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ISSUE 0- MAY 2010.

a letter from us


We are very excited because you are about to take a look at issue zero of Ohboy magazine. Oh Boy is a new alternative teen girl webzine that offers high fashion trends presented in a high street accessible way yet still inspirational. Through content, we at Oh Boy aim to satisfy the cravings of girls like you who have been excluded in the past. We aim to give you girls what you want: fashion, music, art, photography and what would a good teen girl magazine be without cute boys?! We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we have enjoyed creating it! With love

Jennie & Ruth x


ISSUE 0- MAY 2010.

what goes on behind closed doors...

www. creators/art directors/editors (well to be honest pretty much everything) jennie conreen: ruth marks : intern: katrina alexis web development: jason emery illustration: georgiana jayne wagstaff columinist: alana anderson contributors & info





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As shopping is what every girl does best, we have hit the shops for cool things for you to check out.



gone but here in style:mcqueen +


a yummy and girly take on lypsyl.

Wear your heart e t u c ! g e l r u o y on e l y t s d d a o t y wa to a simple outfit

who said a broach had to be vintage? +




There is nothing better than a Chanel kiss! X

this isnt any old wedge! +


Diana Camera’s are all the rage!


OHBOYLOVES e h t ck is


Get Gilbert and George at Tatty Devine + +

ck a l b new


r o j Ma



make a statement

A ring is no longer an accessory it is now an essential!



max farag

o the Topsh

op ledged.


a fork...for you hair?! +

Oh Viv! x

e v o l r e m m u s e h t e r a h S


th ’ n s e o d Denim

e l p m i + s e b o t e av

s ’ y r o

g e r g

Fall in love with leather and denim. Photography and Styling by Jennie & Ruth.

l r i g

Previously Joshua wears Converse high tops, sock by American Apparel, jean shorts by Levi’s, blue tank by Puma , stripy tank from Topman. Kristel wears clogs by Kurt Geiger, shorts by Topshop, bandeau by American Apparel, jacket by Diesel. Joshua wears his own boots, jeans by Monkee Genes, Tshirt by All Saints, denim jacket by Levi’s, cap by New Era

Previously Joshua wears shoes and socks as before, shorts by Cheap Monday, hoody and coat by American Apparel. Kristel wears her own boots, all in one by Religion, coat from Topshop. Josh and Kristel both wear as before. Next Joshua wears tshirt by American Apparel, shirt by Topman, sunglasses by Ray Ban, cap as before. Kristel wears top from Topshop.

on friday I fell in love.




JULIA PATRICK Julia Patrick is a talented illustrator that was first introduced when she was just 5 years old. “I have always thought about my career since I was a nipper, all I knew is that I wanted to do fashion and drawing, I’m pretty dire at making clothes, and I just don’t have the patience. So it fell to drawing and then one day when I was about 8 I found out that there was an actual job called a ‘Fashion Illustrator’ and that was it for me.

“When I realised that this was a proper profession I could take my dream seriously.” Julia says the freedom of being able to put what she can see in her head onto paper is what excites her about illustrating. If I haven’t drawn for a while I find I get frustrated as all these images I see day to day get caught up in my head and I’m not using them, so when I finally draw they all come out at once in an illustration. I also can never get bored of capturing someone’s eyes exactly but in the simplest way possible.

Also seeing a random old man on the bus and being inspired by their nose or wrinkles makes me excited, how wrong is that?” When asked what her biggest inspiration was, Julia answered “My mother. She worked so hard to get to a place where she could be happy, relaxed and satisfied then when I popped about she did all she could to get me to a place where I wanted to be. She passed away before she was able to see me be awarded the only first on my course at LCF but, I knew she was there watching me. Even now when

I look at where I am, I would never be here if she didn’t help me the way she did. Knowing how hard she worked makes me not afraid to work just as hard, It’s the only way you get anywhere in life. Plus it’s a major satisfaction when you can say ‘job done’ as those jobs will always lead to others...I hope! Plus, life is even sweeter when you feel like you worked hard and can award yourself with a nice pint in your local with your pals – simple pleasures!”

tattoo artist


LUKE KEMPTON Luke Kempton, aka Fudge, is an exciting young tattoo artist from West London. In a very short space of time he has created quite an impression within the tattooing fraternity and established an impressive client list. Getting into the industry by an apprenticeship in Wandsworth, Luke started to tattoo from home and quickly began to make a name for himself.

