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Eye in the sky

How one co-op uses drone technology to save money and improve safety in the workplace

ALSO INSIDE The glory of melted cheese Ohio’s place in a driverless future A vote of conscience

CONCERN FOR COMMUNITY At Ohio’s electric cooperatives, we work hard to take care of our neighbors—whether that’s across town or across the globe. To learn more about our community initiatives, visit

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Technology has provided a way for electric cooperatives to inspect lines, poles, and towers in dangerous conditions — without having to send up a crew.



Long-eared owls and short-eared owls, once thought to portend disaster, now are considered a seasonal viewing treat for coldweather birders in Ohio.



Ohio has been at the leading edge of self-driving automobile technology since the 1960s.



During a critical time in the nation’s history, an Ohio native put his conscience and his country first — regardless of the political price to be paid.



Carillon Brewing Company in Dayton is the nation’s only working, historically accurate brewery that’s housed in a museum.

Cover photo on most editions: Brent Ransome of Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative flies his drone near the co-op’s communications tower in Kenton. (Photo by Jeffry Konczal)







afe, Clean, Reliable, and Affordable: I often use these words to describe the electric power supply that Buckeye Power and all of the electric cooperatives around the state strive to provide to our member-consumers. Each of these words is important to us, and each has a different measure of success. “Reliable” may be the easiest for you to observe. Do the lights come on every day? Is the supply adequate for your needs? When something occasionally causes a power outage, is power restored quickly? “Affordable” is a little harder; your bill, in part, depends on how much electricity you consume, and that’s often driven by the weather. Even as wildly unpredictable as Mother Nature can be, every co-op aims to hold costs as low as possible — and as steady as possible — while still keeping your service reliable, clean, and safe. “Clean” is tougher still, because it’s a relative term. While electricity is the cleanest form of energy you can use in your home or business, there are environmental impacts from the fossil fuels used to produce most of that power, and also from the footprint that our facilities require to distribute it to your home. We have, however, worked diligently over the past 20 years to minimize those impacts, and we are proud to operate some of the cleanest power plants of their kind in the world. “Safe” is the most important one. It’s also easy to take for granted, even to overlook. But electricity is powerful and must be respected. While the systems that produce and deliver electricity to your home have been designed specifically with safety in mind, maintaining that safety, all the way from the plant to your light switch, requires training, personal commitment, and constant vigilance. Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives, the statewide association that provides services to each of the co-ops around the state, has made particular efforts to help improve workplace safety — evidenced by our lineworker training program that has become one of the finest in the industry, with a laser focus on safety. Further, last year was the safest year of operations on record for the staff at our power plants. We’ll work hard to make 2018 even better. Cold winter weather presents plenty of hazards in our daily routine. Please take a moment each day to consider how you stay safe in your own home and workplace, take precautions to prevent unsafe acts, and help make 2018 as safe as possible.



Pat O’Loughlin

President & CEO Ohio's Electric Cooperatives

It’s easy to take safety for granted, but electricity is powerful and must be respected. Maintaining safety requires training, personal commitment, and constant vigilance.

February 2018 • Volume 60, No. 5



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KROHN CONSERVATORY: Cincinnati’s art deco “rainforest under glass” celebrates its 85th birthday this year in style.

13 GOOD EATS GLORIOUS AND MELTY: Whether it’s for a fancy dinner party or a quick, desperate snack, cheese is at its delicious best when it’s hot and gooey.

21 CO-OP OHIO SERVICE AWARD: South Central Power Company’s chairman is

honored for his work with the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation; several co-ops help build holiday cheer in their communities.

30 CO-OP PEOPLE FISH FARMERS: Transplanted Californians use an innovative

technique to raise tilapia on their Muskingum County farm.

34 CALENDAR WHAT’S HAPPENING: February events and other things to do.

36 MEMBER INTERACTIVE LOVEBIRDS OF ALL KINDS: Readers share loving photos not just

of birds, but also of themselves — and even elephants!

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EYE IN THE SKY Drones help co-op cut costs, boost safety, and improve service


here is a 140-foot-tall communications tower positioned at Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative’s substation in Ada that’s vital to the co-op’s mission to provide reliable electric service to its more than 8,000 owner-members. At the top are two radios that are part of Mid-Ohio Energy’s microwave communications network — one that communicates with another substation, and another that points back to the co-op office in Kenton — and unless both are working, the co-op would have difficulty communicating with critical systems at several substations. Brent Ransome, manager of operations technology at Mid-Ohio Energy, remembers the bitterly cold day last winter when one of those radios went out. Had there been an outage at the substation, the broken radio would have meant delays in getting power restored on a day when heat was an utter necessity. Usually, that would mean sending a two-man crew to climb up the tower and assess the situation, get them back down to order any necessary equipment, wait for it to arrive, and then re-climb the tower to install the equipment or make repairs. “In winter, we really try to avoid climbing the towers,” Ransome says. “It’s difficult and dangerous

in the best of conditions, and the cold weather makes it much worse. The gear is heavier, your clothes are heavier, so it’s a tough workout. Anything we can do to not climb, we will do.” Fortunately, a few months earlier, Ransome had approached Mid-Ohio Energy’s president and CEO, John Metcalf, with an idea to purchase a cameraequipped unmanned aerial vehicle, or drone; among its many uses, the drone could be used to make those initial visual inspections. “What we had before was just not the most efficient process,” Metcalf says. “It was timeconsuming, hazardous, and expensive.” The drone they purchased is small, about 12 inches square, with four rotors and a camera. Ones like it are available in just about any electronics retailer, and prices have continually fallen as the technology has improved. So they sent up the drone, watching the live video feed in real time, and saw a cable had snapped. “It’s hard to tell how it happened, but we were able to see exactly what we needed to make the repairs,” Ransome says. “It saved our guys a trip up there, and we were able to get that whole job done in about half the time.” Continued on Page 6





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Ransome and the Mid-Ohio Energy crews pull out the drone about once a week, Metcalf says. They use it to inspect distribution lines, transformers, substations, and communications towers. After severe storms, they send the drone to inspect its poles and wires that cross remote areas, such as the two state wildlife areas in the co-op’s territory. “When we fly a drone over a communications tower, or to review off-road rights-of-way, or to inspect substations, we get a very clear idea of what we’re up against before we start a job. The resolution is incredible,” Metcalf says. “If we can see the problem before we start work, we can repair equipment faster, and that translates into improved reliability and bottom-line savings for our members.”

How electric co-ops can put drones to use • Drones can assess storm damage when roadways are inaccessible. • Infrared capability can detect hot spots on power lines or in substations. • Drones can assess vegetation management needs near power lines. • GPS data can pinpoint areas in the co-op’s service territory that need attention. —NRECA




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Cincinnati LOCATION: Cincinnati’s Eden Park, a hilltop oasis that’s also home to the Cincinnati Art Museum; the Presidents’ Grove of trees honoring U.S. chief executives; and the Eden Park Overlook, which offers panoramic views of the Ohio River. PROVENANCE: After the Civil War, Cincinnati laid the groundwork for Krohn Conservatory by acquiring acreage from the heirs of Nicholas Longworth, a prominent banker and horticulturalist who had used the future parkland for a vineyard he called his “Garden of Eden.” Opened in 1933, Krohn Conservatory was designed by Cincinnati’s Rapp & Meacham architectural firm and named for park commissioner Irwin M. Krohn. SIGNIFICANCE: It’s not only one of the nation’s few city park conservatories, but also among the signature art deco landmarks — including Cincinnati Museum Center and Carew Tower — that Cincinnatians treasure. As a botanical showcase, Krohn Conservatory provides greenery and color even on bleak winter days. “We call it a rainforest under glass,” says general manager Andrea Schepmann. CURRENTLY: Krohn Conservatory turns 85 in 2018, and its noteworthy plants include original 8


ficus trees from the 1930s; one of the nation’s largest chocolate trees; and fragrant citrus trees. “People are always amazed by our citrus collection; they have fruits or flowers almost year-round,” says Schepmann.

Th co iso co di so m DV ca

While those seasonal spectacles are certainly popular, Krohn Conservatory’s ambitious butterfly shows have implanted it on the horticultural attraction map. “We’re known for being one of the best butterfly exhibitors anywhere,” says Schepmann. Krohn’s 2018 event, “The Butterflies of Madagascar,” is scheduled from March 24 until June 17, and it features the Sunset Moth, a huge species unique to the Indian Ocean island with bright, iridescent coloring.

Sin in of $2 do ex so co af siz av nu am te fo (b am th

IT’S A LITTLE-KNOWN FACT THAT: Besides being an ideal family destination, Krohn Conservatory also offers evening and adult-oriented programs, including “Botany & Brews” on select Wednesdays, and “Love in the Wild” just before Valentine’s Day.

Th po he

Krohn Conservatory annually presents five different shows, and 2018’s lineup includes spring’s candythemed display: “A Garden of Pure Imagination!” (now through March 11); summer’s “An Apothecary Soul Garden” (March 24–June 17); autumn’s “At Home in the Garden” (Sept. 1–Oct. 21); and “A Crystal Holiday” (Nov. 10–Jan. 6, 2019) at Christmastime.

Krohn Conservatory, 1501 Eden Park Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Admission fee. For more information, call 513-421-5707.


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LONG AND SHORT OF IT Taking a look at some winter visitors from the far north Each winter, Ohio is invaded by mysterious aliens that sail south from Canada on silent wings. But these migratory birds — short-eared and long-eared owls — are no longer feared as the portenders of death that most owls were during centuries past. Rather, a glimpse of the owls is eagerly sought by today’s birders as a special seasonal treat, another check mark to add to their life list.

Short-eared owls

The pointed protuberances on the heads of these two owl species that give them their names are not really ears, but rather, just feather tufts.

“Wildlife research has shown that when meadow voles move through their runways in the grass, they leave ultraviolet trails, the UV likely being contained in their urine,” McCormac says. “The owls can detect these trails and in turn know that meadow voles are present. If they detect a large number of trails, the owls stay and hunt; if not, they move on.”

“An owl’s real ear openings are hidden beneath feathers along the sides of its head,” says Jim McCormac, one of Ohio’s leading field naturalists. He is the author of Birds of Ohio, a co-author of the Ohio Breeding Bird Atlas II, and a contributing editor for Bird Watcher’s Digest, a prestigious, national birding magazine that is published in Marietta, Ohio, by the Thompson family.



Sometime this winter, near dusk, if you see a large bird hunting over an open, grassy field, its flight pattern resembling that of a giant, flitting moth, you’ve probably just spotted a short-eared owl. The owl is searching for meadow voles, its preferred food, and knows where to hunt by employing a sense humans don’t possess.

McCormac remembers one extremely large concentration of short-eared owls that occurred one winter about 20 years ago at The Wilds in southeastern Ohio. “One birder counted more than 50 short-eared

Opposite page and below: The “ears” that give the longeared owl its name are not ears at all, but tufts of feathers that help its camouflage. This page, bottom and right: A short-eared owl in flight — the flight pattern while it hunts is reminiscent of a flitting moth.

owls from just one spot,” he says. “High populations of meadow voles can make for very high numbers of short-eared owls.” The owls are considered partially diurnal because they are active not only at night but also just before dark and again just before sunrise. During the day, short-eared owls roost on or near the ground.

Long-eared owls Long-eareds hunt the same habitat and eat much of the same prey as their short-eared brethren, but you won’t see one until long after dark — these birds are completely nocturnal. “They’re very similar in appearance to short-eared owls and are even in the same genus,” McCormac says. “Masters of camouflage, long-eared owls spend the day hiding in dense cover, roosted well off the ground.” During the day, McCormac says to look for roosting long-

eared owls in dense stands of conifers, grapevine tangles, pin oaks (because those particular trees hold their leaves all winter), and willow thickets. “Long-eareds often roost communally,” he adds, “so if you find one owl, there are likely others around, sometimes as many as 20 in one location.” McCormac says that long-eared owls at rest will sometimes lower their ear tufts, making them look like a hound dog. “Once the birds become alert to possible danger, the ear tufts instantly go back up, which helps the owls camouflage themselves and ‘disappear’ against the background of a tree trunk. They also have a trick of compressing their feathers against their body, making them appear long and thin, much like a broken-off tree limb.” But the survival tactics of long-eared owls don’t fool everyone. Considered the Rodney Dangerfields of the owl world — “I don’t get no respect” — long-eareds are often preyed upon by other owls and also hawks. CHIP GROSS is Ohio Cooperative Living’s outdoors editor. He took these photos of owls on the properties of Tom and Nancy Rensch (members of Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative), and Drs. Scott and Ann Harmon (DVMs). If you have a unique wildlife photo opportunity, send him an e-mail at



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Cheese is that nearly perfect food — equally appropriate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, for the fanciest dinner party or a quick, desperate snack. It’s at its comfort-food best, though, when it’s melty and gooey and oh-so-delicious.

JALAPENO POPPER DIP Prep: 10 minutes; Cook: 25 minutes; Servings: 12 7 oz. can pickled 16 oz. cream cheese jalapenos, drained 1 cup mayonnaise and finely diced 3⁄4 cup grated 2 Tbsp. yellow mustard Parmesan 1 cup shredded Mexican cheese TOPPING 1⁄2 cup panko breadcrumbs

1⁄2 cup grated Parmesan

Preheat oven to 375ºF. Place cream cheese in a microwavable mixing bowl. Microwave for 1 minute, or until easily stirred. Add mayo, 3⁄4 cup Parmesan cheese, Mexican cheese, jalapenos, and mustard. Mix well. Spread into small 8-inch round or square oven-safe baking dish. Mix together panko and 1⁄2 cup Parmesan and pour over dip. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until heated through. Serve with tortilla chips, bread, crackers, carrots, or celery for dipping. Per serving: 322 calories; 26 g fat (13 g saturated fat); 0.5 g fiber; 12.5 g protein.



FRENCH ONION SOUP Prep: 15 minutes; Cook: 1.25 hours; Servings: 6 6 cups beef broth 5 Tbsp. unsalted butter + extra for spreading on bread 2 tsp. garlic powder + extra 2 Tbsp. olive oil for sprinkling 3 large yellow onions, halved and 6 sprigs fresh thyme, bundled thinly sliced lengthwise 1 bay leaf 1 large red onion, thinly sliced 11/2 t sp. black pepper 3 shallots, thinly sliced 12 French baguette slices 1/2 cup dry white wine (Pinot 1½ to 2 cups shredded Grigio or Savignon Blanc) Swiss cheese In a non-reactive stockpot (stainless steel, ceramic, or glass), melt 5 tablespoons butter over medium heat. Add onions and shallots and let them slowly caramelize for 45 to 60 minutes, stirring occasionally and adding olive oil as needed to prevent burning, until they are very soft and stringy, golden brown, and sweet in flavor. Pour wine in with the onion mixture and scrape the bottom of the pot to deglaze. Add beef broth, 2 teaspoons garlic powder, bundled sprigs of thyme, bay leaf, and black pepper. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes. Remove thyme sprigs and bay leaf. While soup is simmering, turn oven to broil. Place baguette slices on a baking sheet, spread with butter, and sprinkle with garlic powder. Broil each side about 1 minute. Place 6 oven-safe crocks or bowls into a tall, oven-safe dish like a roasting pan. Ladle soup into each crock leaving about 1 inch space, and top with 2 baguette slices. Generously cover with cheese. Place in oven 6 inches from top and broil until cheese is browned and bubbly, 3 to 5 minutes. Carefully remove from oven and serve hot. Per serving: 517 calories; 32 g fat (16.5 g saturated fat); 4 g fiber; 21 g protein.

EASY CHEESY ENCHILADAS Prep Time: 15 minutes; Cook: 20 minutes; Servings: 4 8 6-inch yellow corn tortillas 3 c ups shredded Cheddar Jack cheese 5 scallions 10-oz. can red enchilada sauce 1 Tbsp. vegetable oil 1/2 cup sour cream 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 Tbsp. lime juice 4-oz. can mild green chili peppers, drained Preheat oven to 350°. Wrap stacked tortillas in aluminum foil and place in oven for 10 minutes, until warm and pliable. Set aside, but keep them wrapped so they don’t dry out. Finely chop scallions, keeping the hard white parts separated from the dark green leafy parts. In skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat. Add the chopped white scallions and garlic and cook about 3 minutes until golden brown. Add chili peppers and stir. Set mixture aside to cool. Pour 1/4 can of enchilada sauce into bottom of an 11 x 7-inch oven-safe baking dish. In a medium bowl, combine onion mixture with 2 cups of Cheddar Jack cheese. Fill each tortilla with cheese and onion mixture; roll and place seam-side down along short edge of baking dish. Repeat with rest of the tortillas, placing them close together until pan is full. Pour remaining enchilada sauce over top and sprinkle with reserved cup of cheese. Bake until cheese is melted and sauce is bubbling, about 15 to 20 minutes. Mix together sour cream and lime juice. Drizzle over top of each serving and sprinkle with chopped green scallions. Serve hot. Per serving: 349 calories; 18 g fat (8 g saturated fat); 4.5 g fiber; 9 g protein.



PARMESAN-CRUSTED ITALIAN GRILLED CHEESE Prep: 5 minutes; Cook: 7 minutes; Servings: 2 2 Tbsp. butter 4 slices Italian bread 4 slices mozzarella cheese 6 slices Italian meat (salami, prosciutto, or capocollo)

4 Tbsp. finely shredded Parmesan cheese 1 tsp. Italian spice blend (basil, oregano, parsley, garlic powder) 1 handful arugula

Butter outsides of bread. Place butter-side down in a nonstick skillet (or electric skillet) over medium heat. Cover bread with mozzarella cheese and Italian meat. Cook until lightly toasted and golden brown. Turn up heat to medium-high. Carefully turn bread on its side and sprinkle Parmesan cheese and Italian spices directly onto the skillet underneath. Immediately place bread back down on top of Parmesan mixture and cook 1 to 3 minutes, until bread easily releases from skillet. Top with arugula and serve hot. Per serving: 446 calories; 29 g fat (15 g saturated fat); 1 g fiber; 32 g protein.






In many homes, a radiant barrier can help owners save money


omeowners are constantly looking for ways to help keep heat in a home during the winter and to keep heat out in the summer. One of the best ways to do that is to use a radiant barrier.

There are three different ways heat travels: Convection is air movement from hot to cold, which happens through openings such as doors, windows, vents, and leaks; conduction is heat traveling through a solid material, such as the sheetrock and framing of a home, which can be minimized by insulation; and radiant heat loss is a transfer of heat from the sun, or when a warmer material transmits infrared radiation to a colder material — and this is what radiant barriers are designed to stop.


Radiant barriers are often installed in attics, where radiant energy from the sun is sent back out through the roof before it can heat the air and insulation below. It is commonly sold as a roll of shiny, aluminum material and is usually mounted on the underside of the framing that supports the roof, because it must have at least an inch of air to reflect the energy back into. Importantly, radiant barriers are not effective either as insulation or as wraps that block air loss — but they are effective at their intended purpose, able to reflect as much as 95 percent of the radiated heat back through the roof if installed properly, with an air gap between itself and the roof.

climates, the radiant barrier that reflects unwanted heat back outside of the house in the summer will also reflect heat away from the house in the winter — though it also will reflect radiant heat from inside back into the house instead of letting it escape through the roof.

The net impact of a radiant barrier depends on whether you live in a hot or cold area. In colder

PAT KEEGAN writes for Collaborative Efficiency, an energy communications company.


So, is a radiant barrier a good investment? Sometimes. Savings vary in different situations, so proper research is absolutely called for. In Ohio, the cold winters make for especially tricky estimates, so a qualified energy advisor from your local electric cooperative may be able to help sort out the potential savings compared with, say, sealing leaks or adding insulation.





ith the mere flip of a switch, electricity illuminates our lives. But have you ever thought about where your power comes from? Most of us don’t give it a second thought until our service is interrupted and we’re left in the dark — even if only for a short amount of time. In today’s world, electricity is a necessity, and this necessity travels a great distance to Jack Bragg Jr. reach you — our members.

General Manager/CEO

Washington Electric Cooperative provides electricity to 10,500 members, and it takes a network of folks to do so. We build and maintain overhead power lines and manage the equipment needed to provide you with safe, reliable power. But did you know that we don’t actually generate the power that is supplied to your home? That’s where our local generation and transmission cooperative (G&T) comes in. Washington Electric receives electricity from Buckeye Power, a G&T located in Columbus with multiple energy assets around the state and country — including coal, natural gas, biomass, hydropower, solar, and wind. G&Ts are wholesale power suppliers that are owned and governed by electric distribution cooperatives, just like Washington Electric. Since G&Ts are owned by multiple distribution cooperatives, operating costs are split among the owners. This process allows us to purchase power at a lower cost. After the power is sent over high-voltage transmission lines, it then makes its way to our substations, where the voltage is reduced in order to make it to your home safely. Washington Electric owns 11 substations and metering points, each located within our sixcounty service territory. From the substations, power is sent to Washington Electric’s transformers, those large boxes that sit at the top of power poles, then directed to your home. As you can see, there’s a little more to it than flipping a switch, but we’ve got you covered. Washington Electric has provided our members with safe, reliable, and affordable power for 77 years, and that continues to be our number one goal today.





Area students to discover engineering


tudents interested in pursuing careers in engineering will have an opportunity to meet and learn from professionals at the second annual Discover Engineering Day on Feb. 22 at Washington State Community College. The event is organized and hosted by Building Bridges to Careers, a Marietta-based partnership of education, business, and community leaders dedicated to connecting education with real-life experiences to ensure that area students graduate from high school ready for success in college, careers, and life. Sponsored by Washington Electric Cooperative and Burgess and Niple, Inc., Discover Engineering Day helps students learn about the various engineering disciplines, inquire about educational requirements for certain jobs, participate in hands-on activities, network with businesses, and explore job shadowing and internship opportunities. While Discover Engineering Day aims to help students learn more about engineering careers, another goal is to help businesses fill positions with ready, qualified, and engaged employees. “This event came about through a desire from Burgess and Niple to collaborate with us on an event to highlight and celebrate National Engineering Weeks,” said Tonya Davis, Building Bridges to Careers coordinator. “Businesses often do not have time to devote to such events, which is where Building Bridges can offer support to make these things happen. Working with the schools and businesses helps bridge the gap between education and employment for students and builds the workforce for local companies.” Building Bridges to Careers has worked with high school personnel in three local counties (Washington and Noble counties in Ohio and Wood County in West Virginia) to identify and invite to the event sophomores and juniors interested in pursuing engineering careers. “Feedback from the students last year showed that they enjoyed the event, and



they specifically mentioned how much they liked the hands-on activities,” Davis said. “In the future, we hope to expand and offer events like Discover Engineering Day to other sectors, such as art or information technology.” 1010348701. Sponsoring Discover Engineering Day was a natural fit for Washington Electric, which supports several local education initiatives. Sponsorship of the event also provides an opportunity to educate students about engineering jobs available within the electric industry, as well as the cooperative business model. “As a cooperative, one of our core principles is concern for community,” said Jennifer Greene, the co-op’s director of marketing and member services. “We are always looking for new ways to support and participate in the development of the communities we serve. In working to strengthen the relationship between education and employment, organizations like Building Bridges to Careers are helping to strengthen the local economy while providing local students with valuable experiences. We’re excited to be a part of it.”


HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS: Interested in a life-changing leadership experience in Washington, D.C.? Application deadline is March 16.

June 8–14, 2018

What is Youth Tour?

The Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives Youth Tour is an annual leadership program sponsored by Washington Electric Cooperative. It’s a weeklong, all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., that gives exceptional high school students the opportunity to meet with their congressional leaders at the U.S. Capitol, make new friends from across the state and country, and see many of the famous Washington sights.

Electric cooperatives from 43 states will send about 1,600 students this year. Will you be one of them?

For more information and to apply, visit youth-programs, or call Washington Electric at 740-373-2141.


Barlock joins Washington Electric staff We’re pleased to welcome Jarad Barlock to our employee family as a lineman. Barlock is a graduate of Caldwell High School and joins Washington Electric with several years of experience in the electric construction industry. He resides in Noble County with his wife, Holly, and daughters Maliha and Ellie.




Do we owe you money?

More than 3,000 names are on our unclaimed capital credits list The following is a list of former Washington Electric Cooperative members who are owed capital credits for their electricity purchases in 1969-1973 and 1977-1978, for whom the cooperative no longer has valid mailing addresses.

This publication is the first official notification for unclaimed credits from 1977 and 1978, and the second official notification for unclaimed credits for 1969-1973.

BEFORE YOU CALL ... With close to 4,000 names on this list, we anticipate a high volume of inquiries. We want to assist everyone who contacts us as efficiently as possible, so we ask that you carefully read the following guidelines. • If your name or your spouse’s name appears on the list, please contact our office. • If you find the name of someone you know, and that person is still alive, please have that person contact our office directly. • If you find the name of someone on this list whom you know to be deceased, the executor of his/her estate or the appointed agent should contact our office.

A C Moore & Sons; Salineville, OH AT&T Long Lines Store; Louisville, Ky; A-1 Oil Company; Marietta, OH Aaron Oil & Gas Co; Wheeling, WV Abbott, Oscar; Caldwell, Oh, OH Abbott, Robert; Woodsfield, OH Abicht, Ernest; Beverly, OH Ackley, D. L.; Caldwell, OH Adams, & Son Oil Well; Scio, OH Adams, Arlene; Marietta, OH Adams, Delmar; Fleming, OH Adams, E. S.; Amesville, OH Adams, George ; Marietta, OH Adams, George T.; Scio, OH Adams, Jean; Chillicothe, OH Adams, John; Woodsfield, OH Adams, Lillie; Marietta, OH Adams, Lloyd; New Matamoras, OH Adams, Paul E; Marietta, OH Adar, Oil Company; North Hills Ca; Addis Oil Company; Marietta, OH Addlesburger, Eugene; New Matamoras, OH Adkins, John N.; Whipple, OH Adkins, Roam; New Matamoras, OH Agin, Emmett; Sarahsville, OH Akg Oil And Gas; Minster, OH Albert, Larry E; Stockport, OH

Albrecht, Robert; Sarahsville, OH Albright, Dennie; Beverly, OH Albright, John E.; Waterford, OH Alexander, Charles; Lemoyne, OH Alexander, J. Keith; Marietta, OH Algeo, Ralph; Powhatan Point, OH Allanson, O. L.; Akron, Oh, OH Allberry, William L.; Stockport, OH Alleman, Paul; New Matamoras, OH Allen, Edward; Palmetto, FL Allen, Howard; Marietta, OH Allen, M.d.; Beverly, OH Allen, Vernard W.; Hiram, OH Allender, Hugh; Marietta, OH Allender, Robert; Marietta, OH Allison, Eugene; East Canton, OH Alloway, Oil Co; New Matamoras, OH Alvey, Wayne; Stockport, OH Ambrose, George J.; Clinton, Ny; American Petroleum Inc.; Marietta, OH Amkram, Rachel; Cambridge, OH Amos, Blake; Watertown, OH Amos, Paul; Sarahsville, OH Anders, Truman; New Matamoras, OH Anderson, A.h.; Woodsfield, OH Anderson, Brenda; Pleasant City, OH Anderson, Carlos; Woodsfield, OH


We have set up a special phone line for capital credits inquiries. Because we expect a high number of calls, you may need to leave a message. When doing so, please provide your name, the name of the person who appeared on the list, your relationship to that person, and a phone number where a member service representative may return your call. Please do not leave multiple messages. We will return your call as quickly as possible. The capital credit phone line is 740-885-5922. The processing of capital credit claims requires a small amount of paperwork. In certain cases, the cooperative’s board of trustees must approve the claim before it can be paid. The board meets once per month. For efficient processing, please follow the above guidelines.

