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September-October 2012


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Richman Goldwyn Jade R1137 • First-Place Summer Yearling at the 2012 Mid-East Spring National and District 8 Shows • Second-Place Summer Yearling at the Mid-East Summer National Show • Dam: Mors Roller SS Just Once EX 4-05 365D 30,429M 4.7% 1,405F 3.0% 920F Grand Champion 2010 Mid-East Summer National Show

Garbro Blessing Agenda Reba EX

Visitors Always Welcome

~Richman Farms, Inc.~ The Indoe Family • Lodi, Ohio Dick 330-948-1427 Tom 330-948-1137 Bill 330-948-2259 Tyler 330-416-8891 Jim Morlock, Jr. and Martin “Bud” Yoder Fitting and Showing

• Intermediate Champion and First-Place Junior Three-Year-Old • Mid-East Spring National and Mid-East Summer National Shows

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Paradise-R Roebuck Hot 2321 EX-90 EX-MS and the Paradise Valley Barn Crew

Thanks to a great crew! A recent Holstein World featured a list of Production Powerhouses: hard working, long lasting cows that have produced more than 310,000 pounds of milk in their lifetimes. Paradise-R Roebuck Hot 2321 was at the top of that list with 436,370 pounds of milk. Others that have hit the 300,000 pound mark in recent years are:


345,350 pounds 312,880 pounds 302,840 pounds 302,069 pounds

Another cow getting close to the mark is:

BELLWOOD MARSHALL BELLA EX-90 290,383 pounds inc. Watch for her in future ads. ——————————————————————————


Home of the Bell Sears Family Bill, Brian and Michael Ramsey Families 7632 Columbus Road NE • Louisville, OH 44641 • Phone & Fax 330-875-4539

Service Age Bulls for Sale At All Times

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 3

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(USPS 404-600) (ISSN: 0899-4862) Official Publication of the Ohio Holstein Association

Volume 76

Number 4

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012 Published 5 times per year in January, March, May, September and November at Shreve, OH by the OHIO HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION P.O. Box 479, Wooster, OH 44691 dairyagendatoday – Click on Industry Links

PUBLICATION OFFICE — SHREVE, OH Subscription price in the U.S. is $15.00 per year. The NEWS subscription list is filed geographically by town and state. When you change your address, please be sure to give us your old address as well as the new one. Advertising rates available upon request. News and advertising forms close one month preceding date of issue. Address all mail to the: OHIO NEWS P.O. Box 479 • Wooster, OH 44691 330-264-9088 • Fax 330-263-1653 Send UPS or Fed Ex to 1375 Heyl Rd. Entered as periodical matter at the Post Office at Shreve, Ohio 44676. OFFICE STAFF General Manager . . . . . . . Don Alexander, cell 304-376-1788 Email: Office Secretary. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Diana Miley Email: Editor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Esther Welch Email: Webmaster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Peter Spike Email:

OFFICERS President . . . . Joe Miley, West Salem. . . . . . . 330-263-7814 Vice President . Dallas Rynd, Ashville. . . . . . . . 740-983-6690 Secretary . . . . Cathy Berg, Bellville . . . . . . . . 419-886-2871 Treasurer . . . . Lisa Kerr, North Fairfield . . CELL 419-264-8523

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBERS Ken Janes, Wooster. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 330-464-4134 Lamar Liming, Mineral Ridge . . . . . . . . . . . . . 330-652-5694 Peter Spike, Delaware. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 740-363-2184

NATIONAL DIRECTOR Mike Jones 760 East 450 North, Marshall, IN 47859. . . . . 765-592-0644

BOARD MEMBERS Dist. 1 Dist. 2 Dist. 3 Dist. 4 Dist. 5 Dist. 7 Dist. 7 Dist. 8 Dist. 9 Dist. 10 Dist. 12 Dist. 11 Dist. 13 Dist. 14 Dist. 15

Lamar Liming, Mineral Ridge . . . . . . 330-652-5694 Adam Whiteleather, Salem . . . . . . . . 330-205-1738 John Hartline, Whipple . . . . . . . . . . 740-236-7240 Jen Bouton, Mt. Vernon . . . . . . . . . . 740-507-8271 Greg Conrad, New Holland. . . . . . . . 740-495-5067 Ken Janes, Wooster . . . . . . . . . . . . . 330-464-4134 Ted Renner, Dalton . . . . . . . . . . . . . 330-828-2604 Regina Berg, Bellville. . . . . . . . . . . . 419-886-4229 Tom Thorbahn, Vickery . . . . . . . . . . 419-547-0795 Laurie Menzie, Bloomdale . . . . . . . . 740-624-6367 Marvin Steinke, Wapakoneta . . . . . . 419-738-7174 Jenny Thomas, Cable . . . . . . . . . . . . 614-395-9823 Jenny Thomas, Cable . . . . . . . . . . . . 614-395-9823 Eric Topp, Wapakoneta. . . . . . . . . . . 419-953-3427 Don Bickel, New Vienna . . . . . . . . . . 937-218-2697

Postmaster – Send address changes to: Ohio News, P.O. Box 479, Wooster, OH 44691

November-December DEADLINE October 20, 2012 4 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

The Board of Directors of the Ohio Holstein Association has adopted the following: “The Mission of the Ohio Holstein Association is to provide services and programs to its members and young people so that they might attain a better living from their involvement with Holsteins.”


From the President, by Joe Miley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 From the Districts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 It Was a Beautiful Day for the Ohio Holstein Summer Sale, by Barb Lumley . . 6 The Holstein Grapevine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 General Manager’s Views, by Don Alexander . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Esther’s Extras . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Ohio News Advertising Rates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 2012 National Holstein Futurity, from Mary Lou Topp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 From Indiana Mike Jones, National Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 BarbWire, by Barb Lumley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 The Queen’s Corner, by Jacquelyn Sherry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 2012 Mid-East Summer National Open Show Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 2012 Mid-East Summer National Junior Show Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Notes from the 2012 Holstein USA Annual Meeting and Convention, by Tom Thorbahn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38-39 2012 Ohio State Fair Red and White Show Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Thank You to 2012 Ohio State Fair Red & White Show Award Donors . . . . 42 Thank You to 2012 Mid-East Summer National Show Award Donors. . . . . . 42 2012 Ohio State Fair Junior Holstein Show Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Ohio Holstein Association Adult and Junior Membership Forms . . . . . . . 46-48 In Memoriam. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50, 54, 60 The Jellybean Test, by Steve Massie and David Lloyd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52-53 Junior Jottings, by Korey Oechsle. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56 Ohio’s Statewide 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl, by Bonnie Ayars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Junior All-Ohio Awards Application Form . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Ohio’s Statewide 2012 4-H Dairy Judging Contest at Spring Dairy Expo, by Bonnie Ayars . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 59 District 5 Show Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 District 9 Show Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 District 7 Show Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Coming Events. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 Index to Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69

On the Cover The cover features three photos from the Mid-East Summer National Show at the Ohio State Fair. The top photo shows the National Holstein Futurity Winner and dignitaries. They are, from left, Ohio Holstein Queen Jacquelyn Sherry, Judge Mark Reuth, Futurity winner Quietcove-W TMK Curran Divine, Ohio State Fair Commissioner John Spreng, Jeremy Elsass holding the halter and banner, Executive Secretary of the National Holstein Futurity Mary Lou Topp, State Fair Manager Virgil Strickler, Dairy Superintendent Angi Kaverman, and Ohio Holstein Association General Manager Don Alexander. For more on the Holstein Futurity see page 00. Thank you to Jenny Thomas for the Futurity photos. From left in the middle photo are Andy Thomas, Ohio Holstein Queen Jacquelyn Sherry, Grand Champion Ruann Lassiter Anna-70651with Nathan Thomas at the halter, Colton Thomas holding the banner, Reserve Grand Champion KM & EW Goldwyn Smarty-Rose-ET, Michael Heath, Honorable Mention Kingsmill Ashlyns Annisa-ET, John Thomas, and Judge Mark Reuth. Thank you to Megan Herberg for this photo. In the lower photo, pictured from left to right at the Ohio State Fair Junior Show are Judge Terry Rawn, Ohio Holstein Queen Jacquelyn Sherry, Grand Champion Miley Roy Select Excitement, Anna Miley, Reserve Grand Champion Topp-View Ronelee Elle-ET, Keaton Topp, Honorable Mention Rose-Vue Pure Gold Foxy, and Cole Cummings. Thank you to Parker Hardy for this photo.

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From the President by Joe Miley It is hard to believe September is about behind us and the show season is winding down for another year. If you missed the Holstein shows at the Ohio State Fair, the quality of Holsteins exhibited was outstanding. Congratulations to all who participated, and thank you to all who work so hard to make the shows so successful. From the reports I have received, the district shows this summer were also very competitive. Best of luck to everyone who is heading to Expo or any of the other fall shows. The Ohio Holstein Board of Directors met on September 6 at the Holstein office. It was a well-attended meeting with very productive discussion. Don, Esther and Diana, along with our committees, continue to work hard planning the activities of the Association. Don reported on the very successful Summer Sale as well as the upcoming Fall Sale, November 17, and a tag sale and barn meeting at Springhill on December 15. See Don’s column for details on these events. Committee reports given included the Show committee, News committee, Sale committee, Junior committee, Membership and Annual Meeting committees. The Show committee reported that there were 215 head of Holsteins, 145 shown in the Junior show, and 42 Red and Whites at the Ohio State Fair. Also reported: the National Judges Conference will be at Spring Dairy Expo in 2014. The Annual Meeting is planned for March 8-9 in Sidney. The sale will be held on the eighth at the Shelby County Fairgrounds. The Annual Meeting committee is busy finalizing plans. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend! The Juniors have also been busy with fund-raising for National Convention, and they also sponsored a dance at the Ohio State Fair that was well attended. Our Sales, Ohio News and Membership all show encouraging

Updates As Summer Turns to Fall BKB Sanchez Arianna now VG-85 VG-MS Classified at just 29 days fresh She has a Hero heifer.

U-Dean Sensation Galactical raised to VG-87 VG-86MS She has daughters by Million and Shamrock.

U-Dean Debonair Gesture-RC VG-85 VG-MS U-Dean Croc McDougal RC VG-85 VG-88MS She has a Colt P-Red heifer. 2 Year Progressive Genetics Herd Award Welch Family Farm since 1867 • Registered Holsteins since 1913

U-Dean Farms

Come and See Us.

669 SR 89, Route 1 • Polk, Ohio 44866

Esther & Scott Welch 419-945-2250

Dean & Doris Welch 419-945-2411

profits this year. Membership is actually moving ahead of last year, which is a bit of a surprise. Watch the mail for 2013 membership invoices being sent the first week in October. The next Board meeting is set for January 4, 2013, at 10:30 a.m. at the Ohio Holstein office. Board meetings are open to all members to attend. Contact the office if you have any questions. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. The Ohio Holstein Association will be what we make it, and the more people involved, the better it will be. Thank you! — Joe

Please visit the Ohio Holstein website at

1 mile north of Polk on SR 89

Randy & Mike 419-945-2542/2698

Ryan 419-651-5281

From the Districts . . . . The 2012 Officers and Program Work reports from each district are due at the office. Here is a report received by August 30, 2012, as a way to share information on district officers and activities throughout the state and to encourage other districts to share their information.



State Director Lamar Liming President Jayme Rice Vice-President Eddie Struna Secretary John Winchell Treasurer Carol A. Sirrine Show Chairman Mary Liming Activities Held in 2011— Annual Meeting July . . . . Showmanship at Canfield Fairgrounds Activities Planned for 2012 — Annual Meeting July 21. . District 1 and 2 Show July 21. . Showmanship

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 5

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It Was a Beautiful Day for the Ohio Holstein Summer Sale by Barb Lumley A beautiful day in Ohio found some farmers filling silos and working in the fields; however, Holstein breeders took time out to gather on Saturday, August 25, 2012, at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster, Ohio, for the Ohio Holstein Summer Sale and to bid on the outstanding group of registered Holstein consignments. When auctioneer Steve Andrews dropped the gavel on the last animal, a total of 58 full lots had sold for an average of $2,530. $6,800 was the top price paid for Lot 1 in the catalog, MS Starmark Royalty-Red-ET, a two-year-old sired by KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET and consigned by Starmark Farms, Wooster, Ohio. This fancy Red and White carried a great pedigree going back to Stelbro Renita Ranger-Red, had calved in June, and was bred back to Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red-TW. She was purchased by Patrick Twining of Wellington, Ohio. Second high seller was Lot 15, Pine-Tree Ohio Colt 5111-ET, a fall calf sired by Sandy Valley Colt P-Red-TW. She is polled, has contract interest and sold for $6,300 to Dave Franzer and Jacque Meyer of Coldwater, Ohio. The volume buyer in the sale was Ted Schmitmeyer of Versailles, Ohio, who purchased four consignments for a total of $15,000. Cattle sold not only in Ohio, but also to Indiana and Ontario, Canada. Steve Andrews of Wooster, Ohio, was the auctioneer, with Ted Renner of Dalton, Ohio, reading the pedigrees. Working the ring were Russell Kiko, Ken Janes, Don Alexander and Kenneth Brown. Steven Jordan headed up the barn crew.

Buyer: Patrick Twining, Wellington, Ohio MS Starmark Royalty-Red-ET (3/08/10) . . . . . . . . $6,800 Sire: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET C: Starmark Farms, Wooster, Ohio Buyer: Dave Franzer & Jacque Meyer, Versailles, Ohio Pine-Tree Ohio Colt 5111-ET (10/27/11) . . . . . . . $6,300 Sire: Sandy Valley Colt P-Red-TW C: Matthew J. Steiner, Rittman, Ohio Buyer: Acker Dairy Farms, Sterling, Ohio Con-River 1132 Shottle-ET (7/01/08) . . . . . . . . . $5,000 Sire: Picston Shottle-ET C: Richman Farms, Lodi, Ohio Buyer: Alan Brown, New Bremen, Ohio Pine-Tree Super Willow-ET (3/22/10) . . . . . . . . . $5,000 Sire: Charlesdale Superstition-ET C: Matthew J. Steiner, Rittman, Ohio Carmony Planet 3891 (5/24/10) . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,700 Sire: Esenada Taboo Planet-ET C: Stanley L. Carmony, Wooster, Ohio Buyer: Ted Schmitmeyer, Versailles, Ohio Norwescor Scoop Jebbie (12/22/08) . . . . . . . . . . $4,700 Sire: Net-A-Way Orion Scoop-ET C: Norwescor Holsteins, Inc., Canal Fulton, Ohio Brookview-E Atlantic M&M-ET (12/30/09) . . . . . $4,000 Sire: Maple-Downs IGW Atlantic-ET C: Eric J. Havens, LLC, Fremont, Ohio Pine-Tree Ford Allstar-ET (10/16/06) . . . . . . . . . . $3,500 Sire: Alzi Juror Ford C: Matthew J. Steiner, Rittman, Ohio Dirkmar Damion Kebbie (7/08/10). . . . . . . . . . . $2,800 Sire: Erbacres Damion C: Harms Farms, c/o David Harms, Brookville, Ohio Buyer: Raygor Farms, LLC, Dalton, Ohio Butler-View Atwood Pompom (6/18/12) . . . . . . $3,500 Sire: Maple Downs-I GW Atwood C: Silver Creek Dairy, LLC, Forest, Ohio OCD Sid Salsa-ET (12/01/11) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,400 Sire: Pine-Tree Sid-ET C: Oakfield Corners, Jonathan Lamb, Oakfield, New York Sonnek Lookout Zesty-ET (10/04/04) . . . . . . . . . $3,200 Sire: Moet Lookout-ET C: Matthew J. Steiner, Rittman, Ohio Buyer: James Kemp, West Salem, Ohio Pine-Tree 9 Sid 5231-ET (3/02/12) . . . . . . . . . . . $3,300 Sire: Pine-Tree Sid-ET C: Matthew J. Steiner, Rittman Buyer: Rondel Meyer, Polk, Ohio Pine-Tree 1937 Colt 5253-ET (2/05/12) . . . . . . . $3,200 Sire: Sandy-Valley Colt P-Red-TW C: Matthew J. Steiner, Rittman, Ohio Buyer: Aaron Steiner, Marshallville, Ohio Toppacres Manomn Jacqueline (5/15/10) . . . . . . $3,000 Sire: Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET C: Gregg Topp, Minster, Ohio

6 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

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OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 7

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Ohio Multi -Breed Fall Sale Saturday, November 17, 2012 at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster, Ohio Selling approximately 80 head Holsteins Sell at 10:30 a.m. Ayrshire • Brown Swiss • Milking Shorthorn Sell beginning at 1:30 p.m. Followed by the Ayrshire Junior Association Benefit Auction

We will be selling Milk, Genomics and Type. SELECTIONS ARE UNDERWAY —————— SALE MANAGED BY ——————


OHIO AYRSHIRE BREEDERS ASSOCIATION DonAlexander, General Manager Ph: 304-376-1788

1224 Alton Darby Creek Road, Suite B Columbus, OH 43228 Ph: 419-643-6255 • Daryl Duncan, President • Ph: 740-502-4549

8 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

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An Exciting Shottle!


This Shottle from the great Ocean-View Durham Jewel was purchased at the Springhill Spectacular Sale in December 2010 and is currently on the LOCATOR LIST at +2022GTPI.


➥ has a March OBSERVER ➥ ➥

at +2156PTPI! has seven pregnancies by SUPERSIRE, who is the #2 young bull at +2564GTPI! is currently being flushed!

SPRINGHILL-OH PS JEWEL-ET GP-83 4th month ME 26,284M 1,086F 830P

Her Sire: Picston Shottle-ET

Her Dam: Ocean-View Durham Jewel EX-91 GMD DOM GrDam: Ocean-View Rudolph Jewel-ET VG-85 GMD DOM

Other Excitements… ➥ Mohrfield Durham Pizazz ➥ ➥

Now EX-90 5th Generation EX!!! 4-07 354D 29,000M 985F 873P Fresh again at 5-08 and milking 124 pounds a day! She is being flushed!

We were honored to receive Premier Exhibitor at the Northeast Ohio District Show for the second year. A special thanks to all those volunteers and donors who make the shows possible!

R & P Kiko Family Farms, Ltd. Rusty & Pam, Russell, Randall, Rudy and Ryan (Russell) 28173 Winona Road, Salem, OH 44460 Home 330-525-0302, Cell 330-853-0401, Fax 330-525-7683 Asst. Herdsman Luke Hilton, 330-853-7944 RHA 200 cows 25,539M 932F 793P

AUCTIONEERS Leading the Auction Industry since 1945 Russ Kiko Associates Inc. 2805 Fulton Drive NW, Canton, OH 44718 1-800-533-5456 • Randall L. Kiko Res: 330-222-2220 Cell: 330-831-0174 Ext. 158

Russell T. (Rusty) Kiko, Jr. Res: 330-525-7420 Cell: 330-495-0923 Ext. 115

Rudy W. Kiko 330-540-2416 Ext. 117

Please jo in us Octo

Best of ber 27 for the Quali at the D ty-Quest Sa le oug Dye at Beloit


Check out the Kiko Auction Website for upcoming auctions. OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 9

Built for Your

SOIL PRODUCTIVITY SALFORD equipment combines efficient operating speeds, multiple applications in one pass and durability to maximize your time in the field and help you cover more acres, fast.

SALFORD equipment helps maximize yield potential through effective residue, soil moisture and seedbed management, improving seed to soil contact, germination, emergence and early plant growth.

SALFORD equipment is designed and manufactured to excel in a variety of field conditions, with models built to suit any size farming operation.