“I have been tattooing properly for just over a year now, but tattooing full time since July. I work at New Skool Tattoos in Ewell village with three great artists; Ian Flower, Naomi Smith and Lindsey Lawson. The style I like to tattoo is traditional/old school - I tend to use a lot of colour in my work and I love to paint and re-draw vintage tattoo flash - like Sailor Jerry and Don Ed Hardy.” For Luke, “ creating an individual piece of art for someone to carry with them for the rest of their lives ” is what it is all about. “Tattooing

can be really exciting” he adds, saying that his biggest inspirations are artists like Sailor Jerry, Bert Grimm, Spider Webb and Don Ed Hardy. But Luke doesn’t have a favorite tattoo of his own. “I see my tattoos as pieces of artwork - and I collect off artists I admire. I never walk in to a shop and pick something off a wall, mainly because most studios wall flash is shit and it’s not individual thousands of other people in the world will probably have that tattoo somewhere on their body.” As for who he’d most like to tattoo – surprisingly

it would be his dad - “because I know he’ll never get tattooed!” Hoping his career continues to progress as it has, the next five years should see Luke’s ambition fulfilled; to be traveling and meeting new people, and of course, tattooing worldwide.

singer JADE WILLIAMS Jade, AKA ‘Sunday Girl’, is a 21 year old singer from the UK who has become celebrated for her style as much as her hit music, which includes the song “Four Floors”. Her career began when she moved to Brixton do an art degree in Wimbledon and started experimenting with the production of her music.

“Not a lot of people know this, but I really was a ‘Sunday Girl’,” says Jade, “the name came from working in an old fashioned pet shop in my hometown of Broxbourne for a few years. I worked every Sunday, but no one really knew my name, so I would just get referred to as the ‘Sunday Girl’.” Recognised for her great style, Jade’s inspirations include celebrated icons: Jane Birkin, Daphne Guinness, Debbie Harry and Karl Lagerfeld. However, if she had to name only one, it would have to be Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, celebrated for the

amazing way she turned clothes designed for men, into something that women could wear too. As for how living in the UK has influenced her music and style, Jade says “In my teens I went a bit mad going through loads of style changes, as everyone does I suppose, but I think it’s great to experiment with fashion and make and destroy clothes and really find what you like. I think my style now is quite classic, tailored, and masculine. I love dressing like a boy, it’s a contrast to my big girly hair.” Jade’s favorite places to shop

include H&M and Zara for basics, her loft, and raiding her Nan’s wardrobe for vintage clothing.

disc jockey THE platform

HUGO ALLON Hugo is a 19-year-old DJ that has been working for over 2 years now, and professionally for just over a year. He started just for fun, bought a CD mixer, learnt on that and quickly realised DJing is a lot of fun. Hugo started at home and managed to get a gig through a friend and it went from there.

When DJing Hugo plays a variety of different music, ideally House, Funky & Dubstep but he says there is more money to be made in commercial House and Chart music. In his own time, he listens to all kinds of music; now Hugo loves UK Funky, Wonky and Dubstep, but he listens to tons of bands chart music too. “It’s important to listen to new music all the time as a DJ to keep your sets fresh, I’ve always been pretty on the ball with music though and have always enjoyed finding new tunes.” As for when he’s not DJing, “I go out

too much. The thing is when you work at night your whole body clock shifts, so I usually sleep from about 5/6 a.m. to 1/2 p.m. I can’t complain about my lifestyle but this is a gap year really, I wouldn’t do this for life; having to party all the time can get tiresome. Not.” We all like to go out and the music tends to be a big part of the night, when it comes to floor filling Hugo says the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” is always a big hit. One person dead or alive Hugo would want to meet would be the king of pop, Michael Jackson, adding that he

would tweet about it. As for the all-important question of what to wear before a gig? “I ask my wifey” Hugo says.

Grunge chic Photography and Styling by Jennie & Ruth

Previous page Sasha wears American Apparel black bra and shorts, fishnet sock by Topshop, belt from Camden market, black leather vest stylists own. Dress and belt by Martin Margiela , studded bracelet by Felder Feider, earrings:hand made. Vest stylists own, leggings by River Island, Leather boots By Dr. Martens, studded braclet by Felder Feider.

Sasha wears bra by American Apparel, fishnet sock and skirt by Topshop, leather vest stylists own, belt from Camden market.

Sasha wears black vest stylists own, leggings by River Island, leather boots by Dr.Martens, sunglasses from Dover Street Market, earrings:hand made.

Sasha wears dress by Christopher Kane, belt from Camden Market, leather boots by Dr. Martens, earrings and hair cuff: hand made. Dress by Liquorish, Tights by Pretty Polly, sunglasses from Dover street Market, sock by Pretty Polly.

Sasha wears dress and belt by Martin Margiela and earrings:hand made.







The Teen drama, and BAFTA award winning series, Skins, has become a worldwide phenomenon. Premiering in the U.K. in 2007, the controversial program focuses on a group of sixth form teenagers growing up in Bristol and exploring issues such as sexuality, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, and family problems. Most of the actors in the program were unknown before the series began, but it has launched the careers of several talented teenagers, including Lily Loveless. Lily, who made her acting debut in the third series of Skins, playing the sexually confused, outspoken political activist, Naomi Campbell, sat down with us to talk about what it was like being a part of Skins, and suddenly becoming a celebrity.

