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Apr-May 2022 Volume 25, Issue 2

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D AT E D M AT E R I A L D O N OT D E L AY BUCKEYE HEREFORD ASSOCIATION Lisa Keets 10708 Main Road Berlin Heights, OH 44814 Return Service Requested


Hereford Association

Name_____________________________________________________Phone______________________________ Address___________________________________________________City___________________Zip__________ Farm Name__________________________Phone________________________E-mail______________________ Manager________________________________________________No. of Cows___________________________ Sires_________________________________________________________________________________________ Bloodlines____________________________________________________________________________________ Directions to farm______________________________________________________________________________ Send $40 to: Lisa Keets , secretary 10708 Main Road Berlin Heights, OH 44814

Hereford Times

May, 2022


A great selection of herd bulls available private treaty sired by Mohican Brick M13B and Mohican THM Excede Z426.

Mark your calendars to join us this fall for the Mohican & Guests Sale

in Glenmont, Ohio October 29th, 2022

GLENVIEW FARMS, LLC. W. Massey Booth Jr. and Curtis H. Booth 711 Kings Run Rd. • Shinglehouse, PA 16748 Massey (814) 697-6339 • Chris Payne, farm manager (716) 397-3509 glenviewfarmsherefords@gmail.com W. Massey Booth Jr. & Curtis H. Booth 711 Kings Run Road Shinglehouse, PA 16748 (814) 697-6339 masseyb@netsync.net


News from Noah As we wrap up the spring bull sale season, there is so much to be thankful for, and so much to look forward to. As I sit back and reflect today, I want to highlight our juniors, both what they have accomplished and what opportunities they have available to them in the coming months. Recently our NJHA Board had the opportunity to host the first ever BOLD conference in Desdemona, TX at GKB’s Hi Point Ranch. BOLD, Building on Leadership Development, served as an elite-level conference for 18-22-year-old members to come and hone their leadership skills. I am incredibly proud of our Junior Board for hosting this conference. This conference has been discussed for a long time, and this group saw an opportunity to make it happen and took it. The 20 select NJHA members that attended, got to build lifelong connections, build leadership in realworld settings, and have a lot of fun along the way. The Fed Steer Shootout Field Day was recently hosted as well, and what a great event. Although I was unfortunately unable to attend this event, the lessons our NJHA members took home were incredible. They had the opportunity to tour HRC Feedyards, meet industry professionals, and again, make lifelong connections. I highly recommend juniors out there taking part in this program, no matter where you are from. Check more out about it on the AHA website.

Looking forward to summer preview shows and the Junior National Hereford Expo, juniors, I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities staring you in the face. Work hard on your animals this summer. Perfect the speech you are working on for the summer. Work on your showmanship craft. Whatever your thing may be and wherever your goals may lie, work hard to be as successful as you can be this summer, and I promise you will see results this summer. Noah Benedict noahb@hereford.org 217-372-8009

Kentucky Certified Hereford Influence Sale May 12, 2022 Thursday 10:30 AM for more information, contact Lowell Atwood 606-669-1455

Come see us May 13th at the SOPHA sale in Old Washington, Ohio Our offering:

Lot 20 - LBK 36E Long Haul 8J -Yearling Herd bull sired by NJW Long Haul 36E ET. This would be a great bull to use on heifers and add some maternal strength. Comes from a long line of extremely productive cows with great udders and longevity. Has GE- EPDs & will be semen tested.

Hereford Calves Wanted!!! CE +11.3 BW -1.4 WW 53 YW 80 SC +1.6 SCF 27 M 40 MG 66 MCE +7.0 MCW 71 UD 1.40 Teat 1.60 CW 71 BF -0.023 REA +0.54 Marb +.05 Call today Lot 21 - LBK 27A Hazelto 28Fmarket -Good solid moderate framed young daughter of Hometown 27A with a nice udder and a great disposition. Hazel is fully pigmented with your fall calves!

freckles and sells with a fancy January heifer by DM 714 8Y William 514C ET. Cow has GE-EPD’s and has tested clean. calf EPDs CE +0.9 BW 4.6 WW 66 YW 110 SC +1.2 SCF 18 M 34 MG 67 MCE -1.3 MCW 130 UD 1.30 Teat 1.20 CW 76 BF .007 REA +0.55 Marb +.00

Lot 22 - LBK ARH 3F Maui 10J - Fancy fall heifer calf that would make a great junior project sired by our good Excede son.

