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January 2013

JANUARY HIGHLIGHTS Tuesday – 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR Clubhouse open regular hours

Another Year Behind Us, Another Year to Accomplish Great Things

Saturday – 5 DO DUES DAY 10:00am- 2:00pm Abravanel Hall Thursday – 10 Impersonators Ticket Sales 8:00am - Galleria Monday – 14 BOD Meeting 10:00am - Mykonos Room Thursday - 17 BOD Meeting 10:00am - Mykonos Room Saturday – 19 Bingo 7:00pm – Abravanel Hall

Woodchuck Club Members Remember the Children of Camp Pendleton.

Thank You to Everyone Who Helped to Make Wishes Come True!

Do Dues Day

Saturday, January 5, 10am-2pm in the Clubhouse Memberships for Clubs and Classes. Bring a Checkbook. Walk or Drive Your Golf Cart — Parking is Limited.

Impersonator Show: Remembering the ’60s

Friday, February 22, Doors Open at 6:30pm Featuring Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, Paul Anka and Dionne Warwick Tickets on Sale Thursday, January 10 at 8 a.m., $20.00 per person Sandwiches, Beverages, Desserts

Annual Golf Bag Tag Stickers Do Dues Day on Saturday, January 5, 2013

Association News


OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES OCTOBER 4, 2012 Directors Present Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President David Hefler, Director Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Don Lopez, Director Dave Rowley, Director Directors Absent None Management Present Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Admin. Asst. OTHERS PRESENT Dennis Lady – FMC Vice Chairperson; Homeowners: Beth Cook, Tom Schneider, Maureen Schneider, Linda Morgan, Sue Seebach The following agenda items were discussed at the Executive Meeting of October 4, 2012: Litigation, Approval of Minutes, Third Party Contracts, Legal Opinion, Personnel

Motion made and seconded (D. Lopez/I. Landis) to accept the recommendation from the FMC of the Alternative Proposal (Alt#3A, dated 9/25/12). Motion passed unanimously. There were four homeowner comments. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR BUDGET PREPARATION Each year an Executive Committee is appointed for the budget preparation.

Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/I. Landis) to appoint President Baur, Vice President Takemoto and Treasurer Hefler to the Executive Committee for Budget Preparation. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments. WATER AUDIT Due to the recent water conservation measures, the GM recommends the Master Board pursue a contract for water auditing with Van Dyke.

President Baur called the Special Meeting to order at 2:45 p.m. in the HOA Conference Room President Baur requested that the items be taken out of order to accommodate Mr. Lady and the Board agreed.

LANAI PROPOSAL Dennis Lady, FMC Vice Chairperson, presented a proposal for renovation of the Lanai area. It would require the demolition of the Lanai and Golf Casa in order to construct a building which would include storage space, a catering kitchen, bathrooms, and the golf office. There was a discussion about the landscape surrounding the building and it was the consensus of the Board to have Van Dyke Landscape Architects become involved in the process.

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013


Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS SPECIAL MEETING MINUTES OCTOBER 4, 2012 Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/I. Landis) to approve the initial consult fee with Van Dyke Landscape Architect for $390 in order to establish a clear Scope of Work for additional water management and auditing for the HOA. Motion passed unanimously. There was one homeowner comment.

cost not to exceed $1,748.75 annually. Designated Funding: #5026-1000. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments. APPROVAL OF MINUTES


Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/D. Hefler) to approve the minutes of the Organizational Meeting of August 16, 2012, as written. Motion passed unanimously.

The MCC is proposing a new insignia encompassing the ocean and hills (blue & green) and a tagline of “Here’s Where It Gets Good.”


Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/B. Farrell) to approve the MCC recommendation to implement the proposed insignia and tagline on all new external marketing communications, including printed material and redesigned website.

The GM provided an update on current projects. Some of the items included were: 1) J.B. Bostick has agreed to restripe all the areas at no charge in Spring 2013; 2) suggestion that Van Dyke review the area where wood is stored in the HOA area; 3) review the correspondence to residents regarding no landline; and 4) a reverse 911 test will be conducted on October 9.

After discussion the motion was amended (I. Landis/B. Farrell) to approve the MCC recommendation to implement the proposed insignia and tagline. Motion passed unanimously. There were four homeowner comments.

GRAND OPENING – CANNON ROAD PROJECT The Board directed Staff to coordinate a “Grand Opening” for the Cannon Road Project during the month of November and to invite all residents and local dignitaries. There was one homeowner comment.


Motion made and seconded (A. Takemoto/D. Lopez) to discontinue the service of providing wood for fireplaces and have the contractor remove the wood from the Community and to ask Van Dyke to provide a solution that will enhance the appearance of the area. Motion passed unanimously. There were no homeowner comments. NON-AGENDA ITEMS There was one homeowner comment. There being no further business to discuss at this time, the meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

The OHCC Insurance Broker has advised the addition of cyber insurance coverage to protect the computer systems of the HOA.

Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/D. Lopez) to approve an increase in insurance coverage to include Cyber Liability to protect the computer systems of the HOA at a


OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

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Association News

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013


Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES NOVEMBER 12 & 15, 2012 The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Ocean Hills Country Club Homeowners Association Board of Directors was held on November 12 & 15, 2012, at 4701 Leisure Village Way, Oceanside, California.

November 12, 2012 Directors Present Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President David Hefler, Director Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Don Lopez, Director Dave Rowley, Director Directors Absent None Management Present Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Admin. Asst. First Session – November 12, 2012 I. President Baur called the Regular Meeting to order at 10:05 a.m. II. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Vice President

November 15, 2012 Directors Present Ellen Baur, President Angela Takemoto, Vice President David Hefler, Director Barry Farrell, Secretary Ira Landis, Director Don Lopez, Director Dave Rowley, Director Directors Absent None Management Present Becky Groenewold, General Manager Dottie Ulmer, Executive Admin. Asst. Takemoto.

II I. PRESIDENT’S REPORT President Baur apprised the membership as to the matters to be addressed, and items completed, as well as Executive Sessions and Special Board Meetings held since the last monthly Board Meeting. The Board held a Special Board Meeting on October 30, 2012 for the purpose of the Quarterly Review with the Facilities Management Committee. The Executive Session held on November 1, 2012 reviewed legal opinions, third party contracts, personnel, Executive Committee Report, and approved Executive Minutes of September 24, October 4 and October 12. The Master Board and General Manager attended the annual Epsten Grinnell & Howell Legal Symposium on October 26. President Baur reminded residents of three important events: 1) the “Grand Opening” of the Cannon Road Project on November 14; 2) the Landscape Workshop facilitated by Van Dyke Landscape Architects on November 15; and 3) and the Luncheon with the CEO of Tri- City Medical Center on November 16 and encouraged everyone to attend.

IV. MANAGEMENT REPORT In the Management Report, Becky Groenewold, General Manager, apprised the membership as to the primary projects currently underway: • Seagate Terrace HOA will be reimbursing OHCC for their water use in the Cannon Median for March 2012 – March 2013 in the amount of $1,698 and their portion of the cost for the Cannon Road renovation for $1,148.03. • Proposed amendments to CC&R articles regarding Capital Improvements will be presented to the Master Board at this month’s meeting. • The Master Board directed the FMC to discuss alternatives of renovating the pool deck separately from the lanai. 6

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES NOVEMBER 12 & 15, 2012 • The FMC will be presenting a proposal on adding doors and finishing the inside walls in the Woodshop next month. • Renovation of the Library is on schedule with the electrical completed and Sunset Painting scheduled for November. • Seventy one (71) letters were sent to individuals with no landlines or connection to the EMS requesting they sign a Liability Waiver. A second notice is being prepared by Legal Counsel. • The walls on Leisure Village Way are being power washed and/or painted. • Phil Buccola Engineering will be on site the week of November 12, 2012. • K. Murdock and the General Manager will review a training video on delegation. • All personnel openings have been filled.

V. TREASURER’S REPORT Treasurer Hefler gave the following Treasurer’s Report: At close of October 2012, we are in strong financial condition with reserves of $3,242,822. There is a year-to-date operating surplus of $90,752. Significant year-to-date below-budget variances as of October 2012 include Recreation Payroll - $41,352; and Tree work - $29,387. Total assets of $4,249,698 include $3,286,827 worth of FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit. A copy of the Financial Statement is available for review in the HOA Office.

gestion that OHCC charge a fee and offer links on the website as a way to capture funds for the maintenance of the proposed website. All members of the Board appeared to feel that the idea would be a good one. Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/B. Farrell) to hire Association Voice to implement and host an enhanced website for OHCC for a one-time implementation cost not to exceed $2,500 and annual operating costs payable to Association Voice not to exceed $6,000. Motion passed unanimously. After further discussion, the motion was amended and seconded (I. Landis/B. Farrell) to hire Association Voice to implement and host an enhanced website for OHCC for a one-time implementation cost not to exceed $2,500 and annual operating costs payable to Association Voice not to exceed $8,000. Motion passed unanimously. There was one homeowner comment. At this time, President Baur requested that the items be taken out of order to accommodate Staff and the Board agreed.

VI. PRESENTATION OF ACTION ITEMS COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS A. Tree Trimming/Removal Due to numerous homeowner requests for tree trimming/removal, the Board adopted a new tree Maintenance Policy on May 3, 2012. On October 9, 2012, the Landscape Committee performed inspections of 23 trees and recommends the removal of nine (9) and trimming of eight (8) trees. No action taken on the remaining trees.

Motion made and seconded (D. Lopez/B. Farrell) to approve the recommendation of the Landscape Committee to remove nine (9) trees and trim eight (8) trees. Motion passed unanimously. There was one homeowner comment. B. Association Voice – Website Developer Jim Kaminsky, Chairperson of the Marketing & Communication Committee, presented a 15 minute video on the Association Voice website and a video on examples of the proposed external OHCC website. There was a sug-

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013


Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES NOVEMBER 12 & 15, 2012 NEW BUSINESS B. Three Phase Electrical Proposal for Golf Course Due to the installation of the new irrigation system, there is a need to supply electrical service for two controller antennas on the Golf Course. The antennas relay information from the sensors to determine watering needs.

Motion made and seconded (D. Rowley/D. Lopez) to approve the proposal of Three Phase Electric to install electrical service to power one antenna and one drinking fountain at the front nine restroom and to install a solar power source for an antenna near the 13th hole at a cost not to exceed $7,780. Motion passed unanimously. Designated Funding: Golf Course Maintenance Reserves #2422-1000. There were no homeowner comments. A. Clubhouse Reservations Priorities The Recreation Department is recommending that the Board consider a change to the Handbook of Rules and Regulations under Facilities: Reservations and Fees for Use. It is recommended to delete the two (2) months requirement when a resident hosts and attends a private party. This type of reservation will be made after all the other priority groups have secured their dates and received their confirmations in December.

Motion made and seconded (B. Farrell/I. Landis) to accept the recommendation from the Recreation Department to change the current rule under “Facilities: Reservations and Fees for Use” of the Handbook of Rules and Regulations , page 16, #10, and delete the two month requirement and to read as follows: “10. Private parties hosted and attended by an OHCC resident.” and send out for a thirty (30) day comment period by all homeowners. Motion passed unanimously (D. Rowley was not available to vote). UNFINISHED BUSINESS A. Priority List The Board reviewed the Priority List for 2012-2013 and made several revisions. There was a discussion on the road markings and audio visual upgrades.

finish or typical construction of such improvements. It was the consensus of the Board to recommend approval of an Amendment that would reduce the voting requirement to 50%+1 of those who vote, which is in compliance with existing Civil Code #1366(b)1.

