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Own the Coins of Jesse James, Black Bart and Billy the Kid Secure the First Five Years of the Most Iconic U.S. Silver Dollar In the Wild West, the Silver Dollar was king. A cowboy could reach into his saddle bag, pull out a dusty Morgan Silver Dollar, slap it on an even dustier bar and purchase a decent (and yes, probably dusty) bottle of brandy. Today, the Morgan Silver Dollar is still king. Struck in 90% pure American silver, it’s the most widely coveted vintage Silver Dollar in the world, with collectors spending thousands of dollars on high-grade, low-mintage coins. Through our extensive contacts, we’ve assembled a total of 51 sets combining the first five dates of this Silver Legend of the Wild West for less than $50 per coin?

Buyers Seek Out Famous “Firsts.” We Have the First Five!

No collection of vintage U.S. Silver Dollars is complete without the first-year issue. Often hard to find and always highly soughtafter, first-year-issues are every collector’s dream. With this Silver Legends of the Wild West Collection, you’ll get not only a first-year 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar, but the first five Morgan dates—a collection that puts you well on your way to a world-class Silver Dollar collection.

Each Coin Is Over 136 Years Old!

Hold these Wild West Silver Dollars in your hand, and you’ll feel the weight of their history. Who knows what adventures, beautiful vistas and exciting dangers they’ve witnessed?

SAVE $260—While Supplies Last!

If you were to seek elsewhere and put this set together yourself, you could pay as much as $514. But with this offer, you can secure the Silver Legends of the Wild West Collection for just $249—a savings of more than $260! This collection comes complete, authentic and fully assembled in a presentation case with a certificate of authenticity and story book detailing the history of the Morgan Silver Dollar. While there’s no time limit for this offer, my team has only managed to assemble 51 5-coin collections in Extremely Fine condition. Don’t let these pieces of Wild West history slip through your fingers—order yours today!

Silver Legends of the Wild West — $249


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Assembling these collections was no easy task. Each is more than 136 years old, having survived circulation, two world wars and the ever-present melting pots. Most Morgans aren’t so lucky—just 15% of all Morgan Silver Dollars are estimated to exist. Despite this tragedy, you now have the chance to secure the first five dates in Extremely Fine (XF) condition!

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