Kentucky Certified Hereford Influence Sale

CE +4.5 BW 1.9 WW 59 YW 89 SC +1.1 SCF 20 M 32 MG 62 MCE +1.80 MCW 96 UD 1.30 Teat 1.40 CW 78 BF 0.027 REA +0.66 Marb -0.12

May 13, 2021• Thursday 10:30 AM

Keets forHerefords 10708 Main Road • Berlin Heights, Ohio 44814 more information Contact Lowell Atwood 606-669-1455 Brian: (419) 651-0978 ~ Ohioherefordlady@yahoo.com ~ Lisa: (440) 320-6193

4 B U C K E Y E H E R E F O R D A S S O C I AT I O N

2022 Spring Performance Herds Honored In 2000, the AHA implemented the Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPR™) reporting system. This system was put into place with the foresight to accurately identify Hereford genetics that could ultimately allow the breed to gain market share within all segments of the beef industry. Today, more than 85% of the cattle registered by the AHA come through the TPR program. It is obvious breeders have endorsed the program and it is also obvious that market share for Hereford cattle is growing because of the dedication of the members to the program. The Gold and Platinum TPR Breeder awards are designated two times a year and are awarded each calving season. The selection of Gold and Platinum TPR breeders takes place during the process of loading each new run of expected progeny differences (EPDs) in January (spring) and July (fall). The criteria for both Gold and Platinum TPR breeders will be evaluated two years prior to the award year. For example, the spring 2022 TPR awards that are published in January 2022 reflect the spring 2020 calving season evaluation.The following Buckeye Breeders were named as Gold TPR Breeders: Rex Bradford, St. Marys, OH Diamond M Herefords, Lake Milton, OH Flat Stone Lick, Marianna, PA J&L Cattle, Jeromesville, OH Keets Herefords, Berlin Heights, OH Rippling Rock, Blanchester, OH To Become a Gold TPR Breeder Breeders must fulfill the following specification in order to qualify for Gold TPR status: • Submit herd inventory before the date inventory surcharge goes into effect. • Complete reporting of calving ease and reproductive status for each dam on inventory. • Complete reporting of birth weights for all live calves recorded in the calf crop. • Complete reporting of weaning weights for all live calves recorded in the calf crop. • Complete reporting of yearling weights for all live calves recorded in the calf crop. • Complete reporting of scrotal measurements for each bull calf with a recorded yearling weight. • Ultrasound data reported on 25 percent or more of the calf crop.


The Dams of Distinction program recognizes superior cows in the breed and the cattle producers who manage them based on data submitted to the American Hereford Association (AHA). Efficient, fertile and productive females are the foundation of the most successful cow herds. To Qualify, a Cow Must Have: Weaned a calf born since Jan. 1, prior to the qualifying year. Produced at least three calves. Initially calved at 30 months of age or less. Had an interval between the first and second calves of no greater than 400 days. In addition, a 370-day calving interval must have been maintained after her second calf. The longer initial calving interval allows breeders to calve 2-year-old heifers prior to the mature cow herd. Had weaning records submitted to the AHA Whole Herd Total Performance Records (TPR™) Program for every calf produced that was born before June 30 of the qualifying year. Had a progeny average 205-day adjusted weaning weight ratio of at least 105. Recognizing the Best A cow receiving the Dam of Distinction honor is a cow that meets the highest standards of commercial cattle production. The cow must do her job, but also her owner must manage the herd correctly to give her the opportunity to excel. Only a few active cows are recognized. All heifers have the potential to be a Dam of Distinction, but only a small percentage fit the job description of an ideal cow year in and year out. Females attaining the Dam of Distinction status are recognized with “DOD” after their names when doing an animal or EPD inquiry on Hereford.org. Congratulations to these Buckeye Breeders with cows recieving this award: Heather Bradford, Saint Marys, OH Five Star Polled Herefords, Smithville, WV Flat Stone Lick, Marianna, PA Ryan Gillespie, Oxford, OH Helsinger Polled Herefords, Germantown,OH Grant Helsinger, Germantown, OH Lindie Helsinger, Germantown, OH Samuel Hunter, Hagerstown, MD J&L Cattle Services, Jeromesville, OH Cecil Jordan & Son, Dresden, OH Mohican West, Laurel, MT Andrew Osborn, Blanchester, OH Ashleigh Osborn, Blanchester, OH SK Herefords, Medina, NY Weber Rose Farms LLC, Cambridge, OH Wilson Stock Farm, Kensington, OH TRENDS 5

