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July 2012

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he middle of June brought to my home a family gathering of a new kind. My son Todd returned from southern Peru after nearly seven months abroad serving in Nairobi, Ecuador, and Cotahuasi, Peru. My daughter Linsey, her husband David, and my first grandson Elias returned from Quito, Ecuador where they have been ministering the past few years. My oldest son Brian was able to join us from the oil fields of Colorado and Mary, my youngest – a graduate of OBU, was already here successfully completing her nursing boards to become the second nurse in the family. It was a gathering of a new kind in that three generations were present that reflected the wonder of the different developmental stages of life for every human being: from new birth to young adulthood to the beginnings of a new family unit and onto the aging (but plenty young) grandparenting stage. Though we had no middle or teen aged family around, there was a good representation of most of the stages of life. And when they are brought together under one roof they reflect God’s great design for the human family.



up being the one with the greatest power, at least in terms of inciting the greatest amount of activity among us in serving him. His very weakness sets in motion the power of everyone else to act on his behalf. I can see this also working in the family of God. Every new born again believer enters into God’s family as a totally dependent spiritual being who upstages the rest of God’s family in that he/ she is able to incite the very power of God to bring about the nurturing, protection, and provision needed for their own growth and safety. A power of God that is often exercised through the rest of His family as every other believer is working out their spiritual lives with God’s help unto maturity. Though in a different context Paul says in II Corinthians that God’s power is perfected in his very own weakness... inability…and dependence through a grace that is totally sufficient for him. A grace that is manifested out of God’s deep love for His family. Is there any correlation in all of this as it relates to us as a nation? Is Independence Day wrongly named? Maybe it should be thought of as “Dependence Day.” A day when we celebrate the reality of our dependence on God for not only our birth as a nation but also for the power to sustain us in all the current evidences of weakness. In God we must remain trusting, believing that His grace will continue to be sufficient.

The very young and totally dependant Elias receives the full attention of everyone else who pours time and energy into nurturing, protecting, and providing for his every need. While the rest of us move in and out of dependency, interdependency and independence in relation to one another. What is so beautiful is that it is the one who is most dependent…Elias...that takes center stage and without effort is able In His love and service, to orchestrate the coming and goings of everyone else. Interestingly, the one with the least amount of perceived power ends


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Oh Be Joyful exists to bring glory to God through the ministry of reconciliation as outlined in Colossians 1:18 and 2 Corinthians 5:11-21. To be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ, to sustain a vital relationship with Him, to be used of God to bring all people into this same relationship, to live in love and reconciliation with one another. As a church, we strive to be about the ministry of reconciliation through six areas: Ministry of Equipping Ministry of Harvest Ministry of Healing & Recovery Ministry of Retreat Ministry of Service Ministry of Worship To find out more about the mission of OBJ and the ministry of reconciliation, please visit or

Network social media has sure taken this generation by storm and many are increasing their “friend” status on a daily basis. The distinction between genuine friends and acquaintances is becoming blurred. Users are spending time maintaining relationships with people they don’t really care about while having a hard time being present with the relationship most important to them. The issues I see in my counseling office is that many people are not developing communication skills needed to have face to face confrontations, or in-depth conversation needed to

nurture and grow intimacy. In Matthew 18:15-17 Jesus explains how to confront a person if they have sinned against us. The first step is to go to the person one on one and discuss the issues affecting the relationship. Many have used social media to confront the other person while others get to witness and make their own comments. This is a huge problem among teenagers who are not learning the artful skill of confrontation. Cyber bullying and addressing issues over

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facebook vs. face-time Facebook has become an epidemic. Expressing hurt and anger in a healthy way without an audience of “hundreds?” possibly is a skill needing extra practice. Now I am not a naysayer for Facebook, as it has many benefits. In life there always need to be balance and moderation. The goal is to learn how to “Be with the one your with” and have productive meaningful conversations. How much face time versus Facebook time do you devote to relationships? Jesus explains in Matthew 6:21 “For where your treasure is, there where your heart will be also.”

sign up for fellowship hosting Wendy and Jerry Beukelman is the new OBJ Sunday Fellowship Host Coordinator. They will be monitoring the SignUp Genius list to see if there are any Sundays needing a Host to volunteer and will be contacting folks to serve whenever a date is unclaimed. Please help Wendy and Jerry out and sign up.

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careandshare food bank ministry

Drop by for emergency and supplemental food for yourself or someone else in need on the first Thursday of the month from 4-5:30 p.m. in the OBJ basement. Any support is always welcome. Contact Heidi Duryea at 349-7465 or OBJ at 349-6237.