Contact Dave Gunkelman, your local Salford representative at 330-464-3259. Or find your nearest Salford dealer at 10 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012


83900 p11 Grapevine.WGDairy_Layout 1 9/21/12 12:51 PM Page 1

the Holstein


Rick and Janice Brill, Brill View Farm, D-8, were recognized with a Silver National Dairy Quality Award from the National Mastitis Council. In March 2012, Brill Farms’ SCC averaged below 60,000 with plate loop count and preliminary incubation of 2. Brill uses the website to monitor his milk quality and looks at it almost every morning. He says that milk quality is a team effort with good milking practices, a good veterinary and a good field man such as Brian Funk. A lifetime dairy farmer, Rick took a brief break in 2009 when he sold his 450-cow herd. He returned to dairying in 2010 and now milks 150 cows and farms 1,700 acres of corn, soybeans, hay and wheat in the Wellington area. • Loren Elsass, D-12, was honored earlier this year as the Select Mating Service genetic consultant of the year at the Select Sires national SMS Consultant Conference held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The recipient of this annual award must have years of superior service, a history of highquality evaluations and the ability to build and maintain successful relationships with dairy producers. After a long history of excellence with Quietcove Holsteins, Loren joined COBA/Select Sires, Inc. in 1993 as an SMS genetic consultant. In 1997 he took on the role of COBA/Select Sires, Inc. marketing director for Mexico. In the past 18 years, he has evaluated over 360,000 cows and provided over 1.3 million corrective sire recommendations. • Chad and Michele Lahmars Burky, D-3, were pictured in the June 2012 Ohio’s County Journal in a feature on the 500-cow Burky Dairy in Tuscarawas County. • It’s a girl for Nathan and Jenny Thomas, D-13. Kendall Avery was born August 16, 2012, weighing 9 lbs. 2 oz. and 21 inches long. Grandparents are John and Mary Thomas, D-13, and Tom and Debbie Indoe, D-8, with Dick Indoe as a great-grandfather. Colton has been doing well in his role as a big brother. He was also pictured in the Summer

2012 California Holstein News in Pee Wee Showmanship at the California State Showmanship Contest, and on the cover of this Ohio News holding a Grand Champion Banner. • Ted Schmitmeyer, D-14, was interviewed by 2News on July 13 to comment on the effects of the drought on local farms. • Former District 7 members Darrell and Bonita Richard and their five children of Darita Holsteins were featured in the cover photo and cover story of the June 2012 Holstein World. Located near Goshen, Indiana, Darita Holsteins will be a tour stop during the 2013 National Holstein Convention in Indianapolis. • Marlena Liming and her registered Quarter Horse mare, Just In a Nick, won first place in Hunter Horse Equitation at the 2012 Ohio State Fair Junior Horse Show. Marlena is the daughter of Lamar and Estell Liming and granddaughter of Mary and Le Liming, D-1. • The Terry Good Scholarship was awarded to Rebecca Miller at the Ohio State Fair. • Two Ohio youth will receive National Dairy Shrine Scholarships at the Awards Banquet October 4 at World Dairy Expo. Mikayla Conrad, D-5, will receive the top Marshall E. McCullough Scholarship to attend Wilmington College with a double

major in animal science and communications. Mikayla graduated at the top of her high school class and traveled over 3,700 miles in 2011 as the Ohio Holstein Queen. Laura Gordon of Shreve will receive two awards. The first is a National Dairy Shrine Student Recognition Award recognizing graduating seniors planning a career related to the dairy industry who have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, academic ability and a sincere interest in dairy cattle. The second is a Kildee Scholarship to continue her education at Oklahoma State University in a program of International Agriculture with a focus on Agricultural Development with an aim to work in a third-world country. • Holstein Association USA has announced that the 2013 Distinguished Junior Member and Young Distinguished Junior Member applications are now available at Entries must be returned by March 1, 2013. • Marjorie Whiteleather, D-1, celebrated her 90th birthday at a party at the farm on July 22, 2012, with approximately 300 family members and friends. • Shearer Equipment, Wooster, a familiar advertiser in the News is celebrating its 75th Anniversary in 2012. Founded in 1937 by Clark Shearer, the company is now owned by Mark Stitzlein and Brian Giauque Grapevine – continued on page 22

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 11

83900 p12 Don.LandO 4c.ads_Layout 1 9/20/12 12:02 PM Page 1

General Manager’s Views ————————————————— — Don Alexander

Concentrating on setting the announcer’s stand in place for the Photo by Brandi Schlauch District 7 Show.

In my columns, I like to talk about the future and what is being planned, and not the past. With that said, I would like to thank all the buyers and consignors for their support of our second annual Summer Sale held August 25 and for it’s success. By the time this issue of the News reaches everyone, Esther and I will be at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, taking in one of the greatest Dairy events in the World. I’ve mentioned this before: if you have the opportunity to attend, you will never forget the tremendous trade show and the incredible cows that will grace the colored shavings. Best of luck to everyone from Ohio who participates! Don’t forget to stop by the Ohio Booth in the Coliseum, which we will be sharing with the New York Association. Your recent ad may be on display for the World to see. On October 27, another sale you will not want to miss is The Best of Quality Quest 2012, scheduled for 11:00 a.m. at the farm in Beloit, Ohio, with approximately 80 head of milking cows and bred heifers selling. Once again, the Doug Dye family promises to have something for everyone. The sale is being managed by Kiko Auctions, and The Ohio Holstein Association is publishing the catalog and will handle the advertising. We will be mailing approximately 600-plus detailed flyers. Please call if you would like a catalog, and it will also be online with the Ohio Holstein Association, Dairy Agenda Today and Kiko Auctions websites. On November 17 at the fairgrounds in Wooster, Ohio, the Ohio Multi-Breed Fall Sale will be held. There will be approximately 60 head of quality Holsteins selling starting

at 10:30 a.m., followed by the Ayrshires selling at 1:30 p.m., along with Brown Swiss and Milking Shorthorns. A fun auction will be sponsored by the Ohio Ayrshire Junior Association. Selections are underway for consignments. Contact me if you have a consignment from any of the four breeds selling. On December 15, Springhill Holsteins is having a Tag Sale at the farm in Big Prairie, Ohio, in conjunction with a Breeder’s Forum. Guest speaker will be Donald Bennink from North Florida Holsteins, and a luncheon is scheduled near the farm. Mr. Bennink’s views and successes in the industry promise to be very useful and beneficial for anyone in the dairy industry today. There will be time allotted for questions and answers following the luncheon. The Ohio Holstein Association has voted to make a $750.00 donation from the Education Fund to the Buckeye Dairy Club, to be used for expenses involved each year for the chairperson or co-chairpersons of the Buckeye Classic Sale to work with our sale committee and with me to help educate new Buckeye Dairy Club members in making sale selections, advertising and designing a sale catalog. On behalf of Ohio Holstein Association, your Board of Directors feels this is an opportunity to work with the Buckeye Dairy Club to help educate new club members with guidelines they can follow to make the Buckeye Classic Sale a success each year. Dr. Pete Spike and I have scheduled a meeting with the Buckeye Dairy Club to meet this year’s members, discuss what we feel works and doesn’t work for us, and to schedule actual travel time with me to make selections for the Ohio Multi-Breed sale this fall. The Ohio Holstein Association Board of Directors is very encouraged that this will be a good use of the funds and our time working with the students from the Dairy Club to insure successful Buckeye Classic Sales in years to come. Have a safe fall, Don



After a healthy start with AMPLI-Calf® Starter, ca alves achieve their full potential help your calves Grower.* with AMPLI AMPLI-Calf -Calf® Grow

The AMPLI-Calff® Program iss an n industry-leading feed and nutrition system that can help calvess transform into cows with more profit potential.

12 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

For more info information ormation contact your local Purina An Animal nimal Nutrition representative. * Because of factor factors s outside o of P Purina urina Animal Nutrition LLC’s LLC’’s control, results to o be obtained, including but not limited to yields, financial performanc ce, profits, losses or otherwise, cannot be predicted or guaranteed gu uaranteed by Purina Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. performance,

83900 p13 Seven Gables_Layout 1 9/20/12 12:12 PM Page 1

These Pictures Tell Their Own Story Judge Terry Rawn; Ohio Holstein Queen Jacquelyn Sherry; Junior Champion of the Mid-East National Junior Show Trealayne Aftershock Gracie held by Clay Hershberger; Victoria Deam; Reserve Junior Champion of the National Junior Show, Junior Champion of the Mid-East National Open Show, 1st-place Winter Yearling Springway Sassy Rae with Cole Cummings at the halter. (Sassy Rae is co-owned by Colton Thomas, Cole and Olivia Cummings.)

One of the best things about the 2012 Ohio State Fair was Stan-Mar-Dale/Express making it there despite a barn fire. It wouldn’t be the same without them.

Judge Terry Rawn; Cole Cummings holding Rose-Vue Pure Gold Foxy, 1st-place Senior TwoYear-Old, Intermediate Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Mid-East National Junior Show; Anna Miley with Reserve Intermediate Champion Miley Deboniar Glitter-Red; Ohio Holstein Queen Jacquelyn Sherry; Kyle Ackley holding Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion Sha-D-Rick Pronto Edie.

SEVEN GABLES FARM Tim Cummings – Olivia and Cole 6999 Johnston-Slagle Road • Sidney, OH 45365 • 937-726-2664 OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 13

83900 p14 Extras.Kliner_Layout 1 9/21/12 1:41 PM Page 1

Esther’s Extras

Holstein office secretary Diana Miley and I got a close-up look at the new “Ideal” Holstein female painting, unveiled by artist Bonnie Mohr photo by Karen Welch at the National Holstein Convention.

This issue and our May-June Membership issue are being distributed from the Ohio/New York booth in the Coliseum at World Dairy Expo and will reach a wider than usual audience. I asked for votes on favorite breeder ads in color and black and white in the May-June issue and received a few replies. In the black and white category, there were votes for Weaverhof, Hunsberger, Doughty Valley, Windy Ridge, Raygor and Springhill. Comments were that these were clear and easy to read, and Springhill used a spotlight and play on words. For the color ads, there were votes for flowery Quality Quest, Miley’s for its simplicity, Trelayne for being classy

Kliner Maintenance Service “Maintaining Your Building’s Future”

Dan Kliner, Owner 9164 Finley Road Wooster, OH 44691 Cell 419-651-2650


4 Building Maintenance and Repair 4 New and Repair Carpentry 4 New Buildings from Masonry to Post Frame 4 New and Replacement Concrete 4 In Barn Maintenance: 4 Free Stalls 4 Water Fountains 4 Plumbing

No Job Too Large or Too Small!

14 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

Ohio News

P.O. Box 479 • Wooster, Ohio 44691 Phone 330-264-9088 • Fax 330-263-1653

Advertising Rates Effective January 1, 2002

Providing service for your farm needs:

4 Gates 4 Fans 4 Electrical

and classic, Wabash-Way with field and sky in the center spread, Wil-O-Rae’s springtime look, Brownhaven because it popped, Semler’s shades of western adventures, Signature Cattle and Cl Hersh Holsteins, for youth, multiple photos and readability. There were two color ads that sparked multiple comments. The Walton ad facing the inside back cover had sophistication that made readers look twice then smile at the black and white, red and white and Jersey cow eggs. The Berg Family/Be-Ware Holsteins ad presented a challenge to meld black and white and color photos. Comments on this ad were that it is friendly, celebrates multiple generations, indicates continuity, is simple and easily read, and leaves the reader wanting to know more about this family. This gives us an idea of what our readers like. I appreciated two letters: one from Benie Heisner, who of course liked all the COBA ads, and one from Terri Mason Miller, who liked the family-oriented ads that were in the May-June issue and especially liked the family focus of the entire November-December 2011 “Christismasy” issue. What ads do I like? I like the ads that come in early! Looking forward to the next issue, we would like to hear from you by October 20, for the end of November distribution. I you need ideas for ads, check with the office, as we may have show photos you could use. Ad focus could be a roundup of the year’s activities, potential All-Ohio’s, new classifications and records, thanking helpers and buyers, celebrating youth and families, and sending Holiday Greetings. For All-Ohio, remember to get your photos taken and to the office by the December 1st deadline. Juniors, please include a headshot or small photo of yourself with your entry. Have a safe harvest.


Non-Contract OPEN RATES Including Public Sale Ads




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Per Inch

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August 15

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October 15

November 25


(Membership Directory)

The information printed in the text and ads is as supplied to the News by the sources listed and by individual advertisers.

83900 p15 WhiteLawn_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:25 PM Page 1

Home-Bred Excellent Shottle

White-Lawn Shottle Macy-ET EX-90 EX-MS 2-05 365D 30,931M 3.9% 1,204F 3.2% 1,000P 3-06 365D 38,811M 4.2% 1,532F 3.2% 1,160P Macy is due to KILOBYTE in September. We look forward to flushing her.

Inquiries Welcome

Thank you to Rick and Dave Alger of Grac-Glen Farms for all their help.


3140 Cook Road s Rootstown, OH 44272 Shaun and Teriah White s Linden, Abby and Ethan s Phone 330-206-6580

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 15

83900 p16 Lorawae.KMBuild_Layout 1 9/20/12 12:19 PM Page 1

Eagerly Awaiting Two

Fancee Ladies to Join Our Herd Dam

Fancee’s Two Shottle Daughters: Lorawae Shottle Fauna-ET • First-Place Senior Yearling and member of our • First-Place Junior Best Females, 2012 Canfield Fair • Fauna is due in November to Durham.

Lorawae Shottle Flora-ET • Second-Place Junior Yearling and Best Bred and Owned, Mid-East Spring National • Reserve Junior Champion, 2012 Canfield Fair • First-Place Junior Yearling, 2012 Canfield Fair • Member of our First-Place Junior Best Three Females, 2012 Canfield Fair • Flora is due in March to Destry.

Lorawae Dundee Fancee EX-93 2E • First-Place 100,000 Pound Cow, 2012 Canfield Fair • Second-Place Best Bred and Owned, 2012 Canfield Fair Save this Date:

The Northeast Ohio District Show will be June 29, 2013, at the Canfield Fairgrounds.

LORAWAE HOLSTEINS John, Suzanne & Katey Lora 14094 Garfield Road, Salem, Ohio 44460 330-537-3797 RHA 25,479M 905F 775P 45 Cows, BAA 110.0 District PBR 16 years – NO BST 2

Visitors Always Welcome


K & M Builders, Ltd. 5358 Kidron Road, Kidron, OH 44636 • Dan J. Miller, Owner 330-857-0471 • Post Frame Construction

Commercial • Residential • Agricultural Custom Built Since 1988 Reroofs • Resides • Repairs

Free Estimates and Fully Insured Rafter and Truss Barns .60 CCA Treated Square Posts 16 | OHIO NEWS | 9/10/2012

83900 p17 Miley_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:31 PM Page 1

Miley Roy Select Excitement EX-92 EX-94MS 3-02 365D 29,488M 4.0% 1,191F 3.0% 893P Sire: ROYLANE JORDAN Dam: Miley Select M Elaine VG-86 3-04 365D 35,386M 3.6% 1,211F 3.2% 1,058P ➛ 1st Aged Cow and GRAND CHAMPION, 2012 Ohio State Fair Junior Show ➛ 1st Aged Cow and GRAND CHAMPION, District 7 Show, Open and Junior ➛ 2nd Aged Cow, Ohio State Fair Open Show ➛ Excitement has been bred to ATWOOD.

Miley Advent B Gemini-Red-ET Sire: KHW KITE ADVENT-RED Dam: Miley Bacculum Gemstone EX-90 4-01 365D 29,550M 3.7% 1,103F 3.1% 908P ➛ lst Junior 2-Year-Old and H.M. Intermediate Champion, 2012 Ohio State Fair Red & White Show ➛ 2nd Junior 2-Year-Old, Ohio State Fair Junior Show ➛ 1st Junior 2-Year-Old, District 7 Show, Open and Junior ➛ 1st Junior 2-Year-Old, Wayne County Fair, Open and Junior; Reserve Champion, Junior Show ➛ 2nd Junior 2-Year-Old, Spring Dairy Expo Red & White Show ➛ Gemini is due in March to REDLINER and is entered in the 2013 Futurity. Owned and shown by Adam Miley Full Sister to…

Miley Advent B Gem-Red EX-92 ➛ Grand Champion 2011 and 2012, Ohio State Fair Red & White Show ➛ Grand Champion 2012, Spring Dairy Expo Red & White Show ➛ Winner 2011 National Holstein Futurity

Miley Holstein Farms Ltd. Joe and Diana Miley Jason and Anna CATTLE FOR SALE

Jim and Jane Miley • 7234 Bates Road, West Salem, OH 44287 Ph: 330-264-2453 • Fax: 330-263-7883 • E-mail: PBR: 15 YEARS BAA 107.1 31 EX 92 VG 86 GP 5 G All Homebred

Jon and Amy Miley Adam and David VISITORS WELCOME OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 17

83900 p18 Futurama.4small_Layout 1 9/20/12 9:47 AM Page 1

Futurama Talent Lindeen VG-86 at 2 years • Fresh with a GUTHRIE Heifer in May and ready for Classifier • 5th Place National Holstein Futurity, Ohio State Fair DAM: Futurama Morty Linda EX-92 5-07 25,109M 1,146F 773P 2nd DAM: Futurama Bond Lindsey EX-94 4-09 28,590M 1,238F 861P Lifetime: 200,975M

Also: Thanks and Good Luck to Austin Trbovich with his recent purchase of

Futurama Talent Secellia VG-87 2YR! Hugh and Ann

Jeff and Kathy, Josh and Jake

8877 New Hope Road 6750 New Hope Road Fletcher, OH 45326 Fletcher, OH 45326 937-368-2430 937-368-2320 or check us out on Facebook

Julia Nolan Woodruff

Herd BAA 109.3 16 EX, 36 VG, 8 GP

“...meeting todayʼs challenges, pursuing tomorrowʼs goals.”

Stacey Dvorak


Nutritional Consultant

Doug Fedak

WELLINGTON BRANCH 116 West Herrick Avenue Wellington, Ohio 44090

Fax: 440-647-6610

Your Provider of Financial Services for Agribusiness • Land Owners • Home Owners “We put our profits in your pockets!”



18 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012




Selling all Types of Dairy Cattle & Service Bulls EVERY THURSDAY • 11:00 a.m. Hay & Straw Sale 10:00 a.m.


4958 U.S. 35 NORTH RICHMOND, IN 47374

6007 Smith Kramer Hartville, OH 44632 Cell: 330-354-3407 Fax: 330-877-3830

440-647-6611 Ext. 1202

PHONE 765-935-2373 FAX 765-939-0087

John E. Sprunger, Mgr.


– Serving Since 1923 –

83900 p19 DiamondOak_Layout 1 9/20/12 9:49 AM Page 1

The Influence of Wapa Bootmaker Mandy EX-96 3E GMD DOM All-American Two-Year-Old 1975… …is still going strong, as these two cows are descendants.

Diamond-Oak S Belinda EX-90 EX-MS 3-10 3-05D 34,157M 3.8% 1,306F 2.8% 965P s Eight nearest dams all VG or EX s Daughters by MILLION, JORDAN, WINDBROOK, DOMAIN and ATWOOD s DOMAIN son at Semex: DIAMOND-OAK BUFFALO-ET

Diamond-Oak Lee Arlene EX-93 2E EEEEE 4-05 305D 32,010M 3.5% 1,121F 2.7% 878P s 2nd Four-Year-Old, 2008 Mid-East Summer National s 3rd Senior Three-Year-Old, 2007 Mid-East Spring National s Six nearest dams all VG or EX s ATWOOD pregancies due soon s Will be flushed to GOLD CHIP this fall

Diamond-Oak Farm Philip E. Fisher 20715 State Route 189 Ft. Jennings, OH 45844 Res. Phone 419-286-2864 Cell Phone 419-302-3148 Ty Etgen 567-204-6310

We’re still striving for a Balance of Type and Production. Ty and I are really excited about the heifers in our pens!

Service age bulls for sale. Visitors always welcome! OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 19

83900 p20.22 Futurity.Agri_Layout 1 9/21/12 11:22 AM Page 1

2012 National Holstein Futurity

From left: Ohio Holstein Queen Jacquelyn Sherry, Judge Mark Reuth, Futurity winner Quietcove-W TMK Curran Divine with Jeremy Elsass, 2nd place Ms Triple-T Rock of Love-Red-ET with Nathan Thomas, 3rd place Express SMD Pagewire JC with Jeremy Adams, 4th place Whiteleather Sizzle 1440-ET with Adam Whiteleather, 5th place Futurama Talent Lindeen with Jake Knoop.

From information provided by Mary Lou Topp — The 55th National Holstein Futurity was held July 28 in the Coliseum at the Ohio State Fairgrounds in Columbus. Mark Reuth, Oxford, Wisconsin, judged the Futurity, and Leslie Maurice was the emcee. The event began with Steve Maurer singing “God Bless America” accompanied by organist Lisa Gallager. The parade into the ring began with Bob Sommmers’ 1935 Flatbed Chevy truck, driven by Joe Cole, with passengers Bob Sommers; Angi Kaverman, Dairy Superintendent; and Don Alexander, General Manger Ohio Holstein Association. Next came the two-horse hitch driven by owner Morris Van Gorden with Jacquelyn Sherry, Ohio Holstein Queen, sharing the driver’s seat. Riding in the wagon were Judge Mark Reuth; Jodi Hoynoski, National Holstein Association; Mary Lou Topp, National Holstein Futurity Executive Secretary; John Spreng, Ohio State Fair Commisioner; Virgil Strickler, General Manager Ohio State Fair; Sharon Martin, Executive Secretary to General Manager; Stacey French, Head of Ag Department, Ohio State Fair; Kim and David Corey, Chairman of the Ohio State Fair Commission; Tom Price, Vice-Chairman of the Ohio State Fair Commission; Doug White; Sherry Van Tressal and daughter Corrin; Steve Reinhart; and Jennifer Lynch. 20 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

Twenty-three beautifully groomed Three-Year-Old Holsteins circled the ring waiting for the judge’s decision. When the lineup was complete, Quietcove-W TMK Curran Divine, the entry of Quietcove-W, Tim Curran and John Koster, Wapakoneta, Ohio, led by Jeremy Elsass, stood in first place as the National Holstein Futurity Winner and Best Udder in the Class. Second place and second-place udder went to Ms Triple-T Rock of Love-Red-ET, owned by Richard Green, led by Nathan Thomas. Third place went to Express SMD Pagewire JC, led by Jeremy Adams, Express/

Stan-Mar-Dale, Urbana, Ohio. Whiteleather Sizzle 1440-ET led by Adam Whiteleather, Whiteleather Holsteins, Minerva, Ohio, was the fourth-place Three-Year-Old. Standing in fifth place was Futurama Talent Lindeen, led by Jake Knoop, Futurama Holsteins, Fletcher, Ohio. Wabash-Way AJ Nadia, from Wabash Holsteins, New Weston, Ohio, was sixth, and Miley Debonair Glitter-Red, Miley Holsteins, West Salem, Ohio, was seventh. Lylehaven Damion Phantom from Triple-T Holsteins, North Lewisburg, Ohio, 2012 Futurity – continued on page 22

The Ohio State Fair Commissioners attended this year’s National Holstein Futurity and posed for a picture with the Champion. From left: Judge Mark Reuth, Queen Jacquelyn Sherry, Quietcove-W TMK Curran Divine with Jeremy Elsass, Commissioner Sherry Van Tassel, Commissioner David Corey, Commissioner Kate Barter, Commissioner Jennifer Lynch, Commissioner Tom Price, National Holstein Futurity Secretary Mary Lou Topp, Commissioner Steve Reinhart, Commissioner Doug White (partially hidden), Commissioner David Madison, Executive Secretary to the General Manager Sharon Martin, Commissioner John Spreng, Dairy Superintendent Angi Kaverman, State Fair General Manager Virgil Strickler, Ohio State Fair Head of Ag Department Stacey French.