SOPHA sale consignments donation female

Total sale proceeds will be donated to the Switzerland of Ohio Polled Hereford Association Scholarship Fund.



Sire: Mohican THM Excede Z426 {DLF,HYF,IEF,MSUDF, MDF}


Calved: July 6, 2021 AHA # 44274368

Calved: May 10, 2021 AHA # 44273845

Dam: THF Maggie 6G

As of March 30, 2022

Dam: THF Francine 1A





Calved: June 20, 2021 AHA # 44273910 Dam: THF Tuesday 1C

As of March 30, 2022

Calved: July 22, 2021 AHA # 44274676

As of March 30, 2022

Dam: THF Katherine 4F

As of March 30, 2022

Jeff and Andrea Cramer | Apple Creek, Ohio & Fresno, Ohio 330.464.1810 | jeffcramer@hughes.net 6 B U C K E Y E H E R E F O R D A S S O C I AT I O N

2022 Ohio Beef Expo Hereford Sale Results 79th Annual Buckeye Hereford Spring Sale March 19th, 2022 Auctioneer: Dale Stith Sale Manager: Lisa Keets 6 Bulls 38 Females 9 Embryos

Average $3,600 Average $2,094 Average $350

Gross $ 21,600 Gross $ 79,600 Gross $ 3,150

High Selling bull Lot 41 - UHF U14F Stetson U24H a September 2020 son of UHF 480 Ontime U14F consigned by Ralph E. Ullman 7 Son, Graysville,Ohio sold to Kevin Hall, Bowling Green, Ohio for $6,400. Lot 3 - WD Bar S 3F Styles 1101, a January 2021 son of LCC BCC Lumberjack 3F ET consigned by Dunn Herefords, Cochranton, PA sold to Jeff Wentworth, Waynesville, OH for $4,000. Top Females: Lot 2 - WD 7134 Lara 0134, a May 2020 daughter of WD 2296 Woodrow Call 7134 consigned by Dunn Herefords, Cochranton, PA sold to Grace Smith, Guys Mills, PA for $4,600. Lot 43 - UHF U14F Kenzie U03J, an April 2021 daughter of UHF 480 Ontime U14F consigned by Ralph E. Ullman & Son, Graysville, Ohio sold to Ryan England, Atwater, OH for $4,300. Lot 11 - Church View 078 Corina 633H, a February 2020 daughter of NJW 30N Correct Answer 078 ET and bull calf by NJW 160B 028X Historic 81E consigned by J&L Cattle Services, Jeromesville, OH sold to NJB Ltd, Mayslick, KY for $3,700 Lot 12 - KH JLCS 107F Cheeto J73, an October 2021 daughter of NJW 73C 33B Energy 107F consigned by J&L Cattle Services, Jeromesville, OH sold to Maci Atterholt, Jeromesville, OH for $3,500. Lot 7 - LBK 81E Achieva 2J, a January 2021 daughter of NJW 160B 028X Historic 81E consigned by Keets Herefords, Berlin Heights, OH sold to Don Robinson, Caldwell, OH for $2,850. Lot 8 - LBK GSK 36E Val 7J, a January 2021 daughter of NJW Long Haul 36E ET consigned by Keets Herefords, Berlin Heights, OH sold to Don Robinson, Caldwell, OH for $2,850.

