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Welcoming Our New Board of Directors for 2013-14

Thursday – 19 BOD Meeting 10:00am – Mykonos Room Thursday – 26 Ice Cream Social 2:00-3:00pm – Greenery Lounge Bar Saturday – 28 Flea Market 9:00am – 1pm - Clubhouse IN THIS ISSUE: Step-by-Step Instructions On How To Sign Up On The New Website Page 30 ARC Section Revisions To The “Handbook of Rules and Regulations” Page 31

L-R- Barry Farrell, Secretary; Shirley Sampsel, Director; Angela Takemoto, President; Linda Strohm, Director; David Hefler, Treasurer; Ira Landis, Director; Don Lopez, Vice President

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Association News

2 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS EMERGENCY SPECIAL BOARD MEETING - JULY 2, 2013 An Emergency Special Meeting of the Ocean Hills Country Club Homeowners Association was held on Tuesday, July 2, 2013, in the HOA Conference Room, 4600 Leisure Village Way, Oceanside, California 92056. July 2, 2013 DIRECTORS PRESENT Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President David Hefler, Treasurer Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Shirlee Sampsel, Director DIRECTORS ABSENT Don Lopez, Director MANAGEMENT PRESENT Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Administrative Assistant

President Baur called the Emergency Special Board Meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. Motion made and seconded (D. Hefler/I. Landis) to approve holding an Emergency Special Board meeting having fulfilled the requirements of the Civil Code. Motion passed unanimously. Motion made and seconded (A. Takemoto/S. Sampsel) to approve the appointment of David Fitzwilliam and Bud McConnell to the Architectural Review Committee, effective immediately. Motion passed unanimously. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 1:02 p.m.

OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES - JULY 15 & 18, 2013 The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Ocean Hills Country Club Homeowners Association Board of Directors was held on July 15 & 18, 2013, at 4701 Leisure Village Way, Oceanside, California 92056. July 15, 2013 July 18, 2013 DIRECTORS PRESENT Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President David Hefler, Treasurer Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Don Lopez, Director Shirlee Sampsel, Director DIRECTORS ABSENT None MANAGEMENT PRESENT Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Administrative Assistant

DIRECTORS PRESENT Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President David Hefler, Treasurer Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Don Lopez, Director Shirlee Sampsel, Director DIRECTORS ABSENT None MANAGEMENT PRESENT Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Administrative Assistant

FIRST SESSION – July 15, 2013

reviewed third party contracts, potential litigation and personnel. The Executive Session in the morning of July 15, 2013 held a hearing and reviewed the delinquency report. President Baur urged all members to vote in upcoming election and ballot propositions.

I. President Baur called the Regular Meeting to order at 10:12 a.m. II.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice President Takemoto. III. PRESIDENT’S REPORT President Baur apprised the membership as to the matters to be addressed and items completed, as well as Executive Sessions and Special Board Meetings held since the last monthly Board Meeting. The Board held Executive Sessions on July 2, July 12 and July 15, 2013. The July 2nd Executive Session reviewed a contract personnel issue. The July 12th Executive Session

IV. MANAGEMENT REPORT In the Management Report, Becky Groenewold, General Manager, apprised the membership as to the primary projects currently underway: • GM is working with COX to consolidate invoices each month • Signs on the Cannon Road pathway have arrived and will be installed at both entrances and in the middle to indicate “private property.” * The resurfacing of the Bocce Courts has been Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 3

Association News completed. • Proposals have been received to refinish the front doors to the Clubhouse. • The refinishing of the wood floors in the Clubhouse will begin in August. • Renovation of the Reception Area at the HOA Office shall be completed by the end of July. • Annual audits will be mailed out the end of July. • Maintenance staff underwent Woodshop training on June 26. • GM attended leadership training provided by PCM. V. TREASURER’S REPORT Treasurer Hefler gave the following Treasurer’s Report: At the close of June 2013, we are in strong financial condition with reserves of $3,716,139. There is a yearto-date operating deficit of $41,721 that reflects fixed service charges and water consumption increase for the Common Area and the Golf Course. Significant year-todate below-budget variances as of June 2013 include $17,499 in Tree Service Contract. Phase 3 tree trimming will begin in November or December 2013. Total assets of $4,796,079 include $3,745,180 worth of FDIC-Insured Certificates of Deposit. A copy of the Financial Statement is available for review in the HOA Office.

4 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

VI. PRESENTATION OF ACTION ITEMS NEW BUSINESS A. Standing Committee Appointment At the Executive Meeting of July 12, 2013 the Master Board discussed the appointment of an individual to fill the vacancy on the Architectural Review Committee. Motion made and seconded (D. Lopez/I. Landis) to approve the appointment of Gloria Hoffman to the Architectural Review Committee for the remainder of the term effective immediately. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments. VII. RECESS The meeting was recessed at 10:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m., Thursday, July 18, 2013. SESSION II, Thursday, July 18, 2013 President Baur reconvened the Regular Board Meeting at 10:12 a.m. President Baur apprised the members that an Executive Session was held in the afternoon of

Association News July 15, 2013. The Board discussed potential third party contracts, Executive Committee reports, personnel, and approval of Executive Session minutes. VIII. HOMEOWNER INPUT (Non-Agenda Items)

of irrigation parts; Golf Course operations were $34,882 over budget due to water and chemicals; Landscape Common Area operations were $10,061 over budget due to water, chemicals and emergency tree service; and there were a total of 128 work orders this month.

There were two homeowner comments.



Len Weinstein, Director of Community Patrol Service, reported that the Emergency Monitoring System (EMS) testing program has been completed on 1,387 homes; the radar equipment and testing devices have been inspected and recertified; and customer service training is ongoing to continue to improve the services being provided to the Community.

RECREATION – Chris Bessey, Recreation Director, reported that the new Billiard tables have arrived and an Open House is scheduled for August 22 from 2-4 p.m.; there were 267 attendees at the July 4th celebration; Project Heartbeat AED/CPR class is scheduled for July 25; an Ice Cream Social is scheduled for July 26 at 2 p.m.; the new signs at the pool area are in compliance with the Department of Public Health code 3120B; the “Dog Park” work is to begin August 5 and an “Open House” will be held on August 23 from 12 to 4pm; and a bus excursion to Seaport Village is being planned for July 29. MAINTENANCE – Chuck Pierce, Maintenance Director, reported that the counter for the front reception area will be installed by the end of July; wood floor refinishing will take place during August; as of July 12, 1368 street light fixtures have been cleaned and 67 poles have been replaced due to corrosion; three additional reflective strips for the Stop Signs were ordered; additional material has been added to the playing surface of the Bocce courts and the benches were re-varnished; and there were 68 work orders. LANDSCAPE – Tom Hogan, Landscape Operations Director, reported that should the irrigation computer crash, there are several back-up measures in place to keep it running; two water mainline breaks on the Golf Course have been repaired; turf irrigation sprinklers changes have been completed in the Village of Zante; Easy Turf will be installed in the “Dog Park” on August 5; a 20% water cutback mandated by the City of Oceanside is being maintained; Pesticide Treatment will be posted at the Clubhouse 24 hours prior to application; a storage container has been purchased for the storage

XI. COMMITTEE REPORTS ARC – Vice President Takemoto reported that the Committee had dealt with 20 applications last month; 19 were approved and one was tabled pending receipt of further information. AV – Chairperson Ed Farley reported that a meeting was held with Laguna Woods staff to observe their cable TV system; a successful HD test was performed on Channel 12 and a recommendation for new equipment and



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Association News software will be presented to the Board for approval; the projector in Abravanel Hall is working and additional cables have been ordered to access the internet; A/V training is scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month; and the Committee is researching possible program sponsorship for Channel 12. The GM asked if the AV Committee could create a video of the existing and new irrigation systems for the Village lawn areas. COmMUNITY SERVICES – In the absence of Chairperson Seebach, Member Petronella reported that

6 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

the Committee will be recommending the purchase of a new recumbent bike. He provided a Transportation Summary Cost Analysis for the first half of 2013 and gave information on transportation alternatives in the Oceanside area. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT – Chairperson Doug Wright reported that the Woodshop renovation is completed; the Woodshop will make new legs for the Sewing Room tables; two bids have been received for the demolition of the storage building on TV Hill; and the Committee continues to review the Reserve Study. GOLF COURSE – No Report. LANDSCAPE – Chairperson Linda Strohm reported that the Committee did not meet in July and a Sub-Committee is preparing a plant identification spreadsheet that combines plants for the Villages and Common Area. MARKETING & COMMUNICATION – Chairperson Jim Kaminsky reported that approximately 70 residents participated in the Freedom Parade on June 29 and discussed participation again in 2014; the Committee will participate in the Senior Expo on October 10 in the City of Oceanside; only 385 residents have registered on the new website; and a Chamber of Commerce mixer is tentatively scheduled for July 17, 2014 and the Committee will forward a recommendation to the Board with details.

Association News

! D L O S



Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 7

Association News XII. PRESENTATION OF AGENDA ITEMS  A.1 Committee Recommendations     a. Facilities Management Committee     1. Abravanel Hall Renovations A Color Board (done by Carole Barnes) of the proposed renovation changes was provided to the Master Board for their review. There was a discussion on wall covering panels to be used for the best acoustics. Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/D. Lopez) to approve the Abravanel Hall renovations as recommended, with an anticipated budget of $80,000. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: Reserves. There were three homeowner comments.     b. Marketing & Communication Committee      1. Name Change for Leisure Village Way After considering several alternatives, the MCC is recommending a name change of Leisure Village Way and Leisure Village Drive to enhance our image as a progressive and active community. It is estimated that the cost for this change would be approximately

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Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 9

Association News $12,000 to $16,000. In 2008, a similar name change was made when Leisure World Laguna Hills changed their name to Laguna Wood Village.

time). There were six homeowner comments.

Motion made and seconded (A. Takemoto/D. Lopez) to accept the Concept of renaming Leisure Village Way to Ocean Hills Circle and Leisure Village Drive to Ocean Hills Way. Favor – 6, Against – 1 (Treasurer Hefler – I feel there should be further discussion and it is premature to name at this

Motion made and seconded (D. Lopez/S. Sampsel) to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of June 17 & 20, 2013 as written. Motion passed unanimously.

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XIV. BOARD MEMBER INPUT Director Farrell – No Comment Director Landis – No Comment Treasurer Hefler – No Comment Vice President Takemoto – Urged homeowners to study the ballot and vote. Director Lopez – Encouraged members to vote and attend the Water Presentation that afternoon. Member Sampsel – No Comment President Baur – A letter has been sent to the homeowners explaining the Excess Surplus Proposition that is on the August ballot. XIII. ADJOURNMENT

DRE #00672912

10 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

With no further business to be discussed, President Baur adjourned the meeting at 12:50 p.m.