Motion made and seconded (D. Rowley/D. Lopez) to approve the proposed CC&R amendment language for Sections 5.08, 1.06 and 2.01(g) to be sent out for a vote of the membership in January 2013. Motion passed unanimously. There was one homeowner comment. D. Committees Policy & Committee Charter Revisions Staff is recommending revisions as follows: 1) Add a provision to both documents stating” A Chairperson of any Sub-Committee will be a member of the Standing Committee”; and 2) clarify the provisions regarding Conflict of Interest by adding “Anyone who has a personal interest shall not participate in the discussion and must recuse themselves from voting.” It was the consensus of the Board not to add the provision regarding the Chairperson of a Sub-Committee. Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/D. Lopez) to adopt the Conflict of Interest clarification by adding “Anyone who has a personal interest shall not participate in the discussion and must recuse themselves from voting.” There was further Board discussion regarding the definition of Conflict and Interest. The motion failed for lack of a vote. The item was tabled to the next Regular Board Meeting in December. There were no homeowner comments.

E. Committee Recommendation Form The Master Board reviewed the proposed revision to the Committee Recommendation Form.

Motion made and seconded (I. Landis/B. Farrell) to approve the revised OHCC Committee Recommendation Form for immediate implementation. Motion passed unanimously. VI. RECESS

NEW BUSINESS C. CC&R Amendment In Executive Session on November 1, 2012, the Master Board discussed proposed CC&R Amendments with Legal Counsel. Currently the CC&R’s requires approval of 67% of the entire membership for (1) any Capital Improvement construction, or (2) any variation of Improvements that are different from the original design, 8

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

The meeting was recessed at 1:15 p.m. until 10:00 a.m., Thursday, November 15, 2012.

SESSION II, November 15, 2012 VIII. President Baur reconvened the Regular Board Meeting at 10:06 a.m. HOMEOWNER INPUT (Non-Agenda Items)

Association News OCEAN HILLS COUNTRY CLUB HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS REGULAR MEETING MINUTES NOVEMBER 12 & 15, 2012 There were four homeowner comments regarding proposed landscape renovations.

ed; and he will be attending Village Board meetings to discuss telephone equipment.


XI. STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS ARC – Dave Rowley, Board Liaison, reported that the Committee met twice last month and there were an average of 15 applications per meeting and several site visits were performed. AV – Ed Farley, Chairperson, reported the microphones for the New York Tenors performance were not OHCC equipment; additional sound shields should be purchased to control the sound of the brass sections; the Veterans’ Day Program ran smoothly; light installation was completed by Michael Hoffman; and twelve people are Level 1 certified to run the light board. COMMUNITY SERVICES – Gay Hartman, Chairperson, reported that 220 people have signed up for the Tri-City Luncheon Presentation on November 16; there will be no changes to the current bus schedule; future mall trips shall have a minimum of ten riders; and Casino trips shall have a minimum of 20 riders. FACILITIES MANAGEMENT – No report. GOLF COURSE – No report. LANDSCAPE – Linda Strohm, Chairperson, encouraged all residents to attend the Van Dyke Landscape Workshop on November 15. MARKETING & COMMUNICATION – Jim Kaminsky, Chairperson, reported that the November meeting has been rescheduled to December 5; he attended a seminar at Trilogy at Glen Ivy; and MCC Member Gene Glizzo attended the Chamber of Commerce mixer.

The following Staff Members gave their reports: RECREATION – Chris Bessey, Recreation Director, reported that the mechanisms to fix the cantilever umbrellas have arrived; new stage curtains (black velvet wings & valance) will be replaced; Club special event requests will be confirmed on December 3; a lottery will be held on November 16 at 10 am to assign room requests for interest groups, card and game groups; a Mall Trip to Fashion Valley is scheduled for November 26; Fitness Trainer Cheryl Schindler will continue Saturday instructions in 2013; Jacque DeCosta, part-time receptionist, started November 7; a Scam Alert Presentation was held on November 8; New York Tenors OHSPA performed on November 10; Veteran’s Day Program for November 11 was well attended; Lunch with CEO of Tri-City Medical Center is scheduled for November 16 at 12 noon; Van Dyke Landscape Architects will hold an Interactive Workshop on November 15; Cannon Road Project “Grand Opening” is scheduled for November 14 at 11:30 am; and Polyester Nights will be held on November 16 at 4 pm in the Clubhouse. MAINTENANCE – Chuck Pierce, Director, reported that Bostick has been contacted to schedule the restriping of the road markings; the Rapid Flashing Beacon has arrived and Three Phase Electric will install electrical service to the job site; the Library is scheduled to be painted from November 26 through November 29; Arnies Doors has received the fire compliant Clubhouse doors and a work schedule is being prepared; Ken DeWoody will install the cameras in the HOA Conference Room; painting of the 311 street lights will begin on December 5; and brow ditches are being inspected for any needed repairs. LANDSCAPE –Tom Hogan, Director, reported Van Dyke recalculated the water cost savings of $18,863 on the Golf Course for a 14 day period by using the sensors; nine additional sensors will be installed on the Golf Course; over seeding has been completed; the Arcadia outfall area is finished; Fire Hazard Abatement will begin on December 1; Phase 2 tree trimming and removal will begin on November 15; valve boxes and drains on the Golf Course are being replaced and raised to grade; and Golf Course Operations is $1,822 under budget and Landscape Common Operations is $81,528.44 under budget.


There were no homeowner comments.


Motion made and seconded (D. Hefler/I. Landis) to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of October 15 & 18, 2012, and the Special Meeting of October 30, 2012 as written. Motion passed unanimously. XIII. BOARD MEMBER INPUT There was no additional Board Member input.

XIV. ADJOURNMENT With no further business to be discussed, President Baur adjourned the meeting at 11:25 a.m.

Len Weinstein, Director, reported that 1,592 alarm systems have been tested; speeding and Stop sign violations have increased; the seminar on Emergency Preparedness and Assistance Resources on October 18 was well attendOHCC Newsletter • January 2013


Association News

MANAGER’S REPORT By Becky Groenewold General Manager Ahhhh, a fresh new year, brimming with promise and possibilities! I sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed the gift of friendship, good health and peace over the holiday season. It is a gift that can be shared, re-gifted and cherished the whole year long. As we turn our thoughts toward the New Year and visualize what we hope to accomplish, I hope our actions are guided by what will bring the most joy, peace and good to our friends, neighbors and community. The New Year will bring some welcome changes thanks to the comments and suggestions of YOU, the residents. The decal process will begin mid-January and was shortened to three weeks to help save on the cost of staffing the project. You should have received your notice in the mail by now, but call the HOA Office if you have any questions. The new directory is underway and should be delivered by the end of January. It is good to finally have two of our biggest projects back on track for the first of the year. Street sweeping of ALL the interior streets will begin soon. Staff is working on some of the details before we start. The sweeping will be done on the same day as Leisure Village Way so we will need to work out a system to remind residents who may have guests or a worker who must park on the street. We appreciate any comments as we initiate the process to make it seamless. This effort, in addition to the monthly power washing of the curbs, will help keep the Community looking its best! There are several meetings scheduled for January that you won’t want to miss. Please look for the “Save the Date” listing in this publication to keep handy so you can join us! The meetings include topics such as landscape, CC&R’s, 2013 budget as well as the usual monthly Master Board business meeting. Keep in mind that all meetings are open to the homeowners of the Community. In addition to the monthly Board meetings, the Committee meetings are also open to homeowners. Anytime you have a question or a concern, you are encouraged to attend a meeting or send your concern in writing. Staff will be happy to make sure your concerns are routed properly so they can be addressed in a timely manner. Please call the HOA office first. We will let you know when, where and how your concerns are heard! In January, the Master Board will be appointing the new committee members whose service will begin on Feb. 1st. It isn’t too late to submit an application if you are interested in serving on a Committee but you only have until Jan. 10th to get it into the HOA office. The Master Board members will be soliciting volunteers on Due Dues Day on Jan. 5th. The seven committees are: Architectural, Landscape, Audio Visual, Community Service, Golf Course, Facilities Management and Marketing & 10 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

Communication. Charters that outline the duties for each committee are on the website ( or can be picked up from the HOA office. The volunteers that serve on these committees are invaluable in maintaining the high standards of living within the Community. Here are just a few of the projects accomplished by these volunteers in the past year. Thanks to the efforts of the Marketing Committee a new website will be coming your way soon! This new website will help improve timely communication to the residents by allowing for notification by email, phone, etc. This will perhaps make the mail tubes obsolete at some point and allow us the ability to get important information to each resident more quickly, no matter where you are! The Facilities Management Committee has been busy with upgrades to the library, HOA conference room and the HOA reception area. The Audio Visual Committee helped secure the purchase and installation of new lighting, camera equipment and audio upgrades for the many events held in Abravenal Hall. In addition they upgraded the capabilities of the video for the Mykonos Room for Board meetings and the HOA conference room. Channel 12/867 is the next project in their sights for upgrading, so stay tuned. The Architectural Review Committee strives to keep any improvements to our homes consistent within the community and meets regularly to process hundreds of applications each year. Community Services brings matters related to the Clubhouse use and Community at large to the attention of the Board. They recommended purchase of new fitness equipment, pool furniture and they keep the bus service humming along with assistance from Recreation Director Chris Bessey. The Golf Course Committee and Landscape Committee joined forces with Landscape Director Tom Hogan, to recommend to purchase an upgrade to the irrigation system that will help improve water conservation and keep the community beautiful for years to come. These are just a smattering of the many efforts made by your neighbors and friends in the Community who take the time to help maintain and improve the quality of life in OHCC. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the Staff that helps support these efforts and performs the implementation of Board decisions. Many of the Staff members are the unsung heroes as they keep the facilities tidy, the work orders processed, invoices paid, mail outs done, minutes recorded, meetings and activities scheduled and set up for. They do this all with such enthusiasm, diligence and professional courtesy, that I can only say, I am truly blessed to work alongside them. In addition, I have worked for many Boards in my thirteen years of management and without a doubt the OHCC Boards I have worked with are among the most congenial and progressive I have had the pleasure to support. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to continually be amazed at how challenging and exciting it is to be a part of all the great things going on in at OHCC.

Call Linda at 760-685-6727 to advertise!

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OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 11

Association News

PRESIDENT’S REPORT By Ellen Baur President, Board of Directors This is the time of year that the hardworking Chairpersons of our seven Standing Committees are submitting their year-end reports. The one year term of each of the seven Standing Committees: ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW, AUDIO VISUAL, COMMUNITY SERVICE, FACILITIES MANAGEMENT, GOLF COURSE, LANDSCAPE, and MARKETING & COMMUNICATION runs from February 1 to January 31. The Master Board is seeking the support of our resident homeowners, their spouses and partners, by volunteering to serve on a Standing Committee to assist the Master Board in the many projects and tasks that face us each year. Without the work done by our Standing Committees, the job of the Master Board would truly be overwhelming. It is with gratefulness and appreciation that we thank all of our diligent and conscientious volunteers who have participated in our Standing Committees this term. We

12 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

hope that many of you will reapply. For those of you, who have served on the same Standing Committee for three years, you may reapply to that committee, but we urge you to consider applying for another committee, as well. Our Committees Policy strongly recommends a 3-year in-a-row limit of volunteer service on the same committee. Please also note that any Standing Committee applicant may indicate willingness to serve on more than one committee by showing a first, second, third committee choice on your application. Applications for our Standing Committees, along with each Committee’s charter, are now available at the HOA. The deadline for submitting an application is Thursday, January 10, at 4 pm at the HOA. The Master Board will be announcing the names of successful Standing Committee applicants at our Thursday, January 17, 2013, Master Board meeting. In addition, all applicants will be notified by mail. There will be a Standing Committee Orientation from 1-3 pm on Thursday, January 31, 2013. All volunteers selected as a Standing Committee member are requested to attend. The Master Board cannot urge you enough to get involved in our Community by participating in the Standing Committee process. On January 5 at Do Dues Day, the Master Board will man a table. We will have Standing Committee applications and charters available for pick-up. We will have a brief anonymous survey on capital improvements. We