Thank You to all the 2022 Buckeye Spring Sale Buyers! Alger Family Farm, Ravenna, OH Maci Atterholt, Jeromesville, OH Barlage Livestock, Fort Laramie, OH Berg Polled Herefords LLC., OH Brookside Farm, Point Pleasant, WV Josie Burke, Waterford,OH CNR Herefords, Dennison, OH Cold Creek Cattle Co., Gravel Switch, KY George Cooper, West Alexandria, OH ELJ Beef Farm, Filmore NY Ryan England, Atwater, OH Bonnie Evans, Lakeland, FL Brad Fennewald Greenwich, OH Erma Fenton, Newcomerstown, OH Joseph Guilitto, Ravenna, OH Kevin Hall, Bowling Green, OH Joseph Harper, Cairo, OH Randal Ingraham, Ashland, ME Nathan Jagger, Mt. Gilead, OH Kelton Keller, Medina OH Anton Kissell, Newark, OH Michael Kline, Mcveytown, PA Trevor Manning, Edgerton, OH MEB Herefords, Wooster, OH My Three Sons, Spencer, WV NJB Ltd., Mayslick, KY Quincie Parkinson, Newark, OH Don Robinson, Caldwell, OH Robert Shanahan, Mechanicsburg, OH Shaver Farm, Lodi, OH Grace Smith, Guys Mills, PA Justin Smith, Albany, OH Matt Thayer, Monroeville, OH Levi Underwood, Urbana, OH Jeff Wentworth Farm, Waynesville, OH

Buckeye Hereford 79th Ohio Beef Expo, Columbus

Grand Champion Heifer UHF U14F Kenzie U03J

April 2021 heifer by UHF 480 Ontime U14F Consigned by Ralph E. Ullman & Son, Graysville, OH sold to Ryan England, Atwater, OH

Reserve Champion Heifer WD 7134 Lara 0134 May 2020 heifer by WD 2296 Woodrow Call 7134 Consigned by Dunn Herefords, Cochranton, PA sold to Grace Smith, Guys Mills, PA

Grand Champion Bull UHF U14F Stetson U24H

Reserve Champion Bull WD Bar S Styles 1101

September 2020 by UHF 480 Ontime U14F Consigned by Ralph E. Ullman & Son, Graysville, OH Sold to Kevin Hall, Bowling Green, KY

January 2021 bull by LCC BCC Lumberjack 3F ET Consigned by Dunn Herefords, Cochranton, PA Sold toJeff Wentworth, Waynesville, OH

Jr Show Champion Hereford Heifer

Showtime Queenof Hearts 106ET by NJW 79Z Z311 Endure 173D ET Jacob Wiechart of Putnam County


Jr Show Res. Ch and BBS Champion Heifer RCSC Jorja 101J ET by Churchill Sensation 028X Delaney Chester of Warren County

Annual Spring Show & Sale March 18th & 19th, 2022

Judged by Ray Ramsey, Greenfield, IN

Grand Champion Cow Calf Pair

Church View 078 Corina 633H 2020 cow by NJB 30N Correct Answer 078 ET with bull calf by NJW 160B 028C Historic 81E ET Consigned by J&L Cattle Services, Jeromesville, OH sold to NJB Ltd., Mayslick, KY

Reserve Champion Cow Calf Pair

CEW Omega Sensation 827 2018 cow UPS Sensation 028X with heifer calf by CHEZ Divergent 505C ET Consigned by Thornbriar Farm, Forest, OH sold to Barlage Livestock, Fort Laramie, OH

Thank You to all the Expo Consignors CLS Show Cattle, Beloit, OH Cupp Brothers Land & Livestock, Lancaster, OH Dunn Herefords, Cochranton, PA Handrosh Farm. Litchfield, OH Harmony Hill Herefords, Newcomerstown, OH Grant Helsinger, Germantown, OH James Hildreth, Sunbury, OH Hileman Farms, Harrison, MI J&B Founds, Somerset, OH J&L Cattle Services, Jeromesville, OH JH Horses & Cattle, Wooster, OH

