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JUNE HIGHLIGHTS Tuesday – 12 Resident Website Orientation 12:00pm — Abravanel Hall Saturday – 15 Bingo 7:00pm - Abravanel Hall Monday – 17 BOD Meeting 10:00am - Mykonos Room Thursday – 20 BOD MEETING 10:00am - Mykonos Room Saturday – 22 AARP Safe Driving 8:30am – Clubhouse Saturday – 29 AARP Safe Driving 8:30am – Clubhouse


JUNE 2013

Happy Father’s Day Another Beautiful Day to Celebrate Paul and Ana Yoshida & Family L-R: Colette, Hana (1 year old), Ana, Emi (3 year old), Scott and Paul Photo by Patti Smith

July 4th Poolside Dinner Party Gates Open at 6:30 pm

Sponsored by the Recreation Department

Tickets on Sale NOW for $25.00 per person

Dinner, Dancing and Interactive Programming Catered by Pacific Trails — Patriotic Dress Encouraged

OHCC Swim Clinic Begins Saturday, June 15 @ 9:30 am for 8 weeks Improve Breathing, Style and Stamina All Levels Welcome at NO CHARGE Mall Trip to Carlsbad Outlets on June 26 — Call the Clubhouse at 760.758.8872 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013


Association News

2 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Association News

OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES - APRIL 15, 2013 DIRECTORS PRESENT Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President Dave Hefler, Treasurer Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Don Lopez, Director DIRECTORS ABSENT Shirlee Sampsel, Director MANAGEMENT PRESENT Becky Groenewold, General Manager Tom Hogan, Landscape Director Dottie Ulmer, Executive Administrative Assistant Maureen Huitt, Customer Service Specialist OTHERS PRESENT Landscape Committee Members: P. Hallworth, E. Huerta, N. Shute, A. Sisco-Smith, L. Strohm, B. Theel Van Dyke Landscape Architects – Denise Armijo, Mitch Phillipe Other Homeowners: 8+ President Baur called the Special Meeting to order at 10:02 a.m. in the Mykonos Room. President Baur stated that in addition to the two agenda items of Tree Trimming/Removal Request and Van Dyke Proposal, there would be the First Quarterly Review with the Landscape Committee. Tree Trimming/Removal Requests Due to numerous homeowner requests for tree trimming/ removal, the Board adopted a new Tree Maintenance Policy on May 3, 2012. On March 6, 2013, the Landscape Committee performed inspections of two trees and recommends the removal of one (1) and trimming of one (1) tree. Motion made and seconded (D. Lopez/D. Hefler) to approve

the recommendation of the Landscape Committee and Staff for the removal of one Alder tree and the trimming of one Carrotwood tree at the address listed. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: Tree Service Contract: 5290-1008. There were no homeowner comments. Van Dyke Landscape Architects Landscape Chairperson Strohm presented information on the results of the front entry survey as indicated below: Overall Concept: Concept A (Existing landscape; informal): 41% Concept B (Resort/Casual): 34% Concept C (Resort Tropical/Symmetrical): 25% Monument: Concept A (Straight): 18%; Concept B (Arch): 54%; Concept C (Water Feature): 28% Turf Treatments: Formal/Linear: 34%; Informal/ Meandering: 68% Wind Goddess: Leave in Current Location: 157; Relocate: 155 (Basically, it was 50/50) Monument Sign for Clubhouse: No: 59%; Yes: 41% Parking Lot Island: Sidewalk: Yes: 151; No: 170 Seating: Yes: 75; No: 172 It is the recommendation of the Landscape Committee that VDLA complete the design work for the Main Entry to incorporate the results of the survey. Motion made and seconded (A. Takemoto/B. Farrell) to accept the recommendation of the Landscape Committee for Van Dyke Landscape Architects to proceed with developing construction documents and cost estimates. Motion passed unanimously. There were three homeowner comments including a suggestion that the monument be a separate line item for the graphic design.

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 3

Association News Landscape Quarterly

There were two homeowner comments.

Landscape Chairperson Strohm stated that the Committee will be working closely with VDLA on developing plans for the front entry and overall landscape plans for the entire community. In addition, the Committee will continue to work with the Landscape Director on maintenance issues and review of the O’Connell contract. A list of possible projects was submitted to the Master Board.

Non-Agenda Items

4 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

There were three homeowner comments regarding irrigation replacement, desalinated water and the Cannon Road renovation. There being no further business to discuss at this time, the meeting was adjourned at 11:02 a.m.

Association News

OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES - APRIL 22 & 25, 2013 The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Ocean Hills Country Club Homeowners Association Board of Directors was held on April 22 & 25, 2013, at 4701 Leisure Village Way, Oceanside, California. April 22, 2013 April 25, 2013 DIRECTORS PRESENT Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President David Hefler, Treasurer Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Don Lopez, Director Shirlee Sampsel, Director DIRECTORS ABSENT None MANAGEMENT PRESENT Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Administrative Assistant First Session – April 22, 2013 I. President Baur called the Regular Meeting to order at 10:02 a.m. II. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice President Takemoto.

DIRECTORS PRESENT Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President David Hefler, Treasurer Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Don Lopez, Director Shirlee Sampsel, Director DIRECTORS ABSENT None MANAGEMENT PRESENT Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Administrative Assistant III. PRESIDENT’S REPORT President Baur apprised the membership as to the matters to be addressed, and items completed, as well as Executive Sessions and Special Board Meetings held since the last monthly Board Meeting. The Board held

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 5

Association News an Executive Session and a Special Board Meeting on April 2, 2013. The Executive Session reviewed third party contracts; potential litigation; personnel; and approved Executive Minutes of March 18, March 20 and March 21, 2013. The Special Board Meeting was the Quarterly Review with the Facilities Management Committee. The Board also held an Executive Session and a Special Board Meeting on April 15, 2013. The Special Meeting was the Quarterly Review with the Landscape Committee and

the approval of tree removal/trimming requests and approval for Van Dyke Landscape Associates to proceed with developing construction documents and cost estimates for the OHCC Front Entry landscape project. The Executive Session reviewed third party contracts; possible litigation; delinquency reports and discussed personnel issues. IV. MANAGEMENT REPORT In the Management Report, Becky Groenewold, General Manager, apprised the membership as to the primary projects currently underway: • Landscape survey results have been presented to the Master Board for action. • Algaecide is included in the paint for the walls along Leisure Village Way. • The HOA bathroom and kitchen renovation is underway. • Reflective strips for the Stop signs have been ordered and should arrive by the end of the month. • A New Homeowner Orientation will be held April 29th at 9:30 a.m. • Kathy Murdock & Robyn Dawson attended an Ethics Class last week. • Gordon Cowie will register to attend the Commercial

6 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 7

Association News Swimming Pool Seminar on May 30, 2013. • All personnel positions are currently filled. V. TREASURER’S REPORT Treasurer Hefler gave the following Treasurer’s Report: At the end of the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year, we are in strong financial condition with net reserves of $3,548,522, and a year-to-date operating surplus of $65,664. This report is pre-audit and additional expenses may be accrued by the auditor for the audited financials. Our total assets of $4,582,513 include $3,077,582 invested in FDICinsured Certificates of Deposit. The most significant additional income variances were: transfer and tenant fees: $22,555; newsletter/directory: $19,125; and other income $21,074 (includes $19,287 gate clicker deposits). The most significant over budget variance was: repairs & maintenance: $22,118. The most significant below budget variances were: Recreation Department: $22,095 (bus service); Landscape Department: $31,237 (Golf Course Water) and $14,794 (Common area water); and Maintenance Department: $11,732 (Clubhouse Gas). A copy of the Financial Statement is available for review in the HOA Office.

8 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Association News IV. PRESENTATION OF ACTION ITEMS COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS Facilities Management Committee A.1  Sewing Club Room Renovation The Design Committee of the FMC proposed changes to the Sewing Room. Committee Member Carole Barnes made a presentation to the Board with details of the renovations which would include painting of ceiling, walls and small chairs and the purchase of new bar stools, sewing desks and miscellaneous accessories.

be 4’Wx29’Lx6½’H. There was a discussion on different configurations for doors to access of the proposed area. Motion made and seconded (D. Lopez/S. Sampsel) to approve the concept of the mini storage area build-out in Abravanel Hall beneath the AV booth and direct Staff to prepare an RFP and obtain cost estimates. Motion passed unanimously. There were three homeowner comments.

Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/I. Landis) to approve the recommendation of the Facilities Management Committee of the Design Sub-Committee’s proposed renovation of the Sewing Room at a cost not to exceed $10,000. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments. A.2  Mini-Storage in Abravanel Hall for Chairs New chairs are considered to be a top priority and four chairs are on order. The FMC is recommending that the area directly beneath the AV booth would provide additionally needed storage. The proposed space would

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 9

Association News A.3  Maintenance Building Mezzanine President Baur stated that more information will be available for Thursday’s meeting and the Board agreed to delay discussion on this item until the next meeting. A.4  Palm Court Replacement The FMC is recommending that the Palm Court be replaced in conjunction with the pool deck since the mess created by construction and concrete could be handled as one project. In addition, the replacement of the Palm Court may alleviate many of the drainage problems that currently exist. Motion made and seconded (D. Hefler/A. Takemoto) to approve the concept of replacing the Palm Court in conjunction with the pool deck and direct VDLA to provide an amended proposal to provide construction documents that would include the Palm Court. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: 2401-1002. There were two homeowner comments. A.5

TV Hill Improvements

The FMC is requesting the Board approve the concept of

transforming the TV hill site into a new storage facility with a rooftop deck. It would also entail the grading of the path. There was a discussion on possibly postponing the vote on this agenda item until Thursday’s meeting. Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/A. Takemoto) to approve the concept of converting the TV Hill site into a storage facility with a rooftop deck and direct FMC to provide additional information. Favor – 5; Against – 2 (President Baur/Director Sampsel) Motion passed. There was one homeowner comment. Community Service Committee B.1  Billiard Tables In January, the Board was presented with a CSC recommendation for five new billiard tables. In February, Charlie Payne, President of the Billiards Club, requested an additional two tables as he had found a dealer with a lower price. The Board’s vote was tied and the motion failed. Charlie Payne addressed the CSC with a new proposal and the CSC approved his recommendation. There was a discussion on terms of the new proposal and the options offered by Olhausen. Motion made and seconded (D. Lopez/S. Sampsel) to rescind the motion, made in January, to replace five (5) billiard tables with commercial grade for a cost not to exceed $30,000. Motion passed unanimously. Motion made and seconded (A. Takemoto/D. Lopez) to approve the CSC recommendation to replace all seven tables from Olhausen for a cost not to exceed $33,000. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: #2439. There were no homeowner comments. UNFINISHED BUSINESS A. Priority List - There was no report. NEW BUSINESS A. Soil Injection of Trees Staff recommends that the soil be injected with insecticide around the Pine, Alder, Jacaranda and Eucalyptus trees on the Golf Course and the Master Common Area. The insecticide is a systemic for the control of insect damage. The trees were last treated in 2010 and should be done biannually. Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/B. Farrell) to accept the proposal from O’Connell Landscape Maintenance for soil injection of trees in an amount NTE $20,000. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments.