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 11

Association News

OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPECIAL BOARD MEETING - JULY 31, 2013 The Special Board Meeting of the Ocean Hills Country Club Homeowners Association Board of Directors was held on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 in Abravanel Hall, at the Clubhouse at 4701 Leisure Village Way, Oceanside, CA 92056. July 2, 2013 DIRECTORS PRESENT Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Shirlee Sampsel, Director DIRECTORS ABSENT David Hefler, Treasurer Don Lopez, Director MANAGEMENT PRESENT Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Administrative Assistant Toni Clevenger, Administrative Assistant President Baur called the Special Meeting to order at 1:34 p.m. AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT BID Ed Farley, Chairperson of the A/V Committee, described

the additional equipment and software needed to bring our in-house TV channel back on line in High Definition. There was a discussion on the various options. Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/I. Landis) to approve the purchase of additional equipment and software to bring the present Channel 12 back on line in the form of High Definition in an amount NTE $22,000. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: Reserves 2439. There was one homeowner comment. STANDING COMMITTEE APPOINTMENT At the Executive Meeting of July 31, 2013 the Master Board discussed the appointment of an individual to fill a vacancy on the Landscape Committee due to the resignation of Linda Strohm. Motion made and seconded (A. Takemoto/S. Sampsel) to appoint Debbie McCain to the Landscape Committee effective August 15, 2013. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments. VAN DYKE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT PRESENTATION Van Dyke Landscape Architects presented the landscape concepts for the Front Entry and Pool & Spa Decks/Palm Court areas. There were seven (7) homeowner comments. NON- AGENDA ITEMS There were two homeowner comments regarding: one renaming Leisure Village Drive/Way and the other urging homeowners to vote. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

12 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 13

Association News

A new season begins and with it comes a time of change. The newly seated Board will be working on several projects started in the previous term such as: the pool deck; Abravanel Hall renovation, including the purchase of new chairs; landscaping the entry of the Community; and a re-write of the CC&Rs. It is a tall order but you have elected some very qualified and dedicated folks to tackle the work! I hope everyone took the opportunity to thank Ellen Baur for her service to the Community for the past five years. She is enjoying a very well earned vacation and should return refreshed and ready for new projects. In addition to a change in the Board, there have been some additions to the HOA office Staff. Barbara Coert, Martha Fernandez, Kathleen Hughes and Toni Clevenger have all recently joined our Staff. Ramona Tennison is finally taking her retirement, but will be on call when

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we need some extra help. Dottie Ulmer has taken a leave with plans to return before Thanksgiving to part-time status. It is such a pleasure to have so many wonderful coworkers to share the workload. Another project that should be well underway by the time you read this are the upgrades to our in-house broadcasting. The Board signed the contract with Cox cable and has upgraded our system from analog to digital. If you cannot pick up stations, like you used to, with older TV sets, you may need to contact Cox to purchase a converter box. Most new televisions are already digitally compatible. Once the additional equipment is purchased for our in-house system, we will notify you which channel will host the latest on HOA business. Stay tuned for more info! The new website is thriving. Barbara Coert will be working to keep information current and assisting the Villages, homeowners and Master Board with all the wonderful aspects for this mode of communication. We need everyone to register for the site. There are instructions in this publication that are very simple. Please visit the site at and see for yourself! We are going to be encouraging everyone over the next several months to get registered. It will allow us to provide quicker and more cost effective (aka cheaper) communication. If we can shoot out an email blast, we save on paper, printing and delivery costs. Please take a moment to thank the new Board for the work they are taking on and the job that lies ahead. Angela Takemoto will be the new President, Don Lopez -Vice President, David Hefler-Treasurer, and Barry Farrell-Secretary. Shirlee Sampsel, Ira Landis and Linda Strohm will serve as Directors. In addition to the Board duties, each will be assigned a Committee as Liaison as follows: Angela-ARC, Don-Facilities Management, David-Audio Visual, Ira-Marketing & Communication, Shirlee-Community Service, LindaLandscape, Barry-Golf.


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Association News

By Angela Takemoto President, Board of Directors It gives me great pleasure to address you as President of the Association! I look forward to a successful year, with the help of a most capable Board. I also want to give very special thanks to our outgoing President, Ellen Baur. Ellen served on the Master Board for 5 years, 4 as President. Her leadership was outstanding. I personally learned so much from her—Thank you, Ellen!!! In the Annual Meeting of the Members on August 15, Board members David Hefler, Shirlee Sampsel, Linda Strohm and I were elected to a two-year term, and Ira Landis was elected to a one-year term. Also on the ballot were the Excess Income Resolution, which was passed with 974 affirmative votes, and Proposition A, to approve a new storage room addition, which

16 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

failed to pass, with 909 votes (1094 votes were required to pass this). During the meeting, outgoing President Ellen Baur presented the President’s Award to two outstanding volunteers: Jim Kaminski, in recognition of his service to many clubs, as well as his key role in leading the Marketing and Communications Committee to a successful launch of the new Ocean Hills website. and Christy Cooper, in recognition of her creative talent in the development of the new Ocean Hills insignia, as well as her work to create the wonderful visuals and narrative contained in our new website. Ellen also presented the Board of Directors’ award to a key PCM staff member, Dottie Ulmer. Dottie has performed many duties which support the Board of Directors, not the least of which has been as recorder for all Regular, Special and Executive Board meetings Immediately following the announcement of the election results, the new Board met in an Organizational Meeting. During that meeting I was elected President, Don Lopez as Vice President, David Hefler as Treasurer, and Barry Farrell as Secretary. Since our July Regular board meeting, the Master Board has held a Special Meeting and two Executive Ses-

Association News sions on July 31, as well as the Regular August Board Meeting and an Executive Session which followed, on August 12. Also, an Organizational meeting was held on August 14, and the Board met in Executive session on August 16 for orientation. On July 31, at the morning Executive Session, we held a hearing and had an update on a legal issue as well as reviewed an application for a standing committee. We began the Special Board Meeting with a presentation on the Audio Visual Equipment Bids in order to upgrade our in-house channel to digital. Homeowner Ed Farley, Chair of the Audio Visual Committee, has been working tirelessly on this project for months, aided by homeowner Ron Carso, a former Cox employee and the man who installed our original analog in-house channel, as well as Ken DeWoody, our AV Consultant. ATX Network and LJK Consult are the hardware and software consultants being used. The recommendation was approved to purchase the additional equipment and software to bring the present Channel 12 back online in the form of High Definition in an amount not to exceed $22,000. Funding will come from Reserves. The Board then appointed Debbie McCain to the Master Landscape Committee to replace Linda Strohm, who is joining the Master Board. Beth Bowen, Partner in Van Dyke Landscape Archi-

tects, made a presentation regarding the progress made to date on the design for the landscaping of our Front Entry up to the Clubhouse and the Pool & Spa Decks and the Palm Court. Her presentation was well accepted. The Executive Session that followed covered third party contracts, executive committee reports and potential litigation. The Regular August Board meeting action items were: • Approval of the Recommendation from the Landscape Committee regarding the removal of one tree and trimming of three trees; • Approval of two Recommendations from the Golf Course Committee: • Addition of Turf Guard Sensors on the Tees • Renovation of two Tees; • Approval of a Recommendation of the Community Service Committee to purchase a Recumbent Elliptical bike to replace a 12-year old upright bike; • Approval of a Recommendation from the Architectural Review Committee to revise the ARC Guidelines in the Handbook of Rules & Regulations. The revisions are published in this edition of the OHCC Newsletter, for Homeowner review and comment, for a period of 30 days. • Approval of two contracts: To have Advanced Reserve Solutions Inc. perform the 2013-14 Reserve Study, and

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 17

Association News To have Powers Publishing and Design publish the 2014 OHCC Phone Directory. Immediately following the Regular Board meeting, the Board met in Executive Session, and reviewed third party contracts, a legal opinion, potential litigation, delinquency review, and Executive committee reports. During the Executive Session on August 16, the Board had the annual all-day Orientation Meeting. The purpose is to introduce the Board members to the PCM hierarchy including understanding exactly what they do for us; an opportunity to speak with our Legal Counsel face-to-face, as well other important vendors. It is an information day, rather rigorous (9 to 5), but very helpful to all the Master Board members. This year the Board has many projects under way. We look forward to a busy and productive year!

Cumulative Report of Voting Results Annual Meeting August 15, 2013 2013 General Election TOTAL BALLOTS: 1,189 Section I: Election of 4 Directors for 2 year terms and 1 Director for 1 year term on Master Board Two Years Angela Takemoto ............... 1,002 votes. David Hefler ...................... 943 votes. Linda Strohm ..................... 933 votes. Shirlee Sampsel.................. 918 votes. One Year Ira Landis ........................... 905 votes. Section II: Excess Income Resolution

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APPROVE NOT APPROVE Initiative was approved

974 votes 90.3% 104 votes 9.6%

Section III: Proposition “A” Capital Improvement Storage Room Project IN FAVOR 909 votes 55.7% of the voting power (67% or 1,094 votes needed to pass) AGAINST 253 votes 15.5% Initiative was not approved

The Year in Review August 2012-August 2013

Reported by Ellen Baur On behalf of the Master Board, I am pleased to report that our efforts over the last twelve months have culminated in the accomplishment of many of the projects on our Goal List and the introduction of several new concepts and ideas, many recommended to us by our Standing Committees, Homeowners, and Staff: 1. LONG-TERM LANDSCAPE & IRRIGATION PLANNING, WATER CONSERVATION • THE TORO VP SATELLITE CONTROLLER IRRIGATION SYSTEM and TURF GUARD SOIL MONITORING SYSTEM, enabling the 2-way exchange of data throughout the day of water usage, moisture, temperature and salinity, has been working flawlessly for the last year. Sensors were originally installed on the greens and will now be installed on the tees. It is hoped that this system will be expanded in the future to cover other large expanses in the Common Area. • WATER USAGE: We continue to maintain a minimum 20% water cut back with the help of the irrigation 18 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News computer, along with constant monitoring of environmental factors. • VAN DYKE LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS were hired as consultants in September of 2012, and they have been invaluable to us. It is the intention of the Master Board, through the hiring of Van Dyke to find the best possible solutions to keep our Community looking like we all love it and yet, fulfilling the need to conserve water. We will have to make some compromises, and we look to our homeowners to work with the Master Board through the expertise of our Landscape Architects. Van Dyke is currently multi-tasking: • Their first task has been to provide a re-design of our MAIN ENTRY FROM CANNON ROAD & LEISURE VILLAGE DRIVE TO THE CLUBHOUSE FRONT ENTRANCE with use of waterwise plant materials and improved irrigation. They began with an interactive Landscape Workshop in November 2012 with about 350 homeowners in attendance, followed by numerous Special presentations to the Membership, and culminated in a Survey of Homeowners with 325 responding. The monument walls are being tested for stability and the project should soon be ready to go out to bid. • Van Dyke is also currently working on the plans for the POOL & SPA DECKS AND PALM COURT. Soil samples and related testing done by a civil engineering firm

has confirmed the high ground water level around the Clubhouse. They are in the process of offering mitigation alternatives. Inspite of this setback, not unexpected due to ongoing Clubhouse water intrusion problems, it is still hoped that the project can get off the ground sometime this fall. • CONCEPTUAL LANDSCAPE DESIGN FOR COMMON AREA Van Dyke has been tasked to create an overall plan for our Common Area, especially large sections of turf. Water conservation, aesthetics, maintenance, and now recycled water will all play an important role in any future decisions. • WATER AUDIT & MASTER IRRIGATION PLAN Van Dyke has been retained to compare data of existing water usage for better water management and auditing as well as evaluate our irigation meters, areas assigned to each meter, and eventual elimination of some of those meters which would result in a large monetary savings. • RECYCLED WATER As announced in July at the Water Conservation Presentation, Oceanside, in partnership with Vista, is in negotiations with Carlsbad with regard to the purchase of recycled water for irrigation usage. Our golf course has been chosen by the Oceanside Water Utilities Depart-

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Association News ment as their first priority! It is expected that the recycled water pipe line will reach our front entry on Cannon Road by 2017. That’s only four years away! To begin this project, the Council of the City of Oceanside has authorized seed money of $3 million that comes from a Water Utilities Fund for Capital Improvements collected through developers’ fees. The Department is counting on grant money for the completion of the pipeline. They are also planning to underwrite construction of the pipeline under most of Leisure Village Way! The City has indicated grant funds may be available to defray some of the costs for the upgrades. The recycled water will, most likely, not be usable on the golf course greens due to the salinity of that water. However, it is expected that recycled water will be a huge savings for us as well as a great boon to water conservation. It is hoped that recycled water will eventually be used for most of our irrigation needs in OHCC. • THE CANNON ROAD PROJECT The grant-supported project was officially recognized at a Grand Opening held in November 2012 in the presence of OHCC residents, Staff, City officials including the Oceanside Mayor, Oceanside Chamber of Commerce officials, and Miss Oceanside. We are one of the largest irrigation water users in the City of Oceanside. The success of The Park caught the attention of City officials, and we were given precious little time to complete this project, but we had a plan similar to that used for The Park, and the City found it acceptable. The project was completed on time, and we were awarded the grant of $181,150. The project cost OHCC less than $30,000! In a State that is fighting to keep the water taps open and with ever greater drought restrictions threatening, not to mention regular water cost increments, we are considered a “poster child” by the City and regional water authorities. We have acted in an environmentally sound manner and are already saving 27% of the water formerly used with the expectation that there will be greater water savings in the near future. This year, with an evaluation of the Cannon Road Project by Van Dyke, it was determined that not all plants per the original plan had been installed. As a result, the Can-