Anderson, James; Waterford, OH Anderson, James R.; Seminole, FL Anderson, John; Sarahsville, OH Anderson, Nellie; Zanesville, OH Anderson, Ray C.; Lowell, OH Anderson, Raymond; Barlow, OH Anderson, Robert; Marietta, OH Andrecht, Gerald; Zanesville, OH Andrecht, John E.; Shadyside, OH Angelo, Jude; Lowell, OH Angle, Edward; Waterford, OH Angus, Edward; New Martinsville, WV Angus, Jean; Spring Hill, FL Antill Oil Company; Rinard Mills, OH Antill, Bernard; Portage, OH Antill, Bobby; Dexter City, OH Antill, C. F.; Lower Salem, OH Antill, Charles; Lower Salem, OH Antill, Gary; Bartlett, OH Antill, Glen; Marietta, OH Antill, Henry; Marietta, OH Apperson, Pauline; Senecaville, OH Archer, Art; Caldwell, OH Archer, Audrey; Summerfield, OH Archer, Dale; Salesville, OH Archer, Eunice; Caldwell, OH Archer, Glen; Caldwell, OH

Archer, Howard; Senecaville, OH Archer, Joseph; Caldwell, OH Archer, Josephine; Marietta, OH Archer, Margaret; Scarsdale, Ny; Archer, Paul; Woodsfield, OH Archer, Ray C.; Caldwell, OH Archer, Thomas A.; Caldwell, OH Archers Ridge Church; Caldwell, OH Archibald, Mack; Caldwell, OH Archibald, Patrick T.; Caldwell, OH Archibald, Shirley; Zanesville, OH Arena, Jack; Hinckley, OH Arman, Donald E.; Hannibal, OH Armann, Charles; Powhatan Point, OH Armett, Emma; Lower Salem, OH Armstrong, Amps; Caldwell, OH Armstrong, Harry C.; Rinard Mills, OH Armstrong, Noah F.; Waterford, OH Armstrong, Richard; Waterford, OH Armstrong, W. R.; Sharpsburg, OH Arnold, Dallas A.; Marietta, OH Arnold, Daniel J.; Stockport, OH Arnold, Herman; Caldwell, OH Arnold, Hettie J.; Marietta, OH Arnold, Howard L.; Waterford, OH Arnold, Joe; Waterford, OH Arnold, Larry; Fleming, OH

Arnold, Walter L.; Marietta, OH Ash, Paul; Centerville, OH Ash, Stephen P.; Marietta, OH Ash, Wade; Marietta, OH Ashcraft, John; Saint Clairsville, Oh, OH Ashcraft, Roger; New Matamoras, OH Ashland Oil Inc; Lowell, OH At&T Long Lines Store; Woodsfield, OH Augenstein, James L.; Lowell, OH Augenstein, Paul Jr.; Lowell, OH Augenstein, Robert G.; Caldwell, OH Ault, Will; Cleveland, OH Ayers, H.; Marietta, OH Ayers, Kenneth; Macksburg, OH Ayers, Lewis; Sardis, OH Ayers, Louie; Caldwell, OH Ayers, Rosalie; Sardis, OH Azar, Anthony J.; Little Hocking, OH B & V Oil Production; Hannibal, OH Bachelor, C. I.; Stockport, OH Bachelor, Dayton; Marietta, OH Bachelor, W.; Marietta, OH Badgett, Karl; Marietta, OH Badnell, Erma; Caldwell, OH Bailey, Edward E. Ii; Caldwell, OH Bailey, Joseph; Chesterhill, OH Bailey, Kenneth; New Matamoras, OH Baker, A.j.; Lower Salem, OH Baker, Barry; Woodsfield, OH Baker, Bernard; Marietta, OH Baker, Bert; Lower Salem, OH Baker, David; Lowell, OH Baker, Fred A.; Reno, OH Baker, Joseph H.; Caldwell, OH Baker, Lewis; Marietta, OH Baker, Mabel M. ; Lower Salem, OH Baker, Paul R.; Summerfield, OH Baker, Richard E. ; Marietta, OH Baker, Ruth; Sarahsville, OH Baker, Virgil; Powhatan Point, OH Baker, Wilbur C.; Lowell, OH Baldwin, George; Waterford, OH Baldwin, Kenneth; Stoutsville, OH Ball, Clarence; Caldwell, OH Ball, Frank; Poolesville, Md; Ball, James D.; New Franklin, H; Ball, Randy; Waterford, OH Ball, Richard R.; Caldwell, OH Ball, Virgil E.; Parkersburg, WV Bania, Anna; Mcconnelsville, OH Barker, Hazel; Millersburg, OH Barker, Richey; Lowell, OH Barkes, Joe; New Matamoras, OH Barkes, Joseph; Sardis, OH Barkhurst, Janie; Marietta, OH Barlow Oil & Gas Co.; New Matamoras, OH Barlow, Carl E.; Macksburg, OH Barnes Run Lt 1340 0 Hr; St Louis, Mo; Barnes, James; Louisville, OH Barnes, Kimberly; Marietta, OH Barnes, Roy D.; Fleming, OH Barnes, Thomas; Reno, OH Barnett, Charles L.; Senecaville, OH Barnett, Ira T.; Marietta, OH Barnett, Mabel; Waterford, OH Barnhard, Jesse; Steubenville, Oh, OH Barnhart, George J.; New Matamoras, OH Barnhart, Jesse; Steubenville, OH Barnhart, Richard D.; Kernersville, Nc; Barnhouse, Chester; New Matamoras, OH

Barnhouse, Raymond; New Matamoras, OH Barnum, Charles; Weirsdale, FL Barse, L. W.; Marietta, OH Bartell, Kenneth J; Lowell, OH Barth, F. H. ; Marietta, OH Barton, Carl M.; Lowell, OH Barton, Ernest; Vincent, OH Barton, Lynn; Kodiak, Ak; Barton, Robert; Waterford, OH Basic Oil Co.; Worthington, OH Bass, John W; Sardis, OH Bassett, Clyde; New Matamoras, OH Bateman, Becky; Newport, OH Bates, Charlett M.; Summerfield, OH Bates, D.w.; Sarahsville, OH Bates, Earl H.; Coshocton, OH Bates, Edgar; Caldwell, OH Bates, Hayes; Quaker City, OH Bates, James E.; Belle Valley, OH Bates, Jane; Senecaville, OH Bates, Joseph W.; Sarahsville, OH Bates, Lloyd R.; Caldwell, OH Bates, Ollie D.; Quaker City, OH Bates, Ruth A.; Sarahsville, OH Bates, Victor; Cambridge, OH Bates, W. S.; Senecaville, OH Bauer, James L.; Sarahsville, OH Bauer, John A.; Lowell, OH Bauerbauch, Edward; Waterford, OH Baumgard Oil Co; Marietta, OH Baumgardner, Linda; Caldwell, OH Baumgartner, George E.; Marietta, OH Baxter, Mary S.; Columbus, OH Bayless, Orlen K.; Newport, OH Bayly, Merlin; Pleasant City, OH Bear Run M E Church; Archers Fork, OH Beardmore & Newhard Oil; Wingett Run, OH Beardmore, B. H.; Wingett Run, OH Beardmore, Elmer; Wingett Run, OH Beardsley, Mary J.; Marietta, OH Beardsley, Paul; Fredericktown, OH Beatrice Skidmore; Weirton, WV Beaver Oil Co.; Woodsfield, OH Beaver, Cryle; Newport, OH Beaver, Delores; New Matamoras, OH Beaver, Richard L.; Marietta, OH Beaver, Roe; New Matamoras, OH Beaver, Shirley; Newport, OH Beaver, Walter P.; New Matamoras, OH Beavers, James J.; Marietta, OH Bebout, Lawrence; Stockport, OH Beck, Betty L.; Marietta, OH Becker, Sam; Marietta, OH Becker, Wilford H.; Marietta, OH Becket, Ralph; Antioch, OH Beckett, George; Vienna, WV Beckett, Herman; Sardis, OH Beckett, Larry; Albany, OH Bedocs, Dennis; Caldwell, OH Bee, C. Rodney; Marietta, OH Beech Grove Church; Marietta, OH Beer, R. G.; Mansfield, OH Begley, Edward; Sardis, OH Beha, Lester; Marietta, OH Behm, Charles Jr.; Marietta, OH Beisel, W. N.; Sardis, OH Belford, Johnson; Canal Fulton, OH Bender, Charles; Cambridge, OH Benford, Joseph; Caldwell, OH Benner, Eddie; Cambridge, OH

Benner, Margaret; Sarahsville, OH Bennett, C. C.; Marietta, OH Bennett, Clyde E.; Lowell, OH Bennett, E. D.; Cutler, OH Bennett, Edna; Lowell, OH Bennington, Roy; Marietta, OH Benson, Gregory; Marietta, OH Benwood Oil Company; Lewisville, OH Bereit, Ralph H.; Marietta, OH Berg, Casper; Lowell, OH Berg, David; Medina, OH Berg, Duaine; Lowell, OH Berg, John C.; Marietta, OH Berg, Kenneth; Lowell, OH Berg, Shirley; Apopka, FL Berga, Bernice; Newport, OH Berga, Forrest; Baltimore, Md; Berga, Steven C.; New Matamoras, OH Bernard, Dean; Vincent, OH Bernard, John; Caldwell, OH Berne M E Church; Caldwell, OH Berry, David C.; Senecaville, OH Berryhill, Jack C.; Hebron, OH Besozzi, Charles J.; Sardis, OH Best, Elmer; Whipple, OH Best, Gerald W.; Lower Salem, OH Best, John A.; Cutler, OH Best, Ronald; Reno, OH Bethel Apostolic Tab; Chesterhill, OH Bethel Baptist Church; Caldwell, OH Bethel Church; Caldwell, OH Bethel, Christian; New Matamoras, OH Betterton, Arthur; Marietta, OH Bettinger, Andy; Lower Salem, OH Bettinger, Charlotte; Caldwell, OH Bettinger, Gay; Lower Salem, OH Bettinger, Gay; Reno, OH Bettinger, Larry; Summerfield, OH Bettinger, Ray; Caldwell, OH Bevins, George; Summerfield, OH Beymer, Mary; Caldwell, OH Bickford, Dennis; Beverly, OH Biedel, Jack; Waterford, OH Biedenbach, A. E.; Waterford, OH Biehl Homestead Antique; Whipple, OH Biehl, Arthur; Marietta, OH Biehl, Edgar; Marietta, OH Biehl, James R.; Marietta, OH Biehl, June M.; Marietta, OH Biehl, Leo E. II; Waterford, OH Biehl, Raymond; Marietta, OH Biehl, Roy; Marietta, OH Biehl, William; Marietta, OH Bigler, Homer; Waterford, OH Bigley, Jack; Lowell, OH Bigley, Vickie T.; Wingett Run, OH Binegar, Brian; Sardis, OH Binegar, Clark; Whipple, OH Binegar, Elmer; Lowell, OH Binegar, Emmett; New Matamoras, OH Binegar, Frank; Marietta, OH Binegar, James E.; Marietta, OH Binegar, Joseph R.; Marietta, OH Binegar, Lawrence S.; New Matamoras, OH Binegar, Linda; Newport, OH Binegar, Sharon; Hannibal, OH Binegar, Thomas; Marietta, OH Bingham, M. W.; Watertown, OH Bingman Laboratories; Sarahsville, OH Biogco, Inc.; Lowell, OH

Bionaz, Marguerite; New Matamoras, OH Bird, Jimmy L.; Marietta, OH Birnbaum, Louis; Akron, OH Bishop, David; Marietta, OH Bishop, Donald; Marietta, OH Bishop, Donna S; Marietta, OH Bishop, James; Marietta, OH Bissett, Jacquel; New Matamoras, OH Black Hawk Oil Co; Marietta, OH Black, Larry G.; Caldwell, OH Blackburn, Henry; Stockport, OH Blackburn, Melvin; Graysville, OH Blackstone, George; New Concord, OH Blair Oil Co.; Woodsfield, OH Blair, Charles H.; Marietta, OH Blair, James; Whipple, OH Blair, Loretta; Caldwell, OH Blair, Paul; Macksburg, OH Blair, Robert; Caldwell, OH Blake, Charles A.; Parkersburg, WV Blake, Lewis F.; New Martinsville; Blake, Lois; Caldwell, OH Bland, Earl A.; Belpre, OH Bland, Steven E.; Lowell, OH Blaney Sand & Gravel Company; Clarington; Blatnik, Robert; Cumberland, OH Blattler Tv Cable; Clarington, On; Blind, Fred; Stockport, OH Blos, Linnie; Sarahsville, OH Blosser, John; Beverly, OH Blue Oil Company; Belpre, OH Blyth, Ernest R.; Stockport, OH Boatright, Hugh; Lowell, OH Bode & Lena 75; Sycamore Valley, OH Bode & Rinard Oil Well; Sycamore Valley, OH Bodner, Mary; Akron, OH Boersma, R. P.; Marietta, OH Boggs, Kenneth; Lower Salem, OH Boggs, Leonard; Lower Salem, OH Bohl, Howard; Marietta, OH Bohl, Walter; Waterford, OH Bohmer, Leslie; New Matamoras, OH Boice, Ruby L.; Marietta, OH Bolen, John; Marietta, OH Bolen, John W.; Rinard Mills, OH Bolen, Michael J.; Beverly, OH Bolen, Okey; Sardis, OH Bolen, Walter; Dexter City, OH Boley, Rosamon D.; New Matamoras, OH Bollinger, Jessie; Sharon, OH Bonar, Frank; Columbus, Oh, OH Bonar, Rick; Caldwell, OH Bonar, W. H.; Lower Salem, OH Bond, E. O.; Pleasant City, OH Bond, L. E.; Columbus, OH Bond, Larry David; Summerfield, OH Bond, Monna S.; Newport, OH Bonette, John S.; Marietta, OH Boney, John; Caldwell, OH Bonnette, Carla Denise; Marietta, OH Bookman, Gary; Newport, OH Boone Oil Co.; Dexter City, OH Booth, J.; Flushing, Mi; Booth, Pete Jr.; Marietta, OH Border, George; Massillon, OH Border, Richard; Hernando, FL Border, Wayne; Beverly, OH Born, Alvena; Whipple, OH Born, E. D.; Whipple, OH Born, Gilbert; Whipple, OH



WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Boron, Calvin L.; Graysville, OH Bostaph, James L.; New Matamoras, OH Bostaph, Leo; New Matamoras, OH Bostaph, Raymond J.; Graysville, OH Boston, Kenneth; Marietta, OH Boston, Starling Sr.; Armstrong Mills, OH Boswell, W.n.; Barnesville, OH Bowen, Barker A.; Graysville, OH Bowen, Robert; Graysville, OH Bowen, Scott; Whipple, OH Bowman, Bruce; Amesville, OH Bowman, Kenneth; Bartlett, OH Boyce, Connie S.; Lower Salem, OH Boyce, Robert; Wingett Run, OH Boyd Oil Company; Lewisville, OH Boyd, Clarence; Barnesville, OH Boyd, E. C.; Barnesville, OH Boyd, Ernest D.; Caldwell, OH Boyd, Franklin D.; Caldwell, OH Boyd, Mildred P.; Zanesville, OH Boyd, Victor C.; Caldwell, OH Boyd, Vivian; Caldwell, OH Boyles, Charles; Philippi, WV Brabham, Clarence; Senecaville, OH Brabham, Harold; Vincent, OH Brabham, Imo Y; Senecaville, OH Bradfield, George; New Matamoras, OH Bradford, Carl W.; Williamstown, WV Bradford, Garnet; Whipple, OH Brady, Charles H.; Massillon, OH Brady, James; Caldwell, OH Bragg, Charles T.; Sarahsville, OH Braham, Benjami; Bartlett, OH Brannan, Roy Jr.; Marietta, OH Brannon, Theodor; Marietta, OH Breckenridge, Curtis G.; Marietta, OH Bridgman, Regina; Caldwell, OH Brier, Steve; Caldwell, OH Bright, Donald; New Matamoras, OH Bright, Frank L.; Sardis, OH Brigman, Donald; Caldwell, OH Briscoe, John; Stockport, OH Britton, James E.; Whipple, OH Bronski, Bruce; Marietta, OH Brookover, Corinne E.; Lower Salem, OH Brookover, Danny L.; New Matamoras, OH Brookover, David R.; Marietta, OH Brookover, Paul; Newport, OH Brookover, Paul E.; Marietta, OH Brooks, Clarence; Reno, OH Brooks, Edith; Lower Salem, OH Brooks, Nicholas; Lowell, OH Brooks, Sharon; New Matamoras, OH Brooks, Walter; Lower Salem, OH Brophy, Margaret; Marietta, OH Brotherton, R. S.; Ravenna, OH Broughton, Richard W.; Lowell, OH Brown, Billy D.; Dexter City, OH Brown, Carl; Marietta, OH Brown, Carlos W.; Columbus, OH Brown, Charles Sr.; Caldwell, OH Brown, Clarence; Woodsfield, OH Brown, Dixie; Marietta, OH Brown, Edgar P.; Sarahsville, OH Brown, Floyd; Bellaire, OH Brown, Hilda; Marietta, OH Brown, Janet L.; Powell, OH Brown, John W.; Cutler, OH Brown, Lawrence; Caldwell, OH

Brown, Loren J.; Caldwell, OH Brown, Michael; Waterford, OH Brown, P. H.; Marietta, OH Brown, Richard E.; Lowell, OH Brown, Richard K.; New Matamoras, OH Brown, Robert J.; Marietta, OH Brown, Ronald; Marietta, OH Browning, Richard; Caldwell, OH Browning, Ricky; Marietta, OH Brownsville United Methodist; New Matamoras, OH Brubach, Clarence; Summerfield, OH Bruggeman, Frank R.; Hilliard, OH Brumlow, Victor; Marietta, OH Brungart, Edna E.; South Vienna, OH Bruski, Dominick; Parma, OH Bryan, Alan; Marietta, OH Bryan, Arthur; Caldwell, OH Bryan, Carlos; The Villages, FL Bryan, Carlos Jr.; Caldwell, OH Bryner, D. W.; Marietta, OH Buchanan, Arthur; Lowell, OH Buchanan, Delores F.; Zanesville, OH Buchanan, Glenna A.; Vincent, OH Buchanan, Kenneth R. Jr.; Marietta, OH Buchanan, Larry E.; Bloomingburg, Ny; Buck, Harold J.; Tallmadge, OH Buck, Ivan L.; Marietta, OH Buck, James; Rinard Mills, OH Buck, Roger; Lower Salem, OH Buehl, Wesley A.; Pomeroy, OH Buescher, W; Greenville, Mi; Buffalo Oil Company; Sarahsville, OH Buffington, Gary; Vincent, OH Bules, Harold R.; Lowell, OH Bull, James R.; Lowell, OH Bumbulis, Charles; Senecaville, OH Bumbulis, Toney; Senecaville, OH Bundy, John T.; Pleasant City, OH Burandt, Richard; Englewood, FL Burch, Charles; Caldwell, OH Burdette, Billie; Whipple, OH Burdette, Timothy B; Marietta, OH Burke, C. M.; Woodsfield, OH Burke, Henry; Marietta, OH Burke, Robert; Marietta, OH Burkhart, Joe; Marietta, OH Burkhart, L.c.; Beverly, OH Burkhart, Roy J.; Caldwell, OH Burnett, Larry; Athens, OH Burns, Frank; Marietta, OH Burns, George J.; Graysville, OH Burnside, A. L.; Whipple, OH Burnside, Carrie; Caldwell, OH Burris, Jerry; Waterford, OH Burrows, John; Lowell, OH Burt, Bernard; Stockport, OH Burt, Harold L. Jr.; Bartlett, OH Burton, Herbert; Akron, OH Burton, Warda S.; Lowell, OH Butler, Donald; Parkersburg, WV Butler, Luna; Caldwell, OH Butler, Michael P.; Morganville, Nj; Butler, Verna; Caldwell, OH Byer, Paul R.; Marietta, OH Byer, William H.; Marietta, OH Byers, David; Antioch, OH Byers, Edmond; Marietta, OH Byers, George; New Matamoras, OH


Byers, Joe; Sardis, OH Byers, Larry D.; Newport, OH Byers, Roy; New Matamoras, OH Cain, Aubrey; Pleasant City, OH Cain, Edward; Pleasant City, OH Cain, Ronald; Sarahsville, OH Cain, William R.; Waterford, OH Caldwell Redi-Mix; Caldwell, OH Caldwell, Francis; Caldwell, OH Caldwell, J. W.; Sarahsville, OH Cale, Alice W.; Senecaville, OH Cale, Thomas N.; Pleasant City, OH Caltek Minerals Corp; Buckhannon, WV Camden, James S.; Fleming, OH Camden, John; Marietta, OH Cameron, Allen; Reno, OH Cameron, Ruby L.; Caldwell, OH Campbell, Gordon J.; Lowell, OH Campbell, Ken; Sharon, OH Campbell, Mckie; Marietta, OH Campbell, Stanley; Ava, Oh, OH Campbell, Wanda; Fremont, OH Canfield, Clifford; Marietta, OH Cantwell, James M.; Sarahsville, OH Cantwell, William; Caldwell, OH Cappadona, Thomas; Canton, OH Caralla, Louis; Sardis, OH Carlisle Grange; Marietta, OH Carlson, Connie; Marietta, OH Carlson, Einar W.; Caldwell, OH Carpener, Marvin W.; Marietta, OH Carpenter, Bill M; Caldwell, OH Carpenter, Charles; Marietta, OH Carpenter, Edgar; Marietta, OH Carpenter, Ishmael; Marietta, OH Carpenter, Joseph L.; Moundsville, WV Carpenter, Mary; Sardis, OH Carpenter, Phillip W.; Fleming, OH Carpenter, William E.; Graysville, OH Carr, Ralph; Sardis, OH Carrother, George; Cuyahoga Falls, OH Cartell, Samuel; Caldwell, OH Cartenuto, Albert; Commerce Township, Mi; Carter, James; Williamstown, WV Carter, James S.; Fleming, OH Carter, Lee; Marietta, OH Carter, Norval; Sarahsville, OH Carter, William; Caldwell, OH Carver, Charles L.; Marietta, OH Carver, David L; Marietta, OH Carver, Freddie; Lowell, OH Case, Jerry; Caldwell, OH Casto, Gloria; Lower Salem, OH Casto, James L.; Marietta, OH Casto, Mark A.; Lowell, OH Casto, Norman; Marietta, OH Casto, Shirl; Canton, OH Casto, Virginia; Lower Salem, OH Cats Creek Oil Co.; Beverly, OH Cecil, Gary; Caldwell, OH Cedar Ridge M E Church; Lowell, OH Center Lunch; Sarahsville, OH Center Memorial Church; Waterford, OH Center Production Co.; Mcconnelsville; Centerville Grange; Marietta, OH Century Rest Home; Morrow, OH Chambers, William; Marietta, OH Chamblin, Carl; Marietta, OH Chandler, Alpha M.; Lowell, OH

Chandler, Edith; Marietta, OH Chandler, Elsie; Lower Salem, OH Chandler, Joseph; Caldwell, OH Chandler, Percy; Lowell, OH Channell, Kenneth; Cambridge, OH Chaplain, William; Fly, OH Chaplin, Harry; Sardis, OH Chaplin, William; New Matamoras, OH Chapman, Clarence; Chillicothe, OH Chapman, Evelyn I.; Dexter City, OH Chapman, Francis; Lower Salem, OH Chapman, James A.; Caldwell, OH Chapman, Michael; Syracuse, My; Charles, Steven A.; Marietta, OH Chatham, Larry; Caldwell, OH Chauncey, Rich; Sarahsville, OH Cheeseman, Jack Sr.; Beverly, OH Cheeseman, Oren E.; Proctorville, OH Chel Farm; Marietta, OH Chesser, Vernon; Bartlett, OH Childess, Nell; Cumberland, OH Childress, Ronald; Cumberland, OH Childs, Harol; Akron, OH Chill, Norman; Marietta, OH Chimley, Joseph; Shadyside, OH Chochran, Floyd; Shawnee, Ks; Christian, Herbert L.; Summerfield, OH Christman, Walter; Caldwell, OH Christmas, Linda; Caldwell, OH Christmas, Roy; Sarahsville, OH Christmas, Thomas E.; Caldwell, OH Christy, Dale; Graysville, OH Christy, Edna; Woodsfield, OH Christy, Glen D.; Graysville, OH Christy, R. M.; Woodsfield, OH Church Of Christ; Lewisville, OH Church, Frank; Senecaville, OH Churchtown Packing; Marietta, OH Cikra, Alder; Doylestown, OH Cisler, William J.; Marietta, OH Civil Defense; Caldwell, OH Clapsaddle, Merrill H.; Marietta, OH Clark Gifts & Crafts; Graysville, OH Clark, Alva; Columbus, OH Clark, Carrie; New Matamoras, OH Clark, Charles; Satellite Beach, FL Clark, Charles H.; Woodsfield, OH Clark, Charles R.; Sarahsville, OH Clark, Chester; Lowell, OH Clark, Dale; Caldwell, OH Clark, Darrel; Lowell, OH Clark, Darrell; Beverly, OH Clark, Dessie E.; Marietta, OH Clark, Eldon D.; Caldwell, OH Clark, Floyd E.; Lower Salem, OH Clark, Fred; Caldwell, OH Clark, Harold; Columbus, OH Clark, Harry; Sarahsville, OH Clark, Harry E.; Caldwell, OH Clark, Henry A.; Marietta, OH Clark, James R.; Lower Salem, OH Clark, Karen; Pleasant City, OH Clark, Kevin; Needles, Ca; Clark, Lewis; Marietta, OH Clark, Patricia; Marietta, OH Clark, Paul M.; Caldwell, OH Clark, Randall R.; Beverly, OH Clark, Randy; Summerfield, OH Clark, Raymond H.; Delaware, OH

Clark, Ronald; Marietta, OH Clark, Ruby L.; Lower Salem, OH Clark, Stephen; Sarahsville, OH Clark, Tim; Summerfield, OH Clark, Virginia; Lowell, OH Clark, Walter; Senecaville, OH Clark, William C.; Sarahsville, OH Clark, Wilma; Beverly, OH Clarke, Ray J.; Lower Salem, OH Claugus, Dale; Pittsburgh, Pa; Clauss, Robert G.; Akron, OH Claypool, David L.; Lower Salem, OH Clegg, Roy G. Sr.; Sardis, OH Cleveland, O. B.; Lewisville, OH Clift, Frank; New Matamoras, OH Clift, George; Elyria, OH Cline, Alonzo; New Matamoras, OH Cline, Arthur; Woodsfield, OH Cline, B. E.; Rittman, OH Cline, Bernice L.; New Matamoras, OH Cline, D. Larry; Akron, OH Cline, David; Pleasant City, OH Cline, Doyle; Rittman, OH Cline, Edward I.; Columbus, OH Cline, Estle; Woodsfield, OH Cline, Faye Baker; Cambridge, OH Cline, Gayle; Sardis, OH Cline, Glenn; Woodsfield, OH Cline, Gloria; Lower Salem, OH Cline, Jack; Marietta, OH Cline, James B.; Newport, OH Cline, John; Newport, OH Cline, Kenneth; Lewisville, OH Cline, Mary J.; Hannibal, OH Cline, Patricia; New Matamoras, OH Cline, Paul; Uniontown, OH Cline, Paul C.; Lower Salem, OH Cline, Rhoda M.; Newport, OH Cline, Robert; Lower Salem, OH Cline, Roy; Graysville, OH Cline, S. E.; Marietta, OH Cline, Shirley; Marietta, OH Cline, Walter V.; New Matamoras, OH Cline, Wiley D.; New Matamoras, OH Cline, William C.; Graysville, OH Clinton Oil Co.; Rinard Mills, OH Clinton, Harley B; Marietta, OH Close, A. B.; Marietta, OH Close, Goldie M.; Columbus, OH Clutter, Hazel; New Matamoras, OH Cobb, Ralph; Caldwell, OH Cobun, Delores; Canton, OH Cochran, Dewey J.; Marietta, OH Cochran, Mark D.; Graysville, OH Cody, James E. Jr.; Reno, OH Cody, Jeffrey; Delaware, OH Coe, Lester; Stockport, OH Coe, Lewis W.; Springfield, OH Coe, T. J.; Stockport, OH Coffman, Hugh; Marietta, OH Cogar, George; Amherst, OH Coleman, Katherine; Bellaire, OH Coleman, Mary; Woodsfield, OH Coleman, William; Caldwell, OH Colgrove, Melvin; Wellsville, OH Collins, George; Caldwell, OH Collins, Jack; Caldwell, OH Collins, James T; Caldwell, OH Collins, Jay; Caldwell, OH Collins, Richard E.; Marietta, OH

Collins, W. H.; Whipple, OH Colosi, Russel J.; Vincent, OH Colvin, Wayne; Belpre, OH Colyer, Murray; Marietta, OH Colyer, Paul; Caldwell, OH Community Church; Cambridge, OH Community Church; Newcomerstown, OH Company Of Associates; Paxton, Il; Complete Homes Inc.; Marietta, OH Comtron Incorporated; Cambridge, OH Condo-Mobile Inc #8; Toronto, OH Congleton, H. J.; Marietta, OH Congrove, Charles; Sardis, OH Conley, Isadore; Sardis, OH Conley, Oscar; Sardis, OH Conn, William; Caldwell, OH Conner, Alta B.; Marietta, OH Conner, Don; Mineral Wells, WV Conner, George; Sarahsville, OH Conner, George Jr.; Dexter City, OH Conner, George Sr.; Macksburg, OH Connolly, Terence D.; Caldwell, OH Conrad, Clinton; New Matamoras, OH Conrad, Don; Graysville, OH Constable, Jeanette; Marietta, OH Conway, Bernita; Charlotte, Nc; Cook, Argle; Beaver, WV Cook, Charles H.; Marietta, OH Cook, Ernest; New Matamoras, OH Cook, Homer; Lower Salem, OH Cook, R. G.; New Matamoras, OH Cook, Samuel R.; Lowell, OH Cooke, E W; Marietta, OH Cooke, Thomas W.; Lattimore, Nc.; Cookson, Ben; New Philadelphia, OH Cooley, Ira; Sardis, OH Cooley, James M; Rinard Mills, OH Cooper, Clayton E.; Akron, OH Cooper, Harry W.; Hollywood, FL Cooper, Roy; Marietta, OH Cooper, William; Sardis, OH Copus, Charles R.; Caldwell, OH Corbett, Paul P.; Columbus, OH Corcoran, Joseph P.; Scranton, Pa; Corner, Gary; Westville, OH Cornes, Harvey; Waterford, OH Cornett, Thomas; Graysville, OH Corwin, W. B.; Senecaville, OH Cory, James; Whipple, OH Cosgriff & Tilton; Lowell, OH Coughenour, David; Reno, OH Coughlin, Frank; Marietta, OH Court, Steven W.; Whipple, OH Courtney, Earl; Caldwell, OH Courtney, Gil; New Matamoras, OH Cove Oil Co; Marietta, OH Coverdale, Frederi; Caldwell, OH Covert, Kenneth; Antioch, OH Coy, Albert O.; Cuyahoga Falls, OH Cozzens, Irene; Williamstown, WV Craft, Raymond; Caldwell, OH Craig, Grace; Summerfield, OH Cramer, J. Rance; Bartlett, OH Cramer, John H.; Marietta, OH Crawford, Kenneth R.; Waterford, OH Crawford, Robert D.; Sardis, OH Creighton Machine Co.; New Matamoras, OH Creighton, H. F.; New Matamoras, OH Critcher, Mary; Marietta, OH Crock, A. J.; Caldwell, OH