10 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 11

Association News

12 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Association News B. Irrigation Report

The proposals have been sent to Legal Counsel for review and this item will be tabled until Thursday’s meeting.

the election per Chief Inspector of Election, Bill Smith. She thanked the Inspectors of Election Bill Smith, Chief Inspector, Andy Truban and Marcia Saltzman and their Election Assistants for their service to our Community in this proposed CC&R amendment ballot. She introduced Chief Inspector of Election, Bill Smith, who briefly went over the election rules and the process that is followed. Mr. Smith announced that 1,083 votes had been received and called for the close of balloting. The ballot count began and upon completion, Mr. Smith will announce the results.



The meeting was recessed at 12:14 p.m. until 10:00 a.m., Thursday, April 25, 2013

There were four homeowner comments regarding funds raised for OHSPA and CERT; automatic overhead lighting; transponders; and desalinated water.

The Board requested that an Irrigation Inventory Control report be submitted quarterly for Board review. There was a discussion on negative inventory. Staff will investigate and report to the Board by Thursday. C. Van Dyke Landscape Architects

SESSION II, Thursday, April 25, 2013 President Baur reconvened the Regular Board Meeting at 10:05 a.m. President Baur apprised the members that an Executive Session was held on April 22, 2013 and the Board discussed third party contracts, potential litigation, disciplinary issues and personnel. President Baur stated that a quorum had been met for

IX. STAFF REPORTS RECREATION – Chris Bessey, Recreation Director, reported that she assisted in a collaborative effort to write a new course on Active Adult Community Management for CACM; preparations are underway for the 30th Anniversary and Concert on the Green; a Mall trip to Fashion Valley is scheduled for April 24; new

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 13

Association News stage curtains have been installed; Clubhouse tile floors ColorSeal is complete and work continues to restore floors and polish; and Shred Day is scheduled for May 4. MAINTENANCE – Chuck Pierce, Maintenance Director, reported that renovation in the HOA kitchen and bathroom areas started on April 15; street light fixtures painting and cleaning continues; Master common area wall painting began on April 24; RV storage gates have been painted; CERT storage shed has been installed; the Woodshop renovation is in progress; the Scope of Work for wood floor refinishing has been drafted and proposals are being obtained; and Stop sign post reflective strips have been ordered. LANDSCAPE – Tom Hogan, Landscape Director, reported that Oleanders on Leisure Village Way near Denia Way have been cut back due to a bacterial blight; three stumps on Leisure Village Way will be removed; a 20% water cutback mandated by the City of Oceanside is being maintained; and valve boxes and drains are being replaced and raised around the Clubhouse. X. COMMUNITY PATROL SERVICE REPORT Len Weinstein, Director of Community Patrol Service, reported that the Emergency Monitoring System (EMS) testing program has been completed on 634 homes; Universal Protective Service is finalizing the 2013-2014

resident educational seminar schedule; Shred Day is being sponsored by UPS ($700 value); and Staff training is continuing to address interaction with residents and guests as well as the officer’s use of audio equipment. XI. COMMITTEE REPORTS ARC – Vice President Takemoto reported last month the Committee had 40 ARC applications and all were approved; conducted eight site visits; and a Special Meeting was held to discuss possible changes to the Handbook of Rules and Regulations pertaining to Architectural Review. AV – Chairperson Ed Farley reported that department chiefs will be assisting in signing up volunteers for events; the A/V crew will support the OHSPA show “Oh What a Night” and will be assisting in the Theater Arts play “Run For Your Wife” and the OHSPA “Ballroom With a Twist”; the new projector for Abravanel Hall is working as expected; a new projector lift has been approved to be ordered; and the conversion of Channel 12 to HD is in progress. COmMUNITY SERVICES – Chairperson Sue Seebach reported the purchases of benches for the overflow parking area, risers and a new electronic piano have been completed; the Committee approved a proposal for artificial turf in the Dog Park, new billiard tables and a pickleball shed; and a seminar on Seniors and the Law and a Water Conservation presentation are being planned for this year. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT – board Liaison Lopez reported that the FMC is currently involved in 16 different projects; the storage/dressing rooms and the lanai replacement are on hold; six projects have been approved; and several concepts have been approved by the Master Board for further study. GOLF COURSE - jerry Moskovitz, Chairperson, reported that work has been completed on the #17 tee and #9 front right bunker; the Committee approved a recommendation be forwarded to the Master Board to hire a golf course architect; voted to modify the annual bag tag and sticker system; and each Committee Member has been assigned a specific area of responsibility relevant to the Golf Course. LANDSCAPE - No Report. MARKETING & COMMUNICATION – Jim Kaminsky, Chairperson, reported that the new homeowner survey results have been reviewed; a member has been participating in the Chamber of Commerce monthly meetings; a meeting was held with the Golf Club to discuss the possibility of holding a tournament for the homeowner and one guest; and the website is 80% complete and a meeting will be scheduled with the Master Board to determine a launch date. President Baur recognized Bill Smith, Chief Inspector, who announced the results of the ballot. Mr. Smith stated that there were enough votes to qualify for a quorum and the results were: In Favor: 547; Against: 534 which did not meet the 67% requirement. Therefore, the ballot did not

14 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Association News pass. There were two homeowner comments. XII. PRESENTATION OF AGENDA ITEMS A.1. UNFINISHED A. Mezzanine This item was tabled from Monday’s meeting and additional research is being conducted. Motion made and seconded (D. Lopez/I. Landis) to table the mezzanine platform. Motion passed unanimously. B. VDLA Proposals This item was tabled from Monday’s meeting and the proposals are still being reviewed. Motion made and seconded (S. Sampsel/D. Hefler) to table the VDLA proposals. Motion passed unanimously. A.2 NEW a.i.  Participation in Oceanside Parade The MCC is recommending that OHCC participate in the City of Oceanside’s “Freedom Parade” on June 29, 2013. There is an entry fee and the MCC will organize the participation of various individuals from OHCC. The MCC is also requesting the approval to purchase banners, magnetic signs and miscellaneous promotional items.

There was a discussion on providing transportation to the event. A motion was made and seconded (I. Landis/D. Lopez) to amend the motion to include: Approve transportation that will be organized by Chris Bessey. Motion passed unanimously. There were three homeowner comments. a.ii.  New Homeowner Survey Results There were 40 surveys completed from June 2012 through February 2013. MCC Member Brewer made a presentation to the Board on the results of the survey. There were three homeowner comments. XIII. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Motion made and seconded (D. Lopez/D. Hefler) to approve the minutes of the Special Board Meetings of March 20 and April 2, 2013 and the Regular Board Meeting of March 18 and 21, 2013 as written. Motion passed unanimously. XIV. ELECTION RESULTS The election results were announced previously. There were two homeowner comments. XV. BOARD MEMBER INPUT Director Sampsel – Disappointed with the CC&R results and hopefully some projects will still be able to be completed.

Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/D. Lopez) to approve the MCC recommendation to participate in the City of Oceanside’s “Freedom Parade” on June 29, 2013 at a cost not to exceed $700 which will include the entry fee, banners and miscellaneous promotional supplies. Motion passed unanimously. After discussion, the motion was made and seconded (I. Landis/D. Lopez) to amend the motion to …. at cost not to exceed $1,000….. Motion passed unanimously.

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 15

Association News Member Lopez – Problems are still there for Capital Improvements and have to find another way. Vice President Takemoto – Disappointed with the results of the CC&R amendment. Treasurer Hefler – Agree with everyone on the Board and it is unfortunate that people misunderstood the amendment. Director Landis – 722 votes were needed to pass the CC&R amendment. There were 547 in Favor and needed

175 more votes. 549 homeowners did not vote. Director Farrell – No comment. President Baur – Disappointed in the CC&R vote. Having 67% of those who vote is almost impossible, especially since 1/3 of the homeowners chose not to participate. XIII. ADJOURNMENT With no further business to be discussed, President Baur adjourned the meeting at 12:37 p.m.

OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPECIAL BOARD MEETING MINUTES - MAY 2, 2013 DIRECTORS PRESENT Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President Dave Hefler, Treasurer Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Don Lopez, Director Shirlee Sampsel, Director DIRECTORS ABSENT None

MANAGEMENT PRESENT Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Administrative Assistant Dana DeLong, Architectural Liaison OTHERS PRESENT MMC Committee Members: J. Kaminsky, Christy Cooper; CVP Chairperson Herb Ludwig; Homeowner: Jim Nafius President Baur called the Special Meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. in the HOA Conference Room. President Baur stated that the purpose of the meeting was to review the proposed OHCC website. Jim Kaminsky, MCC Chairperson, and Christy Cooper, MCC Member, provided an overall view of the external and internal website functions. Motion made and seconded (A. Takemoto/D. Lopez) to allow classified by residents, at no charge, per the current policy as practiced by the Recreation Department. Motion passed unanimously. There was a discussion on how to promote the new website to residents. Motion made and seconded (D. Hefler/D. Lopez) to accept, subject to the copy being reviewed for its content (accuracy) by President Baur and Vice President Takemoto, the proposed website with a planned launch date of June 1, 2013. Motion passed unanimously. There being no further business to discuss at this time, the meeting was adjourned at 4:02 p.m.

