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Winter wonders

ALSO INSIDE Old and new on Kelleys Island When ice was big business Rural supply: Short line trains

HANDS ON, YEAR ROUND Our linemen are trained with safety and leading best practices in mind. Thanks to a new state-of-the-art indoor training center, apprentices can learn hands-on, year-round, no matter how snowy or stormy the Ohio weather.



February is snowman season, and our readers share photos of some of their best work.


Once upon a time, cutting ice from Ohio’s rivers and ponds was important and lucrative work.

30 MOVERS AND SHAKERS Short line railroads are a lifeline for the rural economy, delivering goods to hard-to-reach areas of the state. Cover image on most issues: After her kids, Jacob, Mary, Thomas, and Arlie, spent an afternoon making a snowman, Kim Wysong, a member of Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative, snapped this photo as the sun was setting on a good day’s work.




hio’s electric cooperatives had a busy and successful 2018. As we look ahead to 2019, we’re excited about the opportunities to work safer, to work smarter, and to inspire greater impact on the communities we serve. We’ve forged the foundation for each initiative, and we’ll “check and adjust” our efforts, as warranted. Management and employees at cooperatives across Ohio have made a commitment to work safer than ever. The hazards inherent to producing and distributing electricity are real. Safe job performance requires a commitment to our consumer-members, of course, but also to ourselves, our co-workers, and our families. We’ll prepare for each and every task, no matter how routine, using an organized and thoughtful approach to the safe and effective completion of our endeavors. Nothing is more important in our work lives than safely returning to our homes and loved ones every day. Working smarter and working safer go hand in hand. Last year, we navigated through historic changes in the operation of our power plants. We have learned much over the past year, and this year will see changes that better fit our new team. Many people are in new and changed roles. We will systematically check our results and adjust our efforts to work safely and meet operational goals. Electric cooperatives’ commitment to their local communities is a founding principle that has endured for decades. Today, we continue to look for new and innovative ways to make a positive impact on both the character and the business climate of the communities we serve. Because every area’s needs are specific to that place, we constantly seek out new ways to partner with local organizations so that we can make a real difference. Ohio’s electric cooperatives look forward to making 2019 a safe, productive year that will enhance our service, promote reliability, and generate affordable power for your homes and businesses. Depend on it.



Electric cooperatives’ commitment to their local communities is a founding principle that has endured for decades.

February 2019 • Volume 61, No. 5



Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives 6677 Busch Blvd. Columbus, OH 43229 614-846-5757 Patrick O’Loughlin President & CEO Patrick Higgins Director of Communications Jeff McCallister Managing Editor Rebecca Seum Associate Editor Anita Cook Graphic Designer Contributors: Colleen Romick Clark, Victoria Ellwood, W.H. “Chip” Gross, Catherine Murray, Craig Springer, Damaine Vonada, and Kevin Williams. OHIO COOPERATIVE LIVING (USPS 134-760; ISSN 2572-049X) is published monthly by Ohio Rural Elec­tric Co­op­eratives, Inc. It is the official com­mun­ication link be­tween the elec­­­­tric co­operatives in Ohio and West Virginia and their mem­bers. Subscription cost for members ranges from $5.52 to $6.96 per year, paid from equity accruing to the member. Nothing in this publication may be reproduced in any manner without written permission from Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc. All rights reserved.


ISLAND FOLK: Kelleys Island, one of the state’s top tourist

destinations, relies on the local electric co-op and its people. 6 KEEP THE LIGHTS ON: It’s a huge task to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to the largest American island on Lake Erie. 8

OHIO ICON BOYD AND WURTHMANN: One of the oldest restaurants in Ohio’s Amish Country is popular with locals and tourists alike.


KIDS AND CAMERAS: Want to get your young people outdoors? Give them a camera and send them on a scavenger hunt.

15 GOOD EATS  THE RICE STUFF: With some imagination, this common grain can

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News and important information from your electric cooperative.

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Cooperative members: Please report changes of address to your electric cooperative. Ohio Cooperative Living staff cannot process address changes.

trustee Brian Hill has been appointed to the Ohio Senate.


WHAT’S HAPPENING: February events and other things to do.

IN THIS ISSUE Kelleys Island (p.4) Berlin (p.8) Zanesville (p.23) Sarahsville (p.23) Butler County (p.30)

Alliance for Audited Media Member Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives is an equal opportunity provider and employer.



Kelleys Island



op on a huge ferry boat, and after a 20-minute ride through the choppy Lake Erie waters, you’ll arrive at the idyllic Kelleys Island, about 4 miles north of Marblehead, Ohio, and the largest American island on the lake. The island is home to about 140 year-round residents, though the population swells to well over 400 residents and 5,000 tourists during the busy summer months.

An island is a place where folks can never take their electricity for granted, but Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative has been up to the task since it merged with Lake Erie Electric Cooperative in 1967. Now is a time of change on Kelleys Island — at least in regard to its co-op. The first change is an equipment upgrade: A new electric cable run from the mainland in December will ensure better reliability of electric service to the island’s members. But there are more personal changes as well, as the folks members recognized as the faces of the coop have passed the torch to new representatives.

from Germany, Lahrs has been coming to Kelleys Island for 40 years and has been a full-time resident there for the last 20. “The role of a trustee is looking out for members and to keep the members on Kelleys Island happy,” Lahrs says. “Being so far away from the rest of Hancock-Wood’s members, we have to pay particular attention to how the board’s decisions affect us. “I’m always looking out for my island.” Lahrs, 88, ran his own business in Cleveland for 50 years before he moved to Kelleys Island, where he operated a transfer station for the village. He now has a waterdelivery service that he calls a “little business on the side.” New trustee Brian Terry, elected last June, has been part of island life since he was a child and also lives there year-round. He’s one of the youngest trustees among all of Ohio’s co-ops and sees his role as a balancing act.

Because Hancock-Wood’s geographic situation is unique among Ohio electric cooperatives, it has a unique staffing setup as well. The island itself is one district, represented by a trustee on Hancock-Wood’s board of directors. One full-time co-op staff member lives on the island to handle issues that come up day to day.

“The island is so small that community relations is one of the most important parts of the job,” says Terry, who manages Portside Marina and Dockers Restaurant. “I feel like my biggest job is to find a balance between the business of the co-op and maintaining good relationships with the members. I find myself bridging the gap.”

Former trustee Knut Lahrs served on Hancock-Wood’s board for 12 years — his service came to an end at the last elections due to regulated term limits. Originally

The co-op’s other bridge to its island members is the on-site staff, which also has seen a recent transition. David Ervin was assigned as the full-time lineman on


The faces of Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative on Kelleys Island: David Ervin (left photo, left side) and Knute Lahrs (right side), Brian Terry (below), and Kevin VanDePerre (not shown), say a big part of their respective jobs is simply to help keep co-op members happy. Ervin is the only full-time HWEC employee stationed on the island, while Lahrs was the island’s representative on the HWEC board of trustees for 12 years. All four helped oversee the project to install a new submarine cable from the mainland to ensure reliable delivery of electricity to the island’s consumer-members.

Kelleys Island last September, taking over for Kevin VanDePerre, who was the sole lineman on the island from 2015 to 2018 and still lends a hand part-time. The lineman’s primary responsibility, of course, is to keep the lights on — but it’s not the only job. On call 24/7, Ervin says he has to be a jack of all trades, from running outages to being a handyman to assisting with logistics for the new 4-mile cable being installed. “I’m the only one here all the time, so I take care of everything, any issue that comes up,” he says. VanDePerre elaborates on the responsibilities of the job: “The role really involves a lot of community involvement and public relations,” he says. “What you do to help our members is very important. I once overheard a member say that I had done more for co-op relations on Kelleys than had ever been done. That was a real honor.” Ervin says the co-op is still evolving on Kelleys Island. “When the quarry shut down, the co-op lost a big part of its load, but they’ve gained back most of that through new residential service. The (service) is changing over from a commercial load to residential.” However, he doesn’t see evolution coming quickly to the relaxed island. “They like to keep it slow here,” he says, adding that the best thing about being assigned to the island is the friendliness of the people. “The people — they’re the best thing.”




upplying electricity to an island is no small feat. Supplying reliable electricity to the largest American island on Lake Erie is a monumental task. Kelleys Island, one of the most popular tourist destinations anywhere in Ohio, is entirely served by Hancock-Wood Electric Cooperative, which has been charged with that job since its 1967 consolidation with the former Lake Erie Electric Cooperative. “The power that energizes Kelleys Island comes via two 4-mile-long underwater cables from Marblehead on the mainland,” says Bill Barnhart, vice president of engineering and operations at Hancock-Wood Electric. “That redundancy helps ensure that the power stays on even if one cable is damaged or otherwise becomes incapable of its supply duties.”

The cable to the west was laid in 2003, and it is fully capable of supplying all the island’s needs well into the future. The east cable, however, had been most recently replaced in 1970, when the island’s operating voltage was less than half of what it is today. If something were to happen to the west cable, that east cable would no longer have been able to power the island on its own. “The cable is specifically located by GPS and is charted for boaters to be aware of its position,” Barnhart says. “It also has some protective insulation built into it to avoid potential damage. But things happen, and we need to be prepared if they do.” So workers cut up and removed the old east cable — finding no less than seven boat anchors that had been caught on the cable and abandoned — and laid a new one on the floor of Lake Erie. It was tested and fully energized right before Christmas. Barring damage from a severe ice incident or entanglement with a super-sized anchor, Barnhart says the new cable should last a minimum of 50 years, thanks to improved technology in the electrical insulation and other cable protection. —JEFF MCCALLISTER


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Location: Main Street (U.S. 62/State Route 39) in Berlin, a Holmes County village in the heart of northeast Ohio’s Amish Country. Provenance: Boyd and Wurthmann began as a grocery store opened by Paul and Mary Hummel in 1938. Dale Boyd and Herman Wurthmann purchased the store in 1940 and installed a small lunch counter, where they served sandwiches. Expanded to offer breakfast and dinner in the 1950s, the restaurant soon became a local favorite for Amish-style meals and homemade pies. In the 1980s, tables and booths were added to increase seating capacity for Amish Country visitors, who appreciated the restaurant’s good food and homey atmosphere. After four decades in business, Boyd and Wurthmann sold the restaurant, which subsequently had a series of owners until Dennis Mullet purchased it in 2004. Significance: One of the oldest continuously operated restaurants in Amish Country, Boyd and Wurthmann is a Berlin institution — a popular destination for residents and tourists alike. Currently: Members of the Mullett family operate Boyd and Wurthmann Restaurant and recruit its employees from the region’s Amish-Mennonite community. Locals

regularly meet and eat at the round table in the front of the restaurant, and visitors enjoy sipping a cup of coffee — which still costs 75 cents — at its original 1940s lunch counter. “One of our draws is that people want to get a sense of the local culture,” says Manager Benson Beachy. “We try to befriend visitors and make them feel welcome.” Boyd and Wurthmann’s menu of comfort foods ranges from homemade cinnamon rolls to liver and onions, but two of its signature dishes are the BW Breakfast, which features house-made home fries and sausage gravy, and the Hot Sandwich, which is the restaurant’s version of a Manhattan: “A perfect blend of hot roast beef and homemade bread, mashed potatoes, and gravy,” says Beachy. Boyd and Wurthman also offers about 20 different kinds of pie every day. Brown Bag Apple and peanut butter are on the menu year-round, while flavors such as peach cream and red raspberry cream are available seasonally. It’s a little-known fact that: On Feb. 16, 2019, Boyd and Wurthmann will serve candlelight suppers featuring entrees such as prime rib and chicken alfredo. “We’ll make it a special night for enjoying a nice meal with your valentine,” says Beachy. Boyd and Wurthmann Restaurant, 4819 E. Main St., Berlin, OH 44610. Open 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday. 330-893-4000 or



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Kids and CAMERAS Want to get your young people outdoors? Start them in outdoor photography BY W.H. “CHIP” GROSS


hen I was a kid, my mother couldn’t keep me indoors. I was constantly roaming the woods and fields near our home, dragging back sick and injured wildlife — probably to the animal’s detriment. But the day Mom drew the line (“No more critters!”) was the day she saw me coming down the road with a live great blue heron under my arm. The 4-foot bird with the dagger-like beak was nearly as tall as I was. Parents and grandparents today often struggle to get kids outdoors and connected to the natural world. Electronics play a large part in that battle, as computers, video games, and other such devices have a strong pull for young people. So why not use that same attraction to your advantage by handing kids a camera before sending them outside? One of Ohio’s best professional outdoor photographers, David FitzSimmons of Bellville, first learned photography as a child. “My love of photography began when I was traveling with my parents on summer vacations, watching my father take photos,” says FitzSimmons. “My grandfather was a photographer, too, so at a very early age I started picking up a camera and taking my own pictures. I bought my first singlelens reflex camera in high school, won first place in a statewide photography contest, and things took off from there.” Today, FitzSimmons is the creator of the Curious Critters series of wildlife picture books for children. His first book, published in 2010, won six national book awards, and the series has since sold nearly 250,000 copies. “Any type of imaging device — cellphone, iPad, small camera — that parents or grandparents can get into kids’ hands is a great way of helping them begin to explore nature,” says FitzSimmons. “Because kids are so visually oriented, it’s an easy fit; young people feel very comfortable using such devices.” FitzSimmons also says that still photography and videography go hand in hand. “Many kids today are more attracted to making video images than



taking still shots, so my advice is to let them start with either medium, whichever one excites them,” he says. “For instance, our three daughters — ages 14, 8, and 5 — all prefer taking video, but our oldest daughter quickly racked up more than 1,000 still photos of seabirds along the Florida coast on one of our recent vacations.” Kids will naturally want to share the images they create with friends and family. “That’s the really exciting part,” FitzSimmons says. “Because their friends will want to get outside and start taking pictures, too. Online sharing builds enthusiasm for both outdoor photography and exploring nature.” If today’s ever-evolving photo technology seems a bit daunting to you, keep in mind that many schools have photography clubs where young people can get started. “I would encourage parents and grandparents to find an inexpensive or slightly used imaging device that they can give to a child so that they don’t have to worry about the kid breaking it or pushing the wrong buttons,” FitzSimmons says. “Most young people are pretty tech-savvy, and photography and videography are ways for kids to become the teachers, to show their parents or grandparents something new. It’s also a way for kids to feel empowered, while at the same time experiencing the natural world.”


One final suggestion: If at first your young person doesn’t know what to take pictures of outdoors, give him or her a list. Kids love a photo scavenger hunt. W. H. “Chip” Gross ( is Ohio Cooperative Living’s outdoors editor and a member of Consolidated Cooperative. Copies of David FitzSimmons’ various books can be ordered online at

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YOU’RE MORE THAN A CUSTOMER Author Anthony J. D’Angelo said, “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”


o a large degree, this reflects Washington Electric Cooperative’s philosophy toward our consumermembers and the broader service territory that we serve. As a cooperative, we have a different bottom line. While our priority is always to provide safe, affordable, and reliable energy, there is another, equally important part of this equation. Your well-being and that of the larger community we serve are of paramount concern. To us, you are not just a customer; you are a member of our cooperative, and without you, we would not exist.

In 1940, Washington Electric Cooperative was founded to fulfill a vital need in our community that would not have otherwise been met. Concerned local leaders came together to build this co-op and bring electricity to where there was none. At that time, members of the community understood we were different because they likely knew someone who helped create Washington Electric Cooperative. For most people, our founding and its circumstances have been long forgotten. Over time, folks in the community may have come to think of us as simply another energy provider. But we are not. We are a co-op that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the communities we serve, and we are able to do this because of members like you. Since our inception, we have sought feedback and engagement from you and that of the larger community to guide our long-term decisions. This is why we hold annual meetings and other events, such as Member Appreciation Day, throughout the year. We host events

like this to engage with you and obtain your feedback. We strive to find new ways to help you use energy more efficiently. We’re always looking to explore more options that will help Jeff Triplett you manage your energy GENERAL MANAGER use, such as our energyefficient appliance rebate programs and energy use tracking through our SmartHub online account management program. In short, we are always seeking to keep pace with the changing energy environment, evolving technology, and shifting consumer expectations. 1153318805 Washington Electric Cooperative members help guide important co-op decisions that improve and enrich the community. We value the perspective of our board members, who are members of the co-op and community, just like you. As a local business, we have a stake in the community. That’s why we support local charitable organizations such as food pantries, veterans’ organizations, and organizations that aim to improve the lives of children. When you support these efforts, you are supporting the community and making it a better place for everyone. While times may have changed, our mission and outlook have not. We view our role as a catalyst for good. Working together and maintaining a sense of caring, we can accomplish great things for our community now and in the future.



Do we owe you money?

More than 3,000 names on unclaimed capital credits list The following is a list of former Washington Electric Cooperative members who are owed capital credits for their electricity purchases in 1974–1976 and 1979–1981 and for whom the cooperative no longer has valid mailing addresses. This publication is the first official notification for unclaimed credits from 1979–1981, and the second official notification for unclaimed credits for 1974–1976.

Before you call ... With more than 3,000 names on this list, we anticipate a high volume of inquiries. We want to assist everyone who contacts us as efficiently as possible, so we ask that you carefully read the following guidelines. If your name or your spouse’s name appears on the list, please contact our office. If you find the name of someone you know, and that person is still alive, please have that person contact our office directly. A B & S Oil Company, Huntington, WV A C Moore & Sons, Salineville, OH A.t.&T.long Lines Store, Louisville, KY A-1 Oil Company, Marietta, OH Aaron Oil & Gas Comp A, Wheeling, WV Abbott Robert, Woodsfield, OH Accrocca Patrick E, Winter Park, FL Adams & Son Oil Well, Scio, OH Adams E S, Amesville, OH Adams George, Marietta, OH Adams George T, Scio, OH Adams Jean, Chillicothe, OH Adar Oil Company, North Hills, CA Addis Oil Company, Marietta, OH Addlesburger Margaret, Marietta, OH Adkins Hoyt, Newport, OH Adkins John N, Whipple, OH Adkins Roam, New Matamoras, OH Aer Communications, Marietta, OH Agin Emmett, Sarahsville, OH Akg Oil And Gas, Minster, OH Albrecht Robert, Sarahsville, OH Albright Dennie, Beverly, OH Alexander Bonnie, New Matamoras, OH Alexander Charles, Lemoyne, OH Alexander J Keith, Marietta, OH Allanson 0 L, Akron, OH Allberry William L, Stockport, OH Allegheny Power, Greensburg, PA Allen Carolyn, Dexter City, OH Allen Daniel Sr, Lowell, OH Allen Deborah, Reno, OH Allen Edward, Palmetto, FL Allen Jerry T, Graysville, OH Allen M D, Beverly, OH Allen Vernard W, Hiram, OH

Allen Virginia, Lowell, OH Allender Hugh, Marietta, OH Allender Janet, Chesterhill, OH Allender Robert, Marietta, OH Allison Eugene, East Canton, OH Alloway Oil Co, New Matamoras, OH Alvey Wayne, Stockport, OH Ambrose George J, Clinton, NY American Petroleum, Inc, Marietta, OH Amkram Rachel, Cambridge, OH Amos Blake, Watertown, OH Anderson A H, Woodsfield, OH Anderson Charles W, Marietta, OH Anderson Chessie, Marietta, OH Anderson James R, Seminole, FL Anderson Kenneth, Waterford, OH Anderson Nellie, Zanesville, OH Anderson Ray C, Lowell, OH Anderson Raymond, Barlow, OH Andrecht Gerald E, Zanesville, OH Andrecht John E, Shadyside, OH Angelo Jude, Lowell, OH Angus Edward, New Martinsville, WV Angus Jean, Spring Hill, FL Ankrom Paul, Punta Gorda, FL Antill Aubrey, Graysville, OH Antill Charles, Lower Salem, OH Antill Edward E, Wingett Run, OH Antill Gary, Bartlett, OH Antill Henry Jr, Vincent, OH Antill Oil Company, Rinard Mills, OH Apperson Pauline, Senecaville, OH Applachian Petroleum, Girard, OH Apple Gordon, Marietta, OH Archer Audrey, Summerfield, OH Archer Dale, Salesville, OH


If you find the name of someone on this list whom you know to be deceased, the executor of his/her estate or the appointed agent should contact our office. We have set up a special phone line for capital credit inquiries. Because we expect a high number of calls, you may need to leave a message. Please provide your name, the name of the person who appeared on the list, your relationship to that person, and a phone number where a member services representative may return your call. Please do not leave multiple messages. We will return your call as quickly as possible. The processing of capital credit claims requires a small amount of paperwork. In certain cases, the cooperative’s board of trustees must approve the claim before it can be paid. The board meets once per month. For efficient processing, please follow the above guidelines. You can reach our capital credits department at 740-885-5299.

