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Feb-Mar 2018 Volume 21, Issue 1

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Come Celebrate with us at the Ohio Beef Expo 75th Annual Buckeye Hereford Spring Show & Sale Catalog inside

D AT E D M AT E R I A L D O N OT D E L AY BUCKEYE HEREFORD ASSOCIATION Lisa Keets 10708 Main Road Berlin Heights, OH 44814 Return Service Requested


February, 2018

Hereford Times


“Our Passion to Excel.....”

At the Glenview, “Our Passion to Excel” makes us a partner you will value year after year. Each of our groups at The Glenview are performing very well-some exceptionally so. We are committed to managing our wealth for this generation and the next; doing what’s in our best interest year after year; maintaining value for both immediate and long term goals for Our Family and Special Friends. Thank you for believing in what we are doing and sharing “The Passion”

Watch for Glenview cattle selling this fall Mohican & Guests Sale in Glenmont, Ohio October 27th, 2018

GLENVIEW FARMS, LLC. W. Massey Booth Jr. and Curtis H. Booth 711 Kings Run Rd. • Shinglehouse, PA 16748 (814) 697-6339 • W. Massey Booth Jr. & Curtis H. Booth 711 Kings Run Road Shinglehouse, PA 16748 (814) 697-6339 TRENDS 3

A MINUTE WITH THE MEENTS The Hereford breed is having an excellent start to 2018 with many great things happening for Hereford breeders. The 11th Great Midwest Hereford Influenced Feeder Sale kicked off 2018 on January 2 in Carthage, IL. On New Year’s Day, when the Lowderman staff and crew started to weigh, grade, and sort the cattle it was a negative 16 below zero. A very special THANK YOU to Brent & Kris Lowderman, and their staff for all the work involved in hosting this sale each year, and making it successful. Hopefully it will be little warmer for the 12th Annual sale! There were 889 head consigned with 662 head being steers and the balance heifers. The average Hereford steer in the sale, sold for $1022, and the 45 head that weighed 912 pounds averaged $1301 per steer. There were 62 consignors from six states that participated in 2018. The 889 head was the largest number of cattle ever consigned in the 11 year history of the sale. This year was the second highest grossing sale behind 2015. Several new buyers bid, and bought cattle this year. Here are the larger lot results:

32 Hereford Steers 423# $1.69 49 Hereford Steers 485# $1.68 42 Hereford Steers 528# $1.68 1/2 85 Hereford Steers 579# $1.66 3/4 80 Hereford Steers 616# $1.67 60 Hereford Steers 680# $1.56 1/2 58 Hereford Steers 731# $1.52 55 Hereford Steers 773# $1.51 46 Hereford Steers 820# $1.45 45 Hereford Steers 912# $1.42 3/4 10 BWF Steers 551# $1.72 11 BWF Steers 775# $1.51 25 Hereford Heifers 382# $1.63 33 Hereford Heifers 462# $1.54 37 Hereford Heifers 533# $1.52 45 Hereford Heifers 612# $1.46 1/2 35 Hereford Heifers 687# $1.34 1/2 15 BWF Heifers 462# $1.55 12 BWF Heifers 624# $1.40 After the Great Midwest Hereford Influenced Feeder Sale, and the Pennsylvania Farm Show was the 2018 National Western Stock Show where again Hereford cattle was the talk of the Mile High city. There was a total of 181 Junior Hereford heifers that checked in, 4 B U C K E Y E H E R E F O R D A S S O C I AT I O N

107 Hereford bulls and 236 Open Hereford heifers. In the yards, 24 Pen of Three heifers showed, six Carload of bulls and 31 Pen of Three bulls. Thus, one of the largest Hereford shows to date with tremendous quality top to bottom. Congratulations to all the winners in my nine state region. The Mile High Sale and the Mile High Eve Sale were again outstanding events in 2018. A total of 36 Lots Grossed $1,063,500 in the Mile High Sale that was witnessed by an estimated 5000 people. I want to especially thank Scott McDonald, McDonald Farms, Grand Rapids, Michigan for donating an elite heifer, MF 104Y Eve 109 19E ET, the daughter of Catapult 109 and MF 914W About Yasmine 104Y to the Hereford Youth Foundation of America. This awesome Hereford female sold for $80,000 on a bid from Express Ranch, Buck Cattle Co., and Moore Cattle Co., all of Oklahoma with all proceeds going to HYFA. What an exciting night for HYFA and the Hereford Breed! John Meents


