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eveloped by Andy Wake in 1992, Boxercise is an exercise class based on training concepts boxers use to keep fit and in shape. A boxing workout has long been one of the best ways to loose weight, tone up and develop strength both physically and mentally. It is a fun, challenging and safe workout focusing on energy and concentration, and is guaranteed to release stress, increase your stamina and improve your core strength. The stress-busting classes are taught by qualified aerobic and fitness instructors and not only ensure a diverse work-out, but also help to keep the mind sharp enhancing sports specific senses, including hand-eye-co-ordination, balance and timing. Alison Evans, a qualified Boxercise instructor based in Maidstone, says: “Working out with Boxercise uses the whole body. It will improve muscle tone, core strength, your cardiovascular system and agility. Every punch you throw will put core muscles to work and raise the heart rate. Your upper body will become toned and will add definition without bulk.” As well as teaching Boxercise classes, Alison also instructs Spin classes, Pilates and is a fully qualified personal trainer. She believes in making exercise enjoyable, fun and rewarding and Boxercise does all of this along with burning calories and releasing any stress. She says: “It is important to use the correct techniques during a Boxercise class, so it is advisable to find a qualified Boxercise instructor. It’s also fun, a great calorie burner and stress buster - maybe from a bad day at work.” So, instead of turning to that glass of red wine after a stressful day why not book onto a class and try something new? A typical class can consist of either a circuit style or an aerobic style. A circuit-style class includes Boxercise-style stations, such as skipping, medicine ball sit-ups and punch bags. Participants will be partnered with someone of a similar fitness level and work together with gloves and focus pads. Each station would last for 4 minutes, which breaks the class up allowing you to focus on different parts of the body. An aerobic style class is usually done with no gloves and pads, and is set to music learning choreographed boxing movements. Both styles help you to become fitter, faster and stronger and allow you to get fit at your own safe pace. Like every skill in life, staying healthy takes practice. If it was easy to be rich, everyone would be, equally if it was easy to stay healthy everyone would be too. Boxercise is an easy way of incorporating exercise into your daily routine and leading a healthier, fitter lifestyle. It is suitable for everyone, no matter what your fitness level and is appropriate for both males and females. Alison says: “It is surprising how quickly fitness levels will improve if done regularly.” Boxercise has been renowned for becoming addictive so there is less chance of giving it up like you may do with the gym. So, why not box your way to fitness this Spring?

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Frequently asked questions Is Boxercise safe? Although a quite high-impact form of exercise, Boxercise is indeed safe. It is a non-contact class, so although you may be punching, you don’t get hit back! It is not recommended for arthritis sufferers.

Will Boxercise help me lose weight? As with any form of exercise, Boxercise can support weight loss if used along with a healthy diet. The classes will most definitely increase your fitness levels and will also help to condition your upper body including arms, chest and shoulders.

What is the difference between Boxercise, Body Combat and Boxfit? Boxercise is its own trademark franchise, and is not the same as Body Combat or Boxfit. They do all have one thing in common, and that is that they are all non-contact classes. Nevertheless, Boxercise classes are taught by the top instructors who have been taught by Andy Wake’s biggest brand name in boxing fitness.

To find out more about Boxercise or becoming a Boxercise instructor, visit: or telephone 08706066017 To find your nearest Boxercise class, visit: To find out more about Alison Evans and her classes, visit: http://

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