F. Crossley, Susan F. Cutlip, Lois B. Dague, Sharon K. Dargan, Margaret A. Davies, Darrell R. Davis, Lucy P. DeBruin, Colette C. Delabar, Patricia C. Dietz, Pamela Dillon, Trudy Donham, Beverly J. Dornbusch, Priscilla S. Drake, Jan D. Dunn, Hope H. Erikson, Elaine Ernst, Diana K. Estill, Suzanne F. Facer, Karen S. Facer, Liang-Shih Fan, Margaret Y. Fasig, Martin R. Feinberg, Gail L. Feinberg, Virginia S. Fell, Phyllis E. Ferris, Marilyn S. Findlay, Donna M. Fink, June W. Fitz, Eleanor B. Flack, Lynn D. Flanagan, Marlene G. Flor, Suzanne Folk, Nell M. Froning, Susan S. Galosi, Mary E. George, Sally L. Gibson, Mary A. Goodman, Judith M. Grotke, Judy H. Gruebmeyer, Joy P. Hammond, Doris W. Harris, Mildred B. Haupt, Ruth B. Hazelton, Patricia C. Hazlebeck, Beth M. Heil, Sharon A. Helms, Milt Hendricks, Barbara K. Hissong, W.W. Winston Ho, Annie Ho, Helen H. Hogan, Lee A. Holder, Yung Ok Hong, Christine H. Howland, Diane M. Izant (deceased), Jillian B. Jaynes, Audrey M. Johnson, Adrienne M. Kasper, Colleen S. Kerstetter, Nikita S. Kevlich, Beverly G. King, Kurt W. Koelling, Mary Lou S. Kovach, Reta N. Krane, Isamu Kusaka, Nancy L. Kutscher,

Nancy K. Lambert, James L. Latham, Sandra M. Laughlin, L.J. Lee, Sandra W. Lenz, Celia C. Ling, Marie C. Lombardi, Kimberley T. Lonsbrough, Ernestine R. Lowrie, Rosemary S.L. Loy, Phyllis R. Martin, Lisa Y. Masica, Perrin H. Matheis, George T. Matthews, Carol K. McAteer, Sarah M. McGriff, Kristina D. McHugh, Elizabeth M. McKee, Eileen S. McMullen, Gloria C. Meyers, Kenneth E. Meyers, Olga T. Michalos, Dorothy B. Morris, Thomas G. Morris, Deanna I. Nagy, Linda Nazem, Virginia F. Nelson, Michele H. Noe, Beth B. Opatrny, Irma M. Osbun, Janet M. Ott, Umit S. Ozkan, Erdal Ozkan, Andrew F. Palmer, Allison L. Palmer, Shital Patel, Mary G. Patterson, Michael E. Paulaitis, Linda L. Paulaitis, Kathleen J. Petrarca, Nancy H. Petritis, Caroline C. Powell, Robert F. Pressly, James K. Preston, Janell S. Pritchard, Isolina C. Ramos, Jan S. Rao, James F. Rathman, Danielle L. Reese, Karen B. Remick, Sharon L. Renner, Sally B. Rensel, Phyllis K. Rerko, Rosalie G. Rinehart, Janice P. Russell, Debra Santavicca, Linda S. Sapp, William W. Schultz, Sonya M. Schwaegerle, Viola M. Scott, Nancy L. Shaffstall, Violet A. Shoemaker, Elizabeth H. Shoemaker, Randall A. Siegel, John B. Sistrunk, Joy S. Smith, Sung L. Song, Ann R. Sorgenti, Judith A. Stambolis, Susan Stebbins, Mary B. Street, Rita Tergevorkian, Amy J. Tomasko, David L. Tomasko, Paula T. Vance, Helen L. Von Legmden, Rene K. Vutetakis, Julia R. Weider, Cindra Wheeler, Carol J. G. Williams, Norma H. Wilson, Cindy E. Wilt, Arlene R. Winfield, Caroline Winkler, Jessica O. Winter, David W. Wood, Barbara E. Wyslouzil, Debra F. Young, Barbara A. Zakanycz, Jacques L. Zakin, Laura P. Zakin, Nan Zhang, Ping C. Zhang.

Pictured right: Graduate students Xiang Zhang, Witopo Salim, and Cheng Chung

Corporate and Organizational Donors Abbott Laboratories, American Electric Power, Ashland Inc., BP Foundation Inc., BASF Corporation, Edward H. Bollinger Revocable Trust, Bostwick Family Trust, ButylFuel LLC, Chevron Humankind Program, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, Chevron Texaco Information, Clorox Company Foundation, Columbus Foundation Big Give Fund, Columbus Southern Power, Conoco Phillips, Crowe Horwath LLP, Dow Chemical Company, Dow Corning Corporation, Eli Lilly and Company Inc., Enterprise Products, ExxonMobil Corporation, James Facer Trust, Emily Audra Fleisher Trust, FMC Foundation, GE Foundation, Genentech Inc., Goodrich Foundation Partners in Giving, Greater Cincinnati Foundation-Procter & Gamble Fund, Hewlett-Packard Foundation, IBM International Foundation, Ingredion Inc., JM Smucker Company, Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, Randall Lonsbrough, DDS Inc., Lubrizol Foundation, Make A Difference Foundation Inc., Marathon Petroleum Company LP, MDU Resources Foundation, Merck Partnership for Giving, Occidental Petroleum Charitable Foundation, Owens Corning, Pepsico Foundation, PPG Industries Foundation, Procter & Gamble Fund, SC Johnson Wax Fund, SherwinWilliams Foundation, June C. Scott Trust, Shoemaker Living Trust, Rosa Uy Trust, Williams Companies Foundation, TE Connectivity, Tech4Imaging, UBS Financial Services.


Graduate Program Ranking

Faculty Productivity

Graduate Degrees Granted

The 2013 U.S. News and World Report rankings of engineering graduate programs placed the Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at #28. While the college rankings are based in good part on objective measures such as research funding, number of Ph.D. graduates, number of publications, etc., the departmental rankings are based on subjective surveys of deans of engineering and industrial executives.

The following table relating to faculty research and our Ph.D. program attests to our faculty’s productivity. In the past five years the average graduation rate was 15 Ph.D. students per year and a ratio of 0.78 Ph.D. degrees per faculty member. 2012 shows a decline in research expenditures to $7.3M, reflecting the end of substantial funding from the “Third Frontier” program from the State of Ohio.

Winter 2012

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Ohio State College of Engineering 29 27 25 29 30 Engineering Specialties Aerospace 21 22 19 19 22 Biological/Agriculture - 11 12 12 14 Biomedical - - 35 35 42 Chemical 27 27 27 27 28 Civil 38 36 36 36 38 Computer Engineering 29 20 - 23 23 Computer Sci 31 - 28 - 28 Electrical 26 20 22 22 19 Environmental/Env. Health 39 39 42 42 48 Industrial/Manufacturing 18 21 16 16 21 Materials 14 16 15 15 17 Mechanical 20 22 21 21 18 Nuclear - 13 15 15 13

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Total Faculty 17 17 18 19 19 20 Publications 89 78 91 125 100 130 Publications per Faculty 5.23 4.58 5.06 6.58 5.26 6.50 Books or Book Chapters 11 8 14 10 13 6 Patents 1 2 3 4 1 8 Total Grad Students 96 95 95 88 89 88 Grad Students/Faculty 5.65 5.58 5.58 4.89 4.94 4.40 Ph.D. Degrees Granted 11 11 15 18 9 21 Ph.D. Degrees/Faculty 0.65 0.65 0.88 0.95 0.47 1.05 Research Expenditures* 12,249,000 12,462,000 13,332,000 16,181,000 10,649,000 7,253,000 Research Exp/Faculty 720,530 733,060 740,670 851,580 560,470 362,650