Crock, Dean; Beverly, OH Crooks, Marjorie; Cumberland, OH Crosby, Carleto; West Salem, OH Cross, Judy; Barnesville, OH Crosten, Ethel; Chesterhill, OH Croston, Bessie; Amesville, OH Croston, Carlos; Amesville, OH Croston, Clarence; North Olmsted, OH Croston, Ethel; Chesterhill, OH Croston, Robert; Chesterhill, OH Croston, Rufus; Chesterhill, OH Croston, Sarah E; Chesterhill, OH Crow, John; Sarahsville, OH Crum Ridge Church Of; Caldwell, OH Crum, Agnes; Caldwell, OH Crum, C. A.; Stafford, OH Crum, Eugene; Caldwell, OH Crum, Leo; Caldwell, OH Crum, Martin; Graysville, OH Crum, R. C.; Lower Salem, OH Cub Run Oil Co; Marietta, OH Cullen, P. D.; Reno, OH Cummings, Harley; Marietta, OH Cummings, Ralph D.; Lowell, OH Cunningham, Blaine; Fleming, OH Cunningham, David; Cutler, OH Cunningham, Erban; Sarahsville, OH Cunningham, Ford K; Waterford, OH Cunningham, Harvey E.; Marietta, OH Cunningham, James; Marietta, OH Cunningham, Rick; Sarahsville, OH Cunningham, Wade; Marietta, OH Curran, Betty; Marietta, OH Curry, Ethel; Malaga, OH Curry, R. E.; Senecaville, OH Curtis, Eileen A.; Summersfield; Cushing & Bradshaw Operating Co; Marietta, OH Custer, Boyd; Frostproof, FL Custer, Wilmer B.; Stockport, OH D & M Hog Farm; New Matamoras, OH D C Anderson Petroleum ; Fleming, OH D&S Oil Co.; Akron, OH Daggett, William A.; Belpre, OH Dahler, Robert; Wilmington, De; Dalrymple, James; Woodsfield, OH Dalrymple, Larry; Rinard Mills, OH Dalrymple, Phoebe; Lower Salem, OH Dalton, Clifford; Caldwell, OH Dalton, Kenneth W.; Akron, OH Dalton, Lorena; Lowell, OH Damico, Louis; Whipple, OH Danford, D. R.; Summerfield, OH Daniel, Granter; New Matamoras, OH Daniels, Margaret; Marietta, OH Danielson, Dayton; Canton, OH Danku, Kenneth; Tipp City, OH Danner, Patsy A.; New Matamoras, OH Danver, Richard Jr.; New Matamoras, OH Darr, Jim; Reno, OH Darrah, Blake; Caldwell, OH Darrah, Carl; Caldwell, OH Darrah, Clyde R.; Sardis, OH Darrah, James; Macksburg, OH Darrah, Norah; Marietta, OH Dart Gospel Church; Reno, OH Daugherty, Heber; Reno, OH Daugherty, Lore; Sarahsville, OH Daugherty, Ronnie; New Matamoras, OH David, Robert C.; Marietta, OH

Davidson, Kenda; Newport, OH Davidson, R. E.; Marietta, OH Davis, Barbara M.; Sarahsville, OH Davis, Blanche; Lowell, OH Davis, Connie; Stockport, OH Davis, Delmis; Columbus, OH Davis, Ethel; Beverly, OH Davis, Gary L.; Marietta, OH Davis, Glen; Pleasant City, OH Davis, Ina M; Caldwell, OH Davis, J .W.; Sardis, OH Davis, John; Fleming, OH Davis, John N.; Lowell, OH Davis, Lida R.; Caldwell, OH Davis, Mabel; Columbus, OH Davis, Merlin; Ravenden, Ar; Davis, Oscar; Marietta, OH Davis, Randell L.; Washington, Va; Davis, Raymond L; Fleming, OH Davis, Raymond W. Sr.; Beverly, OH Davis, Sam; Ashville, Nc; Davis, Sarah L.; Canton, OH Davis, Shirley D.; Newport, OH Davis, Shirley L.; Reno, OH Davis, Tim; Whipple, OH Davis, Virgil E; Lowell, OH Davis, Walter; Sarahsville, OH Davis, Wilbur R.; Christiansburg, OH Davis, William; Pleasant City, OH Davis, William L.; Marietta, OH Davison, Hazel S.; Marietta, OH Dawson-Evans Construction Co.; Columbus, OH Day, David L.; Marietta, OH Day, Harry L; Marietta, OH De Berry, Curtis C.; Macksburg, OH Deal, Sam M.; Little Hocking, OH Dean, Judith; Waterford, OH Dearth, Ralph E.; Marietta, OH Deberry, Chester C.; Macksburg, OH Decker, Bonnie; Fleming, OH Decker, Dave; Marietta, OH Decker, David A.; New Matamoras, OH Decker, Gene; New Matamoras, OH Decker, Lance; Marietta, OH Deem, Ray E.; Macksburg, OH Deem, Richard; Lowell, OH Deems, Robert; Marietta, OH Deeter, Geraldine; Wadsworth, OH Degarmoe, John; Marietta, OH Deist, L. R.; Beverly, OH Delancey, Carl; Marietta, OH Delaney, E.w.; East Liverpool, OH Delong, Josie O.; Rinard Mills, OH Delong, Vance H.; Senecaville, OH Delphey, Elmer Jr.; Lowell, OH Delphey, Elmer N.; Lowell, OH Deming, Loring E.; Fleming, OH Dennis, Delmer L.; Marietta, OH Dennis, Donald D.; Williamstown, WV Dennis, Franklin; Waterford, OH Dennis, J.l.; New Matamoras, OH Dennis, Melvin; Lower Salem, OH Dennis, Robert; Marietta, OH Dennis, Terry; Lower Salem, OH Dennis, Walter; Marietta, OH Dennis, Wanda C.; Lowell, OH Dennis, Wayne; Lower Salem, OH Denton, John R.; Marietta, OH Denton, Paul F. Jr.; Marietta, OH Denton, Theodor W.; Marietta, OH



WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Depew, William; Wooster, OH Depuy & Bowersock; Archers Fork, OH Depuy, Dale; Marietta, OH Derby, John; Lowell, OH Desrosiers, Alvaret; Dexter City, OH Detweiler, Tom; Senecaville, OH Deucher, Isabell; New Cumberland, Va; Devol, Velda B.; Waterford, OH Devolld, Amy; Dexter City, OH Devolld, Jeanne A.; Caldwell, OH Dew, William E.; Martins Ferry, OH Dickson, Harold; Kingston, OH Diehl, James L.; Marietta, OH Dieringer, Richard Ii; New Matamoras, OH Dietz, Albert; Troutville, Va; Dille, C.r.; Bartlett, OH Dilley, Curtis; Stockport, OH Dillon, Charles J.; Canton, OH Dillon, Clayton; New Matamoras, OH Dillon, Raymond; Coshocton, OH Dillon, Wayne; New Matamoras, OH Dimmerling, Charles; Lewisville, OH Dimmerling, Gerald M.; Caldwell, OH Dimmerling, Junior; Caldwell, OH Dimmerling, Norman; Caldwell, OH Dimmerling, Paul F.; Caldwell, OH Dittes, Albert; Portland, Tn; Dixon, Rex A. ; Marietta, OH Dobbin, Clyde A.; Macksburg, OH Dobbins, Donald E.; Lowell, OH Dobbins, French; Wadsworth, OH Dobbins, Shirley; Amesville, OH Dobbins, Walter; Lowell, OH Dobbins, William; Marietta, OH Dobrovich, Wanda J.; Centerburg, OH Dodrill, Carl; Malta, OH Doebereiner, Clarence; Beverly, OH Doering, Lewis G.; North Ridgeville, OH Donahue, Thomas; Waterford, OH Donaldson, Dan; Waterford, OH Dornbusch, W. N.; Naples, FL Dotson, Douglas C.; Sardis, OH Dotty, Harley; Reno, OH Double C Ranch; Marietta, OH Dougherty, Robert A.; Rinard Mills, OH Dougherty, Robert L.; Graysville, OH Douglas, Carl R; Watertown, OH Douglas, James E.; Marietta, OH Douglas, John; Marietta, OH Dove, John; Lowell, OH Dovenbarger, Charles; Lowell, OH Dovenbarger, Mabel; Caldwell, OH Dover, Mariel; Caldwell, OH Downs, David; Waterford, OH Doyle, Clara; Wingett Run, OH Doyle, Joe; Wingett Run, OH Drake, Gerald A.; Belpre, OH Drake, Imogene; Woodsfield, OH Drake, Jack L.; New Matamoras, OH Drayer, Jerry L.; Waterford, OH Drayer, John; Grove City, OH Drayer, William; Marietta, OH Driggs, Donald; Sardis, OH Driggs, W.; Cambridge, OH Dudley, Rolland; Cambridge, OH Duesenberry, Roberta; Sarahsville, OH Duff, Charles L.; Marietta, OH Duff, James; Newport, OH Duff, John; Whipple, OH Duff, Ottmire; Marietta, OH

Dugan, Alfred; Lower Salem, OH Dunaway, Eugene; Marietta, OH Dunfee, Harold; Little Hocking, OH Dunfee, Linda A; Lowell, OH Duniver, Ellen; Sarahsville, OH Dunn, Edward; Caldwell, OH Dunn, Gary E.; Graysville, OH Dunn, William; Marietta, OH Durig, Patrica E.; Antioch, OH Duskey, Terry M.; Beverly, OH Dutton, Ernest; Beverly, OH Duty, Timothy; Marietta, OH Duvall, Bertram; Dayton, OH Duvall, S. Wiley; Zanesville, OH Dvorovy, John; Canton, OH Dyar, Dwight O.; Lowell, OH Dyar, Howard; Marietta, OH Dyar, Ralph; Beverly, OH Dye, Benny D.; Waterford, OH Dye, Ervin J.; New Matamoras, OH Dye, Glenn R.; New Matamoras, OH Dye, Marie N.; New Matamoras, OH Dyson, A. C.; Caldwell, OH Earl, R. W.; Whipple, OH Earley, James D.; New Matamoras, OH Early, Mark; New Matamoras, OH Early, Wiley E.; Lowell, OH Easterday, Floyd Jr.; Pleasant City, OH Easterling, Brian W.; Rinard Mills, OH Ebenhack, L. V.; Waverly, OH Eckelberry, Manuel; New Matamoras, OH Eckelberry, Warren; Graysville, OH Ecker, George L.; Westminster, Md; Eckert, William D. Jr.; Westport, Ct; Econo Lodge; New Philadelphia, OH Eddleblute, Glenn; Caldwell, OH Eddleblute, Paul; Cutler, OH Eddy, Daniel J; Newport, OH Eddy, Forrest E.; Newport, OH Eddy, Ralph W.; Cincinnati, OH Eddy, Raymond; Vincent, OH Edgar, George; Newport, OH Edgell, Simon E.; Sardis, OH Edgington, Lee; Woodsfield, OH Edinger, Henry; New Matamoras, OH Edinger, Herman E.; Old Hickory, Tn; Edinger, James; New Matamoras, OH Edinger, Tommy L.; New Matamoras, OH Edington, Lee; Marietta, OH Edmisten, Clifford; Caldwell, OH Edmisten, James; Pullman, WV Edward Kaiser Oil Well; Woodsfield, OH Edwards, Elwood P.; Marietta, OH Edwards, Everett; New Matamoras, OH Edwards, Fay; Stockport, OH Eibel, John M; Canton, OH Eicher, Avice; Canton, OH Eichmiller, James H.; Marietta, OH Eldred, Donald; Lowell, OH Ellerman, Darwin; Norristown, Pa; Elliott, Frank B.; Mcconnelsville, OH Elliott, George B.; Summerfield, OH Elliott, Harry; Vincent, OH Elliott, Marion; Canton, OH Elliott, Sherman; Fleming, OH Elson, James H.; New Matamoras, OH Ely, Howard M.; Whipple, OH Emge, Margene; Marietta, OH Engle, Frank D.; Coal Run, OH Englehaupt, Russell; Massillon, OH


English & Knowlton; New Matamoras, OH English, Gary; Caldwell, OH Engnes, Gary P.; Tucson, AZ Enlow, Ross E.; Akron, OH Ennis, Opal; Tishomingo; Enoch Community Hall; Caldwell, OH Enochs, William J.; New Matamoras, OH Ensign, James; Akron, Ny; Ensinger, Robert K.; Fly, OH Enstrom, Frederic; New Concord, OH Enterprise Energy Co.; Cambridge, OH Epler, Daniel; Marietta, OH Erb, Bertha; Lower Salem, OH Erb, George; Marietta, OH Erb, Gerald P.; Marietta, OH Erb, Gerry; Lower Salem, OH Erb, John; Marietta, OH Erb, Larry; Lower Salem, OH Erb, Phillip; Marietta, OH Erb, Robert; Lower Salem, OH Erb, Roman; Lower Salem, OH Erb, Thelma A.; Grundy, Va; Eredics, Robert; Marietta, OH Erlwein, David J.; Marietta, OH Eschbaugh, Richard; Zanesville, OH Ethel, William H.; Cumberland, OH Etherton, Lorna J.; Caldwell, OH Etter, Paul N.; Marietta, OH Evans, Carolyn V.; Macksburg, OH Evans, Hazel E.; Sycamore Valley, OH Everett, Dorothy; New Philadelphia, OH Everett, Harry; Graysville, OH Everly, Heavrin; Cuyahoga Falls, OH Everly, Walton; Cumberland, OH Everson, Bessie; New Matamoras, OH Ewen, William A. ; Marietta, OH Ewers, Howard; New Matamoras, OH Ewing, Clarence R.; Reno, OH Ewing, Howard; Marietta, OH Ewing, Norman L.; Waterford, OH Exline, Ruth; Zanesville, OH Fagert, Clark; Woodsfield, OH Fagg, Pauline B.; New Matamoras, OH Fahrni, Glenn; Navarre, OH Fairchild, John; Caldwell, OH Fairview Oil And Gas; New Matamoras, OH Fankhauser, Ralph; Weirton, WV Fankhauser, Ralph J.; Weirton, WV Farley, Lenora; Marietta, OH Farley, Vera; Caldwell, OH Farley, Wayne; Marietta, OH Farley, William H.; Marietta, OH Farmer, W. K.; Marietta, OH Farmers, Livestock Auction Co; Marietta, OH Farnese, Gary H.; Caldwell, OH Farnsworth, Charles; Lowell, OH Farnsworth, Frank; New Matamoras, OH Farnsworth, Gerald; Lowell, OH Farnsworth, Wilbert W.; New Matamoras, OH Farrell Oil Company; Tulsa, Ok; Farus, Herbert; Lowell, OH Fay Oil Co.; Lower Salem, OH Feibel, Louis; Marietta, OH Feldner, Gail; Caldwell, OH Feldner, L III; Caldwell, OH Feldner, Marvin L.; Sarahsville, OH Felter, Harvey A.; Marietta, OH Felton, James L.; New Matamoras, OH Felton, Opal J.; New Matamoras, OH Fenton, David G.; Reno, OH

Ferguson, M. A.; Woodsfield, OH Ferguson, Rebecca M.; Jerusalem, OH Ferguson, Vera M.; Waterford, OH Fetzer, Kathy S.; Sardis, OH Feucht, Harriet; Belpre, OH Fickiesen, R. D.; Marietta, OH Fier, James; Akron, OH Fier, James R.; Akron, OH Figel, John A.; Antioch, OH Filipow, Louis; Marietta, OH Filkins, Emmitt L.; Caldwell, OH Finch, Ray; Lowell, OH Finkel, Charles; Waterford, OH Finley, Hazel; Senecaville, OH Finley, Ronald; Marietta, OH First Bapt Ch (Camp); Marietta, OH Fischer, Larry K.; Marietta, OH Fisher B.w.; Lowell, OH Fisher, Carrie; Stockport, OH Fisher, E. L.; Beverly, OH Fisher, Iva; Zanesville, OH Fisher, P. P.; Pomeroy, OH Fitzgerald, H. W.; Summerfield, OH Fitzgerald, James; Dexter City, OH Fitzpatrick, Hugh; Caldwell, OH Flag Creek Twp House; Lower Salem, OH Flannery, James K. Ii; Marietta, OH Fleeman, Lester; Lower Salem, OH Fleeman, Phil L.; Caldwell, OH Fleets Drive-In; Sardis, OH Fleming, Dean W.; Lowell, OH Fletcher, Harry V. Jr.; Barlow, OH Fliehman, Mena; Caldwell, OH Fliehman, Robert; Caldwell, OH Florence, Robert; Beverly, OH Flower, Don E.; Marietta, OH Flowers, Ruth A.; Lowell, OH Fluharty, Carl; Sardis, OH Fluharty, Clarence; Sardis, OH Fogle, Charles D.; Marietta, OH Fogle, Clarence; Caldwell, OH Fogle, Donna; Beverly, OH Fogle, Lee; Zanesville, OH Fogle, Lee D.; Lower Salem, OH Foraker, Jennie E.; Ravenna, OH Foreman, Bryon; Vincent, OH Foreman, Emerson; Mount Vernon, OH Foreman, John; Caldwell, OH Forshey, Gladys B.; Herndon, Va; Forshey, James W.; St. Clairsville, OH Forshey, John W.; Cambridge, Ma; Forshey, Lawrence; Senecaville, OH Forshey, Rue; Caldwell, OH Fowler, Sherry L.; Albany, OH Fox, Berman; Summerfield, OH Fox, Otto L.; Marietta, OH Fox, William F; Wingett Run, OH Fox, William J.; Wingett Run, OH Frakes, Kenneth; Senecaville, OH Francis, Clarence; New Matamoras, OH Francis, George C.; Marietta, OH Francis, Harry Jr; Fleming, OH Francis, Howard; Lower Salem, OH Francis, Larry; Marietta, OH Francis, Leonard E.; Lowell, OH Francis, Ronald; New Matamoras, OH Frankl, Neil; Whipple, OH Franklin, C. L.; Sarahsville, OH Frash, Martha; Amesville, OH Fredericksdale Church; Sarahsville, OH

Freeland, Keith; Grove City, OH Freeland, Myrna; Fleming, OH Freilich, Anthony; Akron, OH Friend, Buzzie; Vincent, OH Friend, Joseph; Waterford, OH Friend, Walter; Marietta, OH Friesel, Thomas; Jerusalem, OH Frisbee, Robert; Cambridge, OH Frishney, Doyle; Caldwell, OH Frontier Vacation Land; Springfield, Mo; Frost, Mary K.; Marietta, OH Fry, Harry E.; New Matamoras, OH Fry, Ronnie; Cumberland, OH Frye, Billy L.; Lowell, OH Frye, Everett; Mcconnelsville, OH Frye, Terrance; Caldwell, OH Frye, William K.; Waterford, OH Fryman, Richard; Stockport, OH Fulda Grange; Caldwell, OH Fulmer, Ida; New Matamoras, OH Fulmer, Robert; Marietta, OH Fulton, Herbert; Marietta, OH Fulton, Roger; Lower Salem, OH Fults, Frank; Gaithersburg, Md; Funk, Gary; Kissimmee, FL Funk, James; Marietta, OH Fuqua Homes Ohio Inc.; Caldwell, OH G & W Oil & Gas Co.; Graysville, OH Gaab, Goldie G.; Lowell, OH Gacek, Karen; Jacksonville, NC; Gage, Gerald; Canton, OH Galati, Fred; Marietta, OH Gallagher, C. N.; Marietta, OH Gallagher, Loran F.; Marietta, OH Galloway, Douglas; Cambridge, OH Galloway, Richard; Canton, OH Gamboa, Mercedes C.; Clarendon Hills, IL; Gandee, C.n.; Marietta, OH Gandor, George; Marietta, OH Gandor, Sonya; Mineral Wells, WV; Gannon, John; Akron, OH Gardner, Don; Lowell, OH Gardner, Esther; Woodsfield, OH Gardner, Joe; Graysville, OH Gardner, Lanny; Marietta, OH Gardner, Linda; Marietta, OH Gardner, Mildred A.; W. Lafayette, OH Gardner, Reggie; Sardis, OH Gardner, Rickey; Rinard Mills, OH Garen, William F.; Columbus, OH Garrett, Andrew; Caldwell, OH Garrett, John E.; Sardis, OH Garrett, Steve; Marietta, OH Gaskins, Camma; Marietta, OH Gaton, William; Cumberland, OH Gay, R. L.; Caldwell, OH Gaydos, Robert; Dexter City, OH Gearhart, Charles H.; Marietta, OH Geary, Dorothy; Coshocton, OH Gedeon, Anna; Hinckley, OH Geniella, Martha; Sarahsville, OH Geniella, William B.; Sarahsville, OH George, Rebecca; Whipple, OH George, William; Massillon, OH Georgiana Oil Company; Marietta, OH Gerber, Ralph; Lower Salem, OH Gerlach, Judy; Belpre, OH Gerst, Ferdina E.; Caldwell, OH Gerstenslager, Ira; Leggett, TX Gessel, Charles G.; Columbus, OH

Gessel, Ella; Macksburg, OH Gessel, Kenneth M.; Canton, OH Getrost, Clarence; Sardis, OH Geupel Contruction Co.; Indianapolis, In; Giblon, Charles Jr.; Steubenville, OH Gibson, Juanita; Columbus, OH Gibson, Shirley; Oneco, FL Giffin, Dale E; Fleming, OH Giffin, Leslie R. Jr.; Millfield, OH Gildow, Charles; Marietta, OH Gildow, Edward; Belle Valley, OH Gildow, Ronald; Lower Salem, OH Gildow, Thomas F.; Caldwell, OH Gill, Howard D.; Caldwell, OH Gill, James; Pataskala, OH Gill, Paul; Caldwell, OH Gillespie, C. R.; Caldwell, OH Gillis, Dale; Summerfield, OH Gillis, James R.; Marietta, OH Gindlesperger, Glenn R.; Columbus, OH Ginn, Esther; Pleasant City, OH Gittleman, Ben; Constitution, OH Givens, Norman; Lower Salem, OH Gladden, Robert; Canton, OH Glady Valley Mineral; Summerfield, OH Glasgo, Shirley; Caldwell, OH Glass, Alfred; Cambridge, OH Glass, Helen L. ; Lowell, OH Glidden, Joe; Caldwell, OH Glidden, Robert L.; Caldwell, OH Glover, James W.; Lima, WV Goddard, Cora; Newport, OH Goddard, Robert; Marietta, OH Godfrey, Jerry; Marietta, OH Goins, Lovell; Sharpsburg, OH Goins, Lyle; Chesterhill, OH Goins, Malcolm D.; Canton, OH Goins, Manuel; Wingett Run, OH Golba, Rena; Caldwell, OH Golden, Philip; Sarahsville, OH Gombos, Gabor Jr.; Palmetto, FL Good, Douglas; Dayton, OH Good, Estella M.; Steubenville, OH Goosman, Michael L.; Marietta, OH Gorby, W. C.; Caldwell, OH Gordon, Ellis; Marietta, OH Gorman, Carl; Cleveland, OH Gorshe, Michael; Bellaire, OH Gough, Paul; Amesville, OH Gould Church; Marietta, OH Gourley, Elmer; Vincent, OH Grace, Dora; Scio, OH Graham & Knowlton Pump; Woodsfield, OH Graham, Eldon; Marietta, OH Graham, J. F.; Lebow Oil Well Graham, James B.; Lowell, OH Graham, Jerry; Lower Salem, OH Graham, William R.; Mineral Wells, WV Grahame, Henry Sr.; Newport, OH Gratke, Paul; Waterford, OH Gray, Herman; South Lebanon, OH Gray, Leland; Parkersburg, WV Gray, William; Caldwell, OH Grayson, John C.; Marietta, OH Graysville Church Of Church; Graysville, OH Greathouse, Clyde; Marietta, OH Greathouse, James H.; Newport, OH Greathouse, O. L.; Amesville, OH Green, John; Bethesda, OH Green, Lowell A.; Prospect, OH

Greene, Clarence M.; Amesville, OH Greenlees, William C.; Marietta, OH Gregg, Leonard A.; Belpre, OH Gregory, Ronald; Buffalo, OH Greig, Robert; Wingett Run, OH Griffin, Bruce; Marietta, OH Griffin, Charles; Lower Salem, OH Griffin, Earl; Shreve, OH Griffin, Gregory D.; Whipple, OH Griffin, James D.; Marietta, OH Griffin, Norval; Marietta, OH Griffin, Patty; Dexter City, OH Griffin, Walter; Lowell, OH Griffith, Herbert; Lower Salem, OH Griffith, Louis M.; St. Clairsville, OH Grimes & Mcvey; New Matamoras, OH Grimes Farm Service; Caldwell, OH Grimes, Clarence; Graysville, OH Grimes, Craig; Sarahsville, OH Grimes, Henry; Caldwell, OH Grimm Trucking Co.; Lebanon, In; Grimm, Irve Jr.; Woodsfield, OH Grogg, W. S.; Rinard Mills, OH Grosklos, Frank; Marietta, OH Grosz, C. William; Lowell, OH Grosz, Clarence W.; Saint Matthews, Sc; Groves, Clarence; Waterford, OH Groves, Dale V.; New Concord, OH Groves, Jessie L.; Marietta, OH Groves, Joseph; Wingett Run, OH Groves, Morris; Pleasant City, OH Groves, Paul; Marietta, OH Groves, Roger; Byesville, OH Groves, Ronald E.; Caldwell, OH Groves, Victor; Barlow, OH Guckert, Paul; Marietta, OH Guckert, Paul; Georgetown, Sc; Guentert, Donald; Fairview Park, OH Guernsey Limestone Co.; Marietta, OH Guiler, Edgar; Marietta, OH Guiler, Homer; Gahanna, OH Guiler, Howard L.; Sarahsville, OH Guiler, Kenneth; Caldwell, OH Gundlach, David A.; Lower Salem, OH Gunnels, Arnold; Caldwell, OH Gutberlet, David; Beverly, OH Gutberlet, L. F.; Marietta, OH Gutberlet, Leroy; Waterford, OH Gutheil, Lawrence; Marietta, OH H & C Oil Co.; Marietta, OH H Operating Company; Lowell, OH Haas, Bernard Jr.; Marietta, OH Habig, William; Martins Ferry, OH Hackathorn, Eleanor; Tallmadge, OH Hackathorn, James J.; Wingett Run, OH Hadding, Victor P. Sr.; Macksburg, OH Haddox, Annette; Marietta, OH Haffner, John; Lower Salem, OH Haga, Eugene; Caldwell, OH Hagar, James C.; Lowell, OH Hager, Betty J.; Belpre, OH Hager, W.; Akron, OH Hague, Clarence; Marietta, OH Hague, James R.; Columbus, OH Hague, Marguerit; Marieta; Hague, Randy; Fleming, OH Haislet, Charles W.; Hopedale, OH Haislet, John M.; Anthony, Nm; Hakins, Elmo W.; Lower Salem, OH Hakins, G. E.; Lowell, OH

Hakins, Gordon; Lowell, OH Hale, H. R.; North Canton, OH Hale, Howard S.; Canal Fulton, OH Hale, Leland G.; Stockport, OH Hall, C. E.; Lower Salem, OH Hall, Clyde G.; Marietta, OH Hall, H. David; St. Clairsville, OH Hall, H. H.; Caldwell, OH Hall, Janice; Cutler, OH Hall, K. D.; Senecaville, OH Hall, Ralph E.; New Matamoras, OH Hall, Robert L.; Parkersburg, WV Hall, Steven; Pleasant City, OH Hall, William; Newport, OH Halls Chapel Church; Wingett Run, OH Hamilton & Hune; Marietta, OH Hamilton, Chester; Marietta, OH Hammond, William; Marietta, OH Handschumaker, Fred; Lower Salem, OH Hanes, Homer; Marietta, OH Haney, Beverly; Mentor, OH Haney, Roer G.; Caldwell, OH Hanlon, Donna; Newport, OH Hanlon, Eric W.; De Kalb, TX Hanlon, W. O.; Columbus, OH Hanning, Robert L.; Marietta, OH Hannum, Bernard Jr.; Caldwell, OH Hanson, Peggy; Marietta, OH Harbert, Beverly; Graysville, OH Harden, L. J. ; Addison, OH Harden, L. J. II; Sarahsville, OH Harden, L. J. III; Sarahsville, OH Harden, L. J. Jr.; Addison, OH Hardesty, Myrtle; Caldwell, OH Hardman, Lorn; Barlow, OH Hardman, Paul E.; Graysville, OH Hargus, Emory; Reno, OH Harless, Charles W; Sarahsville, OH Harmon, Claude; Caldwell, OH Harmon, George; Rinard Mills, OH Harmon, Gilbert; Fly, OH Harmon, Gordon L.; Cutler, OH Harmon, Harry C.; Cutler, OH Harmon, Ocie; Waterford, OH Harmon, Paul; Caldwell, OH Harmon, T. A.; Waterford, OH Harmon, Vaughn E.; New Matamoras, OH Harper Bros. Pump Sta; Dexter City, OH Harper, Brenda K.; Marietta, OH Harper, Ethel; Caldwell, OH Harper, George E.; Caldwell, OH Harper, John; Sardis, OH Harper, M. L. ; Dexter City, OH Harper, Wayne; Caldwell, OH Harr, Donald; Beverly, OH Harriman, David; Dexter City, OH Harriman, James D.; Lower Salem, OH Harriman, Robert W.; Lower Salem, OH Harrington, Pat; Zanesville, OH Harris, Calvin; Newport, OH Harris, Dean; Lowell, OH Harris, Donald; Bowling Green, Ky; Harris, Larry; Marietta, OH Hart, Albin; Rinard Mills, OH Hart, Clara L.; Murraysville, WV Hart, Daniel; Lowell, OH Hart, Donald; Lowell, OH Hart, Donald J.; Lowell, OH Hart, Elton D.; Beverly, OH Hart, Harold L.; Marietta, OH



WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Hart, Mabel; Marietta, OH Hart, Richard E.; Lowell, OH Hartline, Jack I. ; Canton, OH Hartline, Kenneth; Marietta, OH Hartman, Carl D.; Sarahsville, OH Hartman, Joe; Sardis, OH Hartong, Charles; Massillon, OH Hartshorn, Denzil; Wingett Run, OH Harvey, Elizabeth P.; Ponchatoula, La; Hasbrouck, St. Clair; Barnesville, OH Haslam, Linda S.; Graysville, OH Hasley, David L.; Marietta, OH Hasley, Ercel; Marietta, OH Hasley, L. L.; Marietta, OH Hasley, Robert E. Sr.; Marietta, OH Haught, Arthur; Marietta, OH Haught, C. L.; New Matamoras, OH Haught, Charles; Marietta, OH Haught, Everett; Akron, OH Haught, Gary; Newport, OH Haught, Helen; Marietta, OH Haught, Jane; Hebron, OH Haught, Mary; New Matamoras, OH Hawk, William; Murray City, OH Hawkins Oil Co.; Marietta, OH Hawkins, George; Mount Sterling, OH Hawkins, Jonathan M.; Lower Salem, OH Hawn, William; Beallsville, OH Hay, Truman; Stockport, OH Haynes, Fred; Newport, OH Haynes, Howard R.; Williamstown, WV Haynes, Thelma F.; Cutler, OH Hayth, George; Whipple, OH Hayurst, William; Magnolia, OH Headlee, Lavon; Marietta, OH Headley, Milford; Sardis, OH Heckert, Hunter; Parkersburg, WV Heddleston, Grace E.; Akron, OH Hedger, Ruth; Caldwell, OH Heidorn, Florence; Marietta, OH Heisler, C.a.; Columbus, OH Heiss, Alethea; Beverly, OH Heiss, Ronald; Waterford, OH Helber, O. S.; Fleming, OH Helbert Gas & Oil Co.; Lowell, OH Heldman, Harry; Marietta, OH Heldman, John C.; Caldwell, OH Heldman, Otto M. ; Dart, OH Heller, Willard E.; Norton, OH Helmick, C. H.; Marietta, OH Henderhan, Edgar; Massillon, OH Henderhan, Randy; Marietta, OH Hendershot, Albert; Waterford, OH Hendershot, Amos Sr.; New Matamoras, OH Hendershot, Charles J.; Wooster, OH Hendershot, Dale L.; Lower Salem, OH Hendershot, Dean; Marietta, OH Hendershot, Donald G.; New Matamoras, OH Hendershot, Ethel; Marietta, OH Hendershot, Floyd; Caldwell, OH Hendershot, Gale; Lowell, OH Hendershot, Gene D.; Whipple, OH Hendershot, Jackie D; New Matamoras, OH Hendershot, Larry; Marietta, OH Hendershot, Oliver; Lower Salem, OH Hendershot, Ralph; Marietta, OH Hendershot, Wilbert; Devola Marietta, OH Henderson Oil Company; Devola Marietta, OH Hendricks, Alfred; New Matamoras, OH Henegar, Jerome; Waterford, OH

Henkel, Louise; Youngstown, OH Henniger, Clifford J.; Lowell, OH Henry, Aaron M.; Sarahsville, OH Henry, Carrie L.; Marietta, OH Henry, Eldris; Marietta, OH Hensel, Bonnie; New Matamoras, OH Hensel, Harold; New Matamoras, OH Hensel, Judith A.; New Matamoras, OH Hensel, Kenneth; Columbus, OH Hensel, Mary M. ; New Matamoras, OH Hensel, Mildred; New Matamoras, OH Hensel, Roger; New Matamoras, OH Henthorn, Georgia; New Matamoras, OH Henthorn, Lawrence; Lower Salem, OH Henthorne, Ernest; Beverly, OH Henthorne, Larry D.; Waterford, OH Henthorne, Melvin; Sardis, OH Hercules Oil Company; Zanesville, OH Herrman, Roy F.; Marietta, OH Heskett, David; Beverly, OH Heskey, Lloyd N.; New Matamoras, OH Heslop, Donald; Marietta, OH Hess, Tracey D.; Columbus, OH Hesson, Anna; Newport, OH Hesson, Charles W.; Newport, OH Hesson, Harry H.; Lower Salem, OH Hesson, Mabel; Marietta, OH Hesson, Orie; Parkersburg, WV; Hewitt, Herman; Akron, OH Hickman, Donald R.; Caldwell, OH Hickman, Joy J.; Caldwell, OH Hickman, Lenore; Marietta, OH Hickman, Mildred L.; Caldwell, OH Hickory Oil Co.; Lower Salem, OH Hier, Edwin R.; Kent, OH Higgins, E. B.; Marietta, OH Higgins, Norman; Waterford, OH Highland, Park; Lowell, OH Highley, Jason; Woodsfield, OH Highman, Irene; Graysville, OH Hileman, Walter A.; Marietta, OH Hill, Arlie; Amesville, OH Hill, B. C.; Caldwell, OH Hill, Beda H.; Caldwell, OH Hill, Curtis; Senecaville, OH Hill, David M.; Caldwell, OH Hill, Elmer; Amesville, OH Hill, Ernest; Barlow, OH Hill, Ford E. ; New Matamoras, OH Hill, Fred; Sarahsville, OH Hill, Gary G.; Malta, OH Hill, Glen; Summerfield, OH Hill, Guy; Chesterhill, OH Hill, Irma; Stockport, OH Hill, Mary M.; Caldwell, OH Hill, Raymond; Sarahsville, OH Hill, Timothy J.; Heath, OH Hill, W. G.; New Matamoras, OH Hill, Wilford S.; Senecaville, OH Hille, R. R.; Marietta, OH Hillside Oil Company; Marietta, OH Hillyer, Clarence; Byesville, OH Hines & Crum; Graysville, OH Hines, Leland; Lewisville, OH Hines, Lonnie; Woodsfield, OH Hines, Marjorie; Lewisville, OH Hines, William T.; Lewisville, OH Hinton, Esther M.; Lowell, OH Hinton, Maria; Lowell, OH Hinton, Michael P. Sr.; Lowell, OH


Hinton, Neil E.; Marietta, OH Hinton, Richard; Marietta, OH Hinton, Robert F.; Marietta, OH Hissom, Nola; Woodsfield, OH Hitchcock, Harold; Old Washington, OH Hnatiuk, M. W.; Senecaville, OH Hobbs, Joseph F.; Piqua, OH Hockenberry, Clifford F.; Beverly, OH Hockenberry, Dale E.; Marietta, OH Hockenberry, Darlela; Whipple, OH Hockenberry, James; Lower Salem, OH Hodge, Harold; Macksburg, OH Hodge, William Sr.; Glendale, AZ; Hodges, Pat; Marietta, OH Hoenigman, Thomas; Winter Park, FL; Hoff, Bruce; Jacksonville, FL; Hoff, Lewis; Marietta, OH Hoffert, E. J.; Lowell, OH Hoffman, Burton; Marietta, OH Hogue, Dalton; Woodsfield, OH Hogue, F. S.; Woodsfield, OH Hogue, J. C.; Davenport, FL; Hohman, Bernard; Caldwell, OH Hohman, Elmer; Caldwell, OH Hohman, Henry; Caldwell, OH Hohman, Joseph; Marietta, OH Holdren, Marjorie; Marietta, OH Holiday, J. R.; Lower Salem, OH Holkzena, David R.; Lower Salem, OH Holland & Holland; St. Marys WV Holland, Clyde; Graysville, OH Holland, Denzil; St. Marys, WV Holland, Doras; Rinard Mills, OH Holland, H.e.; Rinard Mills, OH Hollen, Ronald; Marietta, OH Hollenbeck, J. R.; Hannibal, OH Holman, Michael; Antioch, OH Holschu, Shirley; Marietta, OH Holshuer, Donna; Caldwell, OH Holstein, Edward; Cumberland, OH Holstein, Philip; Sarahsville, OH Holster, Harry; Caldwell, OH Hooper, Dorsey; Woodsfield, OH Hooper, Sidney; Elyria, OH Hooper, Steve; Woodsfield, OH Hoover, Edna Mae; Stockport, OH Hopewell Um Church; Rinard Mills, OH Hopkins, Dean; Caldwell, OH Horton, Eunice; Caldwell, OH Horton, Mary A.; Lower Salem, OH Hoskins, Joseph; Woodsfield, OH Hoskinson, Alice; Powhatan Point, OH Hoskinson, Frank; Sardis, OH Hoskinson, Richard E.; Cottondale, Al; Hostasa, John W.; Shadyside, OH Hottinger, Donald; Waterford, OH Hottinger, Michael; Waterford, OH Houston, William A.; Summerfield, OH Howell, Burl; Graysville, OH Howell, Jimmie L.; Graysville, OH Howell, Raymond; Marietta, OH Howell, Rose; Lower Salem, OH Howell, Wayne H.; Caldwell, OH Hubbard, Lawrence; Woodsfield, OH Hubbard, Ray; New Matamoras, OH Huck, Albert J.; Lowell, OH Huck, Michael; Lowell, OH Huck, Raymond; Lowell, OH Huff, Marjori A.; Sardis, OH Huffman, Barbara A.; Marietta, OH

Huffman, Brenda; Sarahsville, OH Huffman, Gene J.; Sardis, OH Huffman, Harold; Sardis, OH Huffman, John; Caldwell, OH Huffman, Ray; Sardis, OH Huffman, Terry; Sarahsville, OH Huges, Evan; Marietta, OH Huggins, Richard B.; Marietta, OH Hughes, Debbie; Marietta, OH Hughes, Evan; Marietta, OH Hughes, Flossie; Beverly, OH Hughes, J. H.; Marietta, OH Hughes, John; Lowell, OH Hughes, Lotis; Waterford, OH Hughes, M. O.; Beverly, OH Hughey, John; Caldwell, OH Hugn, George; New Concord, OH Huguley, Walter; Lowell, OH Hulfachor, Harold; Caldwell, OH Hull, Paul R.; Canton, OH Hulls, Herbert; Lower Salem, OH Hune, E.t.; Marietta, OH Huntsman, Merle; Woodsfield, OH Hupp, Guy; Beverly, OH Hupp, Minnie H.; Dexter City, OH Hupp, Orval; Graysville, OH Hupp, Russell; Marietta, OH Hurst, Bernard; Marietta, OH Hushion, John; Lowell, OH Husk, Oliver; Minerva, OH Hutchins, Charles C.; Caldwell, OH Hutchins, Dana R.; Beverly, OH Hutchins, E. J.; Caldwell, OH Hutchinson, Armilda; Graysville, OH Hutkai, Ernest W.; Marietta, OH Hvizdak, John; Powhatan Point, OH Hvizdzak, Mike; Clarington, OH Ickes, Bessie; Reno, OH Irwin, Glen O.; Lower Salem, OH J & L Oil ; Marietta, OH J & S Oil Company; Marietta, OH J. Wilbur Caldwell; Sarahsville, OH Jackson Twp House; Dexter City, OH Jackson, Andrew; Barberton, OH Jackson, Brady; Sardis, OH Jackson, C. R.; Marietta, OH Jackson, Earl; Lowell, OH Jackson, Gerald S.; North Canton, OH Jackson, Kenneth E.; Marietta, OH Jackson, Maxine; Akron, OH Jacobs, Daniel W.; Woodsfield, OH Jacobs, Genevieve; Caldwell, OH Janeda, James O.; New Matamoras, OH Janeda, Joseph; New Matamoras, OH Janks, Nona E.; Fleming, OH Jarvis, Roger; Woodsfield, OH Jauman, Roland; Clinton, OH Jeffers, H. B.; Reno, OH Jencik, John; Marietta, OH Jenkins, John Dr.; Dexter City, OH Jenkins, Oscar E.; Falls Church, Va; Jennie, Mae Club; Lewisville, OH Jennings, Jay; Beverly, OH Jennings, William J.; Caldwell, OH Jenson, Louis P.; Lower Salem, OH Jerles, Homer; Caldwell, OH Jett, Kevin; Marietta, OH J-Met Inc.; Woodsfield, OH Joe Skinner Construction Co.; Belle Valley, OH John, J Malik Dba; Saint Clairsville, OH

Johns, Allen; Whipple, OH Johnson, Bobby G.; Whipple, OH Johnson, C. F.; Lowell, OH Johnson, Clarence W.; Waterford, OH Johnson, Delcie M.; Fleming, OH Johnson, Donald D.; Cuyahoga Falls, OH Johnson, Douglas; Caldwell, OH Johnson, Ellen; New Matamoras, OH Johnson, Gary; Waterford, OH Johnson, Goldie; Frazeysburg, OH Johnson, H. K.; Amesville, OH Johnson, Homer; Cumberland, OH Johnson, James; New Matamoras, OH Johnson, James E.; Newport, OH Johnson, James R.; Marietta, OH Johnson, John W.; Stockport, OH Johnson, Larry; Lower Salem, OH Johnson, Lois A.; Marietta, OH Johnson, Mildred C.; Macksburg, OH Johnson, Paul; Sardis, OH Johnson, Raymond; Stockport, OH Johnson, Roger; Caldwell, OH Johnson, Roy E.; Amesville, OH Johnson, Thomas L.; Clarington, On; Johnston, Barry; Cumberland, OH Jolly, Grange; New Matamoras, OH Jones, Bernard; Caldwell, OH Jones, Bobby W.; Graysville, OH Jones, Clifton C.; Winter Park, FL Jones, David; Kimbolton, OH Jones, Franklin E.; Marietta, OH Jones, Fred; Sardis, OH Jones, John C.; Sardis, OH Jones, Lola; Rinard Mills, OH Jones, Paul; Reno, OH Jones, Wayne; Marietta, OH Jones, Woodrow; Sharpsburg, OH Jordan Oil Company; Marietta, OH Jordan, Aline; Beverly, OH Jordan, George M.; Caldwell, OH Jordan, Howard J.; Cleveland, OH Jordan, Paul; Caldwell, OH Jordan, Richard; Beverly, OH Joy, C. E.; Marietta, OH Judd, Raymond; Massillon, OH K & R Cable Co; Marietta, OH Kalem Oil & Gas Co; Newport, OH Kalem, George J; New Matamoras, OH Kapp, Louis W; Lowell, OH Karcher, Galen; Marietta, OH Kartman, Shirley M. ; Wheeling, WV Kathary, Kenneth; Marietta, OH Kathary, Raymond E.; Macksburg, OH Kayser, Robert E.; Mansfield, OH Kearns, David G.; Waterford, OH Keffer, Kenneth; Marietta, OH Kehl, Danny L; Graysville, OH Kehl, Neal F.; Cutler, OH Kehl, R.; Marietta, OH Keiffer, Larry; Caldwell, OH Kelby, A. C.; Marietta, OH Kelby, Paul; Lower Salem, OH Kelley, John; Coshocton, OH Kelly, Evelyn M.; Sarahsville, OH Kelly, James Jr.; Waterford, OH Kemper, Ralph; Marietta, OH Keneaster, Blair; Mcconnelsville; Keney, W. C.; Brooksville, FL Kennedy, Donald L.; Sardis, OH Kennedy, Irma; Amesville, OH

Kennedy, W.h.; Caldwell, OH Kenney, Deborah; Cutler, OH Kerns, Emmet E.; Graysville, OH Kerstetter, C. R.; Barnesville, OH Kesselring, C. E.; Akron, OH Kesselring, Harry E. Jr.; Marietta, OH Keyser, Floyd Jr.; Marietta, OH Keyser, William; Shadyside, OH Khune, John; Akron, OH Khune, Louella; Sarahsville, OH Kidd, Helen; Cadiz, OH Kidd, Terry E.; Stockport, OH Kidwell, Bonnie R.; Lower Salem, OH Kiggans, Douglas; Williamstown, WV Kiggans, Floyd E.; Marietta, OH Kiggans, Robert; Waterford, OH Kiggans, Robert G. Jr.; Lowell, OH Kiggans, Samuel D.; Marietta, OH Kile, Robert C.; Lowell, OH Kilmer, Patricia; Marietta, OH Kilpatrick, Rick; Pleasant City, OH Kimball, Addie M.; Vincent, OH Kimball, Dorren L.; New Matamoras, OH Kimble, Jerry; Marietta, OH Kincaid, James; Waterford, OH Kincaid, Willie; Beverly, OH Kindall, R. T.; Beverly, OH Kinder, Duard S.; Waterford, OH Kindle, Ben; Waterford, OH Kindle, George; Graysville, OH King, Ada; Canton, OH King, Casey; Graysville, OH King, Dana; Sarahsville, OH King, Denver; Canton, OH King, Donald W.; New Matamoras, OH King, Duane; Caldwell, OH King, Ernestine V.; Akron, OH King, Francis; Cutler, OH King, Harold E.; Caldwell, OH King, Harold E.; Graysville, OH King, Mary A; Cutler, OH King, Mary Belle; Caldwell, OH King, Pamela D.; Wingett Run, OH King, Paul; Caldwell, OH King, Robert W.; Senecaville, OH King, Sophie C.; Mcconnelsville, OH King, Wiley W.; Canton, Oh ; Kirby, Henry H.; Shadyside, OH Kirk, George; Caldwell, OH Kirk, John D.; Barnesville, OH Kirk, Ruth; Caldwell, OH Kirkbride, Alvin; Sarahsville, OH Kirkbride, James; Caldwell, OH Kittle, David; Marietta, OH Kitts, Clarence; Marietta, OH Kitzmiller, H. L.; Stockport, OH Klemn, Ralph; Lower Salem, OH Klemn, Verna; Lower Salem, OH Klenik, Ralph L. Jr.; Marietta, OH Klintworth, John; Casselberry, FL Klintworth, Merle; Silver Springs, FL Klintworth, Patricia; Phoenix, AZ Kloet, Stanley; Cutler, OH Knight, Dale; Marietta, OH Knight, Donna; Marietta, OH Knighten, John; Sardis, OH Knisley, Cecil; Lowell, OH Knisley, Donald; Pleasant City, OH Knisley, James; Cambridge, OH Knob Gas Co.; Marietta, OH

Knob Oil Company; Marietta, OH Knoch, Edward; Lowell, OH Knott, Joseph D.; Waterford, OH Knotts, Cecil; New Milton, WV Knowlton, Alden; Edgewater, Nj; Knowlton, Violet B.; Sardis, OH Knowlton, William; New Matamoras, OH Knox, Janice; Marietta, OH Koch, Joseph; Wadsworth, OH Koch, Orville; Marietta, OH Kohn, Clarence; Lower Salem, OH Kohn, Melba; Canton, OH Kominar, Emil; Caldwell, OH Koon, Ira; Columbus, OH Koon, Winnie; Lower Salem, OH Koons, Sherman; Lower Salem, OH Koontz, Roy; Graysville, OH Korner, William; Athens, OH Kottman, Gary; Sarahsville, OH Kraps, Louise; Lowell, OH Krizan, Daniel; Mansfield, OH Kroll, Robert; Rinard Mills, OH Krousl, Rudolph; Shadyside, OH Kucik, Joseph E; Marietta, OH Kuhl, Eddie; Caldwell, OH Kuhn, Betty; Graysville, OH Kuhn, Earl; Rinard Mills, OH Kuhn, Woodrow; Pleasant City, OH Kuhne, James; Caldwell, OH Kukulka, Stanley; Lowell, OH Kuli, Mike; Wilmington, OH Kulp, Dorothy; Pleasant City, OH Kunsman, William R.; Little Hocking, OH Kusma, Joe; Caldwell, OH Kuzior, Ted; Burgettstown, Pa; L & K Oil Co.; Marietta, OH L & M Enterprises; Marietta, OH La Follett, Thomas; Pleasant City, OH La Follette, Kenneth; Whipple, OH Labarre, Carol A.; Marietta, OH Labarre, N.m.; Marietta, OH Labbett, Robert; Bethel Park, Pa; Lacey, Alan W; Vincent, OH Ladick, John A.; Pleasant City, OH Lafferre, Donald; Lewisville, OH Lallathin, Garry Est; Richmond, OH Lallathin, Roy; Sardis, OH Lamb, Paul; Amesville, OH Lambert, Gary; Marietta, OH Lambert, Harold; Macksburg, OH Lambert, Jerald O.; Lowell, OH Lamp, John; Vincent, OH Lance, James; Senecaville, OH Landis, James; New Matamoras, OH Landis, Mary E.; Graysville, OH Lane, Walter J. Jr.; Marietta, OH Lane, William; Cutler, OH Lang, Frank; Lowell, OH Lang, Martin; Marietta, OH Lang, Robert L.; Lowell, OH Lange, Alfred Jr.; Lakewood, OH Langsdorf, Thomas; Sardis, OH Lantry, Charles M. Jr.; Longwood, FL Lantz, Dennis; Cumberland, OH Lantz, Julia K.; Whipple, OH Lantz, Terry; Marietta, OH Lantz, William M.; Lower Salem, OH Largent, Ben; Graysville, OH Larrabee, Karen & David; Marietta, OH Larrick, Nellie Jane; Pleasant City, OH

Larrick, Owen; Sarahsville, OH Larrick, W.a.; Cambridge, OH Larrson, Bengt O.; Marietta, OH Lashley, William; Orange City, FL Lauer, Anna; Newport, OH Lauer, Bernard; Marietta, OH Lauer, Florence; Lowell, OH Lauer, Gary; Whipple, OH Lauer, Michele A.; Marietta, OH Lauer, Sylvia; Marietta, OH Lauer, Wayne; Maritta; Laughery, Norman; Lower Salem, OH Lawman, Joan; Lowell, OH Lawrence, Carlos; Caldwell, OH Leach, John; Poolesville, Md; Leach, Phyllis; Sarahsville, OH Leasure, Abraham F.; Sardis, OH Leasure, C F; Fly, OH Leasure, Harry; Lowell, OH Leasure, Joeann; Sardis, OH Leasure, Lloyd; Graysville, OH Leasure, Ruth; Caldwell, OH Leclair, C.w.; Marietta, OH Ledford, Auverne; Stockport, OH Ledford, Dana; Waterford, OH Lee, David E.; York, Sc; Lee, Elaine; Caldwell, OH Lee, Fred; Lower Salem, OH Lee, Harry; Marietta, OH Lee, Howard; Bradenton; Lee, Kenneth; Sarahsville, OH Lee, Larry; Caldwell, OH Lee, Michael A.; Newport, OH Lee, Ora; Marietta, OH Lee, Roy E; Lowell, OH Lee, Wilmer; Marietta, OH Legg, Judy; Marietta, OH Lemasters, Jerry; Sardis, OH Lemon, Beverly; Washington, WV Lent, Harry; Whipple, OH Leonard, Edward; Ravenna, OH Lester, Mack; Pleasant City, OH Lestock, Andy; Pleasant City, OH Lestock, Stephen; Pleasant City, OH Lewis, C. A.; Marietta, OH Lewis, Carl D; Chesterhill, OH Lewis, Edward; Amesville, OH Lewis, Frank; Amesville, OH Lewis, R.n.; St. Clairsville, OH Lewis, Ralph; Marietta, OH Lewis, Russell; Apopka, FL Lewis, Shelli; Beverly, OH Lewis, Shirley; Beverly, OH Liberty Baptist Church; Whipple, OH Liberty Petroleum Co.; Stockport, OH Liberty Ridge U B Ch; Wingett Run, OH Libhart, Donald; Marietta, OH Life, C.d.; Belpre, OH Lightfritz, Charles E.; Marietta, OH Lightfritz, James Jr.; New Matamoras, OH Lightfritz, Mary; Newport, OH Lighty, Lee Verna; Colorado Springs, Co; Lilly, I. J.; Chesapeake, OH Lincicome, Roy; Dexter City, OH Lincoln, D.f. Jr.; Marietta, OH Lindamood, Gill; Marietta, OH Lindell, Connie; Graysville, OH Linden, Farm; Senecaville, OH Lindsey, James M.; Waterford, OH Lindy Oil Co.; Marietta, OH



WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Lisk, Donald; Sardis, OH Liska, William C.; Newark, OH Litman, W. B.; Woodsfield, OH Litten, L.r.; Woodsfield, OH Little Injun Oil Co.; Marietta, OH Little Valley Oil Co.; Marietta, OH Little, Robert; Bartlett, OH Littleton, Frank; Whipple, OH Littleton, James; Lower Salem, OH Littleton, Jamie; Lower Salem, OH Litton, Charles; Marietta, OH Lloyd, Howard; Caldwell, OH Loar, Ronald; Marietta, OH Loch, David; Graysville, OH Locust Grove Church; Cambridge, OH Logan, Winford B.; Jekyll Island, Ga; Lohr, John; Fly, OH Lohri, Dale; Millersburg; Long & Mobberly Oil Lease; Barlow, OH Long Run Oil Company; Woodsfield, OH Long, Dona L.; Beverly, OH Long, Erving B.; New Matamoras, OH Long, Franklin; Sardis, OH Long, Glen R; Caldwell, OH Long, Lewis O.; Marietta, OH Long, Linda; Sarahsville, OH Long, Richard L.; Marietta, OH Longfellow, Herman; Marietta, OH Longfellow, Ira; Marietta, OH Longnecker, Clifford; Newport, OH Lord, Erving B.; New Matamoras, OH Loren Cook Company; New Matamoras, OH Lorenz, Vesta; Caldwell, OH Lori, Clarence; Caldwell, OH Lori, Henry; Whipple, OH Love, Blanche; Pleasant City, OH Love, Douglas A.; Bartlett, OH Love, Robert Jr.; Columbus, OH Lovely, John; Cambridge, OH Lovett, Heber; Graysville, OH Lowe, D. D.; Marietta, OH Lowe, Mayford; Belpre, OH Lower Bethel Church; Belpre, OH Lowers, James; Lowell, OH Lowers, Roscoe; Williamstown, WV Loy, Mary; Sardis, OH Loy, Roger; Sardis, OH Lozier, Richard; Waterford, OH Lucas, Andrew E; Senecaville, OH Lucas, David A.; Sarahsville, OH Lucas, Robert T.; Whipple, OH Lucas, Terry; New Matamoras, OH Lucido, Vincent; Woodsfield, OH Ludolph, Raymond; New Matamoras, OH Ludwig & Hall; New Matamoras, OH Ludwig, Margaret; Caldwell, OH Lugenhiem, H. L.; Dallas, TX Luke, Donald; Steubenville, OH Luke, Ellis H.; Lower Salem, OH Luke, Ruth; Lowell, OH Luman, Richard E.; Caldwell, OH Luster, Keith; Medina, OH Lutz, Donald W.; Marietta, OH Lutzen, Thomas; Lower Salem, OH Lynch Church; Marietta, OH Lynch United Me Church; Marietta, OH Lynch, Brennie; Lowell, OH Lyons, Daniel; Williamsville, Ny; Lyons, George; Summerfield, OH Lyons, Luella; New Matamoras, OH

M & M Oil & Gas Assoc; Lowell, OH M G M Disposal; Marietta, OH M S W Oil Co.; Bremen, OH Macdoo, Edna; Marietta, OH Macfadyen, Zola B.; Byesville, OH Macintyre, Chloe A.; Marietta, OH Mackie, David S. Sr.; Macksburg, OH Mackie, John Jr.; Lower Salem, OH Magis, R. J.; Cambridge, OH Mahone, Max; Marietta, OH Maki, Michael J.; Newport, OH Maley, William; Monongahela, Pa; Malik, John J.; St. Clairsville, OH Malko, John; West Salem, OH Mallett, Glen; Painesville, OH Mallett, L. E.; Caldwell, OH Mallett, Marie; Caldwell, OH Mallett, Wayne; Caldwell, OH Malpiede, R.r.; Shadyside, OH Malpiedi, E. B.; Bellaire, OH Manbevers, Eugene; Grove City, OH Manbevers, Harold D.; Circleville, OH Mantel, Ralph; Lower Salem, OH Marchbank, John W.; Canton, OH Marietta Animal Hospital; Marietta, OH Marietta Petroleum Inc.; Berea, OH Marion Twp House; Summerfield, OH Markey Oil & Gas Co.; Marietta, OH Marks, Doreen; Marietta, OH Marks, Hazel; Baltimore, Md; Marley, Stella; Powhatan Point, OH Marquis, Byron; Caldwell, OH Marquis, L. K.; Caldwell, OH Marquis, Lester C.; Caldwell, OH Marquis, Ralph J.; Senecaville, OH Marr Oil & Gas Co.; Senecaville, OH Marsee, Ella Ruth; Marietta, OH Marsh, George W.; Shadyside, OH Marshall Oil Company; Marietta, OH Marshall, Clara; Graysville, OH Marshall, Forest; Wingett Run, OH Marshall, Mary; Lower Salem, OH Martin, Agnes L.; Akron, OH Martin, Becky; Caldwell, OH Martin, Beth; Caldwell, OH Martin, Carlin; Beverly, OH Martin, Edward; Rinard Mills, OH Martin, Hazel O.; Sycamore Valley, OH Martin, Irma Lee; Wingett Run, OH Martin, Isaac; Wingett Run, OH Martin, J. H.; Marietta, OH Martin, James E.; Marietta, OH Martin, John B.; Amesville, OH Martin, Larry; Stockport, OH Martin, Lyle; Stockport, OH Martin, Mary D.; Lebanon, Tn; Martin, Robert W.; Whipple, OH Martin, Russell; Marietta, OH Martin, Terry; Stockport, OH Martin, Virgil; Newport, OH Martin, Wesley W.; Lower Salem, OH Marty, Robert W.; Eaton, OH Mason, Gail L.; Marietta, OH Mason, J. Bernard; Caldwell, OH Mason, J. W.; Caldwell, OH Mason, Ronald E.; Newport, OH Mason, Roy; Lower Salem, OH Massey, Doris; Macksburg, OH Mast, Henry; Cutler, OH Masters, Robert; Marietta, OH