16 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Association News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 17

Association News

It is that time of year again when we ask our Members to consider making application to serve on the Master Board. The term ends with the Annual General Meeting of Members and Election of Master Board Directors on August 15. Master Board Director applications are available at the HOA and on the Ocean Hills Country Club website. The deadline for applications is 4 p.m. on Thursday, June 27, at the HOA. There are five seats available. Four 2-year terms and one 1-year term. If there are 5 candidates or more, there will be a Candidate Forum that will take place at 2 pm on July 9 in the Clubhouse. The ballots will be mailed out to all homeowners of record (as of June 27, 2013) on or about July 12 and due by August 15 at about 10 am when the Chief Inspector of Election closes the balloting in Abravanel Hall. The Master Board is moving forward with the Front Entry landscape project, Pool and Spa Decks and the Palm Court, as well as Cannon Road. We are, currently, in negotiations regarding third party contracts. We will have more information to share at an open board meeting. It is our intention to begin construction of the Pool & Spa Decks and the Palm Court in the fall. Thanks to Bill Gnass of the Community Service Committee, the Recreation Department is organizing a Water Conservation Presentation with Cari Dale, head of the Oceanside Water Utilities Department, and Oceanside Mayor, Jim Wood. If you want to know what the future holds, please put a note on your calendar to be in Abravanel Hall on Thursday, July 18 at 2 pm. The Master Board continues to hold many meetings

18 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

due to the important project recommendations of our very efficient and productive Standing Committee members as well as Staff. On May 2, a Special Master Board meeting was held with the Marketing & Communication Committee to discuss the details of the pre-launch of our Website, which should be up and running now. We were very impressed at the thorough and professional presentation and the work completed. Kudos, especially, to Jim Kaminsky and Christy Cooper. Our excellent Webmaster is Dana DeLong of our HOA Staff. An Executive Session of the Board followed where third party contracts, personnel issues, and a legal opinion were discussed. The next day, May 3, another Executive Session was held. It was necessary to have our attorney present for a portion of the meeting. Third Party Contracts and Potential Litigation were discussed. The Regular May meeting agenda began with two Recommendations by the Landscape Committee: • First, the Plant Palette for the Entry area, based on the proposal by Van Dyke Landscape Architects. The MB accepted the palette. • Then, Homeowners’ requests for one tree removal and trimming of other trees in the Common Area adjacent to homes were also approved. • The Board adjusted the Facilities Management Committee’s concept for replacement of the storage facility on TV Hill by excluding the rooftop deck, which would be a Capital Improvement. The Board’s Priority List was reviewed. Staff inspected the wood flooring in the Clubhouse and determined that only the floors of the Stage, Dance Floor, Mykonos Room and Music Room are in need of refinishing. The lowest bid from Restoration Hard Wood Flooring at a cost not to exceed $6350 was accepted. The Date of Record of Ownership for the upcoming Annual Meeting was set at June 27, 2013. The Inspectors of Election were appointed: Bill Smith, Chief; Colleen McCall and Marcia Saltzman, Inspectors. We thank them for there ongoing willingness to serve as volunteers. Jerry Moskovitz, Chair of the Golf Course Committee, presented their recommendation to consult a Golf

Association News Course Design professional to determine if modification of the bunkers on our course is necessary. The Board approved going out to bid for consultation offers; a fire inspector will be asked to check the existing Woodshop dust collection system to determine if it needs to be replaced due to fire safety concerns; Staff is looking into options for appropriate storage for our valuable irrigation parts; and Staff was asked to seek bids for a Facilities Management Committee Recommendation for mini-storage for chairs in Abravanel Hall. Two liens were approved against the property of homeowners not paying their assessments. At the two Executive Sessions that took place immediately following the two Regular meeting sessions, the Board considered Third Party Contracts, Legal Opinions, Personnel issues, had a Delinquency Review and considered two Liens, and possible litigation. And that was the month that was....

Treasurer’s Report

By David A. Hefler, Treasurer As we close the first month of our new 2013-2014 fiscal year, we are in a strong financial condition with total reserves of $3,529,587, and an operating surplus of $68,076. There were no significant over or under budget variances for the month of April. Our total assets of $4,734,933 include $3,477,583 worth of FDIC-Insured Certificates of Deposit. April 26, 2013, a refund check in the amount of $2,000 was received from Complete Paperless Solutions a company that scanned homeowner files and HOA documents in 2011. Check #1793, was deposited to the miscellaneous general ledger number 5041. April 30, 2013, a check in the amount of $750 was received from Universal Protection Service reimbursing us for shredding day expenses.

To advertise in next month’s issue, call Linda Woods, 760-685-6727

Safety Corner By Leonard Weinstein,

Director of Community Patrol Service (CPS) Hello residents of Ocean Hills Country Club. It has been observed that an increasing number of both residents and their guests are eating and/or consuming beverages in other than non-breakable containers in the pool area. Besides our community having a protocol that precludes this type of activity, it is potentially an unsafe practice. Broken containers can cause injuries and food on the deck area can cause a slip and fall. Please consider the safety of all and abide by this limitation. How many of us believe that “rushing” the gate with our vehicle will open the barrier arm quicker or that our horn will activate the arm more swiftly than our transponder? You would probably be surprised at the number of residents that do believe these things work. Besides actually slowing the process down, you also face the possibility of damaging either your vehicle or the barrier arm. Also, please remember your neighbors and/or friends who live in proximity to either gate. Just imagine the continual honking of horns not to mention being awakened by the noise. In an endeavor to assist those residents who believe they are having transponder problems and need to resort to these practices, your CPS officers have begun recording the decal numbers of those vehicles. We will ask the HOA to assist you by addressing your transponder issues, if that is in fact the problem. Your cooperation is appreciated. Having been recently reminded that we are approaching that time of year when coyotes begin giving birth, we should all realize that they will increase their foraging for food and water. Please remember to control your pet’s food and water; don’t leave it outside unattended. For that matter, don’t leave your dog out alone either. Monitor the comings and goings of your trusted “family member.” Coyotes can both jump over and climb some surfaces. Please don’t mistakenly believe that your yard fence will definitely protect your dog. Personal Preparedness Tip: Keep the fuel tank in your vehicle(s) at least half full at all times.

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 19

Association News SHOULD YOU NEED ASSISTANCE, THE FRONT GATE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS 760 758-7111. Be SAFE, Be SMART, and most of all, BE HAPPY. Once again, thanks for your time and thanks for reading The Safety Corner.

Landscape Committee Report

By Linda Strohm, Chairperson At the May 3rd meeting of the Landscape committee, the primary subject of discussion was the plant list for the main entry that was submitted by Van Dyke Architects. The list is comprised of approximately 27 different ground covers/shrubs and 13 trees. The characteristics of each plant were reviewed in detail by the Committee and representatives from Van Dyke. One tree was eliminated from the list and two were added. The plants/trees were selected based on several different criteria such as: appearance, water use, height, spread, spacing, color, disease resistance and maintenance requirements, to name a few. Not all of the plants will be used for the front entry but are included in the list to provide guidance to Van Dyke when developing the design of the main entry. As other areas are considered for renovation, additional plants will be considered. Plants selected for an area are determined by the location of the area, its use, water

20 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

needs, is it in sun/shade and many other considerations. Van Dyke will be guiding us in selecting the appropriate plant material for future projects. Ultimately, there will be a different list for different areas, i.e., plants that might be used around the pool would not be used in Village front yards and vice versa, plants used in The Park would not be appropriate for the pool area. The plant list for the front entry was approved by the Master Board on May 20, 2013. Using this list, Van Dyke will begin the design for the front entry. Do you have concerns about the landscaping in the common areas adjacent to your home? Maureen Huitt, Customer Services Specialist, at the HOA will be happy to assist you in resolving your concerns. If you are requesting that a tree be removed or trimmed, Maureen will forward the request to the Landscape Committee who will make a site visit to evaluate the request. If neighbors are impacted by the trimming or removal of a tree, they will also be contacted so that all concerned parties have an opportunity to express their wishes prior to any work being done. If the Committee approves the request, a recommendation will be made to the Master Board that the work be approved. When final approval has been made, a work order will be submitted. The whole process from the time the request is made until the work is started take up to 3-4 months. Also, requests to

Clubs and Activities “top” a tree have been received. The O’Connell Landscape Survival Guide discusses “topping vs. pruning”. Properly “pruning” a tree will reduce the size but not the form, and growth will be slower and will be distributed more normally resulting in a tree that is safer, more beautiful and the size better controlled. “Topping” a tree will cause it to grow faster, become bushier and more dangerous. The next meeting of the Landscape Committee will be June 7, at 10:30 a.m. in the Mykonos Room.

Announcing the launching of the new

OHCC WEBSITE Please go to: and have a look!

Applications for

Master Board Candidates are available at the HOA Office or on the website, Candidates must be legal owners of record as of June 27, 2013. Applications must be received in the HOA office by 4 p.m., Thursday, June 27, 2013.

There will be a Website Orientation for all residents on June 12 at 12 noon in Abravanel Hall. Please plan to attend.

2013 Age Verification As you may recall, 55+ communities such as Ocean

Hills Country Club HOA are required by federal law to verify the ages of occupants at least every two years. Failure to do so can result in the forfeiture of the age-restriction exemptions that OHCC enjoys. In the next couple of weeks you will be receiving the 2013 Age Verification Forms. Your prompt assistance in completing these forms is greatly appreciated.

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 21

Recreation News

22 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Recreation News

BOARD MEETINGS OHCC Session I Monday, June 17, 10 am Mykonos Room OHCC Session II Thursday, June 20, 10 am Abravanel Hall VILLAGE MEETINGS Corfu Wednesday, June 26, 1:30 pm Ladies Club Room Zante Friday, June 14, 9:30 am Ladies Club Room COMMITTEE MEETINGS ARC Thursday, June 13 & 27, 9:30 am Homeowners Association Audio Visual Committee Tuesday, June 25, 11 am Homeowners Association Community Service Committee Friday, June 14, 10 am Clubhouse Art Room Facilities Management Committee Tuesday, June 18, 2 pm Homeowners Association Golf Course Committee Thursday, June 27, 2 pm Clubhouse Landscape Committee Friday, June 7, 10 am Clubhouse Marketing & Communication Committee Wednesday, June 19, 10 am Homeowners Association Executive Committee Wednesday, June 26, 9:30 am Homeowners Association Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 23

Recreation News

Summer is upon us and the Recreation Department is gearing up for all the activity. The pool areas have been spruced up with paint, flushing out of the sand filters and new water exercise equipment has been purchased. Children’s hours are 11-2 pm for children between the ages of 5 and 14 every day. Children under 14 are not allowed to use the spa. There are no lifeguards on duty in the pool area. Food and beverages are permitted in the Bocce Court, the Golf Casa and the Palm Court. So do bring a picnic lunch, drinks are available from the soda machine at the Golf Casa and come enjoy the sunshine! Residents are required to accompany their guests at all times when in the recreational areas. The Mall Trips are experiencing a surge in participation. The May Mall Trip to Costa Mesa was so well-received

that this destination will be included in next year’s itinerary. The South Coast Plaza ambassadors were overly accommodating and welcomed OHCC as they stepped off the bus. Next month there has been a change to the bus schedule on July 29 and the destination will be Seaport Village in San Diego. Come explore 50-plus diverse shops, 17 unique eateries, and outdoor entertainment and find everything under the sun. The walk along the bayfront is a “breath of fresh air,” one you do not want to miss. Come join the Recreation Department on Thursday, July 4th for our poolside barbeque. The evening is perfect for those that are single, get some single friends together and secure a table. The party will include dining, dancing and mingling. We may even throw in a “Best Patriotic Dress” award because there are those that come dressed from head to toe in red, white and blue. We would like to recognize your efforts American style! Private room rentals are available to residents only. Prices have been established and a reservation may be made by contacting Louise Ries, our Event Coordinator at ext. 203. When placing a reservation Louise can assist you in the planning and staging of your event. The availability can be limited at certain times of the year, so if you are planning a party- do it well in advance. All Club members are invited to participate in the Freedom Parade in downtown Oceanside. Jim Kaminsky is in charge of planning this event on Saturday, June 29. Transportation will be provided from the overflow parking lot. Please contact Jim as space is limited. Wasn’t there a song that says “I Love a Parade?” Residents are still invited to visit the Front Desk to pick up their 2013 phone directory. There are so many new homeowners that would benefit from knowing who their neighbors are, just give us your address and we will be happy to pass one on. Happy Father’s Day to all dads and grandpas, enjoy it with those you love!