John Meents

American Hereford Association, Field Representative Ph. 419-306-7480 or

Ohio Hereford Women News Calling all Queens, Princesses, Jr Princesses and Candidates . . . . In honor of the 2018 Hereford Association 75 year celebration we are inviting all past (and present) QUEENS, PRINCESSES, JR PRINCESSES AND CANDIDATES HORNED & POLLED TO JOIN US AT THE OHIO BEEF EXPO HEREFORD SHOW FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2018 AT 12 NOON (PLEASE TRY TO BE THERE ABOUT ½ HR EARLY FOR A GROUP PICTURE BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS) Senior Board President Marsha Farno, OHW President and Queen committee are excited to get everyone together. Each person will be recognized with their title and year. We are afraid we may miss someone so please pass this along to anyone you know Thank you all for your support in making this a fun and rewarding event. Sandra Ostgaard PH: 937-475-9626 cell OHW President OH/Queen Committee Chair


Harrs named OCA Seedstock Producer of the Year 2018

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) awarded J & L Cattle Services of Jeromesville, Ohio, the Seedstock Producer of the Year Award at the OCA awards banquet held Jan. 20, 2018, at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center in Lewis Center, Ohio. OCA and Farm World jointly sponsor the Seedstock Producer of the Year Award, which was created to recognize top beef seedstock producers in Ohio. The award presentation featured a video of J & L Cattle Services that was generously sponsored by Centerra Co-op. J & L Cattle Services is owned and operated by Jeff and Lou Ellen Harr and their daughter, Keayla. The family manages around 80 mature registered Hereford cows, a spring calving group of 70, a fall calving group of 10-12 and feed out around 25-30 steers. The Harrs sell cattle through private treaty, at the Ohio Beef Expo and every other year during their J & L and Guests sale. The Harrs work to stay current by using available technology as much as possible for the continuation of high quality Hereford genetics and hope to continue the operation for years to come.

Bradfords Awarded the Buckeye Hereford Hall of Merit 2018

Longtime performance breeders Rex and Bonnie Bradford were awarded the Hall of Merit at the recent Buckeye Hereford Annual Meeting and Membership Banquet. The Bradfords hail from St. Marys in Northwest Ohio. Rex and Bonnie along with their daughter Heather run 50 brood cows with about half spring and half fall calvers. The Bradford cowherd is primarily victor based. They select for dark red, big hipped, deep bodied brood cows. Over the years they have worked hard to develop strong cow families with the ultimate goal to produce front pasture females and Dams of Distinction while also emphasizing carcass traits. Congratulations to Rex, Bonnie and Heather! 6 B U C K E Y E H E R E F O R D A S S O C I AT I O N

From Your National Queen By Abbygail Pitstick Hello, some of you may or may not know me, but I am Abbygail Pitstick. I am a senior at Miami Trace High School, and plan to attend Wilmington College after graduation. I will be double majoring in Agribusiness and Livestock Science. I am the daughter of Neil and Betsy Pitstick. I have three younger sisters: Madison, Emma, and Natalie Pitstick. I am the first generation breeder within my family. I began my journey in the cattle business in 2013, then purchased my first Hereford heifer in 2014. I started out with this one Hereford heifer, and now I am running a 40 head purebred Hereford operation. I really gravitated toward the Hereford breed, so I decided I wanted to get more involved. I finally met the qualifications to run for the Buckeye Hereford Queen this past year, so I was able to fill out an application. I was crowned the Buckeye Hereford Queen in January of 2017. This was my first time being in a position like the the Buckeye Hereford Queen, so I had a lot to learn. I had many great people that gave me advice and guided me along the way. I then decided to run for the National Hereford Queen position and submitted my application the first of September. I spent countless hours preparing for my upcoming interview in Kansas City. I made many new friends while in Kansas City that have definitely impacted my life. I was crowned the 2018 National Hereford Queen at the end of October while in Kansas City. Having the opportunity to be the Buckeye Hereford Queen was a great experience. It opened up many new friendships that I will carry on forever, it taught me how to be more personal with the Hereford breeders, and it taught me the proper ways of being in the queen position. Without the opportunity of being the Buckeye Hereford Queen, I would not be where I am today as the National Hereford Queen. I thank all of my supporters that supported me along the way. I could not have gone through all this without the support and help from my friends and family of my home State. I am now traveling all over the country, but I will never forget where my roots are, or where they have gotten me. After my reign as the National Hereford Queen, my future is not for certain, but one thing is for certain, my future is sure to contain more Hereford cattle and friend than ever. Sincerely, Abbygail Pitstick


