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July 2012

JULY HIGHLIGHTS Wednesday - 4 Independence Day BBQ at Lanai 6:30 pm Monday – 16 BOD Meeting 10:00am Mykonos Room Wednesday – 18 Community Patrol Seminar 1:00pm - Abravanel Hall

“WE LOVE OUR CLUBHOUSE” Month ICE CREAM SOCIAL Friday, July 27, 2-3pm No Charge

Thursday – 19 BOD Meeting-Second Session 1:30pm – Mykonos Room Friday – 27 ICE CREAM SOCIAL 2:00pm - Clubhouse

4th of July BBQ Poolside on the 4th at 6:30pm Sponsored by the Recreation Department Pool Area Will Close at 2pm

Mall Trip to Downtown Carlsbad is Monday, July 23, 10 am. Call Clubhouse at 760.758.8772

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OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES MAY 3, 2012 D IRECTORS PRE SENT Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President Leon Cole, Secretary Dave Rowley, Treasurer Barry Farrell, Director David Hefler, Director Ira Landis, Director D IR E C T O R S A B S E N T None M ANAGEMENT PRESENT Becky Groenewold, General Manager Tom Hogan, Landscape Operations Director Dottie Ulmer, Executive Administrative Assistant OT HER S P RESE NT Jim Vinneau, O’Connell Landscape; Homeowners: Beth Cook, Sig Gronich, Jim Kaminsky, Frank Petronella The following agenda items were discussed at the Executive Meeting of May 3, 2012: Hearings, Executive Committee Reports, Personnel Issues, Legal Opinions, Potential Litigation, Delinquency Review, and Approval of Minutes

President Baur requested that the items be taken out of order to accommodate presenters and interested parties. The Board agreed.

N EW BUS I NE SS I n s u r a n c e f o r C l ub Acti v it i es There is D&O Insurance that covers the Social Clubs Board and Board members. OHCC’s liability coverage extends to the Club members use of the Clubhouse. Upon renewal of the Master Association Policy in March 2012, the deductible increased to $25,000 per occurrence. In an effort to manage risk exposure, any vendor providing services should be required to provide an endorsement naming OHCC & PCM as additional insured to their policy. A draft OHCC Insurance Requirements Recommendation was presented to the Master Board for review and discussion. After discussion, the Board made several revisions and agreed that additional insurance requirements are necessary for OHCC vendors. It was stated that the Recreation Department would assist

President Baur called the Special Meeting to order at 3:20 p.m. in the HOA Conference Room

UNFINISHED BUSINESS Can non Roa d Updat e Jim Vinneau, President of O’Connell Landscape, provided an update on the Cannon Road Project. He stated that turf has been removed where needed, trees have been planted, boulders have been installed, dg path has been cut, and the irrigation should be completed by next Friday. There was one homeowner comment.

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012


Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES MAY 3, 2012 with the implementation of the procedures and after six months, they will review the procedures. Any situations not covered in this Guideline will be reviewed by Staff and, if necessary, submitted to the Master Board for clarification. Several revisions were made to the proposed policy.

authorize the FMC to pur sue design/build estimates f or adding the lanai deck area to the pool dec k replace ment. Motion passed unanimously. There was one homeowner comment.

O H C C B r o c h ur e

Motion made and seconded (D. Rowley/D. Hefler) to approve the OHCC Insurance Requirements Recommen dations with changes. Motion passed unanimously. There were three homeowner comments.

F M C – L a n a i & P o ol D e c k Dennis Lady, FMC Member, requested the Master Board consider a request of the FMC to research the possibility of removing and replacing the lanai area at the same time as the pool deck. It would be more cost effective to replace both areas at the same time.

Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/D. Hefler) to

The Marketing & Communication Committee is requesting funds to develop and publish an OHCC Brochure. The Brochure will be a marketing tool intended to give insights into the OHCC lifestyle.

Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/D. Hefler) to approv e an OHCC Brochure be dev eloped by a profes s i o n a l g r ap h i c ar ti s t an d 500 c ol or b r oc h u r es b e d el i v ered to OHCC f or a cost not to e xceed $300. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: GL #5046 Survey for New Homeowners A priority of the Marketing & Communication Committee is to gather information to determine why individuals chose to move into OHCC. A New Residents Survey has been developed and being presented to the Master Board for their review.

Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/I. Landis) to approv e the New Residents Surv ey to allow the MCC to begin marketing resear ch on what draws new resi dents to OHCC . Favor – 6, Against – 1 (Director Cole – the current format of the New Residents Survey is too overwhelming). UNFINISHED BUSINESS Han dboo k of R ules & Re gulations President Baur stated that revisions to the Handbook were sent out for an additional thirty (30) day comment period. The Board discussed the additional comments that were received on the proposed revisions to


OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

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OHCC Newsletter • July 2012


Association News the Handbook of Rules and Regulations. After public reading and further discussion, the Board determined that there are no major revisions to the proposed Handbook of Rules and Regulations that require another thirty (30) day comment period.

M oti on m ad e an d s ec on d ed (I . L a n d i s / D . R o w l ey ) to approv e the “Handbook of Rules and Regulations” w i t h t h e l a t es t r ev i s i o n s i n c or p o r ate d i n to th e fi n al document to become effectiv e 15 days after adoption (May 18, 2012). Motion passed unanimously. There were two homeowner comments.

Tree Maintenance Policy The Master Board approved the OHCC Tree Maintenance Policy on March 15, 2012, and it was sent out for a 30-day membership review in the OHCC Newsletter. No written comments have been received by the HOA Office.

Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/I. Landis) to adopt the Tree Maintenance Policy f or immediate implementation. Motion passed unanimously. There was one homeowner comment.

Traffic Survey (Rick Engineering) On February 16, 2012, the Master Board approved a proposal to perform a traffic analysis of signage and road markings within OHCC. Rick Engineering Company evaluated the internal roadways within OHCC and provided the attached recommendations to aid in traffic calming and to enhance safety for vehicles and pedestrians. General Manager Groenewold suggested the Master Board review the report and invite the Project Engineer from Rick Engineering Company to make a presentation to the Board. It was the consensus of the Board to continue discussion at the Regular May Board Meeting. There was one homeowner comment.

N E W BU SI N ES S A B 2273 This item required no action as the Housing Committee received enough votes to move AB 2733 into the Assembly. There were no homeowner comments.

L I E N & B A D D E B T W R I T E - O FF The Board reviewed Accounts #2330186-1, #23302983, #2380170-0, AND #2330044-3 in Executive Session.

Motion made and seconded (l. Cole/B. Farrell) to approv e recor dation of a lien on Separate Interest of Accounts #2330186-1, # 23 3 02 9 8 -3 , & # 2 3 8 0 1 7 0 - 0 . Motion passed unanimously. Motion made and seconded (D. Hefler/B. Farrell) to approv e the bad debt write off on Separate Interest of Account #2330044-3 in the amount of $415. Motion passed unanimously. NON-AGENDA I T EM S There were no homeowner comments. There being no further business to discuss at this time, the meeting was adjourned at 5:35 p.m. 6

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

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OHCC Newsletter • July 2012


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OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES MAY 14 & 17, 2012 The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Ocean Hills Country Club Homeowners Association Board of Directors was held on May 14 & 17, 2012, at 4701 Leisure Village Way, Oceanside, California.

May 14, 2012 Directors Present Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President Dave Rowley, Treasurer Leon Cole, Secretary Barry Farrell, Director David Hefler, Director Ira Landis, Director Directors Absent None Management Present Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Admin. Asst. First Session – May 14, 2012 President Baur called the Regular Meeting to order at 10:06 a.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice President Takemoto.

May 17, 2012 Directors Present Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President Leon Cole, Secretary Barry Farrell, Director David Hefler, Director Ira Landis, Director Directors Absent Dave Rowley, Treasurer Management Present Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Admin. Asst. I. PRESIDENT’S REPORT President Baur apprised the membership as to the matters to be addressed, and items completed, as well as Executive Sessions and Special Board Meetings held since the last monthly Board Meeting. The Board held an Emergency Executive Session on April 19, 2012 to discuss

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012


Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES MAY 14 & 17, 2012 potential litigation. The Board held an Executive Session and a Special Board Meeting on May 3, 2012. The Executive Session held hearings; reviewed Executive Committee reports, delinquencies, legal opinions, and litigation; discussed a personnel issue; and approved Executive minutes. At the Special Board Meeting, the Board adopted the Tree Maintenance Policy and the Handbook of Rules and Regulations; reviewed a draft recommendation of the Traffic Study; approved the insurance requirements for vendors used for club events and private events at OHCC, the Marketing & Communication Committee recommendations to produce a PR brochure and to take a Survey of Homeowners, the FMC recommendation to include the lanai in the bids for a new pool and spa deck, liens, and a bad debt; the MCC website presentation was postponed to the Thursday meeting and the Delinquency Policy was tabled awaiting legal opinion. In addition, Jim Vinneau, President of O’Connell Landscape Maintenance, presented an update on the Cannon Road renovation.

projects currently underway: The City of Oceanside required an irrigation exhibit on the Cannon Road Project and it has been submitted. The project is on track for meeting the June 10th deadline. The Landscape Committee has reviewed tree requests and recommendations have been submitted to the Board. The proposed CC&R amendments for contract length and rental properties will be reviewed at the regular May board meeting and to be included on the ballot for August. The HOA Conference Room renovation is going smoothly. The Handbook of Rules and Regulations will become effective May 18, 2012 and will be distributed during the decal process. Robyn Dawson took a webinar on Rules Enforcement and has signed up for one on Reserve Studies. The Recreation Department recently hired Staff for outside maintenance of the Clubhouse and one opening remains unfilled.

II I. TREASURER’S REPORT II. MANAGEMENT REPORT In the Management Report, Becky Groenewold, General Manager, apprised the membership as to the primary

10 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Treasurer, David Rowley, gave the following Treasurer’s Report: At close of the first month of the 2012-2013 fiscal year, we are in strong financial condition with reserves of

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OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 11

Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES MAY 14 & 17, 2012 $3,360,003 and an operating surplus of $122,825. There were no significant over or under budget variances for the month of April. Total assets of $4,741,620 include $3,373,045 worth of FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit. A copy of the Financial Statement is available for review in the HOA Office.

IV. PRESENTATION OF ACTION ITEMS AND HOMEOWNER INPUT President Baur requested that items be taken out of order to accommodate presenters and the Board agreed.

NEW BUSINESS A. Traffic Survey – Rick Engineering Brian Stephenson, of Rick Engineering, made a presentation to the Board on the proposed recommendations to aid in traffic calming and enhance safety for vehicles and pedestrians. He stated that OHCC is designed to current traffic standards and it was difficult to find ways to make traffic improvements. After a lengthy discussion, Mr. Stephenson was requested to provide additional information and recommendations to the Board for Thursday’s meeting. There was a discussion about the reflectivity of the signage at night. The General Manager stated that some of the recommendations can be accomplished in conjunction with the asphalt work that is currently being proposed for OHCC.

Motion made and seconded (D. Hefler/D. Rowley) to

12 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES MAY 14 & 17, 2012 appoint an Executive Committee of the Board consisting of Secretary Cole and Member Landis to work with Staff and bring specific recommendations to the Master Board for review and action at Thursday’s meeting , May 17, 2012. Motion passed unanimously. There were five homeowner comments. UNFINISHED BUSINESS

updated Priority List as follows: 1) Cannon Road entry to guard gate and to LVW; 2) HOA area in front of Office building and paddle tennis courts; 3) Athos corner along LVW; 4) P&K areas from LVW to the Golf Course (opposite “the Park”); and 5) Arcadia outer slope adjacent to Carlsbad Ecological Preserve. There was discussion of possibly working on a few priorities simultaneously. It was suggested that presentations be made to the homeowners before proceeding with a project.

B. Cannon Road Turf Renovation Update Jon Luis, O’Connell Landscape Maintenance, reported that the renovation is scheduled to be completed on time. The City of Oceanside has required changes to the irrigation and that larger trees be planted and a Change Order in the amount of $10,540 will be submitted to the Master Board for review and approval. There were three homeowner comments.

Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/L. Cole) to approve the Landscape Committee recommendations to the updated Priority List and the Committee will provide an RFP prior to proceeding with any work. Motion passed unanimously. There were three homeowner comments. UNFINISHED BUSINESS A. Goals

COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS A. Landscape Committee – Tree Maintenance Recommendations On April 16 & 25, 2012, the Landscape Committee performed inspections of trees that had been requested to be removed or trimmed by homeowners. President Baur thanked the Landscape Committee and Staff for their hard work. It was the consensus of the Board to accept the report as submitted. Tom Hogan, Landscape Operations Director, will prepare a Scope of Work and send it out for three bids.

Motion made and seconded (L. Cole/D. Rowley) to approve the removal of 35 trees and the trimming of one tree as recommended by the Landscape Committee. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: Tree Service Contract #5290-1008. There were three homeowner comments. B. Landscape Committee – Priority List On May 4, 2012, the Landscape Committee approved an

The Board discussed the Goal List and made several revisions in the priorities.

Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/D. Hefler) to mandate the FMC (Design Sub-Committee) to look into renovating all public aspects of the HOA (receptionist and bathrooms) as a Priority “A”. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments NEW BUSINESS B. Proposed CC&R Amendments Contract Length – Currently there is a conflict between the By-Laws and the CC&R’s in the length of term of contracts. Amending the CC&R’s would alleviate the conflict.

Motion made and seconded (L. Cole/D. Rowley) to approve the proposed CC&R amendment language for 4.01(j) for contract length and that it be placed on the ballot for the Annual Meeting in August 2012. Motion passed unani-

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 13

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The meeting was recessed at 1:15p.m. until 1:30 p.m., Thursday, May 17, 2012.

Rental Properties – Due to concerns of short term rentals and assignment of rents at OHCC, the Master Board requested Legal Counsel to draft a CC&R amendment to address the issue of short term rentals and delinquent homeowners.

SESSION II, May 17, 2012

Motion made and seconded (L. Cole/B. Farrell) to approve the proposed CC&R amendments language for 5.10 and 7.01 to be placed on the ballot for the Annual Meeting in August 2012. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: Annual Election Expense #5017-1002. There were two homeowner comments. C. Insurance Requirements for Vendors On May 3, 2012, the Master Board approved the OHCC Insurance Requirements for activities/events held at the Clubhouse and/or on Common Area. President Baur and Vice President Takemoto met with the Social Clubs on May 7, 2012, and there was a concern with the need for insurance for “bands and dj’s” as they present a low risk in terms of liability. There was a discussion regarding the “grandfathering” of current instructors who have credible and sustained accident-free history. It was stated that Staff will investigate procedures with the insurance companies regarding notification on cancellation of insurance policies.

