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1 gallon apple cider 2 apples, thinly sliced with core and peel 2 oranges, thinly sliced with peel 1/4 cup fresh ginger, peeled and thinly sliced 1/3 cup honey

4 cinnamon sticks (2 Tbsp. ground) 5 star anise (21/2 tsp. ground) 12 cloves (3 tsp. ground) 6 allspice berries (1/4 tsp. ground) 1 tsp. ground nutmeg 1 to 2 cups rum or brandy (optional, to taste)

In a large stockpot or in a slow cooker, combine all ingredients except the rum or brandy. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to medium low. Continue cooking for 1 to 4 hours, stirring occasionally. Strain fruit, ginger, and whole spices, if desired. Add rum or brandy to taste, if desired. Serve hot. Makes 16 servings. Per serving: 166 calories, 0.5 g total fat (0.2 g saturated fat), 2 g fiber, 0.5 g protein

MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE WITH WHIPPED CREAM 4 cups milk 1 Tbsp. light brown sugar 2 tsp. ground cinnamon 1/8 tsp. ground cayenne pepper 4 oz. semi-sweet chocolate bar, finely chopped

Whipped Cream Ingredients: 1 cup whipping cream 1 Tbsp. sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Pour milk into medium saucepan. Whisk in brown sugar, cinnamon, and cayenne. Heat milk and spices on the stove over medium heat until simmering, taking care not to boil. Slowly add chocolate, continuing to whisk until fully melted. Whipped Cream Directions: In a stand mixer, whisk whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract on high until stiff peaks form, 1 to 3 minutes. If overbeaten, butter will begin to form. Pour hot chocolate into mugs, top with whipped cream, sprinkle with extra cinnamon, and serve hot. Makes 4 servings. Per serving: 285 calories, 13 g total fat (9 g saturated fat), 1.6 g fiber, 10 g protein; whipped cream adds: 102 calories, 9 g total fat (6 g saturated fat), 0 g fiber, <1 g protein

CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT LATTE 2 cups milk 4 tsp. chocolate hazelnut spread (such as Nutella)

2 oz. freshly brewed espresso 4 chocolate hazelnut pirouettes (optional)

Heat milk in small saucepan over medium-high heat. Add chocolate hazelnut spread and whisk until spread is melted and milk is heated through and foaming. Whisk faster to create more foam. With a french press or espresso machine, brew 1 oz. of espresso. Pour espresso into serving cups. Take the back of a long spoon and pour milk into the espresso, holding back the foam. Spoon foam on top. Serve with chocolate hazelnut pirouettes, if desired. Makes 2 servings. Per serving: 186 calories, 9 g total fat (4 g saturated fat), <1 g fiber, 9 g protein




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Ohio Cooperative Living - January 2018 - Holmes-Wayne