Archer Glen, Caldwell, OH Archer Howard, Senecaville, OH Archer James E, Phoenix, AZ Archer Joseph, Caldwell, OH Archer Josephine, Marietta, OH Archer Linda J, Sarahsville, OH Archer Margaret, Scarsdale, NY Archer Paul, Woodsfield, OH Archer Ray C, Caldwell, OH Archer Thomas A, Caldwell, OH Archibald Mack, Caldwell, OH Archibald Patrick T, Caldwell, OH Archibald Shirley, Zanesville, OH Arena Jack, Hinckley, OH Armann Charles, Powhatan Point, OH Armstrong Angela, Rinard Mills, OH Armstrong Harry C, Rinard Mills, OH Armstrong Richard, Waterford, OH Arnold Alvin, Waterford, OH Arnold Daniel J, Stockport, OH Arnold Harold L, Waterford, OH Arnold Herman, Caldwell, OH Arnold Hettie J, Marietta, OH Arnold Joe, Waterford, OH Arnold Ronald L, Caldwell, OH Ash Paul, Centerville, OH Ash Stephen P, Marietta, OH Ashcraft George W, Powhatan Point, OH Ashcraft Roger, New Matamoras, OH At&T Long Lines Store, Louisville, KY Augenstein Robert G, Caldwell, OH Ault Will, Cleveland, OH Avago Oil Company, Marietta, OH Ayers H M, Marietta, OH Ayers Kenneth, Macksburg, OH Ayers Louie, Caldwell, OH

Ayers Rosalie, Sardis, OH Ayers Sherman, Marietta, OH Azar Anthony J, Little Hocking, OH B & B Energy, Lower Salem, OH B & V Oil Production, Hannibal, OH Babcock Robert A, Reno, OH Bachelor Alton, Stockport, OH Bachelor Dayton, Marietta, OH Bachelor Donald, Cleves, OH Bachelor Kenneth, Stockport, OH Bachelor R C, Marietta, OH Bachelor W R, Marietta, OH Bailey Edward E II, Caldwell, OH Bailey Kenneth, New Matamoras, OH Baird Albert J, Ball Ground, GA Baisden Eddie, Delbarton, WV Baker A J , Lower Salem, OH Baker Bernard, Marietta, OH Baker Bert, Lower Salem, OH Baker David, Lowell, OH Baker Lewis, Marietta, OH Baker Randall Baker, Caldwell, OH Baker Richard E, Marietta, OH Baker Richard L, Marietta, OH Baker Stephen, Williamstown, WV Baldwin George, Waterford, OH Baldwin Kenneth, Stoutsville, OH Baldwin Stephen, Bridgeport, WV Ball Frank, Poolesville, MD Ball James D, Akron, OH Ball Richard R, Caldwell, OH Ball Virgil E, Parkersburg, WV Ballein Keith, Angola, IN Barker Hazel, Millersburg, OH Barker Stanley W III, Marietta, OH Barkhurst Janie, Marietta, OH

Barlow Carl E, Macksburg, OH Barlow Oil & Gas, New Matamoras, OH Barnes James, Louisville, OH Barnes Kimberly, Marietta, OH Barnes Run Lt 1340, St Louis, MO Barnes Thomas, Reno, OH Barnett Charles L, Senecaville, OH Barnett Ira, Marietta, OH Barnett Jack, Whipple, OH Barnett Mabel, Waterford, OH Barnett Ronald, Summerfield, OH Barnhart Jesse, Steubenville, OH Barnhart Richard D, Kernersville, NC Barnhouse Chester, New Matamoras, OH Barnhouse Raymond, New Matamoras, OH Barnum Charles W, Weirsdale, FL Barr Dan, Sarahsville, OH Barrickman Peggy A, Vineland, NJ Barrientos Manuel, Lowell, OH Barth Donna, Marietta, OH Barth F. H, Marietta, OH Barth Melvin L , Marietta, OH Bartmess Sandra, Marietta, OH Barton Ernest, Vincent, OH Barton Lucinda, Stockport, OH Barton Lynn, Kodiak, AK Basic Oil Co, Worthington, OH Bates Charlett M, Summerfield, OH Bates Communication, Sardis, OH Bates D W, Sarahsville, OH Bates Earl H, Coshocton, OH Bates Edgar, Caldwell, OH Bates James E, Belle Valley, OH Bates Paul F, Whipple, OH Bates Ralph, Summerfield, OH Bates Ruth A, Sarahsville, OH Bates W S, Senecaville, OH Bates William R, Westerville, OH Bauer Herbert, Lowell, OH Bauer James L, Sarahsville, OH Bauer John A, Lowell, OH Baumgard Jeff, Lowell, OH Baumgard Oil Co, Marietta, OH Baumgartner George E, Marietta, OH Baxter Mary S , Columbus, OH Bayless Orlen K, Newport, OH Bayly Merlin, Pleasant City, OH Bear Run United Me, Reno, OH Beardmore & Newhart, Wingett Run, OH Beardmore B H , Wingett Run, OH Beardmore Daniel, Parkersburg, WV Beardmore Elmer, Wingett Run, OH Beardsley Mary J, Marietta, OH Beardsley Paul, Frederickstown, OH Beaver Oil Co, Woodsfield, OH Beaver Richard L, Marietta, OH Beaver Ricky, New Matamoras, OH Beaver Shirley, Newport, OH Beck Betty L, Marietta, OH Beck Eugene, Moundsville, WV Becker Jeffrey A, Marietta, OH Becker Sam, Marietta, OH Becket Ralph, Antioch, OH Beckett George, Vienna, WV Beckett Kim F, Marietta, OH Beckett Larry, Albany, OH Beckett Ralph, Antioch, OH Beckford Cynthia, Marietta, OH Bee C R, Marietta, OH

Bee C Rodney, Marietta, OH Beha Lester, Marietta, OH Behm Charles Jr, Marietta, OH Belford Johnson, Canal Fulton, OH Belsky Ed, Marietta, OH Bender Charles, Cambridge, OH Bender Charles E, Marietta, OH Benner Eddie, Cambridge, OH Benner James A, Rinard Mills, OH Benner Margaret, Sarahsville, OH Bennett Clyde E, Lowell, OH Bennett E D, Cutler, OH Bennett Edna, Lowell, OH Benson Gregory, Marietta, OH Benwood Oil Company, Lewisville, OH Bereit Ralph H, Marietta, OH Berg David, Medina, OH Berg Duaine, Lowell, OH Berg John C, Marietta, OH Berg Kenneth, Lowell, OH Berga Bernice V, Newport, OH Berga Forrest, Baltimore, MD Berga Steven C, New Matamoras, OH Bergmann Richard L, Columbus, OH Berryhill Jack C, Hebron, OH Best Elmer, Whipple, OH Best John A, Cutler, OH Bethel Apostolic Tab, Chesterhill, OH Bethel Baptist Ch, Caldwell, OH Bethel Christian, New Matamoras, OH Betterton Arthur, Marietta, OH Bettinger Doug, Caldwell, OH Bettinger Gay, Lower Salem, OH Bettinger Gay, Reno, OH Bettinger Gay D, Reno, OH Bettinger Ray, Caldwell, OH Beymer Mary, Caldwell, OH Biedel Jack, Waterford, OH Biehl Arthur, Marietta, OH Biehl Edgar, Marietta, OH Biehl James R, Marietta, OH Biehl June, Marietta, OH Biehl Roy, Marietta, OH Biehl William, Marietta, OH Big Four Development, Marietta, OH Bigler Homer, Waterford, OH Bigley Vickie T , Wingett Run, OH Bilroy Homes, INc, New Martinsville, WV Binegar Brian, Sardis, OH Binegar Clark, Whipple, OH Binegar Elmer, Lowell, OH Binegar Emmett, New Matamoras, OH Binegar Frank, Marietta, OH Binegar, INge Estate, Wingett Run, OH Binegar Joseph R, Marietta, OH Binegar Lawrence S, New Matamoras, OH Binegar Linda, Newport, OH Binegar Richard, Wingett Run, OH Binegar Sharon, Hannibal, OH Binegar Thomas, Marietta, OH Bingham M W, Watertown, OH Bingman Laboratories, Sarahsville, OH Biogco, INc, Lowell, OH Bird Jimmy L, Marietta, OH Bird Melvin, Lower Salem, OH Birnbaum Louis, Akron, OH Bishop David, Marietta, OH Biss Margaret, Lower Salem, OH Bivens George, Caldwell, OH

Black, FLoyd Ljr, New Orleans, LA Black Larry G, Caldwell, OH Blackstone George, New Concord, OH Blair Charles H, Marietta, OH Blair Everett L, Dexter City, OH Blair James, Whipple, OH Blair Mansel, Macksburg, OH Blair Norma, Whipple, OH Blair Oil Co, Woodsfield, OH Blair Wesley J, Caldwell, OH Blake Charles A, Parkersburg, WV Blake Lois, Caldwell, OH Bland Earl A, Belpre, OH Blankenship James, Newport, OH Blatnik Robert, Cumberland, OH Blattler T V Cable, Clarington, OH Blos Linnie, Sarahsville, OH Bobs Auto Repair, Marietta, OH Bode & Lena 75, Sycamore Valley, OH Bode & Rinard Oil Well, Sycamore Valley, OH Boersma R P , Marietta, OH Bogard Karl H, Vincent, OH Boggess Billy J, North Port, AL Boggs Kenneth, Lower Salem, OH Boggs Stanley D, Caldwell, OH Bohl Howard, Marietta, OH Bohl Walter, Waterford, OH Bohlen William, Marietta, OH Boice Robert, Reno, OH Boice Ruby L , Marietta, OH Bolen Michael J, Beverly, OH Bolen Okey, Sardis, OH Bollinger Jessie, Sharon, OH Bonar Frank, Columbus, OH Bonar Rick, Caldwell, OH Bond E O, Pleasant City, OH Bond L E , Columbus, OH Bond Larry David, Summerfield, OH Bond Monna S, Newport, OH Bonette John S, Marietta, OH Bonnette Carla D, Marietta, OH Bookman Gary, Newport, OH Boone Oil Co, Dexter City, OH Border George A, Massillon, OH Border Richard, Hernando, FL Border Richard B, Beverly, OH Born E D , Whipple, OH Boston Kenneth, Marietta, OH Boston Starling Sr, Armstrong Mills, OH Boswell W N, Barnesville, OH Bowen Barker A, Graysville, OH Boyce Connie S, Lower Salem, OH Boyce Robert, Wingett Run, OH Boyd Clarenc, Barnesville, OH Boyd Ernest D, Caldwell, OH Boyd Frankli D, Caldwell, OH Boyd Judy A, Marietta, OH Boyd Oil Company, Lewisville, OH Boyd Ray, Caldwell, OH Boyd William, Caldwell, OH Bradfield George, New Matamoras, OH Bradford Carl W, Williamstown, WV Bradford Garnet, Whipple, OH Bradford Wanda K, Marietta, OH Bradshaw Charles O, Columbus, OH Brady Charles H , Massillon, OH Bragg Charles T, Sarahsville, OH Braham William Esr, Marietta, OH Brannon Theodor, Marietta, OH

Breckenridge Curtis G, Marietta, OH Brier Steve , Caldwell, OH Briggs Ernest, Sardis, OH Bright Donald , New Matamoras, OH Bright Frank L, Sardis, OH Bright Harvey, Sardis, OH Brim Letha M, Marietta, OH Britton Blaine L, Marietta, OH Britton James E , Whipple, OH Britton Paul, Marietta, OH Brncik Tginas, Lowell, OH Bronski Bruce, Marietta, OH Bronski Walter S, Marietta, OH Brooker Julie, Marietta, OH Brookover Corinne E, Lower Salem, OH Brookover David R, New Matamoras, OH Brookover James R, Vincent, OH Brookover Paul, Newport, OH Brookover Paul E, Marietta, OH Brooks Clarence, Reno, OH Brooks Clarence W, Marietta, OH Brooks Eliza, Marietta, OH Brooks Franklin, Wingett Run, OH Brooks Nichola, Lowell, OH Brooks Sharon, New Matamoras, OH Brooks Sharon, Marietta, OH Brophy Margare, Marietta, OH Brophy Margaret, Marietta, OH Brotherton R S , Ravenna, OH Brown Billy D , Dexter City, OH Brown Brenda, Waterford, OH Brown Carlos W, Columbus, OH Brown Cecil, Barnesville, OH Brown Charles J, Plant City, FL Brown Charles Sr, Caldwell, OH Brown David, Woodsfield, OH Brown David N, Wingett Run, OH Brown Dixie, Marietta, OH Brown Hilda, Marietta, OH Brown Janet L, Powell, OH Brown Kenneth W, Creston, OH Brown Loren J, Caldwell, OH Brown Michael E, Marietta, OH Brown P. H, Marietta, OH Brown Phillip Jr, Lowell, OH Brown Richard W, Caldwell, OH Brown Robert J, Marietta, OH Brown Scott, Marietta, OH Brown Stella, Graysville, OH Browning Richard, Caldwell, OH Brownsville Um Church, New Matamoras, OH Brubach Clarence, Summerfield, OH Brubeck Paul, Waterford, OH Bruce Cathy, Amesville, OH Bruggeman Frank R, Hilliard, OH Brunoni Kathy, New Matamoras, OH Bruski Dominick, Parma, OH Bryan Arthur, Caldwell, OH Bryan Carlos, The Villages, FL Bryant Evelyn, Whipple, OH Bryner D W , Marietta, OH Buchanan Dolores F, Zanesville, OH Buchanan Glenna A, Vincent, OH Buchanan Kenneth Rjr, Marietta, OH Buchanan Larry E , Bloomington, NY Buck Harold J, Tallmadge, OH Buck Ivan L, Marietta, OH Buck James, Rinard Mills, OH Buckey Charles, Lower Salem, OH


WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Buckey John, Cumberland, OH Buehl Wesley A, Pomeroy, OH Buescher W J, Greenville, MI Buffington Gary, Vincent, OH Bull James R, Lowell, OH Bumbulis Charles, Senecaville, OH Burandt Richard, Graysville, OH Burch Charles, Caldwell, OH Burke C. M, Woodsfield, OH Burke Clea, Marietta, OH Burke Joe, Lowell, OH Burke Robert, Marietta, OH Burkhart Dennis, Marietta, OH Burkhart Joe, Marietta, OH Burkhart Roy J , Caldwell, OH Burkholder Mike, Bartlett, OH Burnett Larry, Athens, OH Burns Frank, Marietta, OH Burns George J, Graysville, OH Burnside Carrie, Caldwell, OH Burris Jerry, Marietta, OH Burrows John, Lowell, OH Burt Bernard, Stockport, OH Burt Harold Ljr, Bartlett, OH Burton Bonnie, Dexter City, OH Burton Herbert, Akron, OH Busch Earl, Wingett Run, OH Bush William L, Cincinnati, OH Butcher Ada C, Milwaukee, WI Butler Donna J, Bartlett, OH Butler Michael, Morganville, NJ Butler Verna, Caldwell, OH Butler Wayne J, Caldwell, OH Byer Paul R, Marietta, OH Byers Edmond, Marietta, OH Byers Jeff, Sardis, OH Byers Larry D, Newport, OH Byrd Kenton N, New Concord, OH Bywater Clarenc, Caldwell, OH C F Crum Const Co, Woodsfield, OH Cain Aubrey, Pleasant City, OH Cain Sherry D, Beverly, OH Cain William R, Waterford, OH Calderone Geralyn M, Marietta, OH Caldwell Hettie F, Caldwell, OH Caldwell J Wilbur, Sarahsville, OH Caldwell Redi-Mix, Caldwell, OH Caldwell Village, Caldwell, OH Cale Alice W , Senecaville, OH Calhoun Robert, Rockwell, NC Callender Harry, Marietta, OH Caltek Minerals Corp, Buckhannon, WV Cambridge Sav, INngs &, Cambridge, OH Camden James S,, FLeming, OH Camden Mike, Lower Salem, OH Cameron Allen, Reno, OH Cameron Robert, Marietta, OH Camerson Paul P, Lowell, OH Campbell Gordon J, Lowell, OH Campbell John, Lower Salem, OH Campbell Kerry D, Newport, OH Campbell Mckie, Marietta, OH Campbell Wanda, Fremont, OH Canfield Clifford, Marietta, OH Cannon Thomas B, Lowell, OH Cantell Clifford D, Lower Salem, OH Cantell William, Caldwell, OH Cappadona Thomas, Canton, OH Carlisle Grange, Marietta, OH Carlson Connie, Marietta, OH

Carlson Einar W, Caldwell, OH Carna John R, Caldwell, OH Carpenter Earl, Lowell, OH Carpenter Ishmael, Marietta, OH Carpenter Joseph L, Moundsville, WV Carpenter Mary M, Sardis, OH Carpenter Phillip W,, FLeming, OH Carpenter Ronnie, New Matamoras, OH Carr Mary, New Matamoras, OH Carr Ralph, Sardis, OH Carrel C Louise, Cumberland, OH Cartenuto Albert, Commerce Twp, MI Carter James, Williamstown, WV Carter William T, Caldwell, OH Cary Mark, Waterford, OH Case Jerry, Caldwell, OH Casto James L, Marietta, OH Casto Mark A, Lowell, OH Cats Creek Oil Co, Beverly, OH Cecil Gary, Caldwell, OH Cedar Ridge M E Chur C, Lowell, OH Center Memorial Chur C, Waterford, OH Centerville Grange, Marietta, OH Central Trust Company, Marietta, OH Chamberlin Don, Marietta, OH Chambers William, Marietta, OH Chamblin Carl, Marietta, OH Chandler Alpha M, Lowell, OH Chandler Edith, Marietta, OH Chandler James L, Atwater, OH Chandler Roy, Caldwell, OH Channell Kenneth L, Cambridge, OH Chapel Hill Charge, Woodsfield, OH Chapman Clarenc, Chillicothe, OH Chapman Francis, Lower Salem, OH Chapman James A, Caldwell, OH Chapman Michael J, Syracuse, NY Chapman Paul, Cumberland, OH Charles Pugh, Lowell, OH Chase Harold W Jr, Stockport, OH Chatham Larry, Caldwell, OH Cheeseman Oren E, Proctorville, OH Chel Farm, Marietta, OH Cheplic Joseph, Lewisville, OH Chesser Vernon, Bartlett, OH Chill Norman, Marietta, OH Chimley Joseph, Shadyside, OH Christian Ralph,, FLeming, OH Christman Walter, Caldwell, OH Christmas Darvin, Belle Valley, OH Christmas Kenneth, Bolivar, OH Christmas Linda, Caldwell, OH Christmas Roy, Sarahsville, OH Christmas Thomas E, Caldwell, OH Christopher Bill R,, FLeming, OH Christy Edna, Woodsfield, OH Christy Glen D, Graysville, OH Christy R M, Woodsfield, OH Church Frank, Senecaville, OH Church Jack, Lowell, OH Cikra Alder, Doylestown, OH Cimarolli David P, Athens, OH Clapsaddle Merrill, Marietta, OH Clarence Francis, New Matamoras, OH Clark Alva, Columbus, OH Clark Charles, Satellite Beach, FL Clark Charles H, Woodsfield, OH Clark Chester, Lowell, OH Clark David E, Cutler, OH Clark David L, Cumberland, OH


Clark Eldon D , Caldwell, OH Clark Fred, Caldwell, OH Clark Gifts & Crafts, Graysville, OH Clark Harold, Columbus, OH Clark Harry, Sarahsville, OH Clark Kenneth, Whipple, OH Clark Lloyd, Caldwell, OH Clark Patricia, Marietta, OH Clark Randall R, Beverly, OH Clark Randy, Summerfield, OH Clark Raymond H, Delaware, OH Clark Robert E Sr, Caldwell, OH Clark Robert L Jr, Marietta, OH Clark Ruby L, Lower Salem, OH Clark Stephen, Sarahsville, OH Clark Tim, Summerfield, OH Clark Virginia, Lowell, OH Clark Wayne C, Lewisville, OH Clark William C, Sarahsville, OH Clark William R, Caldwell, OH Claugus Dale, Carnegie, PA Claypool David L, Lower Salem, OH Clegg Roy G Sr, Sardis, OH Cleveland O B, Lewisville, OH Clift David, Graysville, OH Clift Frank, New Matamoras, OH Clift George, Elyria, OH Cline Alonzo, New Matamoras, OH Cline Arthur, Woodsfield, OH Cline B E , Rittman, OH Cline Bernice L, New Matamoras, OH Cline Clara, Lower Salem, OH Cline D L, Akron, OH Cline Donald, Graysville, OH Cline Doyle, Rittman, OH Cline Ed, Columbus, OH Cline Edward I , Columbus, OH Cline Estle, Woodsfield, OH Cline Faye, Cambridge, OH Cline Forrest A , Graysville, OH Cline Glenn, Woodsfield, OH Cline Imogene, Jeromesville, OH Cline James B, Newport, OH Cline Kenneth, Lewisville, OH Cline Mrs Faye Baker, Cambridge, OH Cline Paul, Uniontown, OH Cline Paul C, Lower Salem, OH Cline Robert, Lower Salem, OH Cline Wiley D, New Matamoras, OH Cline William C, Graysville, OH Clinton Oil Co, Rinard Mills, OH Clodfetter Robin, Caldwell, OH Close Goldie M, Columbus, OH Close James L, Waterford, OH Clutter Hazel, New Matamoras, OH Cobb Ralph, Caldwell, OH Cobun Delores, Canton, OH Cochran, FLoyd, Shawnee Mission, KS Cochran Mark D, Graysville, OH Cockran Thomas, New Matamoras, OH Cody James Ejr, Reno, OH Cody Jeffrey, Delaware, OH Coe Lewis W, Springfield, OH Coe T J, Stockport, OH Cogar George, Amherst, OH Cole Eric R, Whipple, OH Coleman Bros Drilling, Stockport, OH Coleman Katherine, Bellaire, OH Colgrove Melvin, Wellsville, OH Colletti Barbara, Macksburg, OH

Colosi Russel J, Vincent, OH Colvin Wayne, Belpre, OH Colyer Paul, Caldwell, OH Community Church, Cambridge, OH Company Of Associates, Paxton, IL Complete Homes, INc., Marietta, OH Condo-Mobile, INc #8, Toronto, OH Conell Ricky, Caldwell, OH Congleton H J, Marietta, OH Conley Isadore, Sardis, OH Conley Oscar, Sardis, OH Conn William, Caldwell, OH Conner Alta B , Marietta, OH Conner Don, Mineral Wells, WV Conner George, Sarashsville, OH Conner Sherri, Sarahsville, OH Connolly Terence D, Caldwell, OH Conrad Clinton, New Matamoras, OH Conrad Jolen L, Dexter City, OH Constable Jeanette, Marietta, OH Conway Bernita, Charlotte, NC Cook Argle, Beaver, WV Cook Charles H, Marietta, OH Cook Ernest, New Matamoras, OH Cook Homer, Lower Salem, OH Cook R G, New Matamoras, OH Cook Rhonda L, Chesterhill, OH Cook Samuel R, Lowell, OH Cooke E W, Marietta, OH Cooke Thomas W, Lattimore, NC Cooper Barry, Sarahsville, OH Cooper Clayton E, Akron, OH Cooper Harry W, Hollywoood, FL Cooper Roy, Marietta, OH Copus Charles, Caldwell, OH Corbett Paul P, Columbus, OH Corbin Cindy, Marietta, OH Corcoran Joseph P, Scranton, PA Cornell Jerry L, Barlow, OH Corner Gary R, Westville, OH Cornerstone Mem Church, Beverly, OH Cornes Harvey, Waterford, OH Cory James, Whipple, OH Cosgriff & Tilton, Lowell, OH Coss Mary C, Reno, OH Costley Gregory, Newport, OH Cottrell George E, Saint Marys, WV Coughlin Frank, Marietta, OH Courney John, Kalispell, MT Court Steven W, Whipple, OH Courtney Gil, New Matamoras, OH Cove Oil Co, Marietta, OH Covert Kenneth, Antioch, OH Cox John, Marietta, OH Coy Albert O, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Cozzens Irene, Williamstown, WV Craig Grace, Summerfield, OH Cramer J R, Bartlett, OH Cramer John H, Marietta, OH Cramer, J Rance, Bartlett, OH Crawford Kenneth R, Waterford, OH Crawford Richard, New Matamoras, OH Crawford Robert R, New Matamoras, OH Crean Jere J, Midland, TX Creighton Machine Co, New Matamoras, OH Critcher Mary, Marietta, OH Crites Spurgeo, Lowell, OH Crock A. J, Caldwell, OH Crock Rose, Caldwell, OH Crock Vernon, Caldwell, OH

Cronin Ronald E, Belpre, OH Crooks Douglas W, Marietta, OH Crosby Philip, West Salem, OH Cross Judy, Barnesville, OH Cross Karen, Sardis, OH Cross Vicky, Caldwell, OH Croston Clarence, North Olmstead, OH Croston Ethel, Chesterhill, OH Croston Rufus, Chesterhill, OH Crow Ruth, Marietta, OH Crum C A, Stafford, OH Crum James A, Caldwell, OH Crum Leo, Caldwell, OH Crum Mark D, Chandler, AZ Crumbaker Robin, Whipple, OH Cub Run Oil Co, Marietta, OH Cullen P D, Reno, OH Cummings Harley, Marietta, OH Cummings Ralph D, Lowell, OH Cunningham David, Cutler, OH Cunningham Ford, Marietta, OH Cunningham Harvey E, Marietta, OH Cunningham Phyllis, Marietta, OH Cunningham Rick, Sarahsville, OH Cunningham Sondra S, Lowell, OH Curry Ethel, Malaga, OH Curry R E , Senecaville, OH Curtin Jack, Athens, OH Cushman Gregory P, Lower Salem, OH Custer Boyd, Frostproof, FL Custer Kenneth, Marietta, OH Custer William B, Stockport, OH Custer Wilmer B, Stockport, OH D & S Oil Co, Akron, OH D C Anderson Petroleum, Fleming, OH Dacek David D, Marietta, OH Dahler Robert, Wilimington, DE Dalrymple James, Woodsfield, OH Dalrymple Larry, Rinard Mills, OH Dalrymple Pheobe, Lower Salem, OH Dalrymple Roger W, Marietta, OH Dalton Kenneth W, Akron, OH Dalton Lorena, Lowell, OH Damico Louis, Whipple, OH Daniels Margaret, Marietta, OH Danielson Dayton, Canton, OH Danku Kenneth, Graysville, OH Danner Patsy A, New Matamoras, OH Danver Richard Jr, New Matamoras, OH Darr Wanetta J, Marietta, OH Dart Gospel Church, Reno, OH Daugherty Joyce C, Byesville, OH Daugherty Ronnie, New Matamoras, OH Davidson Kenda, Newport, OH Davis Barbara M, Sarahsville, OH Davis Billy, Dexter City, OH Davis Blanche, Lowell, OH Davis Carr, Canfield, OH Davis Connie, Stockport, OH Davis Constan J, Bartlett, OH Davis Ethel, Beverly, OH Davis, INa M, Caldwell, OH Davis John,, FLeming, OH Davis John N, Lowell, OH Davis Larry, Atmore, AL Davis Lida R, Caldwell, OH Davis Mabel, Columbus, OH Davis Merlin, Ravenden, AR Davis Oscar, Marietta, OH Davis Randell L, Washington, VA

