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Aspects You Should Consider Concerning Air Conditioning Units Most house owners and even business owners ensure that they have a properly working air condition unit, especially in the summer time where the heat would be unpleasant to have to deal with each day. On a scorching summer day, the last thing most people would want to deal with is an air conditioner that is on the fritz. In order to make sure everything is running efficiently, you will want to conduct consistent maintenance and possibly have a professional technician come have a look at your unit. To help keep your AC unit in good shape, here are seven tips that ought to help. Replace the Filter The filter on the A/C unit should be replaced every few months to ensure efficiency. If for some reason you're not able to change it that frequently, remember at least to change it before the summer time comes if you do not use the system year round. Clean the Vents A couple of times during the year, you should clean and dust the vents on the unit. If you want to give any vents and air ducts a really in depth cleaning, you should consider calling a specialist to do it for you. Check for Blockage Around the Condensing Unit The air conditioner has to be able to draw air into the system in order for it to work effectively. The system will not work if air is not able to circulate properly. When you notice leaves or other debris gathering around the unit outside, be sure to clean the area so nothing is blocking or hindering how it functions. Use a vacuum or a shop vac to clear out any debris that could be inside the system. Nothing should be near to the condensing unit and that includes any trees or shrubs. Around 2 feet of space should be around the unit most servicemen highly recommend. Check the Level of Freon An experienced technician can check the levels of the Freon coolant which is necessary and also be able to check for leaking and other issues. You should not have to change or fill the Freon, but it is a good idea to make sure it is there. Look at Electrical Controls and Coils If you have an experienced HVAC technician look at your unit, make certain they check on the electrical controls along with the coils. Special chemicals are required if the coil needs to be cleaned which a skilled technician can handle. A professional technician will know what to look for as they have lots of experience. The system should always be keep in good working order should it be needed the minute the temperatures get too warm. Check the Condensate Drain Pans and Lines Doc Dancer Inc

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Aspects You Should Consider Concerning Air Conditioning Units

The condensate drain pans should be checked and cleaned if there is any type of growth, such as mold. A bleach solution should do the job adequately. To kill anything that is growing you can use a mix of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water and that should do the job. The condensate drain lines should also be cleaned making sure that water can flow freely without being backed up. Check the Sprinklers You want to make sure that the sprinklers in your property are not hitting the A/C unit. This could damage the system and will make it difficult for the unit to get the air it needs to work efficiently. It can also raise the mold problem by giving the system avoidable moisture. Before you use your air conditioning unit this summer, make sure that it gets the proper cleaning and maintenance it deserves. Not only will you have peace of mind that the system is working at maximum efficiency when it is required, you eliminate any complications involving leaks and harmful mold as well. Doc Dancer can get you a good bargain on air conditioning installation in Fort Wayne. A lot more particulars on Doc Dancer are attainable on the organization's web page,

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Aspects You Should Consider Concerning Air Conditioning Units