Motion made and seconded (A. Takemoto/L. Cole) to approve the OHCC Insurance Requirements , as revised (less “bands & dj’s”), and send out for a thirty (30) day comment period by all homeowners. Favor – 4, Against – 2, Motion passed. (Secretary Cole and Member Landis agreed that there could be a risk for someone who is “grandfathered”.) VII. RECESS

President Baur reconvened the Regular Board Meeting at 1:35 p.m.

VIII. STAFF REPORTS The following Staff Members gave their reports: RECREATION – Chris Bessey, Recreation Director, reported that a storage reel, guide and cover for the pool lane line markers is on order; SDGE announced they will not reimburse any claims on the outage in September; tickets for the July 4th celebration will go on sale May 24 for $25 per person; adjustments will be made to the bus scheduled beginning June 2 and a sub-committee of the CSC will make a report to the Master Board in June; the Dog Park is now open at 12 noon; and Jacinto Valenzuela has been hired for outside maintenance at the Clubhouse. MAINTENANCE – Chuck Pierce, Director, reported that seal coating and striping is scheduled from June 5 to June 13 and notices will be placed in the mail tubes of the affected areas; the annual wood floor maintenance is in progress; Seaside Heating has begun replacing damaged HVAC ducting throughout the Clubhouse; Kelly Painting has completed painting of the common area walls and a new list of walls to be painted will be created; the interiors of the guard houses have been painted; the installation of the communication equipment in the HOA Conference Room is pending; and exterior lighting at the Clubhouse is being converted to 40 watt induction lamps. LANDSCAPE –Tom Hogan, Director, reported that the trees and shrubs have been planted, boulders placed, dg path installed and final grading and drip irrigation is currently underway on the Cannon Road project; the Registered Consulting Arborist is assessing Phase 2 trees; bids are being obtained for the tree removals that the Board approved on May 14; OHCC continues to maintain a 20% water cutback; a presentation on the VP and Turf Guard systems will be made at the Golf Course Committee meeting on May 31; Golf Course operations is $14,042.63 under budget; and landscape common operations is $29,257.45 under budget. There was a discussion on the Purchasing Policy and the need for Landscape to maintain a supply of parts and chemicals. The Board agreed that the Purchasing Policy should be revisited at a future Board meeting. There were no homeowner comments. President Baur requested that items be taken out of order to accommodate presenters and the Board agreed.

XII. AGENDA ITEMS 14 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Association Recreation News News

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 15

Association News B.2.c.

AEC Asphalt Contract

President Baur asked the Board to consider placing an additional item on the agenda. Per Civil Code 1363.05 (f) and (i), an item can be placed on the agenda if immediate action is necessary and the situation came to the attention of the Board after the meeting notice was given and could not be included on the agenda. AEC has submitted his contract for the consulting fees for oversight of the approved asphalt work. Due to the push to take advantage of the cost savings, get bids quickly and multiple requests from OHCC to modify the spec due to the Traffic Engineer Study, the proposal for AEC’s consulting fees for oversight of the approved asphalt work was not received in time to be included in the Board packet

Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/B. Farrell) to place on the agenda approval of the AEC Contract for approval to oversee the asphalt work. Motion passed unanimously. Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/A. Takemoto) to approve the contract with AEC to oversee the asphalt work completion of 2011/12 as well as the work for 2012/13 in the amount of $8,350, approve the contract for developing the bid specification for Bostic in the amount of $3,135, as well as $1,200 for material testing , for a total not to exceed $12,865. Motion passed unanimously. Designated funding: Streets & Sidewalks – GL#2464. There were no home-

owner comments.

IX. COMMUNTIY PATROL SERVICE REPORT Len Weinstein, Director, reported that 316 alarms were tested in March with 15 being repaired; driving/parking practices continue to improve; there were no observed STOP sign or speeding violations; cyclists are being reported as riding in an unsafe manner; an educational seminar was presented to homeowners on Personal Safety and Security and another is scheduled for July on Residential Safety/Security; and the annual decaling of vehicles has begun.

X. STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS ARC – Wayne Strunk, Chairperson, reported that the Committee met twice last month and there were 16 applications and all were approved. Four ARC violation letters were mailed. An ARC Column has been submitted to the Master Board for inclusion in the Newsletter. AV – No Report COMMUNITY SERVICES – Gay Hartman, Chairperson, reported several issues of the Fitness Sub-Committee have been resolved; a Sub-Committee is researching the possible purchase of a new dance floor; the purchase of a medium-size kiln was approved; an “Elder Abuse” presentation will be scheduled; and a Sub-Committee will make a presentation to the Master Board on Transportation at the June Board meeting. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT – No report. GOLF COURSE – Barry Farrell, Board Liaison, reported the Committee is in the process of finalizing the Post Orders for UPS monitoring of the Golf Course; a VP & Turf Guard presentation will be made at the May 31 meeting; and Board Members are encouraged to visit Shadowridge Country Club to view the VP system in action. LANDSCAPE – In the absence of Chairperson Wenman, Board Liaison Ellen Baur reported that the Cannon Road project is almost complete; the Committee inspected 33 sites for tree removal and/or trimming; informed residents are requested to contact the HOA Office and put in a work order if there is a landscape concern. MARKETING & COMMUNICATION – Jim Kaminsky, Chairperson, reported that the Committee has not met in May and the Master Board approved an OHCC brochure and New Residents Survey. XII. AGENDA ITEMS B.2.a. Marketing & Community Committee –Website Presentation Jim Kaminsky, MCC Chairperson, made a website presentation detailing possible alternatives to enhancing the OHCC website. Two of the sites suggested were: and It was the consensus of the Board that the MCC should make a recommendation to the Board on a proposed website. There were no homeowner comments. B.1.a. Cannon Road Change Order

16 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Association News The City of Oceanside required a modification to the original plans regarding irrigation and larger street trees. This created an increased cost for O’Connell Landscape Maintenance.

Motion made and seconded (D. Hefler/B. Farrell) to approve the Change Order for irrigation changes and tree changes as required by the City of Oceanside to complete the Cannon Road renovation in the amount of $10,540. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: Landscape #2434-1031. There were no homeowner comments. B.1.b.

Traffic Survey

Based on the presentation of Rick Engineering at the May 14 Board Meeting, Board Members Cole and Landis were appointed to work with the General Manger and Staff to review and provide a recommendation to the Master Board. In addition, Brian Stephenson was to provide additional information on: : 1) a pedestrian access from Andros Way to “The Park”; 2) reflectivity of the signage; 3) Cross walk access from the pedestrian lane to exit out the rear gate; and 4) interior streets of Tilos Way and Poseidon Way & Lamia Way. After discussion, it was determined that the Table 3 Recommendations would be reviewed by the Master Board. Each item was discussed and voted on by the Board.

Motion made and seconded (A. Takemoto/D. Hefler) to approve California Elections Co. to provide administrative support and tabulate ballots for the Annual Meeting of Members in an amount not to exceed $7,000, including inserts (not including postage and tax). Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: #5017-1002. XIII. HOMEOWNER INPUT (Non-Agenda Items) There were two homeowner comments regarding purchasing the equipment used for Drill & Fill and automatic flushers.

XIV. Approval of Minutes

Motion made and seconded (D. Hefler/I. Landis) to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of April 16 & 19, 2012, and the Special Minutes of April 5, 2012 as written. Motion passed unanimously. XV. Board Member Input There was no additional Board input.

XVI. ADJOURNMENT With no further business to be discussed, President Baur adjourned the meeting at 4:35 p.m.

Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/D. Hefler) to accept the Table 3 Recommendations , as revised. Favor – 3, Against – 3. Motion failed. There were two homeowner comments. Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/L. Cole) to accept the Table 3 Recommendations , as revised, with the last item changed to install one (1) rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) at the main crosswalk at the Clubhouse. Favor- 4, Against – 2. Motion passed. Designated Funding: Street & Sidewalk Reserve #2464 B.2.b. Set Date of Ownership for Annual Meeting & Approve CEC Contract President Baur asked the Board to consider placing an additional item on the agenda. Per Civil Code 1363.05 (f) and (i), an item can be placed on the agenda if immediate action is necessary and the situation came to the attention of the Board after the meeting notice was given and could not be included on the agenda. In order to make the Candidate Applications available to the membership, the Board needs to set a date of record for ownership and approve the California Election Contract.

Motion made and seconded (L. Cole/B. Farrell) to place on the agenda approval of Date of Record for members to be owners and approval of California Election Contract. Motion passed unanimously. Motion made and seconded (L. Cole/B. Farrell) to approve the date of record for ownership for the annual meeting as June 30, 2012. Motion passed unanimously. OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 17

Association News

MANAGER’S REPORT By Becky Groenewold General Manager Happy 4th of July and thank you to the many residents who have served our nation! I have two sons serving, so I also realize the impact to the family members of those who serve and I want to thank you for your sacrifice as well. I hope many of you will take the opportunity to enjoy the celebration planned for the Community. Now that we have our lovely new pool furniture and umbrellas, it is a great time to get out and appreciate the wonderful weather and community of friends and neighbors. I had a chance after the recent Board meeting to sit and enjoy the pool area and meet several residents, what a treat! I also had an opportunity to visit the Garden Show and was impressed by the many talents and incredibly beautiful floral arrangements.This show took a lot of effort from the volunteers who planned, organized and implemented the event. I am so glad that I live close by and can take advantage of seeing first hand what makes this Community such a great place to live. Joe Winkler returned for the Tennis Tournament on

18 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

June 19th and staff showed up to see if he has been able to keep up his game since his promotion. He has a powerful serve and I am sure he misses the chance to play with the regulars here at OHCC. Once again, the volunteers who hosted this event did a lovely job and the weather just couldn’t have been any better that day! Please see the article in this issue regarding the relocation of mailboxes for those who have difficulty making it to the street to pick up. It will provide some clarification on the process. Likewise, if you have landscape issues, Maureen Huitt is the “go to” person to get it looked into. The Landscape Committee does a drive through every Thursday and can add you to the list of stops. Of course, things like falling tree limbs or broken sprinklers will always get immediate attention. Staff is installing a new refrigerated water fountain at the pool area. In addition, Staff will be providing a recommendation to replace several other fountains for the Board to consider at their Board Meeting in July. Everyone enjoys a cool drink on a hot day and there are some locations that will be easy to upgrade! The Annual Meeting is just around the corner. If we have more than three Candidates, there will be a Candidates Forum on July 10, 2012 at the Clubhouse at 2pm. In addition to choosing three new Board members, there are also two CC&R amendments for consideration. I am looking forward to working with the next Board to continue to enhance and improve the quality of life here at OHCC.

Association News

PRESIDENT’S REPORT By Ellen Baur President, Board of Directors The Cannon Road Project was given its final inspection on June 7, eight days ahead of the deadline for completion and, having met all compliance requirements , was officially accepted by the representatives of the City of Oceanside! We should be receiving the full amount of the grant, $181,150 by the end of September, with seventy-percent being paid by the Metropolitan Water District and thirtypercent by the City of Oceanside. We are very thankful to Diana Wenman and the Landscape Committee; PCM Staff, especially, Tom Hogan, Becky Groenewold, and Maureen Huitt; Teresa Gomez of the City of Oceanside, and other City officials; and, last but certainly not least, our Landscape partner, O’Connell Landscaping and Jim Vienneau, their President. We have been notified by the City of Oceanside that the Metropolitan Water District will be offering more grants at $1 or even $1.50 per square foot. Tom Hogan has sent in a list of our larger turf areas with a total square footage of almost 300,000 square feet! The Landscape Committee is assisting us in finding a licensed Landscape Architect firm to make recommendations and create various water-wise scapes that we hope to use in our efforts to save water. There will be many opportunities for homeowner input both at Landscape Committee meetings and Master Board meetings. I mentioned last month that our Conference Room at the HOA is now complete. On behalf of the Board, many thanks go to the wonderful volunteers that made it possible: Carole Barnes, Maureen Schneider, and Lynn Dowling of the Design Sub-Committee of the Facilities Management Committee; Ed Farley, Audio-Visual Specialist; Glen Goglia, Technology Specialist; and Doug Wright, Planning. Thanks, too, to PCM Staff Members: Chuck Pierce, Greg Johnson, and Alberto Carmona-Leon as well as to Sunset Painting for painting the Conference

Room pro-bono. The Design Team worked closely with GML, wholesale furnishings. On Monday, May 14, an Emergency Executive Session was called to inform the Master Board about a legal opinion from our attorney. On Friday, June 8, the Master Board met in Executive Session. The Agenda items were Executive Committee Reports, Legal Opinion from our Attorney, who was present at the meeting, Third Party Contracts, and Personnel Issues, as well as approval of minutes of the May 3, 2012, Executive Session. It has been the procedure of past Master Boards to go out to bid every three years for various contracted services, among them our Community Patrol Services, Landscape Maintenance and Property Management. This year the Master Board hired a consultant to do a Cost Comparison Analysis in order to compare apples to apples to determine if we are receiving the best bang for our buck as well as the best service from our Property Management Company, PCM. The report clearly showed us that PCM is not only providing us with high quality services but that the amount we pay for these services is comparable and fair compared to those offered by competitors of PCM. On Monday, June 18, the Master Board met in the afternoon for an Executive Session. Our Collection Attorney was present to give his opinion and answer questions. We reviewed and approved an opinion from our legal counsel. We reviewed Delinquencies. A report from the Executive Committee on Post Orders was given. Personnel issues were discussed. The contract with PCM was signed. The minutes of the Emergency Executive Session of May 14, 2012, were approved. At the Regular June Board Meeting, the following action on the Agenda items were taken: the recommendation of the Design Sub-Committee of the Facilities Management Committee for renovation of the Library was approved; the recommendation from the Audio Visual Committee for additional Stage Lighting was approved; a recommendation from the Community Services Committee for replacement of the Portable Dance Floor was approved; and per the recommendation from the CSC to consider reducing the weekly bus transportation schedule due to lack of passengers, the Board approved reducing the bus transportation to 1-1/2 days per week as soon as possible; a recommendation from the

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 19

Association xxx News Golf Course and Landscape Committees to upgrade the existing irrigation system to the Network VP Satellite Irrigation Control System was approved; the removal of 17 trees per the recommendation from the Landscape Committee for Tree Maintenance on Common Property per homeowners’ requests was approved, however, the decision to remove 6 additional trees was postponed to the July meeting due to the need for further information; O’Connell Landscaping won the bid for removal of Trees under the Tree Maintenance Policy; Christy Cooper and Gene Gliozzo were appointed to the Marketing & Communication Commiittee; the Master Board Priority List was reviewed; a revision to the Procurement Policy was approved; the revision on the proposed CC&R Amendment on Rental Properties was approved; Bill Smith was appointed Chief Inspector of Elections and Colleen McCall and Dick Travis were appointed Inspectors of Election; the Cold-Water Fountain for the Pool Area was approved; the Gazebo replacement in the Village of Portofino on Common Area was approved; Reports from Staff, the Director of the Community Patrol Service, and Standing Committees were heard, and the minutes of the Special Meeting of May 3 and Regular Meeting of May 14 & 17, 2012, were approved. And that was the month that was…. A Reminder: Master Board Candidate Applications are available at the HOA including dates of important upcoming meetings. The deadline to turn in an application is Thursday, July 5, at 4 pm at the HOA.