Davis Raymond Wsr, Beverly, OH Davis Richard, Caldwell, OH Davis Russell, Mcconnelsville, OH Davis Rusty, Caldwell, OH Davis Sam, Ashville, NC Davis Sarah L, Canton, OH Davis Shirley, Reno, OH Davis Shirley D, Newport, OH Davis Tim, Whipple, OH Davis Virgil E, Lowell, OH Davis Wilbur R, Christiansburg, OH Dawson Lawrenc Fjr, Marietta, OH Day David L, Marietta, OH De Berry Curtis C, Macksburg, OH De Garmo K Wade, Wheeling, WV Deal Sam M, Little Hocking, OH Deberry Chester C, Macksburg, OH Decker Bonnie,, FLeming, OH Decker David A, New Matamoras, OH Decker Lance, Marietta, OH Deem Ray E, Macksburg, OH Deem Richard, Lowell, OH Deeter Ernest J, Waterford, OH Deeter Jack E, Lemon Grove, CA Degarmoe Joe, Marietta, OH Degarmoe John, Marietta, OH Deist Donna, Lower Salem, OH Deist L R, Beverly, OH Delancey David B, Lower Salem, OH Delaney E W , East Liverpool, OH Delong Josie O, Rinard Mills, OH Delong Michael L, Marietta, OH Delong Vance H, Senecaville, OH Delphey Elmer N, Lowell, OH Dement Fred Allen, Lower Salem, OH Deming Teddy F, Vincent, OH Dennis Delmer L, Marietta, OH Dennis Donald D, Williamstown, WV Dennis Elosie, Lower Salem, OH Dennis J L, New Matamoras, OH Dennis Melvin, Lower Salem, OH Dennis Robert, Marietta, OH Dennis Walter, Marietta, OH Dennison Curt, Caldwell, OH Denny David, Caldwell, OH Denton Jon R, Marietta, OH Denton Paul Fjr, Marietta, OH Denton Theodor W, Marietta, OH Depuy & Bowersock, Reno, OH Depuy Dale, Marietta, OH Detweiler Tom, Senecaville, OH Deucher Isabell, New Cumberland, WV Devol A L, Coal Run, OH Devol Velda B, Waterford, OH Devolld Amy, Dexter City, OH Dew William E, Martins Ferry, OH Di Bias Nancy, Reno, OH Dick Ronald,, FLeming, OH Dickerson Hallie, Lower Salem, OH Dickson Harold, Kingston, OH Diedrich Harry, Marietta, OH Dille C R, Bartlett, OH Dillon Charles J, Canton, OH Dillon Clayton, New Matamoras, OH Dillon Wayne, Marietta, OH Dimmerling Norman, Caldwell, OH Dishong Jonathon E, Reno, OH Dittes Albert, Portland, TN Dixon Rex A, Marietta, OH Dobbin Clyde A, Macksburg, OH

Dobbins French, Wadsworth, OH Dobbins Shirley, Amesville, OH Dobbins Walter, Lowell, OH Dobbins William, Marietta, OH Dodrill Carl, Malta, OH Doering Lewis G, North Ridgeville, OH Don El Pallett Co, Caldwell, OH Donahue Thomas E, Waterford, OH Donaldson Dan, Waterford, OH Donato Bruce, Amesville, OH Dornbusch W N, Naples, FL Douce Nada L, Altamonte Springs, FL Dougherty Robert L, Graysville, OH Douglas Carl R, Watertown, OH Douglas James E, Marietta, OH Douglas John, Marietta, OH Dove John, Lowell, OH Dovenbarger Ed, Caldwell, OH Dovenbarger Mabel, Caldwell, OH Dover Mariel, Caldwell, OH Drake Beverly, Starkville, MS Drake Gerald A, Belpre, OH Drake Imogene, Woodsfield, OH Drayer John, Grove City, OH Driggs Donald, Sardis, OH Drost Sandra,, FLeming, OH Duckworth Charles, Belpre, OH Dudley Rolland, Cambridge, OH Duff James, Newport, OH Duff John, Whipple, OH Duff Ottmire, Marietta, OH Dugan Alfred, Lower Salem, OH Dugan Terrie I, Lower Salem, OH Dunbarger Debra L, Lowell, OH Duncan Julie J, Marietta, OH Dunfee Harold, Little Hocking, OH Dunham Ritt, Marietta, OH Duniver Ellen, Sarahsville, OH Dunn Gary E, Graysville, OH Dunn William, Marietta, OH Dutton Jim, Marietta, OH Duty Timothy, Marietta, OH Duvall S Wiley, Zanesville, OH Dvorovy John, Canton, OH Dyar Howard, Marietta, OH Dyar Ralph, Beverly, OH Dye Benny D, Waterford, OH Dye Blayne, New Matamoras, OH Dye Lewis T, New Matamoras, OH Dye Marie N , New Matamoras, OH Dyer Lore K, Caldwell, OH E I Dupont Denemours, Caldwell, OH E S Canfield Co, Painesville, OH Eagle Thomas, Lowell, OH Early Mark, New Matamoras, OH Easterday, FLoyd Jr, Pleasant City, OH Easterling Brian W , Graysville, OH Ebenhack L V , Waverly, OH Eckelberry Warren, Graysville, OH Ecker George L, Westminster, MD Eckert William Djr, Westport, CT Econo Lodge, New Philadelphia, OH Ed Pilcher, Inc, Caldwell, OH Eddleblute Paul, Cutler, OH Eddy Jerry, Canton, OH Eddy Kenneth, Newport, OH Eddy Ralph W, Cincinnati, OH Eddy Raymond, Vincent, OH Edgell Herb, Newport, OH Edgell Tim A, Marietta, OH

Edgington Lee, Woodsfield, OH Edinger Henry, New Matamoras, OH Edinger Herman E, Old Hickory, TN Edinger James, New Matamoras, OH Edmisten Clifford, Caldwell, OH Edmisten James, Pullman, WV Edward Kaiser Oil Well, Woodsfield, OH Edwards Fay, Stockport, OH Eger John, Lowell, OH Ehert Thomas , Lower Salem, OH Eibel John M, Canton, OH Eifler Donald E, Barlow, OH Elliott Charles Sr, Caldwell, OH Elliott Frank B, Mcconnelsville, OH Elliott George B, Summerfield, OH Elliott Harry, Vincent, OH Elliott Sherman, Fleming, OH Elliott Timothy, Whipple, OH Emch Erich, Sterling, OH Emge Margene, Marietta, OH Englehaupt Russell, Massillon, OH English & Knowlton, New Matamoras, OH English H K, New Matamoras, OH Engnes Gary P, Tucson, AZ Enlow Ross E, Akron, OH Enoch Community Hall, Caldwell, OH Ensign James, Akron, NY Enstrom Frederi A, New Concord, OH Enterprise Energy Co, Cambridge, OH Epler Daniel, Marietta, OH Epperson Beulah, Burns, TN Epperson Buddy, Senecaville, OH Erb George D, Marietta, OH Erb Gerald, Marietta, OH Erb Gerry, Lower Salem, OH Erb John, Marietta, OH Erb Robert, Lower Salem, OH Erb Thelma A, Grundy, VA Eredics Robert, Marietta, OH Erskine Timmy, Massillon, OH Erwin Jack, Byesville, OH Etherton Lorna J, Caldwell, OH Etter Paul N, Marietta, OH Evans Hazel E, Sycamore Valley, OH Evans Jack L, Schuylkill Haven, PA Evans Robert, Beach City, OH Evans Wayne, Marietta, OH Everett Dorothy, New Philadelphia, OH Everett Harry, Graysville, OH Everly Heavrin, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Everson Bessie, New Matamoras, OH Ewing Clarence R, Reno, OH Ewing Norman L, Waterford, OH Exline Ruth, Zanesville, OH Fahrni Glenn, Navarre, OH Falk Richard, Canton, OH Fankhauser Ralph J, Weirton, WV Fannin Richard, Pleasant City, OH Farley Wayne, Marietta, OH Farley William H , Marietta, OH Farnese Gary H, Caldwell, OH Farnsworth Wilbert W, New Matamoras, OH Farrell Oil Company, Tulsa, OK Feibel Louis, Marietta, OH Feldner Lloyd, Caldwell, OH Feldner Marvin L, Sarahsville, OH Felter Harvey A, Marietta, OH Felton James L, New Matamoras, OH Ferguson Rebecca M, Jerusalem, OH Fetzer Kathy S, Sardis, OH


WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Feucht Harriet, Belpre, OH Fickiesen R D , Marietta, OH Fier James R, Akron, OH Filipow Louis, Marietta, OH Finch Ray, Lowell, OH Finkel Charles, Waterford, OH Fisher B W, Lowell, OH Fisher Billy, Vincent, OH Fisher Carrie, Stockport, OH Fisher Iva, Zanesville, OH Fisher Kathy E, Lowell, OH Fitzgerald H W , Summerfield, OH Flag Creek Twp House, Lower Salem, OH Flanders Ridge, Cambridge, OH Flannery James Kii, Marietta, OH Fleeman Henry, Lower Salem, OH Fleeman Lester, Lower Salem, OH Fleeman Phil L , Caldwell, OH Fleming Dean W, Lowell, OH Fleming Harry, Marietta, OH Fletcher Harry V Jr, Barlow, OH Fliehman Mildred, Marietta, OH Fliehman Robert, Caldwell, OH Florence Robert, Beverly, OH Flower Don E, Marietta, OH Flowers Lucy, Amesville, OH Flowers Phillip, Amesville, OH Flowers Ruth A, Lowell, OH Fluharty Carl, Sardis, OH Fly Community Parents, New Matamoras, OH Fogle Charles D,, FLeming, OH Fogle Clarence, Caldwell, OH Fogle Donna, Beverly, OH Fogle Lee D, Lower Salem, OH Fogle Raymond, Ava, OH Foraker Jennie E, Ravenna, OH Forrester Laymond, Pennsboro, WV Forshey David, Mingo Junction, OH Forshey Gladys B, Herndon, VA Forshey James W, St Clairsville, OH Forshey Jodie, Marietta, OH Forshey John W, Cambridge, MA Forshey Lawrence, Senecaville, OH Fowler Sherry L, Albany, OH Fox Otto L, Marietta, OH Fox William F, Wingett Run, OH Fox William J, Wingett Run, OH Frakes Kenneth, Senecaville, OH Francis Clarenc, New Matamoras, OH Francis Leonard E, Lowell, OH Francis Randall C, Parkersburg, WV Francis Ronald L , Marietta, OH Frank John, Caldwell, OH Frankl Neil, Whipple, OH Franklin Real Estate, Canton, OH Frasure Miquel, Sarahsville, OH Frasure Woodrow, Rinard Mills, OH Frazier John F, Marietta, OH Fredericksdale Church, Sarahsville, OH Freeland Keith, Grove City, OH Freilich Anthony, Akron, OH Friend Buzzie, Vincent, OH Friend Irving D , Marietta, OH Friesel Thomas, Jerusalem, OH Frishney Doyle, Caldwell, OH Frontier Vacation Land, Springfield, MO Fry J R , Wingett Run, OH Frye Everett, Mcconnelsville, OH Frye Terrance, Caldwell, OH Frye William K, Waterford, OH

Fryman Richard, Stockport, OH Fulmer Robert H, Marietta, OH Fulton Herbert, Marietta, OH Fulton Leslie L, Marietta, OH Fulton Roger, Lower Salem, OH Fults Frank, Gaithersburg, MD G & W Oil & Gas Co, Graysville, OH Gacek Karen, Jacksonville, NC Gage Gerald, Canton, OH Gainer Donna J, Belpre, OH Gains Charles K, Marietta, OH Galati Fred, Marietta, OH Gallager Kathy, Lower Salem, OH Gallagher C N , Marietta, OH Gallagher J F , Whipple, OH Gallick Connie, Marietta, OH Galloway Douglas, Cambridge, OH Galloway Richard, Canton, OH Gamboa C Mercede, Clarendon Hills, IL Gandee Charles W, Granville, OH Gandor George, Marietta, OH Gandor Sonya, Mineral Wells, WV Gannon John, Akron, OH Gant James D, Lowell, OH Gardner Don, Lowell, OH Gardner Esther, Woodsfield, OH Gardner Jeff, Woodsfield, OH Gardner Joe, Graysville, OH Gardner Linda, Marietta, OH Gardner Mildred A, W Lafayette, OH Garen William F, Columbus, OH Garrett Steve, Marietta, OH Gaskins Camma, Marietta, OH Gaskins Daniel, Marietta, OH Gates Denzil C, Clarington, OH Gaydos Robert, Dexter City, OH Gedeon Anna, Hinckley, OH Gee Robert S, Wingett Run, OH Geer Paul, Amesville, OH Geniella Martha, Sarahsville, OH Geniella William B, Sarahsville, OH Genteline Charles, Groveport, OH George William, Navarre, OH Georgiana Oil Co, Marietta, OH Gerdts Louis P, Westbury, NY Gerlach Judy, Belpre, OH Gerstenslager Ira, Leggett, TX Gessel Charles G, Columbus, OH Gessel Kenneth M, Canton, OH Gibbs Bonnie, Summerfield, OH Giblon Charles Jr, Steubenville, OH Gibson Juanita, Columbus, OH Gibson Shirley, Oneco, FL Gibson Ted J, Marietta, OH Gieser Kathie, Santa Fe, NM Giessler Randall W, Medina, OH Giffin Leslie Rjr, Millfield, OH Giffin William E, Marietta, OH Gildow Charles, Marietta, OH Gildow Edward, Belle Valley, OH Gildow Ronald, Lower Salem, OH Gill James, Pataskala, OH Gillis James R, Marietta, OH Gindlesperger Glenn R, Columbus, OH Ginn Esther, Pleasant City, OH Ginther D A, Waterford, OH Ginther Delbert, Waterford, OH Gintz Alan, Nmari Gladot-Regan Oil Co, Jenkintown, PA Glass Alfred, Cambridge, OH


Glass Helen L, Lowell, OH Glidden Joe, Caldwell, OH Glidden Kathy, Summerfield, OH Glover James W, Lima, WV Goddard Cora, Newport, OH Goddard Robert, Marietta, OH Goins Evelyn, Cutler, OH Goins Lyle, Chesterhill, OH Goins Malcolm D, Canton, OH Goins Manuel, Wingett Run, OH Golba Rena, Caldwell, OH Golden Philip, Sarahsville, OH Gombos Gabor Jr, Palmetto, FL Gonder Linda, Senecaville, OH Good Douglas, Dayton, OH Good Estella M, Steubenville, OH Goodwiin Chester P, Lowell, OH Goodwill Darrel L, Waterford, OH Goodwin Patsy, Lowell, OH Goosman Michael L, Marietta, OH Gorman Carl, Cleveland, OH Gorrell Arthur C, Marietta, OH Gorshe Michael, Bellaire, OH Gough Paul, Amesville, OH Gould Church, Marietta, OH Grace Dora, Scio, OH Graham & Hercher Oil, Marietta, OH Graham & Knowlton Pump, Woodsfield, OH Graham Eddie, Sardis, OH Graham J F , Marietta, OH Graham Neal J, Marietta, OH Graham O G , Woodsfield, OH Grahame Gregory L, Marietta, OH Grahame Henry Sr, Newport, OH Grahame Janet, Newport, OH Grant Russell J Jr, Parkersburg, WV Grasley Diana, Marietta, OH Gratke Paul, Waterford, OH Gray Herman, South Lebanon, OH Gray Kenneth E, Beverly, OH Gray Leland, Parkersburg, WV Gray Timothy, Marietta, OH Gray William, Caldwell, OH Grayson Charles, Marietta, OH Greathouse O L , Amesville, OH Gredd Leonard A, Belpre, OH Green John, Bethesda, OH Green Joyce, Parkersburg, WV Green Lowell A, Prospect, OH Greenhoe Kevin, Dexter City, OH Greenlees William C , Marietta, OH Greenwalt David, Lowell, OH Gregg Jean A, Cumberland, OH Gregory Argyle T, Lower Salem, OH Gregory Ronald, Buffalo, OH Greig Robert, Wingett Run, OH Griffin B F, Parkersburg, WV Griffin Bruce, Marietta, OH Griffin Earl, Shreve, OH Griffin Ernest, Lower Salem, OH Griffin Gregory D, Whipple, OH Griffin James D , Marietta, OH Griffin Norval, Marietta, OH Griffin Patty, Dexter City, OH Griffin R E, Rinard Mills, OH Griffin Walter, Lowell, OH Griffith Louis M, St Clairsville, OH Grimes & Mcvey, New Matamoras, OH Grimes Henry, Caldwell, OH Grime-Ullman Drilling, Lower Salem, OH

Grimm Irve Jr, Woodsfield, OH Grimm Richard A, Marietta, OH Grogg W S, Rinard Mills, OH Grosklos Frank, Marietta, OH Grosz C W, Lowell, OH Grosz Clarence W, Saint Matthews, SC Groves Dale V, New Concord, OH Groves Ethan B, Marietta, OH Groves Howard, Wilkesville, OH Groves Morris, Pleasant City, OH Groves Ronald E, Caldwell, OH Guberlet Leroy, Waterford, OH Guckert Paul, Georgetown, SC Guckert Robert L, Rock Hill, SC Guentert Donald, Fairview Park, OH Guernsey Limestone C O, Marietta, OH Guiler Edgar, Marietta, OH Guiler Homer, Gahanna, OH Guiler Howard L, Sarahsville, OH Guiler Kenneth, Caldwell, OH Gundlach David A, Lower Salem, OH Gunnels Arnold, Caldwell, OH Gutberlet Leroy, Waterford, OH Gwf Corp Boyd Lease, Columbus, OH H & C Oil Co, Marietta, OH H & O Oil Co, Ashland, OH H Operating Company, Lowell, OH Habig William, Martins Ferry, OH Hackatorn Eleanor, Tallmadge, OH Hadding Victor P Sr, Macksburg, OH Haddox Annette, Marietta, OH Haese Delmar, Wadsworth, OH Haga Eugene, Caldwell, OH Haga James E, Hempstead, TX Haga Pauline, Caldwell, OH Hagan Jerry R, Lowell, OH Hagar Charlott, Marietta, OH Hager Betty J , Belpre, OH Hague James R, Columbus, OH Hague Marguerite, Marietta, OH Haines Roy, Beverly, OH Haislet Charles W, Hopedale, OH Haislet John M, Chapparel, NM Hale H. R, N Canton, OH Hale Howard S, Canal Fulton, OH Hale Leland G, Stockport, OH Hale Lloyd, Lowell, OH Hall Bobbi, Senecaville, OH Hall C E , Lower Salem, OH Hall Clyde, Marietta, OH Hall H D, St Clairsville, OH Hall Janice, Cutler, OH Hall Larry, Chesterhill, OH Hall Laura M, Wingett Run, OH Hall Merle, Pleasant City, OH Hall Ralph E, New Matamoras, OH Hall Richard A, Marietta, OH Hall Richard L, Marietta, OH Hall Robert L, Parkersburg, WV Hall Steven, Pleasant City, OH Hall William, Newport, OH Halls Chapel Church, Wingett Run, OH Hall’s Enterprizes, New Matamoras, OH Hammond William, Marietta, OH Hanes Homer, Marietta, OH Haney Beverly, Mentor, OH Hanlon Donna, Newport, OH Hanlon Eric, De Kalb, TX Hanlon W O, Columbus, OH Hannahs Barbara A , Zanesville, OH

Hanning Robert L, Marietta, OH Hannum Bernard Jr, Caldwell, OH Hanson Dale, Beverly, OH Hanson Peggy, Marietta, OH Harbert Beverly, Graysville, OH Harden L J Jr, Addison, OH Harden L Jii, Sarahsville, OH Hardesty Myrtle, Caldwell, OH Hardie Randy, Lower Salem, OH Harmon Claude, Caldwell, OH Harmon Foster, New Matamoras, OH Harmon Gilbert,, FLy, OH Harmon Gordon L, Cutler, OH Harmon Harry C, Cutler, OH Harmon Ocie, Waterford, OH Harold Donald, Caldwell, OH Harper Bros Pump Station, Dexter City, OH Harper Ethel, Caldwell, OH Harper George E , Caldwell, OH Harper James M, Radford, VA Harper M. L, Dexter City, OH Harper Wayne, Caldwell, OH Harriman David R, Dexter City, OH Harrington Pat, Zanesville, OH Harris Calvin, Newport, OH Harris Donald, Bowling Green, KY Harrison Steven, Dayton, OH Hart Charles A, Lowell, OH Hart Clara L, Murraysville, WV Hart Connie, Lower Salem, OH Hart Donald J, Lowell, OH Hart Elton D, Beverly, OH Hart Michael, Marietta, OH Hart Richard E, Lowell, OH Hartleben Carmen, Stockport, OH Hartley Cecil, Mc Connelsville, OH Hartline Henry, Belpre, OH Hartline Jack I, Canton, OH Hartline Kenneth, Marietta, OH Hartman Joe, Sardis, OH Hartong Charles, Massillon, OH Hartshorn Denzil, Wingett Run, OH Harvey Elizabeth P, Ponchatoula, LA Hasbrouck St Clair, Barnesville, OH Hasley David L, Marietta, OH Hasley Ercel, Marietta, OH Hasley L L, Marietta, OH Haught Arthur, Marietta, OH Haught C L, New Matamoras, OH Haught Charles, Marietta, OH Haught Evertt, Akron, OH Haught Helen, Marietta, OH Haught Neil, New Matamoras, OH Hawk William, Murray City, OH Hawkins George, Mount Sterling, OH Hawkins Jonathan M, Lower Salem, OH Hawkins Oil Co, Marietta, OH Hawley Marvin, Marietta, OH Hawley Rebecca, Sardis, OH Hawn William, Beallsville, OH Hay Truman, Stockport, OH Hayden Michael, Caledonia, MI Hayhurst William, Magnolia, OH Haynes Darrel A , Marietta, OH Haynes Fred, Newport, OH Haynes Howard R , Williamstown, WV Haynes Thelma F, Cutler, OH Hayth George, Whipple, OH Headlee Lavon, Marietta, OH Healy Christopher, Marietta, OH