“When Charles first saw our child Mary, he said all the proper things for a new father. He looked upon the poor little red thing and blurted, ‘She’s more beautiful than the Brooklyn Bridge.’” — Helen Hayes

24 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

“You May Be Good But Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” Friday Water Volleyball Players Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 25

Recreation News

SitTheTo Be Fit title tells it all! SIT TO BE FIT is a FREE full body

exercise program carried on while comfortably seated. Open to men and women, this program permits you to do what you can and to skip any exercise too demanding. After a few lessons, you will realize a pain or two has disappeared and you will enjoy life more. The program designed by retired professional fitness instructor, June Black, consists of seven uplifting tapes

played weekly in sequence. Join this interesting and non-demanding class on Wednesdays at 9 am in Abravanel Hall. *Please note on the 2nd Wednesday of the month the program meets in the Art Room at the same time.

Art Room News You are invited to visit the Art Room to view the

newest installation of works by resident artists. This exhibit features the work of Larry Eaks, Mariana Boyers, Joanne Greene, Carlos Huerta, Barbara Miller, Selma Pedowitz, Vinny Rosa, Mimi Schroeder, and Bob Wong. It’s always interesting to see how their independent works compliment and contrast each other, as we seek to achieve a balance of color, size, and composition as we hang the artwork. So, do come, check it out and give our very talented artists a thumbs up when you see them! If you are “artsie” and have works you would like to display, please contact Judy Harris at 760-724-0227 or Lainy Vinikow at 760-726-1865.

To advertise in next month’s issue, call Linda Woods, 760-685-6727

26 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Recreation News

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 27

Recreation News


Low to no impact aerobics – NO JUMPING! • MONDAYS - 10 am to 11 am (weights from 10:50 am to 11 am) Instructor: Christine Alisiani • WEDNESDAYS - 10 am to 11 am (weights from 10:50 am to 11 am) Instructor: Christine Alisiani • FRIDAYS – 10 am to 11:15 am (weights, tubing & exercise balls from 10:45 am to 11:15 am) Instructor: Sharon Nelson COST - $3 per class attended (You can pay for and try out two classes without joining the Club) ANNUAL DUES – $6 (Please make check payable to OH Aerobics)


President Paul Yoshida announces the June 11 Club meeting at 7 pm in the Mykonos Room at the Clubhouse. At the June meeting, we will share fish stories about the May three-

28 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

quarter day fishing trip. The June program will be by Ken Corwin, owner of Ken’s Custom Reels in Oceanside. Ken is a wealth of local and long range fishing knowledge, as well as maintaining your fishing tackle. All members and guests are invited to attend this, or any regular monthly meeting held the second Tuesday of the month in the Mykonos Room. The June three-quarter day fishing trip will be Thursday, June 20 on the Pacific Voyager, departing Seaforth Landing in Mission Bay at 6 am. The trip is fully booked; however you may sign up and deposit your check for $90 at the Front Desk in the Clubhouse as an alternate for this trip. Our fishing trips are open to Club members, guests of members and residents, as long as space is available on the boat. The cost for non-members and guests is $95 for this trip. If you have any questions concerning the fishing trips or about the Club, feel free to call President Paul Yoshida at 760-940-8871, Vice President, Al Harruff at 760-806-6862 or Charter Master Rollin Grider at 760-726-9594. You may also wish to sign up as an alternate for the Tuesday, July 16 three-quarter day trip on the Pacific Voyager, as this trip is also fully booked.

Clubs and Activities

Our two day off-shore tuna trip, August 21 to 23, has a few openings available to Club members and guests. If you are interested in joining us on this trip to attempt to catch some tuna, you may sign up at the Front Desk, select your bunk, and deposit you check for $437 for members or $442 for guests as long as space is available. Plans are underway for the August 24 annual Lanai BBQ and Fish Fry. Come to the June meeting for tickets and additional information. The tickets are $25 each and members and guests are welcome to attend. Additional information will be shared at the meeting for this annual dinner dance, and general good time. At the April meeting Captain Mark Oronoz of the Pacific Voyager, presented an informative program, preparing members for what they might expect on the May, June, and July three-quarter day trips on the Pacific Voyager. New member Bob Gregory won the May fifty-fifty drawing prize of $30. We will also have another big drawing at our June meeting with a chance for you to win some great prizes, if your lucky ticket is drawn. Drawing tickets are 6 for $5, or $1 each. Come join us for fish stories, and a chance

to win some good prizes at our monthly drawing.


JUNE MEETING The Art Lovers Club Presents: Author and Artist, Zohreh Ghahremani When: Tuesday, June 18 Time: 1 pm Where: Mykonos Room PLEASE NOTE: There are only 85 seats available. Seats are reserved for Art Lovers members until 1 pm. Non-members are welcomed after 1 pm, if seats are available. If you would like to read Zoe’s award winning book, Sky of Red Poppies, call Felice Berger to reserve a copy. Biography: Zohreh Ghahremani (Zoe) says she was a dentist in another life! After more than two decades of practicing in the Chicago area and teaching at Northwestern University, she followed her dreams and moved to California to become a fulltime writer, poet and artist. Zoe has been featured on KPBS, and her novel, Sky of Red Poppies, was selected for the 2012 One Book.

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 29

Clubs and Activities

A long-term immigrant, she draws from her Iranian-American culture and transmits a fresh mixture into her writing and her art. Zoe’s paintings and watercolors stem from her loving memories of her native Iran. In landscape paintings she skillfully captures the essence of her homeland and the beauty of its countryside. Zoe’s favorite flower, the red poppy, is captured in nature and also in stilllife compositions decorating her other artistic tool, the typewriter. Whether it is on the canvas or the page the artist presents a lively image of her native country. JULY MEETING There will be no meeting or trip in July. AUGUST 20 MEETING “Linda’s Three Loves” How do you combine a love for gardening, a love for watercolors and a love for fiber arts? Art Lovers member, Linda Wass, answers this question by creating landscape art pieces that represent these three loves. When: Tuesday, August 20 Time: 1:30 pm Where: Art Room *Contact: If you would like to attend, please call Linda Wass to reserve your seat. A word from Linda: I have played in the dirt and grown flowers for as long as I can remember! The soft colors and how they seem to magically flow and blend together in gardens always makes me feel happy and alive! However, I wanted to bring the colors of my gardens inside. I had always admired watercolor paintings, but had never had the time to take lessons. So, through my quilting, I slowly developed my own style of combining three of my loves: watercolor quilting, landscape quilting and fabric art. As I continued, I found that I could use my fabrics in a less restricted way to develop depth in my fabric pictures. Since retiring,

30 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

I have had the opportunity to take lessons in watercolor painting, so now my three loves have come full circle! During this program, I will be showing my landscape fabric art pieces and demonstrating how you, too, can make and design your own “fabric art pictures.” You do not need to be proficient in sewing or quilting or even an artist to make a tranquil fabric picture filled with color and beauty! Everyone is welcomed, and I look forward to sharing my world with you!


One of the best shows of the season was enjoyed by a full house on May 4. OHSPA brought us the “Ballroom with a Twist” show, starring Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts along with young finalists from Dancing with the Stars; So You Think You Can Dance, and American Idol. Donna Russell and her crew with OHSPA did an outstanding job presenting this show and taking care of the talent. Audio Visual staff worked all day alongside OHSPA staff to ensure a successful show. The Producer, Michael White, was a delight to work with and demonstrated to us how great a well organized and directed show can be. Jim Kaminsky and his lighting team of Ed Olson, Florence Hayos, and Kate Butler put on a stunning light display throughout the show. Joe Ashby and Lin Hinshaw ensured great video coverage on the floor monitors. Steve Malone worked the audio booth with cues from Janice Hart on stage and Ed Farley on the floor. The ever present Donna Russell presented another show on May 19, the USO concert put on by the Ocean Hills Choral Society. This show presented the chorale, soloists, duets, and quartets along with our own “chorale male dancers” attempting to imi-

Clubs and Activities

tate Michael Jackson! This show was supported by Audio, Video, and Lighting. Members of the AV Committee continue to work with Cox, PCM, and private contractors to improve the Channel 12 programming and reception. The current recommendation is to remove the Channel 12 analog and replace it with a digital channel interface to provide Standard and High Definition formats. This will fix the channel 12 reception problem for most of our homeowners. The AVC has implemented a regular AV training day each month to train new AV Volunteers. This training day is the third Wednesday of each month from 4 pm to 6 pm in Abravanel Hall and has been well attended. If you are not presently a volunteer and are interested in participating in Audio Visual, please stop by and join us for one of these training days.