20 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

There are three 2-year terms open. The Candidate Forum will take place on Tuesday, July 10, at 2 pm, provided there are more than three candidates. The AGM & Election are on Thursday, Aug 16, in Abravanel Hall, beginning at 10 am.There will be two CC&R amendments on the Ballot. There is also the vote to pass this year’s Surplus on to next year’s budget in order to offset assessments.

Treasurer’s Report

By David S. Rowley Treasurer

Financial: As we close the month of May, 2012, we are in strong financial condition with reserves of $3,315,571 and a year-to-date operating surplus of $140,133. Significant below-budget variances for the month of May include Recreation payroll - $30,903 and Water $99,891, Our total assets of $4,626,596 include $3,373,344 worth of FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit.

The Safety Corner

By Leonard Weinstein, Director of Community Patrol Service (CPS) Hello residents of Ocean Hills Country Club. We have recently experienced a growing number of coyote sightings. The reports are of coyotes not only in green belt areas, but also in residents’ back yards. Please ensure that trash containers are secured and that any other sources of food and water are not available to draw wildlife to your property. Protect your four legged family members. Coyotes have been known to jump or climb barriers as high as six feet or more. Do not let your dog(s) out into the back yard without supervision. On another wildlife cautionary note, we are receiving increasing reports of snakes in the area. Do be observant, and again, monitor your dog(s) activity outside and don’t let them run loose. The Oceanside statute, as well as HOA regulations concerning a six-foot leash is for the protection of all, including your dog(s). It seems prudent to once again discuss overnight driveway parking in the community. The number of vehicles being parked on driveways overnight, without

Association News authorization, is increasing. While there are valid reasons for such parking, having vehicles on driveways does diminish visibility during the patrol of the community. For that reason, we endeavor to minimize such parking. That having been said, should you need to park on your driveway, please contact the front gate, 760-758-7111, and request a “Driveway Pass” to ensure you don’t receive a Notice of Violation. Please remember that such a pass authorizes overnight driveway parking, not overnight street parking. The annual decaling project for OHCC residents has been completed. Did you secure a 2012 decal for all of your vehicle(s)? If you haven’t had said decal(s) placed on each of your vehicles, please contact the HOA office, 760758-7080, and arrange for your 2012 decal(s). Your decal is an integral part of the admission process to OHCC, and it assists in identifying your vehicle, in the dwellingLive system, should we need to contact you. Are you having difficulty with your transponder (tag) at the gates into our community? We are aware of the problems and are working with both the tag manufacturer and the servicing vendor. Your assistance in helping us help you would be appreciated. Sometimes the problem is the tag; sometimes it is the equipment at the gates. We ask that, if you are experiencing any difficulty, you “test” your tag at the three entrance lanes, i.e., back gate, both the resident and guest lanes at the front gate. If your tag doesn’t work at “any” lane, please go to the HOA for a

new one. If it works at any lane, we need to know so we can address the gate equipment issue as it relates to your specific tag. SHOULD YOU NEED ASSISTANCE, THE FRONT GATE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS 760-758-7111. Be SAFE, Be SMART, and most of all, BE HAPPY. Once again, thanks for your time and thanks for reading The Safety Corner.

Landscape Committee Update for July 2012

By Diana Wenman Chair, Landscape Committee Cannon Road and the median were completed on time – congratulations to O’Connell and Tom Hogan for a job well done! There have been lots of positive comments about the landscaping from residents inside our community and also from the surrounding communities. As the plant material matures it will just look better and better. It’s appropriate at this time to do a re-cap of why OHCC is embarked on the removal of a significant portion of our turf areas and replanting with drought tolerant plant material. In 2009 OHCC was told by the Oceanside Water Dept. that our irrigation rates would increase by 80%. We finally came to an agreement that if OHCC agreed to cut back 20% or more, based on our

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 21

Association News 2006/2007 annual water usage, then our rates would only increase 40%! Onerous, but it’s half of what had been proposed. The then Master Board contracted with HRP Studios, later named Valley Crest, to do a total examination of our community and come up with a drought tolerant re-landscaping/irrigation plan for the turf areas and slopes. A Landscape Committee was formed, specifically to find ways to implement the future plan and save water. It took a year and a half to come up with an acceptable plan and plant palette for OHCC and during this time a hydrology firm was brought in to assess the dewatering well water and whether that was a viable option. The answer to that question was “yes”, we are pumping out, depending upon the season, between 130,000 and 150,000 gallons of ground water a month and flushing this water down the drain. However, it’s not enough volume to irrigate our common areas and the TDS level (total dissolved salts) is so high it would “burn” our plant material. The recommendation was to use reclaimed water. Further examination of using reclaimed water showed that it would be at least 3 to 5 years before Oceanside would be prepared to deliver reclaimed water to us. The next thing that happened was the offer from O’Connell to re-landscape the Outflow area between Arcadia and Andros (now known as “The Park”) at no cost to OHCC. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, the Landscape Committee worked with O’Connell and

22 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Tom Hogan on a plan to convert the turf and slope areas to drought tolerant plant material, put in a walking path and some sitting areas and a place to park golf carts. Homeowners adjacent to the property were notified that this re-landscaping was being considered and asked to come to the Landscape Committee meeting to voice their comments or concerns and/or the Master Board meetings that followed. There were no objections to the plan and work commenced. The Park is being utilized by quadruple the number of people than before and is maturing into a truly beautiful place. Because The Park was such a success, and because many lines of communication had been opened up between OHCC and the Oceanside Water Dept., we were informed early in December of a generous grant available from the Metropolitan Water District and the City. Since Cannon Road and median contained four and a half acres of turf we sent those measurements to the City. Even though the deadline was tight, because they had worked with Tom Hogan before and knew he could deliver, we won a sizeable grant to re-landscape Cannon! O’Connell gave us a very competitive bid to do the work and delivered and the rest is history! Because Cannon Road was done so beautifully and came in on time, the City and Metropolitan Water District has again made us a very generous offer for much more turf removal! It has come to our attention that some homeowners are not pleased with the look of The Park or Cannon Road, and don’t want more of the same. There are a variety of water-wise landscapes. The Landscape Committee and Master Board realize this and are currently bringing in accredited Landscape Architects to acquaint themselves with OHCC and all its various common areas so that they may bid on designing for our future. Coming up with a updated look and branding for our Community is important, too. The design of our entry from Cannon to Leisure Village Way says who we are and must blend into what we envision for the future look of the front of the Clubhouse! Some of the large turf panels off LVW and Barcelona/ Cordoba need a plan, the Zante greenbelts need a plan, and so does the area directly across from The Park, and the Lorca Loop. Be assured that all homeowners will be given notice of what is being contemplated and will have a chance to express their points of view. The members of the Landscape Committee live here, the Master Board

Association News Directors live here, and we all want attractive, modern, drought tolerant landscaping that looks beautiful, saves water, and enhances our community and property values! Our total assets of $4,626,596 include $3,373,344 worth of FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit.

Advice from ARC

(Architectural Review Committee) Today we bring Advice on four matters: 1. Address lights: In the past it was difficult to purchase replacement numbers and frames for address lights. Apparently, the company that provided them is now back in business and can be reached at 2. Bellagio balconies: If you have a Bellagio model home, you are advised to have the balcony/deck inspected for dry rot and termites. If extensive repairs or replacement is needed, please file an application at the HOA for project approval before you begin work. 3. Application forms: ARC is pleased to report that many homeowners are updating their property with new windows, fences, patio covers, landscaping and hardscape. At a recent ARC meeting, the committee reviewed 26 project applications. In order for ARC to make an informed decision, we need you to complete the application form with specifics: the location of the fence (using a plot plan), the size of a skylight and location, photos of windows to be replaced, etc. By giving ARC precise infor-

mation, your project will proceed more smoothly and ensures that ARC will be able to make an informed decision and expedite the process. 4. Patio Covers: Per the Homeowner Handbook re: Patio Covers: “No vinyl, plastic or metal materials may be installed over open lath covers.” Thanks for your help and your attention to detail. Lainy Vinikow on behalf of the ARC.

Mail Delivery for Impaired Residents

In response to a recent article in “The Voice”, the HOA would like to clarify the procedures for obtaining assistance with mail delivery to accommodate residents who are impaired. In previous years, there have been very few requests. However, with the recent article there has been an influx of requests and a process to handle this matter had to be developed. If you are one of the many residents who have difficulty using the mailboxes located alongside the street, this is the procedure to follow: Request that your Doctor provide you with a written Doctor’s Certification. Submit an application to ARC, along with the Doctor’s Certification, requesting permission to install a mailbox at your front door. After approval, the owner is responsible to contact the

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 23

Association News Post Office and notify them of the proposed change to allow for delivery at the door. The homeowner will be responsible for all costs associated with the purchase of the mailbox and its installation. Upon sale of the home, the homeowner may be required to remove the mailbox. This will be clarified in the ARC Approval. _________________________________________________ The Master Board has reviewed the OHCC Insurance Requirements and is sending it out for a 30 day review by Membership. Comments may be submitted in writing to the HOA Office located at 4600 Leisure Village Way, Oceanside, CA 92056.


must be routed through the appropriate Staff Department Head and will require oversight by the GM. APPROVAL AUTHORIZATION The following individuals will be authorized to approve expenditures: Board of Directors, General Manager, and with oversight of the GM; Department Head(s) and Community Patrol Services Director APPROVAL LEVELS: In order to ensure the most effective use of Association resources the following procurement approval level and mandatory required bids are established: Amount of Procurement

Minimum No. of Bids Required

Authorizing Official


Formal bids not required

GM & Dept. Heads


Not required for GM & Dept. budgeted items, such Heads as chemicals, Maintenance & repair or Landscape extras, admin cost.

PURPOSE The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for the purchase and procurement of goods and/or services based on competition, best value, price, quality, delivery and/ or performance. It is also the intention to maintain control of the expenditures for Ocean Hills Country Club Homeowners Association (OHCC). The General Manager (GM) shall provide oversight to Staff Department Heads to execute the procurement policies as outlined below. Any Committee Expenditures

However for unbudgeted Items approval required by: $5001 & above

GM/President and Treasurer

Non budgeted and OHCC Board of budgeted items Directors will require a minimum of three bids

A standard Request for Proposal (RFP) will be required for all bids with specifications attached for Board approval prior to seeking bids.

CONTRACTS All procurements or contracts must be executed on the OHCC standard contract form. Periodic review of the contract by Association legal counsel is recommended and required before any changes will be implemented.

24 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Association News Terms of payment are to be negotiated in advance and included in the contract. No full payment is to be tendered, prior to work completion, without Board. A customary 10% retention shall be held for up to sixty (60) days after completion and not released without GM authorization.

APPROVED BIDS/ CHANGE ORDERS Once a bid has been awarded by the Board and work has begun, additional expenses cannot be paid if they exceed 2% or $1000 whichever is less, without prior Board approval. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS Proof of General Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 (one million) and Workers Compensation for contractor must be provided prior to the start of any work. The Certificate of Insurance shall name OHCC and PCM as additional insured and will be required on all contracts. SOLE SOURCE PROCUREMENT It is recognized that in some few and unusual procurements, obtaining competitive bids may not be practical. On this basis, a procurement may be obtained from a Sole Source only if written justification is submitted to the GM by the responsible Department Head. Board approval is required for any purchases from a Sole Source for procurements over $5000

COMPETITIVE BID PROCEDURE Routine goods and services where the annual expenditure will exceed $5,000 are to be competitively bid unless there is written justification exempting it from the bid process that is approved by the Board. Bid /RFP requests for contact service may not exceed one year. In all cases where a Bid or RFP is requested the GM or Dept. Head shall insure the following procedure is followed: A formal bidding process will take place with prospective vendors. A specific time and date will be set as to when the bid must be received and envelopes will be date stamped when they are received. Dept. Heads will provide specifications, plans, maps, qualifications for proposed equipment/service to prospective bidders. Bids must come in sealed envelopes. Bidders may be asked to attend a formal interview to present their proposal to the Board &/or Committee. Staff will provide a formal recommendation with reasons justifying the selection of the “best” bid. All construction projects or contracts in excess of $50,000 in any one year of will require a statement pertaining to any known affiliations the winning bidder may have with an OHCC Staff member, OHCC Board member or any relatives of Staff or Board members.

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 25

Association News If the bid falls within the approval level of the GM as listed above, the purchase can be made. If the bid exceeds the amount authorized by the GM or Staff, the Board will review the proposals and make the final decision.

EMERGENCY & TIME SENSITIVE PROCUREMENT Dept. Heads and the GM are authorized to approve any emergency expenditure for up to $5000 to prevent further property damage, or when the function of the Community is impaired or at risk of becoming impaired in a material manner or there is a health and safety issue. Periodically, there is a need for irrigation repairs or chemical purchases that are time sensitive to prevent further property damage or loss of plant material. The cost of the purchases will generally fall within the allotted budget for the FY. If not a sole source provider, competitive bids will be obtained. These types of expenditures are not unplanned and unforeseen, but often cannot be delayed for prior Board approval. The GM will authorize the work and approve all expenditures and notify the Board at the next business meeting with written documentation outlining the justification for such expense. The GM may approve any expenditures that may exceed the $5000 limit for emergency and time sensitive purchases and will notify the President or in his/her absence, Officer in charge. INVOICE PROCESSING All purchases will require an invoice attached to a payable voucher for processing. Purchases exceeding the Dept. Head level for approval require Master Board meeting minutes to be attached. The Dept. Head member will need to sign and approve the expenditure and the GM will also need to authorize the expense. Reserve expenditures will require Master Board meeting minutes to be attached for processing. In addition, Reserve expenditures require two Board signatures.

MULTIPLE PURCHASE ORDERS OR INVOICING The issuance of multiple invoices or purchase orders to circumvent the procurement level is not authorized. For example: three (3) invoices for $2400 each for goods/serv-

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR All Electrical matters: Lighting Design • Service Upgrades Remodels • Kitchens AFTER HOURS SERVICE AVAILABLE

760-801-3052 Licensed 22 years Lic. #634791 Chicago transplant

26 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

ices costing $7200, in effect bypassing approval by the OHCC Board of Directors is prohibited.