Masters, Virgil; Cumberland, OH Maston, Gregory; Marietta, OH Matheny, Beatrice; Bartlett, OH Matheny, Bernard; Fleming, OH Matheny, Charles L.; Marietta, OH Matheny, Daniel; Lowell, OH Matheny, Harley; Marietta, OH Mathews, Dean; Graysville, OH Mathews, Glen; New Matamoras, OH Mathews, J. C .; Akron, OH Mathews, Karen; Woodsfield, OH Matthews, Arthur; Marietta, OH Matthews, Brenda; Caldwell, OH Matthews, Gerald; Little Hocking, OH Matthews, Harold; Marietta, OH Maxon, Robert; Waterford, OH Maxwell, Gary; Caldwell, OH Maxwell, Robert; Malta, OH Maycock, Russell; Marietta, OH Mayle, Alva; Amesville, OH Mayle, Erma; Amesville, OH Mayle, Gillian; Chesterhill, OH Mayle, Jannie; Amesville, OH Mayle, Jesse; Amesville, OH Mayle, Lola; Amesville, OH Mayle, Pauline L.; Zanesville, OH Mayle, Phyllis; Chesterhill, OH Mayle, Shelly; Amesville, OH Maynard, Gladys; Marietta, OH Maynard, Melvin; Sardis, OH Mazgay, Mark; Belle Valley, OH Mcatee, Agneta; Lowell, OH Mcatee, Albert H.; Macksburg, OH Mcauley, Frank Jr.; Macksburg, OH Mcauley, Raymond; Caldwell, OH Mcbride, Roger; Coal Run, OH Mccabe, Arthur J.; Marietta, OH Mccauley, Clair; Tallmadge, OH Mccauley, Roy B.; Worthington, OH Mccaulley, Clair; Tallmadge, OH Mcclead, Furl; Marietta, OH Mccloud, Danny; Marietta, OH Mcclure, Raymond D.; Marietta, OH Mcconnell, J. R.; Marietta, OH Mccort, Michael; Barnesville, OH Mccowan, Ada E.; Marietta, OH Mccune, Matthew; Cutler, OH Mccune, Sam; Amesville, OH Mccune, Vear; Akron, OH Mccurdy, Thomas; Marietta, OH Mccutcheon, H. C.; Amesville, OH Mccutcheon, Leroy; Waterford, OH Mccutcheon, Raymond; Waterford, OH Mcdaniel, Joe W.; Marietta, OH Mcdermott, Thomas; Whipple, OH Mcdonald, S. H.; Lower Salem, OH Mcelfresh, Don; Caldwell, OH Mcelfresh, Gerald; Caldwell, OH Mcelfresh, Hobart; Wingett Run, OH Mcelfresh, Lyle; Cumberland, OH Mcelfresh, Richard; Summerfield, OH Mcelfresh, Robert D.; Caldwell, OH Mcfarland, William; Marietta, OH Mcgarry, John H.; Granville, OH Mcgaw, James; Stewart, OH Mcgee, Jerry; Lower Salem, OH Mcghee, Eugene; Twinsburg, OH Mcginnis, L. E.; Sardis, OH Mcgirr, Roy J. Sr.; Anmoore, WV Mcgraw, Philip R.; Vincent, OH

Mcgraw, William; Empire, OH Mcgrew, Hazel W.; Marietta, OH Mcguire, Alan R.; Caldwell, OH Mcguire, Michael; Lower Salem, OH Mcintire, Allen G.; Clarington, OH Mcintire, Bruce; Graysville, OH Mcintire, Connie; Caldwell, OH Mcintyre, W. A.; Marietta, OH Mckenna, Ralph; Marietta, OH Mckenna, Richard; Roanoke, Va; Mckenzie, B. D.; Fleming, OH Mckenzie, Bryan D.; Marietta, OH Mckenzie, Joan; Marietta, OH Mckenzie, Ray; Marietta, OH Mckinley Oil Co.; Newport, OH Mckitrick, Forest; Caldwell, OH Mckitrick, Michael; Marietta, OH Mcknight, Lewis A.; Pleasant City, OH Mcknown, Theresa; Chesterhill, OH Mckown, Charles; Lowell, OH Mckown, Clyde; Macksburg, OH Mckown, Rodger; Dexter City, OH Mcleod, Bruce; Belpre, OH Mcleod, Edwin D.; Marietta, OH Mcmurray, Earl B.; Shadyside, OH Mcneal, Frank H; Marietta, OH Mcneice, Neil; Tucson, AZ Mcneice, Sarah; Tucson, AZ Mcnutt, Franz; Marietta, OH Mcpeek, Ella; Parkersburg, WV Mcpherson, Willard; Woodsfield, OH Mcvay, Freida S.; Columbus, OH Mcvay, Kathleen; Reno, OH Mcvay, Paul; Caldwell, OH Mcveigh, Walter; Marietta, OH Mcvey, Jane; Marietta, OH Mcvicar, Faye; Lower Salem, OH Mcvicker, Ward; Summerfield, OH Mechanicsburgh Ch Of Christ; Woodsfield, OH Medcalf, D.s.; Marietta, OH Medley, Albert; Lower Salem, OH Mehler, Albert; Zanesville, OH Mehrley, Arthur B.; Zanesville, OH Mehrley, H. D.; Zanesville, OH Meier Service Co.; Konowa, Ok; Meighen, Charles; Sarahsville, OH Meiser, Edward A.; Lowell, OH Meiser, Leo; Williamstown, WV Mellor, William; Whipple, OH Mellott, David L. Jr.; Graysville, OH Mendenhall, Carl; Newport, OH Mendenhall, Doyle W; Newport, OH Merckle, Dale; Fly, OH Merckle, Delbert; Bremen, OH Merckle, Eddie; Cleveland, Tn; Merckle, Gregory; New Matamoras, OH Merckle, Luther J.; Sardis, OH Meredith, Paul F.; Marietta, OH Merrifield, Robert; Sardis, OH Merrow, Janice; Marietta, OH Merry, Nellie; Caldwell, OH Mershon, Clara; Columbus, OH Metcalf & Robinson; Marietta, OH Metcalf, T. C.; Stockport, OH Metheney, Charles; New Matamoras, OH Metheney, Donald; New Matamoras, OH Metheney, Estel; Beverly, OH Mettler, Howard L.; Caldwell, OH Metzel, Raymond; New Matamoras, OH Metzger, Robert L.; Stockport, OH

Mgm Disposal; Marietta, OH Michael, Lenor; Marietta, OH Michael, T. L.; Caldwell, OH Michaels, Christine; New Matamoras, OH Michaels, V. L.; Parkersburg, WV Midwest Homes Inc.; Malaga, OH Miellmier, Harold; Amesville, OH Miles, Clealon; Sarahsville, OH Milhoan, Margaret; Summerfield, OH Miller Oil Co.; Rinard Mills, OH Miller TV Cable Co.; Waterford, OH Miller, A. J.; Lowell, OH Miller, Arthur L.; Lowell, OH Miller, Bernice; Marietta, OH Miller, Carl; Marietta, OH Miller, Charles; New Matamoras, OH Miller, Charles A.; Whipple, OH Miller, Charlot R.; Caldwell, OH Miller, David F.; Whipple, OH Miller, Della; Lower Salem, OH Miller, Dwight; Sarahsville, OH Miller, Ferman A.; Marietta, OH Miller, Geneva M.; Lowell, OH Miller, Henry; Lower Salem, OH Miller, Herbert S.; Parkersburg, WV Miller, Irene V.; Byesville, OH Miller, James C.; Canton, OH Miller, James E.; Marietta, OH Miller, James L.; Marietta, OH Miller, James L.; Waverly, OH Miller, John R.; Waterford, OH Miller, John W.; Stockport, OH Miller, Larry; Lowell, OH Miller, Leva; Rinard Mills, OH Miller, Lillie; Marietta, OH Miller, Okey Jr.; Lowell, OH Miller, Otto; Caldwell, OH Miller, Raymond Jr.; Lower Salem, OH Miller, Richard F.; Waterford, OH Miller, Richard P.; Marietta, OH Miller, Robert; Belpre, OH Miller, Roman; Waterford, OH Miller, Ronald; Marietta, OH Miller, Ronald H.; Marietta, OH Miller, Roy L.; Senecaville, OH Miller, Shelby; Caldwell, OH Miller, Vernon D.; Beverly, OH Miller, William Ljr; Stockport, OH Miller, Woodrow; Waterford, OH Milligan, Francis; Caldwell, OH Milligan, Sara F.; Caldwell, OH Mills, Allen F.; Marietta, OH Mills, James; Lower Salem, OH Mills, Randall D.; Vincent, OH Mincks, Dwight G.; Lowell, OH Minerd, Harry G.; Cutler, OH Minger, John E.; Sardis, OH Minger, Sally L.; New Matamoras, OH Mingo, Sam; Jackson, OH Mingus, Charley; Bartlett, OH Mingus, Delores E.; Duncan Falls, OH Minor, Nelma; Jacobsburg, OH Misel, Cash; Caldwell, OH Mitchell, Charles; Cumberland, OH Mitchell, Glenn; Cutler, OH Mitchell, Ronald; Whipple, OH Mitchell, Thomas; Newport, OH Mitchen, Connie; Senecaville, OH Mizik, George; Caldwell, OH

Modesitt, Newton; Stockport, OH Modica, Ronald; Cleveland, OH Moffett, William; Reedsville, OH Mohawk Oil Co.; Lowell, OH Mohawk-Sparta Oil Co.; Charleston, Sc; Mollohan, William; Gastonia, Nc; Monaghan, Lawrence; Lowell, OH Montgomery, Daniel; Marietta, OH Montgomery, E. F.; Lowell, OH Montgomery, Fred; Lowell, OH Montgomery, Lucille; Chesterhill, OH Montgomery, Richard; Warren, OH Mooney, Charles F.; Marietta, OH Moore, Allen D.; Whipple, OH Moore, Charles E.; Senecaville, OH Moore, Charles T.; Marietta, OH Moore, Charles W.; Lower Salem, OH Moore, Charlet C.; Lowell, OH Moore, D. Russell; Sarahsville, OH Moore, Don C. Sr.; Caldwell, OH Moore, E.e.; Barberton, OH Moore, Earl; Quaker City, OH Moore, Edward; Waterford, OH Moore, F.J.; Graysville, OH Moore, Gladys; New Matamoras, OH Moore, J. B.; Davis, Ca; Moore, John E; Beverly, OH Moore, Michael; Caldwell, OH Moore, Nile; New Matamoras, OH Moore, Orlan; Sarahsville, OH Moore, Patricia; Belpre, OH Moore, Rodney; Cambridge, OH Moore, Russell; Sarahsville, OH Moorehead, Glen Jr.; Parkersburg, WV Morgan Oil & Gas Co; Stockport, OH Morgan, D. Z.; Lowell, OH Morgan, Kenneth; Graysville, OH Morgan, Maureen J.; Marietta, OH Morganstern, Peggy; Lower Salem, OH Morgenstern, Frank; Marietta, OH Morgenstern, Guy; Marietta, OH Morgenstern, Henry; Lower Salem, OH Morgenstern, Ora; Marietta, OH Morgenstern, Robert L.; Marietta, OH Morgenstern, Terry; Marietta, OH Morgernstern, Virgil C.; Avon Lake, OH Morland, Charles; Pleasant City, OH Morland, Ronald W.; Caldwell, OH Morris, Ada; New Matamoras, OH Morris, Charles; Caldwell, OH Morris, Dana; Beverly, OH Morris, Daniel; Reno, OH Morris, David; Lower Salem, OH Morris, Denver; Stockport, OH Morris, Dory; Sardis, OH Morris, Gertrude; Belpre, OH Morris, Gertrude; Waterford, OH Morris, James; Caldwell, OH Morris, James E.; Newport, OH Morris, Larry; Summerfield, OH Morris, Lawrence; Beverly, OH Morris, Mary; Sardis, OH Morris, Paul; New Matamoras, OH Morris, Paul J.; New Matamoras, OH Morris, Phillip; Summerfield, OH Morris, Raymond; Caldwell, OH Morris, Thomas; Caldwell, OH Morris, Thomas E.; New Matamoras, OH Morris, Thomas W.; New Matamoras, OH

Morris, Walton C.; Caldwell, OH Morris, Wendell; Caldwell, OH Morrison, Jack; Lower Salem, OH Morrison, Lura; Senecaville, OH Morrison, Thomas; Sistersville, WV Morrison, Thomas; Cumberland, OH Morrison, Thomas A.; Sistersville, WV Morrison, Thomas M.; Caldwell, OH Moser, Carl; Sarahsville, OH Moser, Richard; Sardis, OH Mosher, Flossie; Glouster, OH Mosher, Wesley; Lower Salem, OH Mossburg, J. W.; Whipple, OH Mottle, Henry; Jacobsburg, OH Mount, Robert; Malta, OH Mowery, Howard E.; Uniontown, OH Mowery, Martha; Marietta, OH Moyer, David L.; Kent, OH Mt Hope Free Will Bap; Rinard Mills, OH Mt Vernon C U Church; Rinard Mills, OH Mugrage, Alfred D.; Marietta, OH Mugrage, Harry E; Marietta, OH Mugrage, Harry J.; Marietta, OH Muhlbach, Elmer; Houston, TX Mulinex, James; Vincent, OH Mullen, Charles B.; Newcomerstown; Mundschenk, Paul; Cumberland, OH Munjas, John E.; Shadyside, OH Muntz, John A.; Marietta, OH Murhpy, William M.; Amesville, OH Murphy, Hester; Lowell, OH Murphy, Marie A.; Woodsfield, OH Murphy, Marlene; Pleasant City, OH Murphy, Norman J.; Marietta, OH Murphy, Ralph D.; Barberton, OH Murphy, Samuel C.; Sardis, OH Murphy, Terry P.; Vincent, OH Murphy, Thomas; Summerfield, OH Murphy, Walter; New Matamoras, OH Murray, Hester; Lowell, OH Murray, Jim; Marietta, OH Murray, Norman J.; Marietta, OH Myers Oil & Gas Co.; Cambridge, OH Myers, Ben; Cambridge, OH Myers, Frances; Sardis, OH Myers, George; Lower Salem, OH Myers, Glen R. Jr.; Grove City, OH Myers, Jerald; Lower Salem, OH Myers, John M.; Weirton, WV Myers, John S.; Mingo Junction, OH Myers, Mary A.; Lower Salem, OH Myers, Raymond; Lake Placid, FL Myers, Raymond; Holloway, OH Myers, Robert D. Jr.; Waterford, OH Myers, Thurman; Wingett Run, OH Myers, Thurman Sr.; New Matamoras, OH Nash, John; Ava, OH Nash, William; Watertown, OH Naumann, Gerald; Caldwell, OH Neader, Paul R.; Lower Salem, OH Neff, Gerry; Lowell, OH Neff, Larry; Caldwell, OH Neff, Robert; Hebron, OH Neil, Brian N.; Stockport, OH Neill, Lewis H; Lower Salem, OH Neill, Philip; Waterford, OH Nelson, Carl R.; Belpre, OH Nelson, Harold C.; Vincent, OH Nelson, W.c. ; Graysville, OH

Nething, Dennis; Sardis, OH Neuberger, Herman; Lowell, OH Neuman, Betty; Beverly, OH Neuman, Betty; Lowell, OH Neville, Edward; Marietta, OH Newbrough, Larry; Marietta, OH Newbrough, Willie M.; Whipple, OH Newlen, Stella; New Matamoras, OH Newlon, Calvin; Marietta, OH Newlon, Delbert; Lowell, OH Newlon, R. D.; Lowell, OH Newlon, Russell L; Lowell, OH Newman, Stella; Chesterhill, OH Newmar Oil Corporation; New York, Ny; Ney, William; Amesville, OH Nice, Glenn A.; Watertown, OH Nice, Harold T; Stockport, OH Nice, J. L; Pomeroy, OH Nice, Timothy J.; Gater Mills, OH Nicholas, Arthur; Caldwell, OH Nicholas, Charles; Marietta, OH Nicholas, Daniel R.; Waterford, OH Nichols, Allen; Lowell, OH Nichols, Bernice; Caldwell, OH Nichols, Doy; Lowell, OH Nichols, Franzo; Lowell, OH Nichols, James; Lowell, OH Nichols, James L.; Amesville, OH Nichols, Lloyd; Caldwell, OH Nicholson, John M.; Marietta, OH Nicholson, Thomas; Pleasant City, OH Nickelson, George; Belle Valley, OH Nickles, Thomas G.; Palatka, FL Nieb Farm Oil Co.; Lower Salem, OH Nissley, John; Sardis, OH Nitzsche, Norman E.; Caldwell, OH Noble County Feed Lot; Cumberland, OH Noble Drilling Co.; Zanesville, OH Noble Gas Company; Wooster, OH Noble Oil Company; Lower Salem, OH Noftsger, Garri; Marietta, OH Noftsger, Harlie; Cumberland, OH Nolan, Robert; Marietta, OH Noland Construction Co.; Marietta, OH Noland, David P.; Whipple, OH Noland, Gale; Reno, OH Noland, Norma; Marietta, OH Noll, Larry; Caldwell, OH Norris, Eddie; Amesville, OH Norris, Margaret; Amesville, OH North Central Oil Co.; Ava, Oh, OH North, James; Marietta, OH Novello, John; Caldwell, OH Nowell, Joseph; Marietta, OH Nuhfer, Edward B.; Lowell, OH Nutter, Dennie; Barlow, OH Nutter, William; Marietta, OH Nutter, Willie; Macksburg, OH Nuzum, Fred; Lowell, OH Oak Hill Church; Stockport, OH Oak Hill Grange; Marietta, OH Oaks, Marvin; Cumming, Ga; O’connell, Harold; Lower Salem, OH Ocurran, Norman J.; Wingett Run, OH Offenberger, Arthur L.; Waterford, OH Offenberger, Carol; Beverly, OH Offenberger, John; Lowell, OH Offenberger, Neal; Macksburg, OH Offenberger, Ronald; Marietta, OH



WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Ogborne, Michael W.; Caldwell, OH Ogle, Ethelyn; Caldwell, OH Ogle, Thomas E.; Caldwell, OH Ohio Auger Mining Co.; Wooster, OH Ohio Fuel Gas Company; Summerfield, OH Ohio Oil Gathering Corp; Frazeysburg, OH Oldfield, B. F.; New Matamoras, OH Olin Oil & Mining Co.; Woodsfield, OH Oliver, Al; Whipple, OH Oliver, Clay; Marietta, OH Oliver, D. W.; Marietta, OH Oliver, Dale; Stockport, OH Oliver, Fred; Caldwell, OH Oliver, Guy 2; Senecaville, OH Oliver, Lawrence; Waterford, OH Oliver, Marjorie; Marietta, OH Oliver, Michael A.; Marietta, OH Oliver, Raymond A.; Lowell, OH Oliver, Robert F.; Reno, OH Olmstead, Milton; Louisville, OH Omspach, Stephen M.; Lowell, OH Oplinger, Thornton; Akron, OH Orders, Steven; Denver, Co; Ormiston, Frank H; Fleming, OH Ortman, Howard; Stockport, OH Osborne, H. C.; Vincent, OH Ott, Raymond; New Matamoras, OH Ott, Von G.; Belpre, OH Ours, Bill; Lowell, OH Ours, Travis; Lowell, OH Overby, Sherry L.; Lower Salem, OH Owen, Kenneth E.; Marietta, OH Owens, Dan G.; Vincent, OH Owens, Margaret; Sardis, OH Owens, Merle; Caldwell, OH P & G Oil & Gas Co.; Marietta, OH Pace, Joe; Steubenville, OH Padgitt, Clyde; Cutler, OH Padgitt, Steven; Marietta, OH Pakes, Andrew S.; Caldwell, OH Palmer, Robert L.; Martins Ferry, OH Pangle, Linda S.; Caldwell, OH Pangle, Richard; Caldwell, OH Pannapacker, Robert; New Matamoras, OH Papalas, Elaine; Sardis, OH Parker, Emory; Lowell, OH Parker, Gloria; Lowell, OH Parker, Howard S. Jr.; Marietta, OH Parker, John; Canal Fulton, OH Parks, Betty J.; Woodsfield, OH Parks, Elma V.; Marietta, OH Parks, J. D.; Alliance, OH Parks, James H.; Byesville, OH Parks, Shirley; Caldwell, OH Parks, Wanda K.; Caldwell, OH Parks, William W.; Middleport, OH Parrish, Don E.; Caldwell, OH Parrish, Johnny R.; Caldwell, OH Parsons, Albert B.; Caldwell, OH Parsons, Branch; Bartlett, OH Parsons, Dale; Lower Salem, OH Parsons, Edward M.; Sarahsville, OH Parsons, John B.; Columbus, OH Parsons, Richard; Lowell, OH Parsons, William D.; Sarahsville, OH Parsons, William D.; East Union, OH Passen, Lawrence F.; Columbus, OH Patterson, E. B.; Marietta, OH Patterson, Henry J.; Marietta, OH Patterson, John; Marietta, OH

Patterson, Karren; New Concord, OH Patterson, Robert; Marietta, OH Patterson, Ronald; Urbana, OH Patterson, Russell; Marietta, OH Paugh, George; South Vienna, OH Paw Paw Church Of; Lower Salem, OH Pawlaczwk, John; Powhatan Point, OH Payk, Jeanene C.; Uniontown, OH Payne, Junior; Marietta, OH Payne, Larry; Athens, OH Payne, Robert; Lower Salem, OH Peat, Robert; Redding, Ca; Peck, David R.; Lower Salem, OH Peek, Clifford; Rinard Mills, OH Penner, Mary A.; Marietta, OH Peppel, Edwin; Marietta, OH Perdew, Chester; Marietta, OH Perine, William D.; Marietta, OH Perkins, Carol; Pleasant City, OH Permian Oil & Gas Co.; Caldwell, OH Perrine, Elbern; Lowell, OH Perry, Donald; Cutler, OH Perry, John Q.; Baton Rouge, La; Perry, Michael W.; Marietta, OH Perzel, John; Crystal River, FL Peters, Delbert; Lowell, OH Peters, Willard D.; Lowell, OH Peterson, John; Fleming, OH Peterson, M. F.; Manassas, Va; Peterson, Myron A.; Marietta, OH Petroleum Specialties; Sycamore Valley, OH Pettit, James L.; Marietta, OH Pettit, Joseph Jr; Marietta, OH Phalin, Terry; Vincent, OH Phelps, James; Caldwell, OH Phelps, James E.; Massillon, OH Phillips Oil & Gas Co.; Saint Marys, WV Phillips, Carol; Marietta, OH Phillips, Charles; Cutler, OH Phillips, Glen N.; New Matamoras, OH Phillips, James E.; Silver Springs, FL Phillis, Ivan; Beverly, OH Phillis, James; Alexandria, OH Phillis, R. David; Lowell, OH Piatt, Charles R.; Graysville, OH Piatt, Donald R.; Caldwell, OH Piatt, John F; Greenfield, OH Piatt, Karen; Wingett Run, OH Piatt, Vivian; Graysville, OH Pickard, Joseph; Caldwell, OH Pickenpaugh, C. B.; Pleasant City, OH Pickenpaugh, Cary C.; Caldwell, OH Pickenpaugh, Dean; Caldwell, OH Pickenpaugh, Delmar; Senecaville, OH Pickenpaugh, Myroh; Caldwell, OH Pickenpaugh, Orman; Caldwell, OH Pickens, Carl N.; Newport, OH Pierpont, Leslie A.; Amesville, OH Pims Oil Company; Caldwell, OH Pine Knob Oil Co.; Lower Salem, OH Pine, Ridge M E Ch; Newport, OH Pioneer Savings; Marietta, OH Piper, Robert A.; Jacobsburg, OH Pitsinger, Dale R.; Marietta, OH Pitt, Harley; Lowell, OH Plank, Leroy; Lewisville, OH Plank, Leroy; Lewisville, OH Pleasant Grove Comm Church; Pleasant City, OH Plumley, Jack; Marietta, OH


Poland, Dick; Caldwell, OH Poland, Jackie; Cumberland, OH Poland, Nile; Sarahsville, OH Poland, Randall; Ava, OH Poling, Betty; Pleasant City, OH Poling, Dewayne O.; Waterford, OH Poling, Raymond; Beverly, OH Poling, Robert; Vincent, OH Poling, Walter E.; Caldwell, OH Pollock, John; Sardis, OH Pollock, John F.; Jacobsburg, OH Pompey, Richard; Whipple, OH Poole, Ashton; Lowell, OH Poole, Howard E.; Marietta, OH Poole, Theodore; Lowell, OH Popiel, Mike; Fleming, OH Porter, Beatrice; Marietta, OH Porter, Cletus; Beverly, OH Porter, Delmar; Beverly, OH Porter, Donald; Marietta, OH Porter, Irvin; Beverly, OH Porter, James; Graysville, OH Porter, Kelsey E.; Lower Salem, OH Postage, Frank; Shadyside, OH Posten, Paul D.; Whipple, OH Potetz, Max; Shadyside, OH Pottmeyer, John; Lowell, OH Potts, David; Reno, OH Poulton, Ada; Woodsfield, OH Poulton, Donald; Summerfield, OH Poulton, Nova; Sarahsville, OH Poulton, Susan; Sarahsville, OH Poulton, Virgil; Sarahsville, OH Powell, Ann; Willowick, OH Powell, Billy; Cumberland, OH Powell, Dick L. Sr.; Dexter City, OH Powell, Dick Sr.; Caldwell, OH Powell, Donald; Caldwell, OH Powell, Larry J.; Lowell, OH Powell, Roney; Marietta, OH Powell, W. H.; Akron, OH Poynter, Jack E.; Newport, OH Preston, Kenneth E.; Columbus, OH Pribisko, Joseph; Charlotte, Nc; Price, Fred; Pleasant City, OH Price, George A.; Stockport, OH Price, Greg; Caldwell, OH Price, Mary; Macksburg, OH Price, Paul E; Stockport, OH Price, Ron C.; Marietta, OH Price, William R.; Sardis, OH Pride, Michael; Sarahsville, OH Prine, W. A.; Marietta, OH Printz, Gary L.; Beverly, OH Proctor, Kenneth R.; Bartlett, OH Prunty, Genevieve; Canton, OH Prunty, L. J.; Marietta, OH Prunty, Laura Erb; Marietta, OH Pryor, D. O.; Nashville, Tn; Pryor, Donald; Waterford, OH Pryor, Howard C.; Newport, OH Pryor, Joseph W.; Belpre, OH Pryor, K R; Belpre, OH Pryor, Lucy D.; Senecaville, OH Pryor, Terry; Caldwell, OH Pugh, Clarence; New Matamoras, OH Pugh, Donald E.; Waterford, OH Pugh, Donald S.; Waterford, OH Pugh, John; Marietta, OH Pugh, L. D.; Senecaville, OH

Pugh, Sophia; Wingett Run, OH Purvis, Lloyd Vjr; Cambridge, OH Pyles, Wanda; New Matamoras, OH Quigley, W.a.; Graysville, OH Quimby, Ronnie; Marietta, OH Racey, Donald; Caldwell, OH Radcliff, Eff; Byesville, OH Rainer, Claude; Beverly, OH Rainer, Ronald; Beverly, OH Rake, B. G.; Akron, OH Rake, Clarence M.; Wingett Run, OH Rake, John F; Marietta, OH Raleigh, John R.; Senecaville, OH Ralph, George D.; Cumberland, OH Ramage, David; Lower Salem, OH Ramage, Edward; Caldwell, OH Ramsay, Berry; Boonville, In; Ramsey, Catherine; Chesterhill, OH Ramsey, Charles; Caldwell, OH Ramsey, Leslie; Amesville, OH Randall, James H.; Caldwell, OH Raney, Dean C.; Caldwell, OH Raper, Robert; New Matamoras, OH Rardin, Porter; Stockport, OH Rash, Harvel G.; Marietta, OH Ratliff, Byron R.; Columbus, OH Ratliff, Earl; Carroll, OH Rauanzoin, Max K.; Waterford, OH Rauch, Albert; Lowell, OH Rauch, Herman; Lowell, OH Ray Oil & Gas Co.; Lowell, OH Rayner, James M; Caldwell, OH Rayner, James R.; Cumberland, OH Raynes, Paul E.; Columbus, OH Rea, Louise; New Matamoras, OH Rea, Rosalie; Wingett Run, OH Reasoner, David; Dexter City, OH Rebic, Stephen R.; Ravenna, OH Red Rock Oil & Gas #3; Marietta, OH Reed, Cam; Waterford, OH Reed, David W. Sr.; Marietta, OH Reed, Emil; Cumberland, OH Reed, Eula; Watertown, OH Reed, Fay; Reno, OH Reed, Harold; Columbus Grove, OH Reed, Jewell; Caldwell, OH Reed, Karl B.; Columbus, OH Reed, N. L.; Fairborn, OH Reed, Raymond S.; Waterford, OH Reed, Realty; Graysville, OH Reed, Rolland; Caldwell, OH Reed, Thomas W.; Reynoldsburg, OH Reed, Velma; Caldwell, OH Reed, Vernon; Caldwell, OH Reed, William; Marietta, OH Reed, William; Caldwell, OH Reed, William F.; Marietta, OH Reese, Charles J.; Marietta, OH Reese, George; Marietta, OH Regional Services, Inc.; Marietta, OH Register, Lonnie E; Reno, OH Reilly, Charles E.; Martins Ferry, OH Reinke, Samuel P.; Athol, Ma; Remleigh, James A.; Babson Park, FL Remley, John B.; Marietta, OH Rendo, Patrick; Marietta, OH Reno, Shane S.; Akron, OH Resecker, Sandra; Woodsfield, OH Reserve Exploration; Tulsa, Ok; Resource Production; Bridgeport, Ct;

Rex, Joyce; Caldwell, OH Reynolds, Bob; Marietta, OH Reynolds, Chester; Reno, OH Reynolds, David A.; Waterford, OH Reynolds, Edwin A; Whipple, OH Reynolds, Harry F.; Whipple, OH Reynolds, Leach C.; Marietta, OH Reynolds, Linda; Lower Salem, OH Reynolds, Ralph; Navarre, OH Rhoads, Chester; Sabina, OH Rhodes, Oris; Sardis, OH Rhodes, Willard W.; Lowell, OH Rice, C. Lacy; Athens, OH Rice, Donald; Graysville, OH Rice, Rado; New Matamoras, OH Rich, Chaunce; Sarahsville, OH Rich, Homer; Senecaville, OH Rich, Parmer; Senecaville, OH Rich, Wilma J.; Sarahsville, OH Richards, A. P.; Marietta, OH Richards, Dewayne; Cutler, OH Richards, Edith; Rinard Mills, OH Richards, Jerry; Waterford, OH Richardson, Louise; Graysville, OH Richey, Edgar C.; Senecaville, OH Richey, Marion; Senecaville, OH Richmond, Mary; Sardis, OH Ridenbaugh, Steven; Bolivar, OH Rider, Edward; Rinard Mills, OH Ridgeway, Gerald; New Matamoras, OH Ridgway, James; Danville, OH Ridgway, Leonard; Russellville, Ar; Riehl, Larry; Marietta, OH Rife, Kermit; Pilgrim Knob, Va; Riffle, Douglas; Cutler, OH Riggenbach, Maude; Sardis, OH Riggle, Roy; Cleveland, OH Riggs, Dwight; Marietta, OH Riggs, George H.; Marietta, OH Riggs, William E.; Chandlersville, OH Riley, F. C.; Graysville, OH Riley, Helen; New Matamoras, OH Rinard Oil & Gas Co.; Rinard Mills, OH Rinard, Forrest; Graysville, OH Rinard, Gary; Marietta, OH Rinard, Sam; Marietta, OH Rinard, Warren; Rinard Mills, OH Rine, Ellis; Proctor, WV Rine, Orran; New Martinsville; Ring, Paul; Woodsfield, OH Rinkes, Leonard E.; Canton, OH Risher, James; Pleasant City, OH Rist, Robert E.; Marietta, OH Ritchie, Calvin H.; Marietta, OH Ritchie, Carl E.; Fly, OH Ritchie, Charles; New Matamoras, OH Ritchie, Fred; Punta Gorda, FL Ritchie, Hazel; New Matamoras, OH Ritchie, Robert; Newark, Ak; Ritterbeck, Shirley; Cambridge, OH Roach & Rishel; Archers Fork, OH Roach, Julian; Canton, OH Roach, Larry A.; Akron, OH Road Fork Baptist Church; Lower Salem, OH Roark, Harold; Somerset, OH Robbins, Adeline; Caldwell, OH Robbins, Garry J.; Sardis, OH Robbins, James W.; Newport, OH Robbins, Joe C.; Logan, OH

