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“What happens next?” An automotive car collision could occur within the blink of an eye. Sudden and misfortunate, but not at all uncommon. According to statistics provided by, there are more than 6 million car accidents on the streets and roadways of the United States alone, 3 million of which, result in injuries. Damages can range from small dings and scratches of the automobile to broken bones and shattered spirits. Life will throw a curveball at you every now and then, even if you don’t have a bat. From the high insurance bills to the daunting medical annoyances that come along with it, a car

collision is no joke. Dealing with this situation swiftly and effectively can save you time, money, and energy. When I was in a car accident during spring break, the aftermath was worse than the incident itself. Yes, I may have hit my head on the steering wheel, and yes, I may have received a minor concussion, but it was nothing compared to the thousands of dollars I spent out-of-pocket for the cost of paying for liability. Sometimes, the cheapest way isn’t always the best way, especially when it comes to car insurance. The national average rate for auto insurance is right around the ballpark of $1,657 per

year. It’s important to buy full coverage because if you get in an accident, and you only have liability, the damage done to your car won’t be covered. In my case, the guy that rear-ended my vehicle didn’t have insurance. He was allegedly drunk, therefore, my particular insurance plan was not able to cover the majority of my damages. What I thought was a savings in policy, cost me in the long run. Sit down with your parents or agent and make sure you know what coverage you have, or don;’t have...




T O A N O T H E R Coexisting in an unfamiliar environment school sports. Emma was really interested in Track and Field while being her. She has the can impact someone's life in a drastic way. sport in Germany, but its not the same as it is Emma Pruessner, a Foreign Exchange here. “It’s more like a Student from team,” states Emma. Germany, traveled to “I think Oak Hills matured me Changing America to experience because I had to start all over countries , schools, and a different lifestyle. “I feel like I’ve without friends and speak a different friends affected Emma, but it didn't keep her learned a lot about language. I had to learn to be strong from having fun. She myself here, I feel like and not to give up even though it was got involved in things I grew up more,” says HARD sometimes. I was all by myself she liked and met many Emma Pruessner. people that she grew to here and I had to start a new life.” There are like, as her comfort many differences says Emma Pruessner. level expanded so do between her school in the the full Bulldog Germany and OHHS. experience. We were honored to have Emma Oak Hills is an outdoor school, and her school as our guest and we hope she takes great in Germany is in doors. Emma’s school’s memories of schedule is planned according to the week not America and OHHS Alisha Tardiff daily. They don't have clubs, sports teams, home with her. mascots, or school colors.They have sports, Staff Writer but they are not school sports they are out of

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