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november 2012

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When Abby and I started here at OBJ we were at the beginning of establishing our young family along with many others who were near or about our same age. Together we surrounded our young Pastor Steve Moorhouse and his wife Linda and their children with support, unity of Spirit and faith to move OBJ into a viable Body of believers. With common struggles, needs, hopes, and dreams of getting started in family life, we were able to create a strong sense of community and mutual support in Christ. Those years continued into a rich and vibrant future that have brought us to where we are at today. After becoming the Pastor in 1990 I have been privileged to serve my generation here at OBJ to a time where I am now marrying off some of our children, dedicating some of their babies and seeing the needs of this next generation. I have come to realize that they need now what we needed so many years ago. Needs that I and others in leadership clearly see but lack the specific gifting, time and energy to address in the most appropriate way. Of course my ministry is still needed here for my generation as well as for the next. In some ways I feel like I’m just now hitting my stride for some areas of ministry, while at the same time in other areas the energy and effectiveness is simply lacking and younger blood is needed. More is needed…and what not enough for providing more. So we are seeking the more that God has for OBJ. In the last eight months we have been seeking God specifically for the next Pastor of OBJ. Notice….I did not say that we have been seeking the next Pastor for OBJ, but rather we have been seeking God. We believe that God has a man to step in and come alongside what already is...something very good…to help make it better. Thus far we have simply been in a process of prayer, networking, discussions, contacting potential men and having informal “conversations”, as well as formulating

a cover document describing what we are looking for. That document is enclosed with this newsletter for your review and input. We are ready to include the members and friends of OBJ in this networking process and encourage anyone who may know of a “good fit” to pass their name on to us for possible consideration. No formal actions will ever take place without the full participation, awareness and agreement of the members of OBJ. However, between now and the more formal setting the Elders will be moving forward in seeking God for His guidance and leading in this matter. Hopefully by the time of our annual business meeting God will have directed us to present some concrete ideas for consideration in moving forward.

From Our Pastor

he Elders and myself thought it best to give an update on the work being done concerning the transition from me being the Senior Pastor to that of taking a lesser role within the church. A process of foresight into the future of the church and the upcoming generation that we perceive will have needs that will be better met by a younger man called to serve his peers. Our idea is to “add to” what God has already amazingly provided in our present leadership with gifts, energy and vision to take OBJ into a bright and hopeful future.

Members, family and friends of OBJ. I encourage you to join us in this wonderful opportunity with a Spirit of unity, a heart of gratitude and a faith to trust God for His best for OBJ and it’s future…for your best. Abby and I have come to a place of faith in trusting God not only for the future of OBJ but also for ours. We are prepared and willing to do whatever is necessary for the wellbeing of the Bride of Christ. If that means we recede sooner than later and must give up part or all of my income that comes from the church in order to make way for God’s next Pastor to serve this church. then so be it. The provision of our Lord for the needs of this church and my family has been nothing but miraculous. All good has come from His hand and to Him shall be given all the glory, honor and thanksgiving… and forever. Please know how much I have appreciated the kind and encouraging words as well as the thoughts and concerns about this process. There are voices of all kinds that will speak as to how it should be, ought to be, or could be, and we will give ear to all. However, there is one voice above all others that we long for in directing our paths in obedience…“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” (John 10: 27). Continuing in His love and service,


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November Reflection And while Peter was pondering the vision, the Spirit said to him, “Behold, three men are looking for you. Rise and go down and accompany them without hesitation, for I have sent them.” Acts 10:19-20 The New Adam’s House is Celebrating its third year of operation. My family and I moved into the New Adam’s House in October of 2010. When this article prints, Edie and I will have already celebrated 2 years in the facility. Time flies! My daughter is now in first grade and we have treated seventeen men here since the doors opened for business. The New Adam’s House has a 76% success rate in house. Our average length of stay is 108 days, with the longest residency just under 9 months. Our youngest client has been 19 years old and our oldest 45 (average age 26). God has kept us very busy for the past few years and through it He has clarified His intentions, and clarified who The New Adam’s House is. The New Adam’s House is a place where men come to further their recoveries from substance

chris gibson dependence through Christ Centered Recovery Principles. The men meet every morning for Morning Devotional and then go to work and a recovery meeting each day. The men at NAH have been blessed with work, and NAH would like to thank the community for welcoming them, and hiring them. Our client base has become a useful resource to the community as temporary employment. Many individuals have benefited from contacting NAH to hire help to move, or stack wood, or pull weeds for a weekend. The guys at NAH have been eager to help. So almost 3 years later The New Adam’s House is settling into a place in the community. The New Adam’s House is funded through participant’s fees and the generous donations of gracious people like yourselves as God leads. Please contact The New Adam’s House ( if you would like to contribute to this wonderful ministry. Funding is needed for: General Operating Expenses, Salaries, Utilities, Intake and Fee Scholarships, Capital Improvements, as well as Individual Sponsorship for men from challenging backgrounds.