$18,000,000 $14,000,000 $12,000,000 Total Expenditures



Advisor Jeffrey Chalmers

Doctor of Philosophy Advisor Lu Feng David Tomasko Dissertation: Experimental Study of Nucleation in Polystyrene/CO2 System Kelley Mullick Barbara Wyslouzil Dissertation: Binary Nucleation of n-butanol and Deuterium Oxide Conducted in Supersonic Nozzles

Spring 2012

Doctor of Philosophy Advisor Adam Burley Isamu Kusaka Dissertation: Toward a Fundamental Understanding of Bubble Nucleation in Polymer Foaming Nicole Guzman Michael Paulaitis Dissertation: Characterization and MiRNA Analysis of Cancer Cell-secreted Microvesicles Deepak Sridhar L.S. Fan Dissertation: Oxygen Carrier Development and Integrated Process Demonstration for Chemical Looping Gasification


During the past five years the research expenditures for the department have been outstanding. While we experienced a decline to $7.2M in fiscal year 12, we expect significant increases in future years due to the extraordinary productivity of a number of our senior faculty and the ramping up of research of faculty who have recently joined the department. On a per-capita basis, expenditures averaged over $650K per year during fiscal years 2008-2012. Our faculty are among the most productive at Ohio State and near the top of all Chemical Engineering departments in the nation.

Master of Science Alejandra Garcia-Villa

Indirect Cost

$8,000,000 $6,000,000 $4,000,000 $2,000,000 $0 2008





Megan Terp L. James Lee Dissertation: Improved Nanoparticle Preparation and Delivery Technology for DOTAP and Oligonucleotide Based Lipoplexes Jie Xu Jeffrey Chalmers Dissertation: Improved Nanoparticle Preparation and Delivery Technology for DOTAP and Oligonucleotide Based Lipoplexes

Doctor of Philosophy (Cnt’d) Advisor Ru Zang S.T. Yang Dissertation: Development of 3-D Microbioreactor Systems for Cell-Based High Throughput Screening Bin Zhu L. James Lee Dissertation: Layered-Silicate Based Polystyrene Nanocomposite Foam Using Carbon Dioxide as Blowing Agent

Autumn 2012

Master of Science Hyunkyu Choi Kalpesh Mahajan Laura Merugula Nihar Phalak Shuai Zhang

Advisor Umit Ozkan Jessica Winter Bhavik Bakshi L.S. Fan L. James Lee

Doctor of Philosophy Advisor Hyunkyu Choi Umit Ozkan Dissertation: Perovskite-type Oxide Material as ElectroCatalysts for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Hyung Kim L.S. Fan Dissertation: Coal-direct Chemical Looping Combustion Process for In-Situ Carbon Dioxide Capture – Operational Experience of Integrated 25-Kwth Sub-Pilot Scale-Up Shreyas Rao Jessica Winter Dissertation: Neural Biomimetic Materials for Investigating Cell Behaviors in 3D Shweta Singh Bhavik Bakshi Dissertation: Incorporating Bio-geochemical Cycles and Utilizing Complexity Theory for Sustainability Analysis Robert Urban Bhavik Bakshi Dissertation: Toward Sustainability through Techno-Ecological Synergy: Including Ecosystems in Engineering Design and Analysis

Doctor of Philosophy (Cnt’d) Advisor Liang Zeng L.S. Fan Dissertation: Multiscale Study of Chemical Looping Technology and Its Applications for Low Carbon Energy Conversions Kun Zhang S.T. Yang Dissertation: Fumaric Acid Fermentation by Rhizopus Oryzae With Integrated Separation Technologies

Summer 2012

Master of Science Samuel Bayham Alan Wang

Advisor L.S. Fan L.S. Fan

Doctor of Philosophy Advisor Ashutosh Bhabhe Barbara Wyslouzil Dissertation: Experimental Study of Condensation and Freezing in a Supersonic Nozzle Preshit Gawade Umit Ozkan Dissertation: Redox Catalysis for Environmental Applications Haifeng Shi Jacques Zakin Dissertaion: Surfactant Drag Reduction and Heat Transfer Enhancement Zhenchao Sun L.S. Fan Dissertaion: Morphological Property Variation and Ionic Transfer Behaviors of Solid Reactants in Fe-based and CaObased Chemical Looping Processes Xin Wang Stuart Cooper Dissertation: Peptide Linked Polymers for Cardiovascular Applications


Graduate Program Seminars Winter 2012 1/5




A James Link, Assistant Professor, Departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Molecular Biology, Princeton University, “How to Tie Peptide Knots” Alan W. Weimer, H.T. Sears Memorial Professor, Executive Director, Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels (C2B2), Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado, “Renewable Soloarthermal Production of Fuels from Biomass and Water” Kris C. Wood, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, “Defining the Genetic Determinants of Therapeutic Response in Melanoma Using Miniaturized Functional Genomics” Keith Roper, Director, Nano Bio Photonics Lab, Assistant Director, Associate Professor and Charles W. Oxford Chair of Emerging Technologies, University of Arkansas, “Plasmonic Nanocomposites in Materials, Probes, and Manufacturing”

Spring 2012 1/26



Akua Asa-Awuku, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of California–Riverside, “Do We Understand AerosolCloud Climate Interactions? Linking Organic Aerosol Properties to Cloud Condensation Nuclei” Cynthia Lo, Assistant Professor, Department of Energy, Environment and Chemical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, “Molecular Design of Efficient Catalysts for Greenhouse Gas Utilization”

2/16 Keith Roper, Director, Nano Bio Photonics Lab, Assistant Director, Associate Professor and Charles W. Oxford Chair of Emerging Technologies, Univer sity of Arkansas, “Plasmonic Nanocomposites in Materials, Probes, and Manufacturing”



Wilfred Chen, Gore Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware, “Biomo lecular Tools for Sustainable Energy and Improved Human Health” Joe Dooley, Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company, “Research in a Global Chemical Company”

Yebo Li, Assistant Professor, The Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, The Ohio State University, “Emerging Technologies for the Production of Energy and Products from Organic Waste”


Annie Weisbrod, Principal Scientist, Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs, Procter & Gamble, “Sustainability Focus Areas and Supply Chain Approaches at P&G”


Stephen Cheng, Dean, College of Polymer Science & Polymer Engineering, University of Akron, “Giant Molecules based on Nano-atoms: Size Amphilification, Function Diversification, and SelfAssembly Manipulation”


Matthew Tirrell, Professor and Prtizker Director, Institute of Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago, “Protein Analogous Micelles: Versatile, Modular Nanoparticles”


Paul Barton, Lammot du Pont Professor of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Optimal Design and Operation of Natural Gas Value Chains”


Zhen-Gang Wang, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, “Thermodynamics of Salt-Doped Polymer Blends and Block Copolymers”

2/23 Warren Zapol, MD, Emeritus Anesthetist-in-Chief, Director Anesthesia Center for Critical Care Research, Massachusetts General Hospital, “Life at the Frontier” 3/1


Thomas Magliery, Assistant Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The Ohio State University, “Information in Protein Sequences: Combinatorial and Statistical Protein Design”


Georges Belfort, Institute Professor, Howard P. Isermann Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, “Insight into the Kinetics of Oligomer Formation During Amyloidosis”


Jan Lerou, Principal, Jan Lerou Consulting, LLC, “Small Scale Gas-To-Liquid Processes Today”


Pablo Debenedetti, Lowrie Lecture I, Class of 1950 Professor in Engineering and Applied Science, Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Vice Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton, “The Theory of Hydrophobicity: Some Recent Developments on a Venerable Subject”



Pablo Debenedetti, Lowrie Lecture II, Class of 1950 Professor in Engineering and Applied Science, Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Vice Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Princeton, “Thermodynamic and Kinetic Models of the Emergence of Biological Homochirality” John (Zhongwei) Chen, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, “Nanostructured Non-precious Catalysts for Metal-Air Batteries”