20 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

non Road Project has been repaired with the addition of 413 shrubs. There are also 127 new bubblers added to the irrigation system. Both O’Connell Landscape Maintenance and PCM, our management company, have been worthy partners to our Community and have supported us in all our endeavors. Both O’Connell and PCM have provided the financial support for the cost of repairs on the now completed, but not yet mature, Cannon Road Project. 2. COMMUNICATION • UPGRADED AUDIO VISUAL EQUIPMENT New cameras and video equipment were purchased last fall allowing for upgrades to digital. It was time for the 15 to 20 year old equipment to be replaced. Our AV volunteers are being trained on an ongoing basis. New cameras were also installed in the HOA Conference Room. Our WEBSITE is up and running. We have brought it to a new level through our partnership with the website developer Association Voice, speciailizing in HOAs. They have more than 10,000 customers. A contract was signed with Association Voice in order to give us a premier public web presence to enhance our marketing to potential new residents while providing a communication path for issues, activities and emergencies to current residents. We have the capacity to communicate at a moment’s notice with those residents who give us their email addresses. It is easy to register on the Website, so please do so! • IN HOUSE CHANNEL COX is providing conversion of Channel 12 from analog to digital. The Master Board has authorized the purchase of the needed hardware and software equipment for the change-over. Our new in-house channels, of which there will be two, will be moving us into the digital age. We want to make our in-house channels a go-to source of up-to-date information so that even those of us who are not computer-oriented will easily be able to know just what is happening in our Community. 3. FACILITIES MAINTENANCE • RENOVATIONS have been completed in the Club-

Association News house Library and Sewing Room, HOA Conference Room, Restrooms, Kitchen and Reception area. A bid for the final renovations in Abravanel Hall is forthcoming including new acoustical wall coverings and carpeting. • TV HILL now boasts a storage shed for OHCC CERT’s emergency equipment, and once the mold-contaminated maintenance storage building is demolished, a replacement building will be erected. • Our DOG PARK or Kanine Kampus has had lots of problems with turf and mud, alternatively. Imitation grass, better known as Artificial Turf has now been installed, and there is hope that the solution has been found. Artificial Turf is being used successfully in other dog parks, including a City of Oceanside public dog park. • The GOLF COURSE BUNKERS are not what they used to be. Specifications have been prepared for a Golf Course architect to determine if modification of the bunkers on our course might be necessary. • REFRIGERATED WATER FOUNTAINS have replaced our old water fountains over the past year. • CLUBHOUSE TILE FLOORS were cleaned and the grout colored including the polishing of the inlaid marble area. • The WOODSHOP RENOVATION including the addition of an adjacent room in order to make it safer and to create more functional space was completed this spring. • TREES are a valuable asset, and they need to be

properly and appropriately managed. Ron Matranga, a registered consulting arborist with Atlas Environmental, continues to advise us, overseeing their health, trimming, removal and replacement. • The BILLIARDS TABLES were replaced after almost 30 years of use. • CLUBHOUSE WOOD FLOORING is being professionally maintained on an annual schedule. The work is being completed this month. 4, SAFETY IN OHCC • RAPID FLASHING BEACONS at the middle crosswalk on Leisure Village Way were installed in front of the Clubhouse to enhance pedestrian safety. • STOP SIGN POLES have been fitted with new REFLECTIVE STRIPS. They have been greeted with such acclaim and the realization of how faded our STOP SIGNS are, new REFLECTIVE STOP SIGNS are being installed, as well! • There were 13 DOOR OPENINGS in the Clubhouse that did not meet Fire Code, per an inspection by an Oceanside Fire Investigator. Thresholds and locking mechanisms were missing door coordinators and some check devices were missing or did not function. The fire safety equipment to the Clubhouse Doors has now been installed. The annual FIRE HAZARD ABATEMENT allowance

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 21

Association News for fuel modification and shrub abatement was used on the Arcadia Slope adjacent to the Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Reserve and is now complete. 5. KUDOS In Dec 2012, OHCC was honored for our conservation efforts as well as contributions made to the surrounding communities. We are very proud. • We received two ROSES OF CONSERVATION in both the San Diego Union Tribune and the North County Times. • The San Diego Chapter of the Community Association Institute (CAI) awarded OHCC the COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION OF THE YEAR award for 2012. The award is due to the contributions OHCC makes to the surrounding community with all of our programs: Woodchucks, Chorale Group, Knitting Group, and many more, as well as the water conservation efforts we have made to date. • A CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION from the Senate of the State of California for the Cannon Road renovation and conservation project was given to us. 6. RESERVES Keeping allocations at the current level, the Reserves are 72% funded.

22 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

7. FUN • OHCC participated in the OCEANSIDE FREEDOM PARADE on June 29, celebrating the 125th anniversary of our City. The parade is an annual tradition started in 1898 as the Oceanside Independence Day Parade in honor of our Nation’s birthday! Some 75 OHCC residents took part in the parade! Transportation was provided to and from OHCC and PCM, our management company, provided a lunch of hot dogs and the trimmings. • The FOURTEENTH ANNUAL OCEANSIDE SENIOR FAIR will take place on October 10. OHCC will have a booth. The CEO of our management company, Donny Disbro of PCM, has offered to pay the costs, which will be approximately $200. • The THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION is in the planning with lots of great events in 2014. The kick off will be at Do Dues Day on Saturday, January 4, 2014. 8. CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS In April, the Ballot measure for the CC&RS CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT AMENDMENT did not receive the necessary 67% of those who voted. There were a total of only 1083 votes cast, which would have required 726 affirmative votes. There were 547 in favor and 534 against. Roughly one-third of homeowners, some 549, did not

Association News bother to exercise their rights to vote. Thusly, the existing requirements for voting for a Capital Improvement or Addition remain. In June, the Master Board decided to place a CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROJECT RESOLUTION for a new storage room addition to the Clubhouse on today’s ballot. The total proposed capital improvement special assessment would be a one time payment of $22 per lot, provided the proposition passes. In order to pass, 67% approval of the voting power is required, which means 1,094 affirmative votes. Once again, due to the low number of ballots cast, it is doubtful that this measure will pass. Time will tell! 9. GOING FORWARD RENAMING OF LEISURE VILLAGE WAY AND DRIVE to Ocean Hills Circle and Way was approved in concept by the Board, subject to further review of the procedures and costs. It was suggested that the street name changes take place during our 30th Anniversary year, 2014. RESTATEMENT OF GOVERNING DOCUMENTS: There is a growing sentiment that we should take a close look at our governing documents and consider bringing them into the 21st century. They were written with a combination of “boilerplate” articles and passages favoring

the original developer. In referencing them, as the Master Board must always do, the Civil Code of the State of California has changed dramatically the way things were viewed and done almost 30 years ago. The Board met with two law firms, having earlier received bids from five law firms, and decided to hire Peters & Freedman, L.L.P, Attorneys at Law, in Encinitas, to assist in amending and restating our governing documents. It is expected that the process is likely to take upwards of a year and will culminate in seeking the requisite membership approval by official ballot. There will be multiple meetings to keep our Membership informed and to listen to your opinions, comments, and suggestions. It is usual to restate governing documents about every 15 years, we are in our 29th year and restatement has never been done. There is a need to bring our governing documents up to date with current civil code especially where it trumps what is in our CC&Rs. The Davis-Stirling Act, as the body of California State law which governs HOAs is called, was enacted in 1986, three years after our governing documents were adopted. The Civil Code encompasses everything from how the corporation should be managed to what fiduciary duties the board of directors has to the association. Every year the state legislature either amends exist-

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 23

Association News ing laws or passes new laws which affect HOAs. Courts, in turn, hear new cases and make decisions on how the laws are interpreted. This all colors and changes the way we may govern our association. On January 1, 2014, the new “Davis-Stirling Act” rewrite will go into effect. There are many outdated articles in our governing documents that favor the developer, who has not been involved in the governance of OHCC for the last 22 years! In addition, our CC&Rs and Bylaws are contradictory to each other in many instances! As an association matures, it also transforms. To keep property values up, it must stay current with the community’s needs and industry trends. As our association’s needs have evolved, our governing documents must be updated to address those specific demands. We have the benefit of hindsight and the wish to make our governing documents clearer for better understanding and utilization. In conclusion, we are very grateful to and thank our volunteers, who give of their time and talents, our dedicated and loyal Staff for supporting us, and the residents, who care enough to try to help us problem solve and add to our successes!

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Great service at 1/2 the cost! • 24 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

This Board has met its fiduciary duty in serving this Community in many ways. We have continued to adequately fund reserves, maintain and improve the Common Areas and amenities, and have held assessments to a two dollar increase. In addition, we have increased service levels while reducing costs. The Board has agressively pursued the reduction of water usage. At the same time, we continue to invest in the latest technology to facilitate better water management practices. By making prudent business decisions, we have helped maintain our preferred lifestyle and been able to keep our Community upscale and desirable, thus protecting each owner’s investment. And that was the year that was…

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Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 25

Association News

Treasurer’s Report

By David A. Hefler, Treasurer As we close the month of July, 2013, we are in strong financial condition with net reserves of $3,738,727. There is a year-to-date operating deficit of $42,082 that reflects the following items: 1. Fixed water service charges increase 2. Golf Course landscape improvements 3. Pool Filter & Spa Jet Pump replacement 4. Movie and Music License Significant year-to-date below-budget variances as of July, 2013 include $23,332 Tree Service Contract. Phase 3 tree trimming will begin in November or December 2013. Our total assets of $4,638,420 include $3,744,484 worth of FDIC Insured Certificates of Deposit.

Advertising Information

Deadine for ads in the next issue is the 15th of the month prior. Please call Linda at 760-685-6727 for more information.

Landscape Report By Linda Strohm, Landsacpe Committee Board Liaison

Effective August 15, 2013, I resigned as Chairperson of the Landscape Committee because of my election to the Master Board and Alma Sisco-Smith was elected as Committee Chairperson. Alma has been an active member of the Committee and will serve the Landscape Committee and OHCC well. The Van Dyke presentation on July 31 was very exciting and there were many positive comments about the re-design of the main entry. Van Dyke heard what the residents said about what they would like to see and designed the entry to reflect those desires. Yes, it will be disruptive for a while, but the end results will be nothing short of spectacular! The monument walls are being tested for stability and the project should soon be ready to go out to bid. During my time on the Landscape Committee and as an active member of the Garden Club, questions have arisen about pest control in our gardens. Most likely everyone, at some time or another, has become frustrated (if not downright angry) about some bug or disease ruining our plants. Last week I found that giant white flies had inhabited my hibiscus bush to the extent that it looked like it was covered in snow! I asked Tom Hogan, our Landscape Manager, what would be the best way to get rid of them. His answer was most interesting. Spray it with a strong blast of water daily. And if that doesn’t do the job, use an insecticidal soap. Sure enough the water treatment is working. Part of Tom’s job as Landscape Manager is to also manage our pest control efforts. In doing so, he works closely with the California Department of Agriculture. According to Tom, San Diego County has been invaded by a variety of insect pests from other countries and other states. We are familiar with aphids, giant white flies, black spot, etc. Others are not so widely known such as the Glassywinged Sharpshooter (Oleander blight) or the Asian Citrus Psyllid. Because the use of pesticides should be used as a last resort, the Department of Agriculture is studying alternative methods of eradicating these pests. “Predatory wasps” have been released to control White-

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26 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News fly and the Glassy-winged Sharpshooter (where do they get these names?). The use of pesticides would kill the long-term solution to the problem for a very short term of relief. OHCC treats all pests with the least toxic method of control that is effective and is in compliance with all laws that govern their use. Information about the time and place of the use of pesticides (or other potential toxic chemical use) will be posted on the Web site and on the information board just outside Abravanel Hall. Also, there are a variety of pest traps throughout the community placed there by the Agriculture Department. Please do not disturb or remove them. They provide valuable information about the habits of the offending bug! If you have questions regarding the use of pesticides, or what the best way to control them, feel free to ask at the HOA. I am certain you will get guidance on the best way to deal with the BUGS! NOTE: The next meeting of the Committee will be held in the HOA Conference Room at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, September 6.