Association News would very much appreciate your visit to our table to share your thoughts with us. On November 15, immediately following the Regular Master Board Meeting, the Master Board met in Executive Session. On the agenda were: a hearing; litigation with a telecom with our collection counsel; approval of minutes of the Executive Session of November 1, 2012; and two emergency items were considered with Board approval, regarding legal opinion on a donation request and on the CC&R Amendment revision. On December 17, the Board met, beginning at 9 am in Executive Session. The purpose of the meeting was Third Party Contracts, a Delinquency Report, Litigation Updates, Legal Opinion, a Personnel Issue, and Approval of the Minutes of the November 15, 2012, Executive Session. The Board, as the only members of the Ocean Hills Society of the Performing Arts then attended the OHSPA Annual Meeting of Members. Finally, our one-session Regular December Board meeting was held. Covered were the following action items: Committee Recommendations: Facilities Management Committee HOA Reception Area Proposal: approved Landscape Committee Tree Trimming and Removal per Homeowner Requests: 23 trees inspected, approved removal of 7 trees, trimming of 11 trees, no action on 5 trees. Golf Course Committee “Green Sand” on the Golf Course Proposal: denied Unfinished Business Review of the Board’s Priority List Asphalt Restriping: to be done, free of charge, in the spring Revision to Committees Policy and Committee Charters: wording regarding sub-committees and conflict of interest approved CC&R Amendment: motion to amend the previously adopted CC&R balloting motion by changing from January to February, as well as date of owners of records (in order to vote): February 1, 2013 New Business Liens: approved Street Sweeping of Village side streets: approved at

$150 per month, to be done on Tuesdays Appointment of Inspectors of Election: Bill Smith, Chief Inspector of Election; Colleen McCall and Andy Truban, Inspectors of Election, all approved Adoption of Assessment & Billing Collection Policy: allows the Master Board to hold a hearing to rescind privileges of homeowners whose assessments are not paid within 30 days of due date. Irrigation Inventory Control Update Do Dues Day Survey Questionnaire: approved Minutes of the Regular November meeting and the October 4 Special Meeting: approved as written Before ending my remarks, I wish to acknowledge those of you who are concerned with the assumed direction our landscaping conservation efforts seem to be headed and reassure you that it is the intention of the Master Board, through the hiring of our Landscape Architects, Van Dyke, to find the best possible solution to keep our Community looking like we all love it and yet, fulfilling the need to conserve water. We will have to make some compromises, and we look to our homeowners to work with the Master Board through the expertise of our Landscape Architects. We are very proud that our Community has been recognized for our conservation efforts. We have received two Roses of Conservation in both the San Diego Union Tribune and the North County Times. The San Diego Chapter of the Community Association Institute (CAI) has awarded OHCC the Community Association of the Year award for 2012. The

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 13

Association News award is due to the contributions OHCC makes to the surrounding community with all of our programs: Woodchucks, Chorale Group, Knitting Group, and many more, as well as the water conservation efforts we have made to date. And finally, OHCC has received a Certificate of Recognition from the Senate of the State of California for the Cannon Road renovation and conservation project. To quote Becky Groenewold, our General Manager, who brought our efforts to the attention of CAI, “all of these efforts promote good will and support to your neighbors, at large. In addition, the conservation efforts make you good stewards of our precious resources.” On behalf of the Master Board, may I take this opportunity to wish one and all a Happy and healthy New Year! And that was the month that was...

Landscape Committee Update By Linda Strohm, Chairperson The Landscape Committee was very busy in 2012, and 2013 looks to be just as eventful. A brief recap of 2012: The shrub policy was updated; the Cannon Road project was completed on time and the grant money has been received; the Tree Trimming & Removal Homeowner Request Policy was rewritten which helps expedite those requests; the golf course irrigation system was upgraded; the dead and dying vegetation on the outer slope of Arcadia has been removed and the area replanted; a

14 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013


Landscape Architect contract was approved to provide thematic designs for the front entrance and a conceptual plan for the entire Community common areas; a workshop was held in November by Van Dyke Landscape Architects to begin the process of gathering homeowner input regarding landscaping in the common areas. In 2013, we will continue to work with the Landscape Architect to develop plans that will allow OHCC to continue its irrigation water conservation policy while maintaining the ““Country Club”” look that we all enjoy. On January 4, Beth Bowen from Van Dyke Landscape Architects will join us at our regularly scheduled meeting at 10:00a.m. in the Mykonos Room at the Clubhouse. Beth will be at the January 5 Do Dues Day with more information for homeowners and seeking homeowner input. Also, as of this writing, a special Master Board Meeting has been tentatively scheduled to be held in Abravanel Hall in early February. At that time, Van Dyke will present their preliminary designs for all of us to preview. All homeowners are encouraged to attend. A flyer announcing the meeting will be distributed to all mail tubes. At the last Landscape meeting it came to my attention that some residents believe that Van Dyke was responsible for the Cannon Road design. NOT SO! By the time that we started interviewing Landscape Architects, the Cannon Road project was complete. The design for Cannon Road was decided on by the City of Oceanside. Van Dyke Landscape Architects was called in on short notice to provide consultation services for the irrigation specifications required by the City of Oceanside at the last minute. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: January 4, 10:00a.m-12 p.m. Mykonos Room Regular Landscape Committee Meeting January 5, 10:00a.m.-2:00 p.m. Dues Day—Beth Bowen of Van Dyke Landscape Architects will be in the Clubhouse to answer your questions about landscape issues and listen to your comments February 1, 10:00a.m.-12 p.m. Mykonos Room Regular Landscape Committee Meeting February 7, 1:00p.m. Abravanel Hall Special Master Board Meeting including a presentation by Van Dyke Landscape Architects.

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Treasurer’s Report From the Treasurer Financial: As we close the month of November, 2012, we are in strong financial condition with reserves of $3,332,498. There is a year-to-date operating surplus of $45,663. Significant year-to-date below-budget variances as of November, 2012 include Recreation payroll - $24,823 and Tree work - $33,922. Our total assets of $4,380,249 include $3,296,118 worth of FDIC-insured Certificates of Deposit.

Perspective on Landscape Improvements By Don Lopez I heard a question at the Landscape Committee meeting held on Friday Dec. 7th. The resident asked “why are you changing our beautiful landscaping, is it just for the sake of change?” The short answer is definitely not. Most of us moved here for the well maintained ambiance, a large part of which is the landscaping. Remember we started this in 2009. The City of Oceanside said we needed to reduce our water consumption by at least 40%. Fortunately, several OHCC representatives negotiated that down to 20%. The City authorities also

told us we would have an 80% increase in water costs, which our Board members negotiated down to a 60% increase in costs. Thank you fellow members. In 2009 they told us if we did not achieve the 20% reduction in units, they would hit us with an 80% penalty. So we started working on ways to conserve water. In the years since, it would have been easy to just increase the dues to cover the extra expense. January is the month we do the Budget. It is not our mindset to increase the assessments to cover our water costs, but rather to continue to reduce the water consumption to absorb the 6% water cost increase we will get in January 2013. The base year for the water restrictions and cost increases is 2006-2007. The water conservation efforts began in 2009. The cost comparisons are as follows: • 2006-2007, 182,856 units @$1.72 per unit, $314,512 Total • 2011-2012, 141,510 units @$3.54 per unit, $500,945 Total • $3.75 per unit is the January 1, 2013 new price for water • Had we continued to guzzle water as in 2006-2008, we would be paying for 41,346 units of water per year more or, as of 2013, a minimum of $155,047 per year more. The rates will continue to rise. • Over the next four years, these savings would be $620,188. As the rates increase, these savings will increase. • IMPORTANT: The threat of monetary penalties and restrictions on irrigation water supply remain if we do not continue with our water conservation efforts. The success in the ongoing water reduction process has included new sprinkler heads, controllers, irrigation software, drought tolerant plantings, and some turf removal. There is a limit to how much we can reduce water and maintain healthy plants with our current plant pallet. The changes are not for the sake of change, but rather to enable us to thrive in OHCC under the restricted water supply and increased costs for water. Paramount in these efforts is to maintain the beautiful ambiance of our landscaping, with a few new twists to keep us up-to-date with sustainable landscaping that will take us into the future.

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 15

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The Safety Corner

By Leonard Weinstein Director of Community Patrol Service (CPS) Hello residents of Ocean Hills Country Club. May this January find everyone having truly delighted in both the holidays and family, and beginning to recover from the excessive amount of food that so many of us probably enjoyed? As we begin 2013, may all have a healthy and a happy year. Your Community Patrol Service personnel are preparing for the annual decaling of vehicles. While decaling of your automobiles, R.V.s, golf carts, etc., is important,

there is another aspect of this process that is equally important. Updating of information is something that should be given consideration at this time. Please carefully review the information, both recently mailed to you from the Homeowner’s Association and in the dwellingLive system, as it pertains to you and your family members. An oft forgotten piece of information is contact numbers for family members. While most of us remember the telephone numbers for emergency contacts, we don’t always remember to include telephone numbers for our daughters, sons, etc. Please remember, not everyone chooses these persons as their emergency contacts. For those of you who read the Safety Corner regularly, you are aware of my ““family member”” passion. Please, not only remember the name(s) of your four-legged ““family member(s),”” but also include a description on the information form you’ll be submitting during the decaling process. While we’re addressing these family members, please ensure that they ““always”” have an identification tag on. You never know when they may slip out of a door that’s ajar or run between your feet. As long as we’re talking about identification on family members, let’s talk about your identification and whether you ““always”” have it with you. Yes, we know you know who you are, although I personally have my days. Did you ever consider a scenario in which you are in need of assistance, but unable to communicate? A passerby, emergency responder or a CPS officer attempting to assist you would find such information invaluable. Don’t become a victim of the ““IT CAN’T HAPPEN TO ME”” syndrome! SHOULD YOU NEED ASSISTANCE, THE FRONT GATE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS (760) 758-7111. Be SAFE, Be SMART, and most of all, BE HAPPY. Once again, thanks for your time and thanks for reading The Safety Corner.

MISSION STATEMENT Ocean Hills Country Club is an age-restricted homeowners association with facilities to complement and enhance an active lifestyle.

OHCC’s mission, through its Board of Directors, is to:

• Protect and Preserve assets • Enhance property values • Promote safe and harmonious living • Facilitate use and enjoyment of the property

This will be accomplished by:

• Respecting and treating members fairly • Enforcing the governing documents • Communicating Board efforts and actions to members • Making informed decisions for the common benefit of the owners 16 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

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RECREATION NEWS By Chris Bessey Recreation Director Happy New Year Everyone! The 2013 New Year begins with Annual Do Dues Day on Saturday, January 5 from 10am-2 pm, between the clubs and the classes the Clubhouse will be bustling with activity. The Master Board will be in the Lobby making applications available for those who wish to apply on the standing committees. A question that is often asked: “Do I have to come on Do Dues Day to sign up”? The answer is “no” as you can sign up at any time for club memberships. The reason Do Dues Day is so attractive is the clubs represent themselves and put on quite a display; so it is a social event that residents look forward to. So come on out, drive a golf cart, walk on down and be a part of the tradition. The Mall Trips have been scheduled for the year. Be sure to give the Front Desk a call the day before by 3 pm to make a reservation. Schedules are available in the information racks in the Clubhouse. • Monday, January 28, Promenade- Temecula • Wednesday, February 27, Las Posas • Monday, March 25, Horton Plaza • Wednesday, April 24, Fashion Valley • Monday, May 20, South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA • Wednesday, June 26, Carlsbad Outlets • Monday, July 29, Las Posas • Wednesday, August 7, UTC- La Jolla • Monday, September 9- Pala Casino • Wednesday, October 23, Mission Valley • Monday, November 25, Fashion Valley • Wednesday, December 11, Westfield- Escondido It’s with much regret that we are saying goodbye to Raul Granillo, a facilities staff member on the day shift. Raul is finally retiring and he is looking forward to traveling. Raul’s last day is January 15 and he will be sorely missed. Raul was hired in 2005 and he has be an example

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR All Electrical matters: Lighting Design • Service Upgrades Remodels • Kitchens AFTER HOURS SERVICE AVAILABLE

760-801-3052 Licensed 22 years Lic. #634791 Chicago transplant

18 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

to all by exhibiting a strong work ethic. Please wish him well as he completes his mission here. January is always a “sleeper” month but this will not last long. We are looking forward to the months ahead with the Recreation Department sponsoring an Impersonator show in February. Annual bag tag stickers will be available beginning January 5. The Clubhouse offers a variety of activities where friendships begin and flourish. May the New Year bring you happiness, health and activity.