Robert, Brent; Sardis, OH Roberts, Darrell R.; Bartlett, OH Roberts, Dortha; Caldwell, OH Roberts, Edward Jr.; Sarahsville, OH Roberts, James; Marietta, OH Roberts, John ; Lower Salem, OH Roberts, John W.; Lower Salem, OH Roberts, Willard; Pleasant City, OH Robertson, William; Marietta, OH Robey, Richard D.; Sarahsville, OH Robinson, Fred G.; Caldwell, OH Robinson, Peter; Sarahsville, OH Robinson, Rachel; Sarahsville, OH Robinson, Raymond M.; Fleming, OH Robinson, Robert; Sarahsville, OH Robinson, Ronald; Lower Salem, OH Robinson, Wilbur D.; Temple Terrace, FL Robison, Henry S; New Matamoras, OH Robson, Steve; Gallipolis, OH Roby, Charles; Marietta, OH Roe, Eileen; Elyria, OH Roe, Frank; Coal Run, OH Roe, Kenneth L.; Waterford, OH Roehrig, Bernard C.; Caldwell, OH Roff, James H.; Newark, OH Rogers, Bettie; Powhatan Point, OH Rogers, Eli; Caldwell, OH Rogers, George; Reno, OH Rohrer, Bros Garage; Waterford, OH Rohrer, Richard; Waterford, OH Rohrer, Wilbert; Marietta, OH Rolling Hills Estate; Cumberland, OH Rollins, Emery; Lowell, OH Rollins, George R.; Sarahsville, OH Rollins, Homer; Zanesville, OH Rollyson, Harold; Pleasant City, OH Rollyson, Herbert; Lowell, OH Rollyson, W. P.; Marietta, OH Romans, Harold W.; Akron, OH Rondy, Mary; Cuyahoga Falls, OH Rooks, Jessie N. Jr.; Marietta, OH Root, Lawrence; N. Ridgeville, OH Rosenlieb, Ernest; New Matamoras, OH Rosenlieb, Oma; New Matamoras, OH Roser, Daniel; Lowell, OH Ross, Diane; Lowell, OH Rossiter, David; Lower Salem, OH Rossiter, Delores; Sarahsville, OH Rossiter, Everett; Byesville, OH Rossiter, James; Pittsburgh, Pa; Rossiter, Jerry; Caldwell, OH Rossiter, Ronald; Lewisville, OH Rossiter, Virgil; Pleasant City, OH Rotruck, Lynn; Summerfield, OH Rouanzoin, Max K.; Waterford, OH Roudeski, Charles; Whipple, OH Rouse Oil & Gas Co.; Newport, OH Rouse, Joan; Marietta, OH Rouse, Roger; Marietta, OH Rowland, Evelyn; Stockport, OH Ruble, Donald K.; Waterford, OH Rudloff, William; Mercer, Pa; Rudolph, H. L.; Whipple, OH Rumbold, Donald; Marietta, OH Rumbold, George R.; Fleming, OH Rummer, Brady; Stockport, OH Rummer, G. H.; Lowell, OH Rummer, William D; Lowell, OH Runnion, Ronnald; Pleasant City, OH

Ruppel, David; Sarahsville, OH Rush, Floyd M.; Fly, OH Rush, Kimberly; Marietta, OH Russell, Clayton; Mancelona; Russell, David; Marietta, OH Russell, Dorothy; Cuyahoga Falls, OH Russell, George W.; Woodsfield, OH Russell, Larry; Ocala, FL Rutan, Gerald; Columbus, OH Rutherford, D. L.; Reno, OH Rutter, Joseph; Lowell, OH Rutter, William S.; Marietta, OH S & M Management Co.; Marietta, OH Sabol, John P.; Graysville, OH Saboley, Ronald G.; Norr, Mi; Safreed, Donald; Woodsfield, OH Sager, Rex; Akron, OH Sailing, George; Caldwell, OH Sailing, Hilary; Marietta, OH Salsberry, Robert A.; New Matamoras, OH Samples, Fred B.; Lowell, OH Sampson, Gerald E.; Stockport, OH Sampson, Harold; Stockport, OH Sampson, Johnny; Stockport, OH Sampson, Judith E.; Whipple, OH Sampson, Roberta; Waterford, OH Sams, Jack; Pleasant City, OH Sams, Luezeli; Waterford, OH Sams, Ralph II; Amanda, OH Sanford, Robert; Caldwell, OH Sardis Bend Lt 1324 Ohr; St. Louis, Mo; Sargent, J. B.; Beverly, OH Sargent, Jeffrey; Cutler, OH Sarringhousen, Patricia; Reno, OH Sarver, Alva R.; Fleming, OH Sarver, Paul W.; Lowell, OH Saum, William; Lower Salem, OH Saunders, Mary; Barnesville, OH Sawyer, Roy; Caldwell, OH Sayre, Gene C. Sr.; Marietta, OH Sayre, Gene Sr.; Marietta, OH Sayre, James L; Whipple, OH Sayre, Raymond A.; Lowell, OH Scales, Frank; Marietta, OH Scamaborn, Opal; Paden City, WV Scarborough, W. D.; Akron, OH Scarbro, Glen D.; Marietta, OH Scarbro, Patty; Whipple, OH Schaad, Elizabeth A.; Marietta, OH Schaad, George W.; Lowell, OH Schaad, Paul A.; Waterford, OH Schaad, Robert J.; Marietta, OH Schafer, Alfred H.; Lower Salem, OH Schafer, D. E.; Marietta, OH Schafer, Joseph; Lowell, OH Schafer, Wayne Jr.; Reno, OH Schalmo, Leroy; Lower Salem, OH Schantz, A. G.; Marietta, OH Schar, John F.; Sardis, OH Schearbrook Farms; Clayton, OH Schehl, Robert; Caldwell, OH Schell, Ethel; Caldwell, OH Scherr, John E; Caldwell, OH Schilling, C.L.; Marietta, OH Schilling, Carl J.; Marietta, OH Schilling, Chuck; Zanesville, OH Schilpp, Robert; Kennett Square, Pa; Schirtzinger, Herbert; Lowell, OH Schlicher, Robert Jr.; Beverly, OH

Schmedes, William H.; Lowell, OH Schmidt, Clifford; New Matamoras, OH Schmidt, Ralph; St. Marys, WV Schneeberger, Clyde; Lower Salem, OH Schneeberger, Gerald C.; Sonora, Ca; Schneeberger, Lloyd; Graysville, OH Schob, Carl B.; Wingett Run, OH Schockling, Hannah; Caldwell, OH Schocksnider, Gene; New Matamoras, OH Schoen, James C.; Marietta, OH Schoeppner, Dale; Lower Salem, OH Schofield, Floyd A.; Marietta, OH Schofield, Henry; Lower Salem, OH Schott, Larry ; Dexter City, OH Schott, Mark; Saint Clairsville, OH Schott, Richard F.; St. Clairsville, OH Schott, Tim; Caldwell, OH Schramm, L. D.; Lower Salem, OH Schramm, Rick; Marietta, OH Schroeder, Timothy E.; Marietta, OH Schroyer, Joanne; Marietta, OH Schultheis, Lyle K.; Marietta, OH Schultheis, Mark; New Matamoras, OH Schumacher, Roger E.; Woodsfield, OH Schutt, Robert C.; Sistersville, WV Schwaben, Henry; Graysville, OH Schwartz, John; Marietta, OH Schwendeman, Francis; Barlow, OH Schwendeman, J. J.; Waterford, OH Schwendeman, Michael D.; Fleming, OH Schwendeman, Ralph; Fleming, OH Scoggan, Robert; Graysville, OH Scott, Dale E.; Stockport, OH Scott, Elmer; Graysville, OH Scott, Flossie E.; Bradenton, FL Scott, Harry; Parkersburg, Wv ; Scott, James F.; Pleasant City, OH Scott, Phillip; Marietta, OH Scott, Raymond B.; Sardis, OH Scott, Robert K.; Columbus, OH Scotts Ridge Church; Whipple, OH Sebring, Shirley; Reno, OH Secoy, Cecil; Stockport, OH Secoy, Eileen; Bartlett, OH Secrest, A.m.; Caldwell, OH Secrest, James G.; Caldwell, OH Secrest, James H.; Byesville, OH Seeley, Maynard; Englewood, FL Seese, Frank; Lowell, OH Seevers, Clara; Wingett Run, OH Seevers, Gilbert; Marietta, OH Seevers, Lewis H.; Lowell, OH Seevers, Richard; Newport, OH Seevers, Thomas; Newport, OH Seevers, Thomas R; Marietta, OH Seevers, Uriah; Newport, OH Seevers, Virginia; Newport, OH Seevers, William F.; Powell; Seiler, Dale; Graysville, OH Sells, Samuel B.; Wheelersburg, OH Semon, D. W.; Marietta, OH Semon, Joseph; Sunbury, OH Semple, Richard; Marietta, OH Semple, William D.; Crossfield, Tn; Seneca Mineral Co.; Marietta, OH Seneca Oil Company; Sarahsville, OH Sephus, Harley; Amesville, OH Seventh Day Adventist Church; Stockport, OH Seward, Ronald; Amesville, OH



WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES Seyler, Harold; Tucson, AZ Seymorn, Richard L.; Lowell, OH Sha, Jack; Graysville, OH Shafer Church; Marietta, OH Shafer, Inez; Caldwell, OH Shafer, Thelma; Sarahsville, OH Shanabarger, Paul; New Matamoras, OH Shandland, Brenda; Reno, OH Shank, Thomas L; Beverly, OH Shankland, Homer Jr.; Marietta, OH Shankland, Homer Sr.; Marietta, OH Shankland, Robert E; Lower Salem, OH Shanks, Joyce; Sardis, OH Shannon, Nancy; New Matamoras, OH Shapley, George Jr.; New Matamoras, OH Shawd, Charles E.; Stockport, OH Sheets, Kenneth R.; Stockport, OH Sheets, Ralph; Stockport, OH Shelter Funds Inc.; Lowell, OH Shenandoah Egg Factory; Pleasant City, OH Shenberger, Francis; Ashland, OH Shepherd, James P.; Marietta, OH Shepherd, Silas; Johnstown, OH Sheppard, Ronald; Waterford, OH Sherbourne, Lawrence; Caldwell, OH Sherlock, Charles L.; Marietta, OH Shewmaker, David B.; Stockport, OH Shields, Edgel; Caldwell, OH Shields, Lester; Caldwell, OH Shillady, Madeline M.; Secane, Pa; Shilts, Jessie; Reno, OH Shimer, G. L.; Lower Salem, OH Shinn, D. A.; Whipple, OH Shock, Jack E.; Sarahsville, OH Shock, Mary; Sarahsville, OH Shoemaker, Lyle; Lowell, OH Showalter, Henry; Summerfield, OH Shreve, James J.; Sardis, OH Sickelsmith, Evelyn; Sardis, OH Siddall, Lydia; Marietta, OH Siders, Russell; Marietta, OH Simmons, Dorothy; Canton, OH Simmons, Dorothy; Senecaville, OH Simmons, James C.; Williamstown, WV Simons, Arthur; New Matamoras, OH Simpson, Clara M.; Marietta, OH Sims Brothers; Marietta, OH Sims, Charles; Powhatan Point, OH Sims, Nancy; Lower Salem, OH Sims, Thomas M.; Marietta, OH Sims, William; Fleming, OH Singer, Carol L.; Graysville, OH Singer, Felix; Marietta, OH Singer, Robert J.; Waverly, OH Sirca, Gene F.; Woodsfield, OH Skeen, Larry; Williamstown, WV Skidmore, Beatrice; Weirton, WV Skidmore, John; Marietta, OH Skinner, Bertha E.; Whipple, OH Skinner, Junior R.; Wellsville, OH Skinner, Richard; Marietta, OH Slater, Richard; Macksburg, OH Slater, Vernon; Caldwell, OH Slawter, Ellis; Graysville, OH Slonaker, Paul Dale; Sardis, OH Smallwood, Bethel; Orlando, FL Smathers, Steven H.; Cutler, OH Smeykal, Joseph; Columbus, OH Smith & Biehl Oil Co #2; Marietta, OH Smith Oil & Gas Co; Pleasant City, OH

Smith, Alice; Marietta, OH Smith, Amos Wilbur; Sarahsville, OH Smith, Aubrey C.; Jacksonville, FL Smith, Bernard H.; Sardis, OH Smith, Bernard J.; Jacksontown, OH Smith, Bryon; Elyria, OH Smith, Clair; Lower Salem, OH Smith, Clarence; Lower Salem, OH Smith, Clyde T.; Caldwell, OH Smith, Dale V.; Massillon, OH Smith, Dennis; Waterford, OH Smith, Dexter; Morehead, Ky; Smith, Earl; Macksburg, OH Smith, Edward J.; New Matamoras, OH Smith, Elsworth; Caldwell, OH Smith, Elwood; Chesterhill, OH Smith, Emma; Lecompton, Ks; Smith, Guy E.; Parkersburg, WV Smith, H. L.; Dexter City, OH Smith, H.f.; Caldwell, OH Smith, Harold C; Fleming, OH Smith, Herman; Woodsfield, OH Smith, Ida; Caldwell, OH Smith, Jacob; Lowell, OH Smith, Jessie; Waterford, OH Smith, Jimmie; Newport, OH Smith, John Allyn; Marietta, OH Smith, John R.; Caldwell, OH Smith, Larry; Beverly, OH Smith, Lynne; Sardis, OH Smith, Mark; Williamstown, WV Smith, Maxine M.; Amesville, OH Smith, Michael; Marietta, OH Smith, P. M.; Lowell, OH Smith, Paul; Barlow, OH Smith, Paul E.; Beverly, OH Smith, Paul G.; Amesville, OH Smith, Phillip M.; Marietta, OH Smith, R. W.; Vincent, OH Smith, Ralph F. M.; Cleveland, OH Smith, Robert D.; Marietta, OH Smith, Ronald; Bartlett, OH Smith, Ronald; Stack, Paul E.; Smith, Russell; Marietta, OH Smith, Sereno E.; Amesville, OH Smith, Steven; Waterford, OH Smith, Terry; Sarahsville, OH Smith, Terry D.; Newport, OH Smith, Thomas; Chesterhill, OH Smith, Thomas R.; Daleville, Va; Smith, Thomas W.; Sarahsville, OH Smith, Walter; Quaker City, OH Smith, Warren; State College, Pa; Smith, William; Newport, OH Smith, William A.; Caldwell, OH Smithberger, H. O.; Marietta, OH Smithberger, John G.; Caldwell, OH Smithberger, R. L.; Marietta, OH Smittle, Larry C.; London, OH Smittle, Nellie; Sardis, OH Smurr, Carolyn; Silver Spring, Md; Snider, Avery D.; Graysville, OH Snider, Melvin L.; Marietta, OH Snider, Rodney; Marietta, OH Snode, Rebecca J.; Sarahsville, OH Snodgrass, Donald; Marietta, OH Snodgrass, John R.; Sarahsville, OH Snodgrass, L.e.; Marietta, OH Snopka, Nellie J.; Caldwell, OH Snyder, Charles F.; Summerfield, OH


Snyder, E. R.; Williamstown, WV Snyder, Thomas; Caldwell, OH Soine, George; Columbus, OH Sorg, Rupert; Sarahsville, OH Southall, Charles; Newport, OH Sowers, Charles; Lower Salem, OH Sparks, Francis; New Matamoras, OH Spaulding, Ronald O.; Whipple, OH Spear, Zail; Reynoldsburg, OH Spence, Brady; Lewisville, OH Spence, Denver; Caldwell, OH Spence, Fred; Summerfield, OH Spencer, Donald L.; Pomeroy, OH Spencer, Gilbert; Pomeroy, OH Spicer, Ernest; Caldwell, OH Spiker, Donald; Ava, OH Spindler, Mildred L.; Marietta, OH Spindler, Richard A. Jr.; Marietta, OH Spires, Joyce; Summerfield, OH Spitzer, Carl; Jesup, Ga; Sponcil, Greg; Caldwell, OH Sprague, Donald J.; Marietta, OH Sprague, Glen; Fleming, OH Sprague, Mac R.; Marietta, OH Springer, Charles; Lowell, OH Springer, Leslie; Seburg, OH Springer, Michael; Wingett Run, OH St. Clair Oil Company; St. Clairsville, OH St. Joe Petroleum; Midland, TX; Stack, Agnes R.; Belpre, OH Stack, Anna L.; Caldwell, OH Stack, Gary L.; Caldwell, OH Stalnaker, Linda L.; Marietta, OH Stanberry, Charles; Caldwell, OH Standen, Mary; North Ridgeville, OH Standiford, Harley; Marietta, OH Stanely, Don F.; Waterford, OH Stanley, Charles G.; Vienna, WV Stanley, Richard H.; Canal Winchester, OH Stanleyville Church; Whipple, OH Starcher, Charles; Marietta, OH Starcher, Chester; Lower Salem, OH Starcher, Clarence; New Matamoras, OH Starcher, J. L.; Waterford, OH Starcher, Orville; Spencer, WV Stark, Cecil; Marietta, OH Stark, Gerald E.; Lower Salem, OH Stark, Solomon S.; Whipple, OH Stark, Wilbert; Lowell, OH Stark, William; Whipple, OH Starling, Dortha L.; Frostproof, FL Starr, Forest; Caldwell, OH Steed, Clara O.; Graysville, OH Steed, Lorain V.; Graysville, OH Steen, Herbert C.; Caldwell, OH Steese, Gerald C.; Caldwell, OH Stegner Oil Co.; Sycamore Valley, OH Steinhoff, Harry E.; Rinard Mills, OH Steinhoff, Howard; Parkersburg, WV Steinhoff, Joe; Wingett Run, OH Stenger, Larry; Marietta, OH Steorts, W. L.; Waterford, OH Stephan, Eric; Marietta, OH Stephany Oil Well; Fairfiew, Pa; Stephens, Howard; Williamstown, WV Stephens, Kathy; Lower Salem, OH Stephens, Marie; Graysville, OH Stevens, Charles; Lowell, OH Stevens, Della; Chesterhill, OH Stevens, Elizabeth; Chesterhill, OH

Stevens, Erval; Marietta, OH Stevens, Francis; Newport, OH Stevens, Fred; Graysville, OH Stevens, Richard; Caldwell, OH Stevens, William; Marietta, OH Stewart, Gary; Coal Run, OH Stewart, Harry; New Matamoras, OH Stewart, Harvey; New Matamoras, OH Stewart, Howard T.; Orrville, OH Stewart, Leonard; Sardis, OH Stewart, Melvin; Marietta, OH Stewart, Ruth; Beverly, OH Stewart, Stanley; Caldwell, OH Stewart, Terry W.; Reno, OH Stiebel, Stephen D.; Whipple, OH Stiers, A. J.; Caldwell, OH Stiers, Gary; Caldwell, OH Stiers, Jerry; Waterford, OH Stiers, Jerry D.; Stockport, OH Still, Lillian G.; Zanesville, OH Still, Norman; Parkersburg, WV Stille, Charles; Whipple, OH Stillion, Theresa; Senecaville, OH Stine, Robert D.; Wooster, OH Stine, Stanley; Woodsfield, OH Stoehr, Vernon; Marietta, OH Stoffel, George; Marietta, OH Stoffell, Harry; Lower Salem, OH Stollar, Don R.; Marietta, OH Stollar, Robert; Stockport, OH Stollar, Roger; Marietta, OH Stollar, Warren; Marietta, OH Stone, Patrick; Marietta, OH Stone, Robert J.; Lower Salem, OH Stoneburner, George; Pleasant City, OH Stoner, Harry; Pleasant City, OH Stoops, Charles C.; Waterford, OH Stottlemire, Walter; New Matamoras, OH Stottsberry, Harold; Summerfield, OH Stottsberry, Terry; Caldwell, OH Stottsberry, Willard; Caldwell, OH Stout, Benjamin; Lowell, OH Stout, James; Lowell, OH Stout, Jay; Sardis, OH Strahler, Alfred; Beverly, OH Strahler, Cletes; Lowell, OH Strahler, Thomas; Lowell, OH Strahler, W. E.; Marietta, OH Strauss, Paul; Waterford, OH Strauss, William E.; Vincent, OH Strickler, Raymond; Hilliard, OH Stuart, R. B.; Graysville, OH Stucki, Heinz; Lowell, OH Stull, Alice; Lower Salem, OH Stull, Collie E.; Reno, OH Stull, Dwayne; Wingett Run, OH Stull, Harlie; Wingett Run, OH Stull, Thomas E.; Marietta, OH Stump, Arnold; Cheshire, OH Stump, Herman; New Matamoras, OH Sturm, Ralph D. ; Marietta, OH Stutler, Donald; Waterford, OH Suder, John; Whipple, OH Sullivan, Charles; Sarahsville, OH Sullivan, Charles J.; Marietta, OH Sullivan, Clifford; Reno, OH Sullivan, H. E.; Zanesville, OH Sullivan, Pearl R.; Lowell, OH Surrena, Betsy; Newport, OH Suter, Mary; Sardis, OH

Sutherland, Harry; Sarahsville, OH Sutton, Darrell; Reno, OH Sutton, Paul; Marietta, OH Swain, George E.; Caldwell, OH Swain, Richard; Caldwell, OH Swain, Thomas; Belpre, OH Swartz, E. Lou; Marietta, OH Swayne, J C; Cutler, OH Swick, Lewis F.; N. Lawrence, OH Swisher, Louis A.; Amesville, OH Swisher, Ron; Lowell, OH Sworden, Phillip; Sardis, OH Sycamore Oil Co.; Marietta, OH Sydenstricker, Mike; Stockport, OH Szabo, Timothy; Marietta, OH Tabler, Rex; Gusyville, OH Tallman, Edna; Woodsfield, OH Tallman, John; Marietta, OH Tanthorey, Charles; Cutler, OH Tardif, Thelma; Rinard Mills, OH Tarleton, Earl; Marysville, OH Tate, Howard Jr.; Chesterhill, OH Tate, John; Zanesville, OH Tatge Oil Company; Oklahoma City; Taylor, Bernard; Lower Salem, OH Taylor, Elmer; Marietta, OH Taylor, L. C.; Beverly, OH Taylor, O. R.; Lowell, OH Taylor, Robert; Marietta, OH Taylor, Robert K.; Marietta, OH Taylor, Russell H; Williamstown, WV Teeman, Earl; New Matamoras, OH Teeman, Earl Jr.; New Matamoras, OH Teeters, John D.; Caldwell, OH Templeton, Edward; Graysville, OH Templeton, Elmer; Marietta, OH Tenley, William; Sardis, OH Tepe, Ralph; Parkersburg, WV Tessmer, C. E.; Lowell, OH Tetzel, Michael; New Matamoras, OH Thacker, James W.; Sardis, OH Theobald, Janila J.; Newport, OH Theobald, Larry E. Jr.; Newport, OH Theobald, Robert D.; Ventura, Ca; Theobald, Shirley; New Matamoras, OH Thomas, Arnel; Newport, OH Thomas, Charles; Newport, OH Thomas, Charles E.; Lowell, OH Thomas, Cheryl; Sarahsville, OH Thomas, Clarence; Beverly, OH Thomas, Clifford; Stockport, OH Thomas, Dewain; Denton, TX Thomas, Everett H.; New Matamoras, OH Thomas, Gary E.; Marietta, OH Thomas, Howard; Whipple, OH Thomas, James Edwin; Archers Fork, OH Thomas, John E; Newport, OH Thomas, Kate; Marietta, OH Thomas, Lewis M.; Marietta, OH Thomas, Ray; Marietta, OH Thomas, Stanley E.; New Matamoras, OH Thompson, Alvah F.; Marietta, OH Thompson, Bernard; Whipple, OH Thompson, Carlos V.; Clearwater, FL Thompson, Cecil; Marietta, OH Thompson, Charlene; Caldwell, OH Thompson, Colonel O.; Reno, OH Thompson, Danny; Newport, OH Thompson, David J.; Chesterhill, OH Thompson, Earl T.; The Plains, OH

Thompson, Edward; Marietta, OH Thompson, Emma; Sardis, OH Thompson, Eva Jean; Sandstone, WV Thompson, Harold; Lower Salem, OH Thompson, James W.; Marietta, OH Thompson, Joan; Marietta, OH Thompson, Keith; Summerfield, OH Thompson, Leroy; Caldwell, OH Thompson, Michael; Marietta, OH Thompson, Morris E.; Marietta, OH Thompson, Rome; Summerfield, OH Thompson, Viola; Caldwell, OH Thompson, Wilson; Marietta, OH Thompson, Zellen; Columbus, OH Thorla, E. L.; Cumberland, OH Tidd, Nancy; Newport, OH Tidd, Raymond; Newport, OH Tilton, Dewey; Lowell, OH Tilton, J. O.; Byesville, OH Tiltonville Comm Club; Caldwell, OH Tisdall, Joseph; Dexter City, OH Tolson, Sam; Beverly, OH Tompkins, R. W.; Senecaville, OH Tornes, Robert A. Sr.; Waterford, OH Town & Country Body Shop; New Matamoras, OH Towner Petroleum Co.; Cambridge, OH Towner, Marvin; Lower Salem, OH Townsend, Junior; Caldwell, OH Townsend, Rickey; Waterford, OH Trador, Thomas Jr.; Marietta, OH Trammell, Jerry; Lowell, OH Transcoastal Oil & G A; New Matamoras, OH Tras, E. L.; Senecaville, OH Trautner, Charles; Lower Salem, OH Trautner, Edith; Wingett Run, OH Traux, Larry E.; Sycamore Valley, OH Travis, Roy E.; New Matamoras, OH Travis, Roy F.; New Matamoras, OH Trax, E. L.; Senecaville, OH Treadway, Raymond; Marietta, OH Treadway, Robert; Marietta, OH Treadway, Senior; Marietta, OH Trembly, Ann; Lowell, OH Trenner, Ancil; Ft. Worth, TX Trenner, Earl J.; Cumberland, OH Trenner, Herbert; Cumberland, OH Trenner, Lewis; Caldwell, OH Tri Co Servic & Supply; Sharon, OH Tri State Petroleum; Cincinnati, OH Tricebaw, Herbert; Massillon, OH Trimble, Harold; Shadyside, OH Triple Gas Co.; Marietta, OH Triplett, Kenneth; Caldwell, OH Triplett, Marlene; Caldwell, OH Trott, William; Sarahsville, OH Tucker, Betty; Marietta, OH Tucker, Franklin; Marietta, OH Tuel Oil Company; Waterford, OH Tuel, Everett; Waterford, OH Tuel, Samuel E.; New Matamoras, OH Tullius, Alfred; Waterford, OH Tullius, Paul; Lowell, OH Tullius, Paul; Marietta, OH Turner, Charles; Marietta, OH Turner, George L.; Middlebourne, WV Turner, Gladys M.; Graysville, OH Turner, Ronald; Lowell, OH Tustin, Larry; New Matamoras, OH Twiggs, Myron L.; Reno, OH

Tyrell, Gary; Lowell, OH Tyrell, Jack; Marietta, OH U S Forest Service; Marietta, OH Ullman Oil & Gas Co; Marietta, OH Ullman Oil Co. #3.; Woodsfield, OH Ullman, B. W.; Caldwell, OH Ullman, Ben; Lower Salem, OH Ullman, Charles S.; Marietta, OH Ullman, Daniel G.; Marietta, OH Ullman, George W.; Waverly, OH Ullman, Walter G.; Johnstown, OH Ullom, Earl; Waterford, OH Underwood, Earl; New Matamoras, OH Union Carbide Metals; Marietta, OH United Me Ch Parsonage; Rinard Mills, OH Urdak, John; Sardis, OH Valentine & Miller; New Matamoras, OH Valentine Oil Properties; Lowell, OH Valentine, Paul; New Matamoras, OH Vallee, Hazel; Akron, OH Valley, Service Inc; Marietta, OH Van Lehn, Robert; Marietta, OH Vanbrunt, Samuel; Marietta, OH Vancamp, Paul; Sardis, OH Vance Oil & Gas Co; Stafford, OH Vance, Boyd; Lower Salem, OH Vance, Gerald W.; Marietta, OH Vandale, Benjamin; Marietta, OH Vandegrift, Denzil; Marietta, OH Vanderbeek, Ronald; Caldwell, OH Vanfossen, Christina; Pleasant City, OH Vanfossen, Fleet; Parkersburg, WV Vanfossen, Glen; Dexter City, OH Vanfossen, Robert K.; Kimbolton, OH Vanfossen, Wade; Lower Salem, OH Vannoy, Barbara; Marietta, OH Vannoy, Fred; Marietta, OH Vanoster, Kenneth; Marietta, OH Vanscyoc, Roy W.; Lowell, OH Vanwagenen, Beulah C.; New Concord, OH Vanwey, Ruth M.; Fleming, OH Venham, Richard; Marietta, OH Veyon, Richard K.; Belle Valley, OH Vidovich, Paul; Fleming, OH Vise, Charles C.; Marietta, OH Vorhies, Bonnie; Caldwell, OH Waderker, G.o.; Chesterhill, OH Wagner Oil Lease; Marietta, OH Wagner, Charles A. Jr.; Marietta, OH Wagner, Charles Sr.; Marietta, OH Wagner, Clarence W.; Macksburg, OH Wagner, D. P.; Marietta, OH Wagner, Dale; Marietta, OH Wagner, David L.; Lower Salem, OH Wagner, Donna; Lower Salem, OH Wagner, Gilbert E; Marietta, OH Wagner, Howard; Macksburg, OH Wagner, Richard A.; Lower Salem, OH Wagner, Robert; Lowell, OH Wagner, William; Marietta, OH Wagner-Davis Oil & Gas; Lowell, OH Waite, James D. Sr.; Cumberland, OH Walker, Donald L.; Marietta, OH Walker, Linda C.; Fleming, OH Wallace, Ann; Beverly, OH Wallace, C.m.; Stockport, OH Wallace, Darrell; New Matamoras, OH Wallace, Doug; Marietta, OH Wallace, Larry B.; Lowell, OH Wallace, Russell; New Matamoras, OH