Safety Corner By Leonard Weinstein,

Director of Community Patrol Service (CPS) Hello residents of Ocean Hills Country Club. This cannot be said enough! No one takes care of you like you do. That having been said, CPS officers recently responded to a report of a resident not having been seen in almost two days. The short version: based upon observations at the home, the resident had been incapacitated for at least twelve to eighteen hours. The resident did have a M.A.R.T. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on her person; it was in the home, but not within reach when she fell and couldn’t get to it. This scenario is briefly described because no one takes care of you like you do. Don’t become a victim of “not me” or “it can’t happen to me.” While this train of thought may be applied to many things, I’m thinking of your safety. Do keep your M.A.R.T. bracelet or necklace with you. Do carry a cell phone when you are out and about, especially alone. Have In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) contacts and telephone numbers pro-

grammed in your cell phone. Carry identification. Be aware of your surroundings in OHCC: know where the nearest emergency red phone is, the nearest emergency radio phone on the golf course, the bench number if you’re near one. Drive safely: respect our speed limit (25 MPH), stop for all STOP signs, both for your safety and the safety of others. When out walking, especially in reduced lighting such as early morning hours or dusk, wear bright and/or reflective garments, carry a flash light and be aware of oncoming vehicles; don’t assume the driver sees you. Drivers please remember, according to the California Vehicle Code (CVC), a pedestrian whether in a “marked” or “unmarked” crosswalk always has the right of way. I could go on, BUT, no one takes care of you like you do. Labor Day is upon us; partying, barbequing, visiting in general. Our gate will become extremely busy – friends, family and potentially long lines to enter the community. Your cooperation in assisting us to assist your family and friends would be appreciated by all. Please enter your visitors in the dwellingLive system by going online before they arrive. If you don’t have computer capability, please call the front gate and authorize admissions, again, before anyone arrives. A short phone call may not seem like much of a delay, but the process, multiplied by potential numbers, can really back up a line of cars. Again, everyone would appreciate your cooperation. Personal Preparedness Tip: Establish an out-of-state phone contact to help reach separated family members. SHOULD YOU NEED ASSISTANCE, THE FRONT GATE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS 760-758-7111. Be SAFE, Be SMART, and most of all, BE HAPPY. Once again, thanks for your time and thanks for reading The Safety Corner.

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Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 27

Association News

The Real Poop on Pool Diarrhea

By Wayne Louvier, Esq Adams Kessler PLC Question: I recently saw a sign that our association posted at the pool that says if anyone currently has or has had diarrhea in the past 14 days, they should not use the pool. That seems inappropriate. Is the sign necessary? Answer: Yes, the sign is necessary. The California Building Code (CBC) was recently amended to require such signs at all public pools as follows: A sign in letters at least 1 inch (25 mm) high and in a language or diagram that is clearly stated shall be posted at the entrance area of a public pool which states that persons having currently active diarrhea or who have had active diarrhea within the previous 14 days shall not be allowed to enter the pool water. (CBC §3120B.11.) “Diagram?” Seriously? Stick with words. Signs can be purchased from various pool supply companies throughout the state in a variety of languages. If a substantial number of your membership speaks a language other than English, you should consider posting signs in those languages. “But wait,” you say, “our pool is not open to the public!” For the purposes of this sign, “public pool” is broad-

28 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

ly defined to include associations: Public pools include those located in or designated as the following: commercial building, hotel, motel, resort, recreational vehicle or mobile home park, campground, apartment house, condominium, townhouse, homeowner association... (CBC §3101B) Can someone with diarrhea still go in the pool if they wear a swim diaper? That is a bad idea. See “Fecal Teabags.” For more information about diarrhea and swimming pools see the information posted on the Centers for Disease Control website.

Cancelled TV Stations

If you are wondering why you can’t get certain TV channels anymore, i.e. 3, 13, 16, it is due to these channels going DIGITAL. This was a decision made by the individual television stations. It has nothing to do with the HOA or COX. If you wish to continue getting these channels you will need to purchase a cable box. Please contact COX Communications for assistance 1-866-939-3173.

Association News

Re No HO m te A in s & de rs


Tired of writing checks for your OHCC Monthly Assessments?

Sign up for Auto-Debit and eliminate the hassle! • Monthly dues will automatically be deducted from your bank account between the 6th and 12th of each month. • No more hassle of writing checks • No more paying in advance when you go on vacation. • No more late fees for missed payments. Please fill out the form on the back of this page and return to the homeowner’s office. • It may take up to 6 weeks for auto-debit to begin. It is important to continue paying your assessment as usual until confirmation has been made that your auto-debit is active. • Questions? Please call the HOA office (760) 7587080.

VILLAGE STREET SWEEPING!! Last month we had double the number of vehicles

on the streets. Please remember that on the first Tuesday of each month, Cannon Pacific conducts street sweeping of the Villages. Mark your calendar to remind you to remove any vehicles parked on the street by 8:00 a.m.

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State Lic. #977508 • Insured & Bonded Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 29

Association News

30 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

ARC Section Revisions to the “Handbook of Rules and Regulations” September 2013 Dear Homeowner: Following are the ARC section revisions to the “Handbook of Rules and Regulations.” The packet is being distributed to all Homeowners in accordance with Civil Code Section 1357.130 – Notice of Rule Change and Section 1350.7 On August 12, 2013, the Board of Directors approved the first reading of the recommended revisions to the ARC section only of the “Handbook of Rules and Regulations”. Included is the lined text with a description and effect of the proposed rule change as follows: · Added clarification to Homeowners in the use of the “Handbook of Rules and Regulations”. · Obtaining City permits are to be solely the Homeowner’s responsibility. · Added clarification for additional components as listed: o Pg. 11 Code Adherence o Pg. 13 Air Conditioner Installation o Pgs. 14-16 Doors o Pg. 21 Skylights o Pg. 23-24 Gate Details o Pg. 33-34 Fire Pits o Pg. 36-37 Patio Cover Setbacks o Pg. 37-38 Patio Roll Up Shades o The ARC section of the “Handbook of Rules and Regulations” is being distributed to the membership per Civil Code for a 30-day comment period. Comments must be submitted in writing to the HOA Office located at 4600 Leisure Village Way or via e-mail to for review by the Board of Directors. Discussion and final adoption is scheduled to take place, following the thirty (30) day review by the Membership, at the October 2013 Board Meeting of the Master Board of Directors. After the Board formally adopts the changes, the final ARC Section will be distributed in a 3-hole punched clean copy to all members to be inserted into your existing “Handbook of Rules and Regulations”. Sincerely, On Behalf of the Board of Directors, Angela Takamoto, President

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 31

Association News

32 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 33

Association News

34 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 35

Association News

36 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 37

Association News

38 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 39

Association News

40 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 41

Association News

42 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 43

Association News

44 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 45

Association News

46 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 47

Association News

48 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 49

Association News

50 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 51

Association News

52 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 53

Association News

54 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 55

Association News

56 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 57

Association News

58 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 59

Association News

60 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 61

Association News

62 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 63

Association News

64 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 65

Association News

66 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 67

Association News

68 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 69

Association News

70 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 71

Association News

72 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 73

Recreation News

Time to get ready for 2014 as the Clubhouse reservation process begins this month. Paperwork will go out to the Clubs at the Social Clubs Presidents Meeting on Monday, September 9. Then those next on the priority list will be notified and as the year comes to completion all those requiring reservations will receive their confirmations in December. Louise Ries, the Event Coordinator, can help you with any questions that may come along in the process. The Dog Park officially opened on Wednesday, August 14 with the new artificial turf surface. Easy Turf was the contractor that worked along with Staff to complete the project. The Community Services Committee along with Dan Golembiewski, Ellen Kippel and Karen Hastings were instrumental in researching all the information. On

the evening after the completion, many residents visited the Dog Park, along with their hairy companions. It was just a perfect scenario, dogs high-fiving other dogs, residents celebrating with a toast and soaking in the delightful summer weather. The Concert on the Green, featuring the “Tokens” was a great way to celebrate the end of August and the dance floor was covered with enthusiastic participants. The golf course hillsides were adorned with blankets, food, hearty beverages and lawn chairs. And then there are the night owls that stay after the concert is over. They just enjoy the serenity of the golf course, providing the lighting to chat by the light of the moon! The last of the Ice Cream Socials is on Thursday, September 26. We are looking forward to another pack-filled hour serving approximately 250 ice cream lovers in one hour. In July, the staff wore hats that said, “This is not 31 Flavors.” In August we wore hats saying “This is not Thrifty Drug Store.” This month our hats will read “This is not Dairy Queen and if it were, we only have chocolate and vanilla!” The Social only lasts an hour 2-3 pm, so don’t miss it and there is no charge. The Annual Flea Market on Saturday, September 28 is happening and you do not want to miss this great event for all ages to participate in. Since we brought the event inside, a few years ago, this provides more parking; a cooler atmosphere and the ability to have more sellers participate. The Woodchucks will be helping to facilitate parking with the loading/unloading of the treasures that the sellers plan to display. Sellers can bring their goods down earlier in boxes, but the Clubhouse is not responsible for items left unattended. Plants and garden art from the Garden Club will be on sale. Hot dogs, drinks, and morning munchies will be offered, so bring some cash and have a “nosh” with some of your neighbors. Thank you, Woodchucks for sponsoring the event, again, this year. Note on Your Calendar: Please look in this issue for the advertisement by your local Walgreen’s on Cannon Road. They will provide flu shots at the Clubhouse on Saturday, October 5 from 9 am to1 pm. They will bill your insurance and Medicare. We are looking forward in partnering with them next month. “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much. “ — Jim Rohn

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Call 760-644-1901 74 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Deadine for ads in the next issue is the 15th of the month prior. Please call Linda at 760-685-6727 for more information.

MISSION STATEMENT Ocean Hills Country Club is an age-restricted homeowners association with facilities to complement and enhance an active lifestyle. OHCC’s mission, through its This will be accomplished by: Board of Directors, is to: • Respecting and treating members fairly

• Protect and Preserve assets • Enhance property values • Promote safe and harmonious living • Facilitate use and enjoyment of the property

• Enforcing the governing documents • Communicating Board efforts and actions to members • Making informed decisions for the common benefit of the owners Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 75

Recreation News

76 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Recreation News

BOARD MEETINGS OHCC Session I Monday, September 16, 10 am Mykonos Room OHCC Session II Thursday, September 19, 10 am BOD ANNUAL MEETING Abravanel Hall VILLAGE MEETINGS Hydra Friday, September 20, 10 am Ladies Club Room Majorca Wednesday, September 25, 9 am Ladies Club Room Mykonos Monday, September 23, 1 pm COMMITTEE MEETINGS ARC Thursday, September 12 & 26, 9:30 am Homeowners Association Audio Visual Committee Tuesday, September 24, 11 am Homeowners Association Community Service Committee Friday, September 13, 10 am Clubhouse Art Room Facilities Management Committee Tuesday, September 17, 2 pm Homeowners Association Golf Course Committee Thursday, September 26, 2 pm Clubhouse Landscape Committee Friday, September 8, 10 am Homeowners Association Marketing & Communication Committee Wednesday, September 18, 10 am Homeowners Association Executive Committee Wednesday, September 25, 9:30 am Homeowners Association Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 77

Recreation News

Employee Spotlight Jim Tennison has worked in the secu-

rity industry for seven years, most of it for Universal Protection Service (UPS) and at OHCC. Over the years Jim has worked as a patrol officer and at both gates. He can now be found greeting residents at the back gate. Over the years Jim, who is now mostly retired, has worked in pharmaceutical supplies, real estate, the tool and dye industry and has owned a photography studio. Besides now working part time for UPS, Jim also helps his wife Ramona with her EBay business.   Jim’s family, in addition to Ramona, consists of (6) children and their spouses, (18) grandchildren and (5) great grandchildren. Also, Bonnie, their rescue cocker spaniel should not be left out. Sure, Jim is mostly retired - when he can find the time!!”

Art Room News

Now on display in the Art Room through October are photographs by members of the Photography Club using the theme “Friends in Ocean Hills,” with emphasis on small images. Club members were encouraged to portray human friends, but if pets were their best friends,

that photo could be interesting, too. You will enjoy visiting the Art Room and seeing your neighbors in their homes or taking advantage of our several wonderful recreational activities in Ocean Hills. Don’t miss Joan Comito’s shot of young Western kingbirds in a nest on our golf course or Lynn O’Connor’s capture of a whole family of four-footed friends who came to visit. If a face in a photo looks familiar but you can’t recall the name, try using the cross reference sheet available to the left of the display board. Come, visit the Art Room, turn on the gallery lights, and have fun seeing “Friends.”

Sit To Be Fit

The title tells it all! SIT TO BE FIT is a FREE full body exercise program carried on while comfortably seated. Open to men and women, this program permits you to do what you can and to skip any exercise too demanding. After a few lessons, you will realize a pain or two has disappeared and you will enjoy life more. The program designed by retired professional fitness instructor, June Black, consists of seven uplifting tapes played weekly in sequence. Join this interesting and non-demanding class on Wednesdays at 9 am in Abravanel Hall. *Please note on the 2nd Wednesday of the month the program meets in the Art Room at the same time.