Noon - Saturday, April 21, 2018 Chenault Agriculture Center, 2130 Camargo Road • Mt. Sterling, Ky.



March 8, 207 son of Boyd Legacy 3001, typical of balance trait bulls selling. Ben Clifford 859-421-7902 Lincoln Clifford 859-954-0102

A note from the President............ Hello Hereford Enthusiast: Another great year for Herefords and the breeders. It started off with a wonderful banquet this past weekend with a large crowd enjoying visiting with their friends and making new ones. We again had two speakers who were very informative as to the future of Herefods into the 21st century and the information of new products and new methods from fly control and the use of ‘moos’ in calving. As this is a very important year for Buckeye Herefords and the BHA we are planning a festive celebration at the Expo to celebrate the 75th birthday of the BHA. We will host a get together following the Hereford show on Friday in the cattle barn at the Buckeye stalls with cake, drinks and time to view the sale cattle, visit with the consignors and your fellow Hereford friends. We would like also to acknowledge those breeders of 50 years of more in the Hereford industry. I am enclosing a list of those breeders whom I have heard of, but I am sure there are those who still need to be on this list. If you know of anyone who needs to be added or those on the list who have not made that wonderful plateau please let Lisa Keets know.

GUEST CONSIGNMENTS FROM: Wells Farm, Corbin, KY Botkin Polled Herefords, Lexington, KY Underwood Farms, Campbellsville, KY K3 Cattle, Cynthiana, KY


6-year-old by MSU Revolution 4R, sells with January bull calf by Boyd Legacy 3001 For sale catalog contact: Dale Stith, Sale Manager, 918-760-1550 We have a large number of cattle entered in the Expo, representing various outstanding pedigrees, that will meet the needs of every breeder. Please come to view this selection and hopefully add some to your herd. If we can be of any assistance please let us know. Marsha Farno President Buckeye Hereford Association 1 (937) 533-3396 50 year plus Buckeye Hereford Breeders

Jim Herman John Adams Ostgaard Cattle Co. Morrison Stock Farm Tom Morrison Core Farms J.B. Founds Lake View Acres John Hendricks Weichert Herefords Merry Farms Bill & Phyllis Bidwell Lawrence Burdell Circle Y Farm Ralph E. Ullman & Son

Conard Stitzlien Dr. Norm Starr Earl & Cynthia Arnholt Grandview Farm Banks Polled Herefords Flatter Herefords Bob Wise Walter Kreitzer Cecil Jordan Rick VanFleet Karen Holley Rick & Jim Starr Harold E Conrad & Sons Bruce McConnell

Hot Iron Enterprises’ Hot HotIron IronEnterprises’ Enterprises’

n n i A v e n r e s d a l r o y G n n i A v e n r e s d a l n n r i A v o e n r y e s d a G l r o y G Celebrates year Polled Hereford Breeder Celebrates 5050 year Polled Hereford Breeder Celebrates 50 year Polled Hereford Breeder Tom Morrison Tom Morrison Tom Morrison CongratsTom, Tom,Love Lovefrom fromyour yourFamily Family Congrats Congrats Tom, Love from your Family Cattle for sale

CattleCattle for sale for Tom Morrison - (419) 946-6977 • 5321 TR sale 59 • Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338 Tom Morrison (419) 946-6977 • 5321 TR 59 Mt.59Gilead, Ohio 43338 Tom Morrison - (419) 946-6977 • 5321 •TR • Mt. Gilead, Ohio 43338