Hearn R O, Cumberland, OH Heasley William, Kent, OH Heaton Richard, Tipp City, OH Heck Robert E, Massillon, OH Heckert Hunter, Parkersburg, WV Heddleson Jonreed, Whipple, OH Heddleson Peggy, Cleveland, OH Heddleston Grace E, Akron, OH Hedger Ruth, Caldwell, OH Heffren John, Waterford, OH Hegedus John, Marietta, OH Heidorn, FLorence, Marietta, OH Heisler C A, Columbus, OH Heiss Aletha, Beverly, OH Helbert Gas & Oil Co , Lowell, OH Heldman Harry, Marietta, OH Heldman Otto M, Marietta, OH Heller Willard E, Norton, OH Helmick C H, Marietta, OH Henderhan Edgar, Massillon, OH Hendershot Albert, Waterford, OH Hendershot Amos Sr, New Matamoras, OH Hendershot Brady, Lower Salem, OH Hendershot Charles J, Wooster, OH Hendershot Dwight, Waterford, OH Hendershot Ethel, Marietta, OH Hendershot, FLoyd, Caldwell, OH Hendershot Gale, Lowell, OH Hendershot Larry, Marietta, OH Hendershot Nelson, Waterford, OH Hendershot Oliver, Lower Salem, OH Hendershot Ralph, Marietta, OH Hendershot Wilbert, Devola Marietta, OH Henderson Connie, Lowell, OH Henderson James, Sarahsville, OH Hendricks Richard, Newport, OH Henkel Louise, Youngstown, OH Henniger Clifford J, Lowell, OH Henry Aaron M, Sarahsville, OH Henry Eldris, Marietta, OH Hensel Bonnie, New Matamoras, OH Hensel Harold, New Matamoras, OH Hensel Kenneth, Columbus, OH Hensel Mary M, New Matamoras, OH Hensel Mildred, New Matamoras, OH Hensel Roger, New Matamoras, OH Henthorn Georgia, New Matamoras, OH Henthorn Lawrence E, Lower Salem, OH Henthorne Larry D, Waterford, OH Henthorne Melvin, Sardis, OH Hercules Oil Company, Zanesville, OH Herko James, Lowell, OH Herrman Roy R, Caldwell, OH Heskett David, Beverly, OH Heslop Donald O, Marietta, OH Hesson Anna, Newport, OH Hesson Charles W, Newport, OH Hesson Mabel, Marietta, OH Hesson Orie, Parkersburg, WV Hesson Steven E, Lower Salem, OH Hesson Thomas E , Newport, OH Hewitt Herman, Akron, OH Hickman Donald R, Caldwell, OH Hickman Lenore, Marietta, OH Hickman Mildred L , Caldwell, OH Hickory Oil Co, Lower Salem, OH Hier Edwin R, Kent, OH Highman Irene, Graysville, OH Hill Curtis, Senecaville, OH Hill David, Marietta, OH

Hill David M, Caldwell, OH Hill E E, Marietta, OH Hill Elmer, Amesville, OH Hill Ernest, Vincent, OH Hill Gary G, Malta, OH Hill Glen, Summerfield, OH Hill Guy, Chesterhill, OH Hill James, Chesterhill, OH Hill Mary M, Caldwell, OH Hill Raymond, Sarahsville, OH Hill Richard Lee, Whipple, OH Hill Ronald L, Beverly, OH Hill Timothy, Marietta, OH Hill Vera, Cutler, OH Hill Wilford S , Senecaville, OH Hille R R, Marietta, OH Hillyer Clarenc Fsr, Senecaville, OH Hillyer Clarence, Byesville, OH Hines Leland, Lewisville, OH Hines Lonnie, Woodsfield, OH Hines Marjorie, Lewisville, OH Hines William T, Lewisville, OH Hinton Esther M, Lowell, OH Hinton Maria N, Lowell, OH Hinton Michael Psr, Lowell, OH Hinton Neil E, Marietta, OH Hinton Robert F, Marietta, OH Hissom Nola , Woodsfield, OH Hitchens David, Pleasant City, OH Hnatiuk M W, Senecaville, OH Hobbs Joseph F, Piqua, OH Hockenberry Clifford, Beverly, OH Hockenberry Dale E, Marietta, OH Hockenberry James, Lower Salem, OH Hodge William Sr, Glendale, AZ Hodgeman Bryon Sjr, Lower Salem, OH Hoenigman Thomas, Winter Park, FL Hoff Bruce, Jacksonville, FL Hoff David B, Vincent, OH Hoffert E J , Lowell, OH Hoffman Burton, Marietta, OH Hogue Dalton, Woodsfield, OH Hogue F S, Woodsfield, OH Hogue J C , Davenport, FL Hohman Bernard, Caldwell, OH Hohman Joseph, Marietta, OH Holcomb Paul R, Chesterhill, OH Holkzena David R, Lower Salem, OH Hollabaugh George, Pleasant City, OH Holland & Holland, Saint Marys, WV Holland Denzil, Saint Marys, WV Holland Doras, Rinard Mills, OH Holland H E, Rinard Mills, OH Hollenbeck J R , Hannibal, OH Holmes Richard, Marietta, OH Holpp Gloria, Graysville, OH Holschu Shirley, Marietta, OH Homestead Restaurant, Caldwell, OH Hooper James E, Marietta, OH Hooper Sidney, Elyria, OH Hooper Steve, Woodsfield, OH Hoover Edna Mae, Stockport, OH Hopewell Um Church, Rinard Mills, OH Hopkins Dean, Caldwell, OH Horn Cecil, Caldwell, OH Horton Kathleen M, Loiusville, OH Horton Mary A, Lower Salem, OH Hoskins Joseph Jr, Woodsfield, OH Hoskinson Alice, Powhatan Point, OH Hoskinson Frank, Sardis, OH

Hostasa John W , Shadyside, OH Houston William A, Summerfield, OH Howald Christian, Massillon, OH Howell Burl, Graysville, OH Howell Edward E, Beverly, OH Howell Raymond, Marietta, OH Howell Wayne H, Caldwell, OH Hubbard Lawrence, Woodsfield, OH Huck Albert J , Lowell, OH Huck Martin, Marietta, OH Huff Marjori A, Sardis, OH Huffman Barbara A, Marietta, OH Huffman John, Parkersburg, WV Huffman Mark, Zanesville, OH Huffman Ray, Sardis, OH Huffman Verna, Sarahsville, OH Hughes Clair, Caldwell, OH Hughes Debbie, Marietta, OH Hughes Evan, Marietta, OH Hughes J H, Marietta, OH Hughes John, Lowell, OH Hughes Lotis, Waterford, OH Hulfachor Harold, Caldwell, OH Hull Paul R, Canton, OH Hulls Herbert, Lower Salem, OH Hune E T, Marietta, OH Hunter C F, Marietta, OH Huntsman Merle, Woodsfield, OH Hupp Beda, Caldwell, OH Hupp Clarenc E, Beverly, OH Hupp Daniel, Marietta, OH Hupp Grace, Caldwell, OH Hupp Guy, Beverly, OH Hupp Minnie H, Dexter City, OH Hursey Eric L, Whipple, OH Hurst Bernard, Marietta, OH Hushion John, Lowell, OH Husk Cecil, Beach City, OH Husk Oliver, Minerva, OH Hutchins Charles, Caldwell, OH Hutchins Dana R, Beverly, OH Hutchins E J , Caldwell, OH Hutchins Thomas, Zanesville, OH Hutchinson William C, Marietta, OH Hutkai Ernest W , Marietta, OH Hvizdak John, Powhatan Point, OH Hvizdzak Mike, Clarington, OH Hyatt Edward H, Lowell, OH Ice Edwin H, Akron, OH Iddings Trucking, INc, Lowell, OH Investors Trust Acct, Columbus, OH Irwin Glen O, Lower Salem, OH Irwin James, Marietta, OH Isner Brian, Marietta, OH Ivy George W, Mogadore, OH J & L Oil Co, Marietta, OH J & S Oil Company, Marietta, OH Jackson Andrew Jr, Barberton, OH Jackson Brady, Sardis, OH Jackson C R, Marietta, OH Jackson David, Ft Lauderdale, FL Jackson Gerald S , North Canton, OH Jackson Grange # 407, Dexter City, OH Jackson Kenneth E , Marietta, OH Jackson Maxine, Akron, OH Jackson Twp Townhouse, Dexter City, OH Jacobs Daniel W, Woodsfield, OH Janicki Donald J, Zanesville, OH Janks Nona E,, FLeming, OH Jarvis Roger, Woodsfield, OH


WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Jauman Roland, Clinton, OH Jeffers H B, Reno, OH Jeffers Lloyd, Caldwell, OH Jencik John, Marietta, OH Jenkins Oscar E , Falls Church, VA Jennie Mae Club, Lewisville, OH Jennigs William J, Belpre, OH Jenson Louis P, Lower Salem, OH Jerles Homer, Caldwell, OH Jett Kevin, Marietta, OH J-Met, INc., Woodsfield, OH Joe Skinner Const, Belle Valley, OH Joer Edwim R, Kent, OH John J Malik Dba, Saint Clairsville, OH Johns Allen, Whipple, OH Johnson Charles W, Marietta, OH Johnson Clarence W, Waterford, OH Johnson Donald D, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Johnson Eddie L, Newport, OH Johnson Garnet, Somerset, OH Johnson Gary, Waterford, OH Johnson Goldie, Frazeysburg, OH Johnson H K, Amesville, OH Johnson Harry, Akron, OH Johnson James, New Matamoras, OH Johnson James E, Newport, OH Johnson James R , Marietta, OH Johnson Lois, Marietta, OH Johnson Mildred C, Macksburg, OH Johnson Randall, Caldwell, OH Johnson Raymond, Stockport, OH Johnson Thomas L, Clarington, OH Johnson Wilbur, Marietta, OH Jones Bernard, Caldwell, OH Jones Clifton C, Winter Park, FL Jones David, Kimbolton, OH Jones Franklin E , Marietta, OH Jones Fred Jr, Marietta, OH Jones Jerry E, New Matamoras, OH Jones Lola, Rinard Mills, OH Jones Lucinda, Lower Salem, OH Jones Paul, Reno, OH Jordan George M, Caldwell, OH Jordan Howard J, Cleveland, OH Jordan Oil Company, Marietta, OH Jordan Paul, Caldwell, OH Jordan Richard, Beverly, OH Joy Merle, New Matamoras, OH Judd Raymond, Massillon, OH K & R Cable Co, Marietta, OH Kalem George J, New Matamoras, OH Kalem Oil & Gas Co, Newport, OH Kaminski Edmund, Marietta, OH Karcher Margaret, Marietta, OH Kartman Shirley M, Wheeling, WV Keck Noble R, Wadsworth, OH Keckstein John, Lowell, OH Keffer Kenneth, Marietta, OH Keiffer Larry, Caldwell, OH Kekstein John, Lowell, OH Kelby A C, Marietta, OH Kellar J C , Marietta, OH Keller Alan E, Friendly, WV Kelley John, Coshocton, OH Kelly Evelyn M, Sarahsville, OH Kemper Ralph, Marietta, OH Keneaster Blair, Mcconnellsville, OH Keney Myron, Marietta, OH Keney W C, Brooksville, FL Kennedy Beulah, McConnelsville

Kennedy Harvey Rjr, Sardis, OH Kennedy W H , Caldwell, OH Kenney Deborah, Cutler, OH Kenney Mildred, Sherwood, MI Kenyon Henry, Marietta, OH Kephart Christopher J, Lowell, OH Kern Douglas J, Waterford, OH Kerns Emmet E, Graysville, OH Kerstetter C R , Barnesville, OH Kesselring C E, Akron, OH Kesselring Harry Ejr, Marietta, OH Keyser William, Shadyside, OH Khune James, Caldwell, OH Kidd Helen, Cadiz, OH Kidd Larry L, Stockport, OH Kidd Sam, Marietta, OH Kiggans Douglas M, Williamstown, WV Kiggans Robert Gjr, Lowell, OH Kile Robert C, Lowell, OH Killian Donald A, Pittsfield, MA Kilroy John, Belpre, OH Kimball Addie M, Vincent, OH Kincaid Willie, Beverly, OH Kindall R T, Beverly, OH Kindle Carolyn, Antioch, OH Kindle George, Graysville, OH King Ada A, Canton, OH King Brian, Caldwell, OH King Dana, Sarashsville, OH King Denver, Canton, OH King Duane, Caldwell, OH King Ernesti V, Akron, OH King Harold E, Caldwell, OH King Jerry, Williamstown, WV King Kevin, Marietta, OH King Mary A, Cutler, OH King Mary Anne,, FLeming, OH King Mary B, Caldwell, OH King Pamela D , Wingett Run, OH King Sophie C , Mcconnelsville, OH Kingston Oil Co, Zanesville, OH Kinnen James B, Caldwell, OH Kirby Henry H, Shadyside, OH Kirk George, Caldwell, OH Kirk John D , Barnesville, OH Kirk Ruth, Caldwell, OH Kirkbride Alvin, Sarahsville, OH Kirkbride James, Caldwell, OH Kirkbride John, Pleasant City, OH Kirkbride Paul, Sarahsville, OH Kittle David, Marietta, OH Kitts Clarenc, Marietta, OH Klemn Ralph, Lower Salem, OH Klenik Ralph Ljr, Marietta, OH Klintworth John, Casselberry, FL Klintworth Merle, Silver Springs, FL Klintworth Patricia R, Phoenix, AZ Kloet Stanley, Cutler, OH Knicely Larry, Claysville, OH Knight Dale, Marietta, OH Knight Donna, Marietta, OH Knight Troy Jr, Marietta, OH Knisley Cecil, Lowell, OH Knisley James, Cambridge, OH Knob Gas Co, Marietta, OH Knob Oil Company, Marietta, OH Knott Joseph D, Waterford, OH Knotts Cecil, New Milton, WV Knotts Janet, FLeming, OH Know Janice, Marietta, OH


Knowlton Violet B, Sardis, OH Kocka Donald R, Brunswick, OH Kohn Melba, Canton, OH Koon Ira, Columbus, OH Koons Sherman, Lower Salem, OH Korner William, Athens, OH Kornokovich Joseph, Brooksville, FL Koslosky Walt, Akron, OH Koval Steve, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Kovamees Rein, Marietta, OH Kroll Robert, Rinard Mills, OH Kuhn Betty, Graysville, OH Kuhn Earl, Rinard Mills, OH Kukulka Stanley, Lowell, OH Kuli Mike, Wilmington, OH Kunsman William R, Little Hocking, OH Kunz Thomas, Lower Salem, OH Kuss Maureen, Marietta, OH Kuzior Ted, Burgettstown, PA L & K Oil Co, Marietta, OH L B Jackson Co, Tulsa, OK L Boord Oil Co, Worthington, OH L M & R, Marietta, OH La Follette Kenneth, Whipple, OH Labarre Carol A, Marietta, OH Labbett Robert, Bethel Park, PA Ladick John A, Pleasant City, OH Laferriere Ann, Cutler, OH Lakeview Carryout, Cambridge, OH Lallathin Garry Est, Richmond, OH Lallathn Garry , Richmond, OH Lambert Harold, Macksburg, OH Lambert Jerald O, Lowell, OH Lambeth Joe F, Marietta, OH Lamp John, Vincent, OH Lance James, Senecaville, OH Landis Mary E, Graysville, OH Lane Dan, Marietta, OH Lane Walter J Jr, Marietta, OH Lane William, Cutler, OH Lang Anthony, Marietta, OH Lang Frank, Lowell, OH Lang Thomas, Lowell, OH Lange Alfred Jr, Lakewood, OH Langsdorf Samuel D, New Matamoras, OH Lantry Charles M Jr, Longwood, FL Lantz Dennis, Cumberland, OH Lantz Dianna D, Caldwell, OH Lantz Julia, Whipple, OH Lantz William M, Lower Salem, OH Largent Ben, Graysville, OH Larrabee David & Ka, Marietta, OH Larrick Owen, Sarahsville, OH Larrick W A , Cambridge, OH Larrson Bengt O, Marietta, OH Lashley William, Orange City, FL Latacz Walter, Yorkville, OH Lauer Anna, Newport, OH Lauer Bernard, Marietta, OH Lauer Edwin H , Whipple, OH Lauer, FLorence, Lowell, OH Lauer Gary, Whipple, OH Lauer Michele A, Marietta, OH Lauffer Oil Co, New Matamoras, OH Laurel Grange Hall, Beverly, OH Law David, Senecaville, OH Lawman Joan, Lowell, OH Lawrence David, Macksburg, OH Lawrence Donald, Lowell, OH Layman Paul M, Marietta, OH

Leach John, Poolesville, MD Leach Phyllis, Sarahsville, OH Leasure Abraham F, Sardis, OH Leasure Harry, Lowell, OH Leasure Lloyd, Graysville, OH Leasure Raymond, Caldwell, OH Leasure Ruth, Caldwell, OH Leclair C W, Marietta, OH Lee Danny, Sardis, OH Lee David E, York, SC Lee Elaine, Caldwell, OH Lee Forest, Lower Salem, OH Lee Harry, Marietta, OH Lee Michael A, Newport, OH Lee Roy E, Lowell, OH Lee Wilmer, Marietta, OH Leeper Darrell, Lewisville, OH Lemon Beverly, Washington, WV Lenze Michael E, Marietta, OH Lester Mack, Pleasant City, OH Lestock Stephen, Pleasant City, OH Lew Shirley, Beverly, OH Lewis C A, Marietta, OH Lewis Edward, Amesville, OH Lewis Frank, Amesville, OH Lewis R N , St Clairsville, OH Lewis Robert S, Whipple, OH Lewis Russell, Apopka, FL Lewis Shirley, Beverly, OH Liberty Bapt Church, Whipple, OH Liberty Ridge U B Ch, Wingett Run, OH Libhart Donald, Marietta, OH Life C D , Belpre, OH Lightfritz Charles E, Marietta, OH Lilly I J, Chesapeake, OH Limbach Robert, Massillon, OH Lincicome Roy, Dexter City, OH Lincoln C Fjr, Marietta, OH Lindamood Gill, Marietta, OH Lindamood Ralph M, Massillon, OH Lindeberg John, Stockport, OH Lindell Connie, Graysville, OH Lindell James, Woodsfield, OH Lindsey James M, Waterford, OH Lindy Oil Co, Marietta, OH Linger Herbert, Caldwell, OH Liquified Natural Gas, Belle Valley, OH Lisk Donald, Sardis, OH Liska William C, Newark, OH Litten L R, Woodsfield, OH Little, INjun Oil Co, Marietta, OH Little Robert, Rinard Mills, OH Little Valley Oil Co, Marietta, OH Littleton James, Lower Salem, OH Littleton Jamie, Lower Salem, OH Livensperger Robert, Marietta, OH Lloyd Harvey Warner, Marietta, OH Lock David, Graysville, OH Locust Grove Church, Cambridge, OH Logan Matthew, Elyria, OH Logan Winford B, Jekyll Island, GA Long & Mobberly Oil C, Akron, OH Long Albert M, Akron, OH Long Dona L, Beverly, OH Long Lewis O, Marietta, OH Long Linda, Sarahsville, OH Long Nancy, Beverly, OH Long Richard L, Marietta, OH Longnecker Clifford, Newport, OH Lord Erving B , New Matamoras, OH

Lorenz Vesta, Caldwell, OH Lori Bricker, Caldwell, OH Lori Henry, Whipple, OH Love Blanche, Pleasant City, OH Love Carol S, Marietta, OH Love Douglas A, Bartlett, OH Love Robert Jr, Columbus, OH Lovely John, Cambridge, OH Lovett Heber, Graysville, OH Lowe David, Caldwell, OH Lowe James R, Arcadia, FL Lowe John, Lowell, OH Lowe Mayford, Belpre, OH Lowers James, Lowell, OH Loy Roger, Sardis, OH Lozier Richard, Waterford, OH Lucas Bryan, Lowell, OH Lucas David A, Sarahsville, OH Lucas Robert T, Whipple, OH Lucas Terry, New Matamoras, OH Lucido Vincent, Woodsfield, OH Lude Arthur A , Sardis, OH Ludolph Carl Jr, Woodsfield, OH Ludolph Donald, Saint Marys, WV Ludolph Raymond, New Matamoras, OH Ludwig Margaret, Caldwell, OH Luke Ellis, Lower Salem, OH Luke Ellis H, Lower Salem, OH Luke Ruth, Lowell, OH Luman Richard, Caldwell, OH Lumbatis Steve, Lewisville, OH Luster Keith, Medina, OH Lutzen Thomas, Lower Salem, OH Lynch Brennie, Lowell, OH Lynch United Me Church, Marietta, OH Lyons Daniel J, Williamsville, NY Lyons George, Summerfield, OH M & M Oil & Gas Asso C, Lowell, OH M G M Disposal, Marietta, OH M N & S Production, Lowell, OH M S W Oil Co, Bremen, OH Macdoo Edna, Marietta, OH Mace Glenn, New Matamoras, OH Macfadyen Zola B, Byesville, OH Macintyre Chloe A , Marietta, OH Mackey Harold, Marietta, OH Mackie David S Sr, Macksburg, OH Mackie John Jr, Lower Salem, OH Magis R J , Cambridge, OH Mahone Max, Marietta, OH Maienknect Kim, Woodsfield, OH Maley William, Monongahela, PA Malik John J, St Clairsville, OH Malko John, West Salem, OH Mallett Marie, Caldwell, OH Mallett Wayne, Caldwell, OH Malone Terry, Bartlett, OH Malone Thomas A, Lowell, OH Malpiede R R , Shadyside, OH Malpiedi E B, Bellaire, OH Maltby Marty, Terrell, NC Manbevers Eugene, Grove City, OH Manbevers Harold D, Circleville, OH Mantel Ralph, Lower Salem, OH Maquis Ralph, Senecaville, OH Marchbank John W, Canton, OH Marietta Animal Hosp, Marietta, OH Marietta Petroleum, INc., Berea, OH Marion Twp House, Summerfield, OH Markey Oil & Gas, Marietta, OH

Markey Ronald J, Lower Salem, OH Marks Hazel, Baltimore, MD Marlow Ralph, Beckley, WV Marquis L K , Caldwell, OH Marquis Lester C, Caldwell, OH Marquis Ralph J, Senecaville, OH Marr Martha, Santa Fe, NM Marsee Ella R, Marietta, OH Marshall Charles G, Graysville, OH Marshall Clara B, Graysville, OH Marshall Forest, Rinard Mills, OH Marshall Mary, Lower Salem, OH Marshall Roy M, Graysville, OH Marshall Tim, Lower Salem, OH Martin Agnes L, Akron, OH Martin Carlin, Beverly, OH Martin Clinton, Marietta, OH Martin Dennis J, Waterford, OH Martin Edward C, Waterford, OH Martin Edward E, Mcconnelsville, OH Martin Hazel O, Sycamore Valley, OH Martin Irma L, Wingett Run, OH Martin John B, Amesville, OH Martin Mary D, Lebanon, TN Martin Russell, Marietta, OH Martin Terry, Stockport, OH Martin Wesley W, Lower Salem, OH Martin, Carlin, Beverly, OH Marty Robert W, Eaton, OH Marvin Thomas K, Marietta, OH Mason Gail L, Marietta, OH Mason J B, Caldwell, OH Mason J Bernard, Caldwell, OH Mason Roy, Lower Salem, OH Masters Janice, Marietta, OH Masters Raymond J, Newport, OH Maston Gregory, Marietta, OH Matheny Beatrice, Bartlett, OH Matheny Charles L, Marietta, OH Matheny Larry, Newport, OH Mathews Glen, New Matamoras, OH Mathews J C, Akron, OH Mathews Karen, Woodsfield, OH Matthews Arthur J, Marietta, OH Matthews Brenda, Caldwell, OH Matthews Timothy Lee, Marietta, OH Maxon Robert, Waterford, OH Maxwell Robert, Malta, OH Maycock Russel L, Marietta, OH Mayle Alva, Amesville, OH Mayle Erma, Amesville, OH Mayle Gillian, Chesterhill, OH Mayle Jannie, Amesville, OH Mayle Jesse, Amesville, OH Mayle Kenneth, Amesville, OH Mayle Lawrence, Amesville, OH Mayle Lola, Amesville, OH Mayle Michelle E, Amesville, OH Mayle Pauline L, Zanesville, OH Maynard Gladys , Marietta, OH McBrayer Leonard, Reno, OH McCloud Danny, Marietta, OH McAtee Agenta, Lowell, OH McAtee Albert, Macksburg, OH McAtee Albert H, Macksburg, OH McAuley Frank Jr, Macksburg, OH McCabe Arthur J, Marietta, OH McCabe Daniel, Marietta, OH McCall Ernest F, Caldwell, OH McCauley Roy B, Worthington, OH