April 22 is a day that will long be remembered by the Billiards Club; it is the day the Master Board approved the purchase of seven new pool tables from Olhausen Billiards! The new tables are scheduled to be installed around the end of June. When they are set up, the Billiards Club will invite everyone in for a “Grand Opening” celebration – stay tuned for further information. Next day was the Famous Ocean Hills Billiards Club Golf Open, held annually rain or shine. The entire Billiards Club Board of Directors, always heavily favored in this event, was completely wiped out as Larry Vinikow captured the (virtual) first place trophy. Larry will get his name up in lights … well, no, maybe not – but he will get his name inscribed in brass on our Wall of Champions. In second place was the inimitable (but alas not unstoppable) Tom Tichenor. Give them both a hearty “Well done!”

when you see them. (For those of you who noticed that there were no pool players on the golf course that day, “Golf” is the name of a pool game. Ten different pool games are taught every year at the Club.) On May 7 the Club presented Basic Lesson #5: English. Twenty-one eager students were initiated into the mysteries of “deflection,” “swerve,” “throw” and other exotica, including the long-lost secret of sinking the unsinkable ball. If you missed it, come to our help sessions every Thursday from 9:30 to 10:30 am to catch up. The Ocean Hills Billiards Room is a very busy place. The Club is on schedule to put on 119 events this year! Basic and advanced lessons in technique, general help sessions, instruction in the many types of pool games, tournaments – there really is something for everyone. Stop in a pick up a schedule for the rest of 2013. Even if you are not a member (and, for reasons we cannot fathom, 94% of you are not), feel free to stop in and try it out. Who knows, you may decide it’s worth $7 to join up and learn how to play a true “lifetime sport” - one that will not injure you. Our eldest player is 97. Think you can beat him? Shoot. Straight!


There will not be a meeting this month, but mark your calendar for the next meeting on August 27. If you are not yet a member, you can join for $8 by putting your check into the Birdwatchers envelope at the Front Desk. There is more than half a year left to enjoy upcoming meetings and bird walks. The walk this month will be to San Elijo Lagoon, TUESDAY, JUNE 11. Meet at the overflow lot by 7:45 am for DEPARTURE AT 8 am. We may explore

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 31

Clubs and Activities

the trails off of the Rios Avenue side first. There are no restroom facilities here. Also there is a short but moderately steep section at the start of the trail so bring a walking stick if you need one. After walking that area we will drive around to Manchester Avenue and walk the flat trail along the canal. There is a nice nature center with restrooms and water fountains. Bring hat, water, binos, sturdy shoes, walking stick and optional gas money for the driver. Some of our target birds are: Yellow-breasted chat, Ash-throated flycatcher, California Gnatcatcher, Wrentit, Black-headed Grosbeak, Spotted Towhee, California Thrasher, Hooded Oriole, Clapper Rail and Osprey, in addition to various shore birds. Can a black light be used to tell the age of an owl? Owls are among a dozen bird families that derive some of the feather colors from pigments known as porphyrins. The pattern of wing feather replacement is reliable in owls so that it may take five or more years to replace all of the wing feathers. Therefore, examining the quantities of porhyrins in the wing feathers using a black light can be a useful tool to help determine an owl’s age to five or six years.


Welcome to the LAND OF WIERD. Yes, I’m back and what a wonderful time I had while away. Really, I never left home but I can tell you a lot about computers. Just buy a new one and skip all the trouble. Well, it’s the morning after the BIG BASH and after recovering from a headache, here I am. It’s amazing how those margaritas sneak up on you. It was a wonderful party; everyone with any imagination was dressed up with bright colors and beads and, of course, Dr. Jack’s big hat. The food, music and conversation were all top notch, kudos to the board who worked so hard to make it happen.

The bocce courts have been full with all kinds of new players learning the game they missed all of those years. The real estate business must be looking up from all the new members. Needless to say, get there early or you won’t get a court (that’s a joke folks). A new tournament started in May—results to be announced. Bocces for the month of April were as follows: 6 bocces, Bob Mayer and Bill Curtin (WOW); 3 bocces, Julie Gilchrist and Ken Miller; 2 bocces, Barbara Miller, Darrel Vincent, Sue Rosenquist, Olive Bishop, Forrest Newburg, Karen Obermiller, Al Fried, Bob Rogers, and Jack Conifrey; 1 bocce Marion Ellman, Harry McGuire, Jim Amighi, Betty Kaufman, Virginia Sackett, Ruth Miller, Peggy Newburg, Susie, Kopolow, John Prieskorn, Vinny Rosa, Lyle Conifrey, Gloria Overall, Al Lipitz, Sally Booth, Vinny Miscioscia, Charlene Kinder, Joan Lohrey, and Judy Siviy. CONGRATULATIONS to all and keep those bocces coming in! See you next month (hopefully).


July 4 is one of our most important holidays. It signifies our freedom. Our Club chose this holiday to welcome and open our bridge game to your guests. A lovely patriotic dessert will be served. We will be celebrating it this year on Tuesday, July 2. Our fireworks kick off at 6:15 pm. It should be a nice social evening. High scorers for April were as follows: In N/S position we had Marge Garland and Olive McCullough with a 66.78%. In E/W position we had a tie Lu McNary and Clair Lair with a 66.25%. We had Betty Steinman and Juanita Petter also with a 66.25%. Congratulations to all of you! Please contact our two new Partner Arrangers for our Club, Mary and Hal Myers. They can be reached at 760-295-9612. They will do their best to find a partner for you.


Our Friday Duplicate Bridge game was held April 12. North/South First Place Winners were Mary Aspell and Barbara Nani with 56.50%. East/West First Place Winners were Juanita Petter and Dolores Neilson with 63.63%. On Friday, April 26, North/South First Place 32 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Clubs and Activities

Winners were Barbara Nani and Mary Aspell with 57%. East/West First Place Winners were Joan Gayer and Nancy Kautz with 55%. Congratulations Ladies! For anyone who enjoys playing a fun (not ACBL sponsored) Duplicate Bridge game, please join us to play on the second and fourth Fridays of the month in Abravanel Hall. We start play at 11:30 am but we ask that you be in the hall by 11:15 am. If a fifth Friday happens to fall on any certain month, we will hold a game on that Friday too. Membership is required in order to play and it is $6 for the year. If you need a partner, please call Betty Steinman at 760-842-1321. Thank you and look forward to seeing more duplicate players there.  

Get Results!

To advertise in next month’s issue, call Linda Woods, 760-685-6727


Friday Party Bridge winners for April were:

April 5 Kit Dameron 5530 Donna Stark 4270 April 12 Ruth Miller 4010 Bertty Gordon 3650   April 20 Jackie Cohen 4570                      Barbara Mitchell 810   April 27 Barbara Mitchell 5190 Maxine Feller 4710


June is here and time for our “Deli Sandwich Dinner.” The date is June 20, starting at 5:30 pm; cost $10. Bring your check on Thursday evening or leave it in our envelope at the Front Desk. Please

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 33

Clubs and Activities

join us. You won’t be disappointed. New Faces. We love to see new faces and we surely hope you feel welcome because you most certainly are. Regulars, who have been away, hurry back. You are missed. We start at 6 pm with a nice variety of cookies, coffee and a little chit chat. Bridge begins at 6:30 pm. We welcome all intermediate players. Bring your partner and $1. April winners were Maxine Feller and Bob Kermeen, Don and Shirlee Sampsel, John and Sue Carlson, and Kit Dameron and Barbara Mitchell. This month we said goodbye to Betty Beck and Pat Fore, longtime residents and bridge players, who now live too far away to return for bridge, we’ll surely miss you


Our May USO Concert is over and we had so much fun practicing and performing. We hope those of you who attended enjoyed the fun music of the era and our interpretation! We are now taking a break for the summer and will begin prac-

34 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

tice once again the first Thursday in September for our December Holiday Show. September 5 will be our first day of practice at 10 am in the Men’s Club Room. Come join us…just ask any Chorale member if the Ocean Hills Choral Society has fun. I am sure you will get a big “oh yeah!” Hope to see you in September and have a great summer!


The monthly Garden Club meeting will be held Wednesday, June 12, in Abravanel Hall. Please join us at 9:30 am for refreshments. The speaker and general meeting begin at 10 am. The guest speaker, Una Tyler, will give us creative ideas for small gardens. A native of Scotland, she has lived in North County San Diego for fifteen years. Una and her husband Dave have owned Anderson’s La Costa Nursery in Encinitas for over ten years. Their love of plants and gardens, along with a desire to make their living in a beautiful outdoor setting, inspired them to take the leap from the corporate world to the world of gardens. Anderson’s La Costa Nursery was originally

Clubs and Activities

founded by local horticulturalists Horace and Mary Anderson and has been operating at the same location on La Costa Avenue for over fifty years. Una and Dave are very proud of their knowledgeable and friendly staff and proud that their nursery offers a huge selection of plants, pottery and garden accents. In addition to operating Anderson’s, Una compiles a popular newsletter full of gardening tips. Una and Dave hosted a phone-in radio program about gardening on AM1000, and they have contributed to the Green Scene on the San Diego Living TV show. Other Garden Club news: • A sold-out bus full of forty art and flower lovers traveled to Balboa Park to enjoy Art Alive 2013 held at the San Diego Museum of Art. Big thanks to Ellen Nelson, Outside Tour Coordinator, for organizing this special trip. If you were unable to attend this great outing, check for great photos. • A tour of eight resident gardens was held on May 8. Over 200 residents and guests enjoyed the gardens of Nancy and Craig Powers, Betty Theel, Else Offersen, Linda Wass, June Brimecombe, Barbara Afonso and Joe Bradshaw, Steve and Marci Ward, and Margaret Burgess. Thank you very much for allowing us to explore your beautifully colorful and diverse gardens. Else Offersen and Sylvia Carson deserve a round of applause for organizing the tour. • Rain dampened the Lanai, but the early morning showers did not dampen the appetites of almost 120 residents and guests who attended the Luncheon after the Tour. Flowering plants adorned each table and twelve attendees won the plants. The Garden Club would like to thank Claire Knodell, Ann Nussbaum, Taka Stephens, and Ann Mulvey for chairing the luncheon. Thanks to many other club members who helped make the tissue flowers and flags, decorate, and serve the luncheon. The Garden Club appreciates all the hard work arranging the Tour and organizing the Luncheon. • The Garden Club needs your help. Please consider volunteering at the Garden Club booth at the annual Flea Market or by chairing the Holiday Luncheon. • Don’t forget to smell the roses blooming in the garden maintained by the Garden Club.

off, giving attention to the underside of leaves, to keep white fly at bay. Water is your best pesticide. You will need to increase watering as the water warms. Deep water established citrus. Depending on your fertilizing schedule, be sure to adhere to it. Chicken fertilizer is my favorite fertilizer to give plants a boost, this time of the year. I prefer fish fertilizer for begonias. Cymbidiums prefer a 20-10-20 blend, and are heavy feeders. A balance fertilizer, such as 10-10-10 should be given to epiphyllums. If your hybiscus looks less than great, feed them each week over the next two months. That will likely bring them around. Feed your geraniums and cannas 10-60-10 as you want more flowers and less growth. Mulch fuchsias with redwood compost or peat. Watch for aphids and scale and for mildew if we have foggy mornings and sunny afternoons. Spray with sulfur at the first sign. Snails are a major pest this month. Bait and spray if necessary, but you can head off part of the problem by keeping plants clean. Morning patrols and just plain smashing them helps. Remove the dead bodies though, or they will attract ants.