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 21

83900 p20.22 Futurity.Agri_Layout 1 9/21/12 12:54 PM Page 2

2012 Futurity – continued from page 20

was eighth, and Quietcove-Roy Farrah, Quietcove-W, Curran and Koster, Wapakoneta, was ninth. Rounding out the top ten was Futurama Talent Secellia, from Austin Trbovich, Waynesburg, Ohio. The first-place Junior award went to the eleventh place Miley Jasper LL Brooklyn, Anna Miley, West Salem, Ohio. Futurity winner Quietcove-W TMK Curran Divine wore the red rose blanket and paraded the ring to the song “We Are the Champions.” The Futurity wishes to thank the following who contributed to the success of the show: John Spreng and

all the Ohio State Fair Commissioners; COBA/Select Sires and Genex for the cash award to the first-place Junior; photographer Jenny Thomas; secretaries Stacey French and Sharon Martin; Lindsey Bowen and Leslie Maurice for making the rose blanket; Paul Haskins and Glen Sageser for lining up cattle in the barn; and sanitary engineers Brennan Topp and Keaton Topp. The Futurity especially thanks all the breeders for participating in the Futurity for 55 years and encourages everyone to enter in order to keep this exciting show as a special event at the Ohio State Fair. Members of the National Holstein Futurity Board of

Improved Herd Health… Fewer Antibiotics Increased Production… More Profits Healthy Calf is a Healthy Cow Healthy Cow Produces a Healthy Calf

WATER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT NUTRIENT. The Cow consumes approximately 70% water and 30% feed. Ask How

OXY BLAST PLUS May Benefit You

For additional information:

AGRI SALES & CONSULTING Gerald Stair, Dealer 3971 Blachleyville Road • Wooster,Ohio 44691 Phone: 330-749-4792

22 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

Directors are Sherry Smith, Heather Yoder, Joe Miley, Tony Broshes, Paul Haskins, Keith Topp and Nevin L’Amoreaux. Looking ahead, there are two opportunities for entering the 58th Futurity that will show in 2015. Breeders have the choice to make all four payments up front in one payment of $30.00 or to use the rate of $3.00 for each animal entered by October 20, 2012, followed by payment in the second and third years. Futurity entry blanks can be found on pages XX and XX in this issue or can be obtained from Executive Secretary Mary Lou Topp, 10344 Botkins Road, Botkins, Ohio 45306. Grapevine – continued from page 11

and employs 140 people in seven locations. • Paul E. Miller of Pennsylvania, breeder of Great-View Holsteins, classifier, and with his wife Pat and children, entertainer as the Singing Millers, has written a book about his life experiences. The book, Blest Beyond Measure, has just been published and is full of names, events and experiences that dairy families can relate to, whether they personally know Paul or not. The book can be ordered for $25 from Paul Miller at 1432 Pine Tree Avenue, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17112. Call 717-4697195, or Pat’s email is • Ohio Holstein Queen Jacquelyn Sherry has been selected as the 20122013 corporate communications intern for Select Sires, Inc., where she will be responsible for writing press releases and customer testimonials, assisting with sales and marketing projects, and helping prepare trade show materials. • If you think lightning doesn’t strike twice, check out the Holstein office, where we had two strikes in August. One affected the breaker switches, a router, and left an electrical burn odor that was checked out by the fire department. A few days later a strike dimmed the lights and computers and resulted in a new computer and replacement of the leased postage meter. Grapevine – continued on page 26

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 23

24 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

Pictured (Left to Right): three daughters of 1HO09167 Co-op O-STYLE Oman Just-ET and three daughters of 1HO9527 Co-op Bosside MASSEY-ET.

For chart-topping performance, take a look at sires carrying the Co-op prefix.

Photo by Sarah Damrow


©2012 CRI


These hard-working ladies were sired by #1 TPISM 1HO09527 Co-op Bosside MASSEY-ET and #5 TPISM 1HO09167 Co-op O-STYLE Oman Just-ET.


Your 3URÀWDELOLW\ is Our Goal. Featured Product: Cargill Northeast Show Calf ®

Have your calves looking their best with our Northeast Show Calf feed, a 40% protein, pelleted feed, formulated with amino acids and vitamin B, as well as selenium yeast for greater selenium retention and sulfate based trace minerals for high bio-availability. It is also medicated with Lasalocid 54.6 grams/ton as well as a combination of rumen degradable and undegradable protein sources to promote bovine health. Contact your local Cargill Dairy Focus Consultant today to learn about the programs and technologies we offer to help manage ingredients, input pricing and risk, control costs of rations, analyze diets and understand whole farm economics. Michele Burky: 419-651-2081 | Ryan Aberle: 330-464-1951 | Bob Hostetler: 614-937-5356 | Doug Hering: 314-282-0044 | ©2012 Cargill, Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 25

83900 p26 TownC.NatDir_Layout 1 9/21/12 12:52 PM Page 1



National Director

As I sit down to write this, I am reminded of my comments from back in May, when I said this year’s crop was off to a great start. Well, here in West Central Indiana, we are now 14 inches behind in our annual rainfall. Our crop is undoubtedly the

worst I have ever seen. Every once in a while, we are reminded who is in charge. We have had nice weather lately, and we have a nice last cutting of hay. The corn we have shelled has been anywhere from 30 bushels to 100 bushels per acre. In a normal year we would average around 170 bushels per acre. I hope everyone had a good summer with their children and grandchildren and got to some county and state fairs. We had a very enjoyable summer with nine kinds showing their Holsteins at county and state shows. I am writing this on September 11

Oxygen Barrier System This easy to use patented “impermeable” plastic reduces loss of silage in bunker silos to less than 5% and virtually eliminates surface mold. In combination with protective tarps, the film is protected from bird, rodent, and UV damage. To complete the system, Silostop sandbags are used on the overlaps. It is not necessary to provide weight over the entire surface so tires are effectively eliminated.

Silostop film being laid at US Dairy Forage Research Center


Sterling, Ohio at 1-800-331-2625 Ohio’s only authorized Silostop dealer 26 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

and watching the nightly news talk about the anniversary of the attacks on our great country. I was never so proud to be an American as I was that day, to see our country come together as one unit for the betterment of the USA. Well, it is time our industry does the same. We must keep our industry united as one. Most importantly, the American dairy farmer must be our number one priority. If we don’t have people producing milk and breeding cows, we don’t have any need of AI companies, DHI organization or breed organizations. We must come to an agreement for the betterment of our industry. I will get off my soapbox now and move on. As for the Holstein Association, registrations are up a little, as are transfers. Tom Thorbahn has an article on the National Convention, so I won’t discuss it again. I hope everyone gets a chance to get away and make it to Madison and see some of the best dairy cattle in the world. I am hoping to get up for a couple of days. Be careful and patient in the fields. Safety is very important. Hope to see you in Madison. — Indiana Jones Grapevine – continued from page 22

Good dairy farmers are also good stewards of the land. The Davis Denman Family, D-1, was named as one of the Ohio’s five Conservation Families of the Year and was honored at the Farm Science Review. Gasser Farms, Virgil Gasser and sons Aaron, Dave, Nate and Steve, D-1, received the 2012 Environmental Stewardship Award from the Ohio Dairy Producers Association and the Ohio Livestock Coalition. • Peter Spike reported the Ohio 4-H Judging Team won the Dairy Judging Contest at Harrisburg, PA. Congratulations to team members Emily Dudash, Champaign County; Hillary Jackson, Logan County; Laura Boyd, Trumbull County; Meghan Thurston, Delaware County; and Coach Bonnie Ayars.

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 27

83900 p28 TenPen.Har1.Polch_Layout 1 9/20/12 12:06 PM Page 1



We had 5 new VG-85 or above among our small herd of 25 classified cows!


Ohio Fall Sale

Ten-Penny Mint Lima

VG-85 at 3-0

Ten-Penny Planet Joslin-ET VG-85 at 3-6

November 17 at Wooster

Ten-Penny JS Gilder-ET

VG-85 at 4-6


Ten-Penny Bolton Dart

VG-86 at 4-7

Pine-Tree Zenith Mint-ET

VG-85 at 5-6

Our congratulations to the John Struna Family, Maplewood Farm, on their Grand Champion cow and their home-bred line-up of heifers at the Ashtabula County Fair. They set the bar high at the show.

POLCHIN HOLSTEINS A 100% Registered Herd 2411 Sentinel Road • Dorset, OH 44032 John, Ruth and Tony Polchin – 440-293-7955

Unofficial BAA 105.5 ★


Ashtabula Co. A Part of District 1


Butlerview Bookem Shake-ET GTPI +2170G, (USDA Elite, Locator List-Genomic) b. 5/10/12 was purchased at the Ohio Holstein Summer Sale, August 25. Her second dam (KY-Blue GW Dana-ET Ex-90) was 2nd place 4-YearOld at the 2012 MD State Fair; her 4th dam is Chief Adeen. Shake is comfortably at home with 15 heifers of Ten-Penny breeding, born from 6/1/11 to 5/31/12. There were 14 heifers that ranked in the 95th-99th percentile. Of these, 9 were designated as being on the “Locator List-Genomic” with 4 also designated as “USDA Elite.” There are 10 different sires represented in this group.


Comfort for the cow and ease of use for the operator. Front and back belly straps for animal stability. Anti-skid Rumber floor for safe footing. Side panels for optimal animal access.

Recommended by veterinarians! HAROLD’S EQUIPMENT, INC. 2120 Co. Rd. 168, Dundee, OH 44624 Harold Neuenschwander, Owner Phone: 330-893-2348 w 1-800-905-0940 w Fax: 330-893-3459 w 28 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012


Ten-Penny Holsteins The “Little Spike Farm”

Peter & Jean Spike 4380 Byers Road, Delaware, OH 43015 Ph: 740-363-2184 E-mail:

83900 p29.30 wom.Hab.Shr.BrF.ads_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:11 PM Page 1

BarbWire As I travel to announce county fair and district dairy shows, I am in awe of the outstanding Holsteins that parade the show ring. When I look back at pictures of winners from years ago, the Barb Lumley animals standing last in today’s shows would have been good enough to win back then. Our progress for breeding both type and production has been outstanding. In cleaning out a cabinet recently, I ran across copies of the 1966 and 1967 Farm Journal, The Magazine of American Agriculture. They always had a section on each type of livestock farming including dairy. Two of the problems that dairymen were dealing with back then are two problems that still exist today, reproduction and mastitis. With all the progress that has been made in breeding dairy cattle, these problems have not been solved. One of the things I always enjoyed most in breeding registered Holsteins has been studying bulls and cow families and making the mating decisions. I certainly do not claim to be an expert, and over the years I have had a couple of people to emphatically tell me I didn’t know what the &!*#@ I was doing! However, I always felt that whether I bred a good one or made a huge mistake, it was my decision. My first criteria in choosing bulls, was a bull whose daughters were noted for good, sound udders. After all, I was the one who was going to look at and milk that udder twice a day, every day, and I felt that a well-attached, sound udder had to be a healthier one. For several years we did not keep heifers from cows that had ever had mastitis, and we seldom had a problem. Then antibiotics became available, and along with better medicine to treat the problem came classification and cows that scored Very Good and Excellent, made good records, and that we did not want to give up when they had mastitis! We treated them and kept daughters. We gave up

on our goal to eliminate it. Usually about a fourth of our herd was “old cows.” One of my favorites was Champagne, who lived to be 18 years old, always bred back, classified Excellent and never had mastitis in her entire life. No bull stud would have ever considered her for a bull mother — she was a big minus index! But shouldn’t that be the kind of cow to look for when choosing young bulls? Hopefully sons from that kind of cow could pass along the genes for udder health and the resistance to mastitis. Genomics is the name of the game today, but young bulls are coming into the studs from heifers that have never calved and never been milked. How can we be sure they will pass on good udder health and the resistance to mastitis? If proper attention is paid, we should be able to breed for both udder and reproduction health and reduce — and hopefully eliminate — these problems. Extra profit is made from cows that can last, reproduce and put milk in the tank every day! I ran across a fellow Holstein breeder one day a few years ago, and while talking with him, he told me how sad he was feeling because he had just lost one of his best cows. When I asked how old she was, he replied that she was 12 years old. My very first thought was that if she had lived to be 12 years old in that herd, every bull stud in the country should have been lined up for a son! I knew the herd well, and she had to have had outstanding genes to have just survived, as well as making good records and reproducing! She was exactly the kind of cow bulls should have been coming from! Just because a cow is scored Very Good or Excellent does not mean that she has a healthy udder that will resist mastitis, however those types of udders have less risk of injuries that can cause mastitis. While environment, care of the udder and proper milking equipment plays a part in resisting mastitis, I feel that the answer lies in the genes. More needs to be done to eliminate the problem and enable the dairyman to make more profit. By the way, in October 1966 the cost of springer heifers in Ohio was $350 to $400. In March 1967, Ohio dealers paid $6.01 cwt. for bottling milk. Milk sold in stores averaged from 47 cents to 55 cents for a half-gallon.

Announcing the Ohio Holstein Association

Breeder Forum/Springhill Tag Sale Saturday, December 15, 2012 Forum speaker: Don Bennink, North Florida Holsteins Topics can include: Profitability, Herd Management, Health Traits, Genomics Lunch and speaker: 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Open House/Tag Sale at the Lang farm, Springhill, pringhill 7109 SR 514 • Big Prairie, OH 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


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The Queen’s Corner by Jacquelyn Sherry

Habrun’s Insurance Service, Inc. 170 South Clay Street • PO Box 347 Millersburg, Ohio 44654 1-800-340-3767 • 330-674-9091 Ryan Hershberger

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19 3 7

e nc


Your JOHN DEERE Headquarters

7762 Cleveland Rd. • Wooster, OH 44691 • 330-345-9023 2715 W. Fourth St. • Mansfield, OH 44906 • 419-529-6160 496 Harcourt Rd. • Mount Vernon, OH 43050 • 740-392-6160 13 Ft. Monroe Industrial Pky. • Monroeville, OH 44847 • 419-465-4622 3500 Copley Rd. • Copley, OH 44321 • 330-666-8400 999 Lafayette Rd. • Medina, OH 44256 • 330-722-1411 11204 Royalton Rd. • North Royalton, OH 44256 • 440-237-4806

30 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

HELLO, EVERYONE! WOW! I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone by. It seems like just yesterday I was traveling to District 13 for the first show of the summer, and now school is back in session once again. I am keeping busy with my classes, jobs and extracurriculars, adjusting to the change that Here I am at the National Holstein Ohio State made Futurity with Bob Sommers and from quarters to his 1935 flatbed Chevy Truck. semesters. I have enjoyed traveling across the state to different district shows. I’ve learned to navigate well by myself, with the help of my GPS, and not get too lost anywhere. The times I’ve managed to get lost were when I thought I knew where I was going and turned off my GPS. I quickly learned to keep it on until I arrived at my destination. I’m lucky that I have great friends who are excited to go to ride along with me to some of the shows. Living in Columbus over the summer, I could usually find someone who was willing to go to a fair and get out of the city for a while! I saw many of you at the Ohio State Fair; you might remember me working in the parlor or rocking out my ridiculous inline walking boot. The story behind it really isn’t all that exciting, so I won’t go into that. I enjoyed watching all of the shows and listening to judges give reasons over the microphone. Being able to be part of the shows allowed me to have the opportunity to see the cows and heifers and evaluate the classes. My favorite class to watch was, of course, the Futurity. It was amazing to be a part of such an elegant show. Congratulations to Quietcove! I would like to say thank you to a very special man in my life. He has sparked my passion for cows and helped me more times than I can count as I’ve grown up. From helping me walk calves, to helping me build a display board from wood for state fair, my grandfather has been a huge influence in my life, and I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today without him. I am very thankful to have wonderful grandparents and supporters in my life. As county fairs are sadly drawing to an end, I would like to say congratulations to all of the exhibitors and commend you all on a job well done. I know how much hard work goes into preparing animals for the show. I would like to encourage everyone to do something fun this fall: carve a pumpkin, go to a haunted maize, maybe go to a football game or at least watch Ohio State on the big screen, but above all else, everyone have a safe harvesting season!

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2012 Mid-East Summer National Show — Results OPEN SHOW: July 28-29, 2012, Columbus, OH • 215 Head Shown • Judge Mark Reuth Spring Heifer Calf (19) 1. Triple-T MPH Run for Roses, Briar Jeg, Chehalis, WA 2. Highlight Titan Beauty, Oakvale 3. K-Land After Hours, Haver-Crest 4. Toppglen Goldchip Wanton-ET, Toppglen 5. Topp-View Seaver Excite, Topp-View Winter Heifer Calf (28) 1. Cobequid Goldwyn Bayonet, Doeberiner and Boulet 2. Starmark Jordan Princess, Brandon Sugg 3. Red Carpet KB BRX TwitterET, Oakvale 4. Star-Summit Fever Bailey, Jenneil Holsteins 5. Rupp-Vue Freckles Flirt, Rupp-Vue Holsteins Fall Heifer Calf (29) 1. Fusion Passions Poison, Cole and Winchell 2. Raelon Goldwyn Pearl, Doeberiener and Cole 3. Ree-Kay Aftershock Coco, Katelyn Hershberger 4. T-Triple-T Possibility-ET Triple-T Holsteins 5. Smithden Braxton Bianca, Brad Taylor, KY Summer Yearling (16) 1. T-Triple-T Paradise, Triple-T Holsteins 2. Richman Goldwyn Jade R 1137, Richman Farms 3. Welk-Shade Sanchez Kate, Elijah Dobay 4. Budjon JK-RS Atwood Eavie, Lorawae Holsteins 5. Express SMD Kira, AckLee Holsteins Spring Yearling (12) 1. JW Aghamona Gold Athen, Doeberiener and Phoenix 2. Starbrite Goldwyn Lady, Hodglynn Holsteins and Starbrite Holsteins 3. Stan-Mar-Dale Victoria-ET, Express/SMD 4. Bucks Pride Doug Meow, Bucks Pride, LLC 5. Wabash-Way Dundee Fancy, Wabash-Way Holsteins Winter Yearling (13) 1. Springway Sassy Rae, Triple-T Holsteins, Thomas & Cummings 2. Claquato-RH Elicit-ET, Doeberiener and Iager 3, Trealayne Aftershock Gracie, CL-Hersh Holsteins and Jenneil Holsteins 4. Majestic View SevetlanaET, Doeberiener, Heath & Cole 5. Express SMD Braxton Devin, Express/SMD Fall Yearling (9) 1. T-Triple-T Platinum-ET, Triple-T Holsteins 2. Pentuck Lightening Lea, Topp-View 3. Quietcove-W Fancy Lady, Quietcove-Wapa Farms 4. Toppglenn Alexander Whoa, Toppglenn 5. Nic-Nan Braxton Emile-TW, Ack-Lee Holsteins Junior Champion Springway Sassy Rae, Triple-T Holsteins, Thomas & Cummings Reserve Junior Champion T-Triple-T Paradise, Triple-T Holsteins, Cole & Olivia Cummings and Michael Heath Honorable Mention Claquato-RH Elicit-ET, Doeberiener and Iager Junior Best Three Females (2) 1. Triple-T Holsteins 2. Express/SMD Junior Two-Year-Old (16) 1. Brookview American Girl, Brookview Farms 2. Sha-D-rick Pronto Edie, Ack-Lee Holsteins 3. T-Triple-T-I Durham Poppi, Entourage Farm 4. Brookview Ridiculous-ET, Brookview 5. Express SMD Asteroid Vegas, Express/ SMD

32 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

Senior Two-Year-Old (13) 1. Kingsmill Ashlyns Annisa-ET, Triple-T Holsteins and Gene Iager 2. Indian Stone San Valerie-ET Indian Stone Holsteins 3. Indian Stone Explode Gentry, Indian Stone Holsteins 4.Quietcove-W Foxy Lady, Quietcove-Wapa 5. TK-Plain-View Remi, TKPlainview Junior Three-Year-Old (5) 1. Mapl-Valle Advent Angel, Mapl-Valley Farm 2. Pine-Tree Spearmint Marie, LoganTrbovich 3. Quietcove-W Durham Future, Quietcove-Wapa 4. Lund-View Aspen Phoebe, Lund-View 5. Cameron Ridge DR Cristy, Donald Quallen Family Senior Three-Year-Old (6) 1. C-Shylane Gold Dione-ET, T-K Plain-View 2. Donkerdale Paramount Ray, Bucks Pride LLC 3. Wilanna Damion Carol, Daniel Montgomery 4. Line-View Lou 344, Ted Schmitmeyer 5. Conrad Lou Dew, Conrad Farms Intermediate Champion Kingsmill AshlynsAnnisa-ET, Triple-T Holsteins and Gene Iager Reserve Intermediate Champion C-Shylane Gold Dione, TK-Plain-View Honorable Mention Quietcove-W TMK Curran Divine, Quietcove, Curran and Koster Four-Year-Old (8) 1. KM & EW Goldwyn Smarty Rae-ET, TripleT, Heath & Van Exel 2. Greenlea Adv Carol, Quietcove, Phillips and Koster 3. Express SMD Velvet Tara, Express/SMD 4. Magees Pride Morty Martina, Brettany Bennett, KY 5. TK-Plain-View Advent CO-Red, TK Plain-View Five-Year-Old (9) 1. Ruann Lassiter Anna-70651, Triple-T Holsteins, Van Exel & Maddox 2. BrookviewE PT Diligent, Brookview Farms 3. Finn Finley Bash Cassie, Richlin-J Holsteins 4. VelvetView Advent Hazel, Bryce Sanor 5. Miss Highlight Spring, Maggie Sullivan Aged Cow (6) 1. Ronelee MA Sam Delft, Quietcove, Garrison & Ziegler 2. Miley Roy Select Excitement, Miley Holsteins 3. Markers Dundee Olivia, TK-Plain-View 4. Aldens Special Dancer, Alden Farm 5. Stan-MarDale Fab Quality, Express/SMD 125,000 Pound Cow (4) 1. Shadeline Mariah, Brook Hollow Farm 2. Miss Express Charlize, Express/SMD 3. Express SMD LJ Tori, Express/SMD 4. CallDel E Special Gonda, Katelyn McDaniel Senior and Grand Champion and Best Bred and Owned Ruann Lassiter Anna-70651, Triple-T, Van Exel & Maddox Reserve Senior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion KM & EW Goldwyn Smarty-Rae-ET, Triple-T, Heath & Van Exel Honorable Mention Senior Champion Brookview-E PT Diligent, Brookview Farms Honorable Mention Grand Champion Kingsmill Ashlyns Annisa-ET, Triple-T Holsteins and Gene Iager

Dam and Daughter (4) 1. Triple-T 2. Brookview 3. Conrad 4. Futurama Produce of Dam (1) Brookview Holsteins Best Three Females (3) 1. Brookview 2. Express/SMD 3. Futurama Dairy Herd (2) 1. Express/SMD 2. Brookview PDCA Type Production Award Miss Express Charlize, Express/SMD Premier Breeder and Exhibitor Express/SMD

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Ready for the Next Generation On July 17, 2012, dreams become reality when we moved into our new facility. We are very proud that our son Ben will be the fourth generation to farm here. He is ready to build his herd including Red and White Holsteins, and plans to become more involved in showing at state and national shows. We would like to thank Hill’s Supply and Ratta Applied Construction for helping us with this project.