8 B U C K E Y E H E R E F O R D A S S O C I AT I O N


From City Girl to Hands-On Farmer

By Katy Mumaw -February 8, 2018 MARIANNA, Pa. — When Nancy Midla was growing up in metropolitan New York, she never thought farming would become her passion. “I knew nothing about farming; the only pet I had as a child was a goldfish,” she said. Dentist or farmer Then Nancy met Les, her husband, while he was in dental school at Temple University, and they married in 1970. At that point, “she still thought she was marrying a dentist,” Les says. “I soon found out he was a farmer at heart,” Nancy said. “I was interested, though, because it was his passion.” In 1973, they moved back to Marianna, in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and a few years later, they purchased a homestead with land contiguous with his family’s farm. The farm is now 500 acres. When Les was young, his family milked cows. His grandfather and father also operated a retail processing plant and collected the milk from the other farmers and delivered it door to door. They sold the dairy cows in the 1950s and bought some beef cows to “keep the farm clean.” His family bought their first registered Herefords in 1956, when Les was 10. Nancy’s childhood in the city was much different, but she evolved as a farm wife, gradually learning and taking on responsibilities. She took an artificial insemination course and became involved in breeding, calf care, and daily operations, and now there isn’t an farm element she doesn’t have her hands in. Ag advocate With a background in education, once she married into the farm, she never stopped learning or teaching about agriculture. She became involved in the county cattlemen’s association, as a charter board member, and also joined the Washington County Farm Bureau, and was a driving force in bringing Ag in the Classroom to western Pennsylvania. During the 1980s, she visited elementary schools to teach some 400 students per year about agriculture through educational materials and slide presentations featuring her farm. “It is important to give students an awareness, so

they can have an appreciation for farmers and the work it takes to put their food on the table.” Nancy said. “Just like a firefighter — they learn about them and appreciate their service — the same awareness and respect should be given to the farmer.” She has been a Farm Bureau member for more than 40 years, playing a major role in Ag Days at the Mall, where she brought livestock from her farm into the center concourse of the local shopping mall so the public could see, smell and touch animals and learn where their food comes from. When their children, Kim and Brendan, were in 4-H, Nancy served on the county Extension board and as regional secretary. Nancy was appointed by the governor to be on the state board for farmland preservation. Her mother-in-law was one of the original board members in the 1980s that got the state program up and running. The Midlas were one of the first families to sell development rights to their farm, Flat Stone Lick, through the Washington County preservation program. Because of Nancy’s advocacy and commitment to teaching and learning about agriculture, the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau named her the Outstanding Woman in Agriculture this past November. “I always felt as though there was a need, and felt that if I didn’t do it — it wouldn’t get done. I can make a difference and it needs to be done,” she said about her volunteer work. “Over the years, there are not many times I’ve said no,” she admits. Les supports her volunteer work and is involved in some himself. “It is important to give back, for the good of the order,” he said. Purebreds On the farm, Nancy does her part to move the Hereford breed forward. “We are all about the data,” she said. “Responsible purebred breeders track and submit lots of data.” Nancy records herd details, and sends hundreds of data points such as birth and weaning weights, body part circumferences and many more to the national association, so they can compare and track the breed. They send blood samples for genetic DNA testing, as well. They can tell a lot from DNA testing, but it doesn’t replace the data, she said. They sell at purebred sales each fall and raise commercial bulls. For the past several years, they have been using sexed semen to get females. Their purebred Hereford herd has about 70 calves a year. continued on page 10 TRENDS 9