Unique CERT Academy in October

Oceanside CERT, in conjunction with the Fire Department and Palomar College, has put together a “condensed version” of the CERT Academy which normally spans 8 weeks of nighttime classes. This first-of-its-kind course may be completed in just 2 weekends, with all classes conducted during daylight hours at the Oceanside Fire Training Facility, 110 Jones Road. Dates: October 12, 13, 19, 20, 2013 Times: Saturdays (8 am to 4:30 pm) Sundays (11:30 am to 4:30 pm) I’m not sure how they accomplished it, but the curriculum is identical to the full 8 week version: • Disaster Preparedness • Fire Safety • CERT Organization • Search and Rescue • Emergency Medical Operations • Disaster Psychology • Terrorism and CERT • Course Review and Drill All you need to do is fill out the Application which can be obtained online at (, or call Tim at 760-295-9297 or Bill at 760-945-6925. The personal safety and life-saving skills learned during this Academy can make the difference of survival for you and your family during a major emergency or disaster. And, if you’re willing and able to also help your neighbors, OHCC CERT would like you to join our team. For more information, go to our website ( or call Dick at 760-724-4091 or Bill at 760-945-6925. 78 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Clubs and Activities




At last, it’s time to resume BINGO for the Fall Season. We will begin on September 21, with the doors opening at 6:30 pm and play starting at 7 pm in Abravanel Hall. Cash prizes for each game and the big cover all finale in 50 numbers or fewer will get you $1,000. Tasty refreshments will be served too. Our last game of the Fall Season is on October 19, same time, same location. We’ll be entertaining you in the same inimitable manner with ice cream snacks. Don’t forget, you need to be at least 18 years old to participate and, if there are any questions about your age, please bring a valid ID.


Low to no impact aerobics – NO JUMPING! • MONDAYS - 10 am to 11 am (weights from 10:50 am to 11 am) Instructor: Christine Alisiani • WEDNESDAYS - 10 am to 11 am (weights from 10:50 am to 11 am) Instructor: Christine Alisiani • FRIDAYS – 10 am to 11:15 am (weights, tubing & exercise balls from 10:45 am to 11:15 am) Instructor: Sharon Nelson

COST - $3 per class attended (You can pay for and try out two classes without joining the Club) ANNUAL DUES - $6 (Please make check payable to OH Aerobics.)


President Paul Yoshida announces the September 10 Club meeting at 7 pm in the Mykonos Room at the Clubhouse. All members and guests are invited to attend this regular monthly meeting held the second Tuesday of the month in the Mykonos Room. At the meeting we will share information about the remaining two 1½ day trips in September and October. Some space is still available on those two trips, so if you want to catch a few more tuna, sign up at the front desk, deposit your check, and select your bunk. We will also have a discussion seeking input from club members about future plans for the 2014 angling year. On Saturday evening August 24, the annual summer BBQ Mardi Gras was a great success. Everyone had a good time eating great fish and delicious Cajun food, enjoying the music and dancing by the Bayou Brother Band. Thanks to Ron and Beth Mercier for chairing this

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 79

Clubs and Activities outstanding event and the entire committee for their hard work to make this one of the best events of year in the village. The July 16 three-quarter day fishing trip was quite an adventure. Captain Mark called into Seaforth to say that he was too far away and that the weather was too rough for him to take us on our scheduled trip. He arranged for us to go with Captain Jim Hughes on the Cortez. We got good anchovies and large sardines, and headed for the Tijuana Flats in anticipation of catching sand bass. We only scratched a few fish before running to the Islands to look for better conditions and biting fish. We could only scratch a few bottom fish and 2 or 3 barracuda while trying several spots. Captain Jim headed back to the Tijuana flats in the afternoon for a last chance at the sand bass. He found a school of willing fish and, in about an hour, we landed over 30 quality sand bass. The jackpot was won by Sam Cordiero with a nice five pound sand bass. We were all glad to be back at the dock by about 6 pm and worn out after a rough day on the Ocean. Captain Jim and crew worked really hard and went well beyond the call of duty to enable us to catch 35 quality sand bass, 22 rock fish, 3 barracuda, and 1 lingcod. We will also have another big raffle at our September meeting with a chance for you to win some great prizes, if your lucky ticket is drawn. Raffle tickets are 6 for $5, or $1 each. Come and join us for fun and fish stories and have a chance to win some good prizes at our monthly raffle. If you have any questions concerning the fishing trips or about the Club, feel free to call President Paul Yoshida at 760-940-8871, or Charter Master Rollin Grider at 760-726-9594.


A Letter to ALL Art Lovers Members:

Dear Art Lovers Members, Each fall we must begin to think about filling next year’s board positions. We will be having some vacant spots and would like you to consider serving on the board of this exciting Club. We will be discussing the vacancies at our September meeting. I sincerely want to thank all of you for allowing me to serve as your Club President for the past six years. It has been so enjoyable meeting you, meeting interesting artists, and visiting exciting places! However, I will be stepping down at the end of this year, so we are looking for a new leader. The Art Lovers Club has been in existence for over 20 years, bringing beauty and joy to artists and art lovers alike. I would so hate to see it dissolve for lack of leadership. This Club is about creativity! It does not have to be done “the same way,” but would appreciate new and vibrant ideas! Perhaps you could share your gifts and talents as the leader of this Club! We will need to announce and vote for a new slate of officers by our November 19 meeting. Won’t you please consider taking on the leadership of this vibrant Club 80 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

that has the BEST members in the entire village? For more information, you can contact me at helensloan@ or call. Sincerely, Helen Sloan


We hope you were able to come see the new tables in the Billiards Room during our Open House on August 22. During the demonstrations and refreshments, one common question was “How much did these tables cost anyway?” Well, it was a lot - $32,541.13! On the other hand, they are expected to last at least as long as the old ones, namely 30 years. That would be $1084.71 per year, or about 42 cents per person per year. Forty-two cents? Well, maybe they’re not so expensive after all. The billiards tables are one of many projects that our community has undertaken to keep Ocean Hills beautiful and enjoyable. Within just the past couple years we have built and equipped new Fitness Rooms and a new Computer Room. We have refurbished the Bocce courts, the Library and the Sewing Room. We have refinished all the wood floors in the Clubhouse, and will soon be fixing up the pool decks and patios. So many 55 plus communities sink slowly into disrepair, and become rather depressing places because short-sighted residents refuse to pay to maintain and improve their facilities. Residents of Ocean Hills have remained far-sighted, and have continually invested to keep our home a wonderful place to live. Well done, all of you! Meanwhile, back in the Billiards Room, members attended the advanced lesson on Banking. We are revealing here the one thing all pool sharks agree on about Banking – don’t do it! Unless you’ve been practicing, you’re going to miss because it’s just too hard. Nonetheless, eager students were shown how to practice, and will soon be able to miss most of the time instead of all the time. Then we had the lesson on how to play One Pocket, a very cerebral sort of pool game. Well, as cerebral as a pool game can be. It is in fact a game to which many older players gravitate after time spent playing 8-Ball, 9-Ball and Straight Pool. It is one of those games in which Age and Treachery will beat Youth and Skill. The lesson was followed a couple days later by our One Pocket Tournament. Don Farmer took third place. The final match between Jerry Brunkala and Charlie Payne was an extended, hard-fought, and (yes, you guessed it) cerebral contest, finally won by Charlie – who is well known to be both Aged and Treacherous. He gets his name on the Champions plaque and one of the new Club hats. These hats cannot be purchased – they can only be won in a tournament or awarded for service to the Club. Do stop in and try the new tables. Get your 42 cents worth this year.

Clubs and Activities


Good morning Boys and Girls, how has the world been treating you? Tucked away in our little paradise, it is very easy to forget there is a BIG, BAD world out there just ready to gobble us up if we are not careful. The Bocce court is working just fine. Some of our regulars seem to have deserted us, but I guess that might have something to do with vacationitis. It is quite prevalent this time of year. The Luau party, thanks to BARBARA MILLER, SUZIE KOPOLOW, JAN FEINTUCH and GLORIA YOUNG, was a big success. They really worked hard to give us a good time with hula dancers and a local musical group to entertain us. A Bocce Tournament is coming up again on September 10 thru 19. We just can’t let a month go by without something going on. This is a FALL BRAWL---all in fun of course. Then on October 12 there will be another party. This one is based on the old HIGH SCHOOL SOCK HOP. Keep your eyes open for ticket information at a later date. A nominating committee is being formed to begin selection for officers for 2014 (wow time goes by fast). If you are interested in helping to select next year’s officers, call Don Sampsel and he will steer you to the right people. Bocces for the month of July were as follows: 4 bocces - Bill Curtin and Forest Newberg; 3 bocces - Al Fried, Bob Mayer, Barbara Miller, Lee Salek and Darryl Vincent; 2 bocces Susie Kopolow, Peggy Newberg, Sue Rosenquist and 1 - bocce Gil Allard, Sally Booth, Jack Conifrey, Julie Gilchrist, Joan Lohrey, Bob Pollock, Craig Powers (is he still playing?), Bob Rogers, Don Sampsel, Carol St James and Jerry St. James. CONGRATULATIONS TO ONE AND ALL---and even those of us who didn’t get one.

important that you attend to cast your vote. High scorers for July were: N/S position Gillian Cook and Manzoor Khan with a 61.71%. In the E/W position, we had Lu McNary and Clair Lair with a 64.85%. Congratulations to all of you! As a reminder, if you need a partner, please contact Mary and Hal Myers. They can be reached at 760-2959612. They will do their best to find you one.


Our Friday Duplicate Bridge game was held July 12. North/South First Place Winners were Anne Caywood and Nancy Schummer with 68.00%. East/West First Place Winners were Dolores Neilson and Juanita Petter with 66.50%. On Friday, July 26, North/South First Place Winners were Anne Caywood and Nancy Schummer with 61.00%. East/West First Place Winners were Olive McCullough and Marge Garland with 63.50%. Congratulations Ladies! For anyone who enjoys playing a fun (not ACBL sponsored) Duplicate Bridge game, please join us to play on the second and fourth Fridays of the month in Abravanel Hall. We start play at 11:30 am but we ask that you be in the hall by 11:15 am. If a fifth Friday happens to fall on any certain month, we will hold a game on that


Please mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 3. We will be celebrating Labor Day, one day late this year as always. Holiday refreshments will be served at 6:15 am. Every July 4, we opened our bridge game to your house guests. We would like to extend this invitation for the Labor Day holiday too. Please try to join us for bridge. It is a great game, not only is it a social activity, but it increases and stimulates our mental capacity. We meet and play every Tuesday night in Abravanel Hall at 6:15 pm. Hope to see you there. Bridge lessons are starting in the Clubhouse on September 11. Come join us to see if you are possibly interested in playing bridge. On the last Tuesday, October 29, we will be celebrating Halloween. Our party will tee off, a little earlier, at 6 pm. Refreshments will be served and prizes will be awarded for best costumes. Our Halloween party is open up to everyone outside our bridge club. If they want to stay and play bridge there is no charge for that night. Club elections will also be held that night too. It is very

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 81

Friday too. Membership is required in order to play and it is $6 for the year. If you need a partner, please call Betty Steinman at 760-842-1321. Thank you and look forward to seeing more duplicate players there.

BRIDGE FRIDAY PARTY JULY SCORES July 5 Maxine Feller 3820 Esther Katz 3770 July 12     Charlene Kinder 4970      Phyllis Ward 4570 July 19    Shirley Williams  4000      Maxine Feller 3810 July 26      Marilyn Erickson  4160      Bobbie Johnson 4020


Fall will be here shortly. What happened to summer? As always we invite you and urge you to join us for bridge. We start at 6 pm with a nice variety of cookies, coffee and a little chit chat. Bridge begins at 6:30 pm. All intermediate players are welcome. July winners were Gabriella Lough and Marilyn Erickson, Galina Kraus and Bill Holland, and Lois Chant and Marianne Herkert


September is here, and we are SO EXCITED! It is time to sing again, and we want YOU! There are no auditions and you do not have to sing in front of the group…just come and have fun! Our first rehearsal is on September 5, at 10 am in the Mens Club Room, where we will begin practicing for our Holiday Concert. It will be held on Sunday, December 15 at 2 pm in Abravanel Hall. We will be singing most of the old favorites with a couple of “special surprises” for you! Our fourth annual raffle will follow the Concert, and those of you who have attended know what awesome prizes we have. You place your ticket(s) only toward the prizes you desire, so your odds are great! Membership in the Choral Society for the rest of the year is only $10, and you can drop a check in our envelope at the Front Desk. This includes all your music and your folder. If you have any questions about the group or would like to join us (hint, hint!), talk with any of our members or call Donna Russell at 760-945-5558. If you have ever thought singing might be fun, come and check us out… ”If you can hum, you can come!”

