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ELIMINATE PROJECT With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch.

THERE’S MORE TO DO TO HELP $1.80 will vaccinate a woman and all of her future children against maternal and neonatal tetanus. $1.80 barely buys a burger at a fast food restaurant or a pair of gloves from target. Every penny you earn makes a huge impact in the lives of impoverished women and babies across the world. A few ideas for winter service include, but are not limited to, selling hot chocolate during lunch, shoveling driveways for donations, or having a skate-athon at your local rink.

Fall Rally Fun For All Fall rally was a ton of fun! Did you miss out? Read about the events and learn about all of the awesome things to look forward to later in the year. Also in this issue learn more about DCON (district convention) and awesome prizes and opportunities involved. Also get a chance to learn about our new

Zone Advisor (ZA) Chad. Featured also are great and creative winter service projects for you and your key club to try. As always if you have and ideas/ questions or concerns feel free to contact me at and i will get back to you as soon as possible

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CONTEST WINNER!! SHYANNE ZITKOVIC is the winner of the Starbucks gift card contest for the fall! Would you like a chance to win an awesome prize like this one? Look in this bulletin for the question (will be obvious which question is intended for the prize) and email me at with the correct response to be entered for a drawing for a target gift card. Start reading !

What’s in this Issue of the Key?

International Trustee’s message •••

For the rest of the holidays, you have my best wishes! Remember that our aim is the same and with open hearts we are united in the spirit of service. Having just visited your sister district of New Jersey, I am told to extend their support and appreciation of the work of Ohio; as for your other sister of New York, I am only too sure they feel the same. Funny, isn’t it? That no matter how great the miles that divide us are, the love we share is still strong. Remember that there will always be someone in Key Club there for you! I will always be one. Happy holidays Ohio! Fill up on hot chocolate and good spirit! You’ll be in my thoughts!

Hey Ohio Key Clubbers! The winds of change are a blowing! The seasons are shifting, the weather is colder, the holiday spirit is rising and we’re all waiting for winter break to roll around. For many of us, this is the best time of the year. In the midst of all these changes, one thing In Caring and Support,  remains constant: our commitment to serve, our passion to make a Your International Trustee, Nick difference. While our projects may DePorzio  change from raking leaves to shoveling snow, our purpose is resolute. My greatest encouragement and appreciation goes to each of you for the service that you do.  But what about the service of our leaders?  What have they been up t o ? T h i s p a s t O c t o b e r, y o u r International Board met in Orlando, Florida to hold a board meeting. Several decisions were made for our organization and regarding the 2012 International Convention being hosted in Orlando! Of the work done, things to look forward to include: six future webinars, a Key Club phone App, an application for translated materials and revisions to International awards amongst others. Should you ever be more curious about the work of myself and the rest of the International Board, please check out my website  to satisfy your thirst for knowledge! A nice phone call or email are always welcome also! 








Fall Rally Wrap-up


Club Spotlight


Ltg Q & A


Welcome Chad


Winter Service


What is DCON




Its getting colder out

but that doesn't mea

has to freeze over fo


n service

r the winter! I hope this bu lletin fills you with great id eas on how to help your com munity and grow stronger as a club, so grab some hot coco a and start reading.

GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE Hello Key Clubbers! Thank you so much to those who attended Fall Rally, it was a monumental success and every person there made a -Grace Buchholz great impact by participating in each activity. We collected stuffed animals, canned food, made night blankets and so much more so know that the away, and meet new people. It will be together you all had touched the lives of held at the Hyatt Regency this year in thousands. The next big event will be the 2012 Ohio District Convention and Columbus, so make sure you go onto the its mardis gras themed! I expect to see District Website or look up the event on many of you there because this is an Facebook. Your Lieutenant Governors event that will stay with you for life. are a goldmine of information as well, You will have a chance to see how Key so make sure you take this opportunity Club works with elections at a district and run with it. So bring your masks, level, go to exciting workshops, dance beads, and an appetite for service.