“Now there are more overweight people in America than average-weight people. So overweight people are now average… which means, you have met your New Year's resolution.” — Jay Leno

Sit To Be Fit The title tells it all! SIT TO BE FIT is a FREE full body exer-

cise program carried on while comfortably seated. Open to men and women, this program permits you to do what you can and to skip any exercise too demanding. After a few lessons, you will realize a pain or two has disappeared and you will enjoy life more. The program designed by retired professional fitness instructor, June Black, consists of seven uplifting tapes played weekly in sequence. Join this interesting and non-demanding class on Wednesdays at 9 am in Abravanel Hall. *Please note on the 2nd Wednesday of the month the program meets in the Art Room at the same time.

Advertising Information Deadine for ads in the next issue is the 15th of the month prior. Please call Linda at 760-685-6727 for more information.

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Our OHCC Community Patrol will be bringing us another informative seminar on Thursday, February 21 at 2pm in Abravanel hall. The topic will be Identity Theft and Internet Safety (Online Fraud). Mark your calendar.

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AEROBICS Classes are held in Abravanel Hall on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 am (no class on the second Wednesday of each month). Club membership is $6 for the year. Monday – 10 to 11:30 am (weights or bands 11 to 11:30) Wednesday - 10 to 11 am (no class 2nd Wednesday) Friday – 10 to 11:15 am (weights or bands 11 to 11:15) Fee: $3 per class You may attend two classes without joining the club, but you still pay the $3 class fee. Wear exercise shoes and bring water and weights. Instructors are both ACE Certified Monday and Friday – Sharon Nelson Wednesday – Christine Alesiani

ANGLERS CLUB Tuesday, November 27, the last meeting of the year, was a special dinner meeting enjoyed by 28 members and guests at the John’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill in Vista. This meeting celebrated the 2012 year, recognized and thanked our Club officers, then installed the same officers for

Office 760-644-1901

20 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

2013. President, Paul Yoshida; Vice President, Al Harruff; Secretary, Dick Wold; Treasurer, Len Holness; and Charter Master, Rollin Grider. We had a great time, enjoyed an excellent dinner, and had good fellowship. A summary DVD of the 2012 year showing the good times, fellowship, and at times good fishing, was enjoyed by all in attendance. Judy White won the gift certificate to the Hunter Steak House, and Mary Duarte and Pat Burke won the gift certificates to the Elephant Bar. For the main drawing, Bill Vogel won not one but two tackle bags, Joe Erbs and Dick Wold won nice reels, and Rollin Grider won the Seeker fishing rod. All in all is was a great evening that was enjoyed by all in attendance. If you enjoy ocean fishing, good fun and fellowship, please join the Anglers Club for 2013 on Do Dues Day, January 5, or you can stop by the Front Desk in the Clubhouse and deposit your check for $10 and join now, avoiding the rush on Do Dues Day. At our January 8 Club meeting we will share the calendar of events for fishing and social events for the year. If you have any questions, feel free to call President Paul Yoshida at 760-940-8871.

ART LOVERS CLUB Do Dues Day is Saturday, January 5.The Art Lovers dues for 2013 are $8.You do not have to be an artist to join. The Club meets the third Tuesday of every other month for art presentations by residents or guest artists along with field trips to San Diego and nearby counties. The Club’s goal is to enjoy life through art. Search through your treasures for SHARING ART on Tuesday, January 15, at 1 pm in the Ladies Club Room. Traditionally, this first meeting of the New Year, encompasses an exhibit of items from our members. Bring art you have created, art you own, something from a trip, or something from a friend. Come and share your stories and your artistic pieces! Limit your sharing to one or two prized items! Be sure your name is on all your items.

Association News Contact President, Helen Sloan, coordinator, if you wish to share at 760-726-8855 or . There will be no February meeting for Art Lovers. Topics for future meetings will include: Escondido Arts, the Women’s Museum of California at the Liberty Station, author/artist Zoe Bhahremani, a trip to Balboa Park, and artist Joan Grimes.

AUDIO VISUAL COMMITTEE The last few months have been busy and a lot has been accomplished in Audio Visual. The new Panasonic AG-HMC80 series digital cameras and the AG HMX100 mixer have been installed. Most of our video operator volunteers have been trained and more training will be conducted.The new LED lights and updated light board have also been installed and are operational. The new lights produce white light in the warm white/cool white range. This lighting will improve our stage productions and video recording tremendously, and we are now seeing a correct color balance with proper flesh tones. These are the same type of lights used at the La Jolla Playhouse. Several training sessions have been conducted on the lighting and video equipment and all volunteers will eventually receive training in this

new equipment. Volunteers have stepped up to cover several unscheduled productions the past two months and are to be complimented for their devotion to meeting the needs of our community. A reminder to all those who anticipate a need for AV Service – please fill out an Audio Visual Request for Service at least six weeks in advance so that the event can be scheduled and volunteers recruited. The Audio Visual Request forms are available at the Front Desk in the Audio Visual folder. “If in doubt, fill it out,” and an AV volunteer will contact you to discuss your event. If you desire to join Audio Visual as a volunteer, please stop by our table at the Do Dues Day on January 5 or call Ed Farley, Steve Malone, or Doug Wright.

BALLROOM DANCE BENEFITS OF BALLROOM DANCING Are you looking for some incentives to start (or continue) to do ballroom dancing? Well then consider these…Ö HEALTH BENEFITS – Engaging in ballroom dancing on a weekly or even monthly basis has many health benefits: muscle toning, cardiovascular conditioning, maintaining bone density and preventing osteoporosis, and burning calories (200-400 for 30

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 21

Association News minutes of dancing). Another health benefit that many people don’t associate with ballroom dancing is that it reduces the chances of dementia; it puts the brain to work, trying to remember dance patterns and planning for the next move. SOCIALIZING – Ballroom dancing at OHCC is social dancing. Forget Dancing with the stars! We are dancing for the fun of it. Our monthly socials give you a chance to socialize with old friends and make new ones. You are gaining self-esteem and a positive outlook. Social dancing can lesson loneliness and depression. And how about that feeling of holding your partner close to your body? To paraphrase an old saying: people who dance together stay together. INVITATION TO DANCE – So what are you waiting for? You say you don’t know how to dance, or that you have two left feet? No problem! The Ballroom Club has some talented volunteer instructors who can fix that. Come to our free dance lessons for beginners, every Wednesday at 2:30 pm in Abravanel Hall. Or come to our paid lessons given by professional instructors every Monday at 4 pm and improve your dancing skills. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT- Finally, please remember! The more you dance, the better you get at it (not to mention the health benefits and the socializing that goes with it). So come to the Ballroom Dance Club’s monthly social every second Friday of the month in Abravanel Hall from 7 to 10 pm. It is only $8 for members and $10 for non-members. And if you want a little more practice, come to the monthly workshop/private party organized by our dance instructors every fourth Sunday of the month. It is only $7 for everybody; includes a lesson from 6 to 7 pm and dancing until 10 pm. ELECTION RESULTS – The 2013 Ballroom Dance Board is composed of the following: President, George Mozes; Vice president, Patti Smith; Secretary, Judy White; Treasurer, Phyllis Buvel; Dance/Workshop Instructors, George and Miriam Mozes; Flowers, Joyce Olson, assisted by Barry Farrell; Fliers, Bob German; Membership, Music, Melvina Terry; Yoshida; Paul Publicity/Marketing, Jim Kaminsky; Social Committee, Holly Richardson and Patricia Burke; Sunshine Information, Bunny Quint; Tickets, Ana Yoshida. For more information, please visit our website “Dancing is the most fun you can have with the clothes on!”

BINGO It’s almost Bingo time again! First game this year is scheduled for January 19. As usual, doors will open at 6:30 pm in Abravanel Hall 22 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

and the games will kick off at 7 pm. Refreshments will be served. The price for an evening of fun with your friends remains at only $7. Be sure to stop by the Bingo Booth at the Clubhouse on Do Dues Day, January 5, to pick up your schedule for 2013 so you won’t miss any of our spectacular games. To get things started with a bang this year, our big prize will again be $1,000 if you cover all in 50 or fewer numbers in the last game. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

BIRDWATCHERS CLUB Join us for the first meeting of the New Year on TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, in the Ladies Club Room at 1pm. Light refreshments are available at 12:30 pm. The program will be the presentation of a new video, DUCKumentary. You will see the different ducks close up in a dazzling array of iridescent colors. Watch how they waddle, glide, dive, and dabble. See the Green-winged teals in the air, jump into South American rapids with Torrent ducks, meet Redhead ducklings, and watch Wood ducks raise a family. Each bird is more fun than the last and will leave you wanting more! Dues are $8 per person. You can sign up at this meeting or leave a check at the Front Desk in the Birdwatchers envelope. A list of bird walks and meetings for the year will be available at the meeting. The list will also be kept at the Clubhouse in the “Clubs” section at the racks on the wall. The bird walk this month will be TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, to Mesa Grande Road, Lake Henshaw in Santa Ysabel and the Santa Ysabel Mission. Meet at the overflow lot to receive directions and form carpools. We depart at 8 am so be at the lot by 7:45 am. For all walks wear sturdy shoes, bring water, hat, and walking stick if you use one. We usually stop for lunch at a local eatery after the walk. The locations of walks may be changed depending on the weather and where the birds are located. Emails will be sent out if there are any changes. Note that all bird walks this year will depart from the overflow lot at 8 am. Keep in mind that this newsletter is printed a month in advance. If you have any questions, please call Andy Truban at 760-631-0029.

BOCCE Happy New Year to one and all of our loyal readers. We made it through another year and looking back, everything worked out well, or as well as can be expected. When it comes to Bocce players, we can handle most thins except losing. No one had a fight over whose turn it was and the courts are in good shape. If you have any com-

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OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 23

Association News your Founders Duplicate Bridge dues of $6. High scorers for November: In the N/S position, Jeanne Greene and Nancy Schummer with 62.70%. In the E/W position, we had Dolores and Dan Nelson with 64.29%. Nice job everyone. If you need a partner, please contact Nancy Read at 760-945-5637, she will do her very best to find one for you.

An Afternoon Serenade with the Village Strummers plaints, please see someone who has authority, not me. The old year was ushered out just as bright and shiny as it came in. The BIG BASH was a grand success with food by Bobby’s Hideaway. I am still looking for Bobby. If you see him tell him hello for me. The new officers for 2013 were introduced and are as follows: President, Gail Miscioscia; Vice Lord, Oh! I mean Vice President, Don Sampsel; Secretary, Sally Booth; and Treasurer, Craig Powers…Ösomeone watch the books…Öjust kidding Craig. The new bocce King and Queen were introduced and what do you know, they needed no introduction. They are the same as last year, Bill Curtin was King with 29 and Virginia Sackett was Queen with 20. Come on, one or more of you get rid of these two. If anyone would like to take over the job of keeping track of the bocces, please see me. Anyway the the year has been a great success and who knows maybe we can make next year a better one. The bocces for November were as follows: 4 for Bill Curtin; 3 for Jack Conefry; 2 for Peggy Newberg and Charlene Kinder. One each for Al Lipitz, Scott Allen, Bill Baker, Jim Amighi, Gloria Overall, Bob Rogers, Sally Booth, Al Fried, Bob Sackett and Marge Broderick. Congratulations one and all and keep those bocces rolling in. We need a new King and Queen for 2013.

