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Virtual Education

Objectives •  Understand the benefits of using NPS •  Get familiar with the features –  Responses –  Self-Select Issues –  Admin

•  Understand how we can utilize the feedback

What is NPS? •  Feedback system •  A way to measure customer satisfaction

How likely are you to recommend our program to a friend or colleague?

Benefits of Using NPS MEASURE QUALITY: -  Identify EPs who are dissatisfied and why -  Learn more about your promoters

UNDERSTAND CUSTOMER: -  Identify EP expectations -  Identify reasons for dissatisfaction

IMPROVE COMMUNICATION: -  Get a chance to react and improve the situation of unhappy EPs

CREATE STRATEGIES: -  Identify areas of improvement

Features in Customer Gauge •  Reports –  NPS –  Responses –  Self-Select Issues –  Responses Summary (Comments)

•  Fire Fighting •  Customer

Login: Username: AIESEC US E-Mail address Password: aiesec[lcname]123, eg. aiesecmichigan123

Reports: Net Promoter Score

•  Set “Date Range” •  Select “Advanced Option” •  Select “Program Code” and further options

Receive information about: •  Overall NPS development •  Responses divided in Promoters/ Passives/Detractors •  NPS average for each month

Export data to Excel

NPS 1 = NPS average

Reports: Responses

Reports: Self Select Issues

Level 1 = Self Select General Issues

Level 2 = Self Select Specific Issues

Reports: Responses Summary

Fire Fighting

Fire Fighting: Open Cases

Click on blue number to open all open cases

How to: Fire Fighting (Problem Solving)

Check task details Contact EP/EP Manager Change status to “in progress” Contact the responsible TN Manager Try to react as prompt as possible Solve the issue and send follow-up-mail to EP •  Change status to “closed” •  CC in mails or contact if you have questions •  •  •  •  •  • 

Customer: Export Responses

Use XLSX to create Excel file containing this EP information: -  Name -  E-Mail -  Program -  Status -  Home/Host Country & LC -  Score -  Self Select Issues -  Comments

Email & Surveys: Survey Review

Review the survey questions for GIP and GCDP

How to: Utilize Feedback MARKETING -  Contact Promoters and showcase their stories -  Use quotes

MOTIVATION -  Use feedback of Promoters as motivation and proof of the impact you have -  Include your team in analyzing the feedback -  Showcase stories during LCM

How to: Utilize Feedback MEASURE OF SUCCESS -  High response rate and NPS as measure of success -  Follow Up Rate as measure of success -  Educate EPs and members about NPS and the score system

PROCESS IMPROVEMENT/ OPTIMIZATION -  Identify areas for improvement by using feedback from Promoters and Passives -  Contact EPs who have/had problems -  Identify EPs that should attend an RIS (Quality EPs should have a personal -  Open a Customer Relationship Management Position -  Educate members -  Select LCs with good NPS for cooperation

Analyze Data 1.  CustomerGauge •  See comments •  See self-select issues •  See response rate 2.  Talk to EPs / Team members and team leaders

Draw conclusio ns 1.  Which value proposition needs to be strengthened? 2.  What are the customer concerns? 3.  How to solve / address customer concerns? 4.  What will I focus on?

Create goals and plans! 1.  Set goals (% promoters) 2.  Create an enhanced product 3.  Set checkpoints to track progress 4.  Review your products at least twice a year

Improve NPS Score (Quality) & the Reply Rate


Have fun using NPS! &

NPS VE session  
NPS VE session