Magical Time Had by All at Fall Rally

What: Dance to benefit project Eliminate hosted by Avon Lake Key Club Where: Competition Gym in Avon Lake High School Who: Anyone who would like to attend When: December 17th 6-10 PM Why: To help raise money to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

Ohio District Key Club’s 2011 Fall Rally “The Wonderful Wizarding World of Service” was a huge success. How: each $5 ticket goes About 600 Key Clubbers were present along with directly to Project Eliminate “Professor Dumbledore”- our wonderful International Trustee Nick DePorzio. During our "magical" day at COSI we learned how to Zumba, got the 101 on Key Club, did hands on service making blankets and bracelets for use in our communities and at the Ronald McDonald House, ate some delicious pizza and heard from representatives from the Ronald Did you enjoy Fall ra McDonald House, Mid-Ohio Food Bank and the lly this American Red Cross. In conjunction with this year? years District Service Project “Drive Into Service” OH YEA! we collect new stuffed animals for the Red Cross 78% to help fire victims, non-perishable food items for It Was a Good Tim the Mid-Ohio Food Band and Pop Tabs for the e 10% Ronald McDonald House. The representatives It Was Okay from all 3 groups were more than pleased with the 7% collectionthe representative from Ronald Not Really McDonald could hardly drive with all the Poptabs 1% and blankets we stuffed in her car! Thank you to No 4% everyone who attended- we hope to see you again next fall!!! In the mean time, get ready to “Mask Yourself in Service” at District Convention this spring!

Poll Results

NUMBERS Key Clubbers in Attendance

600 Slices of Pizza

2+ Awesome Time




Hilliard Davidson High School Key Club

two key club members smile

Thanksgiving baskets •••

around one of the almost finished baskets

Thanksgiving and other winter holidays can be especially hard for the less fortunate. The Hilliard Davidson Key Club sought to ease the burden for four families in the area. Key clubbers donated traditional thanksgiving food (cranberry sauce boxed stuffing mix ect..) and some more non-traditional items (oatmeal and baked beans) in an effort to provide the families with not only a wonderful thanksgiving, but food after. Also donated were gift cards to places like Kroger and Walmart. This way the families could buy a turkey or ham if they liked, extra groceries in general if that would be more helpful. “We are all so blessed, i think these baskets are a great way to share in our blessings and show our thanks. I love this project” said Natalie Hagy the club secretary.

Just a fraction of the food donated

to help needy families during thanksgiving this year

CONTEST OPPORTU Answer this key clu


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What are the first fiv e wo

Email me at ohiobull

rds of the key club pledge?

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“ I love the snow!! It’s so sparkly and white and pure. I especially love a white christmas.” — Phillip Cragmile Ltg Division 10E

“The holiday season in general. Its a time of family and joy. I like the spirt of giving to others.” — Natasha Swank Ltg Division 3

“I love the family, the peace of christmas eve, and definitely the fact that we have a break from school!” — Brian Herrmann Ltg Division 24



It’s getting cold out, but that doesn’t mean service has to freeze over. Here are some ideas that work great in chilly weather; Salvation Army: This holiday season, sign up to help your local Salvation Army as they serve the underprivileged members of your community. Contact a volunteer specialist at your local branch and pledge to spend a few hours out in the cold. After all, it could greatly change a life. Coats for Kids: Keeping warm in the winter months is something most of us take for granted, but many children— some, probably, even in your neighborhood—have a hard time staying warm. Before the coldness sets in, collect new or old coats the members of your community are willing to donate. Then, contact your local Angel Tree coordinator or social service office to ensure they go to children in need. Gift Wrapping: Find local groups buying presents to donate to charity during the holiday season and offer to wrap for them. Try to get paper and ribbons donated, or fundraise to buy the necessities.You can even open the service up to the community for a small charge to raise money to buy your own gifts, or to cover the expense of the project’s materials. Trauma Dolls: Sew dolls for children in local hospitals that can be used by doctors to explain procedures and injuries to kids. To gain ownership in their situation, friendship in a new toy and a sense of community caring, the kids can then keep their new custom-made doll. With a little time, patience and creativity, you can brighten the day and possibly even change the life of a hospitalized child in your community. Snow Shoveling: A version of rake and run. Find members of your community that have a hard time shoving snow, and, when a storm hits, take a group of key clubbers and shovel them out. Shovel to Eliminate: Offer to shovel the snow off the drives of people in your nehborhood in return for a donation to project Eliminate.