CREDIT CARD OHCC maintains three credit cards for the following: Monthly Limit: $ 5000 Recreation Maintenance $ 5000 Administration $17,500 Procurements over $1,000 or more must be approved by the General Manager. Monthly charges may not exceed the authorized limit of each card. The balance will be paid in full for the month it is billed. Use of the credit card is not to circumvent the check request process which should be used whenever possible. The GM shall recommend to the Board and gain approval prior to increasing the limit.

PETTY CASH Petty Cash currently authorized by the OHCC Board is established as follows: HOA Admin $300 Clubhouse $300 This shall consist of cash advances and receipts for purchases. No purchase shall exceed $100. OHCC does not permit petty cash funds to be loaned to any individual. Petty Cash may be subject to unannounced audits at least twice per year by the Treasurer or other Board designated member, or contracted auditor.

Employee Spotlight

Fran Rutherford is invaluable to our HOA office because she is one of the first contacts a new resident has at OHCC. Fran has the pleasure of registering all new residents and providing them with all the necessary information to start their new chapter of life in this wonderful community. Fran This includes emergency profiles set Rutherford up for residents and their pets, vehicle transponders issued, etc. Fran has been with OHCC for the past 10 years. Her experience is extremely helpful in answering pertinent questions new residents may have. Please say “Hi” to Fran the next time you visit the HOA office.

Handbook of Rules and Regulations If you did not get the new revised ““Handbook”” during your decaling process please stop by the HOA office to pick one up.

Recreation News

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 27

Recreation News

28 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Recreation News

Board Meetings

OHCC Session I Monday, July 16, 10 am Mykonos Room OHCC Session II Thursday, July 19, 1:30 pm Mykonos Room VILLAGE MEETINGS Hydra Friday, July 20, 10 am Ladies Club Room Majorca Wednesday, July 25, 9 am Ladies Club Room Mykonos Monday, July 23, 1 pm Ladies Club Room Santorini Friday, July 20, 1:30 pm COMMITTEE MEETINGS Architectural Review Thursday, July 12 and 26, 9:30 am Homeowners Association Audio/Visual Tuesday, July 24, 11 am Homeowners Association Community Service Friday, July 13, 10 am Art Room, Clubhouse Facilities Management Tuesday, July 10, 2 pm Homeowners Association Golf Course Thursday, July 26, 2 pm Clubhouse Landscape Friday, July 6, 10 am Homeowners Association Marketing & Communication Wednesday, July 18, 10 am Homeowners Association Executive Committee of the Board For Hearings Wednesday, July 25, 9:30 am Homeowners Association OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 29

Recreation News

RECREATION NEWS By Chris Bessey Recreation Director It’s “WE LOVE OUR CLUBHOUSE MONTH” and the Staff has some surprises up their sleeves when you visit the Clubhouse during the month of July. So stop on in, you might be here on a day we give out chocolate, loaves of French bread or FREE HUGS. It is a pleasure for us to have fun with all of you, so stop on by, and say “hi” and we might just bring a laugh to your life. Just a reminder that guest passes are no longer required for using the pool, the golf course and tennis courts. With summer here, children are visiting regularly and families are enjoying the outdoor areas together. Children may swim between 11-2 pm during the week but must be with a resident at all times. Person using the pool or spa do so at their own risk. Swimmers must conduct themselves in a safe, orderly, courteous, and non-abusive

Celebrate with Garden Club Flower Show Joan Buchholz dresses for the occasion.

30 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

manner while in the pool area. Running and rough, loud, or rowdy play in and around the pool is forbidden. No diving is allowed. Lap Swimming is permitted from 6:00 am to 8:45 am, where floating lane markers are in place. The other pool areas are available to all residents and their guests during this time. Only persons attending the swim classes or clinic are allowed in the pool at 9:00- 10 am.The clinic is on Saturdays in July and August from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. Enjoy the water and swim with a smile. The Fitness Center has a new piece of equipment in the Cardio Room that was approved for use on a trial basis by the Community Services Committee. The Whole Body Vibration equipment has been shown to improve balance, bone strength, muscle strength and circulating hormone levels. It takes as little as 5 minutes a day 3 days per week. If the equipment is well-received by the Community, then the Fitness Sub-Committee will make a recommendation to the Master Board for approval of the purchase. Thank you to all the members that have been involved in the introduction of this piece of equipment. Please remember when using the fitness areas to limit your usage if others are waiting or come during the afternoons, which typically tend to be quieter. The Transportation Services have been reviewed by the Board. The Mall Trips have proven to be successful and in the months ahead some interesting stops are on the schedule: Downtown Carlsbad, Horton Plaza and UTC in La Jolla. UTC offers a skating rink for entertainment, if you are not a skater you can just grab a bite to eat and enjoy the show. Be sure to keep the 27th open for the next three months as the Recreation Department staff gears up to serve ice cream to you all. It’s amazing how many ice cream lovers are here; it is free and a fun way to meet new people. Join us at 2 pm! Happy Fourth of July to OHCC!

“May the sun in his course visit no land more free, more happy, more lovely, than this our own country! “ ~ Daniel Webster

Recreation News

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 31

Recreation News

Carlsbad Village Downtown Mall Trip

This is the first of a series of articles devoted to the monthly Mall trips and what they have to offer you in the way of anchor stores, specialty shops, restaurants, cinemas and whatever else may be of interest. Since the Village of Carlsbad downtown area is so close by, there will be more time to shop and indulge in a leisurely lunch while enjoying the outdoors scene. In the absence of anchor stores normally associated with the huge shopping malls, please find a list of the more popular shops and boutiques and restaurants below for you to visit: CARLSBAD BOULEVARD The Den - Witch Creek Winery - Vigliucci’s Cucina Seafood & Steakhouse – Koko Beach Restaurant CARLSBAD VILLAGE DRIVE VILLAGE FAIRE SHOPPING CENTER includes Cotton “N” Stuff - Henderson Jewelry - Linda’s Gifts MTA World Bazaar Gregorio’s Italian Restaurant - Naked Café - Ocean House - Spirito’s - Sushi Taisho Also on Carlsbad Village Drive - Fish House Vera Cruz STATE STREET Carlsbad Village Art & Antique Mall - Coolest Shoes in California – O’Ireland Ooh La La Boutique - R & D Collectables Vigne Antiques

32 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Le Passage French Bistro Vigliucci’s Cucina Italiana - Village Grill *Additional shops and restaurants on Grand Ave. and Roosevelt St.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

OHCC CERT members and volunteers are divided into three groups: CERT Teams; Medical Response Teams (doctors, nurses and other professionals); and the newly formed Pet Care Unit (provides disaster pre-planning guidance for pet owners as well as assistance to emergency responders during and immediately following a disaster). Although the Pet Care Unit may be able to help, the ultimate responsibility for the survival and wellbeing of a pet is with its owner. Pets should be included in emergency response plans and kits with sufficient provisions for both family members and their pets. To prevent losing your pet in a disaster: dogs and cats should wear appropriate identification at all times. Examples include: tags with owners name, address and phone number. You might also include the phone number of a friend or relative from out-of-state. For birds, consider leg bands, microchips or tattoos. These are most useful if the information on them is included in a national registry. Current photographs of pets will help with identification after a disaster. Out-of-state contacts should also have a copy of photos. Owners should know the favorite hiding places of their pet because once the chaos of a disaster starts this is likely where they will be. Make a list of places to get veterinary care, food, shelter and housing in an emergency. Make arrangements for temporary pet care with neighbors, family and friends. Make sure they have keys to the house and conspicuous information on the owner’s location, contact phone, which room the animal is in, and how to care for the pet. Special facilities may be required for birds or exotic animals. Pets should be familiar with their transport crate and riding in a vehicle before a crisis. Cats can be especially difficult to catch when they are stressed or afraid. Owners need to practice catching and transporting their cat in a crate around the house and in a vehicle. Transport crates should be large enough for the pet to stand up and turn around, include enough bedding to keep them warm and labeled on the outside with the pet’s name, owner’s name and contact information. A pet’s disaster kit should have: extra collars and tags; leash; pet food to avoid diet changes; toys or blankets; manual can opener; drinking water; bowls for each pet; paper towels, plastic bags, and spray disinfectant for animal waste clean up; medical and vaccination records; medication and prescriptions; recent photo; small first aid kit. Finally, the Pet Care Unit would like to remind owners of the importance of updating their pet’s information during vehicle registration. This should include the pet’s name, gender, type of pet and color, etc. Equally important, is contact information for persons who are willing to take the pet in the event of an emergency.

Clubs and Activities


President Paul Yoshida announces the July 10 Club meeting at 7 pm in the Mykonos Room at the Clubhouse. At the July meeting, we will share fish stories about the June fishing trip, and Club members will share information about tackle and tips in preparation for the upcoming tuna trip. All members and guests are invited to attend this, or any regular monthly meeting held the second Tuesday of the month in the Mykonos Room. The Club is looking forward to the two-day offshore trip scheduled for August 19-21 on the Pacific Voyager in anticipation of catching tuna. The trip still has a few spaces available. You may signup, select your bunk, and put your check in the envelope at the Front Desk of the Clubhouse. If you have any questions concerning the fishing trips or about the Club, feel free to call President Paul Yoshida at 760-9408871, or Charter Master Rollin Grider at 760-726-9594. The May three-quarter day trip on the Pacific Voyager with 17 anglers on board, fished at the Coronado Islands. It was a nice day on the ocean with overcast skies and good sea conditions. We spotted and chased many spots of yel-

lowtail along North Island, but had trouble finding fish that wanted to bite. We caught only 3 quality yellowtail in the 25 pound range, and lost two or three more due to angler error. Captain Mark found a spot of wide open barracuda at the north end of North Island, and we landed 68 barracuda in a little over an hour. The Jackpot was won by Tomo Hamasaki with a twenty-six pound yellowtail. All in all, it was a good day and everyone had a good time and brought home fresh fish. Please join us on Saturday evening August 25 for the annual Anglers Club Lanai BBQ and Fish Fry party. The cost is $25 per person and members and guests are welcome to attend. You may sign up and deposit your check in the Anglers Club check envelope at the Front Desk. The Club is planning on having members prepare the fish and all the trimmings for this annual dinner dance. After members and guests have an opportunity to purchase tickets, everyone in the Village will be invited to attend. Seating is limited, so be sure to drop by the Front Desk in the Clubhouse to secure your reservation. At the May meeting, Al Harruff won the 50/50 raffle. We

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 33

Clubs and Activities will also have another big raffle at our July meeting with a chance for you to win some great prizes if your lucky ticket is drawn. Raffle tickets are 6 for $5, or $1 each. Come join us for fun and fish stories, and have a chance to win some good prizes at our monthly raffle.


A fusion of organic and inorganic materials will be illustrated by sculptor Becky Guttin in the Mykonos Room on Tuesday, July 17. She has done several art residencies and set designs for the theater. She has received art prizes and has been featured in 28 solo exhibitions. Thirty-six of her art works are part of permanent public collections in international sculptural symposia. She has an independent studio where she continues to create sculpture, drawings, photography, jewelry, installations, and video. She lives in San Diego and has exhibits in the U.S., Europe, Mexico, Israel, and Korea. Margie Stogdill is the program coordinator. COAL Gallery (Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League) will be the destination for Tuesday, August 21. It has a collection of collaborative works with artists from Carlsbad and Oceanside. It features monthly art member shows and demonstrations. Jacqueline Koop will enhance our meeting on Tuesday, September 18 in the Mykonos Room with information on art restoration, art framing, and proper care of art pieces. She was the first public arts commissioner in Vista and started the “City of Murals” campaign in 2000. She owns and operates Visions in Art Custom Framing and Gallery in Vista. Her background is in oil and watercolors. Nancy Roberts and Evelynn Derganc are the program coordinators.


If you hurry, you may still be able to see the lovely paintings that have been up for 3 months. On July 6, a new photography exhibit will be installed by Bud DeMaris, from the Photography SIG of the Computer Club. The photographs will have “Water” as the theme. Some of these were submitted for the contest to choose special ones to hang for a year in the hallway leading to the pool. This photography exhibit is always popular as many people stop in several times and notice things that weren’t apparent on the first viewing. We hope you will enjoy this new exhibit for the Clubhouse.


OHSPA sponsored a great show, the Capitol Steps, on May 19. The show was enjoyed by a full house. On May 20, the Chorale Spring Concert performed and was also enjoyed by a good crowd. Both of these shows, along with the Board of Directors meetings were supported by volunteers in audio, video, and lighting. AV volunteers worked along with the Tappers to put on their show, Footloose and Fancy Free, on June 22 and 23. The show was a great success and enjoyed by a full house on both nights. Our Audio Video Chairman, Ed Farley, has been working 34 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

diligently to acquire updated cameras and lighting for our stage productions. A proposal for new video and lighting equipment was made at the last AV Committee Meeting and approved by Committee members.This new equipment will greatly enhance our stage lighting and video color and clarity. If you are interested in being a volunteer for Audio Visual, please contact one of the following Crew Chiefs: Lighting, Renee Klepesch; Audio, Steve Malone; or AV Chairman Ed Farley.


Our May 11 social dance—the Black and White Dinner Dance—was well attended.The 93 participants enjoyed a great dinner provided by The Ranch and good music by The Pier Group. Almost all attendees were out on the floor enjoying what they love to do most— DANCING. Our June 8 social dance—Best Friends Day—was also a success. The music was provided by Cradit Union Please remember that we started our new signup procedure with this dance on June 8. We no longer use phone callers or print tickets. Just leave your check in the Ballroom Dance Club envelope at the Front Desk. There will be no tickets sold at the door because we need to know ahead of time how many people will attend so that we can set up the appropriate number of tables and chairs. The Host and Hostess will have you on a list of attendees. Then on Friday of the dance, at 3 pm, we will have the table assignments. There are no changes in this process. We hope that these new arrangements will streamline the entire process of putting on our social dances and will benefit all our members, including those who worked so hard in organizing the dances.Your cooperation (by putting your checks in the Ballroom Dance Club envelope at the Front Desk) will be greatly appreciated. We would like to remind all OHCC residents that the Ballroom Club’s social dance on the second Friday of each month is open to everyone.You do not have to be a member in order to attend these dances. Just place your check in the Club envelope and you are done. If you have any questions about other details, please call George Mozes at 760941-5175 or Anna Yoshida at 760-940-8871. You don’t stop dancing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop dancing!