Tell us a little bit about your character, Naomi. Naomi is an independent young woman who thinks she knows exactly who she is. She’s one of those people who thinks the world doesn’t really match up to her standards. She gets pursued by the character of Emily (Played by Kathryn Prescott), who has a big crush on her and Naomi has never thought that she’s gay so she has to question herself and who she is. It’s something she thought she would never have to do because she thought she knew exactly who she was and where she was going, so her vulnerable side comes out, and her way of dealing with it is pushing people away. She’s quite closed, she has a wall around her. Are you anything like your character Naomi in any way? I think I am a bit. I mean I have to be, to have got the part. But I think I’m a lot nicer then she is. I think it would take a lot of effort to befriend her, and get to know her. Whereas I am much more easy going and I don’t have as high standards about everything and everyone. As Skins is aimed at teenagers and older teenagers, how well do you think it reflects everyday teen life? It’s written by young writers, who are writing about their own experiences a lot of the time but of course it has to be heightened for the sake of entertainment, otherwise watching it would be boring. So I wouldn’t say it reflects teenage life, but I’d say parts of it are definitely relatable, more so than a lot of other teen programs.

Your character is faced with a big sexuality dilemma. What was your initial reaction and how did you feel about having to play a lesbian? It’s weird kissing anyone on-screen. If anything, it was better doing it with a girl because girls are more similar and you’re more squeamish and embarrassed about it. Whereas if you do it with a boy, their really up for it and they don’t care. I had to kiss Jack, who plays Cook, and he’s like my brother, so that was just as weird as kissing Kat. Its just kissing anyone onscreen that you’re not attracted to and that you’re not with is a weird thing to do whether they are a boy or a girl. So from Skins, who have you stayed friends with for life and who do you still talk to outside of filming? I still talk to everyone. It’s quite hard to see people who don’t live in London. So I mainly see the people who are still in London, like the twins [Megan and Kathryn Prescott]. I see them probably more than anyone else. I see Merv who plays Thomas quite a bit. But it’s quite difficult to see people like Jack (O’Connell) or Luke (Pasqualino). Luke is away in America right now, so I haven’t seen him in ages. So as a cast, do you all get along, or is there any rivalry going on between the girls? No. Amazingly all the girls really get along. No one has any bitchy problems or anything, and you’d expect there to be, wouldn’t you? That’s what I thought was going to happen, but it’s not like that at all. I think we were just thrown in at the deep end and we just had to get on. I mean, we argue, but it’s like when you argue with your sister, you’re going to talk to them again two minutes later.


‘NO SHIT SHERLOCK’ It must have been quite awkward when you started Skins because of the old cast like Kaya who have been there for longer. Was it intimidating? Really! Because I used to watch the first series, and I really liked it, and I never thought there would be a new cast. So it was intimidating because we had to live up to them and so many people were going to watch it and be like “Why did they get rid of the old cast?” Is there any element of the most recent series that you can relate to from any of the characters? In Katie’s storyline, which is a really good storyline about her parents losing the house and they might break-up or they might not break-up. I think a lot of people can relate to that, when you hear your parents arguing and you wonder if they’re going to break-up or not. Just home life troubles with your parents and money; I thought it was very relatable for me and a lot of people. Do you ever get noticed in the street or people stopping and asking for your autograph? Yeah, It’s quite annoying actually - no I’m joking! Most people just shout at you from across the street, they just shout “Skins!” at you, and its like ‘No shit Sherlock’ . I try not to get noticed because if you’re in a quiet restaurant and they say “You’re that girl from skins!” everyone will turn around. So it can be annoying but it can be really nice. Some people will say they can really relate to my storyline and I’ve had some people say I’ve helped them come out as gay to their family. So on that side; it makes it all worth it.

Now Skins is coming to an end, how do you feel about not being on T.V. and the cast moving on? Well we always knew it was going to happen because of the first cast so we were ready for it. It’s sad, but we finished in November so I think back on it and I really enjoyed it but it is good that were moving on because if they kept us on, I’d be too scared to leave. So what do you have planned for the future? Is there anything you would like to audition for and is there a perfect role for you now that you’ve done Skins? I’d like to do theatre because it’s like the opposite of Skins. I think a lot of people in the industry are quite snobby towards Skins having not watched it and assuming its all about sex and drugs. I’d like to do any good drama and have a role that you really care about whether it’s a film or T.V. Are you looking forward to summer? I can’t wait, I need to go on holiday though. I can’t plan anything though, because if something comes up, it comes up suddenly and you have to cancel everything and do it. WE HAD A GREAT TIME MEETING AND CHATTING WITH LILY LOVELESS AND WOULD LIKE TO SAY THANKYOU FROM THE OH BOY TEAM.

Photography and Styling by Jennie & Ruth


The 90’s street kids

Photography and Styling by Jennie & Ruth

Previously Matthew wears jeans by American Apparel, vest by Addidas originals and denim jacket by Levis. Matthew wears jeans as before, polo shirt by Penguin. Geoff wears vest by Topman, necklace and ring models own.

Sophie wears denim short by Levis, bra by American Apparell and shell jacket by Beyond Retro.

Geoff wears jumper by Urban Outfitters, vest as before and Jeans by Topman. Matthew wears as before.

Matthew wears Jeans by Levis and Champion T-shirt. Geoff wears Jeans by Diesel, T-shirt by American Apparel and denim jacket by Levis. Sophie wears dungarees by Levis and bra by Topshop.

Geoff wears as before.




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