GARDENING NEWS by Melvina Terry

Watch the thermometer this month. If you want to know what the weather will be like, look outside. If we have our usual June gloom, water only in the mornings to insure that all plants dry off before the sun sets. If the skies are clear, the sun will evaporate your plants more than you think. Wash your plants

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 35

Clubs and Activities

Plant your favorite flowering annuals and perennials from seed or six pack including cosmos, dianthus, lavender, marigold, nasturtium, portulaca, scabiosa and zinnia. Get your fall tomato crop going by planting seeds. Flowers will drop from tomato plants that are poorly watered. Keep the soil evenly moist, throughout the growing season. And finally, plant tomato varieties that are adapted to our San Diego area climate. Mail-order varieties from other states are fun to try, but not all produce well in our weather conditions.


Mark the date, July 17. Our second annual Golf Derby Day, followed by an amazing Hawaiian Luau dinner on the Lanai. The Derby is comprised of two member teams, either mixed couples, two men or two women. It is played shotgun style and is an elimination tournament, played on 5 holes. All participants should arrive at the casa at 1:15 pm and everyone will tee off by 2:15 pm. Envelopes marked Derby will be at the casa from July 1 to July 10--$2 per person or $4

per team. Last year was a great success. This year will be even better, especially as it will be followed by an incredible Hawaiian barbeque. There will be entertainment including an Aloha welcome dance performed by our own Valerie Davis. There will be pitching and putting contests and clinics held by golf coach Dori O’Rourke at 3 pm for all participants and guests. Check in at the Aloha table at the casa for tickets for this activity. This will be an incredible day of golf and dining. The cost for dinner is $25 per person, and you can sign alone or by table at the Front Desk. Dinner is limited to 140 people, so get your money in early. Any questions please Touring Amateurs will be at Temecula Creek on Monday, June 24 and will be sponsored by Aegis at Shadowridge. The cost for golf and cart is $42 and should be at the Demarest’s by June 17. Guys and Dolls will be Saturday, June 15--$4 and team members should be in the casa door by June 8. Call Marilyn Vetlesen if you need a partner. Lenhoff Financial will be sponsoring our special tournament, Monday, June 10 and Tuesday, June 11. Cost is $8 and money should be in by June 3.We all appreciate the generosity of the folks at Lenhoff. So yes, we have a very busy spring and summer ahead. Come participate. You’ll have a good time.


Do you have a temporary need for use of a cane, crutches, walkers or a wheel chair? Do not buy them, save your money, call Helping Hands, we maintain a complete inventory of these items and are available at No Charge for people that live in Ocean Hills Country Club. Call Tim Wilber at 760-639-5221, Larry Bowers at 760-639-1989, Jack Collar at 760-598-0580 or Dan Mathews at 760-724-2744. We deliver to your house.


The Kennel Klub Board would like to remind Cat and Dog owners to please have current ID attached to their pet’s collar. It is also a good idea to have your pet micro-chipped. Proper identification helps Community Patrol, the Kennel Klub and the SD Humane Society identify a lost pet quickly. A big thanks to Art Keller for trying to rescue an older Golden Retriever/Lab that was wandering on the Golf Course during a recent Men’s day. Art, Security and others tried to find the owner(s) and dog after multiple sightings. We think the dog belonged to someone living on Galicia and that the dog eventually found its way home. It was unset36 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Clubs and Activities

tling, to say the least. Please know where your pet is at all times. Colleen McCall has suggested that the Kennel Klub have a “Cat Connection” mingle sometime in the fall. This would be for Cat owners and “friends of Cats.” This would be a wonderful way for Cat owners to meet and to see who would be interested in creating a list of reciprocal “caregivers” during vacation periods. More information with a date will be forthcoming. Ellen Kippel, Kennel Klub President, announced that a proposal for installing Artificial Turf in the Dog Park will be presented to the OHCC BOD in this month. Remember to save the date of August 3, for the annual Kennel Klub Brunch on the Lanai.


The Library has lost one of its most dedicated volunteers. Gloria Griffiths, who purchased our new books for more than 10 years, died on May 4 after a short illness. Gloria read countless book reviews before making selections each month to ensure that we always had a well-rounded selection for our residents. She also served in many other library positions over the years and was always very helpful and pleasant. We will all miss her and her warm smile. The library is open to all residents who may take books off the open shelves, but only members may sign up for new books or check out books on the reserve shelve. Membership is only $15 per household or less than the price of one bestseller. Please join now so that we can continue to buy books. The library is self-supporting and needs you.

NEW BOOK PURCHASES – MAY 2013 TITLE, AUTHOR, CATEGORY ALEX CROSS, RUN, James Patterson, FIC THE ASHFORD AFFAIR, Lauren Willig, FIC THE AVIATOR’S WIFE, Melanie Benjamin, FIC BENEDICTION, Ken Haruf, FIC THE BURGESS BOYS, Elizabeth Strout, FIC DADDY’S GONE A HUNTING, Mary Higgins Clark, FIC DON’T GO, Lisa Scottoline, FIC DREAM EYES, Jayne Ann Krentz, FIC ENEMY OF MINE, Brad Taylor, FIC GHOST MAN, Roger Hobbs, FIC IKE AND DICK, Jeffrey Frank, NON FIC THE INTERESTINGS, Meg Wolitzer, FIC NO WAY BACK, Andrew Gross, FIC PALISADES PARK, Alan Brennert, FIC ROBERT B. PARKER’S IRONHORSE, Robert Knott, FIC SIX YEARS, Harlan Coben, FIC SLEIGHT OF HAND, Phillip Margolin, FIC THE SMART ONE, Jennifer Close, FIC STARTING NOW, Debbie Macomber, FIC DADDY’S GONE A HUNTING, Mary Higgins Clark, LP STARTING NOW, Debbie Macomber, LP


The Photography Club meeting this month will be June 20 at 1 pm in the Ladies Club Room. We will again have the privilege of Mike McMahon visiting us to give an informative and interesting program. Mike has talked to us in the past and he has given several classes to Computer Club members. We know his presentations are both knowledgeable and entertaining. The program this month will be on the basics

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 37

Clubs and Activities

of Photoshop Elements. Elements is the little brother of the full version Photoshop but remains an exceptionally powerful photo editing and organizing tool. Elements 9 is on the Mac computers in the Computer Lab and is there for you to use. Although this is the Mac version, PC users will find little difficulty working the program. Be sure to be with us for this meeting. Mike is an excellent instructor, and you will enjoy the session. After the meeting, Bud DeMaris will be in the Computer/Photo Lab from 3 pm until 5 pm for oneon-one help with your digital camera and using it with a computer and printer. This month Bud will lead those interested in a step-by-step exercise in making a collage using layers in Elements on the Mac computers (PC users can also participate). This should take about an hour. Guidance on using the scanner or printer is also available, as well as photo paper for printing.


Lyle Conifrey and Judy Graham are heading up our Fifth Annual Pickleball Tournament/ Social on Tuesday, June 6. The afternoon tournament will be followed by a lasagna dinner, prizes, and plenty of laughter. Beginning pickleball lessons began again on May 18, and will continue to be taught, mainly by Herb Livsey and Mike Hoggatt, every Saturday morning, 9:15 am to 11 am, at the HOA courts. This is a great class for new players or those who still want the basics. Badminton started up again on Fridays in May at the Clubhouse courts. Gerry Livsey will instruct and get things going again with interested members. If this year’s 5th Annual Tennis Exhibition Match on June 13 is anything like last year’s, you’ll want to get your check in immediately! For only $8/member or $10/guest, you get drinks, great pizza, salad, and dessert–-in addition to some great entertainment! Check out our flyer and “get a move on!” Margaret Burgess’s Tennis Social Potlucks continue to be enjoyed by many tennis players. This monthly event is shown on our calendar, but you need to call Margaret if you’re interested, and thank you Margaret for handling this event every month! Water volleyball continues to be in “full swing” with the summer hours of 3 pm to 5 pm. You won’t find a more dedicated group of players totally devoted to their activity and playing schedule. Everyone is invited to join in-–try it! You may love it too! Many thanks to Steve Knapp for his March pickleball clinic and his April tennis clinic! We all appreciate the time and effort you so selflessly put forth to help us improve our games! 38 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Reminder: Drop-in table tennis is Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1 pm to 3 pm in the Mykonos Room. Ladies’ drop-in is Wednesdays and Fridays from 3 pm to 4:30 pm in the Mykonos Room. Check it out! Upcoming events include out Team Tennis Tournament to be held by Debi Vail and Don Pfeifer on Saturday, July 27, and our annual Lanai party scheduled for Wednesday, August 7-–so mark your calendars for these Racquet Club happenings! Members are advised of changes in our events and schedules through emails. Another way to find out all things “Racquet Club,” is by checking our website at


RV members enjoyed a great time at our annual Lot Party on May 28. Holland Motor Homes brought in a selection of New RVs for us to tour and ogle over. The Gillians and Jones coordinated a fun time with lots of good Pot Luck food complimented by fried chicken from Albertsons. The entertainment was provided by the Tommy Thompson Band. At our monthly meeting this month we discussed our travel plans for the remainder of this year and next year. In October we are off to the Paso Robles Wine Festival with Wagon Masters Dan Mathews and Bob and Judy White. Following that we move south to the annual Jazz Festival in Pismo Beach. Our last trip of the year will be to the Chula Vista RV Resort and Marina for an early Thanksgiving celebration. In 2014 we hope to visit Palm Desert in January and Borrego Springs in March. Another exciting trip next year will be to the Albuquerque Balloon Festival. This month we are off for a fun RV trip to Long Beach and a few days at the Golden Shores RV Resort. While we are there we plan to visit the Battleship Iowa and take a tour of the Rancho Los Alamitos among other fun things. Our Club meetings are held in the Mykonos Room in the Clubhouse on the 4th Tuesday of each month. A social gathering and refreshments starts at 7 pm, the business meeting starts at 7:30 pm, and visitors are welcome. Please visit our website at


The May Sailing Club meeting was a “full house” for the Mykonos Room! Each month President Bob Kopolow asks first time visitors and new members to introduce themselves to the group and tell about their sailing experiences.