BRIDGE FOUNDERS DUPLICATE Our Holiday dinner at the El Camino Country Club, December 11 was a huge success. We had a large turnout and the food was excellent. The transition from dinning to playing bridge was very smooth and efficiently conducted. In a few words, the El Camino Country Club did a good job. Everyone was pleasantly pleased. Do Dues Day is Saturday, January 5, from 10 am to 2 pm, in Abravanel Hall. Remember to renew 24 OHCC Newsletter • August 2012

BRIDGE FRIDAY DUPLICATE Happy New Year! We welcome our new officers; President, Anne Caywood; Co-Vice Presidents, Gina Steirs and Juanita Petter; Treasurer, Carol Hobock and Secretary, Lillian Kirkham. Please visit our booth on Do Dues Day, Saturday, January 5 and become a member of our Friday Duplicate Bridge Club. Our Friday Duplicate Bridge Game was held November 9; North/South First Place Winners were Gloria Griffiths and Joanne Abeson with 63.33%. East/West First Place Winners were Olive McCullough and Betty Steinman with 62.56%. On Friday, November 30; North/South First Place Winners were Anne Caywood and Nancy Schummer with 54.11%. East/West First Place Winners were Jeanne Greene and Ginny Perkins with 62.56%. Congratulations Ladies!

BRIDGE FRIDAY PARTY Men and Women Intermediate players are welcome to Friday Party Bridge at 11:30 am. Come have fun. Refreshments are served. You needn’t bring a partner. Socializing and Sign-up for members begins at 11 am outside Abravanel Hall Be sure to sign up as a member of this friendly group at Do Dues Day, January 5, in Abravanel Hall.

CAN-DO CLUB We sponsor the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and other projects that benefit the entire community. To fund these projects we always need money, so we’re starting off the New Year with a fundraiser, OH, FOLLIES! This campus-wide talent show is open to everyone in the community and has proven to be a real winner. OH, FOLLIES! was created by resident Kate Butler to shine a light on the many talented and entertaining folks who call OHCC home. Now in its 4th year, the Can-Do Club is this year’s sponsor. There are two ways you can help us achieve our fundraising goals: 1.) come and see the show, or 2.) BE the show! Got talent? Whether you sing, dance, tell stories,

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26 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

Association News juggle or do anything else entertaining (fit for public viewing) there is room for you in this annual production. Prefer to help backstage? Perfect. Some 50 people were involved in last year’s production, working both in front of and behind the curtain. The good news is that there are no auditions and only two rehearsals.This show is neither competitive nor serious, but can best be described as zany family fun. Rather vaudevillian, actually. The best news is that it sells out and makes some good money for the sponsoring Club. We are thrilled to be that Club this year. OH, FOLLIES! will be performed on only one night, Friday, the 5th of April, with rehearsals the week before. To participate, you must be available all that week. An organizational meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 13, from 4 to 6 pm in the Men’s Club Room. The setting this year will be Las Vegas, so the opportunities for spoon players and harpists alike abound. Interested in participating but not sure what you could do? Go to the meeting and Kate and her crew will help you put something together. (Ask anyone about last year’s swim team and you’ll understand what can organically grow out of this organizational meeting.) So, mark your calendars now and plan to perform (or attend) and help us raise necessary funds to

keep CERT in supplies. For more information about the FOLLIES!, please contact Kate at and check the bulletin board at the Clubhouse for updates.

CINEMATIC AND MUSICAL ART APPRECIATION WEEKEND FILMS: Films are shown in the Clubhouse Ladies Club Room every Friday, Saturday and Sunday unless exempted by some priority event or holiday. Show times are at 2:30 pm, 5

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28 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

Recreation News BOARD MEETINGS

OHCC Session I Monday, January 14, 10 am Mykonos Room Thursday, January 17, 10 am Mykonos Room VILLAGE MEETINGS Hydra Friday, January 18, 10 am Ladies Club Room Majorca Wednesday, January 23, 9 am Ladies Club Room Mykonos Monday, January 28, 1 pm Ladies Club Room Santorini Friday, January 18, 1:30 pm Ladies Club Room COMMITTEE MEETINGS ARC Thursday, January 10 and 24, 9:30 am Homeowners Association Audio Visual Committee Tuesday, January 22, 11 am Homeowners Association Community Service Committee Friday, January 11, 10 am Clubhouse Art Room Facilities Management Committee Tuesday, January 22, 2 pm Homeowners Association Golf Course Committee Thursday, January 31, 2 pm Clubhouse Landscape Committee Friday, January 4, 10 am Homeowners Association Marketing & Communication Committee Wednesday, January 16, 10 am Homeowners Association Executive Committee Wednesday, January 23, 9:30 am Homeowners Association

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 29

Recreation News pm and 7:30 pm unless the film is over 2 hours and 20 minutes in length. When this occurs, the 5 pm show will be eliminated. Coming to Ocean Hills from approximately midJanuary to mid-February are the following films: “Seven Psychopaths” (74), “The Imposter” (78),”The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (75), “Farewell My Queen (French)” (67), and “To Rome With Love” (60). The numbers appearing after the above film titles represent the combined average critical and popular rating on a scale of 0 to 100 as published by Rotten and A rating between 60 and 100 signifies the highest rated films. Please also check the Coming Attractions Bulletin Board posted outside the Men’s Club Room for reserved films that have been released to theaters but are not yet available in DVD. MIDWEEK FILMS: There is good news for film buffs, especially those who appreciate Foreign Language Films. Beginning this month, a contemporary foreign film will be shown every Wednesday at 7 pm. This is in addition to the ones shown on alternating Fridays. Programs for the weekend and midweek films

can be obtained every Thursday from the counter inside the Clubhouse or by calling the Movie Hotline 760-758-1216, Ext 5. Seating is on a first come, first served basis and cannot be reserved. Guests of residents are always welcomed. The consumption of food or beverages and the use of your cell phone while the film is in progress are discouraged at all times. Cell phones should be silenced upon entering the room as a courtesy to your neighbor. FOREIGN FILM CLASSICS: Scheduled on Monday, January 21 at 1 pm in the Ladies Club Room by the Foreign Film Classic Group is the 1966 British classic “A Man for All Seasons.” Take advantage of a rare opportunity to revisit these classics again or to see them for the first time if missed when originally released. Please note that the starting time has been changed from noon to 1 pm. MUSICAL FINE ARTS: The Musical Fine Arts Group is next scheduled to meet on Saturday, January 12 at 10 am when the 3 hour romantic opera, “Tannhauser” by Richard Wagner, will be shown with an intermission. This is the most approachable and melodic of all Wagner’s operas. If you are interested in joining either the Foreign Film Classic or Musical Fine Arts Groups or in just occasionally attending one of the programs, please contact the writer since seating is limited. Becoming a member would entitle you to automatically receive a monthly invitation and an annual program. You will also have the opportunity to join on Do Dues Day on Saturday, January 5. Look for my table in the atrium. Frank Petronella 760-414-9070.

COMPUTER CLUB The purpose of the Ocean Hills Computer Club is to encourage active seniors to use computers for better living. Each month we try to fulfil that purpose by offering various computer classes, holding “help sessions,” and hosting a general meeting with a guest speaking on a subject

30 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

Recreation News interesting to computer users. Some of the classes we offer in most months are Digital Photography, EXCEL, PC Beginners and Intermediate, MAC Beginners, and iPads. Classes change from monthto-month, so please, at the beginning of each month, check the Club’s calendar posted as a link on our webpage at The calendar is also posted on the Computer Room window. We hope you join the Ocean Hills Computer Club on Do Dues Day, January 5 from 10 am to 2 pm in Abravanel Hall. Club dues are only $5/household this year. Such a deal! And what do you get for your $5? You get both our monthly newsletter, chocked full of information and nifty computer tips, and our monthly calendar e-mailed to your home. We also send out weekly reminders of upcoming classes. But perhaps the biggest service we provide is our “help sessions” held in our Computer Room. Our Club’s “Certified Volunteers” are always anxious to help solve your computer or tablet problems. And if you need help in your own home with a nasty computer problem, we can arrange for personal visitations. Most months there is a General Meeting with a guest speaker, refreshments, and door prizes. In August we have our summer dinner party. We are very proud of the enhancements we brought to your Computer Club in 2012. Most notable is that Dorothy Miller secured the services of Mike McMahon, an outstanding teacher from Carlsbad, to hold classes on iPad, Picasa, and Photoshop right here at OHCC. We now have a subscription to and Hal McCawley holds drop-in genealogy workshops the first Thursday of each month. The monthly newsletter has been converted to PDF format so that it may be easily printed, and now includes a page devoted to Apple computers written by our resident Mac expert Bill Jones. The calendar has been color-coded and is posted in larger print on the window of the Computer Club Room. Our Club has many interests, including

Genealogy, Mac Computers, Web Pages, Email, Digital Imaging, and even Facebook and Google Earth. Tell us your interests and we’ll see if we can accommodate you. I want to encourage the more knowledgeable computer users to join the Ocean Hills Computer Club and become an active member. Show us what you know! It’s a terrific way to give back to this wonderful community, and you will really enjoy yourself. To become more involved with the Computer Club, please contact any of the officers listed on the website. We are always looking for new ideas to help guide the way in the coming year.

DOO-WOP AND DISCO CLUB Doo-Wop Disco & Dance Club members like to party to the music of the 50’s - 80’s. We all know that 2011 was a terrific year, and 2012 was simply amazing, but without a doubt 2013 will be out of sight! Here are the dates for the EIGHT parties planned for the upcoming year: Saturday February 9 – Abravanel Hall Friday March 15 – Abravanel Hall Saturday June 22 – Lanai Saturday July 20 – Lanai Friday August 16 – Lanai Friday September 20 – Lanai and Abravanel Hall ∑Sunday October 27 – Abravanel Hall ∑Saturday December 21 – Abravanel Hall If one of the reasons you came to Ocean Hills Country Club was to listen and dance to party music while enjoying some food and refreshments and chatting with good friends, then please join the DooWop Disco & Dance Club on Do Dues Day, January 5, 10 am to 2 pm, in Abravanel Hall. Dues for 2013 are only $10/per person, and we try to provide real value to our members by limiting the cost of our parties in most cases to under $20/per person. Last year’s parties ranged from $5 to $18. For a peak at the fun times had by members of

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 31

Clubs and Activities the Doo-Wop Disco & Dance Club, see our website at It’ll put a smile on your face.

GARDEN CLUB The Ocean Hills Garden Club will have its first meeting of 2013 on Wednesday, January 11 in Abravanel Hall, beginning with refreshments at 9:30 am, followed by the general meeting at 10 am. This month we will be presenting Susi TorreBeuno, past president of the 1,300 plus membership of the San Diego Horticultural Society and who has been a passionate gardener since the third grade when she grew her first radish from seed. Susi’s former two-acre Encinitas garden has been featured in numerous magazines and also on HGTV. She is now installing a low-water garden for her new house in Vista, using a wide range of plants, including California natives, Mediterranean trees and shrubs, South African succulents and bulbs, and hundreds of species from all over the globe. Susi will speak on colorful foliage for our lowwater gardens. Leaves come in a thousand shades of green, but also in silver, crimson, gold black, pink, bronze, magenta and chartreuse. Susi will show us

32 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

why and how to use colorful foliage to enhance our gardens. Her talk will cover all types of plants, with an emphasis on low-water plants for our Mediterranean climate. A variety of plants will be displayed and discussed as Susi creates several table-top gardens while we watch. These plants will be sold at the end of her presentation. To help everyone see the programs, the Garden Club has instituted a new policy of special seating for the visually impaired. Now it will be possible for those whose eyesight has made it difficult to follow the demonstrations at the front of the hall the opportunity to see everything without any obstructions. The Garden Club is busy organizing plan for the May 8 Garden Tour and Luncheon. This will be an ideal opportunity to see what unique and beautiful vistas have been created by your neighbors. So save the date and be sure to bring your cameras and notepads. Also, an invitation to those of you whose floral arrangements are admired by your friends and family. Bring your creations to our meetings so that we can all ooh! and aah! Don’t be shy. We’d love to see and meet you.