In Loving Memory Carl E. Yoder

WEST LIBERTY - Carl E. Yoder, 84, of West Liberty was called home to be with His Savior on Monday, October 16, 2017, at Mary Rutan Hospital. He was born November 20, 1932, in LaGrange, Indiana, son of the late Elbert J and Dorothy E. Yoder. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Florence E. (Sharp) Yoder; children Janice (Dave) Bowden, Vernon (Sandy) Yoder, Brenda (Carl) Stengel, B.J. (Nancy) Yoder; grandchildren Benjamin and Jared Bowden, Lauren (Isaac) Kurtz, Caitlin Yoder, Sarah Stengel, Bradley (Erin) Stengel, Colleen (Aaron) Cordill, Ethan Yoder, Bill Sallay, Josh, Justin, Jordan Bates; great-grandchildren Alizabeth and Javen Kurtz, Tayler Bates, Lyda Stengel. He is survived also by his siblings Wilfred E. (Hilda) Yoder, Forest (Elizabeth) Yoder, Melvin (Mary) Yoder, Kathy (John) Lowry. He was a graduate of Monroe Schools, attended Wittenberg College and served his country as a medic in the Army. He has served Logan and Champaign counties since 1958 as an accountant/ CPA. A man of many interests, he loved southern gospel music, sold travel trailers, and had a passion for farming, raising Polled Hereford Cattle as well as being a member of the Ohio Polled Hereford Association. He was elected as Honorary Chapter Member of the West Liberty FFA. Another way he served the community was being a member of the local Lions Club, serving as Lion Club President, being involved in the building of the present concession stand at the Lions Park in West Liberty. While living his faith he was a member of Calvary Baptist Church, Bellefontaine.

Robert A. Williams

WILLIAMS, Robert A. 46, of Springfield, passed on Monday, February 5, 2018, suddenly and unexpectedly from complications following a cardiac event. Robert had a strong interest in cooking, hiking, cattle grooming and showing. He was also a sports enthusiast. Robert is survived by his mother, 10 B U C K E Y E H E R E F O R D A S S O C I AT I O N

Rebecca Williams of Phoenix, Arizona, his father Ronald Williams of South Vienna, Ohio, brother Gary Williams and Sister-in-law Danielle of Washougal, Washington, sister Erica Williams, of South Vienna, and extended family of step-mother Pam Williams of Springfield, Ohio. He also leaves behind his beloved girlfriend Marsha Mehoff. . Memorial contributions may be made in lieu of flowers to the donor’s favorite charity. Online expressions of sympathy may be made through

Come one come all............ The Buckeye is turning 75!!! Everyone is invited to join in the

Celebration in the Hereford stalls shortly after the Show Show time Friday March 16th at noon Have a slice of Birthday cake with Marsha! From City Girl to Hands-On Farmer (cont. from page 9)

They use the males as bulls or steers for freezer beef. They ultrasound the yearlings in February to check for appropriate sized ribeyes and marbling. Nancy loves Herefords for their docile disposition and wouldn’t raise another breed. Succession The Midlas are proud of their family and their farm, but have not yet solidified their succession plan. Their son, Brendan, is an engineer by day, but is active on the farm. He has two children, who also love the farm, the Midlas said. “He would do it full time in a heartbeat, if it could support him and his family,” Nancy said. Kim, their daughter, lives in Erie, where both she and her husband are also engineers. The couple, both in their early 70s, say the farm’s future is still a big question mark. They have worked with an attorney on the matter, but haven’t been able to get their children to commit. “There has been a lot of thought and no action,” Les admitted. They are hopeful the succession plan will work itself out, but for now they aren’t eyeing retirement, and Nancy has no plans to stop educating others and making her mark on quality Hereford beef. Photos and article by Katy Mumaw Reprinted with permission from Farm and Dairy, Salem, Ohio

SOPHA Scholarship The Switzerland of Ohio Polled Hereford Association offers a college scholarship is seeking applicatns for its annual scholarship. Applicants must be graduating high school senoirs or in college, and must have a minimum of three years of involvement with Hereford cattle. Applications are due April 1, 2018 and the award, in the amount of $1,000, will be made at the SOPHA sale in May. Contact Rick VanFleet at (740) 732-4783 for more information or to recieve an application.