McCaulley Clair, Tallmadge, OH McClead Furl, Marietta, OH McConnell J R, Marietta, OH McConnell Keith H, Marietta, OH McCowan Ada E, Marietta, OH McCune Vear, Akron, OH McCurdy John L, Warren, OH McCutcheon Raymond, Waterford, OH McDaniel Joe W, Marietta, OH McDonald S H , Lower Salem, OH McElfresh Don, Caldwell, OH McElfresh Gerald, Caldwell, OH McElfresh Hobart, Wingett Run, OH McElfresh Lyle M, Dexter City, OH McElfresh Robert D, Caldwell, OH McFarland Wayne, Caldwell, OH McFarland William, Marietta, OH McGarry John H, Granville, OH McGaw James, Stewart, OH McGee William W, Parkersburg, WV McGhee Eugene, Twinsburg, OH McGraw Philip R , Vincent, OH McGraw William, Empire, OH McGrew Hazel W, Marietta, OH McGuire Alan R, Caldwell, OH McGuire Michael, Lower Salem, OH McIntire Allen G, Clarington, OH McIntyre W A, Marietta, OH McKee Ed, Caldwell, OH McKenney Regina, Pataskala, OH McKenzie B D, FLeming, OH McKenzie Joan, Marietta, OH McKenzie Ray, Marietta, OH McKinley Oil Co, Newport, OH McKitrick Forest, Caldwell, OH McKitrick Robert M, Newport, OH McKnight Harold, New Matamoras, OH McKnight Roy, Marietta, OH McLean Don, Caldwell, OH McLeod Bruce, Belpre, OH McLeod Edwin D , Marietta, OH McMurray Earl B , Shadyside, OH McNeice Neil, Tuscon, AZ McNeice Sarah, Tuscon, AZ McNutt Franz, Marietta, OH McPeek Ella, Parkersburg, WV McPherson Willard, Woodsfield, OH McVay Freida S, Columbus, OH McVeigh Walter, Marietta, OH McVicker Richard, Summerfield, OH McVicker Ward, Summerfield, OH Mecelfresh Don, Caldwell, OH Mechanicsburg Ch Christ, Antioch, OH Medcalf D S, Marietta, OH Meeks Ronald, Williamstown, WV Mehler Albert, Zanesville, OH Mehrley Arthur B, Zanesville, OH Mehrley Evertt W, Circleville, OH Meier Service Company, Konawa, OK Meiser Edward A, Lowell, OH Meiser Leo, Williamstown, WV Merckle Eddie, Cleveland, TN Merckle Luther J, Sardis, OH Merrifield Robert, Sardis, OH Merrill Bros Gravel, Caldwell, OH Merrill Herman S, Stockport, OH Merrow Janice, Marietta, OH Merry Nellie, Caldwell, OH Metcalf & Robinson, Marietta, OH Metheney Charles, New Matamoras, OH

Metheney Estel, Beverly, OH Metheney Robert, New Matamoras, OH Metheny Harry R, New Matamoras, OH Metz Kenneth D, New Martinsville, WV Metzel Raymond, Marietta, OH Metzger Robert L, Stockport, OH Michael Lenor, Marietta, OH Michael T L, Caldwell, OH Michaels Christine E, New Matamoras, OH Michaels James E, Dexter City, OH Michaels V L , Parkersburg, WV Mid-Atlantic Oil Co, Caldwell, OH Middleburg Church, Caldwell, OH Midwest Homes, INc, Malaga, OH Milan Donald, Marietta, OH Miley Dwight, Marietta, OH Miley Forest, Sarahsville, OH Milhoan Margaret, Summerfield, OH Miller Alvin G, Marietta, OH Miller Arthur L, Lowell, OH Miller Bernice, Marietta, OH Miller Carl, Marietta, OH Miller Carl Rjr, Vincent, OH Miller Della, Lower Salem, OH Miller Geneva M, Lowell, OH Miller Gordon, Sardis, OH Miller Harold E, Byesville, OH Miller James L, Waverly, OH Miller John R, Waterford, OH Miller Larry, Lowell, OH Miller Lillie, Marietta, OH Miller Mary A, Marietta, OH Miller Oil Co, Rinard Mills, OH Miller Oscar, Lowell, OH Miller Raymond Jr, Lower Salem, OH Miller Richard F, Waterford, OH Miller Robert, Belpre, OH Miller Roman, Waterford, OH Miller Ronald H, Marietta, OH Miller Roy L, Caldwell, OH Miller Shelby, Caldwell, OH Miller Tom, Williamstown, WV Miller Tv Cable Co, Waterford, OH Miller Verdean, Williamstown, WV Miller Vernon D, Beverly, OH Miller William L Jr, Stockport, OH Miller Woodrow, Waterford, OH Milligan David, Caldwell, OH Milligan Michael, Caldwell, OH Mills James, Lower Salem, OH Mills Randall D, Vincent, OH Mincks Dwight G, Lowell, OH Mincks Jean, Waterford, OH Mincks Judy, Beverly, OH Minerd Harry G, Cutler, OH Minger John E, Sardis, OH Mingo Sam, Jackson, OH Mingus Charley, Bartlett, OH Mingus Delores E, Duncan Falls, OH Minor David G, Shadyside, OH Minor Gene, New Martinsville, WV Minor Nelma, Jacobsburg, OH Misel Cash, Caldwell, OH Mitchell Betty, Caldwell, OH Mitchell Dwight, Pleasant City, OH Mitchell Glenn, Cutler, OH Mitchell Harry, Cumberland, OH Mitchell Ronald, Whipple, OH Mitchell Thomas, Newport, OH Moberg John, Caldwell, OH


WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Modica Ronald, Cleveland, OH Moening Michael J, Marietta, OH Moffett William, Reedsville, OH Mohan Mary K, Caldwell, OH Mohawk Oil Co, Lowell, OH Mohawk-Sparta Oil Co, Johns Island, SC Moley Raymond Jr, New York, NY Mollohan Pete, Coolville, OH Monaghan Lawrenc, Lowell, OH Moncrief A J,, FLeming, OH Montgomery E F , Lowell, OH Montgomery Lucille, Chesterhill, OH Moore A C, Salineville, OH Moore Allen D, Whipple, OH Moore C E, Marietta, OH Moore Carl, Marietta, OH Moore Charles, Dover, OH Moore Charles E, Senecaville, OH Moore Charles W, Lower Salem, OH Moore Charlet C, Lowell, OH Moore D R, Sarahsville, OH Moore D Russell, Sarahsville, OH Moore E E, Barberton, OH Moore Earl, Quaker City, OH Moore F J, Graysville, OH Moore Gladys, New Matamoras, OH Moore J B, Davis, CA Moore John E, Beverly, OH Moore Michael, Caldwell, OH Moore Nile, New Matamoras, OH Moore Patricia, Belpre, OH Moore Rita, Cumberland, OH Moore Russell, Sarahsville, OH Moorehead Daniel, Marietta, OH Moorehead Glen Jr , Parkersburg, WV Moore’s Center Grocery, Sarahsville, OH Morelli Matt W, Waterford, OH Morgan Kenneth, Graysville, OH Morgan Maureen J, Marietta, OH Morgan Oil & Gas Co, Stockport, OH Morgan Rodney L, Marietta, OH Morgenstern Diane, Whipple, OH Morgenstern Georgia, Graysville, OH Morgenstern Guy, Marietta, OH Morgenstern Henry, Lower Salem, OH Morgenstern Ora, Marietta, OH Morgenstern Robert L, Marietta, OH Morgernstern Virgil C, Avon Lake, OH Morland Charles, Pleasant City, OH Morland Larry R, Caldwell, OH Morningstar Virgil, Marietta, OH Morris Allen W , Marietta, OH Morris Charles, Caldwell, OH Morris David, Marietta, OH Morris Denver, Stockport, OH Morris Gertrude, Belpre, OH Morris Gertrude, Waterford, OH Morris James, Caldwell, OH Morris Larry, Summerfield, OH Morris Mary, Sardis, OH Morris Paul J, New Matamoras, OH Morris Raymond, Caldwell, OH Morris Thomas W, New Matamoras, OH Morris Wendell, Caldwell, OH Morrison, FLoyd, Malta, OH Morrison Jack, Lower Salem, OH Morrison Jack E, Caldwell, OH Morrison Thomas A, Sistersville, WV Morrison Thomas A , Sistersville, WV

Morse William D, Marietta, OH Mortgage Guaranty Co, Milwaukee, WI Moser Carl, Sarahsville, OH Moser Richard, Sardis, OH Mosher, FLossie, Glouster, OH Mossor Gene, Akron, OH Mottle Henry, Jacobsburg, OH Mowery Howard E, Uniontown, OH Mowery Martha, Marietta, OH Moyer David L, Kent, OH Moyers Jeff, Lowell, OH Mt Vernon C U Church, Rinard Mills, OH Mugrage Harry E, Marietta, OH Mugrage Harry J, Marietta, OH Muhlbach Elmer, Houston, TX Mullen Charles B, New Comerstown, OH Mullins Gary, Rinard Mills, OH Mundschenk Paul, Cumberland, OH Munjas John E, Shadyside, OH Murgrage Kenneth, Lowell, OH Murphy Marie A , Woodsfield, OH Murphy Marlene, Pleasant City, OH Murphy Michael, Cleveland, OH Murphy Roger , Marietta, OH Murphy Samuel C , Sardis, OH Murphy Thomas, Summerfield, OH Murphy William M, Amesville, OH Murray Hester, Lowell, OH Murray Norman J, Marietta, OH Murray Paul,, FLeming, OH Musick Donnie, Waterford, OH Myers Ben, Cambridge, OH Myers George, Marietta, OH Myers Glen Rjr, Grove City, OH Myers James P, Sandusky, OH Myers Janet E,, FLeming, OH Myers John M, Weirton, WV Myers John S, Mingo Junction, OH Myers Mary, Wingett Run, OH Myers Randall, Lower Salem, OH Myers Raymond, Holloway , OH Myers Raymond, Lake Placid, FL Myers Robert, Dexter City, OH Myers Robert D Jr, Waterford, OH N & K Oil & Gas, Marietta, OH Nagel Richard, Mcconnelsville, OH Nannis Paul W, Quincy, MA Nash Carolyn, Caldwell, OH Nash John, Ava, OH Nash William, Watertown, OH Nau Donald, Caldwell, OH Neader William J, Lowell, OH Neely Norma J, Waterford, OH Neff George, St Clairsville, OH Neff Gerry, Lowell, OH Neff Juanita, Marietta, OH Neff Larry, Caldwell, OH Neff Robert, Hebron, OH Neiger Jerry, Caldwell, OH Neiger Raymond, West Lafayette, OH Neil Brian N , Stockport, OH Nelson Carl R, Belpre, OH Nelson Elwood P, Crooksville, OH Nelson Harold C, Vincent, OH Nelson Rock Joe, Vincent, OH Nelson W C, Graysville, OH Nester David, Barlow, OH Nething Dennis, Sardis, OH Neuman Betty, Beverly, OH


Neville Edward, Marietta, OH Newbrough Willie M, Whipple, OH Newlon Delbert, Lowell, OH Newlon R D, Lowell, OH Newlon Russell L, Lowell, OH Newsome Lorena, Amesville, OH Ney William, Amesville, OH Nice Glenn A, Watertown, OH Nice J L, Pomery, OH Nice Timothy J, Gater Mills, OH Nicholas Arthur, Caldwell, OH Nicholas Brooks, Lowell, OH Nicholas Charles, Marietta, OH Nicholas Daniel R, Waterford, OH Nichols Bernice, Caldwell, OH Nichols Ernest, Caldwell, OH Nichols James L, Amesville, OH Nichols Lance A, Caldwell, OH Nichols Lloyd, Caldwell, OH Nichols Truck Stop, Caldwell, OH Nicholson John M, Marietta, OH Nicholson Thomas, Pleasant City, OH Nickelson George, Belle Valley, OH Nickles Thomas G , Palatka, FL Nieb Farm Oil Co, Lower Salem, OH Nissley John, Sardis, OH Nitzsche Norman E, Caldwell, OH Noble County Feed Lot, Cumberland, OH Noble Drilling Co, Zanesville, OH Noble Gas Company, Wooster, OH Noble Oil Company, Lower Salem, OH Noftsger Garri, Marietta, OH Noftsger Harlie, Cumberland, OH Nolan Janet, Reno, OH Noland Construction C, Marietta, OH Noland David, Wingett Run, OH Noland Gale, Reno, OH Noll Perry, Williamstown, WV Norris Cnadice, Amesville, OH Norris Judith, Nelsonville, OH Norris Margare, Amesville, OH Norris Margaret, Amesville, OH North Central Oil Co, Ava, OH North James, Marietta, OH Northrup Michael, Marietta, OH Norton Vera H, Marietta, OH Nutter Dennie, Barlow, OH Nutter William, Marietta, OH Nutter Willie, Macksburg, OH Nuzum Fred, Lowell, OH Oak Hill Church, Stockport, OH Oaks Marvin, Cumming, GA O’brien Robert, Marietta, OH Oesterle Lovina, Marietta, OH Offenberger Ronald W, Marietta, OH Ogborne Michael W, Caldwell, OH Ogle Ethelyn, Caldwell, OH Ogle Thomas E, Caldwell, OH Ohio Hydrocarbons, Columbus, OH Ohio L&M Co, Reno, OH Ohio Oil Gathering Co, Frazeysburg, OH Ohio Partners Oil , Columbus, OH Ohio Valley Paving Co, St Clairsville, OH Olin Oil & Mining Co, Woodsfield, OH Oliver D W , Marietta, OH Oliver Dale, Stockport, OH Oliver Lawrenc, Waterford, OH Oliver Marjori, Marietta, OH Oliver Michael A, Marietta, OH

Oliver Robert F, Reno, OH Olmstead Milton, Louisville, OH Oneal Petroleum, Cleveland, OH Oplinger Thornto N, Akron, OH Orders Steven, Denver, CO Orrison Brad, Marietta, OH Ortman Howard, Stockport, OH Osborne Ichael W, Caldwell, OH Ott Von G, Belpre, OH Ours Travis, Lowell, OH Overby Sherry L, Lower Salem, OH Owen Kenneth E, Marietta, OH Owens Dan, Vincent, OH Oxford Oil Company, Zanesville, OH P & G Oil & Gas Co, Marietta, OH Pace Company , Marietta, OH Pace Joe, Steubenville, OH Palmer Gene D, Jacksonville, NC Palmer Robert L, Martins Ferry, OH Pangle Brenda S, Mooresville, NC Pangle Linda S, Caldwell, OH Pannapacker Robert, Arbor Vitae, WI Pannier Polly K, Lower Salem, OH Parker Emory, Lowell, OH Parker Howard Sjr, Marietta, OH Parker John E, Canal Fulton, OH Parks Duane, Pleasant City, OH Parks Elma V, Marietta, OH Parks J D , Alliance, OH Parks Wanda K, Caldwell, OH Parrish Johnny R, Caldwell, OH Parsons Branch, Bartlett, OH Parsons Dale, Lower Salem, OH Parsons Ira, Lowell, OH Parsons John B , Columbus, OH Parsons William D, Sarashsville, OH Pasco Paul S, Lowell, OH Passen Lawrence F , Columbus, OH Patrella Jim, Gerrardstown, WV Patterson Donald, Marietta, OH Patterson E B , Marietta, OH Patterson Henry J, Marietta, OH Patterson Jon, Marietta, OH Patterson Karren L , New Concord, OH Patterson Katherine, Newport, OH Patterson Robert, Marietta, OH Paugh George, South Vienna, OH Paul Brad, Coral Spring, FL Paulus Viola, Sarahsville, OH Paw Paw M E Church, Lower Salem, OH Pawlaczwk John, Powhatan Point, OH Payk Jeanene C, Uniontown, OH Payne Junior, Marietta, OH Payne Larry, Athens, OH Peat Robert, Redding, CA Peavy Frank, Marietta, OH Pedco, New Concord, OH Peek Clifford , Rinard Mills, OH Pekoc Bradley, Chesterhill, OH Pelfrey Ruby, Marietta, OH Peppel Edwin, Marietta, OH Perdew Chester, Marietta, OH Perine William D, Marietta, OH Perkins Mary E, Lowell, OH Permian Oil & Gas Co, Caldwell, OH Perry John Q, Baton Rouge, LA Perry John W, Moundsville, WV Perry Michael W, Marietta, OH Perzel John, Crystal River, FL

Pesek Richard, Athens, OH Peterson John, Fleming, OH Peterson Myron A, Marietta, OH Petroleum Specialtie S, Sycamore Valley, OH Petry James, Caldwell, OH Pettit Clara,, FLeming, OH Pfaff L J, Marietta, OH Phalin Terry, Vincent, OH Phelps James E, Massillon, OH Phillips Bruce, New Matamoras, OH Phillips Carol, Marietta, OH Phillips Charles, Cutler, OH Phillips Edward T, Caldwell, OH Phillips Gary, Warden, WV Phillips James E, Silver Springs, FL Phillis R David, Lowell, OH Piatt Donald, Caldwell, OH Piatt Donald R, Caldwell, OH Piatt Gary, Graysville, OH Piatt Janey M, Caldwell, OH Piatt John F, Greenfield, OH Piatt Karen, Wingett Run, OH Pickard Joseph , Caldwell, OH Pickenpaugh C B, Pleasant City, OH Pickenpaugh Cary C, Caldwell, OH Pickenpaugh Orman, Caldwell, OH Pickens Carl N , Newport, OH Pincale Construction, Lower Salem, OH Pinnicks Linda L, Whipple, OH Pioneer Savings, Marietta, OH Piper Robert A , Jacobsburg, OH Pitsinger Dale R, Marietta, OH Pitt Harley, Lowell, OH Plank Leroy, Lewisville, OH Plaugher Nancy, Lower Salem, OH Pleasant Grove Comm Ch, Pleasant City, OH Plumley Jack, Marietta, OH Poland Dick, Caldwell, OH Poland Nile, Sarahsville, OH Poling Betty, Pleasant City, OH Poling Raymond, Beverly, OH Pollock John F, Jacobsburg, OH Pomroy Charles Ejr,, FLeming, OH Poole Howard E, Marietta, OH Porter Cletus, Waterford, OH Porter Irvin, Caldwell, OH Porter James, Graysville, OH Porter Mickey,, FLeming, OH Portman Marie, Tiffin, OH Postage Frank, Shadyside, OH Potetz Max, Shadyside, OH Pottmeyer Tony, Lowell, OH Potts David, Reno, OHio Poulton Ada, Woodsfield, OH Poulton James, Caldwell, OH Poulton Nova, Sarahsville, OH Poulton Virgil, Sarahsville, OH Powell Ann C, Willowick, OH Powell Dick Sr, Caldwell, OH Powell W H , Akron, OH Poynter Jack E, Newport, OH Preston Kenneth E, Columbus, OH Preston William R, Columbus, OH Pribisko Joseph, Charlotte, NC Price George A, Stockport, OH Price Greg, Caldwell, OH Price Ron C, Marietta, OH Price William R, Sardis, OH Pride Michael, Sarahsville, OH

Prince Albert, Marietta, OH Prine W A , Marietta, OH Pringle Terry, Rinard Mills, OH Proctor Kenneth R, Fleming, OH Progressive Oil Co, Lower Salem, OH Prunty Genevieve, Canton, OH Prunty Laura E, Marietta, OH Pryor D O , Nashville, TN Pryor Donald, Waterford, OH Pryor Howard C, Newport, OH Pryor Joseph W , Belpre, OH Pryor Lucy D, Senecaville, OH Pryor Terry, Caldwell, OH Pugh Clarenc, New Matamoras, OH Pugh Clarence, New Matamoras, OH Pugh Donald S, Waterford, OH Pugh L D , Barlow, OH Purvis Lloyd Vjr, Cambridge, OH Pyles Wanda, New Matamoras, OH Quigley W A , Graysville, OH Radcliff Jeff, Byesville, OH Rake R B, Marietta, OH Raleigh Don D Jr,, FLy, OH Raleigh John R, Senecaville, OH Ralph George D, Cumberland, OH Ralston Eileen, Belle Valley, OH Ramage David, Lower Salem, OH Ramage Edward, Caldwell, OH Ramsey Catherine, Chesterhill, OH Ramsey Gloria A, Bartlett, OH Randall James H , Caldwell, OH Randolph Garland Jr, Marietta, OH Raney John A, Lower Salem, OH Raper Robert, New Matamoras, OH Rardin Forrest, Ravenswood, WV Rardin Porter, Stockport, OH Ratliff Byron R, Columbus, OH Ratliff Earl, Carroll, OH Rauch Albert, Lowell, OH Rauch Gary, Waterford, OH Ray Oil & Gas Co, Lowell, OH Rayner James M, Caldwell, OH Raynes Paul E, Columbus, OH Rea Louise, New Matamoras, OH Rea Rosalie, Wingett Run, OH Reasoner David, Dexter City, OH Rebic Stephen R , Ravenna, OH Red Rock Oil & Gas Co, Marietta, OH Reed David Wsr, Marietta, OH Reed Donald W Jr, Marietta, OH Reed Harold, Columbus Grove, OH Reed Karl B, Columbus, OH Reed Lloyd D, Belle Valley, OH Reed N L , Fairborn, OH Reed Rolland, Caldwell, OH Reed Thomas W, Reynoldsburg, OH Reed Velma, Caldwell, OH Reed Vernon, Caldwell, OH Reed William F, Caldwell, OH Reese Charles J, Marietta, OH Reese George D, Marietta, OH Regional Services, Marietta, OH Register Lonnie E, Reno, OH Reilly Charles E , Martins Ferry, OH Reinke Samuel P, Athol, MA Remco Oil Co, Marietta, OH Rendo Patrick, Marietta, OH Reno Shane S, Akron, OH Reserve Exploration, Tulsa, OK

Resource Production, Bridgeport, CT Rex Joyce, Caldwell, OH Reynolds Bob, Marietta, OH Reynolds David A, Waterford, OH Reynolds Linda, Lower Salem, OH Reynolds Ralph E, Navarre, OH Rhoads Chester, Sabina, OH Rhodes C B , Whipple, OH Rhodes Delmer, Lower Salem, OH Rhodes Willard W, Lowell, OH Ribble Rodney R, New Concord, OH Ricciuti Maxine, Pittsburgh, PA Rice C L, Athens, OH Rice Donald R, Graysville, OH Rice Rado, New Matamoras, OH Rich Chaunce, Sarahsville, OH Richards Allen, Lower Salem, OH Richards Benjamin, Marietta, OH Richards James E, Sarasota, FL Richards Randall, Marietta, OH Richards Robert, Phoenix, AZ Richards Ronald, Stockport, OH Richardson Louise, Graysville, OH Richardson Sharon, Marietta, OH Richey Edgar C, Senecaville, OH Richey Marion, Senecaville, OH Ridenbaugh Steven, Bolivar, OH Rider Edward, Rinard Mills, OH Ridgway James, Danville, OH Ridgway Leonard, Russellville, AR Riehl Larry, Marietta, OH Riffle Douglas, Cutler, OH Riggle Roy W , Cleveland, OH Riggs Brenda, Lowell, OH Riggs Drilling, Marietta, OH Riggs Dwight, Marietta, OH Riggs George H , Marietta, OH Riggs William E, Chandlersville, OH Rinard Gary, Marietta, OH Rinard Herman, Rinard Mills, OH Rinard Oil & Gas Co, Rinard Mills, OH Rinard Oil & Gas Co, Sycamore Valley, OH Rinard Sam, Marietta, OH Rine Ellis, Proctor, WV Rinkes Leonard E, Canton, OH Ritchey Marion, Senecaville, OH Ritchey Sign Company, Zanesville, OH Ritchie Calvin H, Marietta, OH Ritchie Carl E,, FLy, OH Ritchie Charles, New Matamoras, OH Ritchie Dan, Vincent, OH Ritchie Fred F , Punta Gorda, FL Ritchie Hazel, New Matamoras, OH Ritchie Robert, Newark, AK Roach & Rishel, Reno, OH Roach Harry T, Akron, OH Roach Julian, Canton, OH Roach Larry A , Cuyahoga Falls, OH Road Fork Bapt Church, Lower Salem, OH Roark Harold, Somerset, OH Robbins Garry J, Sardis, OH Robbins James W, Newport, OH Robbins Joe C, Logan, OH Robert Brent, Sardis, OH Roberts Darrell R, Bartlett, OH Roberts Edward Jr, Sarahsville, OH Roberts John, Lower Salem, OH Roberts Sharon, Orlando, FL Robey Richard D, Sarahsville, OH