Autumn 2012 9/6



Chunshan Song, Distinguished Professor of Fuel Science and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Departments of Energy & Mineral Engineering, and Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, “New Design Approaches to Capture and Catalytic Conversion of CO2 to Clean Fuels for Sustainable Development” Chau-Chyun Chen, Vice President of Technology, Aspen Technology, Inc., “Molecular Thermodynamics and Process Modeling Technology for Energy and the Environment” Michael Poirier, Assistant Professor of Physics, Biochemistry, Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics, The Ohio State University, “The

Mechanics of the Human Genome” 9/27

Lisa Hall, H. C. “Slip” Slider Assistant Professor, William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, The Ohio State University, “Dynamics of Model Ionic Polymer Melts”


Jason Haugh, Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, North Carolina State University, “Cell Migration: Where Biochemistry and Biophysics Meet”

10/18 Michael Doherty, Professor and Chair, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Crystals are Like People: Growth and Defects Are What Make Them Interesting” 10/25 Graduate Research Initiative Program Seminar (GRIP): Matthew D. Gallovic, “Synthesis and Characterization of an Acetalated Dextran Polymer and Microparticles with Ethanol As a Degradation Product,” Jeevan Baretto, “Construction of Neurexin Biosensor and Screening of Potential Ligands,” Xi Zhao, “CEBPA Mutant Regulates mkR181a Expression in AML Cells: A Single Cell Study by Nanochannel Electroporation” 11/8

Kristala L. Jones Prather, Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Modular Pathway Design for Synthesis of Biofuels and Biochemicals”

11/15 Hsueh-Chia Chang, Director, Center for Microfluidics and Medical Diagnostics, Bayer Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, “Electrokinetic Technologies for Portable Molecular Diagnostics” 11/29 Lars Grabow, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Houston, “Tailoring the Catalytic Properties of Transition Metals and Aluminosilicates Guided by First-Principles Calculations” -26-

Graduate Student Awards Samuel Bayham: Won 2nd place in the poster competition at the 2nd International Conference on Chemical Looping in Darmstadt, Germany, Received the Outstanding TA Award for Autumn 2012 Ray Kim: Won Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Research Excellence at the Lowrie Banquet Daniel Knight: Won Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Research Excellence at the Lowrie Banquet Meimei Liu: Won the Alumni Grants for Graduate Research and Scholarship from the Graduate School in the Spring 2012 competition Kalpesh Mahajan: Placed first in the Fisher College of Business 2012 Business Plan Competition as a member of Core Quantum Technologies Harshad Pathak: Received a travel grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to attend the 31st Annual American Association of Aerosol Research Conference in Minneapolis, MN in October 2012

Faculty Ilgaz Soykal: Won Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Research Excellence at the Lowrie Banquet, Received the AIChE Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division Travel Award, Received First Place in Student Presentation in Microscopy Society of the Ohio River Valley (MSORV) Zhenchao Sun: Won Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Research Excellence at the Lowrie Banquet

Graduate Student University Fellowships:

materials: building effective catalysts from first-principles, DOE-EFRC (LSU).

Xinyu Liu Gauri Nabar Kuldeep Mamtani Kristopher Richardson Samuel Stimple

$600,000 Asthagiri, Aravind (25%) (2012-2015) Growth and reactivity of oxide phases on crystalline Pd and Pt surfaces, DOE-BES.

Associate Professor, PhD, Carnegie Mellon, 2003. Computational materials science, energy & sustainability.

Yanan Zhao: Won Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Research Excellence at the Lowrie Banquet

A. Antony, A. Asthagiri, and J.F. Weaver, “Pathways for C-H bond cleavage of propane sigma-complexes on PdO(101),” Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 14, 12202 (2012).

Refereed Papers

Kun Zhang: Won the Autumn 2012 Ray Travel Award from the Council of Graduate Students

Distinguished University Fellowship holder Yinming Du enjoys a moment with peers at a CBE-sponsored event.

Y-T. Cheng, T-R. Shan, B. Devine, D. Lee, T. Liang, B.B. Hinojosa, S.R. Phillpot, A. Asthagiri, and S.B. Sinnott, “Atomistic Simulations of the Adsorption and Migration Barriers of Cu Adatoms on ZnO Surfaces using COMB Potentials,” Surf. Sci., 606, 1280 (2012).

Kartik Ramasubramanian: Won Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Research Excellence at the Lowrie Banquet

A. Antony, A. Asthagiri, and J.F. Weaver, “Dispersion effects on DFT calculations of alkane adsorption on PdO(101) and Pd(111),” J. Chem. Phys., 136, 054702 (2012).

Haifeng Shi: AIC Outstanding Graduate Student Award at the Lowrie Banquet

Current Grants/Contracts Nihar Phalak explains calcium looping at the First Annual Graduate Research Symposium held Fall 2012. Nihar also served as the lead organizer for the event. --Photo by Geoff Hulse.

$354,300 Asthagiri, Aravind (50%) (2009-2013) Tailoring enantiospecific properties of chiral metal nanoclusters on chiral metal oxides, National Science Foundation. $769,119 Asthagiri, Aravind (50%) (2009-2014) Computational catalysis and atomic-level synthesis of


Refereed Papers

Robert Brodkey

Professor Emeritus, PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1952. Validation of computational fluid dynamic codes with experimental measurements that involves full field, time-resolved, velocity vector measurements.

J.A. Hinojosa, C. Hakanoglu, A. Antony, A. Asthagiri and J.F. Weaver, “Adsorption of CO2 on a PdO(101) thin film,” J. Phys. Chem. C 116, 3007-3016 (2012).

Nihar Phalak: Fall 2012 Career Development Grant Award from the Council of Graduate Students

V. Khanna, L. A. Merugula, and B. R. Bakshi. “Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Polymer Nanocomposites,” chapter in Advances in Polymer Nanocomposites, Ed. by F. Gao. Woodhead Publishing, 2012. E. Landers, R. A. Urban, and B. R. Bakshi. “Accounting for Ecosystem Services in Life Cycle Assessment and Design,” chapter in Life Cycle Assessment: A Guide for Environmentally Sustainable Products, Ed. by Mary Ann Curran. Scrivener Publishing, 2012.

Aravind Asthagiri

Lin Zhao: Won the 2012 NAMS Student Travel Award to attend the NAMS Annual Meeting in June in New Orleans, Won Outstanding Graduate Student Award for Research Excellence at the Lowrie Banquet

Books and Book Chapters

A. Baral, B. R. Bakshi, and R. L. Smith. “Assessing Resource Intensity and Renewability of Cellulosic Ethanol Technologies using Eco-LCA”. Environmental Science and Technology 46(4),(2012), pp. 2436–2444. L. Merugula, V. Khanna, and B. R. Bakshi. “Reinforced Wind Turbine Blades - An Environmental Life Cycle Evaluation,” Environmental Science & Technology 46 (2012), pp. 97859792. N. B. Cruze, P. K. Goel, and B. R. Bakshi. “On the ‘rigorous proof of fuzzy error propagation with matrix-based LCI’” International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (2012). (http://

Bhavik Bakshi

Current Projects and Grants

Professor, PhD, MIT, 1992. Sustainability science and engineering, process systems engineering.

$200,000 Fiksel, Joseph (co-PI: Bhavik R. Bakshi) Resilient Enterprise Consortium, Center for Resilience.

Awards and Honors

$300,000 Bakshi, Bhavik R. (co-PI William J. Mitsch) (20092013). Toward Integration of Industrial Ecology and Ecological Engineering, National Science Foundation.

Research Excellence in Sustainable Engineering, Awarded by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Sustainable Engineering Forum (2012).