Clubs and Activities

GARDEN NEWS by Melvina Terry Although the calendar may still indicate that it is winter, do not be surprised if we have spring-like weather. In early February, my mother used to say, “It will be warming up soon, it always does by Melvina’s birthday.” So, in Southern California, we do our “spring cleaning” and give a “spring tonic” as well this time of year. Spring cleaning: Prune back fuchsia, impatiens and ginger. However, do not do so severely as the pruning will force new growth which might still be damaged by cold nights. Do not hesitate to prune back calla, spent bulbs and canna. Deadhead cool season flowers. If you planted sweet peas in September, they should be blooming by now. Keep the flowers cut to keep the plants producing. Rake up all leaves and debris, preferably with a tined rake as to disturb snail eggs which should begin to hatch at any time. You might cut down on the population, but in the long run, it is a losing battle, as they crawl in from the common areas. Be prepared with snail bait as the first sign of them. If you have a favorite potted plant, you may want to invest in copper tape to wrap around it, to discourage them. It might be a good idea to tape the trunk of your citrus trees as well. Give all of your plants a mild detergent bath. Remove all weeds as soon as you see them, “a pull in

time, saves nine.” Spring tonic: If you are not adverse to chemicals, it is time to get started on your Osmocote program. A feeding now will last six weeks. In two weeks, treat your garden with Systemic. It is usually advertised for rose care; however, you can use it on everything as I do. Repeat every six weeks until August. Depending on when you prune, you can use these products on roses also. Do not fertilize roses until the red growth turns to green. However, you can feed your roses Epson Salts. This will strengthen the canes and stems. Plant Iceland poppies, viola, lobelia, flowering spring bulbs, penstemon, digitalis and other cool season flowers. If you can keep ahead of the snails, you can plant warm weather seeds now, but I usually wait and get six packs from the nursery. Lend a helping hand to the birds. Place short pieces of string, yarn, dryer lint, pet hair and dried grass in a strawberry basket and hang to a branch of a bush. Watch doves, robins, orioles and hummingbirds choose their favorite nest building materials. Put out the hummingbird “welcome sign” by planting red and yellow flowers. One of their favorites is bee balm. Once the birds find your garden, they will keep coming back.

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 33

Clubs and Activities

GOLF CLUB This is a good time for mentioning things that I haven’t written about all year. First of all, the ladies golf luncheon at El Camino was wonderful. One of the highlights was the announcement of Ace of the Month. Congratulations June Brimecombe. Great accomplishment, we’re all proud of you. Interestingly enough, there was actually a tie between her and Nancy Clark. June won based on the rules of the Club, which declares the lowest score on the back nine the winner. And congratulations to Sally Palmer, the winner of the first annual Ocean Hills Open. Way to go girl, you beat all those guys! However, congratulations to all those who participated. Thank you so much to Renee and Wesley Kelson for providing Kelson’s Kitty. That is the money available for holes-in-one. What a generous gesture. And, of course, many thanks to Glen Foreman and Tom Hogan, who keep our golf course as beautiful as it is. I hope everyone had a happy holiday. See you on the links.

34 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

KENNEL KLUB Happy New Year to all residents of OHCC. We hope that 2013 will be a good year for everyone. Please mark your calendar to attend Do Dues Day on January 5 from 10 am to 2 pm. If you are currently a member of the Kennel Klub, we hope you will rejoin for 2013 and, if you are not currently a member, we would love to have all pet owners as well as pet lovers join the Kennel Klub. Our dues are $6 for a single person and $10 for two people. We will have two meetings in 2013: our annual brunch in August and our annual meeting in November. Details will follow. In 2012 we had many lost and found pets that were successfully reunited with their owners. Our goal is to make sure that all OHCC pet owners provide their updated pet information on the annual vehicle registration forms and that all pets have tags with current owner information (name and phone number). If possible have your dog and cat micro chipped. This makes it easier to reunite a found beloved pet with its owner. The Kennel Klub will work with community patrol in keeping found pets until the owner is contacted. However, without a current tag this is not easy. Because many dogs are micro chipped, in the

Clubs and Activities future we will have community patrol contact the local shelter to pick up a dog or cat without a collar and/or current tag. The shelters have scanners that can identify the owner quickly. The shelter should be the first place you look for a lost pet. Please keep your dogs and cats safe from coyotes. Cats should be indoors and not allowed to roam. You should take your dog out and remain with the dog while it does its business in the yard. When outside your property, by law, your dog should be on a leash that is no longer than 6 feet long. Retractable leashes are not legal or safe. Again, please update your pet information on your annual registration, make sure that your cat is not allowed to roam outside your house, that your pets have a tag with a current contact name and phone number, that you keep a close watch on your dogs while in your yard and that your dog is on a secure 6 foot leash when out for a walk. As pet lovers, we want to keep our 4 legged furry OHCC friends safe from harm.

LIBRARY We hope all of you signed up and joined the Library on Do Dues Day, January 5. To those who did, we say a hearty WELCOME! We’re so

happy to have our membership grow. The Library is one of the main assets of our community. We’ve been refurbishing; the upholstery has been completed and the floors, shelves and painting have been finished… and the fireplace now burns brightly on cool days. To those of you who are new to Ocean Hills and haven’t yet joined the Library but are interested in reading the ‘best new books,’ we invite you to become members. The Library dues are only $15 per household per year; a bargain when a new book can cost more than a year’s dues. Just drop a check, made out to the OHCC Library Association at the Front Desk in the Clubouse, or give it to a librarian when the Library is open. Library Hours are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday - 10 am to 12 Noon Tuesday and Thursday - 2 pm to 4 pm During Library hours, members may choose books from the Reserved shelf or from the Open shelves. They may also sign up for the newest books in the new red binder on the Library front desk. They will be called by a librarian in the order they signed up. A message will be left if you’re not home. This book may also be used to request other new

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 35

Clubs and Activities books they would like to have purchased. Both members and non-members may choose 2 books from the unlocked shelves at any time the Clubhouse is open. We ask that you return them as soon as possible so that others may enjoy them. Quote of the Month: If there is a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet; Then you must write it. – Toni Morrison NOTE: There is a whole shelf of books in the Library written by our community authors.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALEX CROSS, James Patterson, Fic THE ORCHARDIST, Amanda Coplin, Fic THE PANTHER, Nelson DeMille, Fic THE PERFECT HOPE, Nora Roberts, Fic PHANTOM, Jo Nesbo, Fic THE RACKETEER, John Grisham, Fic THE RISK AGENT, Ridley Pearson, Fic SAN MIGUEL, T.C. Boyle, Fic LOW PRESSURE, Sandra Brown, Lg.Prt. SWEET TALK, Julie Garwood, Lg.Prt.


CD I, MICHAEL BENNETT, James Patterson

TITLE, AUTHOR, CATEGORY ANGELS AT THE TABLE, Debbie Macomber, Fic THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY, Louise Penny, Fic CLOSE YOUR EYES, Iris & Roy Johansen, Fic CRIMINAL, Karin Slaughter, Fic A HUNDRED FLOWERS, Gail Tsukiyama, Fic AN IRISH COUNTRY WEDDING, Patrick Taylor, Fic IN SUNLIGHT AND IN SHADOW, Mark Helprin, Fic KILLING KENNEDY, Bill O’Reilly & M. Dugard, Non-Fic LIVE BY NIGHT, Dennis Lehane, Fic MAD RIVER, John Sanford, Fic

36 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

NuBEES NuBees began with the desire to provide a socializing venue for residents of Ocean Hills Country Club. While originally intended for newcomers to OHCC, both new and established residents now participate in our social events. We’d like you to participate, too. In lieu of the regular social gathering in December, the NuBees met on December 10 to carol throughout the village. Over 60 people first met in the Mykonos Room to tune their voices, then went caroling between 5 and 6 pm. To reward themselves

Clubs and Activities for their great singing adventure, they returned to the Clubhouse for wine donated by Rita Harper and a Karen Kinney catered chili dinner with salad, cornbread, dessert, and warm apple cider. Yummm. Good friends, good food, good times! During the cooler months of the year such as January here at Ocean Hills, starting at 5:30 pm on the 2nd Monday of the month you will find the NuBees enjoying Happy Hour in the Clubhouse. Residents are asked to bring whatever they want to drink and a hearty appetizer to share with 10-12 people. Nu NuBees have their photos posted on our website. See if you recognize a “Nu NuBee” on our webpage at You, too, can socialize with NuBees. Come share some laughs with all of us. It’s a great place to make new friends and to learn about all the activities at the best place to live: Ocean Hills Country Club.

PHOTOGRAPHY & DIGITAL IMAGING Our first meeting of the year will be a presentation by President Morry Shechet on “Creative Photography.” Pick up some tips from Morry on how to look at subjects a little differently or how to make adjustments on the camera to produce images that have a new twist. Try experimenting with your cam-

era, and you’ll get some interesting results. We have requested meeting dates for the year 2013 to occur on the third Thursday of each month. We think we will get those dates, so the January meeting will be Thursday, January 17, at 1 pm in the Ladies Club Room. Of course, if there is a change, we will give you adequate notice by email. Please join us for this first meeting of the year. Learn more about your hobby, your gear, techniques, and enjoy it more. Bud DeMaris will be available after the meeting in the Computer/Photo Lab from 3 until 5 pm for one-on-one help with your digital camera and using it with a computer and printer. This month at 3 pm, we will start off with a demonstration of scanning multiple family photos using the Epson scanner and Elements. After this scanning workshop, you are welcome to ask questions about the scanner, printer, and computer, also. Photo paper is available. If you plan on coming late to this session, please let Bud know ahead of time, or 760-630-1739.

RACQUET CLUB Happy New Year to all OHCC residents from the Racquet Club! We have had a fantastic year and are looking forward to an even better 2013! We never stop trying to bring our members the best events possible in all six of our sports.

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 37

Clubs and Activities Also, we are excited about our new plan to fund an event each year, in each sport, that introduces and promotes that sport to both members and non-member residents. On November 20, Debi Vail ran a paddle tennis social and potluck luncheon. Twenty players signed up plus a few extras for lunch only–and she had 100% attendance from all those who did sign up. The winners were Jim Bellerive for first place, and a three-way tie for second place between Jack Pivo,

Sunny Frowein, and Marcia Haenle. The food was delicious and the company even better! Debi would like to thank scorekeepers Kate Butler and David Koplar, helpers Diana Wenman, Dannica Wood, Joan McAlister, and Lyn Asaro, and photographer Patti Smith. And we all thank Debi for taking the time and effort to put on our final paddle tennis event of 2012! Our Tri-Club Holiday Party was held on Saturday, December 8. This year’s party, ““Fire and Ice,”” was beautifully executed by the Ski Club. The Village Kitchen catered the event, serving a delicious scampi and filet mignon dinner with all the trimmings. It is so special when you are served your own scrumptious plate of hot hors d’oeuvres and delectable cold dessert items……bon appetite and thank you Annette! The Danny DiCarlo Band played an assortment of holiday music, several people won raffle prizes, and Santa made a visit to Abravanel Hall to say Merry Christmas! Many thanks go to Mona Miller and her entire committee including Merlee Sheridan, Joyce Malloy, Beth Brewer, Bonnie Gardner, Patti Smith, Colleen McCall, Linda Morgan, Ana Yoshida, Joan McAlister, Anne Williams, Ed Farley, Don Vlasnik, Janice Hart, and Tim Wilbur. Thank you all for making the evening so festive for all 220 guests! We are currently at 263 members, and we hope to see you all at Do Dues Day, January 5 when you renew your memberships for 2013. The Racquet Club has so much to offer our resident athletes and non-athlete members. Our first meeting of the year will be on Wednesday, January 9–socializing starts at 4 pm and the meeting starts at 4:30 pm in the Mykonos Room. You won’t want to miss it!

ROTATING DINNER Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a great new year. I’m sorry that we can no longer continue with our Rotating Dinner group because we

38 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

Clubs and Activities did enjoy our dinners so much. All of us on the board, after five years have to move on for one reason or another and are sure you’ll understand. This doesn’t stop you from inviting people who you have met through our Club to your homes for dinner parties. We hope you’ll continue to have just as much fun without it being organized; I know we would like to do that because we made so many good friends at our events. We still may plan to have one more party after the first of the year and you will be the first to know about it! Thanks to all of you from all of us, Bernie, Sharron, Pat and Harriet for some terrific dinner parties and for being such a fun group. Bon Appetit!