Robinett Homer, Caldwell, OH Robinson Dennis, Lower Salem, OH Robinson Fred G, Caldwell, OH Robinson James L, Pleasant City, OH Robinson Josie, Lower Salem, OH Robinson Raymond M,, FLeming, OH Robinson Ronald, Lower Salem, OH Robinson Scott A, Marietta, OH Roddy Vincent A,, FLeming, OH Roe Eileen, Elyria, OH Roe Kenneth L, Waterford, OH Roff James H, Newark, OH Rogers Bettie, Powhatan Point, OH Rogers Eli, Caldwell, OH Rohrer, INez, Columbus, OH Rohrer Wilbert, Marietta, OH Roll Arvil E, Byesville, OH Rollins Homer, Zanesville, OH Romans Harold W, Akron, OH Rondy Mary, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Rooks Jessie N Jr, Marietta, OH Root Lawrence, N Ridgeville, OH Rose Brian K, Wooster, OH Rosenlieb Ernest, New Matamoras, OH Rosenlieb Oma, New Matamoras, OH Ross Bill, Trinway, OH Ross Diane, Lowell, OH Rossiter David, Lower Salem, OH Rossiter Dwight, Caldwell, OH Rossiter Everett, Byesville, OH Rossiter Gary, Delaware, OH Rossiter James, Pittsburg, PA Rossiter Roger, Waterford, OH Rouanzoin Max, Waterford, OH Roudeski Charles, Whipple, OH Rouse Joan, Marietta, OH Rouse Oil & Gas Co, Newport, OH Royal Janet, Parkersburg, WV Ruble Donald K, Waterford, OH Ruble Marlene, Whipple, OH Rudloff Wiliam, Mercer, PA Rudolph Robert L, Marietta, OH Rumbold George R,, FLeming, OH Rummer Brady, Stockport, OH Rummer G H, Lowell, OH Runnion Donald, Pleasant City, OH Ruppel David, Sarahsville, OH Ruppel Gary, Caldwell, OH Rush Kimberly, Marietta, OH Rush Raymond, Marietta, OH Rush Virgil, Caldwell, OH Russell Clayton, Mancelona, MI Russell David, Marietta, OH Russell Dorothy, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Russell Duane, Stockport, OH Russell Jacob O, Pleasant City, OH Russell Larry, Ocala, FL Russell Pamela, Stockport, OH Russi Lynn F, Williamstown, WV Rutan Gerald, Columbus, OH Rutherford D L, Reno, OH Rutter William S, Marietta, OH S & M Management, Marietta, OH S & M Management Co, Marietta, OH Sabol John P, Graysville, OH Sager Rex, Akron, OH Saling Richard, Caldwell, OH Sall Robert, Martins Ferry, OH Salsberry Robert A, New Matamoras, OH


WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Sames Ralph Ii, Amanda, OH Sampson Harold, Stockport, OH Sampson Roberta, Waterford, OH Sams Luezeli, Waterford, OH Sanford Earl, Newport, OH Sanford Robert, Caldwell, OH Santee Sondra J, Ambridge, PA Sardis Bend Lt, St Louis, MO Sargent J B , Beverly, OH Sargent Jeffrey, Cutler, OH Sarringhousen Patricia, Reno, OH Sarver Alva R ,, FLeming, OH Sarver Paul W , Lowell, OH Saunders Mary, Barnesville, OH Sawyer Roy, Caldwell, OH Sayger David, Marietta, OH Sayre Gene Csr, Marietta, OH Sayre James, Beverly, OH Sayres Carl, Whipple, OH Sayres Donna L, Marietta, OH Scales Michael J, Whipple, OH Scarborough W D , Akron, OH Scarbro Brenda, Rinard Mills, OH Scarbro Patty, Whipple, OH Schaad Elizabeth A , Marietta, OH Schaad James E, Marietta, OH Schaad Michael A, Marietta, OH Schafer Henry, Caldwell, OH Schafer Joseph, Lowell, OH Schalmo Leroy, Lower Salem, OH Schantz A G , Marietta, OH Schar John F, Sardis, OH Schearbrook Farms, Clayton, OH Schehl Mildred, Caldwell, OH Schell Ethel, Caldwell, OH Schells Carryout, Kent, OH Scherr John E, Caldwell, OH Schilling C L , Marietta, OH Schilling Chuck, Zanesville, OH Schilpp Robert, Kennett Square, PA Schirtzinger Herbert Iii, Sarahsville, OH Schlicher Robert Jr, Beverly, OH Schmidt Geneva, New Matamoras, OH Schmidt Ralph, Saint Marys, WV Schneeberger Clyde, Lower Salem, OH Schneeberger Gerald C, Sonora, CA Schob Carl B , Wingett Run, OH Schockling Hannah, Caldwell, OH Schockling Jerome, Caldwell, OH Schockling Vernon, Caldwell, OH Schocksnider Gene, New Matamoras, OH Schoen James C, Marietta, OH Schoeppner Dale, Lower Salem, OH Schofield Henry, Lower Salem, OH Schoonover Donavan, Marietta, OH Schoonover Richard, Marietta, OH Schott Jeff, West Lafayette, OH Schott Kenneth, Caldwell, OH Schott Larry, Dexter City, OH Schott Richard F, Saint Clairsville, OH Schott Tim, Caldwell, OH Schott Todd, Waterford, OH Schramm L D , Lower Salem, OH Schramm Rick, Marietta, OH Schroyer Joanne, Marietta, OH Schueneman Margaret, Lower Salem, OH Schultheis Lyle K, Marietta, OH Schumacher Roger E, Woodsfield, OH Schutt Robert C, Sistersville, WV

Schwartz John, Marietta, OH Schwendeman Francis, Vincent, OH Schwendeman J J , Waterford, OH Schwendeman Michael D, Fleming, OH Scoggan Richard, New Matamoras, OH Scott Carl, Yorkville, OH Scott Dale E, Stockport, OH Scott Elmer, Graysville, OH Scott, FLossie E , Bradenton, FL Scott Harry, Parkersburg, WV Scott James F, Pleasant City, OH Scott Raymond B , Sardis, OH Scott Robert K, Columbus, OH Scotts Ridge Church, Whipple, OH Searson Donald, Vassar, MI Sease Michael, Lower Salem, OH Secrest A M , Caldwell, OH Seeley Maynard, Englewood, FL Seevers Clara, Wingett Run, OH Seevers David, Newport, OH Seevers Dolores E, Newport, OH Seevers Gilbert, Marietta, OH Seevers Thomas, Newport, OH Seevers William F, Powell, OH Sells Samuel B, Wheelersburg, OH Semon D W, Marietta, OH Semon Fred, Marietta, OH Semon Joseph, Sunbury, OH Semple Richard E, Marietta, OH Semple William D, Crossville, TN Seneca Mineral Co., Marietta, OH Seventh Day, Stockport, OH Seward Ronald, Amesville, OH Sewell Becky, Marietta, OH Sewell Michael A, Marietta, OH Seyler Harold H, Tucson, AZ Shafer Church, Marietta, OH Shafer, INez, Caldwell, OH Shafer Thelma, Sarahsville, OH Shaffer Jonathan, Marietta, OH Shaffer William, Vincent, OH Shanahan Donald P, Columbus, OH Shankland Homer Sr, Marietta, OH Shankland James R, Marietta, OH Sharon General Store, Caldwell, OH Sheets Ralph, Stockport, OH Shelter Funds, INc, Lowell, OH Shenandoah Egg Factory, Pleasant City, OH Shenberger Francis, Ashland, OH Shepherd Silas, Johnstown, OH Sherbourne Lawrenc, Caldwell, OH Sherlock Charles L, Marietta, OH Shewmaker David B, Stockport, OH Shields Edgel, Caldwell, OH Shillady Madeline M, Secane, PA Shimer Scott J, Marietta, OH Shock Jack E, Sarahsville, OH Shock Mary, Sarahsville, OH Shoemaker Lyle, Lowell, OH Shook, FLoyd, New Matamoras, OH Showalter Henry, Summerfield, OH Siddall Lydia, Marietta, OH Siddle James L, Pleasant City, OH Siddle Richard, Bartlett, OH Siders Russell, Marietta, OH Siley Nellie, Marietta, OH Sill Tonda, Chagrin Falls, OH Sillaman Don C, Reno, OH Simmons Dorothy, Canton, OH


Simmons Emerson, Ashland, OH Simmons James C, Williamstown, WV Simons Arthur, New Matamoras, OH Simpson Helen, Lower Salem, OH Sims Brothers, Marietta, OH Sims Nancy, Lower Salem, OH Sims Thomas M, Marietta, OH Sims William,, FLeming, OH Singer Felix, Marietta, OH Singer Robert J, Waverly, OH Sirca Gene F, Woodsfield, OH Skeen Larry, Williamstown, WV Skidmore Beatrice, Weirton, WV Skidmore John E, Marietta, OH Skinner Bertha E, Whipple, OH Skinner David, Newport, OH Skinner Junior R , Wellsville, OH Skinner Richard, Marietta, OH Slagle David L, Marietta, OH Slater Richard, Macksburg, OH Slider Rick, Marietta, OH Sloderbeck Troy R, Marietta, OH Smallwood Bethel, Orlando, FL Smathers Steven H, Cutler, OH Smeykal Joseph P , Columbus, OH Smith & Biehl Oil Co, Marietta, OH Smith Alice, Marietta, OH Smith Amos Wilbur, Sarahsville, OH Smith Aubrey C, Jacksonville, FL Smith Barney, Marietta, OH Smith Bernard J, Heath, OH Smith Bryon, Elyria, OH Smith Clarence D, Lower Salem, OH Smith Dale V, Massillon, OH Smith Dean, Caldwell, OH Smith Earl, Macksburg, OH Smith Edward L Sr, Canton, OH Smith Elwood, Chesterhill, OH Smith Emma, Lecompton, KS Smith Franklin, Caldwell, OH Smith Gary, Lancaster, OH Smith Gary D, Newport, OH Smith Guy E, Vienna, WV Smith H F, Caldwell, OH Smith Herman, Woodsfield, OH Smith Jacob, Lowell, OH Smith James H Jr, Caldwell, OH Smith Jerry, Hannibal, OH Smith Jessie, Waterford, OH Smith Jessie L, Newport, OH Smith Jimmie, Newport, OH Smith John A, Marietta, OH Smith John R, Caldwell, OH Smith Larry, Lowell, OH Smith Mary E, Lower Salem, OH Smith Mary E, Marietta, OH Smith Maxine M, Amesville, OH Smith Michael, Whipple, OH Smith Norma, Amesville, OH Smith Paul, Vincent, OH Smith Paul E, Beverly, OH Smith Paul G, Amesville, OH Smith Phillip M, Marietta, OH Smith R W, Vincent, OH Smith Ralph F, Cleveland, OH Smith Robert D, Marietta, OH Smith Robert E, Nancy, KY Smith Ronald, Bartlett, OH Smith Russell, Marietta, OH

Smith Sereno E, Amesville, OH Smith Steven, Marietta, OH Smith Steven, Waterford, OH Smith Terry, Sarahsville, OH Smith Terry D, Newport, OH Smith Thomas, Chesterhill, OH Smith Thomas W, Sarahsville, OH Smith Walter, Quaker City, OH Smith Warren, State College, PA Smith William, Newport, OH Smithberger Clarence, Summerfield, OH Smithberger H O, Marietta, OH Smithberger R L, Marietta, OH Smith-Gooly & Brunit, New Concord, OH Smittle Larry C, London, OH Smittle Nellie, Sardis, OH Smurr Carolyn, Silver Spring, MD Snell David P , Newport, OH Snider Avery D, Graysville, OH Snider Melvin L, Marietta, OH Snider Rodney, Marietta, OH Snodgrass Donald, Marietta, OH Snodgrass L E, Marietta, OH Snyder Christine, Lowell, OH Snyder E R, Williamstown, WV Snyder Steven, Waterford, OH Snyder Thomas, Caldwell, OH Sorg Rupert, Sarahsville, OH Souls Harbor Church, Marietta, OH South, OHio Conference, Dayton, OH Sowers Charles, Lower Salem, OH Sparks Carletron, Lowell, OH Sparks Juanita, New Matamoras, OH Spear Zail, Reynoldsburg, OH Spence Brady, Lewisville, OH Spence Fred, Summerfield, OH Spence Kenneth, Marietta, OH Spencer Donald L, Pomeroy, OH Spicer Ernest, Caldwell, OH Spiker Donald, Ava, OH Spindler Richard A Jr, Marietta, OH Spires Joyce, Summerfield, OH Spitzer Carl, Jesup, GA Sponcil Greg, Springfield Sprague Mac R , Marietta, OH Sprague Michele, Marietta, OH Springer Charles, Lowell, OH Springer Larry L, Lower Salem, OH Springer Lee, Lower Salem, OH Springer Michael, Wingett Run, OH Springer Ruth, Lower Salem, OH Spurrier Rita, Pleasant City, OH St Clair Oil Co, St Clairsville, OH St Joe Petroleum, Midland, TX Stack Anna L, Caldwell, OH Stack Gary L, Caldwell, OH Stack Paul, Dexter City, OH Stacy Thomas , Marietta, OH Stagg Joyce A, Seth, WV Stalnaker Linda L , Marietta, OH Stanberry Charles, Caldwell, OH Standen Mary, Elyria, OH Stanley Richard H , Canal Winchester, OH Stanleyville Church, Whipple, OH Starcher Clarence, New Matamoras, OH Starcher J L, Waterford, OH Starcher Orville, Spencer, WV Stark Cecil, Marietta, OH Stark Solomon S, Whipple, OH

Stark William, Whipple, OH Starling Dortha L, Frostproof, FL Starling Sue, Lowell, OH Starr Forest, Caldwell, OH State Library, Caldwell, OH Steed Lorain V , Graysville, OH Steen Herbert C, Caldwell, OH Steese Gerald C, Caldwell, OH Stegner Oil Co, Sycamore Valley, OH Steinhoff Harry E, Rinard Mills, OH Steinhoff Howard, Parkersburg, WV Steinhoff Joe, Rinard Mills, OH Stephan Eric, Marietta, OH Stephany Oil Well, Fairview, PA Stephen Frank L, Dayton, OH Stephens Kathy, Lower Salem, OH Stephens Marie, Graysville, OH Stephens Robin, Caldwell, OH Stevens Carl E, Marietta, OH Stevens Charles , Lowell, OH Stevens Daniel, Lower Salem, OH Stevens Della, Chesterhill, OH Stevens Elizabe, Chesterhill, OH Stevens Erval, Marietta, OH Stevens Francis, Newport, OH Stevens Walter, Marietta, OH Stevenson Martha G, Akron, OH Stewart Harry, New Matamoras, OH Stewart Melvin, Marietta, OH Stewart Ruth, Beverly, OH Stewart Stanley, Caldwell, OH Stewart Thelma J, New Matamoras, OH Stewart W R, Marietta, OH Stiebel Stephen D, Whipple, OH Stiers A J, Caldwell, OH Stiers Jerry, Waterford, OH Stiers Jerry D, Stockport, OH Still Lillian G, Zanesville, OH Still Norman, Parkersburg, WV Stine Arthur, Sardis, OH Stine Robert D, Wooster, OH Stines Edward, Marietta, OH Stivers Richard Rjr, Beverly, OH Stoehr Vernon, Marietta, OH Stoffel George, Marietta, OH Stoffel Harry, Lower Salem, OH Stollar Don R, Lowell, OH Stollar Warren, Marietta, OH Stone Patrick, Marietta, OH Stone Robert J, Lower Salem, OH Stoneburner George, Pleasant City, OH Stopyra Theador, Marietta, OH Stottlemire Walter, New Matamoras, OH Stottsberry Terry, Caldwell, OH Stout Benjamin L, Lowell, OH Stout James, Lowell, OH Stout Jay, Sardis, OH Strahler Alfred, Beverly, OH Strahler W E, Marietta, OH Strauss William E, Vincent, OH Streight Sara, Marietta, OH Stucki Heinz, Lowell, OH Stull Delbert E, Lower Salem, OH Stull Thomas E, Marietta, OH Stump Arnold, Cheshire, OH Stump Herman, New Matamoras, OH Sturm Ralph D, Marietta, OH Sturm Robert J, Marietta, OH Stutler Donald, Waterford, OH

Suder John, Whipple, OH Suittor John, Graysville, OH Sullivan Charles J, Marietta, OH Sullivan Cliffor, Reno, OH Sullivan H E , Zanesville, OH Sullivan Pearl, Lowell, OH Suter Mary, Sardis, OH Sutherland Harry, Sarahsville, OH Sutton & Stewart, Bridgeport, OH Sutton Paul, Marietta, OH Swain Thomas C, Belpre, OH Swank Robert, Rio Grand, OH Swartz, E Lou, Marietta, OH Swisher Louis A, Amesville, OH Swisher Ron, Lowell, OH Sycamore Oil Co, Marietta, OH Szabo Timothy, Marietta, OH Tabler Rex, Guysville, OH Tallman Edna, Woodsfield, OH Tallman John, Marietta, OH Tanner James M, Mancelona, MI Tanthorey Charles, Cutler, OH Tarleton Earl, Marysville, OH Tate Howard Jr, Chesterhill, OH Tate John, Zanesville, OH Taylor Bernard, Lower Salem, OH Taylor Dale, Stockport, OH Taylor David, Whipple, OH Taylor Elmer, Marietta, OH Taylor L C, Beverly, OH Taylor Robert, Marietta, OH Taylor Robert K, Marietta, OH Taylor Russell H, Williamstown, WV Teeman Earl, New Matamoras, OH Teeters John D, Caldwell, OH Tennant Bernard L, Beverly, OH Tepe Ralph, Parkersburg, WV Tetzel Michael, New Matamoras, OH Thatcher Roger W, Marietta, OH Theobald Delila, Marietta, OH Theobald Janila J, Newport, OH Theobald Larry E, Newport, OH Theobald Larry E Jr, Newport, OH Theobald Rick, Marietta, OH Theobald Robert D, Ventura, CA Theobald Ronald G, Greeneville, TN Theobald Shirley, New Matamoras, OH Thomas Arnel, Newport, OH Thomas Charles, Newport, OH Thomas Cheryl, Sarahsville, OH Thomas Clifford, Stockport, OH Thomas Dewain, Denton, TX Thomas Everett H, New Matamoras, OH Thomas Gary E, Caldwell, OH Thomas Joe B, Summersville, WV Thomas John E, Newport, OH Thomas Joseph, Belle Valley, OH Thomas, Jeffrey L, Reno, OH Thompson Alvah F, Marietta, OH Thompson Arthur C, Graysville, OH Thompson Carlos V, Clearwater, FL Thompson Cecil, Marietta, OH Thompson Charlene, Caldwell, OH Thompson Colonel O, Reno, OH Thompson Danny W, Newport, OH Thompson Earl T , The Plains, OH Thompson Emma, Sardis, OH Thompson Eva Jean, Sandstone, WV Thompson Gary, Lower Salem, OH

Thompson James W, Marietta, OH Thompson Joan, Marietta, OH Thompson Larry M, Lower Salem, OH Thompson Leroy, Caldwell, OH Thompson Michael, Marietta, OH Thompson Morris E, Marietta, OH Thompson Morris E , Marietta, OH Thompson Viola, Caldwell, OH Thompson Wilbert L, Cambridge, OH Thompson Zellen, Columbus, OH Thorla E L , Cumberland, OH Thorn Glenn, Avon, OH Thorne Ralph W, Marietta, OH Tidd Nancy, Newport, OH Tidd Raymond, Newport, OH Tidewater Compression, Bridgeville, PA Tiff Tom, Graysville, OH Tiger Oil, INc, Canal Winchester, OH Tilton Dewey, Lowell, OH Tilton J O, Byesville, OH Tiltonville Comm Clu B, Caldwell, OH Tolewitz Leonard N, Summerfield, OH Touville Ira, Senecaville, OH Towner Petroleum Co, Cambridge, OH Townsend Junior, Caldwell, OH Trador Thomas Jr, Marietta, OH Travis Roy F , New Matamoras, OH Treadway Alan,, FLeming, OH Treadway Kenneth Djr, Reno, OH Treadway Raymond, Marietta, OH Treadway Robert, Marietta, OH Treadway Senior, Marietta, OH Treadway William, New Matamoras, OH Trembly Ann, Lowell, OH Trembly Randy, Marietta, OH Trenner Ancil, Fort Worth, TX Trenner Herbert, Cumberland, OH Tri Co Service, Sharon, OH Tricebaw Herbert, Massillon, OH Trimble Harold, Shadyside, OH Triner Robert D, Canton, OH Triple Gas Co, Marietta, OH Triplett Kenneth, Caldwell, OH Triplett Marlene, Caldwell, OH Trott Fred, Caldwell, OH Truax Melvin, Newport, OH Trustees Of Ccs Trust, Caldwell, OH Tucker Fred E, Sardis, OH Tucker Ronald R,, FLeming, OH Tuel Everett, Waterford, OH Tuel Raymond, Tallmadge, OH Tuel Samuel E, New Matamoras, OH Tullius Alfred, Waterford, OH Tullius Paul, Marietta, OH Tullius Paul, Lowell, OH Turner Charles, Marietta, OH Turner George L, Middlebourne, WV Turner Gladys M, Graysville, OH Twiggs Myron L, Reno, OH Tyrell Jack, Marietta, OH Ullman B W , Caldwell, OH Ullman Charlene, Marietta, OH Ullman Charles S, Marietta, OH Ullman Daniel G, Marietta, OH Ullman George W, Waverly, OH Ullman Oil Co #3 , Woodsfield, OH Ullman Walter G, Johnstown, OH Ullom Earl, Waterford, OH Underwood Russell D , Stockport, OH