JLZ Family Farm, McCutcheonville, OH KC Livestock, Albright, WV Keets Herefords, Berlin Heights, OH MTG Farm, Newcomerstown, OH Oakridge Polled Herefords, Valley City, OH Sisters Cattle Co., South Solon, OH SK Herefords, Medina, NY Stonebroke Farm. Coshocton, OH Thornbriar Farm, Forest, OH Twin Hill Farms, Apple Creek & Fresno, OH Ralph E. Ullman & Son, Graysville, OH VanHorn Farms, Malta, OH

Jr Show Champion Hereford Steer LAND Showtime 2296 1016ET by UPS Sensation 2296 ET Trevin Redd of Wyandot County Champion Buckeye Breeders Hereford Steer Mike Honcho by Purple Untouchable Mason Love of Fairfield County



2022 OBJHA PREMIER SHOW SATURDAY JUNE 11, 2022 Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster Ohio **No stalling to trailers, everyone must stall in the barn and ONLY straw for bedding** Entry deadline: May 31, 2022. Entry fee: $20 Late entries until 9 am, June 11, 2022: $25. Schedule Friday, June 10 Noon or after - Cattle may arrive 5-6 pm - Check In 6 pm - Hamburger/hot dog cookout 7 pm - Fitting contest

Saturday, June 11 8-9 am - Check In 9 am - Cattle must be checked in 11 am - Show begins

All cattle must have: Registration papers and tattoos at check in. The steers will be weighed at check in to determine classes. OBJHA meeting 1 hour after the conclusion of the show. SHOW ORDER: Cow/Calf, Steers (by weight), Bulls, Owned Heifers, Bred and Owned Heifers Expo class - for any calves purchased at the 2022 BHA Expo Sale, Showmanship - oldest to youngest.

2022 OBJHA Premier Show Rules: 1. The Premier Show will follow all the rules and regulations of the Junior National Hereford Expo unless stated otherwise below. Including no bulls in showmanship. 2. Cattle entered must be registered in the Herd Book of the American Hereford Association (AHA). All animals must have original AHA registration papers (including steers). Entries with registrations “pending” or illegible tattoos, or improper tattoos as shown on the registration certificate at check-in time are ineligible for competition. The association could ask for DNA test on any animal shown. 3. Steers do not have to be DNA tested prior to the Premier Show. Steers will show by weight. 4. Cow/Calf - calf must be bred and owned by the exhibitor and not more than 240 days of age. Cow must be owned by the exhibitor. Calf must be the cow's NATURAL calf. 5.Health requirements are according to the Ohio Department of Agriculture. 6. Any product administered internally or used externally to alter the conformation of an animal for exhibition is prohibited. 7. Entry deadline, May 31, 2022. Entry fee $20. Late entry up to 9 am show day, $25. Bred and owned heifer classes do not require an additional entry fee. Cow/calf pairs require an extra entry fee if the calf is shown in heifer/bull class. 8. Exhibitors must be a minimum of 7 years old and not over 22 years by January 1, 2022, an Ohio resident and an OBJHA paid member for the 2022 show season. 9. We will be using standard class breaks. If needed, we will then break classes so no more than 10 head per class. The individual classes will be made up and divided after the cattle are checked in at the show. Classes will be judged from the youngest to the oldest. 10. There will be an Expo class for heifers purchased in the 2022 Buckeye Hereford Association sale in March.