$418,965 Li, Yebo (co-PI: Bhavik R. Bakshi, Rudy Buchheit) (2012-2015)


Production of Bio-polyols and Derivatives from Biodiese Based Crude Glycerol for Low VOC Coating Applications, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

circulating tumor cells from patients receiving chemotherapy, Front. Oncol. 2(128), 2012; PMID. 23112954; PMC ID PMC3480704.

$6,000,000 Li, Yebo (co-PI: Bhavik R. Bakshi, Ratan Lal, Denny Hall, et al.) (2012-2015) Bioenergy and Biofuels Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass via Anaerobic Digestion and Fisher-Tropsch Reaction, U.S. Department of Agriculture, BRDI Program.

Jin, X., Abbot, S., Zhang, X., Kang, L., Voskinarian-Berse, V., Karmeneva, M.V., Moore, L.R., Chalmers, J.J., Zborowski, M., Erythrocyte enrichment in hematopoietic progenitor cell cultures based on magnetic susceptibility of the hemoglobin. PLoSONE. Vol. 7, Issue 8:1-10, e39491, 2012; PMID: 22952572; PMCID: PMC3428333. Balasubramanian, P., Lang, J.C., Jatana, K., Miller, B., Schuller, D., Agrawal, A., Lustberg, M., Zborowski, M., Chalmers, J.J. Multiparameter analysis, including EMT markers, on negatively enriched blood samples from patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck. PLoSONE. 7:1-11, e42048, 2012; PMID:22844540; PMCID: PMC3406036.

Jeffrey Chalmers

Jin, X., Chalmers, J.J., Zborowski, M. Iron Transport in Cancer Cell Culture Suspensions measured by Cell magnetophoresis. Analytical Chemistry. 84,4520-4526, 2012; PMID 22500468.

Referreed Papers

Lustberg, M., Jatana, K.R., Zborowski, M., Chalmers, J.J. Emerging Technologies for CTC Detection Based on Depletion of Normal Cells. Recent Results Cancer Res. 195,97-110 (2012).

Professor, PhD, Cornell, 1988. Biochemical engineering, bioengineering, biomedical engineering.

K.D. Mahajan, G. Vieira, G. Ruan, B.L. Miller, M. Lustberg, J.J. Chalmers, R. Sooryakumar, J.O. Winter (Invited), "MagDotNanoconveyer Assay for Detection and Isolation of Molecular Biomarkers," Chemical Engineering Progress, December 2012, 41-51 (2012). Jie, Xu, Mahajan, K., Xue, W., Winter, J.O., Zborowski, M., Chalmers, J.J. Simultaneous, single particle, magnetization and size measurements of micron sized, magnetic particles, JMMM 324,4189-4199. 2012. PMID: 22962515; PMC3433070. Garcia-Villa, A., Balasubramanian, P. Miller, B.L., Lustberg, M., Ramaswamy, B., Chalmers, J.J. Assessment of γ-H2AX levels in



Refereed Papers

$1,300,000 Chalmers, Jeffrey, P.I. (2008-2012) Large-scale human placenta progenitor cell-derived erythrocyte production – continuous red blood cell production. Celgene Corp./DARPA.

Wang, X., D. E. Heath and S. L. Cooper, "Endothelial Cell Adhesion and Proliferation to PEGylated Polymers with Covalently Linked RGD Peptides," J. Biomed. Mater. Res., 100A, 794-801 (2012).

$313,433 Winter, P.I., Chalmers, Jeffrey, Co-P.I., (2009-2012) Fluorescent-magnetic nanomaniputators for cytoskeletal mechanical investigations. NSF GRT00013770.

Heath, D. E. and S. L. Cooper, "Design and Characterization of Sulfobetaine-containing Terpolyer Biomaterials," Acta Biomaterialia, 8, 2899-2910 (2012).

Plenary Lecturer, 14th Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress (APCChE 2012), Singapore (February 21 – 24, 2012).

$145,000/yr Chalmers, Jeffrey, P.I. of sub-contract from CC (1994-2016). Magnetic Cell Sorting and Analysis. NIH, (2R01 CA062349-15.

Heath, D.E., C Kobe, D. Jones, N. Moldovan and S. L. Cooper, "In-Vitro Endothelialization of Electrospun Terpolymer Scaffolds: A Survey of Scaffold Type and Cell Source," Tissue Engineering, Part A, 19(1-2), 79-90 (2013).

Referred Papers

$68,577 Lee, J., Chalmers, Jeffrey (2012-2013) CANBD-II: Nanofluidics-based nanofactor detection line, NSF EEC-0425626.

$359,779. Winter, Jessica (PI), coPIs: Wyslouzil, Barbara, Chalmers, Jeffrey, Ruan, Gang (2012-2015) Micellular Electrospray Synthesis of Magnetic Quantum Dots. NSF# 1206745.

Stuart L. Cooper

$150,000 Chalmers, Jeffrey, P.I. (2012-2014) Magnetic technologies for microalagal biofuel production. GRT00025262 NSF Phase II SBIR awarded to Phycal, Inc.

University Scholar Professor and Department Chair, PhD, Princeton University, 1967. Polymer science and engineering, properties of polyurethanes and ionomers, blood-materials interactions, tissue engineering. Awards and Honors

$180,000 Chalmers, Jeffrey, P.I. (2011-2013) CTC blood testing and Analysis. Navel Health Research Center

Elected American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Engineering Section Council Delegate 2012-2015.

Innovator of the Year Award, The Ohio State University (October 11, 2012).

W. Wang, S. Ramkumar, D. Wang and L. S. Fan, “Simulations and Process Analysis of the Carbonation-Calcination Reaction Process with Intermediate Hydration,” Fuel, 92, 94-106 (2012). Fu-Chen Yu, Nihar Phalak, ZhenChao Sun and Liang-Shih Fan, “Activation Strategies for Calcium-Based Sorbents for CO2 Capture – A Perspective,” I&EC Research, 51, 2133-2142 (2012).

Diffusion-Reaction Mechanism and Reactor Engineering,” Reviews in Chemical Engineering, 28, 1-42 (2012). Meenal Pore, Thusara C. Chandrasekera, Daniel J. Holland, Aining Wang, Fei Wang, Qussai Marashdeh, Michael D. Mantle, Andrew J. Sederman, Liang-Shih Fan, Lynn F. Gladden and John S. Dennis, “Magnetic resonance studies of jets in a gas–solid fluidized bed,” Particuology, 10, 161-169 (2012). Daniel P. Connell, David A. Lewandowsk, Shwetha Ramkumar, Nihar Phalak, Robert Statnick and Liang-Shih Fan, “Process Simulation and Economic Analysis of the Calcium Looping Process (CLP) for Hydrogen and Electricity Production from Coal and Natural Gas,” Fuel, 105, 383-396 (2013). Nihar Phalak, Niranjani Deshpande and Liang-Shih Fan, “Investigation of High Temperature Steam Hydration of Naturally Derived Calcium Oxide for Improved Carbon Dioxide Capture Capacity Over Multiple Cycles,” Energy and Fuels, 26, 3903-3909 (2012).

S. Ramkumar, N. Phalak and L. S. Fan, “Calcium Looping Process (CLP) for Enhanced Steam Methane Reforming,” I&EC Research, 51, 1186-1192 (2012).

Shridhar, D., Tong, A., Kim, H., Zeng, L., Li, F. and Fan, L. S., “Syngas Chemical Looping Process: Design and Construction of the 25KWth Sub-Pilot Unit,” Energy and Fuels, 26, 2292-2302 (2012).

Zhenchao Sun Siwei Luo and Liang-Shih Fan, “Ionic Transfer Mechanism of COS Reaction with CaO: Inert Marker Experiment and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculation,” AIChE Journal, 58 (8), 2617-2620 (2012).