Ohio Cattlemen’s Association Offers Unique Opportunities for Breeders and Youth

(MARYSVILLE, Ohio) —The Best of the Buckeye Program, hosted by the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) in conjunction with the Ohio Beef Expo and the Ohio State Fair, is gearing up for its fifth season. The Best of the Buckeye program recognizes topplacing Ohio bred, born and registered calves, along with the breeder and exhibitor, in each breed division at the two shows. This year’s sponsoring partners are The Folks Printing and Dickson Cattle Company, heifer division; Jones Show Cattle and R.D. Jones Excavating, steer division; Ohio Ag Equipment and Ohio Cat, scholarship division and Sullivan Supply and Stock Show University, breeder recognition. Thanks to these generous sponsors, $60,000 will be given through premiums at each show, scholarships and awards for both participants and breeders. The program provides Ohio seedstock breeders an additional marketing opportunity, creates a source for moderately priced show steers and heifers by providing a program with awards and prestige and attracts new participants interested in showing at the Ohio Beef Expo and/or the Ohio State Fair with the benefit of added premiums. Breeders are encouraged to use the Best of the Buckeye logo for use in printed and digital promotion of Best of the Buckeye eligible cattle. The logo may be downloaded from the website at or requested by email at New for the 2018 program, a breeder recognition category has been added. All nominating breeders will be recognized on the website at and will also be recognized for their honors achieved with the cattle they sell and nominate for the program. The category is sponsored by Sullivan Supply and Stock Show University. The Best of the Buckeye program will offer scholarship opportunities for Best of the Buckeye participants to offset the cost of purchasing, raising and exhibiting a Best of the Buckeye nominated calf. Scholarships will be awarded to less-experienced participants, ages 8-21, with consideration given to the applicant’s financial need.

Scholarship applications can be found at www.ohiocattle. org/Youth/best-of-the-buckeye and will be due on January 15, 2018. Scholarship recipients will be notified in February 2018. Nominating breeders meeting age requirements may also apply. Academic scholarships will be offered to youth pursuing a post-high school degree. Scholarships will be based on academics and extracurricular activities. Eligible Best of the Buckeye participants are high school juniors through 21 years of age as of January 1, 2018. Academic scholarships will be awarded to participants and breeders pursuing an Ag related degree and may be awarded to applicants who are entering a non-Ag related field of study (based on the number of applications). All scholarship applicants will also be required to submit an essay along with their scholarship application. The scholarship essay topic will be predetermined and posted at The scholarship deadline will be June 15, 2018 and scholarships will be presented at the Ohio State Fair. The scholarship division is sponsored by Ohio Cat and Ohio Ag Equipment. For cattle to be eligible for the Best of the Buckeye program, they must be registered and bred by an Ohio cattleman and born in state. ET Calves and calves out of purchased bred cows are eligible if they were born in Ohio and list an Ohio cattleman as the breeder and are calved in Ohio. Breeders and exhibitors must be OCA members and in good standing with OCA to be eligible. Exhibitors must be Ohio residents and meet the age requirements for the Ohio Beef Expo and Ohio State Fair junior shows. The heifer division is sponsored by The Folks Printing and Dickson Cattle Company and the steer division is sponsored by Jones Show Cattle and R.D. Jones Excavating. To participate in Best of the Buckeye, breeders must complete a nomination form (each form can be used to nominate up to five animals from the same breeder) and sign an affidavit verifying Best of the Buckeye eligibility. The breeder or exhibitor may submit the nomination forms and fee for the Best of the Buckeye nominations. Cattle that are nominated prior to the Ohio Beef Expo by March 1, 2018 and prior to the Ohio State Fair by June 20, 2018 will incur a $25 per head nomination fee per show. Cattle may be nominated for both shows by March 1, 2018 for a rate of $40. Breeders will have the opportunity to nominate cattle through check-in at the Ohio Beef Expo and at the Ohio State Fair at an increased late nomination fee of $75 per head. Best of the Buckeye exhibitor rules, last year’s show results and additional nomination details are available at or by contacting the OCA office. For more information, contact the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association at 614-873-6736 or email

Don’t miss your chance to advertise in the 75th Anniversary 2018-2019 Buckeye Hereford Membership directory Approximately 2,500 copies of the directory will be printed and distributed over the next 2 years at all Ohio and many regional Hereford events. Please contact Lisa today to reserve space. (440) 320-6193 TRENDS 11