The Billiards Club had a big turnout for the Mid-Year 8-Ball Tournament on May 24, with 24 players battling through five rounds of non-stop action. The results were Winner: Danny-Joe Burton; Runner-up: Earl Sherman; Semi-Finalists: John Prieskorn and Gerry Lohr; Quarter-Finalists: Bob Rosenquist, Hiro Kumasaka, Charlie Payne and Harold Weiss. There were prizes for every player. Even those who lost in the first round won something - one selected a gleaming money clip that appeared to be made of solid gold…but it may not have been. Thanks for the good time go to Dick Moylan for running the tournament and to Loraine Tichenor for the drinks, cookies and muffins. Well done! Special thanks to our Billiards Club photographer Patti Smith for pictures of the good time. You are free to view,

Clubs and Activities download and/or print any of them at the website, The San Diego North County Senior Olympics Billiards competition took place in our very own Billiards Room on the afternoons of May 26 (8-Ball) and May 27 (9-Ball). Harold Weiss won both days in the 90-94 year bracket. Charlie Payne won both days in the 70-74 year bracket as well as the All-Ages 9-Ball title. We hope to host the Senior Olympics next year as well. To thank us for the use of our facility, the Senior Olympics arranged for Quality Billiards of San Diego to level all six of our 9-foot tables at no cost to us. Stop in and try them out. The Billiards Club holds events every month of the year. Here’s the schedule for the rest of 2012: June 19 – 2 to 3 pm: “Rotation” Lesson July 10 - 1 to 4 pm: “Rotation” Tournament August 25 -10 to 10:30 am: Calvin’s “Cue Expo” (learn about and buy cues) August 25 - 10:30 to 12 am: Calvin’s Lessons August 25 - 12:30 to 2 pm: Calvin’s Lessons September 25 – 1 to 2 pm: “Spider” Lesson September 25 – 2 to 5 pm: “Spider” Tournament October 18 – 1 to 4 pm: Club 8-Ball Championship November 15 – 11 to 12 am: “Cut-Throat” Lesson December 13 – 1 to 4 pm: “Cut-Throat” Tournament August 25 is the day pool professional, Calvin Coker, will be here. Calvin is a genuine expert. To warm up, he’ll run the table, and then he’ll give a series of individual lessons to volunteers. You can watch and learn as he identifies and corrects player’s problems. You can even be one of those to get personal instruction from a pro. We’ll post a sign-up sheet, and Calvin will take people in the order in which they sign up, helping as many players as he can by 2 pm. There will be no charge; it’s all covered by the Billiards Club and the Recreation Department. Finally, the Billiards Club mid-year membership drive is NOW. Join The Straight Shooters for just $4 with your check at the Front Desk.


The meeting this month will be on TUESDAY, JULY 24, at 1 pm, in the Ladies Club Room. Light refreshments will be available at 12:30 pm. We will have a guest speaker, Nicole Perreta. Nicole is a birdcall imitator who has appeared on the Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres shows. She has 160 calls in her arsenal that are so accurate that you will think the bird is in the room with you. This is sure to be an interesting afternoon and will be our last meeting for the year, so make plans to attend. The bird walk will be TUESDAY, JULY 10, to the San Elijo Lagoon. Meet at the overflow lot by 8:15 am for carpooling and directions. We DEPART AT 8:30 am. We will first visit the Education Center, which has nice restrooms, and then explore the woodland trails along the inlet. Then we will go to the Rios side, off Lomas Santa Fe, and explore the trails along the lagoon. We will look for shore birds, Osprey, Harrier, Hawks, and various land birds of the summer lagoons. One of our members made a recent trip to Grayling, Michigan, to see the endangered Kirtland’s warbler. This warbler was near extinction 20 years ago. Two things con-

tributed to their decline. First, the birds require large stands of young Jack Pines around 6-7 foot high maintained naturally by wildfires. However, forest fires were suppressed resulting in reduction of their nesting habitat. Now there are controlled burns and replanting of trees. Secondly, the nests were parasitized by Brown-headed Cowbirds. At one point, 70% of all the Warbler nests were parasitized. A program is now set up to trap the Cowbirds. As a result of these conservation efforts, the 2010 population showed 1,773 singing males. A dramatic increase from 1987 when only 167 singing males were counted. The Kirtland’s Warbler has one of the most distinct migrations of all neotropical songbirds. The birds fly from small nesting ranges in Michigan to their wintering grounds in the Bahamas, particularly to the Island of Eleuthera. It is a flight of 1,300 miles one way. Deviations from the course could be deadly. There is nowhere to land east of the Bahamas and to the west, would require even more flight time to reach Cuba. Happily, the Kirtland’s Warbler has been increasing its breeding range in Michigan and has been located in Wisconsin, but remains a conservation-reliant species.


What a wonderful day it is without a sign of June Gloom. What could be better than a Bocce game on a lovely day, especially if you win? Winning trumps everything I guess. Well, we have more wonderful news for you. The courts are in fine shape. Now on to more exciting things…the new board has been busy coming up with new ideas for another party. There is going to be a PICNIC IN THE PARK. I am afraid I didn’t get the news soon enough to let everyone know ahead of time. The details will be in my next article, sorry about that. It is a picnic basket lunch and the weather is perfect for it. Both Bocce and Shuff1eboard games are planning tournaments. No dates have been set yet but signing up is going on as we speak. Bocces for the month of May are as follows: 4 for Forrest Newburg; 3 each for Vinny Miscioscia, Bob Mayer, Jack Conifrey; 2 each for Craig Powers, Darrell Vincent, Al Johnson, Bill Curtin, Gary Bower, and Gordon Bishop; 1 each for Terry Amighi, Don Sampsel, Ruth Miller, Bill Baker, Priscilla Baker, George Rhuele, Julie Gilchrist, Bob Pollack, Janet Powlowski, Doris Leith, Marion Ellmen, Al Fried, Lee Salek, Charlene Kinder, and Judy Siviy. That is the longest list we have had since I have been keeping score. Maybe we will have to invent some new rules to make it harder (just kidding). CONGRATULATIONS to all and keep them coming.


We will be celebrating July 4 on Tuesday, July 3 this year. Our attire theme is red, white and blue. Our fireworks kick off at 6:15 pm. Refreshments will be served. It should be a nice social evening, so come early. High scorers for May were as follows: In N/S position, we had Ruth and Joe Miller with 63.89%. In E/W position, we had Lu McNary and Clair Lair with a 67.78%. Nice going. OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 35

Clubs and Activities Congratulations to all of you. Please contact Nancy Read our Partner Arranger for our Club at 760-945-5637 if you need a partner.


Our Friday Duplicate Bridge Game was held May 11. North/South First Place Winners were Nancy Schummer and Gisela Rayhrer with a 64.08%. East/West First Place Winners were Donna Stark and Gloria Overall with 59.85%. On Friday, May 25, due to the long holiday weekend, we only had three tables so the Howell System was played. First Place Winners were Marge Garland and Bonnie Stricklin with 68.06%. Second Place Winners were Cindy Sanelli and Joan Gayer with 63.89%. For anyone who enjoys playing Duplicate Bridge, please join us to play on the second and fourth Fridays of the month in Abravanel Hall. We start play at 11:30 am but we ask that you be in the hall by 11:15 am. If a fifth Friday happens to fall on any certain month, we will hold a game on that Friday too. Membership is required in order to play and it is $6 for the year. If you need a partner, please call Betty Steinman at 760-842-1321. Thank you and look forward to seeing more duplicate players there.


Thank you Board for our very special first Friday sandwich lunch. They served us hot dogs and root beer floats celebrating the 4th of July. Usually our First Friday Sandwich Lunch is provided by three of our members. We always have popcorn, cookies, tea and coffee. Sign-ups begin at 11 am, bridge play at 11:30 am. Intermediate players are welcome. You don’t need to bring a partner; just $1 and a smiley face. Wouldn’t you like to see your name among the winners? The May winners were: May 4 1st Gloria Overall 5490 2nd Kit Dameron 5020 May 11 1st Barbara Mitchell 4710 3650 Zita Rudvalis 2nd 1st Jeanne Marks 4660 May 18 2nd Shirlee Sampsel 4280 1st Shirley Williams 4080 May 25 2nd Kay Ley 3980


July, another month filled with activities at the Clubhouse and many opportunities to join others in a variety ways. We hope you will include bridge on Thursday evenings. If you need a partner or a substitute, Melvina Terry has volunteered to be of assistance. Please call her at 760-945-9745. We start at 6 pm with a nice variety of cookies, coffee and a little chitchat. Bridge begins at 6:30 pm. We welcome all intermediate players. Bring your partner and $1. May winners were Shirley Williams and Bobbie Johnson, Pat Fore and Lorna Goodman (twice), Betty Gordon and Barbara Mitchell, and Jacque and Ron Torgerson.YOU, too, can be in the winner’s circle but only if you join us. 36 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012


The Choral Society is taking a break after their May Rat Pack Concert. It was a fun concert and several people thought it was the best concert they have seen from the Choral Society in the last 12 years or even longer! Now that is really saying something and we all thank you for coming. We thank Vinny Rosa for his grand performance as Mr. Bojangles and also the Village Strummers for their great Ukulele strumming. We gave a mini-concert at the beautiful Flower Show on June 3 for an hour before closing and what fun we all had once again. The audience was singing with us and it was grand! Many of you asked about joining the Chorale so please mark your calendars for September 6 (1st Thursday after Labor Day) and we begin practice at 10 am in the Men’s Club Room for two hours. We will be practicing for the December 2 Holiday Concert. Do not be concerned about your voice changing over the years. We will find a place for you and we do NOT hold auditions! The only caveat we have is that we all have fun! Our motto is “If you can hum, you can come!” Thank you to all of our Patrons who so faithfully support us. It is very much appreciated.


WEEKEND FILMS: Hopefully, coming to Ocean Hills from approximately mid-July to mid-August, are the following critically acclaimed and popular films: ”The Artist” (86), “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” (70), ”21 Jump Street” (72), “Friends with Kids” (64), “Big Miracle” (59), “The Deep Blue Sea” (65) and the following Foreign Language films nominated as Best Films in a Foreign Language in 2012: “Bullhead” (72), “Monsieur Lazhur” (80) and “Footnote” (73). Watch for the actual show dates on the weekly counter program or on the Movie Hotline. The numbers appearing after the film titles represent the combined average critical and popular rating on a scale of 0 to 100 as published by Rotten and A rating between 60 and 100 signifies films of the best quality earning the highest rated reviews. Summer is nearly here and already the summer drought of quality films has begun with a few scattered exceptions. Availability of the best films from last year on DVD will be finished after the showing of “The Artist” and “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.” Look for only an occasional quality film such as “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” or “Detachment” in the coming months to supplement a diet of TV films, documentaries, older films and a large serving of independent films, some of which you may find superior to the mainstream films. Please check the recently updated Coming Attractions Bulletin Board posted outside the Men’s Clubroom for reserved films that have been released to theaters but are not yet available in DVD. FOREIGN FILM CLASSICS: Scheduled on Monday, July 16 at 12 Noon in the Ladies Club Room is the 1948 Italian film classic “Paisan” directed by Roberto Rossellini. Please note the new time (Noon) and day of the month (Monday) in 2012 for this Group’s meetings. Joining the Foreign Film Classic Group will entitle you to automatically receive a monthly invitation and an annual program of scheduled universally acclaimed film classics. This presents

Clubs and Activities a rare opportunity to revisit them again or to see them for the first time if missed when originally released. MUSICAL FINE ARTS: This Group is next scheduled to meet on Saturday, July 7 at 10 am. The program will consist of the delightful and tuneful Operetta “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss. Joining the Musical Fine Arts Group will entitle you to automatically receive a monthly invitation and an annual program of scheduled classical musical events, which include operas, ballets, choral masterpieces, orchestral and instrumental works. If you are interested in merely attending the programs on a one-time basis for either group or in joining, please contact the writer since seating is limited. The complete programs for both groups can now be found on the back of class flyers located in a rack adjacent to the Front Desk of the Clubhouse. Frank Petronella 760-414-9070


The purpose of the Ocean Hills Computer Club is to encourage active seniors to use computers for better living. Each month we try to fulfil that purpose by offering various computer classes, holding “help sessions,” and hosting a general meeting with a guest speaking on a subject interesting to computer users. Classes change from month to month, so please check the calendar posted on the Computer Room window. You can also find our calendar online, using the link Calendar on the left-hand side of our homepage What’s the advantage of being a Computer Club member? You can attend any of the free classes that we offer throughout the year. You get our monthly newsletter, chocked full of information, nifty computer tips, and our monthly calendar, e-mailed to you. We also send e-mail notifications and reminders of upcoming classes. With the help of our Homeowners Association, the Computer Club now has a subscription to, available to all OHCC residents. Just come to the Computer Room where you’ll find the user ID and password posted. The Club occasionally offers classes to help people fully utilize the capabilities of to find their heritage on line. Our resident genealogy guru, Hal McCawley, has a drop-in genealogy workshop the first Thursday of each month at 10 am. Tickets are now on sale for the annual Computer Club/Village Squares Dinner Party. The date for this year’s party is August 11, from 5 to 9 pm in Abravanel Hall. Our theme is Tropical Splendor. Socialize and sip your pre-dinner Mai Tai until 5:30 pm when we serve the buffet style dinner from Chinex with selections of such favorites as orange chicken, sweet and sour pork, beef with broccoli, garlic shrimp, and vegetarian, to name a few. Wine, beer, soda, and dessert are included in the price of only $15 per person. After dinner, we’ll have square dancing called by Jim Randall, plus some line and Polynesian dancing. As always, Dick Travis has lined up some fabulous door prizes. Peggy Johnson and her assistants have done a lot of legwork to bring us a fun and exciting summer party. Tickets can be purchased from Jeanne Rudolph or you may leave a check for the Computer Club check envelope at the Front Desk.

The Computer Club calendar lists the times of the “help sessions” held in our Computer Room. The Club’s “Certified Volunteers” are always anxious to help solve your problems. If you need help in your own home with those nasty computer problems, we can arrange for personal visitations, but would appreciate a voluntary donation to our Computer Club. If we can’t help you, we will recommend several local service people for you to choose from. We are always looking for people to become helpers and share their experience and knowledge with others. Right now, we especially need a replacement for our secretary Audrey Sargisson who is leaving OHCC later this year. If you can help the Club in any capacity, please call Jim Kaminsky at 760-295-8792. He’d love to hear from you.