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CB Community Youth

Contact Courtney Kirby, CB Community Youth Minister (865)406-6876 • •

In the USA, the 4th of July is a “Feast” What is all this cause for celebration? Well in the month of July, just like you probably are, I am celebrating the birth of our great nation, but I am also celebrating the symbolic work of Aaron.....

Chris gibson

Leviticus 23 is full of “feasts”. The Jewish word for feast means “an appointed time of season”. Funny, when I hear feast I think of food. If I make a list of all the “feasts” in Leviticus chapter 23 I see they are spread out across the calendar year and I get a sense that God intended for us to Celebrate in our relationship with Him continually. Look at all the offerings and different times of year, with no end! Pretty cool. Last month I wrote about The New Adam’s House “celebrating” its 3rd year of operation (see TheNewAdamsHouse. org). If you attend Oh Be Joyful Church on any random Sunday morning you will hear Tyler, our Worship Pastor, praise God in prayer for giving us the ability to “celebrate” our relationship with God through the sacrifice Jesus made for us. At OBJ we have a recovery ministry called “Celebrate” Recovery.

of christ, for christ,

“.....Aaron is to tend the lamps before the Lord from evening till morning, continually.” –Leviticus 24:3 We know from our study that in the New Testament, Jesus tells us that He is our daily bread, and our spiritual food (see John 6: 32-58), and that the “feast” is continual. We also know that Jesus is that light (see John 9:1-39). At The New Adam’s House we will continue to celebrate the light getting brighter through our work in the 12 Steps. The guys here are working these one at a time, one day at a time, and they are getting better...and the light brighter in their lives.

in christ

from tyler’s desk

You may have noticed that over the past six months we’ve started to include the tagline “Of Christ, For Christ, In Christ” in some of our material. At first blush, it seems like a simple sentiment but in reality it encompasses the entirety of our identities. The lifelong, age-old questions of “who are we?”, “why are we here?”, and “what matters in life?” are anwered in these six simple words. At OBJ, we believe that our lives are inextricably bound to Christ. If not for Christ, we would be in a desert with no water, in the wilderness with no map, and in the cold without protection. But with Christ we have a well that does not run dry, a light to our path, and a shelter in the storm. We have a refuge, one in whom we can put our days as we draw near to dust. We are Of Christ. And as such our lives ought to be defined by the relentless passionate pursuit of His glory. We ought to exist to see His name shouted above all other names, His esteem held most high and His worth valued as most precious. And as Christ has poured Himself into us and sacrificed on our behalf and we are clothed by Him, we are enabled to do all those things. We are enabled to be For Christ. And in living out a life that is For Christ through the power of being Of Christ, we fulfill the destiny that we were created for. It’s an amazing the simultaneous midst of the vast expanse of the universe and the billions and billions of light years that extend to the far edges of the universe to the subatomic quarks that make up neutrons, God has always had a great plan for his people. From before there was time this plan existed and you and I and everyone we know was a part of it. And that plan is fulfilled by being In Christ through living out a life that is For Christ via the power Of Christ. It’s profound, simple, complex, confusing and straightforward all at once. Join me in being Of Christ, For Christ and In Christ.

The New Adam’s House would like to welcome its 16th client who recently took up residence. Wow, God is good... Also we invite you to join us in the celebration of our 3rd year of service to the greater Gunnison Valley. The New Adam’s House is funded through participant’s fees and the generous donations of gracious people like yourselves as God leads. Please contact The New Adam’s House (TheNewAdamsHouse. org) if you would like to contribute to this wonderful ministry. Funding is needed for: General Operating Expenses, Salaries, Utilities, Intake and Fee Scholarships, Capital Improvements, as well as Individual Sponsorship for men from challenging backgrounds.

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Sunday Schedule: 7:30 a.m. - Intercessory Prayer (in OBJ Café) 8 a.m. - Adult Bible Study 8 a.m. - Worship Team Practice 9 a.m. - Worship Service 9:30 a.m. - Children’s Sunday School (midway through service) 10:15 a.m. - Post-Service Fellowship Ladies Bible Study: Thursday - 9 a.m. (OBJ Lounge - Childcare provided) care and share foodbank: First Thursday of the Month - 4-5:30 p.m. (OBJ Basement) celebrate recovery worship: Thursday - 6 p.m. (OBJ Sanctuary) men’s fellowship: (Currently On Hold) Friday - 7-7:45 a.m. (OBJ Café)

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OBJ July 2012 Newsletter  

The July newsletter for Oh Be joyful Church

OBJ July 2012 Newsletter  

The July newsletter for Oh Be joyful Church