Ohio Buckeye Junior Hereford Association Calling all Junior Members!! The Juniors now have an online process set up for new member registration as well as membership renewals. We need all members to log in and update their information. 2018 Officers President -Abbygail Pitstick Secretary - McKenna Baney Reporter- Kelsey Decker

Vice - Caroline Vonderharr Treasurer- Grant Helsinger

Beef Expo Junior Meeting Saturday March 17th prior to the sale - exact time TBA

BHA Show Animals of the Year Awards will be awarded just before the noon sale. Sara Beanblossom (937) 417-1675

Ohio Buckeye Junior Hereford Association 2018 Fundraiser

We Want to Publish Your Favorite Recipes! We need your help to create a cookbook of our favorite showing family recipes. To contribute is simple and can be done online in just a few minutes and you join our worthwhile cause. Here's how you can help: Find the special recipe that your family loves to eat and you love to make. We are making a nontraditional cookbook just for “show families�. We hope to sell these to more than just cattle show families -- 4-H members, and any livestock showing families! Go to A. In the log in area in the right hand column, enter your name as contributor as you would like it to appear on your recipe. It could be your name or something like "The Smith Family" B. Next enter your email address so we can keep you up-to-date with this project. C. Finally, enter "ohioherefords" as our Group Name and the Password "recipe". (no quotes) Once on the cookbook homepage click on "Add a Recipe" under the recipes tools. Enter the ingredients and directions for the recipe and click on the submit button. To help us know how many cookbooks you would like to order, click the Home button. On the right side you'll see a quick dropdown. Choose your amount of books and click 'OK.' The Deadline for entering Recipes is Saturday, April 14, 2018 in order to have our cookbooks printed. Please help us to make this fundraiser a success and enter at least one recipe before the deadline. If you don't have Internet access and still want to contribute a recipe, please use the recipe form to submit your recipe. Recipe Entry Form Please use this form to submit recipes if you can not enter them yourself online. Please print clearly. Contributor name: _____________________________ Recipe Title: _____________________________ Select Categories: (Select one) ___Truckin Down the Highway (on the road snacks) ___Crock-Pot meals for home ___Crock-Pot meals at the show ___Quick meals at the farm ___Freezer Meals - make now, cook later ___Desserts that will survive at a show ___Feeding the masses (large quantities of food) ___Healthy Eating at the Show **Mail recipes to: Sarah Helsinger 6518 Farmersville Germantown Pk Germantown OH 45327** 12 B U C K E Y E H E R E F O R D A S S O C I AT I O N

Farno Polled Herefords Paul and Marsha Luke, Sarah, Jacob & Noah Eaton, Ohio (937) 456-6842 (937) 533-3396 cell

Brian, Lisa, Jen & Ellie Keets Berlin Heights, Ohio 44814 (419) 651-0978 TRENDS 13

Mar 10 Mar 16

Hereford H ap p e n ings !

Buckeye Hereford Assoc. 75th Annual Spring Sale Ohio Beef Expo, Columbus, Ohio

Apr 7

Combined Excellence Bull Sale Lebanon, Ohio

Apr 14

West Virginia PHA Spring Sale WV Beef Expo, Jane Lew, West Virginia

Apr 21

Clifford Farms & Guests Production Sale Mt. Sterling Kentucky

May 10

Kentucky Certified Hereford Influence Feeder Calf Sale Stanford, Kentucky Switzerland of Ohio Polled Hereford Assoc, Sale 7 PM Guernsey Co. Fairgrounds, Old Washington, OH

May 28Buckeye Mead Cattle Enterprises Sale 2010 Hereford Association Board of Directors Midville, Georgia

Jun 9

OBJHA Premier Show Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster, OH

Jun 10

Eastern Ohio Hereford Association Junior Show Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster, OH