Waller, Gertrud; Caldwell, OH Waller, W. C.; Dexter City, OH Walter, Cecil; Malvern, OH Walters, Charles F.; Sarahsville, OH Walters, Charles G.; Caldwell, OH Walters, Floyd E.; Lower Salem, OH Walters, Mary K.; Ravenswood, WV Walters, Mary Knight; Ravenswood, WV Walters, William; Caldwell, OH Ward, Allan; Newport, OH Ward, Bruce; Macksburg, OH Ward, Cynthia R.; Marietta, OH Ward, Ezra; New Matamoras, OH Ward, Gerald O.; Lowell, OH Ward, Harold; Lowell, OH Ward, Helen; Cleveland, OH Ward, Janet; New Matamoras, OH Ward, Lena; Newport, OH Ward, Roger; Caldwell, OH Ward, Ronald E.; Lowell, OH Ward, Victor; Marietta, OH Ward, W. A.; Lowell, OH Warner, Carol; Marietta, OH Warner, Carolyn; Pleasant City, OH Warner, Dale; Belle Valley, OH Warner, Harry; Summerfield, OH Warner, James F.; Caldwell, OH Warner, John H.; Caldwell, OH Warner, Lloyd Harvey; Marietta, OH Warner, Robert; New Matamoras, OH Warren, David; Caldwell, OH Warren, Lawrence; Waterford, OH Warren, Mark; Marietta, OH Warrick, Drew; Caldwell, OH Washington County Co O; New Matamoras, OH Waterman, David; Marietta, OH Waters, Richard; Marietta, OH Waters, William; Lowell, OH Watson, Della; Frazeysburg, OH Watson, Dennis E.; Waterford, OH Watson, Jessica; Marietta, OH Watson, Stanley; Senecaville, OH Watson, Virginia; Caldwell, OH Wears, Oren Jr.; Marietta, OH Wears, Richard E.; Marietta, OH Weaver, Harold K.; Amesville, OH Webb Enterprises; Cuyahoga Falls, OH Webb, Dale; Hannibal, OH Webb, Juanita M.; Lewisville, OH Webb, Larry E.; Beverly, OH Webb, Steve; Marietta, OH Weber, Paul; Lowell, OH Weber, Richard; New Matamoras, OH Weber, Robert; Caldwell, OH Weckbacher, John C.; Rinard Mills, OH Weddle, Dianne; New Matamoras, OH Weddle, George; Lower Salem, OH Weekley, Edward; Cutler, OH Weekley, Lena; Cutler, OH Weekley, Thayer; Caldwell, OH Weekley, Willie; Woodsfield, OH Wehr, Robert; Cumberland, OH Weinstock, Earl W.; Marietta, OH Welch, Jerry; Waterford, OH Welch, Willis; Caldwell, OH Wells, Jay; Senecaville, OH Wells, John M.; Marietta, OH Wentworth, Ray; Summerfield, OH Wentz, Richard; Fleming, OH Wenzel, James; Marietta, OH



WASHINGTON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE LOCAL PAGES West, Cameron; New Matamoras, OH West, Charles M.; Caldwell, OH West, Cleve; Caldwell, OH West, Donna; Lower Salem, OH West, Doris; Marietta, OH West, Ralph; New Matamoras, OH West, William M.; New Matamoras, OH Westbrook, Earl D.; Marietta, OH Westbrook, George; Marietta, OH Westbrook, Larry R.; Marietta, OH Western Production Co; West Memphis, AR; Whaley, Donald E.; Waterford, OH Wharton, James A.; Caldwell, OH Wharton, Raymond; Coolville, OH Whealdon, Charles; Sarahsville, OH Wheeler, Chester; Macksburg, OH Wheeler, Elvin; Caldwell, OH Wheeler, Evelyn; Caldwell, OH Wheeler, Glen; Caldwell, OH Wheeler, Lawrence; Marietta, OH Wheeler, Robert; Marietta, OH Wheeler, Susan; Sarahsville, OH Wheeler, Virginia; Marietta, OH Whetstone, Lewis; Marietta, OH Whipkey, Charles; Waterford, OH Whipkey, Francis; Waterford, OH Whipkey, John A.; Waterford, OH Whipple Lumber; Marietta, OH Whitacre, Frank; North Canton, OH Whitaker, Charles H.; Marietta, OH Whitaker, Jerry; Caldwell, OH White, Clifton; Vincent, OH White, Clifton A.; Chappell Hill, TX White, Gerald L.; Cutler, OH White, James; Baden, PA White, Lola; Bartlett, OH White, Ocie; Marietta, OH White, Oscar; Marietta, OH White, Vernon I.; Caldwell, OH Whitlaker, Jerry; Coal Run, OH Whitlock, Darrell W.; New Matamoras, OH Whittekind, Donald; Marietta, OH Whyte & Petty Oil Lease; Barlow, OH Wick, Gary F.; Lowell, OH Wickens, Way; Wooster, OH Wickham, Amos; Caldwell, OH Wickham, Bernard; Caldwell, OH Wickham, John; Sarahsville, OH Wickham, Michael; Caldwell, OH

Wickland, Lealand G.; Youngstown, OH Wickline, Ralph; Youngstown, OH Wigal, Edward F.; Amesville, OH Wigal, John A.; Stockport, OH Wigner, Robert; Caldwell, OH Wikselaar, Ali; Albuquerque, NM; Wiley, C. W.; Caldwell, OH Wiley, Richard; Senecaville, OH Wiley, Sam; Caldwell, OH Wilhelm, William; Marietta, OH Wilkinson, Robert; Caldwell, OH Willey, Clinton W.; Byesville, OH Williams, Basil; Marietta, OH Williams, Boyd; New Matamoras, OH Williams, Charles N.; Marietta, OH Williams, Clarenc Ee; Graysville, OH Williams, Clyde; Sycamore Valley, OH Williams, Donald; Pleasant City, OH Williams, Dwight F.; Wingett Run, OH Williams, Edward E.; Marietta, OH Williams, Herbert; Marietta, OH Williams, Herbert; Wingett Run, OH Williams, Howard W. Sr.; Marietta, OH Williams, James; Lower Salem, OH Williams, James L.; Thornville, OH Williams, Jerry R.; Cambridge, OH Williams, John; Sarahsville, OH Williams, Myrtle M.; Graysville, OH Williams, O.R.; Woodsfield, OH Williams, Russell; Saginaw, MI; Williams, Ruth; Bartlett, OH Williams, Theodore; Marietta, OH Williams, Thomas; Caldwell, OH Williamson, Charles Jr.; New Matamoras, OH Williamson, Dale O.; New Matamoras, OH Williamson, Daniel; Lower Salem, OH Williamson, Floyd L.; Cambridge, OH Williamson, Thelma; New Matamoras, OH Williamson, Veneer Co.; Sarahsville, OH Williamson, William E.; Marietta, OH Willis, Elmer; Caldwell, OH Willison, Walter; Woodsfield, OH Williston Oil & Dev Co.; Clifton, NJ; Wilson Run Oil Co.; Marietta, OH Wilson, Bernard; Reno, OH Wilson, Dale; Dexter City, OH Wilson, David R.; Caldwell, OH Wilson, Edwin; Caldwell, OH Wilson, Guy E.; Blue Rock, OH

Wilson, Pearl; Caldwell, OH Wilson, R. M.; Canton, OH Wilson, Ralph; Lowell, OH Wilson, Richard; Port Richey, FL Wilson, Robert; Bonita Springs, FL Wilson, Terry L.; Caldwell, OH Winans, Boyd; Marietta, OH Winer, Arthur; Marietta, OH Wingrove, Margaret; Powhatan Point, OH Wingrove, Robert E.; Bartlett, OH Winkler, Harold; Rittman, OH Winland, Danny P.; Cape Coral; Winland, Walter; Woodsfield, OH Winter, Albert; Sardis, OH Winter, Carl C.; Woodsfield, OH Winter, Lena M.; Sardis, OH Winters, Ralph; Marietta, OH Wise, Asa; Woodsfield, OH Wise, Edgar; New Matamoras, OH Wiseman, H. W.; Vincent, OH Wite, Wilbert; Caldwell, OH Witt, George M.; Pleasant City, OH Witt, John E.; Akron, OH Wittekind, Ernest; Whipple, OH Wittekind, William; Baltimore, Md; Witten Towhead Lt; St. Louis, Mo; Witten, Lila; Woodsfield, OH Wolfe, Glen; Lowell, OH Wolfe, Glenn; Stockport, OH Wolfe, Jay D.; Newport, OH Wolfe, Thomas; Waterford, OH Wolfe, Wiley R.; Stow, OH Wolfert, Dean; Whipple, OH Wood, Lena; Rootstown, OH Woodard, Allen E; Waterford, OH Woodford, Walter; Caldwell, OH Woodland Oil Company; Newport, OH Woods, Birch; Caldwell, OH Woomer, Russell; Watertown, OH Wooster, Barbara; Lowell, OH Worstell, J. W.; Marietta, OH Worthington, C. W.; Cumberland, OH Woyar, Peter; Stockport, OH Wright, David R; Newport, OH Wright, Donna; Sardis, OH Wright, Durwin; Marietta, OH Wright, Elsie; Caldwell, OH Wright, Esther; Stockport, OH Wright, Harold; Lower Salem, OH

Energy Efficiency Tip of the Month Consider insulating your hot water pipes. Doing so can reduce heat loss, allow you to lower the temperature setting, and save an additional 3 to 4 percent per year on water heating.


Wright, James D.; Marietta, OH Wright, James E; Marietta, OH Wright, John; Waterford, OH Wright, Linda; Marietta, OH Wright, Richard C.; Lowell, OH Wright, Robert E.; New Matamoras, OH Wright, Steven D.; Whipple, OH Wriston, James F.; Newport, OH Wriston, William; Reno, OH Wuletich, Edward M.; Caldwell, OH Wyscarver, Ronald; Quaker City, OH Yazombek, Joseph; Marietta, OH Yerian, Linda; Caldwell, OH Yester, Joe; Caldwell, OH Yockey Oil Co.; Sycamore Valley, OH Yoder, Brenda; Lowell, OH Yoho, G. Wayne; Moundsville, WV Yoho, William; Sardis, OH Yonally, Alex; Marietta, OH Yonally, Harvey; New Matamoras, OH Yonally, Lewis A.; Marietta, OH Yonis, Joseph; Beverly, OH Yontz, Harry; Caldwell, OH Yost, Carmen; Paden City, WV Yost, Harry; New Matamoras, OH Yost, Harry Jr.; New Matamoras, OH Yost, Linda; Sardis, OH Yost, Susan A.; Dexter City, OH Young, C. E.; Whipple, OH Young, Clark O.; Hebron, OH Young, Donald E.; Marietta, OH Young, Michael; Cambridge, OH Young, Otto; Fleming, OH Young, Paul; Cambridge, OH Young, Ralph R.; Inverness, FL Young, Richard H.; Longview, WA; Young, William E.; Marietta, OH Yurkovich, William; Willoughby, OH Zaayer, Phillip A.; Graysville, OH Zayac, Marjorie; Advance, NC Zelinka, Carl; Belpre, OH Zerger, Joy; Caldwell, OH Zigmund, John; Belpre, OH Zimmerman, Delbert; Caldwell, OH Zimmerman, H. E.; Lowell, OH Zontini, Samuel; Whipple, OH Zumbro, Elaine; Stockport, OH Zumbro, Merle; Stockport, OH


Meter tampering can result in electric shock, is illegal, and increases electricity rates for other co-op members.

DO NOT TAMPER WITH YOUR ELECTRIC METER Meter tampering can result in electric shock, is illegal, and increases electricity rates for other co-op members.  Never break a meter seal.  Never open a meter base.

 Never remove a meter or alter an entrance Never break a meter seal. cable in any manner. Thieves who steal Never openstealing a meter power are actually from base. you.

Never remove a meter or alter an entrance cable in any manner. someone has tampered

If you know or suspect that If you or suspect that someone has with their meter, please contact usknow immediately. tampered with their meter, please contact us immediately.

Stay Back!

Know the difference between types of lines and wires. If you see a downed electric line, be aware that it could be live and dangerous!

Electric Wire

Electric wires are larger and can be easily identified by the three separate twisted wires, one being uniquely silver or uninsulated.

Cable Wire

Cable lines are round and look similar to the coaxial cable that connects to the TV in your home.

Phone Wire

Telephone wires are typically smaller, flat wires.




NOTES Capital credits Washington Electric Cooperative, Inc., refunded capital credits totaling $203,832.92 to the estates of 150 members through December 2017. If you know a deceased member, please have the executor of the estate call our office for information on the member’s capital credits.

Credit for account number If you find the number of your account in the local (center four) pages of this magazine, call the co-op office; you will receive at least $10 credit on your electric bill. In December, Jerry McElroy of Pleasant City did not locate his account number. If you find your account number, call the co-op office by the 16th of the month in which it is published.

Co-op Connections® Card Washington Electric Cooperative members saved $88.52 in November on prescription drugs with the Co-op Connections® discount card. Members have saved a total of $89,825.25 since the program launched in June 2011. Be sure to check out for information on discounts from national retailers and!

Co-op rebate programs Water heater — rebates from $200 to $400 for qualifying 50-gallon or higher new electric water heaters.

Dual fuel — rebates of $500 for new heat pumps installed with a fossil fuel furnace system and co-op load management switch. Geothermal — rebates of $600 for newly installed geothermal systems. Air conditioners — rebates of $100 for wholehouse air-conditioning systems with co-op load management switch. Applies to systems younger than 10 years. Refrigerators and freezers — $100 rebate for members who replace existing refrigerators and stand-alone freezers with a new ENERGY STAR®labeled appliance. Rebates available on first-come, first-served basis. Call for details.

Co-op services After-hours outage reporting — Call 877-544-0279 to report a power outage outside of business hours. Outage alerts — Use our SmartHub system to sign up to receive free outage alerts and other co-op information. Online bill payment — Visit to use our secure SmartHub online payment system. Automatic bill payment — Call our office for details on having your electric bill drafted from your checking or savings account each month. Pay your bill by phone — Call 844-344-4362 to pay your electric bill with a check, credit card, or debit card.


Paul Fleeman, CCD, BL CONTACT

740-373-2141 | 877-594-9324

Larry Ullman, CCD, BL Vice Chairman 740-934-2561


Betty Martin, CCD, BL


Gale DePuy, CCD, BL


440 Highland Ridge Road P.O. Box 800 Marietta, OH 45750 OFFICE HOURS

Mon. - Fri., 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. 20

Chairman 740-934-2306


Secretary-Treasurer 740-473-1539

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer 740-473-1245

Jack Bragg Jr.

General Manager/CEO



E-mail your ideas to:

William Bowersock, CCD, BL

Shawn Ray

740-373-5861 740-638-5270

Brent Smith 740-585-2598

CCD — Certified Cooperative Director BL — Board Leadership


Davis honored by Ohio Farm Bureau Ken Davis, chairman of the board for South Central Power Company, has been recognized with a Distinguished Service Award from the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) in Columbus. Davis, a former Ohio Farm Bureau president, was recognized in December for his lifetime contributions to Ohio’s agricultural community. Davis lives in Highland County and serves on the Southern Ohio Agricultural and Community Development Foundation Board. Ken Davis

Firelands Electric celebrates holidays with multiple outreach programs In December, Firelands Electric Cooperative office employees donated more than a dozen stockings filled with gifts to help brighten the Christmas season for local children. In addition, employees donated more than $250 to the Greenwich Salvation Army by paying $5 to wear jeans to work on Fridays through the month of December. The co-op’s members, employees, and trustees also collected donations for USO of Northern Ohio’s Step Up for Soldiers annual campaign, taking in snacks, canned goods, and health and wellness products. Radio stations WLKR and K96 will work with the USO to distribute the donations, along with others collected throughout the area, to American soldiers stationed abroad and those returning home from deployment.

Mid-Ohio hosts military care package assembly The Blue Star Mothers of Hardin County gathered in MidOhio Energy’s Kenton office Community Room this winter to pack 368 boxes of comfort and care items to send to troops who are deployed overseas. The group’s annual care package donation sends items such as winter hats, hand warmers, snacks, and personal care items to troops stationed in areas where it is hard to obtain such items. This year’s shipment was sent to 11 different locations, including Afghanistan and Turkey.

Carroll Electric brings cheer, warmth to kids Carroll Electric’s annual Share Christmas Program, hosted by the co-op’s employees, raised and donated about $600 in Christmas gifts to three children in that co-op’s service territory. The office also served as a Carroll County Coats for Kids drive drop-off location, where members donated nearly $200 in addition to winter gear.





Ohio continues its significant role in the development of self-driving cars


n a few years, you may be able to spend your morning commute reading a book, checking e-mail, or even napping, thanks to self-driving car technology.

While they aren’t exactly as high-functioning as KITT, the crime-fighting black Camaro from the old Knight Rider TV series, autonomous vehicles from the likes of Google, Tesla, and other companies have proven that we are on the cusp of being able to take our hands off the wheel. There could be as many as 10 million driverless cars and trucks on the road by 2020, according to some estimates, but Ohio has already seen its fair share of them thanks to the massive Transportation Research Center (TRC) in East Liberty, a 4,500-acre proving ground that is the largest and most advanced facility of its kind in the U.S. Ohio’s role in the development of self-driving cars goes even deeper than that. In fact, researchers at The Ohio State University built and tested some of the earliest autonomous vehicle systems in the 1960s.

The electronic highway Engineers have experimented with automated driving and speed control systems since the 1920s. OSU’s work began in the early 1960s, when an engineering student named Robert Fenton started investigating ways to improve driver performance and reduce traffic congestion. Fenton and other researchers at OSU created a test car that could be operated with a joystick controller within the vehicle. A hydraulic system operated the throttle, brakes, and steering, all managed by a computer that took up the entire trunk. That work then led to the creation of one of the first self-driving cars, which could be guided down the highway using electronics built into the surface of the road. The OSU team also tested radar systems that could bounce signals off of the guard rail in order to guide the automated vehicles. “The difficulty with both of those approaches was that it required cooperation from the road, and our sponsors with the Federal Highway Administration didn’t want that,” Fenton says. “They didn’t want to 22


deal with the expense and maintenance associated with the buried wire.”

Rhodes’s gambit Fenton and his team tested vehicles everywhere from the parking lot of St. John Arena on the OSU campus to stretches of the then-newly constructed I-270 outerbelt. Lack of available test tracks eventually led to the creation of the TRC. “We put together a dog-and-pony show for (thengovernor) Jim Rhodes, and we had a nice little model and we told him it would cost no more than $3 million,” Fenton remembers. “He stood back and said, ‘You know, the trouble with you academics is you don’t think big enough.’” In 1968, the state passed a bond issue for more than 10 times the original proposed budget. A few years later, the TRC played a key role in convincing Honda executives to build a new plant near the East Liberty location. “Rhodes did that because he thought it could bring jobs to Ohio,” Fenton says. “It brought the Honda plant and a lot of other auxiliary stuff. It was a brilliant political move on his part.”

What’s next? Work on self-driving cars continued in fits and starts until the mid-2000s when work by Google and others emerged. Fenton (who has been retired for decades) is now considered a pioneer in the field, and OSU has remained a leader in self-driving car research. In 2017, OSU and the State of Ohio announced a $45 million expansion of the TRC that includes a 540-acre Smart Mobility Advanced Research and Test (SMART) Center for automated and autonomous vehicle testing. When completed, the new facility will include a test platform that is 50 highway lanes wide and the length of 10 football fields, as well as test areas that simulate both rural and urban driving (including artificial pedestrians and other obstacles), and the industry’s largest high-speed intersection for testing driverless cars. While the electronic highway that Fenton envisioned was never built, there are still plans to add technology to roadways. The TRC and the Ohio Department of

Transportation are installing new fiber-optic cables and wireless sensors along 35 miles of U.S. Route 33 to create a Smart Mobility Corridor where companies can test selfdriving and connected vehicles. There’s a similar project on the Ohio Turnpike for self-driving tractor-trailers. Eventually, cars will be able to talk to each other and to “smart” highways to automatically warn other

vehicles about traffic jams, accidents, or poor driving conditions. “I think it’s probably coming sooner rather than later,” Fenton says. “There are so many different problems — political, psychological, legal, and infrastructure problems. I don’t now how long it will take to get it all sorted out.” BRIAN ALBRIGHT is a freelance writer from Cleveland Heights.





THE VOTE Ohio native Edmund G. Ross wended his way through infamy and eventual renown for acting for the good of the nation.


he year 1868 was one of turmoil and uncertainty in this country, when the very Union itself was in crisis. One man’s act of valor — not on a battlefield, but in a legislative body — may have been the deciding factor that held the nation together. Edmund G. Ross cast the deciding vote in the staid United States Senate to acquit the impeached President Andrew Johnson in May of 1868. The vote earned him the widespread scorn at the time. But his act of conviction — ignoring both attempted bribery and physical threats — put him on the right side of history. In 1957, in his book Profiles in Courage, John F. Kennedy, then a senator from Massachusetts, portrayed Ross as a man of righteous certitude for that vote, which preserved the office of the president and avoided more upheaval in a time when the wounds of the Civil War were scarcely scabbed over. Ross was born on a farm in Ashland County and came of age near the county seat, where a plaque with his name (misspelled) was mounted in his honor. He pursued a career in publishing — one that he kept at his entire life. His name was on the masthead at the Sandusky Mirror, where he worked side by side with his brother, Sylvester. Ross and his wife, Fanny Lanthrop, from Sandusky, made their way to Kansas, where Ross published anti-slavery newspapers. Ross took up the abolitionist cause in the Civil War. He joined a Kansas regiment as avprivate, and left as



a major. At the war’s end, Ross returned to Kansas and was appointed by the governor to represent the state in the U.S. Senate. That was where Ross, a Republican, intersected with Johnson, a Democrat, who was facing charges of malfeasance. Johnson had removed Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, contrary to a law that had been passed specifically to prevent such an act by the executive. Ross viewed the law as unconstitutional. and he held to his conviction that the president should not be removed. In turn, Ross paid a political price and was not returned to the Senate. He continued his career in publishing, however, which eventually landed him in New Mexico. President Grover Cleveland tapped Ross to serve a four-year term as governor of the New Mexico Territory in 1885. Ross reflected on these events in his autobiography that he penned in Santa Fe after his term as governor: “I was again and very promptly relegated to private life and the printer’s case — and am now, by turns, printer, farmer, gentleman at leisure, author, philosopher and tramp — but never a sorehead.” The native Buckeye who helped hold the Union together lies at rest in northern New Mexico beneath a most underwhelming gravestone. He died in 1909. CRAIG SPRINGER writes from Santa Fe County, New Mexico, near where Edmond Ross spent his last days.



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PINT Dayton’s Carillon Brewing Company delivers an authentic 19th-century experience


hen people patronize Carillon Brewing Company in Dayton this month, they’ll discover a Valentine-worthy beer — beet ale — that’s vibrant, earthy, and perfect for winning over hearts and waking up taste buds. “It’s a red ale, made from beet sugar, that’s sweet and very tasty,” says Brady Kress, the Dayton History president and CEO who masterminded Carillon Brewing. Dayton History is the Montgomery County historical organization whose operations include Orville Wright’s Hawthorn Hill mansion; the antebellum Patterson Homestead; and Carillon Historical Park, a living history museum with a lush and lovely riverside campus proudly punctuated by the largest carillon in Ohio. It harbors national and international treasures such as the world’s first practical airplane (the 1905 Wright Flyer III) and the oldest existing Americanbuilt locomotive (the 1835 B&O No. 1) — all, as Kress points out, indigenous to the Dayton area, as opposed to other museums that bring in exhibits from around the country. “Everything here is homegrown,” says Kress. “Our collections tell the stories of Dayton’s history, businesses, and inventions.” When Carillon Brewing debuted on Carillon Park’s 65-acre campus in 2014, Dayton got bragging rights to the nation’s first — and only — fully licensed production brewery at a museum. While craft breweries are cropping up everywhere these days, Carillon Brewing is also unique because it’s the only U.S. brewery that uses historic brewing methods to produce pre-Civil War-era ales. Carillon Brewing is a triple-threat attraction — a working museum exhibit, a microbrewery, and a restaurant specializing in the



ThestaffatCarillonBrewingCompanyputasmuchintotheauthentic periodlookofthebreweryasintothe periodproductionmethodstheyuse.

simple fare of Dayton’s erstwhile English, Irish, and German immigrant populations — that immerses visitors into an era when beer was a daily beverage that was safer to drink than the city’s water supply. “Having our own brewery creates another reason for people to come to Carillon Park and enjoy, as we like to say, ‘history by the pint,’” Kress says. Carillon Brewing makes the past eminently palatable by providing a multi-sensory experience that begins with the newly built brewery itself, which, thanks to early 1800s construction details like hand-cut nails and timbering milled with a sash saw, appears to be 170 years old. Inside the brewery, visitors hear a wood-and-charcoal fire crackling beneath a brewing kettle; smell the tantalizing aromas of schnitzel, sauerkraut, and potato soup; and taste Carillon’s flagship Coriander Ale, which, in olden times, was brewed at home by housewives who used it to soothe sore throats. Carrillon’s is made according to an 1830s recipe that was found in a diary. Although other American history venues give brewing demonstrations or make beer in modern, behind-the-scenes facilities that visitors never see, Kress envisioned the Carillon Brewing project as a far more engaging and historically

accurate tool for teaching the largely forgotten story of Dayton’s brewing heritage. “I wanted to condense the historic beer-making process into a single masonry structure so that guests could see every stage of brewing,” Kress says. Because of that focus on the process, Carillon Brewing verges on theater-in-the-round, where patrons sit just a few feet away from the re-created, gravity-feed brewing equipment and watch interpreters dressed in periodappropriate costumes add wood to the fire; tend the mash tun; hand-cut ginger root for the next batch of Ginger Pale Ale; and in the spirit of history, encourage people to try Carillon Concord Semi-Sweet, a recently introduced wine rooted in the early 1800s when southwest Ohio had a thriving wine industry. “This place,” allows Kress, “is as close to the 19th century as you can get.” Carillon Brewing Company, 937-910-0722. To learn more about Carillon Historical Park and other Dayton History sites, call 937-2932841 or go to




875 700 13 H




175 PRE

• 1. • Ad sp


Kids are the most creative and fearless chefs! Do your kids love concocting new creations in the kitchen? Does your grandchild want to be a chef someday? Then this contest is for them — and you! We want to hear about the dishes your young ones like to prepare — preferably independently, but with a bit of help is fine, too. •  To enter, write down your recipe, including all ingredients and measurements, directions, and number of servings. Then tell us how you came up with the recipe and what you love about it. Is it a part of a family tradition? Do you make it for school lunches? Is it your favorite afternoon snack? •  On each recipe, include the child’s name and the address, phone number, and e-mail address of an adult who can be contacted, and the name of the entrant’s electric cooperative. •  Contest winners will be announced in the June edition of Ohio Cooperative Living.

•  Entries may be submitted by e-mail to, or sent to Catherine Murray, care of Ohio Cooperative Living, 6677 Busch Blvd., Columbus, OH 43229.




•  Entrants must be 16 or younger. •  Submissions may be an original recipe or adapted from an existing recipe, with at least three distinct changes.


•  Children may collaborate with an adult to help write the directions and keep track of measurements. •  Limit of three recipes per entrant.



Entry Deadline: March 16, 2018. Grand prize winner will receive an Ohio-made KitchenAid stand mixer. Two runners-up will receive kid-friendly cookbooks.

ME Cus

SA 73


Send us your pictures! Upload your photos at memberinteractive. For May, send “Scenic Ohio” photos by Feb. 14; for June, send “Funny wedding pictures” by March 14. Make sure to give us your name, mailing address, phone number or e-mail, the name of your electric co-op, and an explanation of the photo, including the names of people shown. 28

Talk to us

ME $



As we prepared our story this month on how co-ops use drones (Page 4), we wondered how others might put the high-tech flying gadgets to use. So we asked our readers: “If you have a drone, what do you use it for?” Here a few responses. “Thermal inspections of homes for energy efficiency.” ~Tim Anderson Jr. “I have a drone, and I use it for the breathtaking views this time of year. It is amazing. I think every search-and-rescue team should have one.” ~Russell Gatten “I mainly use it for pictures and video. I took some pictures of our house during the construction process.” ~Levi Kuhn


119 FT. LB








800+ Stores Nationwide • SUPER COUPON



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Customer Rating

$52999 $59999

SAVE 2170




Wheel kit and battery sold separately.