Doo-Wop Disco and Dance Club members like to party to the music of the 50’s - 80’s. We now have 245 members, an all-time high. We believe the continued growth of our Club indicates we’re on the right path of offering low-cost, fun parties at Ocean Hills Country Club. The Doo-Wop Disco and Dance Club have four parties planned for the remainder of 2012. Next up is Doo-Wop Disco Club’s Summer Lanai Party, July 28. We start with a wine and beer Happy Hour from 5 to 6 pm, then dinner of chicken, ribs, and two sides catered by Famous Dave’s BBQ (BYOB for dinner), and finish with dance music provided by My DJ. Cost for this event is $18 for members, $22 for non-members. Because of space limitations on the Lanai, this party is limited to member(s) or a member with one guest. Right on the heels of the Summer Lanai Party is the Festival de Agosto on August 18. Once again taking place on the Lanai, we start with Happy Hour at 5 pm that includes margaritas, beer, sodas, chips and dips. Dinner at 5:30 pm has Puesto catering their gourmet tacos of fish, carne asada, and chicken, supplemented with side dishes of rice and beans. Once again, it’s BYOB for dinner and My DJ provides the dance music. Cost for this event is $16 for members, $20 for non-members. Space limitations on the Lanai limit this party to member(s) or a member with one guest. Please visit our website at for more details on both of these party events. The website also has archives of photos and videos from previous Doo-Wop Disco and Dance Club activities.


You got bugs? Are snails establishing residency in your succulents? Are aphids breakfasting on your rosebuds before you even get out for the morning paper? Are regiments of ants invading your castle? Yes? Well, before you reach in your cache of toxic sprays that are in your garage, come to the Garden Club July 11 meeting. Mr. Scott Parker, from the University of California Cooperative Extension Healthy Garden-Healthy Home Program, will be here to give us the latest information on how to manage ants and other pests in your home and garden through a method called Integrate Pest Management (IPM). IPM, a scientifically based approach for pest management, incorporates cultural, mechanical, biological and OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 37

Clubs and Activities chemical options as part of an overall pest management program. The primary focus of an IPM program is to utilize a non-toxic or least toxic approach in addressing pest control concerns. Ants, a very common home and garden pest in San Diego will receive special attention of the IPM approach. Additionally, other common landscape pests such as snails and slugs, gophers, and honeydew producing insects (aphids, scale, whitefly and mealybugs) will be addressed. Mr. Scott will answer any of your questions after his presentation. This will be a good time to give the eviction notice to all those pests. Eco-friendly, of course. Our past president, Peggy Parker, hasn’t been well lately. Get Well cards and notes would be most welcome. They certainly would brighten up her day to hear from her Garden Club friends. It’s only July, but the Garden Club is already making plans for their Christmas Luncheon to be held on December 12. Members are looking forward to this annual event, but they need a Chairman or Co-Chairman. Do I hear a volunteer? Come to our July 11 meeting. We’d love to meet you. The Garden Club meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 9:30 am in Abravanel Hall. Membership is $10 a year.

Melvina’s Tips

Continue planting annuals this month until the mercury soars. Once the heat of summer sets in, enjoy the long days in your garden, but delay most of your planting and fertilizing until the cooler temperature of autumn. If you feel that your plants need fertilizing, do so at one-half strength. Your cymbidium and epiphyllium both need feeding to support new growth. Be sure to water well before you fertilize and use a balanced fertilizer such as 6-6-6 or 8-8-8. A lot of people comment on how beautiful our bougainvillea looks. Remember, the village gardeners do just as they are told. They are not horticulturists. So they just prune off the top with hedge clippers or whatever. The bracts “bloom” at the ends of the branches and provide the brilliant color. The true flower is tiny, insignificant, cream

CHANNEL 12 BROADCAST FOR JULY 2012 All Selections Run at 12 Noon & 6 PM Daily JULY 16-19: Master Board Meetings I & II FYI: the monthly Channel 12 broadcast schedule is posted on the bulletin board just to the right of Abravanel Hall, in the weekly activities schedule put out by the Recreation Department and located at the Reception Desk and, of course, in this monthly Newsletter. Please note: that if you have digital TV, our in-house Channel 12 now airs on Channel 867. Also, if you have digital TV and aren’t getting Channel 12 on 867, please ask COX to exchange your box for an 8300 box.

34 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

color and star-like. So, to get more color from your bougainvillea, tie the tips of the branches downward with garden ties. July is a good month to condition your soil. You can get a soil test, however, trust me-our soil is alkaline. Soil sulfur can lower alkalinity. Scratch in one cup per cubic foot of soil for long lasting results. Do not use peat moss at this time because it will keep the soil too moist. Leeching with gypsum is advised as it removes excess salt, added by our water. Scratch in one-half inch depth and follow with a good watering. Keep baiting for snails and other creepy crawlies. I am enjoying my new iris bed and have added new varieties to prolong my blooming time to about six months. Divide tall bearded iris if you want more blooms next spring. Dig up the iris clumps with a spading fork, and separate the woody rhizomes. Keep the healthy ones with leaves on the ends: discard the older, leafless ones from the clumps center. Plant rhizomes high in the soil (cover with no more than one half inch of dirt) in an area that gets at least six hours of sun.


I am going to start with what I think will be the most exciting golf event of the year. THE DERBY on Wednesday, July 18. The DERBY is a golf tournament comprised of two person teams but you can sign up as a single of a twosome. Play is started shotgun style, with four flights of teams. Please note: all participating teams should arrive at the casa/chipping area, no later than 1:45 pm to learn the golf rules of the DERBY and enable you to head off to your assigned hole. It is quite simple to play. To join in, there will be envelopes marked DERBY at the casa. Put in $2 and your name on the envelope anytime up to July 15. Monetary prizes will be awarded at the dinner/barbeque that day, as will the prizes for the Touring Amateur tournament at San Luis Rey. Only Golf Club members can play in the tournament. This will be followed by a happy hour at approximately 4 pm. You may also bring your own bottle. Sometime during that period, we will take a few minutes to hold a very short, very basic and very limited Golf Club quarterly meeting. Then, between 5 pm and 7 pm, we will be serving a full rib and chicken dinner catered by Phils Barbeque on the

Clubs and Activities Lanai behind the casa. We are limited to 140 people for the barbeque and we will have to cut off reservations as soon as that number is reached. The cost will be $20 per person. No one can buy more than two tickets, but a member can bring a non-member guest. Make check payable to OHGC and leave at the Front Desk in the Clubhouse. Remember, cut off for the DERBY is July 15 and for the barbeque is July 11. Come join us for a fun day. On Monday, July 16, the Touring Amateurs will be playing at San Luis Rey Downs. It will be a shotgun but there will not be a luncheon as we have the barbeque on July 18. The cost is $41 for golf and cart and your money and names of your team should be into the Demarest’s by July 9. Our next Guys and Dolls will be Saturday, July 21. Deposit your $8 and the names of your team in the appropriate slot at the casa. If you need a partner or another couple, call Marilyn Vetlesen. She will try to help. Money must be in by July 14. Fairwinds Ivey Ranch will sponsor our next outside tournament, on August 6 and 7. These folks have always been contributors to various Golf Club events. Another fun day was the women’s shotgun golf and luncheon held on May 30. We all got up early, but it was worth it.

Once again, a big thank you to Lenhoff Tax and Financial Services for a wonderful tournament on June 11 and 12 and the great lunch and monetary prizes were much appreciated.


Our next meeting will be held on July12 at 1 pm in the Mykonos Room for a program on Controlling Pain and Spinal Diagnostics given by Yogesh V. Patel, MD. Dr. Patel has a practice nearby in Carlsbad and several very satisfied and grateful patients who are residents of OHCC. Ouch, my aching back! Relief of pain is necessary for good quality of life. Some of us may not be ready for robotic surgery demonstrated recently by Dr. Alieyae and Dr. Moazzaz. Join us for complimentary healthy snacks and an informative program.

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 35

Clubs and Activities


The August 11 brunch will be a lot of fun and the folks from “Love on a Leash” will be there to give us a presentation. Please RSVP to Ellen Kippel at if you plan to attend or call her at 760-3057114 so we know how many will attend. Bring a potluck dish to share for 8 to 10 people. Ham, Coffee and Mimosas will be provided by the Kennel Klub. If you would like to help to set up before the brunch or clean up afterwards, please let Ellen know. The May 18 outing to the graduation of Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) was outstanding. Fourteen people attended and enjoyed seeing all the dogs Matriculate, including Rhonda III, Phyllis Slade’s Puppy in Training, as well as many other wonderfully trained dogs who were given free of charge to their new owners to assist them. These dogs know 50 commands and are so helpful. These exceptional dogs are for exceptional people. The dogs even walked away with diplomas for Graduating. Recently one of our residents had an encounter with a dog on a retractable leash. The leash became wrapped around her legs and she fell. Fortunately, she was not seriously hurt. Please keep your pets on a leash that does not exceed 6 feet, as the dog owner must have the animal under control at all times. The retractable leash can be hazardous to other people and animals if the pet owner loses control of the leash and they are hazardous to the pet should it take off after people, cars or other animals. One of our residents informed Ellen Kippel of a rattlesnake vaccine that is available. She checked this out and

40 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

found that you can get a vaccine against rattlesnake venom. It is a series of two shots and gives protection for 6 months. The vaccine is called Red Rock Rattlesnake vaccine. Petco has a shot clinic and the rattlesnake vaccine is available at the clinic for $25. Treatment of snakebites may include anti venom injections that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Use of anti-venom is associated with an increased risk of adverse effects, which can complicate a dog’s recovery. Even though the vaccination shots do not provide complete immunity to rattlesnake venom, the rattlesnake vaccine can reduce the impact of snakebites, reduce or eliminate the need for anti-venom and decrease other treatment costs. The vaccine works by stimulating an animal’s immunity to defend against potentially harmful agents. Even after your dog is vaccinated against rattlesnake venom, the pet should be taken to a vet for evaluation and care as soon as possible after the snakebite. The vet can determine whether your dog will require additional treatment.


Recently I was given a history of our lovely Library. Although I’ve written about it in the past, I came upon a few new details that caught my eye. Most of us know that the beautiful cabinets that are in the first room you see upon entering the Clubhouse came from an Apothecary shop in France. But I had no idea that one of our very own residents took on the task of reworking all the shelves and little drawers to make them useful for books. Nor did I know that we started the Library with seven vol-

Clubs and Activities unteers of the Book Review Group. This grew into today’s Library Association with between 25 and 30 volunteers staffing the library each month.Volunteers started working one morning a week, but that soon became three mornings a week. The present schedule, three mornings and two afternoons a week, was instituted in 1986 and volunteers still handle all of the library functions. At first, the books for the fledgling library were purchased four or five at a time depending on the amount of funds that were received. Dues were not instituted until 1987, when our purchasing capability rose considerably. From the first four or five books, we now own well over 4,000, some of which were donated by members. As a matter of fact, several books were donated recently. I’ll list them below. Audio books were added in 1990, and at that time, we were purchasing five to six a month. That surprised me, as we are only adding one or two audio books a month today. There is a possibility that we will not continue purchasing them after this year unless more people show an interest in them. It’s been interesting looking back through our history. I hope this gives you a better understanding of how we started and grew into our present well functioning Library. If you would like to become a member, please leave a check for $15 at the Front Desk or give it to a librarian during Library hours. We’re open M-W-F from l0 am to noon and TTh. from 2 pm to 4 pm. We’d love to welcome you. Books donated recently: THE BIG MISS (My years coaching Tiger Woods) Hank

Haney THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY Suzanne Collins (A boxed set to be checked out together) GUILT BY ASSOCIATION Marcia Clark ROCK BOTTOM Erin Brockovich They can all be checked out from the Reserve Shelves.

NEW BOOK PURCHASES – JUNE, 2012 TITLE, AUTHOR, CATEGORY, CALICO JOE, John Grisham, Fic CHASING MIDNIGHT, Randy Wayne White, Fic THE DOG WHO DANCED, Susan Wilson, Fic DORCHESTER TERRACE, Anne Perry, Fic DRIFT, Rachel Maddow, Non-Fic THE GILLY SALT SISTERS, Tiffany Baker, Fic A GOOD AMERICAN, Alex George, Fic HARBOR NOCTURNE, Joseph Wambaugh, Fic THE HOUSE I LOVED, Tatiana de Rosnay, Fic THE INNOCENT, David Balducci, Fic THE LIMPOPO ACADEMY OF PRIVATE DETECTION, Alexander McCall Smith, Fic MORE THAN YOU KNOW, Penny Vincenzi, Fic NO MARK UPON HER, Deborah Crombie, Fic PRIVATE GAMES, James Patterson, Fic THE PROFESSIONALS, Owen Laukkanen, Fic THE SINS OF THE FATHER, Jeffrey Archer, Fic THE TECHNOLOGISTS, Matthew Pearl, Fic THE WITNESS, Nora Roberts, Fic BETRAYAL, Danielle Steel, Lg.Prt.

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 41

Clubs and Activities DEFENDING JACOB, William Landay, Lg.Prt. CDs THE BOURNE DOMINION, (ROBERT LUDLUM’S), Eric Van Lustbadar THE NEXT ALWAYS, Nora Roberts


NuBees began with the desire to provide a socializing venue for residents of Ocean Hills Country Club. While originally intended for newcomers to OHCC, both new and established residents now participate in our social events. We’d like you to participate, too. During the warmer months of the year such as July here at Ocean Hills, starting at 5:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month, you will find the NuBees socializing on the Clubhouse Lanai. Residents are asked to bring whatever they want to drink and a hearty appetizer to share with 10-12 people. This is a terrific opportunity to make new friends and learn about all the activities at Ocean Hills. For the most fun you may ever have, join NuBees on Sunday, July 22, to see the Padres play the Colorado Rockies at Petco Park. The afternoon game starts at 1:05 pm, so we get up early and ride the Coaster while munching on bagels, donuts, orange juice, and other goodies, all the time watching the Pacific Ocean glide by. After the game, those who choose to will celebrate the Padres’ victory with dinner at Monterey Bay Canners on the harbor in

Oceanside. You can hear the details of this memorable event and sign up at a NuBee social gathering. Once again, our own Dan Golembiewski is coordinating this Padres game outing. Photos of Nu NuBees are posted on our website. Last month we had 10 Nu NuBees attend for the first time. See if you recognize a “Nu NuBee” on our webpage at, too, can socialize with NuBees. Come share some laughs with all of us. It’s a great place to make new friends. Isn’t that why you moved here?