Jun 17

Switzerland of Ohio Polled Hereford Assoc. Junior Show

Jul 1-7

Junior National Hereford Expo - Grand Island, Nebraska Grand Island, Nebraska

Sep 1 Oct 27

Lisa Keets, Editor 10708 Main Road Berlin Hts., OH 44814 (440) 320-6193

Ohio Beef Expo - Buckeye Spring Show Columbus, Ohio

Mar 17

May 11

Buckeye Trends

Boyd Beef Cattle Bull Sale Mayslick, Kentucky

Noble County Fairgrounds, Caldwell, OH

The Breeders Cup Sale , Mayslick, Kentucky Mohican & Guests Sale, Glenmont, Ohio

Published show results, sale results, events, announcements, etc. will only be listed in the Trends if delivered to the secretary in writing. Hereford related photographs you wish to share are also encouraged! Rate



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$50 $75 $115 $200 $225 $225

$60 $90 $150 $250 $275 $275

$260 $285 $475

$225 $250 $400

$275 $290 $510

YEARLY CONTRACTS TO NON-MEMBERS: Receive 10% discount on regular rates. YEARLY CONTRACTS: Consists of 4 consecutive issues and may start with any issue. PHOTOGRAPHS: Photos may be submitted as prints or 300 dpi scans. Photos submitted by email or on CD are prefered. Ads requiring photo editing or using numerous photos may incur additional charges. ALL ABOVE RATES: After 60 days from the date of the statement, an additional 2% charge will be applied. ADVERTISING & COPY DEADLINES: All advertising, copy, and photographs must be submitted by the following dates:

TRENDS deadlines:

February/March “EXPO” Issue: January 15 April/May issue: March 25 Aug/Sep issue: July 15 Oct/Nov issue: September 15

2017 Buckeye Hereford Association Board of Directors Terms expire January 2019

Terms expire January 2020

Terms expire January 2021

Jamie Young Navarre, OH (330) 936-3183

President - Marsha Farno Eaton, OH (937) 456-6842

Reb Billman Newcomerstown, OH (330) 204-5781

Vice President - Tim Osborn Blanchester, OH (937) 783-2869

Bill Dunn Cochranton, PA (814) 724-9343

Doug Fark West Manchester, OH (937) 533-1701

Keith Ullman Graysville, OH (740)934-9321

Jeff Harr Jeromesville, OH (419) 282-3011

Liz Core Rushsylvania, OH (614) 571-1989




West Virginia Polled Hereford Association

Announces the Annual Offering of Quality Performance Polled Hereford BULLS & FEMALES......

51st Annual Sale in conjunction with the 28th Annual West Virginia Beef Exposition

Consignors Brand Farms Cottage Hill Farm Cottle Brothers/Litton Livestock Grandview Hereford Farm Green Valley Farms Grassy Run Farms Keen Polled Herefords David Knotts Polled Herefords David Law & Sons McDonald Polled Herefords Painter Farms Spiker Farm Turner Hereford Farm Ralph E. Ullman & Son Westfall Polled Herefords For a Catalog or more information Contact: WVPHA Sale Managment ~ Callie Taylor

Schedule of Events MEETING Thursday, April

12th.....7 PM SHOW -Friday, April 13th....... 9 AM SALE - Saturday, April 14th....... 4 PM Auctioneer: John Spiker

Jacksons Mill, Weston, W.Va. Selling a premier offering of bulls and production females from breeders across the Mountain State and Ohio.

West Virginia Polled Hereford Association Officers President - Ken Scott V. President - Butch Law Sec./Treas. - Callie Taylor P.O. Box 1305 Petersburg, WV 68847 Directors Mike McDonald Neil Litton Derik Haught Eric Goff Ron Brand


Save the Dates! September 1st, 2018 - the Breeders Cup Sale Boyd Beef Cattle, Mays Lick, KY September 27th, 2018 - Mohican West & Guests Sale at the ranch in Laurel, Montana October 27th, 2018 - Mohican & Guests Sale at the farm in Glenmont, Ohio

Featuring the first service of Boyd 31Z Blueprint 6153

Boyd 31Z Blueprint 6153 - P43764491 - DOB: 10/04/2016 2018 NWSS Champion Senior Bull Calf Mohican Farms

4551 State Route 514 Glenmont, Ohio Conard & Nancy (330) 378-3421 • Matt & Kelli (330) 231-0708

Trends February 2018  

Buckeye Hereford Trends February "Expo" issue

Trends February 2018  

Buckeye Hereford Trends February "Expo" issue