82 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013


WEEKEND FILMS: Films are shown in the Clubhouse Ladies Club Room every Friday, Saturday and Sunday unless exempted by a priority event or holiday. Show times are at 2:30, 5 and 7:30 pm unless the film is over 2 hours and 20 minutes. When this occurs, the 5 pm show will be omitted. The week’s program is published every Thursday and is available at the Front Desk in the Clubhouse and also on the Movie Hotline 760-7581216, Ext 5. It is advisable to check the MPAA ratings for possibly offensive subject matter before attending. Coming to Ocean Hills from approximately midSeptember to mid-October are: “Love is All You Need” (63), “Star Trek: Into Darkness” (78), “The East” (71), “Room 237” (73), “House of Cards (episodes 1-3 ” (82), “A Hijacking (Danish)” (77) and “The Great Gatsby” (67). If the first three episodes of “House of Cards,” a unique Netflix production, attract a sufficient audience, then episodes 4-13 will be shown. Some promising films that have just opened in theaters or are about to open by the end of October are: “Blue Jasmine,” “The Butler,” “The Counselor,” “Gravity,” “The Fifth Estate” and “Prisoners.” The numbers appearing after the film titles represent the combined average critical and popular rating on a scale of 0 to 100 by Rotten and A rating between 60 and 100 signifies the highest rated films. Please also check the recently updated Coming Attractions Bulletin Board posted outside the Mens Club Room for reserved films that are in circulation but not yet available in DVD. MIDWEEK FILMS: A critically praised contemporary Foreign Film from any country is shown every Wednesday at 7 pm only. This is in addition to the three scheduled shows on alternating Fridays. The title of the Foreign Film to be shown is available every Thursday from the Clubhouse Front Desk or by calling the Movie Hotline. Potential selections are to be found on the Coming Attractions Bulletin Board. Seating is on a first come, first served basis and guests of residents are always welcome. FOREIGN FILM CLASSICS: Scheduled on Monday, September 16 at 1 pm by the Foreign Film Classic Group is the 1979 German classic and Oscar winner “The Tin Drum” based on the popular 1959 novel by Gunter Grass. MUSICAL FINE ARTS: The Musical Fine Arts Group is next scheduled to meet on Saturday, August 7 at 10 am. The program will consist of a variety of orchestral favorites including Borodin’s “Symphony #2,” Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition,” Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” and Copland’s “Appalachian Spring.” If you are interested in joining either the Foreign Film Classic or Musical Fine Arts Group or in just attending one of the programs mentioned above, please contact the writer since seating is limited. Becoming a member would entitle you to automatically receive a monthly invitation and an annual program which can also be

Clubs and Activities found in the racks adjacent to the Clubhouse Front Desk. Frank Petronella 760-414-9070


The Ocean Hills Garden Club will meet Wednesday, September 11 in Abravanel Hall. Coffee and treats will be served during the social hour beginning at 9:30 am. The guest speaker begins at 10 am and the general meeting follows. Paul Isley, our guest speaker, will introduce many of us to Tillandsias. These exotic plants grow without soil and are commonly called Airplants. His talk, “The Cutting Edge of Ornamental Tillandsias in the 21st Century,” will explain how they can grow without soil and how they can survive weeks without watering. In addition, he will explain how we can grow them. His presentation will include many fabulous photos. During the 1960s, while Isley was student at UCLA, a friend introduced him to some “otherworldly shaped plants” hanging on his patio. In 1974, he travelled throughout Mexico and Guatemala and sent tillandsia plants back to Los Angeles. Upon his return, Isley glued the plants to grapewood and sold his creations at local swap meets. His “Tilly” adventure had begun. Paul Isley, Jerrold, Robinson, and William Harris formed Rainforest Flora, Inc. in 1976. R.F.I. is the world’s largest grower, hybridizer, and distributor of tillandsias; it also produces 100% of its own inventory. Rainforest Flora, Inc. made the commitment to become self-sufficient in the production of tillandsias which was no small undertaking since the plants take six to twenty years to mature from seeds. The business began with a passion for “tillys,” but has expanded to encompass other Bromeliad genera. Other Garden Club news: • The Flea Market is scheduled for Saturday, September 28, and the Garden Club booth will be chaired by Kathleen Payne and Irma Ojeda. Please help by donating plants, cuttings, vases, pots, or other items fellow gardeners would like to purchase. • Mark your calendars for the Holiday Luncheon to be held on Wednesday, December 11. The cost for this lovely paella and sangria feast will be $25 – sales begin at the October meeting. • The Garden Club will celebrate the Thirtieth Anniversary of OHCC on March 30 from 1:30 to 3:30. Cupcakes and drinks will be served and thirty flower arrangements will be raffled off.• The Flower Arranging classes are being scheduled for September 17 and 19 on the Lanai at 2 pm and September 20 and 24 on the Lanai at 10 am. Dwight Goldblatt will be teaching the classes and there will be a $10 charge for materials. Those attending are to bring clippers and a small, sharp knife. Each class will have space for six people. Those members who have already signed up for the class have been notified. If any spaces are left, you may sign up at the General Meeting on September ll. Here in Oceanside flowers bloom all year long, but elsewhere the chrysanthemum is one of the last flowers to bloom before winter settles in. Maybe that is why the

chrysanthemum is called “Queen of the Fall Flowers.” Mums are the most popular plant sold between August and November and, when cut, is very long lasting. For many women a pompom mum was “the” corsage to wear to Homecoming football games. For those born in November, the chrysanthemum is your birthday flower. In the language of flowers, chrysanthemums symbolize fidelity, optimism, joy, and a long life. Red chrysanthemums convey love; white mums symbolize truth and loyal love, while yellow mums symbolize slighted love. It is said that placing a single chrysanthemum petal in the bottom of a wine glass will encourage a healthy and long life. Cheers to the Chrysanthemum.


By Melvina Terry Did you know that plants reduce pollution? Plants are the best “dust mops” on earth, catching much of the twelve million tons of pollutants released into the atmosphere above the United States annually. Also, plants provide psychological well-being and physical exercise. In an American Medical Association survey, it was discovered that gardening was the most popular hobby among doctors. Another study from the University of Illinois shows that gardening eats up more calories than bicycling or walking. Traditionally, early September is Santa Ana time although we rarely have these conditions. Fierce desert winds can dry out your whole garden in a few hours. If they strike, remember to increase the amount you water. Also, you can treat those that are shocked by the heat with liquid vitamin B-1. Fertilize citrus and other fruit trees. Except for orchids, delay other fertilizing until the first of October. If you want cheerful, fragrant sweet peas by Christmas, now is the time to plant the seeds. Soak the seeds for a couple of hours or overnight before planting. This will enhance germination. It is the beginning of bulb planting time. Plant a few of each variety you choose, every three weeks September through November for an expanded bloom period. Many bulbs have to be treated as annuals as they require a cold winter to harden off. An exception is the paper white narcissus. These flowers have a fragrance that will fill your room for weeks. They can be grown indoors or outdoors. Another fragrant bulb to be planted this time of year is the freesia. The bulbs (actually corms) usually make their appearance in nurseries in mid-month. Freesias are South African natives that come in many colors. Plant the corms two inches deep with pointed ends up in a quick draining soil in a sunny location. Bulbs can be purchased locally in nurseries, in garden catalogs or visit www.

Be sure to check out all the great services and deals in the Classifieds! Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 83


Let me start by reminding you that you still have until September 3 at 3 pm to sign up for the Ocean Hills Open. It is a non-handicap tournament, and if anyone is interested call Joe Newmyer. Guys and Dolls will be played on Sunday, September 29.  Three or four person teams and $4 per person can be left on the casa door between August 26 and September 22. We have a real treat this month for the Touring Amateurs; on Monday, September 16 we will be playing at Shadowridge Country Club, a great full length course and a local one. We have two sponsors, Aegis at Vista and Lenhoff Wealth and Tax Advisory Board. It will be a 9 am shotgun and the cost is $45 per person, including cart. Please get your money to the Demarest’s home by September 9. Action Air will once again be sponsoring our Special Tournament on Monday and Tuesday, September 9 and 10. The cost is $8 and money, team and choice of day should be in the casa door by September 3. Any questions, call Darleen Kelch or Joan Kluis. The October Special Tournament will be sponsored by Pipes Plumbing on Monday and Tuesday, October 11 and 12, Have your money and choice of day by October 4. Thank you Rita Harper for arranging all these tournaments.  I would also like to remind folks about the 9 Hole Niners, who play every Tuesday at Noon, after the men’s group, on the front nine. If folks would like to play after the Niners, Mike Bell suggests waiting until 1:30 pm to avoid running into the players. Everyone is invited. Of added interest is the NuBees Golf Tournament, held Thursday, September 26. The cost is $10. It is a scramble, and Chairman Mike Ball says “serious golfers should know, we bend the rules a little,” so every can have fun. This includes a potluck dinner and spouses or significant others can attend for additional $5. For more details call Mike Ball at 760-295-0505. The Golf Derby and Hawaiian Luau was a huge success and Helen Sloan would like to thank her committee for all their help. Also we would like to thank Helen and Jack Stanley for their hard work.  


Helping Hands is an Ocean Hills volunteer group that maintains an inventory of wheelchairs, walkers, canes and crutches to help those in need. The equipment is available to all Ocean Hills residents without a charge. We also accept donations of the above items. We presently need four wheel walkers with seats. Our inventory is very low. If you have a four wheel walker that you are not using and would like to donate it to Helping Hands, call one of the volunteers listed below, we will pick it up.

84 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Thank you for your support. Jack Collar - 760-598-0580 Larry Bowers - 760-639-1989 Tim Wilbur - 760-639-5221 Dan Mathews, President - 760-724-2744


A big thank you to all Kennel Klub members who showed up for the annual Potluck Brunch held in Abravanel Hall. We had a wonderful assortment of food and our guest speaker was a Storyteller from NATIVE TALK who told three traditional Indian tales and also showed us local California Indian artifacts such as baskets, bows and arrows. Ellen Kippel, Kennel Klub President, told members that we are considering a name change for the Club so that it will be all pet inclusive. She asked everyone to think of a new name and to send that name to Ellen at her e-mail address or call her at 760-305-7114, Ellen also announced that the new turf being installed at the Dog Park will be “cooler” than previous versions and it will include “chlorophyll” to help eliminate urine odor. UPCOMING EVENTS Cat Connection Party – There will be a gathering of “Cat Owners” and friends of Cats on Thursday, October 10 at 2 pm on the Lanai. Lite refreshments will be served. The Kennel Klub annual meeting will be held in November. New Officers will be elected and we will announce the new name that was selected for the Club. More details later.


We realize that it’s not Spring, but we’d still like to ask you to do some “Spring” cleaning. Please look at your bookshelves, on top of your nightstand, on your coffee table or anywhere else where you might have put a library book and forgotten about it. We’ve noticed particularly that the biography section is slowly becoming depleted as is the paperback section. Although we would like you to return any books you’ve finished reading, we would particularly like the biographies and paperbacks returned. If you like having your bookshelves full, please come to the annual OHCC flea market on Saturday, September 28, and stock up. Our library will be selling hundreds of books at the unheard of price of three for $10. It’s a real bargain when you think about the price of just one new book. One last thing: If you’ve signed up for books, please let us know if you’ll be on vacation and for how long so that we don’t keep calling. We thank you so much for your consideration.