Our meeting this month is Tuesday, July 17, at 1 pm in the Ladies Club Room. This is a joint meeting of the Photography Club and the Digital Photography Special Interest Group of the Computer Club. Our program will be the first half of a PBS film on Ansel Adams, the great outdoor photographer. This documentary is very interesting and shows a numbers of Adams’ images. You will enjoy learning more about the man and why he was a pioneer in photographic technique. Please join us for this worthwhile portrait of Ansel Adams. If time remains available, we will try to address any questions you may have on your camera or other photo gear, or at least get you pointed in the right direction. Bud DeMaris will be available in the Computer/Photo Lab after the meeting from 3 to 5 pm for one-on-one help with your digital camera and using it with a computer and printer. We can also address features of Photoshop Elements, which is on some of the Lab computers, as well as exercise the scanner and photo printer. Bring in a specific area you would like to work on, and let’s exercise the equipment. Photo paper is available. If you plan on coming late, say after 4 pm, please let Bud know ahead of time, or 760-630-1739.


38 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Our next Racquet Club meeting is Wednesday, July 11–-social at 4 pm and meeting at 4:30 pm in the Mykonos Room. All members and guests are invited to come and join their friends for a half-hour social and to hear what’s goin’ on! New members and residents-–come and introduce yourself! On June 7, Joan and Lou Gross held their 4th annual pickleball tournament. Sixteen round-robin players participated in the advanced group, and ten each in two intermediate and a novice group. At the dinner that followed, trophies were awarded to the winners–first, second, and third place respectively, as follows: winners in “advanced” were Al Harruff, Debi Vail, and Lynne Fuller. Winners in “intermediate A” group were Joanne Goglia, Cecilia Quinn, and Charline Kenney; in “intermediate B” were Roberta Peters, Thor Nelson, and Allan Paloutzian; and in “novice” were Cindy Sinelli, Margaret Burgess, and Sue Paloutzian. The Greek dinner was catered by Nikos on Melrose and was delicious! Thank you so much Joan and Lou for once again holding a great tournament and thank you also to all your helpers, Cecilia Quinn, Kathy Moskovitz, Maureen Schneider, Jane Aldrich, Cindy Sanelli, Brenda Stafford, Joanne and Glen Goglia, Bob Storm, Barbara Snyder, Dannica Wood and Rona Cole who took photos and did a

Clubs and Activities wonderful “Smile Box” video presentation. Thank you all! Herb Livsey and Al Harruff are planning a paddle tennis tournament on July 24. We have several new players that will mix with many long-time players, and it’s sure to be a fun tournament followed by a luncheon! Eric and Susan Fenchel are running our annual Red and Blue Team Tennis Tournament on July 7. Teams are practicing and gearing up for a good competition! Thank you Herb and Al, and Eric and Susan for stepping up to take charge of these events! Our August 4 “Surfing the World” Lanai party is slated to be a great event! After being welcomed to our “Tiki Bar,” our guests will be entertained by the band “Breez’n,” who will provide a wide array of dance music. Bobby’s Hideaway Café will cater a surfer’s dream dinner, and all members and guests are invited. A flyer at the Clubhouse has all the details! Steve and Gloria Knapp have recently given a few tennis and pickleball clinics, free to interested players. They plan to offer these drill sessions in both sports every couple of weeks. New clinics are announced by email to Racquet Club members, and then signup lists are posted at the Clubhouse tennis and pickleball courts. Thank you Steve and Gloria, for all your time and effort in holding these clinics! Beginning pickleball on Saturday mornings at 9:15 am at the HOA courts still attracts new players or those who still want the basics. Herb Livsey and Mike Hoggatt run a good program there, while other novice players sometimes play on the next court and rotate in and out of the “teach-

ing group.” Don’t forget–you can find all Racquet Club information at our website at


Between Mother’s Day, vacations and graduations we had a mass exodus of Rotators in May. Thanks to some very dedicated hosts, we were able to accommodate most of you for dinner and we are very grateful to everyone who did their best to make it work. Hopefully we will have had better weather in June so that patio parties will be back on the agenda for summer. We have heard nothing but good things about the food being served, guests having a lot of fun together, and everyone looking forward to the next month. People are really having a good time and are happy to meet new members. It’s like old home week when you discover that someone grew up a couple of blocks from you and went to the same school. It’s even more wonderful when we can remember that far back! Hosts are always pleased when people stay later than usual which proves they are enjoying themselves. We also get the feeling that we are all more comfortable serving family type meals rather than the fancy stuff that we may only cook once a year. We probably should have an herb bank so we won’t have to buy a $6 bottle of something when we only need a tablespoon of it. If you would like to be, the banker just let me know. We will be asking for hosts for July and August. This is a never-ending process so please let us

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 39

Clubs and Activities know if either month works for you to host. If you would like to join the Rotating Dinner Club, please leave your check for $10 per person at the Front Desk. After you have been invited to two dinners, it will be your turn to host. Anyone not willing to host during the year will go to the bottom of the sub list.You will be responsible for the pre-dinner drinks, dinner wine and the main course. Your guests will be asked to bring either two appetizers, a salad or dessert for six or eight people. Our membership list is low on single men so please join us. We won’t even ask you to cook but to co-host with another member and maybe tend bar. Don’t worry guys; we won’t try to marry you off! Looking forward to a summer of great food, good fun and being with good friends. Bon Appetit!


Don’t sell that RV! Buy one and join the RV Club for some wonderful travel adventures. Several of our members enjoyed a five-day trip to Sedona, Arizona in April. We arrived to a dusting of snow on the mountains with beautiful clear air and brilliant starlit nights. Our Wagon Masters, Mike and Charlotte Hayes, arranged a number of fun activities during the outing including: a two-hour trolley tour of Sedona; a Cowboy jeep tour of the back country; a visit to the Chapel of the Holy

44 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Cross; a half day trip on the Verde Canyon Railroad; and a Cowboy Dinner show at the Blazin M Ranch. We also enjoyed a special treat, as our RV Park was host to a number of nesting pairs of Great Blue Herons in the high limbs of the surrounding cottonwood trees. Following this outing, a number of our members then headed out to Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Park. We arrived to warm sunny weather and installed our RVs at the Lake Powell Wahweap Marina RV Park along with some of our members at the Wahweap Marina Lodge. Both of these locations overlook the beautiful Lake Powell and marinas at Page, Arizona. Our hosts, Steve and Jan Malone, arranged a happy hour followed by a special gourmet dinner prepared by Co-Wagon Masters Jim and Bev Gillain. Dinner was followed with a slide show presentation by a local Naturist who informed us of the local flora and fauna. During our stay we enjoyed a tour of the Antelope Slot Canyon; a trip to the Navajo Bride and Condor Reserve; a visit to Lee’s Ferry and a picnic lunch at the Lonely Dell Ranch; a tour of the Glen Canyon Dam; and a boat tour of the beautiful sheer cliffs and clear water coves along the shoreline of Lake Powell. Our trip concluded with a special happy hour and another gourmet dinner prepared by Jim and Bev Gillian. RV Club members and guests enjoyed another successful RV Lot Party on May 22. Good food and good times were enjoyed along with music by the Tommy Thompson Band. A special thank you to Audrey Pederson, Lee Lady, Judy

Clubs and Activities

Mention This Ad and Receive




Up to $500

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 41

White, and Pat Sweet for coordinating this event. Our Club meetings are usually held in the Mykonos Room in the Clubhouse on the 4th Tuesday of each month. A social gathering and refreshments starts at 7 pm; the business meeting starts at 7:30 pm, and visitors are welcome. Officers this year are: President Dan Mathews, Vice President Rollin Grider, Treasurer Bill Jones, Secretary Cliftus Forrstrom, Vice President Trips Steve Malone, and Vice President Social Audrey Pederson. President Dan Mathews invites you to come join us; we are a fun seeking Club with an element of practicality. We encourage all members to keep their RV rigs at least halffull of fuel and water in order to provide service to our community in the case of an emergency. Please visit our website at


The Club June meeting saw a good turnout of members and guests. The program was a video about the ZACA, the 118 foot Schooner during the time it was owned by movie star Errol Flynn. Signups were taken for the Coronado Cays sail in July. Signups for the August 15 Regatta will start at the July 3 meeting. This is always a fun competitive event, followed by a dinner at which we all get to brag about how well we sailed the race. Remember to bring your checkbooks to the July meeting. Then Club Summer party on the Lanai is September 8. Jack and Linda Morgan are chairing this fun event. The theme is Margaritaville. Catalina trip signups are only a few rooms short of booking the entire Pavilion Lodge. We expect to have close to 100 on this trip. If interested, call Allan Paloutzian at 760295-3382 for details. Come and mingle with this fun group. Our meetings are the first Tuesday of each month in the Mykonos Room. Happy half hour starts at 7 pm, with free food and wine, followed by a short business meeting at 7:30 pm, and then an interesting and often funny program. We hope to see you there.


42 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

The sewing kits we made in May, which are turning out to be very useful,, were displayed at the June meeting. LaVergne handed out a list of basic sewing kit tools and it is amazing how many pieces can be stored in the pockets. An Omnigrid Mat fits in the biggest pocket and helps give form to the sewing kit as well as being a cutting board.. Amazon gave Shannon extra mats (they must really like her - never happens to me) so if you would still like to make a kit, see Shannon for the mat. Members brought other projects for display - a braided dog chew that looked especially helpful if you have a teething puppy, a succulent wreath, a ladybug apron for a little girl, a quilt top made from strips of Christmassy fabric and a tablecloth with matching apron to follow. They all looked like things that would be fun to make. The July 19 potholder was demonstrated, it is in the shape of a frosted cupcake. The frosting part forms a pocket for your fingers so you can use it flat, like a regular potholder, or slip your fingers in and protect the top of your hand from the upper oven rack. Cupcakes are very popular right now and for my mom’s 90th birthday party we are having mini cupcakes instead of a big cake. Wouldn’t it be

Clubs and xxxActivities nice if I made a batch of cupcake potholders and had them as favors for her party? Sounds like a great idea, unfortunately I am better at conceptualizing than actualizing! The cradle quilts are almost completed for 2012 and we discussed other charitable projects we could do as a group. There are special colorful pillowcases being made for each child at the children’s hospital, chemo caps for adult patients, small quilts for NICU babies, lots of different ideas. Give it some thought. JULY SCHEDULE Sewing: 9:30 Thursday July 5: - General meeting, show and tell July 12: - UFOs July 19: - Pot Holder July 26: - Craft project Beading: 1 pm Tuesdays (July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31) Quilting: 1 pm Fridays (July 6, 13, 20, 27) UFOs: 6 pm Tuesdays (July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31) Product info: “Insul-Bright” was mentioned in connection with the June Tea Cozy. It is a batting that has a reflective metallized poly film. The idea is that it reflects heat or cold back to the source and is heat resistant, not heat proof. This is new to me; sounds like it would be good for placemats.


There is no Ski Club meeting in July, but we will be celebrating a special birthday on Wednesday, July 4th. Happy birthday, America. At last count in early June, there were at least 40 paid reservations for the Horse Racing trip on Thursday, August 9. For any available space, contact George Naff at 760-7261027. Those who are joining us for the Thoroughbred Club races in Del Mar will be notified when we receive our tickets for the event. We’re planning a summer party on the Lanai scheduled for Thursday, September 13, billed as the first Après Ski celebration of the upcoming winter season. And what do we do at a typical Ski Club Après Ski get-together? Mainly, we enjoy each other’s company with drinks, appetizers, dinner. There will also be music for dancing and listening — and more. Watch for the special announcement.And mark your calendars for the holiday gala on Saturday, December 8 when the Racquet, Sailing and Ski Clubs bring you the festive, annual Tri-Club celebration in Abravanel Hall. Watch

for that announcement as well, and meanwhile, continue to enjoy a safe and enjoyable summer.


Our summer programs begin with our traditional July Barbecue on the Lanai! On Monday, July 16 at 6 pm (NOTE EARLIER TIME), join us on the Lanai for a hearty feast cooked on-site by our friends at Hunters Steakhouse. They’ll roll up their chuck wagon early in the day to barbecue chicken and ribs for us, and we’ll have a complete dinner, including salad, garlic bread and dessert. This is a BYOB affair, so bring your own wine or whatever, but please, no glass containers on the Lanai! Get your reservations in early! Cost is only $22 for members and $25 for guests. Deadline for signing up is Wednesday, July 11. Please remember we are starting 30 minutes early, so we’ll begin seating at 5:30 pm. The poster on the Clubhouse bulletin board also has details of our event including the full menu. We look forward to seeing all of you there!


The Splash Party was a terrific success! Thanks to the Swim Club members who pitched to make it happen. Vice President Jeff Carpenter is a truly fine host. Co-hostess, Jerri Starkey directed table arrange-

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 47

Clubs and Activities ments including the delicious fruit centerpieces and MC’d the event. Secretary Harriet McCawley greeted guests and took names with help from her friends Martha Russo and Tom and Wanda Fuller who also worked food preparation, etc. Treasurer Gary Baur arrived with the Sangria and the Swim Club checkbook. He settled in to enjoy the festivities and then took care of the necessary reimbursements at the end. The Splash Party was produced and catered totally by the members. Jeff ran the grill along with David Koplar, Bob Lambert, Bill Vogel, and Paul Starkey. Jeff and Jerri did all of the shopping. Karen Kinney, Estelle Altork, Betty Klaus, Barbara Watt, Dave Anderson and so many members and friends helped us feed and entertain 120 plus guests. We also thank the Clubhouse staff who relentlessly set up and tear down and do whatever it takes to make our facility accessable for a great party! The whole pool area buzzed throughout the day. Kurt Strohecker entertained. We ate, danced, swam, made new friends and we toasted farewell to Founding Swim Club members, Avis and Bob McKeever.You will be truly missed. The Swim Clinic is on-going Saturday’s 9:30 am until 11am in the pool through August 4th. Senior Olympian Frank Tanner, Sue Tanner, Master Swimmer Anne Williams and Swim Club President Robin Ryan are available to teach you to swim or to help you swim more efficiently. The Clinic is Free for Swim Club members. Membership is $8. Call or email Robin at 760-936-1305 or for more information. See you at the pool rain or shine.