We are pleased to be hosting the District 3 barn meeting on November 4.

Registered Holsteins Orville and Betty Simpson Since 1944 65343 Plainfield Road, Belmont, Ohio 43718 Don 740-391-3301 Ben 740-312-5865 House 740-484-1444 13-Year PBR Award

Don and Danette Simpson Emily, Ben and Robert

Visitors always welcome! Just minutes off of I-70 in the heart of Belmont County. OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 33

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2012 Mid-East Summer National Show — Results JUNIOR SHOW: July 26, 2012, Columbus, OH • Judge Terry Rawn This show is for National Holstein Junior Members through age 21. REPORTED BY DIANA MILEY Spring Heifer Calf (18) 1. Topp-View Seaver Excite, Kinley Topp 2. Triple-T MPH Run for Roses, Briar Jeg, WA 3. Toppglen Goldchip Wanton-ET, Tyler Topp 4. Starmark Charge Rah-Rah, Katie Sugg 5. Rockyroad Atwood Renew, Keenan Wolfe Winter Heifer Calf (22) 1. Star-Summit Fever Bailey-ET, Victoria Deam 2. Starmark Jordan Princess, Brandon Sugg 3. Miley Redliner Goldrush-Red, Anna Miley 4. C-Skidmore Braxton Charli, Chelsea Skidmore 5. Toppglen Wicked Intent-ET, Tyler Topp Fall Heifer Calf (20) 1. Brookview Sid Cutie Pie, Allison McCummons 2. Smithden Braxton Bianca, Brad Taylor, KY 3. Ree-Kay Aftershock Coco, Katelyn Hershberger 4. Miley Sanchez LL Breeze-ET, Anna Miley 5. Poplar-Bend Goldy Java, Cole Cummings Summer Yearling Heifer (10) 1. Welk-Shade Sanchez Kate, Elijah Dobay 2. Velvet-View Rollsroyce, Logan Schlauch 3. Brookview Jordan Dazzlin, Allison McCummons 4. Starmist Atwood Jana, Jenna Thorbahn 5. TK-Plain-View Leah, Mikayla King Spring Yearling Heifer (5) 1. Miss Damion Jade-ET, Mason Mazzaro 2. Co-Vale Dusk TYA 3845-Red, Clay

Gunkleman 3. Dreamland Atlantic Cricket, Kyle Andrews 4. Harstine Zenith Maraland, Colton Harstine 5. Cl-Hersh Dundee Dairy Duke, Clay Hershberger Winter Yearling Heifer (7) 1. Trealayne Aftershock Gracie, Clay Hershberger 2. Springway Sassy Rae, Colton Thomas, Cole and Olivia Cummings 3. My T Fine SS Fergie, Kinley Topp 4. Con-River 1419 Jill-ET, Jeffrey Conrad 5.Tri-Koebel AT Escapade, Alyssa Bowen Fall Yearling Heifer (7) 1. Southern-Hills Pic Maji-Red, Clay Gunkleman 2. Toppglen Alexander WhoaET, Tyler Topp 3. Pentuck Lightning Lea, Keaton Topp 4. Nic-Nan Braxton Emile-TW, Kyle Ackley 5. Ren-Bow ATL LOT Phyllis, Alyssa Bowen Junior Champion Trealayne Aftershock Gracie, Clay Hershberger Reserve Junior Champion Springway Sassy Rae, Colton Thomas, Cole and Olivia Cummings Junior Two-Year-Old (8) 1. Sha-D-Rick Pronto Edie, Kristopher Ackley 2. Miley Advent B Gemini-Red-ET, Anna Miley 3. KY-Blue Allen Rachael, Madelyn Topp 4. Magees Pride Breakout Marie, Brittany Bennett, KY 5. Burks Branch Jasper Fifi-ET, Katelyn McDaniel

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34 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

Senior Two-Year-Old (9) 1. Rose-Vue Pure Gold Foxy, Cole and Olivia Cummings 2. TK-Plain-View Remi, Mikayla King 3. JaCher Colby Chelsea, Harrison Oechsle 4. Rob Sara Liberty, Brandon Sugg 5. Ri-Val-Re Real Ruby-Red-ET, Chelsea Skidmore Junior Three-Year-Old (6) 1. Miley Debonair Glitter-Red, Anna Miley 2. Mapl-Valle Advent Angel, Aprille Steinke 3. Pine-Tree Spearmint Marie, Logan Trbovich 4. Be-Ware Goldwyn Duque, Collin Berg 5. Lund-View Aspen Phoebe, Courtney Lund Senior Three-Year-Old (5) 1.Wilanna Damion Carol, Daniel Montgomery 2. Miley Jasper LL Brooklyn, Anna Miley 3. Line-View Lou 344, Ted Schmitmeyer 4. Conrad Lou Dew, Macrae Conrad 5. Alcroft Rubens Joyness-ET, Robin Alden Intermediate Champion Rose-Vue Pure Gold Foxy, Cole and Olivia Cummings Reserve Intermediate Champion Miley Debonair Glitter-Red, Anna Miley Honorable Mention Sha-D-Rick Pronto Edie, Kristopher Ackley Four-Year-Old (4) 1. Miley Advent B Gem-Red, Anna Miley 2. Magees Pride Morty Martina, Brittany Bennett, KY 3. Ack-Lee Roy Krispy, Kyle Ackley 4. Brookview-E Roy London, Olivia Cummings Five-Year-Old (4) 1. Topp-View Ronelee Elle-ET, Keaton Topp 2. Finn Finley Bash Cassie, Marlee Lloyd 3. Miss Highlight Spring, Maggie Sullivan 4. Conrad Buckeye Delaware, Macy Conrad Aged Cow (2) 1. Markers Dundee Olivia, Mikayla King 2. Aldens Special Dancer, David Alden 125,000 Pound Cow (1) 1. Call-Del E Special Gonda, Katelynn McDaniel Senior Champion Topp-View Ronelee Elle-ET, Keaton Topp Reserve Senior Champion Markers Dundee Olivia, Mikayla King Grand Champion Topp-View Ronelee Elle-ET, Keaton Topp Reserve Grand Champion Rose-Vue Pure Gold Foxy, Cole and Oliva Cummings Honorable Mention Miley Advent B Gemini-Red-ET, Adam Miley Best Bred and Owned Miley Debonair Glitter, Anna Miley District Group (2) 1. District 14 2. District 7

83900 p35 QualityQuest1 4c_Layout 1 9/19/12 3:37 PM Page 1

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 35

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The Best of Quality Quest 2012 Saturday, October 27, 2012, 11:00 a. m. Selling 80 Head at the Farm — Something for Every Herd SELLING LOT #1



Quality-Quest Fancifire-ET VG-88 Reserve Grand Champion, 2011 & 2012 Canfield Fair Junior Show. 3 Excellent Dams. Fresh 8-4-12.

Quality-Quest Firepower-ET EX-90 2E Selling her milking DIE HARD and EISENHOWER daughters. Selling two sons by STORMATIC.

Quality-Quest Shooting Star GP-82 Only daughter of Firestar VG-88, who topped the Quality-Quest 2010 Sale. 2nd Junior 2 at 2012 D-3 Show.



Quality-Quest Lou Cannon-ET VG-85 100% blood sister to Firestar-ET. 2nd Junior 2-Year-Old at District 1 & 2 Show.


Quality-Quest Talent Daze VG-88 EVEVV Due at Sale Time. Dam VG-86 by ASPEN.

Doug and Marty Dye Evan, Jon Hannah, Micah 330-525-5272 36 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012


Quality-Quest Spitfire EX-93 3E 34 FAMILY MEMBERS SELLING!

Quality-Quest Fireworks EX-93 2E SHOTTLE and SPEARMINT daughters Selling. Granddaughters selling by ENCINO and EXPEDITION, also BOXER daughter of EXPEDITION.



Ked Stormatic Julexxa EX-92 2E Senior Champion 2010 Canfield Fair. Selling her milking AFTERSHOCK daughter. Goes directly to JEEVES and JAKE.

Quality-Quest Popcrn Purity VG-86 Intermediate Champion & HM Grand, 2012 District 3 Show. Res. Intermediate Champion & HM Grand, 2012 Canfield Fair. Res. Intermediate Champion & Res. Grand, 2012 District 1 & 2 Jr Show. AND WILL SELL FRESH! DON’T MISS THIS ONE! Genesis 1:1 RHA 25,554M 861F 748P 122,000 SCC

Sale at the Farm 27863 Shoemaker Road Beloit, Ohio 44609 10/27/12, 11:00 a.m.

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Catalogs Available on Ohio Holstein website and Dairy Agenda Today Request Catalog at 1-800-533-5456, Kiko Auctioneers DAUGHTERS SELLING



Quality-Quest Firestar-ET VG-88 Selling 3 Milking 100% blood sisters by LOU and her milking ALAN Daughter.

Tri-Koebel Derry Rosie EX-90 Next Dam EX-91 with 36,410M 1,296F 1,111P. 6 EX Dams back to Roxy! GP ALEXANDER Sells Fresh.

Quality-Quest Bond Angel EX-92 2E Selling Fancy VG-87 ALEXANDER, due Sept 30. Angel has records to 31,3870M.




Whin-Way Durham Vicki EX-90-2E 2 Lou daughters, one fresh, one due in Nov. Milking granddaughter by RAID-RED. Granddaughter by REDMAN-RED bred to DE-PRINCE-RED Sexed Semen.

Quality-Quest Durham Buzz VG-88 Dam’s records to 37,630M 1,039F 975P. AFFIRMED daughter due in Dec. to SPEARMINT. ROSS granddaughter due Dec. 15 to JAMMER-ET.

Quality-Quest Stingray-ET EX-92 4E Records to 33,090M 1,268F 851P Milking daughters by SPEARMINT, LAURIN and FORTUNE. Also 3rd Dam of a LIGHTNING bred heifer selling.




Quality-Quest Markr Pendant EX-90 EEEVE Two daughters by BOLTON selling. Parade-ET 2-02 305D 27,910M 886F 821P. Panda-ET due Dec. 19 to BRAXTON-ET.

Quality-Quest Missile Rose EX-90 5-03 305D 32,430M 4.4% 1,422F 2.9% 934P Milking DAMION granddaughter sells. GP Lou granddaughter bred Aug. 24 to McCUTCHEN.

Quality-Quest Mich Sunlight VG-87 GLEN daughter due Sept. 29 to GERARD-ET. Classified VG-85 at 3-00.

— SALES STAFF — Randall Kiko, Auctioneer, 330-831-0174 Ted Renner, Pedigrees, 330-466-1196 Don Alexander, 304-376-1788 Ken Janes, 330-464-4134 Brian Garrison, 614-264-3240 Steve Deam, 937-477-6616 Mark (Buck) Owen, 330-317-7758

— SALE MANAGED BY — Leading the Auction Industry since 1945

Russ Kiko Associates Inc. 2805 Fulton Drive NW, Canton, OH 44718 1-800-533-5456

AUCTIONEERS OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 37

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Notes from the 2012 Holstein USA Annual Meeting and Convention by Tom Thorbahn The 2012 Holstein USA Annual Meeting and Convention was sure a warm one! I believe each day was close to or over 100°. The Holstein breeders from Missouri did a great job hosting this year’s meeting in Springfield, Missouri. The elections this year were very straight forward, since many of the positions for national director were uncontested. Jonathan Lamb, New York, and Bill Wright, Utah, were reelected to the board. Newly elected to the board were Paul Buhr, Wisconsin and Patrick Maddox, California, to represent their regions. The uncontested elections this year prompted the Board of Directors to propose the Constitutional change in director elections. The proposed change to the Constitution reads as follows: if a region only nominated one nominee from their region, that region would then become an atlarge region for the next six years. That region’s nominee would be required to run against all at-large nominations. What this means is a region could cease to have a representative on the board if the nominee fails to win one of the at-large positions. This change was meant to prompt regions to work harder to find qualified candidates. This amendment was passed by the delegate body by a small margin. There was considerable opposition from many of the smaller states. The second day of the meeting was centered around the Cooperative Agreement and the new business proposals from the Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB) relating

At the 2012 National Holstein Convention are (front, from left) Ohio delegates Joe Miley, Esther Welch and Peter Spike, and (back, from left) West Virginia delegate Don Alexander and Ohio delegate Tom Thorbahn. Ohio delegate Steve Moff is not pictured.

to the future of genetic evaluations of our dairy cattle. Many of you are familiar with the possible discontinuation of funding for genetic evaluations by USDA-AIPL in 2013. The CDCB, which is made up of DHIA and DRPC testing, NAAB–A.I organizations, has been working over the past couple of years to develop the Cooperative Agreement and business proposal on how genetic evaluations will be processed and funded, as well as ownership, if USDA

Freestall Barns • Milking Parlors • Sand Separator Lanes Commodity Buildings • Bunk Silos 38 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

83900 p38.39 Keim.Po1.Thor4c.ads_Layout 1 9/19/12 3:53 PM Page 2

pro and con concerning this serious matter facing our industry. If you have concerns or opinions, please contact any member of the board. At the meeting, the new ideal Holstein cow and bull paintings were unveiled. These breathtaking portraits were painted by Bonnie Mohr. Bonnie

gave a presentation of her visions for the paintings as she put them on canvas. The folks from Missouri provided a wonderful time for all who attended. We thank them for all their hard work and dedication. It was a great convention, enjoyed by all.

VISIT YOUR OHIO HOLSTEIN WEBSITE AT Ray and Sara Twining, D-8, enjoyed attending the 2012 National Holstein Convention, where Ray was recognized with other 40-year national members.

discontinues to fund in 2013. The Holstein USA Board of Directors has considerable concerns with some of the language and directions of both the Cooperative Agreement and the business plan, as well as the financial obligations. The Holstein Board had not agreed to adopt either of these documents at the time of the June meeting, even though most of the other members of CDCB are in agreement with these proposals. The Holstein USA Board presented a resolution to the delegates, which was originally from the Pennsylvania Holstein Association, that the Board of Directors of Holstein USA be committed to keeping the US genetic evaluations program at USDA-AIPL. After a lengthy — even heated — discussion from delegates, members and others, the resolution was approved by the delegate vote. A second resolution on the same subject was submitted by the Wisconsin delegation, which recommended that the Holstein USA Board of Directors be proactive and continue working together with the CDCB on the future of genetic evaluations. There is no guarantee that the USDA will continue the funding of our genetic evaluations in 2013. The primary reason behind this resolution was that all segments of the dairy cattle breeding industry should be united and be ready to move forward if necessary. The board did not recommend the adoption of this resolution, but after further discussion, this resolution was also adopted. There was considerable discussion

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HayBob 300 and 360 tedder/rake combination co ombination 9' 10" – 19' 8" raking widthss 9' 10" 10 0" tedding widths Keep Rollin Rollin’ n’’ with Polen! 42255 Oberlin n Elyria Rd Elyria, Ohio 44035 4 1 440-322-8821 www .polenim OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 39

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2012 Ohio State Fair Red and White Show July 29, 2012 • Columbus, Ohio • 42 Head Shown • Judge Matt Lawrence Spring Heifer Calf (6) 1. MS Colt Hali-Red, Wabash-Way Holsteins 2. Wabash-Way Chris Harlee, Wabash-Way Holsteins 3. Hankansons APP Crystal-Red, Bucks Pride, LLC 4. Toppglen Destry MarquitRed, Toppglen 5. Starmark Charge Rah-RahRed, Katie Sugg Winter Heifer Calf (8) 1. Miley Redliner Goldrush-Red, Miley Holsteins 2. Lah-Dale Advnt Sparkle, LahDale Holsteins 3. Ray-Jo CTENDR Sass-RedET, Curtis and Keri Bickel 4. Mo Hill Brook San Diego-Red, Goodsons Farm 5. Miss Hot Cakes-Red-ET, Clay and Cora Gunkleman

Fall Heifer Calf (5) 1. Miss Hot Date-Red-ET, Signature Cattle 2. Call-Del Debonair-Red-ET, Call-Del Farm 3. Terra-Cotta Acres Radiant-Red, Anthony Wenning 4. Remember-You CTD Minnie-Red, Clay and Cora Gunkleman 5. Steel Lane Attitude Jazzy-Red, Steel Lane Holsteins Summer Yearling Heifer (3) 1. Wabash-Way Ch Ryhan-Red, WabashWay 2. Rocky-Run Ima Rockstar-Red, Tyler Etgen 3. Mil-R-Mor Hvezda Verita, Wil-O-Rae Holsteins

'7$,/67+$70$.($     ',))(5(1&(,17+('$,5<    These compact yet highly ca capable apable farmhands farmhands are loaded with cus tomer-in nspired details, customer-inspired operator sstation tation and such as a roomier operator fan a reversing quieter pressurized cab; a fan option to keep coolers free from bedding dust and other debris; joystick joystick t controls dust for more precise, comfortable comfortab ble control in for tight spaces; and Solid-Flexx tires to keep busting beads on your y barn s you from busting barn’s curbings. Stop by Polen Imp plement to Implement ÷ QGRXWZKDWDGLIIHUHQFHD'VHULHV ÷QGRXWZKDWDGLIIHUHQFHD'VHULHV steer can make in your dairy skid steer dairy..