-- Please complete a separate entry form for EACH JR MEMBER showing in the 2022 Premier Show. You will enter all cattle shown by each showman on ONE entry form. -- Do not mail the entries or entry fees. Only online entries.There is a Venmo (Buckeye Hereford Association) payment option. If not paying by Venmo, make sure you have exact change OR a check. -- Only 2022 paid OBJHA members are eligible to show. Dues can be paid at the show. They can also be paid by Venmo (Buckeye Hereford Association). Show is open ONLY to Ohio residents. - A link will be available on the Ohio Buckeye Junior Hereford Facebook page and also sent to all OBJHA members’ email when entries open. 10 B U C K E Y E H E R E F O R D A S S O C I AT I O N

EASTERN OHIO HEREFORD ASSOCIATION JUNIOR SHOW – JUNE 12, 2022 The Eastern Ohio Hereford Association will hold its annual Junior Show on Sunday, June 12, 2022 at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Wooster, Ohio. SHOW TIME IS 10:30 AM. Show order will be steers, cow-calf pairs, bred and owned bulls, heifers, county group of two and showmanship to complete the show. All steers must be purebred Hereford but need not be registered to compete in the show. Steer check-in will be at 9:00 a.m. Steers will NOT need DNA papers. There will also be a bred and owned steer class (does not require a separate entry fee) BUT REGISTRATION PAPERS WILL BE REQUIRED. There will be a Prospect Steer Class this year. This class will be for steers born 9/01/21 and younger. The class will be broken at the show. Date of birth will be required for the prospect steers. All bulls must be bred and owned by the exhibitor and born after 8/1/20. The female classes will consist of females born 8/1/20 to show day. If a female born after January 1, 2022 shows in both the junior heifer class and is also the calf in the cow-calf class, you must pay $20.00 per class. (The same applies for bred and owned bull calves.) In the cow-calf class, the cow does not have to be bred by the exhibitor but must be owned by the exhibitor. The calf in the cow-calf class must be bred and owned by the exhibitor. Junior National rules will apply as to the age of the calf. Showmanship classes will consist of Senior (18-21), Intermediate (14-17), Junior (10-13) and Beginners (7-9). There will be an overall champion showman selected. All ages are as of 1/1/22. We will also be having a showmanship class for those youth ages 6 and under. Eligible exhibitors for this show must not have passed their 22nd birthday as of 1/1/22. Junior National rules will apply in all other areas. Registration papers will be checked. No health papers will be required. The entry fee is $20.00 per entry and must be paid prior to the start of the show. Cattle can be housed the afternoon of June 11. Straw is the only bedding allowed. ALL animals must be stalled and fitted in the barn. No tie-outs. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on the fairgrounds. Anyone found with alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave. Following the show a covered dish lunch will be served (please note the following changes to the lunch.) EOHA and J&L Cattle Services will furnish plates, cups, silverware, meat, buns, cheesey potatoes, cowboy beans, green beans, macaroni and cheese and beverage. Please bring your favorite COLD covered dish and or dessert and stay for good food and fellowship. Any changes to the above information will be on the EOHA facebook page. Jeff Johnson, President, EOHA Jane Johnson, Secretary


Ohio Hereford Women News 2022 Buckeye Hereford Royalty at the Expo

Watch the “Ohio Hereford Women” Facebook page for details about Spirit Week & Photo Contest Join the Ohio Hereford Women Make checks payable to: Ohio Hereford Women Mail the $30.00 dues to: Kaci Eddy, 89600 Arbaugh Rd., Jewett, Ohio 43986 Include your Name, Address, Phone Number and Email $10.00 of your dues goes directly to the Ohio Hereford Women to help us support our Ohio youth, provide education and hospitality. $20.00 is sent to the National Hereford Women for your National membership. They use the money for youth support, educational resources, promoting Herefords and queen programs.

Queen: Rachel Morgan | Chillicothe, Ohio Princess: Kylie Holman | Hebron, Ohio Junior Princess: Avery Stitzlein | Glenmont, Ohio The Ohio Herford Women would like to thank everyone who supported the silent auction at the expo.