United Me Ch Parsonage, Rinard Mills, OH United Methodist Ch, New Matamoras, OH Universal Minerals , Columbus, OH Upshaw Millard, Caldwell, OH Valentine & Miller, New Matamoras, OH Valentine Oil Properties, Lowell, OH Valentine Paul, New Matamoras, OH Vallee Hazel, Akron, OH Van Lehn Robert, Marietta, OH Van Wey Gerald, Marietta, OH Vanauken William, Sarahsville, OH Vance Gerald W, Marietta, OH Vandale Benjami, Marietta, OH Vandegrift Denzil, Marietta, OH Vanderbeek Ronald, Caldwell, OH Vanfossen Christina, Pleasant City, OH Vanfossen, FLoyd, Waterford, OH Vanfossen Glen, Dexter City, OH Vanfossen Robert, Kimbolton, OH Vanfossen Robert K, Kimbolton, OH Vanhoughton Oliver, Caldwell, OH Vanleen Harold A, Ava, OH Vannoy Barbara, Marietta, OH Vanscyoc Roy W, Lowell, OH Vanwey Ruth M,, FLeming, OH Varhola Andrew L Jr, Caldwell, OH Vaughn James, Beverly, OH Venham Richard, Marietta, OH Veyon Richard K, Belle Valley, OH Vickers Jody, Sarahsville, OH Vorhies Bonnie, Caldwell, OH Waderker G O, Chesterhill, OH Wagner Clarenc W, Macksburg, OH Wagner David L, Lower Salem, OH Wagner Herman, Macksburg, OH Wagner Marylou, Marietta, OH Wagner Ralph L, Macksburg, OH Wagner Richard A, Lower Salem, OH Wagner Roger D, Lower Salem, OH Wagner William, Marietta, OH Wagner-Davis Oil & Gas, Lowell, OH Wagoner Roderic, Amesville, OH Waite James D Sr, Cumberland, OH Walker Chris, New Matamoras, OH Walker Garth L, Bartlett, OH Walker Linda C,, FLeming, OH Wall, FLeddie, Marietta, OH Wallace Ann, Beverly, OH Wallace C M , Stockport, OH Wallace Doug, Marietta, OH Wallace Kenneth, Senecaville, OH Wallace Russell, New Matamoras, OH Waller Gertrud, Caldwell, OH Waller W C , Dexter City, OH Walsh Bartley,, FLeming, OH Walters, FLoyd E, Lower Salem, OH Walters Mary K, Ravenswood, WV Walters Melinda, Ellenboro, WV Walters Randal, Lower Salem, OH Walters Steven, Lowell, OH Walters Susan D, Marietta, OH Walters William, Caldwell, OH Ward Allan, Newport, OH Ward Harold, Lowell, OH Ward Helen, Cleveland, OH Ward James, Newport, OH Ward Lena, Newport, OH Ward William W, Marietta, OH Warden Lowell R Jr, Marietta, OH


WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Wargo Edward, Reno, OH Warner Dale, Belle Valley, OH Warner James F, Caldwell, OH Warner Lloyd G, Marietta, OH Warner Pam, Sarahsville, OH Warner Robert, New Matamoras, OH Warren Farms, Whipple, OH Warren Lawrenc, Waterford, OH Warren Mark, Marietta, OH Warrick Drew, Caldwell, OH Wasson Jan M, Gahanna, OH Waterman David, Marietta, OH Waters Richard, Marietta, OH Watson Della, Frazeysburg, OH Watson Jessica, Marietta, OH Watson John W, Cumberland, OH Way Harry C, Marietta, OH Wears Oren Jr, Marietta, OH Weaver Allen, Marietta, OH Webb Dale, Hannibal, OH Webb David, Circleville, OH Webb Enterprises, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Webb Juanita, Lewisville, OH Webb Larry E, Beverly, OH Webb Steve, Marietta, OH Weber Paul, Lowell, OH Weckbacher J F, Rinard Mills, OH Weckbacher John C, Rinard Mills, OH Weckbacher Mark, Marietta, OH Weekley Lena, Cutler, OH Weeks Oil Company, Huntington, WV Weinstock Earl W, Marietta, OH Weisend Ethel, Caldwell, OH Welch Jonnie, Vincent, OH Welch Willis, Caldwell, OH Well Supervision, New Concord, OH Welling Stanley E, Marietta, OH Wells Dwight, Vincent, OH Wells Jay, Senecaville, OH Wells John M, Marietta, OH Wells Larry, Caldwell, OH Wellspring Margaret, Marietta, OH Wenzel James, Marietta, OH Werner Robert, Sarahsville, OH West Cameron, New Matamoras, OH West Charles M, Caldwell, OH West Donna, Lower Salem, OH West Doris, Marietta, OH West Ralph, New Matamoras, OH West Sanford J, Marietta, OH West Susan J , Caldwell, OH West Thomas F, Tulsa, OK West William M, New Matamoras, OH

Westbrook Earl D, Marietta, OH Westbrook Larry R, Marietta, OH Wheeler Chester, Stockport, OH Wheeler Elvin, Caldwell, OH Wheeler Lawrence, Marietta, OH Wheeler Robert, Marietta, OH Wheeler Susan, Sarahsville, OH Wheeler Virginia, Marietta, OH Whetstone Lewis , Lower Salem, OH Whipkey Francis, Waterford, OH Whipkey Jennifer, Marietta, OH Whipkey Samuel, Marietta, OH Whipple Lumber, Marietta, OH Whitaker Charles H, Marietta, OH Whitaker Jerry, Caldwell, OH White Fred Iii, Frazeysburg, OH White James, Baden, PA White Lola, Bartlett, OH White Oscar, Marietta, OH White Thomas A, Marietta, OH White Vernon I, Caldwell, OH Whitener Brent, Lowell, OH Whittekind David W, Marietta, OH Whyte & Petty Oil Lease, Vincent, OH Wickens Way, Wooster, OH Wickham Merlyn, Lower Salem, OH Wickham Michael, Sarahsville, OH Wickland Lealand G, Youngstown, OH Wickline Ralph, Youngstown, OH Wigal Edward F, Amesville, OH Wigal John A, Stockport, OH Wikander John E, New Bethlehem, PA Wikselaar Ali, Albuquerque, NM Wild Bill J, Marietta, OH Wiley Rufus B, Zanesville, OH Wilhelm William P, Marietta, OH Wilkinson Robert, Caldwell, OH Willett Larry A, Marietta, OH Williams Boyd, New Matamoras, OH Williams Denzil, Marietta, OH Williams Donald, Pleasant City, OH Williams Edward E, Marietta, OH Williams Herbert, Marietta, OH Williams Howard M, Woodsfield, OH Williams James L, Thornville, OH Williams Jerry R, Cambridge, OH Williams Lindsey J, Antioch, OH Williams Myrtle M, Graysville, OH Williams O R , Woodsfield, OH Williams Russell, Saginaw, MI Williams Ruth, Bartlett, OH Williams Theodore, Marietta, OH Williams Thomas, Caldwell, OH

Williamson Charles Jr, New Matamoras, OH Williamson, FLoyd L, Cambridge, OH Williamson Robert L, Burnettsville, IN Williamson Thelma, New Matamoras, OH Williamson Veneer Co, Sarahsville, OH Williamson William E, Marietta, OH Willison Walter, Woodsfield, OH Williston Oil & Dev C, Clifton, NJ Wilson Alford D, Belpre, OH Wilson David R, Caldwell, OH Wilson Edwin, Caldwell, OH Wilson Guy E, Blue Rock, OH Wilson Kathleen, Caldwell, OH Wilson Pearl, Caldwell, OH Wilson R M, Canton, OH Wilson Richard, Port Ritchey, FL Wilson Robert, Marietta, OH Wilson Run Oil Co, Marietta, OH Wilson Tedd, Marietta, OH Winans Boyd, Marietta, OH Winer Arthur, Marietta, OH Wingrove Margaret, Powhatan Point, OH Wingrove Mike,, FLeming, OH Winkler Harold, Rittman, OH Winland Murray K, Graysville, OH Winland Walter, Woodsfield, OH Winstanley Dale C, Marietta, OH Winter Albert, Sardis, OH Winter Carl C, Woodsfield, OH Winter Lena M, Sardis, OH Winters Ralph, Marietta, OH Wise Asa, Woodsfield, OH Wise Edgar, New Matamoras, OH Wise Ronald, Marietta, OH Wiseman Beulah, Marietta, OH Witt John E, Akron, OH Wittekind Donald, Marietta, OH Wittekind William, Baltimore, MD Witten Joseph, New Matamoras, OH Witten Lila, Woodsfield, OH Witten Towhead, St Louis, MO Wj Lydic, INc, Zanesville, OH Wolfe Edward Jr, New Matamoras, OH Wolfe Glen, Lowell, OH Wolfe Glenn, Stockport, OH Wolfe Thomas, Waterford, OH Wolfe Wiley R, Stow, OH Wolfert Dean, Whipple, OH Wollengerg Martin L, New Lexington, OH Wolverton Paul B, Pleasant City, OH Wood James, Akron, OH Wood Lena, Rootstown, OH Woodgerd Dale, Ashland, OH

New location for annual meeting Washington Electric Cooperative’s 79th annual meeting of members will take place at 5 p.m., May 16, at the Marietta Shrine Club, located at 249 Pennsylvania Ave. in Marietta. The Shrine Club is near the Washington County Fairgrounds and the Marietta Aquatic Center. As always, members who attend will enjoy a free meal, door prize drawings, a $10 energy credit, and co-op news and updates. Hope to see you there!


Woodland Oil Company, Newport, OH Woodring Dan, Reno, OH Woods Birch, Caldwell, OH Woodsfield Cable Co, Woodsfield, OH Woomer Russell Sr, Watertown, OH Wooster Barbara, Lowell, OH Wooters Frank, Marietta, OH Workman Gradon R, Woodsfield, OH Worthington C W , Cumberland, OH Wrachford Richard G Jr, Lowell, OH Wright Beverly, Marietta, OH Wright Donna, Sardis, OH Wright Durwin, Marietta, OH Wright Elsie, Caldwell, OH Wright Harold, Lower Salem, OH Wright Helen, Coshocton, OH Wright Linda, Marietta, OH Wright Ronald P, Sarahsville, OH Wriston Myrtle B, New Matamoras, OH Wriston Thomas, Reno, OH Wriston William, Reno, OH Wuletich Edward M, Caldwell, OH Wunderlich David W, Beverly, OH Wyscarver Ronald, Quaker City, OH Yazombek Joseph, Marietta, OH Yerian Linda, Caldwell, OH Yockey Oil Co, Sycamore Valley, OH Yoho G Wayne, Moundsville, WV Yonally Alex, Marietta, OH Yonally Harvey, New Matamoras, OH Yonally Lewis A, Marietta, OH Yost Carmen, Paden City, WV Yost Harry, New Matamoras, OH Yost Harry Jr, New Matamoras, OH Young Clark O, Hebron, OH Young E F, Marietta, OH Young Earl, Lowell, OH Young Justine, Woodsfield, OH Young Michael, Cambridge, OH Young Paul Jr, Cambridge, OH Young Ralph R, Inverness, FL Young Richard H, Longview, WA Yurkovich William, Willoughby, OH Zayac Marjorie, Advance, NC Zelinka Carl, Belpre, OH Zenith Exploration, Gnadahutten, OH Zerger Joy, Caldwell, OH Zimmerman James, Whipple, OH Zimmerman Robert L, Beverly, OH

2019 GRADS


You could win more than $3,650 in our Children of Members Scholarship program!

  Visit   Call the co-op at 740-373-2141   Stop by the co-op office   Pick one up from your guidance counselor   Deadline to apply: Feb. 8, 2019

HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS: Interested in a life-changing leadership experience in Washington, D.C.? Application deadline is Feb. 8, 2019.

What is Youth Tour? The Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives Youth Tour is an annual leadership program sponsored by Washington Electric. It’s a weeklong, all-expensespaid trip to Washington, D.C., that gives exceptional high school students the opportunity to meet with their congressional leaders at the U.S. Capitol, make new friends from across the state and country, and see many of the famous Washington, D.C., sights. Electric cooperatives from 43 states will send about 1,800 delegates this year. Will you be one of them?

June 14–20, 2019

For more information and to apply, visit or call Washington Electric Cooperative at 740-373-2141.


WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES NOTES Dual Fuel – rebates of $500 for new heat pumps installed with a fossil fuel furnace system and co-op load management switch.

Capital credits Washington Electric Cooperative, Inc., refunded capital credits totaling $137,710.42 to the estates of 93 members through December. If you know a deceased member, please have the executor of the estate call our office for information on the member’s capital credits.

Geothermal – rebates of $600 for newly installed geothermal systems. Air conditioners – rebates of $100 for whole-house air

Credit for account number If you find the number of your account in the local pages of this magazine, call the co-op office; you will receive at least $10 credit on your electric bill. In December, Troy Robison of Caldwell did not locate his account number. If you find your account number, call the co-op office by the 16th of the month in which it is published.

Washington Electric Cooperative members saved $173.80 in November on prescription drugs with the Co-op Connections discount card. Members have saved a total of $93,165.57 since the program launched in June 2011. Be sure to check out for information on discounts from national retailers and!

Water heater – rebates from $200 to $400 for qualifying 50-gallon or higher new electric water heaters.

Refrigerators and freezers – $100 rebate for members who replace existing refrigerators and stand-alone freezers with a new ENERGY STAR-labeled appliance. Rebates available on first-come, first-served basis. Call for details.

Co-op Connections card

Co-op rebate programs

conditioning systems with co-op load management switch. Applies to systems younger than 10 years.

Co-op services After-hours outage reporting – Call 877-544-0279 to report a power outage outside of business hours. Outage alerts – Use our SmartHub system to sign up for free outage alerts and other co-op information.

Online bill payment – Visit to use our secure SmartHub online payment system.

Automatic bill payment – Call our office for details on having your electric bill drafted from your checking or savings account each month. Pay your bill by phone – Call 844-344-4362 to pay your electric bill with a check, credit card, or debit card.

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Paul Fleeman, CCD, BL CONTACT 740-373-2141 | 877-594-9324 REPORT OUTAGES AFTER HOURS 877-544-0279 OFFICE 440 Highland Ridge Road P.O. Box 800 Marietta, OH 45750 OFFICE HOURS Mon.–Fri., 7:30 a.m.–4 p.m.

Chairman 740-934-2306

Larry Ullman, CCD, BL Vice Chairman 740-934-2561

Betty Martin, CCD, BL Secretary-Treasurer 740-473-1539

Gale DePuy, CCD, BL Assistant Secretary-Treasurer 740-473-1245

William Bowersock, CCD, BL

General Manager/CEO

BILL PAY SmartHub HAVE A STORY SUGGESTION? Email your ideas to:


Shawn Ray 740-638-5270

Brent Smith 740-585-2598 CCD — Certified Cooperative Director BL — Board Leadership


Jeff Triplett


  Guernsey-Muskingum’s Hill appointed to Ohio Senate Brian Hill, R-Zanesville, was sworn in as state senator for the 20th district, representing Fairfield, Guernsey, Hocking, Morgan, and Muskingum counties and portions of Athens and Pickaway counties. Hill, who has served in the Ohio House of Representatives since 2011, was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Troy Balderson, R-Zanesville, who was recently elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Sen. Hill serves as a trustee on the Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative board.

  Washington Electric awards lighting rebate to Noble Local Schools Washington Electric Cooperative awarded the Noble Local School District a $1,485 rebate through the Commercial and Industrial Lighting program. The district’s project focused on interior lighting at Shenandoah High School and the Shenandoah Middle School gymnasium in Sarahsville. Earlier this year, the cooperative awarded the school district a $1,825 rebate for upgrades performed on the campus’s exterior lighting. Trenda Rice, Noble Locals Schools’ treasurer/CFO, says, “While improving the educational experience of our students, the cost savings further validate that we take our fiscal and environmental responsibilities very seriously.”

  Buckeye Power appeals valuation Buckeye Power Inc. is appealing the tax rate at Cardinal Power Plant, the primary generation resource for the 25 electric cooperatives serving the state of Ohio. The move could lessen Buckeye Power’s tax burden at Cardinal by as much as $3.5 million annually. The measure was taken in order to properly align Cardinal’s tax responsibility with its actual value and with similar power plants remaining in Ohio, as well as to fortify its foundation and future as a viable, competitive power generation resource for its member cooperatives.

  USDA aims to improve internet connectivity in rural America Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is offering up to $600 million in loans and grants to help build broadband infrastructure in rural America. Telecommunications companies, rural electric cooperatives and utilities, internet service providers, and municipalities may apply for funding through USDA’s new ReConnect Program to connect rural areas that currently have insufficient broadband service. USDA will make available $200 million for grants, as well as $200 million for loan and grant combinations, and $200 million for low-interest loans. Projects funded through this initiative must serve communities with fewer than 2,0 people and with no or slow broadband service.



It’s gone the way of the milkman, but ice delivery used to be big business.



et’s look to the future: It’s mid-July and incredibly hot, just as it’s been every summer. On one of those 80-80 days — in the ballpark of 80 degrees accompanied by 80 percent humidity — the condensation pools on the table around the base of your glass of iced tea. Conveniently, ice is but a few steps away. Open the freezer, twist a white rectangular tray, and cubes fall out; push a button on the door and crescent-shaped ice chips cascade into your glass. It’s the epitome of convenience on a hot summer day that, frankly, right now seems far distant as the cold, dark days of February peel slowly off the calendar. Now let’s look to the past: It used to be that weather in February had great bearing on our households and industries, from the breweries of Cincinnati to the meatpacking houses of Cleveland and from the hog farm outside Marietta to the households at Defiance.

Photos from around the 1890s show an ice harvest (top) and the summer ice storage house (right) at Riverside Park in Findlay, as well as a delivery wagon from the People’s Ice and Coal Company. (Images courtesy Hancock Historical Museum, Findlay)


ice from the Blanchard River. “Each ice house could hold about 10,000 tons of ice,” says Bennett. The competition was so stiff, an “ice war” erupted between the competitors. “To keep the peace, the city council had to divide the river into sections between the two companies.” But that pace of business would not last; the market for ice would eventually thaw. The clomp of horse hooves pulling a snow plow and the rasp of a deeply serrated saw were sounds heard through the winters well into the early 1900s. Sawyers cut cubes of ice as large as 2 feet on a side — not too large to handle — then conveyed them to a storehouse where they were packed with insulating sawdust. The whole affair was labor-intensive and dangerous; the threat of hypothermia or being crushed by ice was ever-present. Modernization streamlined operations as hand-powered tools yielded to gas-powered implements. In the countryside, farmers cut and stored their own ice. But in the urban areas, a horse-drawn cart with a bed full of ice, ice picks, and large iron tongs covered by a patina of use were a common sight.

February was, and still is, the last month when the weather lends itself to reliably freeze ponds and streams across the state. That was once critical to businesses and home economies. Ice production and harvest was an important industry across Ohio until the advent of modern refrigeration. In all corners of Ohio, homes and industries relied on the cold winter weather and commercial ice harvesters to deliver cakes of frozen water that would make it through the hottest parts of the year. February’s ice chilled stored meats and vegetables all the way through to autumn. Doctors cautioned that iced water caused gum and tooth disease and stomach ailments, but brewers and meatpackers relied on commercial ice houses to keep the wheels of business rolling year-round. Brewers used ice to regulate fermentation, and packers needed ice to store and deliver meats, keeping spoilage at bay. The commercial ice industry started circa 1830 in New England and spread through the upper Midwest. Commercial ice houses were well-established in Ohio by the mid- to late 19th century. According to Joy Bennett, curator and archivist at the Hancock Historical Museum in Findlay, two ice houses in Findlay kept up rigorous businesses and competed for customers, both harvesting An ice harvesting operation on the Blanchard River near Findlay, just before prime season. (Courtesy Hancock Historical Museum, Findlay); Top: a deliveryman preparing for a weekly stop. (Library of Congress)


Among our more senior set, there are those of us who still remember home delivery of milk — the glass jugs with circular stiff paper lids set out on the porch in metal crates — a method of distribution from dairies that lasted up to the 1960s. Much in the same fashion, the ice man would come throughout the year, delivering cakes of ice to homes for domestic consumption. Folks inside the house would put a card in the window, indicating what size block of ice to leave, from 25 to 100 pounds. Because chilled air sinks, the ice cakes were placed in the top of a cabinet to chill the food items below. Today, the “ice box” is still often found on the top of the refrigerator to maximize efficiency. The press of a button now delivers in an instant what took many men many months and much material and space to deliver to the consumer. Modernization would ring the death knell for ice harvesting; refrigeration as we know it today killed the entire industry. Modern refrigerators were mass produced by the 1920s, turning ice ponds and storehouses into artifacts.

A turn-of-the-century ice harvest (top) and Ohio workers manufacturing the iceboxes that would use those “crops” all summer long. (Courtesy Ohio History Connection)



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MOVERS AND SHAKERS Short line railroads fill a vital economic role in rural areas STORY AND PHOTOS BY KEVIN WILLIAMS


Engine 5255, a 100-ton locomotive christened in 1979, is Indiana Eastern Railroad’s “work-horse” that pulls cargo to and from New Haven, Ohio.


ayhigh Road is a little-traveled ribbon of asphalt in rural western Butler County. Occasionally, however, a traveler might encounter a sleek, black locomotive emerging from the woods and thundering down the track that crosses Layhigh behind an X-shaped crossbuck. As quickly as the locomotive appears, it fades away, a phantom train in broad daylight. “Some people who live along this line say they have never seen a train here,” says Jason Bynum, the engineer who drives the Indiana Eastern Railroad (IERR) train on its twice-weekly runs. Most people living along the tracks are away at work when it passes. Grain, solvents, acids, cardboard, and coal are just some of the cargo hauled by what are more formally called Class III (short line) rails. The short lines are the scrappy, nimble rails that do what the big ones (Class I) — think CSX or Norfolk Southern — don’t or can’t. Indiana Eastern has a sister line, Ohio South Central Railroad, that honeycombs through the hardscrabble hills of Appalachia in Jackson County, where the rails serve businesses as diverse as Austin Powder, an almost twocentury-old maker of explosives, and Totino’s Pizza Rolls, which are made in Jackson. The headquarters of Ohio South Central is in the Vinton County town of Hamden. The nerve center of the IERR is a converted former farmhouse just across the state line from Butler County. On an overcast December morning, Bynum, officially IERR’s operations manager, and conductor Tony Pickens go over paperwork and plan their day, which will include a 26-mile trip to two chemical plants in New Haven, Ohio.

Tony Pickens activates a derail switch, which provides an added level of safety when transporting materials.

Before the locomotive and five chemical cars can set off, though, there is work to be done. They can’t grab just any chemical car. You can’t, for example, put sulfuric acid in a tanker that once held liquid nitrogen. So, they have to make sure to pull the correct car out of storage on a siding track, “which is like shuffling a deck of cards,” Bynum says.


In this case, the “cards” are 250,000-pound chunks of steel. On this morning, the tank car they want is 11 deep in a line, so Pickens has to pull 10 cars off the siding onto the main track. Bynum backs them far enough to get them out of the way, throws the train into reverse and hooks to the needed car, pulls it onto the track, and then hooks back to the 11 unneeded cars and deposits them back onto the siding. The entire process of plucking cars out of storage with all the associated maneuvering takes almost 90 minutes. Once the lineup is set, the 261,000-pound locomotive begins chugging southwestward at a peak speed of 25 mph through farm fields harvested bare for the winter. The train thunders through the town of Bath, Indiana, and then crosses the border into Ohio. Farm fields gradually give way to

The short line chugs across a span that crosses the confluence of Buck Creek and Dry Fork Creek, providing some of the most stunning vistas of the journey. Engineer Jason Bynum (left) dutifully keeps the trains moving and on schedule.


Tony Pickens watches for anything amiss or unsafe during the typically uneventful journey through Butler County. The train here is stopped at Nutrien, a phosphate company in New Haven.

a bucolic countryside of hamlets and hills. The track crosses Buck Creek over a dramatic trestle bridge and then ambles alongside Paddy’s Run Creek near Shandon, an area that once attracted Welsh settlers who were drawn to the area by its resemblance to their home country. “It’s all personal. It’s not just a job,” Pickens says. Pickens spent nine years working for CSX, one of the largest railroads in the country. He’s now spent 13 years at the “wheel” at IERR because he likes the variety that a short line offers. The entire operation is run by Pickens, Bynum, and Scott Vance, IERR’s track inspector, who can also step seamlessly into the role of conductor or engineer, if needed. They replace railroad ties, fix retaining walls, cut back brush from the tracks, install and maintain crossing equipment, and help drum up business for their line. They keep a chainsaw on board the train in case they happen upon a fallen tree on the tracks. “The reason we are successful is that we have maintained a low administrative overhead,” says George Andres, who owns both railroads. “We have good, dedicated people who are cross-trained. That gives us flexibility in how we operate, it keeps costs down, and it lets us maintain a personal relationship with all of our customers.” The short lines serve as a vital economic lifeline for rural Ohio. “The train is pretty much the lifeblood of our process,” says Jeff Baker, production manager at Nutrien, one of the plants Bynum’s train services in New Haven. Nutrien has food-grade phosphate brought in by train, Baker says, because getting the needed volume by truck wouldn’t be cost-effective. The Ohio Rail Association (ORA), an advocacy group for the state’s short lines, takes any opportunity to highlight the economic-vitality aspect. “Short lines are critical in so many ways,” says Art Arnold, president of the ORA. “They are local employers and economic-development lifelines, whether they are bringing in materials or hauling out product.”