Keep Rollin Rollin’ n’’ with Polen! 42255 Oberlin n Elyria Rd Elyria, Ohio 44035 4 1 440-322-8821 www .polenim 40 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

Spring Yearling Heifer (5) 1. Miss Lucky in Love-Red, Richard Green 2. Rocky Top Advent Mac-Red-ET, Bryce Sanor 3. Richman Destry Dina R28-Red, Richman Farms 4. Co-Vale Dusk Tya 3845-Red, Clay and Cora Gunkleman 5. Ray-Jo Pic ShangriRed-ET, Curtis and Keri Bickel Fall Yearling Heifers (4) 1. Southern-Hills Pic Maci-Red, Clay and Cora Gunkleman 2. Rose-Vue Real DreamyRed, Silver Mist 3. Cameron Ridge Christmas-Red, Goodsons Farm 4. KoKosings Conten Italia-Red, Aaron and Jennifer Bouton Junior Champion Miss Hot Date-Red-ET, Signature Cattle Reserve Junior Champion Miss Lucky in Love-Red, Richard Green Honorable Mention Miley Redliner Goldrush-Red, Miley Holsteins Junior Two-Year-Old (2) 1. Miley Advent B Gemini-Red-ET, Miley Holsteins 2. Wil-San Advnt Jelly Bean-Red, Doug Besancon Senior Two-Year-Old (1) 1. Ri-Val-Re Real Ruby-Red-ET, Chelsea Skidmore Junior Three-Year-Old (3) 1. Miley Debonair Glitter-Red. Miley Holsteins 2. Bucks-Pride Deb Sydny-Red, Bucks Pride, LLC 3. Stoncree Jordan JodyRed-ET, Call-Del Farms Senior Three-Year-Old (2) 1. Miss Rock of Love-Red, Richard Green 2. Semler Advent Scarlett-Red, James Semler Intermediate Champion Miley Debonair Glitter-Red, Miley Holsteins Reserve Intermediate Champion Miss Rock of Love-Red, Richard Green Honorable Mention Miley Advent B Gemini-Red-ET, Miley Holsteins Four-Year-Old (1) 1. Miley Advent B Gem-Red, Miley Holsteins Aged Cow (1) 1. Wolf-Ridge Advent Julip-Red, Call-Del Farm 125,000 Pound Cow 1.Macabob Emma Colby-Red, Call-Del Farm Senior Champion and Grand Champion Miley Advent B Gem-Red, Miley Holsteins Reserve Senior Champion Wolf-Ridge Advent Julip-Red, Call-Del Farm Honorable Mention Macabob Emma Colby-Red, Call-Del Farm Reserve Grand Champion Miley Debonair Glitter-Red, Miley Holsteins Honorable Mention Miss Rock of Love-Red, Richard Green Senior Best Three Females (1) 1. Miley Holsteins Produce of Dam (2) 1. Miley Holsteins 2. Curtis and Keri Bickel Dam and Daughter (1) 1.Miley Holsteins Best Udder Miley Holsteins Best Bred and Owned Miley Holsteins Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor Miley Holsteins

83900 p41 ADA_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:13 PM Page 1

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 41

83900 p42 Ashland.2Thanks_Layout 1 9/20/12 10:10 AM Page 1

A Special “Thank You” to our Award Donors for their generous support of the 2012 Red & White Ohio State Fair Show Crimson Lane Holsteins

Burkett Falls Farm

Ray-Jo Meadows

Del-Hollow Farm

Franchise Farm

Wil-O-Rae Farm


Genex/Terry Weiker

Mason Farms Ltd.

Wabash Way Holsteins

Topp-View Farm

Ja-Bob Farm

Miley Holsteins

Sprengs Long Acres

Nathan Davenport Hoof Triming

Richman Farm

ABS Global/ Ray Jackson

Starmark Farm

Jandi-K Farm Macabob Farm

Terra-Cotta Acres Redien Acres Call-Del Farm Bar-B-Hills Farm

Gehl 40 Series Skid Loaders

Tight Spots. Tough Tasks. All in a Day’s Work. • Four models offering up to 2,700 lbs. operating load (with optional weight kit) and 82 hp for big loader results • Exceptional hydraulic power for higher breakout force, fast cycle times and better attachment performance • Longer wheelbase and a low center of gravity for a smooth, stable ride • Choice of controls: T-bar “hands-only,” dual-hand, or hand/foot

1145 Cleveland Ave. Ashland, Ohio 44805 419-289-3610 Fax 419-281-7358

42 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

A Special “Thank You” to the Award Donors to the 2012 Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show at Columbus CLASS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . DONOR OPEN SHOW Spring Heifer Calf . . . . . . . . . . . Quality Quest Holsteins Winter Heifer Calf . . . . . . . . . . . Weikland Farms Fall Heifer Calf. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Shreve Printing Summer Yearling Heifer. . . . . . . . Richman Farms Spring Yearling Heifer. . . . . . . . . Berg Farms Winter Yearling Heifer . . . . . . . . Toppglen Holsteins Fall Yearling Heifer . . . . . . . . . . . Call-Del Holsteins Junior Champion Female . . . . . . . Homerville Holstein Farms Res. Junior Champion Female . . . Land O’Lakes/Robin Pond Junior Best Three Females . . . . . . COBA/Select Sires, Inc. Junior Two-Year-Old Cow. . . . . . . Nevin & Brenda L’Amoreaux Senior Two-Year-Old Cow . . . . . . Conrad Farms Junior Three-Year-Old Cow . . . . . White-Light Holsteins/ Menzie Family Senior Three-Year-Old Cow . . . . . Windemere, Jim & Nancy Kemp Intermediate Champion . . . . . . . . Land O’Lakes/Robin Pond Res. Intermediate Champion . . . . Twining Farms Four-Year-Old Cow . . . . . . . . . . . Weikland Farms Five-Year-Old Cow . . . . . . . . . . . Spreng’s Longacre Farms, Inc. Aged Cow. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Baker’s Acres 125,000 Pound Cow . . . . . . . . . D-Maples Registered Holsteins Senior Champion Female . . . . . . Trealayne Holsteins Res. Senior Champion Female . . . Topp-View Farm Grand Champion Female . . . . . . National Holstein Futurity, Inc. Res. Grand Champion Female . . . Express Show Cattle Best Bred and Owned. . . . . . . . . Cooperative Resources International Dam and Daughter . . . . . . . . . . . JR and Angi Kaverman Produce of Dam . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hardingdale Holsteins/ Larry Harding Family Best Three Female. . . . . . . . . . . . Ty Henschen/Midwest Genetics Dairy Herd . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ouric Holsteins JUNIOR SHOW Spring Heifer Calf . . . . . . . . . . . Jenny Thomas/Cybil Fisher Photo Winter Heifer Calf . . . . . . . . . . . Land O’Lakes/Robin Pond Fall Heifer Calf. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Open-Road Holsteins Summer Yearling Heifer. . . . . . . . Steve Andrews, Auctioneer Spring Yearling Heifer. . . . . . . . . Lund-View Farm Winter Yearling Heifer . . . . . . . . Broad-Vue Holsteins Fall Yearling Heifer . . . . . . . . . . . H.B. Owen & Son, Inc. Junior Champion Female . . . . . . . Mason Farms, Ltd. Res. Junior Champion Female . . . DHI Cooperative, Inc. Junior Two-Year-Old Cow. . . . . . . Lorawae Holsteins Senior Two-Year-Old Cow . . . . . . Miley Farms, Ltd. Junior Three-Year-Old Cow . . . . . Tony Good Senior Three-Year-Old Cow . . . . . Crimson Lane Holsteins/ Thorbahn Brothers Intermediate Champion . . . . . . . . Commodity Blenders Res. Intermediate Champion . . . . Alden Farms Four-Year-Old Cow . . . . . . . . . . . IBA of Ohio Five-Year-Old Cow . . . . . . . . . . . Triple-T Holsteins Aged Cow. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Baker’s Acres 125,000 Pound Cow . . . . . . . . . Rupp-Vue Farm Senior Champion . . . . . . . . . . . . Land O’Lakes/Robin Pond Res. Senior Champion . . . . . . . . Raygor Farms, LLC Grand Champion Female . . . . . . Stan-Mar-Dale Holsteins Res. Grand Champion . . . . . . . . Ack-Lee Holsteins District Group of Five . . . . . . . . . Ohio Holstein Association

83900 p43 Hartline.CommBlend_Layout 1 9/20/12 10:12 AM Page 1

The Hutches are Full of ET’s… …From Gloryland-LB Linette Rae-ET VG-89 EX-91MS as first calf 2-04 365D 3X 38,100M 3.4% 1,298F 3.3% 1,266P Her Sire: Goldwyn Her Dam: Gloryland Lakota Rae-ET Next Dam: Gloryland Lana Rae-EX-94 We have a milking England Ammon Million from Linette. We have heifers from Linette on the ground from Gillette Windbrook, five by Co-Op O-Style Oman Just-ET, six by Amighetti Numero Uno-ET, three by Shema Jeeves Cameron-ET, three by Broeks AKRman and two by Hunsberger Alchemy. We have others to come from De-Su D Mayfield 893, Zani Bolton Mascalese, Segull-Bay Supersire-ET and De-Su BKM McCutchen 1174-ET, and we just learned there are 25 embryos by Ladys-Manor Man-O-Shan-ET. Linette is bred to Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul-ET. Linette is the most sought after cow ever at Hartlines with her genomics, production and type. She has lots of AI matings and AI interest.

BULLS For Sale 740-373-6820 (Bob) 740-373-0031 (John) 740-373-1806 (Gale) Barn: 740-376-0147 Fax: 740-376-0137

~ Inquiries Welcome ~

Hartline Farms, Inc. 512 Wagner Rd. • Marietta, OH 45750

Directions: I-77 to Marietta, Exit 6 – right on SR 821 one mile then left on CR 375 four miles to Sherry Drive – right on Wagner Road to end 12 Year PGH Award • 1 Year PBR Award • 220 cows 105.1 BAA

OHIO NEWS | 9/10/2012 | 43

83900 p44 OSF Jr Show.Garver_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:13 PM Page 1

2012 Ohio State Fair Junior Holstein Show July 27, 2012 • Columbus, Ohio • Judge Terry Rawn • This show is for Ohio Juniors up to age 19. REPORTED BY DIANA MILEY Spring Heifer Calf (17) 1. K-Land After Hours, Ashley Hawvermale 2.Topp-View Seaver Excite, Kinley Topp 3. Starmark Charge Rah-Rah, Katie Sugg 4. Rockyroad Atwood Renew, Keenan Wolfe 5. Ro-Jo-Ma Alexander Willa, Madisen Morlock Winter Heifer Calf (23) 1. Star-Summit Fever Bailey-ET, Victoria Deam 2. Starmark Jordan Princess, Brandon Sugg 3. Miley Redliner Goldrush-Red, Anna Miley 4. C-Skidmore Braxton Charli, Chelsea Skidmore 5. Cornish Aspen Avery, Megan Cornish Fall Heifer Calf (18) 1. Brookview Sid Cutie Pie, Allison McCummons 2. Miley Sanchez LL Breeze-ET, Anna Miley 3. Poplar-Bend Goldy Java, Cole Cummings 4. Brookview Sid Lindee, Kyle Andrews 5. Miss Hot Date-Red, Bailee Mazzaro Summer Yearling Heifer (12) 1. Welk-Shade Sanchez Kate, Elijah Dobay 2. Velvet-View Rollsroyce, Logan Schlauch 3. Express SMD Kira, Kristopher Ackley 4. Brookview Jordan Dazzlin, Allison McCummons 5. Starmist Atwood Jana, Jenna Thorbahn Spring Yearling Heifer (5) 1. Miss Damion Jade-ET, Mason Mazzaro 2. Co-Vale Dusk TYA 3845-Red, Clay Gunkleman 3. Dreamland Atlantic Cricket, Kyle Andrews 4. Harstine Zenith Maraland, Colton Harstine 5. CL-Hersh Dundee Dairy Duke, Clay Hershberger Winter Yearling Heifer (8) 1. Trealayne Aftershock Gracie, Clay Hershberger 2. Spring-Way Sassy Rae, Colton Thomas, Cole and Olivia Cummings 3. My T Fine SS Fergie, Kinley Topp 4. ConRiver 1419 Jill-ET, Jeffrey Conrad 5. TriKoebel AT Escapade, Alyssa Bowen Fall Yearling Heifer (7) 1. Southern-Hills Pic Maji-Red, Clay Gunkleman 2. Pentuck Lightning Lea, Keaton Topp 3. Nic-Nan Braxton Emile-TW, Kyle Ackley 4. Ren-Bow ATL LOT Phyllis, Alyssa Bowen 5. Cameron-Ridge Christmas-Red, Sydney Good Junior Champion Trealayne Aftershock Gracie, Clay Hershberger Reserve Junior Champion Spring-Way Sassy Rae, Colton Thomas, Cole and Olivia Cummings Junior Two-Year-Old (8) 1. Sha-D-Rick Pronto Edie, Kristopher Ackley 2. Miley Advent B Gemini-Red-ET, Adam Miley 3. KY-Blue Allen Rachael, Madelyn Topp 4. Balmoral AL Wendy, Thomas DiGiovanni 5. Magees Pride Breakout Marie, Brittany Bennett, KY Senior Two-Year-Old (8) 1. Rose-Vue Pure Gold Foxy, Cole and Olivia Cummings 2. TK-Plain-View Remi, Mikayla King 3. JaCher Colby Chelsea, Harrison

44 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

Oechsle 4. Rob Sara Liberty, Brandon Sugg 5. Ri-Val-Re Real Ruby-Red-ET, Chelsea Skidmore Junior Three-Year-Old (7) 1. Miley Debonair Glitter-Red, Anna Miley 2. Mapl-Valle Advent Angel, Aprille Steinke 3. Pine-Tree Spearmint Marie, Logan Trbovich 4. Be-Ware Goldwyn Duque, Collin Berg 5. Topp-View Asteroid Ebony, Madelyn Topp Senior Three-Year-Old (5) 1. Wilanna Damion Carol, Daniel Montgomery 2. Miley Jasper LL Brooklyn, Anna Miley 3. Line-View Lou 344, Ted Schmitmeyer 4. Conrad Lou Dew, Macrae Conrad 5. Express SMD Ace Entice-ET, Ella Jackson Intermediate Champion Rose-Vue Pure Gold Foxy, Cole and Olivia Cummings Reserve Intermediate Champion Miley Debonair Glitter-Red, Anna Miley Honorable Mention Sha-D-Rick Pronto Edie, Kristopher Ackley Four-Year-Old (4) 1. Miley Advent B Gem-Red, Anna Miley 2. TK-Plain-View Advent CO-Red, Mikayla King 3. Ack-Lee Roy Krispy, Kyle Ackley 4. Brookview-E Roy London, Olivia Cummings Five-Year-Old (4) 1. Topp-View Ronelee Elle-ET, Keaton Topp 2. Miss Highlight Spring, Maggie Sullivan 3.

Conrad Buckeye Delaware, Macy Conrad 4. Mersland Onyx Annie, Madelyn Topp Aged Cow (3) 1. Miley Roy Select Excitement, Anna Miley 2. Markers Dundee Olivia, Mikayla King 3. Aldens Special Dancer, David Alden 125,000 Pound Cow (1) 1. Call-Del E Special Gonda, Katelynn McDaniel Senior and Grand Champion Miley Roy Select Excitement, Anna Miley Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion Topp-View Ronelee Elle-ET, Keaton Topp Honorable Mention Senior Champion Markers Dundee Olivia, Kayla King Honorable Mention Grand Champion Rose-Vue Pure Gold Foxy, Cole and Olivia Cummings Senior Showmanship (27) 1. Megan Cornish 2. Ashlee Cutlip 3. Bailee Mazzaro 4. Chelsea Skidmore 5. Marlee Lloyd Intermediate Showmanship 1. Kristopher Ackley 2. Collin Berg, 3. Keaton Topp 4. Allison McCummons 5. Brennan Topp Junior Showmanship 1. Tori Neer 2. Kinley Topp 3. Cora Gunkleman 4. Mason Mazzaro 5. Cole Pond

Attention Farmers ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

Sell Cows and Bulls Direct Sold on a Dressed Basis Graded and Shipped Daily Representing Six Major Packers Each Animal Distributed to the Plant that will Return a Premium Price to You Transportation Available Save – No commissions Serving the Industry Over 50 Years in This Area Licensed and Bonded $200,000 for Your Protection

Merlin L. Garver, Inc. 2203 Heyl Road, Wooster, Ohio 44691 OFFICE 1-800-686-6292 330-264-5275 1-800-374-6180

1/2 Mile West of Holstein Association

FARM Paul 330-264-2660 Paul’s Cell 330-466-1188 Jan 330-264-5275

83900 p45 Zimmer.CompMixx_Layout 1 9/20/12 12:08 PM Page 1

IVF and Flush Results — All Outcross Pedigrees North Echo Planet 1907-ET VG-85 +2132G PTA +5.7PL 2.85 SCS +2.32T +2.13UDC +1.66FLC 2-04 305D 31,600M 4.3% 1,359F 3.2% 1,026P • Calves by EPIC and MOGUL and one by NUMERO UNO • Pregnancies by KRUNCH, MASCALESE and DAY • Transfers by LITHIUM

Zimmerview Super Simone-ET +2199G PTA +6.7PL 2.63SCS +1.4DPR +2.34T +2.36UDC • Calves by MAYFIELD • Pregnancies by MASCALESE and SYMPATICO • Transfers by PARADISE

Zimmerview Domain Doris-ET +2209G PTA +3.6PL 2.74 SCS +3.55 T +3.05UDC • Calves by MOGUL • Pregnancies by MASCALESE and SYMPATICO • Transfers by MAURICE

I would like to say a big Steiner Fam Thank You ily at Pine T to the ree Dairy fo me to do m r allowing y internship with them spring. this past The experie nce was mo re than I cou imagined. T ld have here were a variety o opportunitie f learning s at this fa rm. With from Matt, gu Gail and all of the Steiner idance I was able children, to learn an d take with valuable le me ssons tha t will ben many throughout efit me my career. I also want to thank the being so kin Steiner Fam d and welco ily for ming, and fo time to allow r taking me to be pa rt of their o peration. Not only d id I learn a great amount, I crea that will last ted friendships a lifetime. Thank you, Lisa Zimmer

From left: Lo is Steiner an d Lisa Zimm er

Zimmerview Dairy

Paul, Brent and Dean Zimmer 700 Zimmer Road, Marietta, OH 45750 • 740-374-7299 Ph. • 740-374-6288 Fax 6 Years PGH Award

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 45

83900 p46.48 OhHol Jr forms_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:36 PM Page 1

OHIO HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION P.O. BOX 479, WOOSTER, OHIO 44691 PHONE 330-264-9088 • FAX 330-263-1653 • EMAIL

Office location: 1375 Heyl Road, Wooster

Holstein Breeders and Friends TO: FROM: Membership Committee: Ken Janes and John Young, co-chairs, and all board members RE: Official Membership Notice For our 2013 membership drive, current members will receive membership notices beginning in October. There will be a card enclosed for updating your membership information. Please return it. You can pay from that invoice and include the invoice number on your check. Use the card at right to sign up a new member. Current cell phone numbers and email addresses help us contact you. You can also go to the Ohio Holstein website at and print the card to mail with your payment. You may deduct 10% on your adult membership if you pay by December 1, 2012. Below is a partial list of the benefits of being a member of the Ohio Holstein Association. 1. A subscription to the Ohio Holstein News, a $15.00 value. 2. Reduced fees when registering calves. Members of both the state and national associations can save up to $16.00 per calf over nonmembers, and state and national members can save $8.00 over national members only. It doesn’t take long to pay for a state membership at these savings. 3. State-sponsored consignment sales that attract buyers from all across the country. 4. Management of dispersal sales, also private sales or purchases. We can help you merchandise your Holsteins in whatever way you choose. 5. Educational programs for the entire family. Barn meetings, women’s forums and youth activities are available from local districts through the state and national level. Help us continue the progress of the Ohio Holstein Association and continue to increase the value of your Holsteins by paying your dues today.



Holstein Juniors Advisors Cheri Oechsle and Megan & Matt Lawson

It is time again for Ohio Holstein Junior members to renew their membership and for new members to join for 2013. Please fill out the front and back of the Junior form at right and return it with your payment to the Holstein office. Please add your email address to the form. You can also go to the Ohio Holstein website at and print the card to mail with your payment. Advantages of joining the Junior Association include: 1. Receive member rates on registrations. 2. Be eligible for Junior All-Ohio Awards. 3. Compete in the Distinguished Junior Member Contest, Memorial Award and Scholarship contests. 4. Compete in Quiz Bowls, Speaking Contest and other activities. 5. Have the opportunity to take part in Junior meetings and fun activities in Ohio at the annual meeting and throughout the year. 6. Have the opportunity to take part in Junior activities at the National Holstein Convention in June. 7. Subscribe to the Ohio Holstein News at the special rate of $7.50, which is half the price charged to adults. 8. Help decide what the Junior Association is going to do. We think our Juniors are the best assets of our Association. Plan to join now and attend the annual meeting in March. 46 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

83900 p46.48 OhHol Jr forms_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:37 PM Page 2

2013 Ohio Holstein Association Membership Agreement



I do hereby join the Ohio Holstein Association for the period ending December 31, 2013, and agree to pay dues for the support of said Association on the basis of $45.00 per membership plus $1.00 per head for any freshened % RHA Registered Holstein for herds up to 300 head, and $ .50 per head for over 300 head. Membership includes a subscription to the Ohio Holstein News. The filing of this agreement with the Ohio Holstein Association, Wooster, Ohio, shall entitle the signer to all rights and privileges which accompany membership in said Association.

Name ___________________________________________________ Holstein Account # _______________________ Partner and/or Spouse Name ________________________________________________________________________ Farm/Business Name ____________________________________ Prefix ____________________________________ Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________ City ___________________________________________ State _________ Zip _______________ District _________ Directions to Farm _________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ E-mail (print clearly) ___________________________________ Phone __________________________ Cell ____________________________ FAX ____________________________ Signature of Member ________________________________________________ Date _________________________ Basic Membership @ $45.00 RETURN WITH PAYMENT TO: Ohio Holstein Association _______ Number of any % RHA (Registered) Freshened Holsteins P.O. Box 479 WOOSTER, OHIO 44691 (up to 300) @ $1.00 each + Phone 330-264-9088 _______ Number of Registered Cows over 300 @ $ .50 each + Fax 330-263-1653 Total = Less 10% of Dues total if paid by December 1, 2012 To help us help you, please complete reverse side.

$45.00 ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________

Total Dues Paid = ___________



❑ Renewal ❑ Individual ❑ New ❑ Family ❑ Individual Lifetime

I hereby join the Ohio Junior Holstein Association for the period ending December 31, 20 ________ and agree to pay dues for the support of said Association in the amount of $2 per individual Junior member for one year, $5 per family for one year or $20 for individual Junior lifetime membership. The filing of this agreement and membership fee with the Ohio Junior Holstein Association, c/o Ohio Holstein Association, P.O. Box 479, Wooster, Ohio 44691 shall entitle the signer to all rights and privileges in said Association. For a Junior Member subscription to the Ohio Holstein News, add $7.50.