Clubs and Activities NEW BOOK PURCHASES – JULY 2013 TITLE, AUTHOR, CATEGORY THE 9th GIRL, Tami Hoag, Fic BAD MONKEY, Carl Hiaasen, Fic CHILDREN OF THE JACARANDA TREE, Sahar Delijani, Fic CHOKE POINT, Ridley Pearson, Fic CRIME OF PRIVILEGE, Walter Walker, Fic FEVER, Mary Beth Keane, Fic THE HEIST, Janet Evanovich, Fic THE KILL ROOM, Jeffery Deaver, Fic LADIES NIGHT, Mary Kay Andrews, Fic THE LAST ORIGINAL WIFE, Dorothea Benton Frank, Fic MOTHER DAUGHTER ME, Katie Hafner, NonFic RED SPARROW, Jason Matthews, Fic REVENGE WEARS PRADA, Lauren Weisberger, Fic THE STRIKER, Clive Cussler, Fic SWEET SALT AIR, Barbara Delinsky, Fic TRAINS AND LOVERS, Alexander McCall Smith, Fic TRANS ATLANTIC, Colum McCann, Fic UNSEEN, Karen Slaughter, Fic THE 9th GIRL, Tami Hoag, LP 12th OF NEVER, James Patterson and Maxine Pae, LP


There is a change in day and location of the Photography Club meeting for this month. We will be in a joint meeting with the Art Lovers Club on Tuesday, September 17, at 1 pm in the Mykonos Room. There will not be a separate meeting of the Photography Club this month. Our own Ernie Pick will be making the presentation to the two clubs on Tuesday, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.” We know Ernie as a skilled photographer who has traveled throughout the world capturing artistic moments through his camera lens. Please come to the meeting and enjoy Ernie’s talk on art in photography. Here is another reminder to put the September 17 date in your calendar, and there is no other Photo Club meeting this month. Bud DeMaris will be in the Computer/Photo Lab on Thursday, September 19, from 3 pm until 5 pm for oneon-one help with your digital camera and using it with a computer and printer. For those interested in hands-on experience using Photoshop Elements, Bud will attempt to help you with the particular area you are interested in. Guidance on using the scanner or photo printer is also available. Donated photo paper is available at no cost, or Epson paper of several styles can be purchased at cost from Bud.


OHSPA’S last show for 2013 will be held on Saturday, November 9, at 7:30 pm in Abravanel Hall. Tickets go on sale early October 1 in the Galleria and an OHSPA director will be at the Concierge Desk in the Clubhouse from 10 am until 2 pm on Tuesday, October 1 through Friday, October 4---AND you may buy as many tickets as you wish beginning October 1 at 10 am! Just bring your check made out to OHSPA and you choose your own seats. After the first week tickets will then be sold at the Front Desk of the Clubhouse until we are sold out. By now you know that OHSPA brings you topflight entertainment right here in your own backyard. “ABBAMania” will delight audiences of all ages so bring your friends and family. This is the all-time Number ONE “ABBA” production in the world and they are from Canada. The costumes are authentic, the live musical production is un-matched and you won’t believe all of the costume changes and choreography! They have performed all over the world and we are bringing them to Ocean Hills Country Club! Tickets are still only $25…can you believe that? Not sure how long that will last. Do keep in mind that it is your donations to OHSPA that make possible our subsidized, low-priced tickets. Donations to OHSPA make excellent memorial and celebratory tributes and are welcome throughout the year. We look forward to seeing you in Abravanel Hall for all the excitement at curtain time on November 9.

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 85

Clubs and Activities


On July 23, a paddle tennis tournament was organized by Harrison Frank and Marcia Haenle. This was an event sponsored by the Racquet Club to showcase the sport of “paddle tennis,” with 20 players participating in addition to 10 guests. Upper division winners were John Carlson–first place, David Fitzwilliam and Sally Palmer–second place, and Al Harruff–third place. Second division winners were Karen Kinney, Marcia Haenle, and Dirk Frowein–all tied for first, and Al Fried–second. Many thanks go out to Nike, who provided all of our winners with beautiful Dry-Fit Nike shirts! Everyone enjoyed a beautiful morning of paddle tennis and a luncheon from Jersey Mike’s Submarine Sandwiches, with fruit and dessert. Thanks go out to Harrison and Marcia, and to our scorekeepers Thor and Ellen Nelson! The annual “Red and Blue Tennis Tournament” was held on July 27th, headed up by Debi Vail. The Blue Team, lead by Glen Goglia, consisted of Chi Chang Lee, Stu Wohl, Karen Kinney, Jim Mulvey, Chuck Miller, Val Davis, Pam Green, David Smith, Joanne Goglia, Len Shapiro, and Glen Goglia. The Red Team, lead by Linda Vinkenbrink, consisted of Judy Gagnon, Lynn Montjoy, Jack Pivo, Terrel Campbell, David Dillon, David Koplar, Jane Aldrich, Al Harruff, Clair Lair, Fred Ostergaard, and Linda Vinkenbrink. Each player played three sets of no-add games with different partners. This year the “Red Team” was victorious! A “spirit” award provided by Famous Dave’s BBQ was given to Judy Gagnon on the Red Team, and Pam Green on the Blue Team. The Red Team players received a single-serve bottle of wine. Lunch was served on the Palm Court and consisted of deli sandwiches, salad, baked beans, beer and soda. Thanks so much to the following: Captains Linda Vinkenbrink for making the large charts and decorating and Glen Goglia for decorating, Joan McAlister, Roxie Carr and Rita Montjoy for lunch set up, and Thor Nelson for scorekeeping and, of course, to Debi Vail for making this such a fun event! Eleven players showed up for badminton on Friday, August 2, an all-time high! More of our people are learning to play this game! It is played on the first and third Fridays of the month at the Clubhouse courts; and in September, we will be on the courts at 8:30 am on both September 6 and 20. Schedule announcements are sent to Racquet Club members via email. Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 11, and don’t forget that you can find all Racquet Club information and photos at our website:


The OH Sailing Club wrapped up another active summer with four fun activities in July and August. On July 13, fifty-five Club members set sail on the Spirit of Dana Point, a replica of an eighteenth century privateer, out of Dana Point Harbor. Some of 86 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

the crew was conscripted to raise the sails and a few got to take the helm of this 118’ sailing vessel. On July 24, five boats raced in the Club’s annual regatta, with newly appointed Captain Hal Bolton and his crew taking the honors from defending club champion and fleet captain Bill Baker. Captain Bolton was awarded a trophy for his regatta win at the August meeting. On August 14, past-Commodore Wayne Strunk led a flotilla of five boats through the waterways of Coronado Cays to admire the impressive houses and boats in that community. Finally, the Club wrapped up its summer activities with its summer party on the Lanai. Betty Klaas, our Club Historian, would appreciate receiving copies of photos you may have taken at these events for our club scrapbook. While the pace of activities will slow down in the fall, there will still be opportunities for day sails. The best way to sign up is to attend the monthly meetings and sign up at the meeting. If you miss the meeting, check the Sailing Club folder at the Front Desk to see which captain is taking out a boat, and on which date. If the boat is not full, add your name to the list and put a check for $45 in the Club’s check envelope to be added to the sail. Priority goes to those who place their checks in the Sailing Club envelope earliest. Join us at our next meeting on September 3 to enjoy delicious snacks and drinks and to sign up for upcoming sails. Refreshments are served at 7 pm and the business meeting begins at 7:30 pm.


Meeting Times: lst Thursday: 9:30am Business Meeting 2nd Thursday: 9:30 own projects 3rd Thursday: 9:30 sewing or craft 4th Thursday: 9:30 sewing or craft Every Tuesday afternoon: 1-3pm Beading Tuesday Evenings: 6-8pm Informal Meetings Every Friday: 1-3 pm Quilting The weather is not turning cold yet but it is still starting to feel like fall; Harvest and Halloween decorations are starting to appear and kids are back at school. September 28 is the whole village garage sale. As well as household items, there are frequently craft items, including jewelry, for sale. The Sewing Club does not have a booth but members do sell things they’ve made - check it out. Also stop by the Garden Club booth and pick up plants for fall planting - the best time to plant in our area. Our September projects include a reverse applique sweatshirt and working on cradle quilts. The 100 quilts needed for this year are done; I hope you saw them on display at the May potluck. We still have some blocks cut and are going to have a workshop putting them together to get a jump on 2014. It is easier to store completed cradle quilts than all the bits and pieces.  Reverse applique is where you put the printed fabric on the inside of the garment and then cut away parts of the garment to let the print show through. It will be an interesting technique to learn.

Clubs and Activities

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 87

The Quilting group will be working on the Circle Quilt we saw at the Del Mar spring craft show. Currently the plan is to make a poinsettia using this technique. It is an amazing technique; the batting and all the edges are finished as you go along. Stop at one, you have a placemat; add more you can go up to any size bedspread. It has to be seen to be believed. The timing on projects is always subject to change so - if you are a member, check Shannon’s email - if you are new to the Club, a few printed copies of the schedule are in the Sewing Room on the side cabinets. As always has pictures of our members, show and tell, past projects and newsletters.


The Senior Fitness Club meets Tuesdays at 1 pm and Thursdays at 11 am in Abravanel Hall. The annual dues are $5 and the class fee is $3 per class. The classes consist of low-impact exercise, including balance and coordination, flexibility and range of motion, stretching and strengthening. Come on down and join us! Instructor, Carl Grubbs, is a Senior Fitness Coach who has taught Senior Fitness classes at OHCC and other locations for over 12 years. He has won numerous medals in the Senior Olympics.


The Village Dancers want to invite you to attend “A TRIBUTE TO OKLAHOMA!” The State with “Plenty of Heart and Plenty of Hope,” on September 29 at 2 pm in Abravanel Hall. We’re sure you’ll remember the 1955 movie with Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones in her film debut. Our teacher, Ellie Oakley, has created a delightful show with dancing, singing, and skits. The dancing includes a ballet number, several theater dance numbers, and some tap dances as well. We know you will enjoy this lovely afternoon treat. Tickets are only $10, and the proceeds will benefit OHSPA. Tickets will go on sale September 9. You can come to the Concierge’s Desk on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the month of September from 10 am to 2 pm. If you have any questions, please call Rona Cole at 760-295-4299.

To advertise in next month’s issue, call Linda Woods, 760-685-6727 88 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013


Theater Arts will feature the magnificent magician Spellman at the meeting, Monday, September 2 at 7 pm. This meeting is free and open to all residents of Ocean Hills Country Club! Please join us for a fabulous evening of fun and excitement! We have just completed a two week Directors’ Workshop, led by Al Valletta, who has directed many shows in the area, including two for Theater Arts. We are looking forward to our productions on October 25 and 26 and the input from our new directors! At that time we will be presenting POT POURRI, featuring three one-act plays, a special performance by our Playreaders group, and several musical groups including the Village Jammers. The one act plays include Deepest Secrets, written by Cathy Lyness Wilson, and The Business Card, written by Frank Ritter, both authors are OHCC residents. The third one-act play is 1st Floor, 2nd Floor, written by Olivia Arieti. Add it to your calendar now! Interested in reading plays aloud in a stress free environment? Join our Playreaders group, led by Steve and Virginia McConnell, which meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 1 pm in the Clubhouse. Our November meeting will be on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3, when we will be presenting the San Diego Harmony Ringers, bringing the art of handbell music to the community, to usher in the holiday season. This promises to be a very lovely and unique performance. The Theater Arts holiday party will be on Monday, December 2; the theme is yet to be decided. Mark your calendars and stay tuned!


Our monthly meeting will be held on Monday, September 9, 6:30 pm, in Abravanel Hall. Randy Case of AFC Tours will be giving a preview of their 2014 trips. The September meeting is open to all OHCC residents. September 26, Little Italy & Gondola Ride - This trip sold out within 10 days of announcement and there is a long Waiting List. Only a lucky 44 people will be able to enjoy this adventure. October 17, Inland Empire Tour-Maloof Residence and Graber Olive House - $70. We will see the historic residence of master woodworker, Sam Maloof and view many skillfully created timeless treasures created by his hands, as well as many other fine artists. Graber Olive House is a world famous and historic olive ranch since 1894. We will tour the olive processing facility and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and historic museum on the premises. Mission Inn Brunch and Tour, Sunday, December 8 $100. If you want to take the tour, add another $13. This day will certainly get you in the holiday spirit as we enjoy a fabulous brunch and await the lighting of this historical Inn in its entire holiday splendor. Palm Springs Follies, “The Last Hurrah,” Friday Matinee, January 31, 2014 - $100. Yes, this is their

Clubs and Activities

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 89

Clubs and Activities final season. If you have never been to the Follies, this is something you don’t want to miss. If you have gone before, you will have bragging rights to having been present at their last memorable event. A picnic lunch will be served on the bus and dinner will be on your own after the performance. Detailed flyers on all trips sponsored by the Travel Club are located in the Trip racks at the Clubhouse. You may sign up for trips by leaving a check in the Travel Club envelope at the Front Desk at any time. Unless otherwise noted, all trips are coordinated by Heidi Boynton, 760-295-8990.