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FEB. 9 – Lima Symphony: “A Heart’s Longing,” Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Ctr., 7 Town Square, Lima, 7:30 p.m. $15–$30. An evening devoted to the vividly emotional masterworks of Tchaikovsky, featuring violinist Tai Murray. 419-224-1552 or www. FEB. 7–10 – Greater Toledo Auto Show, Seagate Convention Ctr., 401 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, Thur. 3–9 p.m., Fri. 12–9 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.–9 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $8, Srs./Stds. $6, under 10 free. Displays of the latest and greatest models and automotive technologies from 26 different manufacturers. 419-255-3300 or

FEB. 2 – Ice-A-Fair, 685 Main St., Vermilion, 11 a.m.–7 p.m. Free daylong event for the entire family, featuring glittering ice sculptures and ice carving demos throughout the day. Ends with a towering Fire and Ice display. 440-963-0772 or FEB. 2–3 – Tri-State Gun Show, Allen Co. Fgds., 2750 Harding Hwy., Lima (2 miles east of Lima on St. Rte. 309), Sat. 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m., Sun. 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m. $6, free for members, under 18 free. Over 400 tables of modern and antique guns, knives, hunting equipment, and associated collectibles for purchase. 419-647-0067 or www.


FEB. 2 – Advanced Grafting the Right Way, Dawes Arboretum Greenhouse Classroom, 7770 Jacksontown Rd., Newark, 8:30–11:30 a.m, $30/$40 non-members. Continue on your path of learning and developing skill in plant grafting at this hands-on workshop to increase the survivability of grafts. Rootstock and scion wood are provided; attendees may bring their own scion wood, if appropriate rootstock is available (call to verify). Participants take home the material they graft to nurture. Intended for those who participated in previous grafting workshops. Register by Jan. 31 at 800-443-2937 or FEB. 2 – Lancaster Antique Show, Fairfield Co. Fgds., Farm Bureau Bldg., 157 E. Fair Ave., Lancaster, 9 a.m.–3 p.m. $6.


FEB. 16–18 – Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides, Spiegel Grove, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums, Fremont. $3, under 3 free. Celebrate Presidents Day weekend by riding in a horse-drawn sleigh through the Hayes estate. A horse-drawn trolley may be used instead, depending on demand and staffing levels. 800998-7737 or

FEB. 17 – Bedazzle Bridal Expo, Wyandot Co. Fgds., Masters Bldg., 10171 St. Hwy. 53 N., Upper Sandusky, 12–2:30 p.m. $7. Over 40 exhibitors showcase their products and services that create and FEB. 8–9 – Winterfest BG Chillabration, Bowling Green, Fri. 10 enhance that special day for the bride. Includes photography, event a.m.–9 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m.–11 p.m. Free. Featuring the Frozen Swamp Tent, winter market, entertainment, craft beer and wine, ice garden, planning, tuxedo rental, dresses, catering, and more. Resources for ice sculpting demos, and horse-drawn carriage rides. 419-353-9445 or other special events as well. 419-294-3349 or http://wyandotchamber. com/events-calendar/bridal-expo. FEB. 13 – Rock of Ages: Tenth Anniversary Tour, Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Ctr., 7 Town Square, Lima, 7:30 p.m. Starting at $44. A rock/jukebox musical built around classic rock songs from the 1980s, especially from the famous glam metal bands of that decade. Nominated for five Tony Awards, including Best Musical. 419-224-1552 or FEB. 15–17 – HBA House and Home Show, SeaGate Convention Ctr., 401 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, Fri. 3–8 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.–8 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $10 at door, $5 in advance, under 12 free. Talk directly to the experts about your dreams of updating the inside

FEB. 17 – Peg + Cat Live!, Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Ctr., 7 Town Square, Lima, 2 p.m. $19–$54. Based on the Emmywinning PBS Kids show, this musical features wild comedy, countless favorite songs from the show, and Peg’s super coolest pal Ramone. 419-224-1552 or FEB. 24 – Candid Camera: 8 Decades of Smiles with Peter Funt, Niswonger Performing Arts Ctr., 10700 St. Rte. 118 S., Van Wert, 3 p.m. $20–$30. The fast-paced comedy show combines the funniest clips from Candid Camera’s library with onstage surprises and hilarious audience participation. 419-238-6722 or

Reception and early buying on Friday, Feb. 1, 6–8 p.m.; $10 admission includes Saturday’s show. More than 35 dealers specializing in country and period antiques, stoneware, decorative arts, and more. 614-325-8873, 614-989-5811, or www.facebook. com/lancasterantiqueshow.

FEB. 15 – Improv in the May, Marion Palace Theatre May Pavilion, 276 W. Center St., Marion, 7:30 p.m. $5. Members of the audience suggest ideas for the games and skits that seasoned stage actors perform. It’s a night of hilarious and unpredictable fun. 740-383-2101 or

FEB. 2 – Movie Night at the Majestic: Steel Magnolias, Majestic Theatre, 45 E. Second St., Chillicothe, 7 p.m. $5. www.

FEB. 16–24 – Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show, Ohio Expo Ctr., Bricker Bldg. and Celeste Ctr., 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, Sat. 10 a.m.–8 p.m., Sun.–Thur. 11 a.m.–6 p.m., closed Tues., Fri. 11–8 p.m. Expertise from local gurus and craftsmen, how-to sessions and demos, fun for the kids, giveaways, celebrity appearances, and much more.

FEB. 8–10 – AAA Great Vacations Travel Expo, Ohio Expo Ctr., Kasich Hall, 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, Fri. 12–7 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.–7 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.–4 p.m. $8, under 17 free; $4 for AAA members. Talk one-on-one with travel experts and find vacation packages to fit every budget and interest. Fun activities for the whole family. THROUGH MAR. 3 – “Orchids,” Franklin Park Conservatory, 1777 E. Broad St., Columbus, daily 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $11–$18, under 3 free. The annual orchid display reaches new heights as these unique flowers take to hanging baskets and suspended sculptural displays. 614-715-8000 or

of your home, sprucing up your curb appeal, or building a brandnew home … all under one roof! or www.

FEB. 8–10 – Columbus Fishing Expo, Ohio Expo Ctr., Bricker Bldg., 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, Fri. noon–8 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.–7 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $12, Srs. $10, under 18 free. Military/first responders with ID, $10. Three days of sport fishing education and fun, with educational seminars, speakers, and activities to expand your knowledge of fishing. 614-361-5548 or www. FEB. 8–10 – The Tale of Snow White, Palace Productions, Marion Palace Theatre, 276 W. Center St., Marion, Fri./Sat. 7:30 p.m., Sun. 2 p.m. $18 adults, $12 children. Performed by local youth, this fresh and funny stage adaptation is loaded with bright new faces and comedic twists. 740-383-2101 or www. FEB. 9 – Sweethearts Hike, Hocking Hills, 19852 St. Rte. 664 S., Logan, 5–7 p.m. Free. Take your sweetheart for a romantic stroll to Ash Cave in the soft light of dusk. Afterward, enjoy a cozy fire and refreshments. 740-385-6842 or http://parks.

THROUGH MAR. 31 – Honeymoon and Anniversary Packages, North Bend State Park, 202 North Bend Park Rd., Cairo. $80–$120. 800-CALL-WVA or FEB. 10 – Hodgesville Lions Club Spaghetti Dinner, Warren District Community Ctr., 70 Hackers Creek Rd., Hodgesville, 12–5 p.m. Homemade spaghetti sauce! Brooms for sale. Please bring old eyeglasses for recycling. 304-472-3455.


FEB. 17 – Fairfield County Antique Tractor Club Toy and Tractor Show, Fairfield Co. Fgds., AAA Building, 157 E. Fair Ave., Lancaster, 9 a.m.–3 p.m. Featuring Allis Chalmers. 740-407-2347 (Doug Shaw) or FEB. 22 – America, Marion Palace Theatre, 276 W. Center St., Marion, 8 p.m. $34–$58. One of the top-selling acts of the 1970s, folk-rock band America hits the stage to perform their biggest hits. 740-383-2101 or FEB. 22 – Maple Syrup Family Night, Dawes Arboretum, Main Shelter House, 7770 Jacksontown Rd., Newark, 6–7:30 p.m. Join Arboretum staff for this sweet night hike through the Deep Woods. We’ll explore the history of maple syrup production, and then stop at the Log Cabin to warm up next to a roaring fire with snacks and maple syrup tastings. 740-323-2355 or FEB. 23 – Motown Sounds of Touch, Majestic Theatre, 45 E. Second St., Chillicothe, 7:30–9 p.m. $18–$20. The Midwest’s number one “Motown sound” vocal group performs all your favorite Motown hits.

PLEASE NOTE: Ohio Cooperative Living strives for accuracy but urges readers to confirm dates and times before traveling long distances to events. Submit listings AT LEAST 90 DAYS prior to the event to Ohio Cooperative Living, 6677 Busch Blvd., Columbus, OH 43229 or Ohio Cooperative Living will not publish listings that don’t include a complete address or a number/ website for more information.



FEB. 8 – Adult Swim: Wine and Chocolate, Greater Cleveland Aquarium, 2000 Sycamore St., Cleveland, 7–10 p.m. The perfect date night leading up to Valentine’s Day! Sample a variety of wines that pair well with chocolate. Also enjoy full after-hours access to the Aquarium. events/adult-swim-tasting-series. FEB. 10 – Mansfield Train Show, hosted by Denny’s Trains, Richland Co. Fgds., 750 N. Home Rd., Mansfield, 10 a.m.–3 p.m. $5, under 12 free. Free parking. Over 150 tables of train-related items. Several operating layouts, operating G scale Thomas train, and kids’ area with a small riding Thomas train. Contact Dennis Breese at 419-606-7934.

FEB. 1–10 – The Great Big Home and Garden Show, IX Center, 1 I-X Center Dr., Cleveland, Mon.–Fri. 11 a.m.–9 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.–9 p.m., Sun.10 a.m.–5 p.m. (till 6 p.m. on final day). $10–$15, C. (6–12) $5, under 6 free. Explore more than 600 exhibits, engage with more than 1,000 experts, and tour featured homes and the garden showcase. 440-248-5729 or FEB. 2 – Mid-Winter Stamp and Coin Show, Mozelle Hall, Ashland Co. Fgds., 2042 Claremont Ave., Ashland, 10 a.m.–3 p.m. Free admission and parking. FEB. 3 – Model Railroad and Toy Show, Medina Co. Fgds. Community Ctr., 735 Lafayette Rd. (St. Rte. 42), Medina. $6. 330948-4400 or


FEB. 15–16 – Great Backyard Bird Count, The West Woods Nature Center, 9465 Kinsman Rd. (Rte. 87), Russell and Newbury Twps., Russell, 11 a.m.–4 p.m. Become an official citizen scientist and participate in this worldwide bird count coordinated by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society. Stop by the nature center to help compile a list of birds seen at the big windows. FEB. 16 – Sweetheart Hike, Mohican State Park, 3116 St. Rte. 3, Loudonville, 7–8 p.m. Bring your sweetheart for a romantic stroll through the Mohican Forest. The Gazebo Trail leads through beautiful old-growth trees to the gazebo, which has a beautiful view of Pleasant Hill Lake. Enjoy a cozy fire at the lodge after the hike. 419-994-5125 or FEB. 18 – Presidents Day Celebration, McKinley Museum, 800 McKinley Monument Dr. N., Canton, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Activities scheduled throughout the day. Gallery tours at 11 and 1 p.m., meet-

around the Ohio Valley as well as several other craftsmen who work in the manner of the 18th and 19th centuries. Also featured will be horn makers, hunting bag makers, leather workers, tinsmithing, cabinet making, and other allied trades. 740-373-3750 or www. FEB. 9 – Crystal Gayle, Peoples Bank Theatre, 222 Putnam St., Marietta, 8 p.m. Starting at $44.

FEB. 9 – Contemporary Gun Makers and Allied Artists, Campus Martius Museum, 601 Second St., Marietta, 9:30 a.m.– 4 p.m. Features the work of several dozen traditional gunmakers from


FEB. 6, 13, 20, 27 – Vernon McIntyre’s Appalachian Grass, Vinoklet Winery, 11069 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, 6:30–8:30 p.m. Free admission. Enjoy dinner and an evening of lively bluegrass music. Reservations recommended. 513-385-9309 or www. FEB. 8, MAR. 1 – Vernon McIntyre’s Appalachian Grass, Butler County Coon Hunters Club, 200 Warwick Rd., Hamilton, 7–9 p.m. Donations accepted. Enjoy an evening of lively bluegrass music with

and-greet with President McKinley at 12 and 2 p.m. 330-455-7043 or FEB. 22–23 – Lake Erie Folk Fest, Shore Cultural Centre, 291 E. 222nd St., Euclid. Kids’ school program (grades 2–6) and community dance on Friday. Free music workshops, community jams, dances, and performances on Saturday, followed by an evening concert. 216-289-8578,, or FEB. 22–23 – Spring Arts and Crafts Show, Fisher Auditorium, Shisler Conference Ctr., 1680 Madison Ave., Wooster, Fri. 5–9 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Free admission and parking. Sponsored by the Wayne County Arts and Crafts Guild. 120 vendors. Floral designs, bunnies, jewelry, wooden and fabric items, glass block and wine bottle lights, candies, stained glass, handwoven baskets and rugs, candles, soaps, and seasonal and garden décor will be among the handcrafted merchandise for sale. Lunch available on site. 330-682-2926. FEB. 22–MAR. 3 – Cleveland Auto Show, IX Center, One I-X Dr., Cleveland. $13, Srs./C. (7–12) $11, under 7 free. Indoor test drives, vehicle giveaway, classic car competition, and other special features. See website for hours and schedule of events. www. FEB. 23–24– Brite Winter, West Bank of the Flats, Cleveland, Sat. 3 p.m.–Sun. 1 a.m. Free and open to the public; VIP packages available. Enjoy diverse musical acts, artwork, and fun outdoor activities.

FEB. 12 – Jim Brickman, Vern Riffe Ctr., 940 Second St., Portsmouth, 7:30 p.m. $15–$45. 740-351-3600 or FEB. 15–17, 22–24 – Mamma Mia!, Pritchard Laughlin Civic Ctr., 7033 Glenn Highway, Cambridge. $8–$10. ABBA’s hits tell the hilarious story of a teen’s search for her birth father on a Greek island paradise. Featuring local talent. 740-439-7009 or www.

FEB. 9 – Jammin’ for Johnson, Cambridge Eagles Club, 1930 FEB. 16–17 – Heritage Arms Gun Show, Pritchard Laughlin Civic E. Wheeling Ave., Cambridge, 8 p.m. $10 per person, $15 per Ctr., 7033 Glenn Highway, Cambridge, Sat. 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Sun. 9 couple. Annual fundraiser in memory of the late “Bunk” Johnson. a.m.–4 p.m. 740-439-7009 or 740-432-4550. FEB. 21 – Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner, Pritchard FEB. 9 – Winter Hike, Burr Oak State Park, 10220 Burr Oak Lodge Laughlin Civic Ctr., 7033 Glenn Highway, Cambridge. 740-439Rd., Glouster, 10 a.m.–3 p.m. Free. Join fellow outdoors enthusiasts 6688 or for a great day of hiking! Hike lengths are 3, 5, and 8 miles. Enjoy free bean soup and corn bread after the hike at the lodge. 740-7673570 or

lightning-fast instrumentals, close harmonies, and entertaining novelty songs. Good food available on site. 513-607-1874 or www.

p.m. Free. Enjoy an evening of lively banjo, fiddle, and guitar with Vernon and Kitty McIntyre and guest Robert Campbell. 937-435-3700.

FEB. 9–10 – Jungle Jim’s Big Cheese Festival, Oscar Event Ctr., Jungle Jim’s International Market, 5440 Dixie Highway, Fairfield, 12–5 p.m. $15 adults, $2 kids; VIP tickets available. Sample amazing cheeses plus a variety of meats, olives, and other appetizers, as well as fabulous beers and wines. 513-674-6055 or bigcheesefest.

FEB. 23 – Guided Winter Hike at Fort Hill, 13614 Fort Hill Rd., Hillsboro. Join botanists/naturalists Ann Geise and Marjie Becus on a free 5-mile guided hike, where you will observe the winter landscape and wildlife, identify trees and plants in their winter form, and look for early signs of spring. Space is limited and registration is required.

FEB. 16–24 – Disney’s The Jungle Book KIDS, Taft Theater, 317 E. 5th St., Cincinnati, 2 p.m. $10–$35. Specially adapted from the classic Disney animated film, this musical features a host of colorful characters and your favorite songs from the animated movie. 800745-3000 or

FEB. 23–24 – Dayton Off-Road Expo, Roberts Centre, 123 Gano Rd., Wilmington, Sat. 9 a.m.–6 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.–4 p.m. $5, under 13 free. Vendors, Jeeps, monster trucks, and more! Fun for the whole family. 877-428-4748 or

FEB. 17 – Dayton’s Premier Bridal Showcase, Marriott at the University of Dayton, 1414 South Patterson Blvd., Dayton, 11 a.m.–3 p.m. $8 at door, under 13 free. 949-830-2952 or http:// FEB. 17 – Springfield Swap Meet and Car Show (formerly VCAA Show), 4401 S. Charleston Pike, Springfield, 8 a.m.–3 p.m. $5, free parking. 937-376-0111,, or http:// FEB. 18 – Monday Music Festival: McIntyre Bluegrass Trio, Woodbourne Library, 6060 Far Hills Ave., Centerville, 6:30–8:30

FEB. 23–24 – 20th Century Cincinnati, Sharonville Convention Ctr., 11355 Chester Rd., Cincinnati, 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Preview starts Saturday at 9 a.m. $8 adult admission covers both days. Vintage art, furnishings, lighting, jewelry, and apparel from the art deco, midcentury modern, and op/pop eras. Over 70 vendors. 513-7387256 or MAR. 2 – Vernon McIntyre’s Appalachian Grass, Sterling Bluegrass Jamboree, 26 E. Main St., Mt. Sterling, 5:30 p.m., following house band at 5 p.m. Enjoy an evening of lively bluegrass music with lightning-fast instrumentals, close harmonies, and entertaining novelty songs. 614-323-6938, sterlingbluegrassjamboree@gmail. com, or


Designed to Last. G e ne ra t ion s .


New Oh io Factory– Open in g in 201 9!


Pond Chemicals / Management Certified Aquatic Applicators Custom / Pond Aeration Water Features / Fountains De-Icing

25% off everything in stock


(855) 744-0022 15069 Blank Pike Rd. Wapakoneta, OH 45895

SCOTTAmerica’s ANTIQUE MARKETS Favorite Treasure Hunts! TM

800 - 1200 Exhibit Booths! FEB 23 & 24 MAR 23 & 24

M id w e s t e rn B u i l d i n g s . c o m




NOV 30 & DEC 1 DEC 21 & 22

Show Hours:

Sat. 9am - 6pm Sun. 10am - 4pm

Directions: I-71 Exit 111 (E 17th Avenue)


50 Acre Event!

Show Hours: Fri. & Sat. 9am - 5pm Directions: I-71 to Exit 65, East on US 35, 12 miles to WCH. Fayette County Fairgrounds at the intersection of US 35, US 22 and US 62.

Tiny House Nation builder!


3,500 Booths! 2019 Shows FEB 7 - 10 MAR 7 - 10 APR 11 - 14

MAY 9 - 12 JUN 6 - 9 JUL 11 - 14

AUG 8 - 11 SEP 12 - 15 OCT 10 - 13

Show Hours: Thurs. 10:45am - 6pm, Fri. & Sat. 9am - 6pm, Sun. 10am - 4pm Directions: 3 miles East of Atlanta Airport, I-285

to Ohio Expo Center at Exit 551(3650 & 3850 Jonesboro Rd SE) Morton_OHCoopLiv_2.19.qxp_Layout 1 12/14/18 4:48 PM Page

A ride preserved for generations. IN THE BUILDING made for generations.

Post frame building expert


Owner/builder onsite Siding and metal roof preferred contractor

Ohio Feb_April_May 2019.qxp_Layout 1 12/5/18 Serving OH, WV, PA, KY, IND, MICH

Fast-Growing Trees For windbreak, screen and shade – some grow up to 6 feet per year!

Call 260-749-0891 For FREE brochure or to place an order

ADVANCED TREE TECHNOLOGY 12818 Edgerton Road New Haven, IN 46774

Your dream garage begins with limited-time savings when you commit during Building Value Days. Now through February 28.

800-447-7436 | MORTONBUILDINGS.COM ©2019 Morton Buildings, Inc. A listing of GC licenses available at Certain restrictions apply. Ref Code 613



1,000+ Stores Nationwide •


cu. in. of storage SUPER COUPON •• 15,000 700 lb. capacity


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TAPE MEASURE • Thumb Lock • Rubber Wrapped Case

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4-1/2" ANGLE GRINDER 10" SLIDING COMPOUND MITER SAW • Powerful 15 amp motor Customer Rating NOW




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D 1

u w o y ant to o 2

d l i bu

w o m n s an a



1.  Our beautiful baby snowman, Katherine Diane. David and Tiffany Heidell South Central Power Company members

2.  Grandma Lois, granddaughter Macie, and Farmer Fred, the snowman, in the front yard of our home. Tom and Lois Hobart


Frontier Power Company members


3.  My brother-in-law and brothers, Brian, Jared, and Joel, made a snowman to put a smile on our brother-in-law Rob’s face after his father’s funeral. Michelle and Matt Seger Pioneer Electric Cooperative members


4.  Our sweet grandchildren, Jaime and Jeffrey, building a snowman. Patty and Larry Quaglia South Central Power Company members

5.  My grandkids, Camden and Alizah, made a snowman of their baby sister, Jazmin. Camden Winans


South Central Power Company member

6.  My 2-year-old grandson, John Henry Schaffner, with his first snowman. Deb Schaffner Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative member


7.  We all had a great time building this one on a cold but sunny day. Judy Wells Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative member

8.  We came across the biggest snowman ever. Katie Grubba South Central Power Company member

Send us your picture! For May, send “Sensory Overload” (use your imagination!) by Feb. 14; for June, send “Creature Comfort” (animals, but not pets) by March 15. Upload your photos at www. and remember to include your co-op name and to identify everyone in your photos.



We earn the trust of members quick tips to save every day through these

four core values:


energy during winter Seal air leaks and COMMITMENT insulate well to prevent heat from TO COMMUNITY escaping and cold air from entering your home.



2 3

Lower your water heater temperature. The Dept. of Energy recommends using the warm setting (120 degrees) during fall and winter months.



Open blinds and curtains during the day to allow sunlight in to warm your home.


Close blinds and curtains at night to keep cold, drafty air out.


Set your thermostat to 68 degrees during cold weather.

Profile for Ohio Cooperative Living

Ohio Cooperative Living - February 2019 - Washington  

Ohio Cooperative Living - February 2019 - Washington