Name __________________________________________________ Age ________ Birthdate _________________________ Signature _____________________________________________________________________

❑ Male

❑ Female

Name __________________________________________________ Age ________ Birthdate _________________________ Signature _____________________________________________________________________

❑ Male

❑ Female

Name __________________________________________________ Age ________ Birthdate _________________________ Signature _____________________________________________________________________

❑ Male

❑ Female

Permanent Address________________________________________________________________________________________ E-mail Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________ District _____________________________ County ___________________ Telephone No. ___________________________ Parent’s Signature _________________________________________________________________________________________

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 47

83900 p46.48 OhHol Jr forms_Layout 1 9/20/12 12:10 PM Page 3

Milking Herd Size:

____________ Registered + ____________ Grade = ____________ Total

Member Services

❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑

I would like to consign to Association-sponsored sales. I would like assistance in merchandising or purchasing Holsteins privately through the Ohio Holstein Association, or through management of dispersal sales. I would like more information on advertising in the Ohio Holstein News. Yes

❑ No

Would you like to serve on a committee of the Ohio Holstein Association?

I do not wish for my telephone number to be printed in the Membership Directory of the Ohio Holstein Association. I do not wish for my e-mail to be printed in the Membership Directory of the Ohio Holstein Association.

For the appropriate District Holstein Club to receive the membership rebate, dues must be paid by February 1, 2013.


Which activities sponsored by the Ohio Junior Holstein Association are you interested in participating in?

❑ Junior All-Ohio Contest ❑ Distinguished Junior Member Contest ❑ National Convention Trip

❑ Memorial Award Contest ❑ Association Officer ❑ Association Committee

❑ District Workshops with the following topic(s)


___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

❏ Other Activities


___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please Return To: Ohio Holstein Association • P.O. Box 479 • Wooster, Ohio 44691

48 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

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OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 49

83900 p50.54.60 obits_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:34 PM Page 1

— In Memoriam — WILLIAM J. BURKHART, SR., 89, of Morges, D-3, passed away June 13, 2012, at Canton Aultman Hospital. He was a lifelong resident of Morges and a retired dairy farmer. He worked at U.S. Ceramic Tile Co., Whitacre-Greer Fireproofing Co. and Crowl Lumber Co. He was a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Morges, the Farm Bureau and Holstein Association. He is survived by his wife, Martha (Crock) Burkhart, with whom he celebrated their 58th Wedding Anniversary on June 5, 2012; daughter Janet (Chris) Thompson; son William J. (Nancy) Burkhart, Jr., all of Morges; sister-in-law Wilma Burkhart of Louisville; grandchildren Christina (fiancé Jason Lee) Proudfoot, Brian Thompson, Anne (Lee) Evans, Erika (Dustin) Shockey, Matthew, Kathryn and Nathan Burkhart; and eight great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, George and Otildia (Schoeppner) Burkhart; brothers George, Albert, and Harry Burkhart; and sisters Mildred Gallagher and Nell Barnhouse. MARTHA M. BURKHART, 88, of Morges, passed away suddenly June 21, 2012, at her home. Born in Wooster to Michael and Elizabeth (Sheaffer) Crock, she was a 1942 graduate of Wooster High School and worked at Harrison Print in Wooster in her early years. She was a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Morges. Her husband of 58 years, William J. Burkhart, Sr., preceded her in death on June 13, 2012. She was also preceded in death by her parents and sisters Helen Spitler, Clara Goodrich, Alice Ladd, and Esther Merillat. She is survived by daughter Janet (Chris) Thompson and son William J. (Nancy) Burkhart, Jr., both of Morges; grandchildren Christina (fiancé Jason Lee) Proudfoot, Brian Thompson, Anne (Lee) Evans, Erika (Dustin) Shockey, Matthew, Kathryn, and Nathan Burkhart; eight great-grandchildren; and brother Francis (Gladys) Crock of Wooster. Memorials to Mr. and Mrs. Burkhart may be made to the St. Mary’s Bell Fund. The family wishes to express their appreciation to the Visiting Angels for the love and care they gave to Martha.

RICK A. LAHMERS, 26, of Bakersville, passed away June 23, 2012, after an ATV accident. Rick was born in Coshocton on February 28, 1986. He graduated from Ridgewood High School and Buckeye Career Center in 2004. Rick was currently employed at Agri-Trac Equipment in Utica, Ohio, where he was a diesel mechanic working on all sorts of large farm equipment. He enjoyed collecting tractors, hunting, and showing dairy at the fair. Rick is survived by his parents, David A. and Nancy

M. Lahmers; brothers Christopher (Elizabeth) Lahmers of Marysville, Joshua (Jodi) Lahmers of West Lafayette and Todd Lahmers of Newcomerstown; and nieces and nephews Elaina, Ava, Audrey, Grant, Addison and Lucas Lahmers. He was preceded in death by his grandparents, Clarence and Irma Lahmers, and Wayne and Hazel Zimmerman.

LAWRENCE M. SPRENG, 84, of rural Perrysville, died June 23, 2012, at his home following a lengthy illness. He was the eldest son of Walter G. and Monna (Miller) Spreng, and his family settled in Green Township, Ashland County, when Lawrence was eight years old. He was a 1946 graduate of Loudonville High School. A grain and dairy farmer, he was a member of the National and Ohio Holstein Associations and served as president of the Ashland County Holstein Association in the 1960’s. He was a member of Loudonville FFA Alumni, Loudonville Farm Club, Farm Bureau and GHL Farm Bureau Council and was adviser for the Hilltoppers 4-H Club. The rolling hills of the Spreng Farm were a dramatic backdrop for the conservation practices carried out under the Ashland County Soil and Water Conservation District. Lawrence was a Green Township trustee for 45 years, retiring in 2007. He was a member of Green Township Zoning board and served on the Greenlawn Union Cemetery Board for 22 years. He served on the board of the Loudonville Equity and the Kettering Hospital in Loudonville. In 2004, Lawrence received the Mohican Area Community Service Award in recognition of his many years of service to the Loudonville-Perrysville Community. He was a lifelong member of Zion Lutheran Church and served on the church council for many years. In addition to his love for farming, he enjoyed traveling, Lake Erie fishing, snowmobiling and card playing. He followed sports including the Loudonville Redbirds, Ohio State Buckeyes, Cleveland Indians and all the teams that his nephew, Ron Zook, coached during his professional football career. As a proud father and grandfather, he loved watching his children and grandchildren in all their many sporting and scholastic lives, and spending time with his family and friends. His biggest attribute was the ability to give and never ask for anything in return. He is survived by his caring wife of 63 years, Donna (Etzwiler) Spreng, whom he married August 20, 1949; son Jim L. (Beckett) Spreng of Savannah, Georgia; daughter Becky (Pat) Drouhard of Cardington; grandchildren Barron Lawrence (fiancée Erica) Spreng, Joan Spreng, Anna (Todd) Greene, Joshua (Amy) Drouhard, Peter Drouhard, and Tabitha Rose Spreng; great-grandson Zachary Lawrence Greene; special In Memoriam – continued on page 54

50 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

83900 p51 Renaissance_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:34 PM Page 1

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 51

83900 p52.53 Jbean.Har2.Pol2_Layout 1 9/19/12 3:56 PM Page 1

By Steve Massie and David Lloyd, Nutrition & Farm Management Consultants Renaissance Nutrition, Inc. June 2012 As nutritional consultants, we know that formulating the nutrition program on a dairy receives a lot of attention, as well it should. Dairy nutrition has become much more complex through the years and requires expertise, experience and constant training to provide nutritional programs that perform well and are profitable for today’s dairy operation. Nutritionists must account for effective fiber, fiber digestibility, carbohydrate type and digestibility, amino acid and fatty acid profiles, commodity prices David Lloyd and efficiencies all while keeping an eye on income-over-feed-costs (IOFC). Qualified nutritionists understand all of these topics and enjoy discussing them; however, they can also cause disagreements among nutritionists on which levels (to feed) are best. Everyone realizes that the results gained from good ration formulations are very critical to the dairies’ profitability and success. However, there is a very common problem on many dairies that is often overlooked and can make the best nutritional programs fail, regardless on how well the ration is put together. This problem is total mixed ration (TMR) mixing errors. Improperly mixed rations can Steve Massie cause daily milk fluctuations, lowered butterfat, inconsistent manure, poor foot health, and if continued over a long enough time period, potentially contributes to increased immune stress and reproduction issues. All of these can hurt overall farm profitability. So it pays to make sure your TMR mixer is doing what it is supposed to do — which is to mix feed properly and put it in front of the cows consistently. If the mix consistency is too far off, it can force a nutritionist to feed a more conservative diet than is needed, which will lower production. The nutritionist may add costly additives to help alleviate perceived MEET THE NEW 5M MEET THE NEW 5M issues, when simply being more consistent and accurate in the feed mixer premium emium utility utility The new 2012 5M Series pre could help these issues disappear and tractors comfort, conve-tr actors set the sstandard tandard ffor orr comf ort, conve result in expected cow performance. nience nience, and perf performance. ormance ormance. We should regularly evaluate handfuls of feed from several different á Optional Deluxe Cab includes inclu á udes Blue-tooth Blue-tooth places down the feed bunk and lay windo connectivity, loader window, ow, auxiliary connectivity, them side-by-side to see if they appear corner-moun nted exhaust, exhaust, audio input, corner-mounted the same. By examining these handfuls and more. and moving them around slightly, you á Features Feeatures nearly 4,500 pounds pou unds of stanstaná can get a pretty good idea how well the capacity, with wiith up to dard hitch lift capacity, long fiber is mixed and if there is about a 5,700 pounds (2586 kg) available. the same amount of fines in each pile. While this method is far from á Synchronized range range shifting shifting lets á scientific, it does give you insight into betweeen C you shift on the go between whether or not you need to look anges. and d D rranges. further into a potential mixing error. Be today to get Visit Polen Implement today sure to take the samples the same way, the scoop on the new 5m. by scooping up under the TMR. This way, you will be sure to get all of the fines, and try to sample about the same Keep Rollin Rollin’ n’’ with Polen! amount with each handful, so the results don’t fool you. 42255 Oberlin n Elyria Rd A bit more scientific method is to Elyria, Ohio 44035 4 take each of those handfuls and run 1 440-322-8821 them through the Penn State Particle www .polenim 52 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

83900 p52.53 Jbean.Har2.Pol2_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:31 PM Page 2

Separator shaker box. This will tell you exactly how many fines are in each location and how well the longer particles are being distributed. Too much extremely long fiber or an excess of fines seem to be the cause of most mixing issues. Confirming their uniformity will increase your confidence that a good mix is being delivered to the cows. We can be even more precise and can send TMR samples to the forage lab for analysis. Pulling samples from several places in the feed bunk will tell us both how close the mix is to its formulated values and how physically consistent the mix is. This is an expensive test, but it shows you not only how well the feed was mixed, but also how well you took the sample. With today’s TMR, you can change the crude protein of the TMR by 2% points by either scooping up the TMR (catching more fines) or grabbing a handful from the top (letting the fines filter out). If you remember to take this sampling variability out of the testing process, chemical analysis can give you a good idea how well things are mixed. We recommend at least three samples be taken per feed bunk: beginning, middle and towards the end. Many farms run a chemical analysis on a monthly or quarterly basis or after a major feed or forage change occurs to check the TMR mixes. However, a single test does not tell the whole story, and many producers and nutritionists are not willing to go to the extra expense of testing multiple samples to assure good, consistent mixes. Something we have been doing for over a decade with great success, which is quite simple and very visual — the jellybean test. Simply add five pounds of the brightest colored jellybeans you can find to the TMR. Mix the feed as usual and watch the feed as it is being unloaded. You will note how evenly distributed these neon- colored markers are, indicating how well the feed is mixed. If all the jellybeans show up in a clump, you have a mixing issue. Any hard, brightly-colored candies can work as long as they stand out in the final TMR and are not too quickly dissolved by water. I’ve tried a certain hard-shelled chocolate candy, but their colors are not as bright, and it always seems more of them end-up in the “mixee” than the mixer. One advantage to this test is that it is very visual for the employee(s) doing the mixing and will help show how important consistent mixing is to the dairy farm. We recommend producers check their TMR mix regularly. There is just too much money involved if something changes. Furthermore, we also recommend checking TMR’s with each forage change. Alfalfa and grasses mix very differently. Dry hay can give a lot more issues than well-made haylage. There are several common feed


Curry Lumber & Pole Building Co’s. SINCE 1853

150 Years of Excellence WOOSTER, OHIO 330-264-5223 331 WEST HENRY STREET WOOSTER, OH 44691

1-800-445-6724 FAX 330-263-4599

ingredients that can change how the mixer works with their addition or subtraction. Way too commonly, we see farms that have added 20% more cows, but did not add mixer capacity or mix more frequently with a smaller batch. If you look in your owner’s manual, most mixers recommend a specific amount to be used for optimal results, generally two-thirds to three-quarters of total capacity. We commonly see TMR mixers that are filled well in excess of the recommended capacity to the point that even sideboards have been added to keep the feed from overflowing. In one recent experience, the entire five pounds of jellybeans was in a two-foot space of the feed bunk, because the feed was oozing over the sides and had no chance to be mixed. When the issue was addressed, the cows increased five pounds of milk in ten days, because they were getting a consistent and accurate diet fed as it was formulated. TMR consistency is critical in maintaining good milk production, healthy cows and profitability. We do not need to spend a lot of money or spend a lot of time to confirm that we are mixing our TMR’s well. The “jellybean test” is a quick and inexpensive way to check our on-farm consistency, and the Penn State shaker box is a powerful tool to confirm our mixes. The order feeds go into the mix, the contents of that mix, the moisture in the TMR and the amount of time we spend mixing all impact on a TMR’s consistency and a farm’s bottom line. Inspection after any feed change will help minimize mixing errors and keep a uniform mix in front of our cows, so they can give us consistent results. If the results are the same day-to-day, we can better interpret them and help adjust things accordingly, so the herd can be more profitable year-to-year.

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Special Pricing Through October 15! Call Now! For use in free stalls, alleys, milking parlors or anywhere your cows may walk. • Absorbs shocks • Provides superior traction — even when wet • Allows cows to regain confidence and show typical heat period behavior • Nonporous surface is easy to clean and disinfect

HAROLD’S EQUIPMENT, INC. 2120 Co. Rd. 168, Dundee, OH 44624 Harold Neuenschwander, Owner Phone: 330-893-2348 w 1-800-905-0940 w Fax: 330-893-3459 w OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 53

83900 p50.54.60 obits_Layout 1 9/20/12 9:49 AM Page 2

In Memoriam – continued from page 50

— In Memoriam, continued — nephew Dr. William (Jody) Spreng DVM, Wellington; brothers Charles (Linda) Spreng and Don (Sally) Spreng, both of rural Perrysville; many nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews; and special caregivers Dawn Greer and the Joni Miller Family. He was preceded in death by his parents and a sister, Betsy Marie Spreng. Memorials may be made to Zion Lutheran Church, 222 East Main Street, Loudonville, Ohio 44842; GreenPerrysville Fire Department, P.O. Box 270, Loudonville, Ohio 44842; or the Lawrence and Donna Spreng Scholarship, c/o Ashland County Community Foundation, 200 College Avenue, Ashland, Ohio 44805.

RICHARD L. TUGEND, 88, of rural Jeromesville, D-8, died July 4, 2012, at Colonial Manor Nursing Home in Loudonville. The son of Ralph and Lorna (Bunyan) Tugend, he attended McKay School and was a 1941 graduate of Hayesville High School. He considered land a resource, not to be treated as a commodity, and that land and soil were the beginning elements for mankind’s survival. He received the 2006 Ashland County Soil and Water Conservation District Horizon Award in appreciation of a lifetime of dedication to conservation. Richard’s past and present memberships included Farm Bureau, Ohio Holstein Association, National Holstein Association, Hayesville Lions Club, FFA Honorary Chapter, State and American Farmer degrees, and Ashland County Yesteryear Club. He served on the board of directors for Ashland Landmark Co-Op and NOBA. His family hosted numerous agricultural exchange students through the 4-H IFYE program and the FFA work experience abroad program. He was a member of the Hayesville United Methodist Church. Richard was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving on the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier during World War II. Richard is survived by his wife, Myrene (Sprinkle) Tugend, whom he married on January 27, 1952; son James Tugend; daughter Jean Tugend Britton; and a sister, Marcella (Vic) Kahl, all of rural Ashland County. He was preceded in death by his parents, infant sons James Richard Tugend and Karl Ralph Tugend, sister Louella Tugend and son-in-law David Britton. Memorial contributions may be made to Jeromesville United Methodist Church for church outreach, P.O. Box 116, Jeromesville, Ohio 44840; or to Friends of the Ashland County Park District, c/o Tim Leslie, 1737 St. Rt. 60, Ashland, Ohio 44805. ANDREW M. STITZLEIN, 32, of rural Loudonville, D-7, died July 4, 2012, surrounded by his family, at Wooster Community Hospital following a 10-month illness. He was a 1999 graduate of Loudonville High

School and a 2002 graduate of ATI/OSU. He was a member of the Loudonville FFA and received the State Farmer and American Farmer degrees. Andy was a national finalist for wheat production and won the National Award for soybean production. He was the secretary of the Holmes County Farm Bureau Board of Trustees and a member of the Loudonville Fair Tractor Pull Committee. He was past president of the Loudonville FFA Alumni and received the 1999 Kettering Scholarship for agricultural study. He was an avid collector of miniature farm tractors and toys. Andy received a kidney transplant from his mother in 1990 and from his sister in 2006, and he was involved with Team Ohio Transplant Athletics. He was a life member of Zion Lutheran Church, and he also attended New Hope Community Church, both of Loudonville. He is survived by his parents, Earl and Kathi (Meyer) Stitzlein, and sister Anne (Thor) Leidigh, all of rural Loudonville; maternal grandfather, Howard Meyer of Mason; and aunts and uncles. He was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Doyle and Carol Stitzlein; maternal grandmother, Rita Meyer; and uncle, Jeff Meyer. Memorial contributions may be made to Loudonville FFA Alumni Association, c/o Carol Endslow, 899 Twp. Rd. 3006, Perrysville, Ohio 44864; or to Team Ohio Transplant Athletics, P.O. Box 283, Howard, Ohio 43028.

HAROLD RALPH RIGG, 91, Bryan, D-10, passed away July 28, 2012, at Hillside Country Living. After graduating from Bryan High School in 1938, he farmed full-time with his father, Burl, and two brothers, Dale and Wayne. Ralph began his Registered Holstein herd at age 14 when his father bought two calves for him. Ralph’s two and one-half year military career as a pilot in the U.S. Army Air Corps began in January 1943. During World War II, he was stationed in Foggia, Italy, and piloted 35 sorties in the B24 Liberator. Upon returning from flight duty, he became a flight instructor at Smyrna, Tennessee, AAF base until the war was over. Ralph married Eloise Lucille Connolly on November 16, 1947. In 1952, they settled on their farm and lived there 57 years, rearing their three children. Ralph bred and raised numerous award winning registered Holsteins at Leatherbrook Farms and was a very active member of his community. He served as president of the Williams County Farm Bureau, Dairy Service Unit, Williams County Landmark Co-op and the Northwest Electric Co-Op. He was a member of the National and Ohio Holstein Associations and was president of the Ohio Holstein Association 1981-1982. Ralph was a devoted Christian and a lifelong member of the Pulaski United Methodist Church. In Memoriam – continued on page 60

54 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

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Certified Public Accountants

2363 Eagle Pass, Suite A Wooster, Ohio 44691

Phone 330-264-7307 Fax 330-264-2339

Please visit the Ohio Holstein Website at




7058 E. Lincoln Way, Wooster, OH 44691 Phone 330-262-6111 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax 330-262-1822

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 55

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by Korey Oechsle, Reporter

Hello again. Well, first I would like to congratulate everyone who exhibited at the Ohio State Fair, district shows and local county fairs this summer. And big congratulations to the champions of Mid-East National Junior Summer Show.

Friday night, the Juniors held an all-livestock dance, which went quite well for it being our first year. Thanks to ADA Mideast for donating all the pizzas and the Ohio State Fair board for donating the waters. We estimated we had about 50 or so pop in throughout the night for some line dancing, corn hole, food and fun. We hope to build on this next year to have more Juniors attend as well as other junior livestock exhibitors. Those attending National Convention in Springfield, Missouri, had a great time, even if it was a smaller number. I did a speech and found out I was tenth out of almost 30. My topic was on the recent push for child labor laws to be enacted and the farm community winning that battle. Our Junior Quiz Bowl team won the Sportsmanship Award, so we were pretty proud of that. The team consisted of J. D.


Jenny Thomas, Associate Photographer 614-395-9823 cell

Ohio Junior Quiz Bowl Team at National Holstein Convention Front: Mackenzie. Back, from left: J.D., Lucas, Korey, Joyce.