Although September denotes fall in most places in the country, here at Ocean Hills it still feels like summer and makes us want to keep partying and, speaking of parties, we must thank Marian Reed and her committee for the successful dinner, dance, and party, “Country As A Girl Can Be” on August 26. A good time was had by all. Christine Alesiani, our instructor, has returned from a vacation in Italy and is resuming her Level 1 class on Mondays from 12:30 to 2 pm and her Level 2 class on Tuesdays from 10:30 am to 12 pm. These classes are $5

90 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

a session. Betty Heyer, a resident of Ocean Hills, took over teaching Christine’s classes while she was gone. The review class which Betty also teaches every Monday from 2 to 3:30 pm is temporarily discontinued while Betty continues her recovery from a health issue. Please direct any questions you might have about Line Dancing to our president, Grace Spencer at 760-295-2853.


It is very hard to believe that we are entering the last four months of 2013. I am sure you will agree that time flies, far too quickly at this stage of our game. Our students are about three- quarters of the way through their training and doing very well. We look forward to them graduating and joining the rest of the Club members at our Wednesday dances in 2014.  Our lively President Ellen Kippel will be the focus of this month’s article. She was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Twenty-nine years later she moved to California with her job. Five months later she met Ken and they have been together ever since. That was 1975.  After College, she was among some of the first people to volunteer for the newly formed Domestic Peace Corps, set up by President Kennedy. In Atlanta, Georgia she and her roommate ran a Community Center in a depressed

Clubs and Activities

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Clubs and Activities

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neighborhood, three blocks down the street from Martin Luther King’s home. They had a daycare center and worked to keep the “kids off the street.” She says that she joined Vista (Volunteers in Service to America) because she wanted to help the people of America, instead of joining the Peace Corps and helping the people of the world. She found her calling! Her career has been in the Insurance Industry, where she worked first in Claims, then Underwriting, and last sales in Customer Service. She retired with 40 years under her belt and loved working with people the most.  During a brief period of unemployment Ken pointed out a training course with H and R Block that he thought she would be interested in taking. This, along with a crash course in preparing tax forms, gave her the knowledge she needed to find a job as a Volunteer Income Tax Assistant for the IRS, helping the people of low income. Until they retired this was a one day a week job. But, when they moved to OHCC in 2007, she was given her own sight to work from, and it gradually became a five day a week job during Tax Season. Ellen says she receives great joy from working with the people and enjoys the challenges that it represents. As you might know, this problem solving and love of people, influences all her work in this Village as well. Ellen is President of Village Squares and the Kennel Club, Secretary of Zante Village Board, Treasurer of the Can Do Club, and active in CERT. That’s just what she is doing this year. She has held many other positions in organizations within the Village in the past as well. Ken and Ellen have been Square Dancing since they arrived in the Village. After much encouragement from a friend, they attended the open house and enjoyed it. They have been experiencing the joy of being a part of the “best Club in the village,” ever since. 



North County Specialist CA DRE #01893086

The September Village Vets meeting will bring a “once in an OHCC lifetime” speaker to Abravanel Hall who has lived for many years financing counterterrorism. Yes, you read it correctly “financing counterterrorism.” This will be a very lively presentation about how terrorist acts are financed and how the

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Clubs and Activities State Department’s Office of Counterterrorism Finance tries to stop terrorism. This speaker is an authority on international finance, trade and law. Marilyn Bruno’s expertise includes developing and implementing strategies for public and private sector anti-money laundering (AML) and counterterrorism finance (CTF). Her education, as well as licenses, certifications and professional affiliations will “knock your socks off!” She will have case studies on how 911 and other early terrorist acts were financed and will discuss United States response such as “new laws, old laws, and engaging the world in global war on terrorism.” You are not going to want to miss this meeting. It will be on Thursday, September 26 at 3 pm in Abravanel Hall.


September is here and I guess that means the end of summer. Isn’t it nice living in a place where that statement doesn’t mean a whole lot with respect to our weather? It seems like we always have nice weather for our hikes. This month is going to be a very busy one. If you’re not yet a member, come on out and join us on one of our hikes. We love to see neighbors who like to walk or hike and who would like to join us in the fun and

94 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

fellowship of our Club. Fees are still only $8 a year. There are two Hikes scheduled for this month as well as an overnight trip. The first is on Thursday, September 12 when we will head over to Mission Bay area to walk Sail Bay. We have hiked Mission Bay area many times before, but not around Sail Bay. The walk is all on paved walkways and the only thing that raises it from easy to moderate is the length of the hike. The loop totals about five miles. As with all of our hikes, you can go as far as you like then head back if it seems that five miles is too much for you. Lunch will be at Ki’s Restaurant in Cardiff. Our second hike will be on Friday, September 27 when we head over to the Batiquitos Lagoon. This lagoon is another of San Diego County’s coastal wetlands. There is a wonderful trail here and it offers exceptional birding opportunities as you stroll along the virtually flat trail for a distance of 3 to 5 miles. This is an out and back hike although the walkers will be dropped off at a spot where they will not have to walk the entire distance. Lunch will be at Pelly’s Fish Market in Carlsbad. We are going to be hiking in Idyllwild September 17, 18 and 19. There is still time to join in the fun on this trip. Contact me at 760-842-8858 if you are interested. Also coming up on October 1 will be our annual picnic at San Diegito Park. This is a potluck with the Club supplying the meat or veggie burger entrees, so contact

Clubs and Activities

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 95

Clubs and Activities Valerie Davis to sign up. All of our hikes start at the Overflow Parking Lot where we meet at 8:30 am and carpool to the trailhead. Remember to help out the driver with some gas money if you are in a carpool. If you would like more details on any of our hikes or on the Club, please call Jack Shabel at 760-842-8858. See you on the trails.


“The Wine Tasting Club” is a Club of likeminded individuals who get together once a month to learn about wines in a party atmosphere while enjoying the wine, the good food and the enjoyment of others. The cost is $6 per person for a yearly membership and a $10 per person wine fee to attend the monthly wine tastings. Brochures are available in the Clubhouse that contain all the information you’ll need to get you “tasting.” If there are any questions or if you need further information, please call Bruce Brady at 512-686-1453.


Welcome to September. The holidays are bearing down on us quickly. Christmas toys for Camp Pendleton are now a high priority. Members, who have not yet volunteered to help, please call Larry Bowers. The Woodchucks once again are in charge of the Annual Flea Market. The date is Saturday, September 28. This annual event is quite large and it is a perfect time to empty your garage. The Woodchucks will have a table to raise some extra money. Your items can be dropped off at the woodshop and put in the back room. Just mark the items for the flea market. We need at least ten volunteers to help run the show to direct parking and direct sellers to their tables. Call and leave a message on Larry Bowers’ answering machine. Just a few reminders about using the shop--please make sure that you sign-in. The wood in the shop is for projects done in the shop, not to remodel your house.


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96 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

If there is a name on wood or the word “save,” please do not use this wood as it belongs to a member. You have to keep in mind that the shop may only have basic tools for your project. Be prepared to supply your own items necessary for your work. All tools belonging in the shop are not allowed out of the shop other than the skil saw. You may keep it for three days and make sure you sign it out. Safety is the big subject as always. If you do not, or are not sure on how to do a procedure, call and get help. There are telephone numbers on the wall. We are over fifteen years old with a great track record. Let us keep it that way by thinking before doing.


REMINDER: OUR NEXT YIDDISH CLUB MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE ON OCTOBER 28 AT 7 PM. TIBI ZOHAR WILL BE OUR GUEST SPEAKER. More information will follow in the October Newsletter. “L’Shana Tova—Happy New Year.” I sometimes hear my Jewish friends ask, “Is Rosh Hashanah early or late this year?” Actually, the date of this holy day does not change. It is always celebrated on the first day of the month of Tishri. Yom Kippur, (the Day of Atonement), is always celebrated on the tenth day of Tishri. Why the confusion? Why are these holidays sometimes celebrated “early” in September or” late” in October? Why do they oscillate back and forth? Last year, 2012, Rosh Hashanah was celebrated on September 17 and 18. This year it will be observed on September 5 and 6. Why this discrepancy? The answer is rather complex, but I will try to make the concept understandable. The Jewish calendar is based on the revolution of the moon around the earth. This is known as a LUNAR calendar. The time it takes for the moon to make a complete revolution around the earth averages 29 ½ days. The calendar used by most of the world, known as the CIVIL, (aka Gregorian), calendar, relates to the solar year, or the time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun. As you know, this takes about 365 ½ days. There are only 354 days in a lunar year; therefore, there is a difference of 11 days between the solar and the lunar year. There is a progressive loss of 11 days each year when comparing the LUNAR calendar to the SOLAR calendar. To compensate for this “drift” a thirteenth month is occasionally added to the Jewish calendar for the purpose of moving the dates back. This constant manipulation causes the dates on the Jewish calendar to move forward and back when compared to the CIVIL calendar. If you have difficulty understanding this explanation, you’re not alone. I don’t fully understand it either. IF YOU NEED A RIDE TO ANY OF OUR PROGRAMS, PLEASE CONTACT DON KENT AT 760-216-6235. IF YOUR ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL HAS CHANGED, PLEASE CONTACT JOYCE GERBER (MEMBERSHIP) AT 760-941-2596.

Clubs and Activities

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013 97

Classifieds / Miscellaneous


Newsletter • Volume 22, Number 9 •

ADULT CARE — Experienced caregiver willing to take live-in or hourly. Light cleaning, cooking, driving to and from doctor appointments. Ocean Hills references. Call 760-828-7094. (9-13) MASSAGE THERAPIST and CNA — Kind and upbeat yet sensitive. Affordable prices. References. Please call Cheri, 760-631-2238. (10-13) OWNER ESTATE SALE SEPT. 6TH & 7TH 5073 AEGINA WAY, 8 AM TO 4 PM Beautiful dining room set, hutch, adjustable beds, tilt chair, couches and other furniture, lamps, china and stemware. All items in excellent condition. Questions, please call Melissa: 435-645-7339 CALL CARMEN’S CLEANING for all your cleaning needs big and small! Free estimates. Excellent Ocean Hills references. Call 760-994-5680. (9-13)

Chris Bessey, Managing Editor Sandy Fiore, Administrative Assistant Louise Ries, Event Coordinator Denise McClenaghan, Front Desk Receptionist Kathy Murdock, Office Manager, HOA

NOTARY PUBLIC Mary Rita De Pietro 760-726-8915 – Ocean Hills (8-14) CAREGIVER — Personal care, transportation, meal preparation, light housekeeping. 15 years in the Village. References. Call Kathee, 760-712-9534. (*) CALL TOM HENDERSON from Henderson’s Handyman Services for your home repair needs, 760-216-0180. I specialize in interior and exterior carpentry, drywall, painting, fencing, irrigation, minor plumbing and electrical repairs, etc. (12-13) CHUCKO PAINTING — Interior & Exterior 17 years in Ocean Hills. OHCC References. 760-639-0761 or 760-525-4825 (8-13) CAREGIVING — Homemaker companions. Hygiene and bathing. Meal prep. Medication reminders. Errands/ light housekeeping. OHCC refs. Maria Marquez, 760-448-0129. TWO AMIGOS — Landscaping and Gardening. Reasonable rates. Ocean Hills references. No job too big or small. Tony 760-305-8831. ALL YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS Vacations, Cruises, Airlines, Rental Cars Agent Marsha Leichner • 760-470-7368 (9-13) MADELENE’S ALTERATIONS AND TAILORING 3768 Via Del Rancho, Oceanside, CA 92056 760-630-4993. Just one short block from the back gate. Please call for appt. Over 42 years experience. (11-13)

98 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • September 2013

Classifieds / Miscellaneous UPHOLSTERER 20 years. Free estimates. Reasonable rates. Call Mario, 760-940-0681 (*)

I’LL DRIVE YOU ANYWHERE Joyce Smith 760-685-0435 (*)

PROFESSIONAL HOUSECLEANING SERVICES Licensed and bonded. English speaking. 12 years exp. Supplies provided. Excellent refs. Free estimates. Vicky Martin, 760-807-6502(*)

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PROFESSIONAL HOUSE CLEANING Village References. Call for quote. Maria, (760) 470-5676, (760) 433-6330 (*)

LIFE QUALITY CARE In-home care hourly/daily/monthly. 15 years exp. Personal hygiene, medical assistance, Hospice patients, light housekeeping, meal prep, errands, laundry and doctor’s appts. Male and female caregivers avail. 24 hours a day. Local refs avail. Lily 760-672-3848. (6-13)

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OHCC September 2013  
OHCC September 2013  

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