OHIO DISTRICT OF KEY CLUB’S NEW ZONE D* ADMINISTRATOR Chad's Kiwanis Family background goes back to middle school as member of the Builders Club at Cambridge Junior High School. Since then, he has been a member of the Cambridge High School Key Club, Marietta College Circle K and is presently a member of the Kiwanis Club of Marietta, Ohio. He has held a variety of positions over the years- from club offices to leading districts to serving on the international board. In addition to Kiwanis Family involvement, Chad has also been involved in a variety of other student activities from band and marching band in High school to the tennis team to being a part of Colleges Against Cancer and more. He was also part of the AmeriCorps*VISTA program at Washington-Morgan Community Action over this past summer. Chad graduated from Marietta College this past May and is now working as a Income Development Representative for the American Cancer Society. In this position, he gets to help with Relay For Life events in Athens, Monroe, Morgan, Noble & Washington Counties. Ohio District Key Club is very happy to welcome Chad as a Zone Administrator and wishes him the best of luck!!! *Zone D is made up of the Divisions 9, 18-E, 18-W & 19 in Southeastern Ohio

DCON INFO CONTACT SPENCER about any DCON questions by emailing her at

BE A DESIGNER: Enter a design for the pins and brouchures used at dcon using the form found here: Conventions/OhioDistrict.aspx

ADVERTISE: buy or sell an advertisement to be featured in the program at DCON to print out and order form click here http://

What is Dcon? there because  Key  Club  isn't  just  about  the   service,  it's  about  the  people  who  make  it   an  outstanding  organization.  

SLIDE SHOW Has your club done any photo worthy service this year? Submit your photos for the District Slide Show that will be shown at District Convention (DCON) this April! Here is how to submit your photos-

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Hello Key   Clubbers!   It's   about  that   time   of  year  again  where  we  all  come   together,   discuss   ideas,   make   new   friends,  and   of   course   do   what   we   are   famous   for-­‐   service.  I'm  sure  all  of  you   have   heard  the   phrase  "DCON"  being  thrown  around  and   not   understand   what   any   of   it   means.   DCON   is   a   shorter   way  of  saying   district   convention.   At   DCON,   we   all   come   together   as   a   district   to   prosper   as   members   and   share   ideas   with   each   other.  This  year,  I  am   lucky   enough   to  be   the  chair  of  district  convention,  and  I  can  

honestly say   this   DCON   is   going   to   be   bigger   than   it   has   even   been   before!   There's   going   to   be   service   projects,   a   dance,  and  even  a   few   surprises  I  am   not   allowed   to  spill!   So   grab  your  beads  and   the  best  masks  you  can  Iind   because  this   year,  we're   exposing   the   mask   of  service   with   our   Mardi   Gras   theme!   You   can   Iind  all  the   information   about  DCON  on   our  website  at  or  you  can  email   me  at  for  any   questions.  I  can't  wait  to  see  all  of  you  

*Email your photos for the DCON Slide Show to Beth Hodges at with the subject line “DCON Slide Show- (your club’s school)” *Please name the photos with your club’s school and what the activity it is, such as “Cambridge HS- Relay for Life”.  (It will be easier to organize the photos and to credit the clubs that submit them.) *Photos can be from anything having to do with Key Club- club meeting, events, fundraisers, projects with Kiwanis, ect. *Submit as many photos as you would like- just know that some may not be used in the slide show. (Any club to submit photos will be included though!) *Start submitting photos ASAP (Even if you know you have more projects planned, go ahead and send an email now- you can always send more later.) *Submit all photos by March 17th- St. Patrick’s Day.  (If you have any big projects planned that would like to be in the Slide Show that are set for between the deadline and Convention, you can submit them as long as you give notice

before the  deadline.)  

Winter Buckeye Key  

A service newsletter for Ohio Key Club. Winter 2011 version