Zeng, L., Luo, S. and L. S. Fan, “Chemical Looping Processes for CO2 Capture and Carbonaceous Fuel Conversion – Prospect and Opportunity,” Energy & Environmental Science, 5 (6), 7254 – 7280 (2012).

Appointed Honorary Professor, Tsinghua University, P.R. China, (October 16, 2010 – October 15, 2013).

Nihar Phalak, Shwetha Ramkumar, Niranjani Deshpande, Yao Wang, William Wang, Robert Statnick and Liang-Shih Fan, “Calcium Looping Process (CLP) for Clean Coal Conversion: Design and Operation of the Sub-Pilot Scale Carbonator,” I&EC Research, 51, 9938 – 9944 (2012).

Li, F., Zeng L. and L. S. Fan, “Coal-Direct Chemical Looping Gasification for Hydrogen Production: Reactor Modeling and Process Simulation,” Energy and Fuels, 26, 3680-3690 (2012).

Distinguished Lecturer, Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering Department (March 30, 2012);

Liang Zeng, Siwei Luo, Deepak Sridhar and L. S. Fan, “Chemical Looping Processes – Particle Characterization, Ionic

L.S. Fan

Current Grants/Contracts

Iowa State University, Mechanical Engineering Department (April 2, 2013); University of Alabama, Chemical Engineering Department (April 24-26, 2013).

Distinguished University Professor and C. John Easton Professor in Engineering, PhD, West Virginia University, 1975. Fluidization, multiphase flow, particulate reaction engineering, energy and environmental engineering, process tomography. Awards and Honors

Andrew Tong, Deepak Sridhar, Zhenchao Sun, Hyung R. Kim, Liang Zeng, Fei Wang, Mandar V. Kathe, Siwei Luo, Yuhao Sun and Liang Shih Fan, “Continuous High Purity Hydrogen Generation from a Syngas Chemical Looping 25KWth Sub-Pilot


Unit with 100% Carbon Capture,” Fuel, 103, 495 - 505 (2013). T.C. Chandrasekera, A. Wang, D.J. Holland, Q. Marashdeh, M. Pore, F. Wang, A.J. Sederman, L.-S. Fan, L.F. Gladden and J.S. Dennis, “A comparison of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Electrical Capacitance Tomography: An Air Jet through a Bed of Particles,” Powder Technology, 227, 86-95 (2012). Liang Zeng, Mandar Kathe, Elena Chung and Liang- Shih Fan, “Some Remarks on Direct Solid Fuel Combustion Using Chemical Looping Processes,” Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, 1 (3), 290-295 (2012). Wang, Fei; Marashdeh, Qussai, Wang, Aining and Fan, LiangShih, “ECVT Imaging of 3-D Flow Structures and Solid Concentration Distribution in a Riser and Bend of a Gas-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed,” I&EC Research, 51, 10968-10976 (2012). Liang Zeng, Siewei Luo, Fanxing Li and Liang-Shih Fan, “Chemical Looping Technology and Its Applications in Fossil Fuel Conversion and CO2 Capture,” Scientia Sinica Chimica, 42(3), 260 – 281 (2012). Zhenchao Sun and Liang-Shih Fan, “Physical and Chemical Mechanism for Increased Surface Area and Pore Volume of CaO in Water Hydration,” I&EC Research, 51, 10793-10799 (2012). Sun, Zhenchao, Zhou, Qiang and Liang-Shih Fan, “Reactive Solid Surface Morphology Variation via Ionic Diffusion,” Langmuir, 28, 11827-11833 (2012). Current Grants/Contracts $400,000 Fan, L.S. (2012-2015) “Moving Bed Heat Exchanger Study for Solar Energy Chemical Looping System Application,” National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL).


$5,000,000 Fan, L.S. (2010-2013) Pilot Demonstration of the Carbon Negative Syngas Chemical Looping Process, Advanced Research Projects Agency, Energy (ARPA-E).

$100,000 Fan, L.S. (2011-2014) Study of Particle Rotation Effect in Gas-Solid Flows Using Direct Numerical Simulation with a Lattice Boltzmann Method, Department of Energy (DOE).

$5,000,000 Fan, L.S. (2010-2013) Pilot Demonstration of the Carbon Negative Syngas Chemical Looping Process, Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO), Industries and University.

$1,000 Fan, L.S. (2010-2013) Undergraduate Research Award, Dow Chemicals.

Shinar, Guy and Martin Feinberg, “Concordant Chemical Reaction Networks,” Mathematical Biosciences, 240, 92-113 (2012).

$3,900,000 Fan, L.S. (2012-2014) Syngas Chemical Looping Demonstration at NCCC – II, Department of Energy (DOE-ARPA-E) and OCDO.

Shinar, Guy and Martin Feinberg, “Concordant Chemical Reaction Networks and the Species-Reaction Graph,” Mathematical Biosciences, 241, 1-23 (2013).

$1,400,000 Fan, L.S. (co-PI)(2012-2013) CDCL- Phase I Demonstration, Department of Energy.


$3,160,143 Fan, L.S. (2009-2012) Coal-Direct Chemical Looping Retrofit to Pulverized Coal Power Plants for In-Situ CO2 Capture, Department of Energy (DOE), OCDO. $299,819 Fan, L.S. (2009-2012) Process/Equipment Co-simulation on Syngas Chemical Looping Process, Department of Energy (DOE).

$300,000 Fan, L.S. (co-PI) 2012-2015 Microfluidics for Cell Entrapment, National Science Foundation.

$160,000 Fan, L.S. (2010-2012) Coal Feeder Development for the Coal-Direct Chemical Looping Process, Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO).

$300,000 Fan, L.S. (2012-2015) Biomass Tar Interaction with Metal Oxide Oxygen Carriers, National Science Foundation.

$160,000 Fan, L.S. (2010-2012) Quantum Calculation to Predict Oxygen Migration Pathway, Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO). $160,000 Fan, L.S. (2010-2012) CCR Process for CO2 and SO2 capture: Investigation of Realistic Regeneration and Reactivation Conditions, Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO). $100,000 Fan, L.S. (2011-2013) Hydrator Design for CCR Process, Ohio Coal Development Office (OCDO). $202,444 Fan, L.S. (2010-2013) Integrated Curriculum for Smart Power Engineering, Department of Energy (DOE).

Science and Technology, Vienna, Austria (May, 2013). Referreed Papers

Phillipp Ellison, Haixia Ji, Daniel Knight, and Martin Feinberg, The Chemical Reaction Network Toolbox, Version 2.2, 2012. Current Grants and Projects $381,826 Feinberg, Martin (2008-2013) Collaborative Research: Multistability in Biological Networks, National Institutes of Health - General Medical Sciences. $340,718 Feinberg, Martin (2010-2013) Design Principles of Biochemical Reaction Networks, Emerging Frontiers, National Science Foundation.

Martin Feinberg

Richard Morrow Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Professor of Mathematics, PhD, Princeton University, 1968. Complex chemical systems, behavior of chemical and biochemical reaction networks. Awards and Honors

Lisa Hall Ass

Lisa Hall

Assistant Professor, PhD, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2009. Polymer theory and simulation, ion-containing polyomers, polymer nanocomposites. Referreed Papers

W.S. Winston Ho

Professor, PhD, University of Illinois, Urbana, 1971. Molecularly based membrane separations, fuel-cell fuel processing and membranes, transport phenomena in membranes, separations with chemical reaction, reverse osmosis.

Hall, Lisa M.; Seitz, Michelle, E; Winey, Karen I.; et al. "Ionic Aggregate Structure in Ionomer Melts: Effect of Molecular Architecture on Aggregates and the Ionomer Peak," Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, (1) (Jan 2012): 574-587.