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12

about the ministry of


Oh Be Joyful exists to bring glory to God through the ministry of reconciliation as outlined in Colossians 1:18 and 2 Corinthians 5:11-21. To be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, to sustain a vital relationship with Him, to be used of God to bring all people into this same relationship, to live in love and reconciliation with one another. As a church, we strive to be about the ministry of reconciliation through six areas: • Ministry of Equipping • Ministry of Harvest • Ministry of Healing & Recovery • Ministry of Retreat • Ministry of Service • Ministry of Worship To find out more about the mission of OBJ and the ministry of reconciliation, please visit or

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speaking truth in love

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cindy chamberland

Anger is not a four-letter word. Ephesians 4:25-26 exhorts us to speak truthfully to each other and not to sin when we are angry. We should not even put our head on a pillow if we are still angry at someone. But what do you do when you are anger and want to let off some steam? How can we speak in love when we are angry? This is often a challenge for many of us. Taking time out to think about what we can say to one another is vital to having a healthy conversation when we are upset or hurt. We need to pray and ask God what is the real issue we are facing. Dr. Henry Virkler created a model called the Triple A model to help people be able to share their issues effectively with another person. I have used this model personally and I also have taught clients in counseling who also experienced success when applied. The three A’s are Affirmation, Assertiveness, and Action. The goal is to be able to share difficult topics that do not attack another person. When we attack or criticize it causes defensiveness and fighting back which is not effective. It may be best to write out what you want to say before you say it so that you can determine if your motives are pure and truly desire reconciliation.

language, and try to be vulnerable to share the real pain in your heart. Many people do not see or recognize the pain their words or actions can cause but if they hear you share it tenderly, they may be led to feel remorse. Lastly, you share the action or goal you would like to see happen. For instance, you can say “I desire a closer relationship and want to work on our relationship, or I would like to do more fun activities together, can we talk about how to schedule these events into our relationship, etc.” Hopefully the action can spark a motivation toward healing and growth in the relationship. There are times the other person will not be open to reconciliation and may continue to inflict hurt. The goal is not to change the other person, but for you to have the ability to speak in love on how to share hurts and handle your anger in a healthy way. Assertiveness is a skill that can be practiced and allows anger to not get a foothold in your life. Proverbs 10:12 is a truth we can hang on to. Hatred (anger/rage) stirs up dissension, but love covers all wrongs. Speaking the truth in love is God’s way. Hope this model can help you do that today.

The first step is to affirm the other person in what they do right, what you like, or appreciate about them. The second step is to share the hurt, anger, or pain in an assertive, not aggressive manner. Many people associate assertiveness to mean the same thing as aggressiveness, but it is not. Pay attention to tone of voice, body

birth pains

tyler hansen

You need not look far in this world to see heartache. Just this week the church received news of tragedy striking three different families in the span of 12 hours time. The news is a macabre mix of sensationalism and sorrow and the front of almost any newspaper is filled with grim tidings. Make no mistake, life is full of hard times and suffering. And when we gather together as a church, we are afforded an opportunity to gather in the midst of those hard times and acknowledge our sufferings together and see Christ as the cure to all of that pain and disease. We can corporately see Christ for who He is, the salve to the hurts of a world that doesn’t operate as it ought to. As a worship pastor who I greatly admire puts it, “Worship should help people prepare for their encounter with death.” Like it or not, you will die. With every hour that passes you are an hour closer to your death. I don’t write this to scare you or because I have some fascination with death, but because I believe it is a truth we must confront as Christians. The Psalmist wrote with a simultaneous awareness of his own fleeting nature as well as God’s goodness. We gather together as exiles in the midst of sufferings and Christ is our hope, he is our salve and our great medicine. And as such, we can sing out with one heart that death has indeed lost its sting. Paul wrote in Romans 8 that the world groans out as in birthing pains. As any mother can attest, birthing pains are among the most profound suffering one can experience. But there is joy in the midst of it...the joy of new life. When we worship together let the pains of this world find succor in the glory of the cross and let us prepare for death with eyes lifted heavenward.