Clubs and Activities

There is such a variety of answers! Some have had power boating experience and others have virtually sailed around the world! Some have never done either, but have a love of the sea and want to be around others who share that love. Signs ups continue for our upcoming sail on the Spirit of Dana Point on Saturday, July 13. First 55 people to pay their $40 fee will be the lucky ones! Our annual Coronado Cays sail has been set for Wednesday, August 14, hosted by Captain Wayne Strunk, former resident of the Cays. Interested parties can sign up at the June meeting. Every month, one or more of our Club Captains will take a boat out on a Wednesday. All that is needed is a Mate and up to 6 more interested people. Yes, that’s right! Members can get a small group of friends together and ask one of our Captains to charter a boat from Harbor Island Yacht Club, for several wonderful hours on the water. Three boats were chartered in April and sign-up sheets are circulated at the monthly meetings. After the meeting, the sign-up sheet will be placed in the Sailing Club folder. If a boat is full, sign-up as a standby and write a check for $45 to the OH Sailing Club. What a great reason to join the Sailing Club! At the May meeting Co-Commodore, Allan Paloutzian, narrated a slide presentation of his recent cruise through the Panama Canal. At the June meeting, Wayne Strunk will present slides of his recent bare boat adventure in the Bahamas. Be sure to give this exciting Club a try on the first Tuesday of each month. Refreshments and socializing at 7 pm, followed by a meeting at 7:30 pm. Hope to see you on June 4.

and on the 27th will be work on the doll quilts. The second Thursday of the month rarely has a scheduled activity, sometimes there are ladies working on their projects and sometimes not. Shannon wrote a good description of the Club – As its name implies, the Sewing, Etc. Club encompasses more than pure sewing. We have people who make jewelry (“beaders”). We include knitters, folks who crochet, and quilters. Not many people make their own clothes anymore, but sometimes for example, we do things like embellish sweatshirts and turn them into jackets. Twice a month on Thursday mornings there is a craft class and a sewing class. On the first Thursday of each month our meeting includes a “show and tell” for the beautiful things people have created. You can see these on our website under the Special Events/Show and Tell. Friday afternoons are often dedicated to a quilting project, though any club member can attend and enjoy the conversation. Tuesday evenings we gather to work on our projects and share our lives. Often members become involved in creating something to help others: knitting caps and blankets for the premies at Tri-City, donating a raffle quilt to Pendleton, pillowcases for juvenile cancer patients, and mak-


Classes are held in Abravanel Hall on Tuesdays at 1 pm and Thursdays at 11 am. The classes consist of low-impact exercise, including balance and coordination, flexibility and range of motion, stretching and strengthening. The fee is $3 per class. The instructor is Carl Grubbs. He is a Senior Fitness Coach and a Senior Olympian who has won numerous medals.


June Schedule Thursday 6 - 9:30 am - General Meeting
Thursday 13, 20, 27 - 9:30 am - Sewing/Crafts *
Friday 7, 14, 21, 28 – 1 pm - Quilting
Tuesday 4, 11, 18, 25 – 1 pm - Beading
Tuesday 4, 11, 18, 25 – 6 pm - Social Sew *In June the Wave Bag will be taught on the 20th Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 39

Clubs and Activities

ing quilts for the doll beds that are given to children at Camp Pendleton at Christmas. The Sewing Club has been around as long as the community itself. In fact, several of the current members were there when it first began. What draws ladies to this Club is the warmth and camaraderie of the women themselves. It is a place to create, to appreciate others, and to enjoy female companionship. Join us, you’ll love it.


June 15 is a really big day for the Swim Club! “Splash Party” Saturday, June 15 from 12 to 3 pm. The community is invited to the Swim Clubs’ annual summer barbeque with gourmet hot dogs, salads, soft drinks, beer, wine, and door prizes! Relax and enjoy a fun filled afternoon by the pool. Dine, dance and enjoy popular music by Ricky Rivas on keyboard and guitar. The barbeque will be served 12:30 pm till 2 pm, don’t be late. The dogs are a hit! Reservations are available now, $10 for members $12 for non-members $4 for children. Please leave your check at the Club House Front Desk in the Swim Club envelope. For groups, special seating or more information, contact Vice President Jeff Carpenter at 760-672-2184 or: Swim Clinic Saturday morning June 15 at 9:30 am. Swimmers of all levels are welcome. This is an ideal time to improve your breathing, style, and stamina. Learn to stretch, glide and get the most out of your workout or just learn to swim! Beginners are especially welcome.  Senior Olympian Frank Tanner, Sue Tanner, Robin Ryan, and Master Swimmer, Anne Williams will be at the pool Saturdays for eight weeks to help you. Goggles required! We will only reserve the pool for 1 hour this year. The Swim Clinic is free for Swim Club members. Contact Robin Ryan or Sue Tanner to sign up. Many thanks to Estelle Altork for procuring the new colorful noodles and weights. Thanks to Rita Schnedar, Gloria Walgren and Jeff Carpenter for hosting the”always great” refreshments at the May 23 meeting. Thanks also to Sally Dounias and Patty Coffey for deliveries and to all of you who are helping to make this a great Club and a great pool. Swim Club dues are $8. New members are welcome. See you at the pool rain or shine.

To advertise in next month’s issue, call Linda Woods, 760-685-6727 40 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013


In May, Theater Arts members enjoyed a wonderful performance from the STAR Theatre Academy of Acting Music and Dance, featuring the Star Kids and the Starlets Show Choirs. We also heard solos by two of the featured players in their recent production of Beauty and the Beast. Theater Arts will be holding a Cancun Beach Party on June 3 in Abravanel Hall. We will have a Yucatan style dinner, including Crab Enchiladas and Chicken Cozumel. Entertainment will be provided by Frank Boynton at the piano, the duet of Bill Smith and Jeanne Rudolph, and DJ Don Vlasnik. The cost is $20 for members and $25 for non-members. Future classes include a Directors’ Workshop, which will be taught by Al Valletta, who has directed several of our plays and many performances in the area. It will probably be 4 classes over a 2 week period in June or July. Time, place and cost to be determined. If you are interested, please call Thelma White. We are busily planning our fall schedule, which we hope will include a play, featuring our members, to be announced. Also in the planning stages are performances by an amazing magician, the fabulous Moonlight Singers, and the very unique San Diego Harmony Ringers. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!


Extra! Extra! Read all about it--DANCING MAKES YOU SMARTER! An article in the New England Journal of Medicine reporting on a landmark 21-year study of 469 senior citizens 75 and older found that frequent dancing reduced the risk of dementia by 76%. Surprisingly, dancing beat out reading, bicycling, swimming, doing crossword puzzles, and playing golf by huge percentages. Come join us and help your gray matter as well as having a great time. Christine Alesiani teaches the Level 1 class on Mondays from 12:30 to 2 pm. Her Level 2 class continues to meet on Tuesdays from 10:30 am to 12 pm. These classes are $5 a session. Betty Heyer, who gives generously of her time and dancing talent, teaches a review class on Mondays from 2 to 3:30 pm and there is no charge for this class. The turnout for both Christine’s and Betty’s classes has been overwhelming, indicative of the fun everyone is having. Direct any questions you might have about Line Dancing to our president, Grace Spencer, at 760-295-2853.

Clubs and Activities

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Clubs and Activities


Allemande left to an Allemande Thar, Shoot the star, to a Right and Left grand. Our Club in very fortunate to live in an area where there are a lot of other Square Dance clubs. We have the Whirlaways in Escondido who have classes on Monday at 6:30 pm at the Senior Center and club dances on two Saturdays a month at the Barn in San Marcos. There are the Oceanwavers in Vista, who have classes on Thursday at 7 pm and 8:30 pm at the Senior Center and club dances one Friday a month, also at the Senior Center. It is possible to dance almost every night if that is what you want to do. Our students and our recent graduates, have the ability to get more lessons in both Vista and Escondido every week if they feel the need. Jim and Ray are the callers for these classes, and the club dances. In addition there are many dances on the weekends in the various cities all around us that encourage the students, the graduates, and club members to come. These are multi-level dances. Every other Tip is for the students and members, and the next tip will be for the more advanced dancers.

42 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

In addition to all of these places to practice and have fun, our Ocean Hills Country Club Website also has videos on each call that can be watched over and over again to refresh our memories and help us learn better. Use this address; Click on CLUBS on the left hand side of page then click on Village Squares--look for Links-click, at the bottom of that page and look for Square Dance moves and animation. Under that, click on Mainstream and Plus Videos. Here you will find the list of calls you are learning. Click on the one you want to see and watch it as many times as you like. On the agenda for the month of June is a Birthday Party for JoAnne Lobb, hosted and given by Verl Lobb and his family. Dinner, libations, cake and dancing will fill the night with fun, food, and laughter. The whole Square Dance membership is invited.


May was a great meeting with the Freedom Dogs. Hope you were there to see and hear what a great program this is and how it is giving many of our military service men and women

Clubs and Activities

a chance to have a normal life. There will be no Village Vets Meeting in June as the Vets will be going on their “Off-Station” trip. We look forward to our July Meeting when we will have another exciting program in Abravanel Hall.


June is going to be another great hiking month. The turnout for our hikes this year has been excellent with enthusiastic walkers and hikers of all levels. But there is always room for more. Anyone who is not a member yet, but likes to walk or hike, there is always room to join in the fun and fellowship. Fees are still only $8 a year. There are two Hikes scheduled for this month. The first is on Thursday, June 6 when we will be hiking on the Observatory Trail on Palomar Mountain. This hike is rated as Difficult/Moderate depending on what portion of it that you choose to take. All of our hikes usually have dual ratings so that there is something for a larger group of members. The hike is listed as a distance of 4.5 miles. One of the nice things that you get on this hike is a

nice tree lined trail. As the weather is getting warmer, it’s nice to have a hike in the woods like this one. After the hike we will go to Harrah’s Casino for lunch. Our second hike will be on Friday, June 28 when we head over to Miramar Lake in Scripps Ranch. This one is an easy trail with a fairly flat hike of about 4 miles. After the hike we will be going to The Edge of the Ranch Restaurant for lunch. All of our hikes start at the Overflow Parking Lot where we meet at 8:30 am and carpool to the trailhead, Remember to help out the driver with some gas money if you are in a carpool. As always, we will be going out to lunch after hiking. There are always some who do not go out to lunch with the group, so don’t stay home because you don’t want to or can’t lunch with the bunch. If you would like more details on any of our hikes or on the Club, please call Jack Shabel at 760-8428858. See you on the trails.