Awards and Honors

Hall, Lisa M.; Stevens, Mark, J; Frischknecht, Amalie L. "Dynamics of Model lonomer Melts of Various Architectures."Macromolecules, 45, (19), (Oct 2012): 80978108.

Invited John A. Quinn Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (April 25, 2012).

Awards and Honors H.C. "Slip" Slider Professorship, The Ohio State University (2012). Employee Recognition Award to the Postdoc Professional Development Program team, Sandia National Laboratories (2012).

Lawrence B. Evans Award in Chemical Engineering Practice, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, (2012).

Books and Book Chapters Bai, He, and Ho, W.S. Winston, “Carbon Dioxide-Selective Facilitated Transport Membranes for Hydrogen Purification,” in Production and Purification of Ultraclean Transportation Fuels, Y. H. Hu, X. L. Ma, E. B. Fox, and X. Guo, eds., ACS Symposium Series, Washington, DC, Vol. 1088, Chap. 7 (2011). Vilt, Michael E., and Ho, W.S. Winston, “Applications and Advances with Supported Liquid Membranes,” in Membrane Technologies and Applications, K. Mohanty and M. K. Purkait, eds., Taylor & France Group, LLC, Boca Raton, FL, Chap. 16, pp. 279-303 (2012).

Invited to give Institute Lecture at the Austria Institute of


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Current Grants/Contracts $50,000 Kurt Koelling (2008-2012) Extensional flow induced orientation and rheology of polymer/ carbon nanotube composite, Toray Industries.

Current Projects and Grants $129,000 Ho, W.S. Winston (2010-2012) Office of Naval Research, Fouling-Resistant High-Flux Water Desalination Membranes. OSURF Project No. 60023857.

nucleation in polystyrene: Experimental and modeling studies," Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 125 (3), 2170-2186, (2012).

Kurt Koelling

Professor, PhD, Princeton University, 1993. Polymer processing and rheology, polymer nanocomposites, bio-based Polymers, micro/nanofluidics. Referreed Papers

C. Zhou, Y. Mao, Y. Sugimoto, N. Kanthamneni, B. Yu, R.W. Brueggemeier, L.J. Lee and R.J. Lee, “SPANosomes as Delivery Vehicles for Small Interfering RNA (siRNA),” Molecular Pharmaceutics, 9(2), 201-10 (2012).

$48,000 Yael Vodovotz, Kurt Koelling (2011-2012) The use of PHBV/PLA Biodegradable Polymers for Food Packaging Films, OARDC – New Enterprise Grant. $50,000 Yael Vodovotz, Katrina Cornish, Kurt Koelling (2012-2013). Biobased PHBV/Hevea Natural Rubber Blends for Packaging Applications, OARDC.

L. James Lee

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Professor, PhD, University of Minnesota, 1979. Polymer and composite engineering, micro/nanotechnology, BioMEMS/ NEMS.

$134,029 Ho, W.S. Winston (2009-2013) National Science Foundation, Center for Affordable Nanoengineering of Polymer Biomedical Devices, NSEC Project sponsoring 1 Ph.D. Student, with L. James Lee (PI), OSURF Project No. 60030348 & 60028680.

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Books and Book Chapters

Ho, W.S. Winston, “Water Permeable Membranes and Methods of Making Water Permeable Membranes,” U. S. Patent 8,196,754 (June 12, 2012).

$675,000 Ho, W.S. Winston (2011-2015) Office of Naval Research /DJW Technology, LLC, Advanced Hydrogen Reformate Stream Purifier for Fuel Cell

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Refereed Papers


$302,000 Ho, W.S. Winston (2010-2013) National Science Foundation, Advanced CO2- and H2SSelective Membranes, OSURF Project No. 60025821.

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Isamu Kusaka

Associate Professor, PhD, Caltech, 1998. Statistical mechanics.

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Delivery, 3(6), 715-723 (2012).

184 (2012).

Current Grants/Contracts

K.S. Parikh, S.S. Rao, H.M. Ansari, L.B. Zimmerman, L.J. Lee, S.A. Akbar and J.O. Winter, “Ceramic Nanopatterned Surfaces to Explore the Effects of Nanotopography on Cell Attachment,” Materials Science and Engineering C, 32, 2469-2475 (2012).

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$2,886,763 Lee, L. James (co-PI)(2008-2013) Targeted Lipopolyplexes for Oligonucleotide Delivery to AML, National Institute of Health. $419,375 Lee, L. James (co-PI) (2011-2013) Therapeutic Delivery of Anti-miR Oligos to Hepatocellular Cancer, National Institutes of Health.

Umit Ozkan

College of Engineering Distinguished Professor, PhD, Iowa State University, 1984. Catalysis, electro-catalysis and catalytic materials, application of catalysis in the areas of energy conversion and emission control.

$275,000 Lee, L. James (2011-2012) New Bio-nanotechnology Methods for Toxicity Evaluation of Industrial Nanoparticles, National Science and Foundation/ EPA.

Awards and Honors

$95,000 Lee, L. James (2011-2012) Polymer Nanocellular Fibers Prepared via Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extrusion, Taiwan Textile Research Institute.

Honored with a Special Award symposium of the American Chemical Society (August 2012).

$35,000 Lee, L. James (2012-2013) Polymer Foams for Thermal Insulation, Owens Corning. $30,000 Lee, L. James ( 2012-2013) Graphene Based Polymer Nanocomposites and Coating, LCY.

American Chemical Society, Energy and Fuels Division Distinguished Researcher Award (2012).

OSU Mortar Board Senior Honor Society Mentoring Recognition (2012). Refereed Papers Von Deak, D., Singh, D., Biddinger, E.J., King, J.C., Bayram, B., Miller, J.T., Ozkan, U.S., “Investigation of sulfur poisoning of CNx oxygen reduction catalysts for PEM fuel cells,” Journal of Catalysis. 285, 145-151 (2012). Von Deak, D. Singh, D., King, J.C., Ozkan, U.S., “Von Deak, D. Singh, D., King, J.C., Ozkan, U.S., “Use of carbon monoxide and cyanide to probe the active sites on nitrogen-doped carbon catalysts for oxygen reduction,” Applied Catalysis, B. 113-114, 126-133 (2012).

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$990,000 Ozkan, U.S. (2007-2013) Investigation of the nature of active sites on heteroatomcontaining carbon nano-structures for oxygen reduction reaction, US Department of Energy-Basic Energy Sciences.

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$570,000 Ozkan, U.S. (2009-2012) Natural Gas Engine After-treatment, Caterpillar, Inc.

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Current Projects and Grants

$15,000 Ozkan, U.S. (2011-2012) SBIR: Novel Catalysts Based on Doped Carbon Nano-Fibers, NSF, pH Matter, LLC. $160,000 Ozkan, U.S. (2010-2012) Coal-based SOFC, Ohio Coal Development Office. $450,000 Ozkan, U.S. (Co-PI: Anne Co) (2012-2015) Controlling Selectivity in Electro-catalytically Assisted Alkane Dehydrogenation, National Science Foundation.

Soykal, I.I., Sohn, H., Ozkan, U.S., “Effect of Support Particle Size in Steam Reforming of Ethanol over Co/CeO2 Catalysts” ACS Catalysis.2(1) 2335-2348 (2012). Gawade, P., Alexander, A.M., Silver, R., and Ozkan, U.S., “Effect of engine exhaust parameters on the hydrothermal stability of hydrocarbon-selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalysts for lean-burn systems,” Energy and Fuels, 26(12) 7084-7091 (2012). Patents Ozkan, Umit S.; Holmgreen, Erik M.; Yung, Matthew M.,

Andre Palmer

Professor, PhD, The Johns Hopkins University, 1998. Bioengineering & hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers. (Continued on next page)


Palmer, continued: Awards and Honors The Ohio State University College of Engineering Harrison Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education (2012). Referreed Papers N. Zhang and A. F. Palmer, “Liposomes surface conjugated with human hemoglobin target delivery to macrophages,” Biotechnology & Bioengineering 109: 823-9 (2012). Y. Zhou, P. Cabrales and A. F. Palmer, “Simulation of NO and O2 transport facilitated by polymerized hemoglobin solutions in an arteriole that takes into account wall shear stress-induced NO production,” Biophysical Chemistry 162: 45-60 (2012). J. Elmer and A. F. Palmer, “Earthworm erythrocruorin: A promising natural blood substitute,” Journal of Functional Biomaterials 3: 49-60 (2012).