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sign up for fellowship hosting Wendy and Jerry Beukelman is the new OBJ Sunday Fellowship Host Coordinator. They will be monitoring the SignUp Genius list to see if there are any Sundays needing a Host to volunteer and will be contacting folks to serve whenever a date is unclaimed. Please help OBJ and Wendy and Jerry out and sign up.

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Sunday Schedule: 7:30 a.m. - Intercessory Prayer (in OBJ Café) 8 a.m. - Adult Bible Study 8 a.m. - Worship Team Practice 9 a.m. - Worship Service 9:30 a.m. - Children’s Sunday School (midway through service) 10:15 a.m. - Post-Service Fellowship Ladies Bible Study: Thursday - 9 a.m. (OBJ Lounge - Childcare provided) celebrate recovery worship: Thursday - 6 p.m. (OBJ Sanctuary)

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Oh Be Joyful Church was established in 1982 and is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention

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pastor candidate letter

OF CHRIST. FOR CHRIST. IN CHRIST Dear Sir, We represent Oh Be Joyful Church in Crested Butte, Colorado. We are a small SBC-affiliated church body of roughly 70 full time members with attendance that can swell to over 250 during peak seasons. We are currently in a period of transition and praying that, in His time, God will raise up a man to serve as our lead pastor. The purpose of this letter is to inform you about our body and outline some of the characteristics and qualities that we, as elders, believe would be vital in a potential pastoral candidate. Oh Be Joyful (OBJ) is a Christ-centered, Bible-believing body of Christ’s people in a small mountain town with a population of roughly 2000 people. We are a church that desires to be about the ministry of reconciliation. That is, first and foremost, man reconciled to God through his Son the Christ. Along with that, we desire to see man reconciled to man through the grace afforded him in Christ. Crested Butte is a town of young people that embrace the idea of spirituality but deny hard and fast truth. Many within the community are antagonistic towards Christianity. The size of our church body ebbs and flows throughout the year depending upon the number of visitors in town. Our members range in age from young adults to retirees. During the winter months, our congregation is made up primarily of families of locals. During peak times of tourist activity, we have an active body of visitors and second homeowners from outside Colorado that worship with us. The full-time members of OBJ are typically transient, with many attendees living in town for less than a 5 year period of time. These factors create unique challenges and great opportunities for ministry. For such a small church, OBJ has a great reach throughout the country. Simultaneously, however, there are weeks when we function very much like a tiny localized body with small numbers and minimal giving. We have en elder-based leadership structure operating under the precept of “first among equals” with our current lead pastor as the head. Church staff includes a Recovery Pastor who works primarily at a transitional living facility associated with the church, a Worship Pastor, a Sunday School Minister and, occasionally, an administrative assistant. Our church operates on a financial basis that is unusual for a body of our size. We are completely debt-free and committed to remaining so into the future. Furthermore, due to our large population of visitors, our finances are typically met every year not exclusively through the giving of OBJ members but by those who come to worship with us during busy seasons. We make every attempt not to assume and presume upon God’s provision when making financial decisions for the future. The Lord has been very faithful to us and we have made budget consistently over the life of the church. As referenced earlier, we believe that we are in a time of transition as a church body. That is to say, we desire to continue a sustainable ministry model that serves the existing congregation while also effectively ministering to and meeting the needs of upcoming generations. Unlike many churches, we do not see the body aging with the leadership team but continuing in a diversity of ages and income levels. Through the various ministries here at OBJ, we desire to see God honored, Christ glorified and the Spirit valued. We desire to see revival in our community and beyond. We hope in the grace that is afforded to us through Christ’s work on the cross and we anticipate God’s continued work to be done through our small body. Thank you for your time, The Elders of Oh Be Joyful: Jim Kunes, Al Van Dyke, Mark Ewing, Chris Gibson, Tyler Hansen

PO Box 175/625 Maroon Avenue | Crested Butte, CO 81224 | (970)349-6237 |

OBJ November Newsletter  
OBJ November Newsletter  

The November newsletter for Oh Be joyful Church