RV CLUB The RV Club members just returned from a trip to Pechanga Casino where we enjoyed our annual Thanksgiving outing. Our Wagon Masters Barry and Carol Farrell arranged for a great wine tour of the Temecula Valley. We visited Callaway, Leonese, and Wilson Creek vineyards, finishing with a great lunch at the Wilson Creek winery. One evening we sampled the buffet at the

Pechanga Casino, and we polished off the trip with an early Thanksgiving dinner at Marie Calendars. We closed out the year in December with a wonderful dinner and dance at the Shadow Ridge Country Club dancing to the music of Rosie G and East. Several RVers celebrated the New Year with a trip to the Pasadena Rose Parade float building barns, the Rose Parade Band Fest and celebrated New Year’s Eve at the unique Medieval Times restaurant. Our Wagon Masters, Jerry and Nancy Gayvert, arranged for reserved parking and seating at the parade. We are looking forward to several fun trips in 2013. A trip to Edwards AFB in Lancaster during March. The following month of April we will visit Hemet and attend the 90th Anniversary show of the Ramona Pageant. Our Wagon master has arranged for deluxe shaded box seats for this show. Then we are off for a fun trip to visit the Queen Mary in Long Beach in June. A highly anticipated return to the Paso Robles Wine Festival in October (this trip is fully booked) followed by a short trip to Pismo Beach for the Annual Jazz Festival. Thank you to all the RV members and friends who donated clothes to benefit the Navajo Indians in New Mexico. RV Club members, Dick and Charlene Belprez, organized this clothing drive and personally delivered the items to New Mexico dur-

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 39

Clubs and Activities ing the month of November. Our Club meetings are held in the Mykonos Room in the Clubhouse on the 4th Tuesday of each month. A social gathering and refreshments starts at 7 pm, the business meeting starts at 7:30 pm, and visitors are welcome. Please visit our website at

SAILING CLUB The Sailing Club concluded another successful year in 2012 with the November Catalina trip and, of course, the Three Club Holiday Party. On December 8, members of the Sailing Club joined with the Ski and Racquet Clubs to celebrate the holidays at a black tie event in Abravenal Hall with a “Fire and Ice” theme. Party goers wined and dined on the delicious food prepared by the Village Kitchen and danced to the music of the Danny DiCarlo Band. Needless to say, a great time was had by all. The 2012 event was hosted by the Ski Club. The Sailing Club will host the 2013 Three Club Holiday Party. As was mentioned in the December Newsletter, 2013 will see new leadership for the Sailing Club. Bob Kopolow and Allan Paloutzian will become Commodore and Vice- Commodore respectively at the Wednesday, January 2 meeting (which is changed from the first Tuesday due to New Year’s Day). The incumbent Secretary, Bill Smith, Treasurer, Evy Sanfilippo, and Fleet Captain, Bill Baker, will continue to serve another term. As always, tasty snacks and liquid refreshments will be provided by the Club at its meetings. Even though it’s winter, day sails on Catalina 29s

CHANNEL 12 BROADCAST FOR JANUARY 2013 All Selections Run at 12 Noon & 6 PM Daily JANUARY 7-14 Living With Coyotes JANUARY 14-21 Master Board Meeting I FYI: the monthly Channel 12 broadcast schedule is posted on the bulletin board just to the right of Abravanel Hall, in the weekly activities schedule put out by the Recreation Department and located at the Reception Desk and, of course, in this monthly Newsletter. Please note: that if you have digital TV, our in-house Channel 12 now airs on Channel 867. Also, if you have digital TV and aren’t getting Channel 12 on 867, please ask COX to exchange your box for an 8300 box.

40 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

will continue, whenever there is enough interest. The weather in San Diego can be quite pleasant in January and February, and this is the time of year you might be able to see migrating whales. Sign up on the “I want to sail” list in the Sailing Club folder at the Clubhouse Front Desk, indicating the days of the week preferred. Interested in learning more about this fun Club and its activities? The Club meets the first Tuesday of each month, with refreshments at 7 pm and the business meeting beginning at 7:30 pm. See us at the next meeting or on Do Dues Day on January 5.

SEWING, ETC. **Do Dues Day** Saturday, January 5 This is always a fun event. Come down to the Hall, walk around, look at the Club displays, talk to the members, bring your checkbook and sign up for all the Clubs you are interested in. We will have a table showcasing items made in the past year; impressive when gathered together. The quilts are amazing in themselves but other simpler projects are just as interesting. Even though we start with the same directions, color and pattern choices make each item unique. I often look at someone else’s work and say to myself “Why didn’t I think of that?” If you are not yet a member, copies of the latest newsletter are in the Sewing Room. Come join in the fun. JANUARY SCHEDULE: Sewing - 9:30 Thursdays • January 3 - Business meeting, Show and Tell • January 10, 17, 24, 31 - Working on Valentine cards, a "mug bucket" - pen holder, start the cradle quilts for next Christmas Quilting - 1pm Fridays (January 4, 11, 18, 25) eading - 1pm Tuesdays (January 8, 15, 22, 29) Be UFO’s - 6pm Tuesdays (January 8, 15, 22, 29) With the New Year, it is time for an accounting how many pending projects were finished over the year and how many are still to do? As last year started, many of us made a New Year’s resolution to finally finish the old projects cluttering our closets and at each meeting finished projects would be proudly displayed. But by the end of the year I was not seeing as many old projects - were they all done? Did we lose our enthusiasm? Let’s talk. Do you have leftover fleece from making shawls? If you do not want to add it to your “stash” bring it down to the Clubhouse, there was talk about using it for other projects- cradle quilts? Have you a seen something clever at a craft fair, something you would like to try to make? Bring your ideas for 2013 projects. Check out our website for pictures, events and projects

Clubs and Activities MISC - January 26, there is a Quilt Show in Ontario, CA titled “Road to California” and in San Diego is a gallery promoting “art quilting.” It is mainly professional quilters and belongs to a museum group which includes the Oceanside Museum of Art. From my notes, membership in one gets you discounted entry in the other.

SKI CLUB The Ski Club is taking steps to wind down and phase out its activities, effectively bringing an end to the venerable winter sports group created by Founders at Ocean Hills more than a quarter century ago. Factors involved in the decision to disband include the difficulty of attracting ski-oriented candidates for leadership roles and the absence of skiers in an otherwise stable membership.The Club’s Board of Directors recognized that it could not truly fulfill its Charter obligations to provide trips of special interest to skiers when there are currently few in number and dwindling. The Club is not accepting new members and will not be represented on Do Dues Day. There is overwhelming approval for a farewell party to be largely subsidized with unencumbered assets of the Club. Members who attend will be required to pay a nominal fee of $10 per person to

help defray the costs of a catered dinner, music for dancing and drinks.The cost to non-members will be more. February is a likely time for the party at a date to be determined. Any funds remaining in the Club’s account will be donated to one or more of the Ocean Hills charitable endeavors approved by the Social Clubs organization. Our annual Tri-Club holiday celebration on December 8 brought together 210 guests from the Racquet, Sailing and Ski Clubs. Regrettably, not everyone on our waiting list could be accommodated at the sold-out and beautifully decorated affair. Event chairperson Mona Miller thanked the many thoughtful volunteers from the three clubs for their generous assistance in making the gala a huge success: Beth Brewer, Ed Farley, Bonnie Gardner, Janice Hart, Joyce Malloy, Joan McAlister, Colleen McCall, Linda Morgan, Merlee Sheridan, Patti Smith, Don Vlasnik, Tim Wilbur, Ann Williams, Ana Yoshida and Vinny Rosa as Santa. Generous door prizes were donated by Ocean Hills residents and others for which we are especially grateful: realtors Bob and Carol Barry of Barry Development 760-631-2888; realtor Patti Smith of Coldwell Banker 760-305-8903; Elite Nails, 750 Sycamore Ave.,Vista; Fierce Precision Beauty Salon, 101 S. Indiana Ave., Vista; Starbucks, 1661 S.

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 41

Clubs and Activities Melrose, Vista; and the event caterer, The Village Kitchen & Pie Shoppe, 950 Tamarack Ave., Carlsbad. Thank you one and all. Finally, the Ski Club will not meet on Thursday, January 10. Members will receive details about the proposed farewell party when arrangements are completed. Meanwhile, best wishes for a very happy New Year with all glad tidings in 2013.

SOLOS In January with the holiday season behind us it is time to think about RE GIFTING! Yes we all do it! So let’s make a party of it. Come to Abravanel Hall on January 21 at 6:30 pm and bring a gift that you want to pass on to another member of SOLOS. Wrap it up in pretty paper and let’s have some fun giving each other gifts that we don’t want to keep for ourselves. Gifts will be exchanged via a lottery! A few hints: It is NOT a good idea to bring anything given to you by a member of SOLOS, no old worn out or throw away items, funny items are a plus! So let’s see who got candles, doorstops, oven mitts and costume jewelry they want to Re Gift! Complimentary coffee and dessert will be available and you can BYOB and snacks if you like while we enjoy our RE Gifting Party! The SOLOS SCENE and the poster on the Clubhouse bulletin board also have details of the event. We look forward to seeing all of you there!

SWIM CLUB Happy New Year! Stop by the Swim Club booth on Do Dues Day, Saturday January 5.The dues will remain $8. New members are welcome. Our first Swim Club meeting this year is Monday, January 28 at 4 pm in the Ladies Club Room. A lively social hour will follow with food and drink! Bring your ideas. We have two great parties every year. We meet on Monday’s at 4 pm every other month (usually 4-5 meetings per year) and refreshments follow. The Swim Club sponsors a FREE Swim Clinic for 8 weeks every summer. We can help you learn how to swim properly and get the most out of your workout. Swimming is head-to-toe physical fitness. Our beautiful salt water pool is a gentle 84-86 degrees year round. If you love the pool, join us! Bring a friend. See you at the pool rain or shine

42 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

THEATRE ARTS As a reminder, our new theatre Arts website is up and running. If you have any pictures on Theatre Arts history, please let one of the Board members know and we will make sure that Jack Shabel, our webmaster, gets them up for all to see. Also, please keep in mind if you have changed your Email this year, it would be great if you would update that with us. On Monday, December 3, we had the Theatre Arts Holiday party, MAGICAL ARABIAN NIGHTS. As advertised, it was the party to beat! The food was “to die for,” light, fresh, flavorful, plentiful and beautifully presented. Ali and his staff did a wonderful job and were efficient and attentive. The belly dancer was lovely and many of the audience had an opportunity to dance with her. We had music throughout the evening presented by Robin Uncapher and everyone went home with a very satisfied smile. MARK YOUR CALENDARS On Saturday, January 5 we will be in Abravanel Hall from 10 am to 2 pm for Do Dues Day. Please come and see us and bring your checkbook. Joining Theatre Arts will be the best investment that you make that day. What the Theatre Arts offers to its membership is so much for so little. A simple membership of $10 per person per year and you get highcaliber, non-stop, free monthly entertainment for at least eight meetings and two fantastic parties. You also get to rub shoulders with so many of the nicest people you would ever want to meet… your neighbors here in OHCC. We will have a lot of information and a few signup sheets for volunteers on our table. Also, in January, to kick off the New Year right…Öour first general membership meeting/performance is again free and open to all of OHCC as a welcome to our returning members, our new members and our future members, we are delighted to bring back one of our all-time favorites – Ms. Helena Marie Woods. Many of you will remember her from previous visits, either as a soloist or as part of the show that El Camino High school brought to us in 2011, before they took it to the world’s largest Theatre Festival, the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland. We can’t wait to hear about the next chapter in this amazing young lady’s life. We hope to see you all there. Our new “Play Readers” group starts on Wednesday afternoon, January 2. This will be an opportunity for those ‘actors and actresses’ who might have a little stage fright, or those among us who love to be involved in theatre but not on the stage, to participate in the reading of the works of many of the great playwrights. This group will be led by Bill Schroeder and Thelma White on the first

Clubs and Activities Wednesday of each month. This is a membership only event.