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Current Grants/Contracts

T. J. Styslinger, N. Zhang, V. Bhatt, N. Pettit, A. F. Palmer and P. G. Wang, “Site-selective glycosylation of hemoglobin with variable molecular weight oligosaccharides: a potential alternative to PEGylation,” Journal of the American Chemical Society 134: 7507-7515 (2012).

$530,548 Palmer, Andre (Co-PI; John Lannutti, PI/Co-PI; Dave Farson, Co-PI and Mariano Viapiano, Co-PI;) (2010-2013). Nanofiber-based sensors for oxygen determination in model glioblastomas) National Science Foundation, Grant: CBET-1033991.

J. H. Baek, Y. Zhou, D. R. Harris, D. J. Schaer, A. F. Palmer and P. W. Buehler, “Down selection of polymerized bovine hemoglobins for use as oxygen releasing therapeutics,” Toxicological Sciences 127: 567-581 (2012).


$1,875,000 Palmer, Andre (2006-2013) Mechanically stable blood substitutes, Agency: National Institutes of Health Grant: R01HL078840.

Awards and Honors Ohio State University Early Innovator Award (2012). Refereed Papers

Michael Paulaitis

Professor and Ohio Eminent Scholar, PhD, University of Illinois, 1976. Molecular thermodynamics, role of hydration in biological organization, self-assembly and molecular recognition, multi-scale modeling of biological interactions. Awards and Honors OSU College of Engineering Harrison Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education (2012). Referreed Papers Rameez, S., R. Patel, N. Guzman, J. Honavar, U. Banerjee, J. Fontes, M. E. Paulaitis and A. F. Palmer, “Encapulation of hemoglobin inside liposome surface conjugated with poly(ethylene glycol) attenuates their reactions with gaseous ligands and regulates nitric oxide dependent vasodilation,” Biotechn. Progr. 28:636 (2012). M. Hamsa Priya, S. Merchant, D. Asthagiri and M. E. Paulaitis, “Quasi-Chemical Theory of Hydrophobic Preferential Interactions,” J. Phys. Chem. B 116:6506 (2012). Hok-Hei Tam, D. Asthagiri and M. E. Paulaitis, “Coordination state probabilities and the solvation free energy of Zn2+ in aqueous methanol solutions,” J. Chem. Phys. 137:164504 (2012).

James Rathman

Professor, PhD, University of Oklahoma, 1987. Molecular informatics, interfacial phenomena, molecular self-assembly. Refereed Papers Leist M., Lidbury B.A., Yang C., Hayden P.J., Kelm J.M., Ringeissen S., Detroyer A., Meunier J.R., Rathman J.F., Jackson G.R., Stolper G., Hasiwa N.,“Novel technologies and an overall strategy to allow hazard assessment and risk prediction of chemicals, cosmetics, and drugs with animal-free methods,” ALTEX 2012, 29(4), 373-88. Current Grants/Contracts $522,000 Rathman, James. Waldman, James, Dutta, Prabir (PI) (2011-2014) Project Title: Impact of the physiocochemical properties of engineered nanomaterials on their cellular uptake and potential toxicity in the gastrointestinal tract environment. National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) $148,000 Rathman, James (2011-2013) Project Title: Development and implementation of chemoinformatics and statistical methods for assessing chemical toxicity evidence from multiple sources, Altamira, LLC

David Tomasko

Professor, PhD, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1992. Molecular thermodynamics, supercritical fluid processing, polymer processing. Refereed Papers A. Burley, Z. Gao, L.J. Lee, K.W. Koelling, I. Kusaka and D.L. Tomasko, “CO2 Bubble Nucleation in Polystyrene: Experimental and Modeling Studies,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 125(3), 2170-2186 (2012). Manish Talreja, Isamu Kusaka, David L. Tomasko, “Analyzing surface tension in higher alkanes and their CO2 mixtures,” Fluid Phase Equilibria, 319, 67-76 (2012).

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Jessica Winter

Associate Professor, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, 2004. Bionanotechnology, neural biomimetics, drug delivery, neural prostheses.

S.S. Rao, S. Bentil, J. DeJesus, J. Larison, A. Hissong, R. Dupaix, A. Sarkar, J.O. Winter, "Inherent Interfacial Mechanical Gradients in 3D Hydrogels Influence Tumor Cell Behaviors," PLoS One, 7(4), e35852, (2012).


N. Han, J. Johnson, J.J. Lannutti, J.O. Winter, "HydrogelElectrospun Fiber Composite Materials for Hydrophilic Protein Release," Journal of Controlled Release, 158(1), 165-170, (2012). Current Grants/Contracts $1,700,000 Winter, J.O., Kner, P., Brainerd, B., Yang, G., Alpert, C.L. (2010-2013) ($579,527) QSTORM: Activatable Quantum Dots for Super-Resolution, In Vivo Imaging, National Science Foundation. $560,143 Hammel, P.C., Myers, R., Winter, J.O., Woodward, P., Padture, N. (2010-2012). MRI: Acquisition of High Field Physical Properties Measurement System with Cryogenic AFM/MFM, National Science Foundation.

$50,000 Wheatley, G. (EdHeads); Olesik, S., Winter, J.O. (2011-2014). Nanotech for High School Students, Entertainment Software Association Foundation. $2,000 Winter, J.O., Ruan, G., Wyslouzil, B. (2011-2012) Micelle-Mediated Self-assembly of Multi-functional Hybrid Nanoparticles, Institute for Materials Research (OSU). $2,000 Akbar, S., Winter, J.O. (2012-2013) Self Patterning of Zirconia Substrate Surfaces for Biological Applications, Institute for Materials Research (OSU)

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Services Winter, J.O., Bachand, G. (2011-2013) Fluorescent-Magnetic Nanocomposites: A New Tool for Manipulating the Cytoskeleton, Department of Energy (Sandia National Labs).

$313,433 Winter, J.O., Chalmers, J.J., Brown, A. (2009-2012). Fluorescent-Magnetic Nanomanipulators for Cytoskeletal Mechanical Investigations, National Science Foundation. $300,000 Winter, J.O., Sarkar, A. (2009-2012) Brain Mimetic Materials for Cancer Cell Migration Studies, National Science Foundation $69,105 Winter, J.O. (2011-2012) Magnetic- Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Cellular and Molecular Separations, National Science Foundation (OSU NSEC). $50,000 Winter, J.O., Ruan, G., Melnik, K. (2012) ICorps: Next Generation ‘MultiDot’ Quantum Dots for Biological Imaging, National Science Foundation.


Professor, PhD, Caltech, 1992. Aerosol science, nucleation, nanoparticle growth and structure, biomedical applications of aerosols.

David Wood

Refereed Papers

Refereed Papers

Alexandra Manka, Harshad Pathak, Shinobu Tanimura, Judith Wölk, Reinhard Strey, and Barbara E. Wyslouzil, Freezing water in no-man’s land, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., (2012). DOI: 10.1039/c2cp23116f.

Shi, C., Qing Meng, Q. & Wood, D. W., “A dual ELP tagged split intein system for non-chromatographic recombinant protein purification,” Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, (Published Online in 2012, Currently In Press).