I will lead with the best! And the BEST it was! It will definitely be the summer party to beat. There was something for everyone and more. We had fabulous food catered by Bobby’s Hideaway, we had fantastic music, ‘MC-ing’ and Game Show Hosting by Kurt Strohecker, we had unique and well crafted costuming provided by our party-going guests, beautiful decorations by our Premier Party Planner Theresa Howell and her crafty and dedicated committee, special games, dancing, singing and most of all laughter throughout the evening Music to our ears. The costume prizewinners were Rita Schnedar, a blond Carmen Miranda look-a-like; Brooks Westwater who dressed as a coal miner and came as “16 Tons” and David and Kathryn Fitzwilliam whose costumes represented “We’ve Got a Ticket to Ride.” Our thanks again to Kurt, Theresa and those on her committee, Marcia Ward, Martha Russo, Lois Powazek, Elizabeth Westwater, and one specially crafted game board designed and built by Rick Thatcher. Sadly, I must announce that the June 30 Actors’ Showcase was cancelled due to a family medical situation that involves the show’s director Celeste Finnegan. We all wish for John Finnegan to feel better very soon. Theatre Arts Club is dark for the months of July and August. However, you will hear from us in August as we layout the activities for the remainder of the year. We will be back with programs starting in September - November and capping our year with another “party to be beat” in early December. So stay tuned and mark your calendars for the regular first Monday night of the month starting with September 3 you don’t want to miss a beat with the Theatre Arts Club. 48 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012


There will be no monthly meetings in July and August. However, our monthly trips continue. The following trips are now being offered. Unless otherwise noted, all trips are coordinated by Heidi Boynton, 760-295-8990. Always put lunch choices on your check when requested. Many of our trips are sold out but we still had openings at the time of publication for the following: August 14 - Stanley Ranch Museum & Casa Romantica $72. The Garden Grove Historical Society has been saving old historic buildings from destruction. Original buildings like the Garden Grove Fire Station, Queen Anne cottages, a barbershop and many more are located on this two-acre ranch. Then we’re off to San Clemente where we will have a catered box lunch, followed by a tour, at the historical “Casa Romantica,” which was built in 1927 as a family home. September 25 – Los Angeles Times and LA Police Museum Tour with lunch at Philippe’s - $70. Our day begins with a behind-the-scenes guided tour of the historical LA Times Bldg. One of the oldest and best-known restaurants, Philippes in Southern California, is our lunch stop. It is well known for its French Dipped sandwiches. Our day concludes with a docent-led tour of the LA Police Museum. Travel Club trips are open to all residents of Ocean Hills Country Club. In order to participate in all trips and activities, an annual membership fee of $9 per person is required. Guests (both OHCC residents and outside visitors) are welcome for an additional $5 fee per trip, depending on space availability. Detailed flyers on all trips sponsored by the Travel Club are located in the Trip racks at the Clubhouse. You may sign up for trips by leaving a check in the Travel Club envelope at the Front Desk at any time.


The 4th of July spirit prevails during the entire month of July on Mondays and Tuesdays where our spirited line dancers are enthusiastically participating in classes led by Christine Alesiani and Betty Heyer. Christine teaches the Level l Class on Mondays from 12:30 to 2 pm. Her Level 2 Class continues to meet on Tuesdays from 10:30 am to 12 pm. Both classes are $5 a session. A very talented and experienced resident, Betty Heyer, gives generously of her time to review dances learned in classes or previous line dance experiences. Come review with Betty on Mondays from 2 to 3:30 pm .There is no charge for these sessions. Looking ahead to July 20 we are planning a joint Western BBQ and Dance with the OHCC Walkers/Hikers as we did last summer. There were many requests for a repeat party featuring The Calico Ridge Band and Hunters BBQ. This event will be held in Abravanel Hall to provide plenty of dance space. All types of dance music will be played by this wonderful band. Save the date. Reservations are available just leave your check at the Front Desk. The price is $28 per person. Tables of 10 can be reserved. There will be no refunds after July 13. Francis Ainis is our Sunshine Lady in charge of sending greeting cards to members who are experiencing poor

Clubs and Activities

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 49

Clubs and Activities health, hospitalization, or loss of a loved one. Please call her at 760-945-0969 to notify her of a member who would be cheered by the receipt of a greeting from our Club. Direct any questions you might have about Line Dancing to Jirina Svoboda at 760-945-2125.


At our party on June 13, we had over 70 people. The croissant sandwiches from Bobby’s Hideaway were delicious and the side dishes were a good addition. We finished the meal with a carrot cake in honor of Father’s Day. We danced the evening away {that is until 8:30 pm). Students and guests rounded out the party. Lots of visiting as well as dancing. Students are becoming acquainted with more and more difficult calls. When they graduate, our Club will increase in size. When I first graduated, I knew that another year of class would help my self-confidence. Here’s hoping that all students will join us as angels at our new class in 2013. This will reinforce what you have learned this year. Verl is still holding his practice workshop on Thursday mornings at 9 am. Sheldon also participates in calling for the students. We could use every angel that can show up. It is so helpful to have at least as many angels as students, if not more. Verl cannot possibly watch all three or four squares. More angels will help to provide support for the students. On August 11, we are joining with the Computer Club for a party. It will be called “Tropical Splendor.”Tickets will be $15 for the dinner and dance. Tickets will be available at Club and class dances beginning June 27. Checks must be made out to the Computer Club. There will be Mai Tai’s available. More information will be announced at class and Club dances. Jim Randall will call both levels of dance. There will be line dancing and ballroom. Prizes will be raffled off. We had a great time last year at the combined party. Get to know the computer members if you don’t already. It will be held from 5:30 pm until 9 pm. There will be open seating.


Well, our show, Footloose and Fancy Free-in Ocean Hills, was a huge success! We are thrilled that so

50 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

many of our friends and family came to see the show. It takes a lot of work to put on a show like this. There are many hours of learning a dance, then practicing, and then rehearsing with the entire cast. Three dance classes participated in this year’s show-tappers, theater dance, and jazz. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the outstanding creativity of our teacher, writer, choreographer, and director, Ellie Oakley. For all the hours we put in, she more than doubled it. I’d like to give you just an idea of the amount of time that goes into a show. Take me, for example. I attend two tap classes a week—that’s two hours and one jazz class— that’s another hour. Then there is an hour practice for each of those classes. That totals 6 hours a week. But, for two months before the show, we usually practice more and learn some specialty numbers that are not included in our classes. That could be about another hour a week. Let’s not forget rehearsals. We started rehearsals on Sunday, May 20. Our rehearsals last three hours. We had rehearsals each of the following weekends on Saturday and Sunday, plus two during the final week. That totals 11 rehearsals or 33 hours. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it. We also had great support from our audio-visual department. They, too, put in many hours during rehearsals to make sure the show ran smoothly. We couldn’t have done it without them. Our classes will take July off to rest our feet, and many of us will be looking forward some wonderful foot massages. Then we come back in August and start learning new dances and steps for the next show, which will be two years from now! We love to dance, and we love living in a community that gives us an opportunity to share what we have learned. Thank you for your support!


We had a great meeting in June with the representative from the Village Veterans of San Diego (VVSD) giving us first hand knowledge of what their organization is doing for our indigent veteran population of San Diego County. The VVSD has been recognized by the National Director of the VA Homeless Programs when he said, “There is no finer program for homeless veterans in America than VVSD.” This program began over 30 years ago in response to the Vietnam era veterans returning from war with little or no VA support.

Clubs and Activities

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 51

Clubs and Activities There will not be a meeting in July, as the Village Vets will be going on their first “outing.” We will be going on a bus to visit the Lyon Air Museum in Orange County where they have authentic aircraft, rare vehicles, and other memorabilia from World War II. This will be a docent-escorted tour with time to re-visit the aircraft on our own. We will be able to climb in and out of the aircraft as well. We will then have lunch at the Harbor Restaurant in Newport Beach and will take a leisurely cruise up and down Newport Bay as the captain describes the celebrities’ waterfront homes and yachts. We will see you in August with another very interesting meeting. The meetings are always on the 4th Thursday of the month at 1500 hours (3 pm).


Walkers/Hikers are partnering up with Village Line Dancers to Saddle Up and Swing at our Summer BBQ and Dance on Friday, July 20. Seating is still available until July 13. Leave number of people in your party (Tables seat 10) and check(s) for $28 per person at the Front Desk. This event is a repeat of last year’s enthusiastically received party. Once again, we will have the great sounds of the Calico Ridge Band and a wonderful BBQ by Hunters. All types of dance music will be played so don’t worry about being a line dancer. Save these additional dates: Fall Picnic at Lake Poway on October 9 and Holiday Cocktail Party 4:30 pm on December 4.

52 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Hikes for July: July 12 - San Clemente Beach - an easy 4 mile hike along the beach. July 27 - Train and then Bus or Hike to Balboa Park or San Diego Zoo - Lunch at The Prado or bring your own bag lunch. August Hike: August 3 - Boardwalk Lagoon at Del Mar - a 2 mile walk Reservations can be made for our 3-day Julian overnight trip on October 16, 17, 18 by calling Julian Lodge at 800542-1420.You must call (not e-mail) and identify yourself as an OHCC Walker/Hiker member to get the special rate. A schedule of this year’s hikes and walks can be obtained on the Club’s website at or on the Club Rack in the Clubhouse. For further information, call Ed Gunderson at 760-6311625 or Valerie Davis at 760-732-3828.


HELP! Half of the year has gone by the rest of the year will be rushing along and before you realize it it is Christmas time again. Some of the Woodchucks have been busy for months trying to get a head start on the holidays by building toys. Last year we serviced 1,100 families along with the boxed toys donated by the residents. We need the following to help accomplish our mission this year: (1) Storage space for completed toys and (2) Volunteers to sand and paint in their spare time. You only have to call Larry Bowers 760-639-1989 and he will guide you. This is not a full time request. Just do it when you have

Clubs and Activities the time. We have been recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles for five years. The Club wants to thank the members plus all the residents who have helped. Good job! Telephone numbers are posted in the shop in case you need help. It is imperative that you do not do anything that might cause yourself harm because of lack of knowledge on the equipment. Bob Allen is the foreman of the shop and will repair anything that breaks or needs adjusting. Please let him do his job correctly. Just call. Donations were received from the following members: Sam Zeiden, Ron Gagnon and skateboard guru Frank Proscal. We thank you all. We also want to thank John Manning for his puzzles program at our April meeting. It was great. Your officers work very hard to make our meetings fun

and informative. Snacks, door prizes, speakers, flyers are only tips of the iceberg. Your attendance is very important to keep the Club functioning and its value to the community very high as it has always been.

Thank You

The many get well cards for a quick recovery from my surgery is so appreciated. I’ve been telephoning everyone to thank them personally. The flood of cards for Hal’s passing still come and now mine; I’m unable to keep up with calling so many people personally. Each and everyone of you mean so much to me…. — Love, Jacqueline Cotton

OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 53

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54 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

Clay Marohnic Steve Rhee Lawrence Bier If you have information for the In Loving Memory column, please call the Clubhouse Front Desk, 758-8772.

ALL YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS Vacations, Cruises, Airlines, Rental Cars Agent Marsha Leichner • 760-470-7368 (8-12) THE MOBILE DETAIL GUY Cars, Trucks, SUVs. “Best Prices... Best Results” Serving Ocean Hills residentts with pride. Glen Pilson, 760-519-8361. (6-12) NOTARY PUBLIC Mary Rita De Pietro 760-726-8915 – Ocean Hills (5-13) MADELENE’S ALTERATIONS AND TAILORING 3768 Via Del Rancho, Oceanside, CA 92056 760-630-4993. Just one short block from the back gate. Please call for appt. Over 42 years experience. (5-13) PROFESSIONAL HOUSECLEANING SERVICES Licensed and bonded. English speaking. 12 years exp. Supplies provided. Excellent refs. Free estimates. Vicky Martin, 760-807-6502 (5-12) UPHOLSTERER 20 years. Free estimates. Reasonable rates. Call Mario, 760-940-0681 (*) LET GEORGE DO IT HANDYMAN! Complete home maintenance inside and out. Electric, plumbing, drywall, paint, appliances. Reasonable, honest, reliable, local. (760) 525-2523. (2-13) COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Need Help? Lessons? Audio/Video/TV/DVD, Sprinkler/Lighting Timers? Call Tim: 760-305-8095 or my cell: 619-955-3646. Resident of OHCC. (6-12) I’LL DRIVE YOU ANYWHERE Just a phone call away. Joyce Smith, 760-685-0435 (6-12) EXTRA DAUGHTER' OFFERS EXTRA HANDS Dianne Barrymore works to simplify life, taking her clients to doctors appointments, on errands, and helping with everyday details, all the things a companion, like a daughter, can provide. (760) 212-6317 (*) PROFESSIONAL HOUSE CLEANING Village References. Call for quote. Maria, (760) 470-5676, (760) 433-6330 (*) A+ COMPUTER REPAIR — Virus removal, system recovery, data retrieval, any problem solved. Repairs completed by a Certified Technician, in your home or at my shop. Reasonable rates. Local refs. Call Will @ 760-216-2752 (4-12)

Classifieds / Miscellaneous GOLF CART FOR SALE IN OCEAN HILLS 2000 Yamaha G16E. Excellent condition, has all new batteries, headlights, windshield, back seat. Must see to believe. $3400. Call Ed Adams, 818-400-8430. Golf cart in OHCC. (7-12) SENIOR CARE, ERRANDS, TRANSPORTATION, Nursing Assistant. Excellent local references. Lisa, 760-721-8402. (7-12) REFERRAL PAINTING – Int./ext., cabinets, drywall texture, patio covers, fences, concrete/power wash, rain gutters, fence repair. Handyman. OHCC refs. Joe Iberri, 760-967-1068 (12-11)

LIFE QUALITY CARE In-home care hourly/daily/monthly. 15 years exp. Personal hygiene, medical assistance, Hospice patients, light housekeeping, meal prep, errands, laundry and doctor’s appts. Male and female caregivers avail. 24 hours a day. Local refs avail. Lily 760-672-3848. (9-12) LANDSCAPE SERVICE Full service gardening. 1 Maintenance a month: $40.00 2 Maintenances a month: $50.00 New valves and timer installation for watering. Free estimate. Call 760-510-3819, ask for Israel. Lic. #34163. (4-13) PRIVATE HOME CARE NURSING ASSISTANT Companion service, Dementia care. Meals, medication check, errands. Call Ms. Lewis, 760-500-2259. (7-13) HOUSE CLEANER 18 years experience. Many OHCC references. Teresa Silva, 760-520-4160. (7-12. MRD) CAREGIVER — Personal care, meal preparation, transportation and light housekeeping. Village references. Call Kathee, 760-712-9534. (7-12) DOG WALKING & WEEKLY POOP PICKUP SERVICE Call 760-471-7749. Licensed, bonded and insured. (7-12) CAREGIVER Experienced with excellent references. 760-918-1735 (10-12) HOUSEKEPPER / CAREGIVER Experienced, licensed caregiver. References. Errands, doctors appointments. Call Rosie, 760-519-4101. (7-12)

COMPUTERS Repair and Upgrades, Printers, Networking, HDTV and Audio Setups. 1-on-1 computer lessons. Affordable and professional. David Calico. Mobile: (415) 517-7892. Email: (*) A HANDY YOUNG SENIOR can do Painting & Repairs, Powerwash & Window Cleaning. 38 years experience. Call John at 760-809-0877

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OHCC Newsletter • July 2012 55

56 OHCC Newsletter • July 2012

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