TRAVEL CLUB Do Dues Day will be held on Saturday, January 5. The Travel Club dues remain at $9 per person. Be sure your dues are paid prior to going on any of the 2013 trips. Our new Board members are: Heidi Boynton, President (for the eighth year!); Cathy King, Vice President; Lynn Opelka, Membership/Treasurer; Carol Farrell, Secretary; and Judy Harris, Director. We are off to a great start with the Board already hard at work to present you with interesting speakers and monthly trips. Our first monthly meeting will be held on Monday, January 14, beginning at 6:30 pm with refreshments, socializing and sign-ups for trips. This first meeting of the year is open to all OHCC residents. We will be showing highlights of all our 2012 trips. This will give prospective members an opportunity to see what fun we have. Detailed flyers on all trips sponsored by the Travel Club are located in the Trip racks at the Clubhouse. You may sign up for trips by leaving a check in the Travel Club envelope at the Front Desk at any time. Unless otherwise noted, all trips are coordinated by Heidi Boynton, 760-295-8990. January 20 - The Candlelight Pavilion-$99. A tribute to Tony Bennett “I Left My Heart.” This event includes a sumptuous three-course lunch which can be ordered off the menu. Sold Out! Wait List Only! February 19 - Princess Diana-Royal Exhibition on the Queen Mary & Tea Luncheon-$91. The exhibit showcases a priceless collection of Princess Diana’s evening gowns, personal accessories, photographs, heirlooms and also includes about 2,000 items relating to the Windsor Family. We’ll have a special Tea Lunch at Elise’s Tea House prior to the tour. Reservations still available. Travel Club trips are open to all residents of Ocean Hills Country Club who are able to maneuver the steps of the bus and walk down the aisle unassisted.

learned in classes or previous line dance experiences. Come review with Betty on Mondays from 2 to 3:30 pm. There is no charge for these sessions. New Officers approved for 2013 include: President, Patricia Hallworth; Vice President, Ana Yoshida; Secretary, Jane Van Zyle; Treasurer, Zelda Fox; and Director, Dee McGuire. Our Holiday party took place on December 7 in Abravanel Hall. Many thanks to Ana Yoshida for an outstanding job of chairing this festive event for our members. Francis Ainis is our Sunshine Lady in charge of sending greeting cards to members who are experiencing poor health, hospitalization, or loss of a loved one. Please call her at 760-945-0969 or notify her of a member who would be cheered by the receipt of a greeting from our Club. Direct any questions you might have about Line Dancing to Patricia Hallworth at 760-630-6491.

VILLAGE SQUARES We have had a successful year. Village Squares Club graduated many students in December. We are looking forward to another wonderful year. Many of the students are going to be attending the Tuesday classes, so that they will become stronger dancers.

VILLAGE LINE DANCERS Line Dancers get together at various levels once a week under the direction of our dedicated teachers, Christine Alesiani and Betty Heyer. Christine teaches the Level 1 Class on Mondays from 12:30 to 2 pm. Her Level 2 Class continues to meet on Tuesdays from 10:30 am to 12 pm. Both classes are $5 a session. A very talented and experienced resident, Betty Heyer, gives generously of her time to review dances OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 43

Clubs and Activities Do Dues Day will be on Saturday, January 5, in the Clubhouse from 10 am until 2 pm. We are looking for members to sit at our table. If you could volunteer for an hour or more, it would be appreciated. On Wednesday, January 2, we will have our first club square dance of the New Year. Following that we will hold an open house on Wednesday, January 9. Please come join us and see why we are so enthusiastic about square dancing. This will be and introduction to square dancing and will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Our new board members for 2013 will be: CoPresidents, Charline Kenney and Ellen Kippel; CoVice Presidents, Steve and Marcia Ward; CoTreasurers, Carolyn Orscheln and Wanda Giuliano; Co-Secretaries, Patti Rice and Cate Platt; Past President, Sig Gronich. Our first class will be on Tuesday, January 15. Plan to attend as a couple or singly. Our classes are from 3 to 5 pm each Tuesday. The first class is free. We will explain more at that dance. So, come try it out. It keeps your body and brain in good shape. Remember, the first class is FREE!

WALKERS AND HIKERS Our Club is looking forward to another exciting year of hikes and walks, aprèËs-

44 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

hike lunches, picnics and parties. Remember to sign up for next year at Do Dues Day on January 5. Dues are $8 for the year. A 2013 Hiking Schedule can be located in the Club Rack at the Clubhouse. A schedule of hikes and walks can also be obtained on the Club’s website at FUTURE DATES FOR JANUARY, FEBRUARY AND MARCH • January 3 – Mission Trails – this hike is 3 – 5 miles of easy hiking. Lunch to follow at The Pancake House. • January 18 – Open House Hike for all, 3 miles (easy) – with an 11/2 mile addition (moderate). Lunch at Pala Casino. This hike is open to all OHCC residents. • February 12 – Open House Meeting at 12:30 pm in the Ladies Club Room • March 12, 13, 14 – 3-day trip to Joshua Trees National Park. For further information, call Jack Shabel at 760842-8858 or Bill Nupp at 760-726-9315.

WOODCHUCKS The Woodchuck Club as a whole would like to thank all the residents of OHCC who helped make the toy drive for our Marines at

Clubs and Activities Camp Pendleton such a success. Year-after-year, you have done a great job helping at least 1,100 families every Christmas. We would also like to thank all the people who have been collecting the aluminum cans and clear plastic bottles for recycling. This money goes for toy supplies and donations to Camp Pendleton. You will be happy to know that a $3,000 check was also given for their Christmas fund. This year, the membership dues for the Club will still be only $10. All members will have to see the safety video and take a tour of the Woodshop. Seeing the video is very important and always reminds you to know what you are doing for safety. The officers for the New Year are as follows: President, Larry Bowers; Vice President, Dick Cook; Treasurer, Ron Gagnon; Secretary, Kathy Moskovitz; and Master at Arms, Bob Allen. Happy New Year to everybody and remember time does not stand still so helping at the shop or making something for yourself is great therapy.

YIDDISH CLUB The Yiddish Club welcomes new and returning members for the year 2013 with a commitment to interesting programs and an

opportunity to create stronger bonds within the community. Our Festival of Lights Luncheon was a big success, with fabulous entertainment by the San Diego Jewish Men’s Choir. The group was started by men from South Africa whose goal is to preserve the Yiddish language through joyous music. Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend our meetings held the 4th Monday of alternating months at 7 pm in Abravanel Hall: February 25, April 22, August 26 and December 8. We’ll be holding our 2nd Annual Bagel Run on Sunday, April 7, the Sunday after Passover. The Deli Luncheon will return on Sunday, June 23, with the Festival of Lights Luncheon scheduled for December 8. Our Board of Officers continues with Lainy Vinikow as President, Leslie Levine as Secretary, Mike Michelson as Treasurer and Don Kent as our new Vice President-Program Chair. He comes with fresh ideas and many contacts in the community so we look forward to a variety of programs and we welcome your input. Call either Don Kent or Lainy Vinikow soon, as we are scheduling the year now. Thinking of joining us? Contact Membership Chair Joyce Gerber at 760-941-2596. To increase your knowledge of Yiddish and just for fun, check out this Yiddish dictionary: Zie gezunt! Be well!

OHCC Newsletter • January 2013 45

Classifieds / Miscellaneous

Vern McNeese • Jack Aspis Bill Buerger • Volume 22, Number 1 • Published by the OHCC Homeowners Association 4600 Leisure Village Way Oceanside, CA 92056 Chris Bessey, Managing Editor Sandy Fiore, Administrative Assistant Louise Ries, Event Coordinator Denise McClenaghan, Front Desk Receptionist

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Statement of Purpose The Ocean Hills Newsletter shall be published in accordance with Resolution OH-96-311, to provide information concerning club and committee activities, Mater Board decisions and all other matters of community interest. Our primary emphasis is to report all communications accurately and responsibly.


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46 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

If you have information for the In Loving Memory column, please call the Clubhouse Front Desk, 758-8772.

CAREGIVER — Personal care, transportation, meal preparation and light housekeeping. 20 yrs exp. Village refs. Medical background. Call Kathee, 760-712-9534. (12-12) ALL YOUR TRAVEL NEEDS Vacations, Cruises, Airlines, Rental Cars Agent Marsha Leichner • 760-470-7368 (*) NOTARY PUBLIC Mary Rita De Pietro 760-726-8915 – Ocean Hills (5-13) MADELENE’S ALTERATIONS AND TAILORING 3768 Via Del Rancho, Oceanside, CA 92056 760-630-4993. Just one short block from the back gate. Please call for appt. Over 42 years experience. (5-13) PROFESSIONAL HOUSECLEANING SERVICES Licensed and bonded. English speaking. 12 years exp. Supplies provided. Excellent refs. Free estimates. Vicky Martin, 760-807-6502 (11-12) UPHOLSTERER 20 years. Free estimates. Reasonable rates. Call Mario, 760-940-0681 (*) LET GEORGE DO IT HANDYMAN! Complete home maintenance inside and out. Electric, plumbing, drywall, paint, appliances. Reasonable, honest, reliable, local. (760) 525-2523. (2-13) I’LL DRIVE YOU ANYWHERE Just a phone call away. Joyce Smith, 760-685-0435 (1-13) CUSTOM PAINTED INTERIORS & EXTERIORS Wallcovering installation and removal. Free Estimates. CA Lic. 749792. Call Jonathan 760-598-5330, cell 760-822-9320 (11-12) LIFE QUALITY CARE In-home care hourly/daily/monthly. 15 years exp. Personal hygiene, medical assistance, Hospice patients, light housekeeping, meal prep, errands, laundry and doctor’s appts. Male and female caregivers avail. 24 hours a day. Local refs avail. Lily 760-672-3848. (3-13) LANDSCAPE PROJECT Garden designs with less maintenance and less water. New driveway stamped concrete, flagstone, pavers, planters, BBQs, firepits, painting interior and exterior. Permit #34163. Contact 760-510-3819. (10-13)

Classifieds / Miscellaneous LANDSCAPE SERVICE Full service gardening. 1 Maintenance a month: $40.00 2 Maintenances a month: $50.00 New valves and timer installation for watering. Free estimate. Call 760-510-3819, ask for Israel. Lic. #34163. (4-13) GREG’S HANDYMAN HOME SERVICES Carpentry, tile, drywall, electrical, plumbing, you name it! Quality work, reliable, local refs, free est, ins. 760-213-4961 (1-13) I’LL DRIVE YOU ANYWHERE Joyce Smith 760-685-0435 (1-13) EXTRA DAUGHTER' OFFERS EXTRA HANDS Dianne Barrymore works to simplify life, taking her clients to doctors appointments, on errands, and helping with everyday details, all the things a companion, like a daughter, can provide. (760) 212-6317 (*) PROFESSIONAL HOUSE CLEANING Village References. Call for quote. Maria, (760) 470-5676, (760) 433-6330 (*) AVON Anti-Aging, Beauty, Unique Gifts, Jewelry & Clothing. Free delivery. Call for a book 760-936-1305 or shop online: “Just Call BILL” Handyman Services and More Call me for all your plumbing, electrical, drywall, painting, floors, tile, fences, garage floor coatings, overhang (cleaning, repairs, painting), termite damage, appliance repairs, yard lighting and irrigation needs. Hundreds of satisfied Ocean Hills clients. Call 760-889-8269 or 760-757-8573. (8-13)

COMPUTER PROBLEMS? Need Help? Lessons? Audio/Video/TV/DVD, Sprinkler/Lighting Timers? Call Tim: 760-305-8095 or my cell: 619-955-3646. Resident of OHCC. (*)

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48 OHCC Newsletter • January 2013

OHCC Jan 2013  

Official Newsletter for the Ocean Hills Country Club in Oceanside, CA

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