$399,961 Bohrer, Gil, Zhao, LingYing, Wyslouzil, Barbara E. (2010-2013). Large eddy simulations of PM dispersion to quantify the effects of windbreaks on air quality around CAFOs, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

$335,000 Winter, Jessica, Chalmers, Jeffery, Ruan, Gang, Wyslouzil, Barbara E. (2012-2015) Micellular Electrospray Synthesis of Magnetic Quantum Dots National Science Foundation.

Barbara Wyslouzil

Associate Professor, PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2000. Biochemical engineering, biotechnology development, biosensing and bioseparations.

$134,367 Wyslouzil, Barbara E. (2009-2013) Multifunctional nanoparticles: Formation and fundamental studies, National Science Foundation (OSU NSEC, subaward).

$213,178 Wyslouzil, Barbara E. (2010-2013) GOALI: Collaborative Research: Fundamental studies of waterhydrocarbon condensation, National Science Foundation.

$330,000 Winter, J.O., Wyslouzil, B., Chalmers, J.J., Ruan, G. (2012-2015). Micellular Electrospray Synthesis of Magnetic Quantum Dots, National Science Foundation.

Current Projects and Grants $450,000 Wyslouzil, Barbara E. (2009-2013) Nanodroplet aerosols: Nucleation rates and structure, National

transformation efficiency, plasmid stability, gene expression and n-butanol biosynthesis in Clostridium tyrobutyricum, Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol., 93, 881-889 (2012).

Science Foundation.

$478,000 Wyslouzil, Barbara E. (2012-2015) Nanodroplets to nanoparticles: Integrated studies of freezing National Science Foundation.

S.T. Yang and R. Zang, Perspectives on carbon nanotube-based scaffolds in nerve tissue engineering, J. Tissue Sci. Eng., 3, 1-2 (2012).

Shang-Tian Yang

Professor, PhD, Purdue University, 1984. Bioprocess engineering, biochemical engineering, metabolic engineering, tissue engineering; biofuels and bio-based chemicals; high throughput screening for drug discovery and bioprocess optimization; stem cell engineering. Refereed Papers Zhang, M. Yu and S.T. Yang, Effects of ptb knock-out on butyric acid fermentation by Clostridium tyrobutyricum, Biotechnol. Prog., 28, 52-59 (2012). N. Lu, D. Wei, X.-L. Jiang, F. Chen, S-T Yang, Fatty acids profiling and biomarker identification in snow alga Chlamydomonas nivalis under NaCl stress using GC/MS and multivariate statistical analysis, Analytical Letters, 45, 1-12 (2012). N. Lu, D. Wei, F. Chen and S.T. Yang, Lipidomic profiling and discovery of lipid biomarkers in snow alga Chlamydomonas nivalis under salt stress, Eur J Lipid Sci Technol., 114, 253–265 (2012). C. Lu, J. Zhao, S.T. Yang, D. Wei, Fed-batch fermentation for butanol production from cassava bagasse hydrolysate in a fibrous bed bioreactor with continuous gas stripping, Bioresources Technol., 104, 380-387 (2012). M. Yu, Y. Du, W. Jiang, W.-L. Chang, S.T. Yang, I.-C. Tang, Effects of different replicons in conjugative plasmids on

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Faculty & Staff R. Ng, R. Zang, K.K. Yang, N. Liu, S.T. Yang, Threedimensional fibrous scaffolds with microstructures and nanotextures for tissue engineering, RSC Advances, 2(27), 10110-10124 (2012). Patrick Bennett and Shang-Tian Yang, Beneficial effect of protracted sterilization of lentils on phytase production by Aspergillus ficuum in solid state fermentation, Biotechnol. Prog., 28, 1263-1270 (2012). Baohua Zhang and Shang-Tian Yang, Metabolic engineering of Rhizopus oryzae: Effects of overexpressing fumR gene on cell growth and fumaric acid biosynthesis from glucose, Process Biochem. 47, 2159–2165 (2012). C. Xue, J. Zhao, F. Liu, C. Lu, S.T. Yang, F.W. Bai, Two-stage in situ gas stripping for enhanced butanol fermentation in a fibrous bed bioreactor and energy-saving product recovery, Bioresource Technol., in press (2012). DOI: 10.1016/j. biortech.2012.07.062. R. Zang and S.T. Yang, Multiwall carbon nanotube-coated polyethylene terephthalate fibrous matrices for enhanced neuronal differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells, J. Materials Chemistry B, in press (2012). DOI: 10.1039/ c2tb00157h D. Wei, X. Liu, S.T. Yang, Butyric acid production from sugarcane bagasse hydrolysate by Clostridium tyrobutyricum immobilized in a fibrous-bed bioreactor, Bioresource Technol., in press (2012). DOI: 10.1016/j.biortech.2012.11.065 R. Zang, X. Zhang, M. Li, S.T. Yang, Microwell bioreactor system for cell-based high throughput proliferation and cytotoxicity assays, Process Biochem. in press (2012). DOI: 10.1016/j.procbio.2012.11.014


Current Projects and Grants $277,144 Yang, Shang-Tian (2008-2012) Production of fumaric acid and ethanol from soybean meal, United Soybean Board.

$3,977,349 Tabita, F. Robert; Yang, Shang-Tian ( 2010-2013). Carbon Dioxide to Biofuels by Facultatively Autotrophic Hydrogen Bacteria, Department of Energy – ARPA-E.

“Rheo-Optics of Cationic Surfactant Micellar Solutions with Mixed Aromatic Counterions,” W. Ge, H. Shi, and J.L. Zakin, Rheol. Acta., 51(3), 249-258 (2012).

Professors Bhavik Bakshi Jeffrey Chalmers Stuart Cooper Liang-Shih Fan Martin Feinberg Winston Ho Kurt Koelling L. James Lee Umit Ozkan Andre Palmer Michael Paulaitis James Rathman David Tomasko Barbara Wyslouzil Shang-Tian Yang

$250,000 Yang, Shang-Tian (2010-2013) Engineering Clostridia for economic production of biobutanol as a biofuel, United Soybean Board.

“Photoreversible Micelle Solution as a Smart Drag Reduction Fluid in District Heating/Cooling Systems”, H. Shi, W. Ge, H. Oh, S.M., Pattison, J.T, Huggins, Y., Talmon, D.J., Hart, S.R., Raghavan, J.L., Zakin, Langmuir DOI: 10.1021/1A304001N

Associate Professors Aravind Asthagiri Isamu Kusaka Jessica Winter David Wood

Projects and Grants

Assistant Professor Lisa Hall

$217,117 Yang, Shang-Tian (2010-2012) Engineering clostritrial fermentation for biobutanol production, National Science Foundation, STTR Phase II, Bioprocessing Innovative Company, Inc.

Jacques Zakin

$110,000 Yang, Shang-Tian (2009-2012) Production of fumaric acid from sugars and starch by filamentous fungal fermentation, The Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research, Inc. (Department of Energy).

Refereed Papers

$1,063,605 Yang, Shang-Tian (2010-2013) Production of Propionic Acid and Propanol from Biomass, Dow Chemical.

Helen C. Kurtz Professor Emeritus, DEng Sci, New York University, 1959. Surfactant drag reduction, heat transfer endhancement, rheology.

$136, 852 Zakin, Jacques L. and S. Raghavan (2009-2012) “Investigating the Use of Light Responsive Surfactant Fluids in Turbulent Drag Reduction. NSF Division Chem. Bioengineering, Environmental and ransport Science.” CBET 933295 + REU supplement $4,982.

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2012 Annual Report: Ohio State University Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering  

The annual report of the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The Ohio State University.

2012 Annual Report: Ohio State University Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering  

The annual report of the William G. Lowrie Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at The Ohio State University.