OHW Contact: Ohioherefordwomen1@gmail.com Kaci Eddy, 89600 Arbaugh Rd., Jewett, Ohio 43986 Follow us on Facebook: Ohio Hereford Women

Ohio Buckeye Junior Hereford Association To Become a Junior member: Junior memberships are based on annual membership fee. To become a member of the Ohio Buckeye Junior Hereford Association, send $10 and the completed form to: OBJHA - c/o Lindie Helsinger 6518 Farmersville Germantown Pike Germantown, OH, 45327 Please make checks payable to “OBJHA” 12 B U C K E Y E H E R E F O R D A S S O C I AT I O N

Membership Form

Ohio Buckeye Junior Hereford Association Application for Membership I hereby make application for membership in the Ohio Buckeye Junior Hereford Association. The annual fee of $10 is enclosed and is understood that the membership which is not transferable, will remain in effect until the next fiscal year. Signed________________________________ Date of Birth___________________________ Member Name__________________________ Parent Name____________________________ Address________________________________ Email__________________________________


JOE TOTH - 330-298-8635

TwinHills HillsFarms Farms Twin Jeff&&Andrea Andrea Jeff Cramer Cramer AppleCreek Creek&&Fresno, Fresno,OH OH Apple

330-464-1810 330-464-1810 jeffcramer@hughes.net jeffcramer@hughes.net Brian, Lisa, Jen & Ellie Keets

MEMBER FOCUSED. ISSUE DRIVEN. Office: 614-873-6736 • cattle@ohiocattle.org www.ohiocattle.org • 10600 US Highway 42 - Marysville, Ohio 43040

Berlin Heights, Ohio 44814 (419) 651-0978 TRENDS 13 13 TRENDS

Hereford Happenings! May 12

Kentucky Certified Hereford Influence Feeder Calf Sale Stanford, Kentucky

May 13

Switzerland of Ohio Polled Hereford Assoc, Sale 7 PM Guernsey Co. Fairgrounds, Old Washington, OH

May 28

Innisfail Farm/Mead Cattle Enterprises Joint Sale Madison, Georgia

Jun 11

OBJHA Premier Show Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster, OH

Jun 12

Eastern Ohio Hereford Association Junior Show Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster, OH

Jun 19

Switzerland of Ohio Polled Hereford Assoc. Junior Show

Jul 16-22

Junior National Hereford Expo - Louisville, KY

Jul 25-27

Ohio State Fair Hereford Shows - Columbus, OH

Noble County Fairgrounds, Caldwell, OH

“The Breeders Cup” Sale at Boyd Beef Cattle Mayslick, KY 2010 Buckeye Hereford Association Board of Directors

Buckeye Trends Lisa Keets, Editor 10708 Main Road Berlin Hts., OH 44814 (440) 320-6193


Published show results, sale results, events, announcements, etc. will only be listed in the Trends if delivered to the secretary in writing. Hereford related photographs you wish to share are also encouraged! Rate



1/8 page 1/4 page 1/2 page Full page Inside Cover Page 3 Inside of Back Cover Back Cover Center Spread



$50 $85 $130 $230 $260 $260

$50 $75 $115 $200 $225 $225

$60 $90 $150 $250 $275 $275

$260 $285 $475

$225 $250 $400

$275 $290 $510

Sep 3

YEARLY CONTRACTS TO NON-MEMBERS: Receive 10% discount on regular rates.

Sep 5

YEARLY CONTRACTS: Consists of 4 consecutive issues and may start with any issue.

“Foundations for the Future” Sale at Walker Hereford Farm Morrion, TN

Sep 18

Mohican West & Guests Production Sale Laurel, Montana

Oct 2

Ohio Hereford Futurity Wayne County Fairgrounds, Wooster, OH

Oct 29

Mohican & Guests Sale at Mohican Farms Glenmont, Ohio www.BuckeyeHerefords.com or follow us on Facebook

PHOTOGRAPHS: Photos may be submitted as prints or 300 dpi scans. Photos submitted by email or on CD are prefered. Ads requiring photo editing or using numerous photos may incur additional charges. ALL ABOVE RATES: After 60 days from the date of the statement, an additional 2% charge will be applied. ADVERTISING & COPY DEADLINES: All advertising, copy, and photographs must be submitted by the following dates:

TRENDS deadlines:

Aug/Sep issue: July 15 Oct/Nov issue: September 15 February/March “EXPO” Issue: January 15 April/May issue: March 25

2022 Buckeye Hereford Association Board of Directors Terms expire January 2022

Terms expire January 2023

Terms expire January 2024

Tim Osborn Blanchester, OH (937) 783-2869

Bill Dunn Cochranton, PA (814) 724-9343

President, Alexis Stitzlein Glenmont, OH (330) 231-9538

Keith Ullman Graysville, OH (740)934-9321

John Founds Somerset, OH (740) 407-4296

Jason Eddy Jewett, OH (330) 440-5099

Jamie Young Navarre, OH (330) 936-3183

Joe Toth Ravenna, OH (330) 298-8635

Lorraine Zaenger McCutcheonville, OH (419) 310-0201





2 p.m. 6 p.m.


Gates open for tack trailers to arrive and set up in barns Cattle may arrive into tie-outs


7 a.m. 8 a.m. 9 a.m. - Noon 9:30 a.m. 10 a.m. 11 a.m. Noon Noon 12:30 - 3:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 3:30 p.m. 6 p.m. 7 p.m.


Crowne Plaza Hotel NJHA Board and Candidate Orientation Breakfast Tattoo checks begin in each barn Broadbent Arena Cattle Paper check-in W3 & W4 Hereford Bowl Check-In & Written Test All cattle must be in barns at this time - NJHA Candidates to hand out goody bags and t-shirts to state advisors W5, W6, W8, W9 Extemporaneous & Illustrated Speech Contest Finals Steer weights electronically declared by this time Queen’s Orientation Broadbent Arena Neogen’s DNA Collection Stations W1 & W2 Hereford Pen-to-Pen Session #1 W3 & W4 Meet the Candidate Ice Cream Social & Delegate Roundtables Broadbent Arena Opening Ceremonies West Hall A & B and Driveway State Food & Fun Night/Cornhole For a Cause


7 a.m.

VITAFERM Y 8 a.m. T-SHIRT DA 9 a.m.


11 a.m. 11:30 a.m. Noon 1 p.m. 2:30 p.m. 3 p.m. 5 p.m. 6 p.m. 6-8 p.m.

HYFA 5K Race Judging Contest Check-In & Orientation Judging Contest Individual Sales & Sales Academy Finals NHW’s Catch-A-Vibe Event, followed by Queen’s Tea VitaFerm Prep-to-Win Workshop Hereford Pen-to-Pen Session #2 Hereford Bowl Buzzer Round (start with senior division) Sullivan Supply Stock Show University Sullivan Supply Fitting Contest Future Professionals Contest Interviews Bridging the Gap College & Career Fair Social Networking

KEC Facility Broadbent Arena Broadbent Arena W5, W6, W8, W9 W3 & W4 Broadbent Arena W1 & W2 New Market Hall Broadbent Arena Broadbent Arena W5 & W7 W6 & W9

Sullivan Supply National Showmanship Contest Senior, Intermediate & Senior Finals Junior & Peewee State Group of 3 & 5 Group Classes and Taste of Kentucky Food Truck Night

Broadbent Arena Ring 1 Ring 2 West Hall A & B


8 a.m.


6:30 p.m.


8 a.m.


6 p.m.

Cow-Calf Pairs, B&O Females, Produce of Dam group class Steer Show followed by B&O Bulls *Awards ceremony following conclusion of Ring 2 NJHA Membership Update, Dinner & New Board Election

Ring 1 Ring 2 W3 & W4



7:30 a.m. Noon 7 p.m.

Owned Female Show Awards Ceremony HYFA Scholarship, Awards & Maroon Jacket Ceremony

Broadbent Arena Broadbent Arena Broadbent Arena

Conclusion of Owned Female Show

Broadbent Arena


7:30 a.m.


Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) VIP Club will be open Tues.- Fri., 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., in New Market Hall. Refreshments will be available.

A little bit of summer is what the whole year is about. - John Mayer

Good selection of bulls always for sale private treaty at the farm.

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