• Air delivery: 5.8 CFM @ 40 PSI, 4.7 CFM @ 90 PSI

SAVE 69 169 ITEM 69091/61454 COMPARE TO $ 219 62803/63635 HUSKY


• 1.3 GPM Customer Rating • Adjustable spray nozzle


179 SAVE



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ITEM 63052 62556 shown

ITEM 68053/62160 62496/62516 60569 shown

MODEL: T815016L


MODEL: 5075800

• 1000 lb. capacity COMPARE TO




SAVE 51%



99 1099 $7

ITEM 61899/63095/63096 63098/63097/93888 shown




23689 SAVE $96

Customer Rating


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$ Case contents and locks not included.

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ITEM 63926



MODEL: 82056-055SR

ITEM 62533/63941/68353 shown

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$99 9

Customer Rating




SAVE 50%

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• Great outdoor accent lighting • Super bright light

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ITEM 67514

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MODEL: S322A-1


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ITEM 63531




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ITEM 63297


ITEM 62891




$129 $14999 MODEL: MG725

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ITEM 62749

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Model 2800

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• Weighs 4.4 lbs.


SAVE $60

• 225 lb. capacity

$139 $22 • 13-3/4" L W $15999 $2999 11-1/2" 5-7/8" H

MODEL: 70333







Customer Rating



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• 450 in. lbs. of torque • 1.5 amp hour battery • Weighs 3.4 lbs.

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• Boom extends from 36-1/4" to 50-1/4" • Crane height adjusts Customer Rating from 82" to 94"




SAVE 73%

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$ 97


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33 BRIGGS & $ STRATTON MODEL: 20600 $ ITEM 63255/63254 shown


• Magnetic Tips • Ergonomic Handles






• 3-1/2 pumps lifts most vehicles • Lifts from 3-1/2" to 14-1/8" • Lightweight 34 lbs.




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9 $1499





ITEM 68530/63086/69671/63085 shown ITEM 68525/63087/63088, CALIFORNIA ONLY

• GFCI outlets



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plates included


Customer Rating Cu

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At Harbor Freight Tools, the “Compare to” price means that the specified comparison, which is an item with the same or similar function, was advertised for sale at or above the “Compare to” price by another national retailer in the U.S. within the past 90 days. Prices advertised by others may vary by location. No other meaning of “Compare to” should be implied. For more information, go to or see store associate.

1/9/18 1:41 PM



FISH OUT OF WATER They’re angling for affordable aquaculture at Ripple Rock Fish Farms


long a narrow road that snakes through the woodsy hills north of Zanesville, Ripple Rock Farms sits on 15 country acres where Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative members Craig and Traci Bell have lived for several years. That bucolic setting is poles apart from the bustling Los Angeles area where Craig, an engineer, and Traci, a CPA, grew up. “We’re like Oliver and Lisa on Green Acres,” jokes Traci, referring to the 1960s-era sitcom about fish-out-of-water urbanites who move to a farm in the country. That comparison is apt — and a bit ironic — because the “crops” they raise at Ripple Rock actually are fish. The Bells purchased the property because Craig had traveled frequently for his college facilities management job, and, besides offering the rural lifestyle they wanted, it was convenient to his campus accounts. As his travels increasingly infringed on family time, the Bells, who are the parents of four children, determined that an aquaculture business could allow Craig to leave the corporate world and work at home. The local foods movement, coupled with a growing demand for seafood, has made aquaculture — growing fish under controlled conditions in tanks or ponds — one of the fastest-growing segments of U.S. agriculture. “People are more health-conscious and like to know where their food is coming from,” Traci says.



While taking a Cornell University aquaculture course, the couple discovered research that suggested a recirculating system would be a cost-effective way for small farmers to get into the business. Craig and Traci took on the challenge of proving that the idea was workable and more affordable than the pricey fiberglass tanks conventionally used in aquaculture. After initially experimenting with goldfish in their garage, they received a USDA grant in 2013 to construct and test a recirculating system. Today, the Bells are full-time fish farmers who raise some 20,000 tilapia annually inside a 6,000-squarefoot building with four recirculating raceways, plus tanks for fry and fingerlings. Made of treated lumber and rubber liners, each raceway holds 11,000 gallons of water and basically works like a swimming pool, draining and recycling the water and filtering out waste every 30 minutes. “We use ordinary PVC pipe to carry the water,” says Craig. “Most of the parts are available at any hardware store.” Along with reduced startup costs, the system also is sustainable. “It only uses 1 percent of the water that would be required to raise the same number of fish in an outdoor pond,” Traci says. The Bells keep the water’s temperature between 75 and 80 degrees, and baking soda for adjusting its pH is the only additive. “Our goal is providing a clean, healthy seafood option that people feel confident about eating,” Traci says.

Tilapia do well in an aquaculture environment, and the fish has a mild taste that Traci describes as “the chicken version of seafood.” After obtaining 1-inch fry from a certified breeder, they use soybean-based feed to raise the tilapia to a market weight around 20 to 24 ounces. Most are wholesaled live to specialty grocery stores in Columbus and Cleveland, but because bottom-feeding tilapia retard algae growth without chemicals, Ripple Rock’s customers also include pond owners and golf courses. The farm produces about 30,000 pounds of fish annually, and the Bells expect to reach 50,000 pounds within the next two years. Meanwhile, they give tours of Ripple Rock’s facilities and offer instructional materials aimed at teaching more people how to create and operate a recirculating system. They want to foster aquaculture in the Midwest, and besides, says Traci, “We have fun sharing our operation with others.” Ripple Rock Fish Farms, 6805 Old Stagecoach Rd., Frazeysburg, OH 43822. Tours and sales by appointment. 740-828-2792;

(Top) Red and gray tilapia swim in the purge tank before being harvested at Ripple Rock Farms. Traci Bell and her husband, Craig, moved from Los Angeles to Muskingum County, where they decided to raise fish.




Call for winter specials! Every bid done by owne r! LOFTS, GARAGES, HOMES, CABINS, FARM, METAL ROOFS

POST FRAME EXPERT 60k Posts Set / Over 32 Yrs. On-Site Builder

Ohio Feb_March 2018.qxp_Layout 1 12/14/17 3:5

Call me! I will do all I can to meet your budget.


Genetically Superior Hardwood Trees for your Timber Investments 888-749-0799 Call toll-free

Black Walnut, White Oak, Black Cherry Grafts and Seedlings and NEW Curly Poplar

For FREE color brochure or to place an order


12818 Edgerton Rd. New Haven, IN 46774 •

SCOTTAmerica’s ANTIQUE MARKETS Favorite Treasure Hunts! TM



800 - 1200 Exhibit Booths! 2018 Shows

FEBRUARY 24 & 25 MARCH 24 & 25

NOVEMBER 24 & 25 DECEMBER 15 & 16

Show Hours:

Sat. 9am - 6pm Sun. 10am - 4pm

Directions: I-71 Exit 111 (E 17th Avenue) to Ohio Expo Center





APRIL 27, 28 & 29 JUNE 22, 23 & 24

50 Acre Event!


3,500 Booths! 2018 Shows

AUGUST 24, 25 & 26 SEPTEMBER 28, 29 & 30

Show Hours: Fri. & Sat. 9am - 5pm, Sun. 10am - 4pm Directions: I-71 to Exit 65, East on US 35, 12 miles to WCH. Fayette County Fairgrounds at the intersection of US 35, US 22 and US 62.

FEBRUARY 8, 9, 10 & 11 MARCH 8, 9, 10 & 11 APRIL 12, 13, 14 & 15 MAY 10, 11, 12 & 13 Show Hours: Thurs. 10:45am - 6pm, Fri. & Sat. 9am - 6pm, Sun. 10am - 4pm Directions: 3 miles East of Atlanta Airport, I-285 at Exit 55 (3650 & 3850 Jonesboro Rd SE)








David Mitzel and Michael Seiler CURATORS



10 lb. bag treats up to 4,000 sq.ft. $88.00. 50 lb. bag treats up to 20,000 sq.ft. $334.00.


FREE SHIPPING! Certified and approved for use by state agencies. State permit may be required. Registered with the Federal E.P.A.

Winchester, KY

(859) 744-4475 Order online today, or request free information.

Our 63rd year

Experience Honda’s innovations from its earliest products to the HondaJet and NSX.

FREE ADMISSION Tues–Fri, 10am–4pm, Sat–Sun, 1–4pm


PO Box 10748, DEPT 365 White Bear Lake, MN 55110-0748

Visit for hours and information. Admission is free. 24025 Honda Parkway Marysville, Ohio 43040 | 937.644.6888 HondaHeritageCenter


JUNE 10-15 2 0 18

Niagara Falls. Attributed to Platt D. Babbitt. Ambrotype. Full plate. Circa 1850. Private collection.

Open to high school students who have completed the 8th grade through those graduating this year.

145 East Main Street | Lancaster, Ohio 740-681-1423 | FEBRUARY 2018 • OHIO COOPERATIVE LIVING




knives, hunting equipment, and associated collectibles for purchase. 419-647-0067 or

a.m.–8 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Builders, remodelers, windows, doors, outdoor design, and so much more! 419-255-3300,, or

FEB. 8–11 – Greater Toledo Auto Show, Seagate Convention Ctr., 401 Jefferson Ave.,Toledo, Thur. 3–9 p.m., Fri. 12–9 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.–9 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $8, Srs./Stds. $6, under 10 free. Displays of the latest and greatest models and automotive technologies from 26 different manufacturers. 419255-3300 or

FEB. 3 – Dinosaur Zoo Live, Niswonger Performing Arts Ctr., 10700 St. Rte. 118 S., Van Wert, 1 and 4:30 p.m. $20–$35. Take a breathtaking tour through prehistoric Australia. Amazingly life-like dinosaurs and other creatures are presented in a thrilling, entertaining theatrical performance. 419-238-6722 or FEB. 3 – Ice-A-Fair, 685 Main St., Vermilion, 9 a.m.–8 p.m. Free. A daylong winter event for the entire family. More than 40 glittering ice sculptures on display and ice-carving demos throughout the day. Easily walkable or tour by Lolly the Trolley ($2). Sample chocolate confections at Ritter Public Library’s Chocolate Festival. Event ends with a towering Fire & Ice display, followed by an after party at the Vermilion Boat Club. 440-9630772 or FEB. 6–7 – Tri-State Gun Show, Allen Co. Fgds., 2750 Harding Hwy., Lima (2 miles east of Lima on St. Rte. 309), Sat. 8:30 a.m.–4 p.m., Sun. 8:30 a.m.–3 p.m. $5, free for members, 18 and under free. Over 400 tables of modern and antique guns,


FEB. 9–10 – Perrysburg Winterfest, downtown Perrysburg. Over 100 ice carvings on display, plus music, great food, and your favorite craft beers and wines. Featured event is the U.S. National Ice Carving Championship: 20 first-class master and professional ice carvers will compete for $15,000 of prize money and the national title. FEB. 9–11 – Winterfest/BG Chillabration, Bowling Green. Free. Ice-sculpting demonstrations, ice skating, horse-drawn carriage rides, Frostbite Fun Run, chili and soup cook-off, Youth Window Art Exhibition, and children’s party at the Wood County District Public Library. Chillabration tent and ice garden downtown feature live music, beer, wine, and an ice sculpture display. See Facebook page for full list of events and times. 419-353-9445, 800-866-0046, or FEB. 11 – Bedazzle Bridal Expo, Wyandot Co. Fgds., Masters Bldg., 10171 St. Hwy. 53 N., Upper Sandusky, 12–2:30 p.m. $7. Over 40 exhibitors showcase their products and services that enhance and create that special day for the bride. Includes photography, event planning, tuxedo rental, dresses, catering, and more. Resources for other special events as well. 419-294-3349 or

FEB. 10 – Tree Tapping Ceremony, Burton Log Cabin and Sugar Camp, 14590 E. Park St., Burton, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Free. The official start to the maple syrup season with demonstrations, hot chocolate, and doughnuts. Tap your own tree in the park


and put your name on it for the length of the season. 440-8344204 or

FEB. 11 – Mansfield Train Show, hosted by Denny’s Trains, Richland Co. Fgds., 750 N. Home Rd., Mansfield, 10 a.m.–4 p.m. $5, under 12 free; 3–4 p.m., everyone admitted free! Free parking. All-gauge show including ‘O,’ ‘S,’ ‘HO,’ ‘N,’ ‘Z,’ and large scale with over 100 tables. Watch the trains run on several different operating layouts. New and old trains to buy, sell, or trade, plus parts, repair manuals, books, supplies, and much more. 419606-7934 (Dennis Breese) or FEB. 13–18 – Riverdance: The 20th Anniversary World Tour, Playhouse Square, 1519 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Tues.–Fri. 7:30 p.m., Sat. 1:30 and 7:30 p.m., Sun. 1 and 6:30 p.m. $10–$75. 216-241-6000 or FEB. 16–18 – Great Backyard Bird Count, The West Woods, 9465 Kinsman Rd. (Rte. 87), Russell and Newbury Twps., Russell, 11 a.m.–4 p.m. Become an official citizen scientist and participate in this worldwide bird count coordinated by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society. Stop by the nature center to help compile a list of birds seen at the big windows! FEB. 3 – “Built by Beaver,” Lake Hope Dam, Lake Hope State Park, 27331 St. Rte. 278, McArthur, 10–11 a.m. Free. Check out a dam and lodge up close and maybe even hear that slap of the beaver’s tail. Prepare for muddy conditions. The walk is less than a half mile. 740-596-3030 or FEB. 9–10 – 40 Years of Music Revue, Cambridge Performing Arts Ctr., 642 Wheeling Ave., Cambridge. $10, Srs./Stds. $8, under 2 free. 740-261-4304,, or on Facebook. FEB. 10 – Cirque d’Or, Vern Riffe Ctr., 940 Second St., Portsmouth, 7 p.m. $28–$36. This amazing show features beautiful costumes, dynamic sound and lighting, and the world’s greatest acrobatics, contortionists, aerial artists, jugglers, and entertainers. Perfect for the whole family! 740-351-3600 or

FEB. 2–3 – Always…Patsy Cline, Mid-Ohio Valley Players Theater, 229 Putnam St., Marietta, 8 p.m. Based on the true story of Patsy Cline’s friendship and correspondence with a fan from Houston. The show includes many of Patsy’s unforgettable hits, such as “Crazy” and “I Fall to Pieces.”


FEB. 17–19 – Honoring Our Native Heritage Pow Wow, 2750 Harding Hwy., Lima. Grand Entry ceremony Sat. and Sun. at 1 p.m. $5, Srs./C. (5–12) $3, under 5 free. Native American crafts, dancing, singing, and food. 419-587-4249 or dancing_ FEB. 17–19 – Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides, Spiegel Grove, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library and Museums, Fremont. Ride through the Hayes estate on a horse-drawn sleigh as the president did when he lived here. A horse-drawn trolley may be used instead, depending on demand and staffing levels. $3, under 3 free. 419-332-2081 or FEB. 21 – Winter Hike, Lowe-Volk Park, 2401 St. Rte. 598, Crestline, 5 p.m. Free. 419-683-9000 or FEB. 24 – Burning Snowman Fest, 252 W. Lakeshore Dr., Port Clinton. Burn up winter with live music, hot tubs, craft beers, food, and a giant burning snowman! Call 419-357-6247 or www.

FEB. 16–18 – HBA House and Home Show, SeaGate Convention Ctr., 401 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, Fri. 3–8 p.m., Sat. 10

FEB. 10, 24 – Geauga Fresh Farmers’ Market/Winter Market, Lowe’s Greenhouse, 16540 Chillicothe Rd., Bainbridge, 9 a.m.–noon. Pastured meats, free-range eggs, winter vegetables, honey, maple syrup, and bakery items are just a sample of what is offered. 330-348-3053 or

FEB. 2–11 – The Great Big Home and Garden Show, IX Center, 1 I-X Center Dr., Cleveland, Mon.–Fri. 11 a.m.–9 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.–9 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.–5 p.m. (till 6 p.m. on final day). $10–$15, C. (6–12) $5, under 6 free. Explore more than 600 exhibits, engage with more than 1,000 experts, and tour featured homes and the garden showcase. Matt Fox returns as emcee. 440-248-5729 or

FEB. 17 – Frozen in Time, Sauder Village, 22611 St. Rte. 2, Archbold, 1–5 p.m. $13, Stds. $7. Enjoy a day filled with frozen-themed activities like sleigh rides, sledding, bird watching, a nature walk, and an opportunity to learn about ice harvesting. Also indoor activities like parlor games, popcorn popping, a snowman craft, and more. All activities are weather permitting. 800-590-9755 or

FEB. 10 – Contemporary Gun Makers and Allied Artists, Campus Martius Museum, 601 Second St., Marietta, 9:30 a.m.– 4 p.m. $7, Stds. $4. Features the work of several dozen traditional gunmakers from around the Ohio Valley as well as several other craftsmen who work in the manner of the 18th and 19th centuries. Also featured will be horn makers, hunting bag makers,


FEB. 19 – Presidents Day Celebration, McKinley Museum, 800 McKinley Monument Dr. N., Canton, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Gallery tours at 11 and 1 p.m., meet-and-greet with President McKinley at 1 and 3 p.m. 330-455-7043 or FEB. 23–24 – Annual Spring Arts and Crafts Show, sponsored by Wayne County Arts and Crafts Guild, 50 Riffel Rd., Wooster. Free. Over 100 juried arts and crafts vendors. Handmade items only; no commercial vendors. 330-345-5962 or blough@ FEB. 23–MAR. 4 – Cleveland Auto Show, IX Center, One I-X Dr., Cleveland. $13, Srs./C. (7–12) $11, under 7 free. Indoor test drives, vehicle giveaway, classic car competition, and other special features. See website for hours and schedule of events. FEB. 24–25 – Brite Winter, West Bank of the Flats, Cleveland, Sat. 3 p.m.–Sun. 1 a.m. Enjoy diverse musical acts, artwork, and fun outdoor activities. VIP packages available. www. FEB. 24 – Lake Erie Folk Fest, Shore Cultural Centre, 291 E. 222nd St., Euclid, 1-6 p.m., concert at 7:30 p.m. Free afternoon of music workshops, dances, community jams, and children’s programs. Cap off your day with an inspiring evening concert ($10–$15, under 13 free). lakeeriefolkfest@ or

leather workers, tinsmithing, cabinet making, and other allied trades. 740-373-3750 or FEB. 10 – Jammin’ for Johnson, Cambridge Eagles Club, 1930 E. Wheeling Ave., Cambridge, 8 p.m.–midnight. $5 donation. Annual fundraiser in memory of the late “Bunk” Johnson. Jazz jam features Dave Powers on keyboard and vocals and other local musicians. 740-435-4847. FEB. 10 – Winter Hike, Burr Oak State Park, 10220 Burr Oak Lodge Rd., Glouster, 10 a.m.–1 p.m. Free. Join fellow outdoors enthusiasts for a great day of hiking! Hike lengths are 1, 3, 5, and 8 miles. Enjoy free bean soup and corn bread after the hike at the lodge. 740-767-3570 or FEB. 12 – The Sound of Music, Vern Riffe Ctr., 940 Second St., Portsmouth, 7:30 p.m. $25–$60. A brand-new stage production of the beloved musical. 740-351-3600 or FEB. 16–17 – River City Blues Competition, Lafayette Hotel, 101 Front St., Marietta. 304-615-7997, 740-376-0222, or



seating, a skate rental tent, and four heated locker rooms. FEB. 9–11 – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Marion Palace Theatre, 276 W. Center St., Marion, Fri./Sat. 7:30 p.m., Sun. 2 p.m. $18, C. $12. The wonder-filled world of Alice is a fantastic magical journey for all ages and gives a modern view to an old classic, where nonsense makes quite good sense. 740-383-2101 or

ENDS MAR. 4 – “Orchids: Utopia,” Franklin Park Conservatory, 1777 E. Broad St., Columbus, daily 10 a.m.–5 p.m. $14, Srs./Stds. $11, C. (3–12) $7, under 3 free. 614-715-8000 or FEB. 1–18 – Daddy Long Legs, Studio One, Riffe Ctr., 77 S. High St., Columbus. $20–$40. A heartwarming Cinderella story about a witty and winsome young woman and her mysterious benefactor, based on the treasured novel that inspired the classic 1955 film. 614-469-0939 or FEB. 2–3 – Lancaster Antique Show, Fairfield Co. Fgds., Ed Sands Bldg., 157 E. Fair Ave., Lancaster, Fri. preview 6–8:30 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m.–3 p.m. $10 for two-day pass; $6 for Sat. only. Antique furniture, paintings, stoneware, quilts, coverlets, jewelry, and more, displayed in room settings. 614-325-8873 or on Facebook. FEB. 2–25 – Columbus Blue Jackets Winter Park, McFerson Commons, 218 West St., Columbus. The park features an NHL-sized ice rink that is open for public skating, hockey, and a variety of community events. Equipped with bleacher


FEB. 9–11 – Columbus Fishing Expo, Ohio Expo Ctr., Bricker Bldg., 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus. $12, Srs. $10, under 18 free. Military and law enforcement with ID, $10. Three days of sport fishing education and fun, with educational seminars, speakers, and activities to expand your knowledge of fishing. 614-361-5548 or FEB. 10 – Sweethearts Hike, Hocking Hills, 19852 St. Rte. 664 S., Logan. Free. Take your sweetheart for a romantic stroll to Ash Cave in the soft light of dusk. Afterward, enjoy a cozy fire and refreshments. 740-385-6842 or http:// FEB. 15 – An Evening with Artist Julia Hamilton, Franklin Park Conservatory, 1777 E. Broad St., Columbus, 6–8 p.m. $12–$15. Explore the Cardinal Health Gallery with the exhibiting artist and enjoy a demo of her painting process. Afterward, grab a glass of wine while taking a tour of the “Orchids” exhibit. 614-715-8022 or FEB. 15–18 – Columbus Jazz Orchestra: 100 Years of Buddy Rich and Dizzy Gillespie, Southern Theatre, 21 E. Main St., Columbus, 7:30 p.m. Starting at $18. 614-294-5200 or www. FEB. 16 – Shades of Bublé: A Three-Man Tribute to Michael Bublé, Marion Palace Theatre, 276 W. Center St., Marion, 7:30 p.m. $20–$30. Celebrates the continuing outstanding

20 vendors, games, and music. 937-218-2290 or www. FEB. 10–11 – Jungle Jim’s Big Cheese Festival, Oscar Event Ctr., Jungle Jim’s International Market, 5440 Dixie Highway, Fairfield, 12–5 p.m. $12–$30, C. $2, under 6 free. Sample amazing cheeses plus a variety of meats, olives, and other appetizers, as well as fabulous beers and wines. 513-674-6055 or FEB. 10–11, 16–18 – Madagascar: A Musical Adventure, Taft Theater, 317 E. 5th St., Cincinnati. $10–$30. The classic tale to life comes to life on the stage. 800-745-3000 or www.

FEB. 4 – Medina Railroad and Toy Show, Medina Co. Community Ctr. (Medina Co. Fgds.), 735 Lafayette Rd. (St. Rte. 42), Medina, 9 a.m.–3 p.m. $6. 330-948-4400 or www. FEB. 10–11 – Chazziz Annual Valentine’s Car Show, Roberts Centre, 123 Gano Rd., Wilmington, Sat. noon–10 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.–3 p.m. Open to all makes and models. Door prizes,


FEB. 11 – Pinocchio, presented by Playhouse in the Park, Clifton Cultural Arts Ctr., 3711 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, 2 p.m. $5 for adults, free for kids. The much-loved tale about a wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy is packed with magical characters, cartwheels, circus antics, and dollops of fun for the whole family. FEB. 11 – Springfield Swap Meet and Car Show (formerly VCAA Show), 4401 S. Charleston Pike, Springfield, 8 a.m.–3 p.m. $5, free parking. 937-376-0111 or

FEB. 11 – Hedgesville Lions Club Spaghetti Dinner, Warren District Community Ctr., 70 Hackers Creek Rd., Hedgesville, 12–5 p.m. $8, C. (6–12) $4, under 6 free. Homemade spaghetti sauce! Brooms for sale. Please bring old eyeglasses for recycling. 304-472-3455. FEB. 18–23 – Quilters’ Retreat, North Bend State Park, 202 North Bend Park Rd., Cairo. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the park while working on some long-put-off quilting projects. Spend your days quilting and your nights relaxing by the fire in the lodge lobby. 304-643-2931 or www.

career of Michael Bublé by performing his swinging standards and pop hits in an unforgettable high-energy concert event featuring incredible harmonies. 740-383-2101 or www. FEB. 16–25 – Titanic: The Musical, Columbus Performing Arts Ctr., Van Fleet Theatre, 549 Franklin Ave., Columbus. $25, Srs./Stds. $22. Come aboard the ship of dreams in this Tony Award–winning Best Musical — a heart-stopping and riveting ride through the final moments of the Titanic’s fateful journey. 614-427-3324,, or FEB. 17–25 – Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show, Ohio Expo Ctr., Bricker Bldg. and Celeste Ctr., 717 E. 17th Ave., Columbus, Sat. and Mon. 10 a.m.–8 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.– 6 p.m., closed Tues., Wed.–Fri. 12–8 p.m. Expertise from local gurus and craftsmen, how-to sessions and demonstrations, fun for the kids, giveaways, celebrity appearances, and much more. FEB. 18 – Fairfield County Antique Tractor Club Toy and Tractor Show, Fairfield Co. Fgds., AAA Building, 157 E. Fair Ave., Lancaster, 9 a.m.–2 p.m. 740-407-2347 (Doug Shaw),, or www.fairfieldcounty FEB. 23 – The Grascals, Majestic Theatre, 45 E. Second St., Chillicothe, 7 p.m. $17–$30. Cutting-edge modern bluegrass is delivered with a deep knowledge of and admiration for the work of the music’s founding fathers. 866-775-0700 http:// FEB. 24 – Motown Sounds of Touch, Majestic Theatre, 45 E. Second St., Chillicothe, 7–9 p.m. $18–$20. The Midwest’s number one “Motown sound” vocal group performs all your favorite Motown hits. event/motown-sounds-touch-3.

FEB. 20 – Winter Hike, Caesar Creek State Park, 8570 E St. Rte. 73, Waynesville, 10 a.m.–noon. Self-guided hike to Horseshoe Falls and our 103-foot swinging bridge. Warm up with a nice soup lunch at the Nature Center before going on to Crawdad Falls. 513-897-2437 or CaesarCreekStatePark. FEB. 24–25 – Dayton Off-Road Expo, Roberts Centre, 123 Gano Rd., Wilmington, Sat. 10 a.m.–7 p.m., Sun. 10 a.m.–4 p.m. $5, under 13 free. Vendors, Jeeps, monster trucks, and more! 877-428-4748 or FEB. 24–25 – 20th Century Cincinnati, Sharonville Convention Ctr., 11355 Chester Rd., Cincinnati, 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Preview starts Sat. at 9 a.m. $8 admission covers both days. Annual retrospective of vintage modern design: the avantgarde art, architecture, furnishings, décor, and fashions that emerged between WWI and the Information Age. Over 70 vendors. 513-738-7256 or FEB. 25 – Cincinnati Bridal Expo, Centre Park of West Chester, 5800 Mulhauser Rd., West Chester, 11 a.m.–4 p.m. $5 in advance, $8 at door, under 13 free. Fashion shows at 12:30 and 3 p.m. Cincinnati’s premier bridal show. 937-550-4138 or

PLEASE NOTE: Ohio Cooperative Living strives for accuracy but strongly urges readers to confirm dates and times before traveling long distances to events. Submit listings AT LEAST 90 DAYS prior to the event by writing to Ohio Cooperative Living, 6677 Busch Blvd., Columbus, OH 43229 or Ohio Cooperative Living will not publish listings that don’t include a complete address of where the event takes place or a number/website for more information.





1. My son and daughter-in-law, Greg and Lindsay Winer, in Holland. The heart is made up of messages of love — you write your message and attach it to the heart. ~Cecelia Winer Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative member 2. Meet Rosa and Zebby. Our chicks have brought so many smiles! We held daily photo shoots to capture their sweetness, and they were such good sports. ~Tiffany Conn Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative member






6 3. Love the Buckeyes! My son, Beau Whaley, and his fiancée, Andrea Edelmann. ~Jeff Whaley Buckeye Rural Electric Cooperative member 4. Mute swan pair living in the lakes at Hide-A-Way Hills. ~Suzanne McCollister South Central Power Company member 5. Lovebirds Rachel and Andrew Taylor taking a break for a kiss after backpacking two nights through the Grand Canyon. ~Andrew Taylor Consolidated Electric Cooperative member



7 6. “Lovebird” elephants: My grandchildren and I visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo frequently. We got to see these two elephants sharing water and embracing. ~Judy O’Brien South Central Power Company member 7. Lovebirds Caullette Iles and Herman Kilby enjoying Amish country near Berlin. ~Caullette Iles South Central Power Company member

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6/12/17 10:31 AM

Specializing In Post Frame Buildings Call Toll Free (855) MQS-3334

• Free Estimates

40’x60’x12’ • Garage/Hobby Shop

Delivery Fees May Apply

STRUCTURES, LLC $22,600 Installed

30’x40’x10’ • Garage/Hobby Shop

•2-10x10 Garage Doors

•2-9x8 Garage Doors

•1-3’ Entry Door

•1-3’ Entry Door

•Sof�it/Wainscot Optional

30’x60’x12’ • Storage Building

$15,400 Installed

•Sof�it Optional

24’x32’x10’ • Garage/Hobby Shop

•1-60’ Sidewall Open •5-12’ Bays •3’ Overhang On Front

30’x36’x10’ Horse Barn with 8’ Lean-to

$18,600 Installed •10’ Split Slider w/Windows •1-3’ Entry Door •3-4’x7’ Dutch Doors •Sof�it Optional

$11,900 Installed

$9,900 Installed •2-9x8 Garage Doors •1-3’ Entry Door •Sof�it Optional

30’x48’x16’ • Drive Thru RV Storage

$18,900 Installed •2-12x14 Garage Doors •1-3’ Entry Door •Sof�it/Wainscot Optional

Ohio Cooperative Living - February 2018 - Washington  
Ohio Cooperative Living - February 2018 - Washington