To advertise in next month’s issue, call Linda Woods, 760-685-6727

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Clubs and Activities


The Wine Tasting Club is a new club in OHCC. The purpose of the Club is for like-minded individuals to get together, learn about wines in a party atmosphere, while enjoying good food and the enjoyment of others. It was chartered and approved in September 2012 and began operating in October 2012 with two wine tasting groups. Presently, the Wine Tasting Club is composed of 5 groups of 25 to 30 people each totaling 136 members. Each wine tasting group holds a monthly wine tasting party which is usually hosted in someone’s home. The host simply provides an area for the food and wine along with some snack plates with plastic ware. The wine presenter, someone from the group, buys the wine, brings it to the wine tasting party, tells the group a little about each wine type, provides a sample for tasting, after which the group drinks the wine. Each attendee brings a heavy snack for everyone to share along with their own wine glass. The presenter is reimbursed for the wine. The cost is $6 per person for a yearly member-

44 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

ship and a $10 per person wine fee for each wine tasting attended. If a spouse or a significant-other does not drink wine but still wants to join and come to a party it is permitted if they join the Club. They do not have to pay the $10 wine fee and can bring their own refreshment. To join just drop a membership check, made out to OH Wine Tasting Club, into the wine tasting envelope at the Front Desk. Please mark somewhere on the check, “new member,” along with your email address and phone number. Twice a year there will be a combined wine tasting party with all of the wine tasting groups getting together to drink great wines and eat wonderful food in a party atmosphere with music and dancing. The next combined wine tasting is on June 21 on the Lanai starting at 5 pm, dinner at 6:30 pm. Enjoy a Santa Maria BBQ of Tri Tip and Chicken along with ranch beans, salad, garlic bread and, of course, WINE. There will dancing to a DJ, as well. The cost is to be $20 per person (house guests $25). If there any questions, please contact the following members of the Wine Tasting Club: Bruce Brady, President, 760-214-5603

Clubs and Activities

Gloria Young, Group 1 Coordinator, 760-509-4998 John Misterly, Group 2 Coordinator, 760-668-7117


The Woodchucks would like to thank the Board for approving the enlargement of the woodshop. As soon as all the re-arranging gets finished, headed by President Larry Bowers, the shop

should be a real nice place to work with the increase of much needed room. Larry wishes to thank all of the members who helped move our treasures. When the shop is finished, there will be new storage cabinets, lumber racks plus more work tables and room to move around. There will also be a door out the back wall of the shop. The visit to the Miniature Museum in Business Park last month was a rewarding experience. The

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 45

Clubs and Activities

talent that some people have in their hands is unbelievable. If you have never been to the museum, you should make it a priority. There is no charge. We have a new Jet Vertical Sander and the Hawk Scroll Saw is ready. If you wish to use the scroll saw, please call Bob Mellman first for info. People who wish to put in a little time on the Christmas toys will be needed even more since we lost time on the remodeling. Call Larry Bowers.

Please keep the aluminum cans and clear water bottles with no tops coming. If you need help with large amounts, please call Bob Mellman or Bob Allen. It is amazing how fast time travels when you live in OHCC and how much longer it takes to get up in the morning. The best thing is to do something that you enjoy.


Chai, Yiddish Clubbers! Final RSVP date for the June 23 Deli Luncheon is June 17 at 5 pm.  I’m sure that you will enjoy the delicious and bountiful portions of the food from Katella Deli. When I was 13 and living in Phoenix, my family hosted a blond, blue-eyed teenager from Mexico City for a district-wide B’nai B’rith Convention. His name was Miguel Jusidman. The name is so melodic, that even my children know of him and, through the years, I never fail to ask someone from Mexico City if they know Miguel…which is like asking do you know John Doe in New York City. But they in-

46 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

Clubs and Activities

Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 47

Clubs and Activities

variably do know him! And so it was with our luncheon entertainer, Elisheva Edelson! “Of course I know Mickey!” was her response. (Jewish geography, anyone?). I know it will be a special pleasure to hear her beautiful songs at the luncheon. She’s a gifted folksinger who performs in Hebrew, Yiddish, English and Ladino.  And now, on to our next event. We will not be meeting in June, but we will be showing a film in July which was created by the man who teaches the most popular class at Harvard about Happiness. In his film, entitled “Israel Inside,” he describes how a small nation has made a big difference in our world and lists his reasons why. Two of the reasons on his list are “family” and “chutzpah” (surprise!).  So, be sure to save the date of Monday, July 22. We’ll be showing the film in the Men’s Club Room at 4 pm and at 7 pm. This film is 45 minutes long and a 15-minute discussion will follow. Because the seating capacity of the Men’s Club Room is limited to 50, we will be taking RSVP’s via email and phone calls in mid-July. Meanwhile, jot down the date and do plan to attend one of the showings. Until then, zie gezunt!

48 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013


The family of Gloria Griffiths would like to express their appreciation for the cards, food, flowers, phone calls, visits, etc., that helped to make Gloria’s last days so much more serene and filled with love. So many friends showed their love and caring for Gloria and for this they thank you. The world is a better place for her having been here. In lieu of flowers, they would like to inform you that a fund has been started to dedicate a plaque in her honor on the grounds of The City of Hope in Duarte, in recognition of all the charitable work she did for them. If you would care to be a part of this endeavor, please make your check out to The City of Hope and deliver it to Sunny Frowein at 4977 Poseidon, Oceanside, CA 92056 or call her at 760-630-6304 and she will be happy to come pick it up for you. Sincerely, Roy Griffiths and Gloria’s children, Mike, Donna, Lori and Sue.

Clubs and Activities

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Classifieds / Miscellaneous “Dennis the Computer Doctor” Mobile Computer Repair at your Home Servicing Ocean Hills for over 10 Years Hundreds of Happy Customers 760-598-6222

Paul Gole • Gloria Griffiths Berniece Barbier

EXPERIENCED CAREGIVER. Honest, dependable, reliable. Specializing in lifting, transferring, showering and all different kinds of physical problems, including other works as may be directed. OHCC reference at 760-945-6836. Call Marilyn at 760-576-7445. SEARCHING FOR a widow 65 years old, whose husband of 32 years died earlier this year at the age of 88, and who recently chatted with a widower named Maurice in Ralphs Grocery Store. Please contact him at 760-630-7830.

Newsletter • Volume 22, Number 6 •

PET SITTER. I am a responsible, caring pet lover who will take care of your dog and or cat while you’re away. Daily visit or overnight stay. Affordable rates. Call Rose @ Claws ‘N Paws, 760-758-4130, HUSBAND AND WIFE will do patio maintenance, garage and RV cleaning, house and dotg sitting, spring cleaning and organizing. FBI clearance. Refs. OHCC resident. Kathie, 936-537-8325, (*) CAREGIVER — Personal care, transportation, meal preparation, light housekeeping. 15 years in the Village. References. Call Kathee, 760-712-9534. (*)

Chris Bessey, Managing Editor Sandy Fiore, Administrative Assistant Louise Ries, Event Coordinator Denise McClenaghan, Front Desk Receptionist Kathy Murdock, Office Manager, HOA

50 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

CALL TOM HENDERSON from Henderson’s Handyman Services for your home repair needs, 760-216-0180. I specialize in interior and exterior carpentry, drywall, painting, fencing, irrigation, minor plumbing and electrical repairs, etc. (6-13)

Classifieds / Miscellaneous CHUCKO PAINTING — Interior & Exterior 17 years in Ocean Hills. OHCC References. 760-639-0761 or 760-525-4825 (8-13)

WALT MEIER - IRRIGATION GURU 40 years experience. New phone no. listed below. Old # 760-433-2544 New # 760-717-6814 (6-13) CAREGIVING — Homemaker companions. Hygiene & bathing. Meal prep. Medication reminders. Errands/lt. housekeeping. Refs. Maria Marquez, 760-448-0129. (*)

“Just Call BILL” Handyman Services and More Call me for all your plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, floors, tile, fences, garage floor coatings, overhang (cleaning, repairs, painting), termite damage, appliance repairs, yard lighting and irrigation needs. Hundreds of satisfied Ocean Hills clients. Call 760-889-8269 or 760-757-8573. (7-13) LIFE QUALITY CARE In-home care hourly/daily/monthly. 15 years exp. Personal hygiene, medical assistance, Hospice patients, light housekeeping, meal prep, errands, laundry and doctor’s appts. Male and female caregivers avail. 24 hours a day. Local refs avail. Lily 760-672-3848. (6-13)

CAREGIVER — Errands, Doctors Appointments Light housekeeping, Meal Preparation. References from satisfied OHCC clients. Karen 760-519-5371. (6-13)

CAREGIVER FOR PEOPLE LIKE FAMILY If you’re in need of a driver, housecleaner, pet sitter or yard work, call Kathleen and Jesse, 760-683-4819. (* )

CAREGIVER — Affordable, flexible, reliable in home care. 15 yrs. exp. CNA, LVN skills. Medical care, meal prep, laundry, shopping. Refs. Menchie 760-842-2703.(*)

I’LL DRIVE YOU ANYWHERE Joyce Smith 760-685-0435 (*)

ALL YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS Vacations, Cruises, Airlines, Rental Cars Agent Marsha Leichner • 760-470-7368 (*)

TWO AMIGOS — Landscaping and Gardening. Reasonable rates. Ocean Hills references. No job too big or small. Tony 760-305-8831. (6-13)

MADELENE’S ALTERATIONS AND TAILORING 3768 Via Del Rancho, Oceanside, CA 92056 760-630-4993. Just one short block from the back gate. Please call for appt. Over 42 years experience. (11-13)

CATHY’S HOUSECLEANING — Windows, stoves, refrigerators. No job too big or small. Also detail cleaning for rentals and realtors. Ocean Hills references. 760-994-7569. (7-13)

PROFESSIONAL HOUSECLEANING SERVICES Licensed and bonded. English speaking. 12 years exp. Supplies provided. Excellent refs. Free estimates. Vicky Martin, 760-807-6502(*)

A TRUSTED HOME CARE — Compassionate caregivers. Short and long term. DOJ and FBI clearance. Bonded, insured. In Shadowridge, 760-659-6145.(*)

UPHOLSTERER 20 years. Free estimates. Reasonable rates. Call Mario, 760-940-0681 (*)

PROFESSIONAL HOUSE CLEANING Village References. Call for quote. Maria, (760) 470-5676, (760) 433-6330 (*)

Extra Daughter’ offers extra hands Dianne Barrymore works to simplify life, taking her clients to doctors appointments, on errands, and helping with everyday details, all the things a companion, like a daughter, can provide. (760) 212-6317

CLASSIFIEDS Mail your ad and $12 for 3 lines to: Powers Publishing 5423 Rocking Horse Oceanside, CA 92057 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013 51

52 Ocean Hills Country Club Newsletter • June 2013

OHCC June 2013  
OHCC June 2013  

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