Nelson, Lucas and Mackenzie Bishop, and me. Our president, Matt Oechsle, and treasurer, Johnny Johnson, spent the time reacquainting with old and making new friends. Matt had submitted a YDJM application, and this was Johnny’s first year. But they represented us well as delegates at the forum. Next year it is in Indiana, the first part of July. If it’s your first year, you can just go and have fun unless you feel like participating. There are lots of other ways to meet other people, whether it is at the Junior dance, in the lobby or just hanging out at the dairy bar. From the two years I have gone, I have friends all over the country, like Washington, Georgia, New York, California, Minnesota, Texas and many, many more. So please take it into consideration, because it is a great experience for everyone. Thanks to all the Juniors who helped and supported the Summer Sale lunch stand. The next one is the Fall Sale in November. There are plenty of raffle tickets to sell, so just contact an advisor or the office, and we’ll get you some more. Don’t forget to get in your production awards, Junior All-Ohio entries and soon — this winter — your memberships. For more info on the Juniors and what’s going on, check the Ohio Holstein website or find our group on Facebook.

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Rents from $99/night, depending on options.

920-465-3880 •

Contact: Pete or Jean Spike Phone: 740-363-2184

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Ohio’s Statewide 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl from an article by Bonnie Ayars

COLUMBUS, OH – They make the journey to the Ohio 4-H Center from all areas of Ohio. The individuals and teams spend countless hours examin-ing reproduction, milk marketing, bovine health and diseases, and even places and locations of major dairy events. Toss in all those acronyms, and it is enough to test the genius of Mr. Einstein. It is the journey that challenges the competitors, but the destination promises rewards if luck is on their side. Prompted by the four-leaf clover, they find it fun to answer questions quickly and even wager a few bets. Although dairy farming is as risky as Vegas, our gamblers go home with a pocketful of memories! On June 18, our Ohio 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl and Jeopardy was held at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H center on the campus of Ohio State. After a light breakfast, introductions of volunteers, and some orientation, Junior and Senior contes-tants went to separate rooms to complete a pretest that would be evaluated for points and brackets. Questions such as “what is another term for calving” and “who is the managing editor of Hoard’s Dairyman” were just two of the many answered correctly! A walking tour of campus helped to pass the time while tests were evaluated and team brackets organized. The Junior competition included teams and double elimination rounds, and the Senior division was formatted similar to the popular Jeopardy game show. With hands poised on the buzzers, answers were provided confidently, some with hesitation and others with wit. For example, one young man seemed to draw humor as his face reflected exactly whether he knew the answer OR did not know it. The tension in the room melted away into laughter as his face displayed good luck AND anguish! Meanwhile in another area of the 4-H center, older 4-H youth were selecting their favorite dairy categories for Jeopardy. Brave dairy youth asked for 50-point answers. Wagers and bets created interest as they relied on some luck, as well as intellect. Additional photos and results can be found at under Calendar of Events, Ohio 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl, and on the Ohio 4-H Dairy Program Facebook page. Following are the results of the day: SENIOR JEOPARDY WINNERS — 1st, Levi Plocher, Mahoning County; 2nd, Tessa Topp, Wayne County; 3rd, Julie Gress, Wayne County; 4th, Mark Gordon, Wayne County; 5th, Kadey Starkey, Champaign County; 6th, Logan Meier, Wayne County. Levi was coached by Julie Martig and Mike Janik, Kadey by the Townsleys, the rest by Lisa Gress.

Top Jeopardy Individuals From left: Logan Meier, 6th; Kadey Starkey, 5th; Mark Gordon, 4th; Julie Gress, 3rd; Tessa Topp, 2nd; Levi Plocher, winner

Winning Jr. Quiz Bowl Team, Wayne A From left: Coach Lisa Gress, Todd Gordon, Denice Wolfe, Thomas Gress, Sara Wolfe

ns ! o i t a l u t a r g Con Way to go! High Score, Senior Written Test Bonnie Ayars, OSU, with Mark Gordon, winner

HIGH WRITTEN TEST SCORE, SENIORS — Mark Gordon, Wayne County, winner. HIGH JUNIOR TEAMS — 1st: Wayne County Team A, composed of Todd Gordan, Denice Wolf, Sara Wolf, Thomas Gress; coached by Lisa Gress; 2nd: Wayne County Team B, composed of Brennan Topp, Ashley Hawvermale, Marissa Topp, Danni Ballinger, David Miley; coached by Lisa Gress. HIGH WRITTEN TEST SCORE, JUNIORS — Brennan Topp and Thomas Gress, Wayne County, JD Nelson, Champaign County, all tied for first.

High Score, Junior Written Test From left: Thomas Gress, JD Nelson, Brennan Topp, all tied for first OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 57

Ohio State ATI

Building Leaders Through Internships! Ethan Bernhard, Shiloh, OH

Elisha Comp, Jefferson, OH

COBA, Columbus, OH

Alfa-Creek Farm, Andover, OH

Cassandra Arling, New Weston, OH

Luke Hilton, Salem, OH

Tyler Grossenbacher, Louisville, OH

Tony Wenning, Yorkshire, OH

Russell Kiko, Salem, OH

Catalpadale Dairy Farms, Marshallville, OH

Meagan Bolen, Fremont, OH

Derek Scheufler, Dundee, OH

Select Sires, Plain City, OH

Specht Farm Inc., Sugarcreek, OH

Deveon Jordon, Belle Center, OH

Tyler Gaskill, Stone Creek, OH

Chase Merten, Canton, OH

Four Henry Holsteins, West liberty, OH

Sunset Valley Farms, Stone Creek, OH

Paradise Valley Farms, Louisville, OH

Katie Burkhart, Magnolia, OH

Tyler Mitchell, Louisville, OH

North Florida Holsteins, Bell, FL

Weisgarber Farms, Massillon, OH

Nicole Ruckman, Savannah, OH

Alex Kitts, Ashland, OH

Samantha Zichichi, Almont, MI

J-Lynn Jerseys, Shiloh, OH

J-Lynn Jerseys, Shiloh, OH

Rick & Judy Wolf, Creston, OH

Mary Wilhelm New Bavaria, OH

Jesus Martin del Campo, Calexico, CA

J S Breeding, Versailles, OH

Fernando Ramirez, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Internships connect the classroom to real world experience! AGRICULTURAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE

OHIO STATE ATI 1328 Dover Road, Wooster, OH 44691 330-287-1331

Contact: Royce Thornton Dairy Programs Coordinator 330-287-1373

This form, registration paper and photo must be sent to the Ohio Holstein office to be considered for Junior All-Ohio Awards. Please include a head shot or small photo of the Junior owner of the animal. Rules were printed in the May-June 2012 Ohio News, page 110.

JUNIOR ALL-OHIO To apply for Junior All-Ohio Awards, you need to fill out the following and send with a copy of the registration (both sides) and a current picture of your animal to: The Ohio Holstein Association, P.O. Box 479, Wooster, OH 44691 by December 1, 2012.

Exhibitor _____________________________________________ District _________________________ Address _______________________________________________________________________________ City ________________________________________________ Zip _____________________________ Animal _______________________________________ Class __________________________________ SHOW PLACINGS: State Show ____________ State Fair _____________ District _____________ This form may be duplicated.

58 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

83900 p59 State 4H Judging_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:41 PM Page 1

Ohio’s Statewide 2012 4-H Dairy Judging Contest at Spring Dairy Expo from an article by Bonnie Ayars

The setting is Spring Dairy Expo on March 31 in a very crowded Cooper Arena, Columbus. It is the largest single event for dairy youth in the state of Ohio. Both 4-H and FFA members from all parts of the state have come to compete in the Ohio Dairy Judging Contest. Someone’s dream is about to become reality, while others will return home having achieved their personal best. The 4-H judges compete in three age divisions: Junior, Intermediate and Senior. Six classes of four animals each are paraded for 12-15 minutes. Intermediate and Senior participants are required to present two sets of oral reasons, so the ability to record good notes is of the utmost importance. All 4-H judges are required to answer questions pertinent to each class. Those questions are prepared by the officials for the contest. Within each age division, awards are given for High Individual Overall, High Individual in Placings and High Individual in Reasons. Similar team awards are also presented It is of value to note that the number of Senior 4-H participants has tripled since 2008, and overall there were 140 4-Hers competing this year. With FFA members, the contest included nearly 400 youth. Tanner Topp claimed the top title in both 4-H and FFA contests. This does not often happen! Plus, Ian Lokai was the winner of the Junior Division in 2011 and, moving up to the Intermediate division for 2012, he repeated his success as the High Intermediate Individual. There was also some very competitive sibling rivalry taking place in the Jackson family. Many individuals have parents who are judging alumni, and yet others are new to the skill and proving their worth with higher placings. All of these are stories worth noting! A collaboration of 4-H and FFA volunteers was integral to the day’s success. Many thanks to all those who coach dairy youth at home, the assistance of FFA coordinators, FFA Dairy Handlers who presented the cattle and our officials: Lee Kohler, Larry Schirm and Julie Delavergne. OSU judging team alumni Neal Duncan, John Langel, Hannah Thompson and Laura Gordon played a very pivotal role by listening to reasons. Entering all the scores for the

day were Reagan Bluel (OSU Dairy Farm Manager) who was assisted by Paige Gott, Danni Ye, Bo Harstine and Peter Yoder (graduate students in the department) and Annie Eilenfeld, a second year veterinary student. Quality cattle for the contest were selected from exhibitor herds at the show. We appreciate these folks for sharing their finest with our contest. Many others were involved in photography, filming, moving cattle to the ring, checking and running scorecards. It takes a large crew of dedicated volunteers to manage a successful contest. With the input of youth and the volunteers that guide them, the contest has proven its worth by serving as both an educational and a competitive event that will assist youth in building a successful future with improved communication skills. INDIVIDUAL AND TEAM PLACINGS: High Junior Individuals Overall: 1st, Clayton Lamb, Lorain County; 2nd, David Miley, Wayne; 3rd, Brandon Piper, Licking; 4th, Rachel Lokai, Champaign/Logan; 5th, Joelle Ziegler, Union. High Junior Individuals in Placings: 1st, David Miley, Wayne County; 2nd, Brandon Piper, Licking; 3rd, Clayton Lamb, Lorain; 4th, Joelle Ziegler, Union; 5th, Rachel Lokai, Champaign A. High Junior Teams: 1st, Wayne County; 2nd, Champaign A Team; 3rd, Lorain; 4th, Stark A; 5th, Wayne/Holmes. High Intermediate Individuals Overall: 1st, Ian Lokai, Champaign County; 2nd, Rod Headland, Mahoning/Columbiana; 3rd, Hannah Dye, Mahoning/Columbiana; 4th, Kadey Starkey, Champaign C; 5th, Cari Cooley, Fairfield. High Intermediate Individuals for Placings: 1st, Ian Lokai, Champaign County; 2nd, Rod Headland, Mahoning/Columbiana; 3rd,

Lindsay Barto, Trumbull 2; 4th, Hannah Dye, Mahoning/Columbiana; 5th, Kadey Starkey, Champaign C. High Intermediate Teams Overall: 1st, Mahoning/Columbiana Counties; 2nd, Trumbull; 3rd, Wayne; 4th, Champaign A; 5th, Union/Madison. High Intermediate Individuals for Reasons: 1st, Ian Lokai, Champaign County; 2nd, Hannah Dye, Mahoning/Columbiana; 3rd, Keaton Topp, Darke/Shelby; 4th, Brennan Topp, Wayne; 5th, Lee Hesler, Adams. High Intermediate Teams for Reasons: 1st, Champaign A; 2nd, Mahoning/Columbiana; 3rd, Wayne; 4th, Trumbull; 5th, Lorain. High Senior Individuals Overall: 1st:, Tanner Topp, Wayne County; 2nd, Emily Dudash, Champaign/Logan; 3rd, Hilary Jackson, Champaign/Logan; 4th, Ella Jackson, Champaign/Logan; 5th, Molly Michael, Fairfield. High Senior Individuals for Placings: 1st, Hilary Jackson, Champaign/Logan Counties; 2nd, Tanner Topp, Wayne; 3rd, Emily Dudash, Champaign; 4th, Cody Hall, Adams; 5th, Glenn Tipton, Fairfield. High Senior Teams Overall: 1st, Champaign County; 2nd, Adams; 3rd, Wayne B; 4th, Wayne A; 5th, Licking. High Senior Individuals for Reasons: 1st, Hilary Jackson, Brown County; 2nd, Emily Dudash, Champaign; 3rd, Ella Jackson, Champaign; 4th, Tanner Topp, Wayne; 5th, Laura Bond, Trumbull A. High Senior Teams for Reasons: 1st, Champaign; 2nd, Wayne B; 3rd, Trumbull A; 4th, Licking; 5th, Adams. High Overall Individuals: (This result figures Intermediates and Seniors together.)1st, Tanner Topp, Wayne County; 2nd, Emily Dudash, Champaign; 3rd, Hilary Jackson, Champaign/ Logan; 4th, Ella Jackson, Champaign/Logan; 5th, Ian Lokai, Champaign; 6th, Rod Headland, Mahoning/Columbiana; 7th, Hannah Dye, Mahoning/Columbiana; 8th, Molly Michael, Fairfield; 9th, Corey Jodrey, Adams; 10th, Kadey Starkey, Champaign. OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 59

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In Memoriam – continued from page 54

— In Memoriam, continued — Ralph is survived by his wife Eloise; daughters Barbara (Joseph) Cordell of Marietta, Georgia, and Betty (Stephen) Petrick of Noblesville, Indiana; grandchildren Adam (Jane) Graft, Matthew (Liz) Graft, and Ashley, Paige and Kelly Petrick; and great-grandchildren Lee, Reese, Emmie, James and Christian Graft. He was preceded in death by his parents, brothers Dale Rigg and Wayne Rigg, and his son Richard Alan Rigg. Memorial contributions may be made to the Rigg Family Scholarship, c/o The Bryan Area Foundation, 102 North Main Street, Bryan, Ohio 43506. This scholarship was established in memory of Richard Rigg and is awarded annually to a Bryan High School graduate attending The Ohio State University. Cards may be sent to Eloise Rigg at 09 876 C.R.16, Bryan, Ohio 43506

KENNETH W. RAUSCH, 77, of Milford Center, died unexpectedly July 30, 2012, at The Gables at Green Pastures, where he was rehabilitating from recent surgery. In 1989 he graduated from Clark Technical College in Springfield with a business degree. The Wolff-Rausch Family Farm has been in existence for more than a century, and Kenneth and his family operated the District 11 Hickory Plains Farm for more than 40 years. Kenneth retired from the dairy farm in 1990, when his son Randy took over the Registered Holstein dairy. Currently, Randy and his family manage the business as a grain farm and the site of The Maize at Little Darby Creek. From 1983 to 1995, Kenneth and his wife Glenna operated “Goodies Galore” in Marysville and also owned “Sweets and Things” concessions for almost 20 years, selling ice cream and novelties. Presently, the concession continues as “Rausch Darby Kettle Corn,” traveling to craft shows, Ohio festivals and car shows. Kenneth was a longtime member of Trinity Lutheran Church. A sports enthusiast and outdoorsman, he was a Cincinnati Reds and Ohio State Buckeyes fan, and enjoyed fishing. He and his wife wintered in Bradenton, Florida. He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Glenna McBride Rausch, whom he married August 28, 1955; children Randy (Jayne) Rausch of Milford Center, Mona (John) Mapes of Milford Center, and Brian (Cheri) Rausch of Marysville; grandchildren Mitch, Ashley, Cassie and Austin Rausch, and Amanda and Adam Mapes; an aunt, nieces and nephews and many extended family. He was preceded in death by his parents, Herman and Florence Wolff Rausch; a sister; his in-laws, LaVerne and Helen Kirby; and in 1967 by his nine-year-old first-born son, Kevin E. Rausch. Memorial contributions may be made to Trinity Lutheran Church and School, or Filling Memorial Home of Mercy, N160 St. Rt. 108, Napoleon, Ohio

60 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

43545, where his son Kevin lived and received care for spina bifida for many years prior to his death.

CYNTHIA “CINDY” CLIMER, Chillicothe, passed away September 3, 2012, at her residence following a courageous battle with cancer. Cindy was well known by all who showed cattle at the Ohio State Fair. Cindy and her family have been very active at Tres Colles Farm. She was involved with Milking Shorthorn dairy cattle even before spending 10 years in 4-H. The time spent in farm work, going to fairs and attending dairy meetings involved family and friends. She served as president of the Ohio Milking Shorthorn Society for the past seven years and was a member of the national board of the American Milking Shorthorn Society. A 1977 graduate of Zane Trace High School with a B.S. in Teaching from Ohio University and a Masters from Mt. St. Joseph, Cindy enjoyed her 30 years as a teacher in the Southeastern School System. When taking a break from teaching and farming, she enjoyed cooking, reading, poetry and Norman Rockwell paintings. Surviving are her father, David Climer, Sr., of Chillicothe; sisters Sheryl Stevens and friend Kenneth Hitchens, Susan (Brian) Merriman and Sandra Tomlin; brother David (Vicki) Climer, Jr.; 12 nieces and nephews; and 15 great-nieces and great-nephews. She was predeceased by her mother, Mary “Connie” Climer. Memorial contributions may be made to the American Milking Shorthorn Society’s Foundation Fund, c/o David Kendall, 800 Pleasant Street, Beloit, Wisconsin 53511. OLVA A. CROCKER, 89, of Medina, passed away on September 8, 2012. She was born July 29, 1923, in Pikeville, Kentucky, to the late John and Mabel Bowling. She grew up in Columbia Station and had resided in Valley City for many years before moving to Medina. Together with her husband Don and their children, she owned and operated Valmedo Holsteins in Valley City, D-8. The farm was known for its high quality cattle, selling them internationally and winning many awards. Her husband Don was a former president of NOBA, Inc., and her son Jim continues to be active with Genex, Inc. Olva was a member of Columbia Methodist Church, Columbia Station; the Valley City Garden Club; and the Medina Flower Arranging Club. She always had a beautiful garden and was well known for her baking skills. She is survived by her children, Jim (Sheila), Dave (Teri), Sandy and Nancy (Bill) Lupson; ten grandchildren; ten great-grandchildern; and a sister, Phyllis (John) Stifter. She was preceded in death by her husband Donald, two sisters and one brother.

For dependable agricultural lending, quick response and decisions made locally... Contact your nearest First National Bank for all of your agricultural business needs.

Tom Stocksdale

Senior Vice President Agricultural Business & Community Banking

(330) 464-7596

Mark Witmer

President & CEO

Orrville 112 W. Market Street Orrville, OH 44667 (330) 682-1010

Fairlawn 3085 W. Market Street Fairlawn, OH 44333 (330) 836-2600

Kidron 4950 Kidron Road Kidron, OH 44636 (330) 857-3101

Massillon 211 Lincoln Way East Massillon, OH 44646 (330) 832-7441

1320 W. High Street Orrville, OH 44667 (330) 682-2881

Dalton 12 W. Main Street Dalton, OH 44618 (330) 828-2227

Lodi 106 Ainsworth Street Lodi, OH 44254 (330) 948-1414

2312 Lincoln Way NW. Massillon, OH 44647 (330) 833-1622 Apple Creek 7227 East Lincoln Way Apple Creek, OH 44606 (330) 264-8070

Mt. Eaton 15974 E. Main Street Mt. Eaton, OH 44659 (330) 857-4301 (330) 359-5476 Salem 1070 E. State Street Salem, OH 44460 (330) 277-4363

Seville 4885 Atlantic Drive Seville, OH 44273 (330) 769-3105

Wooster 4192 Burbank Road Wooster, OH 44691 (330) 263-5303

Smithville 153 E. Main Street Smithville, OH 44677 (330) 669-2611

1725 Cleveland Road Wooster, OH 44691 (330) 263-1725

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District 5 Show Report District 5 Show June 18, 2012 • Circleville, Ohio Judge Kevin Williams • 17 head Shown Reported by Judy Wolford Spring Heifer Calf (2) 1. (JR) Conrad Windbrook Drop, Maylon Conrad 2. Silver-Mist Durable Make-Up, Silver Mist Winter Heifer Calf (1) 1. (JR) Conrad Dempsey Mardy, Macrae Conrad Fall Heifer Calf (1) 1. (JR) Silver-Mist Mr Max Oh No, John Johnson Summer Yearling Heifer (2) 1. (JR) Conrad Destry Destiny, Mikayla Conrad 2. Silver-Mist Wm Brite-Red, SilverMist and Willie McKay Spring Yearling Heifer (1) 1. (JR) Conrad FBI CIA, Macy Conrad Fall Yearling Heifer (2) 1. Rose-Vue Real Dreamy-Red, Silver-Mist and White-Light 2. (JR) Silver-Mist Rubens Vodka, John Johnson Junior Champion Open Show Rose-Vue Real Dreamy-Red, Silver-Mist and White-Light

Reserve Junior Champion Open Show Silver-Mist Mr Max Oh No, Silver Mist Junior Champion Junior Show Silver Mist Mr Max Oh No, John Johnson Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show Conrad Destry Destiny, Mikayla Conrad Junior Best Three Females (2) 1. Silver-Mist 2. Conrad Farm Junior Two-Year-Old (1) 1. Silver-Mist Lit Cheerleader, Silver-Mist Senior Two-Year-Old (2) 1. (JR) Conrad Million Denny, Macy Conrad (JR) Conrad Finest Cass, Mikayla Conrad Junior Three-Year-Old (1) 1. Silver-Mist Advent Botox, Silver-Mist and Willie McKay Senior Three-Year-Old (2) 1. (JR) Conrad Lou Dew, Macrae Conrad 2. (JR) Conrad Damion Candra, Macy Conrad Intermediate Champion Open Show Conrad Lou Dew, Conrad Farm Reserve Intermediate Champion Open Show Silver-Mist Lit Cheerleader, Silver-Mist Intermediate Champion Junior Show Conrad Lou Dew, Macrae Conrad Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show Conrad Damion Candra, Macy Conrad Five-Year-Old (1) 1. (JR) Conrad Lou, Mikayla Conrad

District 9 Show Report District 9 Show July 19, 2012 • Judge John Hawvermale 34 Head Shown Reported by Tom Thorbahn Spring Heifer Calf (6) 1. (JR) Ro-Jo-Ma Alexander Wella, Madisen Morlock 2. Bucks-Pride Sanchez Rainbow, Bucks Pride 3. Hankansons Apple CrystalRed, Bucks Pride 4. (JR) KK Hudson Kyle Lisa, Jarret Bailey 5. (JR) Ternes Farm Chief Darla, Megan & Greg Cornish Winter Heifer Calf (7) 1. (JR) Weikland Sanchez Sophia, Kendra Hudson 2. (JR) Idy Brook Durham Angel-ET, Megan & Greg Cornish 3. (JR) Brookview Polka Dot, Garret Havens 4. (JR) Idy Brook Storm Adenna-ET, Megan & Greg Cornish 5. (JR) Cornish Aspen Avery, Megan & Greg Cornish Fall Heifer Calf (1) 1. (JR) Hankansons Sanchez Charity, Zack Parker Summer Yearling Heifer (2) 1. (JR) T-Triple-T Lena-TW, Megan & Greg Cornish 2. (JR) Cornish Aspen Neva, Megan & Greg Cornish

62 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

Spring Yearling Heifer (4) 1. Bucks Pride Doug Meow, Bucks Pride 2. Sugar Ridge Du Ruby Rose-Red, Dan Shoop 3. (JR) Ms Kendale Laddie Rita-Red, Kyle Hudson 4. Be-Ware GJ Pepsi Million Pop, Greg & Rose Hartshuch Winter Yearling Heifer (1) 1. (JR) Hy-Way View Ross Mabel, Ryan Wood Fall Yearling Heifer (3) 1. Sch-Ger Atwood Elyse, Ken Gerber 2. (JR) Sch-Ger Atlantic Jingle, Morgan McDonnell 3. (JR) Spreng LA Corie Sharie, Kyle Hudson Junior Champion Open Show Bucks Pride Doug Meow, Bucks Pride Reserve Junior Champion Open Show Sch-Ger Atwood Elyse, Ken Gerber Junior Champion Junior Show Weikland Sanchez Sophia, Kendra Hudson Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show Ro-Ja-Ma Alexander Willa, Madisen Morlock Junior Two-Year-Old (4) 1. Brookview Destry Rythmn-ET, Brookview Farms 2. (JR) Bingland Redliner Dixie RC, Kyle Hudson 3. (JR) Mawil Shottle Lisa, Jessica Cline 4. (JR) Welk-Shade Sanchez Kayla, Madisen Morlock Senior Two-Year-Old (1) 1. (JR) Mawil Toystory Polly, Jessica Cline

Aged Cow (1) 1. (JR) Conrad Adam Polly, Mikayla Conrad Senior Champion Open Show Conrad Lou, Conrad Farm Reserve Senior Champion Open Show Conrad Adam Polly, Conrad Farm Grand Champion Open Show and Best Bred and Owned Conrad Lou Dew, Conrad Farm Reserve Grand Champion Open Show Silver-Mist Lit Cheerleader, Silver-Mist Senior Champion Junior Show Conrad Lou, Mikayla Conrad Reserve Senior Champion Junior Show Conrad Adam Polly, Mikayla Conrad Grand Champion Junior Show Conrad Lou Dew, Macrae Conrad Reserve Grand Champion Junior Show Conrad Damion Candra, Macy Conrad Best Three Females (1) 1. Conrad Farm Dam and Daughter (2) 1. Conrad Farm 2. Silver-Mist and Willie McKay Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor Conrad Farm Junior Showmanship (3) 1. Maggie Mathews 2. Maylon Conrad 3. Jessie Crawford Intermediate Showmanship (5) 1. Macrae Conrad 2. Macy Conrad 3. Emma Matthews 4. Josh McKay 5. Chelsea Cyrus Senior Showmanship (3) 1. Mikayla Conrad 2. Tierra Fliger 3. John Johnson

Junior Three-Year-Old (1) 1.Bucks Pride Deb Sydney, Bucks Pride Senior Three-Year-Old (1) 1. Donkerdale Paramount Ray, Bucks Pride Intermediate Champion Open Show Donkerdale Paramount Ray, Bucks Pride Reserve Intermediate Champion Open Show Brookview Destry Rythmn-ET, Brookview Farms Intermediate Champion Junior Show Bingland Redliner Dixie RC, Kyle Hudson Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show Mawill Toystory Polly, Jessica Cline Four-Year-Old (1) 1. (JR) KK Hudson Damion Daphne, Kendra Hudson Five-Year-Old (2) 1. Brookview-E PT Diligent, Brookview Farms 2. (JR) Sugar Ridge Dundee Sparkplug, Allison Beverly Senior and Grand Champion Open Show Brookview-E PT Diligent, Brookview Farms Reserve Senior Champion Open Show KK Hudson Damion Daphne, Kendra Hudson Reserve Grand Champion Open Show Donkerdale Paramont Ray, Bucks Pride Senior and Grand Champion Junior Show KK Hudson Damion Daphne, Kendra Hudson Reserve Grand Champion Junior Show Bingland Redliner Dixie RC, Kyle Hudson Dam and Daughter (1) 1. Megan & Greg Cornish Best Bred and Owned Brookview-E PT Diligent, Brookview Farms Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor Bucks Pride Dairy

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MAN-O-MAN People around the world are witnessing the power of 014HO04929 Man-O-Man. With fancy type and high genomic value, his daughters are some of the highest sellers in global sales. Now, Accelerated Genetics offers these same great genetics in 014HO06429 ManO-Man 2-ETN, his genetic clone. Plus, Accelerated Genetics is sampling numerous Man-O-Man sons. Contact your area Accelerated Genetics representative to learn how you can include the power of Man-O-Man in your herd.




© NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 63 Heifer Composite L-R: Speek-NJ ManOman Rocket-ET, ©Beth Herges. Cherry Crest Manoman Rosie, ©Patty Jones. Genervations Manoman Lemonade, ©Patty Jones. Blondin Man OOHIO Man Ashley, Vicki Fletcher. Cow Composite L-R: Blondin Man O Man Camille VG-86 ©Patty Jones. Blondin Man O Man Arkansas GP-83, ©Vicki Fletcher. Genervations Man O Man Lola VG-86 CAN, ©Mapel Wood Man O Man Bombi VG-88 CAN, ©Patty Jones.

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64 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

83900 p64.65 Futurity entry_Layout 1 9/20/12 9:36 AM Page 2

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BOLTON 29HO14142 Coyne Farms


dtr: Sugardrop Dorcy Lorna-Grade, Sugardrop Farm, Mercersburg, PA (Kathy DeBruin) dtr: Bender Dorcy 457-Grade, Loyal Bender, Greenwood, DE (Beth Herges)

BOLTON x Bret x Rudolph

DORCY*BY made his mark this August as the number three TPI sire on Holstein Association USA’s Top 100 TPISM list with +2266 GTPI. With outstanding production from healthy udders and great mobility, this BOLTON x Bret global sire of sons adds +3.13 UDC, +2.76 FLC, as well as +1347 Milk and +6.7 PL to bring functionality and profit to any dairy operation. Contact your ABS representative for this exciting BOLTON son today!

Brian Good 419-217-0315 Randy Kruse 419-483-5036 Aaron Short 330-614-5098

Gary Perkins 740-391-1648 Ray Jackson 937-585-5727 Jonathan Barnes 260-307-6126

Mark “Buck” Owen Roger Sundberg

330-317-7758 330-466-2588

THE WORLD LEADER IN BOVINE GENETICS © 2 0 1 2 A B S G l o b a l , I n c . t 1 5 2 5 R i v e r R o a d , D e F o re s t , W I t 1 - 8 0 0 - A B S - S T U D t w w w. a b s g l o b a l . c o m

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District 7 Show Report District 7 Show

July 14, 2012 â&#x20AC;˘ Judge Jeff Brown 65 Head Shown Reported by Kaye Janes and Lisa Mangun Spring Heifer Calf (8) 1. (JR) K-Land After Hours, Ashley Hawvermale 2. (JR) Toppglen Goldchip Wanton-ET, Tyler Topp 3. (JR) Toppglen Beacon Marist, Brennan Topp 4. (JR) Broad-Vue DB Destry Jeriko, Jacoby Gilbert 5. (JR) Starmark Charge Rah Rah-Red, Katie Sugg Winter Heifer Calf (9) 1. (JR) Starmark Jordan Princess, Brandon Sugg 2. Rupp-Vue Freckles Flirt, Rupp-Vue Farm 3. (JR) Budjon-Vail Dty Designer-ET, Keenan Wolf 4. (JR) Nehls-Valley Destry LavaRed, Kiersten Sugg 5. (JR) Toppglen Wicket Intent-ET, Tyler Topp Fall Heifer Calf (5) 1. Miley Sanchez LL Breeze-ET, Anna Miley 2. (JR) Toppglen Jamaican Me Happy, Marissa Topp 3. Ben-Alli 1174 Allstar Race, Allison Mangun 4. Rohaven Kenston Dyson, Haskins Farms 5. (JR) Ben Alli 1169 Shottle Sasha, Allison Mangun Summer Yearling Heifer (7) 1. Lingle Magnetism Flurry, Lingle Holstein Farms, Ltd. 2. (JR) Velvet-View Rollsroyce, Logan Schlauch 3. (JR) Miss Ocd Lauth Desperado-ET, Sarah Phillips 4. Mil-R-Mor Hvezda Verita-ET, Scott Knoll & Lisa Kerr 5. (JR) Miley Fever Atl Bree, Anna Miley Spring Yearling Heifer (5) 1. Miley Alexander Glacier, Mike Howman 2. (JR) Miley Atlantic BC Henna-ET, Kaleb Kliner

3. (JR) Quality-Quest Firefighter, Hannah Dye 4. Rocky-Top Advent Mac-Red, Bryce Saner 5. (JR) Toppkiss Laurin Hotlegs, Tessa Topp Winter Yearling Heifer (4) 1. (JR) Quality-Quest Eternal Fire, Hannah Dye 2. (JR) Miley Sanchez LL Bella-ET, Anna Miley 3. (JR) Miley Alexander R Cazuela, Kaleb Kliner 4. Lingle Atwood Fierce, Lingle Holstein Farms, Ltd. Fall Yearling Heifer (1) 1. (JR) Toppglenn Alexander Whoa, Tyler Topp Junior Champion Open and Junior Show Toppglen Alexander Whoa, Tyler Topp Reserve Junior Champion Open and Junior Show Starmark Jordan Princess, Brandon Sugg Junior Best Three Females (3) 1. Toppglen 2. Miley Holstein Farms, 3. Hannah Dye Junior Two-Year-Old (6) 1. (JR) Miley Advent B Gemini-Red-ET, Adam Miley 2. Wil-San Advent Jellybean, Doug Besancon 3. Brook-Hollow Apricot Rose, Delbert & Heather Yoder 4. (JR) Quality-Quest Lou Cannon-ET, Hannah Dye 5. Quality-Quest Shootingstar, Quality-Quest Senior Two-Year-Old (4) 1. Brook-Hollow Lolli Lolli, Delbert & Heather Yoder 2. Lingle Marcus Sunshine, Lingle Holstein Farms, Ltd. 3. (JR) Quality-Quest Popcorn Purity, Hannah Dye 4. (JR) DiamondOak JR Alejandra, Allison Janes Junior Three-Year-Old (4) 1. Miley Debonair Glittter-Red, Jason Miley, Miley Holsteins 2. Brook-Hollow Miss Skyway,

Grand Champions of Open Show: Judge Jeff Brown, District 7 Holstein Queen Allison Mangun, Charlie Gleisner, Jason Miley, Anna Miley, Ohio Holstein Queen Jacquelyn Sherry

Grand Champions of Junior Show: Ohio Holstein Queen Jacquelyn Sherry, Judge Jeff Brown, Adam Miley, Kaleb Kliner, District 7 Holstein Queen Allison Mangun, Anna Miley

Delbert & Heather Yoder 3. Lingle Bolton Frisky, Lingle Holstein Farms, Ltd. 4. Ouric Laurin Dihanna, Tom & Jodi McDonnell Senior Three-Year-Old (3) 1. (JR) Miley Jasper LL Brooklyn, Anna Miley 2. Mor JA Talent Rhythm-Red. Raygor Farm 3. Brook-Hollow Miss Daria, Delbert & Heather Yoder Intermediate Champion Open Show Miley Debonair Glitter-Red, Jason Miley, Miley Holsteins Reserve Intermediate Champion Open Show Miley Jasper LL Brooklyn, Anna Miley Intermediate Champion Junior Show Miley Jasper LL Brooklyn, Anna Miley Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show Miley Advent B Gemini-ET, Adam Miley Four-Year-Old (4) 1. Brook-Hollow Vernique, Delbert & Heather Yoder 2. Rohaven Inside Out, Haskins Farms 3. Goose-Valley Outside Peggy, Tom & Jodi McDonnell 4. (JR) Red-Point HP-TD Mia-Red-ET, Allison Janes Five-Year-Old Cow (2) 1. Brook-Hollow Miss Rubee Sky, Delbert & Heather Yoder 2. Velvet-View Advent Hazel, Bryce Sanor Aged Cow (3) 1. (JR) Miley Roy Select Excitement, Anna Miley 2. Brook Hollow SS Skyway, Delbert & Heather Yoder 3. Miley Dundee Georgette, Miley Holsteins 125,000 Pound Cow (1) 1. Shadeline Mariah, Delbert & Heather Yoder Senior and Grand Champion Open Show Miley Roy Select Excitement, Anna Miley Reserve Senior Champion Open Show Shadeline Mariah, Delbert & Heather Yoder Reserve Grand Champion Open Show Miley Debonair Glitter-Red-ET, Jason Miley, Miley Holsteins Senior and Grand Champion Junior Show Miley Roy Select Excitement, Anna Miley Reserve Senior Champion Junior Show Red-Point HP-TD Mia-Red-ET, Allison Janes Reserve Grand Champion Junior Show Miley Jasper LL Brooklyn, Anna Miley Best Three Females (3) 1. Miley Holsteins 2. Delbert & Heather Yoder 3. Hannah Dye Produce of Dam (1) 1. Toppglen Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor Delbert & Heather Yoder Junior Showmanship 1. Hannah Dye 2. Keenan Wolf Senior Showmanship 1. Tanner Topp 2. Alli Mangun

Junior Champions of Junior Show: Ohio Holstein Queen Jacquelyn Sherry, Tanner Topp, Brandon Sugg, Tyler Top, Judge Jeff Brown

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How Much Does Your Hay Cost? THINK ABOUT ITâ&#x20AC;Ś ? 1 - 650# Round Bale @ $97.72 ($300 T) with 30% Hay trampled


= 455# hay consumed = 195# hay lost = $68.40 hay consumed = $29.32 hay lost EQUALS $420 per ton

of hay consumed Top: BALE BOSS HAY SAVER Bottom: BALE BOSS HAY SAVER II (for large square bales)

Custom Order Hot Dipped Galvanizing For Extra Durability & Longevity

A Bale Boss Hay Saver will lower your cost per ton for hay! At left: Galvanized Self-locks at Pine Tree Dairy. Congratulations, Matt Steiner and family, on the completion of your new facility!

Stop in at our showroom located 1 mile West of Kidron, Ohio

330-857-8700 1-800-599-2040 12335 Emerson Road, Apple Creek, OH 44606 68 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

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Keim Concrete . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Kidron Auction, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Kiko Family Farms, Ltd./Kiko Auctioneers . 9 Kliner Maintenance Service . . . . . . . . . . 14 Land O’Lakes Purina Feed . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Lehman, Eileen – Livestock Hauling . . . . 32 Lorawae Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Lowe and Young, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Meaden & Moore – CPA’s . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Mennonite Mutual Insurance Company . . . 6 Midwest Genetics. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69 Miley Holstein Farms Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . 17 National Holstein Futurity . . . . . . . . . 64-65 New Bedford Sharpening Service . . . . . . 34 New Pittsburg Large Animal Clinic . . . . . 55 Ohio Beef Council. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Ohio Holstein Association Breeder Forum and Tag Sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Ohio Multi-Breed Fall Sale. . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Ohio State University/ Agricultural Technical Institute . . . . . . . 58 Paradise Valley Farms, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Pine Tree Dairy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Plainfield Farms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Polchin Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

Polen Implement. . . . . . . . . . . . 39, 40, 52 Quality Quest Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . 35-37 Quietcove Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Ratta Applied Construction . . . . . . . . . . 49 Renaissance Nutrition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Richman Farms, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Salford . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Seven Gables Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Shearer Equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Spike, Pete & Jean – Vacation Rental . . . 56 Springhill Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 Stan-Mar-Dale/Express . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Stein-way Equipment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Taurus Service, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Ten-Penny Holsteins. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Thomas, Jenny – Photographer . . . . . . . 56 Town & Country Co-op Feed . . . . . . . . . 26 U-Dean Farms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Vaughn, Steve – Nutritional Consultant . . 18 W. G. Dairy Supply, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 White-Lawn Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Zimmerview Dairy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 This index is provided as an additional service. Publisher assumes no liability for errors or omissions.

Coming Events MEETINGS and EVENTS

November 4 – District 3 Barn Meeting and Picnic at Plainfield Farms, Simpson Family, Belmont November 4-7 – 2012 World Holstein Conference, Toronto December 15 – Breeder Forum Barn Meeting and Tag Sale, Springhill Farm, Big Prairie January 4, 2013 – Holstein Association Board Meeting, Wooster March 9, 2013 – Ohio Holstein Annual Meeting, Sidney July 8-11, 2013 – National Holstein Convention, Indianapolis, IN


October 2 – International Junior Holstein Show, Judge Chris Lahmers, Madison, WI October 4-5 – Grand International Red & White Show, Judge Justin Burdette, Madison, WI October 5-6 – International Holstein Show, Judge Michael Heath, Madison, WI November 2-11 – Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto November 3 – Grand National Junior Holstein Show, Louisville, KY

November 5 – Mid-East Fall National Holstein Show, Louisville, KY November 8 – Canadian National Red & White Holstein Show at Royal Winter Fair, Toronto November 8-9 – Canadian National Holstein Show at Royal Winter Fair, Toronto March 28-29-30, 2013 – Ohio Spring Dairy Expo, Columbus June 29, 2013 – North East Ohio District Show, Canfield Fairgrounds


October 5 – World Classic 2012 Sale, Madison, WI October 27 – Best of Quality Quest Sale, 11 a.m., Beloit November 17 – Multi-Breed Fall Sale at Wooster: Holsteins sell beginning at 10:30 a.m.; Ayrshires, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorns sell beginning at 1:30 p.m. December 15 – Tag Sale at Springhill Farm, Big Prairie March 8, 2013 – Ohio Convention Sale, Sidney March 29, 2013 – Buckeye Classic Sale, Columbus April 20, 2013 – Ohio Spring Sale, Wooster

May 18, 2013 – Oakfield Corners Spring Sensation Sale 5th Edition, Oakfield, NY August 24, 2013 – Summer Sale, Wooster


October 1 – Membership Drive begins December 1 – Last day for discount on membership December 1 – Junior All-Ohio photos (current photo of animal and head shot or small photo of Junior owner), application and copy of both sides of the registration paper, due at the office December 1 – Photos for All-Ohio due at the office February 1, 2013 – Last day for 2013 membership credit to districts

Thank you to MEGAN HERBERG for providing the champion photo from the Mid-East Summer National. Contact her today to see how advertising through Holstein World in both print and internet can add to your bottom line. 507-380-1832

Sales with Integrity & Service with Confidence

CERTIFIED Tye J. Henschen DVM ON-FARM EMBRYO TRANSFER EXPORT CERTIFIED 3883 Klondike Road Delaware, Ohio 43015

Phone 740-369-3931 Fax 740-369-7814

Matt Stewart 15162 SR 39 Loudonville, OH 44842 Tel: 419-994-5555 Fax: 419-994-5558 Toll Free: 888-305-5555 Cell Phone: 419-631-6855 E-mail:

OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012 | 69

83900 p70 OhioBeef_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:24 PM Page 1

70 | OHIO NEWS | 9-10/2012

83900 p71 IBC Springhill_Layout 1 9/20/12 3:17 PM Page 1


Springhill-OH Mac Clouds-ET EX-91, 3 Yrs Old 3-06 365D 35,190M 4.0% 1,417F 3.3% 1,145P


Spring-Star Patriot CLEO-ET

(Patriot x Mac Clouds) GTPI+2393 +$789NM +2.74T +3.09UDC

Clouds’ 94-point MS

CLEO sells Friday Night at Madison on the colored shavings and is backed by

NINE GENERATIONS OF HOMEBRED EXCELLENTS FROM THE HOPE FAMILY! (consigned with Starmark) ☛ Watch for the next issue with details about our TAG SALE, scheduled for mid-December 2012 — ANOTHER Great Opportunity to add SPRINGHILL GENETICS!!


pringhill 7109 SR 514 • Big Prairie, OH

Chris Lang • Tom, Karen & Kendra Lang

PH: 330-378-4515 • FAX: 330-378-4390

Ohio News  

Sept-Oct/2012 issue of Ohio News

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